Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 9 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of VetoThe Power of Veto Ceremony is over on Big Brother 13 and we’ve got the results. Things went just as we expected considering the Veto holder was pretty vocal on what was going to happen at today’s meeting. This shouldn’t even be a surprise to the nominees as they received plenty of warning.

Read on for your Big Brother 13 spoilers to find out what happened today at the Veto ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Adam, decided to not use the Veto to change Rachel’s nominations.

Either Kalia or Porsche will be evicted and become the next jury member.

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There are only two votes this week: Adam’s and Jordan’s. Kalia’s chances don’t look very good at this point, but she’s got some time left to work them.

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Wednesday’s show? Share your thoughts below then watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get Free Trial).

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Big Brother 13 Kalia facing eviction



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  1. I am so sick of Kailia I do not wish her constant fast chatter on anyone. She has to go I hope she sticks to Shelly like glue as they deserve each other.

  2. cannot blv adam just threw away his best chance to win Now without an hoh win he is definately toast

  3. I almost dropped my Martini when Kalia said she was more obnoxious outside of the house! How is that possible? Thank you Adam, I think I love you!

    • l For One Am Glad He Finnaly Won Something And I Also Agree That Kalia Needs To Go And I Lost All Respect For Shelly After What She Did To Jeff And Jordan And Yes I See Jordan And Rachel Final 2 And I Can’t Wait Till Wendsday To See The Jury Reaction Lol And Pandora’s Box Was Hilarious Hahaah! She got stuck with Jesse!…. BB13 Ftw!

  4. The best thing for J/R game would be to get rid of Porsha their is no way that either of them would be able to change her mind and get her to keep either of them so Rachel will probably go.

  5. YAYAAHOHOHOOOOYIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That is what I wanted hear. Kalia is going to the jury house, no doubt in my mind. This is going to be a wonderful day!

  6. Thank you,ADAM! You did notuse it now get rid of Kalia with her mouth going ninty to nothing and now than you win the HOH and rid of Posh Porcha with the tire around of middle……… maybe she will know what a back stabber she really is as is killer Kalia……Dania and Shelly taught these gals well….I hope for you,Jordan and Rachel to be the final 3 with you and Rachel to win…you are a super guy.. you keep your word. Good Luck. Thel and Bill

    • Good luck on getting rid of Kalia//// you saved BB13 food budget by getting rid of Katlia… and hope for all thebest for you and Fara.

  7. I would almost rather Porche go first, just because Kalia is so disliked.

    However, that is how a few underestimated Rachel.

    So, Kalia gone, will bring peace to our eyes and ears.

    Porche . . . Porche . . . oh, Porche, darling . . . YOUR NEXT!!

      • If Porsche wins HOH, it means she’s safe. But whoever wins POV decides who’s evicted as they are the only vote left. It’s the most powerful POV.

      • He’ll cry like a little bitch. Considering, Rachel cannot compete in the next HoH his hopes are all on Jordan. LMAO.

      • i cant blieve adam used pov…oh wait…yea i can…hes so stupid y wld u wana a vet to win..everybdy thnks jordan is so sweet bt everyone seems to 4get she has won…y wld anyone wana take smeone who has tha won tha $ b4to win? i thnk it was stupid 4 BB to allow smeone to cme bak who has tha $ & apparently is gna win it again…it gves no one new to win…js hand Jordan tha $ now

  8. I think it’s easy for us to sit in judgement of HG moves
    But we are not in the BB house and Adam is playing the way he wants to play For your wrong there is a right so unless we are walking in this players shoes dont be so critical of their moves
    Whit that said GO Rachel

  9. Good job adam so glad you didnt use it, it might have been smarter to use it game wise but then again maybe not R&J have been his true alliance for awhile!

  10. Good job Adam! You are one of the most honest people in this game. You deserve to be in the F2. You will definitely have the vets vote, even if you have to kick out Jordan or Rachel in final 3. They will respect that you stood strong against all the chattering.

  11. You’re the man Adam, good for you. Now show these doubters your still in the game Adam Rachel and Jorden to the end Rachel and Adam at the top Porshe your next to leave

  12. Im torn. On one hand Adam deserves no money so i want him out. On the other if like to see him win anothet comp and make the final with a vet he protected, lose the unanimous vote and realize how dumb his master plan was.

      • Im not being mean. He doesnt have the votes against a vet. And since theyve been telling him that, even the newbs might not vote for him.

        I had high hopes for Adam and hes been a big disappointment.

  13. I hate Jordan and Rachel, but honestly after this I’d rather have them win that Adam. This season is officially the worst, from the foolish cast members to the stupid twists I bet CBS will loose viewers from next season.

    • I hope porsche wins next week n put rachel n jordan up.. i cannot stand rachel!! omg ! this show is so fixed and cbs is setting everything in place for jordan and rachel to be final 2.. i dont even want to watch anymore. who in the world would want crybaby, fake a@# rachel in the final 2! it’s all fixed.

      • If Porshe wins and puts up J/R….than Rachel wins POV…Adam will be the one going home…if he used the veto now…Jordan would be going home and Rachel would still be the target….

      • I want porsha to win, but after enduring so much fixing, cheating and fraud by production, I give up. They can give it to rachel or jordan, I could careless since I know none of them earned or deserved it.

      • How is this season fixed? just like last season brenchel was hated from the start. Rachel deserves to win after all the obstickels she had to endure. Jordan won last time, and evil unwell Daniele won also, let Rachel enjoy a win.

      • @droppyboy, its easy to overcome obstacles when production gives you the many breaks Rachel got. Everyone else has been so bad that she seems deserving, but its already taken 3 twists and suspicious comp choices to get het this far. And she needs 2 more comp wins or one more twist to make the final

    • Mark, totally agree, worst season ever, I am still waiting to see what production will do to get R/J to the end.

    • Yeah, but their not. Porche wins HOH Wed puts up Jordan Rachel, I would guess Rachel goes home. Way to go Adam. Leaves Porche to battle with Adam and Jordan. Hee, my money would be on Porche taking adam. If you think the vets are going to vote for a floater think again, no matter how loayal he was. Just shows he has not guts.

  14. I knew he wouldn’t, no shocker there. However on a more interesting note, jordan and rachel are already discussing that they think adam will work with porsche over them. So, jordan and rachel need to talk to kalia, tell her they just needed to make sure adam didn’t use the veto and they’ll keep her if she works with them on the next round of elimination. Then if they have the chance to get her out, get her out then.

  15. I literally laughed out loud when they referred to Kalia as “Koala.” Time to wake up, pack, and head for the Jury House.

    And for the record, I’m a dude who isn’t afraid to watch a chick flick or go bra shopping with my wife now and again… That said, Adam’s gushing over Tori Spelling was pretty over the top for anyone on my side of the population. Even Nathan Lane would have been thinking “Hey, buddy, pull it back in a little.” LOL It was Adam turned into the love child of Freddy Mercury and Ronnie James Dio!

  16. Bad game move Adam…with Jordan gone, Racheal would be alone and unable to compete in the next HOH. Would have been the newbees only chance.

    • It was a good move because if Jordan would of went home and Porche or Kalia won HOH they would of put Adam up with Rachel. Rachel wins POV and sends Adam home because of him sending Jordan home.

    • OMG Lisa,
      I completely agree with you. He just handed her $500K. I guess when you are living in that house you must lose your ability to think critically.

  17. Of the remaining houseguests, I ain’t crazy about any of them. Is Jordan putting on an act, or is she really the “airhead” she appears to be? Rachel is just “Plain Mean.” Why is Adam still there? He is worthless. Kalia is lazy and needs to go home and take a nap. Her endless chatter is really annoying. The only one left who is worth anything is Porsche, and I am pulling for her. Jesse on BBAD is so stuck on himself that he makes me laugh.
    This has really been a dull season. Adam being stuck on Tori Spelling? What is wrong with him? One of the weakest seasons ever.

    • I bet I a few dayz if It’s adam, rachel and jordan he won’t be rocking then. That is when you will turn on him as a fan and calling him the worst names on da planet. Exactly what shelly did. LMAO

      • i have better things than calling names. Just happy nominees stay the same. Whatever happens, happens. If he goes against j/r ohh well. Anything can happen in the big house. did not expect Adam to win veto. In the end it is a game.

  18. One of the biggest move of the season by my girl Rachel!!! Don’t let Kaliah know who we are voting for so she can screw herself over!!! GO RACHEL…U R THE BEST!!! That move saved their alliance!!

    • I hope that if Porshe ( she is most likely to) wins the next HOH she puts up Adam and Rachael. He wouldn’t help her so why should she carry him?

  19. It is sooo much fun to see Kalia squirm and sniffle and cry and whine! . I love watching Kalia and Porsche turning on eachother! Instead of trashing Rachel, gossiping about whether she was pregnant or not and hiding her things, maybe they should have been paying closer attention to their game than their childish antics! Bye Kalia- hope the beds are comfy and the fridge is stocked in the jury house! Can’t wait to see the look on Dani’s face when you walk through the door!

    • Well we will be watching Adam squirm next. Unless he wins HOH he is likely going on the block. If Jordan wins she won’t put Rachael up and if Porshe wins she is likely to put Adam up because she believe they had a newbie alliance and he turned his back on it.

    • How easy it is for you to forget that Rachel and Brendon started the hiding of things. Rachels pregnant thing was probably fake so the people like you would feel sorry for her and at least give her america’s favorite. Get a grip they are going to say and do anything to win.

      • Pretty sure that’s not true. Brenchel responded to the first round of missing items by also hiding items. Daniele and Kalia were the ones who did the initial hiding.

        Daniele and Kalia did it to confuse the other HGs in to thinking the competition would be about what was different in the house.

      • Also Matt didn’t Kalia and Porsche hide chocolate and joke about hiding Rachel’s stuffed puppy rottweiler?

      • cb I’ve read your nasty posts for awhile. you seem like you have to insult everyone’s intelligence on this site! I’m talking about a game here for fun. Exchanging barbs is one thing, being nasty is quite another Well dish out whatever you like to me. I’m a grown woman . Maybe a little class and decorum would give you more credibility!

      • Roxie2 that is what the danitraun fans all do. They sit and make vile hateful remarks to and about jjrb and their fans. No actual opinions or constructive comments. Just shit talking. Ban them please

    • I disagree. If Porsche wins HOH, she’ll put up Rachel and Jordan- Rachelis still the most obvious threat to her.I believe Rachel will likely win the veto and Porsche will have to make a pivotal decision as far as jury votes go at that juncture.It’s quite a tight rope to walk, but I predict Rachel wins.Porsche knows Kalia’s the target this week and even began making comments against her. There may be a method to Adam’s madness, I wouldn’t count anyone out at this point though.

  20. Adams move was good for winning 50k and bad for winning 500k. His stupidity is in thinking he can sway the jury.

    JR wont keep Kalia to trip up Adam because they fear her in trivia comps.

    As for the season overall, the cast was so bad they should just cancel the prize. No one deserves it.

    • COZI711 A little hyper are we, to bad they’re gonna delete your comment for it being all caps,cause your comment is too true

  21. I have very mixed feelings about this. It was a horrible move for Adam’s game because absolutely nobody is winning against Jordan.

    Though, I’ve been completely convinced that there is nothing Adam can do at this point to deserve even a shot at the final 2. I hope he’s the next to go after this week. So, I suppose it was a great move in that I’m certain the idiot won’t win. Yay!

    While I don’t think Rachel and Jordan were the best players this season, I can’t see anybody else in the final two seats.

  22. adam is dump he should of used the veto on Porsche or kalia now he will be evicted on thursday after wednesday night eviction

  23. If Kaliah was really smart, she should’ve thrown Porshe under the bus and drove it over her by telling Adam it was Porshe idea to vote him out…because Porshe couldn’t trust him over Shelly.

  24. I think Rachel and Jordan are right to get rid of Kalia first, the last couple of comps were physical which Kalia had no chance to win. I think the next one will be questions whick Kalia would probably win and that would definately send R or J home. I don’t think Porche has a chance of winning a questions comp. Go Rachel, you deserve to win!!!

    • That sounds crazy!! Kahlia is not a competitor, but R and J was thinking the next comp would be a questionnaire ,, so they would need to get Kahlia out?? Huh??.. This whole season has been about personal vengeance… thats soo crazy!! Wow five women in the house.. Lol!

  25. You guys really want Rachel or Jordan to win? wow…I honestly don’t want any to win. I would personally like to see Kalia and Porsche go to the end because votes from the jury house would be very interesting. But between Rachel and Jordan would be interesting. Oh well, I think this season sucked when Dick left. I think it would have been better he was remained in the game, even if only a short time. I think the game is to predictable now. Not worth watching

    • @Nicole Yeah It Would Be Interesting But No Way They Deserve It More That Jordan & Rachel. Jordan Is My Favorite House Guest.

      • IanHunt. Why is Jordan your favorite? What has she done? Because she is pretty and nice, that’s what you have to go on? You think she is going to give it to .? I like J LO alot but she is not playing the game just like Jordan.

  26. Rachel wouldn’t really take Jordan to the final two, would she? It would be smarter for her to take somebody like Adam so she has a sure shot at winning.

    • if jordan goes to final 2, she is def going to win again.. no doubt about it! i don’t want rachel anywhere near the final 2!

    • I think Rachel would have a better shot aganist Jordan…shes carried Jordan since Jeff left..that is clear. The newbies would vote for Adam just so one of them would win.

      • None of the people in the Jury house, aside from Jeff, will vote for Adam. Jeff will only vote for him if he’s not against Jordan in a final 2, then he’d get no votes.

  27. don’t let the door hit you on the way out Kalia :) It’s time for Jordan to step up and win HOH…I think Adam would put up P and R, P would put up R and J and J would put up A and P.

  28. Question: Due to the eviction being done on Tues and shown on Wed; will we be able to see who left via the LF, prior to Wed or will the LF be down?

    • Matt said last year the took LF off for 24 hours I wonder if when they show BBAD after Tuesday like early wed if we will be able to see who is left

  29. Thank you so much Adam. i am so happy Kalia is leaving!. And if it ends up being Porsche who is evicted that will be just fine too.

  30. From a veteran fans perspective, this might be a great move. Because this guarantees Jorchel a spot in F2. Not F3, F2.

    But for Adam, this is a terrible move, and it proves how bad a gameplayer he is. He clearly wants to be BFF’s with the veterans after BB13 is over, as oppose to WIN THE MONEY.

    Adam has easily played the worst game of Big Brother, throughout all 13 seasons, no one has been as bad as Adam. And that’s the truth, I even looked up all the other houseguests on Wikipedia just to remember what they were like in their seasons, and none are as bad at the game as he is.

    • Well it seems like a bad move but if Porche wins HOH Rachel and Jordan go up. Depends on who wins veto, as long as Rachel does not win it then it would be JPA in the final three. My bet on Porche winning that and taking Adam. Either way he goes to final three

  31. I hope all fails and porshe wins the hoh and puts adam and jordan on the block. Might as well put two of the worst coattail ridders on together!!

  32. Emotions aside…Porsche must go if Rachel and Jordon are to last to final three. Adam and Porsche have been ‘talking’ from week one. Porsche has been too ‘lucky’ these last few weeks…

  33. Kalia is just spewing venom now to Porsh, sore loser. A/J/R are discussing senerios honestly and realisticallyWay to go guts

    • Adams fault he gets people so bitter. He just listens and listens and then doesnt do what they want.

      Be a man. Argue with them. Tell them no and tell them how you can win without them. Tell kalia she was never your alliance.

      Hes letting all these jurors leave thinking hes just a scared fanboy.

  34. Big A has made up his mind, he wanted to go final 3 with the Vets’ girls R & J. His bitter move definitely shake K… and she know she’s in big trouble knowing Big A will definitely evict her, now its’ J’s turn as she was former ally with K… Will J vote K out or sent a tie so R would have to break it. Right now it looks like P is seating pretty as twin engine pawn… , buuuutt we can never be 100% sure wuts going on in the game inside dat BB house. If J is smart she will not send R for tie braker, cuzz..

  35. You know what, Adam you are a dumbass, you had a chance to go to the final 2 and you blew it, congrats. This season sucks so much, I think I’m going to forget about this season and watch allstars again.
    Everyone commenting on this blog(except me) is an idiot for wanting Adam and Jordan to be in the final 3, they have done NOTHING!!!NOTHING!!!

    For the love of god let porsche and rachel be in the final two.

    • I feel your pain. Sadly, not going to happen unless Porsche wins HoH or PoV this coming week, then HoH the final week. Regardless, I hope Adam doesn’t make it, although since no one ( aside from Jeff possibly ) will vote for the dumbass in a F2 scenario; whoever wins HoH may take him, ’cause it’s a sure win if they do.

    • Porsche adam and kalia have won 2 comps each this summer…please for. The love of God tell me how kalia and porsche. Are any. Better. Than Adam? Adam social game has been far and away. Better than porsche or kalias as well this summer…

      • lol you have to admit that adam won only one comp. because the first comp he won it was given to him on a silver platter.

      • Adam isn’t even playing for himself, he wants jordan to win. At least porsche and kalia want to win for themselves.

      • Porache and kalia are playing for themselves? And adam is playing for jordan? If adams playing for jordan than k and p are playing for dani. I don’t understand how some people can make such stupid statements. And as far as adam winning the “thrown” veto. Porsche only won her veto cause jeff threw his shoe over the side. There is always going to be some sort of technicality you could throw in there. Adam jordan kalia and porsche are all on the same level. The only serious competitor there is rachel.

      • porsche and kalia are not playing for themselves. As I recall I heard Porsche and Kalia says this is for Dani.

    • Uh dats exactly what I want to see… haha… Rachel & Porche in the final 2, R would win the vote… cuz of the majority vets jury, P don’t have a chance..
      J in the final she will win again… , Adam kind of stupid too… he is just riding behind her ass…
      K was stupid to irrate A… when the moment she could be safe.
      Rachel can’t play next short HoH though…, so J needs a speed win, and than after the double evict Rachel can grab that HoH.
      The HGs don’t know yet about this 2nd double eviction. Bad season produce… should not mix the old and new.

      • If Porche and Rachel are final two how do vets have the votes? It is 3 newbies three vets and Dani. Jeff cannot stand rachel so that one be iffy also.

    • Animallarsen u should just shutup for once. You do make the stupidist comments on here. U r a complete moron. Totally biased. Big mouth!!!!!

  36. I think adam will continue to play his game, if P wins hoh he sides with her, if J wins hoh he stays with R & J, think about it, its not a bad way to play BB, its got him this far. I dont see the promblem with floaters in this game, I mean where are all the “players” right now, in the jury house. I think Adam has played a good game and he could win hoh this week and be in the best position of all. That being said, I hope Jordan wins and becomes the first person to win BB twice. You go Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would love for Jordan to win just for that reason and because she is so sweet and nice and kindhearted and does have a great social game, but I have to say I think Rachel has been amazing this season and probably deserves it.

      • How can he be the worst player by far? Have you forgotten about Lawon? The guy ASKED to be evicted because he thought he would get special powers. Besides Adam can’t be the worst obviously because he made it to final four.

      • Not that I’m a stalwart Adam fan, but there’s no way you can say he’s one of the worst players in the history of Big Brother. That whole week where Shelly got caught and basically evacuated out of the house, Adam could have been exposed for doing the exact same thing, but he didn’t, because he is doing a good job at floating. Adam is a textbook example of floating done right.

      • You only say that because he didn’t save your precious Kalia..will be glad to see her go. I am not the big Adam fan, but he is not the worse player, If you consider Dani caused the fall of the Vets and all the key players are in the jury house, she would be my vote, just saying.

      • actually, I don’t know where you get that from! I can’t stand Kalia And Adam’s playing with the Vets!

      • P,S Timmyz I would hardly say the vets have fallen! So far, they’ve beaten the odds to make it an even match! Rachel will pull it out for sure!

      • Why the hell should Jordan win, she didn’t do anything. She let everyone else do it all. Jeff talked about floaters all the time well news flash your girlfriend is the biggest one. Just because someone is nice doesn’t mean she should win the game, the key word is game she didn’t play the game

      • She also didn’t float. I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the season and over half of the people on this site still don’t know the correct definition of a floater.

      • No no barb! Watch again and look who jordan saved and look at her honest way of playing.She did win twice.She has a good social game. She did talk game the whole a time the others didnt speak most of the time.Unless they were saying yeah to dani,jeff,,r,b.

      • What has Jordan won? The HOH Jeff and Brendon gave it to her. The other Jeff gave her Matt Hofflebrack name for the other one. The only talk she has had is I am 100% telling you the truth, I didn’t do that or say that. She is a snake in the grass just like the others, that is the game.

      • There will be a live eviction Wednesday night, then there will be an HOH competition Wednesday night and the nominations will be made live immediately after the HOH. The veto comp will happen Thursday before the live show, and the veto ceremony/eviction will be on Thursdays live show followed by part 1 of the 3 part HOH.

        Julie said there will be a live eviction Wednesday and a live eviction Thursday meaning this is a double eviction week, and this is how double eviction weeks work.

      • Thanks for the info. I have to say that Rachel really made a great turnaround after Brenda left the house. She is so much better off without him. I am really rooting for her to win. Porsche doesn’t deserve to win. either her or Jordan. I don’t think anyone will give Jordan the money again so she is the best bet to take to the final two. I wouldn’t give it to her.

      • @Jesse if you go back and watch the show Julie did NOT say a live eviction Wednesday (I was confused myself so I went and watched it again). She said there will be a “special eviction episode Wednesday” and then a “Live eviction Thursday”.

      • @Jesse: No, Julie didn’t say there’d be a live show on Wednesday. Just a special eviction show that night.

        Last season they did a similar thing. Feeds were cut and comps were held, recorded, and then played back the following show.

      • Look at last years episode, Julie says “Wednesday will be a special eviction episode”, she never said it was live but last year it still was and the year before (when Michele and Britney were evicted on Tuesday/Wednesday).

        I’m not sure, I can’t imagine there being an eviction without the houseguest stepping outside to Julie. If it isn’t live it’s going to suck because they’re going to cut feeds for hours and hours.

    • Clarrym if A has game, then i dont want to hear another person talk about J Come on people! Wheres my JJRB fans. When R teamed up with J when the guys left something happened. People started going for the people who didnt even speak game.

      • Agian, I want Jordan to win this game, I dont want to hear how comps were given to her, she competed against other HGs and WON! Why are people so against floating when its such a big part of the game. You have to admit that Jordan does it better than anyone because she is knocking on the door of another win. Adam is doing the same. Now that K is leaving I dont really care who wins at this point, I am such a big Jordan fan that I think it would be cool if she won. You go Jordan!!!!

      • HUGE J/J/R/B fan here. Really want final two to be J and R. J has great social game, but R has just been a beast in the physical competitions. Kalia and Porsche have just been evil and do not deserve to make it to final 3…..TEAM J AND R!!!!

    • Adam is the worst player ever! I do not see him get any jury votes let alone make i9t to the final 2

      • If Adam wins HOH this week he will have to be called the favorite to win BB13, and you call him the worst player ever?

  37. Porsche is a stronger player than Kalia, they need to get her out first because she could win the next HOH. Kalia needs to go after that because Adam will most likely not be with her in an alliance, he would stick with Rachel and Jordan. Porsche and Kalia are MEAN & EVIL, people! Way to go Adam!!!!Thank god one of them is going, hopefully BOTH this week. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

    • i agree with you that porsche and kalia are evil people. personally dont think they derserve anything for the way that he acted towards rachel in the big brother house. dislike mean people.Jordon, rachel and adam deserve to be final 3. go team JAR!

      • lol not saying she is a saint. but wishing something bad on a unborn child is below low. hiding stuff…how juvenile.andsaying that they will give money to brendan to have rachel to have an abortion. how screwed up are these girls.

      • No, she is not a saint but she has been so sweet after Jordan was upset and Shelly went after her. Also, Rachel is not an animal abuser and even she was horrified when Kalia told that story, and Porsche is just disgusting she puts stuff in milk to make people sick and wants to make someone miscarry. Rachel can be a bit**, but Kalia and Porsche are beyond evil!!!

      • Hey i will admit i never liked Rachel until she sided with J. I know alot of u were the same way bcause all i heard was how much people hated her on this site. But getting rid of B and having talks with J has made her a better person and player.Still cant stand that crying with no tears! But shes alot better.

      • Compared to Danielle, Shelly, Porsche and Kalia, yes Rachel is a saint! Of course, you hate the mean and nasty girls being booted out don’t you? Face it. Danielle, Shelly and most likely Kalia will not win that $500,000. That is guaranteed! Now, that leaves just Porsche that needs to go and it will be perfect!

    • No matter who gets sent home this week, Kalia or Porsche, the other will win HoH the next time. Why you ask? Because Jordan cannot win to save her life and I’m not even sure she knows she’s on Big Brother. That doesn’t mean R or J will get sent home since Rachel can compete in the veto, but don’t put your cart ahead of the horse. Porsche or Kalia, whomever is left after Wednesday, will be in the final 3.

      As far as you calling them mean and evil, no one cares. It’s the typical play from a vet fan, abuse and demean whoever is against your favorite. You fanatics did it with Dom, Dani, Shelly, and now Kalia/Porsche. It’s fine to have a favorite and pull for them, but get over the pathetic name calling. Grow up.

      • You could be very wrong saying that Rachael Jordan and Porsche would be the final three. I think you have forgotten Adam who could easily push Porsche out of that count. Sorry…

      • @Kay

        The irony here is amusing. It’s very easy to forget Adam since he’s done nothing the entire game. However, he has less chance winning the next HoH than Jordan does. That’s really saying something.

      • Hey Scott, Jordan can’t win anything to save her life? Really?? Who is the only actual winner left in the game??? Gee, Jordan… yep, she lays low but plays a great social game, everyone likes her and oh yeah, when she had to win to choose who to take to the final two her last season, she did, please know something before you speak……

      • Scott dont start acting crazy! You said J couldnt when to save her life. Well i think she did when she WON Bb! She has won twice this season. But her back hasnt been totally against the wall. I believe J will win another hoh.

      • Scott dont start acting crazy! You said J couldnt when to save her life. Well i think she did when she WON Bb! She has won twice this season. But her

      • Woah look out a JJ fan on the warpath. You fans seem to take your love for them so seriously. I don’t know if it’s the couple you love or just the sweetest girl on tv, but either way take a chill pill.

        Jordan coasted to the end of her original season then successfully won the last HoH. You got me there. Except we’re talking about THIS season, where she’s done nothing but win a putting contest. She’s also lied numerous times and betrayed her alliance, so she’s not really that innocent any more. Not to mention all the F bombs she dropped that Big Brother had to edit out. Love Jordan all you like, I still say she’s no brighter than a box of rocks and half as active.

      • Scott tell me what lies jordon has told? Also jordon won three comps in her first season. In case u havent noticed very few hgs win a comp or if they do its only one or two. So get off the Jordon dont do shit. If ur in a comp and u dont win then u dont win. Doesnt mean u didnt try. Jordon has been completely loyal to her alliance as she always is.

      • Scott is absolutely correct. Jordan hasn’t done squat. Plus sweetness? I don’t see any sweetness I see nothing but dumbness in her. It’s sad so many ppl here have blindly confused her dumbness for sweetness. SMH

      • Jordan has just sat down all season and don’t nothing but complain about ppl doing nothing, the exact thing she is guilty of doing, And I still can see the sweetness in her all I see is her dumbness. It’s I don’t know how ppl on here have let this dumb chick deceive them into thinking her dumbness equates to sweetness. Don’t be like adam ppl wake and see her for the big dummy she really is

    • Did you watch Rachel’s eviction speach for Dani? She called her a B twice in that. Really shows how much she has changed. Talking and doing something is two different things. I am sure you could go back over this season and a lot would of been said.

      • personally dani deserved that speech. she is a horrible person. no soul.
        thank goodness she is in the jury house.
        also do you realize that they edit the interviews so they will make the speech worse than it seems.

      • So why does Dani deserve that speech? Because she evicted Brendon Jeff? Did Jeff and Jordan plan Dom exit? They all the ones that wanted him out the most. Payback is hell. But to you J/R lovers it’s treason makes you a horrible person. What is good for one is good for all. Don’t forget about Fortune Teller, that will help J/R. BB will not let them both loose. SETUP

      • Ok Scott i took my chill pill! Let me say that you said she couldnt win and i was letting you know its possible.

    • you are right get rid of porshe first she is the most dangerous one to keep in the house, she so tracherous and sneaky

      • But I can’t stand to listen to K, hope she goes ASAP. I think people go way to far to talk about how she looks. I think she is pretty just can’t stand her.

      • I TOTALLY agree. I think kalia is very pretty. But I really just can’t stand her. I’m really ready for her to go.

      • Personally, I would like Porsche to go first however, Adam might have a fit as he is allied with Porsche. Since, Rachel and Jordan can control the votes, I hope they evict Porsche first. They can deal with Kalia the following week.

    • P may be stronger but K has helped her gameplay. Also the comp will probably be mental; not endurence. I think K should go. Also P and R are getting pretty tight

      • No, they are not. Porsche is leading on Rachel only to be safe this week. She said that she will go after Rachel next week if she wins HOH! She learned a lot from Danielle that is for sure!

    • If they know what we know (they being R and J) they would evict Porche as she stated in the DR that she will put Rachel up in a heartbeat whereas Kalia stated she would join their side if it meant moving on. Then it is up for grabs

  38. I think Adam was smart in his choice. This way he has split one of the two pairs and has a chance to have a final 2 deal instead of a final 3 deal. (No matter what he would have been the third wheel with J&R or K&P.)

    If he had used the veto then he would have pissed off R and J for no reason.

    He can still work with Porch if she wins HOH this week because she has no one else to work with. Those that say she will be mad he didn’t side with them, need to realize that she will buy the fact that Adam couldn’t trust K after she voted against him. All he has to do is tell P that he KNEW K would leave and knew Porch was safe.

    As it stands, no matter who wins HOH this week, he is NOT their target.

    I have hated how he always floated to the group with the power, but it has kept him in the house and is continuing to work for him.

    • i agree with you. adam is being smart not to piss anyone off. so far he is playong both sides of the house. hence why he is where is today.

    • This is exactly why JR should vote out P. A will be less likely to work with K (he doesn’t trust her at all).

  39. I’m so glad Adam didn’t use the veto, bye Kaila, I also hope jordon’s wins hoh .i hope Rachel wins the pov. Rachel,Jordon&Adam final 3, GO RACHEL WIN BB13

  40. i want kalia out.i (cant) stand her.all she does is sleep.i like adam how he doesnt let things go like when kalia voted for him to get out and now adam can do the same thing.i hope the right thing adam and vote that lazy thing out.

  41. K-has got to go. That woman is a fast talker & I think Adam saw right threw her. I f she stay’s 7 win’s HOH, she’ll do him in & I would not take that chance, she is lasy, complains all the time & I never in my life seen anybody on B.B. beg like her. You can tell she has had her own way for years, & now it her turn to learn the word, NO. She needs to go back to were she came from. She is a waste of B.B. time.

    • She’s talking smack to Porsh, big talk. NOW she’s crying in her FOOD to Adam whining, whining and more whining I pity those who have to listen to her for 2 more days

    • If Kalia was smart, she would have used her vote against Adam to her advantage with him saying, “Oh, Adam, they wouldn’t tell me who they were going to vote for, so I made my best educated guess on who they would vote for since they have been talking about voting you out for a coule of weeks. I’m really sorry.” Even though it’s not true, it gives him reason to doubt Jordan and Rachel and put Kalia on his side.

      It’s what I would have done, at least.

      • She did tell him that and he said:” Well if I was on your alliance as you say, than you should have voted Shelly out regardless of how they were voting. It was same thing when Brendan was up on the block & J&J voted him out because they told Brendan he would have went home anyway regardless of how they voted. J&J were afraid to show support for Brendan out of fear of consequenes next week. Kalia did same thing (wanting to vote w/house or so she thought) only it backfired w/her because they told her exact opposite of who they were voting to evict. It was a brilliant plan for R&J. Kahlia as smart as she claims to be never once thought of that.

      • after shelly’s speech to the house on eviction night, kalia sat there and listened to shelly tell the vets let’s get busy and get rid of these people right there kalia should have been mad enough to vote shelly out, even after that lame speech, she still voted to evict adam, are you kidding me???

      • They didnt tell her that they were voting adam out. Kalia even said in the dr that they never gave her an answer. Kalia wanted adam out!! Her and Porsche wanted Shelly with them

  42. However it turn out to be the final results would most likely a vet winning BB13 becuz of the majority vets jurors. It is already a mess up season when they remove some of the best guys out early. P, K & A will not have good chances against R or J. The moment notice if K is evicted Wednesday and P doesn’t win the short HoH or veto, J will rule BB again… and A can just continue to ride up her ass to win himself second place…, forgetting Rach.

    • Adam will do what he did best… just float and slide… to secure a vet.. Jordan needs a HoH win… cuz Rach can’t play HoH and Rach take veto…, to secure a newbie is up to P… to win it all..

    • According to one of the blogs. Tues is eviction day, and will be revealed on Wed!
      Keep watching the LF to see if K leaves tomorrow!

  43. Can you believe this….Kaliah is crying and thinking…if she’s sent home at least she will get voted for and win America’s Best Player. What in the world is going on with this child.

      • No way will Kalia be Am favorite player, can’t see that happening. Now that we know her, no one likes her. she ‘s a MEAN girl, even to animals

    • @andy…gotta excuse her for her thinking this way since she’s been drinking from the same water as Shelly. Shelly also thinks she’s america’s player. They are both delusiional. Kahlia can join Shelly on the shrinks couch! Besides, I don’t know what she is whinning & crying about, since not like she’s leaving w/nothing. Let’s see…She’s got $5k, a trip to Mexico for two & some new clothes. Not too shabby. What did Brendan; Dani & Shelly get? nada!!

  44. Porsh is now working on setting Adam up by telling him that Rachel says Kalia is not the target what a liar. You’re next girlie

  45. I never was a fan of Adam–not a great player but an outstanding floater. If he wins, he will become the best floaters in BB history. He’s gotten this far in the game because of luck — definately not by analyical thinking, skill or intelligence. Too bad! I guess that’s how BB will roll this season. Horrible idea placing vets w/newbies in same game to compete. Please learn from your mistakes. At this point in the game, it doesn’t matter who will win.

  46. Okay, some of you people need to learn to just keep your opinions to your self. Look, I am not a Rachel fan, but I do think she has played a good game, and out of everyone still in the house, deserves to win. Adam is a floater, and as good as his game play is, he’s still a floater. Jordan doesn’t deserve it anymore then Adam does. She won one HOH that Jeff and Brendon threw for her, and as great as her social game is, she’s just sat back and done nothing. And for all those JeJo fans out there; honestly, kiss my @ss. She doesn’t deserve it. Kalia and Porsche have both played the same game; float early, win later. Kalia has won two Quiz HOH’s, while Porsche has won a physical veto and an endurance HOH, so there about equal. You can hate them all you want, but they definitely deserve to stay over Jordan and Adam. Adam will run where the Power is, and Jordan has a girl crush on Rachel. And NO, I have absolutely no ANGER OR HATE TOWARDS ANY OF THE PEOPLE MENTIONED. It’s only a game, and in the outside world I bet each of them are amazing people. It’s a f#cking TV show. Seriously. Just grow up a little.

    • Anger managemement, party of one! Did you take your blood pressure medicine today? I’m worried about you!

    • Firstly, everyone is entitled to their opinions on this blog, it’s what its for. Secondly P. didn’t win any endurance HOH it was a skill (snake eye’s) hoh. That said I agree Jordan hasn’t done anything except ride her bf back & now Rachael’s, however she did pretty much same thing on her lst season except she did win the last comps. that counted & sat next to someone who did pretty much less than she did so they gave it to her because she had a great social game. K. out of all the newbees left is the strongest, which is one of the reason she’s going but not all. The mistake Kahlia made was making too many deals which she couldn’t honor. She got outplayed by R&J by voting to evict Adam. Adam himself said that was the straw that broke the camels back. As you said. No need to get personal or angry. It’s just a game & T.V. reality show which doesn’t affect one’s own life…or at least it doesn’t mine. If my fav. doesn’t win, I won’t be distraught & swear never to watch the show or any show on cbs again. I’ll just say oh well, & go on.

    • this is basically what you’re saying: “keep your opinion to yourselves. Only mine matters.”

      Why don’t you just post your opinion and let the other posters do the same.

      Now I’m not a BR/JJ fan but I’m definitely rooting for R/J because who else is there to root for? cowlia? porkche? Maybe Adam? I’m okay with either R/J winning..and for now, I’m even sort of okay if A wins. Floating is not that easy. lol.

  47. does anyone know if Rachael can play hoh this week?i am new to b b and not sure how the rules are for the fial 4,cosidering that there is only 2 more compitions i belive it is a huge disadvantage to her if she can not play.

    • No…she can’t. All she has to do is win veto and she’ll be safe. The only one that is truly safe in final 4 is HOH, but the veto holder has all the power.

      • so can Racheal be evicted on thursday?there are no more pov?i feel realy stupid but do not understand how with 4 people 2 people go home with no veto or with just one veto?

      • @shawn…yes Rachel can be evicted on Thursday if she doesn’t win veto. She would’ve to depend on the veto holder to save her and that’s no guarantee. With 4 people…one goes home. The final 3 battle it out in a 3 parts hoh. The winner of the first part, sits out and watch the other 2 battle it out. The 2 winners then battle it out. The winner then chooses who he or she wants to take to the final. There is no veto comp at final 3. I hope I answered your question.

      • This is how it works. Everyone but Rachel will play for HOH. HOH winner nominates two players. They ALL play POV (including HOH). No matter who was nominated, the POV winner decides who gets evicted, because HOH cannot vote and neither can the nominees. If HOH wins veto and decides not to use, then the person who is not nominated decides who’s evicted.

  48. adams game play is horrible because it isnt a game just to be in the final 2 by floating but to have the jury votes to win it all. whether he goes up against a vet the players in jury will go w/ the vet since adam burned some bridges not using veto for the noobs. Then if u look at if he went to final 2 with a noob the vets will hold majority in jury and wont vote for him for turning on jordan and rach. either way adam is toast to win it all besides maybe getting to final 2

    • So how is his game play horrible if it’s no win situation. I don’t understand. You just said going with a vet or newbie at final 2 he wont win 500k.

      • His game play was horrible, because he didn’t play the game until recently. Everyone on the jury has an impression of him and it’s not a good one. He’s coasted under the radar all game and only recently been forced to do anything. None of the people on the jury right now want to vote for a person who didn’t have to do anything to get to final 2.

        Plus that thing he did finally do, will cost him 1 vote at least ( Kalia’s if she’s voted out ) and 2 if Porsche gets voted out. There’s no one to blame for his stupidity, but himself. Now if he’d used the veto on one of those up, he’d have 2 votes banked ( Kalia and Porsche ) and only need 2 or 3 ( depending who he was against in F2 ) more from the jury house.

      • hmmm Scot..yes, he would’ve two votes banked, but messing with Jordan and Rachel…he would’ve four votes out. He would still lose. I don’t see your logic. Also, if he was playing hard at the game in the beginning, he would’ve been viewed as a threat by the vets…and out he would be like Keith, Cassie and Dom.

      • I have to disagree Andy, and here’s a scenario he could have won. If he was against Rachel in Final 2 and he’d used the veto this week, he’d have a shot at winning. Jeff/Jordan/Brendon would vote against him; Kalia/Porsche/Shelly would vote for him to win. Then it would all turn on Dani. She hates Rachel and she hates floaters, so it’d be a toss up but I could see her voting Adam over Rachel.

        As far as him going the way of the others who fought the vets, I don’t buy that, if he’d jumped in at a critical moment to support Dani and the newbies left this wouldn’t even be a discussion. The vets would have all been gone and he’d likely still be in the game.

      • You are talking about Dani complaining that he isn’t playing the game. Why do you think that is? Because he would not come over to her side. Frankly I don’t blame him she showed her cards too early in the game and he knew she could not be trusted. She was just still bitter about being kicked to the curb.

    • Why do people on here think they know what the vets or newbies are thinking. There is only one way to find out(sit back and watch).

    • Adam may have not won many comps, but you have to give the man credit, you don’t make it to final without at least some social game going on.

  49. This entire season was a total waste. I am to the point that I don’t care anymore who wins as long as I don’t have to hear Rachel’s voice EVER again. I would rather use a powered up chain saw to clean my ears that to have to hear her utter 1 more phrase!

  50. Can this room get any sweeter?Just by reading all the post gave me a sweet tooth.I might have to go my Dentist tommorrow.Jordan the sweetest player Rachel a saint,Adam played the best game blah blah blah.Get real people.

  51. I’m glad Kalia said she would not vote for Adam and would vote for jordan if it came down to it. Daniele and kalia would never vote for adam and thats two less votes. PJR talking bout silicone and other s**t. Adam
    think he just made a power move, by not using the veto
    but he just sealed his fate in the game.

  52. The worst thing about Kalia is not her being mean- mean people have been entertaining on BB before. Its Kalia’s self-righteousness that drives me crazy. Everyone is so “arrogant” according to K when she is just as bad; anyone else who calls someone a b*tch is evil but Kalia is fine with doing it herself, she thinks she is smarter than anyone else but ignores he rown mistakes, and so on, and on. Enough of Kalia already, she is as bad as Shelly, vote her out ASAP

  53. The better move at this eviction would be to toss Porsche. Of the remaining people Rachel should realize that Porsche is the greatest physical threat to her. If Porsche goes Rachel should be able to dominate any physical challeges left. Unless they involve eating. Then Kalia wins hands down.

      • They best move would actually be to tell everyone Kahlia is going for sure. That way she’d feel defeated. At the last minute they get rid of Porsche. Kahlia will be so shaken she has little chance to focus and win anything.

  54. So glad Adam was true to his alliance with the vets and did not use his veto. Sad thing is, Rachel can’t play in the next HOH competition, so between the only people that can play, whichever Newbie is left behind has a better chance of winning then Jordan and Adam do. Both will know without a win they’re out, so they will be fighting for survival. The other two, unfortunately, have not shown the ability to win at crunch time. Hope they prove me wrong. In order to sercure a place in the final 3, Rachel should be trying to make a deal with both Newbies before the eviction and have a deal in place in case either Kalia or Porsche win the HOH. That will secure a place in the final three for her where she can fight for her place in final 2.

    In my humble opinion, Rachel deserves to be in the final 3, and she deserves to win BB13. She has fought har through adversity, has stayed loyal to her alliances, played smart, and has talked minimal smack about others, especially compared with the others, Porsche, Kalia, Dani and Shelley, who brought BB13 to a new low in trash talk. And they didn’t just talk trash, they actually committed acts of vengefulness, ie spiking the shake powder, and stealing and hiding other peoples’ possession. Their behavior has been appalling and reprehensible in my opinion.

    On the other hand, Rachel has been fun to watch, despite her occasional obnoxiousness. She’s never dull, and despite her bad girl reputation, there’s been alot of evidence of her having a really good heart, with her coming to Jordan’s rescue, and choosing to open Pandora’s Box for Adam.

    If she wins a couple of the remaining competitions, she will tie Janelle, and unlike Janelle, she will get further in the game and possibly win BB13. Hopefully win.


  55. At this point of the game I don’t know who it would be better to get rid of its a toss up for me because K is good at questions but then not so great and the endurance comp well with saying that she did do good hanging on to the skis and the dummy. But P has came in so close to winning how many times. Neither one of them should’ve made it to where they are they have slept the whole time and i would be disgusted if one of them were to win or to even make it to the final 2.. The only person in that house that deserves to win and has been fighting the whole entire time and has had a target since week one is Rachael she deserves to win for her not to get first or second would disgust me as well… GO RACHAEL YOU DESERVE IT GIRL!!

    • Porsche has won more competitions and come close in others including the HOH question type that Danielle ended up winning! Porsche wound up a close 2nd to Danielle. So, the logically one to evict is Porsche first. I will take my chances with Kalia as her luck could run out. Porsche is more consistent competition wise so, is more dangerous to keep in the house.

  56. im trying to figure out if it is aj final two if adam even gets a vote. Jbr will voe for their girl. Shelly wants Jordan not to hate her. Dani and kalia think adam is stupid and terrible, and blame him. Porsche is his only shot at aax pity vote. And the idiot thinks he can win one more comp then hed beat Jordan f2

    • Adam may be banking on human nature. It may be real hard for anyone to give J another 500K. Especially this time when she has really done nada. And don’t forget she would still get 50K as runner up.

  57. Kalia’s constant yapping and the noises she makes drives me crazy. Plus, the comments she makes off the cuff like she has too much armpit hair, or too much hair on her arms or whatever…come on Kalia. Do we REALLY need to hear that???? WE don’t care and I doubt the others in the house care either. I think they’ll all be very pleased to see her fat old trunk walk out the door on Thursday…or maybe Wednesday?

  58. It”s not that Adam is a good player or a bad player,actually he has done nothing in the BB house,except being lucky enough not to be evicted. If Adam were in the final 2 there is no way I would vote him the big money, I really wouldn”t want to give him the smaller amount either.

  59. Look at this gem I found:

    12:15PM BBT: Kalia: “When I win America’s Player I will be able to use that for my apartment, my stipend…”

    Kalia actually thinks she will be America’s Player, that is probably about the most delusional thing I’ve ever seen.

    • This delusion by Kalia, is an opportunity for Rachel to shine:

      Rachel admitted to receiving hate mail last year. I predict Kalia will be overwhelmed with it this year.

      Rachel, ambassador of self-improvement and the walking motto “If I can change, so can you,” Rachel can show Kalia the best way to put the hate mail behind her and move forward.

      Problem is:

      For all of Rachel’s immature behavior, she was never delusional. Kalia is delusional, thus, Rachel wouldn’t likely be safe.

      So, I say, after Kalia has served her time for animal abuse, this “America’s Player” can decorate her “apartment” in the loony bin.

  60. can some one tell me how the next 2 competitions can 2 people get evicted with only 1 hoh and 1 veto left?

    • One person (most likely Kahlia goes this week). Then there are four left. They play HOH (except for Rachel, because she was the last HOH). Whoever wins nominates two. then they play POV. Whoever is not nominated after POV is used (or not) and excluding the HOH (who cannot vote) decides who gets evicted. Then they are down to 3. They play a three part HOH. At the end, whoever does the best in the 3 part HOH decides who gets evicted and at the same time, who to take to final two.

    • There is 1 hoh, one reg veto, and the a final 3 part veto to decide who gets to evict the last juror

  61. He just handed the game to either Rachel or Jordon. Way to go dumba$$. Dumbest move in the history of BB. Please BB reveal that he is a woman and has no balls.

    • And PS I could give a rat ass about any of the players. It was by far the smartest game move for him to veto one of the noms. so Rachel would be forced to put up Jordon and then vote to remove her from the house. He stands zero chance in the final three against Jordon or Rachel.

      • After Khlaia proved she couldn’t be trusted, he did the best thing to not use the veto. Though he might have a hard time against JR in final two, he had little chance with the other two to make it there altogether. Both KP would have used him as soon as they could to further themselves in the game.

  62. I rly do hope they evict porche and not khalia, as much as I dont like khalia, porche has a bigger chance of winning HoH next week than Jordan/Adam does. Porche is the last person I’d like to see winning Big Brother, they’re stupid if they don’t get rid of porche now while they got the chance. Khalia can def be put down…porche however can’t if it’s a physical challenge u can bet your bottom dollar porche will win it.

    • They are relying on a question-oriented HOH, which Khalia has proven to be good at. Even better than Porsche at physical I’d say. I think in a physical POV, rachel has a good chance to win.

      • Oh yeah I forgot about that… yeah in that case might not be a bad idea to say bye bye to Khalia after all.

  63. Big Brother managed to do something that I thought couldn’t be done – I’ve warmed up to Rachel. I want Jordan to win, but I won’t fuss if Rachel wins.

  64. Adam is playing smart there is no way he could have won if he stayed with the newbies because there would be 4 vets in the jury but if he takes Rach or jordan with 4 newbies in the jury he has a shot.even if it is Adam and Rachael i just can not see dani or shelly or kalia voting for Rachael.dont get me wrong i think Rachael should win she is the player of the season but the newbies are very petty,childish,etc

    • Adam knows what he’s doing, As Cassius Clay once said.
      “Float like a butterfly Sting like a bee”

    • @shawn..Dani will not give Jordan another $500k, even though she dislikes Rachael, she will give her vote for Rachael if its R& J F2.Likewise if its R& A. She said in her interview w/Julie that Adam was the worst player in BB history. The only way I see her voting for Adam is if he’s F2 w/Jordan. She will give it to Adam because at least he won 1 comp. (so far) legit. I don’t see Jordan getting any votes from the newbees except possibly Shelly or Adam if he’s not F2.IMO

      • Also that is why everyone wants to take Jordan to F2 w/them because they are aware that jury members all (except Jeff) know she did nothing except for her social game. So it guarantees them a possible win having Jordan next to them F2. IMO Adam has little chance of winning $500k if he ever had any. He’s playing at the very least for $50k & in his mind that’s ok w/him. Hell I heard him say after meeting Tori Spelling that if he got evicted he’d be happy because he met Tori. lol

      • I don’t understand why none of you want to give J credit for the HOH she won. Yes Jeff and B didn’t try after she won. They would have been stupid too because they are good at physical comps & she it not. She beat: Dom, K, S, C, L & A. I guess you all know that Jeff and B are experts at the game of putt putt golf and would have beat her if they tried. Yeh right!!!

    • Dani will never vote for Adam she dislike him more then she dislike Rachel she thinks of him as a floater She would vote for Rachel

      • I think you are wrong. That was bitter grapes talking because she couldn’t talk him into betraying his allience to keep her. She would rather believe that he was just in love with JJ instead of the truth that he didn’t trust her but did trust them. Dani has no one to blame for that distrust but herself she showed her cards too early in the game. Once the sting subsides I believe that Dani will feel differently.

  65. I have the feeling Ms. wide ass will win HOH and nom Jordan and Rachel and Adam will POV and it will look dark for Rachel and Jordan but watch R/J will be in the purple room talking and crying and forture teller gives the power of Coup D’etat to Jordan and Jordan removes herself and Rachel. Noms Adam and Ms. Wide Ass. Rachel votes out Ms. Wide Ass. Cause they have been showing alot of the forture teller. It’s just a gut feeling.

    • I actually think the Fortuneteller was there in case Rachel didn’t open Pandora’s Box. she kept saying that she wouldn’t open it no matter what and production had to guarantee they could use their guests somehow.

  66. Whoever says this was Adam’s dumbest move doesn’t know how to count. If you go against your word and betray JR (and get them evicted) you lose 4 votes in the jury house. Which means Adam (who has done so little and the only thing left for him is his integrity) would lose against Porsche or Kahlia by default.
    When Rachel won POV Adam saved himself by promising to work with them. He had no choice but to keep his word in order to get a chance to beat JR fair and square in the last competitions. Yes, it’s a long shot but not impossible. Betraying JR haven’t done practically nothin in competitions means handing 500K by default to PK.

  67. I think adam will wait and see if porsche or jordan win hoh, then side with winner. But if adam wins hoh, im not sure what he will do. Ultimatly, I think hed like a f3 with jrdn n prche. Rachel or jordan have to win veto for them both to make f3. Pray that happens. Rachel dserves her shot. She deserves to win.

    • @January massey..I agree, I don’t see Adam wanting anything to do w/winning the next HOH. He’s going to let J&P battle it out, this way in J eyes he is not betraying them if P. wins. He even said “Everyone will have to earn their spot, except I don’t think he was including himself. He doesn’t want to have to be the one to evict R. He’d rather have P. do it. He wants a F3 w/ J & P, although he’d settle for F3 w/ J& R if that’s what happens. No, he’s not going to help R. out one bit IMO. So R. is going to have to go all out to win that last veto to remain in game & have a shot at any # at all. I hope she does Go Rachael!

  68. this is my picks for final 2 Jordan and Rachael.with Rachael winning 4-3.Jordan can only win to me i believe if it is Jordan and Adam.

  69. I think adam will wait and see if porsche or jordan win hoh, then side with winner. But I think hed like a f3 with jrdn n prche. Rachel or jordan have to win veto for them both to make f3. I Pray that happens. Rachel dserves her shot. She deserves to win.

  70. When it comes to DUMB game play it’s not really Adam. It was the entire team of newbies who, if they had stuck together, wouldn’t be in this mess.

    They had the vets outnumbered and blew it.

    Stupid is a s stupid does.

    • Agree they had the numbers and they had seen these vets on their season knowing how they played what their strenght and weaknesses were They blew it

      • Like the last Survivior where the new players had leg-tingles for Boston Rob they couldn’t help but be star-struck.

        I see Survivor is doing this again so I will not be watching that show anymore. Since that happened on Survivor and now BB I expect the next BB to have previous players again. If that happens I’ll be stuck watching nothing next summer.

      • I’m glad that they have blown it…newbees. I prefer the Vets anyway. I hope Rachel takes the 1/2 mil.

      • The Survivor Redemption Island was idiotic. People playing like they’ve never seen the show before – it was WAY worse than BB13. They trusted Rob week after week, even if he came after their best friends – how can you trust a guy who claims to be in a 2 person alliance with the whole team and not vote him out? I call it Retardo Island.

      • cd, I’m not complaining just stating the obvious. :)

        What will be come of the Greatest Game Player of all time: Lawon.


      • @ontariostr8, since I don’t like Boston Rob I didn’t watch. His friendship with Probst should be looked at. How many times was Rob on Survivor. Four? It was like let’s keep having him on til he wins.

    • Wrong because the Vets won the 1st 3 HOH’s. If Dani had not messed up the vet allience they would have won 5 of the 1st 6. The vets would have run this game if they had stuck together. It would have been intersting to see. Don’t think for 1 second that Dani is not aware of this fact. She has no one to blame but herself for the position she now finds herself in.

      • So what you’re really saying is you want a game that’s so uneven you can predict it all the way to final 5? Wow. I’ll pass on your version of Big Brother.

        Dani did what she believed she had to, perhaps it was too early, but at the time they were targeting her closest ally in the house. Her plan may have worked too if Dom had kept his mouth closed and not talked to Shelly, who ran right to Jeff and outed it. BR were on board with the plan until Jeff/Jordan confronted them. So, yes Dani made her bed and has to lay in it, but I much prefer a game where the vets didn’t get to vote out the new players one after the other.

        The game was stacked from the start against the newbies, period, but at least Dani made it amusing to watch for a few weeks.

      • Scott. Really so 8 newbies against 6 vets was stacked against the newbies?? Get the f*** out of here!! Dani, ( as she did in her first season ) was too busy trying to fall in love on bb. That was her first mistake. If she wasnt so focused on getting back at Rachel for getting Dom out she might have been able to think straight and MIGHT still be in the game!!! But like her stupidity blinding her so does urs!!

      • You’re going to sit there and tell me that 6 vets coming in as pairs wasn’t an advantage for the vets, SMR?!

        Really, you expect anyone to buy that crap? I won’t. The new players had 5 minutes to pick a teammate and get ready for the veteran team twist. Yet, obviously the vets had weeks since they all showed up with their significant other or father in Dani’s case. The game was stacked against the new people and that is a fact. Want to complain that Dani messed up your dream of a BR/JJ final 4? Fine, I’ll go along with that, she did mess it up. Just don’t pretend the newbies had any hope if the vets had stuck together.

  71. The only way Adam can win is if he beats R in competitions. He could win against Jordan, as they both have done so little and have their integrity with them.

    Porsche NEEDS to take a vet to her to F2. If she takes Adam (who was on the vets side until the end) Adam wins by default, as the vets have the deciding 4 votes. But she’s not that smart.

    Rachel would win against J and A.

    Jordan is a lost cause at this moment, IMHO. I can’t see her winning against anyone, she has almost no merit this time around.

  72. I love adams cause he is one of the top five idiots who have played and I still dont watch this show

  73. Is there a prize for carrying the most weight the longest? I’m guessing Jordan weighs about 120, Adam weighs about 210, so Rachel’s been carrying 330 lbs around for days! Well, ever since Jeff handed Jordan’s dead weight over when he left.

      • @db I wasn’t making fun of peoples weight. What I was getting at was, Rachel is carrying Jordan and Adam through to the final 3 by doing all the work and game playing.

      • db, I’m getting really tired of your one-trick tune in these forums about Kalia and her weight. Honestly, if you read most of the comments you’ve posted, there’s never anything of intellectual value or debate, it’s just making fun of people, like this is your own personal stand-up hour. It may be because you really have no clue what’s going on in the game, or can’t, for the life of you, think of a good strategy to add to the table, but I’m begging you, please stop embarrassing yourself and stop posting on these forums.

        I’m not the biggest Kalia supporter, but find it amusing how she’s kept that ‘big ass of hers’ off the ground to get to second place on more than two endurance challenges, which according to you, should be a huge feat for her. She’s sure proving you wrong, huh?

  74. I’m feeling sorry for Rachel:

    She’s been “graciously” putting up with Kalia’s yapping and campaigning for what, an HOUR?

    God bless Rachel. (I hope she hid her stuffed dog before Kalia walked in the HOH room. I’m sure the temptation to abuse, even a stuffed dog, is overwhelming.)

      • I wouldn’t give a dog I liked to hump Kalia.

        Or a dog I didn’t like for that matter.

        I wonder if her latest “man” of all of six weeks will have high-tailed it after watching her shocking behavior, yakking–yes, I mean YAKking, and eating.

  75. I read on cbs website,i think it was cbs, that they are taping wed. episode on tuesday. So that means tomorrow will be eviction, hoh and veto. Possibly even veto ceremony because they have to have time on thursday to do final eviction and pt1 of fnl hoh.

  76. How can the people let a girl like Jordan ,dumb, lazy and does nothing win again so unbelievable,i have a country in the sky for sale.

    • Because she’s not really a threat. Just like Adam. Good social game but not a threat. Then you turn around and they’re still there.

      Happens all the time.

  77. I’d like to see it go 5th-Porsche, 4th-Jordan, 3rd-Kalia, 2nd-Adam, 1st-Rachel but I see it going 5th-Kalia, 4th-Rachel, 3rd-Porsche, 2nd-Adam, 1st-Jordan…I just don’t want to Jordan to win. Anyone else I’d be happy with. I just hate seeing a reality TV contestant win twice. *cough* Sandra *cough*

    • It is having the worst player to win be the only repeat winner, and having priduction and america figure prominemtly in both ins that galls me.

  78. Hmmmmm Rach and Jord should be concerned about Por in the next hoh, I see her as much more of a threat than Kalia. I’m sure they could sway useless Adam to their way of thinking.

    • They don’t have to sway Adam for anything. There are two votes, so if Adam won’t do what they tell him to Jordan can force a tie and let Rachel break it. J and R are in charge of who leaves.

      • I’m not sure why people seem to think Porche is more dangerous than Kalia. Kalia is more respected on the jury and has won just as many, if not more, competitions than Kalia. On that note, there’s something to be said about Kalia winning competitions earlier in the summer when there are more people competing against her each week, since there are more people in the house, as opposed to Porche winning competitions later in the game when there are just a few people left.

      • I was surprised at how long Kalia hung on to her Lawon dummy. She seems to be pretty good at trivia and hanging on but she isn’t work you know what at the challenges where you have to hustle, run, etc. I think Porsche is really nasty and someone Rachel and Jordan definitely need to watch out for. Porsche seems to have this semi-alliance with Adam. Porsche has shown she can do some physical challenges but she isn’t worth you know what when it comes to mental challenges, i.e., trivia, etc. Who is the most dangerous and should be evicted? I am not sure because they both have a similar amount of weakness and strength. One thing in Kalia’s favor is that she admitted that she had not been nice to Rachel from the beginning which was quite honest. But, it is different for her to be honest when she is facing eviction than for Kalia to have said to Rachel, hey look I know I have been mean to you let’s work together in a very sincere way. Everytime Kalia would talk to Rachel it was as though she was mumbling and not looking Rachel in the eyes.

  79. keep porscha get rid of kelia, she talks to much, she wouldn’t be in this spot if she had not messed up on her first hoh.

  80. On live feed just now, Jordan asked Rachel why her face was getting red, and Rachel said ” I just figured out, it’s all going to happen Tomorrow!”

  81. Hey
    do not like that they keep bringing back the old players just like to see new people get a chance to win
    think that rachel should have been out of the house a long time ago, jordan and adam have not done much and do not want to see them win either, k and p have slept way to much . but have played a better game then the others.

      • She may have won the most comps, however she couldn’t make the decision without Brendans, Jeffs, and Jordans input. If they weren’t in the game who nows what the results may have been.

      • Carolyn, I’m trying to write this in a way that you would respond, intellectually, with, but I’m not sure I have it in me.

        To say that Rachel’s first 2 HoH’s and veto competition were given to her isn’t even rational. The reason you think they were ‘given’ to her is because she knocked off all of her competition. Yet you somehow think that makes her even with Porche, without even considering the fact that Rachel won her competitions while competing against 12+ people, and Porche just woke up two weeks ago and won hers against about 6 other people.

        I’d love for you to respond with whatever logic got you to where you felt the need to post the comment above, but I doubt you will because you would have a great deal of trouble explaining it. I don’t blame you; I wouldn’t want to defend that argument either.

      • If your honest bev the vets were equal starting out. R became a basket case. She started to make the same mistake D made but was reeled in by J&J. Also babysitted by J&J. She kind of started late too. But she still played. I dont mean late like P,K,S,A.

    • Damn sleeper cells. They wake up at the most annoying times in the most inconvenient locations — like BB13.

      Get the sleepers (PorK) OUT!

      • I don’t see how you think K and P have played better games.Porsche has finally woken up the last few weaks,to her credit i must admit.The other two girls played their best the first weeks until Rach has picked up her game again.That is how it is ,some HG play hard early and others late,so don’t jump to say one hasn’t played the best unless you look at the whole season and just not by comps alone.The social and the anti-social game is very important.Even ones who think a good game.

      • @Steve~

        I’m not sure what you are saying; perhaps you are confused?

        I commented that Porche and Kalia have finally woken up. The comment is based on all the sleeping they’ve done, and now that they are both on the block they are campaigning hard.

        I don’t care for either, especially Kalia. I want to see them both gone.

        And, for what it’s worth, I’ve watched the ENTIRE season and I have live feeds. Perhaps YOU haven’t watched; if you had, you’d understand why I referred to PorK as sleeper cells.

    • K & P played a better game than Rachael?? please! If it wasn’t for Dani taking those two under her wing & explaining the game to them they’d of still been sitting w/their thumbs up ther a** not knowing what to do.

      • @Jan13~

        I’m not sure who you intended to reply to, but based on position, it appears you are replying to me.

        If that’s the case, I NEVER said, NOR do I believe P or K have played better than Rachel; quite the opposite.

  82. I believe there’s not a person who will be in the jury who would not give the win to Rachel if she’s in the final 2. (With the exception of Jeff if Jordan is final 2) She has earned it. BIG TIME!!!

    I was never a Rachel hater, but I wasn’t a fan either. I found her rather obnoxious as a person at times, but always a great competitor. However, this season she won me over with her sincere perseverance to overcome adversity, and her consistent willingness to work hard for the win.

    As far as personally, she has shined. Her love for Brendon, her puppy, and her loyalty to her friends and alliances have been undeniable. In the show business side of it, she is entertaining to watch, never a dull moment. She has a joy for life which is infectious. No wonder Brendon fell in love with her! She’s smart, fun, perseverant, loving, and lovable, in a quirky kind of way. I believe she’s won alot of her ‘haters’ over this season. As matter of fact, out of the house, she won over her biggest foe, Reagan.

    She’s played the game hard and with integrity. That’s an almost impossible thing to accomplish in BB house. I hope Jordan comes thru and wins in these final days like she did her season. She doesn’t deserve to win BB13 for herself, but she owes it to Rachel to get her to the final 3.

    Although seemingly opposites in personality, Jordan and Rachel really make a perfect team. Jordan is sweet, cute, likable and harmless. Her social game is impeccable. Everybody can’t help but like her.

    Rachel, on the other hand, is occasionally abrasive, always persistent, but her primary strength is she’s a doggone tough competitor. Together they make an impressive duo. Who would’ve predicted that?

    Adam’s proven to be a really nice guy. From Jersey, imagine that! From a fellow Jersey girl, Adam you’ve made us proud. Floater, yes, but mostly has played with intergrity, even if he has coasted. He has won when necessary. And he’s infinitely entertaining.

    Dani, although I liked her alot in past seasons, became so arrogant and conceited this season she became impossible to root for. She lied, she pouted, she had an attitude of entitlement that became totally unpleasant to listen to and watch. In her words ‘AWKWARD’ . She was still a great competitor, but she really made bad moves, and then regrettaby refused to accept her fate gracefully. Too bad. I hope she realizes the error of her ways. I think she owes Rachel an apology. She owes BB fans an apology. She disappointed me, as a fan, as a human being, and as woman. Her behavior was mean girl to the max. ‘SHO-CKER’!!!!!!

    Shelley, nothing I can say can describe the disdain I feel for her. I was taught ‘if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.’ And, so I will heed that sentiment! Enough has been said by others. One thing, I feel so sorry for her little girl. Shame on Shelley!

    Finally, Jeff went out same way he was out last time. Nice guy, good competitor, bad luck, dude! But you do well in the entertainment business, and you won some extra money in the house. So its all good! Big fan! Hope to see alot more of you!

    Brendon, perhaps the best competitor this season, but oh, chivalry is not dead! If you believe in somebody up there guiding our lives, then He had something to do with bringing Brendon and Rachel together. Cheering for them to have a happy, long, successful life together. You go, Brendon! Hope you achieve your worthy goal of finding a cure for cancer.

    Kalia and Porsche? Nothing to say about those 2 except, please don’t let them make it to final 3. What a travesty they’ve made it this far above Dani, Brendon, and Jeff. Their behavior has been totally unacceptable. Mean spirited and morally intolerable. Hope they don’t make it past this week.


    • @ Lennie, I could not agree with you more on thesse points, I was never a Rachel fan, last season I could not stand her and the beginning of this season until Brendon left, I was continiuing with the same thought, when Brenden left she became a more tolerable human, to the point I actually like her and pray ( yes I said pray ) that she wins. I was a Dani fan until I witnessed some of her ill behavior, she turned into someone to hate, however not has much as Shelly. I dont know what company she is a CEO of, but I would never do any business with it, she is ruthless and bullish and acts like a friggen man, give this chick a cigar, Rachel forsure will have no competion as the most hated, betweek K, P , D and S rachel looks Mother Theresa. I will tip my hat to Rachel and pray she becomes Victorious !!!!!!!

  83. I have to admit, I ended last season thinking Rachel was the most annoying b**** ever, and I started out this time thinking ‘Oh Gawd, not her again! But as the weeks went by, I’ve gotta hand it to her.. that girl is good.

    • Yep. I feel the same way. She’s done amazing. Of course when you have mostly obnoxious ppl left that’s not too hard. :)