Big Brother 14 Episode 23: Week 8 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Get ready for more Big Brother 14 tonight when the HGs’ latest endurance HoH competition plays out after it finished hours after last week’s eviction episode. Of course when a third of the competitors fell off before the end of Thursday’s show then it probably won’t be much surprise to find out who won. If you can’t wait for tonight’s show then check out our spoilers section for all the latest Big Brother updates.

Not only do we get the rest of the HoH endurance comp, but we’ll also get the latest nominations. Deals made at the end of the HoH competition plus the return of a former alliance made the available options pretty limited. Now it looks like this week’s HoH is set to finish what was started and put the last nail in that coffin.

Tonight CBS may catch you up on the events up to the nominations, but the Big Brother 14 game has already moved on well past that. Yesterday the HGs competed in the Veto competition and there was even some drama surrounding that. We’ve got those Big Brother spoilers for you when you’re ready.

The real BB game continues to be on the Live Feeds with plenty more drama than CBS can fit in to three hour-long episodes. Want to see what it’s like to watch the in-house cameras, listen in on the HGs private conversations, and see who is doing what? Then get your free trial of the Live Feeds and see what you’ve been missing.


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  1. I’m sorry but I think Dan should stay true to the deal he made to Frank and Jenn. without them he would’ve been gone last week. I realize its probably the last chance to get Frank out but Dan talks about the Bible and being true to himself he needs to show it. I didn’t start out a Frank or Jenn fan but Frank deserves atleast 2nd at this point and Jenn seems like a good honest person. She laid low until she needed to play. Dan needs to return the favor of veto to her!

    • He will. My prediction. He will save Jenn “to hide his alliance with Frank” vote out Joe. forcing Ian to tie breaker and send Frank home. So Frank will still be pro-Dan in jury for sticking with him (even tho he didn’t) giving him 2 votes out of the three in jury for sure if he makes F2 (Brit told him he has her vote before she left)
      Dan is smart, he works the people before they go to jury so they like him at the end.

  2. shane and dani always in bed late nite tells dan she loves him and dan swearing on the bible and his wifes life to keep frank safe i hope she divorces him when this is over i know this post will be deleated because dan the so call sunday school teacher dont have to many negative remarks how would you like your kids being taught in church by a man who lies while holding the bible and swearing truth and swearing on his wife and grandfather what a total ass and this will be who wins hope he looses everything he swore he holds dear

    • Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong because I don’t have live feeds, but it seemed like Dan only swore that everything he was about to say about the QP was true. I didn’t think he swore on the Bible and wife that he was going to take Frank to the end, he just shook on it. But I could be making excuses for him, because I am a Dan fan!

      • yes he did when he took the bible up to hoh after his so called funeral he told the other house guests he was gonna read to him he made a deal picked up the bible and swore on it and his wife then touched the chain he wears and said i swear on my grandfather who gave me this frank beleaved him and then had Jenn use the veto on him

      • Sorry Mary but you need to watch that scene again because that’s not what happened. I almost didn’t read your post because you have terrible grammar and clearly never learned punctuation in elementary school.

      • Shar I wasn’t hating on her point of view. If she watches the scene again, she will see that she is mistaken on her belief of what Dan said while swearing on the bible. I just find it frustrating that some people try to voice a serious opinion through the writings of a child. People are more apt to take an opinion seriously if it’s not given in one long sentence using no punctuation or uppercase letters.

      • Again Rachael, I have to call you out on your grammar. There should be a comm after Shar in your above post.

      • Rachel I understand what you are saying. Mary is upset about him using the bible. This is a game and yes lieing is going on and that is part of the game. But the bible should never come into it ever. The lack of punctuation and proper grammar bothers you and well that is you and you have every right to feel that way. I just get tired of people jumping all over everyone when they make a comment that they don’t like. We all have our opinions and we all have our favourite players. I enjoy reading everyones comments but sometimes I am afraid to comment myself. And it shouldn’t be that way. I’m done and believe me I understand what you are saying.

      • Rachel, there should be a comma after Mary in your post. It is an introductory clause followed by the word but. Did you not learn that in school? You know what they say, “People that live in glass houses ………

      • Mary, he didnt use it. Just because a bible was in the room doesnt mean its always a factor. The only time he swore on it was when he was outing the QP, and he was telling the truth. Settle down.

      • If I was frank, I would have had dan leave me the bible, wedding ring and necklace till we made the final two.

      • He swore on telling the truth about the QP. Nothing else. Regardless, it’s a game and everything that happens in the BB house is within the game. Real life rules don’t apply for the most part.

    • People that can’t differentiate between a reality show and real life probably think that J.R. Ewing is real.

      • And so was his promise to Frank when he swore on it of the existance of the Quack Pack. He never once put his hand on it to promise Frank safety. It’s not fair to say he used it for untruths when everything he told Frank actually happened. His agreement with Frank to go to F2 together was NOT a bible sworn statement.

      • I think he did swear on bible when he swore to frank. They edited that on live show. Dan is not a nice person he is way to dark for me

      • I respect your opinion but I’m going by the live feeds…not CBS. I didn’t see it that way but i suppose others did. I guess it depends on whether or not you view it as one big long bible swear or a separation of Quack Pack facts and an F2 deal.

      • when he swore on the bible it was “what I’m about to tell you is the truth” nothing about any promises were sworn

    • You are hoping that his wife divorces him and you just called Dan an ASS. You sound more like you need a lot of Bible studying before you start preaching.

    • Mary I love you for saying all that. Good job and when you get beaten up over it just ignore them. You are so right about him. Thanks for your great comment.

    • not sure if it is love…she is loving all the attention…i get the feeling she has been center of attention her whole life. really how many people have 2 familys that “adore” her and is center of their world…or at least that how she puts it. when she is not center of attention she becomes annoying and pathetic where people can’t help but put her there. if someone who is prettier which obvious all the other women who have been eliminated were the jealously bug comes out in full force…i just get the feeling she has been silver spoon fed her whole life…it is downright wierd how she acts…but think about it…all the busted males on the show including shane fall for it.

    • you hope she divorces him? wouldnt let him teach your kids? How sheltered are you? Big Brother is a game. Settle down. Maybe its time to look in the mirror and find out who the real ass is…

  3. CANCELED my Live Feeds subscription after several years, just cant take the repeat scenes that are supposed to be live, clipping, frozen scenes and then if you do try to flashback it takes forevers, it is not my computer or connection, I tried at work and at home and a friends house all the same, nothing else has a problem, I have Fios at home and everything elese except SuperPass works flawlessly…. just cant see spending 15 bucks a month on poor service

  4. Danielle: “I don’t stalk people”….hmmm…uh…what’s she doing with Shane? Stalking him….duh…

    • thats not stalking…she is downright throwing herself at him. but if you look close he is enjoying the attention…even if it is from the crazy psych-o! the other night when she let her boobs hang all out and laid down and spread eagle for joe on the bench…it was all about the attention.didn’t matter from who.

  5. drich
    While I am not rooting for anyone in particular, Dan is playing the game well. The question I have for the posters on this site is when Ronnie or Shelley lied they were universally seen as public enemies numbers 1 and 2; when someone like Dan does it he is just playing the game. Why is that?

    • Jordan had a chance for a phone call from home & she gave it to Shelly. Afterwards Shelly backstabbed her. I think the problem with that is a lot of people liked Jordan, she gave up something that very important to her only to be thanked by a knife in the back from ungrateful Shelly. That’s just my opinion.

      • Sooo because Jordan gave her the phonecall, she should have just let Jordan win? Cool logic, bro.

      • That’s not what I was saying, Bro. I was simply stating my opinion which is this:
        Jordan had a lot of fans, Shelly was a floater and didn’t have as many. Jordan won a phone call from home. What a precious prize when you are locked in a house with a bunch of lunatics. Jordon being a nice girl knew how much Shelly’s family meant to her and decided to let her have the phone call. She didn’t trade it for anything, she didn’t make a deal for anything, she just gave it to her for free. Shelly should have been a little more grateful instead of stabbing Jordan in the back shortly after that. I don’t think my logic implied that Shelly should have let Jordan win in any way. I was just stating one scenario where Shelly appeared to be public enemy number one.
        And by the way Bro, I’m 100% female (hence the name).

      • Not many people give something and expect nothing in return. I’m not exactly a Jordan fan but she had more compassion for Shelly than most people would for their own family.

      • I understand what u all mean, but they all knew that when they tried out for BB. It;s very unlikely that everyone will get along with each other.

      • What makes me laugh on these shows is they make it seem like it’s 30 or 40 years since they talked to their families, my goodness it’s 30 days, it;s not like these ppl died or something. Some family members have relatives who live in a different state, it doesn’t mean they will never see each other again.

      • Being trapped in a house for 30 days with nothing to do must seem like 30 years – especially with people like Rachel Reilly or – God help us – Mike Boogie.

      • LOL…so true. I think you could add Evel Dick to that list. I thought he was great entertainment but life would be hell if you were on his sh*t list.

    • I thought Shelly showed arrogance and lied way too much to too many hg’s…Dan is very cool. He knows the game very well. Not sure about Ronnie.

      • Ronnie reminds me of Ian. His knowledge of BB trivia was excellent. But he had no idea of how to use it effectively. So like Ian, instead of using it to his benefit, he resorted to ratdom.

    • Dan also 100% owns up to what he is doing in the DR and lets america play along with him, while Ronnie if I recall correctly did that too he was lacking that social likability factor that Dan has

    • I thought the ultimate liar was Matt Hoffman. I hated him from the get go and felt that he is the epitome of scum.

    • Because he’s Dan Geesling I guess. He is playing a good game, you’re right there but as far as lying, that’s the nature of the game of Big Brother I guess….

  6. I laughed at the comment last night from Joe, talking to Dani and Jenn. “Frank would flirt with a blanket”….hahahaha

  7. Does anyone dislike Ian as much as I do? I’m from New Orleans and he’s my least favorite player! He sucks!! #TeamFrank

    • I’m kind of sitting on the fence about him. He made a move against Boogie which ended in his favor. But now he seems to have lost his ability to think things out to a decent conclusion. I think he wants to be the one that’s instumental in ousting Dan. To him this would be another game changer. And actually it would be. But his emotional reactions to defiance of his plans will lead him to be evicted before the first step is made.

    • I dislike Ian immensely. He is weird in all the wrong ways. I like Frank and he is my favorite. I will be really disappointed if he is evicted but unless a miracle happens I am afraid Dan has no loyalty toward Frank and will not save him. Even though Jenn used the veto to save Dan, it was Frank who talked Jenn into it. Hopefully, Frank will see that Dan is playing him before the eviction and expose Dan’s little plan with him and Jenn just like Dan did with Ian.

      • outing Dan won’t save him now. He should have outed Dan before Ian put him and Jenn on block. Ian would have put Dan up. If he outs Dan he still going home. My man Frank messed up letting Dan stay again

      • Yes!! Me too as a matter of fact I’ve decided if Frank goes home I’m done. I’m only one person but I’m beginning to think that BB are the ones who chose EVERYTHING in this game and they won’t miss me but that’s crap if he goes!!! I really wanted Ashley and Frank to win I know she’s an air head but it’s true. Good Luck Frank!!!!

  8. Yeah, Dan will take off Jenn & Ian will nominate Joe. The smart thing to do would be to get rid of Frank but I wouldn’t be surprised if they got rid of Joe because he is the biggest floater in the toilet bowl BB has ever had.

    • He’s not a threat for now, he doesn’t win comps like Frank. He only cooks and shoots off his loud mouth.

      • Have you eaten his food then? Because how could you judge his cooking without personally tasting it?

      • Just going by what the hg say. And his habit of not washing his hands before cooking….even if he just came out of the bathroom. If that doesn’t make his cooking suspect then i don’t know what does.

  9. To be as big of a Christian as he leads on to be. Maybe it was a bad idea for Dan to swear on the bible and his wife? About the F2 deal with Frank? Once Frank is gone dont think I will watch much more of this season.

    • Well said! Big Ted approved! I just hope Dan may still do the right thing and save Big Frank! The !!!s are Big Frank approved!

    • I see where you’re coming from and Dan IS in a tough spot. It is “just a game” but at the end of the day, the Lord isn’t going to cut Dan slack because its “just a game”. Lying is still lying whether you’re in “real life” or not.

      Dan does treat everyone nicely though when they have their down time so I respect that. I wonder if its tough for Dan to willingly go against God’s word. He seems fine with it though and plays this game ruthlessly regardless.

      • Not that I am a Dan fan, and I am not trying to get religious here, but I believe God has bigger things to worry about than Dan’s actions in a game. (Hitting people is wrong, but they dont go to hell in football where it’s your job to hit people)

  10. Frank is going to be sent home this week, and there will be no one left to cheer for. I guess BB it looks like it’s time to cancel Showtime!

  11. Can anyone think of a scenario where Frank can be saved? I just can’t stand the thought of him being evicted after what he did for Dan. He was also loyal to Boogie. Frank has been getting screwed by everyone except for Ashley and she went home because she was aligned with him. Is there any way for Frank to be saved?

    • Frank CAN be saved but its really up to Dan.

      I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but if Dan wins the veto, he could take down Jenn. Ian has said repeatedly that if the veto is used, Joe will be the replacement nominee. So if Dan wins the veto, takes down Jenn, Joe goes up and gets evicted, Frank would be safe.

      Its a longshot, but it could happen!

      • Oh my gosh it really could happen huh? I love the way you think. Okay so lets PRETEND that Jenn comes off the block and Joe goes up in her place. I think it’s gonna be a tie vote and Ian will make the final decision to get rid of Joe because by that time Frank will have filled Ian’s head with all kinds of promises and thoughts of puppies in hammocks.

      • I don’t think Ian would boot Joe out. He would want his move to “be a big game move” so he would vote out Frank.

      • As of tonight they’re setting it up for Joe to get back-doored. But that’s tonight, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  12. I can’t believe Shane and Ian are just going to let Dan go till end. Dan threw is team under bus. And there focus is still getting Frank out. I understand Frank is a beast and there scared of him but they should get Danielle out and cripple Dan. But nobody will get Danielle out she is final 3 and a good chance for final 2.

  13. Fact is Frank knew or should have known that Dan couldn’t be trusted. (Revert back to Boogie’s many statements on the matter.)

    What Frank’s last act before eviction should be is to out Dan to the Quackers !

    • Due to his loss of playing in the next 2 HOHs, he had to put his trust in SOMEBODY. None of the others came to him with a viable offer. I think he saw Dans plan as the only way to avoid eviction for the next two weeks. And even then, i’m sure he had his doubts about Dans sincerity. Outing Dan at the last moment could work. But a sneaky Dan could always blame it on Britney…as HER last act of defiance. Wording is everything and we all know Dan is a master at manipulating his words. Just the right turn of phrase and they won’t believe Frank…and Dan is back in business again.

    • The other Quack Packers already know about it so it will do FRANK absolutely no good except maybe with Joe!!

  14. Dan swore on the Bible as far as telling the truth about the QUACK PACK and Ian’s involvement in Mike’s exit. That’s all. Frank was stupid to make a deal with Dan, plain and simple, although he had few options available after knowing Ian was a traitor. Dan is smart and will lose a lot of my respect if he chooses to keep Frank this week. Of course, as we have seen there is evidence the BB production staff has shown interference and preference towards Frank and could influence Dan’s decision. It is a reality based, game show afterall, and CBS has already pushed the boundaries of cheating in my opinion. FRANK DESERVES TO GO HOME THIS WEEK.. Dan has proven himself to be a formidable contender.

  15. Frank is done, there is no reason for the HGs to keep him around over Joe. I dont blame Frank for saving Dan, he needed someone desperately to work with him and it was worth taking a shot. That said I will vomit if Danielle makes it to the final 2.

  16. I can only hope that Ian is still thinking that since Frank can’t play the next HoH that he should get out his partner, Jenn and then go after Frank. Hopefully, if that happens Frank can play and win PoV and remind Ian and the rest tht he is a strong player. I would hate to see Jenn go right now but she seems like she is going against Frank.

    • Lol.. If they make her stop she goes through the house like Godzilla through Tokyo. This girl on a hunger rampage is not a pretty sight.

    • She’s probably sleeping, exhausted from all that hard work taking Dan off the block. She’s not use to putting forth so much effort.

  17. For all of you that were so sure Dan only swore on the Bible about the QP, he just admitted that he swore on EVERYTHING that he would have a final 4 alliance with Frank. Ha, ha.

    • No he did not. What you say was an edited and cut scene recap before the beginning of the show. Please guest try to understand Dan only swore on the bible that he was going to tell frank the absolute truth about the quack pack. Not about any final deal. Though he did shake franks hand and look him in the eye and say final 2 the bible was not a part of that conversation. The only way you can clearly see this is to watch the entire scene on flashback of the live feeds. Then you get the context and proper order of what Dan said. When you have done that then come back here and let us all know your report on the conversation. Other wise stop relying on an edited for tv time recap. Because that’s not what happened.

      O and by the way I hate Dan and wish I could slam him for that being true but it isn’t.

      • You’re wrong. He just said he swore on his wife to keep Frank. Are you watching? Dan said it twice.

      • Again when you are basing your opinion on and edited for tv compilation of clips your opinion is uninformed in the least. Unless you have seen the full conversation on flashback of the live feeds there is no point in continuing to have this debate with you. Good day sir.

      • I don’t have the live feeds; I have a life. I am watching the show where Dan said twice that he swore on everything including his wife that he would align with Frank. You can not refute that. The words came directly from his mouth

      • I feel the same. I’m here to watch these people play and win BB…by hook or by crook. Not to decide if someones eternal soul is in jeopardy.

      • It’s crazy, a lot of people think it’s the ultimate litmus test on the kind of person you are I just didn’t want to debate them about the Bible because it should be on a different show. lol

  18. Dan should know at this point what kind of stage 5 clinger Danielle is and if he said girlfriend like jenn claims he is an idiot.

  19. So Jenn actually thinks she made a huge power play! She did what she was told to do. She is delusional. Poor thing. Wait until she watches the playbacks. Embarrassing.

  20. Frank is gone no matter what. Regardless of what Dan has done, Frank has a second home on the chopping block already. So don’t blame Frank’s demise on Dan’s lies. It has just been a matter of time for Frank. I don’t think that Frank has played it very smart from the start. He has proven time and time again that he is a formidable foe in the physical challenges and that will get you on the chopping block quicker than anything else because you are a threat. That arrogant stupidity is what has gotten Frank in this position long before Dan did anything to jeopardize him.

    • ALSO Frank has confessed to cheating and all of America saw him cheat last Wednesday and he has been a huge bully in the house and threatened people. It is Franks turn to get to stepping outside the door!!!!!!!!

      • What about Dan also talking during that comp but didn’t get called out on it. Why not ?? He said to Jenn, u are safe, when she was deciding if she should take slop or not for the summer

      • The rules at the beginning stated you are not allowed to help another player. Unfortunately it didn’t say anything about talking. I wondered about that as well & watched the episode again to get the truth.

  21. Watching cocky Ian in this episode was more than I could take.
    As a Dan fan, I’m disappointed in him turning his back on Frank and going back to the QuackPack. Mind you, I know this is a game of lying. But Dan swore on the Bible, to Chelsea and to his dead grandfather. That’s more than a little overboard, and more than a little lie. If he was a man of his word, he’d play Ian, and save Frank. I’m not even a Frank fan, but I respect his ability to persevere. And I would be totally disappointed in Dan if he turned his back on such a deep promise.

  22. To say Frank being too naive and trusting doesn’t sounds that right to me. At the end of the day, what he kept saying was there being nobody he could trust, period! When he learnt that Ian and Britney has been maniputlating him and Boogie all this long after getting a 2 wk ban from HOH comps, to put Brit up appeared to be his last resort and payback; working or not actually rely very much on how the next round of cards play out. When Ian won HOH, it is up to nobody other than reaching out for Dan. Afterall, my guess the next target would be Dan, unless Dan won the veto! I believe Dan knows it, and Ian wants it even he has not power in the coming week.

  23. Can someone riddle me this……… If Mr. Ian Terry is such the smart man and is so Good with numbers and knows everything about anything, Why the hell can’t he hit a ball in a pocket on the damn pool table???? It’s all about numbers Ian!!!!

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