Big Brother 15: Counting The Votes In Week 7

Jessie talks to the camera

Normally I’d start one of these “counting the votes” posts out with a picture of a HG actually counting out votes on their hands, but I haven’t seen anyone actually even bother with that this week. So instead we’ve got Jessie playing up to the camera after eavesdropping on other HGs discussing her pending demise. Seems appropriate.

On Thursday there will be six votes in the next Big Brother 15 eviction. Jessie will face off against Spencer and one of them will leave. It’s going to be Jessie. No doubt about it.

Since taking power Andy has promised Spencer he’d be safe and that still appears to be the honest truth. Andy has said he does not want to make a big move this week and while it’s boring for us it makes perfect sense for his game. He’s straddling the divide in the house with McCranda on one side and Helissa on the other. As long as he doesn’t have to pick a side until the other strikes first he’ll be able to shift to the majority.

Everyone is on board to evict Jessie but I can’t decide if Jessie has admitted this to herself. She hasn’t given up campaigning when she’s not busy causing fights and arguments in the house. Last night Amanda told Jessie to go to Andy for support, but Jessie says Andy told her to go to the voters. No one wants to tell Jessie the truth.

The truth remains that when the votes are tallied I expect Jessie to walk out the door 6-0 leaving Spencer behind for yet another week on the block.

Who do you think the HGs will evict next? Has Jessie’s chaos possibly saved her? Have you seen anything that could put Spencer in danger? Vote in the poll below.


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  1. Boring and predictable. This week I am pulling for Helen to win HOH, not because I want her to win, but for the simple reason she has been telling all the other HOH that they need to make a big move and then being disappointed when they don’t…. let’s see if she has the guts to get some obvious blood on her hands!

    • She wants Spencer gone before Amanda. I think she is afraid if Amanda leaves, McCrae will hook up with Spencer/Andy and gun for her.

      • Spencer doesn’t trust anybody in the house. And if anything Helen will put up Amanda just for the simple fact that she thinks that Mccrae gave her the word to do so. I hope she puts up Amanda.

      • After last night’s show and seeing how 3AM reeled her into the faux alliance with Andy/McCrae – I agree. :)

  2. Well jessie goes this week.
    Next week it will be GM vs Spencer on the seats.
    The only way for that not happen it needs Spencer to win the HOH.
    If GM wins, it will be Spencer vs Elissa. (Elissa will be out)

      • Hi, I doubt if that would be a boring week. Just imagine how GM would freak out and talk plenty of crap about being in the jury house with Candice. This then would piss off Elissa even more because she did not and does not like the way they treated and or talked about Candice in the first place. I’m glad that Elissa brings that up from time to time about the bed flipping and the horrible things that was said about Candice when she was there, because those 2 little bigots Aaryn nation and GM dumb dumb should have been out of that house a long time ago. So just imagine how desperate she will be, and on top of that GM has never been on the block. She would freak out.

      • How is that better? Seems just as predictable and boring to me. Plus, I don;t think Amanda would put up Elissa. She’s been saying she wants to keep her around for a while because she is not coming after her. That has been Amanda’s MO. If someone is targeting her, she gets rid of him/her. So I think it will be GM and Spencer on the block if she wins.

      • But Amanda may put up Elissa, who would be a vote for Helen, to backdoor Helen (after POV is used to save GM/whoever is up against Elissa). Next week will only be 3/5 votes, right? That would leave Helen depending on Spencer, McCrae, Andy, GM, Aaryn to vote to keep her. ?

    • If Elissa is evicted soon, the chances are very good that production will allow “someone” to return.

      • I can’t speak for CBS, but I think if they bring someone back, it won’t be Elissa. She is boring and not a good game player. She’s a wall flower which makes for bad TV.

      • while she is boring, she has the brenchel army twittering en mass and tuning in. So long as brenchel army has access to the internet, Elissia isn’t going anywhere

      • But Elissia has no game and even with Brenchel followers CBS wants PROGRAMING !!!!!! As these lame ass geeks are useless This is like watching paint dry or grass grow. heLLen said that Aaran did a Jannell move last week BS. she did an Andy move she did nothing, at least with Judd and Candice in the house there was Amanda and Helen going BS on it

    • When Julie said, the evicted Jury members are still in the game, I have to assume they are sequestered separately and one of them could come back. In season 13, the cut off was 4 evicted Jury members before they asked America to vote .

    • Yes he does. Helen and Amanda are holding one of them each and telling him what to do. He is their bitch.

    • Even a shortened season would leave us wanting. There will be an undeserving winner this season. In a house full of less than strategic players, the less offensive one will hopefully win. But that’s not saying much.

  3. Something has got to give….
    This season is putting me to sleep. And I know I’m not the only one.

    • How is it strange? That they know how to google and read? I find it strange that as someone posting on a big brother board, your unaware of something that is common knowledge. Helen has openly spoke of how production told her not to nom Howard. You can watch it on youtube, dailymotion, ect.

      • Really? I’ve been watching BB for years and never knew production had a hand in telling the house guests who to vote for and not vote for. This comes as a surprise to me so no need to get rude about it.

      • Well, yes, yes they do. There have been many instances over the years. If you are just a TV watcher, though, it’s not surprising that you are unaware.

  4. Who ever thinks that next week will have Mcranda and Helissa turn on each other are idiots. Next week will Spencer unanimously evicted and GM will be next after. So we need to wait 3 more weeks for the exciting to happen.

    • Then interesting part will be if Spencer or GM win the veto. Then who goes up as a replacement? We might actually see some fireworks next week.

      • Probably Aaryn to ensure the other one goes home (or what they’ll tell her). How crazy would it make Andy to be put up? Lol

      • My target would be Andy….STOP THE FLOW OF INFORMATION…but these dopes have no clue. I’d put up Andy/McCrae. McCrae has got to go and soon….or he goes all the way.

    • It depends. If Spencer or GM wins the POV I think they will backdoor Helen, assuming Helen or Elissa is not HOH.

      • If Helen is in position to do so Amanda will be backdoored. If Amanda is in a position to do so Helen will be backdoored. Andy is aware of both their plans.

    • Amanda had a good chance of evicting Helen this week but, she did not even half try! For that reason, I think it will be Gina Marie and Spencer on the block with Spencer being evicted this week! Then, Gina Marie next week. then Elissa. They might not make a move until Final 4 which is Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae and Helen left in the Big Brother House! So, that is another 3 weeks of boring predictable evictions! I do not see Gina Marie, Spencer, Andy and Elissa using their heads and backdooring Helen, Amanda or McCrae because everyone is afraid to make a move so, it will be the fringe players being targeted one by one until all of them are gone then, they will go after each other because there is no one left to evict! When Production has intervened in past seasons—-they seem to be missing in action this season! Hell, we have not even had a Pandora’s Box yet, and we should atleast, two Pandora’s Boxes because these house guests are so lame and boring!

  5. For the love of all that is BB drama, vote either Judd or Candice back in the house if the opportunity is presented to us.

    • I would feel bad putting Candice in with GM. Once they get her out ten I would love to see Candice go back. She was one of the smartest players.

  6. What’s the deal with McCrae and his OBSESSION with Elyssa? He is as bad as GM vs. Candice. Talks about her constantly (Elyssa) and not nicely. I just can’t stand McCrae and have been saying for weeks…get him out!!!

  7. Why do you all want Helen out, I think she is playing a good game ????? And she is not racist, get Amanda out she is a horrible person or Aaryn, have you all forgotten ??????

    • I haven’t. I still want her out.
      But Helen, she can’t be considered a good player, see how easily McCrea is pulling the wool over her eyes.

    • I agree I think Helen is playing the game as it should be sneaky and smart. Amanda n Aaryn needs to go.

  8. Going out on a limb! Expect to see one for the Big 4 players up for eviction. The coming week will have plenty of fireworks. The time has come for maneuvering for the Final 2.

  9. A few weeks back I kept praying someone would start the rumor that McCrae told such in such that he was MVP but they can’t tell who told them… Just to make Amanda go nuts! I mean damn…. Please stir the pot in this house!

  10. Jessie definitely will be going. Imagine if everyone played an interesting game this year? Imagine if Elissa was voted out first, McCrae stuck to his word with the moving company, and Jessie never floated to Helen or Amandas side to be used as a vote, or Aaryn wasn’t such a bitch, and Jeremy wasn’t such a douche, maybe the game would be different and Jessie probably wouldn’t be going home. I just cannot stand Amanda, and Helen irritates me because she talks about big moves but she isn’t willing to make any. Things will get real interesting when they have to go at one another and little weasel Andy aka red headed Pee Wee will have to choose a side, and let the drama begin with Demanda, and Helen hyping every story to make herself look good. Spencer needs to win the next HOH and make a move, because as things look he’s next, unless he wins POV and GM goes home.

  11. Is it me,or is andy looking more like a rat with those pointy ears and two big front teeth.

  12. I think people keep saying how awful this bb season is because they can….and it is….maybe if we keep saying it it will get bettter…@Yolanda Paris

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