Big Brother 12: Week 8 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

Thursday night we watched two of the best players from this season of Big Brother walk out the door.  Matt went out in the first eviction and Brendon in the second after losing the pov competition to Ragan.  The HoH comp was held later and not shown on the feeds but as of now there is a new power in the house.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 26, 2010:

9:22 AM BBT – HG’s awake and headed to the HoH lockdown where they all go back to sleep.  Brendon is wearing his sleep mask.

12:00 PM BBT – Britney asks Lane if any of his ex girlfriends gave him an embarrassing nickname and he says his gf in college called him ‘God’.  Oh please give me a freaking break and only in your wildest dreams.  Brit and her ex called each other snuggle and cuddles.  Can we get anymore cheesy?  

 12:14 PM BBT – Matt telling Hayden that he caught Britney in a lie and if he (matt) wins HoH he’s going to try and get her out.  Is he still thinking he’s not going to the jury?

3:40 PM BBT – Some hg’s packing their stuff in case of double eviction.      

6:15 PM BBT – Feeds are back from live show and Ragan says he will miss Matt a lot and is sure they will be friends forever.  Maybe not after he finds out about all the lies.

6:23 PM BBT –  Everyone giving Brendon props for how far he made it in the game especially being a target since week 1.  I’m so happy Ragan won that pov!  Enzo says he loved Matty and didn’t want to evict him What? Enzo is the reason Matt was on the block to begin with.  Enzo goes on to talk about his awesome social game.  yeah right.

7:00 PM BBT – Brit tells Lane he has to win HoH because Ragan has to go next.  Brit is not playing smart with this because she needs to align with Ragan to get to the final 2.   

7:27 PM BBT – The brigade is laughing that the three of them made it to the final 5.  Call themselves doh doh’s.  They got that part right at least. 

9:00 PM BBT – Hayden received his HoH basket and a letter from home that he reads to himself.  

9:05 PM BBT –  Lane is the new HoH.

9:28 PM BBT –  Lane tells Enzo that Ragan is the target. 

10:45 PM BBT –  All hg’s sitting around the kitchen table bashing Rachel and Brendon.  Ok they’re gone, get over it! 

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It looks like everyone is coming after Ragan so he will definitely have to win the pov again.  His only hope is to win all comps from here on out and I for one hopes that he can do it.

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  1. who is Lane putting up against him Britany? If so then that should show her where is loyalty lays.

  2. ok so lane needs to get a pandoras box that will unleash the last evicted HG back into the game!

      • NO NO NO more Brendan he’s not funny he might have been a good competitor but who cares about him and Rachel no more bringing back the evicted hopefully next year they will get a really exciting cast this one was horribel

      • ok so Lane wins hoh goes to the room pandoras box is there and he decides to go through it. Brendon come’s through pandoras box holding the platnum pov saying thank u to Lane for releasing him. That it wasnt a double eviction after all and he was given the ppov, at the resort he won when he was hohh WOW wouldnt that shut the hg up real quick. Expect the unexpected isnt that what Julie says all the time. Come on production give us some excitement to look forward to. The rest in the house are so boring talking shit all the time about everyone in the jury house, or maybe u could switch the jury with the house through pandoras box thats great t.v. ratings, and let R/K/M/B come back and play a great entertaining game

      • bring matt back the 3 stooges will freak out then matt can tell all what does he got to lose make them think he’s back in the game that would b great

      • yesssss bring Matt back – I highly agree! I wish he could come back with the PPOV…that would be awesome! The Brigade would crap themselves! ha!

      • I am no fan of Brendon. Lane all the way. But it does make me smile when last night Brit made the snide remark about how she thinks Brendon doesn’t even have one fan. Who is she kidding? I so hope she goes out the door soon. And on the finale I will vote Matt for America’s Favorite. My wife is voting for Brendon. I bet you that Brit will think she has a shot at that and maybe she does but it will be so great if she ends up winning NOTHING!

    • That would be nice if they did that but pandoras box Again wow cbs..i was so mad last nite when Brendon left.and he is a nice guy he left the both doors open so the hg could see eveyone..well i wish he could cum back to play the game and take all of them out….my wish…:)

      • Ummm hellooo people, do you not remember Brendon pre-rachel leaving!?! He was a HUGE dick! Why are people so in love with this guy…the only time the HG started liking him was after Rachel left because he finally began to PLAY the game and not be so caught up in his weird whorish relationship…ewa! Brendon is a giant loserrr & will probably be fired from his job because of his sexual actions on this show…I mean do you really want your kids learning from him!?! I don’t think so!!!! Ahhh I had to get that out!

      • Brendon was only being a “dick” to try and save Rachel, it wasn’t really him…. he didn’t mean what he was saying only trying to draw negative attention towards himself

      • luv how Brendon played the game at least he didnt lie he needed the money for his wifes bone cancer like matt did, since his a chemist maybe he will put it to use for a cure for cancer bring him back bb, please

      • I am sick that Brendan left. He was such a good guy (except that one part). He cleaned the house, cooked, washed dishes. I bet it will pile up to the ceiling now. I wasn’t crazy about the Brendan/Rachel thing, but when she left he was great. The one that gags me is Enzo. He can’t say a sentence without a cuss word and most sentences don’t even make sense. He sure started bashing Brendan toward the end. I guess I want Hayden to win. Oh well, in the grand scheme of things what does it really matter.

      • Wow, even though I am no fan of Brendon even I can admire the way he played the game. Each week his life was on the line and he came through. He almost won that HOH Hayden one. If Hayden had not by luck picked up the two by chance Brendon would have won. My favorite was Matt, but now that he is gone I don’t really care who wins. Maybe Lane. While many will say he didn’t do anything, well maybe that was his stragegy? Be the “good old boy” and don’t make waves and be everyone’s friend. It worked for Dan in Season 10. The rest of the HG’s that are left in the house do bore me. It is like it has been since the first day with this bunch, sit around, play games, talk crap and do nothing! What a waste.

      • I wasn’t talking about Brendon doing his performance of a “fake fight” so everyone would vote Rachel to stay – I was talking about everything else. He never had any game until after Rachel left or even cared to get to know anyone…he was so obsessed with his new relationship, he forgot he was on a game show. He didn’t play until the end…too little too late! Bye bye Brendon!

  3. I hope Lane puts up brit and ragan, then ragan wins POV. Lane puts Enzo up in his place. Ragan vote to evict Enzo, Hayden votes to evict Britney, and Lane stays loyal to Brit and sends Enzo home.

    • This is an ideal situation….but I’m starting to not like Brit as much as the brigade…she’s stupid it’s almost amusing how clueless she is

    • that would be great, but Lane wouldn’t turn on enzo. Unless something big goes down this week….u never know.

      • Lane might turn on Enzo if he believes that everyone lives Enzo and that he will win if in the final 2.

      • I think he would turn on Enzo because he knows everyone in the jury house likes Enzo so he would have a better shot in final 2 with Brit plus Enzo is a lot closer to Hay so they would take each other to final 2 (if one of them could win anything) not Lane.

      • If that is true Torch then those guys are stupid. I may not like the crap that girl talks but she can and will play the game and win over those doofus!

      • Even though I like Lane. If he leaves Brit in for the F3 or F2 then he will lose. Or maybe not. I don’t know what the JH will vote. Aganist Lane I think anyone would lose. As of now. It could change.

  4. I am happy that Lane won HOH so that Britt can see where his loyalty lies. Ragan is gone unless he can win POV and I have no doubt he will if its a puzzle or quiz. Go Ragan.

    :cry: Sorry to see Matty go :cry:

    • I can’t understand how she doesn’t. Is she even watching the other house guests at all? Last night as soon as Hayden won HOH, Him, Enzo, and Lane walked into another room. HELLO! Alliance. Ragan walked into the kitchen right before, if anything it should have clued him in. And when she was put up as a replacement nom, she should know she’s on the outs with the three of them. Ugh. I like her, but she’s playing so dumb right now.

      And I miss Matty too. I’m pulling for Ragan to get to the end… but he’s got a lot of work to do.

      • I agree EMAC1010. Matt was my favorite as well. People get over the sick wife lie. Yes he should have stopped with it once he told it once. I was not happy with him this week and how he kept playing that card. That part was a disgrace to those who actually might have that disease. (I was told it was an actual disease)

  5. Enzo should have went home last night. He has violated too many rules while being a have not and CBS doesn’t even seem to care.

    • I totally agree with you. Enzo is a cheater. I won’t be surprised if CBS wants Enzo to win BB12.

    • That part I don’t understand. Just how many times can one violate the rules and not get punished? I mean if I were the other half-nots with him that week I would have done it too seeing as Enzo didn’t get in trouble. Why even have rules if they are broken and nothing is done? This show this season has lost lots of respect by many fans I am sure. I do know if there is another season with cast like this season I won’t waste my money again with the feed nor BBAD or even watch it on CBS. I hope to God there is an All-Star next season to bring this show back to what it once was. Pure Entertainment not garbage.

      • They even showed Enzo eating pickles on last night’s episode! It really p*sses me off because I wanted Matt to stay.

      • When he ate the pickles maybe he was told the half-not was over? Just my guess. I mean he did get to eat more than the pickles, he got to sleep in a real bed. Just my observation.

  6. So nice to see ratt boy finally leave, there ya go genius! Don’t go with the feeling you’ll be missed. Not so happy to see Brendon leave, he fought way to hard to stay. Oh well, he gave it a great fight. I was so hoping they would get rid of bratney. I guess she gets to stay a few more weeks. She was so smug sitting on the block, I so wished they would of back doored her. I cannot believe rag-an won POV, that was just too sickening. He’ll be gone next vote, hopefully!

    • umm Brendon didn’t have any game until after Rachel left…what was it like a whole 2 weeks of playing! Too little too late! At least Matt played the game the ENTIRE way! I was glad to see Brendon leave, not so much Matt – Enzo needed to go last night – him and his awful accent!

  7. I think they should do double evictions every week for the rest of the season and get it over with as soon as possible. Who cares who wins now.

    • Amen! I would’ve NEVER thought at any point in this season that I would be pulling for Brit or Ragan to win… and that’s only half-heartedly. RIP BB12

      • CR an DCOOP – I agree, I had 3 friends cancel the live feeds and I am pretty much not even interested anymore. IF Brit makes it to the Final 2 I will go back an watch what I missed but otherwise Im over it now. Enzo shouldnt be there to begin with he has cheated as a have not Lane waits till the end to do anything and Hayden knows how to grow hair there is good tv (sarcasm) and yea yea me not watching isnt going to change any ratings BIG DEAL Ill have 3 more days a week to do stuff I usually would put off just to watch Oh well always next year ahahah

  8. To refer to Matt as “one of the best players of the season” is mental masturbation. He squandered 2 weeks of HoH and then intentionally lost an HoH competition which left him vulnerable to be evicted.

    • It just shows how horrible all of these players were because he was one of the few strategists in the game. Exclude all
      non-jury members and the Brigade. Then maybe exclude Britney, Ragen, and Rachel. You got Matt and Brendon left. They WERE the best believe
      it or not. Oh and Kathy lol.

      • If Matt & Brendon were the best, why aren’t they showing up on the live feeds today? I will agree that Brendon could have been the best had he been at the top of his game from Day 1. But he dug himself a hole (Rachel) from which he never recovered. Pun intended.

    • Matt was the only one being loyal to the Brigade and on a much bigger note, the only one winning challenges to save the Brigade! Throwing the HOH challenge…now that was stupid! But still, Enzo deserved to go home way more then Matt! Enzo sucks at everything and his accent blows…I mean c’mon!

      • the only reason is because they r compiting against each other so with thatbeing said they are the best of the worst with penguin boy still noyt winning anything
        Im done to with this season hope next years is better I really liked season 10 11 not so much but OK this one is like rewarding the worst players ever
        season 11 Natalie

    • They won one because Brendon and Matt are not there. It is easy to win when strong players are not there.

      • He won because he knew he had to. In the past there was no reason to put a target on his back by winning. Good strategy from where I see it.

      • Didn’t say it wasn’t good strategy, nor did I say he couldn’t. But you have to admit with 2 of the strongest players out he had a better chance? I believe so.

  9. The brigade boys should be so proud. They can win competitions when it gets down to them, a 5 ft 90 lb. girl, and a gay guy. woo hoo

    • HAHA agreed for a bunch of big guys they really sucked what a pathetic bunch couldn’t stand watching the competitions they were useless!

  10. I HOPE someone with CBS reads this site daily to see we are not stupid!!!! They don’t punish Enzo like they have previous HG. In the HOH comp. last night you could tell how obvious it was they wanted Hayden to win, I dont even think there was name cards in Reagan or Enzo’s boxes…….. PLEASE……..So ready for this season to be over, will probably never watch it again unless CBS makes major changes……….

    • When Rachel was winning everyone said it was fixed.
      When Matt was winning everyone said it was fixed.
      When Brendon was winning everyone said it was fixed.
      Now Hayden wins and you say it is fixed.
      Just because the person you want to win doesn’t win, does not mean the game is fixed.

      • Of Course, it’s fixed! When hg’s are in the DR room, they are persuaded what to think and do. Have you every watched BB After Dark? Once a hg leaves the DR room, they go to other hg’s to talk about what was said. Then you’ll hear an announcement over the speaker saying something like, “hg’s do not discuss with other hg’s about you DR session.”

    • @Tonya9989, You’re not say that just because Hayden had both cards in the Same Place, that just maybe it was rigged, Just because he came up with both cards at the Same Time, Oh come on, Did I say sarcastic enough?

    • The name cards weren’t in the boxes that’s why Enzo and Ragan couldn’t find them because they were looking in the boxes. Haden looked in one box and as he was looking for another box found a name card and realized they weren’t in boxes.

      • Brendon already realized this but he didn’t get as lucky as Hayden and by chance pick up two. Hayden won that fair and square in my book. Close Brendon though really close. It wouldn’t matter if he were close, yeah maybe Brit or Ragan would be out but then after Lane won the HOH he would still be on the block this week. He could have gotten “lucky” and won the POV on Thursday but we will never know and you can say “what if” all day, nothing will change.

  11. I think they should just do a Rock Paper Scissors tournament today and decide the winner of BB12.

  12. I agree with CR. This season is just not very good. First the Diamnd veto is givne to some one who really did not need it. Brendon should have stayed in the house. Ragen showed all his true ugly colors. I would not want him to teach any student anything. I told my husband adfter Ragen won the Veto, that I am done witht he show. BB needs to go back to having a Player who does America’s Bidding. To give nay one who is left the money is giving it to those that just float by. I too do not care who wins. Your Cliche contestants were just that, total cliche’s.

    • I couldn’t agree more!Right on point.the good players are sent home.Ragan and Britney attack people’s personalities and yet they stay…i just lost it yesterday when Brendon left. I don’t care anymore because the winner would not be deserving.

  13. Unfortunately, Britney is too busy flirting with the Bro-gade to see that they are playing her and her only real “friend” is Ragan. It was really upsetting to see Brendon and Matt go since they were the only ones who actually played the game. On BBAD last night, Lane was sitting back acting so cool since he won the HOH..HELLO, over half the house had to leave for that to happen. Enzo is just gross…he lost me after he called Britney the “c” word on BBAD. That was just un-called for. He should have to wear that suit and eat slop another week for his rule-breaking. And Hayden, yuck..that’s all I got for Hayden…Oh well…I guess now I can only hope that Ragan and Britney wise up more to the loser Brigade and start picking them off.

    • and yes…this is actually the worst season I have ever watched. It is funny how Brit, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane sit around talking about how they are gonna “live like rock stars” when they get out of the house…yeah right..I went to school with a girl who was in season 6 or 8(see I can’t even remember what season)…Nobody cares! I mean, hey, it might be cool for a day or two, but it’s not like in a year we are gonna hear about Britney and Hayden being mobbed by papparazzi…..

    • Britney is the typical underestimated female in this game. She knows she owns Lane’s “mind, body, and soul,” and that he will work with her probably to get rid of Enzo. She does not need to be in every strategy meeting. Hayden, Lane, and Brit all have connections to Texas and Arkansas and have already agreed to a “Texarkana final three” alliance. This means Enzo goes, and then Ragan goes (or vice versa).

      After that, Lane works with Britney to get to the final two. As I said in several posts yesterday – to substantial pushback from some – Lane is not playing primarily for the $500K. He is playing to win Britney’s heart. If he gets the 500K also, that is icing on the cake. In Lane’s psyche, he wants to emerge from this game as “King of the World” – which means he walks out with BOTH the girl and the money.

      Britney has a great future in TV. Her voices, imitations, mannerisms, sarcasm, etc – if I were a studio exec I would hire a team to build a Sitcom around her right now. And she is beautiful as well. She is destined for major stardom, and this guy Nick, if she sticks with him, is a drag on that destiny.

      • LMAO! sorry, but the thought of Lane wanting to win her heart and Brit being some kind of star after this cracks me up. This is the worse season and if none of the other past HG became huge stars, I honestly doubt any of these buffoons will. I possibly see Brendon or Matt being bought back for a All-Stars season but that’s about it. Where are you getting all of this? It’s hilarious.

      • Rose, if you’re doubting that Lane wants to win her heart I must honestly say you have not been watching the show. Being already of middle age, I have observed a lot of couples in my life and I have rarely seen two people as comfortable with each other as Lane and Britney. There are times when they’ve been shown eating at a table, and not even talking, and yet they are completely at peace with each other. The wrestling, the hugging, etc. This type of sympatico is extremely rare, in my view.

        Everyone I’ve talked to has found Brit unbelievably entertaining. With no formal acting training that we know of, she has been more entertaining than most actresses on scripted shows. The imitations of Rachel, the little dance in the DR hallway after casting her vote, the whispering to the camera while chained to Brendon in the diary room -she is very expressive and uninhibited in front of the camera. This is natural talent that can be nurtured. If she goes home, marries Nick, and stays in the small town in Arkansas, a great natural talent will go to waste, in my view. (No offense to Arkansas).

      • The only way I see Britney winning is if Lane realizes he is “3” when it comes to the brigade boys.. I mean Enzo and Hayden are partically having a “bro showmance”

      • she doesn’t need acting lessons to play herself being good at humiliating people behind their backs isn’t a marketable skill it is a character flaw so is rooting for someone to break anothers heart for profit

      • You could tell lane wanted her when she got her hoh room. He looked so upset when she was talking about Nick and then left the room.

      • She is not going to stay with Nick. Did you see what an after thought he was in her little save me speech?

      • Christy609, you and I are exactly on the same page. Nick was a complete afterthought to her comments. Nick was not even mentioned by her mother in the little interview that was done last week.

        With her beauty pageant experience and now her antics on this show, it is clearly evident that she wants a career in show business and does not want to be a housewife or a 9-5’er in a small town in Arkansas. She clearly has big dreams and, in my opinion, the natural talent to fulfill them. Nick, who obviously wants no part of the limelight as evidence by his non-presence throughout the show, does not appear to be the type that will support her show biz aspirations. Lane obviously is in love with her and will not betray her in favor of these grungy guys. As I have said repeatedly over the past two days, Lane is playing this game for BOTH the 500K AND the fair maiden, Britney Haynes.

    • I think Brit would have been a different player as would have Brendon if they were not “mortal enemies” and would have teamed up day one. Those two would have been a power to be reckon with.

  14. Rigged HOH, I will not watch BB next yr, what a bunch of losers that are left , watching I feel like a loser

  15. Hope lane keeps Britney safe and Britney wins POV to take Ragan off the block that way a brigade member leaves the house, probably won’t happen but a nice thought right?

      • @catherineb: I was hoping britney would win POV last night that way a brigade member would go up because I thought when Hayden said Lane and Britney were safe I thought he meant it (should’ve known better). So I thought Enzo would go up but in the end lane would go up and Brendon would’ve gone anyway. Soo… glad you liked the idea!

    • That would be the best. It could happen if Britney connects a lot more with Ragan. It also wouldn’t hurt if Ragan told Brit about the brigade

      • @EvictEnzo: That would be best case for Ragan to stay alive this week and to oust the pest we call the “Brigade”

  16. Does anyone know why we are not seeing the housguest in the jury house this season? Normally we see them as they enter the jury house and they get a DVD of what is going on in the house.

    • Probably b/c Rachel is drunk and naked the entire time and she burned down the jury house.

      • And Kathy has fallen and can’t get up… will probably be seeing them Sunday nite..

    • they actually havnt done much with the jury house in the last couple seasons… they used to show everyone entering, nw its kust a lil clip every couple of weeks

  17. So first of all, this is a contest to win half a million dollars. People who play the game hard are never going to win, because people will vote them out because they are a threat. That’s what makes BB unique. It is all about strategy. So are the guys in the brigade annoying, yes, but they are playing the game the way it has to be played to win. I hold nothing against them for that. If the game was all about who did the best on the silly competitions it would be called Wipeout and it would be on ABC.

    As far as the people who think BB rigs the competitions……really? What motivation would BB have to rig it so Hayden wins HOH? The production team needs drama in the house in order to keep viewers, so eliminating Brendan or Regan is NOT good for ratings. I’m sure if they were going to rig it, Brendan or Regan would have won HOH and Hayden or Enzo would have left.

    • @JB, First of all what STRATEGY, because there wasn’t any by the three stooges, If the rest of the house guess, would have hust watch they would have known that there was an alliance weeks ago. Come on they couldn’t even fegure out that ragan was the (SAB), all you had to do was watch his face everytime they talked about the (SAB). No the fact that we now have the “5 Jokes” in the house is because the other HG’s were just down right Stupid. In pass BB the “5 Jokes” would have been gone.

      • Again, I think you are missing the point of the show. The point of the show is to win $500,000. NOt to be the best at competitions. Look at some of the past winners. Jordan, Adam, Maggie, Drew…….not the best players in the house. There have been great season where we see an Evil Dick and Dr. Will, but for the most part, you get to the finals by laying low. Don’t win much and let other people do your dirty work. In most real life situations, this would not be good strategy, but in the BB house, history shows that it works most of the time. Even if they don’t win, getting $50,000 for second place is not bad. Hell, last year Jordan got taken to the finals because they thought she was weak and they could beat her. Then the jury recognized her for playing the game that way and rewarded her with the win. NOt saying it’s right, but it seems to be proven.

      • @JB, I get the point, All I was saying was that the three stooges did’t have a Strategy, Matt got them to were they are, This is the first time in BB that not one of the HG’s were watching the other HG’s to see what was up, I mean this season had the biggest bunch of clueless poeple in BB history. I mean no-one had a clue, So I agree that most of the HG’s don’t act in the real world like they do in the BB house, But this BB did.

      • jordan won because the jury all hated nat and jordan made it to the final 3 because jeff was so strong and coup de ta changed the game in their favor

  18. I hate, hate, hate the fact that Brendons gone, now it wont even be worth watching, it will be the most boring last few weeks big brother has ever had, to have those goobers left. Oh well. I cant stand Ragan and his over the top antics but Id rather him win than Meow Meow and Enzo though! I guess Ill pull for Britney but she better do something or she might be next!!!

  19. Complain all you want about the cast, but the rating show that America likes the show…

    From Marc Berman of Media Week
    More Growth for CBS’ Big Brother:
    Based on the Live Plus Same Day ratings, Wednesday’s edition of CBS’ Big Brother on August 25 delivered its largest audience (7.99 million) since last August and best rating among adults 18-34 (2.6 rating/10 share) since Sept. 18, 2007. Big Brother won the 8 p.m. hour in households (4.7 rating/8 share), total viewers, adults 18-49 (2.8/ 9) and adults 25-54 (3.2/10), building from the comparable year-ago broadcast by 710,000 viewers and as much as 44 percent among adults 18-34.”


        “To find out who is watching TV and what they are watching, the company gets around 5,000 households to agree to be a part of the representative sample for the national ratings estimates. Nielsen’s statistics show that 99 million households have TVs in the United States, so Nielsen’s sample is not very large. The key, therefore, is to be sure the sample is representative. Then TVs, homes, programs, and people are measured in a variety of ways.”

      • @Abby. I didn’t say I was a Neilson house. It’s my job to stay on top of Neilson ratings.

      • have done the neilson ratings before they contacted me by phone and gave me ten dollars to log what i watched for a week

    • This. Everyone gets on here and bitches about production and how the casting sucks and how it is all rigged and this and that and the other. But you are all still watching. For the most part, these TV executives know what they are doing. (except when they tried to remake Knight Rider) If you don’t like, it stop watching. that’s the only way it will change. As long as the ratings keep going up, they will keep doing what they are doing.

      • after this thursday show the ratings will go down it happened last year to when Jeff left people couldn’t stand Natt and I can remember the other whiny guy name

  20. @Matt

    I really don’t agree with your opening statement that two of the best players were evicted at the same time

    Ragan? Fine he wasjust ok. Not the best player

    The real laugh- Brendon??? As this seasons best player??? Not really. And if they did keep him around this long its just to keep him there as a floater to evict him later

    Now they had the chance and did it. Thank god

    • Matt and Brendon were evicted, not Ragan, and Ashli Rae was really calling them “best” for their entertainment value for the season. You could debate all day about the rest of it and who has time for that??

    • Jamie, I wrote the live feed update and I did NOT like Brendon however he was a target from day one and kept himself in the game by winning one comp after another. He was never a floater as are the members of the brigade. Ragan wasn’t evited so not sure why you are even throwing up his name. Matt was the first one gone last night and he was the best strategist in the house.

      • @Ashli Rae, Don’t worry, First jamie started off with (@Matt), then said OK about (Ragan) being evicted, I think that is enough said.

      • Ragan is probably the best strategist in my mind. Matt’s a fool. Bad lie to cover up the Dpov. Evicting Kathy. Throwing HOH. Turning on his only ally. The Andrew thing was smart for keeping him under the radar, as was Rachel, but he blew it for himself after his HOHs.

    • First get your names right. Matt and Brendon and not Ragan were evicted. Second to say Brendon was a floater shows just how idiotic your statement was.

  21. I think Lane needs to align with Brit and Ragan. Hayden and Enzo will out Lane before they do each other. Emotionally Hayden and Enzo are closer. I think in the end, Lane, Brit, and Ragan will be equally loyal to one another, and then vote according to who they think they can win against.

  22. Does anyone else think that Brit is not really engaged and “Nick” is made up? They didnt show him when they talked to her family, she didnt get a letter from him and all she got was the brutal pic of the two of them which could have just been any friend of hers. I think she used it as some sort of strategy so she wouldnt get in a showmance…..

      • Yes that idea has also crossed my mind a lot, something just doesnt seem right I guess we will find out in a few weeks…..if I can stand to watch it for that long now….

      • I could see the Lane/Nick thing. Brit and Lane are awfully close and comfy together……..
        If that is true, they are both 1st class actors. Not one slip up or hidden kiss or convo. all season?? That would be sweet though…

    • I agree I think Lane is Nick lol. The reson they did not show him or have him write the letter (going by what she said) is cause he told her if she goes on he is fine with it but he wants nothing to do with it and won’t go on tv. I don’t think she made it up to not get in a showmance because I think she would have said it in DR.

      • If Nick exists and truly is her fiance, then their marriage definitely will not work because she absolutely revels in being on TV. She wants to emerge as a celebrity. If he is resistant to even showing his face on TV, then he and Brit are just too different to have a successful marriage.

        I, too, agree that it is very plausible that Lane and Brit are either a secret engaged couple or boyfriend-girlfriend, at least. As I mentioned earlier, the two are just too comfortable with each other to have met on this show. If they did meet on the show, then they definitely belong together and Nick needs to get lost. Lane and Brit will have shared a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience in this house. Brit and Nick will never have that to share between them. In her plea last night to stay in the house, she mentioned Nick as a virtual afterthought, as in “I want to thank my family, etc, ‘and oh, by the way, Nick,too.””

        It seems clear to me that Lane is maneuvering gingerly to perhaps get Enzo out, and thereby set up for the “Texarkana” final three (Hayden, Lane, and Brit), at which time he sides with Brit to have the two of them in the final showdown before the jury.

  23. well folks – this kinda explains why production (Endemol) has been soooooo involved in BB this season – it looks like they are in financial trouble – they NEED bb to remain successful.

    ya know EVERYTHING always comes down to the almighty $… ugh


    @MATT – ADMIN: this article is 100% attributed to The Daily Beast. in NO WAY – SHAPE – or FORM am i taking credit for the following:

    According to Daily Beast sources, Goldman Sachs is working with John de Mol, founder of reality-TV producer Endemol, on a massive financial restructuring proposal. The proposal, says the Website, is designed to rescue the company from a severe financial crisis.

    Sources told TDB that various factors have conspired to precipitate the restructuring — and none of them bode well for the future of American reality television.

    Endemol, whose production credits include “Big Brother,” “Deal or No Deal” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” has roughly $3 billion in outstanding debt and has been on a three-year, $300 million-plus acquisition spree while failing to develop new hits. Although rumors have persisted that the company is on the brink of bankruptcy, TDB says that’s not true — yet.

    Still, sources told TDB that de Mol and Goldman have to move quickly to do a deal with debtholders, or else Endemol may indeed face a cash crunch.

    “Are the company’s liabilities in excess of its fair market value? I’d say yeah,” a source told TDB. “Barring a dramatic turnaround in its operating performance, the day of reckoning will come.”

    “Given our current outlook and taking into account the resources already available to the company and its shareholders, we strongly expect to continue to fully comply with our debt covenants for the foreseeable future,” an Endemol rep told TDB. “We have a strong liquidity position which has allowed us to buy back debt as well as make significant acquisitions.”

    Sources caution, however, that the problem for Endemol isn’t now, but in the future, and especially if the current trends in the buying of alternative TV shows continue.

    “Endemol is like the Macy’s of reality television and what networks want right now are boutique shops like American Apparel,” an Endemol competitor noted.

    The Daily Beast offers this: “In the best-case scenario, Endemol develops a few shows but receives less upfront money, which in turn crunches margins and makes it difficult to make interest payments. In the worst-case scenario, Endemol ceases to bring in enough revenue to meet its debt obligations, forcing it to breach loan mandates and become insolvent, thereby taking control out of their hands and placing it with a bankruptcy court.”

    Essentially, continues, TDB, the pitch de Mol and Goldman are making “is that while they are in it for the long haul, it’s probably best for you other guys to get out now — and preferably at a discount or face value to the price of your debt, but certainly not at a premium.”

  24. Even though he yells at the camera in the DR all the time, I’m now pulling for Hayden. He is by far the least aggravating one left and has pulled his own in Have/Have Not comps most weeks, pulled out two HoH wins…and has been the MOST successful at playing multiple sides of the house without creating irreversible friction.

    Good on the HGs last night to finally knock out two major players like they did.

      • He talked game in order to get it. His strategy was to be the last player over from his team and he needed to make a deal with Matt to guarantee that.

  25. OMG it will be so boring now that brendon is gone. I wish they would bring him back just so we have someone who will fight to be there the rest just suck at bb. I dont think I can watch the rest.

  26. Hayden and others made big mistake evicting Braden instead of Brit. There is a Brit-Ragan alliance and a Hayden-Enzo alliance. Lane is a toss up. Therefore Hay and Enz should have seen kept Brendon in another week who definitely would have their backs. And we wouldn’t have to listen to all the Britney trash talking. I turn it off when that starts. Oh yeah…and give us jury house!

    • What show are u watching. Brit want Rag gone this week because she is in a alliance with the other three for final 4 and Lane for final 2. Also Bren would not have helped them get Brit out because he wanted to take her to final 2, he thought she was the only one he night be able to beat. Brit it def on there side I think they made the right choice.

  27. Did Hayden press the big white button after finding the Matt&Rachel cards in the hoh comp? My dvr says he did not.

    • I wondered that same thing. It didn’t look to me like he did any “lock in” with the button that Julie said they had to do. She pretty much called him as the winner the second he put both cards in and then he threw his hands up and walked away.

      I mean I’m sure he would have realized it when nothing happened – and he was still far enough ahead of everybody else that even his dim-wit would figure out what to do. So it probably doesn’t matter.

      However, that IS a technicality that the Powers That Be could go back on to try and do CPR on the now dead BB12.

      • I’ll take you guys’ word for it. I had a couple of cocktails by the time I watched it. I DO remember wondering that at the time though. Thanks!

  28. worst season of BB ever!! No rules violations for enzo? let Brendon shoulder block Brittney, let enzo eat whatever as a have not, let enzo take the costume off whenever he wants, boring personalities except rachel and she’s over the top annoying. I feel bad for people that paid for the live feeds. like watching paint dry unless brit is in a bikini… lol

  29. imagine if you will, lane goes to the hayden and enzo, he says that what they should do is put them both up, win pov and back door ragan. This is a perfect plan, because if it works, ragan is out. If it fails, well then the brigade is done. So it is win win for lane. The brigade would not even question the idea. Why, because lane can get brit to also use the veto on one of the brigade to back door ragan. The only way ragan would be safe is if he won the veto. I doubt he will try hard to win it if he is not on the block.

    laneshoulddothis says:
    August 27, 2010 at 2:03 am

    then next week decides who final 3 is, if brit wins hoh, she puts up brigade, lane wins. If brigade wins hoh, brit is gone and lane wins.
    Final 3 week, brit and lane are still pair, one wins hoh, last brigade person is gone. If brigade wins, lane and brit are up, brit goes home. Lane is final 2:

    so if lane wants final 2 for sure, he puts up both brigade this week.

    taken from another thread, i believe he is right

    • either way, though, Ragan will have a chance to play for POV because there are only five left in the house, and I’m pretty sure Ragan knows he needs to win as much as he can from here out or he’ll go home, so it isn’t like he’ll fight any less hard in the POV. Whether they put him up now or put him up later probably doesn’t matter anymore.

  30. i agree with most of the comments–the brigade coulnot win anything till it was just between them selves if big brother does not do better in picking candidates for next show i still think some will watch but will lose many–why was enzo allowed to get awat with breaking the rules that hut you cbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I am on team Bitchney now GO BITCHNEY! I hope Bitchney wins BB becuase I hate the Brigade and Ragan is so annoying and he was a horrible saboteur, I hope Bitchney wins!!!! She has a good chance because Lane will not send her home or be scared to, she can win the next HOH and make it to the final 3 where she can win the FINAL HOH on finale night, evict a floater and win.

  32. ********BREAKING NEWS*********BREAKING NEWS*******
    Too bad this won’t be read by the HG’s.

    Lane, Hayden, Enzo: America does not think your AWESOME, we think you suck. You got carried by Matt, Brendon, Brit, basically you three have been safe cause no one thought you could win a comp. Kudos to Hayden for having both of his name cards placed right next to each in the HOH comp.

    Enzo you did another fantastic job of sucking but retelling your HOH competition as though if only everybody else had collasped with polio you might have pulled it out. You got a great social game though, you and Jersey Shore have insured everybody thinks New Jersey is the worst state. Hey Brit that means Arkansas is 2nd worst – wooo ssssssssuuuuue piggy!

    Hayden and I mean this honestly, nobody talks a worse game than you. Not even Enzo. Your first HOH doesn’t count and you were very fortunate that BB decided to be lazy with your clues with your last HOH. And that hair, you do know grunge is over right?

    Lane, your actually in a good spot, but only, only if you break the mold of the “dumb country boy” and get rid of Hayden and Enzo. The Jury will see that power move. You need to win at least one or two more comps though but you got a shot.

    Brit, your a very, very, hot little spinner. I dig your wise ass cracks, boobs, and seeing pics of you in a bikini but please get over Rachel. If you truly understood BB you would have learned that girls on the show fail for one reason, they get all bitchy and catty with the other girls on the show and they think they are in a great spot when they end up being the only girl left. Well it’s not.

    Ragan, son ya need to grow a pair of balls, your here for the money not have a pseudo relationship (hear that Brendon?) Your a dude Ragan, you may not be the strongest or fastest but your still a dude stop acting like a girl, act like a butch lesbian.

  33. On BBAD, Britney was mocking Brendon for proposing a Brit-Ragan-Brendon alliance because he had figured out that the others (Ha-La-En) were in alliance. She called him “stupid” for thinking that.

    • I couldn’t believe how naive she is. Did you see where they were talking and saying they were the best final five BB has ever seen???

  34. What game did they play that made Lane HOH? Ragan already knew that Lane, Enzo, Hayen and Matt are an alliance because he told Matt and Matt told Hayden and Lane.That is one reason they said we got to get rid of Ragan before he expose them. As for Lane he has already lied to britt about being in an alliance.Britt is telling Lane to put up Ragan and put up Enzo for the pawn. When do they do the hidden object in the house game?

  35. i wanna see brit win. then ragan. but it will be practically impossible for that to happen. those sons of bitches in that punk ass alliance have already made it to final 3.

  36. I really try not to nit pick but did you see Ragan eating last night? I look pass the chewing with his mouth open but when he would put a LARGE mouthful of spaghetti in his mouth he did not even chew it, I swear he swallowed it whole. Then did you see Hayden put his mouth around that bear bottle and do the thing that made him look like he was doing you know what. lol.

  37. If Lane wanted to make it to the end, he would turn his back on the Brigade. Enzo and Hayden already have a deal in place to take each other to the final two, and Lane is the lowest man on the totem pole at the moment. He would be smart if he aligned himself with Brit. Get Ragan out easily, then get Hayden out(he’s more dangerous in comps), and then Brit and Lane could just get Enzo out final three. Plus, Brit said it herself, she doesn’t have votes in the jury house. Lane would win this thing if he were to drop the BG and align himself with Brit.

  38. Will Matt open up in the jury house and let everyone in on the brigade and how everything went down? Those 3 buffoons that are left should have probably thought about that before they stabbed him in the back.

    They also better hope that it’s two of them and that one of them is named Enzo, or they may be cooked.

  39. What happened to us getting goodbye messages? Or seeing what’s been going on in the Jury House? So we get a weak cast and none of the traditional BB things of old? CBS Screwed the pooch this year!!!!

    • They didn’t have time to show the JH this week because of the double eviction. Last week, the only person there was Rachel, and they had already shown her that week when she came back. Plus, Brendon showed the JH a little bit when he was there.

      As for goodbye messages, last week there weren’t any because of the DPOV, and this week there were none because of time constraints I assume. I guess they could have shown some for Matt, but given the fact that they couldn’t show them for Brendon, I guess they just decided to skip it. There have been goodbye messages for every other evicted HG though, so why are you complaining?

  40. Does anyone know why Enzo was so mad after Lane won HOH? Possably bc production told him he was an automatic nomination because of the rules violations?

    Also does he really think he will get out of the penguin costume early because Brendon didn’t have to do the chum bath for the whole 24 hours? Please! He should just go ahead and walk out the door and just keep walking to Jersey like he said last night during BBAD.

    • My guess would be because Enzo and Hayden don’t completely trust Lane, and if Lane keeps his loyalty to Brit, that means one of them has to go up against Ragan.

      That’s where the 3 stooges were stupid in getting rid of Brendon. Brendon had the same targets as they did and he would have done their dirty work.

  41. Wishful thinking that Lane puts up Enzo/Ragan and Enzo goes home. If (big if) Ragan wins POV again another brigade member goes up. I don’t think Lane would put up Britney but this is a weird group. He would want her vote in the jury house.

    I think watching the jury house would be more fun than the current houseguests !

  42. Lane is in an excellent position to put himself in the Final 2.

    At this point, Ragan is his biggest target. Ragan has performed well in competitions and his survivability makes any opportunity to eliminate him crucial. If Ragan is on the block next Thursday, he will be heading to the JH.

    However, if Ragan comes off, then Lane should put up Hayden. Going into the final four, you need to take people that you can beat in the final and people that will take you to the final two. Britney would very likely take Lane over anyone else, whereas Enzo and Hayden will likely take each other rather than Lane.

    The real power comes with the POV next week. The HoH is guaranteed safety, but whoever wins POV essentially sends someone home. If Ragan goes this week and Lane wins POV next week, I will be very disappointed if he sends Britney home.

  43. 1. To all those who want Regan to win: He is the biggest snake in the house. He threw 8 people under the bus when he became the sabatour for $20k. He cost Kathy her chance (not that she had 1). Than he gets all gay pissy because Matt threw him under the bus n wants to b all gay hurt. He is the same drama, camera queen as Racheal.

    2. Brendons biggest mistake was letting Racheal put the target on their backs since week 2. Once evicted Brendon was a good player (a little to late). He made a smart move joining an alliance with another strong player but wrong choice in Racheal.

    3. Racheal n future BBHG contestants when u win HoH don’t broad cast ur hatred to others. The game us about strategy, alliances, deception, I am surprised Kathy ( but she wouldn’t have won) didn’t survive long cuz she sat back n let the Brendon-Rachel n Brit-Gaygan-Matt fights take place.

    3. Matt was a good player he just got backed doored would have happened eventually.

    4. The HoH need to get the other players prizes to make this game more interesting. “I won’t put u up for $5k or ur trip” or “what do u have to offer more for your safety”. They need to start bargaining.

  44. Didn’t anyone see the screen in the living room with the message: “SORRY HOUSEGUESTS, AMERICA HAS VOTED TO INSTALL A WHOLE NEW CAST AND START THIS SEASON ALL OVER. YOU ARE ALL EVICTED”?

    Oh wait, that is my fantasy. LOL

    • Then why are you watching?

      I don’t understand the people that complain about the whole cast. How much of a masochist do you have to be to make yourself watch a show that you don’t like?

      • Whoa Matt B, did you not see the LOL? Just because I am a BB fan doesn’t mean I have to like the cast.

    • Whate else is there to do Matt B? Complaining is all we have left with this house of Bozo’s!

  45. I hate Ragan I hope he is next to leave. He thinks
    he is better than everyone else. He told Brendon to get over it when Rachel left, but he cried for a
    week over just the thought of Matt leaving. He cried
    over a man who tossed his butt under the bus and
    lied about his wife dying. Ragan is a whinny fool.
    The sound of his high pitch voice gives me diarrhea.

      • Just a shout out to Big Brother production staff. I am sure there are plenty of us fans out there who have figured out how you guys set it up for Hayden to win hoh and get Brendon out of the house.The only players left in house now are a bunch of self absorbed losers. I have been a major fan of this show from day 1 until now. So just sit back and watch your ratings go in the crapper. You deserve it for being so stupid. Have fun with the pucks that are left. I am to much of a lady to call them by the names that I really want to.

    • I know that Matt told the lie about his wife but never did I ever hear the lie include that fact that his wife was dying. I don’t think he would have taken the lie that far or did I miss something?

    • Matt’s lie did not state she was dying, just that she had a severe disease that could cause her to lose her leg.

    • You’ve got other problems if the sound of anyone’s voice can give you diarrhea.

      Which doesn’t mean I like Ragan, I don’t. But your analogy…I couldn’t resist!

  46. Someone wants Ragan to get it in the end. Getting it in the end is what Ragan does best.

  47. I hope BB rig it so Brit wins, she probably will because out of all these guys she deserves it the most.

    If Britney is NOT evicted this week, next week it is final 4. HOPEFULLY, she can win HOH next week. If she DOES, she will make it to the FINAL 3. Then she can win HOH and evict a dumbarse and take Lane or Ragan to the final 2 and she will win hands down.


    Everyone vote Rachel for favorite player, or vote Kathy because she will need the money because she has a serious disease which can return at any time and treatment is expensive.

  48. CBS please bring back Matt in a Pandora’s Box. Bring him back into the game.

    Let Lane open the Box and get Matt to come into the house for the rest of the game.

    Then he can out the “Brigade” and bring them down. You all know that Enzo can’t do anything, the only grenades he’s dropped are the ones in the toilet.

  49. I’m thinking about rooting for Enzo now. It would be the perfect topper to a poorly executed (by every single HG) season.

    • CBS kicked the bucket on this one, too. Their twists fell flat, and for some reason they selected a bunch of houseguests too afraid to actually play the game and take control…everyone has followed the other to the end. No one has taken lead on anything, save for then Brendon needed to save himself every week because the whole house was after him. But even Brendon voted WITH the people he was up against because NO ONE wanted to rock the boat.

      It all played out like high school; it hasn’t been very entertaining. Even the backstabbing has been all, “Look, I’m sorry I did that,” “No that’s alright, we’re good! Love you!”

      • @Abby. You nailed it! This is not a damn slumber party, it’s Big Brother. Everyone is way to scared this season. It makes for mediocre TV.

  50. You want Brandon to teach your kids how to intimidate and bully people? Maybe this course will interest you, ‘How to hook up with random women whom you barely know and let them lead you by your scrotum:101’? Regan stood up to a bully, a Transvestite Amazon bully and her Ken-Bot thought that they could push folks around. Who cares if Regan and Brittney had nasty things to say about the other HGs?! They didn’t intimidate ANYONE! Regan eviscerated Rachel with words! I would want my kid to be the most articulate adult they can be, so YES I WOULD WANT REGAN TO TEACH MY KIDS. Because they won’t look like something out of ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ when they have a disagreement with another person. Jeez!

    • umm… riiiight. I would rather my son learn ‘How to hook up with random MEN whom you barely know and let them lead you by your scrotum:101′

      • I just don’t see any difference between Brendon and Ragan in letting their libido drive their game. I guess somehow you see a difference there.

    • I agree. Rachel and Brendon both lacked self respect, decency, and morals. It was great that Regan stood up for himself.

      • He didn’t stick up for himself, he fell into Rachel’s trap – because at that point, her purpose in the house was solely to start fights and Ragan bit. And he fought catty by stooping low enough to yell at Rachel about the pimples on her chin – because THAT matters. He didn’t earn respect with that fight, even though he outwitted his target.

    • @AREYOUKIDDINGME?, I hope to God you do not have any children. I would feel sorry for them if you did. Your whole comment were full of disgusting and stupid words. You made no sense at all. For you to choose Ragan over what Brendon did is idiotic. Everyone with a brain knew that Brendon did that so he would be voted out. What Ragan did and continues to do is beyond that. To belittle someone like he always does is mean and uncalled for. I would not let Ragan teach my children. Not even if I got paid for him to do so. He is an embarrassment to the College profession. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself why you would even write such an absurd comment? The men in the white jackets are looking for you.

      • I am quite sane. I am just not thin skinned. I do however take issue with people who yell and scream an inch away from someone’s face in order to divert attention away from their “lover.” Harsh words aren’t going to bother me. I live in the real world. Not in Candyland. Brendon has that rage in him, he didn’t just contruct it for this show!!! You could use an English teacher yourself, buddy. Your little jabs were yawn inducing, but I digress…You probably yell at your kids the same way.

      • @AREYOUKIDDINGME, is that all you got? Man you are a snoozefest yourself. But you did make me laugh so thanks, BUDDDDYYY!

      • @AREYOUKIDDINGME Brendon didn’t have that fight, it was Rachel. Now you’ve got yourself confused and the targets of your anger all twisted.

        All fights Brendon started were during the week he and Rachel were both up and one of them was definitely going home, which he did to try to save Rachel and get himself knocked out. Once she left, he had no beefs, or friends, which had much to do with his association with Rachel.

        But he’s not sorry so I would work on getting past your anger. He didn’t even win.

      • @AREYOUKIDDINGME?!!!, Who really cares if Brenden tried to intimidate anyone, he said what he had to say to their faces. You obviously live in Candy Land if you were so taken back by what Brenden did. People act out of rage all the time in the real world, its really not that uncommon. While Britney and Ragan lied, gossiped, and made fun of others, Brenden would always stay true to his word and was honest. If you want your children to snakes and learn to lie gossip and make fun of others then I hope to God you never have children.

      • @ Are you really the dumb? Do you like broken records? LOL! That last jab really stung, no really! LMFAO! Lemming.

      • You just have no grasp of the English language is all. You couldn’t understand his comment? LOL.

      • but Andrew, he used the word eviscerated. that must mean he’s right, right? every time I see big words I’m convinced they came out of a person who couldn’t ever be wrong.

      • @areyoukiddingme, little man, why do you have the need to yell so much here? AREYOUKIDDINGME?!!!
        All capitals and three exclamation marks? Just how needy are you?

    • Hey, I hate to say this but I think your post is the craziest thing I have read on here. Ragan obviously has real psychological problems. I don’t know who you think Brendon bullied and intimidated.

    • @areyoukiddingme, just how impressed are you with yourself, little man? Is this how you speak normally or is it only for us here? You’re pathetic! And Ragan is too. Eviscerated? Actually, Rachel was stunned at so much vitriolic crap coming out of this college prof’s mouth; I was too. So, tell me, what is he going to teach your kids? “If everything else fails and you’re losing and grasping at straws, then just ridicule their pimples or their scars or if they limp, ridicule that too?” Because that’s what Ragan did and advising Rachel to get a modicum of class?! What he showed here is that he is a sorry and pathetic example of a human being. He should look at himself in the mirror more often.

      • @ Svetlana & @ Abby– LOL! You assume I’m a man! Hillarity! So I guess Rachel asking why is Regan so bitchy because he is gay is classy too. OK! Rachel was speechless because she hasn’t the tools to communicate to adults who haven’t consumed mass amounts of alcohol first! She started the ad hominen attacks, he just returned in kind. I’m verbose, most people with a BA in English tend to be. I never said that I am right, but you trying to insult me isn’t going to change my opinion either.

      • @AREYOUKIDDINGME At no point have I called Rachel classy. In all this, if you think that’s what I’m saying you are reading invisible words between invisible lines.

        As for the fight with Ragan, Rachel started it and Ragan had every right to fight back. Only he didn’t really defend himself; he yelled at Rachel about the pimples on her chin. Rachel being stunned WAS because she was outwitted in the argument; I’ve never said anything otherwise. But since you directed the last comment at me, had to defend my honour ;)

        PLUS, I never tried to insult you. IF I managed to do so, I guess I thought I was fine to say what I did as you claim to have such a thick skin.

      • No, you could never insult me, you love me! Don’t worry you are not in any danger of hurting my feelings, sorry to disappoint! LOL!

      • No disappointment here, friend.
        Based on your other posts, aside from the issue of Brendon we see eye to eye on most other points. How could we let a man come between us like this???

      • @areyoukiddingme, by all means, I go for equality between the sexes big way. You sound like a fishwife peddling her wares at the market… English is my 6th language and I have two University Degrees. This confrontation between Ragan and Rachel showed that they are at the same overall level despite Ragan’s attempt to convince everybody that he is a better person. That’s the whole point that he returned in kind. But he is
        the older and he is the teacher and he should know by now how to handle situation such as this was without falling apart and making a spectacle of himself.

  51. I am done with the show. Its the worst Big Brother ever. The only REAL players are gone and now its just a boring bunch of babies. PLEASE bring Brendon back he deserves to be there just as much if not more than any of the remaining babies. Come on BB you have done it before. Game on if he comes back. Otherwise I’ll not watch another episode!!

    • why do you think that? this game is not even close to being over. Lane is HOH, who is he going to put up? If he is smart, he will change sides and go against enzo and hayden. Lane in final 3 or 2 will win. If he keeps the brigade, he will be gone and not make final 4. Everyone knows you need to bring a “villian” to the final 2 to win. Brittany, or Ragan will not win in final 2.

      • He has to decide whether he’ll get more votes against Hayden or Enzo in the final 2 than against Britney or Ragan.

        Of the people on the Jury, Rachel’s vote would go to Lane, but Kathy and Matt probably wouldn’t vote for him. Brendon will likely vote for the same person that Rachel does.

        If Lane makes the final 2 with Hayden or Enzo he has a better shot at Kathy and Matt’s vote.

  52. I don’t think Regan is in love with anybody in the house. I haven’t seen him say that, maybe you have, I have no idea. Brendon declared his love and loyalty to Rachel. That’s how I see a difference, maybe I missed something. Anything is possible…

    • I thought you said being led by the scrotum? What does that have to do with love? Ragan didn’t profess his “love”, but he sure sung the praises of his noble, upstanding cuddle buddy and danced little jigs while drawing heart shapes and blowing kisses.

      • I did say that. I wasn’t aware that Regan has sex with anyone in the house? Hmmm, must have missed that episode. I said she’s got him by the balls because she literally does! He turned into a 14 year old boy after he got some. Give me a break! I missed the heart drawing and kiss blowing, I keep missing episodes! Damn it!!

      • Wow. You REALLY think it takes consummation to reach that level? Brendon was no more of a 14 year old boy than Ragan was a 13 year old girl.

        And you really did not see Ragan dancing and drawing hearts? Maybe you’re being truthful that you missed episodes.

    • @AREYOUKIDDINGME, You make some good points. but I think you have a different look out on life than I do, So I would like you to clear up a few things that you said.

      Just when/how did brendon bully or talk trash about ragan and britney?

      Why do you think it’s OK to talk to another person like ragan and britney do?

      And the way you talk about other people, that you don’t know, makes me think the you fill that you are better than other people and that it’s OK to talk that way.

      • Brendon was yelling at Regan in the backyard a getting in his face, last week or a couple of weeks ago I think.

        I never said it’s ok, it just doesn’t bother me as much as is bothers you.

        You are entitled to your opinion, however wrong it may be. LOL!

        I’m sarcastic, words don’t hurt me as much as other people, sorry. I learned how to build a thick skin, because in life there are scarier things than hurt feelings. I can defend myself, so can Regan.


        I’m not sure what to say, brendon yelling a ragan in the back yard, that’s the best you can do. I will give you this that was a very tactful try at saying I have thin skin, You really don’t want to go there.

        I also think you need to reread some of yur opinions, because I wouldn’t want ragan teaching my kids, I would want better.

        Yes I live in the real world, but I try to make a better world, when I can. I don’t talk down to people nor do I try to belttle them. Ragan and britney do.

        Yes I know it’s a game, but then line has to be drawn somewhere, People use to meny things as an excuse to try and get away with thier actions.

      • Yeah, but no one is motivated to play this game is noble. The reason they are there is greed, plain and simple. When you are greedy you will do everything you can to get what you want. That is BB. This is a TV show, not the UN or our government. Regan and Brittney talk about people they dislike–as we all do, including you. It may not be to that degree, but Brendon and Rachel participated in the SAME catty talk as well. I’m not endorsing anyone’s conduct, but there are levels. Some bother me more than other’s. Catty talk doesn’t bother me, intimidation does.

      • @AREYOUKIDDINGME Sorry, I’m laughing that you refer to the UN and the US government as being without greed. Har har.

        In any event, Rachel was a high school Mean Girl, no doubt about it, but Brendon is simply not. You have him all wrong. Getting into an argument with someone that you have had major tension with for one reason or another does not make you a bully (especially when it happens once). Ragan has officially been in more fights inside that house than Brendon has, and Ragan has always fought dirty – pointing out physical attributes he thinks are bad or claiming people need to be institutionalized as his last ditch, last word when he has run out of intelligent arguments. He rarely has any intelligent arguments as he seems quite satisfied fighting dirty.

      • Chris I don’t think you have live feeds access or you wouldn’t be spouting off, trash talking and bullying everyone else is all the 2 of them did. Get your facts straight.

    • You sound as though you are jealous of Rachel and Brendon’s relationship. So what if they are in love or they aren’t. Actually, you are acting like Brittany and Ragan because I could never see a basis for their hatred of Brendon especially. I know Rachel was in their faces, but what is worse: in your face or behind your back (that is what Brittany and Ragan are all about)?

      • Wow! You are funny! No, I’m not jealous of their “love” as you put it. I don’t think we have been watching the same show! LOL! Too funny!

    • According to Matt, he and Ragan “had a little showmance” in BBhouse. Poor Ragan crying his heart out constantly “just thinking that Matt will be voted out”. It was very hard on the eyes to see this pathetic man make a ludicrous spectacle of himself. And what did he get out of it? A shove under the bus from his lover, nothing more.

  53. They are not players. Enzo does nada, Lane does Nada, Hayden Does nada. They have NO GAME cause they are floaters and floaters are like wood they eventully rot away! This season is full of wana-be gamers who could not make it. No fun! No drama! We NeeD Evil DICK Back!

    • I agree..what a bunch of “poor casted” Dummie’s! I can’t believe this..all that are left are D-list..Wanna be Alist TURDS!!!! BORING!!

      • Look back at previous seasons, floaters win; Jordan for example. Its not an entertaining way to play but it is a way to play. Hell if they all were floaters CBS would have no program; hmmm. But people do have a way of changing at the end & getting & taking game play risks. I miss the humor of Dr Will & Boogie.

  54. You people have to be kidding,what do you think this game is all about,stab in the back when you can,lie when you can and so on and so on. the best big brother was when Evel Dick was on and you didn’t see him kissing anyone’e ass.

    • You know what Gus, I agree. You are right!!! Who cares what tactics people use this is BB, no is here to make friends. This game does need to get back to basics, I did love Evil Dick so I can’t get mad about Brendon for doing a BAD Evil Dick impersonation. I’m sorry Brenda fans! You can all stop attcking me now! LOL! I can’t stand anyone really but I just hate Brendon & Rachel the most. I actually like Brendon in the beginning. Oh well…

      • thanks it takes a real man to admit hes wrong I luv Brendons game play so thanks appology accepted now lets move on to whats happening now, any one have a up date yet

    • Evel Dick was a pain to watch; his game was not entertaining. Just being a stupid bully and using scare methods. Not impressed with Evel Dick. (His name serves him)

    • We’re all pretty much actually saying that. Very few people have said, “You know, this has been one of the best BB seasons yet,” if anyone has at all. I haven’t seen it.

      But apparently the producer is bankrupt so there may never be another season anyway…

  55. Really? I don’t want anyone to win anymore than I would want to meet any of these people in real life. All 5 remaining are either mean, lazy or stupid. Take your pick. I think we should inundate CBS with emails to cry FOUL and give that the half million to research whatever that disease was that Matt claimed his wife had. I’m looking forward to next year already. Why don’t we have more than one big brother per year anyway? Does anyone know?

    • BB was just a show to put in the summer schedule instead of just reruns. I am sure when they first brought it out, they did not think it would be 12 seasons. If you look at the first year or 2, to what they have now; it has changed a lot. I think they should mess everything up next year and go with 2 BB houses. and when they get to final 5, bring them together, and see the fireworks. I think BB has tried harder this year than any year in trying to control the game. And it still didnt work. I just cant understand why no one figured out the brigade anytime sooner. It will be interesting if the brigade is final 3. Dont think those 3 have the smarts to fight for the final.

    • Matt lied about his wife and she went along wth him. A sorry pair. All 4 money. Now Matt is pissed, he got caught up in his lies and now he’s in JH.

  56. the reason why this season sucks is because all the backstabbers and bullies were evicted already. that’s the game – figure out who your best bet is to get out of the competition…

    too bad matt used DPOV on kathy. what a disappointment. coulda picked someone way better than that ::cough britney cough enzo cough cough::.

    Why Matt didn’t out the brigade is definitely beyond me…I woulda stood up and just said straight out Ragan, Brit, if you want any chance in this game you’ll keep me in this house because the brigade is coming for ya next.

    I can’t believe 3 of 4 of those bro-tards actually made it this far anyway. Hayden…I hope someone outs him for winning all those prizes. Enzo needs to go home because he keeps opening his legs under that penguin costume and I don’t wanna catch a glimpse of his junk (since he so generously donated all his clothing for veto points)…and I really think Lane is gonna take it all. I really, really do.

    SO for now…Go Lane? :-/ Let’s go, all stars season come on chop chop.

    • The backstabbers were already evicted? You have to be joking. The biggest two are still in the house. Brit and Ragan are some of the worst at doing that. It is one thing to do it because it is part of game play, but to continue to do so when those who are doing are already out is beyond me. Cattiness and bitchy comes to mind.

      • Ragan isn’t a backstabber, he is just a drama queen.

        Brit’s word is just as good as a fish out of water…useless and nasty. I wouldn’t even call her a backstabber because everyone at this point knows that she is a twit and full of crap. She has lied to everyone at this point. USELESS.

        Annie woulda been hilarious had she made it further, and I think Monet would have been a backstabber too (Brit would have been out by now). Captain Kosher was doomed from Day 1 for some reason, and Rachel…well she is a whole other ball game altogether don’t you think?

      • @Tracy, thank for the support! I think Annie probably would have been good tv, had she made this far! Her kind of crazy is just what this game needs! Captain Kosher—Lmfao! Rachel and Annie fighting over Brendon would have been EPIC!!!

      • Mike T ….you are so right….And 1 thing to remember, all of these people bashing/laughing at Andrew..Andrew is a LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR..For Gods sake..He has passed medical boards, served internship, practiced medicine and can make a half million dollars a year EVERY YEAR FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS LIFE..Compare that to what remains in this house..These people do not even have jobs..And btw..Ragan is NOT a college professor, he is an assistant..

      • LOL thank you @Mike T.

        Although I do still respect your opinion of course :)

        See, this is why I’d never go on this show. Everyone is a lying, cheating craphead. Just when you think you’ve made a real friend, suddenly they are voting against you in return for immunity for a week by a person who may or may not even have the power to grant that immunity.

        It’s not worth half a mil, in my opinion. A million, MAYBE. Half a million? Maybe I’m just a brat, who knows. And if I am…well don’t worry, you won’t have to watch me on the 24/7 feeds!

      • @aoyam I liked Andrew! He is part of the Jew Crew with me! He is a funny guy, and seems genuinely nice! We have actually exchanged messages since the show, and I have an even higher opinion of him now.

        But you have to admit, for some reason, he just seemed doomed to leave early…he was sometimes slightly obnoxious, and the girls wanted nothing to do with him and they vocalized that. I do think he might have made it a week or two longer if Matt’s stupid nominations hadn’t happened…

        But who knows at this point? Everyone feels as though their time is cut short when they are evicted before jury even begins, don’t they?

    • @Abby I don’t even know what part of my comment you are talking about. Be specific so I can tell you why you’re wrong.

      • “anyone who says you are wrong has had their damn eyes closed this whole crappy season.”

        I would have to say that, to have kept my eyes closed for a month and a half would have been mostly impossible. When I eat food I like to keep my eyes open so that I don’t miss my mouth.

        That, and only that, is what I meant by “Not a fact. sorry.” Everything else is subjective and I’m as wrong as you are ;)

  57. All I can say is that this is by far the least interesting and “fun” Big Brother I can remember. I’m not sure how they went wrong in the selection process but they sure got a poor mix of “characters” this season. They will be hard pressed to find an “all star” from the season 12 cast (only Matt and Rachel would probably even be considered?). I hope CBS realizes this season has hurt the Big Brother “franchise” and maybe a mid season Big Brother is needed to keep up interest. I think a whole year until the next one may be the begining of the end for what was once a can’t miss show. How sad to watch this group of wannabes ruin a once great show.

    • is there any change in ratings from other years? I still think there will be a few surprises yet to come. Lane and Brittany are too close for comfort. I wouldnt be surprised if they are related. lol they seem to have each others backs since the start.

      • Are u kidding me?? If Britney && Lane have any kind of relationship, why would he run back to the brigade and tell them everything n i mean everything she just told him when she was HOH.. Stupid Lane!!! Truely is The Classic MeatHead

      • No not really. Last night’s double eviction pulled in almost 8 million US viewers, equal to this time last year.

  58. I had to replay the episode from last night several times today, was Hayden actually TRYING to win a competition? I just about fainted. I do not think it is fair that Hayden does not have to disclose that he took 5K and the Hawaiin trip. Brit would be so pissed. Glad Ragan won POV, but if he doesn’t win POV this week, he is going home. I sorta want Lane to win, even though he is part of the doofus brigade, he hasn’t really bothered me as much as Hayden and Enzo have. We’ll see.

    • That was really irritating too. I am guessing they were talking about stuff production didn’t want us to hear.

      • I noticed that when Production kept asking Brit to “stop that” she disregarded it and kept on doing it. I don’t care for her but I thought that part was funny!

    • Get used to it, they’ll probably continue to show more of the fish tank for the next couple of weeks because that’s all the HG’s have left to talk about is stuff that Production does not want us to hear or know about.

      • Really? I thought you were too “Give Peace a Chance” to love Evil Dick! Well, color me shocked! LOL!

      • Ok you got me “AREYOUKIDDINGME”. I do come off as that but in reality I love people like Evil Dick. He played the game. That is what I admire. That is why I liked Matt so much this season. I am in no way a Brendon fan but my wife loves him so to “keep the peace” you gotta do what you gotta do. Evil Dick, Dr. Will, those are the types I like. They were obvious in their evil ways yet noone voted them out? LOL

      • Ok, Mike T. We have more in common than I thought. That must be rough with the wife on Team Brenda. I feel for you! I can actually say, I agree with you! Now if we can only try and export the diplomacy we learned here today. Find common ground and peace forms. Wow! I just blew my own mind!

      • You blew mine as well. Next thing you know we will be sitting down drinking beer together. What has the world come to? LOL

      • Sorry her I did not like. Slimy is not evil to me. Evil Dick could show her a thing or two. All talk and no action is why I do not care for the Ragans or the Brits of the world. If they could walk the walk and not just talk the talk they would be great. Sitting around all day and mouthing off does not get it for me. Ragan as the SAB was just a disgrace. He got 20thou for what?

      • True, Regan as the Sab was not a joke. It felt like a prank. That was BS, straight up and down.

    • no, I hate them bringing people back for these shows. allstar, good vs bad.. etc etc. they had their chance to win and their 15 minutes of fame. They cant find other people to do these shows? If i want to know what is going on with the previous players from BB , survivor etc. i can just watch Celebrity rehab, get me out of here.. etc etc. I say best is to take the winners from bb and put them on survivor, and see the whining.

      • Well this batch of newbies is the worst lot yet! I’d like to see people who at least PLAY the damn game!

    • I would. I’m not turning my back on the show even with a sh+tty season, it’s summer entertainment that with the wonders of the internet, I can follow generally on my own time.

      It’s always relatively interesting to see the human social dynamic at play. especially when you throw in things like hunger, sleep deprivation and close quarters.

  59. I have watched several seasons of BB, and I can honestly say that the seasons I have had the lf were the seasons I enjoyed least. I should be using my time on much more important things than watching houseguests co-mingle day and night. I like this season and do not think it is boring at all. What I do like about the game is the strategies, or lack thereof, that each guests uses. In the end, it is just a game, and I think whoever wins deserves it because they outlasted everyone else and were voted on by the jury. Next year I will watch for updates on this site but forget the lf’s. That is what makes it too IMHO. ALso, I were locked in a house for even a week with people I had just met, I would probably do things I would never do in my real day-to-day life.

    • Millicent, everything you have said is 100% correct. It’s personal whether or not we’re entertained by what we see.

  60. Can someone tell me if deals are allowed. For example can the brigade have a plan inplace to split the money 4 ways no matter which one of them wins. It seems like they are playing like they have already won and would explain why Matt didn’t throw them under the bus.First time watching so I am just curious. Thanks!

    • good point ,but in reality i cant see anyone here hanging out after they watch how aweful they were…..maybe rag and matt.

      • Deals to split the money are not allowed. This was tried in Season 1 when all of the houseguests liked each other so much they didn’t want to send anyone home. They asked production if they could split and were told no.

      • how can they do that? once the prize money is given, the winner can do whatever they wish. donate it, give to family.. friends. Dont think a court in the country would uphold those stipulations. I remember i think the second survivor? australia, where the winner bought the runner up a bike.

  61. I also enjoy watching big brother I find it entertaining. I do not watch for the morals, or lessons learned. I do not encourage my children to watch it, It is a game, an hour of entertainment 3 times a week. Why are people fighting. I have my favorites, but doesn’t everyone. Reading the comments it seems like some people are taking this too seriously and fighting. We all have opinions to express lets try to get along.

    • I think BB should take some of the posters here and other BB sites and have them in the house. lol. I agree, what people are not understanding is that this is still a cash cow for CBS. They are giving away half a million and making that every night in advertising and sub to live feeds.

      • Great Idea. I would backstabb and lie and do what it took to win. None of this what the house wants crap. I would make sure I had an alliance from the get go. Had a couple of females and a guy or two.

  62. Why didn’t Matt out the brigade? He had nothing to lose, unless they did have a final deal with the money.

    • Torch is right. Some of the games r done during the day and then recorded. We won’t c it until Sunday at 8p.

    • if you watched bbad on wednesday night, the ball launch game they were practicing turned out to be the hoh competition that lane won last night.

      i know this because the hgs were discussing the comp on last night’s bbad when they were waiting for lane’s hoh room to be prepped for his entrance. apparently lane did VERY well with this comp.

  63. out of all the seasons of BB who was the only winner to not win a single competition in there season?

  64. after taxes the grand prize is like 250k, split 4 ways is 62500…if the “brigade” made such a deal they are truly stupider than everyone actually thinks… in a year this season will all be but forgotten

    • they didn’t actually make that deal. if they had it would have been on TV and all they promised each other was Final 4. Considering they broke that, don’t expect them to split what’s left 3 ways.

  65. I’m glad Lane won HOH. I still want him to be the final winner. I hope he puts Ragan and Enzo on the block.

  66. I was on my feet clapping and yelling at the TV last night. I’m so glad that racist bigot brendan is out of the house. It makes me wonder if Julie is ever told about the racist comments he made about her.

    • Oh give it a rest sister. Yes what he said was very uncalled for but there have been worst things said by others.

      • oh yeah but most of the other stuff was true. Especially what was said about Rachel and Brendan.

      • You say that with a bias attitude I am sure. Not all that were said about Brendon and Rachel were true. I really don’t know this but going off what I saw and heard on the show like you. Mind you I don’t care for Brendon and Rachel but I don’t see what they did as any worse as any of the other HG’s have done, and that is all I am saying. No need for any of us to point fingers, they all have done and said things they shouldn’t have.

  67. What Britney and ragan need to do is have Britney convince lane to keep her off the block and instead of it being britney next to ragan have it be Heydan next to Ragan, and have britney fight like hell to win the veto, she uses it on ragan, and enzo would be the only elligible person to go up so lane would haved to nominate enzo. and Brintey and Ragan would control the votes.

    • Britney can convince Lane to do just about anything he wants at this point. He is putty in her hands because he is obsessed with her.

      That girl loves being on camera and loves being in the limelight and has substantial natural affinity for TV. I am going to be upset with CBS if they don’t give her her own Sitcom after this.

      • That is funny you should say that because that is exactly what Lane thinks of Brit. That he can control her. He said as much last night on the DR session.

    • That works only if Britney starts thinking and aligns herself with Ragan. She still doesn’t get or believe the brigade exists. Lane hasn’t been honest with her about the brigade. I guess we keep our fingers crossed on that one.

      • It is not that she is denying that the Brigade exists. She is confident because she knows the Brigade is brittle and, therefore, meaningless. She knows Lane will side with her over the Brigade. She knows this because she knows Lane is basically her “possession” and can be wielded by her at will. That is one very shrewd blonde 22-year old Arkansan. Much shrewder than everyone is giving her credit for. And hysterical to watch, too.

      • And I would be much more entertained by Britney Haynes on TV than by such “established” actresses as, for example, Christina Applegate. I also think Brit would be funnier, in many ways, than Kaley Cuoco on Big Bang Theory.

    • My assumption is that this week Britney assumes she is safe. She may very well be and it may be time to say goodbye to Hayden is Ragan can save himself. But we’ll have to see how it plays out.

      • She hopefully is safe this week but I definitely think if Hayden or Enzo win the next HOH she will be in trouble. Unless of course she gets POV. I think Lane would be smart to take her to the final 2 if he can.

  68. Mike T… What was said that was worse than racial remarks? Everything else may have been pretty bad, but name calling is just sticks and stones. When you make remarks like Brendan did then it just shows his true character.

      • Niki calm down. How about when Enzo called Brit a Cu**? I guess that is ok? Like I said THEY all have said things no worse than what Brendon said. But I do not care to ponder this with you any longer, it will not the way any of us think so that is that.

  69. I’ve enjoyed this season better than the ones with the long-lost brother/sister finding each other and the estranged Evil Dick/daughter reuniting. Those were so gimmicky. I will be interested in finding out who the life-long friends are. That may be the real surprise of the season. It would be hilarious if it were Rachel and Matt. I was sorry to see Brandon go…I liked him a lot AFTER Rachel left. He had to man-up and IMO he did. I hope Lane wins – he probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he’s the best of the lot that’s left. He’s kind of cute, too.

  70. @ Abby, save the Psych 101 evaluations for someone with a limited intellect. Your “obeservations” are misguided, misdiagnosed, and grossly misinformed. I’m not angry. Re-read my posts. There is laughter throughout them. Like how I am laughing at you, now. LMFAO!!!

    • Again re-read. I didn’t state that the UN or the government are without greed. Nice try.

    • Fair enough, though the way it is written does at first imply that the government and UN aren’t greedy like TV is allowed to be. But now I do see what you meant.

      But your Brendon bashing is still, I’m certain, based on your distaste of Rachel and a complete lack of understanding as to why a guy like him would get with her. So you’ve created all these things in your mind about the kind of person Brendon probably is in real life and can’t get over it.

      And you are free to laugh at me if you wish. Didn’t notice anywhere you were laughing throughout your own posts, but it’s hard to convey that on the internet, so I’ll take your word for it. My “obeservations” are neither misguided, misdiagnosed OR misinformed, so while you laugh I will continue on with my life not giving a sh**.

      • Wrong. I liked Brendon in the beginning. I don’t like weak people and he is just that. He became an ass for Rachel, that’s not chivalry, that stupidity. I know why a “guy like him” would get with her. She’s a moderately attractive woman, not rocket science, it’s chemistry! LOL! I didn’t create what I saw, which was Brendon being led by Rachel. I can’t separate Brendon pre and post Rachel because they are all the same guy. He wasn’t body snatched, he made a decsion to act they way he did, and that is why I can’t stand him.
        Which “life” is that that you are getting back to? The one @ Meerkat Manor or @ BB? People who don’t care, don’t reply. Just saying…

      • Meerkat Manor was a reference by someone other than me, sorry.

        What I saw was Brendon head over heels in love with Rachel (which I wouldn’t judge even though they’re just TV characters to me, because it’s none of my business – the heart wants what it wants) and I saw Brendon trying, but FAILING to get her not to pick fights. He even made deals with Andrew behind her back because he knew she’d mess it up. So yes, while he fell hard for Rachel, I have seen him try to play his game his way, whilst trying to help and support “the love of his life” through to the end with him. It didn’t work, but you sure do spend a lot of time hating on TV characters anyway.

        I know who I prefer and don’t prefer on the show, but I have yet to rant on at your level about any of them. So really, the pleasure of laughter at the expense of another should really be all mine, but I refrain for the sake of the fact that a) it’s just TV and b) you’re just a username.

  71. Oops! I meant to say Brendon, not Brandon. A million apologies to my nephew Brandon. Hunny, there’s no comparison! Love U.

  72. The remaining HGs are not who I would have chosen to spend the next two weeks watching. I didn’t realize I was rooting for Brendon till he got the BB boot. I guess, I like underdogs.

      • Considering how much respect he has lost from his community and, most likely, his students, perhaps I should root for him. He has made himself a true underdog in life.

      • @ Liz, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume he has lost the respect of his community or his student’s respect. I suspect you may be wrong there…

      • @Liz – he’s probably still a hero to most of the gay community (those who care) and his friends, family and students will likely not feel he’s done anything out of character for hismelf and therefore couldn’t possibly lose any respect.

        Take that as you will. Cheer for whomever you like, for whatever reason you wish.

      • @ AREYOUKIDDINGME You are right, I was just going by the opinions I have seen from posters all over the net.

      • You guys have probably long gone past this post, but I wanted to jump in and say that I am a gay man in the gay community. All of my friends and I have zero respect for Ragan and are really embarrassed for him. He’s neither a hero, a role model, nor anyone that we would care to associate with.

      • @Liz – not being of the gay community, I wouldn’t really know for certain HOW Ragan is seen within it. I was referencing early in the game when he made a point of noting that he is a gay man holding his own in an endurance competition and everybody clapped, and concluded that for certain reasons the gay community may look up to him for being both a strong individual and proud to be himself in front of millions of people. “Hero” is mostly just a figure of speech.

      • @dcoop, thank you for clarifying what is at least your position on Ragan’s “heroism.” I’ll side with you because, as I’m not gay and was merely hypothesizing, I’m not an expert on the subject.

  73. I hope Raegen wins or Britney, the other three could only win win the competiton left, I am not impressed they appear to be vultures , you do the work they reap the rewards, it has cheapend the show, floaters are normally more humble!!

    • Regan and Brit are the only two thinkers left in the house. Hayden does try, bless his uneducated little heart. lol

      • Uneducated? Well damn him. I thought he was a college boy? Maybe he party more and studied less. The dude does need a new haircut. He is attractive far off, close up his lips are too thin (my wife observation not mine) and the shouting into the camera has got to go.

  74. I will admit one thing BB should not change a thing BB, I will not watch anymore no matter what you do!

    • I will always watch. It is like watching meerkat manor. Lessons are there to be learned by all. Human nature unfolds before our eyes. We are such flawed creatures.

      No matter how we feel, watching from our homes, we have no idea how many of their mistakes we would duplicate.

  75. Big Brother why didn’t you tell the HG’S that the Sabateur is still in the house and won 2OK. It wouldn’t be so dull to watch.

  76. Idea to CBS, cast the best HG’s from BB’s past seasons on a Special Survivor from the,AND same from best Survivors as HG’s in BB.
    You read it here first *MBPFF.

    Any toughts here? Don’t be too cruel to me, just underwent skin graf, am also a Newbi.
    You read it here first posters.


    • Evil Dick had the same idea I think. It’s a fantastic idea. But BB would have to be ampted up to 11 to accomidate the Survivor contestants. BB producers would have to offer a $1 million dollar prize on BB, as well. I just don’t think CBS can pull it off.

      • Started my post with ED in mind and deleted his name in error. Since new here, I apologize to Mr.ED.:}

      • the producer is reportedly bankrupt and can’t find financial partners, so doubling the prize money will probably not be happening, though I agree it would be needed to get a house full of Survivors. Unless they seek out only the famewhores who never really got close to $1 million.

      • AREYOUKIDDINGME, thanks for the 411. I have been reading your post most of the day. It was you who inspired me to post here. I have really grown fond of many of you here, good, bad, sweet and love the ryhmes.Smiling and truly LOL

  77. Can I ask one question today?

    WHAT THE HECK is with Britany all of the sudden saying ” y’all “?!?!?!?!?!?! Talk about annoying!

      • I know what it is lol. What I dont get is that she really wasnt doing it til now. Its disturbing how often she says it now.

      • Exactly – her increasing use of the y’all phrase demonstrates that she is trying to play the Southern card, which has worked like a charm on Lane and which Hayden is susceptible to as well. This is part of her subtle and shrewd strategy to get these two into a “Texarkana” final three. Then she works with love interest Lane to get a “showmance final two.”

    • FWs? sorry…been a few hours, not 100% sure what this is referring to and too stupid to figure out the acronym. Please refresh my memory!

  78. Come on CBS, The real action and intense drama has shifted from the BB house to the JH! That is where all of the players with charicter are. Any chance of cutting from the BB house to show some of the JH from time to time, where Rachel will be berating Brendon for loosing, and then then turning a cold shoulder to Brendon, all the while he is following her around like a puppy trying to get back in with her, then Matt can continue to mess with their heads and try to further manipulate them just for his personal amusment.

  79. I LOVE RAGAN AND BRITTNEY but if they did another big brother allstars i dont think i would want to see them there because thay are floaters !

  80. When it comes time to vote who gets what monies, in my own opinion, I think all those in JH will vote the same once they find out all that was said about them and how they were treated in the bb house. The truth will find them out especially the tapes.

      • nic – a small amount of chatter is allowed upon the arrival of a new juror, along with a dvd of that hg’s eviction. but other than that, they’re not supposed to. talking about the game is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS in the jury house.

        i believe punishment for doing so is a ‘per incident’ reduction in the guilty hg’s $750 per week stipend. the threat of losing money seems to make the hgs keep their mouths shut!

      • CT thanks for the info. How did you know how much they make and it must be a lot more in the jury house because that is where kathy wanted to go

  81. pandora released a punishment on the house no silverware cups or dishes 2 more punishments to come big deal. bring back brendon evil dick and matt thats a real punishment to them since they hate the other players. Scare them into thinking they have to switch places with them as a punishment and send them to a prison for 24 hrs. could u not see ragan and brattney crying then lmao

      • Yes very seriuos,,,I would not make that up..He also said that he would stay in California for awhile (bring out the wife & kid) incase he was offerd guest shots or some kind of work in show business..

      • ENZO is now sitting there talking about his great game plays stratgic they dominated the game..Running Matt down as a do nothing guy..Little does Enzo know that less than 2 hours ago that Hayden & Lane were in the HOH deciding the best way to get rid of him…oh yeah .. it is what is..the game of BB

  82. You know what else I find that is really really annoying…..Other than Enzo chewing like a disgusting pig and the four of them calling themselves the brigade? The fact that I cannot keep the volume up on the live feed when Enzo is talking because every other word out of his mouth is the F word which anyone in the house can hear should I not turn it down or mute it. It’s pretty damned pathetic that a grown man has to use that kind of language much less as frequent as he does.

  83. The thought of CBS giving what is left in the house $500k makes me sick. Brendon has more class then all of the remaining hg combined. What is so interesting is that they think one of them will be winning Americas fav. Little do they realize per the polls Americas fav just went to the jh. Thank u Brendon for playing the game like a man. The remaining hg are crying little babies who can’t cook clean and have as much character as my big toe. When Brendon left they spent the rest of the evening bashing him. Wow how mature of them. They must feel so small. I do think most will grow up after they watch the playback and feel embarased on how they acted and maybe make a change. What a bunch of meanys. Very sad to give $500k to either a meany or someone who sat back and did nothing.

    • Nice thought…But will not happen…These people are adults…What you see is what you get…There will be no meaningful change in any of them..

      • were you even watching the show, were you watching when he called matt a midget and called brittney a whore? and just because they wanted to break up him and rachel? thats the game and brendon is a cowardly baby. I have no respect for anyone who thinks that brendon or rachel are decent people.

      • brendon or rachel should have DEFINITELY been the final 2 for sure no questions asked!

      • @sandy you dont have to be the “moral authority” to know that b/r were the worst type of human out there…

    • They all have a lack of caricature
      and class When u try to belittle another person in order to make ur self feel better and u do it behind there backs that is vile and a sign of poor morales and something lacking in yourself game or not
      Evil Dick was liked because he told u to ur face
      I will give my vote to Brendon I have no doubt that he will get american favorite
      I hope this people will get to reed this posts and see what people really think about them and as delusional as they are they will quite not understand why that is

      • Everyone told Brendon that they didn’t like him, and when they were sitting around “bashing” him they were just stating fact… and its read, not reed, learn to spell

      • whow are u related to them?
        This is just my opinion and u have yours, there is no need to be so defensive
        O my apologies for any spelling mistakes

  84. BB..Brendon needs to come back for the finalle. The house is a Blah without him. Noone knows which way to go. They are like lost sheep in the wilderness. And they need help BAAAd. People won’t like what I say, who cares, Brendon needs to come back. He’s good at what he does. They all just had it against him…Jealousy for sure. What do you think about my suggestion BB.

      • yea it was very interesting of him to constantly insult the other house guests for the stupidest little things.and it was interesting of him talk to himself while addressing rachel like a sad dog. he knew her for a few weeks, get over it.he didnt play a good game, part of the game is aligning youself with more that the one nasty plastic girl you bang.

      • @emilie – once he was with Rachel, he couldn’t be with anyone else. Even his one other ally in the house disliked her.

        His fatal flaw was that he never tried to lead anyone against the Brigade because, as alliances go, the Brigade has been one of the best in BB history. It was AIRTIGHT until Ragan got suspicious in the last week. It launched three guys who would have otherwise been among the first to go because of perceived strength, fitness level, etc., had they not aligned themselves together. The week Hayden was up against Kristin, if not for the Brigade he would have probably been sent home.

        My only problem with the Brigade being as successful as it’s been is that it’s made the season pretty boring. No one led a major coup against the foursome (and in fact voted with them because for over a month everyone figured there WAS no alliance and they were playing the right game), no one in the Brigade turned on each other until they saw Matt as too strong and free to release without much backlash, and no one in the Brigade has lived up to their physical promise. And Matt almost barely lived up to his ‘brains’ claim.

      • i disagree, i think that while the brigade is lucky to be where they are cause matt was the only one to do anything, i think it is really interesting to see an alliance like this, ive watched every season, this is a 4 person alliance that made it to the final 7 without being exposed. i thought that was really interesting to see, and it was interesting to see the other house guests put their trust in different members without knowing its a bad idea. and i think in the next season everyone will be suspicious of large alliances because of this season.

  85. To bad they don’t show more of the Jury House. It will be more entertaining than the BB house.Once they send the cadaver dog in to find Kathy.

    • LOL! @HoosierDaddy. Cadaver dog to find Kathy, my sides hurt! Lmfao! How she made it on the show is will always remain a mystery to me…

      • Yes the jury house (or watching paint dry) is more interesting. For the first time EVER I turned off BBAD last night. Every time I looked they were bashing Brendon…ok he’s gone. Get over it! I think that it would have been more interesting if Brendon remained on the show……

      • These final 5 are full of themselves..Ragan saying on BBAD last night they were the best five left in bb history…Please…I can only wish Enzo goes home next..he’s nasty making chicken last night..and eating jerky and never once i saw him wash his wonder britt, said she wasnt hungry..he is just dirty…I’m gonna miss Brenden..he deserved to be there and as much as Matt annoyed me..he did too..anyone but these 3 guy’s left..I hope ragan takes it all..wait til Britt see’s how Lane played her..she’s so dumb to even think they are gonna take her to the end she’s beat least she tries and play’s..Enzo a waste..Lane a Goober..and Hayden is a little sissy boy..

      • I THINK IT’S GONNA BE Enzo & Regan or Hayden & Regan..I am not sure ..Lane did not make a certain choice ( if he did I missed it) but he did (kinda) MAKE IT KNOWN THAT brittney was not an option this time..But that is subject to change..

      • Brit-n-Brat is not an option this time because he wants her vote in the jury house and no blood on his hands; otherwise, she would be gone!

      • maybe maybe not..Brittney does not have that many votes in the if she goes to final 2 the person she’s sitting next too just might win..Both Hayden & Lane have considered taking her to the end…so who knows..

      • Hayden & Enzo can’t say much cause it’s Lane’s final decision..I said Lane “kinda” let them know that Brittney was not an option this time..I also said that that was subject to change..

      • I want hayden and enzo up, one of them must go, and if Brittney goes to the final two against anyone in there she will most likely win. It seems as much as a person might be hated once they get to the end the jury house actually thinks it through and USUALLY votes for the one who played the hardest…. kinda hard this season but as much as she is a wench she has won comps and stayed true to her “real” alliances if thats possible to say.but must agree this season needs a big shake up or it will be another american idol slowly loosing its edge.

      • Hayden offered himself up as a pawn against Ragan. Lane said he will not put up Britney because he promised her since she put Matt up for them.

  86. Svetlana.. RE Ragan is no child, but acts like one with his crying over everything. He knows damn well he is on TV and America can see him. He’s only kidding himself, making a fool of himself. The other’s didn’t do what he did. Give him a Pity Party, a big one too. I don’t feel sorry for anyone like him. Grow up Ragan or go home to mommy.

  87. Inzo bugs me but everyone remember he is the one who started the Brigade. He must have known it was the only way he would get anywhere in the game.
    I said from the beginning that Lane was a sleeper flying under the radar. Best of the worst but hope he takes it all.

    • If I’m not mistaking the SAB. was the one that started that lifelong, but I don’t believe it myself. That was just to erupt things a little. Get things going.

      • Carol???? Are u drunk or strung out on something..Your comments are not going with what is posted above it…Are u ok???

    • Don’t like Lane he’s lazy..but Enzo is lazier..this guy cant do nothing..hE don’t deserve to be there..i hope he goes this week..I’ll miss BRenden he played hard, and i wish he would of made not a decent guy to look at..the rest are creep’s..Hayden needs a haircut..he looks like a girl to me and talks like one..maybe he’s Ragan’s sister…

  88. Watch your wording with the comments you make. BB reads all of them and they will delete you for good. Look at the Commenting Rules on this page.

  89. Ashli Rae – Great recap and loved the side comments! They were right on perfect! Enzo on Stern’s show – FOFLMAO!

  90. @Hoosierdaddy. Omg can’t stop laughing. cadaver dog looking for Kathy

    can’t wait to see the look on all their faces when CBS hands him a check for being Americas favorite hg

      • I am gonna vote for Enzo..if for no other reason that he can take the money..go home and I WILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN..and just to give u a heads up..unless plans changed..None of the HGs are going to Vegas,,they going to Texas..But from what I could gather today nobody told Enzo Vegas was out..So if he goes he will be there with Rachel..(possibly Brendon) by about severe punishment..

  91. So happy Brendon and Matt are gone. I hope Lane, Hayden or Brittany wins……Enzo..I like him, he’s funny, but he has yet to win ANYTHING! What’s up with that? Honestly think BB is a conspiracy…the POV before the last with the prizes..completley fixed, for Brendon to win..Most of them tried for all the punishments, but weren’t fast enough? Really?? C’mon….bunch of crap…I am soooo over Ragan, hope he is next. At least he is crying….yet.

    • Why is it that when your favorite doesn’t win it is rigged? You are not the first to say that and it makes me laugh every time I read it. So funny. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Does it really matter now? He is gone so there you go. Not so rigged after all.

    • did you actually see any of them push the buttons for the punishments? And in the DR they all admitted taking prizes…and Brendon said his strategy was to take as many punishments as he could and push the button quickly. They didn’t show anyone pushing the buttons for the punishments, really, because if they had then for those who only see the show they would have known the outcome before the announcement just based on the final tally.

      While it could have been fixed, I don’t think it was. At all.

      • perhaps, but his hair was fairly short to begin with, so hopefully the only thing now on his mind is seeing Rachel again.

  92. Hmmm… I’d like to see Lane win now… Is this going to get posted, lol. Where’s the Admin here?

  93. Cancel the rest of the season and send the bozos that are left home and ban them from appearing on any other reality program and take the monies and divide it amongts the jury house. Shame on the production staff for setting it up for Hayden to win. The house guest that are left are not only an embrassment to their families but also anyone who knows them. Sorry, houseguests when you say this is the best bb season yet WRONG!!!!!! it has been the worst ever.

    • I definately agree that this season is by far, one of the worst! Not my favorite… But I will still watch the next season!


    • I have stoped watching BB. The good players are gone. This is the worst BB in history. I have watched all of the BB seasons. This might be the end for my whole family. It was setup so certain players would win. Nice job BB.

    • ” Shame on the production staff for setting it up for Hayden to win. ”

      Have you ever watched any other BB seasons? They do it EVERY YEAR. Get a grip.

    • Betty…Do you realize in the most recent HOH, both winning names in Hayden’s section were in the SAME box…

  94. I still say make them watch this season all together in a small room . .. I’d pay to see that

    • I would rather watch the JH now. Sparks going fly over there. Among um other things. LMAO!


  95. Watching the last 5 HG’s I would compare to watching paint dry. Borringgggg, and what I am actually doing right now….wife had me paint the stairs…..god so tiring……..:)

    • The real excitement is yet to come..None of the 5 can cook so 3 of them will probably starve to death and we get to see real CSI persons in action..

      • if you all don’t like it don’t watch it, read the comments, or comment. some of us like the season a lot.

      • Boring or not, all of us are watching the show. Even the City’s TV News anchors commented and debated the outcome last night.Stepping back and looking at the big picture, what does it say for society?

      • @Skiddels if you mean City TV up in Canada, as thee official broadcaster of BB they are encouraged to talk about it to help it get ratings.

      • i heard the creator is going bankrupt… maybe thats why they are trying so hard for ratings by adding dumb twists like all these pandoras boxes.

    • I did not say I did not like it..I enjoy watching movies and shows about Zombies…some are very entertaining..

    • haha well at least now you have a choice between watching paint dry and watching the live feeds!

  96. ok BigBrotherNetwork, what’s up with my comments still awaiting moderation here???

  97. Hope i’m not spoiling it for everybody but,Lane just won HOH,and plans on targeting Ragan.

  98. I hope Lane turns on the Brigade and brings ragan and britney to the final three. Enzo is dumb and useless. he thinks hes this master big brother player. the one thing he did right in the house was hiding behind matt. And hayden isnt fun to watch and he and enzo were nice to brendon. I think lane and britney are cute and it would be sweet if he tried to protect her. plus i like ragan cause he is strong and i think he is playing the best game.

  99. does anyone think it strange, that Hayden found
    the names right away. That’s why the others took
    longer. It’s like Hayden’s were right next to
    each other. Isn’t that strange.

    • hard to say for certain – perhaps they sort of fell together in all the initial digging? He didn’t find them right away…

    • He said he found them at the same time, but they were only allowed to bring one back at a time. What so strange about that ?? What ? are ppl now gonna say it was rigged for Hayden ? Please…ppl, give that up already !

    • Liz… I think it’s strange to. He’s not that good at comps and Brendon was first with Matts name and was going back when here comes Hayden. I say it was fixed and so do others I talk to.

      • Hayden did a smart play. He found both names, knew he could only take one at a time and set the second name right at the edge of the bin. That allowed him to quickly play the second name. I do not think this was fixed although I feel there were plenty of suspicious comps this season. I think it was simply a smart move.

      • if that’s true and they fixed it to evict Brendon, why then would they have fixed it last week to save him (as others claim who dislike the guy)? there’s not really a reason, as I see it, to carry Brendon along only to one week later snuff him out.

    • if memory serves me correctly, brendon was the first hg to place a name (matt) in the slot on his podium. as brendon was back in looking for rachel’s name, hayden simply outsmarted him by staying in the styo popcorn to find BOTH names before he headed out to his podium.