Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Week 8 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and arguments are sure to follow with the eviction just days away. Crank up your live feeds (Free Trial and 33% discount is still available) and watch the HGs scramble to save themselves and secure votes. Keep reading to reveal Big Brother Spoilers for what happened today at the Veto Ceremony.

Enzo, the winner of this week’s PoV, obviously used the Veto. Lane named Hayden as his replacement nomination. Either Ragan or Hayden will be going to the Big Brother Jury House this Thursday and I’m thinking it’s the end for Ragan unless he can convince Britney and she convinces Lane to break the tie in Ragan’s favor. That’s not as unlikely as you might think at this point.

Aww forget it. Who’s ready for Survivor 2010? See you at Survivor Fandom!

If you turn on your live feeds (or try the free trial already) you can listen in and watch as the house reacts and prepares for the eviction. There is so much backstabbing going on right now that it’s insane. Everyone is turning on everyone at every chance. This is what makes this phase of the game the best!

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Now a different question: Who should be evicted?

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  1. if lane was smart he would evict hayden.. enzo sucks at comps and he should be able to beat ragan and britt in challenges..

    • Am I the only one that thinks that Britney and Lane are the couple that is related. I do not care what they show the mother talking about or, that Britney says she has a fiance named Nick, I think the show is going to tell everyone that all along that Lane and Britney are a couple and always have been. They might even be married, that is the couple in the house that is related. Remember the Sabatour saying it was so obvious???????That is why Lane will not put Britney up…..if she wins, he wins, too, they are a couple! You can just tell the way they relate to each other. I have even seen Lane push her away from him when people were looking in Big Brother After Dark.

      • This is getting really annoying. They aren’t a couple. Why can’t everyone just drop it?!?!?!?!? NOBODY in the house knew each other before coming to the house. Now everyone please stop the NONSENSEEEEEE!!!!!

      • Mimi:
        Remember the very beginning before Annie was evicted? She, as sabatour, just told the HGs that…it was just part of her “messing” with the house. No one is related in the house.

      • Of course their not related…lol…he is really Nick….lol…I know it was a hoax, but if on finale night there was truth to it, it would be shocking. I love it.

      • I don’t think the show we keep viewers out of the the loop if there was a connection between Lane/Britney. But they do seem to have some uncanny chemistry. Also, in one of the early BBAD shows Lane asked Britney why she was not wearing her engagement ring(it was after a more physical comp). The tone of his voice seemed like a guy who may have spent a bunch of money on it and was really concerned with its where abouts. Just struck me as very odd!)

      • i have said for several weeks that lane IS nick. too many reasons to go into again, but after learning last nite on bbad that lane is an AVID GOLFER (just like nick) – and listening to brit talk about her “ideal man” having nice, big shoulders – i am now more convinced than ever that lane IS NICK.

        they make a great couple :)

      • I think it would be awesome, I read somewhere in these posts that she has been sleeping in his bed too is that true? I have never seen it.

      • Don’t you think that someone who knows they are a couple would have outted them on the internet by now???

      • I agree 100% i think the same thing they just have to be theirs no way they aint he refuses to put her up turning on his alliance

      • Who knows with this group. Everyone seems to put so much in to their side alliance. I think Briteny is just being a tease to Lane and he is falling for it, on the feeds now Lane is asking Hayden what he would do with the money if he won. And Lane said has had to take care of his mom because she doesn’t have any money. I think everyone is seeing dollar signs now which is fine at least someone is trying to work the game.

      • I think Lane’s little brother is “Nick”. I don’t think Lane and Brit are a couple, but I think Annie the sabateur (sp) was correct in saying two people know each other/related. These two are future inlaws.

      • Now that would shake up the house. Hayden will not get evicted, it’s Ragan’s time to go. These HG’s are so predictable. Lane is going to regret not getting Brit out now, just wait and see.

    • Yeah way too comfortable with one another, and Lane WILL NOT put Britney up. Why would he be so loyal to someone who he just met ? Hayden didn’t care at all when Kristen left. The situation is just alittle too bizarre. It’s probably one of the best keep secret in BB history. lol

  2. Britney deserves to win BB12,….she has bamboozled them all.Lane must be doing some covert night time work on Britney to backstab Hayden.

      • Agreed. This has been the most boring and predictable season yet. I wish another All-Stars season would hurry and come. THEN we’d get some excitement back in the BB house.

      • I don’t think any of those people left deserve to win. Ragan was lucky he got the 20k because he did nothing as the slab.

      • if you dont like it then why are you posting on a big brother site? Atleast its better then nothing

    • that’s what I am sayin’, how on earth did britt escape the block AGAIN?! what/ b/c she was the pawn against brendon? that was like for TWO seconds! does not count!

      • She put up Matt for Lane and Lane is repaying the deed. She might be on her own after this week

      • She has Lane wrapped around her pinkie. I predict Lane will regret not putting Brit up. Both Rag and Brit can beat the Brigade if it’s any type of memory contest. They are all a bunch of losers, but that’s why we watch. The fact that they think they will be famouse after this is a joke on them. They don’t have the class that Jordan and Jeff had. They didn’t back stab, whine, gossip like this house does. No comparison at all.

    • Lane told Hayden he was going to put him up as the pawn the night before so he didn’t back-stab him.

      • I thought it was against the BB rules for the HOH to tell a HG that they were going up on the block. Apparently that was just the rule when Brendan was HOH so he couldn’t put up Britney!

      • To Mesummer: it isn’t against the rules. Rachel told Matt he would go up as a pawn against Monet, if you remember.

      • I think they can tell them if its a replacement vote due to POV but I dont think they can tell who the orginal noms are!

  3. Wow, I am the first poster.
    Altho it should be Regan as he is more likely to win HOH or POV and more annoying, but then again Hayden is a risk as well. IT is a toss up as to whom is best. Thanks for letting us know so quickly. Now AI can’t wait till the eviction on Thursday. BBAD could be more interesting tonight. I hope so.

    • Why not try to get Lane on the block and outta there. He doesn’t need the money! He was braggin about his “cush” job!

      • It does matter whether they need the money or not. Everyone is entitled to play the game. And…..if they are all liars as many say, then why would anyone readily accept that as the truth. If the winner was to be based on need, then as all know Matt really needs the money for his wife’s rare disease (insert sarcastic laugh here).

    • PLEASE say good-bye to Hayden!! Shake the house up a bit! Then get rid of Enzo to make it even more interesting!!!

      • that would be so awesome by by heyden and then by by enzo if they were smart they would send heyden packing but i don’t think enzo will vote for him they are to close

  4. wow lane I’m shocked u put 2 brigade members on the block. ragan has till Thursday to make it happen and get votes changed hayden could be going home will be 1 of the biggest moves this season. Ragan has to work on brittany and enzo same for hayden

    • Lane is finally playing the game. I think it will be a big power move for him to evict Hayden if it comes down to a tie-breaker which will mean Lane will have a better chance of getting rid of Enzo who does not (I repeat, does not) deserve to be in the top 2. He does not deserve $50K and the jury members may respect him more. This is not my favorite season by any means. At this point I want Briney to win because she has played the game hardest from the remaining HG and has won more competitions.

      • It wasn’t a power move, he would send Regan. Briteny would have been a power move, but he is afraid Hayden and Enzon would evict her. But they wouldn’;t have if Lane told them not to, they all seem to do what they are told.

  5. Lane Brittany is taken!!! Well again maybe not..
    Seeing Brittanys true colors. Lane u are a Jack azz

    • Agreed..what does he even plan to get with Britney? Stop betraying the alliance you fool.

      • don’t these guys know if they go F2 vs. britt the twit will WIN? that jury house is goin’ to give her ALL the $, we all know Lane does NOT need it!
        one HOH win does not a BB winner make!

    • am sure I read on one of the threads in previous weeks, that Lane and Brittany know each other outside the house and same with Lane and Hayden. So i think it will play out Ragan going this week, Enzo next week, unless he picks up his game. and then hayden, brit and Lane final 3.

    • I am so happy! The season just got good it’s about time. The bitchgade needed a wake up call. Espeacially Enzo why should you just cruise through to the end? He hasn’t done anything. I do think that Brit &Lane r acouple.Did you notice Brit saying that she & Lane have had an alliance since day one on the nomination show Sunday?

      • If Lane and Britney did not start out in the house as a “couple,” – they certainly are now. For crying out loud, she is sleeping in his bed every night. She’s practically moved in. The two of them are all over each other all the time!!! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then chances are IT IS A DUCK!!!

        Most of us knew he was not going to put Britney in a position where Hayden and Enzo could submarine her by keeping Ragan. Lane is in love with her – and she with him.

        Lane’s main screw-up was when Brit looked at his HoH picture and said she’d “make out with the guy in the picture,” and he failed to take her up on that comment. He should have kicked everyone else out of the HoH room and started making out with her right then. That’s what I would have done.

      • you might be right because any man who would try to breakup a relationship they know nothing about is a douche and any woman who would throw away a relationship for someone they just met is a hoe bag and they seem like 2 great big douche bags to me

  6. Enzo is still playing the best all-around game and it’s nice to see him have a stress-free week.

    • I sort of agree, in that Enzo was the one that suggested the Brigade. But he coasted along all this time. Will see if he has game on thursday with the HOH comp

      • now THAT would be priceless! Enzo winning HOH thurs and dismantling the brigade that he started? talk about a serious coaster! that just might get him the $ as long as he’s not up against BRITT!(da twit)

      • He’s. Brilliant! Duh his idea his picks butt no blood on his hands. Sits back and plays the helpless all alone player/victim. Doesn’t want 2 but has 2 go along with the house 2 avoid a target on his back.he is truelly named right. Meowm

  7. Get rid of Hayden Thursday night to make the game more exciting….We need excitement…Next, send ENZO packing! Hayden and Enzo teamed up with Brendon to get rid of Lane earlier in the game and Lane doesn’t know that…If Lane would make this move to vote out Hayden, the biggest threat to win endurance competitions would be gone.

    • Brittany has won more compititions and weasled her way out of more situations than anybody else left so that’s stupid. Way to that hayden ismore of a threat than her. Britt 1 regan2. Then hayden duh

  8. If Lane is smart, he would make a final 3 deal with Ragan and Britney, let Enzo think Hayden is leaving, and then send Hayden home in the event of a split tie. Enzo is crap at competitions, and there is an enormous chance that Ragan and Britney could win HOH instead of him next week.
    Lane needs to cut ties with the Brigade, if he wants to win the half million.

    • True still CYn, and like Patty said in #8, Lane does not know that his bro-gade tried to get him out earlier in the game, and he doesn’t know that Hay & Britt both think he doesn’t deserve the $ and that Britt said she’s vote for Hayden!!! Lusty Lane is in for a surprise alright! Does he really think he has a chance with that twit? She’s engaged yo! Use ya brain!

  9. I think Lane and Brittney are the secret that BB has been hidding. I think that they are the two that are the ones in the house that have know each other for a long time. I really think that they are a couple outside the house

      • I thought so too Case, at one time, that Nick was maybe his middle name and I found it strange that when they talked to Britt’s mom she made NO mention of this Nick, she seemed to encourage the whole thing w/Lane…that pic of Nick, i’m pretty sure is NOT her fiancee! There could be some twist yet! That rock on Britt da twit’s finger could be from AVON for cryin’ out loud! Dont’ let da bling blind ya!

    • They’re not. Annie already admitted the lifelong friends thing was a lie. Plus Nick exists, and he is not Lane – he has a fake beard.

      • Will you people please get off this fiction that she is engaged. A woman who is truly engaged does not wrestle every ten minutes with another contestant, nor let him play with her hair, nor grab him from behind when he is combing his hair, nor sleep in his bed, nor move into his Hoh room, nor lie down in the same room where he is taking a shower, naked, with the door half open.

        Open your eyes, people. These two either were a couple when the show started or, more likely, they have become a couple in the house. Let’s get real.

      • I agree. I have seen the way she looks at him. He is trying to act cool but he likes her. Remember how mad he got when she won HOH and she kept talking about Nick? He was the first one to leave. That Texas boy has it bad. I think Brit likes he as well. Looks don’t like and neither does the camera.

      • if not then i wonder if she will have a bf when she gets out. if she wins i bet her engagement is safe if not maybe she and lane will b a couple if u arent right

      • I remember julie saying also that there was life long friends in the house right at the beginning of the season

      • karzai….You are totally correct…And God knows they certainly deserve each other…What a pathetic pair..

      • Sean, I think Carol is right. I also remember Julie saying something about lifelong friends being in the house.

  10. I vote to evict Britney – ooops! Who was the idiot that did not put her on the block? Well, if she slips by and wins the $$$, someone will be kicking themself!

  11. cool beans!! hayden is upset for being the pawn i don’t blame him but ragan will be the one going to jury house. and then sparks will fly if there’s an altercation between rachel and ragan then here’s what’ll go down after that i can’t remember how it goes but i think there’s an hoh or pov that all play someone reply to see if this is right it’ll be much appreciated. but brit wins hoh puts the only other two enzo and lane lane wins pov brit puts up hayden as the pawn enzo gets evicted.

    • josh sometimes things and attitudes change in the jury house….sometimes they get nice sometimes they get nasty

  12. Lane put up Hayden instead of Brit. because he knew Enzo and Hayden would vote Brit. out. He has no intention of letting Hayden go or Brit. Thats how simple minded he is.

    • True dat, good pt, b/c they both think he’s using another part of his body to think about Britt certainly not his brain! lol. Enzo is very convincing and yeah he wants them to get to F4. But it’d be funny if Hayden doesnt see it that way EVEN when he IS saved, and decides to stab the brigade in the backside!

      • He isn’t for Brit and has said so, Barb M.? Then why is he trying to get her on a vacation after the show ends? And why has he let her virtually move into the HoH room? Then why is running down Nick at every opportunity? I cannot believe the people in this chat room who keep arguing that she is committed to Nick and that Brit and Lane are not/cannot be a couple. This is bizarre.

      • karzai…Correct again…If the people in this chat room can not recognize that, they must be watching a different broadcast than me…

  13. Good Day BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    D’oh! Yowzah, Mylanta! Hay’s up as da pawn eh? Well at least Lane is willing to make bold moves, tho’ he is protecting his “girl” (who we all thought was taken, but perhaps that Nick thing is a hoax!)

    Raggity needs to work on Britt for his vote and hope he can convince her to overtake Lane’s brain! I mean seriously it’s better to keep beatable ppls then competitors alliance aside!
    Got rid off Matt, Brendon and if they get out Hayden, Lane will be making a real bold power move!

  14. Why does Lusty Loggity Lane get
    to have his CAKE (brigade guys) and eat it too? (britt da twit)! Yo the BB ppls best put a twist up in here, b/c I’m not liking that final 4 at all! Ugh! Let’s hope something fantastically game changing happens with those punishments, all they all done now? I only heard about the cutlery!

  15. Why did they only show Brits and Lanes families and not any one else’s if they were not a couple before they went into the house. They are playing for each other. Any how what boyfriend is not present or talked with by bb when they went to her Familys house. Oh and the picture, I believe was of her and her brother.

      • Nick is completely irrelevant right now. If he is her boyfriend/fiance, he has lost her to Lane on national television. He should salvage his remaining dignity and issue a statement asking Big Brother producers to get his ring back from Britney and transmit it to him outside the house.

      • karzai…Great idea…And yes that is exactly what this Nick guy should do..if he even exists

      • An earlier post said nick is going to give an interview. So the public pressure of seeing his fiancé constantly wrapped in the arms of another man has now flushed him out of hiding. He will probably say he still wants her and she’s just doing what she needs to win, but we all know he has been humiliated on national tv.
        Would any guy on this chat room go ahead with an engagement after seeing his fiancé carry on such shenanigans with another guy on national tv?

  16. Lane: Did you shave your nasty legs in my tub? How far did up did you shave? Did you leave a runway for a jet?
    Britney: What? I’m not a very hairy person.

    *Hmmm, Lane you bad boy what are you DOIN?

    Lane: Are you sad today?
    Britney: I’m not feeling well.
    Lane: Will the block help?
    Britney: no!

    *Was that his LAME attempt to ask for a pawn?

    Lane asks if shes going to the trip with them, and she says yeah. He promises to ski for the first two days to teach her how. He asks if Nick will go..

    Lane: I think he’d have fun with us too! Get to party with the final four!
    Britney: Sometimes I get stressed and think he’s broken up with me, so I ask the DR.
    Lane: I think he did.
    Britney: Who would break up with me right now? I have a chance at half a million dollars!
    Lane: So he’s with you for money and fame?
    Britney: No, but right now, those are some things he might consider…
    Lane: I think I’ve been broken with…
    Britney: Definitely.

    *Britt da twit know’s she’s flirting with Fiyah!

  17. THE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    thats what im talking about my dude!!!

    and way-to-go britney for getting lane around ur finger even ur rele gunna take him to final 2 if u have the chance.

    hell yea!!!!. now all brit has to do is win HOH next week, enzo goes home and its party time!!!

    team brane!!!!

    oh snap i just came up with that.

    TEAM BRANE!!!!

  18. What the heck was up with them bring Jessie back, I am so over that guy…I think they should have unleashed “DICK” back into the house.

    • oh cmon it was hilarious.

      just like lane getting 91 dollars and 17 cents or whatever….Great TV

  19. I just would find it hard to believe Lane would say such things to Britt and be so disrespectful to her relationship with her fiancee Nick unless he WAS the guy, or he knows she has no fiancee? I mean who talks like that! :S

    • Lane is exactly that disrepectful as is Britney for letting it continue and calling him a “great guy”. If Lane was her fiance then why would Britney go on and on about Nick when they are alone? And why hasn’t CBS let us in? And why haven’t they even giving each other a peck?

      Time to face facts- Lane is a jerk and Britney is self centered.

      • The fact is Brit has not gone on and on about Nick. She barely mentions him, her family did not mention him at all, and he has not made any public statements even as America speculates that his engagement is either phony or has been derailed by her affection for Lane. There is enough chatter that Nick needs to issue some kind of comment about this.

    • Britney’s going for half a million dollars so I think she’ll endure a little Nick bashing from Lane her semi-alliance buddy…she needs his protection in the game so she’ll say whatever Lane needs to hear even flirt with him … she did it to that dufus Brenden and she was safe..

      • I think Brat could care less about the money. I think she wants to win for the fame and because she is a big fan of the show. The way she talks about how people are gonna react to her after the show is a real joke. Get over yourself BRAT!!!!

  20. According to my predictions, Hayden will very well be the next contestant to leave the compound this Thursday night.

  21. Some of u guys r so dim witted nick is lanes brother britts engaged 2 him so she’s about 2 b his sister. Besides lane is engaged 2 somebody else. …….. seriously nobody knew that? And u all thought u knew everything.

    • Good call, I never thought of that. But that be why she could not wait to get into Lanes hoh room and see the pic of his brother, he is younger than lane. So how do you think the kid belonged to?

      • Not her or him. Neither 1 has children yet. Lanes family have not let lane get n2 any type of serious relationship where that could even b a possibility. She’s the boss and nobody goes against her. She is having the hardest time right now that lane is not there where she can keep aware of what’s going on. Y do u think it was him that got the phone call. She paid a lot 4 that call.and she’s the one who told. Him what to do n this type of situation. And what he needed 2 do. Just wait huge surprise coming up

      • sorry jess but I think u r full of it, I dont believe u at all, I hate when people come on here and pretend to know the people on here…anyone else reading this, its a bunch of bull, Im sure of it!

      • I’ve never heard of Lane being engaged and if that was the case why the interview with his mom and she was like “i like brittany, lovely girl”, no mentoin of fiancee? and no letter from said fiancee either! same way britt got NO letter from nick? i mean seriously now? i’ll bet he totally backstabs hayden!

      • Hello r u retarted her family has more moey. More fame and publiicity than lanes and they want 2 keep it. Private. Not let everyone know too manythings of there lives. And she said that about britt because. She’s marrying her other son. Dumb ass

    • My friend pointed that out to me today and I guess I didn’t notice. He said when Brit was in Lane’s HOH room by herself, she picked up the picture of Lane and his brother and looked AT his brother and sorta gave an ‘I miss you’ smile.

      • Jess, if you are right Lanes brother is going to tear him apart for being so sexual toward Brit.

      • They all smiled at Lanes brother. He is a beast. Britney misses her brothers very much she might have just been thinking about her brothers. Anything can look like something if you want it to.

      • I just rewatched that scene and I’m not so sure. I kinda agree with Summer Too. Britney was definitely looking at THAT picture and looking at his brother, but she looked more to me like she was kinda laughing instead of beaming (he did look pretty ridiculous)

    • Lane isn’t engaged to anyone. He said he had a girlfriend like for a month before he came into the BB house. He isn’t sure where they stand now. Where do you get he is engaged? I want proof.

      • their is no proof nobody would talk like that to their brothers girlfriend knowing him and your luck parents are watching unless they are a keep it in the family kind of people explains the no kids had to kill off the two headed ones

      • oh yeah i saw when she picked up that pic, that would be so odd if she was linked up with dat guy! he’d KILL lane for comin’ on to her like that! he says such disgusting things!

  22. I just want Ragan gone….he stooped so low with Rachel…comments were way too personal…and he continues to do it on BBAD with Brit…it’s a disgrace…there’s no need to tear people down on a personal level…especially when they’re not around to defend themselves…what a coward!

    • I admit I can’t stand Ragan either, he got way too personal verbally with this game, tearing down ppls’ characters, and even worse is that it’s always goin’ to be on live net video for anyone to replay, so outside the BB house those actions are goin’ to come back and haunt him! Regardless of the whole “bb house made me crazy crap excuse” you are responsible for your own actions, no one forces you to do or say anything, he CHOSE to do it!

      • Don’t blame Big Red. They are all adults, they can control the way they react to someone. To say it is all Big Red’s fault is a copout.

    • Totally agree they are obsessed with Rachel. They both get to personal and it’s really mean shit that they say. Brat’s the kind of chick I would expect to tear another woman apart. But a 35 year old man to go on and on. He’s a disgrace!!!!!!!!!

  23. Lane sunk himself with the Brigade – if hayden survives he and wins HOH he will put Lane and Brit up –

    On this ongoing conspiracy of two HG being related or friends – let’s pretend we were born alive with an iQ higher than say “0”

    Are the people who are asying this saying that with the internet BB was able to bribe an entire community to remain silent and not talk about it anywhere? Are you people really saying that

    The Pentagon cannot keep secrets off the the internet but BB can keep an entire community silent on this issue.

    Jeez, no wonder this country is so screwed up

    • I have been wondering why I haven’t seen a single post from anyone that knows any of the HGs or even claims to. Bunch of damn monkeys. lol

      • Liz, they are posting, but not disclosing they know the HG – kind of like me being Brendons lover LOL

    • and they might vote him out hayden and enzo will be in a power position next week if brit wins hoh and puts them up lane can’t play pov so it 2 on 1 good odds

    • I agree bobby. If people really believe the LIE the sab told on WEEK ONE….I have some ocean front property in AZ Id like to sell them.

  24. Ragan needs to go to Enzo right now and promise him Final 2.

    Now is the time to get Hayden out. Its right there on a f***ing platter.

    Britney knows how close Lane and Hayden are as well. Good lord, how easy of a decision did Lane just make for them by putting Hayden up?

    I doubt they will, but I’m hoping.

      • golden opertunity? theres no way enzo will vote to evict hayden,Enzo is paranoid as hell and wont trust anyone BUT hayden and all britney will do if she votes to evict hayden is make lane vote out ragan, which by itself might be a good gameplay move to make sure lane looses a jurry vote.

  25. It’s hard to believe Brit is engaged at all. She keeps talking about moving to Texas, LA or anywhere she’s offered a job as a result of her superstardom on BB (lol). No mention of talking to Nick about it … hmmm.

      • Replying to your reply to me above. If you don’t think that Britney talks about Nick a lot then you don’t have BBAD, live feeds, or read transcribed conversations. She talks about him all of the time.

        That being said I agree it’s hard to believe she’s engaged with what she let’s Lane get away with saying. But I think that’s easily explained when you witness the rest of her selfish behavior.

      • Robert: It’s not only what she let’s Lane say, it’s what she lets Lane do. Last night on BBAD, I saw her ask Lane to feel her “smooth legs” after she had shaved them in Lane’s bathroom. Then the comment about how she would make out with “the guy who looks like Tim McGraw” ie. Lane. And the wrestling and the hugging. And sleeping in his bed? Come on. My goodness, Robert, if this were my fiance I would have gone on and publicly stated that I wanted BB to get my ring back from Britney and deliver it to me immediately.

    • Aoyam thanks we seem to be exactly in synch. I got a lot of flack a few days ago when I said that lane sees himself as playing for “all the marbles” – meaning: he wants to leave the bb house with the grand prize AND britney Haynes. Anything less than the money AND the girl will be a loss in his mind.

  26. Mimi: Were u watching in the very beginning? Annie, as the sabatour, just told everyone that to get the house talking. No one is related.

  27. Lane has an agreement with Britney that she won’t put him up if she wins next HOH since he can’t play… also Britney could have put up Lane instead of Matt when she was HOH since Lane won a phone call from home instead of trying to win POV…she was mad at him but forgave him…she trust him and he trust her which is big in the BB game..

    • me thinks she had the same deal with Brendon… though i believe she’d more likely honor this promise but you can’t know for sure.

  28. Why does ragan act like he has integrity when all he does is bash Brendon and Rachael??

    Honestly how can you stomach this guy?

  29. @Jadelle hey girl: See if you agree with me, I think I know why BB has been do Boring:

    If you think about it, Lane, hayden, enzo, britney, matt, monet, and ragan all have basically the same personalities, They got along like brothers, and sisters,

    The only ones with a different personality was Andrew, rachel, brendon, and kathy, Kathy tried to fit with the others but just couldn’t fit in.

    With that meny people with the same personalities, and everyone thinking the same thing, all you are going to get is Boring!!

  30. Britney needs to win HOH!!! Get rid of Enzo! Then fight it out with Lane and Hayden. Hayden take it all the way!!!

    • Yes- I believe Enzo’s doomed if Britney wins HOH-I think Lane’s banking on this that’s why he didn’t put Britney on the block

      • There is a virtual site that u can go to and enter Enzo’s name and city and it will show u a pic of his house..I cannot recall the exact name of the site at this minute but I will thnk on it and post it when I remember it..

  31. OK…heres the deal. As tough as it is for me to say Enzo deserves the $$$ ,why? He is the only one who really needs it,he kinda did make me laugh during the season,in a jersey shore kinda way. Hairden got his 5K and a trip,Lanes a spoiled rich kid who incidentley has no record on google as playing ball at TT.Btitt is well ahhh just Britt and s^%# talked too much.Im out!!!!!

    • Enzos wife makes excellent money and Enzo gets to be a stay home father most of the time, they definetly do not need the money.
      I heard his house that they own is huge, so needing the money, I seriously doubt that!

    • Enzo has a 3 level house and throws parties there all the time (according to BBAD convo)plus he goes to a lot of football games which ain’t cheap in New York area

    • No one should win based on NEED! If it were a game for the NEEDY, they should have just donated the money to a charity.

  32. Lane and Hayden are on the live feeds right now talking about how famous they are going to be and that they are going to be on Oprah! I really hope they are just kidding. These two actually think they are going to be superstars when they get out of this house! Bozo is an idiot. The only one that may have a shot is Britney, maybe with some pageant or something. Ragan, I see nothing in his future. These people are delusional! So funny. The only HG I can recall ever having any success after BB is Jeff with The Amazing Race and the show he is currently doing, and Jordan was also on the amazing race. They are talking about opening up all of these businesses, and that the fans will come flooding in to see them. OMG!

    • They are completely delusional. They’ve been talking about how famous they are going to be for days! I don’t think they are kidding … they think they will be on Oprah … seriously! They also think they can use the money they win (put together $550K) to buy a pro sports team (feeds from several days ago) … delusional and stupid as well!

    • nobody has ever became famous off this show beyond their local community and i dont see any big star power in this group so i can’t see that changing now

    • I dont think anybody will pay a cent to see these boring people like somebody also on this site said it will be more exciting to watch paint dry
      If I wanted to see clowns I’ll be going to the circus

      • Let’s hope they are just bullshitting to pass the time, but with bunch of dimwits, I kinda doubt it.

      • Haydan is not going anywhere, lane hayden and enzo would not make any power moves, you should know that by now

      • Hopefully production will get in their ears … left to their own devices (brains, or lack thereof), this will never happen. They’re all afraid to make a bold move like getting Hayden out.

  33. I would love to see some scenes from the jury house. Do you think they will do that this year?

  34. I’m considering cancelling feeds just so I don’t have to watch Enzo eat anymore. Who taught him table manners, anyway?


    hr is SO SIO MEAN AND “LOGICALLY” (OMG that’s the only word the guy knows and it’s wearing thin..also he is so so boooooring I do not watch much any more) Regan has began, started, and pressed on to make others hate on Rach and Breadon which is just plain Mean Spirited..He hAs NO SOUL..We here in AZ do NOT LIKE REGAN!! He still brings up Rach and Breadon and says the most childish things, so for a “so called” “professor” “loic wise” he is a small hearted souless, and mean soirited person. Remember how he rold Rach he could not talk with her when she needed to talk with him because :”your wwaaaaay to emtional, and when my students come to me emtional I tell them to leave and not come back until their under control.” OMG GIVE ME A BREAK REGAN..ALL OF US A BREAK..YOU S__K..YOU HAVE CRIED LIKE BABY KITTEN OR WORSE THAN those precious lil guys.. Trgan is So TWO FACED and makes us ALL HERE ILL!! I wish he would not have received that 25,000 that he is hiding from eery1, beause he got to :choose” what he wanted and did not want to do as sabatour, which not right, and of course he chiose the easier game playing ones for himself….so he would not have to do much, nor get caught doing anything. NO WAY did Regan earn nor deserves that money..I wish Julie would have said something after the Sab. “had left the house or was gone,” because then he would of been kicked out a long time ago.

    Regan is a big liar as well…He has not been a professor here @ ASU!! What a Lie!! More likely than not he is just an assistant to a “real” rpofessor..”logically” this make more sense…and we all know REGAN IS SUCHA “LOGICAL” PERSON. OMG give us a break and get rid of the Logical two faced, no heart, souless non human being…and then I would hiope Rach would get him as Brandon and make him more crazy in his head than he is at this time, yet their both to cool and not low like him,..nor like THE FLOATERS in the house who MAY MAKE IT TO THE END AND WIN all that money..Didn’t any1 hear Lane in the DR when he stated” Man, I did not wanna win that HOH and Have a TARGET on MY BACK!!!” OMG ssave us all please. Brittany deserves it as she has fought in this game. I wish Breadon would have made it to the end, because that guy really really did his time on BB and earned that $$ that he will no see.

    IOh well, that’s BB @ times sometimes floaters win..I doubt this happen though..Hey Britany Lane have a “something something” going on, or she wants something. ome she found out he’s a Daddy’s and mama’s boy and they have the $$ and L:ane just golfs or obviously from what he has stated a lot..”beats guys up at bars who have good looking women with them.” OMG where did BB get these ppl??? Lane also has made Threats Big time towards Breadon and BB should have had his A__ in the DR telling him to knock it off or he goes home…A flaoter who is also a violent drunk rich boy..Freesom of speech and the only person i like in that house as of now…If I had to pi k…omg it’s hard cause breadon and Rach r gone and they made the house FUN!

    I would like Enzo (he’s a pretty good guy, yet I do not like the meow meow meowing bad things about others like Rach and Bread. Maybe haydon nbecause I was giving that handsome youn man Kudos for not speaking badly about others, yet whenever Brittany (jealous of the 2 ) and Regan (more jealous of the 2) talk about Rach and Breadon and saty horrible things….disliked that Haydon “koined in” and said a few nasty things as well as Enzo. I mean come on a persons life is their own…and as long as they are not harming, beaiting, or trying to kill another then People should not be saying “stuff” that is not true..or speak out openly and say horrible names and trash calling on them…But that’s low lives that do this because jealousy is one of those emtions that brings out the worst in ppl.

    To bad that rach and Breadon are not in the BB house cause like I wrote it’s so BOOOORING now.

    Enzo needs to Calm down dude.

    Brittany and Lane have $$ do not need it, yet Brit does deserve if she is in final 2 beause she actually played BB uunlike Lane.

    Regan needs to crawl to the JH and just I do not know go away..he is omg….yucky! I will not even use those types of words on I will keep it at that and allow others to know what I mean when I write Regan is a sc_m bag, whioc is a two faed horrible horrible thing, who has no life and nothing good “logivally” to say about anyone cause he is a Jealous Mess.

    Oh well wrote to much

    Voting for Breadon if they offer up $25,000 cause he DESERVES the money and the young man has student loans I am sure..he’s going places that young man…he is a very smart and kind individual unlike the others…

    Later Friends…peace 2 u All, and TC Susie :=-)


      DO NOT base your winning vote on the one that you think NEEDS THE MONEY most – i HATE that!

      the winner should be the final 2 hg that you THINK PLAYED THE BEST GAME. period.

    • Ragan’s acknowlegded that he’s behaving like a duche… he had long talk with his sock puppet about this …he’s also said he thinks the BBfans hate him for being too emotional…I think we all know someone who no matter what rubs you the wrong way and for Ragan it’s Rachel

      • OMG!! I was laughing soo hard and loud when I saw him having a deep conversation with his sock puppet! hahaha and lol

    • Susie…Tell us how you really feel…Just kidding..I happen to agree with just about everything you said..

    • FYI – Name: Fox, Ragan
      California State University, Long Beach NOT ASU
      Straight from


      I still like Ragan better then Ezno who seems to be losing his mind and Hayden who looks like an idiot with his mouth open all the time begging for a fly to enter!

    • I am glad that someone seems so passionate about bb still. This is the worst season that I have ever watched. And I am using “watched” in the past tense. It used to be “must see TV”, but in the past two weeks I have totally lost interest. These are the most lame contestants ever on this show. Usually there is at least someone to root for. Not this season.

  36. This is so boring and really it doesn’t matter to me who wins what anymore.

    Like someone else said — I’d be much more interested and would watch more if they moved the cameras to the JH!

  37. I’m hoping Reagen goes home. I would like to see Brit be hoh and nominate brigade partners…( Enzo or Hayden). If she got hoh this week it would benifit the brigade. She could not winn hoh next week and her hands are dirty getting rid of one of there own. I know they’d put her up and shed go home. Now who would be left ? Lane and Hayden. Both to me are lame players. I think Lane would win considering who is in the jury house.

  38. Okay maybe I am a bigger BB nerd after all. I don’t think big red or Brendon deserve the money. I think it is real the way Brit and Ragan talk about big red. She was a night mare made for TV. And they are talking about it like friends. I love the three punishments for Lane’s Pandora Box this week. I think Matt should be the fan fav. He played a good game, just stuck with the wrong alliance. Enzo needs to go he is rude and a jerk. I would like Lane and Brit to win the end. I don’t care how much money they have in real life. Brit has played well. THIS IS A GAME.

      • I so hope matt wins fan fave! He is my favorite! He played the game butmade the wrong moves

    • Could not disagree with you more. Maybe Rach was annoying but the point some of us are trying to make is Brat and Ragan cannot stop talking about Rach and Brendon. To constantly call somone a skank, a hooker, a whore, ugly and being stupid is way over the top. These are adults. It does show their true character. They think they are better then everyone else. If Brat does have a fiance how do you think he feels. Same with Kristen, she embarrassed that guy on TV. That shit is wrong. Who does that? How can you be so insensitive to someone else that you supposedly care about. If you act like that just to win the money you have no class.

  39. Can Britney EVER get over her jealousy of Rachel? I have never seen a woman (I mean- girl) go on and on about somebody thats already been evicted from the house. She is a spoiled, needy, insecure child who is haging on to Lane for dear life. When will he get rid of her? He turned against the brigade for a little girl? Maybe he is just a dumb farmboy! At least Ragan has given Brendon props for his game play and has gotten off Rachels back….grow up Britney. I feel sorry for Nick!

    • Who in their right mind would be jealous of Rachel? Britney is no way jealous of her along with the majority of this planet.

  40. How come people are so down on Enzo and so pro Lane. He has not done anything then flirt with Brat. At least Enzo came up with a strong alliance. It was his idea. He suggested to make a big move and go after Matt. He does talk game and strategy. Lane never talks game or strategy. He just won his first comp right before Enzo. I know Enzo is annoying but at least he has ideas and is somewhat interesting. Lane does nothing!!!! He plays pool,and brags about how tough he is. Talks about his biceps. He has nothing to add to the game. I hate to say this but he seems like a big dummy and he just takes up space. IMO he doesn’t deserve to win shit. He doesn’t even know how to flirt. None of these people deserve to win. But I hope it isn’t Lane, Brat and big boo hoo baby. I don’t think any of them need the money, how can anyone not work for months to go on a game show. That’s not the point though some one is gonna win the cash. I just wish someone could explain what is so captivating about Lamo.

  41. When Hayden and Lane were chatting the other night I knew something was up. Lane seemed disinterested and less excited than Hayden about putting Britney on the block.

    Lane and Britney seem to be chummy with each other but for them to actually know each other outside BB I think they would let the viewers know the secret.

    When has BB kept a secret this long before?

    I hate Enzo.

  42. This season is like watching paint dry. At least it made me laugh with the random dance punishment which the humor of that only lasted 2 minutes.

    Lane is 100 times more funny than Enzo. He made me LOL when he was in the backyard and said what if we start fighting and the music starts (and he acted it out).

    I hate Enzo.

  43. I have thought for a very long time that Lane is Nick, we didn’t see Nick when they interviewed Britney’s mom, but we saw Kristen’s boyfriend, that we didn’t know anything about. BB9 tried to have a real life couple in the house Jen/Ryan, and that didn’t work, so maybe they tried it again, and this time it could very well be successful. Britney did not want Rachel to put up Lane when Kristin wanted her to use the POV, that is what convinced me that Lane was Nick. I also agree with the other comments, why wouldn’t Lane put up Britney, and he even said on last night’s show that he was trying to throw the competition so Enzo could win, because he didn’t want to have to make the decision as to who to put up on the block. Even the way Britney looks at Lane, tells me that there is more to their relationship, to me they way I have seen her look at him, is definitely not the way you look at a stranger.

    • Now this seems plausable. Did anyone notice if her reaction to her and Nicks photo in the hoh room was kinda cold ? I’m wondering if that’s the fake Nick to fool us. Lane looks nothing like that scrawny guy in the photo.

      • Once again, do you really think that no one who knows them would not have made it public that B&L are a couple? It would be all over the internet. There is no way that they would not have slipped out before this. They are not that smart! Maybe I am wrong, but I do not think so.

      • Since my original post was moderated I guess because I put another web sites name up. So go search but Nick is giving an interview tonight at 9pm EST.

      • You might be right about leaking them on the Internet , but the same thing would be true for the other contestants. If they are from a small town it would be easier to conceal. She is the only one left that appears to have a fiancée she appears to be Luke warm about and rarely talks about him. It would make sense for bb to trick all of us.

      • No.. formerbbaddict…you are not wrong…No way they were a couple prior to show and I wish people would quit trying to explain away their actions with that lame ass hypothesis..

      • I don’t think Bitchney and Lame were a couple prior to BB (however that doesn’t mean they haven’t developed into one now). I think Annie’s sabateur speech about two people knowing each other was just propoganda to stir up paranoia amongst the other housemates. That being said…IF Annie was correct, wouldn’t it be a hoot if these two did know each other because “Nick” is really Lame’s little brother and this faux relationship he and Brit are playing is just an act to throw off the other houseguests? I know this is highly doubtful…and as far a someone outing them on the internet, don’t you think there is some kind of confidentiality thing where if info does come out the contestant “outed” would be disqualified. This would ensure things like this not happenning?

      • You all make good points. The way he is treating her is like when a boy a young kid teases and picks on a girl. But deep down he really likes her. Brat is just so flattered that she gives Lane blue balls and flirts back. Don’t you think if they are a couple one of them would have screwed up? Can’t stand either one of them, they deserve each other.

    • At one point I thought Lane might be Nick but I seriously doubt it now. Somewhere along the line they would mess up. Either with their names or talking about family or anything personal. I don’t think that has happened or come close. But it was interesting that when Rachel told her she would put up Lane as the replacement nominee that sealed Brat’s decision not to use it. They are in lust and I think they might hook up after the show. If there is a Nick the dude would be pretty stupid to stay with her but he is probably pussy whipped.

    • When BB12 started to air on Showtime After Dark; Lane and Britney were in the room and he said that she was not his type at all and she smirked and rolled her eyes.

      Lane last night at the hot tub asked Britney if her mother would like him and she said she would love him and smiled and he replied even if I act like a Diva?

      Their retort with each other seems to be inside jokes sometimes. I remember after a Live Eviction Lane was in the bathroom and Britney came up behind him and hugged him but moved away when others started to come around.

      He’s mean to her like a playful boyfriend would and he really did not do this with other girls in the house. He grabs her roughly and acts like he will pull her hair and she reacts like a girlfriend.

      Outside of the house they would be the typical “jockish” boyfriend and “cheerleaderish” girlfriend.

      And that was a good point that they didnt interview her boyfriend Nick, right? The guy they showed in the image was not an affectionate image perhaps friendly or little brother type image.

      Oh and there was one episode on Showtime After Dark.. when she grabbed her blanket that was supposed to be “Nick’s”..and Lane smiled when she nuzzled up to it.


      • Eye roll I draw the same bottom line as you do – that they are a couple. But I think that this developed in the house. There is a real nick and they are engaged but he has lost her to lane since she came on the show.
        Nick apparently did not want her to do the show and now she realizes he no longer fits with her showbiz aspirations.
        Lane does.

      • Here’s how the interview with nick is going to go:
        So, nick

        1. How would you rate your fiancé as a wrestler when she tussles with lane?
        2. Do you think she likes the sheets she is sleeping on in lane’s hoh room?
        3. What was your reaction when your fiancé held lane from behind while he was combing his hair in the mirror?
        4. Do you think your fiance’s legs were smooth enough when she asked lane to feel them two nights ago?
        5. When your fiancé said she would make out with lane when his photo made him look like Tim McGraw, did you agree with your fiance’s assessment that McGraw is hot at 48 years old?

  44. GAH! So sick of this damn brigade… Stupidest alliance in the history of Big Brother, and none of the members of it deserve to win at all. I wish Matt was still in there and Enzo and Hayden were sent packing. Biggest bunch of clowns ever. Plus, they never DO anything. They’re horrible players, all of them.

  45. I wish Matt wouldn’t have left. Out of all the house guests I felt like he was the one who deserved most to win. He actually competed. Now It’s down to wanting Ragan to win.

    • Regan is gone, or will be this week live unless something happens and I sure wish it would.Would hate to see Lane or Britney win. Now I am pulling for Hayden.

      • if Brit and Enzo would wise up and know they are leaving soon and keep Ragan they need to vote out Hayden wheres your thinking cap guys

    • Lane is such a coward. He should have put up Britney. He doesn’t know it yet, but she isn’t going to vote for him anyway. I will be so glad to see Ragan walk out the door. he has been so annoying. I know it’s been said before, but this year has been a real disappointment, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see BB cancelled after this season. Ratings must be WAY down.

      • If only they could scrap this whole season and start fresh I’m sure the ratings would go up!

      • it’s still always the #1 or #2 in it’s time slot, and of the night on all network TV channels…

      • agree- very bad cast this year but the newspaper says rating s r way up over last yr believe or not- the 3 hr showtime shows are snoozefests watching them play pool…

      • I don’t really like any of the people that are left. But ragan has played the game and so as brit i wish heyden would go home this week then brit next week lane or ragan winning

      • Lane knows brit said to hayden that in the final 2 she would vote hayden not lane. So he could backdoor hayden. Then hayden would not be a threat. He is looking long term votes. I bet hayden goes. Brits strategy to is to stay in the house and get votes. Looks like she learned the tricks of the brokengade and brenden. And is using them to further her game. Plus she and lane are engaged. Well i think they are!!

    • i really think if you only watch cbs the show isn’t that bad but if you watch after dark you see a whole different show. My friends and relatives think it is an awesome season but they only watch cbs

    • I am thinking that Hayden will go to the jury house. Enzo will of course evict Ragan and Britney could evict Hayden leaving it up to Lane to chose who goes. Maybe Lane, Britney and Ragan have an alliance now. I can’t see Lane thinking there won’t be any payback for picking Britney over his brigade buddies. He has a better chance of surviving if one of them go.

    • I want Regan to stay!!! I love him!!! I love the way he shut up Rachal!!! She was a stupid bitch!!!!

    • I know Jennifer. Everyone is saying that it’s a rumor about Lane and Britney knowing each other, but why is Lane protecting her so much if there way no connection at all ? Why would he care so much about someone he just met. Hayden didn’t care at all when Kristen left. More and more it’s seems alittle too bizarre.

      • Hes thinking with his penis as 98% of guys do. Shes hot. Hes in lust with her. Brendon wanted to keep Rachel in the game no matter the cost, Hayden was really enjoying his time with Kristen, and Lane just isn’t quite ready to give Britney up yet. No big deal, it doesn’t mean they are engaged. And everyone saw the picture of Nick in Britney’s HOH room and Lane was even making fun of his appearance in his diary room session. Hopefully this won’t be brought up again for the 25th time, but just to be sure—– THEY AREN’T ENGAGED, THEY AREN’T ENGAGED, THEY AREN’T ENGAGED!!!!

  46. Why won’t anyone give us an answer about the jury house?? HELLO… Everyone wants it!! OR at least an explanation as to why not.

  47. Ragan will obviously be going home. I’m a little surprised. I was afraid Lane would put up Britney, and Hayden and Enzo would evict her to cut her ties with Lane… But Lane was smart her and decided to make sure Ragan would be leaving. Good move.

  48. Ok..If u have an account @ MY SPACE u can pull up Enzo’s wife’s profile..There are pics galore of Her (she is pretty)& Enzo’s wedding and their honeymoon CRUISE TO EUROPE many more..THERE ARE PICS OF PLACES THEY HAVE TRAVELED TO IN THE US as well…Her education backround is also posted..She is an Investment Banker..I would guess that Enzo and his wife are financially secure from what the pics portray..OH and the pics were made before the baby was born so she is not in them..It was interesting and fun to look at..

    • Graves thank you for that info. Funny how he says he is broke.Yeah I would have thought BB would have selected people that needed the money. She may be educated but he is dumb as a box of rocks..

      • This game shouldn’t be about who needs money, it should be about how they play the game to be the last one standing.

      • I agree. Regardless if he needs the money or not, I just don’t think he deserves to win because he hasn’t played a good game.

      • I did not say he did not need the money!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said FROM THE PICS THAT THEY SEEM TO BE FINANCIALLY SECURE!!!!! They may be swimming in debt for all I know..I MADE AN OBSERVATION .Don’t put words in my post I did not say. Please I would appreciate it..

      • He doesn’t always say he is broke I have heard him say a few times that his wife makes really good money.

      • no table manners for sure no one ever said Enzo chew with mouth closed and dont smack huh?

    • Who is going to vote for him. He won one thing. And was on the block twice so biggest floater of the season!

      • Just because he hasn’t won anything doesn’t mean he’s not playing the game. He is the reason there is a brigade and he has had social relationships with everyone in the house. He has been scheming and planning since day one. U don’t have to win competitions to be playing the game!!!!

  49. your all wrong the year is fixed . just look no one is this dum. enzo winning pov he can’t blow his own nose

  50. @John it’s fixed eh? Brendon won all those punishments even though Britney pressed the button on every single one of them. Realistically though when Brendon had HOH they didn’t give him a special power and they didn’t give him any help on the fast forward episode. I don’t think it’s fixed at all. The brigade having 4 votes despite rarely winning competitions was able to sway the votes in the direction they wanted virtually every time. Keeping their alliance a secret has allowed them to control the game and manipulate the unaligned house guests to target couples or the outcasts in the house. The brigade has done an excellent job of keeping the target off their backs for most of the game. I’d like Britney to win since she’s hilarious and she’s won 3 POV’s and an HOH and has been competing the whole time. Hayden has probably played the smartest game of anyone. He’s gotten others in the brigade to do his dirty work, everyone likes him, and he’s maintained his secret brigade alliance through the entire game. Not to mention Hayden has obviously thrown every single competition up until the fast-forward episode. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen him sprinting or working hard. He’s pretty much played a perfect game even though I’d rather Britney won it because she didn’t float most of the way like Hayden did.

  51. They could make lane do the dirty work if they split the vote.

    If enzo and brit both thought that way, they may end up with two votes for hayden.

    So ragen should talk to both of them about making lane do the dirty work.

    If he works hard enough there may be chance.

  52. I don’t care who has money outside the house. Should not matter. I am pulling for Enzo. I think Brit and Ragan played a trashy mouth game and for some reason they are still talking about Rachael all the time. o did not like the tip show trash talk. Hayden and Lane floated the entire game. Enzo still has a bit (all be it small) of character. Lane quit biting your nails, Hayden leave your zits alone and omg Brit leave your veneers alone. What, did you just get them before u went into the house? I also don’t think Brit is still engaged and she is playing Lane like a fiddle. Hayden won quite a few good prizes while throwing comps. I’m for the penguin! Come on Enzo, even though I think Lane will throw the bragade under the bus for the Bit.. I mean Brit. I hope there is somewhere we can go on the web when this is all over and read about how these people feel about themselves after watching the mouthy stuff they have done. Matt does not deserve a seat at the end at all. I just lost a loved o e to cancer and it is no joke and does not make foe good game play obviously. I still wish Rachael would have won the whole thing. She was obnoxious, loud and dorky but totally upfront. Bring her back for all-stars.

    • I totally agree!!! I really wish Rachael was still in the game because she was the only one fighting a real fight. Enzo is trying, he may not be winning a lot but he is trying and he did what he had to during POV. The game is harder in the house than out and he is the only one left to show for it.

      • Enzo won what and when? 1 veto.. Wow. He admits everyday on the feeds to throwing all the challenges. Until this one because he had to save himself. His hands are clean. He wants jury votes.

    • You are putting down Brit and them for trash talking but you just did the same thing to all of them. And I would rather see hay play with his zits or Lane bitting his nails then Enzo with his hands down his pants. Also you say that Lane and Hay have floted through the whole game but what has Enzo done. He has only won one POV and had to cheat in order to win. That shows great character.

      • Janna, Why are you being so defensive? They are not commenting about you. Brat and Ragan do it non stop. This is a post by a viewer. You need to relax. They are not your friends. It’s a reality TV show. You can have your favorites and so can the rest of us.
        Yeah, and Brat and Ragan have so much character and class.
        Chill out!!!

    • I do wish that rachel was still in the house, she kept it dramatic and entertaining. I don’t think Enzo, Lane or Hayden deserve to win, they haven’t won crap or made any strategic power moves and they had an alliance of 4! They shouldve outted it a long time ago when they knew they had the numbers for sure. The house voting as a whole was boring to watch. I think the entire BORgade with the exception Matt, road coattails ON Matt until they finally did one smart thing, which was to get rid of him. So now I dont know who I’d like to see win, assuming Ragan doesn’t get evicted, which isn’t likely, I couldn’t decide Ragan or Brit. I know Brit has a horrible bad mouthing streak, but she’s proved that she’s a top contender, she didn’t ride coat tails. I like to see the ones who fought a good game win, NOT a floater!!!!!

      • only Brit and Ragan should win they earned it and thats what the game is about and who the jury votes on nothing else matters at end who played best game none of the 3 guys should win all the last comps geared athletes Enzo hit Ragan for pov

      • Why does regan deserve to win, what has he done, ya he won 1 pov, regan has floated his whole way through, matt got him far.

    • I am sooooooo glad that Rachel and Brendon are gone gone gone…she is about as bi-polar as possible and he is so whipped by her it makes me ill…I can actually stand to watch the feeds more now that they aren’t having a sex fest very single night with ALL feeds on them. Now if Enzo goes, I’ll be a happycamper!!!

    • I agree… Enzo has gotten this far by winning when he needed to and building relationships to help further him.
      And Brit and Ragan need to realize they sound ridiculous talking about others all the time. I would be embarrassed if I were their family watching them pick on people. They aren’t very nice people!!

    • Agree completely. I wanted Rachel and Brendon from the beginning. So now I either want Enzo or Hayden. I cannot watch BBAD anymore. I haven’t in about a week. I just watched yesterdays CBS show. Fast forwarded through most of it.

  53. I didn’t watch Sunday. I doubt it won the ratings up against the Emmy’s. I wouldn’t have watched anyway. I’m not sure I’ll watch Wednesday either. I probably will watch at least the eviction on Thursday. I’ve been posting for two weeks that they should have gotten rid of Lane. I bet he wins. All the good players are gone now. I think Ragan will go this week. I’ll be glad. He’s a cry baby whinner!!

  54. Next week BRITNEY BETTER WIN HOH AND PUT HAYDEN AND ENZO ON THE BLOCK! Then whoever wins POV will be the sole vote to evict so I hope she wins POV and evicts Hayden because he won two HOH then takes Enzo and Lane to the final 3, wins final HOH and takes Lane to the final 2 and wins.


    Wednesday: Veto Competition/Ceremony
    Thursday: Live Eviction and New HOH
    Sunday: Nominations Episode
    SUNDAY: SPECIAL “Memory” episode where we remember the season

    • The live Finale will be Wednesday Sept.15th. It will air at 9:00PM right after the premiere of Survivor.

  56. I think that Brittney and Lane have some sort of connection outside of Big Brother. I think they will be the last two in the Big Brother House.

    Hayden should win he’s the best competitor once he got past his showmance.

  57. I agree that this years cast are boring. Enzo and Ragan are the only two that have at least provided some comedy and some drama.
    Now that Ragan is going home, I am rooting for Enzo to win.
    I feel like I am watching a tupperware party this year.
    Hopefully, we will see some more drama before it’s over….but I’m not going to hold my breath!

  58. i think brit has a crush on both heyden and lane i don’t think she will send either of them home

  59. Julie said that there was 2 guests in the house who were close friends when the season started. Does anyone know who they were. Julie has never mentioned it again after she said that at the beginning of the season.

    • i think its hayden and lane. the other night on big brother after dark lane and brit were in the hoh room talking and lane said him and hayden go to some place(i forgot) every year, brit didnt catch on to it but i would have lol

    • julie only restated what the Sab message was. She didn’t say it herself, there is no llf in the house, and I have the lf’s

    • This was discussed several times already. That was a rumor told by the sabetour. idn That’s what everyone is saying.

  60. idk about the rest of you, but personally i’ll just be glad when this boring, disappointing, infuriating season is finally over.
    i would love to say i’m not watching anymore, but that would be a big fat bullsh*t lie because i’m soooooo addicted to this crap it’s ridiculous!!


    in the infamous words of BP ceo tony hayward…


    • NOW NOW..JUST LAY BACK PUT UR FEET UP AND RELAX..IT WILL ALL BE OVER IN ABOUT 13 TO 14 DAYS..and we will never (with luck) have to see these HG’s again..just relax..take it easy..stay calm..grab a smoke and drink to settle ur nerves..I’m here if u wanna vent..and so are others that feel just like u do..we understand…

      • graves – you sound like RAGAN!! oh-no!!! :)

        but seriously – (can u believe i’m saying “seriously” about a freaking reality show… geez)

        but ANYWAY – this is the first time i’ve ever wanted bb to end because i’m fed up with it. i’ve always had a ‘favorite’ – and always been EXCITED to see who wins!

        NOT THIS YEAR. :(
        just let it be over.

      • LOL..I am serious in understanding where ur coming from and ur frustration..I really do understand..Like u I always have a favorite but not this year..I do not plan on voting to give any HG the $25,000.00..I don’t think they deserve it…I am continuing to watch so that I will not miss Hayden and Lane stabbing each other in the back..That will be good TV..That should happen in the next week..I wasted my money on the feeds this year same as alot of other people..but as I said it’s only a couple more weeks so I’ll let ride if for no other reason just to see the comps..But believe me I know wwhere u coming from..

      • I will go ahead and keep the feeds this year to watch the final comps..but this season has been a total waste of money..I will most certainly wait for at least a month or longer next year (if there is next year for this show) to make sure that there is not a repeat of season 12…This really sad in calling BB areality show..Better called THE NEW GENERATION OF THE LIVING DEAD

      • yes this season is boring enzo smacking his food is nasty and the best thing was the sock puppets i loved them haydens was the best

      • I just can’t stand to watch floaters or hgs that weren’t strong players win the game! It happens so often in BB and Survivor! At this point, I think Brit should win because she’s technically played a harder game than the other 4!

        I liked last year’s season better! EXCEPT for the fact that Jordan won! Yes, she’s a ditsy, funny southern girl, but she didn’t play better than Jeff! OH well, they’re sharing the money, lol so it doesn’t really matter

  61. I REALLY think if Brit can some how win HOH or If she gets nom then POV it would really be entertaining! But if the finally three are Enzo/Lane/Hayden then I won’t be to happy!!

    • Yep, yup Trex, it’s almost, like, britches needs to stay to make the game show, at least, a tad more fun to watch??

    • not if they keep catering comp for these guys and they just ignored all the eating Enzo did and the incident with Ragan for pov this last one

      • Ignorance is bliss!! lucky lady, the comps were very weak!! Interesting season, don’t ya think?? Um, nope, I think they are not catering, I think, all of them have been latched up on the hook of “no where fame!”
        There is something wrong with this whole pic!!

  62. what happen to the brigade britney i think must be obsessed with rachael she talks about her all the time and i to think there is something with her and lane i want hayden to win

  63. i just read something about hayden explaining to the DR about convincing lane to put him (hayden) up on the block instead of britney…

    know anything about this?
    hayden didn’t want britney on the block??


    • Lane had already planned to put Hayden on the block..He told Brittney last nite that Hayden was going up…Just keep watching..will be interesting to see how it plays out..

    • I think he trust Britney about H/L/B going to the final 3. They want Enzo out next because they feel he will get the jury votes over Lane and Hayden.

      • SummerToo….I got the same impression as you about Nick after hearing him chat….One question though.. did you get the feeling he was trying to be polite about Brits mother…I have a very strong suspicion that the mother could be a serious gold digger..

      • aoyam! He was trying to be polite about Brits mom but it could be that the mother hasn’t really liked her past boyfriends and her and Nick got in a serious relationship so quick that maybe she is just cautious. Or in fact the mother might be a gold digger too, lol. Did you think Nick was great too after the interview? I knew he knew there was going to be some form of flirting and he was not insecure about it at all. His comments on the short shorts were really funny. IMO Britney and nick are perfect for each other.

      • tishe….You are so so right..And don’t forget in their very first meeting 6 months ago(and she’s now been in the BB house 2 of those 6)she would have learned Nick is a medical technoligist..probably did not know what a med tech is..just heard medical..

      • SummerToo…You could have something there..You’re definitely right about Nick…Good guy…And I’m sure handling all of this better than I probably would..

      • SummerToo, I did not know any of that!! I love to see relationships work in this day and age!! Life after BB, is another story tho!! I have my doubts> Britches is a some what of a strong player, at times, then she turns into a puppet! In my humble opinion. You go SummerToo, keep the positive thinking!!

      • Oh my crap, I had the two of your names mixed up!! I am sorry, but the message got their!! (sorry)

      • SummerToo…tishe is right…your outlook is very refreshing..and I hope you’re right..sometimes I’m so cynical I can’t even stand myself..I’m going to bed hopeing you’re right..See you guys tomorrow..

      • tishe….My daughter is doing the same thing. After she graduated from college she went to S. Korea for a year to teach. She met her Fiance the 2nd day she was there (he is in the army stationed there) they got engaged in less than 6 months their wedding is in less than a year and they are monkey butt in love. They compliment each other like I believe Brit and Nick do. I always look for the best until some idiot screws it up, lol.

      • so there are other people who jump into relationships. so Rachel and Brendon are not the first!!!!!!!!!

  64. Iwant Hayden gone so the worst allane ever .. i mean the “Bragae” will be broke up and Britney andRegan can go to finals and regan can … i mean will win

  65. @ aoyam, Good night!!
    @ SummerToo, good luck and best wishes!!
    I know you won’t mis-understand this.
    I think(humble opinion) britches will have a tough time after the game show> the girl is different!!
    She is pretty, too much of a puppet, IDK.
    Yourdaughter is a fine young woman!
    I know!!

  66. I don’t see why everyone wants ragen to go home this week. Regan is actually the only other player there that has actually competed ( aside from Brittney, Either way the only 2 people that deserve to win are Brittney and Regan. Other than that, no one else deserves to win anything.

    Enzo – just one of the worst BB players of all time that runs his mouth all season but no show.

    Hayden – one of the most greedy players out there. Wow the objective was to get Brendon out and you give out for $5k and a Hawaii trip…… theres better people that deserve that .

    Lane – Wow I was rotting for you but after finding out this week that you basically own an oil rig, then I dont know what you are thinking in that head of yours…….. you defiantly don’t need the money at all.

    As much as I hate Brendon, the ONLY 2 people that deserve to be in the final 2 and a shot at half a million are Brendon and Matt.

    One thing is for sure… I would of have love to have seen Brendon Rachel and Matt as an alliance…… they would of have been unstoppable.

    • Okay Zero, you are on!!
      I half way agree with you on Ragan! I don’t care watching him cry! I do not cry that much!!
      Britches is a strong player, at times,
      then she becomes a puppet!!
      Can not and will not handle a female, that is a puppet on the drop of a hat!
      Lane, since when was this game about money??
      Last, but not least, your other two, they are gone!

      • When Brit went outside, she said Ragen was in DR and really mad. What about. I know he was mad about POV, I was just wondering if something new happened.

      • He was cryin’ in his spilled milk!!
        He may be a little bit upset about enzo?!
        I think he knows,99.9% chance, he is going home..

  67. Watching BBAD, that house looks like a bomb hit it! Nobody body cleans up after themselves!

  68. Ola BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    So Ragan is still the guy to go eh?
    If ONLY he could convince Britt da twit aka britches! (gracias tishe) that those guys will NOT take her to F2! She AINT winning da $, god I hope Hay can convince lane to think with his um big head? Geez louise crackers & cheese! Lusty Lane needs a LOG thrown at his head! Wake UP!

    As for Enzo, he’s sittin’ on easy street now! He FINALLY won a comp! Go figure, really thot that streak was goin’ to stay alive, at least now perhaps he’ll align with Ragan? he he j/k!

    • I like the nick name “Lusty Lane” Ya know, he is my boy?! Nope, he will slide under the radar all the way!! I am not very popular with that!!

    • Clare Ann, honest question, why do CAP so much? I learned, it was yelling, (I’m new) so, when you said good night to me in CAPS, were you yelling at me?? tee-hee.

      • Hi blah blah blah Hi is anyone out there hey where is everyone. TEE HEE!!!!
        Hi Clare Ann what’s for dinner? TEE HEE

  69. eBay BB auction update: can u believe kristen’s hippietard went for over $1300.00 USD! :O

      • yeah tishe – i know :)

        76 total bids

        sold for $1325.00

        there’s a fool born everyday – looks like kristen found one! lol

  70. Britney just told ragan they seriously underestimated Enzo. That he went after the veto like a fricken animal! He must not have cheated like people have been saying!

    • Yep, yup, Christine, they let enzo “under estimate” These young ones are so wrapped up in the camera, they would not not know “under estimate” if it hit them in the ars!!
      I am actually starting to understand “evolution”

      • Hi tishe, I learned more about evolution today on this blog than I did in high school lol :)

      • Christine, Evolution, now there is a debate you do not want to take on!!(unless it is about enzo) smiles sweetie!!

  71. I think hayden should go home not because he’s not a great competitor but because he is the strongest in the house if they know what is good or to atleast have a chance of winning from just saying they can settle for second place cause hayden is gonna win

    • Aloha Trish!
      You, have missed so much!!
      Folks are pulling for Raygna,
      folks are pulling for Britches,
      they want your boy back!

      • Woot Woot they want my boy back? HELL YEAH! lol I am sorry but I can’t stand the Live Feed anymore. Not only because Brendon is gone but even because of Matt. The real players are out and this bunch of crackheads bore me so much I just can’t stand to even hear them talk.

    • i’m tellin’ ya w/o bren or kath that BB house is goin’ to have NEW houseguest! guess who?

      • I know. It is disgusting how long those dishes have been there. Hell Brendon even cleaned the bathroom.

        Right now Lane and Ragina and Brit are talking about Brit getting a bikini wax in Spain. Lane keeps trying to talk sexual and intimate with Brit but she keeps side stepping. Wow they are so in “lust” with each other.

  72. A quick little warm-up limerick….

    I can’t stand to watch these guys eat
    I’d rather lick Rachel’s skank-feet
    Enzo’s hand down his pants
    Ragan’s whiny, wimpy rants
    These are all things my meds just can’t treat

    • hollaz rico! dat is jokes! enzo’s hands are always in his pants, he’s takin’ after da grem i see!

  73. Lane is saying the DR told him that America is over Brendon and to stop worrying about him. REALLY???? NO we ARE NOT! They should read the comments here. We are not over Brendon because he is more interesting than YOU last 5 HG’s. If you all only knew how people are cancelling left and right the Live Feed because of how boring and noone cares about you 5.

    • Brenda Rules!!
      @ Rico, cowboy up, my man,
      lick the feet of the meat!
      She was nothin’ or, somethin’
      Whip boy rules, may be to late,
      he should meet Trish, aw, there is the DEBATE!!

      • Rico, I know, lame!! Hey,, at least I am not 86’ed!!
        @ Stoker!! Hi!
        It is so wonderful and great to read ya all!!
        Have you all caught up on the posts??

      • If Brendon got with me he would no longer be known as whipped boy I tell ya! LOL I would give him back his balls and then some!

    • seriously am already lookin’ fwd to da finale when i can see his shiny lovely face again! lol. he is so f-i-n-e! i dont’ see him movin’ to vegas still! lol. as for da jury house when are they goin’ to show it already?

      • I don’t get what you all see in Brandon. I was for him in the beginning because he is from riverside, ca. (same as me) But than when he let Rachael lead him around like a whipped puppy it was embarrassing. I he did not deserve to win and now he won’t because he let a women he just met ruin his game. Sorry folks he did not start playing til she was voted out and even than I got soooo tired of hearing him say this is for rachael. he made a fool of himself. I would not vote for him.

  74. Britney is so full of it! How can she sit there and tell ragan on bbad that he’s preaching to the choir, she said because she’s in the same boat he is. Don’t think so brat! Hayden’s crazy if he actually thinks he can trust lane forsure as the pawn idk hope Hayden know’s what he’s doing…..

    • what is it dat hayden said on sun’s show? ya know what sometimes the pawn goes HOME! let’s hope that happens again! hee*

  75. Wow now the real Lane comes out. It is funny how big they get once the real players are out, isn’t it? There is noone left to really play. Lane go back to TEXAS you doofus! Sorry Tishe how he is acting right now is getting on my last nerve. Lane the big talker…….who had thunk? :(

    • he let dat hoh power get to his um head..both of them! lol, so let’s see who gets evicted dis time around! i so hope enzo backstabs da brogade! it’s da ONLY way he’ll win! why dont’ these peeps SEE that already? helLO? hay will ONLY take lane with him to da end! (no one else!) Lane da same!

  76. Enzo is weak. He reminds me of Rachel. Cocky when things go his way and a big baby when they don’t. From a guy’s perspective, Enzo is a wuss. Hayden is a real “guy”. So is Lane. Enzo is not. I think Ragan is a bigger “man” than Enzo. I think Ragan is gone this week, but I hope Britney hangs in there. I have no idea who will go to the final 2, but I’m part of the “anyone but Enzo” team.

    • Hey, Stoker… how about a song? Maybe something about Enzo, to a Beatles tune…
      (and you can’t use “I’m a Loser”… that’s too easy!)

    • I’m sorry but when ragan said on bbad if only there was a dxxx sucking comp he could win something then! Lost all respect :/ Hayden 1st and Enzo 2nd to win both will backstab to win just what they are there to do. The brigade took them all the way there too!

  77. I’m over talking abt these people. who deserves it, who doesn’t. the conspiracy theories they come up with. how famous they’re gonna be….”we’re gonna be rockstars!” get outta here, incredibly delusional.

    Something even better is coming….that something being former superbowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson on Survivor!! CANNOT wait…

  78. Does anyone remember at the start of the show, someone is playing the game, not for the money. could it be Lane? I think the friends are Britt and Lane. Just thinking.

    • Nana that was Annie because she was the first SAB and she couldn’t play for the money. If she had last she would have to be gone after the 5 weeks. I think she would have gotten 50,000 or am I just thinking she would have gotten any money?

  79. I can’t hold it back…. reading page 1 of this board, I have to post this little limerick:

    The “lifelong friend” stuff is making me sick
    LISTEN: It was just a saboteur trick!
    There is no one together
    No birds of a feather
    And, please, there is no way that Lane is Nick.

    • OK: Here’s what you “lifelong friend” conspiracy theory people need to know…

      Lane and Brit are secretly married… Nick is their baby boy (her Mom is babysitting while they’re on the show…)

      They really live in a trailer and are in desperate need of the money, which is why they have a FINAL TWO deal. They will take the $500K, and give Brit’s Mom the $50K for babysitting.

      They made up all the details about Lane’s ranch and oil wealth, since they knew they would need a good back story. Brit was homeless for the first ten years of her life, but used to make up “princess” fantasies, which she is now putting to good use.

      They met with production a month or two before shooting to shoot some fake photos for HOH rooms… And for some Spa treatments to make them semi-presentable…

      Any more questions??? (… slowly I turn …)

      • wow that is quite a story! i highly doubt that pitney britt had a baby! course plastic surgery does wonders, but she has no $ right? how can she be poor when her gramps is some high touting person of power in texas?

  80. Rico you are the best
    You are head and shoulders above the rest
    Others wish they had your finesse
    But they are only mediocre at best.

    Ok I AM lame but I tried……

    • Damn I really sucked at that…….gotta let the Masters do it and I will NOT again…….LOL

      • awwh a tribute to rico, that’s so nice! he has provided some sick limericks for us! i heartily concur well deserved! :)

        yeah gravity’s pullin’ on da eyelids, i can only imagine the horror of cleanliless that the bb house is in! ugh! lusty lane keep ya eyes off a busty britches! hee* as if!

      • Trish, it’s tishe,
        I am smiling and laughing and, heh-heh-heh-!
        I am moving to Montana.
        I will miss my cyber-spaced out new friends!!
        It will be in two weeks.
        Oh, by the way, I will be getting my mail on a mule, no chance for the internet!

      • Ok it didn’t make it…….Tishe I will miss you. Wish I could give you my email address but it ain’t going through and I can understand why…….

      • Nah I will leave it to you the Master and the rest. But had to try a tribute to you! Glad you liked it. You’re welcome!

  81. I’m back! Oh SNAP LISTEN-up ! I just saw, what I can make of it LOOKS like a BODY wrapped up in the Have not room. Burlap with a thick rope wrapped around it !

    • dat is hilarious, fa real? a body in the have not room? did someone not use their sock puppets properly? by day way those 3 punishments really lacked imag (i mean no creativity whatsoeva!) they really need to spice things up come thurs with that hoh comp!

  82. It’s official – women are from Venus, men are from Mars. I’ll never understand why so many women on this message board like Brendon. He was henpecked, a big baby, poor sport and tried to physically intimidate women (although he did mellow out toward the end out of necessity). Most men would call him a coward and a baby. I think most guys adore Britney. She’s smokin’ hot and she understands how to deal with guys. She can talk a little ball and she is a cool chick who knows how to hang out with guys. Very interesting.

    • Now see Stoker you are a guy and you see Brendon through guys eyes and Brit through a guys eyes, I am cool with that. WE women see with our eyes and to us Brendon is adorable and sexy and a gentelman. Yeah he did try to intimidate Brit but that was for show and his lady. See what crazy in love with do to a man? I think Brendon was himself after Red left. I have to admit Brit is smokin hot but her attitude kills it for me and most women. A guy wouldn’t understand.

      • Very cool, Trish. That was my point. Guys and gals are different. My wife is not enamored with Brendon, however, she is not enamored with Britney either. She does think Britney is funny sometimes and that she is smarter than people think, but she does get the “bitch” factor with Britney. I absolutely love seeing the different opinions between the sexes. I think that is a positive thing.

      • Thanks Stoker and I do get it. It is cool. It is nice to have different perspectives Rico. I understand you are with Stoker on that and if you weren’t I would start to wonder about you. LOL JK.

      • i am a woman and i do not think brendon was adorable or sexy in the least. i thought he was a stupid cowardly baby and that rachel was a dumb whore. i also think britney is a strong independent nice person.

    • I think you both have described it pretty well (from each of your perspectives). I gotta go with Stoker on this one, but I understand what you’re saying, Trish.

      • Are you kidding? The guy cleans, cooks, can keep up with a conversation that doesn’t involve cursing and grunting, keeps his hands on his lady instead of (you know)… If Rachel dumps him, he’s going to be the next BACHELOR! (And that’s one show I won’t watch!)

      • LMAO. Probably, but does he do Excel? Only Rachel can answer that. Stay tuned for the JH update :)

    • You are wrong most men wouldn’t call Brendon a coward also Britney is a vile and horrible person. She’s average looking but her persona is horrible. Vile, vile, vile.

      • britney is a beautiful and classy girl and anyone who cant see that, well thats their problem.

      • Right! Men wouldn’t call Brendon a coward, we call Regan a coward who can only argue with women. He cant even face Matt when he was backstabbed and he was like he had crash on Brendon when he approached Brendon.

        From a guy’s point, Britney is really average looking, forget what a horrible person she is. If you argue she is hot, which part? her legs? her face?her boobs?her butt?her figure? or go more details—her eyes?her feet? lips? or just hair? LOL.

        One point I agree though, she is playing the game well.

  83. Tishe, It looks like a body, the person looks like he or she is squatting down. The package is big so I hope it is BRENDON wrapped up in that BURLAP SACK! OH I’m so excited, IT’s something or someone!

  84. Hey anybody paying attention to BBAD? There is a HUGE SACK in the HAVE-NOT ROOM ! HELLO :)

  85. Why can’t someone, anyone, don’t care who just pick up thier bowl and throw a drink in someone’s face while they’re in the hot tub right now! Please just do something different!

    • Christine, now, calm down, your idea would mean that that the h.g.s may have an imagination!!

      • in their defense how interesting would you be if you were in that house all the time? and also if you are unsatisfied you could always turn off the tv and get a life.

  86. @Stoker….. here’s a little tune for you to finish. (to the tune of “Piggies” by The Beatles)

    Have you seen the little piggy
    Eating like a cow?
    Hand shoved down his pants again,
    This piggy’s “cocky” now.
    Big pathetic “Meow”…
    His name…is…En-zo…

    (up to you now, Stoker, to finish it up!)

    • That rocks, Rico. I do have the White Album, but I’m not up to speed on “Little Piggies”. I’ll have to finish it with a different song.

  87. Tishe, Hubby also cop, we both were looking at it & it looks like someone SQUATTING down! OH SNAP! BB, PLEASE tell me you bringing a HOUSE GUEST back!! BRENDON I hope its you ” MY MAN” LMAO

    • Heh-HEH! Clare Ann!!
      How are you feeling?? Good!! How do you come up with the ideas??
      Did you take your meds??
      I luv ya!!

  88. I think I saw a shark hanging upside down tied up? Or do I need to go to the eye doctor, maybe it was a bag or the poor starving fish’s protector :)

    • I am going to now shoot myself. Listening to these last 5 HG’s. They have no respect for production at all. Ragan just was singing and say MF and they told him to stop and he said I own the copyright MF…..I tell you right there he would be called to the DR and warned ……I know he is going out but if he kept disrespecting the rules I would pull a Chima on him and oust his damn sorry azz!

  89. I hope they all get drunk and go in the have-not room and Brendon JUMPS out of that package. Hubby said it looks like a body bag! :)

  90. Hi Tishe, Not on any more pain pills,cause they made me sicker. I’m doing great now, little bit of pain & handful of stitches! lol

  91. BB PLEASE tell me its BRENDON! I’m am SOOOO excited ! I can’t sit still! OMG I wish those BUFFOONS would go inside and find that package!

    • The Half-Not room Christine. They had the camera on in there now it is gone. It was so weird…….makes you wonder.

      • Yes it has Rico but why did they have the camera on it and before that the bag looking thing? It was so weird……and why isn’t the Half-Not room closed up? Isn’t the half-not over? I like looking at the Half-not room though, like looking at Brendon’s cot and remember…….LOL

        Damn if me and Clare Ann don’t have it bad…………better watch out Rachel you have two women coming in between YOU and YOUR MAN…….LOL

      • LMAO!! I think it is a warning that something is coming.. it is 11:47 bbt and the camera is still on the friggin shark.. has to mean something… I think we all are getting cabin fever like the hg’s! LOL!

      • Tishe, I am a newby to bb started watching the week Monet got sent home but can you say addiction??? My mother in law has alway’s since the 1st season asked why don’t you watch bb?now I know why she was obsessed.

      • Christine, you are never a “new be” This site is very forgiving!! (I know) Addiction!!

    • Join the club Clare Ann, Tishe can tell you how bad I have had BRENDON-ITIS since day one. Huh Tishe? LOL

  92. Thats not a SHARK. YO you sound like ENZO LOL! It’s material with a thick rope wrapped around it!!

  93. I haven’t seen the have not room forever forgot it look’s so crappy, thought it was the kitchen for a sec :s

    • LOL that was funny……and you are not far off…..

      :::::::::NEWS FLASH::::::::::

      First time in BB history the BB house has been declared a disaster area. Sorry folks this season has been cancelled due to last 5 HG’s being a Health violation.



    • Someone fall asleep in the control room? LOL I notice the camera keeps focusing on Brit ……..ugh!!!!!

      • Aww Trish, Picture this, nah, never mind!!
        The team is sleeping
        They were focused on britches!
        They fell asleep!!
        “Control Rooms are quite boring!”
        p.s.s., what am I going to do w/o my cyber-spaced friends??

  94. I was hoping Ragan would walk back to the bedrooms, he just went into the storage room.

  95. Tishe I’m sorry You were right! Got closer to Tv! Maybe, MOBY DICK has BRENDON in his BELLY! lol

  96. Well off to bed ya, Tishe hope to see you on here tomorrow and Rico and Stoker…….hope to see Clare Ann and anyone else I missed…….

    Night Gang of BB……..till later……..:)

    • Oh crap, Clare Ann, 1st one, bowls and some dumb stuff!
      2nd one, sock puppets!
      3rd one,dance till production drops!!

  97. OK ladies. My wife does not like Brendon and she is not crazy about any of the other guys on this season’s BB. However, she absolutely LOVED Evel Dick. What does that mean. I’m perplexed.

    • I do not like Brandon either. Loved evil Dick
      he was just so fun to watch he took no crap and protected his daughter all the way through. (even when she was cruel to him). And he was able to wiggle his way out of the worst situations (he caused) he played the game sooo good I was so happy when he won!!

  98. Ok so they must be flashing on the shark instead of the fish tank to censor hg convo. Why can’t it be something cool! Good night:)

    • Oh, I thought you had signed off…

      I feel like that poor little fellow from the Sixth Sense:
      (whisper) I see {brain} dead people….

      Don’t know how much more I can take of “The Enzo Hour”

    • Yo, I hear that, Yo. I think we have a “situation” here.. Enzo is trying to be a grown up Jersey Shore kid! LOL! His wife is going to FLIP hearing him talk tonight.. Yo..

      • Maybe she’s taking advantage of these three months to pack up the baby and move into witness protection…

      • Haa Haa!! That is the funniest thing ever!! She is going to live with the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

  99. Did BB change the rule regarding not talking about people outside the house for fear of a lawsuit?

  100. Poor Enzo is going to go home to another $2000 worth of shredded clothes in box on the front portch! I would be LIVID if I was his wife listening to him talk about me like this! One word Enzo… INSECURE!

    • He is now saying he is going to go to ashley madison to have an affair! are they drunk tonight? too many libations – god, I HATE that word.. but that was lastnights convorsation! LOL!

    • A little limerick on the subject….

      Enzo’s wife must be so proud
      Her hubby is stooopid and loud
      Respect is not there
      Insecurity laid bare
      There’s not a fan to be found in this crowd

  101. I must’ve said something that BB didn’t like & they ditched me :( Sorry BB I finally got back on.

    • Clare Ann, are you being the ” I do not follow” again??
      It is cool, I have been moderated all my life!
      This is why I like Lane.
      My boy, is and will be under the radar,
      the whole way!
      When was this game show about money??

  102. OKAY, crap!
    Is that better??
    I have read a lot worse on your posts(yes bbn posts)
    Moderate that!

    • Tishe…. what’s the deal with all the moderation for you? Are you being bad? Trying to break the site again? What are you trying to post that is so awful?? Give us a hint….

      • @@ Rico, I probably broke the site again! (dummies 101) Did you ever figure out what they did???
        I Am A Hippie! Very Proud Of It!
        (I still like Lane)

    • Yeah, I’m still here. BTW, I gotta ask… As an honest-to-goodness hippie, what did you think of my “Piggies” take-off?

  103. Tishe, sorry about the caps. I only have one hand to chat with lol so I am not shoutin ok sometimes I keep hitting the cap button when I get excited :)

    • Okay Clare Ann, Do Not Stop What You Are doinG11
      Wow, that took me a little while!!
      My friend, you are wonderful!!
      Meet Rico!
      He is the yingandyang of all of us!!

  104. Okay Rico! My Friend!
    I went back to # six!
    I will not and can not
    relate that little crap to the “Beatles”

  105. @ Rico, Yes, I am a hippie, this does not mean, all hippies were die-hard “Beatle s” My gosh, there were so many great legends out there!! “Yard Birds” c.c.r.! CRAP, THERE GOES MY computer crap again!
    Rico, i can say crap. but I can not say s—!

    • Oh Yes, this little piggie!!
      Sorry, yes a hippie, let us try a little , umm , how about some “E.L.O”!!
      How bout E.L.P.!!
      Oh, how about C.C.R.??
      (you have not said zip about the die-hards??

  106. THis is the 2nd time moderated! The first time I had a feeling ( premonition ) about Rachel coming back into the house (the day before she actually did go back in) and I rattled on about how she was coming in by Pandoras Box, & alot of things that she had did, was what I was sayin! THat morning I had told my sister that Rachel was coming back! So we were surprised my premonition was true!

      • Yep, Yup!!
        Small problem, you will have to go up against
        TRISH!(caps are kewl, Clare Ann) You are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Good Night, Clare Ann! (yea!!)

    • Oh Clare Ann!!
      You are still there!
      I do not think I like this ,it’s tough!!
      You voice an opinion (crap, it’s done!)
      I love big brother, but, these kidz are smarter than me!!
      Sterling was right!

  107. Tishe ; Instead of a Knight in Shining Armor > How about a huge great Shark with big sharp teeth? lol

  108. One last limerick before going to bed…..

    Goodnight, all my BBN friends
    On this site, the fun never ends
    We’ll be back in a day
    To say what we say
    On getting some sleep, my sanity depends

    (tishe, I’ll try to have some CCR for you tomorrow!)

  109. @ Rico,
    I Am a Hippie
    We are teaching the “yuppies”
    It is called “Yellow Submarines”

  110. matt bbn: it seems you have gotten over this season as well. I don’t think I have ever seen you pretty much stop a new paragraph, but I’m with you all the way, really looking forward to watching the other show. As far as BB, really hope the hg’s start doing something besides talk about how huge of stars they will be now after the show. This entire season has seemed like one huge audition for other shows and to yell out sponsor names in hopes to get paid. I miss the days when the hg’s would fight to stay in the house. At this point as a hard core bb fan, I would even welcome jesse back as a hg and yes I know I just said that.
    well hope all has a good night and hopefully I will be able to post something about actual game play tomorrow, but not holding my breath.

      • Yes, my boy,will go
        all the way!!
        Name, oh, Lane!!!
        HEY, rake, i can’t,
        will not, kiss your
        bum, unlike the others
        I Am Not Your Your
        (how do ya all do the the little smile face?)

  111. People are saying that there is a burlap sack in the have-not room. Maybe with the three punishments they had, if they didn’t do it then they were a have-not, and production was expecting someone to mess up and go in there and find it. Or maybe it’s nothing. Who knows. The punishments are over now, right?

  112. UPDATE—————-

    The brown sack in the have4 not room was opened and contains………

    Alison Grodner!!!!

    seems that the BB crew decided to off her for her lame hg selections this year

    about the only exciting aspect of the game this year

  113. How many ppl who has played B/B and went on to better things? Or has have a movie offer? With this season group I can truly say they were different.And if there is another B/B next year I hope it is better then this one.

    • “Jeff & Jorden” both have TV things going on. “Dr will” is doing very well. I hear “boogy” is doing pretty good also.. i don’t think anyone who watched “Evil Dick” will ever forget him. And “jessy” seems to be making sure he is not forgotten bye making sure he keeps popping back on each season of bb.

  114. to be proven for the honor of being evicted, he was not a honest person and allowed matt to take all the blame for his mistakes,yes hayden should be evicted because he also needs a haircut

  115. WOW! What to say about this group? Hmmm…oh, yeah BORING, as I have actually fallen asleep with my TV going and the sound on almost every night. No cliff hangers here eventhough BB tried insert all manner of “expect the unexpected” to jazz it up…to no avail. Sad is the word that comes to mind and all I can say is Rachel and Brendon were smart to get out before too much of the failure fell on their heads. They were the most entertaining of the show. Oh well…la dee daa…there’s always next season. Isn’t there?

  116. I know that Enzo and Lane are not smart but they need to get rid of Hayden now or they will wish they did because Hayden will win it all because
    Britney told Hayden Sunday night that if she goes
    to the jury house she will not vote for Lane because he doesn’t need the money. I hope they
    vote for Hayden he needs to go now instead of Ragen.

    • The one being smart is brit (even tho I don’t like her). by doing that she is trying to make sure Lane keeps her “she also told lane she would vote for Hayden” she is trying to get hayden out!!!! and stupid lane seems to be following for it….

  117. Hay going on the block good move I bet lane is in hopes that hay gets backdoored it will be great if it happens

  118. OBVI Ragan is going home. LOL! I just can’t believe how he spent the last two weeks in the house. For someone who ‘appreciates being there and having this experience’. Now we’ll be stuck with the boresome foursome! ugh!! I can’t wait till they start turning on each other!!

  119. Is it just me or does it appear that clever, pithy Britney doesn’t have a clue? And that if she doesn’t save Ragan she will get flattened by the brigade, unless dare I say Lane really does have feelings and will step up to do the chivalry thing. Oh I am such a silly thing, aren’t I?

  120. this is the first time i ever saw bb and it was pretty good till 2 weeks ago these guys are idiots but what ever i look forward to watching next year if cbs still has the rateing to have another show. i think they need to do a swap or give us live feed from the jury house!

  121. This season bb had no drama and action. What kind of people were selected for this? There has to be other people who would’ve created a lot of drama then people would be excited to see the next episode.

  122. I can’t believe this season. The house guests have mainly made decisions based on feelings rather than common sense. It’s the first season I don’t mind using the DVR and watching later. I actually saved up 4 episodes and then watched. I think CBS owes us a do-over of season 12 with better house guests. LOL

  123. Will someone tell me how to see the blogs from Brittany and Lane, if he did one. New to computer so not sure how to see them.
    Will be greatly appreciated.

  124. BB mentioned that 2 HG’s are life long friends. Has that been made public yet? I guess I missed that part. Thanks for any update. If not, it could be Lane and Brit!

  125. I think the life long friends are Brittany and Hayden for some reason ..They keep avoiding each other to much throughout the whole game but still chummy…hmmm…maybe

    • there are no “life long friends” this year. that is something annie the saboteur made up. Nothing more.

  126. Ohhhhh….I really hope Ragan will stay, he deserves to be there. So kind he is. Don’t recall him ever backstabbing anyone….told people what he thought to their face, very respectable. It was bad enough (in my opinion), that we lost Matty last week. Shows boring without him, wanted he and Ragan in the final two. Thinking chances are slim for Ragan to stay, really hope he does some campaigning!!! >:)

  127. Lane or Brit will win BB this year, which is better than the other 2 clowns. Ragan goes home this week, then Hayden or Enzo next. Then Lane and Brit control. Game over. stupid season for sure. But Lane has grown on me now that he actually talks, and they play his diary room.

  128. who cares about any of it any more. Brendan is gone and nothing much else matters unless they show Brendan/Rachel/Kathy/Matty in the diary room…that would be much better than watching the foolish five. lol.

  129. I always look forward to BB but this BB12 sucked the only entertainment was Ragan and Brit pretending to be Rachel. I hope next BB will have better twist and house quest these were other wise boring with little personality.

    • Hi Denise, as much as I didn’t care for our Rachael, she was fun to watch!! Our little Britches misses her!! Why else would one person spend so much effort putting her down?? Britches misses the entertainment value of it all too??

  130. 10:28 PM PT A direct conversation from a MAN ALONE… In the
    “have not room” Ragan being upfront with US the live feed viewer.
    If you have live feed PLEASE flashback to the above time and watch…
    Ragan goes down his list of WONDER REN about the game he has played.
    Like him OR not he has shared his heart/thoughts to US!
    A man with charactor in a BB production with ENZO/LANE/Britney/HAYDAN who haven’t a clue on what “C” even means.

      • No.. just re-playing his time in the BB house and knowing that the “EXIT DOOR” is about a 95% change ahead of him. :(

      • Aww ok, it seems like he is so lonely?? The guy really doesn’t have any one watching his back, you know what I mean? He knows he is going home, that has to hurt!!

  131. For the last few years these house guests have been exactly the same. All picked to play roles. It would be nice to get some real people, warts and all on this show. Sick of bartenders, pharmaceutical reps, cheerleaders and such. A better age range would make for a more interesting show.That will never happen though.

    • Flashback to Tues 8/31 10:28 PM PT ..and watch a REAL person sharing his SOUL>>> A direct conversation from a MAN ALONE… In the
      “have not room” Ragan being upfront with US the live feed viewer.
      If you have live feed PLEASE flashback to the above time and watch…
      Ragan goes down his list of WONDER REN about the game he has played.
      Like him OR not he has shared his heart/thoughts to US!
      A man with charactor in a BB production with ENZO/LANE/Britney/HAYDAN who haven’t a clue on what “C” even means.

  132. Brittaney should take the BB win because she is the only one left in this game that can fight well. Hayden only won Hoh twice and they were super easy. he never had to fight for his Hoh win. Britt needs to take down everyone starting with Enzo then Hayden then she can decide Ragan or Lane when she wins the 3 round HoH. Best bet: take ragan out. he was too nice to everyone. Cant wait for next season. hopefully it will be an all-star, celebirity, or even a regular season would be fine!!!!!!!!!!1

  133. If everyone thinks its such a boring season why are you all on here gabbing about it, obviously its not too boring to keep you talking about it.

  134. ok u ppl that hating on this season really need to stop if it is that boring then u would stop watching and none of u have so just please stop already. Just because the season isn’t how u want it doesn’t me anything.

  135. I can’t say I have ever been more bored watching a show! It is so frustrating how the house always votes together and the whole show all the people talk about is there ‘game’ and ‘alliances’. The UK show us so much more fun they are not allowed to talk about the game or nominations there is no HOH and all the house mates go into the diary room to nominate 2 people and give reasons the people with the most nominations go up for a public vote! Much more entertaining with great twists!

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