Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 9 Sunday Highlights

Today was all about the campaigning of Kalia in the Big Brother house. Adam finds himself the most popular person in the game as everyone wants to know if he is going to use the veto. He holds the power this week because if he does bring someone off the block, Jordan will be going up and out and if he doesn’t, he will have to try and beat Rachel and Jordan in the final three unless Porsche can pull off a miracle.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – September 4, 2011:

10:30 AM BBT – Jordan and Rachel up in the HoH and Jordan tells her she wants to get rid of Kalia but doesn’t like that Porsche is trying to get Adam to use the veto on her because then Jordan would be on the block.
10:40 AM BBT – Kalia is talking to Adam outside and says he needs to make this big move now and keep the newbie alliance safe.  Says that Jordan doesn’t want to be there and she and Rachel will not take him to the end.  She tells him she will keep him safe next week and they will go to the final 2.
11:00 AM BBT – Adam tells Rachel and Jordan he is with them and will not use the veto.
11:10 AM BBT – BB calls outside lockdown so four hg’s workout while one eats.  Can anyone guess who decided to eat and not workout? LOL
12:15 PM BBT – Porsche tells Adam if they want to win $500,000 they have to get rid of Jordan and Rachel.
12:35 PM BBT – Jordan says Porsche doesn’t deserve to be in the game and needs to go at final 4.  Jordan is the last person who needs to make this statement.
1:30 PM BBT – Kalia is talking to Adam again and says Rach and Jordan can’t offer him a final 2 deal like she can.
2:00 PM BBT – Porsche now tells Adam that they can’t beat Rachel and need to separate her and Jordan.
4:45 PM BBT – Adam tells Jordan he is sick of all the campaigning to him from Kalia.  He said she uses the same arguments Dani did about the viewers wanting to see big moves but Adam said the big moves help her and not him.
1:05 PM BBT – Kalia is trying to get Adam to use the veto.  She isn’t giving up and he isn’t interested.

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  1. To Kalia: “Desperation Wreaks” – Nice to hear it’s not affecting your “appetite”…

      • You are all disgusting. Childish and bully behavior are immoral and unethical acts. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Do your parents know what kind of inhumane people they brought into this world?

      • Really she’s fat and disgusting why cause she’s black. She has won more than adam. Ignorance is bliss

      • @nikki~

        Here we go again. So, you are saying because Kalia is black, she is immune from scrutiny. Her behavior, no matter how deplorable, her pudginess and laziness are off limits because she is black.

        Do you think being black makes one fragile? Do you think if a black person is told they are lazy, or rude, or make people want to vomit because they talk and fart while shoveling their mouth–that rarely closes–full of food.

        I think your way of thinking is insulting to black people.

        I also think that — especially if Kalia is supposed to represent black people (as your post implies)– then she is insulting to black people.
        Sounds to me like you are racist, nikki.

        Get off it, nikki; Kalia is a rude and disgusting human being because of her behavior and I don’t care how black or yellow or red you make her skin, it will never be an excuse for her.

        The only thing she can do is change her behavior.

        And you, nikki, should change your thinking!!

      • Previous post, second paragraph, last part of sentence follows ellipsis:

        If a black person is told they are lazy . . . “they will break?”

      • I don’t admire Kalia or her bad habits, can’t wait to see her gone but really some of these comments are absolutely hateful You sound like a bunch of bullies

      • You are all disgusting. Childish and bully behavior are immoral and unethical acts. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Do your presents know what kind of inhumane people they brought into this world?

  2. Here are just a few of the side effects from benefiber:
    – Difficulty in breathing- intestinal blockage- skin rash or itching- swallowing difficulty (feeling of lump in throat), – Confusion- dizziness or light-headedness- irregular heartbeat- muscle cramps- unusual tiredness or weakness.
    And this person (Porsche Briggs), who tampered with food, is still on the show and may even possibly win. WOW

      • @JoeyLee when doesent matter whats done is done. Totaly unfair gameplay to sicken the compition to give yourself an edge, then she didnt win anyway. If this is the kind of gameplay BB is going to allow, my guess is the will get alot of hate mail.And loss of veiwership

    • I wrote and complained to CBS about that. I am sure there is something in the rulebook about trying to make people sick. I think everyone should write them if you have the time.

    • I said when it first happened that what Porsche did was CRIMINAL and I still think she should have charges filed against her. I have lost all respect for the powers that be at CBS and Big Brother Production for letting that act of battery go with absolutely zero consequences!!!

  3. Looks like Kalia is gone! Maybe if she had listened more instead of talking so darn much she could have formed some better strategy.

  4. I did ask them to can her and protested that they allowed her to stay as did others, CBS did not care enough to boot her out they could have! i would never apply to be on there after seeing the stealing of peoples stuff and the way they were plus the messing with their food, i would not put my health in their hands at all! NO trust…no applicants!

    • I agree, I don’t think they should people take other’s stuff, it’s just wrong. Then when Rachel was doing it for revenge they made her put it back. If Porsche, Kalia, Dani, & Shelly can do it, why can’t Rachel? Also, I think it is so effed up they let them hide the chess pieces and the bags for the cornhole, they are so limited on the activities they have to do, it’s just wrong.

  5. He won’t use this POV, although if he’s willing to win the game (he should).
    This season is for Rachel! Come on girl!

  6. When did Porsche tamper with the HG food. Been out of the town on business and need to catch up on BB.

    • It was the week before she became a Have-Not, which is humorous since she and the 2 HGs who laughed and encouraged it (Daniele & Kalia) were then the ones who had to use it.

      Production made her throw it away a few days later before anyone used it.

      • Matt I’m fairly certain that Jordan DID use it. In fact, if my memory serves me Porsche didn’t get caught until the second time she spiked the food. I still think that CBS should press battery charges against her. That was just plain criminal!

  7. yea for real, for jordan to say someone doesnt deserve to be in the big brother house is like michael vick saying ppl shouldnt get second chances haha

    adam is annoyed by kalia because he’s like “look, i dont want to make a big move, i dont need to make a big move, and i rather die in the game by doing nothing then win doing nothing”

    he’s an idiot but this is what we’ve seen from him the ENTIRE game. its not even that he does think he can beat rachel/jordan, its he doesnt want to make a big move.

    ITS FINAL 5 and he refuses, he will absolutely not make a big move!


      • false. that statement is false in the big brother house considering the situation, he history, his track record, his actions (or lack of) and what he’s said.

      • I know I wouldn’t want to make a big move after:

        Danielle’s big move-Jury House

        Jeff’s big move- Jury House

        Shelly’s big move- Jury House

        That right there would be a red flag for big moves for me!

      • Sometimes floating, although annoying, is a big move. Look at Dan, can’t remember what yr., he made everyone think he was useless and he sailed through and won!! Adam can win this if he comes through and wins another comp. But I’m hoping Rach wins!!

      • Sometimes floating, although annoying, is a big move. Look at Dan, can’t remember what yr., he made everyone think he was useless and he sailed through and won!! Adam can win this if he comes through and wins another comp. But I’m hoping Rachael wins!!

      • floating is never a big move when thats all u have done.

        now we’re excusing floating? are we (not me) excusing floating now because it keeps our favorites (not mine) safe?

        because if adam was in this same situation but it kalia/porsche in charge, im sure some of these opinions would be different.

        if not, and u would be saying the same thing, then excuse me. but

        i maybe wrong, but i doubt it.

        *check the charles barkley reference

      • @BEACHMAMA let me try this again i love to read your blogs you make since and you make me laugh keep up the good blogs

    • He doesn’t wanna spend another minute with Cowlia. Would you?

      Sometimes sanity is more important than money.

      In your case you seem to have neither. LOL!

      • u dont know me first off, thats the real “LOL”.

        “sometimes sanity is more important than money”

        not in the big brother house. arent u trying to win. sounds like ur not. u sound just like adam. not wanting to play the actual game.

        think i know what the “db” stands for….

      • I DVR After Dark and the verbal diarrhea of that woman drives me insane…. so glad for the FF option! If I were Adam I would tell her to SHUT UP or there is NO chance I would use veto…. he MIGHT get a few hours of quiet altho doubtful.

      • oh no dont get me wrong, she does talk alot. and it can sometimes be annoying. but either tell her ur not voting for her (which he cant really. production makes it where u can say for certain usually which way or the other going)or tell her u’ll think about it.

        he doesnt help with his seemingly indecisive a**.

        and just cause she talks alot is not anywhere near a legitmate reason to evict her, especially when she has a good chance of getting YOU further.

      • I think this is going to be one time when failing to make a big move is going to land someone in the jury house. This is probably going to be Adams last chance to make a big move and he is more interested in getting revenge on Kalia for voting for him to leave. Both Dani and Jeff played for revenge on each other and wound up in the jury house.

      • @Marcus, I believe he has told her multiple times he’s not using the veto, she just won’t accept that. I would tell her, ok I’ll use it, so she will STFU and leave him alone for 5 minutes. Then, of course not use it. K&P have no problem saying whatever they think the others want to hear, with the intention of doing the opposite.

      • sorry beachmama scroll up i tried again and reply wrong spot ill get the hang of this sometime still not use to all this

    • bitch bitch bitch

      Adam needs to consider the next HOH… who would he rather go up against:

      Jordan and Porsche
      Kalia and Porsche

      He would have a much better chance at winning HOH with Jordan still in the game. Sure Porsche still has the best chance in both situations but against Kalia and Porsche, Adam would be at the bottom of the totem pole.

      • He’s thinking exactly that. With Jordan or Porshe as HOH….he’s safe. If, he doesn’t win veto….he’s still safe. Why rock the boat?

      • He’s thinking exactly that. With Jordan or Porshe as HOH and he doesn’t win veto…he’s safe. Why rock the boat.

      • We everyone quit saying big move?? If it’s not going to benefit him then it’s not a big move! So just to make a move for the sake of it qualifying as big is stupid! He needs to decide what is best for him! Either way I think he will go to the final three and he will have a better chance to beat J than K or P….

    • You make your big move when it is time to make your move! Danielle, Jeff, Shelly all made big moves too early in the game! The best time is when your alliance is in full charge of the game and you are fighting amongst yourselves! It did not happen this season because Danielle went all out to betray and destroy her own alliance. Jeff followed suit but, backdooring Brendon and Shelly did the same dumb move backdooring Jeff when Jeff saved her ass in betraying Brendon. You do not peel off just because you
      want to! Much as I detest the brigade of last season, they stuck together which is why they made it to the end! The time to peel off is when you are the only ones in your alliance fighting for it! Then, one of you is guaranteed to win that $500,000!

  8. if rachel would truly be a great and smart player she would cut a deal with adam to use the veto and evict jordan and then since rachel will obviously win all the other comps. she could take adam to final 2 and lets be real here you can be chiken george and still win against adam in final 2

    • If she did that it would be 2 to 2 (R A vs K P) Why nit dump Cowlia and amke it 3-1 (R A J vs P)then do something?

      • Because by keeping Jordan you keep Rachael strong and fortified. If Jordan were evicted Rachael would fall apart and they would be able to get her out the next go round. That is the newbies only chance of defeating Rachael.

    • Porsche and Kalia if left in the house would win HOH against Adam. Rachel cannot play for HOH. That would leave Rachel with a must win for POV to stay alive. That would be dumb. Better to get rid of Porsche or Kalia, preferably Porsche as she is good in competitions. That would leave Jordan, Rachel and Adam against Porsche or Kalia whoever survives this week.

    • look if rachel wants to win she needs to bring adam to the finals period if they end up being rachel jordan and adam in final 3 rachel will have to do the dirty work and evict jordan which would lose her jeff and jordan as a vote which is alot to lose two ppls votes but if adam uses the veto now then rachel still has jeff and jordans vote and i think adam is smart enough to know hes not playing for the 500 000 $ hes playing for the 50 000 $

    • Rachel could easily beat Jordan in the final hohs, and I also believe in the final 2. Also, Jordan is bff in the house and maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t want to stab her bff in the back.

    • While, Rachel has been winning competitions, she is not guaranteed to win POV the next week so that, she needs both Adam and Jordan versus Kalia or Porsche (whoever is left) next week. The same goes for the POV. Evicting Jordan will guarantee it is Adam against Kalia and Porsche for HOH and in POV, it will be Adam and Rachel against Kalia and Porsche. Better to have Rachel, Jordan, Adam against Kalia or Porsche(whoever is left) on POV! That protects Adam, Rachel and Jordan better!

  9. Adam is stupid!!! Roachel and Bordan have shown they cannot b trusted.. They will get rid of him just as sson as they get back n power..Cnt wait til these 2 trolls turn on each other!

    • I think what will happen is that Porshe will win HOH and Rachael will win POV. This means that Adam will end up on the block against Jordan and It will be Rachael’s choice who to evict. She will no doubt choose Jordan. Adam will be leaving on Thursday.

  10. its really eye-opening how some u guys always have nickname’s for the less popular in the house. or like the ppl who go against the “favorites”

    nat or gnat for natalie, rachel from last season (my my, she lets jordan work with her for 5 minutes and now everyone loves rachel), porksche, koala, or i saw a cowlia earlier.

    like really guys? haha seriously? thats what we’re doing now? calling names like that? didnt get that memo. still havent

    • Yep. Haha.
      I liked Rachel since last season and still into this season! Has nothing to do with Jordan.

      I didn’t like Kalia within a couple of weeks in and can’t stand her “friend” either!

      Tons of people have nicknames for others, but I guess you are one of the few who don’t. Right.


      • My 1st comment is awaiting moderation.

        He called Adam an “idiot”.

        Not sure that’s different than anything else.

    • big difference calling someone an idiot because of his/her gameplay, and taking a shot at someone because there “not attractive” or slightly to moderately over-weight. gameplay should matter most, not some b.s. glad u guys are mature enough to understand the difference.

      “tons of people have nicknames for others” uhh no i dont think so. just take a look at this page. proves my point.

      • We bow to your level of niceness.

        We will try to be better people in the future.

        PS – I still hope Cowlia hits the bricks.

      • its not about being nice, its about being mature enough, and being grown-up enough to make a point without the excess name calling and garbage.

        i dont care if u want kalia gone. if u want rachel or even jordan to win, i would question ur judgement but thats all u.

        but the name calling i just think is dumb and makes ur arguments weaker.

        thats the last thing you need haha

      • Thanks Marcus.

        BTW, this isn’t about who I want to win. Rather it’s about who I want to lose which includes Cowlia & Porksha.

        As to maturity, who cares?

      • OK lets talk about Kalias game play then. As was mentioned last night on the show she sleeps and she eats. She does not practice. She does not work out. She does not play a social game only when it is her behind in hot water. She rode Dani’s coattails for a month and won two question HOH. When it comes to anything else puzzles endurance or especially physical she simply cannot do it. She has been throwing her alliance under the bus in order to save herself- saying “someone who slept and sat around in a bikini is going to win” So there’s several reasons why sheet sucks and nada one mentions her weight. She sucks.

    • I have liked Rachel since she was on BB12. The reason I like her is because Rachel is and always was herself in the house. She also is a fierce competitor. Rachel is not a fake person, except for the boobs lol. And as for the nicknames, it’s funny, and makes reading and writing these more enjoyable. I love the name Cowlia, so effing funny.

      • I found the names funny too! Like Danimal, Cowlia, Porksha. Rachel and Jordan have been called worst and attacked personally by Danielle fans. I like Rachel too because she is an underdog and the mean and girls Danielle, Kalia, Shelly and Porsche have said nasty things about her and wished bad things to happen to Rachel.
        Rachel has good karma and I hope she wins that $500,000 in the end!

  11. If Adam is sure he can get the votes to beat Rachel in the final two, then he does not need to do anything, but if not this is time to try something. By using the POV and removing Jordan that leaves three against Rachel. The other two want Rachel out and he will not win against Rachel for sure and may not against the others. Unless he wins every comp left.

  12. as much as i didnt like rachel before once brendon left she is a much better player.she deserves to win.kalia is the next one that should go.she is just a waste of space.

  13. Someone needs to tell Jordan that she is not a competitor in the game and she is as much of a floater or even a bigger floater than Adam.

  14. It’s soo sad!!,, how the people on this site talk about how wondeful and kind Jordan is,, but look how you all act on this site attacking HGs personally shows immaturity!!! I guess I love the good person( Jordan),, because I’m nothing like her!! Lol!!., that’s bad!! This show is sooo boring now,, and trying to leave people in suspense about what’s going to happen is crazy!! Adam will NOT make a bold move in this game,, Kahlia WILL go home this week,, and Jordan and Rachel WILL make it to final two. I love reading the feeds on this site,, because it is entertaining,, but watching the show…. NOT!!, it’s wayyyy to preditable!!,, but all the Kahlia and Shelley personal jokes are not cool!!.. and why is Julie Chen not biased about the game…,, because a person makes a bold move in the game whether it is a good move or not doesn’t make them a bad person… Are u serious? … Julie, please check your background or just google it!! Lol!!

  15. all fans gotta agree on one thing with Adam, the guy is the most gutless player in BB history, even if you are fans of J$R you gotta admit, Adam is just dumb not to use the veto. it’s his BEST move

    • No, it is not. His best move is still to stick to Jordan and Rachel. He might win HOH in the final 3 with the choice of who to take to final 2. Rachel and Jordan can be trusted compared to Kalia and Porsche and that speaks volumes! Even Adam was smart enough to realize that Rachel and Jordan saved his ass while, Kalia voted to evict him!

  16. I would not want Adam to use the veto, I want Kalia gone. I’m so sick and tired of her running her mouth saying the same thing over and over.. It’s like shut up already.

    • Do what I do when Kalia is talking, hit the mute button…LOL Unfortunately that is most of the time.

  17. There could not possibly be a worse ending to the season as to have PORSCHE/KALIA/ADAM in the final 3…A week of watching only those 3 in the house would cause the lowest ratings in BB history…I have no doubt..

  18. I would not want Adam to use the veto, I want Kalia gone. I’m so sick and tired of her running her mouth saying the same things over and over.. It’s like shut up already.

  19. Adam is the 5th wheel in both alliances. Kalia and Porche will take eachother to the final 2, Jordan and Rachel will take eachother to the final 2. Why use the POV on Jordan? He will lose jury votes. His best bet is to not use it and bust his butt to win HOH or POV.

    • you serious? lose votes? from who? the vets? if he is in final 2 with J or R, he doesn’t get those votes anyways. not to mention, neither J nor R will take him. at least P or K would take him to final 2 cause he is easiest to beat

      • There could possibly be 3 vets that would vote against him. He would still have a chance if say Rachel and him were in the final 2. Shelly and Dani couldn’t stand Rachel. If he goes say with Kalia or Porche, he may lose votes because they think he didn’t work as hard as them.

  20. There’s nothing wrong with ‘floating’ to the end then stepping it up to win. How can you harp on that when it was the stronger players who strung the floaters along, thinking they had a better chance to win against them? If they don’t want the weaker floaters to win, then evict them.

  21. Every comp Dani ever played in all season long was thrown to her.
    She didn’t earn any of them.
    Hell her Dad dick had to throw her a golden key just to get the to jury

    • wow are you delusional, how was she thrown anything? her first hoh was the endurance comp and ya Kalia dropped, but they were in alliance together and not to mention, Kalia was NOT going to beat her, she wasn’t moving. then was the second hoh where she just beat everyone.

      do you not realize if it wasn’t for Daniele, Dick would have NEVER won BB8 in the first place

      • o so now when Dani’s alliance drops from an endurance comp she is a good competitor and deserves credit for a win.
        But when Jordan’s alliance misses a putt of two and does the same thing then everyone says she is an awful competitor and has done nothing.

        Please explain to me how this double standard works?

      • It was Evil Dick’s manipulation which allowed him to win! Danielle help some I will give her that. However, Danielle without Evil Dick is nothing! She got eliminated way sooner because she allowed her emotions to get the better of her. She was more concerned about losing her boy toy Dominick then, just playing the game and winning that $500,000! And for that, Danielle deserved to lose!

  22. Look people who cares if Adam is a floater, who cares if someone doesn’t win anything. It’s all about not getting nominated and making it to the end. Everyone plays the game different and if it takes floating then so be it. Who wouldn’t want to win money w/out doing anything.

    Go Jordan, Rachel, & Adam!

  23. Rachel’s first HOH wasn’t earned it was thrown to her by dick and dani.
    She isn’t a good competitor.
    Everyone else in the house is so much better then Rachel

  24. Dom was the worst BB player ever.
    He couldn’t even win a POV.
    That POV he “won” when Jordan was HOH and put him on the block wasn’t earned. It was thrown to him by Jordan.
    She didn’t take two weeks of slop and keep going in the competition and she definitely would have won if she had done that.

    • Lawon might disagree with you about Dom being the worst playa ever.

      He was SO bad Julie Chen didn’t even interview him on TV.


  25. depending on adam not using the veto!!!!!!!i am hoping jordan can find her way to win the hoh on tuesday and rachel win the pov and then rachel win the final hoh…that would be nice to see….

  26. Brendon really sucked in comps and he def deserves to be in that jury right now.
    He shouldn’t get any credit for winning that POV when Rachel put Adam and Dom on the block.
    Dom threw the comp to him and handed him all the letters he needed to spell understanding and then Dom got evicted anyways.

  27. Ok everyone just a little summary here so that no one misses the points of posts 23 25 26 29.
    In pretty much every comp that has been held this season someone has thrown it. If we followed your logic that no one deserves credit for a win unless everyone is trying their hardest then basically no one who is in the house right now deserves any kind of credit what so ever for winning any comps at all period.
    It is silly to say someone is not a good competitor just because someone else may have thrown a comp. You cannot say they wouldn’t have won it anyway just like you can’t say they def would have lost it either.
    If the y relied on a deal or their alliance to win then they still won. A win is a win is a win is a win

    • Johnny D…your logic is wrong. There is no way tell if the veto thrower would’ve won veto anyway. Maybe…just maybe… the ones that said they’ve thrown the veto said it because they sucked at the competition and didn’t want to say so. Shelly and Adam had said they’ve thrown competitions. Come on…Who in hell believe they would’ve won anyway?

  28. Adam will not use the veto to safe Kalia. If Jordan is backdoor, then R the following day, the all vets jury … no chance for Porsche either way… Porsche trying to toy Big A…. , he needs to make a quick decision because these ladies are farting, eating and bully pantyng him. Which side is Adam really on ? Vets or newbie ? We will see.

  29. Adam will not use the veto to safe Kalia. If Jordan is backdoor, then R the following day, the all vets jury … no chance for Porsche either way… Porsche trying to toy Big A…. , he needs to make a quick decision because these ladies are bully pantyng him. Which side is Adam really on ? Vets or newbie ? We will see.

  30. Adam will not use the veto to safe Kalia. If Jordan is backdoor, then R the following day, the all vets jury … no chance for Porsche either way… Porsche trying to toy Big A…. , he needs to make a quick decision because these ladies are bullying him. Which side is Adam really on ? Vets or newbie ? We will see.

  31. look people the object of the game is to win. how you do this is not important,but, jordan is a bad game player she has leaned on and rode skirt tails to jeff and now rachel. if ada wants to be in the lead for 1st or 2nd place he should use the veto and send jordan to jury house. porche will take adam to the winning but he wont win regardless of who is with him at the end. jeff and jordan already have 15,000 dollars and she will win america choice. when they have an all-star game her or jeff will not make it then either.good luck porche and rachel.

      • Because by taking Jordan out of the game you weaken Rachael. She falls apart everytime a member of her alliance leaves the game. That is the only way to take Rachael out and Adam won’t do it.

      • Possibly but Rachel’s done well w/o Jordan’s help. Jordan’s been a boat anchor lately. R can smell the money now.

  32. after the speach Shelly gave before the votes and Kalia still voted to evited Adam. Why would he want to save her?

  33. Adam does not consider himself a “floater.” On the live feeds, we hear him talking how he plans on winning the next HOH. He seriously believes he can compete and win. Kalia keeps trying to win him over by saying her and Porche will bring him to F3 but it’s not sinking in because he does not accept the fact that he can’t win competitions. Since this is the case, he will keep the noms as they are, vote to send Kalia home and truly believes he has a chance at winning the next HOH, then Veto and being in F2. Can we say DELUSIONAL?

    • That’s ok with me, I’d rather see Adam, Rachel and Jordan as the final 3. Ultimately, I’d like Rachel to win! She deserves it.

    • Adam is going to be in the final two. After kalia is gone he will wait for jordan to lose the hoh comp then throw it to porsche. After she nominates rachel and jordan he will work his butt off to make sure either he or porsche win veto so he can vote out rachel leaving him in f3 with jordan and porsche. Doing this will guarantee him at least $50,000 because if porsche or jordan win final hoh they will take him over each other. He is playing the odds and if he gets that f3 he will at least make the money and not go out in 3rd.

      • There is not a chance in hell that Rachael or Jordan will take him to final 2’s. Jordan is way to loyal to Rachael. She is too nice to do that to Rachael. Rachael has good chance to win against Jordan so there is no reason for her to not take Jordan to final 2.

      • I don’t know this will happen. There are no guarantees that this is how it will go down. But if f3 are a/j/r then adam only makes final 2 if he wins hoh. If f3 are a/k/p again he only makes final 2 if he wins hoh. If he is in f3 with porsche and jordan he is almost guaranteed f2. That was my original point and in my opinion that is what he is shooting for to break up both f2 couples r/j & p/k and take one of each to f3.

  34. Ok, I just want to know, why saving Kalia would be a “big move”? Is it because Kalia says so? Oh, maybe it’s because Kalia is so big.

      • I think Kalia learned the term “big move” from Dani, and thinks if she keeps saying it that will make it so. Dani kept saying the same thing to Adam when she was on the block.

    • You’re as stupid as Adam then. lol. Because the way Adam is playing is playing it safe trying to get to final 3 then vote for the winner. If he makes a move now he can break that up and actually have a chance to win $500k. That would be a big move because it would change the trajectory of the game, which right now is setting up for Jorchel final 2 and Rachel win (nobody will GIVE a winner $500k again).

      • So you do not even give Adam a chance that he could win the final hoh, I think that makes you the stupid one. He has the same shot whether he goes with R/J or P/K.

  35. I know what the HOH is gonna be! They’e going to have to move eggs or ornaments or something through a fence with their fingers to the top. It was the same HOH competiton for the final 4 on season 12 and 11. If thats the comp I think Jordan has a good chance at winning since she has slim fingers and can concentrate really hard when needed. Kalia and Adam both have fat fingers. It might be head and head between Porche and Jordan. What do you guys think?

    • I think it the next hoh and veto is going to be the picture mash up and the timeline with pictures and clues. My guesses, they always have those 2 comps and we haven’t seen those yet.

  36. Thanks BBAD for the 1st 51 minutes of show last night w/o Kalia. Four peeps were able to share & converse with each other…hopefully, an omen of great times to come after Tuesday :) . Loved the 8pm show! Go Jorchel & Adam F3! Vets FTW!

  37. He needs to use the veto! No matter what, Rachel can’t win HoH, so here are the scenarios: Adam wins- In final 3 Porsche wins- Rachel is target, but even if she wins, she will evict Kalia Kalia wins- Rachel is target, but if she wins the veto, will evict Porsche

    I just wish Adam could see how this game works.

      • What if Porsche wins HoH? She will nominate Rachel and Jordan, but if one of them wins the veto(Rachel) she will evict Adam and keep Jordan. If Rachel/Jordan win HoH, and Porsche wins veto, he will be evicted.

  38. Adam is not only the worst player in BB, he’s the dumbest. lol. Not even trying to win I guess, or still thinking he’s this great competitor who can win the final HoH. Good for Rachel though. He’s basically handing her $500k. I don’t think the jury would give Jordan $500k again for doing nothing. Then again, i worked for Sandra on survivor.

  39. Stop the stupidity of saying Adam should use the veto!! It doesn’t benefit him, so why should he. He’s not dumb that he’s going to turn on his alliance when they can take him further in the game. If he doesn’t use it and Porshe or Jordon wins on Thursday, he’s safe. Stop saying he should make a BIG MOVE….a BIG MOVE FOR WHO??? surely not for his benefit. I can bet it’s Dani’s fans saying this craziness. DAMN PEOPLE ….STOP THE INSANITY!!! Adam is being smart right now. Your dislike for Jordan and Rachel is blinding you to these facts. Dani is out the door….she can’t win !!!

    • It is Danielle fans asking Adam to use the POV because they cannot stand the fact that Danielle is out and cannot win that $500,000.
      Give it up already. Danielle is history and has lost! Kalia can follow Danielle this week and hopefully, Porsche the next week! That would be the perfect scenario. I am so glad Danielle got evicted when she did! She was the meanest and nastiest house guest this season and deserved to lose!

  40. Ratched and joker are two faced money grabbers, and poor Adam is bring dragged down right with them. Adam thinks he will make it to f2 with ratched and joker,
    I wonder what he will be thinking bout while sitting in that 3rd seat.

  41. I love how people are trying turn Rachel and Jordan’s names into to something like we have done with Cowlia and Porksha. All the ones I’ve seen sound stupid and don’t work. Cow and Pork are donunzio.

  42. Man, I have always wanted to be on Big Brother, but the way you people TRASH the house guest I would be terrified of that. I am a voluptuous woman I would be so hurt by some of these comments.

  43. if adam does not use the veto
    he is really stupid and he is not there to win

    because he has no chances having rachel and jordan in the house

    • Who said so, just you? They still have to play for HOH and POV once more before the Final HOH which are 3 competitions in 1 for Final HOH! Good to see the Danielle puppets go! Kalia this week and Porsche hopefully, next week! Then, we have Jordan, Rachel and Adam for Final 3! And Adam can still win Final HOH and choose who he wants for Final 2.

  44. If Adam uses the veto, he loses Rachel, Jordan , Brendon, and Jeff… for sure. He does not want to get blood on his hands at this point in the game (since he has kept them sparkly clean so far). I doubt he will put much effort into the next HOH comp either.
    I think he is hoping that Porsche wins and nominates Rachel and Jordan. If rachel doesn’t win veto, she will might actually go to jury. Barring a new twist.
    So Adam never did anything to upset anyone, other than not using the veto today, which only upset Kalea..As far as sticking with his strategy (if you will) of playing it safe. It doesn’t get any safer than not using this veto.

  45. Kalia won’t have much time to campain anyway.
    It would be a shocker if Jordan won HOH. Maybe they will ask all questions about what Jeff’s house looks like. lol.
    Not that I don’t think Jordan is capable of winning things. I just think she lacks self confidence, so she is afraid to try.

  46. Question: Due to the eviction being done on Tues and shown on Wed; will we be able to see who left via the LF or will it be down?

  47. Same as always. You will get WBRB. Then when feeds come back on you will see and the hg’s will be talking about it.

  48. jordan wont win sh*t…. she never does…. thats why she hangs on to jeff and now rachel…. at this point i think i would like to see adam win…. not the cow or the porch or the hoochie or the ultimate coaster… GO ADAM

    • I think that Jordan will end up on the block against Adam for thursdays eviction. I think that Porshe will HOH and Rachael will win POV and Adam will be going home since I don’t see Rachael evicting Jordan. Adam made the wrong move by not playing the veto when he had the chance. He won’t have another one.

      • Jordan has won before on a different season. She is honest with everyone and doesnt go behind peoples backs. adam is a total floater he hasnt won anything till now. P.S. i think porche may be the only house guest to every gain wait on the show

    • Correct me if I am wrong… but didn’tJordan win part 2 of the BB11 HOH comp and look tatally surprised? Again, correct me if I am wrong.

  49. is adam really that dumb? he will never beat jordan or rachel…he would have a better chance winning the whole game if he keeps kalia or porsha.
    i wish they could read our comments, maybe it would give them a clue.
    jordan is a sweetie but she is DUMB ! WOW is she DUMB !!!
    porsha is smart and is a cutie but isn’t to good in challenges,
    kalia is smart and fairly good in certain kinds of challenges ( nothing physical ).
    rachel is a big cry baby, a user, and thinks her sh** doesn’t stink, this bimbo will win the big money if these other people don’t wise up and get rid of her.
    adam is a dumb oaf who hangs on to anyone who has power, shocked as hel* that he won the POV !
    but not shocked that he won’t use his brain on what to do with it !!

    • Boy you don’t think much about anyone that is left on the show. Maybe you should rethink as they are still there and the others are not. Oh yeah, good point Kay…..

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