Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Week 5 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

It was a slow day in the Big Brother 14 house as the house guests spent most of the day working out. There was a fun incident with a banana costume that might not make it to the CBS shows, though. The paranoia among the Silent Six continued. Britney, Shane and Danielle are nervous Boogie and Frank will blindside one of them. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 12, 2012:

11:08 AM BBT — Ian and Dan talking about who to evict. Ian thinks Joe would be better because keeping Wil around could be used to get Frank and Boogie out later.

11:34 AM BBT — Jenn asking Boogie why Ian wasn’t targeting Shane in the Have-Not competition. Boogie plays dumb, not wanting to reveal the alliance (Ian isn’t in the Silent Six, but he’s in their pocket).

1:34 PM BBT — Dan suggesting that Joe might be a bigger threat, but Boogie thinks Wil needs to go before jury so he doesn’t have an influence on the jury house. Dan agrees Wil is popular in the house but is still leaning toward Joe.

2:40 PM BBT — Britney, Danielle and Wil have a little beauty pageant walk-off.

4:59 PM BBT — Dan comes outside wearing a banana suit and tells people he found a box in the storage room with a question mark on it and it was the banana costume. He says he has to wear for a week. People start speculating that Dan opened a Pandora’s Box or that he’s America’s Player. Hilarity. Boogie actually brought the suit into the house and hid it and it wasn’t found until now. Dan decided to pull a prank.

5:43 PM BBT — Boogie and Frank asks Shane who we wants to go home this week. Shane says he’s doesn’t care but doesn’t want blindsided. Boogie says he’s safe. They all decide Wil should  be the one to go.

6:00 PM BBT — Boogie talking to the cameras saying he brought in the banana suit had people thinking there’s an America’s Player in the house.

7:59 PM BBT — Wil and Britney talking about the game. She tells him she can’t say anything or make any promises until after the veto ceremony. She does not want to be put up for something she says or does.

8:38 PM BBT — Ashley tells Jenn it would be great to go to the end with her and Wil. Hahahahahahhaha.

8:52 PM BBT — Wil, Ashley and Jenn in the storage room talking. Ashley thinks Frank is going to blindside Shane this week. She has no reason to believe this other than the fact that that’s how the game has played out so far this season.

12:55 AM BBT — Frank and Ian talking. Frank still wants to consider blindsiding Dan this week. I think it’s just talk though because we should’t expect Frank to go against Boogie.

Right now it sounds like Boogie is going to try to keep the trust among the alliance for at least another week. So unless something goes terribly wrong, the nominees should stay the same and it sounds like Wil might be heading home this week.

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  1. Nothing happened yesterday. But stuff did FINALLY start happening last night after they got alcohol. Wil, Ashley, and Jenn all started drinking. After a little liquid courage, Wil finally got smart and decided to start fighting. He headed up to HOH (w/ Ashley in tow) and started saying everything he should have said when he first went up there before noms. 

    Basically, he convinced Frank that he was not coming after him or Boogie. He said he wasn’t asking to come off the block. He just wanted to stay in the house. He also threw Dan under the bus, and Frank ate it up since he was already inclined to this plan. Wil suggested that Frank didn’t want to waste an HOH getting rid of himself OR Joe. 

    Ian was later brought in on this conversation and was greatly against backdooring Dan, though he did tell Frank that he would vote however Frank liked. However, once Ian left the HOH room, he ratted out everything Frank said to Brittany and Danielle, including the backdoor Dan plan. 

    This all happened in the early hours of the mornings on the live feeds. Boogie was already asleep, so he has not weighed in yet. Dan was also asleep, so we’ve yet to see what will happen when Danielle inevitably relays the information Ian told her. 

      • Indeed. Most likely it will change nothing. I’d say there is like a 5% chance of this backdoor Dan plan going through. As soon as Boogie hears, he will shut it down. 

        But still- it was more interesting than anything that happened during the day yesterday, and I thought it should be covered on here. Definitely worth noting as it could create some drama just from Dan being informed that the topic was discussed and considered by Frank.

    • I wish it was double eviction….take joe off[even though I don’t like him either]and put that sorry ass little Ian up!!!! Then him and Wil can both go home.

      • But au contraire, I actually think Ian’s strategy is really good. This isn’t the first time we see Ian approach Danielle. The time with Jojo and Shane ‘showmance conspiracy’ he also approached Danielle, which she really twisted and therefore put a huge target on Jojo’s back.  This time, Ian went up to Danielle after finding out Frank’s plan about Dan, which would leave a huge target on Frank’s behind.  Ian’s in a really good place in the game right now. He’s making it so that everyone needs him, and for many reasons. One, Mike Boogie and Frank keeps him in his pocket; Two, Dan would like to work with him; And three, he’s good friends with Ashley, meaning Team Tits wouldn’t even dare to touch him until later.  He may not be a competitor just yet, but I do think Ian’s got it in him.

    • Dan is a thorn in Franks side….and vice versa.   The only thing keeping Dan and Frank from going head to head is Boogie.   I wish Boogie would get evicted so we could see these two go at it.   Instead of the obvious we would get some real gameplay with a great physical competitor (Frank) competeing againist a great mental competitor (Dan).    Alliances would fall sooner than expected.

      • Why is everyone deeming Frank a great *physical* competitor? Just because you are strong and muscular does not guarantee you will do well in BB physical competitions. Frank has won 3 comps thus far and NONE have been physical comps. All have been mental. HOH burglar memory quiz, HOH Battle of the Bands comp memory quiz, and (yet to be aired) Veto Zingbot memory quiz. 

    • @DeeDee….You are right.   Muscles do not make you a good physical competitor.   I guess what i was trying to say was that Frank is better at winning competitions…HOH, Veto…. but Dan is better strategy wise.   It would be nice to see which one wins out.

    • Frank better use his head. Boogie already told him to chill and build up trust within this new alliance. Now, is not the time to peel off. If Brittney, Shane and or Dan makes a move to put Frank or Boogie up or attempt to backdoor them then, all bets are off and he would be within his rights to go after those
      within the alliance that betrayed him! Going after Dan or Shane this week will only break the alliance but, probably not get the target out! So, why waste your HOH and keep another house guest Wil who will target you the very next week? Get rid of Wil now and one threat is removed. Deal with the other threats next week. Boogie I am sure will play to win HOH next week because he has in the back of his mind that Dan, Brittney and Shane could
      try and take them out next week! Winning HOH puts Boogie under control including taking out the trio if he as much as smells a plot against him and Frank!

  2. Why is it so funny Ashley and Jenn being in the final 3 together…history shows the big players get out early and all that are left is the people who you don’t even recognize until the final few episodes.

    • I agree. We all need to remember back a few years to season 11. Who would have EVER guessed that Jordan Natalie and Kevin would be the final 3.

  3. I just thought of something. Was the show rigged because the coaches were brought in? After Willie was evicted, he was arrested the next day in his hometown, so he wasn’t in sequester (in case he were to be brought back). If I remember, Julie said the coaches would be brought back in if at least one accepted the offer, BUT she also said that if no one accepted, evicted houseguests would be brought back. So does that mean everyone else was in sequester but not Willie?

    • I had not even thought about this, but I think you are right. Willie definitely would not have been given a chance to come back in, but…
      I believe I remember hearing that Jodi and Kara were not sent to sequester. Oh, CBS. 

      • If Ashley gets “removed” due to her (PHONY) medical problems then somebody may renter the house (Janell lmao…watch out Boogie) but it’s a slim chance of that happening…I mention Janell cause she was the last one out…not because I am a Janell lover…

    • Willie was sent home because he defied Big Brother house rules.  He was thrown completely out of the game…no chance to play again ever….so no sequester for him.  But yes, from what Branden’s been saying….everyone else was in sequester up to the point the coaches returned.   And may still be for all we know.

    • Julie said some of the houseguests may come back in the game, not all. They would never bring Willie back, he won’t even be in the final show.

      • The houseguest would only return if the coaches decided not to play…that was the plan..But the coaches did play..

    • Jodi was not in sequester. And Willie would not be allowed to return because he was not evicted, he was kicked out. However, I believe Kara and Jojo were both in sequester, and if Frank was evicted as planned, he would have gone to sequester. So basically the game would start over and they would all have come back.

    • Willie was not evicted, he was kicked off the show…therefore no sequester.  I believe Kara and JoJo were sequestered, although not sure if they were released once the coaches were introduced to the game.

  4. why is the author so condescending towards Team T!T$? it is very possible they can get to the final 3 if they can pull this Dan backdoor move.

    • I don’t think he’s against them, I think he’s just stating that up until now they’ve been basically non-existent in the game. Especially Jenn, I like Jenn she’s keeping her head low and staying out of the drama, none of the houseguests remembers she’s there until her key is pulled. Smart if you ask me, but it makes for boring T.V.

  5. If Frank does put up Dan this week to backdoor him, then Frank breaks the silent six and he will be the target next week for sure. But even more so, I don’t think Frank has the votes anyway as to evict Dan as it would take 5 votes, 4 of which they have and Wil or Ashley could play spoiler here and still evict whoever is next to Dan. Go for it Frank, is it really worth it???

    • Frank can’t read this, unless you have some super power that you can communicate with his mind. and it is not worth it to break silent 6 now too soon, he have to prove his loyalty first.

      • So agreed if he puts up someone from his secret 6 alliance to soon won’t look good and people won’t trust him.. Way to soon to go against his alliance …

      • Well Shane broke his word and sid he wouldn’t put up Frank and then he put him up.And Dan was ready to blidside Frank, so where was their loyalty.

  6. Obviously Dan is the leader and most important player of the quack pack, but I’m starting to think that Ian might just be the second most important player. He gives them vital info because everyone trusts Ian!

  7. Ian,buddy, you’re trusting the wrong people. These guys threw Jannelle under the bus, what do you think will happen with you. They’re bigger scumbags than Boogie and they know it. Britt, Shane  Daneille and Dan are a joke. Frank said he wanted to work with him and they put him up everytime, now it’s up to him to prove his loyalty? At least with Boogie, you know it’s coming, the others will scumbag you bigtime and try and justify it.

    • so true, and after brit vote him out she will cry and say ” why did we vote him out” the players are playing each other but Brit she is playing America with her fake emotions and tears.

      • I will never be convinced that Brit is a nice person.  Remember her and Reagan being so mean the way they talked about everyone.  She was a nasty little brat when things went against her.

  8. The viewers keep saying Frank should put Dan or Brit on block which proves two things, one the viewer are so dumb and doesn’t get the game. and two the viewer are so full of heat and just want to laugh at whom evicted Janelle.

  9. This season viewers are the most unstable viewers emotionally, and psychologically . Emotionally because they are still crying over Janelle being evicted and hoping that Frank/Boogie but one of silent 6 alliance on block so they get good laugh out off it and say we told you so.
    psychologically, because they don’t have anything good to say about the player and they are so focused on negative things and can’t see the entertainment side in the game, which make you sense so much hate build up inside the viewer.
    relax people, it is just a game and win or lose the don’t know you or care for you.
    And if your favorite win or lose you get nothing, just waste of emotion or visit to psychiatrist. so enjoy the game.

    • Yes veiwers you should take a reallity test, or write a letter or keep a journal ,but take back your sanity, or BB will own yooouuuu

  10. I personally found joe DR so funny he cracks me up like coconut. especially when he is yelling I am hoping that he stays and will leave.

  11. Frank needs to go after britney,shane, or dan he needs to stop messing around and start doing business. He needs to trust his gut and go after danno.

      • Yah Sara!! Boogie is the biggest threat. He’s talked and planned on throwing alliances under the bus since the beginning. But, every HOH has had deals with the biggest threats, therefore they are still in the game. However, does make for a more deserved win than these do nothing floaters. Nothing more disappointing than floaters out lasting the real players.

  12. Britney cannot be trusted, she is a nasty, lying little backbiter. She hasn’t changed a bit since the last time she was on. They need to get her out of there before she gets HOH. She can win comps when she wants to, but she throws them so that she can manipulate people instead and not get her hands dirty. Janelle will really be disappointed after watching the threads once home. I would like to see Shane get HOH and put Boogie and Frank up, at least one of them would go home. If Frank isn’t taken out he will walk away with the $$$.

    • When has winning comps ever been a winning strategy? It almost never works. The people who win this game are the ones who sit back and let other people do their dirty work. It happens every year. Why should Brit be put down for trying to work the winning strategy?

    • I agree. Frank is as intimidated by Boogie’s game play as everyone else. He is so good at the strategic play everyone goes along with Boogie’s decisions and want to latch on. Frank has had lot of varied ideas, but always backs down to Boogie. I can see Frank floating alongside Boogie to the end. Shane has shown strength in independent thought and now Ian has reached that point. I say go Ian and Shane!!

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