Big Brother 13: Week 2 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Saturdays are going to be a stressful day in the Big Brother house this season. Nominees have just been placed upon the block the night before and now they have to fight for their lives with the Veto Competition. There’s no rest for the weary. Well, unless you’re Kalia. She gets lots of rest.

Read on to find out all the details and see who come out on top with the Veto and what sort of deals were made as a result.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 16, 2011:

10:45 AM BBT – Jordan and Kalia discussing HGs in the HoH Room. Kalia warns Jordan that Dominic is closely following Cassi’s lead and she could be a danger.

12:15 PM BBT – Daniele is pushing Rachel to consider saving Dominic. She wants Brenchel to throw the competition. Daniele has been pushing hard to save this guy.

3:30 PM BBTLive Feeds return from the Veto Competition. Jeff is furious. Rachel seems to have made a scene and distracted Jeff when he was near completion. Jordan says she’ll have to put up Shelly and Cassi now that Dominic and Adam have the Veto.

3:35 PM BBT – Meanwhile, Brendon is lecturing Rachel on her bad behavior. He’s whining and she’s whining back in return. Brendon says she’s playing a terrible social game and she has to fix it now.

4:00 PM BBT – Shelly comes up to the HoH Room to talk with Jeff and Jordan. They warn her she may have to go up but she is “150% safe.” She says she’ll play the part and go around campaigning. I’m becoming more impressed with Shelly’s game play as the days go on and I was on “completely unimpressed” just a few days ago.

4:15 PM BBT – Cassi goes to Jeff and Jordan and tells them she would want to work with them. After she leaves Jordan wonders if maybe they don’t have to put them up. Jeff insists they do.

5:45 PM BBT – Rachel talks to Dominic and claims she was going to use the Veto on him if they won it. It hadn’t been decided, but with Daniele in Rachel’s ear all morning it was a definite possibility.

8:15 PM BBT – Jordan details to Kalia how she only has old, crappy hand-me-down cell phones. She doesn’t buy new ones, but gets them from people after they’re done with them. Keep in mind this woman won a half-million dollars less than two years ago, but she won’t buy herself a new phone…

9:15 PM BBT – Jordan and Kalia have moved over to the bathroom and are hanging out in the tub and drinking wine.

9:50 PM BBTOhhh… Rachel offers an alliance to Dominic with her, Brendon, and Daniele. Brenchel is moving to cut out Jeff and Jordan.

11:00 PM BBT – Brendon and Daniele discussing targeting Lawon next week. What a brave choice…

It was a crazy nuts day in the game. The veto competition shifted the power away from the Vets for the first time and over to the Newbs. While Dominic and Adam have the Veto they’ll both have to agree to use it before it can be played. Interestingly, none of the Vets seem to be discussing that. Right now it looks like the end of the road for Cassi as she’ll most likely be the replacement nominee during Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

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  1. Hi all well at least this season is starting with actual game playing but I think J&J need think about having a side alliance with some newbies, looks like Brenchal is already thinking that. Daniele is there so im good. Lets hope for some good drama this week before live eviction.

  2. Really? Racheal can never keep her fat mouth shut!! Then it’s oh feel sorry for me crap. The b#@$ has no brains! JJ need to start thinking how they can backdoor her as they are them> She ( Racheal) is an ebaresment to everyone here in Vegas!!

  3. Jeff and Jordan better get Vrenchal out before they get got! I can’t stand Brenchal!!

  4. A half a million dollars is not a lot of money, and I think Jordan’s smart with being frugal with that money.

    I also agree that Jeff and Jordan need a side alliance, I hope Danielle moves over with them because Rachel is so annoying and Brendon just does whatever Rachel says (and Rachel makes dumb decisions)

    • she brought a home for her mom and bro to live in.that’s all she talked about her season. after that her business and something else she didn’t have that much money left…

  5. Now, this is interesting! I could seriously get behind Brenchel, Daniele, and Dominic. I think Daniele and Dom are playing really great games.

  6. I would like Daniele and Dominic to align with Jeff and Jordan. Jordan should jump on her chance now to backdoor Brendan/Rachel..

  7. daniele will win this game. keep watching. she is already hooking up her backup, aka her dummies, aka her defense shield with dominic. she deosnt like-like him, but if he thinks she does, he’ll have her back which now that her dad is not their is important. JJ are more annoying this season, hopefully when this season is over we never have to see them in that house again. same with brenchel. he’s a b*tch and so is she.

  8. Interesting the way the game is shaping up against J&J…i think the best move right now is just backdoor Brenchel this week and hope for the best, i know Jeff will figure out the best move… =)

    • I so agree… backdoor Brenchel will at least get rid of one of them and only leave the other safe 2 more weeks. Unfortunately, Jeff will act lick a jerk so they keep Rachel like he did in his season. Hope it would backfire now like it did then. He became a completely different player after she left the game.

    • I agree HoH8. I wish Jeff would catch Rachel plotting against him amd Jordan and then for sure they would get backdoored!!!

      • Jeff & Jordan spend too much time in the land of butterflies & rainbows and miss whats going on right under their noses. Jeff thinks they have plenty of time yet to bring Dom on their side. Too Late!! He made a deal with Rachael last night. Brendon not too happy with it though.

  9. I can’t believe that that Jordan & Jeff put dominic & Adam up !!! I haven’t seen the last 2 B.B.A.D so I am really behind.I am so glad to see that the newbies will have control of the H. They now need to get rid of Shelly….I can’t stand her. She thinks she is a know it all,with all her “GREAT” speeches !!!! She doesn’t have a clue of what the game is all about.She will find out soon when they turn against her.. can’t wait for that day !!! Kalia and Porsche should be next on the list..

  10. wouldn’t it be interesting if Dom and Adam used the POV on themselves and JJ braved a move and put up Brenchel? Talk about rocking the house and putting a crimp in some of the newbies that are foolish enough to think the vets are going to protect them, and put a crimp in Brenchel’s game play? Might allow some of us Brenchel haters to get back into watching the show! Am I a Brenchel hater? Absolutely! Am I a dedicated fan this year? Not since those 2 morons walked through the door. I catch it when I can and read what I need to on Twitter. Just can’t be bothered now!

  11. I can’t believe Rachel is already willing to throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus and break up their alliance. What a bitch!!! I sure hope this comes back to bite her…Jeff and Jordan need to either work with Shelly and Cassie or try to get Danielle and Dominic to work with them. I think Shelly and Cassie may be more loyal. I don’t trust Danielle very much. She is also trying to throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus.

      • Danielle has been telling everyone she is on there side…she’s the biggest player in the house. She sure learned a lot from her dad!!!

      • I think everyone underestimated Daniele the first time she played this game. I think had she been up against anyone else for the finale in her season she’d have won. Her dad just had a better, more strategic, bullying type of game. This time now her dad is gone, she will be able to prove how good of a player she can be. With that being said, I want a newbie to win. I’ve never agreed with all these reality shows mixing new players with vets because the vets had a fair shot at winning their game whether it’s Survivor, Big Brother, Apprentice, etc… Only time I ever agree to vets coming back is if it’s a completely vets cast…

  12. This started out with 6 veterans and 8 new
    houseguests, now we have 5 veterans and 7 new
    houseguests. I think this season is way,way
    better with the game play. That said, I think
    Rachel is making the same mistake as last season.
    She should stick with the veterans this early in
    the game ateast. The veterans will be gunning for
    each other but, now is not the time. Those new
    houseguests who aligned themselves with the veterans are the smart ones. They give themselves
    a chance to advance longer in the game. Those that
    don’t will get themselves boot out early. Jeff and
    Jordan need to make side alliances with other new
    houseguests because that is their insurance policy.
    Trust only goes so far as this is a game and there
    is a substantial amount of money to be won at the
    end! Cassie seems to not have made enough effort
    to form strong alliances and she should have stuck
    to the veterans instead of Dominic who is only scheming to use her! If Shelley and Cassie are put
    up—-Cassie will probably get booted up! She does
    not seem to have the smarts to play this game so,
    if she goes, it would not be a big loss to the game!

  13. It would be a bad move to backdoor brenchel right now. If they do that then only Jeff can compete in the next HOH and if he loses then J&J will definitely be going up, unless they can win POV then that can change things.

  14. I am real curious to see the veto comp. now. It sounds like Racheal is up to her usual pettiness. She probably caused problems so Adam/Dom won the Veto thinking Jordan will put up Cassi.Racheal is nothing but petty and jealous. Because she can’t control Cassi like she can dimwitted Porshe she wants her gone. That is her reasoning to the others but really she is just jealous of Cassi.See Cassi is not stupid enough to want Racheals man, YUK!! But that is how Racheals mind works. I hope Cassi makes it to the top 10. I know the writings already on the wall probably. I would like to see what would happen if she wasnt paired up with Shelly. Wonder if she and Lawon have figured out it was their partners who voted with the vets. I expected that of Kalia but not Shelly. Did like Shelly at first but not now. Especially after the stunt she pulled the night before the eviction. It wasnt necessary to give Keith that big go fight for yourself talk when she knew how she was gonna vote him out and he didnt have a chance.I realize at some point it might become necessary to lie but that was just pure let me screw with him and have fun at his expense.

    • Kim @ I am glad to see someone else agreed with me. The H.G. does not see that Shelly is working both sides. Sooner or later it will catch up with her…than she will be sorry that she played the H.G. the way she did. She is not the “QUEEN” of the house !!!

  15. Are you all kidding me? Are you unintelligent!? Why so you guys act like Brendon and Rachel are so bad? Is you judgement clouded by something, such as JEALOUSLY?

    Most of you, here, are writing, that “I can’t believe, Brenchel is already plotting to get rid of Jeff and Jordan”. UH, news flash, Jeff and Jordan have already DISCUSSED kicking out, backdooring BRENCHEL. Idiots, open your eyes… Jeff and Jordan, are as WORSE as Brenchel. As soon as Jordan got power, the alliance was haywire. So look at it like that.

  16. Cassi is the hottest one on the house this season. Anyone else notice how much she looks like that girl on house?

  17. Rachel’s biggest problem/issue is the fact that she wants to be the best looking woman in the house. Last season as HOH, she put women who she thought were more attractive up on the block. This season she puts up Porsche as HOH (but it didn’t work) and then she manipulated the POV competition to “adjust” the nominations to put up Cassi the following week. Rachel definitely has self esteem and vanity problems and let’s her emotions run the way that she plays the game as a result. The newbies need to realize this and use it against her if they really want to make a move in the house/game.

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