Big Brother 15 Episode 11 Recap: King Judd Makes His Nominations


Despite a push to nominate Howard by Amanda, Judd made his own moves during Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15.

The episode picked up right after Jeremy’s not-so-surprising eviction from Thursday night. Kaitlin feels bad and is blaming herself for his eviction. For Aaryn, it’s bittersweet. She’s just happy it wasn’t her. Helen is happy that she made it all happen.

But Helen’s power is over and Judd’s has begun. We cut to Judd’s win and a lot of people are left wondering where they stand as far as he’s concerned.

Meanwhile, Julie’s hint about the MVP twist has caused all kinds of confusion and panic.

And of course there’s Amanda wasting no time with irritating Judd with who he should nominate for eviction. He does tell the Diary Room what he should be telling her: if you want to put up Howard, win a Head of Household yourself.

We get a quick Judd HOH room reveal and then it’s right back to game talk. Judd is tossing around GinaMarie’s name for nomination because she’s pointless. Elissa throws out Aaryn’s name because they’re enemies. Howard mentions Kaitlin because of her competition strength. And they all seem to agree that GinaMarie would be a waste of Judd’s HOH. So it’s sounding more like Kaitlin and Aaryn. But Judd can’t stop thinking about Julie’s hint. He’s afraid that the nominees will end up with some kind of power.

Meanwhile, Howard and Spencer are making sure they get off Judd’s radar (despite what Amanda is pushing for).

Showmance Alert #5. Yes, we’re officially at No. 5 this season. This time is Candice and Howard. “I’m willing to explore this friendship as long as I’m here,” Howard says. Even though showmances annoy me, this was probably the cutest of all the showmance montages this season.

Judd is back to tossing around ideas and he tells Aaryn that he doesn’t plan on putting her up this week. He tells her that he’s leaning more toward GinaMarie and Kaitlin. But Aaryn is worried she will be the MVP nominee and will be the one going home.

And those three girls at risk is causing friction among them and we get a brief, but beautiful, spat between Aaryn and GinaMarie. The “Blonde Bunnies” are in trouble, y’all!

It’s time for the Have-Not competition and it’s one of my favorite kinds of competitions. They have to eat something gross! Actually, they have to eat a lot of gross stuff and weigh in. The team that gains the least amount weight from eating frozen yogurt, including an anchovy and Habanero blend, loses.


Orange Team: Andy, Spencer, Candice and Jessie gained 11 pounds.
Blue Team: GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Hellen and Aaryn gained 13.2 pounds.
Green Team: McCrae, Elissa, Howard, Amanda 12.9 pounds.

The orange team are the  have-nots for the week.

And now we head back inside so Judd can figure out who to nominate. We’ve still got Amanda pushing Judd hard to nominate Howard, which has been her goal for two weeks now. And we’ve still got Elissa pushing for Aaryn. But Judd goes with his gut and Elissa and ignores Amanda. Aaryn and Kaitlin are the nominees this week and will be sitting next to whoever America voted as the third nominee.

Who do you think will be the third nominee and who will be going home this week?


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    • I think It’s a twist. There’s at least 4 Andy in the house. Or Andy is a Ninja.

      • I wonder if production is manipulating Andy. He never gets any air time. He seems like a nice guy. Maybe he’s a “secret agent”!

      • Kage Bunshin technique!!

        (Ninja Andy makes kanji sign: 多重影分身の術 to duplicate himself into ten times as many Andys inside the house!)

    • I agree….I use to love him but that was BEFORE I saw him on Big Brother After Dark. On there he is taking smack about EVERYONE…even his own Team!! I know everyone lies in this game but there is also loyal people on the show but he is proven NOT to be one of them!

      • He is the male Shelley (Rachel’s season that she won) who spies on both sides, reports everything she hears to both sides. She was useful only for the info but, not to be trusted.
        She lost of course, eventually, they figure out you are a double agent! LOL

  1. I have a horrible feeling that howard could be the 3rd nominee. I hope i’m wrong. I hope its amanda

  2. i admit that for a while i wasnt a big amanda fan and found her quite annoying but now she’s getting to the point where i find her obsession with getting out howard to be quite hillarious. She’s dangerously getting close to BB allstars James level with his obsession with janelle which also ended up being hillarious.

    • Oh man I loved that. It’s a toss up for more hilarious: James obsessing over evicting Janelle or Jase getting backdoored for the second time.

      • Jase being Backdored again was pretty funny but i still think the massive effort james put into trying to get out janelle and still ends up getting evicted before her is just a little bit better.

  3. Yikes! It’s no wonder the HGs were throwing up after this week’s Have/Have Not comp! And was I the only one who saw how much GinaMarie’s gut swelled up from all that froyo?

  4. OMG I can’t stand Elissa. She’s obsessed with Aaryn. That’s all she talks about and she is the queen of the mean girls. After all the rude things she said to Amanda last night now she’s telling Judd that Aaryn started the fight between Amanda and her. Elissa is so delusional.

    • I think that all of AMERICA is obsessed with Aaryn and Ginamarie ZIMMERMAN for all of the HORRIBLE statemants made about Blacks, Asians just plain RACISTS all the way around! They are not nice people, even though AARYN feels the house was against her and her ‘FRIENDS’ in the house, because they are “CUTE and can WIN THINGS”! She will see when she gets out of the BB HOUSE!!!

      • Spencer has said way worse then any of them. And even Andy made a racist “joke”. But Elipssa is showing her true colors. She does not stop. All she does is talk crap about everyone and make fun of everyone. She’s a first class BITCH!!!

  5. Why is it that house guests form new alliances and then, tell everyone in the game. That to me is simply dumb. It exposes you to your other alliances that you cannot be trusted and it just puts a big target on your back. The object of multiple alliances is to keep you deep in the game and have a chance at that $500,000 however, blabbing your mouth about it is the dumbest move one can make!

    • I agree there are so many alliances and everyone is talking about everyone. Nobody can keep their big mouths shut. I watch the feeds and I’m thinking just shut up.

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