Big Brother 13 Episode 4: Week 1 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 4, the results of the first live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the second HoH competition. While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? use the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over and the Feeds come back!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 13 Week 1 Live Eviction voting:

  • Dominic: evict Porsche
  • Brendon: evict Keith
  • Jordan: evict Keith
  • Cassi: evict Porsche
  • Lawon: evict Porsche
  • Jeff: evict Keith
  • Daniele: evict Keith
  • Adam: evict Porsche
  • Kalia: evict Keith
  • Shelly: evict Keith

By a vote of 6-4, Keith has been evicted. Porsche gets a Golden Key.

Big Brother 13 Week 2 HoH Competition – ‘Big Brother Open’:

  • Dominic goes first, hits #6, defaults to the lead
  • Adam undershoots is eliminated
  • Cassi overshoots, is eliminated
  • Shelly overshoots, is eliminated
  • Lawon overshoots, is eliminated
  • Kalia ties Dominic in spot #6
  • Jordan takes the lead in spot #3
  • Jeff intentionally overshoots, is eliminated
  • Brendon intentionally shanks his shot, is eliminated

Congratulations to Jordan, the new HoH! The Vets are back in power.

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations are revealed Friday night, so stay close by!

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  1. WTF. did the live show just go blank. all I see is a pink screen now. why do they always do this on the live shows

    • They block out competitions. Thus you are forced to watch it on CBS during regular TV. That’s how they get you to watch both the Live Feeds and the TV show on CBS.

      • Not on the live feeds. on the live show on cbs, they completely blacked out the channel. The channel came back up after they had already evicted and were starting to play for hoh. So I basically just missed the whole show.

  2. I hope Keith gets evicted even though It’s prolly not gonna happen. I hate this guy with pasión. And I don’t like any of the newbies. Im only watching this season because of the veterans.

    • Exactly, if your going to make an alliance don’t act like you run BB. Shelly and Kalia are smart for getting rid of them. They will most likely survive until round 10 where as there partners have no chance.

  3. YES! Keith is gone. He got played by the house and I’m so happy the newbies have a brain for themselves.

  4. These Newbies are so stupid!!!!! The Vets are going to vote each one off one by one!!! The just got HOH again!

  5. I loved big brother, until this season I cant stand Brandon and that ugly chick.. thanks Big bro the first season i will not watch

    • I agree!! I hate brendon! He is stuck a stuck up idiot! I hope he loses this season again, because he sucks at this game!

    • Just wondering, does that mean you watched BB12? That had Brendan and Rachel and they were far worse then.

      • Yeah I saw that season. They were so annoying! I could not stand them either! Both of them were so cocky!!!

  6. What a joke, why would BB let Rachel determine the order of the competition? That hardly seems fair for the others.

    It’s only the third episode and I’m already tired of Rachel’s smugness, I hope Jeff and Jordan turn on them and send them packing.

    • the order doesnt really matter too much. they just needed to try to get it close to the one, but I understand what you mean

      • @TheJoker…I totally agree, I have been watching the live feeds and Rachel has gone right back to her smug, smartass self she was last year, she better rethink this friendship with Porscha, she is a snake. I would love it if Jordan and Jeff put them up, but they won’t, Rachel is such a drama queen and for sure plays to the camera.

    • Bull…BB should NOT have given the task of picking the order for the competition for HOH. They may not have practiced, by using the club, but watching the OTHERS go first gave them an ADVANTAGE. BB wanted to EVEN the play by doing so. Very bad move. My days of watching BB had ENDED when BB took and turned the tables on FAIR SPORTSMANSHIP. If they (BB) wanted ratings, sorry, they got several FANS that gave up when then PULLED that CRAP.

      • Give me a break the order had nothing to do with who won.. They all practiced. Cassi practiced most of the night so did Dom they all had equal chance and remember some of the newbies also threw the game. If you want to talk about being fair they had to do something when ED left it was 8 to 5 now that is unfair.. I don’t care that vets have played before the newbies know how to play the game..

  7. that was awewome, keith got played!!!peace homie, u were really annoying to watch, oh and your a pervert, and i think ur getting payed to give christians a bad name.

  8. Tonight was perfect!!!! Really happy Keith is gone and even more estatic that Jordan won HOH!!! :D

  9. OMG keith is gone. and jordan is HOH. its over for the noobs. Obviously the noobs don’t know how to play the game very well.

  10. Further to my comment above, why would BB even consider inviting Brenchel back? They were the worst couple in BB history. They don’t deserve a quarter of the camera time they get.

    There was a reason why neither of them won last year regardless if they “played the game”.

    Honestly this season is already a joke.

    • I wish they would’ve brought back Janelle and Kayser, but can’t remember what season they were one…

      • Janelle is having a baby so she was out of the question. And of course they brought back Brenchel, cbs wants drama! Anyway I really like rachel now, shes playing smarter and I love her strongwilled mind. Shes a competitor but Bredan is annoying…he’s like a 5 year old girl.

    • Give credit where credit is due: Brenchel are great competitors. They didn’t make it to the end because they were to absorbed in eachother to make outside alliances. And your strong reaction to them is exactly why CBS brought them back. And what makes you think your charming personality would win over America if you were in the house? It is easy to hate when your in the safety of your home

      • Why does Rachel deserve my credit? She is the type of person who has completely ruined society.

        I hate pompous people such as her, Brendon regardless if he is in “love” or not, is a complete baboon. The guy was going to go fight Keith for being happy that one of his competitors is gone? Really?

        At least CBS could have asked Brendon to remove the bandage on his arm where he shoots up his roids, or better yet maybe stop him from taking them then maybe he won’t roid rage often.

        Jeff & Jordan are cool, Danielle got screwed over, and now the newbies are going to be picked off one by one, there is nothing to look forward too now. This show is way to predictable.

      • I don’t want to get in this long drawn out argument, but Rachel is the least of our society’s problems. I love BB and I try not to let what is going on in their personal life affect my opinion of players. As for Jordan and Jeff, I like them, but if you wanna talk about what is wrong with our society, how about the fact that these two continue to go on reality show after another in the hopes of making money instead of getting a real job. If we looked at their lives outside of BB, I’m sure a lot of the players would seem a “disgrace to our society”.

      • Now that I can somewhat agree with Hannah, also look at your favorite Rachel & Brendon, if the guy was so serious about “med school” which I highly doubt he is getting into unless the USA’s college/unversity system is that watered down, he would be focusing on that instead of returning to Big Brother and all the other “publicity” these E class celebrities have gotten.

        I never said all the other players were perfect, by no means are they. However Brenchel is by far the worst, I see meatheads like Brendon everyday at the gym, they are nothing but roided up bums with “big” dreams, when in reality they will never amount to anything remotely good.

      • I do agree with you, don’t get me wrong. Aside from their awful personalities, I still like them as competitors, but we are all entitled to our opinions ;D

      • Yep, yep. They actually did good last season, and I kinda like them being back because they provoke such strong comments from the viewers and house guests.
        It does make for ‘good’ reality tv. (assuming reality tv is ever actually ‘good’.)

    • TheJoker, what have YOU done for society? Rachel is working on her Master’s in chemistry and Brendon is working on his PhD in biomedical physics. All the while they are dominating in Big Brother competitions for two seasons in a row.

      Stay mad.

      • Other than operate a successful general construction company, a design firm, meanwhile donating to numerous kids help charities?

        Besides the fact that I carry a Masters in Architecture, and a Bachelor of Law.

        Masters in Chemistry will get you in the door as a biochemist, or a pharmacist. Not bad. Brendon isn’t even in med school yet sunshine.

        Maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, just sayin.

      • Are you seriously that ignorant? Who needs to go to med school when you are working on a freaking PhD. Some people get both that and an MD, yes, but Brendon doesn’t even need med school. He looks to be all set in the professional medical world. He may be the one to find a cure for cancer. <3

      • yes, but all the while Rachel is demascunlizing brendon. give. me. a. break. if these two morons get degrees then we REALLY need to revamp our education system. Being manipulative and bombastic in a reality show (where production is probably helping a little here and there) does not make them smart. Yes, they are proactive, but honestly, being irritated and annoyed beyond reason does not make me want to show up every week. I love the game, and the guilty summer fun of BB, but its losing its luster. I do not like being irritated for entertainment.
        these noobs are just dumb. Shelly and Kalia will be the first two floaters out the door when its individual game time. No one is going to respect them – not their new master or their former alliance. I hope Dominic and Cassi make it. Those are the only two brains i see in the house so far.

    • Say what you want, but people are still watching. Love them or hate them, they still provide plenty of entertainment for the viewers.

  11. I can’t believe Adam backstabbed and didn’t vote the right way I wonder how kelia is going to tell then

  12. While I do like Jordan and Jeff and they are both cute, they lack the brains. They will be the first to go of the Vets unless they win HOH/Veto as crucial points because Brendon/Rachel and their puppy Danielle(sp) will abandon them. Brendon/Rachel will also abandon them for the newbies they can string along like braindless Porsche and Kalia.

      • News flash Danielle is no ones puppy she is making good use of that golden key… She is making sure she talks with BOTH the vets and the newbies.. She knows that when they get down to 10 it will be every man for themselves so she has been busy making sure to get along with both sides and will decide who to align with when she has too. I do not think she would have any problem putting rachel on the block when the time is right…

    • Brenchel will go first cuz there so annoying n arrogant. How can you hate Jeff n Jodon, all the newbies love them.

      • I love jeff and jordan. but If danielle has to pick between the couples she will put up brenchel because they are stong competitors.

  13. Well the newbies are screwed. Especially Dom and cassi. Not only will 1 of them go home this week, but by Jordan winning, the vets will have Rachel, Brendan, & Jeff all eligible to compete next week. Short of a Veto I see Cassi and Dom going home over the next 2 weeks which is a shame. Both of them are good players that would of made it interesting. If a vet wins this season, which more and more it appears that way, I hope its Jeff.

    • I also hope that if a veteran wins, it’s Jeff. Rachel is stupid, and brendon is annoying. Jordan can’t win anything without people throwing competitions. Both Jordan and Daniele were carried to the top throughout their seasons. LJeff is the best choice to win.

      • I love jeff but exuse me Jordan CAN win. Just because two allies threw it she still beat EVERYONE ELSE. and last years final HoH….um do you really think they threw that! She is more of a social player, everyone likes her!

      • @litlly did you watch Jordan’s season? She didn’t win anything! She was carried throughout the whole game!

      • In Danielle’s defense, she won 5 vetos and 2 HOHs. She may have had Dick but she didn’t loaf around like Jordan.

      • Jordan won a pov and two hoh’s last year, the rest of the time she didn’t really need to win because she put herself in a good position. say whatever you want she had a different statagey than some others, but who won?

      • @litley that took you a while to google! Im guessing you did not watch her season. Jordan was a floater who could not win a single thing! She was carried by Jeff. When she finally did win something, it was because she told Jeff “I want hoh” and he threw the competition for her. And the other times she won were because she was competing with two other major floaters left in the house (Kevin and Natalie.) she was only a little bit better than those two. But Jordan was a player who did not do a lot in the game. She loaded around and only won because Natalie was an even worse player than she was. That’s why they voted to give Jordan the prize.

    • actually I did watch her season. Every episode. And yes jeff threw the hoh comp but she beat everyone else! And you can say she “loafed” around but she was actually working her social game. And you said the final 3 were all floaters and thats why she won final hoh…that has nothing to do with it! She beat them fair and square.

      • She did not work her social game. She didn’t talk to everyone in the house. She won in the end because nobody liked Natalie, not because they liked Jordan. Lydia didn’t like Jordan, but she still voted for her over Natalie, because they did not like Natalie. And when it came down to the final three, Jordan finally won something by herself, because the other floaters were just as bad as her and were also carried throughout the game.

      • ok whatever, its clear you wont change your opinion and i wont change mine. so lets agree to disagree

  14. Im really glad Keith is gone and Jordan won HoH! I don’t see why everyone hates Brenchal, I like them to be honest. Competitors are always my favorites. :P

    • How can you say Brenchel are competitors? Rachel won ONE competition this year and she thinks she owns everyone…

      If I recall correctly Brendon didn’t win much last year, he coasted on Rachel’s coat tails.

      • Uh, Rachel won the first HOH and her and Brendon won the first POV. Sounds like competitors to me.

        Not to mention Brendon won a few POVs and an HOH last season as well. He actually won more comps than Rachel last year.

        Get your facts straight before you hate on the King and Queen of Big Brother. <3

      • As if, Brendon and Rachel were targets from the beginning. Rachel won two HoH’s and Brendon 1, but he won 3 POVs. They are competitors, which BB has been lacking the past few seasons, and they make for great TV

      • Dominic are you serious? The first PoV was thrown by the only two who actually had any reason to fight for it.

        These two are not competitors, they are way to cocky, self absorbed and need to be put into their place, which is back on a one way trip home.

        It is completely disgusting really. That doesn’t make for “great tv”

      • @dominic
        Rachel: 2 wins
        Brendon: 4 wins
        Britney: 4 wins
        Hayden: 5 wins

        Not exactly powerhouses.

      • When you add up their total wins, it look close. But Hayden and Britney had the whole summer to win. Brenchel were not in the house nearly as long and still won a ton of comps.

      • Well for Britney’s, all of them were before Brendon was eliminated but I see the difference for Rachel and Hayden.

  15. The newbs are so stupid they should have sent home procha and kept keith now they are going to be taken out one by one. Danielle was in the perfect position she should have flipped the votes and got in good with the newbs she could have made it far because with the vets she is only to make it to the top five she is not playing with her head!!

    • Actually I disagree. Regardless of what she did she will be 1 of the last people the newbs target. First they will try to split up couples, (most likely Rachel & Jeff from each). The last thing she needs is to make enemies at this point. She will just sit on the side and let everyone else create ill will with each other.

  16. Joran won that fair and square. Familiar tasks for last veto and this HOH shows great creativity on part of production :/ As much as it feels its over, I probably still watch.

    Everyone will be exposed now. Hope Kalia flips because of Jeff. Shelly is stuck with them… I dunno. Ding..Dong Britney comes back to school the newbies!!

  17. danielle is in the top 5 either way…porshas going to side with the veterans since she got
    votes from newbs, so we got jeff,jordan,rachel,brendan,daniele,porshsa, and now kahlia and shelly are gonna be kissin ass so they wont get nominated and they voted for hopefully and unfortunatetly we will
    see dom,cassie,adam, and lawon gone.and then the veterans will vote out shellz,kahlua, &porsche

    • I think when it gets down to 10 you may see Dani make a move with the newbies. She knows you have to get rid of couples and at that point if the newbies start stepping up and winning I think she will try to get rid of Rachel, Brandon, and than Jeff. Right now the vets need each other to stay in the game. But at some point they know they will have to vote the strongest player out and at this point all the strong players are in their own group in 3 weeks when there is no golden key and the numbers are equal I think it will start to get down and dirty with the vets…

  18. Julie Chen should be smacked down for backing Dani against the wall regarding her father, Evel. Come on, Chenbodt, you know what a tough relationship that is – shame on you!

    • I completely agree and would like to see her make an apology to Dani. As Dani said so many time, this is awkward – that should have been respected…period. I felt terrible for Dani.

  19. Ugh, Im for the underdogs, But it looks like cassi will probably be sent packing next (unfortunately, She is great eye candy)

    however, if the rookies win POV, it could really change things up.

  20. omg just thought about how smart it was to throw it, at least for brenden guaranteed safety and he can play next week. ugh were goin to need some twists!!!!

  21. What a first week! Last season, we had lots of fun on here bustin’ rhymes on the HG’s. I did mostly limericks, and Rico did song lyrics. Hopefully, I can live up to the master this year. Anyway, here we go…

    In tonight’s episode the braniac wannabeadoctor Brendan and his betterorworse other half Rachel combine their cerebral powers to totally misuse the word “emasculate” to describe what happened when they morphed into Brenchel.

    (Brendan talking with Rachel in HOH room, clearing up why he was upset about her calling him by his pet name “Buki”(?), yelling it across the backyard in front of the other houseguests)

    B: We have to learn how to communicate with each other
    R: I’m sorry if you feel “demasculintized”.
    B: Don’t “demasculate” me in front of other people.

    Here’s how it really went down….

    We need good communication
    Without your ejaculation–
    Of “Buki” don’t speak!
    It makes me seem weak,
    Like my train never left the station.

    In front of people don’t demasculate me,
    In private you can masturbate me.
    Sorry you feel demasculintized,
    I must have been hypnotized.
    Next time just say, “Emasculate me!”

    • LMAO! Hilarious!!! And is “demasculintized” even a word? Maybe he should learn ENGLISH before he tries to be a doctor….just sayin!

      • It’s like brendon’s “Neander-Tall” from last season and Jeff’s “technotronics!” lol.

  22. I couldn’t of scripted it better myself…Keith gone and Jordan HOH. Love it!!! I’m probably one of the few who feels this way but Rachel doesn’t bother me as much this season. Last year she got on my last nerve but she seems half normal this season. My opinion may change though, after all it’s only been one week.

  23. I have been watching the live feeds and Rachel has gone right back to her smug, smartass self she was last year, she better rethink this friendship with Porscha, she is a snake. I would love it if Jordan and Jeff put them up, but they won’t, Rachel is such a drama queen and for sure plays to the camera.

  24. Rachel is wayyy better this season, I’m rooting for her!

    Great Jordan won HOH! Hope she noms Dom&Adam.

  25. Does any one else notice that Kalia always has a frown on her face? She really reminds me of the Grinch.

  26. Yes!! The veterans win again! I’m so happy Jordan won the competition!

    I may be with Team Brenchel, but if they don’t win this game, Jeff & Jordan are my nexct picks to win this game.

  27. Everyone is assuming that the vets will stay loyal to each other. Once a few more of the newbies go they will turn on each other.

    • I agree with you. Dani has already said she is making sure she gets along with both side incase she wants to make a move when the golden key is no longer. She knows that you have to get rid of couples as soon as possible and I think she will make a move when she can start competing as long as she thinks the newbies are strong enough to win comps… I think she will be the first to flip sides and make her own alliance.

  28. I get what all of you are saying its just week 2 and everything is not said in stone. Just because the Vets won 2 HOH’s doesn’t mean there gonna win the game. The game still can go either way.

  29. Whoa, I can’t believe that someone asked where Keith’s vote was at. Lol. Big brother has been on for over a decade. Wowzers

  30. At this point, Daniele is in the best position out of any of the HGs. The veterans have her back, she has the golden key, and the newbies will target the actual veteran couples before they target her. If she changes her alliance at the right time later on down the road, I would be shocked if she doesn’t walk away with the $500,000 this year.

  31. Vets have everything in their favor. Nobody can flip back till its a singular game. Cassie can do nothing till its time to join J/J to get rid of Brenchel. For the sake of variety I’d like to see someone new win this. As long as there is the five plus a few traitors, newbies can do nothing, even if they get HOH or POV. I’d be happy with Dani winning.

  32. It was smart to let Jordan win hoh. If hoh comp next week is more physical then brenden and Jeff can both compete.

    • Beth, you are so right. That is why Rachael had the newbies go first, then Jordan and Jeff next in case Jordan didn’t do it and Brendon last. Rachael will also play for HOH next week. It’s going to get tricky when the golden keys are done with, because like other said, they will be going after couples and if the vets keep winning they will remain couples after the golden keys are over with. But they have to keep winning and I think the only way to win the game is to keep their alliances, Brendon and Rachael and Jeff and Jordon.

  33. I think we need some twists or someone in the BB house to start causing some mix up weather it is in the voting or the game play. If it keeps going as predictable as last year the ending for this year will be as boring as last year.

  34. Was anyone as happy as I was when Adam voted for Keith to leave?! For a split second I thought damn maybe that airhead , drunken fool broken down car Porche would go home but the other 2 fools blew it , frick & frack ,( Shelly & Kalia). They would have had he numbers ! oh well. I’m still happy Adam stood for himself and not in the vets pocket like they think he is. just sayin….

  35. Dear big brother,

    Please stop fixing the show and turning it into a complete joke

  36. i can’t believe i called it for both the eviction and hoh it was totally a guess and what a good guess it was! so, i was extatic when keith was sent home i do give him this he put on a brave face while he was talking to julie but inside he was upset and i didn’t feel sorry for him because i liked him at the beginning but when i saw him cheering and carrying on after rachel announced that dick left i lost all loyalty for him. let me say this jordan came through at the right time and i couldn’t be happier!!

  37. last night was a bummer !!!! I was so hoping that Porsche would be leaving the B.B house. I do not like that woman…I don’t understand why all the newbies did not stick together.. they would have played a much better game. Now the veterans have the upper hand in the game…I liked Shelly until I saw her working both sides that also goes for Kalia. I hope they get what’s coming to them.Porsche needs to go A.S.A.P.When is Brendon going to wake up to see Rachel is NEVER going to change ? She is so annoying to everyone. Now there’s Jordon and Jeff…they are too whisy washy.I HATED that Jeff and Brendon threw the H.O.H game!!!!It was so plain that they wanted Jordon too win. I still would LOVE to have Dick back in the game…He is the only one that can turn the house up-side down…

    • I do not understand why everyone keeps wondering why the newbies did not stick together. The answer is BOTH people on the block were NEWBIES!! one of them had to go.. And guess what their fellow newbies had to vote one of them out…. Just because Porsche made a deal to save herself you are all mad at her. When in reality Keith, Dom, Cassy, and Lawson made the first backstabbing deal against other newbies by forming the “regulators” so that when one of them went up those four would vote off that persons partner…. Keith went home because he made a fool of himself and others wold rather be around Porsche than him. So yes some of them most likely knew they wanted him out and used their vote to cut a deal with the vets which everyone who has ever watch BB knows will only last until they piss one of them off.. Or until one of the Newbies gets smart wins a comp and offers a better deal….. I think things will get dirty when Dani no longer has the golden key and can compete… She is trying to keep Dom in the game because she is thinking of working with him when the time is right..

      • Yes, but the Vets wanted to keep Porsche because she was going to their side and could be manipulated. Meanwhile Keith would have stayed on the side of the Newbs.

        That’s why people are saying the newbs didn’t stick together. Shelly and Kalia did the Vets’ bidding.

      • The newbies turned on each other the minute they formed the regulators. It had nothing to do with Porsche..

  38. I still don’t understand what Porsche did to make so many people not like her…? I mean, I understand the idiocy behind her “I’m the hottest person everywhere I go” comment, but besides that, she has just been playing the game the best way she knows how (kind of her best option so she could get rid of her creepy partner).

    • I second that. I have a feeling that Dom/Cassi fans this year will be like the Brandon fans of last year- crazies who will hate on anyone against their faves.

  39. As far as I’m concerned Porsche, Kalia, and Shelly handed half a million dollars to a player who has already played the game.

    There is absolutely no way any of them will win against JJ, Brenchel, or Danielle.

    Dom and Cassi are pretty much my only hope at this point.

    • Mo@ I am with you 100% on those 3 gals.They sure don’t know how to play the game.They should get their act together..or it’s bye, bye to them.They should know better..The veterans will take them all out if they don’t play the game any better than that..

  40. The newbies just dug their own grave. Keith was super annoying, a terrible player, and beyond perverted, but strategically he was better for the newbies than Porsche. When Shelly and Kahlia see their bags packed up, their going to regret it. Reminds me of Britney, Regan, Kathy, and Matt, too weak to go against the Brigade, and Kahlia, Shelly, and Porsche are the same. Like Dick said, the’re going to be shot down one by one.

    • Last year’s suckers weren’t even aware of the Brigade. Ragan thought he was Matt’s closest ally and Britney had that emotional discovery of the Brigade during her last week.

      The floating newbies are out either way. The ‘Regulators’ would have become a Brigade and done the same thing.

  41. I am sooooooo happy that Jordan is the new HoH. I love her and Jeff together they are such a cute couple and I hope that they will finally get married. I am also happy that Keith went home because he was too cocky for my liking

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