Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 1: Thursday Night Highlights

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Picking up where we left off from the day’s earlier Feed events, the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds highlights from last night had one major theme: Elissa. Most of the house wants her out of the house, but she hasn’t even been put up on the block yet. So McCrae, who holds all the power this week, has a lot of people expecting him to do what the house wants even though he might prefer someone else to go home this week.

Elissa also might have an ally in a few others. That’s all covered in the Live Feeds highlights below. Also, remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, June 27/Friday, June 28 

8:59 PM BBT – Feeds return. Houseguests celebrating because McCrae won Veto. They think he will use the Veto and put Elissa up as a replacement nominee.

9:05 PM BBT – Various houseguests talking about the competition. It involved spelling and honey.

9:30 PM BBT – Aaryn tells David she’s sorry for being nasty with him earlier. She feels better now that she thinks they’re both safe and Elissa will go up and get evicted.

9:38 PM BBT – Nick pitches a new plan to McCrae. He want him to not use the Veto, keep Elissa safe and they can all vote to evict David. McCrae agrees that he’d like to see David go. But he still thinks he should put up Elissa to keep the house happy.

9:48 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are talking. Helen says she will try to get McCrae to not put her on the block. Helen also tells Elissa to just lay low so people can’t use her own words against her.

10:10 PM BBT – Aaryn and Jessie prepare for a double bubble bath in the HOH suite.

10:22 PM BBT – GinaMarie asks if Australians speak English.

10:55 PM BBT – Jeremy, Helen and some others are of course talking about Elissa. Helen said she found out some stuff about Elissa that concerns her. Jeremy warns Helen to stay away from her. Says hanging out with her is “deadly.”

11:30 PM BBT – McCrae says he fears if he gets Elissa out of the house America will hate him and he’ll never win MVP.

11:45AM BBT – Kaitlin talking with Andy in the lounge. They expect Elissa to remain the target and Andy is going to vote with the house against her. Kaitlin brings up Jessie and how she fears Jessie’s jealously for stealing the guy (Jeremy) she wanted.

12:20 AM BBT – McCrae and Judd discuss their opportunity to get rid of David instead of Elissa and how it’d be a waste to not.

2:30 AM BBT – Aaryn and David discussing their suspicions that Elissa is the MVP. Aaryn is confident Elissa is going home because McCrae told her so earlier.

3:30 AM BBT – (CAM1) Jeremy & Kaitlin are doing something under the covers together. I’ll guess they’re playing Parcheesi. What do you think? Afterwards Kaitlin rolls over, sees the camera, and covers her face realizing what she just did on camera. Playing Parcheesi, of course.

So we have lots of plotting and planning going on along with several showmances growing and apparently even consummating right on the Live Feeds.

McCrae will use the Veto in the upcoming ceremony and Elissa will go on the block, but the sneaky plan is to blindside David. Expect either Jessie or Candice, probably Jessie because of her nerves, to come down off the block. If the HGs evict David we should see some drama. Oh boy!

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  1. First off I want to say this group could be a good one, however they seem to be very lovey dovey. I want to thank Matt for this site bcause I’m deploying soon and I won’t be able to watch CBS.

  2. I hope Elissa survives this week. Most of the girls are just a bunch of catty bitches (mainly Aaryn and Jessie). I would like to see David evicted this week which is the 2nd smart thing to do. The smartest thing to do is to get rid of Jeremy

    • If Elissa was smart, she would use her fame as rachel’s sister to her advantage and start a bold lie in the house that many other houseguests this season are related to past players in some way and try to cast the cloud of suspicion onto the rest of the house… it might work and if not, she’s history anyway… she’s up against the wall and her only hope of staying is to invent some kind of bold face (lie) move.

      • That would be fun. I don’t think it would last, but would be an interesting strategy.

      • Honestly the best thing for Elissa to do is to get a majority of people to vote out David. All she needs to do is talk to the guys mainly. Not the girls (except for Amanda and Helen) because they are just too catty

  3. For the past week, I have seen no resemblance personality wise or strategy wise between Rachel and Elissa. Elissa is definitely her own player and was pushed into a corner so fast that she should try to fight for her chance to stay. She did nothing wrong in her game yet, as far as I can tell. So I hope she doesn’t follow Helen’s advice to lay low. She should continue to campaign for David to go. He would be a threat later in the game, why not get him out now?

  4. Welcome back Branden!
    I hate it when a player doesn’t think for himself and goes along with the house. I wish McCrae would THINK! If he helps evict Elissa then he most likely will be the next to go. He is just the means to an end for the rest of the HGs. I hope he works with Nick and changes up the whole game by keeping Elissa.

  5. I wonder how quickly Amanda will be in the next HOH’s bed next week. You know she is going to jump to whoever has the power.

  6. It would be awesome if they they pull off the evict David plan. He would never see it coming, thAt would be a great way to start the season off

  7. isn’t it better to just veto jessie or candice, put elissa on the block and then let things happen naturally, that way either elissa or david goes home and either way mccrae won’t have much blame cos they’ll either get elissa out and the house will be happy, or get david out and that would be one strong competitor gone, it’s not like elissa is gonna come back as hoh and start targeting him afterwards, and she doesn’t have anyone in her corner right now. i won’t worry if i was mccrae unless david knew he was coming after him and he lives to see another week.

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