Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 drama continues today with the Veto competition. The PoV comp follows hot on the heels of the nominations last night and gives another opportunity for drama and action. The power in the house will have decisions ahead no matter what happens when it comes time for the ceremony, but for now we can enjoy the Veto comp fallout.

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Read on to find out who won the Veto and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Frank won the Veto Competition.

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Big Brother 14 - Zingbot visits

As a special treat, the Zingbot visited the house as part of tonight’s Veto competition. He delivered some real verbal punches to these HGs including one that’s got Danielle all upset. Big surprise, right? He told her, “Shane has a special gift for you after the show is over. A restraining order! Zing!”

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Frank as HoH with Joe and Wil as the nominees. Boogie, Ashley, and Jenn were selected the additional players. Shane was automatically included in this week’s comp since he had the “Veto Ticket” last week. Ian was picked as host of the Power of Veto competiton.

The next Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony is expected to be held on Monday and we’ll know for sure if it’s used. Stay close by and we’ll share those spoilers. Right now I don’t expect Frank to use the Veto on Monday. He’s got his target on the block and come Thursday I think Wil will walk out that door.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?

Jump on the Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.

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Special thanks to reader Cathy for the screengrab of Zingbot arriving.


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  1. This is nonsense – HOH wins POV again – they need to change the rules so the HOH cannot compete – until then everyone put those on the block will throw the comp

    While I hate what is happening – lets see if Frank now backdoors Shane

    • How can Frank back door Shane.  Frank would have to have the votes, which he doesn’t.  If he tried to back door Shane without the votes, it would back fire, he would be writing a one way ticket home next week because everyone in his alliance (except Boogie) would not trust him and would evict him. DUH!!!

      • Well said Kimmy. Also hm, there’s 11 players left, kind of too soon maybe? 10 left after Thursday and if you back-stab Shane you add three players to the count who are now gunning for you. Not smart.

        Mike has already said he wants Wil gone this week, and Mike rarely if ever changes his mind when it’s fully set.

      • You are an idiot! If he backdoors shane and takes joe off the block he would have the votes! Boogie,ian, jenn and ashley vs dan , britney, danielle and joe. 4 vs 4 the hoh Frank would send shane out the door!

      • @9d313cca6f6f0cd7792e8beb839f2ea0:disqus I don’t know how you’re assuming the way some of those votes would fall.

        Dan, Danielle, Britney, you’re right, voting to keep Shane. Mike and Ashley are just about the only guaranteed votes to evict Shane. Ian is close with Frank, friends with Mike, but has lately been taken under Dan’s wing to an extent. His vote is not a definite. Jenn hasn’t exactly stuck with Frank and Mike following the coaches losing their titles, so her vote is another question mark. Joe probably wants to keep targets in the house and I can see him voting to evict Wil over Shane, as Shane is a better competitor and bigger target. 

      •  Dan would jump on board the Backdoor Shane Train because that would benefit his game greatly. Ian would also jump on board. Three votes, plus the rest of the house would vote Shane out too as he is the biggest threat.

        Danielle and Britney would be the only hold outs I think.

        They would be showing their hand very quickly, but getting the biggest obstacle in their way out of the game.

      • He has the votes to backdoor Shane. 8 ppl vote. let’s say that Dan Boogie and frank have a final 3 deal cause you know that they do…so frank pulls Joe off the block and puts up Shane, then Joe, Dan, boogie and Jen vote Shane out…tie breaker to frank bye bye Shane.

    •  Thats just stupid to say that HOH cant compete. Why not? The rest of the players have a chance at winning the Veto and if they can not win it dont blame it on the HOH that can win it. I think Mike needs to go home because he lets Frank do all his dirty work and i would like to then see the real game Frank will play with out Mike telling him everything to do. Then i think everyone will see how much of a great player Frank really is. NOT! Shane was so close to having Frank out the door until they played the coach card because BB knew if Frank went out the door would not be interesting because Mike would have no one to play his game. Shane got screwed.

  2. I’m shocked – HOH wins POV – this season is way too predicble – the fun is gone –

    • Just because the HOH has one POV for the second week in a row, doesn’take this an awful season. Neither does the fact that the coaches came into the game. Anything can happen in the house and I can guarantee you that there with twists and alliances broken before it is all over.

      • To suggest the HoH shouldn’t be given the chance to keep their own nominations the same is pretty odd.

      • I really would home that it could be a new twist. That could kind of give the game a new dynamic, also if can show house guest who’s alined with who.

      • That’s a ridiculous statement. They need the chance to defend their nominations. They have as much reason to play as the nominees. Why shouldn’t the HOH get to play for veto?

      • Disagree!! The HOH always works that much harder to keep control. And so they should. They either want to keep their nominations in place or their plan for backdooring. So no they should play. Too much complaining this year. If you don’t like it stop watching. But stop complaining. 

    • Dude give it a rest. Frank didn’t win the Veto his first week as HoH. Willie didn’t win it when he was HoH week one of the game. It’s one thing to keep harping on all the rig talk, but then to back it up with that weak of an argument?

    • Every year I suspect BB rigs the show for ratings benefits and this year seems even more obvious. Danielle was acting like a cra cra gone wild and is suddenly on her best behavior (?) What is that about. Brittany answers three questions correctly and loses to Frank? Who won’t over Boogie by default. The list goes on. Is Boogie that big a ratings boost? BB forgets people loves the wild card and seeing how HG’s survive on their own. We don’t need contrived play.

      • There are a lot of decent arguments for the case of thinking the game is rigged, manipulated, etc, but with all due respect, I don’t feel that the points you brought up are good examples of evidence, that they’re valid in defending the case of the show ditching integrity for ratings’ sake.

        Ratings obviously are first and foremost to any TV show, they absolutely do manipulate the show to their liking, to what they believe will be good for the show, but I don’t see how your examples really back this up. Doing well in a competition and ending up losing just happens sometimes, Britney was also killing it in the ‘Phat Stacks’ coaches competition, then dropped some and blew it. Danielle suddenly taking craziness down a few pegs, how is that evidence? It could be for any reason, for all you know she had a week of bad homesickness and was too down to be all high-octane crazy.

      • Janelle and Brittney would not even be in this season if not for their fans. I am sure they have their fan base. Objectively, Dr. Will Kirby and Evil Dick Donato should have taken the other two coaches slots and joined Dan and Mike Boogie because they all knew how to manipulate in the game and all 4 are actual winners of Big Brother!

  3. Yeah. Send Wil home since, he would not offer safety next week to Frank. There is no reason to let him stay till next week. Evict him this week, Joe next week and Ashley the next week! Then it is a free for all after that!

  4. frank said he gets to chill this week… ie. not use the veto…. also sound like danielle got zinged pretty bad… ian said she was upset about it…. should be interesting….

  5. Looks like both Wil and Joe don’t have it in them to win anything.  I don’t know what the comp. was, but now would have been the time to show if they were capable. 

    • True-do you see Joe’s attempt at excersize? His SLOW walk around the backyard? It’s kinda funny actually. I don’t know if I’ve even seen Wil workout..

    • Yet everyone was calling Wil a threat for weeks. Funny, isn’t it? I posted not long ago questioning that, when he hasn’t won anything. Gets that label just because of being in reasonable shape I guess…it’s stupid. He needed this win, it was crunch time for him, and he didn’t come up with it.

  6. There’s more whining in the comments on this website than Rachel’s seasons of Big Brother and Amazing Race combined.

    •  You are right. The whining this year is unbelievable. When I don’t like a show I don’t watch it. I don’t complain non stop.

    • And those who said they would stop watching Big Brother will still be here because they want to see Frank or Mike Boogie evicted! Just like Danielle Donato fans said last season but, stayed till the end! They were pissed when Rachel Reilly ended up winning in the end! Frank and Boogie haters will throw a fit if either Frank or Boogie end up winning it in the end! History
      can repeat itself yet, again!

      • I loved that Rachel won…I don’t want Boogie to win, but if he does, I have a life and I’ll just keep living.

  7. “Shane has a special gift for you after the show is over. A restraining order! ZZZZZZING!”

  8. Save Wil throw out Brit…Joe…or that rocker chick! Does anyone not find it odd she is never really around…

    • No, I,m not surprised,this season of big brother, has the lazyies,newbies,as for my hometown Will, he kind of overplayed his hand, when he helped to backdoor Janelle.

  9. ZZZZZING Day-um that zing almost made all the BS this season worth it! Ahhh!! She probably still doesn’t get that it’s true!!! That zing will keep me going until the next HOH comp for sure LOLZ

    • You are an evil person if you think the the Zing regarding a restraining order was funny.  It was cruel and not necessary.  A joke is only funny if the person being made fun of is laughing; otherwise, it’s just plain cruel.

      • a joke is only person if the person being made fun of is laughing… thats the biggest load of bull i have ever heard. not everyone is going to laugh at a joke, that doesn’t mean its not funny

      • I actually have to agree with @e8085c12027e541a14cc32fbd45e4e7f:disqus on this. While I can see how the ‘zing’ was good (I smiled when I read about it and made a face like “ohhh”)…it totally just puts Danielle in a really awkward place. Say what you want about her, I know a lot of people dislike her, but put yourself in her shoes after this. She still has to live with 10 other people, including Shane, and I can understand her being upset about this. Ratings really are all that matters, because that zing is going to be the talk of the community for a little while now, it was definitely successful to that effect. Overall though, I kind of have to file it under ‘not cool’. 

      • Well,the poor girl needed a reality check, it just might be her only check on this big brother.

      • For a delusional, love sick girl that had to hurt.    I almost feel sorry for her but maybe this will be a reality check and she can get her head back in the game.

  10. excuse me shane, but if I don’t remember, when danielle won HOH, you pounced on her and kissed her, so if this is true, which I dont think it is, it was really uncalled for considering you’re saying you like her (in the DR) and kissing her.

    • Is he saying he likes her in the DR…I think he’s keeping his “true” feelings hidden-probably to spare her when it’s over, seems to me he is using her for the game. 

      Lets look at last week when his HOH reign came to an end:
      Julie :Shane will we see any more kisses?
      Shane: No Julie I know you really want me to be, but I’m just not into Danielle…but if she wins HOH why not! Then she can blindly fight to keep me safe forevermore.

  11. Love this result. After Janelle, I wanted Joe or Wil out next, and with the developments of the week (especially last night, Wil’s talk with Ashley confirming he was against working with Mike and Frank in any capacity) I’d rather see Wil go than Joe. He’s more of a threat, as I wouldn’t put money on Joe winning anything this season. Glad Mike was wise to this, talked to Frank last night about how Wil has to go, and it looks like he’ll be gone on Thursday.

    •  Yeah, Wil has to go. He should have just kissed a little butt. Pride comes before the fall.

      • Indeed. Pride will cost him his game, and I’m sure he’ll tell Julie he’s fine with that and not compromising his integrity.

    • I agree Wil is not playing a good game and should go. His social game is too personal and he can’t win a competition. Do you think the five have a clue what’s going on? Wil, Joe, Ashley, Jenn, or Ian?

      • I think they do have a clue, at least Wil and by extension Ashley, since they share every detail with each other, but it won’t mean anything when Wil can’t step up when it matters most. He needs to go because he’s more onto the others than anybody, and he’s absolutely going after Frank and co. if he’s ever HoH.

    • I think Frank and Boogie are wimps  why not go after tough players and leave the floaters/weaklings until the end. I know they had a alliance but they are broken all the time. I like Frank but he needs to get rid of Boogieman and play the game himself. I hate they brought the coaches back in the game and I think that part was rigged. I would like to see someone new to win instead a previous player. I would be ticked if I was able to get in the house then have to compete against a previous player of the game. If a coach wins I sure hope its Dan or Brittany.

      • They have silent 6 so stop all dump talk, if they did get there alliance you would bash them and call them names. plus it will be the dumbest move ever.

      • Alliances get broken, internally imploded, yes, and this one will have its time, but not yet. It’s too soon, too many players left in the house to start attacking your own. If they go after their own this week, they’re writing a ticket out of the house in the following weeks. The group will not only gun after them (those who remain after a back-stab) but will get the ‘Unaligned Five’ (new nickname for them?) on board to help get Mike and Frank out by revealing the alliance and letting them see they need to either join forces or they’ll be gone too.

      •  I truly do not understand this statement. Didn’t Frank target Shane earlier? They were dead to rights and Mike hatched a scenario where Frank did not have to leave. This poor kid has been on the block forever because he is a “threat”. Now they get an alliance with 4 other people and they should turn on them the very following week? Wow.

  12. I’m a little surprised that will seems to be the target over Joe considering Joe is not only out of the loop, but many HG’s can’t stand him. But I guess Wil is a bigger threat or something. I don’t see Frank using POV this week. So either way Joe or Wil will be evicted Thursday.

  13. I love Frank hes is so hot and nice and classy, and I love how mike is so loyal to him. My final 4 dream Frank-Mike Ian-Shane, this seasn is sooooooooo coool
    Frank and Mike love ya.

  14. Gus it’s actually the third weed in a row.  Shane, Danielle, and now Frank.  Although Shane’s week was useless since the coached entered the game and no one went home that week.

  15. lets just say the nomination stays the same,
    i just felt Brit and Dani will try to flip the favour on Wil and keep him in the house so there’ll be someone who’ll be coming after Frank n Boogie besides them
    they can convince all the girls to be on board plus Shane and Dan

    Danielle – Evict Joe
    Britney – Evict Joe
    Shane – Evict Joe
    Ashley – Evict Joe
    Jenn – Evict Joe (if she’s loyal to TITS)
    Dan – idk about him. He might want to do whatever Boogie’s telling him for this week. But if he’s more loyal to his alliance, might as well Evict Joe.

    This should be entertaining right!

    • Not voting the way Mike and Frank want would be as much of a betrayal to them, as backdooring Shane would be to the rest of them. Just as it’s too soon for Mike and Frank to start turning on the Silent Six (minus two, featuring Ian) it’s also to soon for them to turn on Mike and Frank. 

      The two will make it clear they want Wil out, and for at least this week if not for a few weeks, they’re going to do as each other wants. I really don’t see them flipping and voting to evict Joe.

      •  Thank you! Someone is thinking here. I want you to vote this way….and it doesn’t happen=a stab and break in the alliance.

      • @f33181c83d761a0be13ac381e089a213:disqus Exactly, it’s not really any different than a backdoor, bottom line they’re both breaches of trust within an alliance. It wouldn’t even take the wrong guy walking out the door for them to be pissed, it would just take the votes not adding up and that would be it for Mike and Frank. If the vote was even close, even if Wil still left, they’d know some of the Silent Six voted against their wishes.

      •  You never know.
        Brit and Dani make it clear they want Froogie out! But They don’t want to do it with their hand and need somebody else coming after them(FB). The only person coming after FB in the house right now is probably Wil.

    • Shane and Brittney peeling off this soon will get them both evicted! What they do not count into the equation and I am sure they are not aware of is Dan is in an alliance with Boogie and Frank. A switch in votes would signal betrayal and next week, they could get targeted for eviction if Boogie or Dan wins HOH! So much for such grand plans. The Silent Six needs to stick together and they will be safe until it goes down to 8 players. It will be free for all then, atleast, all 6 would have an equal chance at that $500,000. Now is not the time to make such stupid,drastic moves that gets you evicted!

  16. Wil must be kicking himself for voting Janelle out. Think Wil is going to be chatting with Julie come Thursday. I wish Frank and Boogie would cut some deals with the floaters. No one will vote for them to win anyway, might as well take the people that are easy to defeat in the end  (in both comps and F2). Frankenboogie have a perfect window of opportunity to make a bold move. They need the votes and want to prove they are “loyal” to the S6, only for the vote of security, but if they offered protection to the “outsiders” of the house, they wouldn’t need to keep that alliance anyway. In the unlikely event a floater wins HOH the alliance will be broken up anyway. They would be stupid to not go after any combination of the 6.

    Backdoor Britney, make a deal with Dan, Shane and Ian, for F5. If Shane refuses that idea, backdoor him instead of Britney. I like Shane a lot, but he’s a strong player and IMO the biggest threat to Frankenboogie’s game.  Wil is desperate to not go home, as is Joe, secure their votes this week and then pick them off them later.

    •  You think Shane is up for that? I, personally, think it would be stupid to backdoor someone at this time. Frank finally has an alliance after sooo many weeks on the block, and now they should turn the very next week? I want to meet some of you on the show.

      •  Ultimately it depends on who Shane thinks will carry him the furthest in the game. Brit is just waiting for the moment to oust Frankenboogie, and I think they know that. Even if Shane throws a loyalty vote to Brit, she would be evicted by the rest of the house. The alliance was only to serve the purpose of Frank staying safe.

        I also would like to see the aftermath of it for my own personal enjoyment :) Getting rid of Wil is a good move, but getting rid of a real threat is an even better move. I do think Boogie knows getting blood on his/Frank’s hands will get them back on the chopping block if they don’t manage to secure an HOH from Ian or Boogie, which is why making a big move could be a terrible move. That’s how I perceive their “safe” move of evicting Wil. Show the alliance they’re loyal and get rid of the only threat that isn’t in their alliance.

        Britney will turn on those two the second she, Shane or Danielle win HOH. Probably make a F4 with Shane, Danielle and Dan. The alliance will be destroyed next week anyway if any one else besides the 6 wins HOH. Jenn, Joe and Ashley would definitely put up any combo of the 6, even if a nom wins PoV, another S6 member would go in their place.

      •  Also, Dan will most likely side with whatever Boogie and Frank want, because Dan will win against Boogie at the end, and Boogie will always be a bigger target than him. Boogie is the perfect ally for Dan. Danielle will follow Dan’s lead (except in the event he’s openly vocal about supporting Shane’s eviction, which he wouldn’t do, he’d feign ignorance until the vote, then she’d be stuck with him anyway as he’d be her only real ally left in the house).

    • I think they need to keep the noms the same this week.  Frank can’t play for HOH next week so they need to keep strong players who can win.  If you keep both Wil and Joe you are keeping two players who have not shown they can win in comps.  Both needed to win veto this week and did not.

  17. Like in BB9 they should do a double eviction then bring back a house guest.(preferably Janelle)

  18. Why Wil, he’s not really a threat. Get rid of JOE for crap sake, or give all the HG’s extra Aspirin to have to put up with his loud moronic mouth.  Please evict Joe, not Wil.

    • Actually, to me Wil is more of a threat than Joe.  All Joe does is yell in his DRs and cook up all the food without washing his hands.  Wil is very smart at seeing through the other’s BS, which could be dangerous for them.  I do agree, though.. for the viewer’s sake.. EVICT JOE!!!

      • I agree about Joe and he is going all out with his cooking skills.  I really think he thinks he can cook his way to the end. lol

  19. I hope they backdoor Shane or Britt.The way this  is going it’s not too soon. These players can’t win and have no backbone. Shane’s the only one that can win but he’s wishy washy. You might as well strike first cuz if those two win, they’ll try and get rid of Boogie and Frank.

  20. I really do hope that Joe is the one to go!!  I cant stand him!   Wil was starting to grow on me (mainly because he can see right through the other HGs), so I prefer him staying over Joe.  However, I am afraid Wil may have sealed his fate in the game because of his pride.
    I still dont have a strong favorite in the house, but whoever is the first person to have the balls to put up Frankenbooger will be a strong contender for me. (Not that I really dislike them, I just want some drama in the game.)

    • I havn’t really found a houseguest that is my favorite this season yet either no who and who not I like but no fav’s sticking out to me. Always liked Dan and am Britt is growing on me this season but out of the newbies no real fav’s do like Shane bc he is a competitor but that’s about it liked reading your post thx

      • Thanks, Alexa.  I usually like the players who make bold moves to benefit THEIR game.

      • Def like watching the bold moves and drama add’s to all the fun of watching BB… And than I can have more of a grasp on who I am rooting for ;) and Becky and Jacee enjoyed reading your posts so nice to read and reply to nice people who don’t go on attack mode lol

    • Becky and Alexa I feel the same way as the both of you.  No clear favorite yet and also like bold moves.  I do think that Boogie will not take Frank to F2 because I don’t believe he will win against him and I think Boogie knows that.  Everyone knows how powerful Boogie and Frank are and not sure who will be the one to try and break them apart.  I know Dan and Boogie have talked about going to the end together, but is Dan thinking everyone will vote for him because he is so well liked by all?  Jenn is an unknown to me and has not shown anything yet.  Just waiting to see who will be the one of all these players to make that bold move.  I like drama as well.

  21. Matt, I’m sorry I interpreted you wrong, and anyone else I may have misquoted!

    But, on my own then,

    Is the game FIXED???

    What do the rest of you think?

    • Previous houseguests have eluded to the fact that the game is not fixed however they say that production “encourages certain trains of thought” perhaps with the hope of dramatically enhancing the show.

    • I believe certain aspects are “fixed” for drama, therefore ratings. (Like Americas choice last season with Brendan coming back and this one with the coaches entering.) Maybe some comps are put in place to play that features a certain HG’s strength to increase their chances of staying (or going).
      As far as a pre determined winner, I really doubt that is fixed.  As many people that have played BB, if that were the case, it would have come out for sure by now.

      • So agreed again Becky! Again… Lol.. Think the comps are def focused for certain players… And if the whole game was fixed people would be out of jobs

  22. Since Frank can’t play for HOH this week would think it wouldn’t be so smart to put up someone from his alliance because it will end the silent 6 and is to soon. Also may need Shane,Dan and or a stronger competitor to win next week to secure his safety(if he feels he can trust them enough) just saying think the noms should stay the same

  23. Congrats to Frank.  Not one of my favs but you have to give it to him.   With his great gameplay he will probably end up in F2.   And possibly win depending on who he’s sitting next to.    So far he has outplayed the other newbies AND the vets.    Boogie has helped him…strategy wise… but i don’t see that lasting.    He would have to decide eventually who he could beat in F2.    And if he takes Boogie, its debatable.   I know he can’t be HOH every week but he has managed so far to avoid eviction.   I think he could do it again….with or without Boogie.

    • Boogie has used Frank to keep himself in the game..Would like to see Frank put Booger on the block..Hope he bites booger before booger bites him..

  24. Britany annoys, me, she always pcking in her head, or biting her nails, she reminds me of a littlemonkey, and the nerve of her,talking about whatJoe does with hs hands, This lady is built up on more nerves,than game skill.

    • I agree.  I didn’t like Rachael on her season but when she came back I really liked the way she played.  Not as bitchy as before.  Rachael and Boogie would be great.

  25. i wish CBS would change the P.O.V rule  everyone plays and who ever wins can then replace who every they want ON THE BLOCK . That way people might not be willing to thrown the comp.  would love to know what there ratings r cause show time is boring . SO PLEASE CBS IF YOUR READING ANY OF THESE COMMENT TAKE SOME SUGGESTING

    • It could possibly make alliances other hg… if P.O.V. winner was able to do the renom.   As it stands, the HOH can just put his/her second choice on the block.   Power would be spread out more.   Which might make for a more interesting show.

  26. Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst season of BB ever!!! Stupid, boring..production attempting to make it interesting but dropped the ball big time!! Sounds as if even “zingbot” was at a loss???

    • Grady please don’t be a hater. There are many shows on that you can watch. Go watch Dance Moms or the View or something of that nature. Have yourself a cosmo with a cherry and a colonic too. If you have a problem with what I said, you know where to find me son. Go Danielle. I miss you Bookie and Lawon.


  28. You would think the game might be fixed, because the newbies, dont seem to have their own brains, oh except Will, thats probably why he,l be leaving the house this week.

  29. oh yea, she makes my skin crawl, and then has my eyes, playing tricks on me, I really think,rocker gal, is taking up room.

  30. I’d like to know what percent of the viewer voted to let the coaches have the opportunity to play in the game?  I think this part was rigged, everyone I know and everything I have read, the voting was leaning towards having the coaches keep on coaching.  They had their opportunity to play and win the $$.  I would like to watch a season of BB without having to deal with old players, and their game plan.  Lets see some new BB winners, and losers. 

  31. Well, my hometown ,Will, keep your head up,when you come home this week. Louisville, Ky is proud of you, Ihope you get put in the next derby parade in Louisville. You did good.


  33. THis was so perdictable those house guest need to wake up , the HOH comp they should have had boogie and frank up thier constantly but they left those two alone for awhile. then will and his stupid hate for his ex, coach put him in danger same with the rest.  Franoogie are sneaky and nasty people , Lets hope someone outside the fake alliance wins and puts up franoogie. one of them need to go before it is too late.  Will is the bigger threat . IF frank or boogie go home soon they will be lost. Remember how the split affected the red head and brandon.. The same will happen when franoogie are torn apart.

  34. If Ashley ends up leaving because of her back…wouldn’t they need to bring someone back to replace her? My choice would be Jenelle just to shake things up.

    • They would probably just eliminate the double eviction since all evicted hg have left sequester.

  35. Zingbot is my God and salvation. Wil will receive his damnation Thursday night when his candy ass leaves the house.

  36. WIL?????? i thought joe was going to to??? what the heck / they all said they hated joe’s cooking everything and not having food — joe has got to go

  37. This has got to be the most boring season of BB I’ve ever seen. Live feeds are not worth paying for, just to watch fish every 10 seconds when nothing is going on. The only hope is for a twist that blows the minds of the silent six and sends them all scrambling…..

  38. I wish Willie hadn’t had a meltdown and have to be expelled from the house.  It’s possible he would have been voted out, but I wish he was still in the house, I think he would be the ONLY one willing to go up against Frank and Boogie, perhaps he and Janelle could have had a secret alliance, no one would have suspected that with his having called her names (that would have been a clever way of covering up their alliance).  The way it is now, I don’t see Frank and Boogie ever betraying each other, each other is all they have.  If either of these two win HOH, you can pretty much predict who’s going on the block, etc., it would be nice to have someone brand new win HOH, but then most of the others aren’t really playing the game so they would be mere puppets of Boogie’s probably.  How about Britney winning HOH, that might be interesting.

  39. dan ruined it for himself by telling boogie frank was going home. big mouth dan. nice job dan you dope.

  40. I think Frank is making a huge mistake on sending Wil home. Wil hasn’t won  a comp. and never will. You can pick him off anytime, same thing with Joe. he should try to shake things up in the house and try to get out Dan or Daniele. There are some very easy people to manipulate in this house, so im sure he’ll have the votes.

    • people need to make a stand and get Boogie out, even if they back door Dan Boogie has to go Newbies unite and take back your game dammit

  41. good to see Frank grow some balls and put Shane on the chopping block, buh bye Shane

  42. I think the Ratings will reflect the viewers pulse.. This was a decent concept, but the casting was all wrong.. Im no longer watching as I know many are not.. Too Bad.. Oh well I check updates now and then, Thats all I need.

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