Big Brother 14: Final 2 And Jury Vote Scenarios

Big Brother 14: Dan and Ian study the Memory Wall

Today is the big day for Big Brother 14. We’re about to find out who wins a half-million dollars, who gets $50K, and who gets their stipend. Let’s take a look.

From what we’ve seen on the Live Feeds I think it’s safe to go ahead and predict who gets zilch right off the bat: Danielle. Until just the other day I thought we’d see Dan take his player on to the end, but private camtalk moments have revealed another plan. It looks like Dan may throw tonight’s third round to Ian and let him be the one to cut her loose. Danielle has spent the past few days making life unpleasant for Ian and he does not seem eager to return that favor by rewarding her with even the smaller prize.

With that in mind we can move on to the jury vote scenarios featuring Ian facing off against Dan. Assuming Danielle is the 7th juror, she’ll join Ashley, Britney, Joe, Frank, Jenn, and Shane as the BB14 HGs. A few days ago I did a quick back of the napkin analysis and figured Dan would knock it out of the park against either competitor, but upon further review I’m not so sure of that anymore. I do concede that I’ve weighed in heavier on the emotional/personal voting than strategic in my second analysis. When I look at things based on gameplay I was giving most of the votes to Dan, but we’ve seen everything while they’ve only had a portion of the events to take in to consideration.

Final 2: Dan Vs. Ian

  • Ashley: Ian nominated Ashley during the first double eviction night which lead to her elimination, but they did have a much closer friendship in the game than she ever did with Dan. I think she’s had time to forgive Ian and seems like a more emotional voter than strategic. I think she’ll vote for Ian.
  • Britney: This one is tough. Britney obviously gives Dan a lot of credit for his moves as we saw her debate in the Jury House, but there in her final few days and weeks in the house she did seem to have a close relationship with Ian. Being the only coach in the Jury both allows a certain freedom as there won’t be other coaches pressuring her to vote for the remaining coach. Ultimately I think she’ll go with game play and vote for Dan, but I think she could easily swing over to Ian and I won’t be surprised if she does.
  • Frank: Neither of these guys are favorites for Frank. Ian nominated Frank twice, but Dan did some serious betrayal and Frank was pretty angry about it. Once Frank has time to calm down I think he’ll go against Ian for his betrayal of Team Boogie. Frank won’t like it, but he may vote for Dan as more of a vote against Ian.
  • Joe: Ian really didn’t like Joe in the game, but I don’t think Joe felt the same way back at Ian. Meanwhile it was Dan who nominated Joe in the second double eviction which lead to him leaving the game. Joe also was not pleased with how Dan treated Danielle at the funeral and views him as a dirty player. Unless Dan is able to sway him in just 90 seconds tonight I think Joe could vote for Ian.
  • Jenn: This could be the first lock for Dan. Sure, Dan went against her in her eviction, but Jenn wanted Ian out as she repeatedly called him a “rat.” Jenn is going to vote for Dan.
  • Shane: Ouch. Shane is still hurting from his blindside eviction and I think it will keep him from voting for Dan. I don’t think Danielle will have time to convince him to vote in favor of Dan when she’s evicted tonight just before the final voting. I’m going to put Shane over in Ian’s column.
  • Danielle: Another lock for Dan. She told him last night she’ll vote for him and try to sway Shane if she doesn’t make it to the Final 2 but with the caveat that as long as it doesn’t seem like he threw it to Ian. If Dan is still going to throw it to Ian then he better be careful. Regardless, Danielle has blindly followed Dan all season so why stop now? She’ll vote for Dan.

All those votes come out to 4-3 in Dan’s favor, but dang it’s close. Frank and Britney’s votes could easily end up flipping and Ian leaves the winner 5-2 instead. Strategy vs. personal could decide the outcome tonight.

I really, really don’t think this scenario will happen, but we can still look at a Dan versus Danielle to see if he’s making the right choice in avoiding a Final 2 with her. A lot more of these guesses are based on emotional and personal decisions rather than gameplay because while I don’t think Danielle played a “bad” game, I don’t think what she accomplished stands up to what Dan did this season.

Final 2: Dan Vs. Danielle

  • Ashley: Just like with Dan, Ashley has very little connection to Danielle. This could be a coin toss decision. If she decides to go by gameplay then Dan gets it, but if she goes on an emotional factor then she could be swayed to support a newbie and vote for Danielle. I’ll lean this one toward Danielle.
  • Britney: With Ian out of the picture she’ll be able to fully support Dan. Easy choice.
  • Frank: Danielle really didn’t do anything to Frank which means if he’s still bitter then this could make it very easy for him to vote for Danielle.
  • Joe: Joe sided with Danielle after the “funeral” bit and I think he’ll stick by that. Another one for Danielle.
  • Jenn: In my first review I didn’t think Jenn would go “girl power” but she did seem pretty tight with Danielle after the rest of her team was demolished. She could vote for Danielle in that situation.
  • Shane: Danielle. No further discussion required.
  • Ian: Dan. After Danielle’s antics this week he won’t be interested in giving her the crown even if Dan has to cut him for Ian to be in the Jury.

If the Jury votes personal then Danielle could carry this 5-2 over Dan. If they go game play and strategy then Dan wins it. Dan played such a deadly game that the cuts he made went deep and if they haven’t healed by tonight then he could lose it all to her.

I’ve got to say I’ll be disappointed if Dan doesn’t go to the end with Danielle. He faced imminent elimination when he was down to just one player after the first week of the game and yet here he is along with that same last player. If he made it to the end with her he could stand up and say that he accomplished both goals: as a coach he got his player to the end and as a player he got himself there. It’d be powerful and an incredible achievement against some heavy odds. But, like I said, I don’t think we’re going to see that happen tonight.

Overall, I think Dan will win it tonight, but it won’t be a 7-0 blowout like he achieved last time. I think it could be a lot closer when the final vote is revealed.

So there are my thoughts and expectations for tonight. Now it’s your turn. Who do you think will move on to the Final 2 and who do you think has the best chance to win it all? Share your thoughts below and vote in the poll for who will take the crown.


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  1. I think Frank will vote for Ian over Dan. I also think Britney will, too. She will respect Ian’s play just as much as Dan, since he didn’t just float to the end, plus he has the added bonus of being closer with her.

    • I agree Frank will probably vote for Ian. But Brit has already said that Dan has played the best game. So even if Dan is sitting beside of Ian…I think she’ll vote for Dan. I doubt if she will let emotions for her little buddy get in the way of logical voting. Ian has made some good moves but Dans has trumped his. Brit knows the game…and will vote on game play.

      • I think Brit is a lock for Ian. Ian played a great game and he was like her little brother. It’s not like Ian floated to the end either. She also said in her Jeff interview she wanted to see Ian or dani win. I think she realizes that Dan played the game, but I’m sure she is still a little bit bitter and would be more than happy to give her vote to Ian.

      • I think if she votes emotionally…yes Ian will get her vote. He HAS made some good moves. But if she votes on best strategy…i think she will give it to Dan. Plus i think she blames Frank in part for her eviction…he DID put her up during his HOH. So i’m not sure where she places the most blame…Frank or Dan. Either way…i’m excited to see how it comes down. It would be funny if Danielle ended up in F2….no, i take that back. It would be tragic to see a coat tail rider even sitting there.

      • By the sound of it, she’s madder at Frank for putting her up even though they made a deal, than she was about Dan figuring out a way to get her on the block. Frank never actually HAD to change his vote, after all, and in all honesty she knows she was using that as an opportunity to get Dan out without having to betray his trust. I think she realized that plan backfired (and maybe thinks Dan is smarter than she thought he was), and respects Dan because of it. She’ll probably also vote for him in order to feel as though she got beat by the best.

      • I still think she votes for Ian. He voted based on emotions on s12 and she will do the same with iann

      • Agreed Ian was sort of her lane this season. I definitely think she will vote for Ian. But what do they do if it’s a tie?

      • curiosity counts how is danielle a coat tail rider been with dan since day 1 and was with shane too and the quack pack also plus won 2 hoh and 2 pov a coat tail rider is someone who wins nothing and if your going to say dan or anyone throw a hoh or a pov to her she throw part 1 to dan i know she would have beat him. you want to talk about coat tail riders ashley joe and jenn . i guess someone like you just does not get the game your goal is to get as far as you can everyone uses each other at some point in the game. if i was playing i would ride coat tails and win comps and make deals . i know dan did 75% of the work with her going along with everything he did . dan would not have made it and the only reason dan made it to the finals again is because of the other players being stupid. if dan would play for a 3rd time he would be one of the first too go plus cbs help him alot of the time like dans funeral

      • I didn’t say she was a floater…someone that does nothing in the game and follows the power. She wasn’t one. And i didn’t say anyone threw her her HOH or comp wins. I believe she won them fair and square. She definitely did a few things. But…how she used her wins is what counts. She didn’t do her own thing with them…she did what Dan wanted her to do. That’s why i call her a coat tail rider….she played Dans game…not hers. I’m not saying riding coat tails is not a strategy…it definitely is. And if it gets you to F2…great…you deserve to be there. And i agree…Dan would never make it a 3rd time.

      • I thought you were their going to the after party? If I was their I sure wouldn’t be posting on a BB site, I’d be partying it up!

      • Brit is a veteran of this game and she will be vocal on explaining to the other Jury to vote on game play and not out of bitterness. From her praise to Dan that ‘he’s just a good player” during Julies interview, to her argument with Frank in the Jury house, I think she will vote for Dan and hopefully convince others to do the same thing.

    • I am about a zillion percent sure brit gives Ian her vote and about 85 percent sue frank gives Ian his vote. With frank, it’s going to come down to who screwed him the most, and that was Dan. Frank would probably jump off a cliff before he gives Dan another 500,000.

  2. Is there not any chance that Dan will throw it to Ian and in return Ian will use a Dan move and evict Dan instead? I’ve only watch After Dark and kept up reading here, but in my opinion, if Ian did make that move, he would win hands down. (FYI, I am a big Dan fan after this season.)

  3. I think based on gameplay Dan should win 7-0. He got 4 of the strongest BB competitors of all time out by getting their allies to put them on the block. And he got Britney who was sure to go far in the game out on the night he was supposed to be all but out himself. BUT. I think Ian will win because no matter how much people claim they respect game play, at the end of the day in jury people vote their emotions mostly. I could see Ian winning 6-1 with Brit being the only vote for Dan. I mean, look at Sandra winning Survivor twice. The second time was because even though Russell had one of the stronger games in survivor history people hated him and voted for Sandra because they didn’t want Russell to win.

      • I get what they are saying.. What they mean is the only reason Ian will get every ones vote, Is because those votes would be for the soul reason of voting against Dan… But I have to say I totally disagree with that…

      • so then @facebook-629419545:disqus is saying that dani will win? because here he said-
        Ian won’t win BB, Dan will lose. (i thought we were talking about ian and dan in the f2?) Then says-
        Joe is the only one who will actually vote for Ian, . so to me this means that only joe will vote for ian (which leaves me to believe that dan will take the other votes) but then continues to say-
        the rest will be voting against Dan… so yea, i was a little confused… im guess they think dani will win it all.

      • To clarify further!!! We all know Danielle won’t go to the final 2. This final HoH is just a formality. Ian will have one person voting for him because he wants him to win and the rest of his votes wil be people voting for Ian just because they are mad at Dan. So they aren’t really saying Ian is who they think played better. They are saying they don’t want Dan to win.

      • @tls283 No What they are saying is Ian wont get votes on his own merits and game play… They think any votes Ian get is because the jury hates Dan that much… I think Ian will get votes based on his game play… I also think Ian will win… Sure some votes will be on emotion, how could there not? hard feelings will always be apart of games of this nature… But while you play the game , you have to take that into consideration. So if you play a game no boundaries and limits to what you will do to people (Like Dan). You run the risk of literally handing votes to the other person your sitting next to… But what people fail to realize is there are to parts to this game one is the manipulation side the other is the social side (getting people to love you). You have to be able to balance it just right. Dan has played the manipulation side very well. I have to give him that. But he has not got them to love him while doing it… So there for I am going to say Ian has played the more balanced game…

      • I hope you’re right. I want Dan to win, but every time the person I want to win gets to the end and they are the “evil” person on the block, the jury votes emotion. Exception being Evel Dick, but with two “evils” that season people were forced to vote gameplay too.

      • It means Ian won’t win because they think he should win; he’ll win because everyone wants Dan to lose.

      • danielle has done nothing but cry in this game and played on others sympathy. She did it for far to long and you could tell people where getting sick of it…

      • it maybe her game play… But nobody likes a content cry baby… It worked on me during Dans funeral… But every time after that, it just got more and more on my nerves… So glad I wasn’t in the house with her… Because every time I would have seen her not crying, I ‘d peeled her an onion…

      • it may be her game play… But nobody likes a constant cry baby… It worked on me during Dan’s funeral… But every time after that, it just got more and more on my nerves… So glad I wasn’t in the house with her… Because every time I would have seen her not crying, I would have peeled her an onion…

      • um….WILL. He “cried” in front of Monica (and he said in the DR that he made sure she saw it so that she’d feel sorry for him) in season 2 (which he won) and he did the same thing in season 7, practically forcing Janelle to put up Marcellus because she felt bad.

  4. You didn’t do one with ian and danielle. I don’t see that happening but if so who do you think would win. Ian keeps saying to be the best gotta beat the best so there is a possible blindside there if he wins final hoh

    • There is a chance Ian will win the final POV and decide to take Danielle over Dan. Yeah its a tough one, but Ian could benefit from taking Danielle over Dan especially with jury votes and Dan wouldn’t have any chance of winning BB14.

      Personally I’m hoping Ian wins BB14, but if not, then Danielle.

    • Larissa, I have been thinking the same thing.. Ian kept repeating that while pacing… Plus if he does evict Dan that would credit him with three of the biggest evictions… (Boogie, Frank and then Dan) And he would definitely win…

      • I would love to see Ian kick Dan’s butt out that door. And it would be the 3 biggest evictions of the game.

      • if Dan throws the final HOH Ian should take Danelle based on history that women lose to men in past final 2 showdowns..

    • I say Ian wins. Game he played better than Danielle played a more honest game than Dan. He talks about beating the best, well thats def no Danielle. And he is sneaky after all he blind sided Boogie. Whose to say he won’t blindside Dan. Hed be a fool not to. And I think he knows that.

    • I agree. Ian showed he has guts by telling Boogie he was the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that he had learned from the best. What’s to stop him from taking the final challenge Dan throws to him and booting Dan to the jury? Ian’s still learning from the best (Dan, in this case) and, if Dan throws the final challenge to Ian, it may be the stupidest move he’s ever made in BB. He may be underestimating Ian, if he’s assuming that Ian will automatically boot Danielle out the door.

    • I’ve been saying that now for two days. To be the best, you have to beat the best. I just think if Ian wins this last challenge, he might take Danielle. Everytime I’ve brought that up, people have poo-pawed me. So glad I’m not the only one thinking it. :)))

      • I have been thinking the same thing. Ian has played the bigger players and Dan is he biggest player of all, so if he can win this HOH, I can definately see him blindsiding Dan. And yes I always get the same thing on hear. If you don’t agree and actually have an opinion that is different, yah you are told and sometimes it has not been in a very nice way. So keep your own opinions coming.

  5. The majority of time they throw emotions away and vote for the person who did the most to win this game. Danielle very little, carried the whole way, Ian has done more than Danielle without question. Dan not only kept Danielle in the house this long he somehow with his back against the wall made it here. If he loses the HOH he is gone, Ian would be stupid to keep him. If Dan wins HOH he wins easily unless they vote with their emotions, which oddly enough rarely happens at the end of the day in the Big Brother House.

  6. Ian played the all areas of the game very well. He was the one who brought the house to a shambles. He went against his team then …… He won his fair share of comps, plus from the start of the game until now he has overcame his social anxiety which was something very BIG . He grew in the house and will take more away from the experience. Dan’s Self proclaimed ” Life coaching skills” isn’t enough to win the game . If it hadnt been for Danielle and Shane’s showmance or whatever you may call it . Dan wouldn’t have lasted as long this time. He couldnt win comps when he needed. The only time he did when comps is when the stronger players left ( meaning he pretty much took advantage of the floaters) something that isn’t BIG game wise. Those people in the jury are bitter and they all have made statements that they would not give Dan another 500k. I predict the voting to be . Frank , Shane , Joe, Jenn , Ash for Ian . with maybe Britt too. It will come down to a 6-1 vote for Ian .

  7. With Dan and Ian in the final two, I’m wondering if any jurors would consider not voting for Dan since he won before. Also, wondering if Ian will get the sentimental votes since he’s such a fan of the game and played pretty well as a newbie

  8. Whoever doesn’t vote for Dan to win doesn’t belong in the BB house… At the end of the day it’s a game and he played them all like he was a puppet master…

  9. I think Dan will throw it to Ian because he doesn’t want to take Danielle he thinks he can beat Ian so will let him get the blood on his hand. I hope Ian wins and evicts Dan and then wins.

  10. Dan played the best game no doubt, he is the only person that rock the boat and didn’t play it safe. Their a reason why ian was save and why both of them (ian and dani) are in the f3 with dan he control them both.

    Also Ian did what dan wanted, he play his HOH. Remember how ian wanted to save frank for later but dan said no, remember how dan should have been on the block but dan said no. Ian kinda floated if you think about it.

  11. I can’t believe that these jurors watched any of the other seasons. To cry how there feelings are hurt and how they trusted someone is crazy. To vote against Dan because he lied to them is crazy, that’s what this is, A GAME. A game for $500,000. He is the best player and that’s what this should be about. Not if he lied to you and you fell for it. They should have watched all the shows to know you can’t trust anyone. If you been watching from the beginning, you know you have heard some pretty awsome lies over the years, much worse than Dan’s. He never was nasty about anyone, just that he had to do it to further his game. I think he probably is a pretty good guy on the outside of the house. I hope these people wise up. Best player should win.

  12. No doubt in my mind. Ian will win BB14. Even though Dan dominated the house with his skilful combination social/terminator game, Ian will win the heart of the jury.
    Besides, Dan is a previous winner of the half million and the jury will be more compassionate to the young college kid who really needs the money. More important, Ian played a great game in BB14. He deserves to be the winner of BB14.

  13. Any chance Danielle and Ian have a secret. I don’t see after dark so don’t know anything except watch they show on TV and read. Wouldn’t that be great blindsiding Dan…don’t get me wrong Dan has played a dirty good game but if Danielle can grow some and come back and shock everyone it would make a great ending.

  14. In other BB Seasons, even when there has been a resentment towards a player, there’s always a grudging respect to the best player. If they write Dan a big check, it isn’t because they like him and how they really admire him.

    It could be a mass hypnosis…lol

  15. Dan is the best player in big brother history and deserves it based on game play.. But the jury this year are very sore losers and don’t respect the game play just that they got burned by Dan. This will be one of the few years where the person who should win won’t!!

    • I still think dr. Will is the best. Julie Chen said it best- Dan is not better than will because will never had to bring the bible or his wife into it- and that’s pretty low. She said this in a recent interview.

      • Dr.Will also got evicted in the final 4 in his second season, and Dan making it to the final 2 it looks like. Don’t get me wrong Dr.Will my favourite player but it’s easily argue that Dan is better, as well

  16. I hope ian takes danielle , then he could be at least one of the great player of bb, He was able to outwit 2 coach and was able to do even with his ADHD. I think he has changed the must of the houseguest and hopefully he can be a great role model for people with disability. That just cause you might have a disability doesnt mean you have a limit. That anything in life is withing reaching distance.

      • Ian has a whole lot more growing to do! Ian and Danielle are only two years apart and for some reason they don’t view each other that way. Danielle calls Ian a kid and Ian thinks Danielle should be more mature, since she is 23 and he is 21.

      • Ian has come out of his shell on the show. I thought it was so neat to see a shy kid enter the house that didn’t know how to talk to girls. And now look at him! He’s totally cool with it and was even talking about pursuing a certain girl outside of the house. I love it! Go Ian!!

  17. I will not be happy if Dan wins. I actually respected the guy and was pulling for him. Then he did that rediculous funeral thing. You can tell he’s a sore loser and a hypocrite, cramming religion down everyone’s throat, and then lying on the bible and his own wife’s life? He totally lost my respect. Everyone acts like he’s the best player ever, that may be true as twisted as it is,but gàme or not, it’s not with it to sink so low. Good luck Ian.

  18. Please – Dan do not throw this Comp — I thing during the 2nd comp when Danielle and Ian were out there without Dan they made a deal. “Play the Player” as Danielle put it. If Ian wins i think he will keep Danielle. abd I would really hate to see that.

  19. Brit will vote for Dani. They seemed to be really close friends. I watched Showtime and Brit, Dani, and Ashely hung out ALOT. I really don’t want Dan to win. I’ve been pulling for Ian this whole game!

    • Twitney isn’t gonna have a chance to vote for Dumbielle. She’s not gonna make it to F2. If she does I will eat garbage for a week.

  20. Im curious as to why you don’t give any credence to the posability of Ian
    blind siding Dan I think it would be Ian winning if he went against Danielle not
    because he likes her but because he thinks he would have a better chance against

  21. to me they should not go all about who feeling got hurt doing the game its actually how the person takes it towards another person lies or backstab. Danielle should know by now that if it was not for dan she would of been gone along time ago and dan took all the summer heat for Lan.. now if LAn toss dan under the bus and sit next to danielle that would be soo wrong i dont think anyone else that play the game knows about what dan did for lan or danielle so it would be for Lan to return the fav n get rid of her then him just saying

    • dariel there are 3 parts of the game social , game play, and winning comps , winning comps i give danielle a 9 out of 10 social game 7 out of 10 game play 4 out of 10 .so a 20 out of a 30 thats not bad if she ever plays again just needs to work on game play she was to worried what people think of her and not the game now she knows how to play so if they bring her back i think she would be a better player. would you dariel rather be a better player and make to to the jury early or be a bad player and make it too the end

  22. Joe will vote for Dan. No question. He has talked about it on the live feeds. He said “anyone who can survive their own funeral deserves to get my vote in the end”. And apparently he said he would try to convince the others in jury the same.

  23. We all watched Dan through the live feeds and how production edited the show. We know Dan played an amazing game!


    The jury does not have the benefit of seeing everything. I bet if you followed one house-guest that was on the jury, on the live streams, you’d see only a slice of Dan and Ian gameplay being played out.

    Also the fact that Shane and Frank kinda means that Ian may end up reviving their votes.

    It’s clearly will go either way and WILL end up being a close win for either one.

    As for Danielle…..All the conflicting lies, looking into the mirror and the “Focus on me” attitude will clearly effect her chances of votes. Besides it’s PAINFULLY obvious how little gameplay she has as she clearly follows Dan every whim.

    I’d say Ian would win it all but I won’t be surprise if Dan wins either, it’ll come down to the 90 seconds they have to convince the jury to vote for either of them!


  24. Yesterday, Dan told Danielle that she was too immature, right now, to get married. Also, he told her that when it comes to comes to guys, she needs to be able to recognize sooner when a guy doesn’t like her. I think everyone in the house knew that Shane wasn’t interested, not sure why no one told her, though. Then again, I guess I do, because “No good deed ever goes unpunished.”

  25. If Dan throws this HOH he loses. That’ll give the jury the perfect reason to make it personal and give Ian the win. If he takes Dani, nobody can justify a vote for her winning it other than being super butthurt. And judging from what I heard from his speech, he’s making another mistake, don’t kiss up, that’s what they want right before they dog you. That’s another reason why Will’s the greatest, He didn’t kiss the jury’s ass. He stayed that same person that cut you. But if it’s personal, it’s all on the crack pack, they made it personal. It wasn’t just Dan.

  26. I think that really says it all right there Dan would have 2 lock down votes and Ian would have to work for all of his becaue none of them are really secure. Also, I really think that by now the jury members have compared stories, and found out that Dan has played them all and most of them probably feel quite stupid for leaving him in the game. and Britney I think will help Dan out a lot by convincing people that its just a game and to vote on gameplay. Also, Dan brought out the stop watch at 1 in the morning and started practicing what to say in 90 seconds while everyone was sleeping so don’t be suprised if Dan pulls another Rabbit out of the hat like the guy been doing it all season. Also, like lets be honest Dan completely ran this house there shouldn’t even be a arugment of who should win if he in the final 2, like its so one sided by the number of big game moves, and all of Ian moves he was told what to do just like Dani.

  27. Dan takes this if he is in Final 2 with Danielle. Ian wins if
    he is in Final 2 with Danielle. Worst scenario for both Ian
    and Dan is both of them in Final 2. It will go down 4-3 and
    while, I am rooting for Dan, it can go Ian’s way if it is that
    close! Ian taking Danielle to Final 2 results in an easy
    win for Ian as well! I do not believe everyone is going to
    be emotional over it. I will only count Frank voting against
    Dan if against Danielle but, against Ian, it could still go
    either way! Dan played the best game so far so, I think
    unless, he does the unthinkable and gambles with it and
    deliberately loses HOH, stands the best chance of winning
    the $500,000 against Danielle. Danielle will not win it over
    Ian or Dan. She did not play a good enough game of it!

  28. I think it is really screwed up that Dan is going to cut Dani. Yea she is aggravating and clingy but come on. I have been big Dan fan all season but that is just shitty. It would be so cool for him to say I got myself and my player here, then everyone would agree, between his gaming skills and the fact he truly took, well more like carried, his player (as promised from day 1) he would easily win the $500k! Throwing the 3rd round is, IMO, the worse thing he will have done all summer. Dan will win it. He out played everyone, hands down. Ian did well and so did Dani… I wish them both well they are both going to need it back in their real life. (especially Dani, poor girl, people remember she is only 23!)

  29. I think Britney will vote for Ian. There is no chance that she will vote for Dan in my opinion.

  30. Personally I think it would be silly for Dan to “throw” the final comp. The absolute smartest thing he (or Ian) could do is WIN the final comp and take Danielle. If Danielle has the votes to win this then I’ll eat my Polo. It will be a struggle between Dan and Ian if they are in the final 2.

  31. Ian shuld win even tho Dan has played a good game n back stabbed a lot of ppl Ian shuld just win the game

  32. No matter who you are favoring, I think we all have to agree that Dan deserves to win this season. Coming in he was a threat, and he had to fight all the way to the F3. As a coach and a previous winner, there was an even bigger target entering the . If Dan is in the Final 2 tonight, then it all comes down to if the vote based on Gameplay or Personal. If they vote on gameplay, no doubt Dan will be a winner once again.

  33. If Dan takes Danielle he’ll win. If he takes Ian there’s a good possibility he’ll lose. Dan played the best game ad I’m hoping he’ll win.

  34. Matt, just want to thank you for this site. It has been a GREAT summer, much controversy, awesome game play. I’m a handicapped widow, grandma who has LOVED BB since it started. (Always thought I would have been good in the Big Brother House. But of course I’m to old, and not in good enough shape anymore).
    I’ve enjoyed the people on here, and what they’ve had to say. Some I agree with, a lot I didn’t. But everyone is entitled to their opinion–good or bad.
    Hope Dan wins. Won’t be disappointed if Ian wins. Feel sorry for Danielle, she needs help.

  35. Even though Britney did say Dan played a great game, that doesn’t mean she’s automatically voting for him over Ian. She was just sticking up for Dan since Frank would let it go! Even in her interview she would want Ian to leave and Ian has been so loyal to her more than Shane has been.

  36. It’s funny, Danielle in the final two can’t lose (at least, it would be very unlikely). However, that is not why she’s about to be voted out. She’s going to be voted out because she’s an idiot and she’s spent the last 72 hours convincing Ian to hate her guts. xD She was in the perfect position in the final five and she’s just been throwing it all away ever since. It’s almost like she doesn’t want to win.

  37. Wow, I cant believe it’s the final night of BB.. time sure flew by this season..TG that all the other reality shows start..Survivor and TAR next week.. its sad that we have to wait a year to watch BB again. just saying…..
    tonight should be interesting. who will be the F2? its really had to guess. I think it will be Dan and Ian, but wouldnt it be a great finale, if Ian wins the final and as HOH he picks Dani instead of Dan? I think it would be the best finale..he keeps repeating, beating the best and all kinds of stuff in the BY.. so who really knows what Ian will do.. He would make BB history if he got out 3 great players of this game..Boogie, Frank, and Dan.. plus if he takes Dani, past BB seasons show most of the time a guy wins against a girl in the F2.. well, we will know in a few hours. I, for one know I will miss not watching BB but I will be here next yr watching as I have never missed a season. so til next year…thanks for a great season of BB…

  38. I think, though Dan made some smooth (and totally dirty) moves this season, Ian too had some seriously good game play that I hope the jury won’t forget. He has won ALOT for a scrawny genius, and he was the orchestrator of Boogie’s exit.
    Though I think Frank might still be miffed at Ian, I feel like the Dan wound is far larger and fresher. Britney seemed to have quite a bond with Ian when she left and she knows better than anyone how good a game he played. And both of them may feel that urge to not give a second $500K to someone, esp. a dirty player.

  39. There was an earlier season when a woman( I believe her
    name was Danielle, too.) got to the final two, but played so
    dirty and hurt so many people she lost the jury vote. Dan may
    have played the game with some good results for him, but he
    played it much dirtier than he needed. His smiling into the
    camera when he hurts someone or plays someone for a fool
    is low class. It is one thing to lie, backstab, and outwit people
    to play the game. It something else when you intentionally
    hurt people and their feelings and enjoy doing it. He even ad-
    mitted to doing some questionable things to his football players just to get the results he wants. Mind games can be dangerous,
    especially to teenagers who are gullible enough to believe their
    coach is helping them. That is why I want Ian to win. Go Ian.

  40. lets not forget that it was Ian putting himself on the line by being the spy for Britt and the others!! I think that alone with everything else he has done in the end should get him there.

  41. I really don’t think Frank will vote for Dan. Did you see how mad he was at Britt for saying he had good gameplay in jury? He doesn’t think Dan has good game he think he played dirty and shouldn’t win. He’ll vote for Ian because even though he took him and Boogie out he was on his team and he’s a newbie.

  42. know it wont happen but if dan does throw the final hoh and lets ian choose would be so funny to vote dan out and if he did do that i think it would lock the win

  43. oh my god live feed just showed dan winning the final part 3 contest, he kicked ian out and took danielle omg this show is crazy, the best thing he could of done (go dan) thats how michigan rolls.

  44. Danniell played the game with her heart no one deserves to win BB more than Danniell.She was used and abused by dan from day one.We should not reward dan for abusing and asig women.Danniell isbeautifull and the kindest person ever to play BB.She never lied or hurt anyone never kept secrets,she she honest and truthful to the end.that is all she wanted from dan and ian.they just kept thir secrets and kept lying to Dani.they never once cared about what they were doing to her.

  45. Dan would be a fool to throw this Final HOH. Evicting Shane should have made it very clear to Dan that you do NOT put your fate in someone else’s hands. Not only does Dan has a tougher chance of beating Ian in my opinion, but giving Ian another HOH would improve his Final 2 “resume” so to speak.

    If Dan wins the Final HOH and takes Danielle, not only did he as a player make it to ANOTHER Final 2, but he got his player there too. Why would you work so hard all season long to keep Danielle in the game only to be content with letting her get cut on finale night?

    Dan would have a much much much better chance of beating Danielle than he would Ian. He was the one calling the shots with her.

    Either way, I hope to see Dan win. He’s played the best game and deserves to walk away the winner. Hopefully the jurors vote on game play and not personally.

  46. Dan will win in any case… the only way for Dan not to win is Ian winning the final HOH and kick Dan out.
    That would make a very hard choice on the jury between Ian and Danielle.
    It´s the only way for someone to defeat Dan.
    Ian must win the 3 competition and forget about the crazy danielle and send Dan to the Jury.
    Anything else than that, it´s a 5-2 for Dan against Ian and a 6-1 for Dan against Danielle.

  47. frank and Britt will definitely vote Ian over Dan….How could Dan even think of throwing the challenge… crazy move

  48. I see Twitney voting for Ian. She was way too excited to hear that his game was still going strong. I think she’ll give Dan credit for playing a good game, but that’s it, no vote.

  49. Well tonight is the night of another summer gone and fall begins, This year was interesting, I just wonder what would have happened if willie would have used his head more. but we will never know. this has been another fun time in the big brother house. Lets hope the best man or woman wins. I love the begining of the season but the end is somewhat sad. It means another year till the next big brother and we have to say goodbye to this years guest.. Hope everyone has a good holiday season and stay safe and before you know it , july will be here in no time. So lets enjoy tonight and say congrats . to who ever wins.

    • I too wonder what would have happened if Willie had stayed in the game longer. I can only imagine that it would have been even more interesting! I feel like I waited forever for this season to begin, and now it’s done. I know that next summer will be here before I know it, but until then it’s gonna feel like forever waiting for the next season. Let’s hope BB15 is even more exciting with much more drama!

  50. Boy, wouldn’t it be soooo cool if Dan throws Round 3 to Ian and then Ian evicts him? I think that would guarantee Ian the half million. I know Ian has given no indication he will do this, but I’m hoping the producers have planted the idea with him and suggested he stay quiet, resulting in the biggest surprise of BB history. Ian could certainly justify such a backstabbing move since Dan taught him well. Oh well, I know this won’t happen but its my fantasy!

  51. i would like to see daniele win the money.dan doesnt need it,and hes won already.danni is paying her way through collage and she needs the money.i dont think she will win but i like to see it

  52. I hope Dan wins because of his gameplay but I also would really like to see Ian win because he is such a big fan, a wholesome young man and a college student who is obviously in need of money. Ian hasn’t won the game yet and also had played the game really well blindsiding Boogie is quite an accomplishment. Ian is such a great person it would be great to see him win but Dan is a great person as well and very strategic. I hate Danielle plain and simple, she drives me crazy!! Wish she would have gotten voted out instead of Janelle!!

  53. Ian is a floater, Dan and danielle should of been the finale 2…..whatever though we all know big brother is rigged , the producers and directors force the players to throw the head of house hold comps, pov’s…

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