Big Brother 12: Week 7 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Whoa-Update: Jessie (BB10 & BB11) was back in the house tonight! As part of Britney’s Pandora’s Box experience the man with the muscles came back! Jump on the live feeds right now to listen in to what’s going on.

Power of VetoBig Brother 12 is heating up as we enter a new week of backstabbing and fighting as stress levels run high amongst the HGs. After finding out who Britney nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition which gave the nominees their last chance at safety to stay in the game.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 7 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Brendon won the Veto Competition.

Brendon won the Veto, but lost all his hair. Enzo is in a penguin costume. Someone, unknown at the moment, won a Hawaiian vacation and someone else won $5K. Britney is crying and furious with Lane and the Boys for not trying to win the Veto and going after prizes. Matt and Ragan are very disappointed.

Update: More punishment news. Brendon and Britney will be hand-cuffed for 24 hours. All of Enzo’s clothes save a few pieces were taken from him possibly for the rest the season.

Britney is being strongly pressured to renom Matt and send him out the backdoor but she doesn’t really seem up for the idea. We’ll have to keep watching!

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The players in this week’s PoV competition were Britney as HoH, Enzo and Brendon as the nominees, along with Matt, Hayden, and Lane. Ragan sat out.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results?

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  1. Im so excited Brendon won!! Brit better put up Mat bc he needs to go. Then hopefully Brit or Ragan will be right behind him.

      • How could it be fixed? what kind of game was it that guaranteed Brendon would win, because thats the only way hes getting to stay?

      • Please, weren’t they the same ones dogging Brendon when he said that the comps were geared toward smaller ppl? It seemed ridiculous and hilarious then but now that the shoes on the other foot its plausible? Please get over it. Team Brendon!

      • Pleeeaaaaaaaaasssseee People. Let’s quit calling the game rigged when it does not go your way. Yeah Brendon. It’s not that I like Brendon, it’s that I dislike Brittney, Matt and Reagan. Brittney got what she deserves. Should have kept her word.

      • Matt… we know you hate Brendon, but seriously dude, your bias is right now OUT OF CONTROL.

        So simmer down now!

      • I completely agree that the comps are rigged towards Brendon it sucks bc every single time anyone comes up with a plan to get rid of him it all crumbs. So unless he is just really lucky production is the 13th houseguest to play the game n be apart of team Brendon.

      • @rmneimee – puh-lease…
        It’s a well-known fact around here that I’M ALWAYS OUT OF CONTROL – get with it!

    • Of course he does! Anytime Brendon wins something Ragan thinks it was fixed! Stop crying you whiny disgusting excuse for a human being!

      • I’m with you on this one! Ragan is ruining the show with his disgusting whiney self! Get rid of Ragan PLEASE!!!! He has 20k too much already!!!

      • Calling him “disgusting” rubs me the wrong way. No one has a reason to dislike Ragan except for being anti-gay. Every time I hear anyone insult him it always goes back to his sexuality. You people are so homophobic and don’t even realize it.

      • oh please im gay and ragan really bugs! ragan is everthing he called rachel out on.

      • It has nothing to do with him being gay! Get over it. He is a disgusting person, who loves talking trash about people, that is it!!!!!

      • Actually Derric, Im gay and I hate Ragan. All he does is whine and complain its pathetic. I mean seriously there is no need. I just hope people dont think that the way he acts is how the rest of us do. I mean seriously SEND RAGAN HOME

      • even if brendon wins HOH and put up brit and regan he still have to contend with the backing stabbing trio
        lane,enzo,hayden he will again have to fight for the pov. so i say stay focus brendon and don’t trust anything either one of them have say.
        let’s see how brit will beg and cry for bren to save her lying butt if he wins HoH. i would tell her to talk to the hand it don’t talk back.

      • Regan is a a waist of a gay! I don’t like him at all. I can say that because I am a gay male too…There are have been far better examples of gay American’s on the show than Regan.


        LOL. Wow… making our dislike of Ragan a homophobic issue…. definitely the joke of the day!

        Thanks man – hilarious! :D

      • no it is not homophobic…ragan himself made the comment in the have not room “oh, Im crying too much” at least he realizes what a little cry baby bitch he is being

    • There is such a thing as “internalized homophobia” you know. Just because you are gay doesn’t mean you aren’t homophobic. I’m assuming these “Better examples” of gay men you are referring to are stereotypically “masculine men.” Since, you know, being masculine is “better” than being feminine.

      • I dont think either of us are saying that masculine men are better! But seriously? All that crying? Pathetic. I mean werent they the ones making fun of Rachael because she cried and OH Big surprise! Theyre crying this week, blah get over yourselves.

  2. Awesome!! Now Britney is in hot waters with Brendon AND the brigade is going to lose its first member! FLOATERS GRAB A LIFE VEST! <3

    • Get rid of Matt and RAGAN in the double eviction so Ragan can feel so “bittersweet” Poor poor Ragan-“on the bright side Matt is in the jury house too!!!! Yay!!! I mean Nay….;)”

  3. Yes, this should get very interesting!!!! Can’t wait to see who she puts up!!!!

  4. omg i am sooooo happy BRENDAN won!!! he deserves to win the 500k he is all alone, and working soo hard to stay!!! he is fighting for his life, and he deserves to win

  5. damn it! hope Britney doesn’t get fooled by Brendon and puts up Hayden as replacement nominee and Enzo goes……god damn it X(

  6. YYEEAAHHHH!!! I love that Brendon won the POV, I hated Rachel but maybe Brendon can play the game now, but I really hate Matt!!

  7. I do not have the live feed (I actually have a life and a reason to live) I cannot wait to see the episode and matts face when they send him home.

    But you know Brit is stupid and a snake – she made an enemy of Brendon for no reason and lost the $500,000 – I am concerned she will put of ragan and not matt –

    She is so, so dump in her moves

    The game just got very interesting

    Brendon can still go home in part 2 if he does not win HOH – he needs to convince Enzo and Hayden they are the final three because Lane is too close to Brit the beatch

  8. I could just do the happy dance! All the other lame ducks just got what was coming to them…HA! Lane, Enzo & Hayden are just by standers – Brendon & Rachel were the only two playing the game, Brit & Ragina spew venom from their vile tongues. Matt for claiming to be sooo intelligent doesn’t look to smart right about now! I LOVE IT….

    • Trying to get voted out, causing fights and not making anny allies besides your tonsil hockey team mate doesn’t qualify as ‘only ones playing.’ Brenchel fans must stop spewing crap. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while, but I pitied all the women who thought Brendan would be evicted.

  9. I’am thrilled about the pov and brenden winning…The bro=lazy wanted the prizes, so they could care less alout pov, they know there safe and matt will go home..which is great that’s what he get’s for lieing..Karma is a B–ch..I hope Britt or Ragan go home thursday on double eviction..There just a bunch of fancy pant’s..think there better that the rest..Britt dogged Rachel and Kristin on the second day in the house her and monet..hope she goes bye bye Matt..lier lier pants on fire..hahahaha LOL

    • WHAT viola are you talking about ?? Matt is the one that took all the prizes, NOT bro=LAZY (if that’s who you mean by Lane, Hayden, Enzo) why in the world would you think Enzo considered that penquin suit a prize ?? Btw, lier is spelled LIAR. lol hahahahahah

  10. It is not surprising to me that Brenden won, I’m sure that the comp was thrown on purpose. I hope that Brittany makes her own decision instead of listening to the boys. They are all backstabbing and hopefully she makes the right decision.

      • I totally agree…..get rid of Enzo while you have the chance…put up either Hayden or Lane….leave Matt alone. He is her friend! I too think BB wants everything to go Breandon’s way. I DON’T like them at all. He is just as much a backstabber as everyone else in the house! CRY BABY!

      • Everything going Brendon’s way? WHAT? He lost his only ally in the house and his Pandora’s prize was a lonely vacation when matt got a dpov? He might have won veto, but had to shave his head and be handcuffed to that skanky bitch? Not what I would call going his way

    • Name me ONE person left in the house who hasn’t backstabbed anyone… except for Brendon, who social game is so weak he never had to lie to anyone!

  11. Brenden, Brittney and Matt are the only ones that can win competitions. It needs to come to those 3 and I can’t stand Brenden and Matt. Brenchel are hyprocrits who whined about everyone doing the exact same things they did to people. Matt is aweful for lieing about his wife having a disease Brittney is funny as hell the way she can imitate people!

    • Britt is not a bit funny, she just thinks she’s better than anyone..Engaged but flirting with Lance..such a nice girl..only think funny about Britt is her face…LOL

      • That is your opinion and your entitled to it. I know lots of people who find her funny. Her imitation of Rachel was dead on. As far as flirting with Lane she has said numerous times he’s like a big brother to her. THe way they banter is more of friends then flirting. Just my opinion of course. She was smart to make friends with Lane she needs someone from that alliance on her side.

      • I don’t think she is flirting with Lane at all. It is like a brother sister relationship. I like Brendon but the way she stood up to him was as visa says. Priceless>>>>>>>>>

    • There is nothing funny about that foul mouthed spoiled brat! You know she was a bully in school! I hope she goes out on the double eviction followed by Ragan.

      • Bored with this show! If your so bored why are you reading about it. LOL A bully?! The only ones she has made fun of were Rachel and Brenden and not until they “bullied” her friends.

      • She has made fun of Kathy, Matt, and Kristen. She has talked behind all of their backs! I might not be so bored with the show now that some of these horrible people may go out soon!!!!!

      • She was kissing up to Rachel to her face while spewing vile comments to the rest of the house.

      • @ Tammy The only ones she made fun of was Brendon and Rachel? Did you happen to watch the first two weeks when her and Monet made fun of EVERYONE and said they hated everyone but each other? Yes, she is a bully and a bitch.

    • Tammy, solely based on your comments, I truly doubt that YOU EVER WATCH THE SHOW.
      Britney made fun of Rachel WAY BEFORE any bullying ever happen, all the way to the days of Monet. She started bitching about the rest of the house pretty much at the same time. I’m not even going to try to convince you of all this – your comments made it clear that you’ve lost ALL OBJECTIVITY when it comes to this sad girl.
      But take it from someone who actually DESPISE EVERY HGs this season: she is the worse. A true hellspawn. I would seriously feel sorry for her folks if I didn’t blame them for raising such an intolerable, spoiled, gutless, vapid, entitled, bitchy, Southern brat… come to think of it, human beings invented the c-word specifically for girls like her.

      And just to make it clear that I hate Britney: I hate Rachel too… and still think Bichtney’s worse!

  12. brendan brendan brendan. i think i must be the ONLY person who supports brendan and rachel. have i missed something that other people have seen as in all the stuff that is said about brendan? i don’t ever remember hearing him bad mouth people in the house the way ragan and brittany have. never ever have i seen two people that are more two faced than the two of them. i think that brendan was and still is a nerd at heart and socially isn’t and wasn’t one of the cool kids. so there is that bit of him that is insecure. but ragan is absolutely the worst when it comes to being mean. or is it just me. i can’t watch the showtime feed cause i get sooo pissed listening to all the mean comments by the hammock honies ie brittany and ragan!!!! karma could be a bitch!!!

    • I totally agree. I hate Matt Brittany(Brattany)and sissy Ragan who would give a 12 year old a stomach ache

    • Yes, you obviously missed a lot!! Do you not remember Brenden totaly attacking Brittney when she had the pov hoping it would make her use it on Rachel?? He and Rachel sat together bad mouthing everyone!

      • Oh please, he called her a spoiled brat. OOh so mean. He only did it to try and piss her off so that they would keep Eachel. (stupid move) But he apologized later. Everyone in the house have been after them from day one. If everyone was after you how would you act?

      • Forget it, Ms M – Britney could literally KILL A NEWBORN BABY, and Tammy would blame the poor kid!

      • I guess everyone has their favorites. I have never liked Rachel but I think Brendan is great. If he hadn’t attached himself to her I think the houseguests would like him better. Matt said last night on BBAD that Brendan wasn’t a bit smart. He just knew stuff he read in books. That didn’t make him smart. Duh. What does make you smart Matt.

    • Don’t you get the distinct impression from watching and listening to Ragan that he was one of the class nerds in high school? Interesting that he now sees himself as BBs cool kid considering all of the cruel and nasty comments he makes regarding the other players. If you look like a geek, talk like a geek and act like a geek then I have news for you Ragan — you’re still a geek.

      • He’s not just a geek. He’s a whiney, crybaby biotch. Can’t take slop. Almost had a stroke being on the block. He can dish it out, just can’t take it.

  13. Well, this is a disappointment, but so was the rest of the season. :)

    As for it being fixed, I wouldn’t be surprised. The producers seem to touch a lot of things they shouldn’t be (letter, dpov, pretzel.)

    I wonder if Matt is one of the people who went for a prize cause he was comfortable? That would be funny.

    The worst part about this is the whiny Brendan girls who will only discuss how others play dirty and Brendan is ‘like the hardest working person to fight for himself just cause he wanted true love!’

    Anyway, nice job BBN Matt!

    • Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I have to agree that it was fixed!

      But who cares – Brendon without the POV would have made this week quite boring to go through.

  14. I’m really hoping Matt goes home ASAP. That lie is just… ugh.

    Followed by Ragan or Hayden, or Enzo (since many of you seem to hate him). I love Brit/Lane, and I think Brendon is the only honest one in the house (even if he is a bit delusional, lol)

  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i can’t stand it boo boo boo terrible why why why this is too bad i can’t believe it it’s not fair i think all of this rigging of a very popular show is really bad i think that this will be and i hate to say it the last season of big brother unless and this is a big unless that there’s no leaving of messages or rigging of the show i’ll watch the rest of the series but only time will tell and who wins it will i watch the show again and i am a reality show fan i watch american idol and can’t wait for big brother but for me watching this year it’s on thin ice if wahndon wins it will seal it i’ll be no longer watch big brother or be a fan.

  16. iam starting to belive these comps are slightly rigged. obvi not all the way cuz….. well that would be to obvi.

    i hate brendon as a person, but he is good gameplayer. i feel like alot of his fans come from his looks, and thats why he has to stay on the show. to bring in the ladies of the audience. same thing with jeff last year. although that didnt work out too good.

    another reason is why matt explain part of what the comp was about. it was pressing buttons to lock in ur answer or something. he said during the practice runs, his worked, but as soon as the game started it didnt.

    and i feel for britney so much. like she is just realizing now that the BRIGADE (damn them all) just keeps throwing comps.

    what they did in this POV sounds like they through it, just collected prizes. that completely screws brit. because now they give the POV to brendon who will get out brit next week. and then they backdoor matt.

    brit said it sucks because she is left doing the dirty work which makes it now basically impossible for her to win any votes i she should get that far.

    like that would suck. u win comps when u need to, get HOH, and then u get screwed. basically the power is not even in ur hands.

    and i wish lane would just be honest and tell her. he had the nerve to say “uhh no brendon is not coming after u” like are u effin drunk? no he isnt, he is just effin wit her.

    like and that goes for everyone. with annie, monet, kristin i wish ppl would just be honest. i mean especially when u have a 4 man alliance.

    i hope she puts up hayden. but ti wont happen

    • I know for a fact that one of her girls, Erin, solely like Brendon for his looks… and still find him slow!

      So yeah… here’s a good reason why MEN RULES THIS EARTH!

      Still Love though, Erin! ;)

  17. I’m praying so hard that she puts Matt up, even though I really think it’ll be Hayden that goes up.

    I hate Matt though and if he wins this thing, I will be so disgusted.

  18. Brit’s mistake is to listen to Matt & Ragina – she should make her own decisions! She’s out numbered by the men, if she was smart she wouldn’t alienate Brenda sorry Brendon. He may be the only one with Haydon that could actually get her to the finally. Matty is playing for himself and Ragina is too consumed with being nasty and vicious….I hope Ragina leaves…can’t take the whining and crying – just makes me ill

    • If I was Matt I’d be in the HOH Room as much as possible. Then use Lane to back me up. Play the game Mattie!

      • Honestly as mush as I’m not wild about Matty I don’t want him to leave. He adds some excitement by stirring the pot, however he’ll need a very long ladder to climb out of the deep hole he’s dug!

  19. Mr Get-Pissed-Off-And-Throw-The-Ball-At-Jeff hasn’t won yet. Y’all Brendumb supporters need to get off your high horses.

    He doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting to F4, much less winning.

  20. i vote 4 brendon. he’s always thought of his lady before himself. what a true gentleman.
    i am a senior and enjoy the show so far. please
    let matt go.

  21. This is why I said to all those this morning that Lane would win. The only way to win is to WIN SOME COMP> If you can’t win HOH or POV as we go into the end game, you can’t win. I still say Bren does not have the votes to win in the final2. They all dislike him. Now they are just playing the game. I would get rid of Matt while I have the chance if I was playing, but Brit got to watch her back. I think the boys would toss her under the bus just like they did to Matt. In the end maybe Matt will get ticked and vote for Bren if he made it to final2. That is possible too if Matt himself gets voted out. I would start to target Lane also if I was in the house. But Brit should probably go ASAP too.

    • Try again. Your pedantic attempt to get a rise out of me failed miserably.

      He should have been expelled from the house for that temper tantrum. He could have seriously hurt Jeff or Jordan.

      • Ha, ha, ha!! “dumb” as a suffix? Where would you prefer I add this most suitable suffix? Oh, I know… How about to Posterdumb, that seems perfect, don’t you think so? So let us laugh together…

      • I can’t believe people get so work up about this game…

        Question to The Poster Formerly Known as IHR: if you end up actually meeting Brendon, would you actually KILL HIM?

        Seriously, I really want to know!

  22. everyone kept being like “idk how the votes are gunna go” when they do. they did that like i said with annie, monet, kristin, and kathy.

    but there is no way u can tell me these comps have little things in them that give certain players better odds. i dont mean like the by-chance stuff like the ledge on the paint HOH, i mean like other stuff that production does.

    wether its turning somebody’s light off, having certain houseguest have easier ways to victory i mean i have seen it before and have heard houseguest complain about. even sometimes ppl who have won.

    • It should be clear after the last three seasons that BB knows which players will do better depending on the comp BB picks; but since I am not a big fan of this group I can’t get too upset when BB favors one or the other. There is a reason they call it “production.”

      If Brit was smart, she’d realize she can only win if she’s in the final 2 with either Bren or Ragan.

      So she needs to put up Hayden to get Enzo out. Then, next week when Brendon wins the first HOH on Thursday, he puts up Matt and Ragan (real traget being Matt). If Matt wins pov, Ragan goes home, if not, Matt goes. Then Brit has to win second POV on Thursday or she is done.

  23. Anyone else just hear Lane’s heartbeat when he hugged Britney?

    About 200 beats per minute, pounding out of his chest!

  24. Now things should get interesting. I don’t know why they are all focused on getting Brendon out anyway. He can’t win with who will be in the jury, so……

  25. At this point, no matter how much I hate Brendon, I’d rather see him win over Lane, Hayden or Enzo. Those three just became a new low. Kathy sucked because she just did. These guys suck so they can meekly get by, win prizes and then screw over the three people ACTUALLY doing something (Matt, Brit and Brendan.)

  26. This season is proving more and more to be planned and scripted. Amazing how each and every move runs perfectly, as if scripted for drama. Networks are patting themselves on the back for no longer paying real actors and simply pulling in wanna-be’s from the street to do their bidding for peanuts.

    • The only winner is the networks. They put on “reality” shows, it only costs them for production and they make a fortune off us dummies that watch.

      • Agreed…I am amazed at how many people ‘hate’ Matt, the only individual truly playing the game. Lie, cheat, steal…whatever it takes. This isn’t a test of nobility, it’s a game show.

        Take out the emotion people, this isn’t supposed to be real life and each of these individuals is a character. Pieces of their true personality may show through, however, the ebb and flow of the game dictates how they respond and are perceived.

      • Agree. CBS is wining on all front. Meanwhile, everyone of the HGs this season have been a disgrace to their family and friends.

        But hey, CBS got their ratings, so who cares about those losers?

  27. Brit & Lane deserve each other – they’ll be doing more than hugging in the jury house

  28. Could Bratney have screwed up even more. Time to start actually playing the game babe. Brendon was absolutely correct in his talks with Bratney but she just doesn’t like him so he’s put up for eviction.

    Wonder who’s going to get evicted in the double elim hmmm?

    • As opposed to Brendon going for those who kicked his girl out? Britney may as well say “you kicked Monet out, I’m gettin’ you Brendon!”

      • Using Lane as a pawn was incorrect, he should have just put up both Ragan and Matt. Mistake on his part but he was correct in trying to get one of those three out as not only are they the ones who kicked out Rachel, they are also the only ones to really be able to play the game besides Brendon.

  29. I still think Lane is “Nick”. Why wouldn’t “Nick” say anything the other night? Plus what her mom said. Either that or Brit’s fiancee is a real jerk for mom to not mind if Brit was to bring home Lane.

  30. Sucks, but oh well, she can dump Hayden this week, then Matt wins HoH and dumps Brendon on the double elimination and team Ragan/Britney/Matt can take this show to the final 3. Sucks for the meow meow tho, and Hayden and Lane, but they shouldn’t have been so iffy in the brigade.

  31. Omfg that’s the worst that could happen. Brendan needs to go where he belongs… With his master Rachel cuz she’s probably really missing “her man” rofl

      • okkkk Im glad Brendon won beleive it or not he going to win it all up side Brittany. Remember Jeff & Jordan Jeff was voted out and Jordan won it all….Rachel gone now Brendon can winn it all….

      • I am in “hog” heaven! LOL Wow so it appears that Brendon when pissed plays like he should, fighting for his life. Smartest thing would have been to backdoor him. I love Brendon but that is what they should have done. The funniest thing is Brit and Brendon handcuffed together…..woot woot. What happens if they have to use the bathroom?

    • Please make him go to that redheaded thing in the jury house. I can’t stand him anymore or his cockiness. It seems like an impossible accomplishment to kick him out some one give them the special answer please!

      • Cocky! C’mon wouldn’t you be? He has been a target week after week and he wins when he has to. That’s what is great about this game. It’s time to break up the big love fest in the house. He has been odd man out. The way the others all kiss each others ass’s like they are one big happy family. It has to be hard to live in that house let alone not being in with the “click”. (I know they signed up for this.) Finally it will not be predictable who goes home. Let the others sweat it out for once. None of them have ever been the target like Brendon. Good for him.

  32. I am so happy Brendon won. I agree he is the only one really playing to win. I hope he manages to get through this week’s double eviction too. Go Bren Go!!!

    • I am sooooooo excited! Go Brendon…i hope ragan goes to the jury house next and continues his taunts cos that’s what he does best!

      • Ragan is a vile, nasty, rude, weepy, raging lunatic….. When not if Ragan goes to the jury house, Rachel will beat the crap out of that cry baby.

      • Me to!! I can’t wait to see the others worry all week.
        I hope that Brat didn’t get any power to F Brendon. It would be great if he could survive this double eviction. Go Brendon!!!!!!!

      • Doing the Happy dance again I hopw that matt gos and in the dbl evic so does ragan. I just cant wait to see the face of Rach when she sees them walk in the JH

  33. The funniest thing that could happen would be to evict Ragan and send him to the JH to deal with Rachel over there. HIGH DRAMA in the JH for sure!

  34. ROTFLMAO, i can see the finale already brenda and roach riding off into the sunset on their shaved hair/ red extension mobile

  35. On the other thread they said Brenden was handcuffed to Britney for 24 hours, is this true?

      • So, Matt (BBN), in other words, Production is making sure Brendon has enough time with Brit to convince her to backdoor Matt? -.-

      • Bren doesn’t have to try hard, she’s already p!ssed at him. I bet he convinces her even more that the best thing to do is put Matt up, and if she doesn’t, she’s not going to get Brenchel’s vote IF she makes it to final 2, and if Bren gets HOH next time, he’s going to put her up.

  36. and it REALLY pisses me off now because now we have to hear how tough the BRIGADE is, and how indestructible they are. THEY AINT NEVER BEEN THROUGH THE WIRE!

    enzo is gunna be running his mouth along with the other 2.

    im so sick of hearing how tough they are yet they throw every competition. atleast 1 of them throws every comp. sometimes its all 3 like today.

    c’mon brit, put up hayden! get these knuckle heads out.

    anyone that says “oh brendon is the only won really playing to win” are not watching the u.s. version of this show.

    matt, britney, hayden, ragan, and brendon are playing to win.

    give credit where credit is due. open ur eyes. before today brit had the most wins. now its tied.

    and someone should tell him rachel is not in the game anymore

  37. I think Brendon and Lane held back on competitions as a way to deceive people.

    If Matt goes it will get interesting- Enzo and Hayden are mad at Brit – Brit goes up if Brendon, Enzo or hayden win HOH.

    I cannot wait.

  38. I am happy with Brendan winning but I would like to see Enzo or Haydan go since neither one of them has done a thing but sit on their collective behinds.

    • They actually have done something if you have been watching the show BB 12. 1st, Hayden, did his fare share of trying to win and fighting in comps compared to the other brigade members n he is the most personable so people like him which can pull him alittle further. 2nd, if it wasn’t for Hayden the brigade would be outed by now n gone out of the house bc he completely deterred Rachael n Brendon off of any of the brigade members placing them up on the block n befriending them but only fakly but they bought it. Enzo has not done very much at all except run his mouth which he could not usually back up n if he could he would back himself up up into his bed to snore himself to sleep. But you have to give it to him that at least he has been funny for several episodes that has kept us entertained.

      • Does anyone remember Hayden jumping off the paint can so he wouldn’t have to go on slop? How’s THAT for throwing a competition?

    • Enzo created the Brigade, the most stealth alliance in BB history – so stealth in fact that even some of its members seems to have forgot that they’re part of it!

      So you have to give him at least that…

    • I would rather see Lane go home. The only thing he says about the comp. is when are they gonna have something where you have to run into a wall. He’s a loser!!

  39. YES i am SO happpy brendon won, he deserved it, out of all the HGs left in the house, brendon has been the one who’s come through FOR HIMSELF when he needed to win, unlike the brigade, they’re all just lazy floaters, i mean matt has made moves, putting blood on his hands but he’s played dirty and is a complete snake and for that i hate him. britney has won comps but she’s a 2-faced, Sh-talking beotch who should go home on double eviction night, she’s too confident in the house, hanging around with all the boys, and DONT EVEN get me started on ragan, that whiny baby does not deserve to be in the house, all he’s done is cry cry cry and for that he wins 20K? thats ridiculous, he’s already won too much already, he needs to go.

  40. DAMN IT!

    They need to get Brendon OUT!!!
    Ok so one of the Brigade is going home cuz Brittany won’t put up Ragan (I don’t think)

    • Why is it that everytime they have a great plan to get him out somehow it gets messed up. You know what I really feel like CBS is messing with the game n has it set up already for him to have revenge, for the hoeish redhead dumb*** that he is in absolute love for n is her knight in shiny armor after two days of knowing each other, so he can look like a great guy to be loved by but after hearing his ex speak his just a stalker. We need to kick him to the curb!

      • It’s weird… when Matt used the DPOV to change Brendon’s nomination, folks who hate Brenchel said it was a great move and part of the game. But now that Brendon saved himself by winning POV, well now CBS is messing with the game… even though everybody agreed that, except for Brendon and Britney, everybody else threw the comp.

        Man, are people interesting or what? :)

  41. i would like to see matt go on the block and leave, if not then definitely enzo, he’s the biggest floater in the house now that kathy’s gone

  42. Enzo says he is going to SNAP on Matt… Sign UP for the LIVE FEEDS ASAP to see this go down!!

  43. i’m hoping that the bottle blond with the one big crazy eye is sent home during the double eviction. She should have kept her promise to brendan, because you never know who will win the next event!

  44. It was never made clear if there are two “friends” in the house as they stated at the begining. I think it maybe Ragan and Matt! Maybe the whole story of Matt having a “wife” is phony.

      • remember last season the ones with the pre-house relationship were the hamsters? Maybe this year it is the fish.


        I have been saying that the ‘lifelong friends’ nonsense was bogus for two weeks… and yet they’re still people not listening. :(

  45. The best thing to do for Brits game is to put up Hollywood Hayden and sen either him or Meow Meow home! I would personally rather have Matt Ragan and Lane fight for an HOH than if she was to get rid of Matt and then that would piss off ragan! So she would really have no one but herself! pretty much everyone but Lane going for her!! So put up Hayden and send him or Enzo Home!!

  46. I am amazed at how many people ‘hate’ Matt, the only individual truly playing the game. Lie, cheat, steal…whatever it takes. This isn’t a test of nobility, it’s a game show.
    Take out the emotion people, this isn’t supposed to be real life and each of these individuals is a character. Pieces of their true personality may show through, however, the ebb and flow of the game dictates how they respond and are perceived.

    • I agree. Matt is really playing the game. Yeah maybe the lie was a little over the top, but he truly is playing the big brother game. I also think Ragan’s doing a pretty good job too.

    • do you not think Brenden who has been a target from day 3 is not playing? what game are you watching> yeah he fell hard for a professional “salesclerk” but has he not payed dearly for it and comeback strong?

      • He’s playing exactly the game Ra-Tress told him to play, exactly the way she told him to play it.

        He is strong in competitions, however, he cannot think for himself. He is her BB Socially Inept Zombie.

        Perhaps if he EVER SHUT UP ABOUT THAT SKANK, I would have a little respect for him.

  47. This handcuff thing, if true could work out. They just might be able to spark something.

  48. I am sooooo happy Brendon won. This is the best thing that could have happened right now. I really am taking pleasure in Britt crying. Ragan, I am sure will be crying. Go Brendon!!!!!!

    • I don’t have live feeds but when something does not go her way shes a big crybaby. I hope she didn’t get any power with the box thing. Her and Ragan will still be in the hammock tonight talking crap about Brendon and Rachel.

  49. It should be clear after the last three seasons that BB knows which players will do better depending on the comp BB picks; but since I am not a big fan of this group I can’t get too upset when BB favors one or the other. There is a reason they call it “production.”

    If Brit was smart, she’d realize she can only win if she’s in the final 2 with either Bren or Ragan.

    So she needs to put up Hayden to get Enzo out. Then, next week when Brendon wins the first HOH on Thursday, he puts up Matt and Ragan (real traget being Matt). If Matt wins pov, Ragan goes home, if not, Matt goes. Then Brit has to win second POV on Thursday or she is done.

  50. enzo and hayden can say what they want. that goes for lane too. they through comps. they have been doing it this entire game

    so the ppl who actually PLAY THE GAME arent going to have any votes. if matt or brit, or even ragan make it to final 2 against anyone else, they wont win.

    in the end, the ppl who truly played the game will not win. especially when u have punk ass bitches like rachel, kathy, brendon. they have basically already said nobody who i named in the previous paragraph are not going to get votes.

    so bottomline is

    -comps are like 30% rigged usually (not all of them but most of them no question)

    -brit, matt, somewhat ragan, and hell maybe even brendon wont win the game out of spite despite the fact that they have PLAYED THE GAME

    -the BRIGADE talks too much trash to throws comps the way they do.

    -and if BB was gonna interfere in the game, they should do it for the ppl who their backs against the wall and not just brendon all the time.

    there is a 4 man well i guess 3 man alliance in the house and u practically let them go untouched. BB should do anything but we have seen this season they do, so if they are gonna do it, do for ppl who “need” it.

    glad enzo is reduced to just draws and his shades.

      • I agree. Production is there to make good television. the hamsters are there to entertain us. they are all entertaining. Isn’t Brendon better without Rach? Aren’t we sick of Ragan’s runny nose? Don’t we all think Hayden should have got the shave? Aren’t we all in agreement that Mat’s wifes cancer is far more vile than last seasons Nat age lie? Brit is clever and funny but a typical mean girl and the meow needs to be neutered

  51. I hope Brendon plays Brit like a cheap fiddle during their bondage .. er.. I mean bonding time. I hope he promises her the world to get Matt put up, and then plops her butt right in the nomination chair on Thursday.

  52. Yes this is amazing news, Brenchel all the way. Either Matt or Hayden will go up. And Brittney should keep Matt, or else she will be going home if Brendon wins HOH.

  53. Matt was pretty smug last week while on the block knowing he had the DPOV. I’d like to see him squirm.

    I’m not rooting for anyone in particular. I just know who I don’t want to win it–Matt or Ragan.

    Brittany, while as vile as anyone else has at least won some stuff. Enzo hasn’t won a thing, but he entertains me. Brendon is a wimp tool who has turned it up a notch when he’s needed to. Lane’s a good ol’ boy equally entertaining as Enzo. Hayden…meh. Hayden would be my third to exit after matt or raygun.

    • Wow… look at that: you’re my KINDRED SPIRIT.

      We need more people like us around here!

  54. and now sadly, enzo and hayden are trying and will succeed in getting matt put up. now brit burns ALL OF HER BRIDGES. ragan along with everyone else iwll gun after he.

    well talking about fighting for ur life. now she must win the POV in the dbl eviction show this upcoming week.

  55. and enough with the “go brenchel”. she wont win any money, and she IS NOT IN THE GAME ANYMORE.

    • Bratney already knows she’s not going to get any votes in the jury house because she has all the blood on her hands and realizes that Matt/Ragina/Enzo/Hayden have gotten her to do the dirty work. And the term Brenchel still exists because they will vote as a pair if Bren is in the jury house :)

  56. Enzo thinks he is sooooo smart, and such a good competitor…. it makes me sick. He hasn’t done ANYTHING. And acts like he can. He was so proud to have “figured out” Kathy was the saboteur, now he is soooo sure it was Matt. Idiot. So, Enzo… which is it? Were you brilliant now, or brilliant then? Oh, what that? Yeah, that’s right… NEITHER.

    If Enzo wins anything in this game, it would be a shame.

  57. In the past season, whats his butt had to wear the banana suit, head and all.. So Enzo should have to wear the head too!

  58. How does Enzo have $2000 worth of clothes? He has been wearing the same “wife beater” shirt and shorts the whole season!

  59. I’m so glad Brendon won. This is great TV! Now the smart thing to would be to backdoor Matt. but i would be just as happy to see Enzo go home he so doesn’t deserve to be there.

  60. So bummed right now that Matt might be the one going home. Come on Britney put up Hairden so that Enzo will go home. I have to vomit in my mouth one more week with needle d*ck still there.

    • It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth, lol. PLEASE put up ” hairden”, lmao

    • OMG Hayden aren’t you too old to be a Justin Beiber (sp?) fan? That hairdo has got to go just like the Mullet had to go.

    • BG- you always make me laugh with the nicknames you have for the houseguests.

    • Awww come on BG, don’t pout because baldy is there for another week. YOu have admire how hard he is playing the last 2 weeks. If he had played like that and w/o Rachel many more would have liked him.

  61. I’m glad Brendon won POV. A house of only Britney, Ragan, and The “Brogade” sounds boring — I’d stop watching.

    • You actually think anything Brendan does is entertaining? That’s comical. Maybe you like his looks or his “i’d do anything for my girl” shtick, but entertaining?

      I actually can’t decide what’s more entertaining: whining about other HGs, making awkward convos with the other guys (trying to fit in) or his colourful and vibrant personality.

      Britney and Lane are the only ones keeping me on BBAD. Those two are funny, no matter how mean she is or lazy he is.

      • It’s entertaioning to watch what the underdog can do – and you, Dylan, have to admit that Brendon is the definite underdog in this house.

        Do I like him? No… not even a little bit. But would my dislike of him blind me of the entertainment value he can provide? Hell no. It’s fun watching a guy you don’t like literally dodging bullets every week!

        Your problem man is that you still care about some people in this house… I stop having that issue WEEKS AGO! I’m all about watching dumbass monkeys dance!


  62. As of 3:55pm BBT
    *Feeds are back!*

    Brendon Won PoV

    Britney’s Going to Be Handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours
    (She’s NOT Happy)

    Enzo’s in a Penguin Suit for a week…
    & All of his clothing has been given to charity.

    Brendon’s head is Shaved…

  63. Brendon work hard to win the POV…good for you. On Thursday be the first to win HOH…then put up Britney…send her to the jury house. Now who will be second HOH
    to send Brendon to the jury house. Well first we need to see who Britney put on the block now that Brendon won the POV. I wish Monday was here now so i will know who she will put up. Are Matt and Ragan friends with Britney? I think she should put up Hayden on the block.

  64. the next HOH is going to be between ragan and Brendon – Hayden, Enzo and Lane will throw it because they are safe – why do the dirty work?

    If ragan wins it will be Brendon going home – if Brendon goes home it will be Ragan going home – their destiny is set

  65. So Production is making sure Brendon has enough time to convince Britney to backdoor Matt by handcuffing them together? This is so lame…

    • Why do you keep saying that? He choose that one….and he is smart for doing it. Why is it when things don’t go peoples way they blame production? How lame…..

    • I think no matter what Brendon and brattney talk about she will lie anyway she doesnt keep her word.she even said she isnt a nice person,while she was talking to herself in the tub last night(that was odd behavior!)

      • I’m hoping that is the case. I’m hoping she will lie about putting up Matt just like she lied to him about not nominating him if she won HOH

      • If Brendon believes anything that twit says then he deserves to go home! I don’t think he will!

        Go Team Brendon! <3

      • @Trish.. remind me to hook you up with Brendon once he is out of the house ;)

  66. First off Ragan is only human. they are only keeping Brendan because of the drama he causes its all about production. I think this season sucks Brendan and Rachel are the most annoying cast members ever even more annoying then evil dick.

    • ‘Don’t really want to defend Brendon on anything, but the dude hasn’t made even a noise since his louder half left the house.

      So you claiming that he cause drama is quite unsubstantiated… But hey, HATE IS GOOD, so keep on hating!

  67. You Matt lovers sure are a bunch of bitter bettys. Seems I remember you all making fun of Brendon for saying the comps were rigged for small guys (like your weasel). Now look at you all. Pity.

    • I never complained about that. I agree that those comps were designed for smaller people. I’m sure every competition is geared toward who Production would like to win. It just sucks because I like Matt and I don’t like Brendon. I can admit that. And that’s okay.

      • A lot of people did, wasn’t singling anybody out. Certain people will excel at certain games… some people don’t excel at any. But it can always be said that for whomever wins anything that it was slanted in their favor.

        No way to make everybody happy.

      • Why do you like Matt?

        Why do some people like Brendon?

        How is it possible than ANYONE can tolerate Britney?

        Forget about liking – how can you EVEN RESPECT Ragan or Enzo?

        … Can you even FEEL SOMETHING for Hayden?

        AND WHERE’S LANE? Is he even still in the house?!

        Am I really the only one thinking those things? Am I really alone?!!!!

  68. People need to get over Matt’s lie. Lying is all part of the game and its worked in his favor so far. I really don’t see how the other HGs would find out about his lie. I just hope Britney doesn’t backstab Matt and backdoor him.

      • I get that he’s a strong player but I don’t see why she would backdoor him. As far as I can tell she is in an alliance with Ragan and Matt. My fear is that Lane will somehow sway her from putting up Hayden. Lane needs to realize that he is expendable to the Brigade and get outa there!

      • If she’s as smart as people keep telling she is (which I strongly doubt), Britney should definitely get rid of as many strong competitors as she can before the final three. In comps, she can beat anyone in this house, except for Brendon and Matt… well, she cannot touch Brendon now, can she? So the smart choice, the LOGICAL, STRATEGIC and UNEMOTIONAL choice, would be to put up the one guy left in the house that she truly as to fear, aka Matt.

        … Which means that she’ll definitely NOT PUT HIM UP, ‘cuz, as I stated numerous times before, SHE’S A TOTAL IDIOT.

  69. she she put up hayden , then she would get farther in the game with matt ragan and brendon

  70. Brit has to put matt up or else Lane is exposed – If not Matt then ragan – boy that will be loud –

    Lane will fight Brit putting up hayden – that leaves ragan or matt – Lane, Enzo and hayden already said they want matt gone

  71. Wonder if Matt will have to use a booster seat when he joins Julie on the departure couch. God I dislike that person. Every season I have my dislikes but this season whinny Ragan (can’t wait till he’s gone) midget Matt (horrible individual) Jersey Jerk Enzo (head coaster) get a hair cut Hayden and poor excuse of a human Britney have really erked me. I guess CBS has done a great job of casting.
    GO Brendon

      • Brandan is whiney and whooped.. but i am thankful roachel is gone.. if i had to hear one more time “me and my man” yuck totally gag me with pink hair but i thought since she left that would make brandan start playing for him and not brachel.. and im for lane.. Go LANE!!!!

    • I agree too! Lol! The only person in the house I can genuinely say worth watching is Brendon (he’s actually wayyyy better without Rachel)

      • totally agree. Am rooting for Brendan! I hope those “little men” Matt and Ragan get their comeuppance.

      • I thought I was the only one who liked Brendan. I don’t get his big love for Rachel but we can’t help who we fall in love with. I think Brendan is great. I doubt that he could win if he gets down to the final three, but I hope so. Go Brendan.

      • Your cousin may be a good guy but Rachel??? Seriously??? The military could use her voice to flush out the enemies like they do with heavy metal music. She will destroy the little puppy and he will never be the same. Which maybe could be a good thing!!

      • I guess his pep talk to himself worked! out matt, brit-brat, regan,lane (who is ridding brigade and brit-brats coat tails), hayden, final two enzo and brendon to win. enzo because at least he doesn’t treat brendon is invisable. I know it is a long shot, but you never know. Go Brendon

    • Richard, FINALLY a man with sense. Could not agree more. The cast of ‘characters’ less Brendon, Andrew and even Rachel, are repulsive, at best~

    • Matt, Ragan, and Brit are the only real players in this game and i would be sorry to see any of them go. I absolutly hate Brendon and Rachel and i can’t wait for Brendon to leave thursday because of the double elimination. GO Matt, Brit, and Ragan!!!!!

      • How can you possibly say that Rachel and Brendon have not been playing the game? Rachel, although now gone, won more as well as Brendon than Ragan and Britt and maybe Matt. I guess you think that back stabbing deceiving and lying are the way to play the game.

      • Tyler you must love those dirtbags because you must be just like them  BRENDAN Rocks!!!

    • I love Matt, Ragan, and Brit and hope they make it to the final three. Can’t wait to see Enzo evicted followed immediatly by either Brendon or Hayden. Brit will definatly not listen to Enzo, Hayden or Lane so sorry to all the delusional people who think Matt s leaving.

    • Ohhh Richard sounds like your hating on Hayden because of his hair ?? lol But seriously, I don’t think Hayden has really done all the backstabbing like ALL of the rest of the HG. He just wanted alittle on the side with Kristen :-) Seriouly thru, very caring about others feelings. Regan has to be the biggest cry baby EVER, I liked Matt from the start strategely, but I think it’s getting too big for his britches. Brenchal makes me wanna puke. Enzo just a funning Jersey guy. So Hayden and Lane. imho

    • Agreed with everything except I also have bad things to say about Brendon. His lack of manliness that is. But I guess Brendon is the least of all the evils.

  72. Brit should be safe. Once all of the chicks are out, ratings go down. She looks like a total virgin with big boobs that Dateline would profile on “To Catch a Preditor”, she brings in all ages of men who would take her as a trophy wife over Rachel.. So CBS will do what they need to, to have Brenden and Brit stay as long as they can. Hence the handcuffs…

    • I’m pretty sure the handcuffs are so Brendon can convince Britney to backdoor Matt.

      • Brendon won’t have to convince her of that. I think Lane and Hayden can do that all on their own !

    • I know i’ll be less interested if Britney goes but not just because she’s cute … she’s also funny and above average game player who generally respects the game

      • Yeah, Britney is cute as a devil!!! She and Sabo-Ragan are nasty, whinny, hypocrites,and puts down people to make themselves feel better. Too bad, CBS does not show their true colors.

  73. So glad he won POV~nominate Matt~love that they will be handcuffed together for 24 hours should be so funny!!!!!

    • Wonder what Rachel will say they have to sleep together……..I can’t wait to see this. Poor Britany, the least big brother could of done was handcuff her to Lane.


    i hope bitchney puts up matt. he’s so arrogant, he’ll never see it coming.

    then hopefully brendon wins HOH next week and sends britney home, too.

  75. I Think It’s Something Wonsderful that vreadon WOn!! YES!!! Ha Ha Ha Brittany the vrying princess and Regan the no vody professor who knows nothing about being a compassionaye professor or anything else for that matter. Sure he won 1 veto comp Big deal regan I hope Julie tells every1 that he also won 20,000 for being the Sab! Ha Ha Ha! YES breadon u r the one and the winner. HOH does not mater now. I would hate to see haydon or enzo go when brittany, regan, and even matt are such scum and backstabbers! They all make me sick to my tummy as the rest of us who watch their name calling…they got what they deserved Karma baby is a B—h!! Ha Ha Ha

  76. uh oh – I wonder if being handcuffed to Brendan for 24 hours counts as going between Rachel and her man?

  77. people!!!!!!!!! why did brendon win the pov he was supposed to get out of the house…my gosh

    • Production didn’t want the house to lose another ‘story.’

      Back in the older seasons, when things were a lot less rigged and people were more real; the viewership was better. You’d think they would learn that if you pick a bad cast, that’s your fault- don’t meddle with it.

      • You shouldn’t be calling people idiots, especially when you’re:

        a) not sure
        b) spewing idiotic crap too.

      • You shouldn’t keep saying it’s rigged in every other post. Why don’t you elaborate. Do you think they come up with the comps. every week? They are done in advance probably before the show even starts. They don’t just decide what to do and then build a set each POV and HOH competition. Just wondering who you want to win? I just want to know and see if they win a comp what you will say then.

  78. The house will not send Brit home if she is on the block with ragan – Lane will make sure Enzo and hayden vote Ragan off – Brit only goes home if Lane is on the block with her

      • Almost agreed, except that last I recall they’ve been wanting to get her out for a while – Hayden & Enzo.

        If Matt tells Brit about the brigade’s talk to target her week after week – britney will feel that she has to put up hayden. Which I think is what’s going to happen.

        I hope Matt goes up!

  79. OOps so excited I spelled breadons name wrong with a typo so sorry hun u DESERVE that VERo and you won it baby!! Yes!!! Our family and friends are so happy. regan told Brittany on after dark that America must love them both, which is so sad and untrue. Can not STAND either one of them and Matt digusting as he is for lying about his wife and suppose illness. Go Home u 3 scym bags!! Ha Ha Ha

    • Susie, you and your family don’t even account for 1% of the viewers, so to say Brittany was dumb for thinking she was a favourite is absurd.

      Weekly, she’s been in 1st or 2nd, I believe she’s gotten the most votes overall on this site. Obviously the polls here are not nearly as many voters as viewers, but it still shows who’s relatively popular.

      • The three (cannot insult the stooges) sitting in the HNR is hysterical, almost fell on my seat. Brendon’s hair cut, EnzNO is a suitable penguin suit, and Hayden pitiful is too funny. made the long wait for results worthwhile. I needed the laugh.I can’t stop laughing.

      • Susie and Carol,I’m calling my lawyer on you. Had to put movie Sting on pause to change my pamper. U R too funny.

    • Susie, I’m in the I hate Brit, Matt and most of all Ragan boat.

      And according to what I’ve read there are many of us. I didn’t vote in any polls but I just know it’s not 1 or 2 people that dislike them, it’s many.

      • Me to. This is not gonna go over good but I want Brendon to win. I dislike Brat and Ragan the most. I would rather see Enzo or Hayden win if Brendon doesn’t. I know go ahead beat me up for saying that. I know Enzo is annoying and Hayden lied about him and sour puss Kristin. I would even rather Matt win over Brat, Ragan and Lane. I don’t know why I feel so different about Lane then most of the people on here. He thinks he is such a bad ass. Will it come out in the jury house that Hayden and Kristin lied about hooking up? Just wondering or is that just old news by now. OK take your best shot at me for this comment!!

  80. I do hope Brittany enjoys ALL the food HOH and BB supply her while she’s handcuffed to Brendan.

      • I can only imagine the gas issues she’s gonna have to endure from the broccoli and beans diet … BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        Serves her right.

      • I think they are all used to the Gas problem thanks to Ragan. He could leave a gas trail all the way through the house, lol.

  81. Bren-f’ing-don… OMG.

    Wow… From now on, I’ll stop underestimating that mofo!

    Hey everybody: do not tune out! The week finally got WAY MORE interesting!!! :D

  82. Just for kicks, I’d like to see Britney make the moves on Brendon, then we’d hear Rachel yell all the way from the jury house – NOBODY’S GONNA COME BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!

    • I don’t really miss Rachel because of her lack of social skills but I do miss that “me and my man” stuff she would say.

      • I think she did that on purpose when she said it. I thought it was funny. I know there isn’t two people in the house that are lifelong friends but I would love it if it came out that Brendon and Rachel are married. I would rather be around Rachel then Brat or Ragan any day. There was something I liked about her. Not all the time but she seemed more real then the other two. She didn’t talk about people behind their backs like Brat and Ragan do. I don’t get why he thinks he is such a good person, he’s really full of himself. At least she has the courage to say things to people’s faces. She goes overboard but I would rather someone tell me what they want to say then behind my back. When they do that it shows how insecure they are because they want the other one to agree with what they are gossiping about. If that makes sense. Kinda like misery loves company.

  83. I think Brenden winning today was awesome. Brittany Matt,and Regan need to go. They are losers

      • So has Brendon, like 3 times! I might not like Matt or Brit but have to admit those two have played the game. Matt looks worried right now, just think 2 days ago him and Ragan were happy little beavers. Digusting……

      • Matt lied his way thus far. He’s won, little. I think back to his despicable speech about his wife being sick (it was Brendon and Rachel who offered to help him with the illness outside the house and after BB), his thinking because he’s (supposedly?) a member of Mensa, he’s beyond reproach, sickens me. I think he’s gay, too. Brendon should donate $ to him for dental surgery for his wife. If you’re so smart, midget, why don’t you have enough MONEY to fix your wife’s wretched teeth? G

  84. What’s with the nicknames? Lol. Anyways there is no way Brendon and Brit will get together and form an alliance. She swore on her boyfriend she wouldn’t put him up and she did anyways. The brat doesn’t stay true to her word and Brendon now knows this. Gooooo Brendon!!!! It’s about time you start playing! Better late then never eh?

    • We love ya Brendon and we are all shooting for ya. Sock it to them and show them how it’s done. You got my VOTE. I hope you have America’s too.

      • Ugh Brendon needs to go home with Rachel and her chipped teeth. And Brendon seems like he’s a crybaby in the real world. He’s no sexy. He tries to hard. If he does have them Degrees….I think he got a little water on the brain from being an under-paid swim team coach. He looks like he would mess with one of hos students.

      • The girlfriend revealed it all. He’s a flake who gets terribly insecure and felt he NEEDED a girl (remember Annie?)

        Rachel’s just a trifling hoe. She has an ugly face, ugly make up and ugly hair. Brittany may be ugly inside, but she beats Rachel on the outside.

      • Denise, that makes Britney worst than Rachel. Being ugly on the inside is so much worst.

      • How can anyone say Brendon is not sexy. Look at the picture of him with his arms up. His body is awesome. If you just saw him in a magazine and didn’t see him on the show most of you would think he’s hot. Why is it when a man is sweet, lets his guard down, helps around the house, cooks, cleans up after himself and the other slobs in the house and stands up for someone he cares about he is a pussy. Who cares how long him and Rachel have known each other they were together 24/7 for weeks. I don’t doubt that they care for each other. If it doesn’t work out they had a great summer together. When they get older that’s what they will remember.

  85. So are you all saying that Britney is not Matt and Ragan friend..? I thought the other day when Matt use his DPOV on himself that Britney and Ragan jump for joy that Matt did’nt have to leave the house. So now she really not Matt and Ragan friend. I know that Britney would not put Lane on the block…she should put Hayden up this week and whoever win HOH first Thursday then could put up Matt and Ragan on the block and see if one of them..if able to do so win the POV…

    • she is mad at matt for going for all prizes and no punishments,and brenden took like four punishments.

      • There is nothing wrong about trying to win a prize…Did he win anything? Britney just mad because she know that Brendon will put her up if he won HOH on Thurday…and when Matt went for a prize then she got upset with him for not going for the POV to save her.

      • Nah, she really isn’t friends with them anymore. She now is being presured from Lane and his crew, excluding Matt, cause I think the rest of the brigade are catching on to Matt playing both sides (with Ragan and Brit) Sooo, let the drama continue. :-)

    • I agree with you totally. She should put up Hayden – then whoever wins HOH on Thursday can put up Matt & Ragan.

    • Britney is your lifelong friend AS LONG AS SHE CAN USE YOU… afterward, though, watch your back.

    • Good one! What about Brat and Ragan’s trash session in the hammock every night. This is great. Finally the rest of them will be inconvenienced and have to sweat it out all week. Remember when Brendon won HOH last week and Brat was in the have not room crying because she wanted him to be uncomfortable all week. She was pissed because (her words)people were gonna talk to him and laugh at his jokes. She said something about Enzo having his arm around Brendon after he won HOH and congratulating him. She is the biggest sore loser of all of them. She’s probably used to getting her way all the time. They all have been to comfortable week after week. It’s about time for the party to end.

  86. seen brendon got the POV.. then briteny should backdoor matt …. let him walk out those door …. then brendon when HOH then put up britney and ragen nomtion britney kick out then

  87. Is there a veto comp after the first (Quick) HOH and Nom Next week ???? and will the first hoh be able to compete for the second hoh ??? sorry I am a BB rookie !!

  88. so does Brendan get to sleep in the HOH room or does Britney have to sleep in the have-not room?

    • bren will be able to sleep in the HOH room with bratney, but she was telling lane that he will sleep on the floor

      • She can’t make him sleep on the floor. How mean that vixen is. What happens when one has to go to the bathroom?

      • Seriously, does she really wants to be squarely in Brendon’s line of fire? Make him sleep on the bed, you stupid airhead, and guilt-trip him to not put her up if he wins HoH next week!

        … Man, what a moron.

  89. Yayyy! Brendon needed this veto. And if he wins HOH next Bratny is a goner. Or I hope Ragina, I love gays, I have sooo many gay friends but not nasty like him. I have never disliked a HGs before (or maybe I have, Chima who got kickek out) but I don’t like him at all. I like him the beginning but he showed his nasty side that is really not needed to further himself in the game. I think either Enzo or Matt is going up as replacement. Best case scenario: Either Brendon or Hayden wins HOH, Brat and Rag on the block, Brat goes home. Next HOH, everyone will play then it’s a new ballgame!

    • I liked Ragan at first too but then all the sudden he turned evil! He just talked way too filthy and just doesn’t know when to stop! I believe he will be shocked when he sees the way he was talking!!! But it will be too late….

      • Regan had to defend himself when Rachel came back to the house. I agree he is a crybaby but DAMN, he destroyed Rachel the day she came back.

      • what happened between Regan and Rachel. In the beginning it was B/R, reg and kat they were all friends. he was giving her hints when she was hoh in week 2. then when kris was nominated that is when the vulgar talking from reg started i wonder what the college has to say about his actions

  90. I don’t like Matt, and Bren was stupid to not start playing the game and kissing up once Rachel was gone. These two are the only “players”. Brit is a real air head. She may win some comps, but she’s not too bright. The Bro-gade owes all their acomplishments so far mainly to Matt. Bren can’t recover now from the “showmance” with Rachel no matter what he does. I doubt he could win. The show is a little more exciting now, but I too believe BB is influenced by the producers for drama and in the end, RATINGS!

      • Euh… want a list?

        – Badmouthing people to everyone in a earshop?
        – putting people on the block solely for emotional reason, not strategy.
        – aligning herself with people again solely for emotional reason (hatred of Brenchel does not make a good long term strategy)
        – giving pathetic lies to anyone who could secure her in the game while backing from them when she does feel safe.

        So yeah, she sucks… but she’s no worse than EVERYBODY ELSE in that snake’s pit… oh sorry, she’s actually worse!

  91. It’s weird that Matt is my favorite HG this season because last season my favorites were Jeff, Jordan, and Russel. It sucks that Britney is supposedly going to backdoor Matt. Maybe its just another lie of her’s like when she told Brendon she wouldn’t nominate him. I don’t have the f e e d s so I can’t verify that she is actually contemplating the backdoor. Hopefully she will reveal in the Diary Room that she was just lying to Brendon.

    • we know she’s that p.o.’d at matt to put him up, she sees that no one has her back in that house and matt went for the prizes because he thinks he’s so safe in the house, having brit do all the dirty work, i’d bet money she puts Matt up !

  92. Brit has to KEEP Matt!! I hate him but she needs to keep him because he is a bigger target than Brit!! Send Enzo Home! He is the real head of the Snake not Matt !

    • Its true that Enzo is the head of the “snake”(Brigade), which is funny because he’s done absolutely nothing this whole game. But I agree that if he leaves the Brigade will finally be gone.

      • i dont know if such a slacker could be called the head of the snake, Matt is totally the head of the snake, Enzo was just the one to speak up about it first and put the first crack in the BORgade

      • Matt can’t be the head of the Brigade snake because they’ve already moved past him

  93. lol – my husband, who doesn’t watch the show, just asked me (jokingly) who won the power of voodoo

  94. If she is a true fiend of Lane’s she will honor his wishes and put Matt as the replacement. I can’t wait. He is a rotten person for lying about his wife being sick. Life long friends could it be Matt and Ragan?

    • There are no life long friends, that was a lie made up by the Saboteur. Week after week they were just making things up to sabotage the game.

      • I don’t care for her either and wouldn’t care if she didn’t care for me……who cares.

    • oh summer please…Britney is such a baby..first of all she is more evil and vicious then brendon and rachel ever were….and she cant take it back…shes a hypocrite and you know….and i dont care if britney wouldnt like me…because i already dont like her

  95. The veto game has just started
    it looks like so much fun
    The veto comp, is about what you know
    With the ring of a bell away we go

    Hayden and lane are playing pool
    I won, no you won, what a pair of fools
    Enzo and matt you could see at a glance
    where just standing around with thier hands in thier pants

    The BB junkies were waiting with anticipation
    because BB had blacked out the station
    two hours go by and then three
    I couldn’t any longer I had to “P”

    Britney’s up in the HOH, all depressed
    While lane is trying to cheer her up, doing his best
    Hows the view from under the bus, I hope you don’t eat to much dust
    Bredon tried to tell you, Matt you can’t trust

    Now britney is crying with head in hand
    Ragan and Matt are saying, I can’t believe it man
    Now the veto game is over, and everyones stuned
    Because OMG, believe it or not, brendon has WON

    • They know one is coming and suspect that this will be the week. They just aren’t certain because no official announcement was made. They have pieced together that if no double eviction was used, they would not be able to whittle the group down to a final two by the end of the season.

  96. You guys got to realize that Britney is a POV champion … Just cause she gets put up doesn’t mean See Ya … they have a better chance to back door her but she’s too smart for these lugs..

  97. I’m glad that Brendon won the pov. He deserves to stay and compete. Matt’s an idiot lying about his sick wife for the sympathy vote of the house. It’ll be interesting to see how the other HG’s respond when they find out. Bye bye Matt. Go back to your perfectly healthy wife w/o the big bucks. Take the whiny complaining Ragan with you. He has the 20 grand, leave already. All Britany can do is pick at her hair and nails. I’m sure that a gazillion viewers really don’t care about watching her groom herself. Enzo, Hayden and Lane haven’t won much, but at least they don’t come off as liars like Matt.

  98. thank goodness Enzo and Matt didn’t end up handcuffed together – the hands in the pants thing could have gotten tricky

  99. Okay, so I’m watching BBAD from last night. Lane and Brit are playing pool. It’s at the last hour, around 11:05 BB time. The discussion is about Lane’s girlfriend. Drop the Bovey, get with the hole in one. Brit calls Lane, Nick! She says, “look Nick, I know how these DR’s go.” Lane turns pretty red and then they start making nervous talk. Brit starts to laugh. I think Lane IS Nick…

    • If that ends up being true then I guess all you that have called her a slut just got back doored.

    • I dunno…but wasn’t it a little weird that Brit’s mom seemed to really hope that she and Lane would get together? right at the end, she said something about Britney being engaged, sort of like an afterthought…

    • I’ve thought that for quite a while. If Annie’s sab clue was real – if there are two people who knew each other from before the show – my bet would be exactly that – that Lane IS Nick. And especially the way her mother seemed to approve of her relationship with Lane. Pretty wierd …

  100. I never thought I’d say it, but Brendon is gaining my respect. I don’t personally care for him, but he is playing to win. The Brigade (except for Matt) is worthless in this game. Who does Enzo think he is calling Matt “broke back”. Meow Meow is just a pussy cat. All talk, no action.

  101. I am sooooo disappointed!!!!!!!! I wanted to quit seeing Brendon`s nose picking whining voice.

  102. Brendon apparently has more lives than a cat! What are Britney’s choices now … she won’t nominate Ragan or Lane, doesn’t want to nominate Matt … that leaves Hayden. And the houseguests dwindle down to a precious few …

    • I hope she doesn’t nominate Matt! But I’m hearing from people that its a strong possibility… :(

      • I doubt that it really matters, because with the double elimination Britney may be leaving the house as well. Thursday will be an interesting night.

  103. omg am so happy. go brendon. i prayed for him all day. am so happy. i hope he wins the hoh next that will destroy the brigade. Team Brendon here!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lol if brendon gets to the end that will be bb history. Go Brendon!!!!! i think he is an honest person and very faithful.

    • Sadly, I also said a prayer. I’m disturbed by my desire to pray for a tv game. I should reevaluate my life now.

      • Haha.. he is.. and I am neutral about the girl.. whatever keeps my bro happy is fine by me :)


    HAHAHA britney got to hang out with jesse from last season.

    well if she isnt lying, which it doesnt seem like she is.

  105. I am so glad that Brendon won the veto. It goes to show the other house guest that he’s not a quiter he is a fighter. I am so proud of Brendon he puts his mind to something and he succeeds. Matt on the other hand lost my interest when he lied about his wife. I know people lie in this game but do not lie about somebody’s health. How would Matt feel if his wife is dieing of some illness. I say backdoor Matt and send him packing. Good bye Matt.

    • ITA about lying about health. There’s nothing funny, amusing or justifiable about it at all. I wonder though – is it possible production had everyone “throw” the competition to keep Brendon in the game? He is one of the more interesting players and ths show is all about ratings …

      • Misty, doubt production did that since it could make the difference between who wins the money in the end. I for one would refuse production.

  106. Yes! Yes! Yes! Go Brendon!!! I am so damn happy Brendon won POV. Now ratt and ragg can go cuddle and cry together. Oh, that scank bratney better backdoor Ratt( that’s matt for those who don’t know, he does look like a rodent, a small one!)I cannot wait to see him gooooooooooooooo! Did Brendon wipe that ugly smirk off your face ratt boy? and Boo Hoo RAGan, gonna cry? I just love it!!! ratt this week with rag-an! That would be a dream come true! Next week let’s say bye bye to Bratney, how wonderful that would be. Congratulations Brendon!!!

  107. brendon can’t think for himself, he was rachel’s little puppet. He is the biggest d-bag I’ve ever seen in my life.

      • for someone who cannot think for himself, he’s done pretty damn good for himself after she was gone. He is a loyal person. He stands by the ones he loves, nothing wrong with that.

      • how did he do that when he put up who rachel wanted in pretzels??? he stands by rachel because she was the only one giving it up to him for the 30 days they were together.

      • I’m on your siad GM, Have you ever noticed that, when someone can’t really answer the question, they bad mouth someone that’s no even there, Rachel is gone, give it up, Brendon’s doing pretty good as far as I can see.

      • Really? I think rachel did better than him when she was in. he’s lost way more than hes won, either way he still should wear a dress biggest wuss he only took up for rachel in front of her and took her orders sounds like a girl to me

      • Bitch slapping? He’s tied with Britney…

        Then again, his ex did say he was the controlling type, so he’s used to bitch-slapping.

      • @Dylan.. If you had to sue your ex to get back the ring you gave her.. she would be calling you much worse bra ;)

      • @BrendonIsMyCousin – who sue’s over a ring?

        Was this ring a family heirloom? something with decades of sentimental value? I bet not… Thus, more proof of the d-bag he truly is…

        And no arguing about how it was breach of promise – The guy would have any rational human being running for their life with his needy controlling freaky self.

      • Matt from BBN…thank you for finally getting that out there!!!! I am not sure that many who are fans of BB truly understand its’ purpose! It is about manipulation, control, and surveillance. Thanks again for putting that out there!

      • … Seriously, there’s people watching this show that doesn’t know about “1984”?

        Man… we do live in a sad world, don’t we? :(