‘Big Brother 15’ BBMVP – Week 6 Results Reveal 3rd Nominee

Big Brother 15 MVP

The Live Feeds are back with the latest MVP nomination ceremony and we have the spoilers for you. Once again this week America voted for the third nominee instead of voting for the player they wanted to make the nomination. Read on for the MVP spoilers.

Big Brother 15 Week 6 America’s MVP Nomination:

  • Amanda was nominated by America’s Vote.

Amanda is taking the nomination very well. I guess she’s over the drama and initial scare. Amanda was so cheerful when the Feeds came back that I didn’t think it was even her. Meanwhile the HoH crew is assuring Amanda she’ll be safe this week.

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Playing in today’s comp will be GM, Jessie, Candice, Amanda, Spencer & Judd

The Veto competition is coming up soon and we’ll share the results as soon as we have them. Watch along on the Live Feeds with us to see the house react.

What do you think of America’s MVP nomination?


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  1. Aaryn is BB15’s Evel Dick and Daniele! She’s never out the door when you think it’s in the bag, and now everyone in America has seemly forgotten her evil ways. If Aaryn makes it to the end, she’s going to win!

    • I agree totally. Think it was a wasted vote because Amanda did not have one vote against her last Thursday night

    • I would say Amanda and McCrae duo reminds a lot of Evil Dick and Danielle. Amanda playing the role of Evil Dick and McCrae playing the role of Danielle.

    • I think CBS should have kicked Aaryn out the door…evil ? yes…Racist ? yes Bigot ? yes…so why do they allow her to stay and say such evil things…people have been kicked out by CBS for far less….. so her backside needs to GO.!!!!

      • Have you even been paying attention? GM is equally bad if not worse and has been for just as long.

        So please give us a specific example where “people have been kicked out by CBS for far less”

        You must be a new viewer as people have only been tossed off for violence, threats of violence, sabotage or ignoring instructions as far as I know.

    • I have to agree. And its crazy how helen is really beginning to like her….that is saving her. Once Candace is gone, it will be funny to see who Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Amanda turn on. Its going to get good then. Helen is the most disloyal. She is the ‘sleep with the enemy’ type. Those that can turn so quickly are __________.

  2. Now if Helen
    will get those wheels turning Amanda will go out the door…If Judd uses the POV on Amanda he needs to be put up and voted out…

    • Judd cant be put up if he uses the veto. The rule is a veto winner can’t be put up if the winner uses it on someone.

  3. Hm here is potential scenario if there was no mvp twist:
    Week 1 Ellissa has no power so she leaves house
    Week 2 Aaryn doesn’t have grudge vs ellisa so targets Candice and she leaves
    Week 3 Same as before Jeremy leaves as threat
    Week 4Aaryn and David become horrible obnoxious couple so judd nominates them and david leaves
    Week 5 Aaryn out for revenge so Judd leaves because ppl think he is shady
    Week 6 Nick puppets Gm to put up Amanda and Helen

    So Would you perfer if there wasn’t mvp? Granted most of this is spectulation and may not have happened, but it may have made season more interesting

      • lot of ppl are complaing about mvp twist so i’m just saying what i think would happen if there was no mvp twist and seeing if ppl would perfer that scenario more then whats really happening

      • Indeed Nick could of told GM to buzz of and she could have hung herself, but i believe the above would be the most likely situation.

      • I dont think the MVP twist in theory was a bad idea… I think it was poorly executed. If elissa was just a regular house guest and not Rachel’s sister. She probably wouldnt have gotten all three weeks. So they went from the sure thing to America voting. Which iI personally think it is unfair because we see every comment said in the house.

      • it also might have worked if elissa didn’t have such a big mouth and tell everyone she was MVP.

      • Don’t forget most of the votes are coming from people who just watch the 3 TV shows each week and never see the feeds.

  4. Amanda thinks she is running this house. Wish someone would grow some balls and send her packing.

  5. There you go, a wasted MVP nominattion. Amanda is not even rattled. She knows she’s got the vote.
    To those who voted for Amanda, do you get that nice little tangling up your spine ? Well good for you.

    • Ugh Aaryn should have gone up! At least Candice would have had a fighting chance against her.

      • Not really No1 sees aaryn as a threat and they like her more than candice, amanda is at least a threat that has better chance at leaving, also amanda has said/done some bad things too

      • But everyone is saving Amanda at this point in the game. No one wants to vote against her. At least with Aaryn, Candice could get Elissa, Helen and Spencer which would change Andy’s vote.

      • Helen, Amanda and Judd are all coddling Aaryn. Helen will vote to evict Candice or Jessie! She will also tell the others to do so! The slim chance we have is Amanda going ballistic on the house against Helen. We saw how Helen lied like a dog against Candice when Candice told her she was in charge! It pissed Helen off and said Candice was ruining her game and she started the lies about Candice gunning after Amanda and the others!

      • I think the best chance would be Aaryn and Amanda both on the block where at least one of them will finally go but with three nominations I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Amanda and Aaryn are too well protected right now but things can change. All we need is for Candice Jessie or Spencer to win HOH.

      • With Aaryn on the block, the Aaryn coddlers will vote Candice or Jessie out! Judd, Helen and Amanda will vote either Jessie or Candice out because they are all coddling Aaryn which is why we need to evict Amanda, Helen and Judd to even the playing field and give a chance to Aaryn’s eviction otherwise, you have close to a zero chance of getting Aaryn out even if she is on the block!

      • Not exactly. Helen just needs Aaryn for that one week of her being HOH and Elissa still dislikes her. Aaryn has a much better chance of leaving against Candice and Jessie than Amanda.

      • Thank god. At least one person who think like me. I’m not crazy after all. Thank you Latifah

      • Aha, no problem! Aaryn can’t be coddled if she has no power and right now she has no power so when she gets on the block it’s bye bye, Aaryn!

    • It wouldn’t be wasted if this idiotic HG’s would grow a pair and get her out, she is being given to them on a silver platter. I can’t take the stupidity of these people any longer. Good Lord..have they never watched this show? You break up a strong pair, she is a bully, vindictive, manipulative and she needs to go. Why can’t they see that? Helen infuriates me more and more everyday, she obviously doesn’t know the game as well as she claims to.

      • Yeap, but this week wasn’t the right week to do that. Not with GM as HOH.
        Remember that these HGs don’t see what we see.

      • When is the right week? I don’t think the MVP twist is going to last much longer. That’s another thing, GM has gone from low person on totem pole to this queen diva of an HOH..she is taking her power very seriously. But, when she starts talking game, she just sounds silly.

      • No reason to waste the vote. Aaryn had many more chance of been pick for eviction. Nobody care for her. She’s expendable.

      • The best case scenario would be for Amanda to win pov and hopefully Aaryn goes up as the replacement. Then there might be the chance to get rid of her.

      • Do you think GM would put her on the block? I think if Amando wins POV, Spencer will be the replacement.

      • If Amanda wins POV, then the replacement nom will be whoever came in second on the MVP vote – Aaryn, from the sounds of it.

      • If Amanda wins Veto. It would be the America second highest vote that would go up. GM wouldnt get to pick the replacement. America’s vote would which probably be Aaryn.

      • wont happen if amanda comes down will be the next one in line for americas choice which will be aarryn or helen

      • It’s not that the HG don’t see that it’s probably production telling them not to evict her because of the ratings she brings

      • I honestly think that they have a completely different view of themselves than we have of them. Look at the mvp noms…they can’t believe it’s America voting for them. And look at the ones they think we would vote for…totally off base.

    • As far as Amanda not being rattled. I hope you see her now. Her anxiety is growing like crazy. Dropping F bombs . She just said STFU to McCrae…OMG she has so many suspicions, it’s driving her crazy.

    • Amanda might just piss off enough of the house guests to flip! She is going ballistic because she cannot figure out why she is on the block again! She is going to think someone from her alliance is secretly targeting her which is awesome! I want her to really unload on Judd, Andy, Helen, Elissa, Spencer to really make them take her out!

      • They still are going to be too scare to vote her out. McCrea is still there to exact revenge.

      • Lots of time to change the minds of the house guests and they change their minds like a dirty soiled diaper! Anything is possible! Amanda could really lose it and piss off everyone in the house!

      • he’s not tough enough he will follow the house . I feel sorry for him if he keeps her as his girlfriend

  6. If Candice somehow wins veto, convince GM to break her deal and put up McCrae and get him out to shake up Amanda. He is a huge threat in the game.

  7. I don’t get it America. Amanda is playing a good social game. Is not her fault the other players are idiots and can’t figure she’s running the house.

    • Yes, she is playing a good game, sounds like a lot of stupid people on here, no of you are making any sense, you can’t plan to far in advance people!

      • Read my above post, I think you might change your views on her. She’s a nasty human.

    • She’s actually playing a very nasty and horrible social game. You have to watch her on the live feeds. She’s very racist have made threatening remarks about Candace behind her back. She’s very childish and a bullly. She seems to think she doesn’t deserve to be on the block but everyone else should. She’s a racist ass that needs to be gone just as much as Aaryn and GM. Her and Jessie got into a nasty fight in which she called Jessie a bitch, slut and a lot of other nasty things all because she heard that Jessie tried to flip the house and have people voter her out instead of Howard and because she was told that Jessie said McCrae was cute. She has a nerve when she came in the house with a boyfriend and started sleeping with McCrae the 1st week in the house, not to mention she parades around the house with only bandaides on her nipples. She’s a very hypocritical nasty human and she needs to go.

  8. guess everyone only cares about racism for 2 weeks? WAHHHHH SHE NEEDS TO BE KICKED OUT, say all the people who then dont vote her on the block lmao

      • LMAO okayyyyyy, keep telling yourself that people, dont forget when you were all up in arms demanding aaryn be removed from the game. now not a peep, and you all pussied out to vote her onto the block. just shows that everyone crying and making a deal out of aaryn, just hopped on the wahh wahh bandwagon, and bitched to have something to bitch about

      • Rofl. It funny that you found this one comment. If you had taken the time to read my other comments, you would know that I said I will never give Asyan a pass. You would know that I said that I used my 10 votes on Asryn. I made that comment after Amanho was place on the block. That comment was made to let people know that since Asryn was not the third nom, that Amandho, a racist as well, will do. So spare me the drama.

      • Maybe if you read a little more, you would understand things better. Pick up your face off the floor and enjoy life.

    • Not me , but Amanda is being worse now and Aaryn has calmed down. They all need to go – Amanda – Aaryn – GM – Spencer!

    • Nope, we just have a problem mutitasking. Since we can’t get both of them out at the same time, we have to focus on one. She’s still on the sh*t list.

      • So if Amanda doesn’t get evicted in the first, who are you going to focus on for the second eviction ? (if we get to vote)

      • I’m convince they will ask us to vote wednesday night during the broacast, with the vote open until the start of thursday night show.

      • With 9 left, it would be harder to have 3 on the block, I agree. But I think we will get it one more time at least.
        But if it is the last time, then it was even more important to use it judiciously and vote Aaryn on the block.

      • If Amanda gets off thru POV somehow, it will be Aaryn as replacement nominee that is why we split the votes for MVP to cover as many possibilities!

      • Amandaho, because she is on the block and Clowny isn’t. Of course, I would love to see Clowny evicted first.

      • This week was our chance to get Clowny evicted. I’m convince. I can feel it in my bones, LOL.

      • Still Amanda if she’s still there. Have to be persistent AND consistent. If she’s NOT there then it’s no contest. Aaryn, until we get lucky.

      • That wasn’t a good strategy. Aaryn had a chance of eviction this week. Amanda won’t be voted out.

    • Or America has decided there is more than one $hitty human being in that house.

      I split my votes between Aaryn and Amanda evenly because they are both terrible human beings.

  9. LOL, Amanda is crying about being the nom, and saying Aaryn is selfish for not wanting to be up as a replacement . God I hope Candice wins, or Spencer wins and makes a power move to remove one of the nominees.

    • “Aaryn is selfish for not wanting to be up as a replacement”
      What ??? How is that suppose to work ?

      • LOL…ya, I bet anyone would sacrifice themselves for another hg. Happens all the time (hehehehe).

      • If Candice can win, take her self off the block, then GM can put Aaryn up as a ‘pawn’ because they will think they have the numbers to keep her safe and think they will evict Jesse. Surprise! The house gets together and backdoors either Aaryn or Amanda. That would be SWEET!

  10. Regardless whether Amanda gets sent home or not, as long as BB allows America to be the MVP I will continue to vote for Amanda, Aaryn and soon Helen.

    • I am with you. The only way to end the ridiculous nominations is to put the strong players on the block.
      They are ruining everything by coddling Aaryn and make it near impossible to evict her! Evict Amanda, Helen and Judd and Aaryn will have to survive on her game play alone which is how it should be! When Elissa was MVP for 3 weeks, viewers were complaining of the advantage to her but, the advantage of Aaryn now is far worst because she gets a pass week after week as long as Helen, Amanda and Judd remain in the game! Aaryn is so nice and cozy now because of her coddlers!

      • I doubt very much that if Aaryn. was on the block, that the trio would coddle her. She nothing to them, they coddle her las week just because she was HOH. If she was on the block this week, I’m convince, Helen, Elissa, Spencer and Andy would vote her out.

      • They still would coddle Aaryn because Helen, Amanda and Judd are already thinking of Final 2 when you still have 11 people in the Big Brother House. They are so sure of it that they are picking off those who are not even threats! There is no reason to take Aaryn to Final 2 when you can take Jessie or Candice and still win it if you played the game!

      • Remember too that they did everything to evict Kaitlyn. Judd spread a lie about Kaitlyn to make sure she is the one evicted and not Aaryn! Yes, Amanda, Helen and Judd will continue to coddle Aaryn but, will get rid of Gina Marie when it suits them! Far sooner than Aaryn who they want to take to Final 2!

  11. The bad part is, now that America is MVP none of the chosen get taken out. When Elissa was MVP they were out the door.

      • I believe America votes more on personal level then a strategic level. If they voted strategically with the nominations that were put. Two prime candidates this week would probably been Spencer or Judd. I say if either was on the block with Candice and Jessie. It would have been probably crap shoot on who goes home.

      • But what does Americw have to gain with Spencer or Judd on the block? Why would I care if the less offensive people go home, and I help the game of the more offensive (Aaryn & Amanda). At the very least I want to know, I voted for people who suck the most.

      • But we have the luxury of doing that. If any one if us were in the house, we’d be gunning for the strongest players.

      • I used my votes on Spencer, but I could just as easily have voted for Aryan. She’s gotta be next.

      • It makes me wonder what would have happened if Elissa had kept quiet about being mvp and her choice for nom

      • Not sure. Remember, she didn’t tell everybody. I think 1st week, she only told Helen and Candice. And week 3 McCrea was covering for her by saying he was MVP.

      • But there were “discussions” on who she should put up. The very 1st week I remember a lot of peeps knowing. I was only wondering what would really have happened if Elissa had kept the info to herself and made her own choice. I believe the outcome would have been different than what it was, and different than how America voted.

  12. Candice needs to win veto so she can go up and Spencer can be put up. Then get rid of Spencer simple as that. If Amanda wins.. I wonder who is next? I just want Candice and Jessie to stay. I like them so much. They are decently awesome people. Unlike Amanda.. or Aaryn. To be honest Aaryn is slowly starting to grow on me. But before I wanted her out badly because being racist isn’t cool. Shes still bad but Id want Amanda, Spencer and GM gone before her. I’m proud that the girls have the odds. Girls always get kicked out first and its like 90% that a male always wins big brother. So Go Girls!

    • I have news for you… Aaryn is still racist. Called Candice Aunt Jemima a few nights ago…”Go make me some pancakes, Aunt Jemima!”…behind her back. You don’t reform from bigotry within a couple of weeks. She’s mellowed for games sake, let us not be fooled.

      • Well I Do still hate her. I hope amanda/aaryn leave but since jessie won veto hoping they put up spencer. Time to get rid of him. Then only mccrae, andy and judd are the only guys in the house. Girls odds are still good. Then aaryn goes up dv and then we’d be good. Then get rid of amanda time

  13. It is sad that America voted Amanda over a racist. Says a lot about the ignorance of mist of the people who watch. I long for the day when CBS didn’t shoot for the lowest common denominator.

  14. Just wish our nomination meant something.Waste of a twist.So lame this year,Allison if you care.

  15. BB ‘s are so dumb and everyone is scared to make a big move.If they were smart but there not should of voting Amanda out then Helen and GM and Aaryn so your setting them up to win.Worst BB people ever.Jan

  16. Aaryn’s hot. I’d like to keep her around regardless of what she said.

    Amanda and Candice are both annoying and painful to watch when they go on a rampage. Really surprised Candice did go last week after she tried to out spencer. Her tirade made her look foolish and childish. It’s a game. Why should spencer tell the truth?

  17. Well, the HG is so dumb. Shouldn’t they realize by now that America is MVP. They should be wondering by now, how come MVP keep putting her on the block.Come on,
    Put two and two together. and vote her ass out

  18. Amanda has bigger balls than Mcdumbass…shes just a bully. And I do believe Aaryn is long overdue for someone to show her the door. No one will ever forget the racist crap that has spewed from her mouth. These HG’s are the dumbest ones to ever be on BB!!!!!

  19. I hoped for Aaryn and voted that way,but Amanda will work,for now. Hoping the house turns on her….wakes up to what she’s doing.

  20. It’s really weird when I find myself rooting for somebody I don’t necessary like, in hope to achieve an outcome that I like.

  21. I wish they would let the HG know who really is niminating the past two weeks third nominee…maybe it would be a Wake up call for some and maybe Amanda would finally be booted out …Maybe the house would realise that us the public is probebly getting a different picture than what they are getting Inside …just a thought

    • Only if they were giving them complete result. e.i. who’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, …. and by how much. Otherwise, the message would not be clear.

  22. Need to give the MVP power back to a house member. America keeps bypassing the racist and voting their own ANTI SEMITIC bias. BB idea was to pick a floater like Andy. BB definitely missed the mark by letting America pick the nominee.

    • your a freaking idiot. There is no racism in that house and there is no anti semitism out here. Our country is run by rich jews. You must be part of “ZOG” google it if you arent sure what it is. Read the Turner Diaries or google it, while ur at it. What a stupid comment

  23. How come everyone says are country is racist, when black people have their own TV channel (BET) How come whites can’t have (WET). Ohhh noo if white people ever had their own channel it would be deemed the most racist thing ever. For gods sake we have a black president. Blacks should learn from Obama. Look what happenes when you stop selling crack and having 15 babies before age 20. You go to school and get educated and maybe you can become a valued member of our country like Obama. Aaryn isn’t racist, the people who beat Rodney King were racist. Take a history course before you label people racists. White Power!

    • In the other thread, they say Spenser. They heard GM tell Judd on the live feed.

      • Captain555 meant that Spencer was going up in Jessie’s place. Spencer did win 5k and Jessie the veto. GM’s going to put Spencer up as the replacement.

      • Oops, my bad! I for some reason was thinking about MVP, if Amanda won Aaryn would be going up but that’s not the case… :$

        Yeah, GM said Spencer!

    • Go to wikipedia, search David Koresh. Too long of a story to talk about that here.

      • I know all about Waco, etc. But who is that guy? Have you seen him before? Yikes!

      • Glad someone on here is educated and remembers Koresh and what happened in Waco. If people forget our history its destined to repeat itself. Had their been no Waco their would have been no Oklahoma City Bombing. It was a tragic game of domino’s.

    • Were you looking for me?? Thanks for hashtaging me, I think thats a first for me. Im sorry you feel my views are inappropriate. I think everyone that uses the words racist and bully in reference to big brother are inappropriate. If people actually compared truly racist or bullying acts to what is happening in BB, they would stop using those buzz words. Kids that get tormented everyday and beat up in school, and then hang themselves rather than deal with another day of that, are victims of bullying. Rodney King who was beat by white police officers to the point of near death was a victim of racism. To use those words in reference to the stuff that has happened on a reality show, is a slap in the face to every person who has truly been a victim of bullying or racism. Yes some of their comments in BB have been uneducated, or mean spirited. But everyone just jumps on the BS bandwagon using those 2 buzz words. You want an example of bullying look at what the ATF and FBI did to the Branch Davidians and their children on April 19th, 1993. Their is no bigger bully in this country then our own government.

  24. HAH!! Can’t wait to see the reaction on her face when it was revealed she was once again nominated. She thinks someone in the house is after her. Who will she blame this week? I hope with this double eviction that she leaves and then Aaryn follows her right out the door!

    • Too early to crown Amanda. She has not won this yet!
      And I hope she never does! Same goes for Helen and Judd! I wish they all get evicted and not get to Final 2!

  25. doesnt anybody realize it does not matter who the mvp puts up.the people in the house are the ones that will keep her safe

  26. It would have been AWESOME for Aaryn to be evicted during GinaMarie’s HOH! Aaryn got all 10 of my votes.

  27. I’m so frigging happy, she is totally insecure & that’s why she’s picking on the weaker hg & I know if her & McCrea make far “together” she’ll drop him then & there I hope she goes home on Thursday

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