Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Week 8 HoH Competition Results

Tonight’s Double Eviction live episode cut off and left us with quite the cliffhanger. There was no second HoH competition! I thought we might get an endurance or at least something started by the end of the show. Instead production took a few hours after the show to set up for the comp and let the remaining Final 5 HGs sweat it out. Now Big Brother 12 is back and we know the results. Read on to find out who won and what it means for the game.

The Week 8 HoH Comp results for Big Brother 12:

  • Lane won the HoH Competition.

Congrats to Lane on finally winning something.

If Lane is true to his remaining Brigade members as he has already said he will be, then Ragan and Britney will be the nominees. Yikes. I’m sure that’ll go over well with Britney! Maybe she’ll regret that Matt renom.

Jump on the live feeds with the free trial and watch it all live & uncensored.

The nominations should be held on Friday night so we’ll soon know who is most in danger of eviction. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the HoH Comp results?

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      • to break up hayden and enzo. enzo needs to go if anyone wants to win. enzo is good in the jury house, next would be hayden.

    • hopefully neither Brittany nor Ragan will go home this week. If Lane’s smart he’ll get out another member of the Brigade. But he’s not smart and is using Brittany. If he puts Ragan and Brittany up and one of the two win pov theyll take themselves off and enzo will probably go up. itll be a tie then Lane will send the non brigade member home. :(

    • Just get Ragan out. Another week of him and I might go crazy..Wonder what his students think of him..glad I have no children he will teach.

      • I actually know Ragan and can say that he is an exceptional teacher. On top of that, his students love him (even before big brother)

      • His students may have loved him before BB, but maybe not so much now. I just think he is an embarrassment to the teaching world. At least Kathy had the common sense to conduct herself reasonably while on the show, knowing that as a deputy sheriff she probably shouldn’t embarrass herself or her profession.

        Ragan, on the other hand, is a vile and disgusting human being. Those are his words, yet he should try saying them out loud while looking in a mirror.

      • He might be a good teacher on academics but on how you should act in life, he is not. How could someone who is an adult act like a made school boy and be so personally vicious. He is not a good person. I hope that part of him does not rub off onto his students.

      • How could anyone say anything bad about Ragan. He is the best player in Big Brother and I’m pissed about Lane winning because clearly he will try to take out Ragan and Britney. This is shit.

      • I couldn’t agree more, Jack. From watching past seasons, a lot of what houseguests consider “gameplay” is simply a mirror of who they really are as a person. Take last year’s winner (Jordan) for example. From seeing how she is since the game has ended, she seems like the same Jordan we watched all last summer.

        Now, Regan? I’ll bet he is just as vicious in real life. Perhaps the reason why he has trust issues with most people is because they realize what an ass he really is and want nothing to do with him. I hope this so-called professor doesn’t win BB because he doesn’t deserve it. He didn’t even deserve the 20 grand he got. If I were him, I’d use that money to buy a new personality. If there was any left over, which there probably wouldn’t be, I’d try to buy some friends too.

      • well he makes me sick every time he opens his mouth the f word comes out real good teaching. they should fire him when he gets home

  1. Finally! It was about that time. Now everyone left at least won someth… Oh wait, there’s still that useless tool named Enzo.. Pathetic x__x

    • Well Brandon won 1 HOH and @ POV’s and Matt won 2 HOH, the only person remaining who actually outdid them is Brit

      • Actually NO Sandra, Brendon won 1 HOH and 3 POV’s, the same amount as Brit yet he did it mainly on his own.

      • Oh sorry about that. The only thing you were wrong about was that Brit was tied with Brendon, for now. She didn’t out do him. But if she stays there she will.

  2. I would like to see Lane, Britney, and Hayden in the final three. Wow never thought i would say that about any of the brigade members

    • I hope the same. Ragan and Brit deserve to stay. I’d love to see something happen where Enzo ends up leaving this week

  3. Either lane oe Enzo will win. But probaly Lane. Congrats Lane! I adore him so much. I hope he puts britany up.. she’s gotta go. I can handle Reagan another week,but not britany.

  4. Lane needs to realize that he is the third wheel in the BG and Hayden would take Enzo because he would win the game if he does!!

  5. Lane will definitely put up Ragan but I don’t think he will put Britney up. Unless..he asks her to be a pawn so she won’t be upset.

  6. Well do not underestimate Lane..
    He’s a very capable guy I am sure of it. Lane you deserve it! Play the game and well!

    • Thank you Mario, a lot of folks say he is a “floater”
      ah well, at least he’s not stuck in JH with !Quoter”
      “I am vegas, I do no wrong, aw crap, he has no money
      I will pursue Lane, I will be his honey!!
      Man, I need the other “battle raps”

  7. I bet the next POV comp. will be the MORPH comp., where the faces are mixed up.

    If thats the case, I would put money on Ragan winning.

  8. I really think Brittney and Ragan need to leave. Mainly because they both have the worst attitudes. But my question is when it comes down to the rest of the brigade who will turn first?

    • JM, they will all turn. It is getting down to the die-hard!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • The brigade already turned. All of them on Matt. Now its like Brittney is a member and she doesn’t even know it. I still can’t believe that she hasn’t put it together that Lane doesn’t care about her. He just needs her to even it out with Hayden and Enzo.

      • Enzo and Hayden have a pact to take themselves to the final 2.. that was on th feeds, not the show on CBS or BBAD. Lane has noticed it too.. So hopefully his noms will reflect it. Matt also planted th seed, for what its worth..

  9. He’ll put Brit up and tell her she’s the pawn. I hope she wins POV and Lane puts Goomba Enzo up in her place. Good night y’all,gotta be up early to fire up my BBQ wagon. Big party out in our barn this weekend. HDjr just got back from the sandbox last week from his 2nd(and last tour). Semper Fi.

  10. I went to showtime after dark and it was so boring I turned it off. All the hg’s can do is talk about the ones that are in the jury house. Its to bad the jury house don’t get to see what they say about them. Boy was I mad that they did nothing to Enzo for all he did that he wasn’t supposed to. BB your going downhill.

    • I agree. Oh – let’s allow a guy who can’t win crap stay and allow the game players to be voted off. I guess BB likes to let people know that it is ok to break rules….

  11. brittany is garbage she has to go, all the dudes in there look up to enzo they’ll probably let him win the gay boy shouldve been out

    • Gay boy= gay MAN= RAGAN!! Why couldn’t you just use his name rather thn calling him the gay boy!! Grow up please!!

  12. OK so color me stupid but if you win POV and use it on someone else can you then be put up?

  13. i love how the brigade can only win real comps when theirs no one else left in the house hahahahahahaha

    • That is true. Damn Brendon came so close to beating Hayden in that HOH. But he would still be on the block this time so he went out good. Now let the real backstabbing begin.

  14. Yeah they can make fun of Brendon all they want. He fought hard, Enzo you Bozo, WTF have YOU done? Not a damn thing. Lane is HOH, I bet Brit thinks she is safe. Ummmmmmmm NO. If Lane does The Brigade first then it will be Ragan and Brit up there. Can’t wait to see Brit go out after Ragan wins the POV. Yeah I have been against Ragan but now he is the only one left I want to win. GO TEAM RAGAN………….YEAH

  15. At first I was kind of mad about this. What a boring HOH result. But after some thinking, it’s going to be real interesting to see how Lane deals with the Britney situation. Ragan is the only easy nom for him, after that it’s either BG or Britney. Putting up Britney with Ragan will show her his loyalties and putting up a Brigade member might screw him over if Ragan wins POV. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

  16. Hayden had won out of pure luck. It came down to who found the pictures first. Lane won next, but he was only up against 3 other people and look who they were. They are all a bunch of whimps!!

    • I know. There lives are so boring that they must talk about other people. Really classy. Rachel was completely unliked because she was herself. And she spoke her mind. Lots of people do not like that because they are intimidated. Britney talked about her so much and still does because she is jealous. She knows that she could never be as strong as Rachel. And she can only talk about people behind their backs. Because she knows that she would have had her a** kicked. I* would love to be that person. lol

  17. Enzo was willing to wear the penguin suit and give up all this clothing during the last comp. He lost because Brenden buzzed in even more. Enzo will do anything to win. Give the guy some credit at least he wants to win. He didn’t take any of the money or vacations (Hayden).

    • Enzo has’nt worn the suit properly yet and continued to cheat on have nots, and it’s non-stop bitching about the clothes. he just wanted to win that comp because he was on the block and he is now mad because he blew it.

  18. atleast he did something. damnitt now brit has to win POV. well she might get the votes to swing her way.

    the end of the lane/brit relationship will be over tomaro

  19. Is anyone watching BBAD..Ragan just said they are the best final 5 ever on BB..What is wrong with these people….They all think they are the best ever…OMG

  20. This is really sad. Worst BB yet. What happened to all to all the real competitors of BB. Where did yall get this bunch of losers. However wins will win by default. Lane s/n win I heard his familmy has oil, you know like the beverly hillbillies.

  21. Well this has certainly been an interesting night, and with all that’s happended and both Matt and Brendon out of the house, is there any point in continuing to watch???? It is too bad BB doesn’t have the JH wired………..or do they??

    • yeah, they are idiots. I mean, either really mean type of person will win or people who just sat on their ass.

  22. I have to say, if Lane is smart he will take this opp to make sure that brit stays in the house. Enzo and hayden will take eachother to the final two. Brit will choose Lane over ragen. Put up hayden or enzo and ragen. That way Lane controls the tie breaker and who goes up if either win pov. I hate brit and ragen and do not think the rest have done enough to deserve to win but since the floaters were not smart enough to get rid of brit this week, might as well make them pay for it. Lane does this, he almost guarantees himself to win. He is the new Matt. He has people on both sides of the house and is hoh.

    • Enzo and Hayden do have a “secret” pact, it was mentioned on the feeds lastweek. not on cbs or bbad. lane has caught on. he is smart to keep with brit till the end. who knows. he is totally in love with her – and promised her security when she was breaking down the other night. could be stratigy, could be true.. we wont know until next thursday. ragen is their target.

      Looks like BBAD is caught up to what I am watching on the live feeds. They are talking about penalty votes on the feeds right now..

    • Andrea, enzoennoysme, the only place he deserves to be, is where he feels most comfortable!! tee-hee
      we all know where that is!

    • it should be if this is the type of people that they are going to choose to be on the show. I guess next summer is another allstar show.

  23. Sadly i looked at all angles of this. Brit or ragan will leave next. Unless the brigde turn on eachother or lane is smarter then he acts and rids the house of the dirty jersey boy, brigade has numbers and its over. Hayden and lane have a finale 2 deal. These house guest actually consider themselves the best final 5 ever…..nOt. I want to see how they react after realizing there the most disliked season in bb history and probaly most disliked houseguests. Lets do a favorite season poll.

  24. How about this situation?
    Brit and Ragan are up.
    Ragan wins POV
    Takes himself off and one of the other brigade members goes up.
    In a vote just assuming at this point Ragan votes for Brit while the other brigade member votes making it a tie, with Lane the tie-breaking vote.
    Who do you think Lane would vote for?
    On one side voting to keep the brigade strong would make sense.
    But on the other hand, would he vote to keep Brit because he believes Ragan and brit have a better chance to win HOH and he most likely wont be the next target.

    • depends on who us up with Brit. Lane is onto the fact that Hayden and Enzo have a “secret” final 2 pact. He just has not acted on it. :)

  25. I think evictng Brendon was the dumbist hing Bb did out of all the Hgs left he deserved to win. He was the only one really playing the game. I think they should bring him back, through pandoras bo and give him another shot and let him get rid of Brit, Ragen and Enzo.

    • Leah, whip boy had his chance!! The boy blew it!! He will have a “honeymoon period with ,oh crap, waz her name? He did not play the game till she was voted out!! He was a whipped puppy dog! Now he plays?? Say hi to waz “her name”

      • Tishe you be nice, my “whipped boy” has been doing good when Big Red left, come on give him some credit! LOL He is gone…..lets leave him alone now. He will have to be with REd soon enough……ewwwwwwwww.

  26. Can they really be that studpid to think that they are the best final five? Oh, my bad, duh!! The five dwarfs, sleepy, nasty, droopy, dummy and sleeezy. Take your picks.

  27. Can they really be that stupid to think that they are the best final five? Oh, my bad, duh!! The five dwarfs, sleepy, nasty, droopy, dummy and sleeezy. Take your picks.

  28. I think if Lane is smart he will take Ragan to F2 cause everyone would vote for him over Ragan. I like Enzo butane floated to much so Lane could lose to him on JVotes. Hayden took all the prizes and Brit is a scum bag and she is so intrigued and interested in Rachael’s private parts, actually she is jealous. Rachael and Brendon were up front players. The F5 r still talking about Rachael. if Brit didn’t care or was not so insecure about Rach then she would have quit talking about her.The F5 are the most boring and uninteresting people in the house. Go Lane (he is just too cute).

    • kgrocconi, (wow, that was difficult) Lane is smart!
      He made it this far! Ragyna? he has a better chance with britches!!
      They all dislike her, he would get the votes, just cuz!!

  29. imagine if you will, lane goes to the hayden and enzo, he says that what they should do is put them both up, win pov and back door ragan. This is a perfect plan, because if it works, ragan is out. If it fails, well then the brigade is done. So it is win win for lane. The brigade would not even question the idea. Why, because lane can get brit to also use the veto on one of the brigade to back door ragan. The only way ragan would be safe is if he won the veto. I doubt he will try hard to win it if he is not on the block.

    • then next week decides who final 3 is, if brit wins hoh, she puts up brigade, lane wins. If brigade wins hoh, brit is gone and lane wins.
      Final 3 week, brit and lane are still pair, one wins hoh, last brigade person is gone. If brigade wins, lane and brit are up, brit goes home. Lane is final 2:

      so if lane wants final 2 for sure, he puts up both brigade this week.

  30. Okay, Posters, Good night!! I am out of this place!! Work, is the next best thing!! Thank you!!

  31. BB needs to work on casting please stop putting fake people in the house this season is so fake it makes my t.v smell brand new. everyone in the house is very undeserving of the money except Ragan, I swear if hayden or layne win I will never watch bb again.

  32. All Britney is good at is talking about people and Ragan is a piece of worthless crap.All of them have the nerve to say they are the best 5 houseguest in Big Brother history!

    • They all think they’re on a freakin’ vacation,put them all on slop because thats the only thing they can do is whine,cry,and talk about the people they need votes from if they make it to the end. Bitchany sssooo eeeeeee,yeah she is a pig and hope she goes home without a dime. Ragan,don’t hate him cause he’s gay,just hate him. Worse BB ever,they all suck.

      • it’s only the worst bb season ever because ppl make the right moves when they have to, and they’re actually getting rid of the strong players right away, if brit didn’t get rid of matt he would’ve won, the brigade made it further than any other 4 man alliance, well as far as i can remember, they played smart this season and because of that it was just boring, i wanted brendon to win the double elimination hoh just to spice things up, this season is just way to predictable!

      • I was sorry to see Brendon go, but I knew that his days were always numbered so I am glad he lasted as long as he did. I can’t stand any of the people left. I don’t understand why Ragan had such a hatred for Brendon. I don’t remember Brendon ever doing anything to him. I can’t wait for Britt to find out Lane is in an alliance without her! Although I can’t stand Ragan and Britt at least they try to win comps. Hayden, Lane, and Enzo are lazy and lazy and lazy.

  33. I don’t understand all this hatred on Ragan from viewers. He’s the one person I actually want to win. He’s playing the game. Lane…ugh. I wish the Brigade would just die already. Matt should have outted them when he knew he was leaving.

      • There are lots of reasons why viewers
        don’t like Ragan. Everytime he opens his mouth, it’s like nails across a chalkboard, and he is constantly playing the victim. Nobody likes somebody who always blames everything on everybody else, and refuses to take responsibility for themselves. Matt, what happened man? Why didn’t you “out” the brigade? They sure didn’t do you any favors, and you should have thrown a wrench into their plans of winning. Dumb move, bro. Of those who are left, who deserves to win – I’ll go for the fish in the fishtank. Nobody else is as worthy. Wasted season, but, now I can catch up on my sleep, cause I’m no longer interested in this season.

      • Yes, Summer, worst season. Will I watch BB next year??? Not sure. Matt disappointed me because he should have said something on the way out of the door about the stupid Brigade. Enzo is a waste but…suppose he wins. OMG!!!

    • Ragan’s social game is atrocious. He allows his bitterness & intolerance towards others prevent him from making strategic moves.

      • That’s because he thinks he is perfect. What a joke. People like him keep me in the “vomit mode” 24/7.

      • This whole bunch is a sad commentary for human beings. This group is small minded we’ve found out nothing about them to validate why CBS even picked them. they talked game all the time from day one and when they werent trashing someone. They were poting or crying what about just talking to one another we know so little about the real persons life only superficial stuff or lies they told borrr-ing. they gave them badmitten and dice and still they are borr-ing talk about some real crap instead of crap like enzo got on his suit that he never wears properly hell cristen wore her wig and tard all the time, bring her back or brenden somehow oh well I guess Im done watching now. anyway

    • Ragan is my absolute favorite. I don’t get all the hatred either. I don’t think he whined or cried anymore then Rachel. I also think that at least HIS emotions were real.

      • @Gina, then weren’t watching the same BB as the rest of us, Ragan was and still is crying week after raqchel was evicted, OMG the week Brendon put him and matt and britney all he did was cry, And yes they are real emotions, But way talked to some poeple was wrong, Now I know what you are going to say “But he was talked to that way, “Wrong” the way he and britney talked to and about (behind htier backs) wasn’t even on the same level. The bottom line here is that ragan was “Wrong” and no I don’t hate him I fill sorry for him.

    • i think Reagan and Britney are the only ones that deserve to win not the 3 stooges scratching and playing nothing

    • Exactly. Matt, Ragan and Britany are the only ones that have actually played the game on all fronts. Brendon played ok with the comps but sucked at making any friends. The bristupidgade has done NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG! The ONLY reason and I do mean the ONLY reason they have made it this far is because of Matt. I do hope that the final two are Britany and Ragan with Ragan winning.

    • The game is BB not trash talking someone else to make “Ragan” feel important. He is a small person in more ways than one. The same comment is true for Brit

    • The negative comments started on Regan because he and Brit took 72 hours and just trashed Rachel. I mean every minuet to who ever would listen. It went on and on and on. The bitterness was so vulgar he stopped being funny just mean a repetitive. The worst in him was brought out by Brit. It is the reason some hated Monet. He and Brit trash talking. But to actually plan to do it for 72 hours? I mean the girl has family. It was spiteful and I don’t think many people could be mean that long. It hurts your soul and scares away your angels if you get my drift.

      • I do agree that the bashing Ragan and Britney did of Rachel was definitely overboard. Too bad Rachel gave them so much material.

    • You must not watch the night feed and see him as he really is! He and Brittany constantly call Rachael the worst names and make fun of Brendon. They are the ones who spread nasty lies about. I am glad I am not Brittanys mom or boyfriend.

    • Why didn’t he.. Iwould have, although I had a bad taste in my mouth for matt about the lie. I am also pulling for Ragen, only because the rest are bozos. I had been pulling for Hayden till the remark about Kathy. He wishes someone would make a pass at him.. That shows the disrespect this group of nuts have for adulds..Wait till they have to actully work for a living and have to comuicate with people older thatn twenty. That should be intresting..

    • Thank you Linda!!
      @S-y, mattie should have done a lot of things, but, he did not!!
      See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!!!!(mattie, I mean)

  34. I HATE that little WINNY VOICE of one of the biggest loser in the show, that gives all gay guys a bad name, and can’t wait to see he go home, RAGAN…BYE,BYE..SISSY BOY !!!

  35. I completely agree with Steve, I’m sick of seeing and hearing Ragan, send him to the house with Rachel.

  36. Man I’m disappointed in this season. I hate all of the Brigade members. Only one that was cool was Matt because he ACTUALLY played the game. Yeah, he was a bit of a snake, but he made all the right moves except not switching sides in time. I kind of like Britney and Ragan, but besides them, the only two hoseguests I actually wanted to watch were Matt and Annie. Annie because she was really a cool person, she just played too hard, and Matt because he was one of the best players. The rest of the house was/is annoying. Ragan, if he had stepped up a few times would’ve been a pretty cool HG, and Britney I think if she hadn’t been obsessed with complaining about people all of the time. Kind of a lame season with this Brigade thing imo.

  37. This is the worst group of houseguests that could possibly leave. I know that this is Big Brother but you can play people and lie about alliances and such; however, there is absolutely no need to be ruthless, vicious, and nasty to people behind their backs or even to their face. Britney and Ragan will definitely watch this season back and look how hypocritical and just plain mean they came off as. And they can say it was all editing but that is a cop-out. Their true colors shine through and they should be ashamed of themselves….Britney is a straight up c*** and I hope karma gets her and she is backdoored. And Ragan is nothing but a whiny little b****. I am tired of him talking about Rachel making her comments about his sexuality. He made numerous mean comments about Rachel’s sexuality as a female by calling her names. What’s the difference? We all deserve equality. He is no different. He is in fact narcissistic and I would love to give him a piece of my mind.

    • I totally agree. I can’t wait till Lane puts up Brit and Ragan. If Brit thinks she is safe she is one sorry piece of work. Damn but this has to be the worst season I have ever watched and I watched all 12 seasons. If they EVER have a season like this one I will never watch again. WTF? Noone in there really deserves to be there. Atleast in past seasons, no matter if you liked that HG or not, if you gave your word you kept it. I remember one time two guys were hanging up there in a comp and although they were no friends in the house the one who dropped so the other could win HOH was given the word he would not be put up for a week and he wasn’t. This year you couldn’t trust anyone but Brendon. He totally kept his word to that Biotech Brit and if it wasn’t for him she would have been gone. Yeah DAMN him for trying to believe someone.

      • one of them will win pov not one of stooges send enzo home please chomping and cussing and never winning

    • “Made numberous mean comments about Rachels sexuality as a female by calling her names” …. so in other words if you call a female a name you are knocking her sexuality? Seriously? She asked if he had to be a bitch cause he’s gay (sexuality). He didn’t ask her if she had to be a bitch cause she’s straight (sexuality)!!

      • Agreed. CBS should have a twist saying those who are in the jury are going back in the house in exchange of one person!!! bahahaha. all the competitors are out its bull. Britney is so annoying and Regan is a disgrace.

    • I agree Payton. Everybody trash talks in this game but Britney and Regan went a bit overboard and they say Rachel is mean ? Hellloooo??? I’m not sure how much of it came out in the episodes but if you watch the feeds it’s 100 times worst ! If it wasn’t for them being like that I would be rooting for them big time right now.

      • Oh and Enzo is not far behind if not just as bad… Hayden I feel has joined in with the gang a few times but for the most part he looks uncomfortable when they do it.

    • Why would BB pick Britney, Enzo, or Lane. With All the people they could have chose from you would think they could have found A few that acually need the money. Lane and Britney have been brought up with a siver spoon in their mouth and never worked a day in their life..Oh yeah Britney said she had a job once and was fired because she was rude to the customers. Surprise

  38. Can’t wait till Brattney & Raggie leave they are so stuck on themselves and after seeing and hearing Ragan I sure wouldn’t want a child of mine in his classes. What Jerks!

  39. Sigh, how are there more floaters than there are players in the final five? I love matt but am really disappointed that he didn’t get one of the brigade members out when he had the chance, sigh.

  40. I was praying they would get rid of Bozo. Never in Big Brother history has anyone annoyed the hell out of me as much as Enzo.

    Even the way he smacks on his food. I have to mute it or he causes me to have violent spasms. He’s not funny. He’s loud and ignorant. When he learns a new word he uses it repeatedly like SHUN.

    I had to stop watching Big Brother 12 for a while because of him. He caused me to develop trichotillomania.

    Make sushi out of the penguin.

    • Oh I so agree with you 100% I sit in my living room each week and just cuss him out because he gets on my nerves and then having to hear the word Brigade drives me crazy

      • Enzo thinks he will be a star out of this show. I also have to mute my tv when he eats. MY God what a baby..He breaks the rules and then trows his tantrums. Kicck him off BB..

    • I too stopped watching because of him. Also dont forget to add in the blatant breaking of the rules! e.g. sneaking food… not wearing the full costume…. taking it off to go swimming and then sitting in the house chit chatting.

  41. boring peops left shows sucks now…Wanted Brendan to win..oh well as long as Freagan and britney don’t win it’ll be ok…not a very good group left though..

  42. Worst big brother season ever!!!!! The whole house was floaters from the beginning and it was obvious that nobody would go against the majority. Game stayed like that for the rest of the season with Britney getting pressured at the end. Producers need to stop screening so tightly and stick some random people in there next year.

  43. i love britt; she HOT!!!!! Sorry matts gone:( Hayden and bozo from nj NEED to leave!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I will say this…if these people here think Brit is “hot”..I would love to be an optometrist in their hometown because they sure as hell need some glasses…

      that skank is hideous

      • Britney is hot … Really. Really. She talked about Brandons bad posture. Has she looked at hers?

    • are you Freekin nuts. Brit is possibly the best looking house guest ever. If not the best then defenitely top 5. Not that I am a fan of hers or want her to win, it’s just that you need to get your eyes checked.

      • lol I can name 3 better looking chicks right off the top of my head that she couldn’t hold a candle to:


        now, her teeth would enable her to eat corn on the cob through a picket fence…but that is how they make em in Arkansas….

        if you find her attractive, maybe her pet sheep is just as cute :)

  44. im so happy lane won!!!! im happy brenden and matt went home. as much as i like enzo… he doesnt desevre to win, hes been a bit of a baby. im thinking it will come down to hayden and lane and i think hayden will win. oh well. its gonna be a great showtime after dark without brenden and matt!!!! and i hope britney goes home soon. i cant stand her… ugh

  45. We have all been complaining about this group being so awful. What we need to do is turn the station then production might get the picture. We are the ones that have the say.

      • me too I no longer want to watch the show unless they announce that someone other than kathy is coming back in the house to play. This is a bunch of two faced backstabbing assholes I ever watch in my life. they make me sick just listening to them I had to turn it off. The game is over who cares who wins now, should have kept brendon in the game at least it kept the other hg on their toes. Now all they do is talk about Rachael and Brendon. Come on we all had enough of it maybe production needs to let them know that America cant stand anything that comes out of their mouths another second bye bye bb

      • joanne….I’m done with the viewing of this contrived, manipulated, crap..I’ll check in from time to time with you guys to see who is left in this unmitigated disaster..Have fun guys…BTW..FYI Hayden has not held a job since leaving college(over 2 years ago) Lane works part time for his father..Enzo quit his job as an insurance adjuster to do this..Britney works from her parents house part time..Ragan is NOT a college professor(he is an assistant)..Come on people..This is a group of total LOSERS..In less than 6 months 4 of these 5 will be back in their parents basement..And the winner won’t have a dime in 2 years time..

  46. I strongly dislike Lane. He hopelessly lusts after Britney and it’s desperate and lame.. He has been the worst player all season long. I understand why sometimes it’s good to lay under the radar but this is BB sometimes u gotta do work to stay in the house just like Raegan has.. Someone needs to get another brigade member out…

    • you are so wrong. No one in the house has floated more than Enzo. That dude is lazy, weak and has no idea what the hell is going on. If it werent for the brigade he wouldnt have a leg to stand on. Possibly the biggest floater in BB history. As much as I disliked Brenden and Matt they were competitors. Hayden hasnt won anything since week one< Lane just won something a couple weeks ago and again this week. Looks like itll be Lane and Hayden. All true competitors are gone. Hate Brit but she competes. Lane competes. They should be final two but we know that lane will back door brit asap. The brigade may be weak by all standards but they are still around.

  47. I’m done with this season. Just let me know when auditions are up for the next available season. I’ll be sending a large email to CBS for this bulls**t… unbe-f**king-lieveable

  48. Ragan took no crap & he should win. That burr-egg for men is sick ! Not one of them can count there toes.

    • hey judy,

      a comment like the one you just made means nothing coming from a persron who doesn’t know the difference between “there” and “their.” You have no right to comment on someone’s intelligence. On to BB12…It’s sad to see Brendan go home. He was the strongest competitor this season. He was the main target of the entire house for about 4 weeks, and he kept getting himself out of harm’s way. Ragan will be very embarassed when he watches this season on playback. He looks like a fool on the regular. His outbust at Rachel, when pandora’s box was opened by Brendan, was full of hypocricy and ignorance. He always talks about how bad of a person Rachel is, and how she has no integrity. I think he is confused. He is the bad person with no integrity. She never took a personal shot at him. He attacks the “pimples on her chin”?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me. Grow up. Also, he makes so many comments about how good of a person Brittany is. She and Monet spent the entire first two weeks ripping on people behind their backs. I will admit, I like Brittany more these days than I ever did before, but she is NOT a “good person.” I would like to see Enzo in the final two, only for comic relief (because that guy is worthless when it comes to comps), and Lane. People rip on him for winning nothing. HE HASN’T NEEDED TO WIN ANYTHING! He’s the strongest competitor left.

      • Tito were you even WATCHING the show ??? Must be you misses all the episodes where Roachel aand Brenda were doing the same (and worse) of what you claim Ragan has done/said…….try dvr so you don’t miss anything next time!

      • Sorry dee, what ragan and britney did is not even on the same level, Yes it was trash talk, but there are levels and ragan and britney reach new lows

    • Ragan took no crap!!REALLY!! where are you Geez Brit is a pathetic girl immature and was barely tolerable but she is better than ragan the pair love to bash rachel and brenden but look at how venemous they are the happiest they seem is when they are slicing someone up, pure jr high highschool is too grown up for them. Hayden loves his own reflection, and Enzo ugh get me some malox what a turd no class just ass. If lane doesnt pull this off I will be surprised he’s only one left I can stand even a little But if he scews over hayden and gets over on ragan just to dump brit at end would be some justice as far as Im concerned too bad he has to take any of them with him.

  49. Why do the HG’s continue to let Enzo talk like he is actually running things in the house. they have been dragging him through since the beginning. and the sad thing is that the idiots are going bring him to the final three unless ragan or Brit get the next HOH. he has the most trash to talk OMG somebody make him leave or at least teach him how to eat

  50. Wow. Lame azz won!!! We sure know that Brittanys precious all won’t go up!!!! Lets hope that gay b!itch leaves…

  51. WTF !!! the best final 5 in BB history ??? are you F’n kidding me. they still have to bash evicted HG’s talking about now there is no more personal situations.. they are the ones that made it personal. I pray to god they are shown the BB blogs and see what people really think of them. Brit and Ragan are disgusting human beings. I hope they get nailed when they make appearences so bad they run home and never heard from again IMO

      • before the spelling bee teacher hits me…typos..must be all that short hand when texting that got me….

      • best house guest wth are u talking about u are the worst since the show aired bb. I cant even imagine anyone thats left on bb12 even thinking that is true. They are so stupid all they do is trash everyone who came in the house with them. This is the worst bunch that has ever played the game of bb. So hope we never hear of them again, and please dont put any of them in an all star bb. I for sure wont want to watch a repeat of this crew, bring back Bredon and Rachael this week. Since everyone else got to open padoras box why not Lane, and this time out comes the showmance to finish the game they started. and play without malice like ragan and brittney is. What a mouth on ragan and brittney is so jealous of all the other girls, that she keeps it up because no one is telling her she is better then them. So not what I want to hear all night sho time needs to reimburse bb fans

    • I hope they do see all the comments written about them. Hearing them talk on the live feeds after last night’s show was funny how they think they are so much better than everybody else.

      Brendon and Rachel were also mean at times but they were more in defense mode because they had to. They just weren’t really good at it. It came off really bad when they tried.

      • I agree CR. After last nights show they kept talking about other shows they were going to be on and this and that. Even Hayden was acting like a superstar..What the heck. Enzo almost flipped out when Regan said they had asked him to go to Seattle to try out for some show and did not ask him..Enzo you make us sick, get it.

    • Brigade is as useful as tits on a bull….they have done zero all year

      why fret them now

  52. I wonder what Rach thinks of Brendon’s new hair style?

    and does he still have to slop it for 3 weeks in the jury house?? lol and by slop, I don’t mean him and Roachel having relations….I mean the food :)

  53. and as much as I hate the minimal vocabulary skills of these sheeople,

    Hayden’s use of the word “clown”, and Lane’s use of “Beast”, is almost as annoying as Bozo’s use of “That’s it”

    please….read a book you mopes….learn a new word once in a while

  54. this final 5 is pretty sad, 3 against 2… the really sad part is how the 3 stooges called the shots. now they pick off the 2, game over – who cares who wins.

    we’ve talked about how stupid the 3 stooges are yet the others had to be even stupider… how could at any point the others not realize the Bro-gade existed.

    what’s with these votes always being like last night 3-0 Brendon you’re out; 4-0 Matt you’re out? i don’t get it… it’s like the Bro-gade has them hypnotized and can even tell them how to vote.

    it’s like the others are looking at the Bro-gade and they are invisible… whatever you do don’t break up a BIG voting bloc of 4 votes, the Bro’s voted out one of their own, they saw him as too much comp in the comps.

    the guy i’d least like to see win – Enzo, will probably win, “i couldn’t even find one name” in the comp that Hayden won… this guy is pathetic, hate hearing him talk so HE’LL PROBABLY WIN.

    then we get to hear the Bro-gade is the greatest alliance to play BB, which we’re going to hear no matter what if a Bro wins and it’s 3 Bro’s against 2 Ho’s at this point. Say good-bye Ho’s.

    • Because none of these idiots can think for themselves….damned near every vote was unanimous except when the sheriff was in town.

  55. Why didn’t Enzo get a punishment for all the eating as a have not?? I swear it’s like this guy has something on production. Future players will look back on this season and decide what they really want to do. I’m a have not, too bad I’m eating a pizza. They even showed a clip of him eating pickles and yet Julie said nothing about it.
    Oh she made sure to take a dig at Rachel with her comment to Brendon about how much nicer he was after she left the house. That was just rude. Of course there he is on live TV trying to just be polite and say “that’s Rachel”
    Now we have this group of win nothings left in the house. Just sad.

    • Pickles are allowed when you’re a have not.
      Some of the other stuff he did was very suspect.

      • Ok, what about the fake food fight outside where he was pulling food from his suit and eating. I’m just saying there were several reports on this cite of him eating restricted items and of course the fridge face, where he just cracks the fridge door and then you cannot see what he is eating.
        It’s like they are afraid of him. If he goes on to win I will be very suspicious.

  56. So I guess there was no punishment for his highness Enzo. What a joke. Britney saying how dumb Brendon is and how they really duped him. Wait till it’s her turn.

  57. This has been the worst season of BB i have watched….I next season is better than this, or BB will not be seen in my house!

  58. This is the worst Big Brother, I don’t care who
    wins now, I wanted Brendon to win, he was the
    only one playing this game…the others are a bunch of losers…….

  59. finally Lane wins an HOH competition — go figure! hope he puts up Britney and Ragan and neither win POV — prefer Britney to leave first followed by Ragan — and another thing, neither one of the final deserve to be where they are – esp Enzo – another one I can’t stand, and why did BB not punish him for cheating during his have-not week? not fair — Bring Brendon back, he was no threat to anyone and strategically, he should have stayed not Britney because as it stands, Brendon wouldn’t have had many votes in the Jury House — bad move Hayden, can’t stand him too

  60. Wake up producers, worst BB yet! You need to get some real people on the show ! Regan what an a-hole and Brittany what to say except what a back stabbing b….! Get them out. Call it a day, no one swhould win that’s left !

  61. come on people…..this is the same as survivor….people who choose to stay out of the limelight ARE PLAYING THE GAME…their task is to make it to the end while still getting jury votes. so just the fact that lane etc are still there is a valid game play….

    • Sorry Sleepless,You must be a family member. Lane is too lazy to even think.. If he won it was by accident. He is useless to anyone but himself.. He has done nothing in this game but brag about his lane-burger..He thinks he is coming back to TX and everyone is going to go crazy over him..Not..I don’t think he cares about the money because he has been given everything to him by his parents. Thanks BB that is really the type of people we will never pull for.

  62. I think Matt and Brendon were the best HG this season. Even though i didnt like
    Bren he actually fought to be there, while
    everyone else pretty much didnt. Ragen
    is the only one that deserves to win and
    maybe britany. the bregade just used people
    and honestly they wont get jury votes going
    up against ragen or britany (they fought)

    • now that would make it a game. i’d vote for that to watch those 2 idiots scramble to win PoV.

      Enzo in the last PoV: “I didn’t find a single name”. Yea, we know b/c you’re pathetic.

  63. I don’t like anyone left and dont feel any of them deserve the money. I would have given the money to Brendon or Matt before any of the characters that are left. Enzo is worthless and Ragan is so annoying I want to smack him. Lance finally won something and Brittney can go to hell, cant stand her

  64. This season most are playing it too safe. What happened to the big brother rebels who voted how they wanted and did what they wanted. Rachel and Brendon did what they wanted and it made some good t.v. How is it that the season is ending with a bunch of floaters. The real players are gone. Brittany is the only hg that won several competitions. This season we got people that throw competitions, scared to vote against the house, and not willing to take risks. Big brother please cast risk takers next season cause I’m not sure how good the rest of the show will be. This is the first time I don’t have anyone to root for so I guess ill be hoping something magical happens in the jury house.

    • Brit threw HOH because she didn’t want the drama and was scared too. And I think Regan could of beat Matt twice but he dropped and let Matt have it. And Regan has won the veto’s. The only one I can stomach right now is Lane.

  65. Britney is either a total fool or this entire production is 100% scripted…Britney just admitted on AD that Brendon told her when they were cuffed together, that Hayden, Lane, and Enzo, are an alliance, and that she, Ragan, and him should team up..Ragan already suspects the same..Britney laughed..Can’t wait till that ignorant,self absorbed bitch is gone..Hope she cries so hard she chokes herself to death..

  66. A bunch of loosers left….sad to see Brendon leave, he was playing a good game. Not sorry Matt left, I really do not care who wins now. I hope Brendon takes the high road after once again being stabbed in the back…..he is far too intelligent to bring himself down to the remaining HG’s level.

  67. brendon eviction has take tke excitement out of the game these people is not worth watching. i hope regan wins the pov because he will surley be one of noms along with brit as the pawn. she will surely join matt and brendon in the jh if that happens. she will soon figure out that they will keep her for as long as they can so lane can say he kept his word to her then crush her in the end.she thinks she is safe like matt thought he was (not).I don’t like regan but i hope he will take out all them. i can’t beleive bb didn’t get rid of enzo for breaking the rules.

    • What rule did he break? How about Hayden too. He deliberately swung that pool stick in anger and busted all the cues. Did you see those things fly? All the way past the hot tub! That crap could of really hurt someone. He was pissed off and took a fit then said “OH I didn’t mean to hit that, BS you didn’t. But you played it down real fast. Temper, temper, kiddy boy.

  68. Finally he pulls it out…. like last year’s floaters, this years are doing a rerun on them… how sick, and disappointing and BORING!!!

  69. Britney, like Boogie’s old girl, just can’t see what’s coming either…. dumb dumb dumb…. and she was used so badly the whole way home, like the little pig to market ….. tickely tickely tickely!! very applicable!

  70. CBS..CBS..CBS….STOP THIS S**T…STOP THIS S**T…You are losing viewers by the thousands..Britney and Ragan are 100% obsessed with trashing Rachel..It is all they can discuss..In all seriousness, these two have very serious mental issues and need psychiatric help..Viewers are sick of participating in this crap…You are terribly misreading your audience…WAKE UP CBS & STOP THIS S**T..

    • No tell showtime too. I pay for showtime to watch that for 72 hours? Come on showtime! Give them some booze and get the partying started next year, sheesh. It’s suppose to be adult entertainment and it was a bore this year. No more pool table. What a bore.

  71. I just hope Lane puts Brit up…..the moment she leaves the show will redeem itself….as long as Ragan goes right after her!!!!

  72. I’m betting anyone on here $100.00 Britney can eat an ear of corn through a picket fence…What a self absorbed freak..

  73. This is a game!!! Meaning if you win at everything….you have a target on your back. The fact that Hayden, Enzo & Lane are still there shows something. This is not just physical, but most important……a MENTAL game. Who cares if their lazy; their ALL still there…..end of story!


    • Guess Matt was more loyal then people thought. Maybe Pandora’s box will do something. Like tell us it was just a dream and Bobby isn’t dead. “smirk”

      • i don’t think matt was as loyal as much as he was selfish, he wasn’t going to tell brit or brendon about the brigade because after she put him up he wanted her and brendon out so why would he help their game he didn’t want them to win. he was really hurt by his alliance voting him out, he could have help his own game if he went to brendon and brit.but then brittney runs back to lane and tells him everything she don’t know she’s hurting her game as well.she will find out just how safe she really is very soon if she don’t make a power move.


      • Why ty Ande. I was going for the laff. Milley if I’m nuts I hope your not a hungry squirrel….smirk. I don’t do squirrels. Word to the wise Milley, of which you wouldn’t understand….Matt did leave stand up when he didn’t tell, it was just a game to him. That does not mean I liked him. And Ande your a genius for gettin the Bobby comment. It went over Milley’s head.

      • she’s to busy doin tha achey breaky heart to know anything and thnx i was a huge dallas fan and love knots landing too ,, a product of the 80″s so i get you lol

    • I really liked reagon at first, but all he talks about now is how bredon and rachel did this to him and did that to him, get over it can u talk about yourself for a change,you werent a victim you were a volunteer! every one jumped on the mob mentality and went against both of them so hard, they were bound to retaliate( sorry about my spelling) I was so glad when brandon stood up to reagon and britney! they all treated him like a leper. I wondered who they would talk about when brendon and rachel were gone wow that is still who they are talkin about. If reagon wins i will never watch BB again! he is a cry baby who is so nice when he is on the winning side and never takes responsibility for his own behavior.

      AND ..P/S U NEED YOUR HEAD EXAMEND FOR EVEN SAYTING “RAGAN” …”BRITTY” I CAN SEE WINNG AND HOPE SHE DOES WIN IT ALL…”BUT ” WHEN U PUT “RAGAN” U LOST ME THERE(the guy acts like a littel girl,AM GAY MYSELF,but dont go around acting like a littel girl”crying all the time ect>>> steve

    • THANKS!!!HE’S JUST GETTING MEANER AND HATEFULL, WHICH SHOWS WANT TYPE OF PERSON HE REALLY IS!!(it means alot that others out there “”gay or “straight” see what type of person “ragan” is…steve

      I CAN SEE “BRITTY” BUT “RAGAN”(no way/other than it wont have the votes in the jury house)

    • I think Brittany and Ragan are users. Out of all that are left – I cannot say I think much of any of them – they all seem phoney.

  75. What’s all the ‘worst season’ crap. If you feel that then why the hell are you watching? Go away. It’s just as good or better than any of the prior seasons. Stop living in the past. Enjoy the show. It’s fun this year because there is drama and justice combined.

    • I would have to agree with Led. Just because I didn’t want that to happen doesn’t mean I hate the show. BB is something I look forward to all year. I guess winners win and expect the unexpected. Besides they said Evil Dick was the worst season too. And I loved that one. We want drama. And I’m kinda happy the spoilers were wrong. I always peek and this time I was shocked to see Bren leave. I guess Enzo & Haden weren’t the guys I thought they were. I thought Bren and Matt left the house real classy. Bravo

  76. I wanted Brendon to win but????????????? oh well

    why haven’t they shown the house where they have
    been kicked out????????????????????

      • Lane is precious!! He is playing smart and doing what it takes to stay in the game. What’s wrong with that? I hope he wins it all!! Go Lane and Guns Up!!

      • i hope lane wins NOTHING! he has ba total floater, but on top of that he is a self-proclaimed bully. he has said on bb after dark that his idea of a good time is to go to a bar, find the cutest girl, kick her boyfriends but and buy her a drink. what the hell kind of redneck crap is that? real quality jerk if you ask me. i’ve always been a defender of the underdog and if i saw that going on i would jump in and teach that jerk some manners

      • Lane is an oil rigs salesman. He and Enzo both have a ton of money, which makes me wonder why they are even on this show.

      • Jim Lane said he would do that when he felt as stressed as he did that day. Anyway if a cowboy fan gets his butt kick I don’t care. Smirk
        Eagles fan here!!!!

    • If Lane is smart he will get rid of Hayden. Hayden can beat him in strength comp which final always is.

      • I agree Lane wants face time. He still lives at home,no girlfriend etc. I really don’t think he is kickin anybodys butt. A grown man that needs a phone call from home and not play the game well that is A case of “Look at me”. IF he works he works for his dad. He and Britney would make a good couple, never worked a day, have everything given to them etc..Thanks BB.

      • Thats how it is with ranches. Family owned family business. One day it will all be his, no college needed. Learn on the job.

      • He’s said that he hopes the TV is bigger than a 52 inch, because he already has one that big in his house.

        He was talking about his house, apparently he’s got hardwood floors, jacuzzi and what not. He’s definitley got alot of money, which doesn’t make any sense that he’s in the BB house.

        For his job the inexperienced make around 35,000 a year. The good ones can make up to 75 to 100k a year. It depends on the state and company but from what he says he sounds like one of those guys who has experience in the field.

        Somebody like Hayden definitley needs the money more. College kid (or just came out of college), no job, could definitley use the money with the economy how it is for younger people.

        Enzo does not deserve 500k, especially for a guy who makes alot of money and has cheated multiple times.

      • It makes sense. I grew up in Philly and Jersey. It all falls off a truck…smile. Haven’t you ever been East? Poor peeps can make ends meet to babe.

      • Enzo is from Hoboken NJ. you need money to live there. it is right on the water across from NYC. Alot of high priced homes there. i would say at least 600K most likely more!

  77. This is the WORST SEASON EVER! I stopped watching week 4, I just keep up here. This season cannot even come close to prior seasons! A game of floaters is lame as hell! All the lames are left, making for gripping TV. No thanks, I’ll just keep up online and wait for All Stars. Maybe then the producers will come to their senses…

  78. Who are the friends we heard about in the first of the season? No one has even hinted about it since. Are they going to reveal it soon or what?

    • There were no friends that was something made up to throw the house guest off, and make them doubt each other.

    • my guess is that it was a lie just like when ragan was the saboteur & he made up all kinds of lies.

      • Don’t guess if you watch the show you know it was not true. Annie said she made it up. Sorry to repeat myself. It was on TV (CBS)

  79. We had all better vote for Brendon as America’s favorite. He tried to be friends and form a honest alliance and those free loaders are waitin’ for the brigade to come out on top!!They have been a group of floaters,feeling they don’t have to play just let everyone else do their work and are laughing all the way to the bank or so they think. As much as I dislike Ragan I hope he outsmarts them and takes out Enzo first as he wins nothing, He sits in the house as the godfather, who has more class,and when he walks out to America thinks everyone should bow and applaud him. I ask, “for what”?
    Brendon you get my VOTE !!

    • Brendon has my vote for America’s Favorite. I just hope that when they all sit down together at the jury house to watch the episodes they realize have much of a two faced b**** britney really was.

    • brendon has my vote too :) they all talk about playing the game with integrity and what not when the only one who actually played with was the exact person who they were saying didnt play with any. GO BRENDON!!!

    • brendon will never get my vote for favorite. hes too stupid to even play his own game why even give him money?

    • Brendon definitely has my vote as Americas favorite player, he was the only one worth watching especially after Rachel left! I can now watch my other tv shows and wait for next season and pray they actually have some real players who are likeable and don’t float through the season tooting their own horns!!

      • i agree brendon is the favorite he never whimped out and took the prizes he fought hard to stay in the game, he left because miss brittney wanted him out she knew she wouldn’t or couldn’t win if he was still in this game,she stabbed him in the back and i hope that’s what lane will do to her and it will happen

  80. I was really disappointed in Big Bother this summer. Not many other than Rachael and Brandon had any character. And what is with Hayden’s hair cut? Would have loved to have seen him have it shaved off. He is not a Justin
    Bieber. So many of the others added nothing to the show. Boring, boring, boring. Am also getting fed up with shows that reward the biggest liars and back stabbers.

    • Long shaggy hair was cool before that little Canadian twerp had gone through puberty. I’m offended.

  81. This season reminds me of the season where Alyson and June were the remaining two. They had lied to and manipulated everyone so badly that the jury didn’t want to vote for either one of them and the audience barely applauded when the winner (June) was announced. The difference here is that Hayden, Enzo and Lane haven’t made enemies out of the other houseguests but don’t really deserve to win. I hope they read some of the viewer comments and learn a little about how they’re being perceived.

  82. I have been thinking long and hard about this. I was a Bren, Rach fan, the first time Bren did the sabator voice I was like funnyyyy but not smart. And Rach went after who Bren wanted instead of her instincts. Not smart girl! Matt I liked but then that lie about his wife, did he lose his mind? He was a genius, and I loved hating him for the lie but if he won I would of been cool with it. So then there’ Enzo but his two facedness with Bren turned my stomach. Just another Ronnie. Throw Hayden in that as well, he took the prizes and Matt paid, and they turned on him and he didn’t turn on them. Regan is a teacher and I like him. But the catty talk for 72 hours showed he has no moral code. And the dressing down of Rachel made me see how he would talk to his college students. Not a nuturing educator. Now Brit came on alone and catty and still is, Bren was stupid to trust her. He listened to Rach. Lane hasn’t made a deal with anyone but his allience, so I don’t hate him. He can be crude but its locker room talk. I guess Lane and Brit in the final two is all I could stomach. Dam Enzo why did you have to turn on Bren. I thought Jersey boy would of at least kept him to final 4 like u and Hayden said u would. Bren would of kept you, you big stupid penguin. “laugh”

  83. Anyone else laugh last night when Matt was sitting there in front of Julie, leaning over, oblivious to the fact he was obstructing her view as she gave her spiel? He even looked at the camera. No common sense

  84. Sorry to see Brendon leave. Can’t wait to see Ragan leave along with Britney. The brigade will fall apart if Lane puts up Enzo. E will have a right to be angry. Get mean girls Britney & Ragan out. BB has to change the challenges and contests around – it’s repetitive and the HG take the excitment away from the show because they know what’s coming. CHANGE UP THE SHOW!

    • I agree the DR room tells them what to say every day so we don’t know if it is them or the producers coming up with the comments. I was watching showtime last night and they went to the fish bowl about four times because they couldn’t control what they were saying. At this point BB knows they can’t kick anyone out or that would mess up the show. I don’t think Enzo is going to be very receptive to A lot of things now that They are down to the finals 5 as the other ones also. The pro ducers are at their mercy now and that is what BB for coming up with this group.

  85. I think Lane should put up enzo and hayden. He needs to get rid of the ones who have slipped in on others tails like he has but it is time to make a play.

  86. I loved Brendon and Rachel from the start. I will not watch the rest of the year..I hate Britney and have been waiting to see her go from the start. And Meow Meow and Ragan.ewwww!! I will watch the end and hope that Brendon get America’s Favorite and hope and and Rachel are in the jury room and pay everyone back for their back stabbing and jealousy..

  87. I think Brendon should still be in the house. Brittany should be gone and I can’t stand the spoiled brat. If she is engaged, why would she be all over Lane all the time, she is none other than a cry baby like Reagan. She has been floating back and forth since day 1 and if anyone deserves the money left in the house is Enzo or Hayden. Brendon was my favorite and deserved to win the money.

  88. Hayden should close his mouth once in a while before a fly flies in! I can’t stand to see people have their mouth constantly open! It’s so gross!

    • I think he does that cause his mouth looks funny closed. Did you notice that? It’s like all round around his mouth. Kinda like a baby monkey.

  89. I must admit that Brendon played a much better game once “crazy Rachel” was evicted. She made the game too personal and a terrible loser. What a nut case! Too bad he followed behind her like a lost puppy, and jumped at her every command. Enzo has got to be the worst player in BB history. He have not won a HOH nor POV since entering the BB house. And, whenever Enzo loss a game, he complains about how he should have won. What a cry baby!

    Brittney and Ragan are still my favorites to win.

  90. So so sorry – when people like Brendan who actually plays to win each competition gets the boot on a double elim. day… I’m done watching 4 the season – no one left worth the $$. Slackers all.

  91. Lane is my favorite and besides he deseves to win something cause for making it this far and hast won anything that means he us playin the game really well and he has been a non soo good job lane

  92. Without Rachael, Brittany & Ragan would have nothing to say! I liked them both at first but am sick of the nasty things they say about Rachael and she’s been gone for 2 weeks! I wonder if they can be sued for slander for maligning her the way they did on the showtime feed several times

  93. i’m soooo tired of the lazy-a**ed brigade. especially enzo. for some reason that i can’t understand he’s like the puppetmaster and his “crew” dance all around him doing all the work. it looks like he’ll probably make it to the end, only sacrificing a few meals and some of his ugly clothes. i just hope he doesn’t get the jury votes needed to win. now that matt’s gone i’d love it if ragan could win (but having to win every comp is too much of a longshot).

  94. I think if Lane put up Ragen to leave the house
    he will win the POV and save him then Lane will have to put up Britney against Enzo and he will go home instead and I hope so too I am sick of him too.

  95. There’s not a man in that house that I would call a ” Real Man ” I,m surpised they can feed themselves. It’s sad we have people like that !

  96. frankenstein enzo worst player ever the armpit of america as far as player hope brittany wins it all matt should have put up enzo with DPV not loyal just strategically deficiant

  97. Duz the penquin know how to speak English? Makes me wonder. He can’t put more than a couple of words together without a stream of filth. How duz he keep his job? What a low life. His constant bellyaching is tiring. He’s done next to nothing all season. Nothing but whining and complaining. His family should be so proud…He needs to go bye bye.

  98. CBS had 1 chance to save the season, punish Enzo and/or Hayden through automatic ejection, due to the fact that both broke the rules (even with multiple warnings). However, they lost their chance and the 2 that tried the hardest at (almost, for Matt) every competition and actually deserved to win the prize were booted, gone and out.

    I would love to see another Pandora’s box, that would release Brendan and/or ANYONE else in the Jury House (except Kathy) back into the BB house. That would be plenty interesting (Especially if it were Rachel, I love the drama).

    Nobody in the house at the moment has a very likeable personality, or at least a personality the counteracts with the rest of the house’s personality. (I.E. Rachel wasn’t exactly likeable, however, she definitely butted heads with many of the other houseguests; on the flip-side, Brendan was very likeable and honest and forth-right, which was almost the mortal opposite of the rest of the house, which displayed extreme greed, name-calling, laziness, and rule-breaking.)

      • Hayden was breaking stuff and Enzo eats regular food as a have-not and also doesn’t correctly wear his Penguin Suit.

        It’s on the live feeds, but of course they don’t show it on the actual show.

  99. If Enzo has ” money ” he has no class. I have never in my life seen anyone with a lot of money act like that. He has no manners so were in the hell would he go out to dinner ? Eat at a pizza joint? He dress’s like he live’s under a bridge, talk’s like he never went to school one day of his life & what the hell would a woman see in him ? He’s lazy, has no class, act’s like he has had no bringing-up , & you can’t even dress that guy up to even make him look good. He eat’s like a pig, & I live on a farm & the cow’s have better manner’s then he has. I cannot for the life of me even beleave he has a buck. Maybe he live’s off his wife, don’t know, but he’s crazy. Not much to write home about. And Hayden look’s like he has never been shown a hair-brush, or would know what to do with one. I think there all full of themselves. My grandson start’s his first year at U of M this fall. I pray he dose not come out like any of them. { Well I know he won’t } He was raised better then that. And Lane, has no self control, at all with no respect for his Mother after doing what he did in front of the camera’s in the shower. I felt for his ” Mother “,& i,m sure she was very ashamed to face her friend’s after that. Just out & out no respect for her at all. ” NO SELF CONTROL, No REPECT even if he did it on BBAD. SHAMLESS !! None of them deserves any money only Britt & Ragan. They may gossip & cry, but everyone of them did that,.

    • Other than wanting Britt and Ragan at the end (which I don’t), I agree with you! The penquin is really a slob. I watched Showtime from last night, and all the HG’s can do is trash-talk mostly Brendon. The jury members will be very interested to see how they’ve been stabbed in the back. I hope that Ragan does NOT win. He’s intolerable.

      • I have showtime too, what a bore this year. It is so boring. Kill the pool get some beer next year and please, no more 72 hour lets trash rachel. God I wanted to poke my eyes out to stop myself from watching. Boring showtime!!!!

  100. @ Misty, please don’t poke your eye’s out my dear ! Crab some beer , Hot Dog’s & all the fixing’s Jump into the back of the pick-up drive back into the wood’s with your sleeping bag’s, play that music , roast the dog’s & sing to the top of your lung’s’ do the happy dance, fall asleep & wake-up with the sun in your eye’s & fix the best southern breakfast one could ever want to eat with that southern gravy.

  101. All the houseguests are planning on how they are going to cash in on their fame when they get out, whould any of you pay to see them? I know I won’t

    • judy and carla, don’t know if ya all are still there!! Funny stuff!! I loved it!! Thank You!! There is an after-life, after BB!

  102. I agree with John another pandora’s box with an Brendon, Rachel or Matt to come back to play would be interesting and be given the power of veto for two weeks to be given a chance to play!! hum

  103. I am so sick of watching Enzo play with himself. What is he 8? Gross. He would do it while talking to someone. Yuck. And Matt warming his hand in his pants? Maybe its a girl thing but I think it is immature and classless.

  104. why does enzo eat like that!!!! he has to be doing that on purpose, no one could possible do that for real. i have to fast forward through his meals cuz i cant take it. BB could you please enforce a no smacking like a horse at a troth rule please.

  105. This is to Production. If you do advice the hg’s could you please tell Britney & Regan to stop bashing the hg’s that are gone. We are so tired of hearing it. I have stopped watching showtime after dark and there is no way I would pay to watch the live feeds for more of their jabber. Let the juryhouse see something on each of the hg’s left, let us see them watching that video (now I’d pay money to see that)

  106. I know, put showtime after dark in the jury house and take it off the players. That would be more interesting. I have seen nothing on the jury house. We in the past saw each evicted hg go into the jury house with a video, what happened. I liked that.

  107. Wow, all of these comments are great except,I can see no reason Ragan should win anything, his bad mouthing along with Britney’s mouth and picking her skin all the time has made me just not enjoy the show anymore. And, now the so called Brigade is left – people who have been the laziest and worst mannered people there. Beieve it or not, I think Rachel and Brendon were the kindest people there. And, yes I would love to watch is they would show the jury house and also let them see the remaining people in the house.

  108. I would love to watch a switch between the jury house and BB house instead of just watching Enzo and his filthy mouth every five seconds, Ragan and Brittanys constant whining bashing of Brandon and sometimes Rachel. We watched the jury house in the past why not his year

  109. Brittany should have received a violation the other night when big Brother had to tell her 3 times to “Knock it off” when she was talking about Rachel and she refused to quit. Doesn’t Brittany have to follow any of the rules in BB?

  110. I wish for a final episode they would have all the house guests watching the highlights of the season together. To have them all together watching the back stabbing and nasty comments and lies, that would be one awesome final show of the season to get to actually see their reactions.

    • Good idea RickDD-I want to see their faces when Matt originally lies about his wife having the incurable disease. That was disgusting. I lost all respect for Matt that very night.

  111. Can Regan make it one more week?
    I say maybe. Britt has two moves left if she does not trust Lane 100%.
    What do you people think?

  112. Different judy, i’m judy b. Enzo is a creep. Hands down. After watching what he did last night to Ragan was a shame, but you know how bb play’s out, the creep’s always win. Yes brittney should win hands down. At least she was a lady threw & threw. Don’t care for anyone left. Hayden is a kid that need’s to grow up, Enzo is far from a man, Ragan i really liked up until what started to fall out of his mouth, Lane, after the shower playing with himself in front of his Mother on camera was a bit much. So all in all, the biggest creep will win. ENZO. Well not ever watch next year. It’s the same thing over & over & over. This year as everyone has said stink’s. Enzo was a bully, & I hope he dose not get a dime, but it never wprks that way!!!!!!

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