Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations Revealed

Last night on Big Brother 13 we saw a Newbie win the Head of Household after four wins by the returning HGs. Considering the relationship between Kalia and Daniele, tonight’s nominations should be no surprise. Daniele’s enemies are now Kalia’s.

There are still multiple opportunities ahead for the nominees as the Veto competition is held this week and the upcoming twist battle is just a little further down the road. Read on to find out who is nominated and who was fighting before the ceremony.

Big Brother 13 Week 5 Nominations:

  • Jeff
  • Rachel

Just before the nomination ceremony Jeff and Jordan went to talk to Kalia. Emotions erupted when Kalia told her plans to JeJo. Jordan was furious and stormed out. Jeff told Kalia she wasn’t his target before but she is now his number one target. He told her he’d go to the Veto, win it, and then come after her. The fight lasted over ten minutes and a lot was said, or more like it was yelled. After JeJo both left Kalia sat stunned and looked to be reconsidering her nominations, but right then production called for the ceremony. Definitely worth flipping on your Feeds and catching it on Flashback:

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 5, 2011 @ 5:07 PM on Camera 3
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The Power of Veto competition will be held very soon, probably Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. Join us on Facebook, get our free email updates, and grab our free app to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

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  1. I am glad this week is meaningless because I am confident that either Jeff or Rachel will win the challenge over Cassi or Dominic to get back in the BB house and get revenge and boot both Dani and Kalia from the game!

    • Now more than ever VOTE BOOKIE! In your heart, you know I’m right. Go Rachel…win VETO!

      • I want Brendon back in the game, but as long as Dom isn’t voted back I am good. Either way, Jeff or Rachel will win the comp over whoever wins the votes (unless it is Brendon and he will win unless R is evicted and he will let her win).

    • Hopefully Brendon comes back, Cassi is completely worthless. Remember in 09 Jeff blew everyone out of the votes to get the 25k even Julie said “Wow, not even close”. If Jeff goes he’ll be back that same day(I’m assuming the HG comes back Thursday) and Kalia is done. Jeff will try even harder if he fails to capture the veto this week. Hopefully Rachel goes and Brendon comes back and I’m thinking this game will get 100x better.

  2. I hope rachel wins POV.I am voting for brenden to come back,it would be interesting to see jeff and brenden battle for whoreturns in the house.

  3. I hope rachel wins POV.I am voting for brenden to come back,it would be interesting to see jeff and brenden battle for who returns in the house.

    • If Rachel wins veto, Dani might have Kalia backdoor Porche. If Jeff wins the veto, Jordo might go back up and lose this time.

      • Again Wayne, I totally agree with how your thinking…Jordon may end up on the block again this week, for sure.

      • It would be great if Jordan won POV and saved Jeff. If she does win and saves Jeff then Kalia can’t put her up as a replacement is that correct? So she would need to put up another lap dog and things would be turned around! I would love for all hell to break loose and Kalia and Daniele sent packing. Jordan winning pov is a must!

      • Kalia already said she won’t put Jordan up. She said she gave her word to Jordan and she won’t go back on it. I don’t think she would put her up.

  4. Well girls and boys, no suprise in the nominations…at least for me. Dani…I mean Kalia…have made the choice and game is on!

  5. Sounds to me like JeJo is overreacting. I’m sure the target is Rachel, and they had to know they would probably get nominated, too. I would expect this kind of reaction from Brendan or Rachel, but I thought Jeff was a little more realistic and mature.

  6. Sucks that jeff is on the block. Should have put shelly up instead & told her she was a pawn so she wouldn’t freak.

    • that would have made more sense because then if one came off then Kalia could have put Jeff up and back doored him. Just saying…..maybe too much influence from Dani, or Kalia is still pissed about the house blow up a week ago. Either way she has put up two of the most competitive/powerful players.

      • I did not watch JeJo’s season, but here in the current season Jeff has not won a single challenge. Why is he considered so fierce? What has he done this year? I hope Rachel is voted out so she and Brenchal can compete against each other. I guess her “Knight” in shining armor would fall on Excalabur again for his VIP waitress(paid escort)…..

  7. If I were Jeff… I would be at least grateful that Kalia told me what was going on.. There was no need for him to throw a tantrum.. and Rachel is just so pathetic… crying with a violin playing in the background..

    • I agree with Jeff. The block is never good. The strongest player should ALWAYS be voted out. That’s why I can’t believe the HG’s were stupid enough to not vote out a former winner when they had the chance. They were worried about BOOKIE and they could have gotten rid of the best player in the house.

      • Strongest player? Rachel IS the stronger player. Are you not even watching this season. Jeff is doing the same thing from his season, coasting by and letting everyone give him a free ride.

        Jeff’s nothing more than an ass hole.

  8. GREAT POWER MOVE. although her and daniele are now the biggest targets, u have to respect kalia. not afraid to make the big move. soon as she gets power, BAM! GRENADE!!

    personally i would have put up shelly and porsche but this is fine too. jeff despite his floater spheal is full of it and would have came after kalia.

    so now the big thing is veto. i have a bad feeling that everyone who doesnt need to be playing in it, will be. like jordan, and porsche. two people that could take off either jeff or rachel.

    glad to see rachel up again. i dont believe in karma but i guess thats what it is from all her horrid behavior from her season and this season.

    in a perfect world, jeff goes home (cuts off jordan… HA! as if she didnt anything anyway. she’s basically a baby) dominic comes back, we have a pajama-jam and BOOM! Team Dani is not only back in business but we full strength. YA FEEL ME?! haha

    • Great power move? More like game killing move…Dani and Kalia are history! Would love to say I’m sad, but the quicker the rest of the house unloads these losers the better! Ya feel me?? Hahahaha

      • Gina, I couldn’t have said it better. Dani has no chance of making it to the mini table and K will last a week longer than D!

      • no i dont feel u. ur a ghost (corny i know) but ur the same person that would complain of the lack of action in the game and how its boring because its a sweep of the vets. thats what i feel.

        even if it gets kalia evicted next week, it is a power move. doesnt have to make it a smart move, which we shall see whether it is or not.

        but it IS A POWER MOVE. PERIOD.

      • Marcus, you are not in a position to say what I would or would not do…so save your personal comments for someone you know personally. They will be gone, and you can take that to the bank.

      • I am LMAO on that one! I voted for him too, cause my heart said it was the thing to do, cause i want dani to feel what its like to have him come back in, lol. rachael and B have grown on me.

      • Bookie took himself out of the game -why should we vote him back in .Vote for CASSIE she got backdoored and will bring the drama..

  9. you guys suck for letting kalia get by with telling JEFF he was going up, she cant tell him that, and she didnt even say maybe, that is not right, i’ve watched this since season one, you better fix this, replay it she DEFFINITELY told Jerff he going up, FIX this or i’m done with BB period and FEEDS and the show, fix this

      • Def have watched from season one and lots of time the hoh has held a grudge and told the person they were going up on the block!

    • I don’t understand. What is the problem? This post does not make sense. I don’t see what there is to be so worked up over.

      • An HOH is not supposed to tell an HG that he/she is gonna be put on the block..supposed to be a BB rule..

      • Apparently, there may be a rule against telling a HG that that HG will definitely be nominated before the nomination meeting. If so, Kalia obviously broke that rule. I am taking no position in this conflict. Personally I just want to ask everyone to VOTE FOBOOKIE!

      • I think Darlene feels that BB prodction should not have allowed K to tell J he was being put up. I had to read it a couple of times to figure it out.

  10. Dani has a real shot at winning this season. Bold gameplay and some well-timed luck have served her well the past two weeks.
    Way to take control of the game! Making it all the way to the final two of season eight lit a fire under her ass to win this season.

    • Hope she enjoyed her brief victories, they will be short lived. Like her father said….stupid moves! She has no strategic game, just a ED wanna be.

    • If Dani wins, it just proves it’s all fixed because AG said dani would win before the season started. And no, AG’s mouth wasn’t full when she said it.

  11. oh and there is no chance in the world brendon is coming back. 5 people could vote 1,000 times, he’s not coming back. its between dominic and cassi, and cassi is a long shot.

      • JJ are garbage. especially jordan. dont even get me started on her. team JJ is just a pretty boat w/o a paddle. going no where but atleast they look “good” sitting there… in the middle of the ocean. THINK FAST! a shark (team dani) comes out of nowhere and CHOMP. haha

      • Cassi is winning the unofficial poll on this website, but that does not mean she is actually winning the official one on Everyone’s guess is as good as any.

      • You are counting another poll because Cassi is winning which invalidates your claim that D is getting 10 votes for C’s every 5 votes.

      • wayne u need to stop. a real woman? the only thing real about rachel is what ragen?


        thats right ragen.

        BOOM! (me and ragan just high-fived)

      • I would rather see Cassi because she will help Jeff and Jordan instead of Dominic who will help Dani!

  12. I know that Rachel is annoying but she brings the drama into the house. I think if they would get rid of all the weak links then the show would be dynamic. There would be so much drama in the house!

  13. Why do ppl like Brenchel? Can’t stand them!!! I hope CBS has all NEW HG’s next year, give someone else a shot at $500,000. Unless of course the bring Janelle back, that would be great! I want Dom to come back unless Jeff is evicted. I like Dani. Go team DD!

  14. I think Kalia did a good job this week, i wish she was a little more confident about her choices though. Okay i like Jeff too, but why are they acting like she just commited a crime…what did they think that they were just gonna let them float on by until the end so Americas sweethearts can win it again…They act they should be untouchable…please!

    • You think Kalia did a good job, production gave her the HOH. Did you here the first question ” What Did” and she hit the Dom light are you kidding me who would get that if they were not given the answers ahead of time. This whole game is fixed !!!!

      • D, Glad to know someone else caught that too. She seemed to answer the question before it was finished on quite a bit of them. Hmmm…

      • Yes, i do think Kalia made a good choice for herself. I dont think the game is fixed especially Dani winning HOH last week, how was that fixed? However, i do think production makes up things throught out the game so that it favors a certain player, like if they want Jeff to win or Rachel i think production tries to have competitions that they think a specific player will win or whoever they want to win that certain HOH, VETO or whatever.

      • Okay. You obviously cannot pay attention to anything. Julie clearly said, “During an eviction ceremony, which HG referred to the other HG…” Kalia rang in “Dominic” because she assumed that Julie was going to say “Jellyfish.” Any idiot could’ve thought of that. You’re just mad because you’re favorites are not winning.

  15. For all his anti-float rhetoric, what has Jeff done so far this season? Certainly not as much as Kalia and Dani.

  16. America if you are smart DO NOT vote Brenden back in
    Those 2 are a joke so tired of their drama.
    GET Rid of Rachel for good. She gives women a bad name I really thought last season she was a drag queen. Brendon is no knight my god boy grow some…
    Really if My man acted like that I would shoot him then myself.

  17. I would love for America to vote Dominic back into the house, and then have either Rachel or Brendon evicted, so they could battle Dominic and send him home once again. Daniele would be FURIOUS. Then J/J R could get Daniele and Kalia out and then they could sail to victory. I would love for Jordan to win again.

  18. I would really like to see all of the vets battle it out with each other and see who is the best.

  19. If they wanted Rachel out I would have put Porscha up with her b/c if Porsh won vito she would take herself off then by all means back door who you want to. THIS is just a game…a very poor played game turning into a soap opera…

  20. Kind of funny last on on Big brother after dark kalia all most tried yet again to pull the “Black” card does she act like she is the only black person that has played this game NO ONE CARES what color you are. Get out of Dani’s ass and play your own game. She should have put up Rachel and Porcha that would have worked better or not put Rachel up and hope she does not get picked for the veto and send her home Thursday.. I hope Jordan gets picked to play for the veto and she pulls Jeff off. That would be best.

    • I am a Rachel/Brendon fan but I agree with you that if she really wanted to get Rachel out then she should have never put her on the block, and they could have backdoored her.

    • You have to admit that there is an inherent disadvantage for minority players in this game, just as in society in general.

      • Surely you jest. That’s pretty demeaning to the minority players of the past who have made it to the F3, F2, and those who have won. You make it sound like they have to overcome some sort of mental handicap.

        Obviously from multiple past seasons, skin color does not impact players in this game. Veto/HoH doesn’t care about your ethnicity. HGs aren’t as racist as you seem to want them to be.

  21. Why do ppl enjoy watching Brenchel?? The ain’t no fairytale, who acts like that really??

    • I do not enjoy watching the crying and whining but I enjoy watching everyone else trip over what they are going to say/do.

    • Actually watching them is sad. They are just the kind of people who marry “forever” have a couple of kids to warp and give us another generation of self absorbed, not so pretty people! Cassie was right about one thing, Rachel is very ugly on the inside!

      • My thinking is that I will never meet them, so their behavior does not impact me. This is a game!!

      • I agree there are a lot of ugly things said on this comment section, do not make it personal this is a game.

  22. since kalil told jeff he was a nom..does that mean cbs will step in and void the nom( its against the rules)?? i think ultimatly the target is Retched ,anyway… its going to be a very competitive pov for sure…maybe some dirty game play if given the chance ,hey Retched??

  23. I’m reading stuff on twitter about how Kalia wasn’t allowed to tell Jeff she was nominating him because that breaks the “rules”.
    Also I read that this happened last season with Brendon nominating Britney and it was shut down by the producers because he told her and broke the rules.
    SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS MORE!! or if they’ll make this invalid too?

    • Matt (Moderator),

      Is this a rule violation that Kalia told Jeff he would be nominated? What can be done?

      • IF there is a problem…They will have to go back and review the tapes to see exactly what was said…I guess if enough viewers question it they CBS will have to fix it.

  24. I don’t get it. Both B&R and J&J feel as though everyone should play to keep them in and they can get rid of everyone else one by one.

    Hello… supposedly every player came to win the money.

    • I know…i dont really care for anyone in particular, i dont really care for this cast…and i didnt really like the idea of bringing in the veterans or whatever. But it is starting to get annoying watching the Vets think they are somehow not allowed to be voted up…Like Jeff and Jordan getting overly crazy like if she had no right.

  25. 7:39 just tuned in livefeed and Kalia is crying up a storm. What is going on. Did the producers come down on her for telling Jeff he was going up?

  26. Jejo are the biggest floaters the game has ever seen. They dont do anything and make it far into the game just because their nice/friendly.

    Rachel girl you better win the POV otherwise I hope you know you’re going home.

    For all the Brenchel haters… Ppl watch them becuase their ENTERTAINING!

    Without them what else would everyone talk about?…

    Wait wait wait.. nothing! Look at the BB afterdark. 75% of it is about brenchel.

  27. i love the team of Dani and Kalia, but Kalia crying is more annoying than Rachel crying

    • Only way team dani makes it far is it Rachel goes home.

      These newbies are the stupidest players to have ever played the game. Dani is just manipulating all of them to get what she wants.

  28. oh my goodness..Kalia just called somebody a bitch…I assume it was Rachel..not sure..

  29. I cannot believe kalia doesn’t realize all of Dani’s allies go home not Dani. What a dummy for doing her dirty work and believing Dani’s lies about Jordan. She will lear!n the hard way but good for Dani for having a puppet

  30. yes shed,team bookie and rachel,pliz god let rachel win veto and k\d will be shocked.

    • It’s keeping her in the game and she will probably last a long while yet, maybe even make it to the end.

      • I hope not! That’s her obvious game play. The others need to figure her out and boot her from the game. She doesn’t deserve to win the 1/2 mil or anything else for being a double-headed,lying snake. She hops from room to room spilling her guts with gossip and lies. It might be a “game” to her, but gosh oh gee, her family is watching…she has to be HONEST. Give me a break.

  31. So since she told Jeff that he was going up what could happen if anything? this is what is getting me.. Cant wait for Big brother After Dark tonight LOL. This house just got crazy.. All because Dani is the puppet master.

  32. Rachel … yes……. Jeff….. not the best choice. Now she just made enemies instead of thinking about the whole twist. She should of have just put one of the new ones that was aligned with rachel.

    Both rahel and jeff can very easily win against anyone that comes back at the end of the week. Not just that but there also good with the veto, and now there are a crap load of people going for dani and kaila. Yet kaila doesn’t realize that dani is just using her. Next week will get good

  33. Kalia just got called to DR..could be discussion on the argument with JEFF…If we get triva or fish tank could be something up..

  34. this was on twitter… whats the deal??? Lawon is upset about “evidence” being found in the house that ppl are “making themselves happy” in the Have-Not room. #BB13
    28 minutes ago via web
    Reply Retweet

    • i think it’s about what Porsche said that Shelly said she for cum stains on the sheets in have not room after Brenchel had slept there. but this is coming from porsche so who knows

  35. wow they are already picking for veto, Fridays been extra busy in BB house.

    Does anyone know if what Porsche said about Brenchel having sex in Have Not Room? if it is, someone should really tell JeJo, maybe they should sleep on the floor

  36. Why is Jeff so upset? Did he not think he would ever be put up on the block? Did he think CBS was going to had him his winnings in platinum envelope with a Satan ribbon? He has a lot of nerve. Some how this season all the vets think they are owed something. And none of them (except Jordan) is a winner. That’s why BB should’ve had another allstar season because I would love for these vets to try to pull what they are pulling this house all 5 of them would’ve been gone!

    • I so completely agree with you! I’m sure I’m not the only one tired of hearing Rachel share her “impeccable” game play knowledge with the new players. It takes a truly delusional person (who lost last year) to think they can share the key to winning BB…go home already, Rachel!!!

  37. They are drawing for who will play in the VETO. Livefeed let out more info than they meant to. It showed Kalia shouting out to the HG who want to play ib the Veto game. Than went down.

    • I would rather see Cassi return than Dominic. Either way, they will both be beat by either Rachel or Jeff!

  38. Jeff shouldn’t be mad, Kalia really had no other option, I mean she can’t put up any of the newbies. Jeff is a baby and he’s the one complaining about brenchel’s complaining?

    • Sure she could. JeJo’s point was “piss off a weak newbie by nominating them and when they come back, they’re still a weak newbie.” Instead she pissed off JeJo.

    • Jeff gets to play in the veto comp to take himself off the block -no backdooring him this week

  39. jeff v rachel,definetly they wil keep jeff,what if rach win pov and gona pray for that ,god pliz let rach win and d\k shocked,

    • I hope Rachel wins too. K said she won’t nominate Jordan which means a newbie will go up. Jeff will get more votes to stay than Adam, Porsha or Shelly. Go Team JJ and R!

  40. This is why Survivor will always be a better game than Big Brother. Producers on Survivor can’t manipulate the game because the players decide by winning comps and building relationships.

    • I agree. Big Brother appears to be manipulated by the producers with all their timely twists and such. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy BB, just wish they’d change a little. A couple twists are fine, but definitely not needed constantly.

      • Yep. Thats why I have a feeling some way somehow, Neither Jeff, Jordan, or Rachel will be evicted this week. Because if the vets are gone is isn’t worth watching. And somehow Brendon will get voted back to face a noobie and win. To reunite and restart the Brenchal Show.

    • Jeff & Jordon don’t even live in the same state…next, they have to move to the same city, then same neighbourhood, then be roommates, and finally girlfriend and boyfriend, then fiance, then wait 20-30 years, then married, and 20 years later they decide to have babies lol

      Jordan said something along this line during her conversation w julie when she was hoh.

    • Here are the vets the bullies. How come everything have to be personal. They wanted Dom out for personal reason and he never vented. They are all classless. I used to respect Je&Jo but now I come to realize that they are just another showmance that don’t compete really. Jeff can’t win Sh!t. Kalia will destroy him in the Veto I bet.

      • dom took the fall for dani’s backdoor jeff idea… so i dunt get ur comment… if u dunt vote to evict someone who wanted u out, then y even play bigb?

  41. Umm why is Jeff shocked? It’s not like he has not trashed talk about Kalia for weeks now. He is just a subtle Brendon when it cames to the subject Kalia. He just sat back and let Brendon take all the Kalia rage but he stirred the Brenden”s pot of Kalie is a B-word a little also
    If he sat back and looked at the big picture and saw he was the pawn & Rachel is the target life in BB would be less tense. Folks always freaking out on being on the block. Nw take yourself off the block and Porche goes up and Rachel still goes home.

    • Neither Rachel or Jeff will be going home because either will beat Cassi or Dominic in the challenge next week, and Brendon would beat Jeff but let Rachel win.

    • Leo, I agree with everything you said except Rachel may just tell Brendon she wants him to win this time.

      • I would rather see Brendon in the game than Rachel. Brendon is more stable mentally and is a bigger threat in challenges.

  42. Look at it this way, the game has already been set! BB needs all the manufactured drama it can get. BB needs the cry babys back together again, no matter what supposedly America votes. Get real, drama sells interest and commercials . Sorry for the people who really feel they are making a difference. Kalia was a fix, look at the tape, and now Brendan

  43. rach wanted to quite because of this meanest k\d girls in the world [yes they are],did you see jordo telling rach dont do it[quite], again because she knows if rach stays jeff wil not be evicted and if she quits now evil dani will make sure jeff r jordo wil be battle with bookie of which they wil loose ,and go home for good,that asouthern girl is silentkiller men with acsent. Lol,

    • I think dani’s target is jeff, since they r the final couple in the house… bb houseguests hate rachael so they would keep her cause she would be a target… jeff is “america’s sweetheart” (maybe not now) but thats what dani thinks… so she will send jeff home

  44. Dani is already throwing Kalia under the bus and K’s HOH week isn’t even over. D swears to “GOD” she didn’t mention putting Jeff or Jordan up. She only wanted Rachel up. Yeah right Mr.s 2 faced slut devil.

    1) Rachel
    2) Jeff
    3) Jordan

    That is her exact order.

    • She is evil dick’s daughter, evil jr… what do u expect, she was like this in her season too…

      Vote Brendon Everybody

      • Please don’t do that. Brendon needs to stay out and take Rachael with him. Never to be seen on BB again. Please. They need more new faces, not the retreads, unless it’s a complete all star cast. But don’t include B&R, I’ve seen enough of them. I would have stopped watching if my daughter didn’t want to keep watching. Their type of excuse for drama is not for me.

      • Without Brendan and rachael, its pretty much white noise in the bb house… they make it interesting

      • I don’t consider crying and self praising themselves interesting. I usually FF through most of their parts anyway. Why is game play boring? BR have no game, except be in power. They cry whenever they’re not. How can people actually want to see this?

      • what else would u like to watch? lawon yell and mumble ? shelly lie and lie and lie? kalia talk n talk bout how shes black and dunt like hair? adam talk bout 90210 n bacon? jeff and jordan take turns farting and smelling? lol

      • Thanks! I hope things work out for JJ and even Rachel. I hope JJ talk with alia and they shares notes so K and realize Dani is throwing her under the bus by blaming K for nominating Jeff and saying she had nothing to do with him being nominated.

        I hope you are having a good summer as well Mindy!

        Go Team JJ / Team BR aka Team Vets minus Dani!!!

  45. You know, I really thought it would be porshe w/ Rach because those are the two that voted against what Dani wanted. And here Jordan gave herself as a pawn to Dani so she wouldn’t make any more enemies. Think she is reconsidering that favor now? Makes you wanna go hmmmmm……

    • I hope Jeff and Jordan talk to Kalia and find out how Dani nis throwing K under the bus saying it was all K nominating Jeff. K and backdoor D! Dani then can lose to Dominic as he enters the game and Dani goes home.

      • I don’t care who she looses to as long as she hits the road. I really can’t believe K doing that to Jordo when she was her only friend until Dani lost her boy toy for the season.

      • I don’t want Dani, Kalia or Shelly to win. Dani should go next followed by (any order) Shelly, Porsha and Kalia.

  46. wayne, get a life and go out sometime. Stop degrading every single comment, its very annoying.

  47. kslia doesnt see though dani throwin her under the bus making her the target next wk,dame girl wake up and backdoor dani.

  48. Dani told JJ it was a stupid move by Kalia to nominate Jeff. What a joke. Dani has completely thrown Kalia under the bus. Dani even said she feels bad Jordan is on slop even though she was celebrating and laughing the JJ and R will not get any alcohol or regular food.

    • Then some serious Sh** would hit the fan I would love that! Hopefully Jeff and Jordan are smart enough to share those tid bits and get the snake out of there! Backdoor her butt like she tried to do to Jeff! Can you imagine Jeffs good bye recording to Daniele if she got backdoored? haha

      • I really hope JJ talk with Kalia. Ask Kalia why she is so hell bent on getting him out because according to Dani it was Kalia’s idea to nominate him. Let Dani get back doored and sweet irony when Brendon beats her to get back in the house or even Dominic or Cassi just to see the look on her face when she doesn’t even make the jury.

  49. o god let k and dani split and possibly fight and finally backdoor umm alot f drama pliz produ make them split after pov,we need more drama bb otherwise your are favouring for dani,Lol bb step up the more drama,the higher rating.

    • Why should the show step in? I thought the show was about the HGs? Just cause it isn’t the group you like? They’ve already done enough to kill newbies.

  50. What I hope happens: Kalia discovers that Daniele is throwing her under the bus. Rachel or Jeff win the Power of Veto & take themselves off. Kalia nominates Daniele & she is evicted. THEN she loses to whichever houseguest is voted back. Hopefully Brendon or Cassi

  51. I can’t stand Shelly. She is with Dani, Kalia and Lawon but now she is telling Jordan that she idolizes JJ and is with them 100%? I respect Kalia more than Shelly!

  52. if i were jordo i could hav stir up kalia and dani

    make up some lies about dani and possible kalia wil believe jordo,then when she believes bingo ,k wil be upset with her and it gona be a big move for her in the game and by the way all the house guest wil be happy,everyones hate dani there ,no target next wk, that,s a biger move than the one dani was braging about everyday[sic]backdoor dani,here we go ugly,mean dani goes home bye dani!

    • JJ need to use their brains. Talk to Kali before the comp and let her know that Dani is blaming nominating Jeff completely on K.

      • Kalia is gonna find out about Dani. Dani thought JJ wouldn’t find out about the back door right? This is why dani is gonna lose. She is not a smart player.

  53. I’m with you Leo…Kalia has finally awakened and is ready to play…one of those people who observe the environment before they interject themselves into the mix. She and Dani are a good pair for some added drama. I hope they bring Dom back and we see this trio wreak a little havoc in the house for a few weeks. It will be fun to watch crazy Rachel react.

    • I don’t want Dominic back because I am on the Team JJ bandwagon. Therefor, I want Brendon or Cassi brought back becuase they will help Team JJ take out Team Dani!

      I agree with your comment about Kalia. She has stepped up the last two HOH comps!

      • I love JJ but can’t stand BR. I would like to see Cassie come back too. I really hated to see her go. She left because of Rachel. I just think Dom would bring an added twist if Kalia and Dani can stay united.

      • Don’t forget Dani wanted Cassi gone more than Rachel because she wanted to isolate Dominic, so he had to rely on her. Dominic would make the season boring by joining Team Dani and going after Team JJ.

      • Don’t forget Dani had a big hand in Cassie leaving. Dom was spending too much time trying to be Cassi’s girlfriend. Dani didn’t like that.

      • Anybody but Brendan. I’ve seen enough of B&R. They make the show almost unwatchable for me. The show was so predictable when they were in power too. Everybody kisses their butts and votes their way, boring TV. Who wants that?

    • Rachel? No……. Team JJ. If Rachel is evicted, she will face (hopefully) Brendon (Brendon returns) or Cassi (beat Cassi) and Rachel will retrn. Either R, B or C will help Team JJ which will help them take out Team Dani. I would actually rather see Brendon in the game than Rachel/

  54. please get everyone out of the house they are all going crazy and btw shelly is such an ass!!

    • I dislike Shelly as much as I dislike Dani. I want them gone back to back in the next 2 weeks!

  55. I would rather see jeff, Jordan, Raqchel, Brendon win than Dani, Shelly, Porsha, Adam or Lawon.

    Kalia is growing on me because she has done well in the last 2 comps and had the guts to put Jeff and Rachel up and didn’t lower herself to throwing Dani under the bus even though Dani didn’t offer her the same courteousy.

    • I didn’t like Dani the first few weeks but she eventually got to play and albeit she made mistakes, she never turned on Jordan (my favorite). Jordan offered to be a pawn and when Dani was surprised by Brendon taking Rachel off the block (why? I don’t know. Brendons reverse psycology was so obvious) Dani put her up but it wasn’t her first choice. Did you see something differently?

      • Have you been watching the feeds tonight?

        Kalia said she will never nominate Jordan, However, Dani said they should target Jordan if either Jeff or Rachel save themselves. This is her order of who to target that she gave Kalia.

        1) Rachel
        2) Jeff)
        3) Jordan

        Dani and Kalia were even laughing and making fun Jordan, Jeff and Rachel because they are havenots this week and can’t get any alcohol.

      • Dani, could have kept her work with JJ and not nominated either one of them and placed Porsha, Shelly or Lawon on the block. Instead, she let Jordan offer to be the pawn and look how they repay JJ this week. Make no mistake, Dani is pulling the strings during Kalia’s HOH and throwing Kalia under the bus with JJ!

      • LetzB, You don’t consider Dani trying to back door Jeff before jury as turning on Jordan? I do, big time. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

    • Letzb, Dani wanted to backdoor Jeff and you don’t consider that turning on Jordan? I’d say that was turning on her big time. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

      • I haven’t been watching the feeds. (I just got in from work.) It appears that Dani genuinely likes Jordan but doesn’t care for Jeff. I watched as Jeff frequently said he would not keep his deal with Dani. Jordan isn’t like Jeff. She appears to be more loyal than Jeff.

      • Jordan is agreeing with Jeff especially before the last HOH comp that they would back door Dani. Jordan is not as innocent as you may want to believe. Especially if Jeff goes home. Did you watch the part where Jordan says lets spice things up?

    • I am with you. Bring back Brendon. Stir up the house and get rid of evil Dani Jr. Kalia buzzed in on some of those answeres before questions were even asked. Maybe BB need to see some exitement and make sure a newbie was HOH.

      Vote Brendon!!!!!

  56. good i dea leo ,you know kalia 100$ believes jordo,if she used her brain like u said be4 pov,go jordo and plants seed in k heads fingers gross,go team j\j and b\r

    • Shelly, Porsha, Adam and Lawon haven’t really played the game; they just sat back and really did nothing. I didn’t like it when Dom confided in Shelly and Shelly spilled her guts to Rachel and Brendon.

      • Shelly, does that with everyone. She is running to Kalia and Dani and telling them what Team JJ says. She then cries to Team JJ about them questioning her playing both sides and blames Porsha. Shelly is a snake which is why I have no idea why Danu, Lawon and Kalia trust her even though she ratted Dominic out and Team JJ and R aren’t caching on. Well Rachel and Kalia has but Team JJ and Team Dani haven’t caught on yet.

  57. leo and wayne team bookie ,wow without dani playing veto,what do you think wil rach win pov?bookie go

    • I think Rachel will win, Kalia will nominate Porsha and Porsha will get the boot because now Jeff has Shelly agreeing to get rid of Porsha, with Rachel, Jordan and Adam’s vote, Jeff will be safe.

      Speaking of which.

      Shelly has a final 4 deal with Dani, Kalia and Lawon

      She has a final 4 deal with Jeff, Jordan and Adam

      She had a deal with Brendon, Rachel and Adam.

      • I think that Shelly might pull it off because everyone trusts her. She might be in the final 4.

  58. what is all this talk about. jeff and jordan can tell kalia what danielle said all they want. it wouldn’t be in kalias best interest to backdoor dani. why? because have u ever heard keep your friends close but your enemies closer. if dani goes who does kalia have? lawon? whats he going to do? kalia will go right out the door after dani goes. she might aswell stay with dani till the top 4 or even 3 and then strike . she has a better chance in the long run. if the top 2 is dani and kalia, no one will vote for dani because everyone in this house will vote personaly. if kalia won the last two challenges and got to pick who will go to the final two with her, she can backdoor dani and not take her. jeff and jordon will not take her nor will rachel. plus who cares if dani talked about kalia. jeff and jordan talked shit about brendon and rachel and vice versa. if she does backdoor dani she is a moron.

    • Just Kalia, Jeff, Rachel, Jordan and Shelly, Dani will be the host. I am not sure who Kalia picked to play in the POV. Dani isn’t playing though which is why she threw Kalia under the bus with JJ in case Jeff wins the POV.

  59. kalia should keep dani around. jeff and jordan and everyone else will just vote her out nxt week. if dani goes this week. i think kalia could win against dani in the final two. no of the jury will vote for dani. so this idea to backdoor dani is stupid. rachel and brendon talked smack about jeff and jordan and vice versa. kalia would have no one except for lawon.

    • Kalia doesn’t have Dani. Are you watching the feeds? Dani swore to “GOD” on her life that she only wanted Rachel nominated and told JJ that it was a dumb mistake on Kalia’s part to nominate Jeff. She has thrown Kalia under the bus and backed up over her before runing over her again.

      • well i saw kalia go on about how the noms were her decision and hers alone and shes doing whats best for her game. she said that to shelly and dani in the hoh room. so i think that would be right what dani said it wasn’t her decision. she told jj the truth she doesn’t want them gone “this week” thats rachel. because rachel is the first person she wants out then nxt week shes going to move on to jeff and jordon.

      • Look at the feeds before the nominations.

        Dani says, “you are going with #1 and #2 right”? My targets are 1) Rachel 2) Jeff and 3) Jordan)”. Kalia says yes, that is what I am going to do”

        Do you believe Kalia will admit to Jordan that she is Dani’s puppet?

    • If Dani is in the final 2, i think rach, shelly, jeff, jord, etc will vote for her to win… she is playing the game, and not a “Super Floater”

      • Dani won’t get JJ’s votes or Rachel because Rachel will blame Dani because Brendon got the boot before the jury and JJ because they want good people to win like Jordan did her season which basically says no chance for Dani.

      • Dani won’t be around long enough to see the mini table though. 2 weeks max and she is gone.

  60. Im a fan of BRJJ… I would be happy if any of them make final 2… hope none of the newbies and dani make it… so lets vote for brendan everybody.

    VOTE BRENDAN America

  61. Shelly idolizes JJ som much that she is in the PR telling Dani about their convo and how Jeff accues her of losing the comp on purpose.

  62. why is jeff calling everyone a floater, i like jeff and jordan but he hasnt really won anything. just my opinion

    • It sounds like to POV comp will be either some kind of physical comp or maze since the hg’s are on lockdown. This should benefit Jeff and Rachel. Way to go BB Production!

  63. me too as long as dani not playing and kalia not winning pov ,we are good either way let rach r j\j win,TEAM J\J please vote for bookie to come back and both the team wil kick dani the head,out dani evil,

    • Go Rachel and force Kalia to keep her word with Jordan even though Dani wants Jordan up with Jeff to have Jeff evicted if Rachel is safe.

  64. Guess what Team BR,

    Kalia is rethinking about her choice to pput Rachel and Jeff up. Rachel told Kalia she won’t come after her and K believes it because R wants D gone

    Danie is like, let me fix things with Jeff because she already threw Kalia under the bus with JJ – L~O~L!

  65. Well well well…. things are out of control…. that is what happen when there are toooo many women in the house… blame, cry, whinny…. haha. We need a man to return….

    • That leaves Brendon or Keith. Keith has no shot, so bring back Brendon. Cassi is a female model and Dominic is a closet case so neither one of them will solve the problem of too many women in the BB house.

      • Wait you think Dom is a closet case?
        Then what is Brendon? I’m convinced now by this that BB will just select Brendon based on all the dumb love. Another fix. Just like Rachael selecting the order of the next HOH comp, apparently only 4 playing in the veto comp. This has been the worst season yet.

      • There are 5 players in the POV. Kalia, Jeff, Rachel, Jordan and Sehlly.

        I call Dominic a closet case because he is a 25 year old virgin who has a female best friend and most of his friends who he hangs with are girls.

      • The fact that you think Dom is a closet case bc he hasn’t had sex by the age of 25 is pitiful. Some people just have certain morals and beliefs they stick to, and don’t whore around. Get over it.

  66. with the voting, if brendon does win and rachel gets evicted i hope they dont let eachother know who there facing cause that would be a waste of time

    • Ryan that would be awesome as well as fair. If they had a comp where the two were playing against each other but did not know it, they would both try hard to win and not throw it to the other.

  67. Go Team JJ and BR,

    Kalia and Dani talking about putting up Lawon or Adam if the POV is used!!!

    • She wants to suck up to whoever is in power. That is why I never liked Porsha or Shelly from the begining. They were to quick and willing to betray the Newbies for the Vets because the Vets had the power.

    • Porche may have turned her back on Rachel because of the way Rachel behaves so erratically. I haven’t seen that made clear on screen though.

      • Porsha and Shelly have a record from day 1. Vets win the HOH and they turn to the power and join the Vets even though they had the numbers and the newbies had the power. Instead Porsha and Shelly betray the newbies and make deals with the Vets. Kalia and Shelly vote with the Vets to keep Porsha over Keith and the rest is history.

        Remember, Rachel got into it with Cassi because Cassi was talking about how they don’t like Porsha. If Cassi comes back, she still won’t like Porsha.

      • Remember when P tried to tell R that she should curve the crying and long face thing because it makes others uncomfortable…and R stormed away to the hammock and B toddled after her. As P walked away to go into the house she said to herself something like “I can’t help you now girl”. I think she was DONE with R’s antics and wanted to separate herself from them.

  68. Kalia is rethinking putting up Jeff. Dani is saying she is 1% sure no one is coming back so focus on the 1% and not the 99%. WTF? She is just making sure Kalia doesn’t talk to JJ because Dani threw Kalia under the bus!

  69. I really don’t want Rachel or Brendon to win. They are just not likable. (IMO) I would like Jordan to win again (that would be cool) or if Dom or Cassie came back, I would like that too. I do think Dani could win this time if she does get Rachel and Jeff out.

    • Dani won’t get to the end for the following reasons:

      1) Jeff, Jordan, Rachel will be gunning for her

      2) The newbies won’t want to keep a Vet who can take credit for getting rid of Brendon, Rachel, jeff and Jordan to the end

      3) Dani will be screwed once Kalia finds out Dani threw her under the buss with JJ

      4) Lawon will be pissed when he finds out Dani suggested he be the replacement nominee to Kalia.

  70. leo did u see how shelly cought with her lies with j\j,she is crying,hope the all her lies and backstab wil finally out,

  71. she look like an old man who is sick and using drugs obviously[sic] she always smoke ,did you see her skin yuk lol!

  72. she is another kathy,following kathy,s footstep cleaning the bb house ,talking integrity and put the hg to sleep like a babies.she look like an old man with mental ilness,lol

  73. lets wait until tommorow j\j will know everything about shelly,if their brains is functioning enough,rach told them bt they believe shelly more than rach come on j\j use your head now ,no newbies is with you guys stop blindness,they are now with dani dogs whatever you call,i thought be4 j\j were more smart but they aren,t ,only they are sw haert of america,WE ALL KNOW THAT VETS ALLIANCE BRAIN MACHINE WAS BOOKIE,LETS VOTE FOR BOOKIE AND J\J WIL BE OKEY,J\J FANS LET,S ALL COME TOGETHER AND VOTE FOR BOOKIE RETURNS TO BB HOUSE,BOOKIE,BOOKIE VOTE BOOKIE ALL THE WAY BOOKIE VOTE BOOKIE!

  74. Kalia makes me sick. She acts like she is all that and she is nothing but a conceated b****!

    • She wasn’t acting conceited or like she was all that. She was happy she won HOH and that she beat out all the other veterans, but she didn’t rub it in their faces. If anyone acts conceited or entitled it’s Jeff. He’s so arrogant and thinks he’s untouchable in this game. He even went as far as asking America to “help him out” again. What a douchebag.

      And I think you’re just mad your favorites didn’t win HOH. Too bad so sad. Even if Jeff or Rachel come back in, I’m happy Kalia and Dani at least made it to jury.

      • No-one is mad at Kalia, but all she does is run her mouth about everyone, she never shuts up! She has no idea how to play the game. Good thing she has Dani who swears up and down she is not playing on a personal level and we know that is crap! At least Rachel came to play the game and now hopefully Jeff will too. Dont worry you will be crying soon.

      • Kalia excuse you the only one running there mouths like they should never be put up is jdume & jodum CBS gave there sences of entitlement when you thow the game

    • She is always pulling the race card. Everything the other players are saying or doing have NOTHING to do with race when it is havinge to do with her game play wise. She is one of those scary people you have to walk on eggshells with if they knew of her unbelievable thinking. At this day in age.

  75. the pov is tommorow morning, iheard rach saying kalia doesnt like to wake morning another advantage
    she is a lazy girl even she doesnt change clothes and her hair is dirty oh god how many months she has wigs probably she smells bad yuk,may be doesnt hav prety clothes,kalia you need to take showers clean before talkin , you talk too much while you cant take care your body and nasty wig,dirty woman

    • Finally more of you are realizing that BB is scripted by the producers. High drama makes you watch and makes them money!
      Don’t worry all you Brandon voters, I’m sure he was told he was coming back. As all of you know, they need him and the cry baby for the drama they need.
      These people are called into the diary room alot. Why? To learn and understand the script.
      It’s too bad we are hooked on this crap, but we are. Reality, No! Scripted sit-com, Yes!

    • Hy Vote Bookie, not sure if you are aware of this but black girls hair is different than white girls hair. Black girl only have to wash their hair once every 2-4 weeks. Doesnt make her dirty it just is what it is man.

      • Sorry Amy but I feel that washing your hair is one thing, it is the scalp that needs to be washed or it begins to smell!
        As a retired nurse I am just saying……..2 – 4 not good for your hygene no matter what race you are.

      • I’m a black girl….and most, not all of us wash their hair several weeks apart. We need the oil in our scalp….

      • OMG! IS that true? I have to wash my hair every day. Can’t believe that,,,HI THINKING WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Racheal will say any and everything about Kalia, she smell her hair don’t no one talk about how she smell always laying up on Brandon between his legs when he was there.If she can stand her wigs everyone should love it, and saty the hell away from Kalia.

      • Dollye how old are you? People about to get married do love each other alot and share their love with each other. That doesnt make her dirty it makes her in love. Washing your hair every 2 to 4 weeks…… stinky!!!!

  76. So are Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel fans in agreeing with the idea that OUR BOOKIE SHOULD COME BACK?

    We need a strong man like Brendon kick Evul Dani and Fatlia out! BOOKIE FOR THE WIN!

  77. bookie fans dont wona sleep tonite bt dnt forget vote bookie, am out coming back tomorrow and i wil vote many times as i can,adios WEYNE,LEO and KENNY team bookie, those a ring leaders of vote bookie.

    • TEAM BOOKIE!!!!! Haha, I feel the same. I worked this morning so I’ve been up since 6:30AM and it’s way past my bedtime but BOOKIE is coming back and we need to make sure of it.

    • yea everyone vote bookie! that way once (rachel) wah-chel gets evicted this week brendon can square off against her to fight to come back in the house. he will of course throw the comp so she can stay and we can all deal with at least one more week of looking at that disgusting creature that thinks she sexy and listen to her cry cuz shes without her hubby…

      • He would stay and KICK SOME A**. Hes the stable one and when he sees her again he should understand they broke her with their hate. Too bad they dont know how many of us are rooting for them finale two Brendan & Jeff

  78. hell yes 100 percent vote bookie back,tell your friends involve and vote bookie many times,

    • NO to Brendan, Yes to Cassie!!! The LAST thing I want to see is Boy George, I mean Rachel, and Brendon back in the house!!!

    • Are you related to Bookie? I can’t understand why someone would be campaigning as hard as you….unless you are a family member or friend.

    • I did. I did. Ten times, the max! Come back, Bookie! Love you and Rachel. Evict smelly Kalia and stinky Dani!

  79. yes fences am glad another bookie fan is campaingn thenx,feel like sleep am waking up morning so bye bye

    • Team Dani and Kalia all the way !!!! I have to say Kalia and Dani r a disfunctional relationship. Dani saying she was shocked @ Jeff’s nomination when she encouraged it and Kalia acknowledging to Adam all vets must go, even if he is right. Both of them realize a some point they will be opponents and r alright with it, as it should b.

  80. It’s very clear that Rachel, Jeff and Jordan thought they could bully Kalia into doing what they want because this week’s evicted houseguest has a chance of returning. Now that things are not going the way they want, they piss and moan. I hope Dominic comes back and Jeff or Rachel gets evicted. I can’t stand them any longer.

    • Dani doesn’t bully? Kalia isn’t filled with hate? Look at the nasty things she said to Brendon as a farewell speech. As soon as she won her arrogance showed. But first, she cried like a baby. It is o.k. for Kalia to cry or Dani to whine but not Rachel or Brendon. Anything they do is wrong. Bring back Brendon and please Rachel win POV. That would really shake everything up. Then Brendon is voted back and wins the duel! He comes back and he and Rachel go after that fat Kalia and that man evil Dani.

      • evil danis a man? lmao… rachel is hideous…americas standard or at least yours must be seriously defaulted…

      • Who has Dani bullied. She told Brenchel if they nominated Dom she would be pissed. She did not bully them they were in what they perceived to be a position of power. Bullied people r in position of weakness. Brenchel cussed Kalia out and attacked Dani of course they would be happy he is gone but they gloated to America not the HG. It is only human to express releif when a threat has been eliminated. Dani and Kalia r making moves. Brenchel and JJ were playing safe and it cost them.

  81. All this on back and forth on the boards cracks me up. Everyone acts like they r playing BB right here on the message boards. Keep in mind all of us. We r not playing the game. All of us have the benefit of watching the behind the scenes action and live feeds. Then we all comment on what we would do based on what we are watching. Umm it is definitely easy to say what we would do when we have the benefit of knowing who is lying and back stabbing. “Can’t we all just get along”? This is how they make their money folks and it seems to work very well.

  82. I can’t stand kahlia and her “muffin top”…vote for Brendon x10!!!! F*** all the floaters especially shelly and dani

  83. Still don’t get all the Dani bashing. She is playing the game. I really dont see anyone else making any kind of moves.
    Oh, wait..Jeff is by being a bully and acting like he is too good to be nominated.
    Some of these dummies need to get over themselves.
    GO DANI!!!!

    • I agree Dani is the only one playing the game, She deserves to win. Brendon will not be back the CBS spoilers revealed by accident that the numbers say Dominic will be back ! Go D & D ! lol / yay

      • Deborah I so hope u r right. Dani and Kalia need help. They have no one. Lawon can’t win. Adam is flip flopper and Porche and Shelly r in love with Rachel and JJ respectively.

        Many want Jordan to win because she is nice but she has not out played Dani, Kalia or Rachel. Rachel may b a wreck but she made things happen. Jordan and Kalia r using the same game play with the exception that Kalia came in and said day 1 she would lay low/float. Jordan is like a peice of wood in the river going where it takes her nothing is thought out. When things don’t go her way she cries because she expects people to give to her votes because she is nice. How manipulative to tell Dani to put her up because she has the votes then put back on the I don’t know whats going on routine. Jordan is nice but she is playing the Paris Hilton card. She is more aware then she is letting in. The only people who c thru her are Porche and Dani. People hate on Porche but she is she is a thinker. Lawon I don’t know about. Jeff is acting like a dumb jock. I know he was with the jocks in his season, but that season is over show another side of your personality. He issues empty threats everytime he is in danger. He has not won 1 comp. His threats work on the women though, Dani is really scarded of him and I think thats why she encouraged his nomination. Jeff is wrecking his own game like Brendon with his bulling. ED atleast had some finese with his manipulation, brute force does not work with thinking women. Jeff needed to firt and not intimidate.

      • Dani is playing the game but Kalia is just riding on her tail. Dani might be playing but no matter what people say so is Rach.

    • It is too early in the game to write anyone off. Just starting to get interesting. Danielle made some bad moves and die hard Danielle fans cannot see that for what it is! Did you even watch the last TV episode where Evil Dick himself critiqued Danielle’s moves and he said stupid so many times to Danielle’s moves that I lost count. Even Evil
      Dick knows that Danielle’s move cost the veterans their own shots at that $500,000 but,
      Danielle in her arrogance thinks she is so smart and made the best moves! Evil Dick said his daughter is going to need to cover a lot of ground she lost. What is not said is trust is a valuable commodity in games like Survivor and Big Brother. Once, you lose it—-it is gone and your on your own!

  84. I reaaaaaaaly think the vets need to be put in their place. If Cassie comes back, she will just help JJ and reward their entitlement. DOM FTW (W as in the house hg who comes back).

  85. Dani Deserves go to home along With kalia i hate them they are the worse big brother players ever dani shold of stuck witht eh vets that was the worse game move ever was to change i curse but im too polite but i think u know what i wanna call her

    • If Danielle stuck with the veterans then, she
      would have a better shot at that $500,000. Very bad game play by Danielle. What is worst is her moves hurt the other veterans chances too! Now, the newbies if they are smart are in the cat bird seat. Keep voting the veterans out and pretty soon, the newbies will be in full control. Not even Danielle can stop it if the newbies unite and vote the veterans out! If Jeff or Rachel get off, put Danielle in the seat. One more veteran goes home. Down to 3 veterans versus 5 newbies. If another newbie wins HOH then, nominate again two veterans and use the third veteran as replacement nominee and another veteran goes home next week! Then, there would be 2 veterans versus 5 newbies left! Veterans will be toast then!

      • Dani hurt the other vets game??? DUHH thats the game plan to move her from spot 5 to now spot 3 with JJ still in the game and possibly Rahcel leaving. She has done brilliantly. She just needs to take out another vet then take out Shelly and Adam, then Jordan. Take Lawon to the end and she wins.

  86. You guys got to be kidding me. You have to repect the big brother game and the players the game. With that being said……Rachel & Brendon are good at HOH and yes the veto comp….. However they are the biggest cry babies that have EVER been on the show. I might stop watching the show if she remains and he comes back in. Might as well change the name of the show to “The Rachel & Brendon Hour”. You don’t see Jeff & Jordon acting like those two, thank goodness. Best case….. Rachel gets voted out (the time away from Bookie will be good for them) and Casi or Dom come back into the game.

    • It is part of the game and ratings. Do you
      think all of this is real? Just like the WWE
      wrestling which is fake, the Bachelor and
      Bachelorette which is fake, this show is a
      fake! The house guests I am sure are coached
      and told what to say! The more outrageous,
      the better! Being emotional hurts the house guests like Rachel for instance. That puts her as a disadvantage actually. Everyone is bitching and whining and crying and I guess it just depends who your favorite is. I enjoy this because it is a game but, will cheer those who play the game the smartest!

  87. If you get rid of Jeff and Rachel what have you got left in the house?? Now think about that for just a minute. Lawon?? can’t play the game so just sits back, Porche, sits in the background, Shelley = the next one to be gone as she is pretty transparent and also just sits back. Adam another goof ball who’s done nothing in the house. That leaves Dani and Kalia and Jordan — what mastermind plot could they possibly cook up with those idiots that are left in the house. At least the other veterans and Dom have come to play the game. The rest of the newbies are useless!! Sorry but it’s true!!

      • No all caps allowed, it means you are yelling and we “hear you” loud and clear. Just saying.

    • Dominic got booted out because his game play sucks. Play the showmance with Danielle and hope it sticks? LOL That is game play? He also
      would not come clean when caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Jeff asked him directly and he will not confirm his alliance with Danielle when everyone already knows it? Pretty dumb move which sealed his fate! Veterans deserve to be booted out because they should know better that Danielle was going to go after them after their betrayal and now, Jordan volunteers to be pawn? Stupid move. Jeff and Jordan should have let Danielle do her own dirty work instead! Newbies finally wising up as they have the numbers now and can throw out the veterans including Danielle! This should teach the veterans a very expensive lesson for playing stupid! Jeff got off the ski so that, he can get that $10,000 when there is a $500,000 prize for winning the game? Dumb ass. Once,
      the veterans go home, who is Danielle going to hope for will take her to the end? The newbies will vote her ass off at some time to get rid of the last veterans or they may even backdoor her this week! LOL

      • Richie, you are almost as delusional as Brenchel. If you like brenchel you like soap operas…not BB. Worst duo ever. No question.

  88. Why is it that Jeff and Jordan are mad about being nominated? It’s a game and that’s what happens on big brother!! I used to really like them but now I just think they expect everyone to not put them on the block and just hand over 500k well It would be a cold day before I would just stick my tail between my legs and hand over a half million. Win something JeJo!! and quit getting pissed about when someone nominates you it’s a game and they are not there to make your life easy or tiptoe around your little summer vacay!It’s a GAME and start playing it!

    • Vote for Bredon20X.20x to come back.Jejo and Rachel,start playing game and get rid of evil Dani, and kalia..I cant stand either of them. Rachel get your game back and go after them…I know you can do it.

    • you are so right…I like Jordan cause she’s a sweetie but Jeff not so much…they need to play the game and quit acting like prima donas

    • My sentiments exactly!! That is why I don’t understand people on here getting mad at Kalia. Heck, I thought that each person was there to win the money. Why would anyone on the show play for someone else to win. That is what would be dumb and doesn’t make sense.

  89. Kahlia is not using her head. She should have put up Danielle and Jeff. That would have been the best move to throw out the veterans! Keeping Danielle until next week is stupid! Danielle can play for HOH next week and Kahlia should not think she is safe! Danielle has already betrayed her alliance and she thinks Danielle will keep any promises to her? Danielle knows the newbies will be gunning for the veterans unless she is that stupid. What Kahlia should do is backdoor Danielle if one of the veterans get off to guarantee another
    veteran is sent home! Jeff and Jordan was stupid in the last HOH going for the $10,000 and losing sight of the bigger prize of $500,000 to the winner of big brother. They should have fought harder and tried to stay up so that, Danielle and Kahlia would not have won HOH! However, he was salivating at that $10,000 and greed got him! He dropped out of the HOH so that, he can go for the $10,000, pretty dumb move actually.

    • Jeff said his abs were hurt and Danielle was still looking quite comfortable, so he would not stretch his strength out anymore. You know when your abs work so hard, it hurts a lot and it can affect him in the following competitions. so why not risk it, at least he got a 50/50 chance of getting the prize.

      He knows he has to win but his bulky body didn’t let him.

      I think that was the right decision of his there.

      • I believe he told Jordan then, that he would drop and look for the $10,000 then. He could have stayed longer and maybe, Kahlia and Danielle would have dropped. Anything is possible but, dropping the HOH competition which was crucial to your game play is just plain stupid! Now, he is on the block deservedly.

    • I watched the show and there is a portion that he wanted to get off as he figured there was enough of the alliance still up and wanted to go for the $10,000. Greed got to him and I do not buy the ABS story. Now, his greed is coming back to bite him!

  90. I have a question. Why is it that when Brenchel is in the house everyone hates them. But as soon as one of them loses you guys love them and want Brendon back. I hated him last season this season and don’t want him back at all. I vote Cassi because she seems like a great player and lost not due to bad gameplay but due to Rachel being insecure.

  91. I do not want Brendon back in the game. But , I think it will be funny if He won America’s vote to comeback and Rachel gets voted out. Then they would have to battle each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. How do people like jejo they especially jeff are mean people..i get the feeling they think there better than kailia.
    They were not happy when she won even though kalia is supposed to be friends with glad she realizes that Jordan is not her friend and takes them out jeff has 10g’s and jordan won 500 g’s get them out

  93. Jeff and Jordan just need to leave, both have already won money, Jordan $500,000, and Jeff $10,000, let someone else win it. They both act like they cant be nominated, well thats part of the game, so they need to get over it.

    • Big Brother asked them if they wanted to do another game. It has nothing to do with Jordan already winning, why shouldn’t they have another chance? It’s all about the game

  94. Yawn yawn what a disappointing year.Can’t stop watchin’ it,but I’ll be glad when it’s over.

    • Totally agree! Very boring season. Hardly see anyone having fun or joking around anymore. Hardly any drama either, everyone is so complacent. I like watching too but I’d rather watch last season all over again. Don’t like the twists either – the whole golden key/pairs thing messed the game too much. Good luck to Dani and her puppets, may the best floater win.

  95. I agree with Connie. The only good thing that would happen with the return of Brendon is the possibility of he and ‘Rechtal’ having to battle each other. Personally, I chose to vote 20x for Cassie to come back. It’s hilarious to watch Rachel deny deny deny that her dislike of Cassie isn’t based on Cassie’s good looks, when it so obviously is the reason. Cassie’s natural beauty makes Rachel look like a cartoon :)

  96. AHH I went to bed and when I got up BAM too much for me to read to catch up on!!
    QUESTION. If say Shelley wins POV and uses it on Jeff (doubt this would happen) Can Kalia then put up Shelley or is Shelley safe as well?

    ps I think there should be an aritcle all about the rules of the house, like if you eat real food when on slop, and that guy that used a knife on another one. (and this whole brendon couldn’t put up brit last year) I only started watching last year so I missed out on loads! :(

  97. Kalia should go right on ahead and put jordan up! that’s right, break the promise of never putting her up. i wouldn’t trust jordan people are fooled by her little sweet character but at the end of the day, she’s still a competitor. the girl has already won and yes jeff has some dough too. i’m starting to think they should have gotten rid of them earlier in the game instead of going after brenchel.

  98. Glad. That the newbie is daniele mouth piece this week. What a fing joke they are

  99. Why is Big Brother giving Rbrandon and jejo a chance to come back to lay up with each other free of charge, just to be with each for the summer, and they admit to this on live t.v. Am i missing something or what’s the hell with this.

  100. why does everyone hate jordan?yes she plays dumb but just cause she isnt dramatic as rach doesnt mean she should get voted out

  101. I hope Cassie comes back-The girls will be all stressing out. Due to Cassie’s obvious looks she is an instant threat to the catty girls. Big advantage for Cassie

  102. why hate kalia when jeff and jordan win they don’t care who go home rachel and brendon vote with no regards and they shoved it in the others face. come on these ppl came to win and all the others lost their partners so why these other couple is so untouchable.This game is not friendship its just a game the veteran know what to expect.How can anyone else think that they will go far with any of these couples dumb

  103. Racchels fake breasted and dyed red hair over emo tactics makes me wonder how the rocket scientist got so enamoured? A box of rocks has more interest and substance!!! She is dumb as they come! dude must be desperate and ADHD lacking common sense and balls… what a waste of testosterone!

  104. shelly is such a hypocrit she has been trying to screw everyone and now that she is the target she is crying and laying in the fetal position in the have not room being a victim! When she made her lil speech to the camera after lock down last night that she would give up everything if she made it to the end just so jeff and jordan could have it I SWEAR I THREW UP IN MY MOUTH! she has mental problems really!She said she took it personally that anyone would try to stop her from doing this! Does this not sound like a really unstable woman? Time to go home Shelly maybe a mandatory 72 hold in a mental facility to ensure you are not a danger to yourself or anyone else! ITS A FREAKIN GAME OLD LADY!! your just upset because you got caught in your BS game! I laughed so hard when they all turned on you. I think America will have a new most hated on BB lmao!

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