Big Brother 14: Week 1 Eviction Predictions

The first eviction of the Big Brother 14 season has arrived so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Just like previous seasons I’ll be receiving predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here with you each week. So check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

This has been a very tight race over the past few days with votes flipping and flopping. The fight between Willie and Frank completely turned that alliance on its head after Frank had his safety secured. Late last night Kara was pushing for Ashley’s support (Flashback to 3:10AM BBT) but she only got an incredibly uncommitted nod in return.

I’m having a hard time seeing Jenn turning on her teammate Frank even if he did fart in bed with her. Frank thinks she was still upset about that later, but I think that had a lot to do with Boogie sleeping through the “News Alerts”. However, apparently Jenn did tell Joe she won’t support Frank after that disrespect. We shall see.

If both Jenn and Ashley remain supportive of Frank then he’s safe. If one flips and it goes to a tie, then Frank is done and gone at the hands of Willie.

Big Brother 14 Week 1 Eviction Predictions – Frank or Kara:

Big Brother 14 - Kara Monaco
Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother 14 - Kara Monaco
Big Brother's Spoilers Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Access Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Junkies Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Live Big Brother 14 - Kara Monaco
Zap2It Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy

5 of the 8 Big Brother sites are predicting a Frank elimination, but I’m sticking to my guns on tonight’s eviction. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. How did they get 5-3 against Frank?  I thought it would be 5-3 against Kara or 4-4 tie with Willie evicting Frank….You have Shane, Danielle, Jojo and possibly Ashley….who is the 5th??

    • It is not 5-3 for houseguest votes. I said, “According to these Big Brother sites, it’s 3-5 against Frank.” If you count up the predictions, 5 of them say Frank will be evicted. 3 sites say Kara will be evicted.

      I’ll reword to see if that helps. I figured there’d be some confusion on that.

      • Ok, but fro what I saw on showtime after dark, and what I read today, it seems Kara is leaving.  Am I missing something?  How did 5 sites have Frank leaving?  Maybe that is what they want, not what is going to happen.  I think Ashley is going to crack under pressure and vote with her Janelle team which means it will be 5-3 in favour for Frank.  I hope not though.

      • @8683cbb4b62e381b91fe4be3dce242da:disqus : Again, the 5-3 against Frank is regarding predictions by Big Brother sites and not the vote count. I am predicting Kara will be evicted along with 2 other of the sites listed above. 5 of the sites listed above believe Frank will be evicted.

      • gotcha…i’m with ya on the vote.  Don’t think Ashley will vote for Kara to stay…I think she is scared of Janelle.

    • They mean that 3 of the sites think that Kara is going home and 5 think that Frank is.

  2. Kara needs to go. It’s better to get rid of Dan’s team as quick as possible. Plus Frank will bring the dramz.

    • You don’t think Kara will bring drama? If she stays and wins HOH, guess who’s going up? Her “friend” Wil & Joe. That will include Janelle going nutz running around the house trying to save her people. Wil seems like a guy who would flip out if nomed. Plus, I rather see Brit’s & Dan’s team work together.

  3. This eviction is going to go a long way towards how good this season is going to be.  Frank is a player, while Kara is simply eye candy.  If they keep Frank, it will make the competitions better.

    • really? comps better?  you can see Frank can’t throw a coin into an oversized slot too well!! LOL

    • how many times has that loser said ,I’m a nice guy???? shut up scumbag!!!! no job,horrible fake laugh,fartn ass loser!!! willie broke ass to save him this week and he turned on him,willie will knock his ass out at shows end i hope.

  4. I love Big Brother but I really wish they would do more with the house a la Season 6 when they had safes in the house and black light pen writing on the walls and tiles popped off the walls in the bedrooms revealing clues to stuff in the house.  Just saying they could do so much more with the house.

    Hide a clue under one of the carpet squares in the kitchen with a clue to something on it.  Put slop passes or something in that arcade machine and hide tokens in the house for the HG’s to find. Hint to them there is a safe somewhere and hide it under a matress in the headphones room with a movie pass or something in it. I just feel like they could do so much more and they never do.

    • Maybe take pandoras box away from the HOH and just hide a room with a secret door to it. (ie gold room S6) and drop hints during comps or something to the houseguests. Then it would be totally random as to who would get it and when. That way a “special power” or something could be introduced into the house without any kind of biased by anyone.

    •  I love this idea too … but the people coming in the house studing the game hard and most players now a days can predict when the double eviction is coming what type of comps are being played. I think to hide clues in the house now would be a waste. Its stinks to see players counting things in the house just knowin’ and waiting for that type of comp. But that was a great Season.

  5. The 5-3 against Frank is what others think that he gets their opinions from.  That number is not from within the BB house.

  6. It all comes down to Ashley’s vote. She’s promised the world to both sides, and told both Frank AND Kara that they have her vote. I really have no idea.

  7. I would like to see Kara stay to see if she finally wakes up and plays this game and she was a playboy playmate back in 2006. But if Frank stays in the house, he is going to be going after Willie hard in the next few weeks and that is going to be cool to watch. 

    Just one question, Jenn is really going to flip her vote on her teammate Frank because he farted in bed next to her? How lame and shallow does that sound….
    Personally I think after watching Big Brother AfterDark last night, it looks to be Frank being evicted. 

    • if my team mate was Frank and he farted next to me, oh Hecka Ya i would vote him out…if that was the epitomy of rudeness, that would be my deciding vote for week 1….

      • I repeat the same thing I said in my original comment ”
        How lame and shallow does that sound….” and hopefully right after he did it, Frank said “excuse me”.

      • I would be grossed out but not vote him out. I would not screw my team over this early in the game.

  8. Shane, Danielle, Jojo, Will & Jenn to evict Frank?
    Ian, Joe, Ashley to evict Kara?

    those are my predictions. obviously if it’s a 4-4 vote then Frank is going.

    • Are you putting Wil as Will? Or is that Willie? Because I’m pretty sure Wil is evicting Kara. I don’t think Jenn is evicting Frank though…

      • clearly I meant Wil (with one ‘L’). if i wanted to type Willie I would have. and I thought he would vote to keep her in, but I guess not from what I’m reading.

    • Why would Jenn vote out Frank? She’s apart of team Boogie. Plus, she hasn’t done a ounce of gameplay since she’s been in the house. I think you’re mistaking Ashley for Jenn.

      • no i don’t think i’m mistaken at all. those are my predictions. doesn’t mean it’ll happen, just my opinion.

      • jenn is such a pawn,she could make a great move by switching,but she is so lame she won’t baaaaaaa baaaaa(sheep)

  9. I really like BB this season and am enjoying that they brought back the alumni to coach.  However, I thought the show last night was boring.  The going back and forth about who to evict went on too long–not enough action.  I think Kara will be going home.  I wish it was Jenn going home.   To me, she is sickening to look at with that horse face, the body art and that shaved magenta hair.  Gross.

  10. I think that because the houseguests are now beginning to turn against the coaches and reject them, Big Brother will allow them to enter the game (probably around jury?) and this season did start later than usual and will end later as well, if one coach goes home because they lose all their players (Dan?) and they have a double eviction, it should even things out… I just have a feeling they will let coaches in to really turn the house upsidedown. 

  11. i dont like frank, and willie will have plenty of drama for everyone, joe is after willie, boogie is after willie, it would be funny to see wil and joe on the block and janelle lose it!!!!

  12. i think the kara is going home, but i hope she doesnt though because frank’s a target.

  13. I really want to see Frank walk out that door tonight “(someone they can’t beat)”.But odds are the Einsteins in the house are going to send Kara packing “(someone who is no threat.)”.

  14.  I wanna see a tie, and Willie get’s to send Frank home packing, then a win for one of Dan’s team on HOH. That will be a satisfying ending for me on tonight’s episode.

  15. Lets be honest. BB put kara on simply because of the playing angle thinking she would use her sex appeal. She isnt doing what they want. Frank causes drama. Kara is boring. Honestly I think she is leaving. Ashley is keeping hush hush. But I think she will vote kara out.Frank is less of a threat. He will be used as a target. Kara would just slide through. Just because you are athletic does not mean you will win. Keep Frank in. Let Willie and him fight it out.

  16. Kara is a playboy girl and the hottest girl in big brother history you would have to be stupid to evict her!

    • I knew she was a Playboy playmate because I saw her in one DVD
      of Playboy about the hottest bartenders. Who would have thought
      she would wind up on big brother? There was another much older
      but, beautiful woman who was on big brother, her name was Shelly
      I believe and she was a Penthouse playmate which I found out after.
      Hopefully, she stays and Frank goes! He and Willie are playing
      way too aggressively way to early for their own good!

  17. if frank is voted out tonight that means to me the coaches have no influence what so ever. i do think bb will bring the coaches into play somewhere in the game and keep the preasure on the rest of the house. they will be a factor in the future.

  18. From what was said on the feeds earlier, Frank appears resigned to the fact that he has been told it’s him who will leave.

  19. 3:15  feeds… Wil just told Kara that he’s voting her out because he’s afraid of betraying his ‘team’.  What team?  It’s all going to change.  This is just ridiculous Big Brother.  Please… please…please… keep Kara in the game.  The ‘nice girl’ is always a first casualty.  You have the power…

  20. There is so much flipping back and forth I really don’t know who’s going. I really like Kara but I think if Frank stays it will be a lot more drama and fun to watch. Paranoid Willie will be freaking out even more. And Bratney is acting like her old self. Talking about everyone playing too hard but what about your own player Willie??? And it didn’t take her long to smack talk Janelle who she said she just loves.

  21. Whats up w dan,he needs to talk to that daffy pain killer addicted swing vote,she is being led around by that dominatrix jangle……frank is a loser,can’t stand him!!!!!

  22. It was sad that Kara left… Feels like seeing Jordan left,which is ridiculous because Jordan won once…


    if any Coaches actually enters the “actual” game later,Big Brother production may as well burn in hell… That’s just too ridiculous,and wouldn’t be fair to Jodi,Kara,and the next evictee(s).they get to enter the game when some noobs already out.. Yeah right way to go! Go to hell !!!!

    It’s like they’re getting a golden key or something…get to enter in the middle of game and start playing… That’s just stupid…

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