Big Brother 13: Week 1 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 13 and HGs can’t be happy. To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” for the spoilers. I’m hoping this injects even more drama in the house considering how active things were this weekend before the Veto Ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the power, Rachel, decided to keep her nominations of Keith and Porsche in place and did not use the Veto power. That means one of those two nominees will be walking out the door on Thursday night while the other joins Daniele in the ranks of Golden Keys.

Porsche is telling Keith that she is fully expecting him to campaign against her and say terrible this week as Thursday approaches. Keith says he won’t be dirty, but he will campaign because he has to do it.

What do you think? Which of these two should be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Share your thoughts below.

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    • I wish like crazy they would get rid of Porsche I do not like this girl. Too bad Keith doesn’t really know how to play the game he talks too much!!

  1. I think keith is a weird one and scarey. Porscha should give Dom his mattress back. I would like to see Keith voted out

  2. Both are strange. As much as Porsche is good for eye-candy, she is a bit too proud. If she stays, her impression has been made and will not last. Keith just has to mellow out, stick with Adam and Dom and he’ll be fine.

    Either one being gone will not change the dynamic. The game will not be off and rolling till Rachel gets good and plastered. We already had the loud cheerleader stuff last night. So we wait.

    • I totally agree! I really want Porsche gone.

      I can’t decide who I find more annoying (probably Porsche), but I think Keith would do more damage in the game if he stayed and learned to keep himself in check.

      It doesn’t seem like anybody really, truly likes Porsche. So even if she gets a Golden Key, I think she’ll be at the bottom and out of the house super soon.

  3. The HG’s should be more concern on Porsche getting the Golden Key rather then Keith leaving….this Power is gonna change the game…. :-)

  4. No Veto used, current noms must abide
    Strategy is tough, they have to decide
    Campaign hard… or a quiet church mouse
    Soon they’ll kick one out of them out o’ the house

    Who do you think should be the one to go?
    “Come –on-strong” Keith, or the irritating ho?
    (It’s all just in fun… I don’t mean to label
    I’m sure they’re both nice, personalities stable)

    I, for one, will predict the upcoming event
    With a guess of which houseguest to home will be sent:
    I think that Keith will be at home eating borsht
    While producers will give “The Golden Key” to a Porsche!

  5. Can’t stand Porshe, but I’d rather see Keith go. He played with his Evel Dick instead of his brains.

    • lol, to think that he talked to the youth at church about temptation but he cant keep “it” in his pants.

  6. Need the Deacon gone. Not made for the game anyway. Liar pants on fore Deacon.

  7. i agree with alot of u they both get on my nervers, but the guys like eye-candy & keith could be a big threat later on! So what to do!

  8. Keith is SO GOING HOME! During the preseason, I knew he is going to be an early target because of his terrible strategy. I guess I was right!

  9. All the old players have to do is get either Adam/Shelby/Kalia(I think those are the names)to vote with them and Keith goes. Is Brendon allowed to vote?

  10. i liked Keith on the first night, i thought he was very fun and interesting. i didnt really like porsche from the beginning, with her “hottest person everywhere i go” attitude. i would be somewhat sad if Keith leaves on thursday.

  11. Im loving this season! i cant stand rachel, but that chick is unstoppable! Im still TEAM J&J!!

  12. keith needs to go. is ignorant to how the game works. more than he should be as a rookie. plus he talks to much about hooking up with the girls. get em’ out. he is already losing it this week, just like annie her first week after she got put up. and for the love of allison im so sick of jeff and jordan. YUCK YUCK YUCK.if i wanted to watch newlyweds, i’d go buy it from the 50% off of items 99 cents or less bin from wal-mart. dont get why everyone loves them.

  13. we won’t be watching anymore this year….rachel is about t he most obnoxious human being we’ve ever seen on tv and we will not be part of anything that gives her a forum…and Danielle is not much better….so much for bringing back to oldies…we don’t watch those shows.

    • I always find it interesting how ppl are just so disgusted that they WILL NO LONGER be watching….. or HATE this season………. and yet, take the time to make sure they comment on a FAN forum about how they have so many other things that are so much better to do with their time….


  14. Send Keith home..just because he is so cocky and doesn’t think he is going anywhere. I think Porsche is a great player and will give some of the veterans a run for their money.

  15. I agree, if you don’t like it, don’t watch. I’ll bet you will be reading all about it though.

  16. Please, Please, Please, send Keith home if he stays and gets a Golden Key what a mistake that would be.

  17. Why is Kieth always playing and rubbig his butt? Has anyone ele noticed that?

    • I have noticed. I thought at first the battery pack was irritating him. Now, I am concerned. It is way to often. Not good to watach.

  18. Yes I noticed Keith is always picking his butt and his nose. Then he puts his fingers in his mouth. I think he ate his buggie the other night. I hope he isn’t cooking for the other house guests.

  19. I would like to make a comment: in order for my favorites “the veterans” to move foward in the game I am going to need Keith to vacate the premises this week. The regulators: Dom, Keith, Cassi, and Lawon are probalby the most ridiculous alliance of ALL time.

  20. I hope Porsche gets the boot. She gets on my last nerve. If she would stop fondling her hair long enough to think about the game she might get somewhere. I would give Keith the golden key and make him feel safe…until week 5. Then it would be adios amigo. Don’t let the backdoor hit you on the way out.

    • I have to agree with you Cat. That girl gets under my skin. Keith however, needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and his eyes and ears open. But when you are a newbie I’m assuming they get all worked up and forget to think.

  21. Does Kalia’s non stop talking…and her “stories” of all the activities and experience she’s had annoy anyone else? And she keeps referring to her boyfriend… I don’t recall seeing a boyfriend see her off.

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed.
      But did you hear the conversation she had last nite pn Showtime about wanting to earn enough money to have her boobs done so they will stand up like the other girls.
      When is she going to stop saying the craziest

      • Yeah i heard her talk bout her boobs last nite also…she’s talking crazy..

        today in the feeds she was talking bout going up as a pawn so that lawon would go home…she doesnt know that pawns are the ones that go home, lol… :-)

      • I KNOW, RIGHT!! Kalia’s needs to just shut up. She is under the radar now…but she will slowly annoy everyone. The boob thing was crazy! When she is sitting in a group…she just randomly starts talking about the dumbest stuff….” I used to play soccer….”, “I was a cheerleader….”, “I used to roller-skate dance…”. SO ANNOYING!

  22. I think Kieth thought he knew how to play the game, but once you’re in that house everything changes. I say good luck to Kieth. Would’ve preferred that Porsche leave, but unfortunately I think he’s done for this week.

    • Thank you Rachel. What is she thinking. Doesn’t she realize they are all waiting foar their opportunity to get rid of her. How are they even listening to her.

  23. keep an eye on jordan and how often she messes with her hair. it is constant and oh so annoying!

    • yes it is….she isn’t very smart and doesn’t have much of a personality. Love Jeff tho…

  24. I think not porsha but, jj or her parter is going out, because rachel is planing on giving porsha the power( golden key)

  25. Does Jordan seem to annoy anyone else or is it just me? Her lack of intelligence and personality and the deer-in-the-headlights look all the time just annoys me. I am a fan of Jeff though.

    • I think that dani should be watched. she is sneaky.
      Jordan is ok, she has been sick and you can tell it in her face.
      the vet’s better watch closely or they won’t be head of household for long.

      • yeah she does….Jordan is not a threat unless Jeff carries her all the way again (and if he does I don’t think she would win again).

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