Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 5 Wednesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Do you remember yesterday when I apologized for weak Big Brother 14 Live Feeds highlights? Well, today is worse. I couldn’t be happier there’s an eviction tonight and some new HoH will have to nominate two new people this week because this week has got to end before we all start banging our heads. I’m crossing my fingers the HGs are right and there will be another eviction by Sunday. Now that will make for some interesting Live Feeds. But I’m not holding my breath. Read on to find out what happened.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 15, 2012:

8:59 AM BBT — Boogie talking to the cameras and says he’d like to go on record that two people will be gone by Sunday night.

11:29 AM BBT — Frank tells Dan he’s probably going to give Hollywood  — acting, etc. — a try after the show.

12:00 PM BBT — Wil tells Ashley to get Frank out if he leaves this week.

1:41 PM BBT — Ian asks Ashley for a pool date later. She says yes.

4:48 PM BBT — Ian thinks this is the best season ever. Britney thinks he’s in for a rude awakening. She mentions how surprised the HGs were during her season when they got out and learned how unpopular their cast was.

5:12 PM BBT — FINALLY a little game talk. Britney and Wil talking in the arcade room. Wil says he’s not himself in the game and that he wishes he could’ve worked with Britney. She said that would’ve been nice but he didn’t approach her and was trying to align with everyone else.

5:18 PM BBT — Jenn says she’d rather Wil stay than Joe. Boogie and Frank act like for a minute there’s still a possibility.

6:07 PM BBT — Frank and Boogie talking. Frank says he hope Ian doesn’t put Frank up because of his date with Ashley.

6:09 PM BBT — Dan and Wil talk. This is a new occurrence. Dan asks Wil if he’s campaigned but Wil says he doesn’t want to talk badly about Joe.

7:30 PM BBT — Wil asking for Shane’s vote. Shane says he’s split and needs to talk to Danielle and Britney. Wil lets Shane know that Frank was thinking of blindsiding Dan.

8:10 PM BBTPoker in the HoH room.

9:38 PM BBT — Britney, Ashley and Danielle are Nairing Ian’s armpits.

Let’s all cross our fingers things pick up after tonight! Speaking of tonight, the Live Feeds are always the best right after the live eviction and HoH competition shows. So we’ll see you there.

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      • With the reset, this season is barely starting. Only Janelle has been voted out and maybe, Wil tomorrow night. The house guests are pretty lame because they do not want to make their own moves even with the coaches in. So, whose fault is that? What the Big Brother House needs is just one coach whose job is to talk to the individual house guests in the diary room one on one (all 12 of them), once a week to evaluate their game play and make suggestions. No advise as who to evict or backdoor but, if they are not playing for instance, ask them to play a more social game, strike alliances, etc. That could probably improve the gameplay and let the coach be a winner on Big Brother like Evil Dick, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Dan. Their job would be just to coach all 12 house guests and they get paid say $2000 a week which would not be so bad for little work.

      • I think it’s hilarious that EVERY YEAR people say “this season is the worst.”  Honestly, there is still a lot of game left, so you can’t really judge how good or bad the season is.

        My opinion of the worst season has got to be 9 or 13 because in 9 it didn’t seem like there was a lot of gameplay.
        13 was overcontrolled by production and it was newbies vs vets. The newbies were way too afraid of the vets and at the end it was floaters vs Rachel which is so boring and stupid.

    • I agree. Did not particularly like Brittney’s season. It was pretty much Brendon versus the Brigade. Everyone else was not playing to win it!

      • It was more than just The Brigade Vs. Brendon. It was the whole house Vs. Brendon. Everyone put him up and he kept winning veto. Hayden ended up getting him, but everyone was after him after Rachel went.

    • I think the worst season was 13. That season was totally manipulated by the Producers and the cast had no memorable newbies. 

      • it did seem production helped Rachel and Jordan a lot and they had an evicted house guest come back right after Brendon left…why couldn’t production “help” Janelle? it would be a lot mote interesting right now! and I am so sick of Ashley “going on dates “!! I heard them talking and said she kissed Boogie and Joe also?? Is this true?

      • I have to agree with Season 13 being the worst. The “veterans” were not playing like veterans and production were still focusing everything on them, whereas in this season the “coaches” are playing like veterans with Boogie playing like a legend.

    • Why read a fan site and post on the site if the show isn’t very good? What is really going to make Big Brother so much better for you to watch? Having people backstab and backdoor each other every week? In the end that’s how someone who didn’t do anything all season ends up in the finals which is exactly what everyone doesn’t want to happen in the first place. Viewing shows like this are all subjective anyway because people “like” individuals based on their own individual opinions. 

  1. Why is someone like Wil on this show? If you don’t want to talk bad about someone in a game where you could win 500 Gs if you get to the end and everyone in the world knows it’s just a game, why the hell are you being nice? What an idiot. Some house guests act like this show defines them. They should look at Evel Dick as an example of how to play and win the game – by being the biggest Dick in the house. Now he’s one of the most popular BB players of all time.

    • Haha I don’t even think you can call him a Dick he just said what’s everyone thinkin and said the truth and was awesome

    • What is strange is Wil has lied in this game yet, would not lie when he needed to? Like tell Mike Boogie and Frank that he would not put them up
      when they asked who should be evicted after Joe? Throw a name up there.
      How hard could that be?

  2. I have been watching Big Brother since Number nine and this is one of the worst groups they have had in the house in a long time.

    • Yes, agree, and Big Brother needs to look at that. NO MORE TWISTS. The season that people liked best was one without any major twists, back to basics.

      If they want to do twists, do things that involve the house. Instead of giving out prizes during comps, put safes in the house and hide combos places. Put a vending machine in with slop passes in it and hide tokens around the house. Make some of those carpet tiles velcro and hide things under them.
      They could do so much without actually messing with the cast and the season. NO coaches NO teams NO groups. Just let them play and put the “twists” in in a non-favoritizing way.

      •  If they want to do a twist, here’s an idea. NO JURY HOUSE. Let the last 7 evicted walk out, talk with Julie, and then walk back in. Let them bet there, not compete, and just hang out. Kinda like Rachel’s day visit in season 12. Except they will stay there all season, that way campaigning can go on to them all season, they can see whats happening, it would make people have to play 2 games then.

        Then on finale night have them exit in order, like they enter the stage area anyway, except they will exit the house again, and cast their votes for the two people remaining with keys.

      • Yeah, I agree Nick.  It’s kinda like BB6 when they had the secret gold room and they had to find out how to get into the exercise room.

        That is why BB6 is one of the greatest seasons of Big Brother, because the twists are not a huge change of gameplay.

  3. ..So, there is the “silent six” which is starting to collapse, that didn’t take long, but, do Boogie, Frank and Dan have a three person alliance as well with each other…If Britney wins HOH tonight, she will be the first person to break away from the alliance,she wants Frank out bad, says he is a “tool.”  I don’t think Britney, Shane or Danielle would hesitate for a second in putting Frank least he did keep his word this week..Frank and Boogie need to  figure out that Ian is the one going back and forth relaying information to Britney and Danielle..

    • It is a risky move and will get Brittney and Shane evicted out of Big Brother much, much sooner and lose their chance at that $500,000 but, go for it!
      There is a good chance that either will get booted out the very next week!
      That would not be such a bad thing to happen!

    • If I was the Quack Pack, this is what I would do today.  Approach Wil about joining the Quack Pack.  Vote out Joe.  In the HOH comp it wouild be a solid 6 of Shane, Dan, Brit, Danielle, Ian, & Wil vs Boogie, Ash, Jenn.  The chances of the enhanced Quack Pack winning HOH is almost a certainty.

      Put up Frank & Boogie.  If one saves themself with POV, put up Jenn and send either Boogie or Frank home.

  4. Really desperate of the producers to bring back 4 old players and then they throw in an autistic kid??  I guess that Glahh House team that left was the glue

  5. This probably will never happen but I would love to see frank break away from boogie,start a secret alliance with newbies only and put up dan and boogie,that move would make this season worth watching again.

    • Duh !! Frank is only Boogie,s puppet..Boogie out the door & Dan right behind him,then we will see real game play..They are only drill instructors to their puppets..

  6. I would LOVE for Ian to win HOH and put Frank up with Ashley.    Frank would probably start kissing his ass and Ashley would probably…well.. kiss his ass…only literally.  It might be the only chance he would get to have a little couch time with her.   And then he and Frank could bond while comparing notes.

  7. Yesterday, the house was saying how much better this season must be to BB13. Nope, at least last season had fights, a divison and strategy- this season sucks

  8. This season is pretty boring. Every night I start to watch Showtime After Dark I fall asleep except the night of the party..
    Who wants to sit and watch someone exercise or play poker. 
    I don’t even have a favorite player.

  9. omg..the funniest part of BB after Dark last night was when the girls were nairing Ian..and trying to squeeze out a blackhead on his nose that turned out to be a freckle.  i couldn’t stop laughing……….

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