Big Brother 13: Week 5 Eviction Predictions

It’s eviction time, or at least something close depending on the twist, on Big Brother 13 tonight so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Again this season I’ll be collecting predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here. Check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 13 Week 5 Eviction Predictions – Lawon or Rachel:

Big Brother 13 Lawon
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Big Brother 13 Lawon
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Lawon
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Big Brother 13 Lawon
Big Brother 13 Lawon

Who ever gets evicted tonight will have a chance to compete and return, but if it’s Lawon then does he really have much of a chance from what we’ve seen from him so far?

What do you think? Share your guess in the poll and explain why in the comments.


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  1. Kalia and Lawon – Dumb and Dumber. I think that their decisions will come back to bite them in the butt. Anybody who trust Rachel should be committed. Also, Shelley needs to go. I don’t like her even a little bit.

      • What makes it so bad is that Kalia is a terrible partner to have in the game. In the beginning, she wasn’t loyal to her own team of newbies when she voted Keith and Cassie out for eviction. She’s not even loyal to herself or have faith enough in her own game to take a chance and make a impact and dent in the vets game. Instead, of having courage to let the chips fall where the should have, she wimped out under pressure, she didn’t have enough faith in Danielle and some of the other team members to win the next HOH and she caved like a “BITCH” with her tail between her legs. I want her out!!! If I was there playing as a newbie, I would turn on her just as she turned on her team members and Danielle!

      • I hate to admit it, but I think Wayne may be right on this one. If she isn’t playing for Jeff and Jordon and would start playing for Shelly.

    • It kind of seems like her whining about her kid is just part of her Big Brother act.I think most of the houseguest know what she’s up to -with the exception of Kalia.

      • Kalia is the worst player in Big Brother history. Does she realize that they just gave the vets a pass to take her and Dani out together and that the other drones are going to follow the lead of the vets?!!! What an absolute DUMB ASS move she has made tonight!!! She deserves to lose and go up the next time. Instead of just three(3) vets, there are four(4) once again, against her and Danielle. She should’ve listened to Dani and played the game to win! At least all four(4) of them wouldn’t be in the house, because one would cancel out the other in the twist challenge! Kalia is the “ALL-TIME IDIOT” in the shows history next to Marcellos. And Lawon is a bigger “JACK ASS” than she is and he also lost to Brenden!!! OMG, Danielle please win this next HOH!!Please!!!

  2. Lawon is Marcellas#2. What an idiot and a waste of space. What did BB see in him when they cast this guy..he is a nice person but not BB material. Good riddance.

  3. I want to see lawon get evicted. The best move for adam and shelly would be to evict him, it would be there best move to get to a final 4 with jeff and jordan. I really hope bren comes back it will turn the house upside down.

    • Keeping a vet in the game is worse move for any newbie.

      As Newbie if you want any chance at 500K. You need to vote out the vets when you can.

      It is one problem I have with all these newbies. They are so starstruck it is pathetic

      • Adam and Shelly might be with JJ right now but I believe they will not just play to be second but to win..therefore going to F4 with the couple is not a good game plan.

      • I disagree I think jeff and jordan will be more faithful to adam and shelly then bren and rach. If one of bren and rach make it to the final 2 the jury will see how hard it was for them to get there and vote them to win. Jeff and jordan know that.

      • If the newbies have half a brain left, they will vote Rachel out. If Lewon is evicted, there is a chance another veteran will re-enter the house. I HATE Rachel with a passion but she’s usually good at winning challenges… The newbies need to get rid of her in order to survive in this game!

      • I disagree. I think taking Jordan to the final is the best decision for ANYBODY. Afterall, she already won 500k. Who is really going to give her another 500k? She might be THAT likeable to win again but I just dont see it. I LOVE JJ and hope they both make it. But taking Jordan to final is a good move I think.

      • Nathalle-

        Nobody knows that a previous HG can come back. They just think that whoever is evicted can come back. So they probably aren’t thinking that Brendon could come back. If that was the case, there would be ZERO chance of Rachel staying this week…

      • I really get your point about Jordan, but I’d still be afraid to take her to the final two. She’s got a horseshoe up her you know what. I like her, but I would have evicted her when she was on the block with Bookie. Not so much because I’m a BR fan, more because Jordan is a proven winner, so why keep her around?

      • I agree, if Lawan stays and Rachel leaves and then say, Domonic returns…that would be the worst case scenario for Adam. Right now Adam is sitting just fine if Brendon comes back and Rachel stays, because they still have Porsche Dani and Kalia they are gunning for. Even if Adam ends up on the block against one of the 3, he still has the numbers to stay.He needs to worry about actually making it to the F5 before he can think about who should be F4, right now especially if he votes to keep Rachel, all the vets and Shelly are on his side. So, if he evicts Rachel he is evicting an ally, and potentially gaining an enemy(Dom) Also, he kind of sounds like Lawon worrying about people coming after him..really Adam? you havent shown that your a feirce competitor or anything so I wouldn’t be to worried.

    • Also, if he keeps Rachel and Brendon comes back, whichever side has the power will not be worried about taking him out. He is actually almost guaranteed f5 because on the evil side of the house-Dani, Kalia, and Porsche will always be a bigger target than him. And on the awesome side of the house JJo and Brenchal and dare I even say Shelly, will always be a bigger target than him. I think he will vote to evict Lawan no matter what, lastnight on AD he seemed like the talk he was having with Lawan about being “undecided” was actually to cushion the blow when he votes to evict him. Cause he kept saying..”Do I keep a target or an ally” but I think he was really thinking, “do I keep a target, that 100 percent will go before I do if Dani’s side ends up with the power again this week, and if Rachel ends up in power, vise versa.” or “do I keep a good for nothing ally that no one will ever have to worry about losing a competition to?

    • what is it about all this newbies stuuf? the alliances have split, there are no more newbie/vet alliances. Adam saying he wants a newbie to win is bull, thats why he only says it to the newbies…duh. Adams best interest would be to keep *his* alliance happy and intact..meaning vote out Lawan,because his alliance is JeJo and Shelly..not all the newbies.

  4. I can’t wait to see Dani’s face tonight!! I am actually HOPING it is Brendon that returns! I can’t believe I am even wishing that!

      • I just watched After Dark, to check the scroll; it says exactly that “the evicted houseguest will compete against the 4 previous evicted houseguests for a chance to re-enter the game”! Ditto on the “What happened to America’s voice”?!

      • I think they just messed up the scroll. It’s gonna be the evicted HG against whoever CBS said won the poll. There’s no guarantee they will return tonite, but I hope it is tonight. Otherwise it would happen on the feeds and that doesn’t help the ratings, because the TV audience will know.

  5. Last night on BBAD they scrolled info that said the evicted houseguest would compete with the 4 evicted houseguests.What happened to Americas vote?

    • that is crazy…what the cob do they want America to vote if they aren’t going to go by it. I think they only want Brendon to come back to just make everyone mad and stop watching.

  6. If Brenda returns tonight Danimal wil be pissed but she will just have to get rid of him AGAIN..Brenda can try to bully others but it will not work on Danimal. Go Dani with your bad self.

    • Dani’s bad self is exactly, she has been playing super bhhhhaaaaadddd. Also, she said on AD lastnight that she would self-evict if Brendon came back in..what kind of player is that?

      • Want kind of player says she’s quiting ever time she dosen’t get her own way! Dani is playing her game sometimes you make bad choices but and least she ownes up to them and dosen’t cry all the time.

      • Rachel and Brenda have threatened to quit more than once. Pretty much Brenda did “quit” by not using PoV on himself. Also, he tried to “quit” last season.

      • Yes Brendan took himself out.Cassie’s is the one who kind got short changed since she couldn’t compete in the POV to save herself. Hopefully America gives her a chance.Dominic also dumped the POV.So why should he be allowed back.It was a dumb move on his part.

  7. I have a feeling I will be spending my night NOT watching BB. I’ll be spending my time canceling my life feeds and unliking BB on Facebook. :( Bringing back Brenden to have the Brenchel Show again is just NOT GOOD TV! My husband and I refuse to watch if Bookie walks back into the house. Thanks a lot to those Brenchel butt buddies that vote for Brenden a million times a day GGGRRRR…who wants to watch a show that is completely dedicated to that horrible couple…Brenden bullying and belittling EVERYONE and Rachel crying and acting childish…no thank you!

    • I’m sure cbs could care less if you stop watching but I garantee you will still watch it. Either way who cares.

      • I’m not the only one that will stop watching and cancel live feeds! That’s just NOT good tv. Numbers will go DOWN. They are in an unhealthy relationship and it’s quite disturbing…no wonder they (Brenchel) had issues with friends and family not talking to them after last show…and for all of you thinking they are great competitors…they lasted what…HALF the show last season…ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      • I agree! Brenden and Rachel have made this season hard to watch.. I was so glad when he left, and I want her gone.. I have enough crying and whining in my life I dont want to watch it on TV. I hope Cassi gets to come back and give Rachel Hell

      • You must be new watching the show. This year is horrible. Yes I think CBS will care if they start losing viewers.

      • I really do agree. I look forward to BB each year, and now that it’s here, I’m not that excited to watch it.

        Brendan and Rachel, in my opinion, are such a waste of space on the show. All they do is cry and baby each other non stop. I don’t know if they are just pretending to be morons or if they are just actually morons in real life, but they are boring to watch. How many cry fests and pity parties can they have?
        I’d rather watch Enzo or Jessie than these two jokers.

      • @ trisha…she was such a non-factor to the show. What if Rachel was evicted tonight and had to face Cassie? Cassie would stand absolutely no chance to win. What if Rachel won HOH this week? Rachel would do 1 of 2 things..get rid of Cassie, or make a deal with Cassie, that Cassie would be ok with, then their beef would be over. Total flop. At least if Brendon comes back, theyll be bringning back someone who can compete

      • I would like to know how CBS can bring back someone who did what Brandon did on the internet and say bb is a family show. You need to think(CBS) before you let people like him. Do not reward discussing behavior!!!

    • Stop your crying. Where is your proof that people will stop watching. There are so many bren and rach haters voting for bren. The know with him back that it is good for tv. Why would you wanna watch something that has no drama. And the reason they can’t get to the end is because they are so good and other HG’s are afraid to sit with one of them in the final 2.

      • IMO, the main reason Brenda is getting votes is mostly from J and J groupies and people who are more interested in a skanky showmance.
        If I really thought Brendan and Rachel were their faves and wanted them to win, I can respect that. But, to vote for him for the “drama” effect is a bunch of BS.

      • Becky, logic says if you vote them in for the drama is because you’d enjoy watching them the most. Isn’t that the point of voting? Voting for who you want to see come back, so you can watch?

      • I am not a groupie and I love J&J. Also, most nights about 20 of us watch BB, and almost everyone wants Brendon to come back.

        Since Brendon left, the show has been pretty boring. I voted for Brendon and called everyone I know and asked them to vote for him too.

        I can’t stand Dani & Kalia, all they do is sit around and talk trash about everyone else. Kalia thinks she is the most brilliant person to ever enter the BB house and Dani is so dilusional she said she was leaving her brain to science to be studied. PLEASE.

        I notice the people who hate Jordan all of a sudden hate her since she finally spoke up and told a few people off. You go girl.

    • Seriously!!! It’s live feeds!
      I hope Rachel can play on her own. I like her better that way.
      I would take Brenden back in the house and you not watching anymore.
      As long as i don’t have to read your homophobic comments. (Butt buddies)
      Some people don’t enjoy thoughtless comments that were thought up to put down a group of people.

      • You are just upset because you are in that category. CBS will see their numbers go down…just wait and see. Their own friends and family can’t stand it…neither can I, my husband and everyone else who hates watching them…the live feeds are dedicating wwwaaayyy too many cameras to them and it’s disgusting…good tv would be getting Dom back in the house and watching Rachel self destruct. I’m not even watching the episode tonight because I already know what’s going to go down…plus who wants to watch a show when you already know who’s going to win? Just stupid!

      • Who are they going to dedicate time to?
        “deep in thought” Lawon
        Kaligula shaving her legs.
        Adam eating bacon
        Porsha – doing nothing

        Those newbies barley do anything. It’s all about the Vets.

        It does not matter what category i fall under. If i knew more about you, would you like it if i made remarks about where you are from or who you are?

        Just think before you say things. If people think things are wrong or not right. They automatically say a homophobic remark. (butt buddies) Gay is A ok.
        I don’t care if no one agrees with me. People should just think before they do things.

      • I agree 100% RachelFan!! Sounds like WOW is a little jealous of Rachel and her “TV” time. I hope Rachel makes it to the end. IMO she IS a good player.

    • No u wont everybodt says thet when their favorite doesn’t make it and by the way the more fuss prople make the more the network likes it

    • Stop your crying. You talk about rach. Look at you. I bet your one of those kids that don’t get your way so you take what is yours and leaves. I’m done with you have fun pouting tonight. Either way ill watch it no matter what happens.

    • WOW, glad I could help you and your husband spend some quality time together away from the TV. VOTE BOOKIE!

  8. Im really torn between the non playing clueless Lawon or the arrogant pshyco fake cring Rachel. But I do agree Adam is getting scared that Brendon may come back and then hes screwed. And he holds all the power at the vote as Rachel has Jeff, Jordon and Shelly and Lawon has Dani, Porsche and maybe Adam with Kalia breaking the tie.

    As for the twist, IMO someone will get evicted Thursday and go to sequester. The HGs will play for HOH. Then Sunday will air the comp to return to the house in place of the food comp as the have-not thing is over now. The reason Im thinking this is because it says the voting will end 8/11 @ 11:59.

    As for who will return, I do feel CBS has their hand in controling this. I also agree that Brenda coming back would shake things up, it would totally screw Dani and the newbies though. Also it would be messed up after Brenda was just on last season, got to come back with Rachel, got evicted and get to come back AGAIN. As for PT, he would at least come back to play the game. But yes, not excited to see him and Dani smoosh all season either. And Cassi was a bit boring but I think that was the game she was playing, float.

    Final note, CBS did a horrible job casting this season. I think they wanted to do a allstars and didnt have enough people wanting to come back. I feel they should have tried to get seven non-couple Vets and paired them with seven newbies and had one vet and one newbie per pair. Anyway, just rambling, thanks for reading and would love your comments.

    • I think that would be a good idea. 7vets and 7 newbies. That’s a really good idea

      I hope CBS messes with the results. If Rachel is voted out they put her up against Cassie or something, ensuring she is back in the house. I don’t want to see her cry anymore. Everyday without Brenden is just… great…

      Even if Adam change shis vote making it a tie, Kaligula will probably keep Rachel for fear of her returning and kicking her booty out the house the next week.

      I would love to see Rachel and Danimal in an endurance comp.

      Keep Lawon, let him come back… he will just be “deep in thought” the rest of the game.

      Oh Lord in heaven save my Red Head – Amin

      • We saw Rachel and Dani in an endurance comp. week one on the bananas…they were the last 2 up there, Dani chose to deal with Rachel and let her win..usually meaning Dani was about to fall off lol. Rachel was rock solid

    • if Adam vottes to evict R JJ will be mad at him and if B comes back Adam will have a huge target on his back if Bookie finds out he flipped

      • good thought Ella, i’m sure Shelly will make that fact known to him soon. All the more hope for Rachel to stay :-)

      • @ Disco..I 100% disagree with that. I think they will decide that Brendon has a better chance since Rachel has become an absolute emotional wreck since he left..She is more tolerable but her game play has been effected by it.
        @ Ella- I do not think Adam will flip. Then he would be trading Rachel for Brendon…really no difference, at least if he doesn’t flip, they will be on his side. But if he does flip and Lawon stays then Dom comes back…then what? Adam will not be someone who will stay around long. I dk why everyone keeps saying Brendon returning isnt good for Adams game, Dom returning is worse..dont we all remember Dom saying that Adam is on his radar becuase he no longer trusts him? that was before Dom realized he didn’t really hold any power to even have a radar lo.l

    • I like your last point…

      It would have been cool to see them paired newbie-vet… CBS probably wanted to do all-stars but all of them as dynamic duos but they couldn’t get enough of them…

      What might have also worked better is bringing back 6 vets and making them pair up randomly in the same way. Just think that the newbie’s pairings were so sporadic and random that there was no way they would have worked, while on the other side were 3 of the most proven duos in recent years (aside from Dan and Memphis)…

      Which by the way is still my favorite season, they absolutely ruled the house with the Renegades + Renny and Keesha. And Dan is the smartest player to play the game (Yes, I know… Dr.Will… Evil Dick… but they had totally different game plans that involved scaring everyone else to win [which was awesome too!])

      Sorry… back on track… I voted for Bookie to come back in, which was weird to me since Brenchel annoy the heck out if me… but they are part of the JJ&S alliance, so go vets.

      My finals hopes:

      Final Three – Jeff, Jordan, Shelly

      Final Two – Jeff & Shelly

      Winner – Either would be great, but go Jeff!

      • Maybe all the JeJo supporters will do what they can to see their alliance back together. That’s kind of an awesome thought.

        If Brenden is not back next week, I think JeJo will become a big target and Jeff will go home, leaving Jordan alone.
        Best case they all stay together. final 4

        Jeff, Rachel, Jordan, Shelly

  9. I will always want Rachel out of the house, however, she is a good competitor so if she got evicted she may get to come back….BAD IDEA! I just pray Dominic is america’s pick and NOT BRENDA (yes I called him Brenda). Dominic could beat Lawon with his eyes closed and come to rescue Danielle from the idiots she is surrounded with!!

      • why is it that is ok for somebody to come back in to help Daminal and not the other way around
        ? It”s a 2 way street When is somebody back to help JJ or R then it becames fixed or called an unfair advantage again u cant be a little pregnent

      • I agree with you Ella. What happened? Yesterday there was much love for Rachel and JeJo.
        Today it seems all the Vet hatters have come out to blog.

      • Im here! lol..but I agree with Amanda in a way. The house would be alot smarter for evicting Lawan across the board, and I think Dani will think about that, she would much rather take the chance of Domonic coming back in the game and playing against Lawan, than Rachel. However,lets hope it is Brendon! not Dom! I do disagree though with saving Dani from the idiots she is surrounded by…pretty sure she is captain retard, leading her troops

  10. I have always enjoyed Big Brother but this year is so predictable. You know what is going to happen before it even does. It is so set on the veterans causing heck. How can anyone stand 1 minute of listening to Rachel and her wining self. Jordan acting like she is 10 years old and Jeff acting like he is the boss over everyone. If you wanted to have an ALLSTAR show then fine, but this is BORING…………………..

  11. I absolutely love Rachel vs Danimal.

    For the rest of the game those 2 will have the biggest targets on their backs.

    Can you imagine an HOH endurance comp between the 2of them. that could go for hours. CBS needs to make that happen before one is voted out.

    It would be funny to see Cassie back because she would have only Shelly. Posha is with Danimal’s group and Rachel with JeJo.
    I wonder how she would navigate that situation.

  12. The more people cbs can piss off the more they like it. Its the people they bore they worry about and they know by bringing bren back pisses a lot of people off. They know the people who say there gonna stop watching are the people who are pissed off and that they will continue to watch. And to wow your one of the people who will be pissed and will continue to watch it until bre and rach are both out then you will get bored and that’s when you will stop watching.

  13. The only good thing about Brenda coming back is that it will weaken the chances of the overrated JJ winning. Jeff can barely beat Adam in a challenge much less Brendon.

  14. Would love to see Rachel GO…..She is to winey for me…..Shelly I do not trust one bit….I hope Dom comes back and teams up with Danielle….and they go up against Jeff & Jordan…..JMHO

  15. Well i hope brendon returns.
    But for that to happen it needs to be lawon to be voted out.
    I loved to see dani face when lawon offered himself to go on to be evicted.
    If dominic wins the america vote… wtf did he do to play the game? He just got in, grabbed the cheerleader, the geek and the playboy and used them. He failed very hard… Since he started to send them out easily. Then he lost the cheerleader, he grabbed Dani and tryed to use her to get into the vets alliance. She was so in love with the “team leader” that she breaked the vets alliance and got a big target on her, since 5 persons on the house want her out.
    Kalia is kinda the chick that wants to get into the cheerleaders group, so she does what the cheerleader tells her to do.
    And now we have dani trying to drag porshe out of her hideout. If porshe does that, she will be the next one out the door.
    I think that the returning houseguest will be the HOH for the next week but he can´t play the veto competition.

  16. Well firstly I think that calling Brendan “Brenda” is a serious insult to women named Brenda everywhere, (no offense to anyone calling him that of course), even though he comes off a little feminine.

    Some advice to my fellow Rachel haters, hold onto the remote with your finger on the mute button… every time she comes on I hit mute and it makes the show bearable.

    As for myself as soon as I saw the “twist” I knew that butt-head Brenden (apologizes to butt-heads everywhere) was going to be “America’s Choice” and if Rachel was evicted one or the other would bow down to let the other go back in… or who ever was evicted he would be back in the house, sad actually, they just are nasty human beings without very many redeeming qualities.

    That said remember the mute button is our friend.

    • oh u know them personally?Because if u dont right now u a r ecxactly like what u think of them ur judging somebody that u dont even know only by some of their actions on a reality show were they probably were told to create as much drama possible this people r interviewd and encouraged to behave a certain way

      • ellablue…you might be too “sensitive” to be on here…calm down…we are just speaking our opinions and I happen to think the comments made were GREAT ONES! Go Holiday!!! ;)

      • oh this coming from the person that if Bookie comes back will quit watching and cancel her feeds? Again why r only u allowed to have an opinion just because I like team RB doesnt mean Im so sensitive I respect ur opinions respect mine please

    • Abusive? if anything he is a pushover. I can’t believe that some people can get so wrapped up in the show to actually go as far as saying some of the hgs are “worthless people” and “nasty humans” that is just weird to me. On the other hand, why are all you Brenchal haters complaining? Because correct me if I am wrong but good or bad..Brenchal are the most talked about hgs. So duh….of course CBS knows that’s their best chance for rating…not only do the Brenchal fans want them there, but the haters hate them sooo much that they dont concentrate on anyone else, and even still continue to watch, just to talk bad about what they do and how they act and look and talk and whine and compete and cheer eachother on and hate eachother then love eachother, then lay in the hammock and go over their plans and then kiss, and the use vetos on eachother because at the end of the day theyre engaged and either way, one of them were going home. OHHHH WAIIITT hey they are humans? yeah thats what I thought. none of you guys have any idea what it would be like to be in that house who are we to judge? I think the Brenchal haters are the most addicted to them…its like kicking crack, they know its bad for them but they let it cosume them….hah

    • Geez, get a grip people. If I’d known that my humble opinion could annoy so many with so few words I’d have started doing this a LONG time ago. ROFLMAO

  17. Yah I’m not against the vets at all. I just really can’t stand Brenden or Rachel. I love Jeff and Jordan, I love Dani…that’s about it though! Seems like this season is pretty predictable…I feel like I could tell you all what’s going to go down from now till the end of the season…that’s NOT good tv at all…mix things up!!! I think Jeff and Jordan would go farther WITHOUT Brenchel. They team up with shady Shelly and take everyone else out. I already know my girl Dani isn’t going to last long…she teamed up with the WRONG person…Kalia trusts people’s word way too much! Doesn’t she know she’s going to be on the block regardless of the “deals” she makes with everyone? She pretty much threw herself and Dani under the bus.

    • WOW- please enlighten us, I just want to make sure you can tell us what will happen, then when it doesn’t…we can come back here and say…see not that predictable right?

    • I couldnt belive it either. She really beleives JJ are going to forgive her since she got rid of Lawon. lol And trusting Rachel wont go back on a deal when thats what got PT evicted. And Dani tries to tell her but she beleives everything Shelly says. She wont be around long if she doesnt wake up and smell the BS.

  18. I agree with alot of what’s being said. CBS has been manipulating whats been going on in the game. I wish this season would of been all newbies or an all-star season. I dont even want to go there with this ‘couples’ thing, it didnt give the newbies a chance. Right now I’m not sure who I want to come back. Actually it would fun to see an alliance of Dani/Rachael, they are both strong women. All I now for sure is I cant wait for Shelley Spider to get tangled in her web! Just for that I’ll keep watching.

    • How did the newbies not get a chance? they all played in every HOH competition. The newbies put on the block all played in the veto as well. Just because Brendon and Rachel/ Jeff and Jordan took over and dominated the first few weeks doesnt mean they didnt have a chance, it just meant they werent good enough. Everyone has the same chance. It could have been as easy as week 1, Keith win HOH instead of running his mouth, nominate Brendon and Rachel one of them goes home, assuming they don’t win the POV(which is unlikely, but doesnt mean the newbies didnt have a chance) Even if they did win pov then replace with Jordan and Jeff one of them goes for sure, then next week do the same thing, with Dom winning HOH…They didnt step up, the vets won those comps fair and square, the newbies had every bit of a chance. Even now with Kalia, she could have put Jordan on the block next to Rachel but she punked out because she was afraid of them coming after her. There have been numerous chances to split up the couples and the only one who was smart enough to do so was yet another vet..Dani.

      • I agree they had a chance. But I disagree with the vets being so strong, all the newbies wanted to throw comps and and float. Then Shelly and Kalia flipped on them WEEK 1.

        There went their chance.

      • They didnt throw any HOH comps..besides Shelly, which we all know she wouldnt have won that banana comp anyway. But other than that, Keith threw his veto comp, just to get Porsche out and get the key and Dom threw his because he thought it would save him. But think about it, the one Keith threw was that veto puzzle…d you really think they would have beat Brenchal at that anyway? and then the one Dom threw was the hair plucking ome, Brendon is the king at the spelling comps..I doubt Dom would have won that either. So even with them throwing the comps or not, the vets won the HOH comps which they were all competing for.

      • and about Shelly and Kalia flipping on them..well that goes right back to them winning the HOH, if they were able to do that, then it wouldnt have mattered. But they werent.

  19. Even if Brendon gets back (if he is the one voted back I am sure it was rigged) Dani will just go after both of them guns blazing, it is obvious that this twist was put into place to benefit DANIELE, not Brenchel, last year CBS edited Brenchel and the year before they edited JJ to make them look all good/happy/lovey dovey, this year they are showing their true colours and it is obvious CBS is siding with Daniele.

    • Well I’m glad a Dani fan can admit that this whole season so far has been geared toward her. However your forgetting one thing, Dani can come back guns blazing all she wants, but she is nothing without Evel Dick by her side if you couldn’t tell. She was an active participant in coming up with the dumbest plan in the history of BB and not only that, she is so cocky to think that at the clap of a hand she can change the votes around…only if she knew how stupid she really looks right now.

  20. @wow. I’d say your pretty sensitive. If you say you will stop watching if it doesn’t go the way you want it to go.

    • Not really…I just can’t stand them and would HATE to have to watch them back in the house together again…acting like their s&*% don’t stink…acting like the Queen and King of BB…it was disturbing…I was sooo happy when Brenden left. Honestly I couldn’t stand any more of them and WILL stop watching. They have black nasty hearts.

  21. My husband and I are HUGE Evil Dick fans…if we were sensitive we would have stopped watching after he left :) My screen name on other sites is Gonzo4Dick…so yah…I don’t know where ya’ll are coming from. I’m Brenchel bashing and have every right to. Rachel is the SAME person she was last season…thinking everyone hates her and it’s them…umm..NO hun IT’S YOU!

  22. Wow.. Some people really are pathetic.. The show is so set up.. Brendan is clearly going to come back.. He makes the show dramatic and that’s what CBS wants. Rachel and breendan are pathetic excuses for human beings.. Big macho man crying on national television get a grip.. Brendan and Rachel did all there coming back last year.. Let the newbie have a chance.. They were screwed from the beginning..

    • how were the newbies screwed from the beginning? they also had their chance. They decided to bite off way more than they could chew, they all have collectively played the worst game in BB history. From Keith and Dom throwing their vetos comps, to Lawan wanting to get evicted. The newbies do not deserve a chance playing the game their playing, with the exception of maybe, Shelly. But even her, she needs to win a comp sooner or later. As opposed to Brendon and Rachel, who actually play the game and fight to be there. If it were one of your favorite past guests you’d be rooting for them. How anyone can say the newbies deserve a chance after all they have screwed up this season is beyond me. And not to mention the fact that besides Dani, all of the golden key holders were newbies, so how could they have been screwed from the beginning?

      • exactly Ella, if anything we should be saying JeJo and Brenchal got screwed, cause Dani got that key for no reason, and the week she tried to get Jeff out, Rachel was HOH, and Brendon won POV, they could have easily backdoored her, but she had some stupid power she didn’t even have to earn. then in turn ended up sending Brendon home the next week. That is why I think not only does Brendon deserve a chance to come back, but CBS will let him regrdless because if anyone got screwed here, it was definitely him and Rachel.

    • What is with the bashing of Brenchel? Calling them poor excesses for human beings.
      What does that say about you?
      You have the right to judge people so harshly. Dislike them or even hate them but man that’s harsh.
      Most of us should be glad we are not in that house, If the public saw the worst of us they would be treating us the same way.

  23. I think the fans on the site is taking this way to personal. Please remember its just a game. Put yourself in a house with stangers and no connection to the outside world and see how you would act. It is a hard thing to do. Not to have communication with your family for 3 months. So stop being so judgemental and enjoy the game. No more personal attacks.

    • I agree sorry if I offended anybody It was not my intention
      I said it before we can agree to desagree and we can do it in a civil matter

  24. I love this site and I love commenting.
    Today however is really full of mean people who call people names.
    Where are all the nice bloggers… where did they go…

  25. And you calling him “bookie” actually irritates him remember??? So you aren’t really doing your butt kissing self any justice.

  26. BUT…my 5 year old reading me stories is FFFAAARRR more interesting than this…so I’m OUT! Bash WOW away…lol…just makes me smile and laugh that you guys have nothing better to do than bash me…but WHATEVER! Screw you guys…I’m goin’ home! :)

  27. I have a feeling that the two evicted house guest that are battling wont know who there battling till the end of the mini comp..

  28. I personally hate the show this year. I think putting former winner/players in the house made it too lopsided. The new ones have no clue how to play and the others roll over them. I hate that Rachel will not be voted out. I’m sick of her crying (fake), her complaining and mostly HER MAN!!! Big Brother needs to do something to make the show interesting because it’s BORING!

  29. Don’t like any of the noob’s.. They all need to go home.I like Jeff and Jordon,but don’t want to see them win again. Would love to see Brendon brought back just to make Dani,and her Puppet mad. Would really LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Rachel win.I think she is not a bad person just gets a bad edit… GOOOOOOOO RACHEL!!!!

    • o please have you been watching her on live feeds? She acts like a two year old (SORRY TO ALL OF YOU TWO YEAR OLDS)It’s not that I don’t like her but please even if this a game she can act her age and not whin over everthing.

      • Yes I watch the feeds. She is emotional.. So what.Yes it is a game.From what I can see,Big Brother is a very stressful game. She deals with it the only way she knows how.Just because someone doesn’t deal with things the same way you do, doesn’t make them bad people..Just makes them different.. Goooo Brenchel & JeJo

  30. Why all the speculation about who’s getting evicted .Lawan volunteered to not only go up but to be evicted.So in this house of fear and paranoia the only surprise will be if it’s not a shut out.Rachel’s safe.Floaters grab your life vest Big Red’s smelling blood.

  31. Wow…what a bad move on Kalia’s part. Why would you put a floater like Lawon to compete against Rachel.. Does she not relaize she will never be in good terms with Rachel and Jeff. She just screwed herself and Dani bc if Brendan wins Americas vote, there is no way Lawon will beat him in a competition. She will have Rachel and Brendan again in the house together…What a STUPID move.

  32. I agree with most of you, this year has been pretty disapointing so far, i really can’t stand Rachel or Brendon they the most idiotic human being i ever seen, i really hope they’re just putting on an act for tv, i never seen grown folks act like such idiots they suck at winning and losing, Doc and boogie should have came back this year instead of these morons.And if Lawon gets evicted i really hope Dom come back and goes after Shelly for being such a sellout/bigmouth and Rachel just bc

  33. what a joke .I knew rachels better half would be back. Kalia or what ever her name is will get voted out for being such a wimp.She looked real stupid cheering for brendan to win the veto after she put him on the block. What a flake.

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