Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Friday Highlights

Friday was another high-emotion day in the Big Brother 13 house. After Kalia’s win as the new HoH it was her turn to make nominations and boy did those not go over well. Daniele continued to whisper ideas in Kalia’s ear. Before the night was over, nominations were made, tears were flowing, and there were even names drawn for the Veto competition. There’s a lot to catch up on so read on to see what happened.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 5, 2011:

9:50 AM BBT – Shelly and Rachel discussing possible nominations. Rachel expects to be nominated, but hopes she’ll have Shelly’s vote to stay. Shelly doesn’t expect JeJo to be nominated.

11:42 AM BBT – Adam is finally done with the elf suit. HGs gather in the living room to say farewell to Cruddy the Christmas Elf. He asks each of them to say something they’ll miss and something they won’t miss. Then he changes it to just say nice things.

12:10 PM BBT – Kalia, Daniele, and Porsche talking game in HoH room. Rachel comes in and actually tries to be friendly. Daniele, with all the maturity she can muster, looks disgusted and leaves the room.

3:30 PM BBTLive Feeds return after over 3 hours of Trivia. The Have/Have-Not competition was a taste testing battle to see who could figure out what was in a blender of items selected by the other team. Jordan is in tears for Daniele being cruel to her. Looks like Jordan, Jeff, Rachel, and Shelly are the Have-Nots. They’ll be eating coconuts and catfish this week.

5:07 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan go up to Kalia’s HoH room and sparks fly. Kalia says she’s going to put up Jeff to make sure he competes for the Veto. He calls BS and says if she does that then she becomes his top target. Jordan storms out of the room. Jeff stays and argues more. After he leaves Kalia looks deep in thought, but before she has the chance to reconsider her nominations production calls for the Nomination ceremony.

7:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back. Rachel and Jeff have been nominated. Rachel is in tears and wants to quit the game. She knows she’ll be nominated week after week until she gets eliminated. She just wants to leave. Jordan encouraging Rachel to stay and play the game. Jordan advises Rachel against going to confront Kalia right now.

7:40 PM BBT – Kalia is crying and crying in the HoH room. Daniele tries to remember something she read before about emotions and tries to comfort her.

8:20 PM BBT – Kalia comes back from the Diary Room and announces it is time to pick the Veto players. This is way early and originally looked like we’d get a midnight Veto comp. That didn’t happen. Veto players this week: Kalia, Jeff, Rachel, Jordan, Adam, and Shelly. Porsche will host.

8:30 PM BBT – Rachel and Kalia have a nice, long talk. It’s very calm, no arguing, etc. Kalia is a perfectly pleasant person when she doesn’t have her pre-teen accomplice in her ear.

8:40 PM BBT – Daniele talks to JeJo and says she was shocked that Kalia put Jeff up. It wasn’t her idea. Neither Jeff or Jordan believe her for a second. They know she’s blowing smoke.

9:30 PM BBT – Shelly and Jeff talk in the Lounge Room. He wants to clear the air after their argument earlier. After everything is settled Jeff asks, “should we make out now?” Shelly responds, “no!”

10:30 PM BBT – Kalia talking with Adam to prep him for the Veto competition. She gives him the same speech she gave Lawon: you aren’t winning anything because you’re psyching yourself out.

11:20 PM BBT – Jeff thinks he’ll have Porsche’s vote if he stays up on the block. Porsche is most likely in Daniele’s army now. I wouldn’t expect her to vote for Jeff.

So while Veto players were picked, the competition itself never happened last night. Jeff is fired up to win that Veto, but to make sure Jordan stays safe he may need to throw it to her. We’ll keep an eye out on the Feeds for today’s competition and will share the spoilers as it happens.

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    • Me, too. And I hope Rachael leaves and comes back. I would love it if she comes back and tells them it was between her and Dominic and he lost and she’s back. Or if Rachael wins the veto and Kalia gets mad at Dani and puts her up in her place. Doesn’t Kalia realize that she is not HOH, Dani is. It’s about time she learns that. Her tears and now being target number one is because of Dani. She should have gone with her own nominations and not Dani’s.

      • Everyone is so critical of Rachel for crying. Lets see who else is crying. Kalia and Jordan who would have thought?

      • Kalia is not going to put Danielle on the bloc any time soon bcz she knows that danielle is her only alliance DAH !!!

      • It was Kalia’s idea to nominate jeff and rachael. Dani just gave her the courage to do it. Dani, kalia and lawon will stick together because they are not cowards that are going to bow down to the vets like shelly and adam just to further jeff and jordan in the game. jeff, jordan, rachael, and shelly will never turn on each other so why would anyone align with them just to get eliminated a couple weeks later. The only chance kalia has at making it to the end in this game is to stay aligned with dani and lawon and try to get porsche to flip which i think they have pretty much done. Then they need to hope dom or cassi gets back in the house and they can start taking out these vets that are trying to strong arm all the newbies into helping them win.

    • I’m hoping Jordan wins too and remove Jeff. I have never seen Jordan mad before on BB. She was on fire yesterday :) All the newbies are floaters. I’m getting annoyed by Shelly because she’s like a ping pong going back and forth reporting what this person is saying vice versa. Anyways I support Jordan and Jeff 100%.

      • Jeff made some stupid moves of his own.
        One is the $10,000 move when he dropped so that, he can try and win that $10,000? Really? He wins $10,000 but, he is ready to throw away the $500,000 he could have won? Now, that is stupid with a capital S! Also, Jeff and Jordan should not have allowed Danielle to put Jordan up as a pawn because they helped do Danielle’s dirty work. If Jordan objected to being a pawn then, Danielle would have gotten another house guest pissed off at her which can only helf Jeff and Jordan but, they were stupid to continue to trust Danielle and this is what they get!

      • Jeff had a 50/50 chance of the 10k—it wasnt a guarentee. He was the LAST guy to be up there because the comp wasnt designed for larger people (men)—- seriously!

  1. Ugh Daniele is such a bitch & her stupid sidekick Kalia. I hope Rachel wins veto but I don’t want JeJo to be split up

    • Jordan put herself up as pawn so they could split Brendon and Rachel so let one of them go home it’s only fair. But it seems they should align with Rachel now to get dani out. It is their only hope if they want to stay in the game.

      • Absolutely agree… With all the vets at war with each other, the newbies are in the best position…

      • ???–I do not remember it that way. Jordan wasn’t Hoh. She didn’t volunteer for the role of pawn. I don’t believe that JJ trust Dani at all. It is good to see Rachel playing & not moping. I’m so tired of listening to Kalia pat herself on the back. Anyone notice how all that Lawon does is parrot whatever someone else says? It’s past time for him to go!

      • Jordan put herself up as a pawn becasue Shelly told her that Brendon and Jeff were targets and she wanted to protect her man. She is crying this week because she knew Jeff would go up and her gesture of last week would have been for nothing. in her eyes. If she were 2 calm down and think she would consider who he is next 2 and realize she has more enemies than Jeff. Jordan knows Jeff is a bully he bullies her. She knows this does not go over well in BB, but this week he is safe. She is ruining her game with her out burst. The Jordan pixie dust is wearing off this week.

        If Dom does come back he is going after Jeff. 2 bad everyone still trust Shelly even though they no she is fip flopping.

    • I’m rooting for Rachel win too because we never know. Kahlia might suddenly grow some brain cells and backdoor Danielle in the process. That would be utterly hilarious as Danielle believes she has Kahlia wrapped around her little finger! And if Danielle gets evicted, that would be perfect. She might end up playing against Dominic or even Brendon to try and get back into the game!

      • I agree backdoor Dani now she has NO power,if they would all just see it. Turn the game back over to the newbees. They are all so afraid of the vets that they arent thinking stratagy. But I will admit I still want to see Rachel win something she could lead the newbees if She’d just stop crying

      • Brilliant plan if she is helping the vets. Dumb if she is helping herself. Y would she do something so utterly stupid. Jeff and Rachel already told her they r gunning 4 her. She cannot work separate from Dani until her threats r gone, the same 4 Dani. They use each other than break off.

  2. Okay why are people rooting for Jeff? He’s a homophobic jerk – not to mention a complete idiot – who has won nothing in the span of four weeks. Rachel does nothing but whine and cry hysterically. I think whoever goes home won’t win against the previously-evicted house guest, because that just makes the whole idea of ‘America’s vote’ pointless. So I think either Dominic or Cassi will be coming back to fill either Rachel or Jeff’s spot. Personally, I believe Rachel will be evicted because someone other than her will win PoV, and either leave nominations the same or replace Jeff with a pawn, like Porsche, Shelly, or Lawon.

    • I think Rachel will throw the veto just like she did the HOH. I would be glad to see Brendan show up and get back in the game a vote for him is avote for them both and whoever said they should use some of the money to get her therapy was right

    • I’m rooting for Jeff (like the majority of America watching Big Brother)for the type of game he plays-honest and in your face.He’s not a snake like Dani,a over dramatic crybaby like Rachel or a floater like Adam.Call it being a jerk or call it being locked in a house with a bunch of looney tunes.

      • I agree-I don’t think he meant that statement like everyone is taking it. When you only hear part of a conversation you don’t get the whole picture.Except in Rancle’s cases-she crazy!!!

  3. I guess the biggest this season that I don’t like. Is when JeJo and Brenchel are saying that they only want competitors in the game. But then you looke back prior to Dani turna, and all you see the vets doing is telling everyone to throw competitions. Telling people how to play majority rules in game. So they make sure they win.

    I just do get it. How can someone say they are competitor and they are making sure everything is handed to them.

    Also I know alot of people are saying that due to Dani throwing Kalia ‘under the bus.’ JeJo should talk to Kalia. I personally think if they do talk. Kalia would not even believe JeJo. Especially seeing Jeff basically told her two weeks ago in front of the whole house that Kalia would be gone this week.

    Not to mention if they do talk and Kalia asks Dani all she basically has to say the same thing. Are you going to believe someone who basically opening said that they want you gone, or not.

    • I hope the house realizes that Dani is diverting attention away from herself and that they get her out. Leave Kalia alone for now. Go after the real culprit.

      • Kahlia should use her head and see the newbies have the upperhand. They do not need the veterans as much as the veterans need them! Danielle thinks she
        is in charge. Wait for her to be evicted! The look on her face would be priceless! Even her dad Evil Dick said stupid move many times when he was watching Danielle’s stupid game play.
        Kahlia should play her game and backdoor Danielle which can only help her chances! Newbies have the upperhand especially if they win HOH next week!

  4. So it’s ok that Jordan cries like a baby when she thinks her boyfriend is leaving, but when Rachel does it people go crazy. I really cant stand J&J anymore. They expect to be carried to the end and if anyone puts them up or even talks about them they act as if the world will end.

      • Exactly. Jordan cried for a few minutes because she was just put on slop for the second week in a row. Rachel cries for hours and hours because she didn’t win a competition and feels she deserved it more.

  5. I hope Rach is evicted and has to compete against Cassi and Cassi wins cause Rach never gave her a chance and Jordan has already won let someone else win like Cassi.

    • I agree! The reason she was evicted is because Cassi is a beautiful girl inside and out and Rachel cant stand any “single” person who is better looking, a good competitor, or strong willed. If Jeff gets voted out… which I hope he or Jordan win VETO, but if he is out , I hope he gets back in…. if anyone else… I hope Cassi comes back.

      BUT! I dont know that Dominic will be on Dani’s side…after all.. she is WHY he went home!

      • she has as much chance as the next person. Rachel is not all that and you don’t know what they will have to do to get back in.

  6. This season could be the season of the floaters jeff jordan rachel kalia and dani are taking each other out so when its all done there would be more floaters left than ever

    • Blame that on Danielle, she set the wheels in
      motion to destroy her alliance. A few more episodes and the veterans would have had very good control. Now, the newbies can smell blood
      and Danielle is a target although, she thinks she is too smart for everyone else in the house! She may have Kahlia fooled but, what about the other newbies? Will they trust her after she stabbed her alliance members left and right? The veterans most especially Danielle have themselves to blame for this fiasco they created for themselves so, sorry
      no sympathies here! Go newbies, vote all the veterans out!

      • Y not trust Dani? Porche is flirting w Brendon – breaking Rachels trust. Shelly lies to both alliances and they know it. She has broken trust. Adam lied to the vets, he has broken trust. Jordan knew her man was going to come after Kalia and did not tell her, she broke trust. Lawon is the only 1 who has not broken trust, so everyone is on a level ground as far as trust is concerned.

  7. I love Kalia. I hope she goes to final 3 with Dani and Rachel. I think Rachel broke through to her last night. If She keeps both of them in the house hating each other they wont come after her as long as D doesn’t find out K/R are tight. You saw D freak out when she thought R got to K when K talked to D in purple room after the R chat…

  8. Rachel cries at EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! Everyone should be allowed to cry and express their emotions but again Rachel will cry if the bee outside dies. She is a bit dramatic and her tears are very crocodile.

    • Rachel’s crying is only hurting her game.
      She should be trying to win the HOH and veto
      each time but, she is too emotional right now
      to think straight. That could be her biggest
      undoing! If she wants that $500,000, she better
      clear her head and fight to stay! That is her only chance!

  9. Also how was Daniel mean to Jordan? I missed That? Bc she put her on slop? You want people like that on slop who are going to be weak and whiny. It messes with their game. But oh wait Don’t do anything to Americas Sweetheart…wah!

    • Jeff was giving the answers to Shelly during the food comp and Dani asked if that was allowed. I have not seen the food comp so just hearing it I don’t see why that was so mean of Dani. Jeff had Shelly crying because he said he gave her the answer of canned yams 5 times and felt she threw it. Shelly later said she didn’t know what a yam was. Apparently Shelly is very limited to what she eats and and she thought Jeff said canned or candy apples. Actually, Jeff was mean to Shelly and she was really upset and crying. I have always been a J/J fan, but they are not acting the same as they use to. I think Brenchel has ruined their game. Just my opinion and I hate to say it as I was a huge fan of J/J. Jeff said horrible things to what he calls the floaters. The Vets had the newbies throw the comps so who knows how they play and everyone plays the game different. Jeff has not won anything yet so why are they any different than him?

    • Lousiana girl u r so right. I hate how everyone puts sippee cup on a pedistol becuz she is nice. She is putting on, she showed her real self going off on everyone last nite. U r right the thought of slop 4 a 2nd week weaken her and she could not maintain her game face, the real Jordan came out. No peaches and cream last nite, more like thorns and vinegar for Americ’a sweethart.

      • OK. I must’ve missed that memo. I KNOW that “PT” is Dom. But does anyone know WHY he was called “PT” in the first place? What do those initials stand for? Inquiring minds wanna know.

      • it’s not PT it’s PB…pretty boy. adam made it up PB&J…pretty boy and the jew…cuz adam is jewish, and sadly dom is only pretty and not a good game player.

    • I agree, I think it will be a great twist and he is not bad. People just do not like him because of who he’s with. Get over it, Look at the game, he is good. vote for the game, not for who you liked the most!!!!

    • If Rachel gets evicted and America gives Brendon another chance, I’m sure he will let his fiance win. Then we will see Rachel enter the house with her horns yelling “I’m back bitchess” lol
      Jeff and Jordan are honest and deserves to stay.

      • Thay r not honest they planned on turning against Dani with a lie of omission. That is not honest.I suppose we will so more out burst from sippe cup her lord and master gave her permission to speak and told her she does not have to keep quiet any longer, yeah!

    • No way! It’s time to see the other HGs instead of Brendon and Rachel’s psycho-circus all the time! We had enough of them last season!

    • Voted as many times as I could for Brendon, no offense but the newbies have done nothing. They could have won right off and taken over and didn’t. Now that they have floated their way around, including Dom you tossed a veto, and cassie who did nothing they want them back. At least Brendon and Rach play hard.

      • Brendon tossed a HOH to sippe cup and what does she do, put up Dom when it was discussed to put up Cassi. That was the first fracture in their alliance while everyone is putting it all on Dani’s shoulders. The vets were doing a good job of imploding before Dani’s move. If it were not for Shelly Brencel would have put a either Jeff or Jordan up.

  10. At this point it would be hilarious if brendon came back! Again people, we r not really playing BB here on the boards. We r just posting our thoughts so simmer down yo! Hee heeeeeee!

  11. I like Rachel…..she is a real competitor..her only down fall is her emotions. I really hope she stays in the game and Shelly, Lawon or Porshe goes home.

  12. I hope rachel wins the veto, because kalia will not put jordan up. Lastnight dani was trying to.get in her ear to put lawan up as a pawn. Cause “no. One. Will vote him out”…then america votes brendon back. In and the house votes lawan out..which shouldn’t be too. Hard (jordan/rachel/shelly/adam) is all they need. Then brendon beats. Lawan. And they. Are all. 4 still. There! The look. On danis face will. Be priceless if. She sees brendon walk through that door…and. they can. Take her. Out next! (Hate her)..sorry. about all. The periods.

    • If one of the veterans be it Jeff or Rachel,
      you never know at this point. Who knows? Maybe,
      Kahlia will regain her senses and backdoor Danielle as the replacement nominee. That would be perfect because Danielle will be on the block yet, cannot take herself off! They can all vote her out! Then, she plays the top vote getter for the right to get back into the game. Unfortunately, for Danielle she has burned so many bridges that even if she gets back in—-she will be the number one target to evict! They know she cannot be trusted to keep her word. Not now. Not ever!

  13. Rachel will make minced meat of Kaila Kaila has been lucky she said shes a writer so she has a good memory,but she is indecisive and that will bring her down she already is on the watch list first chance she will go out this game is very unpredictable just saying

    • Zee a person does not grow stamina over nite, wise up she almost won twice in a row. Kalia obvious has abilities and was playing possum. U R a horrible strategist.

  14. Jeff is the biggest floater he always covers his butt by saying his giving it to Jordan he just cant play why is he so bossy. Sorry Jeff good looking yes but mmmm

    • Okay u recover from the above dumb comment. Jeff is a useless tool, hiding under Jordan’s skirt.

  15. Now we see how mean jeff really is the dude is a complete asshole since the vets had control over the house worse so when jordan was in power send him home he already has 10 grand.
    I like when people lay their cards on the table like jeff did he has been floating through this entire game.

  16. if jeff or rachel gets off the block kalia should put up Jordan im tired of seeing these newbies being bossed around by the vets.

  17. Poor house guests! This would drive me nuts if I were in there. If you cannot separate emotions from game play you’re screwed. Only people who can do that are EVIL PEOPLE. IE.. DICK & DANI. Kalias mom is gonna tell her when she gets home” Girl! That black widow spun her web and you dove head first into it. You did her dirty work and she thanked you and Dominic by letting you get sent home while she pretends to be so upset that she is the cause of it”. To me that is great game by Dani but I think she may have thrown kalia under the bus too soon this time. JJ still have time to figure out Dani’s game and spill it to kalia. I don’t think there are any victims in this game. That’s just silly. They all signed up for A GAME! DUH!

  18. Kalia will not put up Lawan. I wish it was Jeff and Shelly on the block. D, L, P, A would vote for Jeff. He would face Dom. PT wins and newbie army finally forms. Takes out RJ then turns on D. Newbies unite!

    • The newbies do not need Danielle or the veterans. They have control of this game. They
      get even stronger control if one of the veterans leaves this week and they win HOH next week. Then, they can nominate two veterans. If one gets off, put the remaining veteran and another veteran bites the dust! Veterans made a number of dumb ass moves especially Danielle who made a huge number of mistakes. Her biggest mistake is destroying her alliance so early in the game. Next is Jeff and Jordan who made some silly mistakes like trying to win $10,000 by giving up the HOH competition and Jordan allowing Danielle to use her for her dirty work and allowing herself to be a pawn. If she did not, Danielle would have put another person up ensuring another person gets pissed at Danielle!

    • Lousiana girl, if faced with putting up a pawn Kalia has no other choice but to put up a newbie. She has said no to Lawon. Adam is a possiblity but I believe it will be Shelly because she has alliances, I thought she would have nominated a newbie as a pawn in case the veto changed the nominations. Kalia does not think several steps in advance and one has to in BB that may b her down fall.

  19. They are being tossed around at their own volition. Again, no victims in this game. I’m pretty sure they have watched big brother at least once. This is how it has always been played.

  20. Jeff is another version of Brendon the big bully, Jordan is a cry baby and little brat, Rachel is a psycho manic depressant, and they each need to leave the Big Brother House! I’m totally over the JJBR alliance and I’m routing for a newbie to win.

  21. It is way too early for Jeff and Jordan to be split up. I so wish BB US was like BB UK where they couldn’t discuss nominations without penalty so you were able to just see the contestants socialize instead of game play.

    • Ditto on not being able to tell nominations but the game play is the only discussion I would want to hear. I don’t think peeps watch to hear them socialize. That would be really dull. Cuz in reality most people live a very mundane life. The game is hilarious. It takes everyone away from who.they are and what their morals are. That’s what happens when you throw money at people. If money makes you play like an evil/mean person, you were mean to start with.

  22. When Sunday’s show, shows Jordan crying I’d bet that the vote for the returning player swings towards Brendon to stick it to Daniele .

    • 100% agree with you on that. That is what Americans do. They like to stick it to people and we(Americans) do it the best when it NEEDS to be done! Now it DOES need to be done to show Dani she is not anywhere near the same level of game play her dad is. She tries and then she backs away. Dick never wavered in his decision-making. Dani does it then gets scared and apologizes. How funny! She talks a much bigger game than what she is willing to actually do herself.

      • Her own dad, Evil Dick critiqued her daughter, Danielle’s game play and he said stupid move so many times I lost count! He knows she screwed up royally and said she is going to have to make up a lot of ground. I would take that as to mean to regain trust but, who would be stupid to trust Danielle now that she showed she will lie and evict her former alliance mates if it suits her? Her backstabbing ways will get to her sometime! It seems only Kahlia has no clue that Danielle is only using her so, ignorance is bliss as they say! That is until Danielle throws Kahlia under the bus if it suits her!

      • SHAME ON DICK! Wouldn’t we all like our fathers to get on t.v. and talk trash about us. He should be a shamed of himself-keeping doing things like that and Dani will NEVER talk to him.

      • Ziggy that was my thoughts exactly. He is a terrible father. He should have given support and not criticism. What a jerk.

  23. I have always been a fan of J/J, but wish they had not aligned with Brenchel. Kalia’s target is Rachel, not Jeff. I just wish J/J realized that earlier and tried to work with Kalia. I was disappointed when Jeff and Jordan acted the way they did when she talked to them and stormed out of the room. Also, the way he talked about who he determines is not playing the game in front of them in such a rude way. Everyone plays different and Jeff has not won anything yet so how is he any different so far then them? Even Jordan crying because Dani asked if it was fair to give answers to your fellow contestants and Jordan saying that was so mean of Dani. I just remember during the other comps they were being mean to Dani and Kalia right along with Brenchel. I just think this season they are not acting like the J/J I have always liked so much and think some of Brenchel have rubbed off on them. I just hope Rachel leaves and Dom or Cassi come back. Rachel is always ready to stir up trouble and she has no problem talking to Kalia trying to make deals and is not caring about J/J so why don’t they do the same thing? Shelly is also making deals and Jeff was mean to Shelly and had her crying. They are just not the same J/J this season that I saw during their season. During the live feeds Rachel was following Dani everywhere she went just to stir up things. She told J/J if they heard anything about her from others not to believe it. I am anxious to see what happens in the veto.

    • He also thinks if he gets voted out he will automatically come back that why he’s acting so freaking bossy.cause all julie told them was that a evicted house guest will return.

      Jeff has been the biggest a hole in the game at least brendan wins things so that gives him a little more leverage to be one.
      People are saying jj are good game players when they are not the best thing going for them is that people like them for what every reason they contribute nothing to the game
      and the have already won money.
      the only reason jeff made it far in his season was because people felt sorry for him and gave him the coup deh tat.

      • please get over that they have money—that’s not the point. They are good players and I rather see them win it than R\B,they wouln’t know the truth if it bit them in thrie a**!

  24. We are all such armchair quarterbacks. It’s easy to say what we would do when we know all of the scheming that is going on. Surely we are all aware of how we would be doing just as they are since they don’t know what we know. Is everyone really not aware of this or are we that egotistical to think we could do it any better?

      • I certainly couldn’t do it any better. I just was rooting for J/J and wish Jeff had not said the things he did to Shelly and the newbies. Kalia was a newbie and she stood up and proved she could win. The newbies were told to throw the comps and they did as told and also figured it would keep them out of the radar. Believe me I am not against J/J at all. I just don’t like Brenchel.

  25. Jeff has been nothing but a bully and needs to be sent packing, who made him king of the bb house to boss everybody around. I still say Shelly is a slimey snake. I hope a newbie comes back into the house. Why do the vets think they can do and say whatever but when Kalia does it she soooo wrong,they need to take a look in the mirror. I really want a newbie to win…well anybody but Shelly.

    • People that support jeff are older women or young girls who like him point black the dude is a hole it doesn’t matter what he does the will still support him.
      Ask them what they like about him and the will come up with air.

  26. They all are playing a GAME, but, some are just mean mean people. I was a Rachel fan last year and i am still a Rachel fan this year….

    I have live feeds and don’t understand why they are so mean to her, she is playing the game just like the rest of them, but, OMG how dare SHE cry… only they are allowed. Only THEY are allowed to feel emotions…whatever RACHEL FOR THE WIN “)

    • People re-act that way because she is a bitch nothing wrong with that but don’t act like you own the world when things are going well for you but you cry all the time and want everybody to feel sorry for you when your losing that’s what people are pissed off about.

      • I agree, i’m a huge Rachel and Brendan fan and i hope Brendan gets enough votes to get a chance to compete to get back in the house next week! Make sure to vote!!! By the way ppl are haters so just ignore them, it’s a show and it’s just a game!! Seriously!!!

  27. that’s what. I’m sayin kupe! Go rachel! If any of those other hgs. Had to fight even. Half as hard as her. And brendon to. Stay they’d be. Acting just. As bad or worse. They’re only targeted cause everyone is scared and jealous of them. Excuse all the periods.

  28. If the gods are with Jeff~~ he will win the Veto~` However, the best play would be for Jordan to win, take Jeff off the block~and the new nominee gets voted out and Rachel stays~`I have new found hope for Rachel~~ Keep fighting girl~

  29. Let’s get. Real. They alligned themselves with brenchal cause that was the. Best. Game move for. Them. Who. Wouldn’t? They’re loyal. As long as you are. Thhey. Are the. Strongest in the house at comps so they have the means to. Take you far..but yet they’re so hated that. Most would be able to beat them. In final. 2. Kalia chose to allign with daniele. At the worst time. In. The game (when dani was public enemy 1) bad move on her part. And just. By watching bbad lastnight and Thursday. Night you. Can tell kalia would be completely swayable without dani constantly in. Her ear. And then dani. Turns around and. Throws her under the bus…dani and kalia deserve to. Go home. And brendon deserves to. Come back. If daniele. Hadn’t. Underservingly gotten. The golden key just. Cause her dad left, then. Daniele would have. Been. Gone the week she tried to. Pull all her bs on everyone. They. Had the perfect. Opp to backdoor her, but she. Had. The golden key..and for what? She. Didn’t. Earn it. And. Jejo through brenchal. Under the bus. That was the. Real. Messed. Up part. They. All 4. Could have easily persuaded daniele to. Put up. Someone. Else next to brendon or. Rachel..instead. they. Decide to. Say “if. You. Put someone else up next. To rachel, she will I’m ok with. Being a pawn” who even says that when they’re in. An alliance? Well. At any rate. I would still like to. See brendon come back and brenchel make it to final 2. Otherwise I wouldn’t mind. If jejo did. All the newbies are whack and dani is. Just a. Mess. Excuse all. The periods.

    • The veterans alliance is the right move because the veterans are the best competitors out there.
      Why would you form an alliance with someone who is as weak as you? Then, you will be a target and go home earlier. If Jeff won POV then, Rachel would remain and now is the best time to nominate Danielle because she cannot save herself! Not likely to happen because Kahlia is not using her head and easily manipulated by Danielle! She will regret this if she does not nominate Danielle as the replacement nominee when she has the chance to do so!

  30. And. Anyon notice how dani and kalia were best freinds last week. When dani knew she needed kalia to. Win HOH. But now that the noms are done. Dani only goes to talk to kalia when she’s trying to brainwash her. Kalia is so dumb to trust her.

    • arent you tired of talking rubbish all the time lol have you been watching the game who else kalia has in the house apart from danille ?

      • The newbies are in charge and have the numbers if they unite. They do not need the veterans at this point. What they need to do is vote out a veteran this week then, if they can win HOH next week, vote out another veteran which they can do so 100% Danielle is using Kahlia until she can throw him under the bus. That much is clear.
        You would think that Kahlia will use her head to give her the best chance at that $500,000. Voting Danielle as replacement if one of the veterans goes off thru getting the veto will pretty much guarantee it! Then, let Danielle fight for the right to get back into the house. Kahlia does not need Danielle who is more of a liability because her alliance with Danielle will go back to bite her!

    • its over….looks like jeff won! dani and kalia look ticked and rachel is crying!!!!!!wooooooooooooo

    • she should now they have been really mean to her she should take a page out of rachel’s book and stick it to jejo

      • Wow and you actually believe that after teaming up with the DEVIL !!! (Danielle) you must be drunk or something

  31. SORRY but I thought the whole purpose of the show was to COMPETE AND TRY TO WIN…… not as a SUMMER LONG DATE….. that goes for J/J too….

  32. sorry but sparky (comment 43 is right). why am i sorry?

    anyway, again looks like jordan is in the good graces of the masses… again. i dont get it. she’s said repeatedly she’s just wanted to spend the summer with jeff. thats bullsh**. who do u think u are? so nobody can target u or everyone has to lay-off u guys? ur not even engaged! lol

    jordan’s “game” is nonexistent and thats an understatement. i was listening to her get mad yesterday and she had no idea what she was talking about. she loses all the time and it usually doesnt effect her because nobody wants to put up “sweet” jordan. get that sh*t out of here! haha. now u lose, there are consequences in the form of another week of slop.

    i have a bad feeling she’s gonna ride free in the game again because of her “sweet” “Cute” imagine that is given steroids from BB production. and if its kalia/daniele along-side her in the final 2, nobody will vote for the actual game PLAYERS.

    too much bitterness in that darn jury. we saw it in jordan’s season (natalie should have easily won) and last season brenchel tried to pull it with they’re bitterness.

    jordan is like john cena. u get to the point where its like ENOUGH ALREADY! her goodbye messages, her DR’s especially make her dumb and trying so hard to win america over. guess its working.

  33. I wish Kalia would do a gutsy move and put Danielle up. She has to go sometime, why not now? Danielle is such a complete brat. Totally full of herself.

    I DO hope Bookie comes back into the house and finishes Dani off.

  34. I hope Kalia put Rachel again on the bloc against Shelly and backdoor Jeff and get rid of him and then take care of the last women standing (rachel and Jordan) and last i hope E.D or Dominic or Cassi joins the game

  35. we like jeff and jordan but don’t care about brendon and rachel. but in this case i think the rest of the vets.needs to stay together and get danni out. bring back brendon to help them out so rachel stop crying over him. then send all the newbies out the door all but weakness one. then take take rachel,brendon,and jordan or jeff. then let it be one out and one new fight it out for the end of big brother. (hope jeff or jordan wins but maybe brendon just to gave rachel her wedding and honeymoon). just saying.

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