Big Brother 12: Matt Hoffman Eviction Interview

I caught up with Matt today via email and got his thoughts on Ragan, the brigade, and the diamond power of veto.  Check out what he had to say of Big Brother 12:

AR:  Had you not put up Kathy with the diamond power of veto who would it have been and why?

MH:   It would have been Britney and I actually said I would use her and talked myself out of it and choose Kathy. I would have picked Britney because she was a strong competitor and I wanted to stack the house with strong competitors in hopes to get Brendon out. It didn’t work.

AR:  Do you think you overplayed the wife sympathy card with the fake illness?

MH:  I don’t think I overplayed it.

AR:  Do you think Britney questioned your loyalty after you threw Ragan under the bus?

MH:  I think Britney had my loyalty in question prior to that and I think throwing Ragan under the bus may have increased that distrust. I think she had it out for me before that though.

AR:   Last week you told everyone Ragan was the most loyal guy in the house, why then trust the brigade over him when they seem so disloyal to you?

MH:   Because in this game you have to play with your head and not your heart. My head was telling me that this was a numbers game and I needed to be with the numbers. The Brigade was loyal enough that they never would have put me up on the block, but not loyal enough to not vote me out if someone else put me up.

AR:   If you could give any one HG advice on winning, who would it be and why?

 MH:   My advice would be for Ragan. I would tell him not to trust the Brigade and to align with Britney.

AR:  What are your future plans with the band Shooting Blanks?

MH:   The band has been broken up for two years now at least. My plans were nothing, but if I come out of this and find out that there is a resurgence of demand then we’ll see what happens. We are all still friends so there is the possibility of a reunion tour.

I was surprised to see that Matt would have chosen Britney over Enzo if he hadn’t put Kathy on the block with the DPoV.  I don’t understand why there’s so much loyalty to the meow meow but whatever lol. 



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  1. So much for the diabolical super genius! Matt was way too cocky. When he watches the episodes, he will realize that he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was. And it will be interesting to see how Ragan reacts when he finds out there was no mysterious illness.

    • What will be more interesting is the BACKSTABBING BRIGADE which will evidently be a suprise to Matt. The Brigade actually put Matt on the block..Brittney was just the messenger…

  2. You did play with emotions, you feared the Brigade, and therefore you didn’t go against them. The best thing you could’ve done was form a strong alliance with Brit and Ragan, and put up Hayden or Enzo against Lane. The Brigade would have gone from 4 to 2, and you would’ve been in control of the game. You were my early favorite, but you disappointed me with your last half of the game. Throwing Ragan under the bus was your downfall. Brit even said she was contemplaiting puting Hayden up before you, and you ruined that with your vile.

    • I don’t believe Brit was actually contemplating Hayden for the block… not for any serious length of time. Especially when she had Lane and the others in her ear.
      She saw what the numbers were and took the easy way out. Not to mention on “after dark” she was constantly telling Enzo & crew she was “sticking w/the plan”.

  3. Matt played the game with more calculated decisions than any other HG. He was just on the losing side of that coin toss so many times that he couldn’t overcome it.

    Rachel tried to brute force her way through the game while Matt dodged those confrontations.

    Matt gets my “gold star” for this season. Kudos on a game well played, even if you didn’t win.

  4. Matt was he own worst enemy on numerous occasions – he really should have attended a few more mensa meetings to sharpen up his brain cells before entering the house. In the BB House – you never throw challenges. That was one of his biggest mistakes and now he has paid the price ($500,000.00). Hopefully, the experience has humbled him and he has learned an important lesson. The Brigade would not have made it as far as they did without him and they are truly without honour. If Enzo wins, I will never watch BB again because he didn’t do anything to merit it.

    • Agree completely. I can’t decide whether Big Pussy or ManKathy is a better nickname for Enzo. Could we take a vote?

      • I agree, J-C… Matt was one of the most loyal players in the game despite what folks here may want to believe. His first & true alliance was The Brigade… he stayed true to his alliance even at his departure. Forget “the lie”… he must have some shred of character after-all. It spoke volumes, but we can agree to disagree (this at future commenters). ;)

    • I agree with you 100%..Matt was my least favorite person in the house and hopefully watching this will humble him but I doubt it…he is not a very honest person..he can’t even look anyone in the eye..he says so himself which says alot about a person

  5. matty – your loyalty to the brigade was admirable for sure, but in the end it cost you the game. you spent so much valuable time trying to turn those 3 misfits into better players and all the while they were going behind your back ‘sticking it in’ the way ragan REALLY WANTED TO!

    i’m sorry it ended this way for you, but you sure seemed to be having a great time MOST of the time! just know you were a blast to watch :)

    • Ideally, the Brigade completely falls apart before the finale, an apt reward for their early “power move” against the only winner in the bunch. If Britney can win the POV and use it on Ragan, then she and Ragan split votes to make Lane vote out either Hayden or Big Pussy, then this game will be truly interesting.

      Hopefully Lane is smart and votes out Hayden. That way he’s left with Brit, Ragan and Big Pussy. Brit or Ragan would win the next comp, probably Ragan, and he’d put up Lane and Big Pussy. If Brit or Ragan win finale HOH, then I see them picking each other. Lane would have votes that Brit would be concerned about, so she’d be smart enough to kick him to the curb.

      Then the Brigade will be the greatest alliance to ever get to all vote from the Jury House in BB history.

      • Right with you CT. That’s why it’s interesting to see people posting how VILE he was for throwing his bromance under the bus. The fact of the matter is that he WAS truly loyal by sticking with his initial alliance… The Brigade. Sticking w/them & remaining loyal even at his departure when he could have outed the whole lot. Showed quite a bit of character and smarts. Respectable, in my most humble opinion.

  6. i think matt is a closet homo, which is fine. i liked his game but i feel he didnt need to start off lyin and talkin crap about his sick gf. that was stupid. i liked the rest of his actions in the game. he just, at the ehd , started makin too many deals with too many ppl. if i get good comments from this post, ill come and chat and comment more

    • I don’t know if he is a closet homo but I’m pretty sure his wife will have some serious questions for him when he gets home – lol – and I think that he should make a donation to the organization for that disease even if he didn’t win because he still used it to his advantage.

      • I agree I think Matt should still make a donation. I mean karama can come kick at anytime! As for Matt liking other men? Maybe it was just Hayden- I mean he said he had a dream about him with his shirt off etc. The a few days ago on bbad he was talking to Regan about a converstation with Hayden and stated “you think so but he’s just so good looking, and he was gazing me with his eyes”! Maybe he just finds him attractive and if he does realize he likes guys then who cares! I just hope he does donate I think saying someone has a diesease is just wrong even if it does help you get any money! But that is just my opionion! Maybe he’ll donate the one dollar he won!

  7. I didnt like matt from the beginning, but he did play a very good game, i think his downfall was the d.p.o.v.he should of campaigned and not even releyed on it, he didnt fight for his life, which made his alliance suspicious of him. if he would have alligned with brendon they would have won final 2, I know everyone hates brendon but, I love him. he was loyal and true and won competetions. he deserved to win and i hope so much he wins 25.000 I know his downfall was rachel, but the heart wants what the heart wants. lol.who is man cathy

  8. if Hayden wins Britney said she was was going to put him up instead of Matt beside Enzo, wonder/can’t wait to see her face knowing she could have gotten Hayden out – but then again she always wanted Brendon out; her instincts were correct when she told Lane in HOH room that Hayden took the good prizes, she should have followed them

  9. Ragan is the only one spending any real time studying at this point. The rest of the house is being lulled by a false sense of security.

    Keeping in mind that Ragan is a good at the comps., he has a real shot at winning if Brit stays.

    He has never been my favorite, but he just keeps on playing while the others snooze.

  10. matt is a snake in real life and in the game…glad to see him out..I want Enzo to win..I would have played like him if i were in the house

    • If it’s snakes you don’t like, then you should hate Enzo. He’s one of the biggest snakes in the game. He even, in so many words, said so himself while in the diary room. But, to each their own…

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