Big Brother 15: CBS Votes To Evict SuperPass Live Feeds

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds on CBS

Update: CBS has released details for the new Live Feeds! Read the full report here.

This week CBS announced a significant change to the way Big Brother 15 fans will keep an eye on the most closely watched house each summer.

When the 2013 season premieres on June 26th, two weeks early this year, viewers will no longer be using RealNetwork’s SuperPass service for an uncensored view inside the Big Brother house. CBS has ended its thirteen season relationship with RealNetworks in favor of self-hosting the Live Feed access via the website.

Big Brother Live Feeds
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While few details were released to us it appears there should be little change in the actual viewing experience for fans as CBS is promising “New Season. New Home. Same Feeds.” Viewers concerned about expanded blackouts and cutaways should keep in mind that CBS has always controlled the content flowing out of the Big Brother house and on to the Feeds. There’s sure to still be Feed blocks and frustration on the viewers’ end, but it should be no worse than before. Tweets of discontent can now be aimed directly at the source.

Side Note: I’m reading lots of misplaced fears that blackouts will intensify with this change. We have no reason to believe that. As I tried to explain above, there should be no change. CBS has always had control of what goes out on the Feeds. RealNetworks provided the streaming service, they never had editorial control over content in that way. If you’re panicking about more blocked Feeds then please take a deep breath and stop worrying.

It is also likely that the Feeds will continue to be a paid subscription service as both CBS and Real assured affiliates the referral program, a critical funding source for sites like this, would continue in some form. “We have been working with and they understand the critical role you play in generating the interest and subscribers for this product,” said RealNetworks in a release to affiliates of the Live Feed program.

This change could also offer an opportunity for an improvement in technology and delivery of the Feeds though after dealing with Big Brother Canada and the lack of “Flashback” we are anxious to have a full feature set confirmed by CBS.

As CBS shifts away from Real we hope this won’t mean the end of SuperPass’ featured content with hosts like former BB HG Chelsia Hart and Missy. No details have been released on the fate of Real’s supplemental content.

We’d like to thank RealNetworks and the entire BBLF team there for everything they’ve done for viewers and fan sites for more than a decade in support of the best reality series out there, Big Brother!

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    • That’s an excellent question. I fully expect the Feeds to be available for Canadian viewers again this season if the series is still being broadcast there.

      We will try to confirm that for you.

      • I’ve assumed that’s because CBS doesn’t broadcast the show in Canada and they don’t want to spend resources on someone that’s not their audience. Global should work it out w/ CBS to get mirrored copies of those clips for BB viewers up there.

      • The show is MOST DEFINITELY viewed in Canada! If it wasn’t viewed in Canada there would never have been reason to do a BB Canada!

        We love our BB and the Live Feed action.

    • I doubt CBS ended a 12-year relationship w/ Real just because of Jeff. It’s possible that was a supporting “pro” in their decision, but I’m sure this was a more complicated matter.

    • Who is Jeff????? As for CBS, it’s about time they dump Super-pass. For a multi-billion dollar company, it made zero sense to outsource fans to a company they don’t even own. Kudos CBS. Now let’s make this service freeeeeeeeeee to get more viewers & advertisers paying MORE for commercial time.

  1. I just hope it does not take over your entire PC like REAL did. It only took me once to figure out (4 computers ago) to never install that again.

  2. So CBS is just being greedier it sounds like and we’re likely to expect even more black outs since they have decided that the live feeds are such a gold mine.

    • I see no reason why they wouldn’t still have After Dark. CBS and Showtime are co-owned so it’d still work. I don’t think RealNetworks had anything to do w/ After Dark.

  3. What I am Laughing at is EVERY YEAR REAL could never get their system working right at the start of BB, I am tried of paying hard earn dollars for crap threw Real Networks who wait till BB is on the air to Fix their System, good ridings to Real, hoping CBS has there EYE “” “” on the BALL when BB Starts!

    • They’re free? Wow. I love BB but I’ll never plug my credit card in to watch live feeds. Never. Perhaps if CBS had it free in the states, it would attract more viewers on reg. TV , which would mean more revenue in commercials (6 figures for 30 second commercials) to actually pay us those extra “features” and “uptime” that Matt is referring too below. Think about it CBS.

  4. The show in Canada is broadcast on Slice Network (a subscription cable channel part of Shaw communications the equivalent to for example would be CW in the US) this year. Because of it’s success it might get moved to Global TV (the non-subscription based basic cable package channel equivalent to CBS in US). THat being said the feeds & show production wise are run by Shaw Communications and the Slice network via Insight production company (Allison’s fly on the wall production company [do the US show] are serving as advisors to Insight productions.) The feeds on the Canada show have been down more than they are up. Whereas in the US yes CBS controls the release of content to REALNetworks they are still serving to a paying customer and therefore the content shown tends to be better and blocked a lot less. That being said. IF CBS takes control of the feeds and offers the feeds for free I suspect they will be down more than they’re up with CBS never ending push to control the content and script the narratives they want told. Much like they are for Canada right now. IF they do charge a minimal fee I suspect they will still be down more than they used to be. If they charge the same price REAL was then maybe the content will be the same. I wouldn’t hold your breath though.

  5. I hope the BB sites still gets their commission from us fans buying the Live Feeds with ur sites….maybe CBS will offer bigger commissions for u….☺….

  6. BB15 feed gotta be available in Canada, CBS would be so stupid not to, they’s lose tons of money, say 2500 Canadians order BBUSA live feeds, at $40 each, that’s $100k gone from CBS’s pocket.

    plus i don’t think it’s only USA/Canada who watch BB feeds, i’m pretty sure people from other places do too.

  7. Yes, we’re well aware that Big Brother US airs in Canada, but you’re missing my point.

    CBS does not broadcast it in Canada nor do they own BB. GlobalTV licenses it to broadcast in Canada. As such, CBS does not want to pay for resources to allow Canadian viewers, who watch it on GlobalTV and NOT CBS, to watch video content on their website. CBS does not earn TV advertising revenue from Canadian viewers because Canadian viewers watch it on GlobalTV and NOT on CBS.

    So back to my point, Global should provide their domestic TV viewers with mirrored copies of the BB website videos on their own website.


    • Last year i was in Canada. I had Shaw satellite tv. I was able to pick up CBS, ABC and NBC..and BB from the satellite. As far as i know this is the ONLY way to get regular U.S. network programming in Canada. But it IS possible depending on what package you purchase. It’s quite an expensive endeavor but for me it was worth watching BB in its regular time and place. Of course Matt is right in that CBS just licenses BB programming to Global. If you’re watching on Global in Canada then notice that when BB goes to a commercial it will cut to one that is strictly Canadian. It would not do that if being broadcast directly from CBS. As for the live feeds, i doubt anything will change.

  8. Surprise CBS didn’t do this earlier with less people watching tv. I think Dan, Frank and Ian will be offer a chance to host some internet shows.

  9. Whelp. guess us Canadians are hooped. CBS blocks every other content from us, i dont expect it to change for this…

  10. For first time i really thinking of giving up bbusa or just sticking to the tv shows. I tired of returning hgs i can’t even watch BB Canada Dan is on BBCanada. Its the same returning hgs, Jessie comes back each season. BB15 will have Dan returning for some comp or 24 hour say your hearing it from me.

  11. will BB be in high def this season, i can only hope so as the cost of HD cameras is now only a fraction of what they used to be

    • We have no official word on that yet.

      It’s not just the cost of the cameras. They would have to replace all the cabling along with massive AV switches and various components to support an upgrade to HD. It’s not just swapping out the end point cameras. Very expensive.

      • Excuse me but are the people in Canada really not able to comprehend what you have said a dozen times already.CBS IS NOT THE SAME AS THEIR GLOBAL NETWORK.Duh people,pay attention.I can’t hardly wait for BB to start.I look forward to this time of year.I only wish they would do it twice a year.That is the only way it could get better.Well that and no more Jessie.LOL

  12. @ Matthew Boyer: I think its’ so cool that you took the time to reply to fans. Kinda awesome!!! :) Cheers.

  13. Aryn Katlin Jeremy Gina are not my favorite BB15 Houseguest This Season theyre disrespectful to theyre house mates it make me angry how Aryn Katlin Gina Treat their housemates Elissa Hellen Howard Candis what Aryn Katlin Gina are doing to theyre housemates Howard Candis is rude disrespectful By Talking about them behind theyre back Making racial remarks about them behind theyre back it is nice that Hellen HOH this week

  14. What Gina was doing to Candis Howard was wrong rude disrespectful in Candis face the way she did Candis Howard Have every right to be angry upset with Aryn Katlin Jeremy Gina Aryn Katlin Jeremy Gina are adult ages 22 23 23 32 and their acting like inmature highschool students

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