Big Brother 12: Week 7 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

It was Veto Comp day in the Big Brother 12 house and things were turned upside down by the results. This was a prizes and punishments styled Veto which landed on HG in a penguin suit, two hand-cuffed together, one of them taking chum baths, and one of them walked away with some cash and a vacation. Read on to find out who won what and what all happened Saturday in BB12.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 21, 2010:

10:00 AM BBT – Enzo discovering the joys of Have-Not cooking as he fries up some broccoli. The man ain’t happy.

4:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds come back from a nearly 5-hour Veto Comp. Brendon has no hair and Enzo is in a penguin suit (this year’s Casey-in-a-banana). Brendon has won the Veto.

4:15 PM BBT – Britney is crying to Lane and very upset that Brendon won the Veto. She feels the guys weren’t trying to win the Veto and were going for prizes instead. She’ll have to be handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours.

4:30 PM BBT – Enzo discusses having his clothes taken away. Sounds like they were given to charity. He’s upset because he had $2,000 worth of shoes with him.

5:00 PM BBT – Enzo and Hayden working Britney over about renoming Matt. Enzo is blaming everything on Matt and Britney seems to be buying it.

6:20 PM BBT – Live Feeds return and we discover that Jessie (BB10 & BB11) was in the house as part of Britney’s Pandora’s Box experience. She uses the word “douche” a lot when describing the experience. Meanwhile, the rest of the house got to have a feast with hula dancers (yes, even the Have-Nots feasted). Britney was tempted by Pandora’s offer of an hour of advice. It was working out advice from Jessie, not what she expected.

7:15 PM BBT – Britney tells Hayden that her plan is to renom Matt, but she won’t warn him that she’s doing it.

9:15 PM BBT – Brendon and Britney come back from the DR and they’ve been handcuffed together for the next 24 hours. Brendon will have a take a chum bath while handcuffed to her, but there’s a good bit of slack there for her.

10:00 PM BBT – Brendon takes his first chum bath and it’s pretty disgusting. He’s covered in green scum.

11:00 PM BBT – Hayden reveals to Enzo that he won the $5K and the Hawaiian vacation. Enzo says to keep his mouth shut on that until after the eviction as they want to pin those on Matt.

12:30 AM BBT – Ragan borrows Enzo’s penguin suit and does a happy-dance.

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Saturday was nuts in the house. The Veto turned out to really shift things yet again and come Thursday we’re likely to see Matt go home in Round 1 of the Double Eviction night. I wouldn’t mind seeing Enzo having to take a seat next to Julie in that penguin suit for Round 2 though.

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  1. Brit when will u realize that Matt and Ragan are u only allies in the house and the rest of them are just trying to break you guys up so that they can win. Matt, Brit and Ragan are my favorites to win, but if Brit can’t realize what Enzo and Hayden are doing than we will see some of the biggest idiots in Big Brothers history win and it will be two years in a row that the person i disliked the most will win.

    • i was very happy with who won last year … but i do agree with enzo and hayden.. she needs to wake up.. but for the record im for lane to win

      • between natalie and jordan, I was soooo glad to see jordan win. natalie KNEW she had the win in the bag and got slapped in the face with reality in the finale. the nasty jesse loving skank ho got what she deserved.

    • Question how are Regan and Matt her allies when they were willing to throw her under the bus last week

  2. Matt should have already been disqualified and removed from the house for his insult to those with terminal illness.

  3. I agree Amy. I am surprised Britney is even thinking about putting up Matt. What a sad move! Britney you’re slowly.. speeding up… moving down on my respect list.

  4. Matt should have cut his ties to the three stooges when Enzo admitted that they were voting him out against Lane.

    Anything that happens to him from that point on is his own fault.

    I’m pretty much on Team Anyone But Haden or Enzo now. Talk about two useless individuals. Sheesh.

    Brendon gets a day at a resort, Matt gets dpov, and Britney gets….AN HOUR WITH JESSE!!!

    BB must truly hate Britney.

  5. Expect the unexpected,if Ragan would tell Britt about what he knows about Enzo and Hayden then maybe she can get Bradon, Matt and Ragan’s votes against Enzo. She sees Enzo as someone who really tried to win we will see. He chose to give his clothes away now he is whinning like a girl.Wasn’t Enzo and Hayden the ones that told Kathy not to tell Matt about Rachel message, now they are doing the same thing about Hayden’s 50k and trip. Britt thinks it was Matt,won it. Will Brandon and Britt have to play the Veto comp together? They seem to be bonding.

    • If Matt’s on the block, there’s no way Brendon would vote for anyone else but him. If Britney put Hayden on the block, then Enzo’s out, period. But that also means that, if Brendon win the next HoH (and nobody with any brain should bet against him), Brit would end up right next to Matt on the block. That’s, hands down, the smartest move Bren can make as HoH on Thursday – putting up two of his strongest competitor, one of them being his natural ennemy (Matt). Even if one of them take themselve out of the block, who cares – Bren just put up Ragan as replacement, and one of those two is gone, one less ennemy for him to deal with.

      And I don’t understand why Brendon wouldn’t put Britney up – yeah, they’re friends now, but Brit promises him already that she wouldn’t put him up, yet she did. You would think that, regardless of his feelings about her right now, the man wouldn’t forget that (then again, Brendon is an idiot, so he may very well have forgot about it!)

      Anyway, at this point, NO WORD IS SACRED, EVERYBODY’S LYING, and EVERYONE SHOULD BE THINKING SOLELY ABOUT #1… so don’t believe any new alliance forming themselves in the next coming days.

      • MightyMad, I don’t think Brendon is dumb persay, I think he is just wanting to believe in people. I don’t think that makes him dumb but just a nice guy. What is so surprising to me is how well Brit and Brendon have gotten long the past few hours. They talked into the night after everyone left and that sure doesn’t sound to me like the old Brit. If she would be like she were last night with Brendon I could learn to like that girl.

      • He was (and still is) pretty trusting. You can call it dumb/stupid/insert-derogatory-adjective-here but I call it being one of our family. :)

      • yes I think brendon has proved himself to be a nice guy week after week…maybe not the smartest when it comes to people skills…I just wonder how genuine the Brat is being she’s so deceitful but maybe she is looking at numbers and going “with the house” If she lets matt or rags get to her again she will live to regret it.

    • “BrendonIsMyCousin”, can you give us the definitive answer as to whether Brendon is part of the lifelong friendship?

      • All I will say is that Andrew isn’t related to us.. although it wouldn’t be too bad even if he was.. he is a nice, clean-cut guy.

      • Im sory your related to that asshole!!..brendon is such a jerkoff…and if he thinks rachel will be with him win or lose hes a moron..she is a golddigging hosebag…and brendon is a douchebag..wellmaybe they are perfect for eachother!!

  6. It’ll be so cool to watch that ratt boy walk out that door! just say bye ratt! Then of course we’ll have to listen to rag-an cry like a little girl for a few hours. Boo Hoo whaaaaaaa! It’ll be so worth it : )

    • I can’t wait for that either! Besides, who exactly gave him this title of diabolical supergenius? If he is really this genius, then there must be a new definition because he sure is a stupid player. And an annoying one.

      I’m looking forward to finale night when Ragan learns that Matt was lying about his wife having a disease. Stupid Ragan you think you can’t trust people at all, well here’s another example for you! Haha

    • shouldn’t have to listen to him cry for a few hours hopefully he will be following him out the door! used to think it was important for the brat to go next but rags is the best choice at least for my sanity so sick of his sniffling and crying then the Brat and the last 4 can just fight it out

  7. so glad enzo has to look stupid the rest of the season.

    and it seems bb has rigged some of comps. matt enzo hayden all separately described how they were cheated.

    its not like always completely rigged, but there is always little nicks and hitches put into the game.

    • I think their complaining about things being rigged is a cover because they weren’t really trying to win.

      • well for example. enzo said he delayed like 2 seconds on a answer, and matt said he was buzzing in before the question was done and he still didnt get in.

        i mean i think hayden and lane threw it but it also seems BB put in some curve balls as they have been known to do

      • Marcus as I said lastnight have you ever watched jeopardy… whenever they talk to ppl about their experience the almost unanimously say they knew the questions but couldn’t work the buzzer it rules who wins and looses generally not that BB hasn’t been messing with crap from the get go…I just think the buzzer issue is over talked by the losers

  8. This will be the third season that Jesse has appeared on, Big Brother must be almost as in love with Jesse as Jesse is.

    • ‘Thing is, it gets people talking – I mean, you’re talking about it right now!

      So smart move from CBS here – I don’t care at all meathead showing up, but obviously I’m in the MINORITY. As long as the rest of you get a reaction from Jesse, expect him to show up ALL THE TIME!

      • I have no problem with him coming back, It will probably be funny, I just have never seen someone so in to their own reflection, that is part of what makes him funny

      • Someone actually mentioned that Jesse probably hook up with one of the producers, which is why they always bring him up.

        I however think that the producers have him on speed-dial if they have nothing better in store, and he’s always available!

      • A smart move by CBS would bring back someone worth watching like Evel Dick or Rachel. They both made their seasons worth watching.

  9. Sounds like a pretty intense veto competition!!… I can’t wait to see it on tv Wednesday night. I really like Britney, but it will be hilarious to see her handcuffed to Brendan for 24 hrs. Poor Rachel ain’t gonna like this one bit…”Ain’t nobody gonna come between me and my man!”

    • Can you imagine how who ever goes to the jury house is going to be telling Rachel, your man was handcuffed to Britney for 24 hour, he could have chosen anyone but he chose Britney.

      • LOL…I’m sure Rachel will find out. But next Thursday’s show is a double eviction, so there’s always the chance that Britney will be heading to the Jury House right after Rachel finds out!!.. The JH may become more interesting than the BB House!

      • That would make for some sparks Rachel and Britney in the same house after Britney being handcuffed to Brendon. I have thought for a long time that towards the end of the season they should add a fourth night of Big Brother and devote it to the jury house. Nothing else on but reruns anyway.

      • I hope Rachel finds out, at first I liked her but wow shes so fake. I cant wait until Brandon gets evicted so there show-mance will continue in the jury house!

  10. i liked jessie during the season last season (hated when he pulled that b.s. to screw natalie for the win)but the way brit described, it should be VERY entertaining wednesday night.

    i hate how enzo is being such as punk ass bitch. like i just want somebody to hear him, or a chance for matt to throw his shet ALL out there. i want him to be exposed. thats what he deserves. he doesnt deserve clothes, and eff his shoes.

    it sucks because if ur brit, u think its the right thing to do, but what ur really doing is being used to do dirty work, and being used to turn on a “ally”. she will ONLY have ragan.

    maybe, and i say just MAYBE brendon. overtime i saw her and brendon, they were laughing and getting along.

      • nah ragan will still role wit her. who else is he going to go with? ragan knows he cant trust enzo, hayden, and lane. matt will leave. he cant trust brendon.

        britney will eventually tell him how enzo and hayden through him under the bus HARD. then ragan will surely forgive her especially since she didnt have anytime to talk to matt.

        its gunna be britney and ragan vs the whole house with brendon as the random X factor.

      • Again, you’re being too logical, Marcus…

        The logical thing to do for Ragan, in case Matt leave this Thursday, is to strike an alliance with Brit, but sadly those HGs DO NOT THINK LOGICALLY. So expect Ragan to whine and bitch about it (his usual thing, basically), and try to get Briney evicted as soon as he can… ‘cuz that man’s all emotional and no logic.

  11. After watching BBAD last night all I want is for BB to do me 2 favors….

    1. Trim that mop on Brendons head!! It’s soooo gross at 1AM. Ugh

    &2. Pah lease mute Enzos mic whn he eats!!! My gaaah he’s like a 2 year old learning how to eat solids, actually scratch that bc I know many 2 year olds who have learned to chew with their mouth closed & not to freaking smack!!!! Soo annoying, get evicted already

  12. Can somebody aanswer me a question? I was reading the post last nite and they indicated that Brittney is now aware of being backstabbed by all the guys and was telling Lane that she has nobody she can count on. OK>>> How did she find out that they all been backstabbing her??? (ABOUT TIME SHE KNEW)

    • Britney does not know. She is planning on putting up Matt. She will however soon have a nervous breakdown. LOL

    • I read that the guys were throwing comps but was not sure why. So I take it Enzo Hayden and Lane throwed the comps to let Brendon win???? Which means that Matt or Regan will go up (more than likely)…I did hear (feeds) Hayden tell BRITTNEY about Regan wanting to have a final 4 with him Matt and Enzo..(throwing Regan under the bus) SO knowing that who does Brittney chose???

  13. Are only a certain number of replies allowed to a post, seems after a couple of replies are posted the reply feature isn’t available any longer.

    • At the 3rd reply, you can’t reply anymore.
      Just reply on the last comment created – it’s essentially the same thing.

  14. Someone is going to have to send a truckload of towels to BB for Ragan. When he finds out that Matts wife is fine ,he is going to bawl his eys out till next season because he will feel befriended. O’boy. Take him off camera when he cries .It is pathetic.

  15. If Brit puts Matt up she is just plain STUPID. Her only true alliance is with Matt and Ragan. Even Lane has turned into a snake. The biggest red flag that Brit should see is that Brendan is saying put up Matt. Duh Brit, Brendan wanted Matt out last week. So if Matt goes up, u are doing exactly what Brandon wants and u wasted ur HOH. It doesn’t matter who wins as long as it’s NOT ENZO!! He is worse than Kathy and does not deserve to be in finals. At least Brendan wins things.

    • Does not matter who wins games. The idea is to stay in the game. You have to lie ,cheat and back stab. Hello ! It is a game of outsmarting each other . It is no scrable

  16. this stinks unless brit gets talked into putting hayden up i hope that happens of that may be part of brit’s plan because i like matt brit and ragan to be final 3 but she or somebody’s gotta grow a set and get rid of wahhndon…i mean brendon then and only then it’ll be a good season otherwise i’ll agree with some of the other fans that this season is the worst ever there i finally said it i didn’t want to but i’m just so frustrated about everything this season it all started with the shomance of wretchel…i mean brenchel so that’s my vent. my last words are…revamp the game have stricter but fair rules and watched even more closely than it is now

    • If matt ragan and brit make final 3 then it Will be the worst season of big brother. if brendon is a crybaby then what in the hell is “raggin”??? talk about an emotional train wreck! no one, not even brit or matt, knew what he was isolating himself and crying about last night on BBAD. he is going to breakdown before it is over. if matt goes, i wouldnt be surprised to see a chima reaction

      • I agree and fear the “Chima Effect”, too. Ragan began this game playing logically, then he lost control and gave in to emotions. His crying may be irritating, but his bitchiness and horrible, horrible trashing of other (primarily Brendon and Rachel) is even worse than Chima’s diva escapades.

        Is it me, or does it seem like Brit is okay as a person until she is tired or depressed and influenced by harpies like Monet and Ragan? Perhaps I want to see a better person in her than is showing lately. But Monet was a bit harpie, and Brit jumped on that bandwagon; then it was Ragan. Yes, she is funny and very hateful when she wants to be; but she can be great, too. I liked her, then hated her, then liked her, then had hopes for her last night…

        I would not want to ride the BB House roller coaster. I’d only leave with a straight jacket!

  17. They need to have an all female game of big brother. Then there would be some good action. At least in the end you still have someone to watch in the hot tub. Can’t keep it on any more with the bald guy in the tub of slop and the bitch crying all the time . We need bikinis.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t watch an all girl BB that is for sure. And yes Enzo gets to take off the penguin suit when he gets in the hottub.

      BTW that bald guy is sexy!!!

  18. Is it just me, or does Brendon seem to be a rather likeable person when he’s not under the influence of Rachel?

    • Yes he is. The last few hours with him and Brit being handcuffed have been really cool. They have been talking, laughing, having fun so it seems.

      • I noticed on BBAD last night that they were having fun. I also noticed that when Brenden would smile he looked like a 5 year old (not meant in a bad way) it was cute. I think if he had not hooked up with Rachel that early the other people in the house might have really liked him.

      • yes Torch thats what impressed me too…he really seemed to want to make it as easy as possible for her and given the way she has treated him lied to him etc in the past.i think he looks like a gent!

      • see, that’s what I’ve been saying about Brit when others have been saying she’s worse than Rachel… hell no, she’s FUN… guys like fun girls and they like to be around fun girls thus Bren’s talking, laughing & having fun. Imagine that, and supposely she doesn’t like him.

        anyone pickup how she was always complimenting Lane? sure he could think i know what she’s doing but GUESS WHAT… it works on a guy.

    • Ugh! did no one hear Brendon’s comment about Kathy begging Julie for a cig. “Come on Julie I know you have cigs, your asian aren’t you” disgusting human being! He has no character. He creates one depending on who he is talking to. And is Brit forgetting the disgusting things he has said to her. Come on !!!!

  19. I know that Hayden and Enzo are just trying to use Brittany, but so are Ragan and Matt. She is really on her own. So why not put Matt up (and get rid of Ragan too after that {the only two who have done really well in Endurance Comps, and the second HOH on Thursday for sure will be an Endurance}). Get rid of the strong Competitors who win the challenges and keep the ones you know you can beat. Even when Enzo tries you can still beat him. Lane + Enzo + Hayden = Winning nothing.

    • at least enzo tried to win the hoh comp and didn’t throw it like matt. anyone who throws a comp is a loser and a quitter and doesnt deserve to be there. and how has ragan been a good competitor? he has thrown at least 2 comps (and gave them to his butt buddy) that i can remember and won 1 veto….wow what an awesome game player! puke!

      • He almost won both endurance Comps and gave the win to Matt both times to avoid having to nominate someone and look bad. If the 2nd HOH comp is an endurance he is the one most likely to win.

  20. Does it really seem like Britney will put up Matt or is she just telling the guys that. I know Matt lied about his wife and that’s horrible but it’s not the first time someone lied horribly on a reality show. (Russell, Survivor) Matt is a really good competitor. I feel like Britney and Matt need to wise up a bit and realize what the Bro-Gade is doing to them. Enzo and Hayden are useless and only Enzo is mildly entertaining. BTW this is my first time posting. I’ve read on this site before but never posted. This whole Matt thing made me post.

  21. Brit and Brendon friends?!? She’s only talking to him because she’s a backbiter and won’t talk about him with him right there. Am I surprised that she’s being polite and friendly knowing that he could win HOH next week? Not at all. That’s been her strategy this whole game. She’s a very adept liar and back stabber just like Ragan is adept at cruelty to others. How floaters get your life vests or I’m back bitches deserves a come back of personal comments about a person’s complexion, demeaning a person’s profession, and to tell a person they are hated by all is beyond me. I think the real big brother is seeing someones true nature come out. I have no doubt after Britney is unchained she’ll be back with Ragan saying how awful it was and how it was the most horrendous experience in the world being chained to a neanderthal. And I’m always amazed at those who have no empathy for others even when they’ve finally have the experience of being on the block themselves. Brendon has shown he has compassion for others. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked Mat to have a few words with Ragan when he put him on the block. At no point did Ragan reflect on how Rachel or Brendon must have felt being targeted each week. Big Brother has obviously made it clear that they don’t want Brendon to win for some reason. The only week he wins an HOH is a week when his power is useless. I have no doubt Brendon will lose this weeks HOH. I’m sure it will be another endurance that favors someone short like Mat or Ragan. I’ve even considered that Ragan and Mat are related somehow and Big Brother production wants them both left at the end. Am I the only one who thinks they look a lot alike?

    • Ithink they look very similar have from the start. Look at the hairline Matt is unique and ragan is the same. Special attention to the extra curve above side burns. I like Brendon without Rachel and Lane ok too. Ragan is a pathetic gulum like creature who I am sure has suffered for his overt habits and cying jags throughout life but come on really he’s a grown man now!! come on and a proffessor have some dignity for god’s sake man, giving Gays everywhere a bum rap. Where is your intelligence and respect of others different than you Brendens done nothing to him that he hasn’t quadruple done back . What a small person he is and not cause hes on slop

  22. I really hope Brendon win BB, and after he wins tells Rachel to go back to her sluty Vegas..That would be pleasure to watch and then maybe him and Brit would hook up

    • dream on Katbell, he’ll follow her to Vegas to PROVE their love is true. and even when they reach the “i hate you” phase they’ll probably brave it out for awhile. i feel sorry for Bren.

      Unless what the ex-fiancee said is true… then they’ll bust up when he insists / demands she move to LA.

  23. If Britney uses this time with Brenden (handcuffed) and cries she will have him on her side. The man cannot handle a woman crying especially Britney. I am guessing that her age and tininess gets to him more. It worked last time……

    • SummerToo… you could be on to something here, look how the witch wrapped him around her finger and that was with a pouty face and fake tears. of course the thought of fondling a couple of size large melons didn’t hurt either.

    • nada the game was “rigged” or so the ratt says and we all know what a pillar of honesty he is

      • spikesmom, how is your head? you hittin the morgan cokes yet? Great posts last night!!!
        Bratney said there was three prize winners, do you know what Ratt won or is he holding his cards close to his fury chest?

      • torch, you had best be in a padded room after you drink that combo, b/c you’ll be banging off the walls & ceiling.

  24. so what I’m wondering is ratt has to know someone is lying about winning hawaii trip and money he might not have figured out it was hayden, but he know for sure its not rags,didn’t play, enzo ,obvious reasons,brendon he used his point for POV win, that leaves brit,Lane and would think he’d be able to figure it out but hopefully he’s the lil boy who cried wolf and no one will believe him anyway and thats the end of the ratt

      • forgot to add… Hayden probably planning on taking Kristen to Hawaii, right?

        though by now he’s probably mad that she didn’t jump his bones first, he had to let his feeling out first and he’s “use to the gals falling in his lap” – that’s his thinking I swear.

        it’s obliviously a physical attraction, so figure my question is a joke and nothing more.

  25. Why is everyone in fits over Enzo trying to get Matt out? Enzo knows full well that Matt has been alligned w/ brit, & Ragan for sometime now. So doesn’t it make sense that he would want Matt gone, b/c he can out the brigrade the longer he stays in the house & the longer Matt is in the house the more of a chance he has of outting Enzo specfically. So really Enzo is not wanting to save the brigade as much as he wants to save himself (which I wish Lane & hayden would realize). In theory what Enzo wants to do is smart. However the way he wants to excute the plan is idiotic! If you want to boot a player like matt 1st. You don’t tell matt you plan to vote against him especially when he can blow the lid of of your alliance. 2. If you want matt gone you have to win HOH & Veto to make sure he has no way of saving himself.

    Britney really has no alliances in the house, even Ragan has said he’d vote her out if push came to shove. She’ll find that out come the double evictions.

    My picks to go home this week are Enzo, britney or matt if at least one of those 3 get sent to the jury I’ll be happy.

    Questions to the MODS of the site why are the posts backwards & why can’t I read them all? Are there still problems w/ the new system??

    • first you said “Matt has been alligned w/ brit, & Ragan for sometime now” then you said “Britney really has no alliances in the house”, I’m confused what about her friendship w/Lane, is that chicken liver?

      You said “are the posts backwards?” they go oldest to newest… page 1 to 2 to 3 and so forth.

      If you can’t read them all, go all the way back page 1 and read forward or start at a page of your choice if more than 1 page.

      hope that helps, otherwise explain your problem clearer to us.

  26. brenden needs to win HOH

    he wont win big brother…but if he wins HOH, we will see the game finally smack these people who keep losing in the rear end

    • only problem with Bren & HoH is the Brigade have him snowed and though the Brigade has little if any brains, the combo of their brains is more than what Brendon has.

      Brendon’s appear to be odd man out and the other don’t want anything but to use him to get back at how his GF treated & talked to them.

      If Brit would put aside the emotional part of “get rid of Bren”, it would actually benefit them both and have a slim chance to save them come the Double Eviction coming up Thurs.

      Otherwise those 2 are screwed, Matt goes this time and then Brit & Bren follow in that order or reverse order depending on who’s HoH, who’s PoV… and there are a lot of permutations of that. And throw in the wild-card of one of Bro-gade actually winning a comp.

  27. what happened to 24 hours?

    they did the same thing with hayden.

    i guess they meant 12 hours.

    maybe because brit and brendon were actually cool with each other and werent causing drama.

    • That is what I was thinking Marcus. Well Brit is back to her old snarky self. Matt is biting at the bit wanting to talk to her alone. They need to just let things be.

      • good afternoon my dear lovely texan your boy brenden was a perfect gentleman last night and it would be sweet if him and Britney would team up and take the brigade down they never would exspect it.

      • Good afternoon my sweet Mich boy. I liked how they were with each other last night. I wish they would team up, NOONE would expect it and they would go to the final 2 well maybe…

    • Last a.m., brit was telling all about a comp & if her & Bren won, the cuffs would come off, I think. Anyone else hear her say this?

  28. Marcus @33 I seem to be missing some posts and can’t get past yours…what happened, did they let Bren and Brit take off the cuffs?
    Does anyone know for sure if the POV ceremony will be tomorrow night, where Brit will have to name a replacment.

  29. This season has been one blunder after another. You have the Brigade, with the exception of Matt, not able to win ANYTHING. Enzo pointed out they have 2 left feet. Yes, Enzo, you, Hayden and Lane have 2 left feet. Matt is the brains and muscle of the Brigade. Kathy was a blunder by herself. “I’m just going to let these people think I’m weak”. You’re weak, Kathy. Then you have Rachel playing the game on a personal level. Seriously Monet a threat? Come on. Now you have Brit wanting to get out, one of the 2 real allies she has left, Matt. Lane has been waiting for the past 3 weeks for Enzo or Hayden to get HOH to get Brit out. Opps, 2 left feet. Which brings me to Lane. How stupid is this kid from Texas? Right now, he’s on the outside looking in. The only person in the house that will take him to the Final 2 is maybe, Brit. Wake up Lane. If Enzo and Hayden are willing to throw Matt under the bus for 2 or 3 straight weeks, what do think they are saying about you?

    Time to turn off BB until Finale.

  30. Really don’t know what to think of this years BB…..At first, thought Kathy was throwing everything and then realized she is just a nice klutz..and the only one that so far did not just vote with the house…Matt is a scumbag……lying about his wife is just poor taste and says a lot about himself……game or no game…. Brendon, the more I see his reactions to different situations in the house…liking him more…plus he does play the ones that sit around and complain and have done nothing so far to further their game except to lie and mouth off about others…… am concerned that the editing tends to make all of us see the residents different than they really are….Why Britney has such a following I don’t know…..she seems like a spoiled back-stabber….I do appreciate that she plays hard and wins as does Brendon …… ….Bummed that I just haven’t gotten to the point of wanting anyone special to win this year….read a bit concerning that the network some what rigs portions of the show….shame if its true…..The Brigard should have stolen the show but they mostly fumble along…..All in all I enjoy the show and marvel how one can act knowing cameras surround them…cheers!…

  31. I don’t know what to think. I thought for sure that Brit would be ragging on Brendon and say things they talked about. Matt, Lane and Hayden are in the HOH room with her and Matt HAS got to feel the different vibe in there. He asked Brit what did her and Brendon talk about while handcuffed and Matt said “Did he talk about himself” and I thought Brit would say yeah or say something smart but she didn’t. Did they really bond?

  32. OMG the Ratt is so disgusting he cornered Brit in HoH and is trying to convince her how he has had her back the wholr time and what a good friend he is

  33. sorry Trish but I heard her say bad stuff about brenden maybe tempered but still mean…she was saying things like yeah he mentioned a few friends he has that are movie stars etc. and how he talked game nonstop and how she couldn’t stand it

  34. Ok the Brit I liked last night is gone. She is now back with Ragina and those two are a pair. Talking crap about Brendon again, oh well……it was nice while it lasted……..

    • Did anyone really believe Britnery????? She is so phoney but good at it. I think she will put up Hayden and keep Ragen and Matt on her side. If she does that she is more ignorant than I thought. Someone said she should team with Brendon (whether she likes him or not) and I think they are right. I like Brendan but he is so gullible – believes everything he hears. The ones I would like to see go are Ragen and Brittany.

  35. I hope ragen wins! I felt bad that ragen waz a had not for 24 days!! Did you relize that Britney is the only girl left!

    • You gotta be his mama to like anything he has done ugh what a sad man he is. No sense of fairness he is as catty as a 12 year old girl who was raised poorly. I hav never seen even brittany who admittedly is bitchy too be as so zeroed on dislike as he is. what a hateful shallow man ugh and a college proffesor really you’d think an education would have tempered him some, Oh and must add really the fake faces and crying what he does best in POV was irritating almost turned it off. did mute him!!

  36. Hm..lets see. Britney is still a moron. I cant stand looking at her retarded eyes anymore. She thinks shes so cool but nothing but a lying bitch. Ragen’s faces that he makes when he is happy is almost UNwatchable. He is so nasty and SUPER ANNOYING! He comments are even funny anymore. I tend to find myself fast-forwarding when i see them go to his DR parts. I only want Lane or Brendon to win. Everyone else is just boring or annoying.

  37. i dont get it. yes brendon called britney a brat. she is. he went after Ragan for turning on Rachel. ragan did turn on rachel when she didnt do anything to him. things are different of course. i loved how in the nomination speech, brit said to brendon” all things aside u came after me last week”. when? not only was she not a first ballot nominee but (cont..)

  38. when ragan won pov, she still wasnt nominated. i hope she goes home in the double elimination this week. cant stand her anymore. or the cry baby. i hope brendon wins.

  39. I agree with Libere’s comments….I am so tired of some of the house guests behaving like babies…..Brendon, if you like him or not is pretty honest considering the game… Britney did not have to put him up ..stating Brendon was after her last week when he let her totally off (I thought he should have put her up) made my decision concerning her staying in the house or should I say ‘not’ staying… She is truly backing those that will put her out first chance
    …..including the ‘cry baby’..i.e…. ‘Drama boy’……… I’m a karma kinda gal and so will see how this all plays out…..Yes, I know its a game and so carry respect for those that can keep themselves in check and still play the game in a way that keeps my interest and not distain for them as individuals…You can be clever ….you don’t have to be cruel… Cheers =^..^=

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