Big Brother 13 Episode 26 recap: Shocking news – Rachel is a terrible driver

Donna Martin graduates

Sunday on a nail-biting action-packed Big Brother 13, we saw twist after twist, fight after fight, and it all ended with the most shocking news of the season: Rachel Reilly is a really bad driver.

Seriously, people, that’s about as exciting as Sunday’s episode got. That is unless you’re a complete nerd trapped in bad 90s television. Or Adam. Sorry, CBS, Tori Spelling cannot save the rest of this season. I’m only going to say this once (mostly) just to get some fun comments, but I hope the Daniele and Shelly haters are happy because this is the Big Brother they wanted. Wake me when it’s over.

OK, on to an actual recap. Sunday’s episode picked up in the middle of the HoH competition. I’d normally make a joke here about this being designed for Rachel since she’s used to crawling around in slimy gunk on her hands and knees, but that’s too easy. Instead, I’ll ask a question: Why is it so easy for everyone to make fun of Kalia and Adam for losing competitions when Jordan has been the worst physical competitor of the season? Oh, that’s right, it’s because she’s sweet and as Jeff would say, “cute as a stupid little button.”

Rachel wins the challenge and there’s no one’s arms to jump into, so we’ll have to settle for the now-cliche storage room jumping up and down. So Rachel is HoH and since everyone in the house plays for revenge, there should be no surprise who she’ll put up.

We get some really creepy footage of Kalia and Adam talking while Kalia is showering. She tries to apologize for voting to evict him last week. He gets the chance to channel Jeff and act like a bad-ass in the diary room for half a second. Ooooh, Adam, Kalia is shaking in her boots. She should be very afraid of you. You’ve played such a solid game.

Finally we get to see Rachel’s third HoH room of the season. And this time, all of her photos are of her and Brendon. Yay! She loves it so much she might just cry. But she doesn’t because she only cries when she’s not in power.

All the girls have been closed off from the outside world (and closed in with Adam), that they’re all panting over Brendon with longer hair and scruff.

Kalia tries to cut a deal with Rachel. She pretends she’s been playing a really hard game because she won two HoH quizzes, but Rachel isn’t having it. But again, I’m not sure where Rachel gets the idea that Jordan has played a better game than Kalia, but whatever. I’ll never understand the creature that is Rachel.

Next we get the montage of all of Rachel’s car accidents. Is anyone really surprised she’s a horrible driver?

Porsche tries to cut a deal with Rachel next. While it’s better than her really sorry attempt to cut a deal with Jeff, it’s still one I had to watch twice to decide nothing was even really said.

Adam takes the spotlight next in a montage about his unhealthy obsession with Tori Spelling/Donna Martin. That’s followed by Rachel opening Pandora’s Box. She gets locked in with Jesse from Big Brother 10, 11, 12 and 13. How original. The rest of the house gets to spend some time with Tori Spelling. Adam says lots of creepy things like “she kissed my duck” and “can I be your baby’s midwife?”

After all the Donna Martin excitement, Rachel pretends she doesn’t know who she’s going to nominate and stares at the photo wall. Then calls everyone to the nomination ceremony and nominates Kalia and Porsche for eviction.

How did the veto competition play out? If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out, we’ve got the answer here.



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  1. Shelly would still be in the house right now if she hadn’t betrayed Jeff.

    Watching Kalia be completely desperate and beg Rachel is so satisfying. Hey Kalia how does that humble pie taste?

      • no shelly would still be in the house if she won some point in time you got to win hoh just to guaranteed your own safety and not leave it in the hands of others.what happens stupid porsche opens the pov,rest is history.

      • Dr. Will kirby who won his season and came in fourth on BB All Stars never won any comps the whole time he was on the show. You can win the game without winning HOH at some point. You do not have to win HOH at soem point to guarantee your safety. You can leave it in the hands of others. Shelly would still be in the house if she hadn’t betrayed her alliance and floated to team dani.

      • @Johnny D.
        Dr. Will was an actual Puppet Master. it takes extreme persuation skill, strategy and charm to be able to pull it off. Shelly is nowhere near that. not to mention that if Dr. Will had won the last POV, he would have won the whole game in season 4. if u remember Dan from Season 10, he played likeDr. Will in the first half and then he really stepped it up with the competitions..he knew excatley which competetions to win and which competitions to throw. I understand that u wouldn’t want to make yourself a target, but once u’re in the final 6..there’s no more alliances, this is why u need to start winnning

    • Johnny D, I agree with you to a oint because trust me, Jeff, Jordan and Adam would never have turned on each other for Shelly because the night before Dani got evicted and the double eviction, they were all cutting Shelly off…. Adam flip flopped because as you know a newbie won the HOH twice in a row…

    • On BBAD last night she was crying and talking to herself in her bed saying things like “I’m such an idiot” My husband and I died laughing. I’m still laughing actually…

    • Shelly may not have gotten evicted when she did but she wouldn’t have stayed much longer. Jeff did not have any real loyalty to Shelly he just used her for her vote.

  2. Why not pick on Jordan? Because she doesn’t pick on other people. She doesn’t deserve getting picked on.

    Kalia DOES! Dani DOES! Shelly DOES!

      • Her attitude is that she deserves money for doing nothing. In her defense, it’s worked so far.

    • Jordan is as much of a liar as anyone on the show. She told Kalia she was voting to save Shelly only to eff over Kalia’s game.

      You people who live to praise Jordan are just as retarded as she is.

      • For instant Kalia has not been lying and backstabbing this whole game and every-time I see her she is frigging EATING LOL!!! Kalia has slept most of the summer I mean common Cartman she was SNORING like a Horse last night when they were going to show the HOH room of Rachals ha ha!

        No one said Jordan is perfect but she does not have to tell Kalia crap about she is doing when she voted out Shelly give me a break! As if Kalia has been all that truthful NOT! jmo and from I’ve seen so far out of Kalia

      • Cartman.. I don’t remember Jordan or Rachel saying anything to Kalia that they were voting to keep Adam or Shelly. Even though Kalia told Adam that Rachel said they were voting for him. Well, according to Kalia’s DR both Jordan and Rachel stayed mum and never told her anything.

      • Kalia asked them several times during the week (live feeds). Jordan told Rachel to keep her guessing and avoided the questions at all cost by telling Kalia they did not know.

        @midfree2bwild Just before the live show Kalia asked Jordan she was leaning to Shelly, Kalia said that was what she was going to do. Kalia wanted them to vote the same as it was suppose to be an All Girl’s alliance which was again a lie to Kalia and Porche.

      • Kalia was upset all week, as no one wanted her in any of the talks going on because she has to feel like she is in control, and couldn’t handle that no one cared what she thought about anything. R&J lied to her. They did this purposely, it was strategic so that Adam wouldn’t trust Kalia. It was a smart move on their part as Adam believes if Kalia wanted him there she should have voted to evict Shelly either way, like he voted for Rachel even though he knew Jeff was going.

    • “Sweet Jordan” – I’ve been a major fan of Jeff and Jordan since season 11.
      If Jordan does as she did back then, look for a tough competitor in the next 10 or so days.

      As for why she deserves TO be there, when people talk about “Social Game”, I automatically think of Jordan. NONE of the House-Guests dislike her. She has been herself since day ONE.

      I’ve never been a major “Rachel fan”, but there’s something different about her ever since Jeff got evicted in the Fast-Forward. I think she really took a look back as to who was there for her when Brendan was evicted, both times.

      Kalia, The only place I want to see her go, is OUT the door. Any positive opinion I had for Kalia went out the door when Dani was still in the House. Kalia asked Dani if she is the first “black game player on Big Brother” to make it that far. Dani quickly cut her off telling her, “don’t even go there”. That wasn’t her first reference to “race”, and not her “last”…

      Porsche, I’m not even sure if SHE knows who she is aligned with…

      My Hope is for Rachel and Jordan, or Rachel and Adam.

      • And mentioning race is a crime?? You appear ultra-sensitive… really. Wasn’t like she asked for her ’40 acres & a mule’, for Gods sake. People should be able to ask reasonable/respectable race related questions without the assumption that someone is automatically ‘playing the race card’. It can be a good thing. Somewhat disturbing when one thinks that the issue of race should be swept under the rug, ALways…. and in this instance for certain. Verry telling. You come off petty… or worse.

    • @midfree2bwild
      Sorry that came out wrong. It should read that just before the live show Kalia asked Jordan how she was voting and Jordan said she was leaning to Shelly. Kalia said she was thinking the same.

      She did ask her several times during the week (live feed) and Jordan told Rachel to keep mum so Kalia would not know. Kalia wanted to vote the same way as she thought they were in the All Girl alliance at the time.

    • actually Jordan keeps saying things like “i refuse to be sitting next to people who did nothing” and “some people do not deserve to be here”..etc and this really gets on my nerves!! honey,if u want to talk shit about them pick something else cause they have much more game than you. The only one who could be less deserving than her is Adam

  3. I fail to see how the Dani and Shelly haters wanted and/or made tonights episode boring.
    I think you could just as easily blame the Brendon and Jeff haters too.
    In fact those probably are the people you should be blaming instead.
    I am gonna go ahead and do it for you here in this post. Listen up everyone.

    I hope the BRENDON and JEFF HATERS are happy because this is the big brother you wanted. Wake me when it is over.

  4. Why is Rachel doing the smart thing by keeping Adam a horrible competitor she can beat in an endurance challenge her playing for revenge?
    Why is Rachel staying loyal to her alliance and protecting Jordan her playing for revenge?
    Those things have absolutely nothing to do with revenge.

  5. ******* Everyone *******

    You want someone to blame for this horrible state BB13 is in….. Blame Dani because she even admits that she is the reason 3 of the best competitors are in the jury house because she betrayed he vets alliance and was fursious because her short lived showmance Dominic was evicted!!! Thanks Dani!!!

    • If Dani Jeff and Brendon were still in the house and Adam Porsche and Kalia were on the jury this thing would be rockin right now.

  6. I don’t understand how everyone acts like Jordan has done nothing. Her HOH wasn’t handed to her. She was next to last one up in the hole in one game and there is no guarantee Brendon was going to win. She won that fair and square. Also people tend to forget she won the luxury challenge with her “Don’t haste the Hoff” nobody else were close to figuring it out and she got it after the first clue. But since then people want to act like she’s done nothing because she missed a couple easy quiz questions and isn’t physically strong. She didn’t constantly turn on her alliance and jump from team to team. She has been kind and true all season. The vets had to stick together bc the newbies were running for them from day one.

    • Cardsfan, I am a Team Jordan and Team Rachel aka Team Jochel Fan…. If you remember BB11, Jeff was always making a hole in one…. Bbrendon kicked but during the POV he won in that golf game…. I guaranty either Jeff or Brendon would have done better.

      • Thats still the what if’s of the game. Jeff had already tried and missed. You can’t take away from her accomplishment simply bc we want to speculate that Brendon would have won if he had tried to win. Her shot was pretty good. Brendon wouldn’t have had much room for error and the same question has to be asked. What if he had missed? I personally want Rachel to win but I recognise when people aren’t giving credit where credit is due. On another note does anyone have any idea where Adams true allegiance lies at this point?

      • You can’t say they would have made the putt anymore than we can sit here and say they would have missed the putt.

      • Doesn’t anyone remember the Vet strategy was the ” perfect” scenario for the alliance would be for Jordan to win HOH that week. They had no intention of even trying to win if Jordan was in the lead(which she was) Give her credit for beating all the newbies & the team for a good strategy.

    • Agree with you 100%. People get so caught up in the comps,lying and backstabbing (because thats good dramatic tv) that they tend to overlook honesty and loyalty along with a decent social game as a quality in this game…Go Jordan/Big Red!!!

    • I agree cardsfan Jordan beat Cassi Dom Lawon danielle Shelly Potsche Kalia and Adam to win that HOH. Just because Jeff and Brendon may have thrown it does not mean they would have won. Relying on your alliance to win a comp is still winning the comp. There is more than one aspect to this game and anyone who relies solely on their ability to win comps on their own is doomed. She came in 2nd place in the Hoh kalia won fast forward week. She also guessed David Hasselhoff. And she won the final 3 part hoh at win her season.

      • JohnnyD, she didn’t beat Danielle or Porsche because they didn’t play, the both had golden keys. Regardless of how you spin things because Brendon didn’t try he gave her that HOH it was not earned. The only way we can say it was earned is if everyone who was eligible gave it their all when it was their turn and she beat them. As with her original season, she hasn’t done much this season either, but quick to talk about others sleeping all season-pot calling the kettle black.

      • With that logic then no hoh or veto has been earned this year because in almost every comp. someone wasn’t trying because they didn’t want the power.

  7. I agree with this article, but I blame CBS for giving us this type of season. Hated the whole concept from the beginning. If you are going to have people that have played before it should have been All Stars. JMO

    • Don’t forget the idiotic team twist. Let’s make it vets vs new players AND give the new players 5 minutes to choose a teammate. Stupid is what it was and destined for the vets to win.

      • CBS thinks familiar faces winning will be good ratings. If Jordan or Rachel wins I won’t be watching next year. I’m done with Survivor for the same reason.

        I have tons of ways to waste my time better than getting drawn into watching pre-determined scripted “reality contests”.

      • Cartman…
        Then why do you watch now? Just so you can sit on your ass on the internet (not playing the game) and criticize players who you wouldn’t come close to beating, ‘pre-determined’ or not.

      • This Season of Big Brother, like it or not, has surpassed all ratings and has seen more viewers since 2007. This is as per Nielson Ratings.

      • @JoeyLee Another possibility for the high ratings just may be because of the economy. Did you ever think with so many people not working, they may be staying home more and watching TV. Everything else during the summer is a repeat. Just another spin on the reason for higher ratings which I admit to not knowing about.

        I have been watching since S1 and don’t like this concept in any show. People that have played before know so much about the show. They can strategize better. They have been comparing notes about what each other had in each season. Unless you are with a vet until you actually play the game how would you know. Watching on TV and playing is two different things.

        That is why I like an All Star program as everyone is on equal footing. Same with all new people. Actually I am surprised that there are as many newbies left as there are. Especially with the twists. JMO

      • @Gail, Sorry, but I think the notion that ratings are due to the economy is just silly. I don’t care if people are home more, no one is going to watch a program they hate or have absolutely no interest in, with the exception of Cartman, lol.

  8. You’re continuously saying everyone….please stop, because that’s not true. I’ve seen on the posts here reference to Jordan’s inability to win comps. I, myself have complained although I like Jordan but prefers Rachel. Yes… I agree with Leo….Blame Dani. She spent the whole summer trying to get out all the competitors!!

  9. Rachel might feel like Jordan has played a better gaem than Kalia because Jordan didn’t do something stupid like put up her alliance member lawon a noob instead of having a productive HOH like jordan had when she got rid of Cassi a noob (granted Dom was Jordan’s target actually)

    • At least she’s leaving on Wednesday! I don’t know if anyone, other than Dani, will be listening to her in the jury house.

  10. Jeff complained about the houseguests that started playing the game from day 55th, but he should first look at Jordan that has not realized that she’s in the BB house. What a boring player she is… so is Adam that is not willing to take any risk. Players like them make the tonight episode so boring! Producers please don’t bring back players like Jordan or Adam please!!!

    • It’s funny how Jordan said on today’s episode how her and Rachel are basically fighting to the end….. Jordan, I think Rachel is actually fighting to the end and she’s just dragging you along with her.

  11. Donna Martin was a pig-nosed character.

    This whole Adam’s fantasy thing is just plain stupid. But I guess people want stupid.

    • I agree bringing Donna Martin, David Hasselhoff and Jesse yet again was a bit to much. I knew they were going to bring Donna back for Adam the minute Julie Chen said a surprise celebrity was going to make one HG very happy. Who else could that be except Donna for Adam. So predictable and so boring.

  12. Adam with the veto must back door Jordan to get to the final two but he wont i think Rachel will be the winner.

    • Agreed, but I see Jordan winning again.

      She has Jeff, Shelly, and Dani(Dani will not vote for Rachel) in her pocket.. add Adam and there you go… Jordan wins BB13. Meh.

  13. I understand people being irratated with Shelly saying she didn’t lie in the game when she did but in my opinion I think alot of people are taking their hate for her a little too far. There was NO chance that Jordan would have been able to protect her like everyone is saying. J/J were happy to let her tag along as long as she was willing to do their bidding. They had deals with Skanky and Adam and Shelly would have been the first to go of the group to keep Skanky happy. I think if Jeff had taken the opportunity to get rid of Skanky during his last hoh Shelly would have been loyal to the end to them. There is only one big prize winner and if anyone had a chance to win it Jeff and Skanky had and NEED to go. And all the hate about Kalia sleeping is amusing. For the first couple of weeks Jordan spent alot of time sleeping but I guess its ok if you know your safe every week. I liked J/J their season because they were underdogs and Jordan did what she needed to when she needed to to win. So I say she earned the money that year. Dont have that opinion this year but she will probably win anyways. Good thing Adam met Tori since he will be history next week unless he wins hoh.

    • Yep, Jordan is full of crap. She would never have protected Shelly.. she never fully trusted her anyway.

      She is just trying to reconcile it in her little pea-brain why she was so hateful to her biggest fan.

    • @Kim I agree they talk about Kalia sleeping and Jordan did just as much sleeping and was not socialable at all until just recently. She would only really talk to Jeff, Shelly and Kalia in the beginning. She doesn’t play pool, cards or cook. She would get bored and end up going to sleep. When Jeff talked to Porche about not talking game when he saved her Porche was right when she said they didn’t talk to her. Jeff and Jordan talked game with themselves. Same with Brendon and Rachel. Then they would just tell the newbies with them at the time how to vote and when to throw comps. Unless they think that is talking game. To me that was just telling them what to do.

      I liked Jeff and Jordan in their season, but agree neither were the same this season.

      I think the way CBS edits the live shows is bad. The night of Rachel getting her HOH and Kalia sleeping was after the doughnut comp. One thing they never show is that Kalia and Porche have had these jam sessions (when there were more people in the house) and stay up until 5:00 a.m. where Jordan and Rachel go to bed a lot earlier. Adam would be part of it also. He got up early to smoke and then go back to bed.

      Not saying Kalia doesn’t sleep – I just think it is shown very different than the live feeds. Same with so many posters talking about Kalia eating. Rachel eats every bit as much as Kalia, but they never talk about that. I do agree Kalia and her talking all the time can be annoying, but I see it as a nervous habbit. I know a lot of people who talk non-stop.

      For me it’s like they interviewed these newbies to find people that fans would end up not liking, calm Rachel down as people did not like her in the beginning and now think all because of Jordan’s influence everyone loves both of them.

      Same with people hating Dani and she made her move to fast, etc. Blame that on Shelly with her feeding J/J and B/R information. Why was it fair for Dani not to have a partner. She got one with Brenchel’s approval and then they kicked Dom out. Brenchel and Dani and Dom were going to work together. What choice did she have? She knew she wouldn’t get anywhere with the alliance she was in. She was forced to making a move fast as Shelly outed the plan.

      I don’t really care who wins at this point. Never liked the concept although I watch as I have always watched since S1. Hope next year is better.

  14. @Brandon
    your just a hater. I love it the way it is not.

    They can have Rachel on the whole hour long and that would only make it even better

  15. You say “hope you Shelly/Daniele haters are happy, this is the BB you wanted.”

    Well the haters don’t control the votes and all that.

    If Daniele hadn’t made the worst BB move and try to take out her alliance the 3RD WEEK she couldve been in the final 5 and then battle it out like the veterans wanted/agreed on.

    If Shelly hadnt betrayed Jeff she’d be in the FINAL 3.

    If the HOUSEGUESTS had listened to RACHEL AND BRENDON’S words:


    …then Kalie and Porsche wouldnt be here anymore.

    But, no, Daniele decided to go with COW-lia and the blond.

    Speaking of, WTF was with COW-lia dogging on Adam’s looks? Um… Kalia? There’s a reason people call you COW-lia. You ain’t no model. Sorry. You’re a fatass who eats all day (watch the live feeds).

    This is one reason I cant stand Kalia. Shelly DID have it right there. She’s a cocky, narcissist.

    Hopefully A-J-R are in the final 3. Rachel will win and take Jordan.

    Rachel will have the votes, except for Jeff’s obviously. Rachel deserves it. She’s won 3 HoHs, veto , and made it SO far when the house was against her and Brendon for so long.

    Plus Jordan won it already (500K) and she will still get 50K for 2nd.


    • NO way, floaters always find a way to survive. They all talk about getting rid of floaters in the beginning but always end up needing them for votes after reality sets in.

    • I think the Daniele trying to backdoor Jeff move is under-looked. Simply because it failed and a war started between the two sides. The only thing I feel that was wrong about that move was that it was too early. Because if you look at the results that would have occurred had it worked would of brought Brendon, Rachel and Dani quite far, and in my opinion it was not taking that deal that cost Brendon. If you analyze it a bit you know that Brenchal had two votes and 2 alliance members in Jeff and Jordan. However, if they had backdoored Jeff, they would of had Daniele and Dominic on their side. Which could of made for a stronger alliance. Also, they’re two votes which is the same as Jeff and Jordan. However by not backdooring Jeff, they had Daniele come after them. And using logic… I would rather have Jordan mad at me then Daniele. Because Jordan can’t win competitions compared to Daniele. Furthermore, if that plan was to go through, there would have been a possibility of Jeff returning through that twist, and Daniele could have just sent him through that door the week after just like she did to Brendon. So for you to say Dani made the worse move, I’d have to disagree.

      • I agree. It was a great plan and had B&R not flipped on Dani & told Jeff BRD would all still be playing together. BR are not to be trusted, they went and told J that Dani was trying to backdoor him, but they were thinking about doing it themselves. B4 Dani said something to them about it Rachel was contemplating it. B, R, J, & J all talked a lot of crap “I want competitors in the game” but when the opportunity came they got rid of their biggest comps. No one has said anything about how Jeff didn’t do anything himself for the 1st 7 weeks and then got made because the got booted out during fast forward-that’s what happens when you don’t do anything yourself for the 1st 55 days

  16. I didn’t find Daniele or Shelly to be that entertaining, so I’m fine with this 5. Anyways i think we can at least agree this season is more entertaining than BB12

  17. I agree with the others… I hate Jordan IN THE GAME.

    Like when she complained people are still in the game who have done nothing…HELLO! JORDAN, THATS YOU, YOU DUMB DUMB! Seriously!

    Jordan seems like a sweetheart (though I don’t know her in person and only seen her on cameras so who knows !), okay, but in the game she’s terrible.
    She’s been clearly bored the whole game. Its like she has treated the BB house has a vacation with Jeff.

    • Jordan is a nasty person in the game. She would probably be really nice in person though.

      She will probably win this season too.

    • Jon that’s the main reason Jordan & Jeff decided to do BB was so that they could spend the summer together (Jeff admitted that to Dominic when he was voted out) which is so pathetic, they have been together for 2+ years, don’t live in the same state & uses a game show to spend the summer together-ugh! But I guess no one wants to talk about how pathetic that is because it’s J&J yet they’re quick to judge everyone else in the house.

      • So, if you were in their shoes you wouldn’t have come back? If you say no, you are a straight up liar. I’m sure the allure of winning money and/or prizes was the main reason anyone would do it again.

      • TeamNewbies is correct. Both J/J said it. Why did they bother to say it? Of course they wanted to win, who doesn’t? Why the pretense of saying they only wanted to spend the summer together?

  18. .
    Ok… I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but I can’t stand it…

    I just watched 10 minutes of BBAD and Kalia said the word “like” no less than 83 times. 83 times in 10 minutes! No joke. Yes, I actually counted. This is in addition to all the “likes” the other HG’s said.

    I know… don’t I have anything better to do than count the times someone says “like”? Well, yes, but it’s just so incredibly annoying to me, I was curious about the actual number.

    I can’t, like, hardly, like, take it anymore. It’s like every other word from some of these, like, houseguests is the word “like”. It, like, seriously makes it, like, difficult to, like, follow the conversation because it’s, like, distracting. In addition, it, like, makes an otherwise, like, intelligent person sound, like, kind of stupid. Or, like, at least a little, like, silly and, like, immature.

    • I don’t know who is more pathetic… the person who says “like” too much or the person watching that person.

      I’m so glad I don’t have the feeds so I’m not like you.

      P.S. I bet you are one of those who double checks who washes their hands after they pee, lol.

      • Yeah, I’d say the person watching is more pathetic.
        (I don’t have the feeds either, it was on Showtime)
        But, definitely, I’m more pathetic for counting.

      • I feel the same way. Everyone complains about irrelevant things like eating too much, sleeping too much, or their vernacular in this case. It’s the reason I don’t get the feeds. Everyone seems to complain about them more than they enjoy it. The times they enjoy it are when they find out key things in advance which I can find out anyway by…duh…going to this site. But that’s just me. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

      • No problem Rico.

        Cartman is a mean poster,
        Your in good company because most of the people here don’t like Kalia.

        At least she did not win HOH. i Dont want to see her shaving her legs in the HOH bathroom singing and the feeds going blank all the time

      • I have live feeds, but watch Flasback. I also get Showtime which is part of my package. I would not pay extra for it. This is my first time with the live feeds. There is a lot that they show that they don’t show on either Showtime or the CBS show. On Showtime it is very false as they all appear to be sitting around doing stuff together like they are all friends. Not true at all.

        Even with people who have live feeds everyone takes away from it what they want. If they don’t like Kalia as an example they will never like her. Same is true with the other HG’s – if you don’t like them you see what you want to see.

        At this point in the game it is rather boring and always is, but they do prep for Showtime. Watching the flashback feature at least gives me the opportunity to see what they are really doing regarding game play talk, etc. I have been ff through Showtime as it is all boring lately. Even when there were more people in the house they don’t show a lot of gameplay talk except usually at the end of the show. Even reading the spoilers on the site don’t show the entire picture. There is nothing on TV during the summer so I use the Flashback feature when I would normally watch TV.

    • The other night on bbad…kalia must have said “literally ” a thousand times!! I literally wanted to literally throw something at the tv…literally!! She says ” I literally was dying.” Really kalia? You were literally going to die???? Ugh!!

      • Yes, for being a writer, which I assume she has some sort of degree for (idk I try not to pay too much attention when she is talking about herself), she literally sounds stupid and uneducated.

  19. Whoever wrote this apparently didn’t watch last season at all! We knew from week 1 who would be final 4 and we also knew that the youngun would win it! As for as boring I would have to say last year was the worse after Rachel left! And I love this season! And if you think shelly’s game was so good, you should love Jordan’s game! But wait a minute, that is right you like sisrespecting people and you know it is great that the kids can see that sometimes being nice can get you just as far! It is a nice change! And I can’t wait to see Kalia walk out of the house! I hope Rachel wins it and if Jordan doesn’t come in 2nd, then Adam! And at least Adam represents us people that would love to do something as Big as Big Brother! And if u need some disrespect and some backstabbing, find another job!but personally, I loved the show tonight! Adam deserved to meet Tori! And what would the season be like without pect-Tacular!!

  20. I am a Team Dani person but I must say that Jordan is playing a solid game. I thought she played well in her first season also. Yes it’s not exactly “floating” but it’s something along those lines. BUT it is a legitimate strategy and obviously has been working wonders for her. Everyone has different methods of getting far and I’m not one to cancel one out at irrelevant. I’m all for bullying, backstabbing, floating, and straight up competitors. Just make it interesting lol.

    • Jordans strategy- do absolutley nothing but on ocassion say something stupid.

      That is not a solid strategy, and her ass would have been booted a long time ago if she was playing with other allstars.

      ps: she is not a floater, she is a coatailer.

      • Yeah coattailing is definitely the correct word. Rode Jeff long ways both seasons. Anyway, like I said before, it’s gotten her where she needs to be. That’s really all that matters to a contestant.

        Side note: if she and Jeff return AGAIN for the next all stars, which they will, I’m gonna be pissed. Same with brendon and Rachel. Like these people need a 3rd or in brendon’s case a 4th chance at this game. I like seeing new kids play which is why I was a Dani fan. She was the first to play to evict vets after week 1. Yes it bit her in the ass but it got the ball Rollin for the season. Last comment of the night btw

  21. I just read a feed recap, did Kalia really tell everyone that she pooped in the shape of 13. WTH! Just when I thought she couldn’t get any more disgusting.

    • I read this at mortys tv website, which recaps the feeds, as I don’t have it. Apparently it was at 6:37 pm yesterday. I know I read it 2 or 3 times to makes sure I read this right.

  22. Thumbs up to Mr. Pectacular. He was actually very entertaining and played his role well making Rachel feel uneasy and ill. I’ve just become a fan of Jesse. I like the fact that he claims to be all natural in his bodybuilding. He may be annoying, but he was funny tonite

  23. Geeze, Talk about a subjective and bias recap…. There’s really no need for the author of this “recap” to stoop to the level of some random commenter here that throw out classless and tacky insults… Reading this “recap”, I actually had to make sure I was reading an actual BBN article instead of just a comment from a random J/J/R/B hater… Matt, I like your articles and updates because they’re pretty straightforward and carries no bias.

    • Yes,JohnT I agree with your comments regarding this recap. I also thought I was just reading a post by an angry Dani fan. I checked to see why Matt was commenting in this manner and realized it was Brandon. I enjoy Matt’s unbiased writing style. Where are you Matt??

  24. Adam is going to be in the final two. After kalia is gone he will wait for jordan to lose the hoh comp then throw it to porsche. After she nominates rachel and jordan he will work his butt off to make sure either he or porsche win veto so he can vote out rachel leaving him in f3 with jordan and porsche. Doing this will guarantee him at least $50,000 because if porsche or jordan win final hoh they will take him over each other. He is playing the odds and if he gets that f3 he will at least make the money and not go out in 3rd.

  25. I have often wondered how much adulation Jeff and Jordan would get if they were less attractive. They are not sweet, kind people by any stretch of the imagination. Jeff is an arrogant bully and Jordan is definetly a catty dummy. She is more then content to let Racheal do all the hard work, while she drops out 1st or second in every competion that requires any stamina or brain power.They both thought everyone else should lay down and die for them,and give them the money. I really hope she doesn’t make final two. She does not deserve to win.

  26. Well if rachel wins and you happen to live in the area where she lives…… then be on the look out for her, and if she crashes into you… ” fake injuries “.

  27. Yes, she told him it was about some secret room
    that opens when the glass is tapped three times.
    Don’t know why that is important to her at this
    point. I missed tonight’s segment as my Guide was
    incorrect and had it playing at 1:00 and when I
    went to watch the taped segment it was an old
    rerun of another show. How do I get to see tonight’s show? I tried to run it up on watch free
    recaps of shows and couldn’t get it to come up.
    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

  28. Big Brother won’t have 500 grand to give away, if they continue to feed Cow-lia and her buddy Porker!

  29. You people on this site are crazy as hell!! Yes, thanks to production,, this season is officially boring!! Why do people attack Kahlia soo personally,, but praise Jordan for being sooo good of a person(unlike the people on this site?). To attack someone personally and not game moves only means??….Kahlia has made a lot of bad game moves… but attacking her personally is stupid!! Jordan has floated the entire game!!! Adam has too!! To this day I’m still trying to get what made Jordan such an angel?? Live feeds?? BBAD?? Please tell me.. ,, because even though I haven’t seen the show the past week or two,, I still didn’t see it:/…SN: Julie Chen is an awful host.. I thought a host is suspose to be bias? Very weird season… I hope Amazing Race isn’t the same(Rigged),, because I really love that show!!Lol!!,, but it makes me wonder::

  30. You people on this site are crazy as %*#< Yes, thanks to production,, this season is officially boring!! Why do people attack Kahlia soo personally,, but praise Jordan for being sooo good of a person(unlike the people on this site?). To attack someone personally and not game moves only means??….Kahlia has made a lot of bad game moves… but attacking her personally is stupid!! Jordan has floated the entire game!!! Adam has too!! To this day I'm still trying to get what made Jordan such an angel?? Live feeds?? BBAD?? Please tell me..  ,, because even though I haven't seen the show the past week or two,, I still didn't see it:/…SN: Julie Chen is an awful host.. I thought a host is suspose to be bias? Very weird season… I hope Amazing Race isn't the same(Rigged),, because I really love that show!!Lol!!,, but it makes me wonder::

  31. @Tiffany, do you mean the host is supposed to NOT be bias? Also, how did Jordan float, she has a GREAT social game. She came in second for the HOH and the POV and if she didnt do so good the first round, like Porsche she would have been able to do it over and over and over again like Porsche had as practice. She also was able to stay in the game this long even with a partner, which makes her a bigger target, and she is still there. SO if Jordan is a FLOATER, then she is a darn good one. Adam on the other hand is a FLOATER, he FLOATED from one side of the house depending on who had power after the 1st eviction ceremony with Keith. I think all shows are influenced by production to keep people watching or else they lose money due to lost of viewers. I dont think the show is rigged.

  32. adam is in a solid position to get to the final 2. racheal and jordan have to realize that if they want a guarenteed half a mil they dont take each other to the final 2. at the end of the day they gotta stab each other in the back because if either one of them take adam they will win by vote. porche would be stupid to not do the same. racheal has played a better game and jordan just gets the votes cuz shes nice. (which i absolutely disagree with, she has won the least comps period!) adam should be in the final 2 if these people have any desire to win it all

  33. You are one of the worst and most biased writers this website has. I don’t know WHY they still let you write. You aren’t supposed to be biased, you are supposed to make recaps of the episodes. If you are trying to be funny it has failed miserably! I hope they never let you write a post again! This is worse than crap. The thing that comes out of my ass, is a better writer than you. Go back to whatever backwards ass place you came from!

  34. This year of Big Brother has been the worst cast ever. I am canceling live feeds forever because it is not uncut or uncensored as advertised which is false advertizing and I intend to ask superpass for a full refund. This show has always been a favorite of mine but the last 2 years have been really bad so Good-Bye Big Brother your not worth my time or money any more.

  35. I am so upset that Rachel has a chance to win,please she has had a million chances over other people. Jordan has already won. If Rachel was on the block she would be crying and trying to make deals with everyone. I lost all respect for her a long time ago and when she called Danielle a B**** on national TV. I am glad she isn’t my daughter. Geez Adam is such a looser no male parts. I have been so disappointed. At least Danielle kept the intrigue going.

  36. rachel has done a complete mental turn around without brendon… maybe bb got smart and started medicating her… she really needed it…

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