Big Brother 15 Episode 5 Recap: Racism And Nominees Revealed

aaryn nominees

In a smart move to protect their own integrity, CBS decided to reveal the questionable behavior that’s been going on among some of the Big Brother 15 houseguests. Let’s just hope this is the last we have to see it, hear about, write about it and talk about it.

This Sunday’s episode picked up during this week’s Head of Household competition. As we already knew, they were working in pairs and the winning team must pick which of them is the new Head of Household.

The pairs were Jessie and Howard, Andy and Elissa, Jeremy and Aaryn, Nick and Judd, Candice and GinaMarie, Helen and Spencer, and Katilin and Amanda.

And then we briefly cut back to the David blindside. Aaryn is crying. Elisa is thanking America for the MVP. And GinaMarie and Jessie are confused. Everyone else knew what was going down.

Back to the HOH contest. It’s down between Aaryn and Jeremy and Elissa and Andy. In the end, Jeremy and Aaryn win. Jeremy gives the actual title to Aaryn. The Moving Company isn’t thrilled. Arryn has to immediately name have-not. So she acts “raise your hands if you voted out David.” She picks Elissa, Helen, Candice and Andy.

During the aftermath of David’s eviction, we get Aaryn counting votes and deciding to dedicate her HOH to what was done wrong to David. We learn that Spencer got Candice to vote for Elissa to be evicted so he could use that vote as his own when telling Aaryn and others how he voted. He really voted for David, of course.

Andy does the best job of anyone with covering his tracks for voting out David. He cries to Aaryn and earns her respect and just like that gets off her nomination radar. “I’m keeping my friends close and my Aaryns closer,” he said.

Big Brother racism

And then we get CBS’ surprising move: a racism montage. CBS and/or the producers decided to air all of the things that Aaryn and some of what GinaMarie has said about Andy, Candice and Helen. I don’t need to repeat them again here, but if you want to check it out, you can see a replay of the segment here.

We get a glimpse of Candice and Helen slowly figuring out there’s a guy alliance in the house. But like every other season they don’t really do anything with the possible information they’ve uncovered. “I wonder if it’s like a boy super group,” Candice asks. YES! Now run with it, Candice!

Speaking of gameplay, Helen realizes she could be a target for Aaryn, so she decides to have a talk with Aaryn. She lays out ways that they can help each other. And it’s a sweet idea for Aaryn, but as she said earlier, she’s playing this week for revenge on David. So she doesn’t take Helen’s offer very far.

Helen might just have hope yet because Spencer is working to get Amanda up and out because of her controlling McCrae, who is a part of his Moving Company alliance. So Jeremy takes that information to Aaryn and tells her that Amanda is the mastermind behind David’s eviction.

But to no one’s surprise, Aaryn plays it personally and nominates Elissa and Helen for eviction.

What do you think of Aaryn’s nominations and CBS’ decision to air the controversial things that have been going on in the house?


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  1. Very good episode, glad they showed that. Jeremy such an idiot…
    Spencer to Jeremy: go tell aaryn to nominate amanda
    Jeremy to Aaryn: nominate amanda
    Jeremy in DR: I’m such a mastermind

    • Somewhere, both members of Chilltown had a VERY strong urge to slam their heads into the nearest brick wall.

      • I will take Dr. Will, Boogie, Dan, and Evel Dick any day over these morons.

      • No way. She was a great competitor, but she was nowhere near the social player/manipulator that those guys are. Both times she played, she managed to turn most of the house against her and only stayed in due to a very favorable twist by production in Season 13.

  2. So I’m sitting there, watching the show with my mom, as I do every Sunday night as part of our family dinner night ritual, and about halfway through the show CBS shocks us all and airs the Racism montage. And my jaw hits the floor. No way in HELL did I anticipate a move like that! Talk about “expect the unexpected!”

    So now that the rest of America has seen this Wicked Bitch of the East for what she really is, we can put this whole nasty mess behind us and actually ENJOY the game again!

  3. Jeremy is so unbelievably idiotic that it is almost impossible to imagine that someone could be so boorish and dumb. Aaryn isn’t much better. Her “boyfriend” of one week was evicted and she’s having a neervous breakdown. Those two are meant for each other!

  4. ok, so cbs showed the true side of Aaryn, and that puts it all behind us? It was very hard to just sit and enjoy the show after seeing that. I don’t think showing it lets cbs off the hook, it puts them deeper on the hook in my opinion. So what Aaryn lost her modeling contract. CBS thinks this is ok to keep her? I understand they are locked away with no contact to the outside world and we enjoy watching how people act. But I would think some things would be forbidden and this would be one of them. If they hit each other they are out the door. But ANYTHING can be said?!?

    • I agree. Those houseguests spewing racist comments should have been taken off the show.

    • Yeah, well, CBS seems to like the First Amendment to the Constitution – you know, FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Just because it’s wrong to say it doesn’t mean that person doesn’t have the RIGHT to say it.

      That being said, I agree 100% that what the HGs have been saying is absolutely disgusting, and completely against what is now-a-days being accepted as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, but I fully believe that she will get her comeuppance. If not from being evicted or by losing her contract, then God will punish her.

      • This is not a 1st amendment issue. The constitution does not give you the right to say whatever you want without consequence. That is not what freedom of speech means.

      • freedom of speech without fear of prosecution.. um. yes it kind of does.

        she is scum of the earth. but if we deny people their right to unpopular speech.. that starts a slippery slope my dude.

        those who give up freedom for comfort, deserve neither and will lose both.

      • No one is saying that people like Aaryn don’t have the right to say stupid things or that she should be prosecuted for saying them. All I was arguing was that it would not be a 1st amendment issue if she got fired from CBS. We have freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequence.

        Try this. Go into your work tomorrow spewing hateful racist and homophobic comments, and see how your idea of the 1st amendment protects you.

      • This is a gameshow and a *reality tv* gameshow at that. If the network starts kicking contestants off a game because of things they say……contestants will stop talking since every idea they verbalize COULD be viewed by someone as racist, homophobic, ageist, xenophobic, ect, ect. Let them play the game and if they are stupid enough to broadcast their true beliefs for all the World to see, let their associations out in that World “lower the boom”… Aaryn’s and Ginamarie’s employers have chosen to do.

      • Prosecution, not persecution. Also CBS isn’t beholden to the constitution as they aren’t the government.

        However, Free speech/expression is a principal most reasonable people and institutions hold to because several philosophic reasons but to block, censor, remove, etc. is the admittance of having poor arguments and are generally liars. Its a basic rule that if you do not allow people speak freely, regardless of whatever reason some people come up with that might seem reasonable on the surface it’s a good sign that the person, group, organization, is probably dishonest and they are full of it.

      • Freedom of speech protects you from the government. “Congress shall make no law…”, not “Allison Grodner shall make no law.”

      • I totally agree and also agree everyone should move on and get back to discussing the game. All we have been talking about is the racism in the house (myself included). It’s getting to be enough already. I want to get back to BB and the game.

      • lol. I think people will be discussing this now more than ever. It’s only been us who have followed the live feed & blogs who have been discussing it to this point. Now there will be a wave of people who’ve seen the tv airing of it who will want to chat about it… Either way, I’d say this issue has become part of the game itself. Meh, I’m ok with that even though I don’t anticipate anything ”new” being said.

      • I completely agree with you, they will feel the consequences once they leave.

        Personally I enjoy the live feeds for the fact that they let us see the true side of people. True reality TV and it makes me wonder about other shows. Would live feeds of the Duck Dynasty crew change their fans opinions? What about the bachelor girls?

      • Not sure if bringing together part time actors & models who are living together in a glass bowl environment gives us a ‘true side’ of these people (or anyone for that matter)… I do agree it gives us a ‘side’ of them that lets us study how they would act on a reality television show…which is exactly where they are.

      • gameshow…….they are playing on a gameshow…..fighting for prizes and CASH.
        This is not *real Housewives of Booger County*.

      • Umm I’m pretty sure that the freedom of speech excuse does not validate spewing defamatory comments because there are equality rights and what not….

    • I totally agree; hitting each other; eating something when you are on the have not list and throwing your mic is grounds for getting kick out but racial slurs and laughing about the way people look isn’t. I think they need to remove aaryn from the show. She thinks she is entitled and can say and do whatever. i am glad she lost her job now they need to make it right and kick her out.

  5. I’m glad CBS responded to the criticism over the discriminatory remarks. However, I’m more concerned over the supposed cheating during the HOH competition. I didn’t see anything that addressed this issue so I’m hoping no one actually did cheated. If someone did, then they should had aired it and showed the penalty(if action was taken) so production doesn’t look shady.

    But I like to know about this secret guest and I wonder what surprising news is in store(a twist hopefully?). =o

    • Here’s a twist: Elissa gets voted out, then Rachel joins the game herself. Ha ha, Jeremy’s gonna be the one grabbing the life vest then!

      Yeah, okay, totally joking. In all seriousness, I’m curious about what BB has planned for the HGs, as well.

    • They did cheat, I seen it with my own eyes tonight. Instead of pouring the BBQ into Jeremy’s cup, they just switched cups(several times). Elissa and Andy should be the real winners. It’s totally wrong….

      • OMG they didn’t cheat. You could clearly see that they just had there cups touching each other. You could see Aaryn’s hand bending so she could poor.

      • How is that cheating when everyone had extra sauce that spilled on there hands? Did you not see most of them wiping there hands over the jar opening?

      • No like those 2 had in their hand and we got a good view of how seedy of players they are tonight, they just need to go. I get sick easy when people are EVIL!! I only like Evil Dick but he played fair!

      • They switched cups, seen it, rewinded it seen it again and again…No doubt they cheated. They may have poured some but they also switched cups.

      • Not sure I watch Big Brother with the expectation of complete ‘fairness’. I watch it because it has interesting (and often extreme) characters, an interesting show idea, and well, if I’m being totally honest, people who are attractive in character, appearance and/or mannerisms (some are evil, some are good)… I don’t expect a show that casts models & actors to offer any semblance of ‘reality’ or ‘fairness’. It’s nice that it comes close sometimes, but cummon, it’s REALITY TV…not reality itself!

      • There’s something very Matt-from-Big Brother 12 about Nick…very shady. Although he’s brighter than Matt was…

        Which is probably why I find him annoying

  6. Can’t believe they actually showed the majority of the hateful comments. I really thought they’d try to bury it like Jeff’s homophobia.

  7. I wonder if CBS will air the multiple times that Jeremy uses the words “fag” and “faggity” in reference to Andy. In my opinion BB casting deserves some blame for the filth that’s come out of this brew of houseguests. In the UK version housemates are called out for their bad behavior by Big Brother in the diary room and publicly scolded on TV, for offenses like stereotyping, uttering slurs, and bullying. People like Jeremy and Arryn should be fired. It’s still early, they can bring in new houseguests.

    • a lot of people keep saying that casting is to blame, but how would they know? the don’t give them a lie detector test while asking them if they are bigoted… unless it’s a twist in the season (i don’t think CBS is that stupid) then they wouldn’t know till it happened. I do agree that it’s unfair for those house guests to win a lot of money. it’s like they are rewarding them for it and that’s really not cool.

      • They were hired to play a game that is designed to entertain the masses. As disgusting as the car wreck along the side of the road may be…..are you looking? Yes, we are looking… it must be working.

  8. I haven’t seen the show on the west coast yet but it appears that offensive comments made by Spencer (Hitler praise & Kermit the F** for example) or Jeremy weren’t included. Maybe they’ll save that for a future episode.

    I’m kind of thinking that Aaryn’s mind was fed alot of this hate by her parents, who shifted a few letters around from Aryan to name their blonde haired, blue eyed daughter.

    • Ohhh hey now, I’m with you that racism never occurs in a bubble (it’s always reinforced by family & friends which is why it is deemed ‘no big deal’ by the offender), but to go a step further and say something extreme about her parents… Let’s be careful there. Let’s simply agree her parents need to be part of the solution.

  9. Aaryn’s nominations where not strategic, and a waste. Not surprising at all.

    CBS’ decision was a wise one considering the fact that they could potentially lose a good chunk a viewers to put some severe dents in their armor.

    Granted they should of shown Amanda and Spencer’s comments, (Amanda’s “F*ggoty Ann,” and Spencer calling Andy “Kermit the F*g.”) which was said to Andy’s face. Thus then show Andy’s reaction which could either him be saying those comments were totally unacceptable, or confirm that to him it was in just, (Granted, it’s still unacceptable in my eyes).

    Aaryn & GinaMarie are going to be in for a rude awakening, and their lives will be affected greatly due to their hate speech they spewed.

    • it would be awesome if Aaryn and GM find out on air that they were fired. I would love to see their reaction.

      • I was wondering what it will be like when Julie interviews Aaryn? Julie is a total pro, but I would pay money to see her deliver the news to Aaryn and then tell her “And before you can ask, NO, I will not be making you any RICE!”

      • lol. Never thought of that, but yeah I’m sure there’s a little bit of Julie wanting to get a shot in on Aaryn.

      • Aaryn is such a drama queen, she would go beserk! That would be so fun to watch!

    • Absolutely,their real hell will begin the day they leave the house.I would be afraid if I were them because everyone is gonna know who they are and what they done.As far as a job goes one google search and it’s over.Karma is indeed a bitch!

    • They were talking on the feeds last night about how they think America just adores them both, because they are such nice girls and awesome competitors..blah blah blah….if they only knew, and they will, soon I hope, by being evicted!!

  10. Bigotry aside, this has been a very enjoyable season. The live feeds are fantastic!

  11. Here’s hoping Evel Dick shows up around 5:00 AM…pots and pans at the ready. Wakey wakey Jeremy :)

  12. They need to do something about the derogatory comments made on this show because alot of people are gonna quit watching this show. I think it is wrong to let them stay on the show. I seen how Howard reacted to this and I understand that he is mad and I don’t blame him….

    • If they were anywhere but the BB house, i think Howard would rip her a new one. But i understand he wants to save his game. He’s obviously a strong man. If he’s evicted before Aaryn i hope his last night in the house is one she will never forget. And most importantly….i hope he’s a member of the jury and she has to explain to him why she said the vile things she did. Somehow i don’t think she would get his vote no matter how she sliced it.

      • I really like Howard and hope he goes far. He’s one of the few I do like. Also think Candace is a good person and smart. She’s the only one that thinks the girls should stick together but are too catty. Like Helen too. But other then that I don’t really care about the others. And Andy gets on my last nerve.

      • Not sure Howard would rip into them. He seems more intelligent than that. I could see him sitting them down and explaining to them that they won’t get far in life (beyond their own community) if they continue to talk about people that way. He is a youth counselor so I have a feeling he’s used to dealing with situations similar to this where a lot of wrong teachings have been instilled into the minds of impressionable youth. Go Howard – you’ve got a new fan in me brother! :)

    • And he seems like a really good man and he is playing a good game but this is making it hard on him. I pray he stays strong!

      • Me too. My respect went up quite a bit for Howard after watching tonight’s episode. Along with McCrae I’m kinda hoping they both make it into the final 5.

  13. Disgusting Aaryn, DIS-GUS-TING!!! I want you to go home even more than Elissa right now, but as of this week, it doesn’t look too good for Elissa.

  14. I feel the need to voice some opposition to all of this “Finally the racism is over! Now we can enjoy the game!” It feels a little too much like “Finally! Slavery is over! Now we can all just be equal and move on!” Anyone paying attention to racial tension in American society today understands that history has shown us things aren’t just that simple. I’m glad that CBS aired the comments, but among the most frustrating aspects of this is the focus on Aaryn and her “offensive” comments as if she somehow represents an even smaller minority that share these attitudes.

    The truth is that this country was built on slavery. America has a relatively short history compared to the rest of the world, but most of it is filled with the buying and selling of people like they are animals and then the prolonged, pain-filled aftermath of Jim Crowe laws, “separate but equal” and a few very rich white people doing everything they can to continue to oppress “the other” however they can. Although, I think we are fast moving into a time period that shows that “poor” is the new group of oppressed individuals as opposed to just “brown”. I’ll stick to these examples but you could cite Chinese internment camps during WWII, immigrant workers who built much of our infrastructure and virtually all of our railroad system which allowed for the move west, Hispanic and Latino populations whom we are content to allow to perform service level or outdoor jobs but are unwilling to afford any kinds of legal protections too, not to mention Native Americans (and is anyone else a little worried that Jeremy’s “Cherokee” references are being met with silence? If that kid knows anything about the Cherokee that he didn’t learn from a stereotypical television or move portrayal I will eat Aaryn’s hat :-) ) but you get my drift.

    That’s how countries are formed, it’s not right, it’s not pretty and it’s generally always bloody and involves oppressing another group. Were many of the acts that went into that shameful? Sure, but it’s not like any other nation has done such a bang up job with it’s formation. The really shameful thing is to pretend like none of that ever happened, to simply shrug it all of with a “well that was a long time ago” and a flip “it’s not like I ever owned a slave!” and pretend that your personal frame of reference is enough for every person who lives with real consequences of being slandered and humiliated because of this history – to just shrug it off.

    Aaryn’s continued use of racial and sexua slurs when met with the other houseguests nervous laughter and silent complacency (and therefore silent approval) simply reveal a microcosm of tensions in America today. It illustrates a perfect example of WHY people who share Aaryn’s views are able to perpetuate hate speech and be so incredibly vile and unproductive and VOCAL. I believe that people in the house, in some part, keep their mouths shut because of game play. They have something to lose. Howard said as much tonight. But the ugly truth of that is that many of us keep our mouths shut everyday because we have “something to lose” and typically that something is a lot less than $500,000.

    It’s a free country, people can say what they want – your site your call. BBNetwork isn’t really a place that you see a lot of cultural critique and it’s pretty much all updates about comps and gameplay. In that way I could see you not wanting to wade into the larger societal issues here. I just felt the need to point out that while we all want to see great game this Summer, it’s not possible for many people to simply separate Aaryn, Jeremy, GM, Spencer etc. and their “game” from their intolerance. The world would likely be a better place if we quit trying to “sort” the various levels of bigots and just point blank refused to tolerate their unacceptable behavior. It was good to see that some of the houseguests have employers who have done just that.

    Awesome site and keep up the good work! You always have the latest news on the DL in the house.

    • Agree with you on most points here. Not sure if I expect Reality TV to solve that which humanity has tainted though…it simply shines a spotlight on what is still inherently wrong with all of us as people. So we can learn from this and hopefully grow (as Howard demonstrated so well), or we can let other people’s hatred, fear, and ignorance breed inside and create our own hatred, fear and ignorance (eye for an eye)…

      • Absolutely agree. Howard has handled the tone of the house with way more grace and class than most people would be capable of. I really hope he’s able to make some big moves later on to step up his game play.

  15. So I Heard they know they got fired, anybody know how the stupid GinaMarie and Aaryn feel about getting fired? I really want to know their reactions since I don’t have the Live feed, and don’t plan on getting it.

      • I wish I could be there when they got the news.I’m sure the look on their faces will be priceless!!lol Spencer lost his job today as well.

      • He’s not fired…yet. It is saying, ” it’s currently acting in Accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms.” Basically they’re exploring their options regarding his termination. The company is unionized. …

    • i read something that said they won’t know until they leave the show. it’s in the game rules so i guess it’s up to Julie…

  16. Wow! Nicks reaction to Aaryns comment was Awesome! He looks genuinely concerned for his safety.

  17. Does anyone know why there hasn’t been any exit interview with david on any site? Is he in sequester?

      • He did. He was telling Aaryn that his sheets smelled bad and that it was because of “Candace’s blackness.” I can’t even comprehend why production have not stepped in and told these morons to self evict. Watching this behavior on the feeds is so revealing.

  18. It’s about time CBS ! By broadcasting some of the HG’s insensitive comments and their true colors, viewers will be better informed on who to vote for MVP. I don’t give a crap if you have the best game play. If you’re an idiot, you’re not getting my vote.

    • Agree. But again I would caution viewers who think watching people 24/7 in this type of environment, under these circumstances allows people to see their complete character… we see a ‘side’ of it, but not their complete side.

      • True, I don’t know these people’s complete character. I still have to cast my vote for MVP based on what I’m able to see.

  19. I am a little disappointed that Howard has chosen to put his integrity aside for money. If it were me, I would at least tell each person what was said and ask them not to tell anyone that I told them. It is extremely hard for me to watch Helen and Candace mingle with Aryan and GinaMaria. I am sure both Aryan and GinaMarie are all bark and no bite. It would be nice to see Helen or Candice confront them about their bad behavior.

    • Perhaps he will at a later time, or at least that would be ideal for his game. Right now though its not and if he did it would likely cause his early eviction.

    • Wow, I see a different angle on this. I actually see Howard showing INCREDIBLE integrity through restraint, discipline, and accepting that racism is clearly alive and well in the house. That he would sacrifice the gratification of yelling at somebody and instead opt for the much harder choice of beating them in the game. Two thumbs up for Howard. He’s truly a stand up guy who deserves praise!

    • so cant say that because if his reaction to someone that he will never see again after this house cost him 500,000 you would say how stupid he is. Sometimes someone can show they are the bigger person by their non actions and not their actions

  20. By the way, Aryan is so darn dense. Does she not realize that Julie Chen is Asian (hope that’s correct). Does she not realize that what she said was derogatory toward Julie, as well? Does she not realize that she must face Julie Chen in the end? Wow, just dumb!

  21. I think CBS handled it well. People do have the right to say what they want. But they will pay dearly for their foolishness.
    I bet Aaryn thinks she’s going to come out of this and be a big star. She will never live this down. Stupid stupid stupid.
    Please Big Brother how about some diversity in age? It used to be like that. I am so sick of this immature nonsense.

    • I agree completely. If you removed the houseguests for what they say, the consequences in their real life would be far less. By showing everyone who these twits are, they will have a much harder road in life. And we need some age diversity, how about someone over the age of 37?

  22. If you are disgusted with Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Jeremy and Kaitlin—-make your vote count. If Elissa is voted out this week, vote either Amanda, Candace, Helen MVP if they win HOH next. That way, for atleast, one week—-three of the five nastiest house guests can be put on the block. If one wins veto and gets off—nominate one of the remaining two nasty house guests. This guarantees one of them goes home. Even better, it will encourage more in fighting among them if they know they are now targets for eviction! Do not give the MVP to any of the Moving Company as they will just coddle and protect Jeremy.
    Let him save himself considering the likes to mouth off how good he is!

    • Great suggestion – Helen deserves the MVP after 2 weeks of ”Have Not” plus the unfair target put on her. And that’s not even mentioning the racist sentiments she’s facing from the others who haven’t told her how they feel about her culture…

      • Yes, she does! I didn’t realize that Aaryn “mocked” her by talking the way she thinks Asian-Americans speak. I must have missed that on the feeds..Aaryn is a disgusting, little, racist troll and needs to go very soon. America needs to vote MVP to Helen or Andy. Those are the ONLY two I fully trust. I don’t even trust Howard anymore. Spencer is super shady. Stay smart, America..MVP to Helen or Andy every week while they are in the house! Pretty sure Elyssa may be going this week. Stupid move, but, I think it may happen.

      • Woah there tiger, I’m with you in my dislike for Aaryn’s behaviour, but I’m not sure name calling and internalizing her hatred is going to make things better. Best way to deal with Aaryn is how Howard is handling it –> Stay patient, hold your tongue, and beat them at the game. She will eventually reap the consequences of her actions both in the game and in life. My only hope is that people will not be easily fooled and manipulated when she offers a halfhearted apology after the show (one that will be well rehearsed and well written by a publicity manager no doubt)

  23. I am glad CBS did something, the country has a racial charge to it right now with the Zimmerman trial going on. The last thing we need is a show we all go to for relief and a escape to highlight these issues

  24. What CBS did in Sunday’s episode was a nice start. They exposed Aaryn and GinaMarie’s attitudes. They left out some of the worst ones because they don’t want to associate with the viewpoints, but they showed enough to turn a lot of people against them.

  25. Well, I believe the hgs must have been informed about their bad behavior. There has been no game talk on BBAD tonight. Everyone seems happy and very tolerant of others. Jeremy is being as nice as ever. Aryan is just drinking her wine and not calling everyone a “b”. Helen is playing a game with everyone and she appears to be happy. Also, there has been no cursing, I mean none what so ever. Gina Marie is being nice, as well. Probably a little too late to repair their reputations, though.

    • You’re probably right. I’m sure that Production would’ve given a slight reminder that a certain level of civility is encouraged because EVERYTHING they say is (and has been) recorded. That alone would snap most people back into place.

      • Well, Aaryn is going after the $500,000 like a mad woman. She is now turning on her so called friends Kaitlin and Jeremy. Now Aaryn wants to talk to Jeremy when Kaitlin isn’t around. What a friendship. I hope they all learn a good lesson from this.

    • Production supposedly announced not to use racial slurs…. a night or so after that, Jokers reported that both GM & Aaron was called in to the DR together, followed by the fish screen.

  26. CBS needs to kick off the raceist bitches and put on people who really want to play the game. It is just plain bullying and it is wrong. Something needs to be done and soon before some thing bad happens and belive me it will because other house guest have heard what is being said. IT IS SOOOOOO WRONG!!!! We need to do something.

  27. Normally CBS shouldn’t have to apologize for what’s being said by the HGs. BB has 2 versions – the family friendly version on tv and the uncensored adult feeds which you have to opt-in for. Also the idea of the show is to get the people into the house and let them hang themselves with their own personalities. Except this year it is pretty bad. Kind of hard to vote for a person each week when there is a difference between how they act and how they are being portrayed on tv. If folks are asking for refunds CBS should step in and ask the HGs to knock it off.

  28. If CBS wants to let America know that they DO NOT CONDONE this kind of behavior, they should address it to the whole house. They should also punish the offenders for a couple of weeks, just to set an example. In this day and age, this behavior shouldn’t be tolerated even by a major network. Show America that you care about this issue before you loose ratings.

    • I agree, I am surprised cbs is doing nothing to them but then expect us to sit back and enjoy the show. I really did not enjoy Sundays show. So what if they aired what was said, it makes it all the harder to watch knowing all cbs said was they don’t condone their actions.

  29. We have all dealt with bigots, but these people are even ‘lower’ on the decency ladder. They don’t realize how cruel they are or do they? How could they not know? Perhaps their behavior benefits them is some twisted way. Idiocy is not the reason. Who taught them these values? I am so ashamed of this season’s BB contestant choices. As a loyal fan, I feel somehow obligated to apologize to my family, to my friends and to all who have been offended by this season’s events. I will try to watch the rest of BB15…no promises.

    Fourteen seasons of BB were interesting…BB15 is just sad

  30. i have watched this show from day one.. every time i am glued to the tv.. but this year it is awful.. these girls are not nice and the way they talk about ppl disgust me.. i think they need to be pulled out of the house asap.. this is just not right it ugly and immature for them to be like this.

  31. I wish CBS would gather them all together(on air)and let them know they have been fired from their jobs and why. I’d LOVE to see stupid Aaryon’s face with that news. Would she still be crying about that beach bum then?

    • Maybe they want to keep that for the last show. Imagine the scene, Aaryn sitting on the loser side because she got evicted before making it it to jury, and Julie asking: “So Aaryn, what’s new in your life ?” LOL

  32. If CBS wants to avoid this problem in the future, they need to stop casting, women especially, based on who looks good in a bikini or who is willing to jump into bed with the first douchebag they meet. This show is turning into the Real World, just ship it to MTV.

  33. Definitely was not ‘all’ of the things Candice said… there were quite a few more, just for accuracy’s sake.

  34. Glad that CBS broadcasted the racism from Aaryn and Gina. That is all CBS needs to do. Step 2 is wait for Aaryn and Gina to leave the house and get what is coming to them.

  35. I wonder when “Aryan” is going to figure out that she is going to be interviewed by an asian woman when she leaves the house? I hope Julie holds her toes to the coals. Or even better, make some sort of reference to nail salons and/or rice. It would be interesting to see if shame even registers on that woman’s face when she’s confronted with her hateful words.
    I like what Amanda said about her being naive and sheltered, it is definitely what would account for her ignorance. Her behaviour reflects very badly on her upbringing.

  36. CBS, You must enjoy the racists in the BB house. But I don’t care for them. Them racist girls should come to my neck of the woods. I would show them what an asian Bitch is. At least Helen has a lot of class to her, not running around looking like a first class slut!!

  37. Aaryn is ignorant with all her racist comments and she thinks people will love her, she is delusional. GinaMarie is so disgusting on so many levels.

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