Big Brother 14 Cast Semifinalists Selected

We are closing in on the premiere of Big Brother 14 with news from Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass that all of this season’s cast semifinalists have been notified.

Applicants who were still waiting to hear back can start preparing for next season’s auditions instead. Kass reminds BB Hopefuls, “Thousands apply, only a few make it. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP, your season could be soon!” She’s right. Keep trying!

It’s important to note that only the seminfinalists have been selected which means the casting process continues for Big Brother 14. CBS, executive producer Allison Grodner, and Kassting Inc. will all be involved in the further down-select process for whittling out this season’s final cast list.

We’re still weeks away from meeting the new Big Brother 14 cast, but we can expect to hear details on the house design, possible twists, and yes, the return of the Big Brother live feeds early bird discount sale very soon. We’ll keep you posted on everything as we get ready for the Big Brother 2012 season to premiere on July 12th. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and our email updates to get all that news sent to you.

Update: Robyn Kass indicates they’re getting closer, but still not done with casting:


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  1. Bring in some fresh new casts! It totally ruins the point of another possible All Stars season if old houseguests keep coming back into the house. No more Jessie either!

  2. I think they need to look back and check on who they want…i think they forgot some people…there are some people who were born and i do mean born to do this…they need to check the tapes again…is it also madatory to go to the casting call???

    • No, it’s not mandatory to go to the casting calls. The same group reviews both the online submissions and the casting event attendees.

      If you didn’t make the cut this year, then keep trying. Many past HGs have applied multiple seasons before being selected.

  3. After the debacle of last season; I’m very weary about the continuation of Big Brother.  I’m not the kind of person that gets disappointed because I don’t expect much from the human species anyway; but after seeing four of the returning house guests, three days after i purchased the entire summer of live feeds.  I realized I wasted hard earned money.  It was unfair & unjust; first of all, they were lacking in luster on their own season; then they come back again?  Really casting director?  I don’t even know if I can buy the live feeds this time because of the lack of intelligence that went into the last season of Big Brother?  And why is not being done twice a year yet?


      •  About 4 years ago, they ran a season from February to something like June.  Then they ran another one in July.  Both were good, but I think it was a lot of work, because they had to cast for two seasons within a couple months of each other.

  4. Have you ever considered giving the fans a vote? Let us know who the semi-finalists are and have a televised special several weeks of months prior to the start of the season and let people call in or go online to vote for potential players. You may get more viewers if we have an invested interest.

    • They did have viewers vote for BB7 All-Stars. Then there was some sort of voting for last preseason on which past duos should return, but that turned out to not influence the actual casting.

      I’m glad the casting directors have complete control since they’re paid to put in the personalities that they know which will gel and spark as needed. They all know a lot more about the finalists then we would learn from a picture and a 2 minute interview clip.

      • I doubt that Jesse will come back this season cause he’s too busy with his pro wrestling career….but u never know, cause he’s Allison’s puppy dog and she brings him back almost every season….☺…..

  5. I agree, would be nice to have a vote in the weekly process. Maybe have the HOH choose 3 people for elimination. Prior to the power of veto competition the general public gets to eliminate one of the 3. Or the HOH picks 2 and the general public votes to add a 3rd. Either way it would be nice to have the viewers involved in the process more than just picking the favorite goo for the week.

      • not only that Matt…..but there’s no way the fans can vote cause we have the 24 hr Live Feeds and know more on whats going on then the HG’s themselves, lol…..just wouldnt be fair to the HG’s…..☺…..

      • actually Matt BB1 was where all the houseguest’s picked two others and whoever had the most votes where the two nominee’s and then the viewers did the eviction vote

      • @b227e1941f582b3c0b25734396f2bb6f:disqus : Pardon my 12-year memory fade. The important part being that viewers voted on eliminations, as I described, an idea quickly dismissed after just one season.

  6. I enjoyed last season more that any other, with Jeff and Jorden, and Rachel and Brenden!
    I don’t think you will ever top that.
    I  have a very large group of BB fans that watch, we could watch with these four, every year!!

  7. I loved the all stars but looking forward some new angry, cranky, sad, hunky new  contestants….Oh please big brother bring bck an alcohol ridden wreck of a group, please!

  8. This is the same Tweet that Robyn gave us last week….nothing new has happened in a week…..come on Robyn, if u have nothing new then change up ur Tweets and give us something different……☺……

    BTW…Dick’s name is spelled….EVEL DICK…….EVEL with a “E”…..☺……

  9. It is the best when, as the view, you see everything going on and the others do not see the lies and trickery…having the viewers vote people out would be like american idol, plus they have the america’s vote for that

    • NO! I am also watching glass house.. but nothing will EVER top big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. New blood more ghost from the past.
    Hope they select some real players who are not afraid to play dirty.

  11. Can’t wait for Big Brother to start, I need my Live Feeds already, been so desperate that I’ve been watching seasons of Big Brother UK, not nearly the same, No HOH or Veto’s but BB UK better than no BB

  12. racheal and brandon made bb and jordon andjeff so the others were catty high school witches

  13. WON’T BE WATCHIN this season.  Should be all new people, not seasoned people….just more of the same….Rachel makes me throw up.

    • Loved my Brigade…..Best Alliance EVER !!!!!….3 of the 4 went to the Final 3……Meow, Meow, LOL….☺…..

  14. Please, NO BRENDEN, RACHEL, or JESSIE!  All new cast please.  those 3 were the most annoying, especially Rachel. Need new, snsarky people!!

  15. Some new blood and new faces would be good. No Rachael please. Could not take another season of her crying and whining.

  16. I LOVE Big Brother! i have been watching it forever. i hope they bring back Jeff and Jordon. I hope one day i will be on big brother!

  17. Can’t wait for the house guests to be revealed.  Should be another great season… 

  18. We all have our favorites, and most of us have the same favorites.  Big Brother is at its best when all the houseguests are total strangers, to us and to each other.  Old hgs returning would be like watching reruns, and THAT is not Big Brother.  I can hardly control my anticipation!  Come on, come on!

  19. They dont need to bring anybody back. They ruined the game last summer by CHEATING. We need all new people and make it a diverse CAST…..We want to see everyone, not just white people.

  20. I don’t want to see the biggest cry babies Brandon and Rachel again. I can’t stand them. Seeing them on  Amazing Race was a big dissappointment for me as well. I’m done watching them. Please do not bring them back!!!

    • No Rachel will be Hosting a Superpass show called “Rumor Control” with Danielle every Tuesday……but u will be able to see Rachel in the House as part of Media Day…☺…

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