Big Brother 13: Dominic Briones Interview

Dominic became the third victim of Team Brenchel as he walked out of the house in a 7-1 vote to evict last night on Big Brother 13.  I was surprised at the big applause he received when he opened the door.  People gave him a standing ovation. People must really be sick of Brenchel to like him so much.  I hope he somehow gets voted back in so he can help Daniele.  See what he says about his time in the Big Brother house.

Chloe:  Who did  you like hanging out with more, Cassi or Daniele and  why?

Dominic:  Daniele, because she is funny, witty, she’s always got comeback and she’s always joking around. She doesn’t take herself too seriously at all.

Chloe:  How do you feel about Shelly and her game play?

Dom:  I  genuinely like Shelly as a person, but I couldn’t stand her game play and the fact that she relied on her cleaning and rode on others coattails the entire time without having the guts to stand up to anyone.

Chloe:  What did you think when Adam asked to be your partner and do you wish you had teamed up with someone else?  If so, who?

Dom:  As soon as   Adam asked me to be his partner I thought it was a great idea b/c I thought he would obviously make himself a big target or sink his own ship through his overbearing personality.  I don’t wish that I’d teamed up with someone else b/c from the get go, Adam was always a bigger target because of his knowledge of the game and people always liked   me more on a personal level than Adam.

Chloe:  Did you really throw the pov comp?

Dom:  Yeah, absolutely. I had that word “conditioner” in my head and would have tried playing the word “unconditionally” had I not been throwing the competition.

Chloe:  What was your biggest mistake in the game?

Dom:  My biggest mistake was not trusting the veterans sooner and thinking they were trying to get me to turn against the newbies when they really wanted to play with me.

Chloe:  Why do you think two of the newbies turned in the first vote to evict Keith?

Dom:  Kalia and Shelley definitely cast those votes week one. They jumped ship because they were too intimated by the veterans to go against them and too intimidated of their own partners that they felt they needed additional protection if they did go up on the block.   And because they are spineless jellyfish!

Chloe:  In your opinion does Daniele have what it takes to beat the two couples?

Dom:  Yeah,  absolutely. Its obviously going to take a little bit of luck and a few things to go her way, but no one in that house can compete with her on a physical or mental level.



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    • Chick,
      I think she is underrated and could go far. She’s not floating and she’s got some game. I like her better than dani.

      • and what game would that be? Right running right back and telling the fab 4 everthing and than telling everyone that listens how straight she’s playing the game!!!! Just the kind of friend I want to play with!

      • Of course you like her better than Dani, Wayne. You hate Dani. It’s clear from all your posts.

      • Well, Ziggy, she’s lying pretty good. She fooled Dom & Cassi. She’s not a target. To me, that is having game.

        Emory, I don’t hate Dani, I just don’t respect her, she’s not loyal to original alliances, without Ed in BB8 Dani goes home before jury. She’s overrated and production helps her. She’s so phony too.

  1. Dominic was the ONLY newbie that I liked in the game. I was so sad to see him go. Especially since he left because no one could go after Dani :(

  2. the only newbie i liked and the only one with any game at all. I hope that brendon/rachel leave this week and america votes back in a houseguest and i hope that HG is Dominic! That’d be legendary!

    • Oh you are so right jp i do hope they bring him bk , did you see Jordan she acted like she was the only one that could make deals , and BR did tell Dom to trow the vito and he believed it i hope Dani puts Jeff and Brenda on the block.

  3. miss you already PT! It’s going to boring w/o listening to you and Dani go back in forth!

  4. I really was hoping you could have stayed and helped Dani get rid of the power struggle.

  5. Watching live Kalia is talking crap! What is wrong with her?! Now she’s after Shelly? I can’t wait 4 her to get gone..!

  6. Not surprised at all about the cheering for Dom. I only hope they heard it in the house. America is sick of Brenchel.

  7. the floaters who offer nothing to BB but a vote need to leave , i like Shelly because she is so sweet , but her and Porsche need to go ! Kalia has chosen to align with Dani and she proved herself in this weeks HOH , so hopefully Dani , votes to put up Brenchel and if Brendan wins the veto he will use it to pull Rachel off and Jeff will be nominated as his replacement ! Then the house will go crazy trying to decide who they want to keep and this may cause a rift in the BR/JJ aliance ! Then all we need is for PT to come back !!!!! EPIC

    • The alliance is over for now…please get real..and Kalia is gonna kiss ass of with whoever is in the HOH..please get real…lol..and please don’t bring anybody back..that is getting soooo old..let the people who remain in the house and have earned their bed play the game..the others had their chance and blew week new game..

      • Utterly Untrue , Porshe nor Shelly have “Earned a Bed” Porshe kiss Donato’s ass the first week just to get a Golden Key, and done nothing at all but sit under Rachel’s fake breast the whole time , and Shelly has been so hellbent on playing an “honest game” but is the biggest liar in the house but no one see’s past that motherly facade she puts up . GET REAL ! Why wouldn’t you want to see Dom come back when he and Dani were the only players willing to make a change in the game ? Kalia is smart and isn’t going to let the vets bully her anymore . So hey , . . . Please get real lol

  8. I thought the “spineless jellyfish” comment was totally unacceptable, plus the “retard” comment was totally unacceptable, you can play this game without being a nasty little arrogant shithead.

  9. I think that r&b and jj are bullies. Iam shocked at how they call all there moves strategic and strickly game but when Dani was playing her game she is evil hearted. They all came in the house talking about it is just a game but look at how personal the vets are taking it. The newbies are taking the game better than the vets and they played this game before. I am so happy DANI WON AND IF ONE OF THEM WIN VETO I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THEM SENDING JEFF STRAIGHT OUT THE DOOR.

  10. i’ve lost my respect for jeff,he’s a tool ,never liked brenchal.jordan just goes w the flow…i hope lashawn win…lol i think it’s all fixed sometimes.all for good t.v that’s what rachal said .wink wink..

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