Big Brother 15 Houseguest First Impressions

Big Brother 15 Houseguests

As we get ready for tonight’s premiere of Big Brother 15, I wanted to run through my initial impressions of the Houseguests from my time with them last week at CBS. As part of an interview about that experience, (it’s a tongue-in-cheek name, they actually love BB) asked for just two words on each HG. Since two words is hardly enough for my rambling, here’s the rest of my thoughts from that interview.

If you haven’t met all of the BB15 cast yet then I highly recommend you start with our compilation video here linking to all of our interviews with them. Then scroll on down and read my initial impressions from meeting each of them.

Meet The Big Brother 15 Houseguests – “It’s Time”:

My First Impressions of the Big Brother 15 Houseguests:

Aaryn Gries: Pretty & sweet – This was the best I could for Aaryn. She didn’t give me a lot to run with during our talk, but let’s hope she lights up once she gets in the house. Read bio & watch interview

Amanda Zuckerman: Verbal diarrhea – She promised this and I think she’ll be great. Just don’t over do it and cause your game harm. Read bio & watch interview

Andy Herren: Great potential – Playing the BB role of “typical gay male” he’ll know he can get the girls on his side, but he’s not so over the top that he’ll be considered “one of the girls” and could still play the guys’ side too. Read bio & watch interview

Candice Stewart: Well rehearsed – Very polished presentation. Her pageant days haven’t been lost and that could help her say the right thing at the right time. Read bio & watch interview

David Girton: Like dude – He’ll expect to be dragged along through the game like he says he does back home in life. Or maybe he’ll completely surprise me and it was all an act. I hope so. Read bio & watch interview

Elissa Slater: Not Rachel – They want you to think she’s Rachel 2.0, but I’m not buying it. If viewers give her a chance and the HGs don’t have a knee-jerk reaction when they figure it out she’ll do well. Read bio & watch interview

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Brooklyn party – Not in a bad way. I didn’t care for the “HG JoJo” persona, but GinaMarie doesn’t come across nearly as abrasive. Her fun side should suit her game well. Read bio & watch interview

Helen Kim: House mom – Uphill battle here. Very smart and likely very competitive, but being the oldest and winning the game isn’t easy. It’s possible, but not easy. Read bio & watch interview

Howard Overby: Quiet & reserved – Very nice guy, but he’s going to have to relax and open up a lot more than he did in his interview if he doesn’t want to be seen as stand-off’ish and aloof. Read bio & watch interview

Jeremy McGuire: Overly confident <-- He's expecting the girls to fall all over him and on their sword for him. Jeremy is this season's Shane without the charisma and charm. Read bio & watch interview

Jessie Kowalski: Texas smile – Really sweet girl and smart too. She knows the game well enough to anticipate the next move, but will she be cut throat enough to backstab a friend in the house when the time comes? I’m not convinced. Jessie told me how she gave up valuable space in her luggage to bring books to avoid sequester boredom. Read bio & watch interview

Judd Daughtery: Beer buddy <-- If I had to pick one guy to go grab a beer with it'd be him. Very friendly, very comfortable in his skin, and very ready to play the game that he knows well. Read bio & watch interview

Kaitlin Barnaby: Those eyes! <-- Shane changed my perspective on what a complete novice can offer to viewers. But watch out, Kaitlin. She's beautiful, sweet, and easy going. The other girls will hate her for it. There is little to no "girl power!" in the Big Brother house and I fear a short residency. Read bio & watch interview

McCrae Olson: Unknown quantity – Didn’t met this guy at all and haven’t seen much on him yet. Seems fun and goofy, but after a run of Ian Terry’s and John Cochran’s (Survivor) I think HGs will be on the lookout for the next “nerd guy.” Read bio & watch interview

Nick Uhas: Too much – No. More. Please. First 30 seconds were fun. The other 14.5 minutes were not. Read bio & watch interview

Spencer Clawson: Bearded buddy – Great plan going in to make himself be the guy that others say they would rather be around for 90 days than say the name above. How he stacks up in the competitions when he has to win could be his deciding factor on success. Read bio & watch interview

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of this all-new batch of Houseguests for Big Brother 15? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

We can’t wait to see them in action tonight on CBS starting at 8/7c! Be sure to join us during and after as we countdown to the Live Feeds turning on at 9PM PT.


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  1. Seems like this season has more of a variety of people than I first realized! Thank god, it’s not “Rachel 2.0”, she honestly annoyed the !@$% outta me.

  2. So much for a hundred days of Big Brother. As Matt has mentioned above, we’re certainly getting 90-days (ending at September 18) which is still an epic record for a Big Brother season, beating out BB1’s duration by a couple more days.


    • Yeah, it won’t be 100 Days unless it runs 15+ weeks and that’s just not possible unless they really hack and slash the last episodes days & timeslots. I don’t think they’ll be doing that.

  3. Oh yeah, I just realized. We’e getting back-to-back BB tonight with BBUK airing about three hours before BB15’s premiere. BBAUS also kicks off later in the summer so it’s gonna a three-peat.

    Looks like I’m in for some sinful BB indulgence. :D

  4. Can’t wait for tonight! My main pick is Aaryn. I know she didn’t give much out during interviews, but I have this gut feeling that she will be good at competitions (especially endurance) and has a good head on her shoulders as well. Just praying that the “Model Curse” doesn’t kill her even though she is not a model.

    Other favorites are Jeremy, Jessie, and Nick.

  5. Ok..can someone tell me how is it that they have group photo’s of everyone when they don’t meet till tonight on the live show? I don’t understand that.

    • They never had a live show for a premiere. The HG’s usually enter the house for the first time a few days before the first episode highlighting Day 1 onwards airs on TV.

      Promotional photos showing them in summer wear inside the house are made within the first week of the game.

      • OH… ok..thank you I totally thought tonight was live, my bad! thank you for responding it was driving me nuts. do you know when the photos might have been taken?

      • ok.. i read that so quick that when i re read your reply it was clear…in the last 2 days! sorry

    • Tonight isn’t live… They always enter the house (around) 3 days before the show first airs. If you have ever watched a premiere episode before then you’ve probably noticed that the first HOH comp generally has people change out of their clothes they wore coming into the house. They don’t do that during a commercial break. Last year when Jodi got evicted on the first night, she had been in the house for six hours which was shortly after the HOH comp.

  6. Wow Matt!, you managed a whole 15 minutes with Nick without running from the room screaming. I’m impressed. I’m not sure the HGs will be so accomodating. He may be first evicted. If Candice starts recounting her pageant days then she might become the female version of Nick. I like her competitive streak. Just hope she can manage to not toot her own horn too much. I like Jessie. She’s a hardcore BB fan and should know the ins and outs. As long as she doesn’t let emotion get in the way and stays focused.

    • Heh, yeah, Nick’s interview started out fun and then just turned tiresome. I suspect he was in overdrive playing it up for the cameras, and for his game’s sake I hope he was. If I got to vote out one interview of the day, it’d be him w/ David in second.

    • I compare him to Rachel. His sense of self-importance is over inflated. That becomes an irritant after a while. Whether he’s playing it up for the interview or not is yet to be seen. But for now it’s not working for him.

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