‘Big Brother 15’ Amanda Meltdown Continues – Photo Gallery

McCrae, Amanda, & Andy panic

Ever since the MVP nomination was revealed on Saturday afternoon we’ve been enjoying some extreme campaigning in the form of hair-on-fire panicking courtesy of Amanda. We figured this was coming from the way our poll was heading with Amanda holding a healthy lead over second place, but the HGs were pretty surprised.

After calming down on Sunday, Amanda was right back at it this afternoon thanks to the Veto Ceremony reminding her of her new place in the house: in the middle of the danger-couch. When the meeting was over Amanda rushed around the house talking to everyone she could corner and for good reason. While she was in one room, Helen was in another with Spencer discussing a scenario where Amanda could be in a little trouble. Sign up now for the live feeds and Flashback to 10:56AM BBT on Monday.

In case you missed all the drama this weekend here are some of my favorite screen grabs from the Live Feeds when the fireworks were going off. Amanda was actually out of her bed, gasp, and pacing the house like a caged animal. It was a freak-out-a-rama and very entertaining even if she is safer than she thinks. Flashback to 12:26PM BBT on Saturday to watch the original drama unfold and the Amanda panic through the house.

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  1. I would be very surprised if Amanda was actually evicted this week. That said, I believe it takes only 5 votes to evict this week and if Helen goes along with it, she can get up those 5 votes. She got up the votes to get Nick evicted and she has a big enough alliance to do it again between now and Thursday night. Cross your fingers Amanda is evicted on Thursday, but unlikely right now as Howard is the target.

    • Using COMMON SENSE u would think that Amanda would be going home. But these HG’s don’t have good sense much less common sense.

      • No way it’s way to early to evict Amanda if Helen Ellissa and everyone turns on their alliance that would put them in a terrible position and there still 12 people left in the house!!! You need your alliance up to a certain point and right now it’s still way to early like maybe final 8-9 make a move like that not 12 people still left.

      • Almost everyone in this game has already turned on one of their alliances at some point. They’ll live.

      • To take out a couple, it must be done before the final 10.
        Because after that, hoh don´t vote. the 3 on the couch don´t vote. So 3 to 4 votes are enough to kick out anyone. With a Couple, they have half of the votes. Everyone knows that Amanda won´t vote for mcrae(she will if that is what it needs to get the 500k) or that mcrae won´t vote for Amanda.

        So, with the current numbers, would be the perfect time to kick out one of those. (even that candice and howard are on the start of been a couple)
        Worst. Amanda is scaring people around not to vote for her… So, voting for her, would make the perfect blind. The house would be scared and Mcrae would be out of the war :D

      • When it came to America voting for the nomination, I voted 5x for Amanda and 5x for and if Amanda doesn’t get evicted this week, I be voting the same way next week. Well will see what happens Thursday.

  2. So the next person we are voting on the block and hoping to go home would be Helen based off of how everyone on here is gunning for Amanda, just because shes trying to pull strings.

    You all shoulda put Elissa up, she woulda actually gotten sent home this week, and everything would have been set right in regards to the MVP twist for this game

      • Maybe CBS will end the MVP twist. Let the houseguests f…ing play. The MVP twist is letting all the floaters and wusses float.

      • The twist this season is the third nomination, it’s a good addition to the game. But its just how that third nomination is determined. MVP, America, I wonder what will be next?

      • Doesn’t really matter. The floaters always remain in the game. The strong need them for the dirty work because the weak always go where there is protection. I can actually appreciate those like Spencer and Howard who want a power shift in the house, but you have such weak minded people in the game. Elissa is easily swayed, as well is Jessie and a few others. Andy is the worst floater and needs to leave. I can’t stand Amanda, but that’s not the reason I think she should go, I respect her gameplay to a certain extent and that’s why she should go. Based on those theories, doesn’t seem like the house wants that. More so Helen and such. Little does Helen believe Amanda would cut her when given the chance.

    • My nominations in order are: Aaryn, Helen (assuming she does not move to evict Amanda) and Judd. These people have been too comfy for too long. And I do like the fact that they are coddling Aaryn to boot! One of these guys will be on the nomination block I am sure but, all three would be perfect! Then, let us see if Amanda does not try and take Helen or Judd out! I still have Gina Marie and Spencer on my target list but, since, the Aaryn coddlers came out—-I feel they need to get evicted first!

      • I feel those nominations Richie! All the annoying fools would go! Bankhead repping till the day I die!!

      • And thats why we should vote for mvp not a nom. Voted baaed off them being too comfy lmao so dumb

  3. The game is not about sitting around, cuddling with your BB showmance, being overbearing and not having to fight. Up to this point, neither Amanda nor McCrae have had to wonder about their safety. It’s time for a big play – get Amanda out while you can!

    • I agree. They think they run the house. Always taking bunk in the HOH room and bed. Their showmance is phony. Poor McCrae when he realizes he can’t buy her that big diamond she wants he’s gonna be out the door.

      • She’s the type to buy her own big diamond. She can be McC sugar momma while he’s making $136/week delivering pizzas!!

    • I guess bb is about getting robbed by america too. So what if thats how she wants to play if its working

  4. These ppl r 2 dumb to c that Manda needs to go. Keeping a strong (loosely used) pairing is stupid. Keep Howie and shake up the house. This “pack” mentality is killing everyone’ true game. We have no idea who can really play except Helen.

  5. Amanda doesn’t need to go home yet. She’s only pulling the strings of one person in the house and that’s McC. She’s really freaking out for no reason and it may cost her. However I don’t think it will this week.

    • She has been campaigning to get Howard and spencer up and look who went up that was all Amanda’s doing no one was that focused on the pair.. She is controlling the house more than we think demanda has to go!

    • Amanda likes to plant bugs in peoples ear. Amanda has been wanting Howard out for awhile and goes around trying to make that case. If people don’t see that Amanda is running part of this game they are truly stupid. This game just isn’t about comps, this game is about strong social skills, and Amanda has that.

  6. I wonder if Helen actually has the cojones to try and get Amanda out.

    Possible votes for Amanda – Spencer, Helen, Elissa, and if they can get Jessie/Ginamarie it might get interesting.

    I know Helen has been saying now is not the time, but if not now, when? If not Amanda, who?
    I would totally love it if Amanda was evicted this week.

    • I don’t think she would get GM. GM will do what Aaryn wants and Aaryn wants Amanda to stay.

      • I doubt Helen would try this week, but it would make for an interesting week if she was

    • What did Howie do to you? Gina Marie and Spencer and even Judd are dweebs! I wish they were on the block.

      • He’s irritating and he uses religion to make people believe he has integrity. He’s also a shady liar and just needs to go back to whereever he came from.

  7. I say vote out Howard while you can. Amanda only has one person (McCrae) under her thumb. Everyone else doesn’t take her too seriously. Plus, if Howard reaches F2 he WILL win because he has made very few enemies — that matters! Some jurors vote personally.

    • I agree. Stick to the plan. Take out Howard this week and Aaryn next. Then get Spencer and GM. When that’s over with, the rest of them ca fight it out until we have only 2 left.

      But I do think there is something to be said for taking either Aaryn or Elissa to the final 2. Whoever goes up against them will win any jury vote by a landslide. I think this is especially true about Elissa since her sister is already a winner. No one will vote for her.

      • It’s ‘especially true’ about Aaryn IMHO — Jurors could look past Elissa’s DNA, but not Aaryn’s racism (just my view)

      • They have started saying she’s not really racist, and her words just got twisted.
        I think between Elissa and Aaryn, they would vote Aaryn.

    • Helen is becoming a bigger threat. Howard has not done anything except lie and run his mouth. You got to get rid of the people who are winning competitions and whose social games are great.

  8. Go home Amanda but naaw she to entertaining so I hope Candice goes but we know howerd wil be walking out the door and Amana next.

  9. It would serve her right to go because she is trying too hard to evict howerd but she won’t so by howerd wish it was dog teeth Aaron out the door.

    • Who is Howerd? Who is Aaron? Are these new people? Did I miss something? I’m in the studio freestyling to a fresh beat by my boy Drake of Young Money.

  10. I don’t get why so many people are Howard fans. He has no game and he is the puppet of Spencer. To me, Spencer should have been the target but if not him then Howard.

  11. Get Amanda out. Keep your head up Howard! I got some words of advice to get through your struggle brother.

    Shawty Lo I got Flavor
    Let’s you know the kid got paper
    like 40 don’t save her
    Bankhead then pull a caper
    The way you drop would have thought I had a tazer
    Call me street, like a razor

    Save the brother please. Get Amanda out.

  12. Please tell Judd to fall back!

    Howie come through in some real Coupe-ish
    Transparent; see right through it
    And oh yeah! And this that new hit
    L-O, and Howie! I do this
    Shawty Lo, I’m ten toes down
    Up the sideline tryin to stay in bounds
    I just sold a hundred and it just touched down
    Call them aliens, time to re-up now
    Yeah! And yeah, love my D-boy style
    Man all the dope boys got the girls goin wild
    Yeahhhh~! I’m like nah nah nahhh
    I’m laughin at you foolz like ha ha hahhh! Let’s go!

    After party @ BB House 2night!

  13. Best game play ever would be if McCray goes against Amanda he will go down in BB history… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he does…

  14. Amanda needs to go out.
    Yesterday she was kidnapping everyone to warn them not to vote her out… or they would be the next ones voted out.
    She did that to Jessie, Spencer, Helen, Judd and Andy.
    If they join up and talk about what Amanda told them, they could turn on her.

  15. I love Amanda, I actually think she is playing the game, and she is freaking cause she really wants to be there, I hope they keep her and get Candice out, she is getting on my nerves being all negative and getting mean with Howard for no reason. I hope Amanda or McCrae wins the whole thing!

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