Big Brother 12: Week 6 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

It was Veto Comp day in the Big Brother 12 house, but I don’t think anyone’s much interested in paying attention to a little ol’ thing like the Veto results when you’ve got the return of Rachel! Insanity broke out all over the place when the vilified redhead found her way back in to the house causing destruction and chaos along the way. Read on to find out why she’s back, how long she’ll be there, and what happened on Saturday with her return.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 14, 2010:

10:00 AM BBT – Brendon confirms with Kathy that if either nom comes down then he’ll put up Britney or Matt in his place.

10:40 AM BBT – Brendon and Britney discuss the Saboteur and Brendon thinks Britney is pinning it on Enzo. She’s doesn’t deny this. Remember this for later that night.

12:30 PM BBT – Live Feeds come back from the Veto Competiton. Ragan has won the PoV. He’ll definitely use it.

1:15 PM BBT – The Brigade wants Britney as the replacement nom. They plan to work Brendon on this idea.

2:58 PM BBT – Live Feeds return and there’s evicted Rachel staring us down!! Rachel is back in the house for 24 hours in Brendon’s place after he opened Pandora’s Box. She immediately starts fighting with Ragan and then moves on Britney over her goodbye message. Apparently, Production swapped out her real goodbye message and used previous DR footage. Her clothing was wrong in the message, days old. Nice manipulation, BB.

3:30 PM BBT – Rachel goes to check on Pandora’s Box and tries to get in. She’s yelling in to the room to see if Brendon is there, but there’s just silence in return.

6:15 PM BBT – Rachel decides to make cookies for everyone. She goes outside to ask Ragan if he wants any and things explode! Rachel was taunting him (she knew he was a Have-Not) and he isn’t going to take it. The backyard clears of everyone but them and Britney. The fight is intense and definitely worth watching over. It’s hilarious as she just keeps playing pool while they fight five feet away.

9:30 PM BBT – Rachel continues her one-on-one sessions, this time with Hayden. She’s planting seeds of doubt about what Matt might have won from Pandora’s Box. She says the $1 story still doesn’t make sense.

11:00 PM BBT – Rachel tells Enzo that Britney has been spreading rumors that he’s the Saboteur. He’s pissed and is going to call her out. Why would anyone care? The SaboII hasn’t done squat!

11:53 PM BBT – Britney comes out from the DR to the backyard. Enzo immediately jumps on her and Rachel helps fuel the fire. Rachel insists that Britney is the Saboteur. Again, so what? That twist has been intensely lame and a waste of $20K. It gets really ugly out there all over.

1:15 AM BBT – Rachel heads off to bed in the HoH room. She asks BB for a surprise (Brendon), but it doesn’t happen.

1:45 AM BBT – Enzo, Hayden, and Lane agree that Matt must be evicted this week. They no longer trust him and want him gone immediately. Uh oh! The Brigade has dismantled and they have no idea of the power Matt holds.

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Holy crap! Saturday was insane in the house and we’ve still got another day to go with Rachel back in the house and nothing to lose. Almost as crazy is The Brigade’s decision to oust Matt this week by lying on how they’ll vote. This should continue to be the best 2 days all season so don’t miss another minute on the live feeds!

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  1. hello brendon needs to leave to dday i hate that rachel was back thank god that rachel got voted off

  2. Rachel was the best thing in this game. She made drama, helped gained ratings, and her shomance helped. I love her.

  3. LOL

    Well you Rachel lovers got your wish. I can handle her back for 24 hrs. She still didnt get to see “my man” and she seems to have single handedly disassembled “the Brigade”.

    Little do those coneheads know that Matt is the true hoh for the week.

    Woohoo. Fun fun!!

  4. This is really stupid. She messed up everyones game. It’s really selfish of bb to let Rachel back in. It’s not worth watching this bs anymore. Cya next season.

  5. What did Britney’s goodbye message say again? and even if it wasn’t her real goodbye message then it’s still something bad she said about Rachel

  6. courtney mcentire…… are you outta your mind?? Brendan is the nicest, smartest, most intelligent person remaining!!

  7. So over this sabotuer crap. Obviously the idea/plan crashed and burned with Annie…As stated previously, CBS sabotaged their own show.

  8. I pray to god that brigade backstabs matt and that he goes up and puts another brigade member in his place!!! I wish matt ragan Brit and lane would form an alliance.

    Also, Kathy sucks. She needs to go!!

  9. @ETYLER_ATL: and to think that BB will actually give $20,000 to Ragan for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… it’s just insane.

    I don’t understand how people can be that upset with Rachel return while this nonsense is happening right in front of them….

  10. Matt, just because britney’s clothing was wrong, doesn’t mean that BB swapped her so called good msg, the HG’s know right after the veto comp, which is saturday that they where votting rachel out the msg could have been made anytime after the veto comp, So unless britney wore the same cloths all week, her msg was real, but please answer this question, “If BB swapped msg’s when did britney say “who wants to see the JH” No BB didn’t swap out her msg, she hates rachel so much that she just couldn’t help herself!!!

  11. I admit that I am a Rachel-hater. I was SO glad to see her gone, and panicked when she came back. Thank goodness it was only for 24 hours. At first, I was furious that she immediately started fighting with Regan and Brit, but later, she had calm, decent conversations with them. It’s too bad she ended up throwing Brit under the bus regarding Enzo though. Brit was only repeating what she THOUGHT Bren was relating to her. Oh well, I’m glad it’s only 24 hours, and how funny that she and Bren don’t get to see each other!

  12. no no no matt isn’t the real HOH, because he has a big problem, unless he is done with ber-egg he has to walk a fine line, enzo,hayden,lane all want britney out. or matt behind his back, but if brendon puts matt up he will just save himself, now here is were the problem start, the guys all belaeve that matt is in a side alliance with britney and ragan, on if here puts up kathy and saves britney the guys aren’t going to like it, and thier are really going to think that matt is in an alliance with britney and ragan, and next week he will be on his own.

  13. @Chris: If Britney didn’t record her goodbye message in those clothes from the day before then yes, they switched her going away recording. Britney might hate Rachel, but she’s smart enough to know you play nice in that message since it’s the last thing they see before going to the Jury House.

    Just because Britney knew days ahead how she was voting doesn’t mean that’s when she recorded the message. The Goodbye Messages are recorded the day of eviction and they do it for both Noms so it doesn’t matter who goes.

  14. come on luara do you really think that britney was telling rachel the truth, No she was tryong to get rachel to believe that her and brendon were friends, Britney lie’s and then talks trash behind your back.

  15. No Matt I don’t think that britney is that smart, The problem I’m having with it, Is were did BB get some of what she said, Like “who wants to the JH’ “And the only thing I’m going to miss about you are your ent.” No that was britney’s real goodbye speech, I know how to read people, britney isn’t that smart, sometime britney acts before she thinks, her fellings get in the way and she doesn’t think, just like ragan, when he got into the fight, I’m sorry but the things that he said were uncalled for, he let his fellings get in the way, he was just plan mean and lowed himself to an all time low, No I’m sorry but people say and do things when thier fellings get in the way.

  16. This season is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth. I think I’m canceling my live feeds.

    There’s so much shit going on in the Diary room sessions. Rachel is being influenced to act like a moron and repeat “no one gets between me and my man.” That’s not her saying it, it’s production…

    BB picked a psycho for their saboteur and she was gone week 1. That’s their problem, that should have been it. Their new sab is a joke who will leave snappy messages from the DR and probably go home this week as well.

    The HGs are collectively uncompetitive and horrible at competitions.

    The only thing that interests me is if Matt can weasel his way to the final 2. He’s the only true player left in this game, in my opinion.

  17. @Chris #20: no, Britney ain’t smart, but what she’s really good at is BEING FAKE and LYING PRETTY CONVINCINGLY to get herself out of trouble.

    As I said before, that’s not at all abilities I would have been happy to see from her if I were her fiance…

  18. Also one last thing, If BB took things that she had said on differant days, That means she wore the same cloths every time, Can’t say they just took the words, because if they did, then she never changed her hair. No a voice recording you can piece together, but to do that and make the person move and act according to what is being said, is not that easy, No that was britney’s real goodbye speech.

  19. @Chris #23: well actually we both claim victory, then I think CT posted a full transcript of the first fight between Rachel and Ragan, and, after reading all the gay bashing in it, I had to admit to Marcus that Rachel had reach a Britney-level of awfulness in it.

    … so I guess it was really a draw! ;)

  20. i think BB did a great job stirring it up lol drama is great tv… even if youre mad they let rachel back in for 24hrs youre still watching to see what happens ….lol i thought this season was gonna suck but now i think its lookin better cant wait to see what happens next!

  21. I hope Matt gets the renom and does not use the DPOV cause he thinks his brigade will save him.
    I think this is possible if he doesn’t want to have to explain to the Brigade why he lied to them about the DPOV. If he uses it he is definately out of the Brigade cause he will be confirming he is a lier!

  22. Is that the one where rachel asked if he would like a cookie, If thats the one you read, then that happen last night after her return.

  23. Matt can’t tell anyone about his DPOV, so he had no choice but to create some sort of lie and they shouldn’t be mad about it. I hope he gets put on the block so that he will use it and put up Kathy or Enzo, neither of which deserve to stay in the house since neither of which are actually ‘playing’ the game. Too bad, ’cause I like them, but leeching onto each hoh (Kathy) or getting riled up for each comp, but failing miserably at each (Enzo) is not very good game play.
    Rachel should be paid the sabotuer stipend, as she has done more to sabotage game play than Ragan has…

  24. 29. Laura

    You are sooo right. Rachel should get that money. Ragan was such a waste to actually get paid for it.

  25. “I’m going to miss using your hair extensions” isn’t a DR Room session, it’s a goodbye message. If your just stating what Brittany is lieing about, or if your trying to criticize CBS for doing their job I’m not sure. Hopefully it’s the first one, and you havn’t caught on the ignorant’s against Rachel bandwagon.

  26. To people who keep saying that Enzo doesn’t play the game: the man did create the Brigade, you know? That’s playing the game! Kathy, Lane, Hayden… the hell those guys ever did?! But Enzo did get those four guys together, did name their alliance, and even give them nicknames… And, so far, it worked!

    So yeah, he may be annoying right now, but please give the man his due.

  27. When can Matt exercise the DPoV? After the Veto Meeting? Right before Eviction? In theory he could do it right as he was evicted (hypothetically if he was put up in Regan’s place).

    When is Rachel getting ousted out today? I’m excited to see the Aftermath.

  28. @Aria: most people think the DPOV will be use right before the voting start on eviction night (that’s my guess too – that would be WAY MORE dramatic, and CBS is obviously looking for more drama right now!)

    As for Rachel… I heard 13:00 Pacific Time. Don’t know if it’s true.

  29. I think the whole he said, she said crap between Rachel, Enzo, and Britney was pretty ridonkulous. However, how great that BB put Rachel back in the house for 24 hours! She is doing a great job of playing the game for Brendon and putting thoughts into the other houseguests’ minds about Matt and Britney. This could give Brendon an extra week in the house and then the following week he could have a shot at HoH again.

  30. ok Morning all /k I know its almost afternoon but was up late watching enzo et al. I promise I have read all the posts on this thread and stuff but listening to Rags & brat it sounds like rachel is gone is that so? Why no 24 hrs do we know? If i am being redundand I apologise beforehand.

  31. Another dumb question..isn’t 1300 1:00pm? can’t tell from live feeds if she is there still or gone.

  32. First and only message. If Matt uses his DPOV, he can say he had to lie, it was part of the Pandora’s Box requirement. But here is what I want all to know…..VIP cocktail waitress definition: call girl. Don’t want to give too much credit for anything to a call girl.

  33. @Maris Williams #42: at this point, it doesn’t seems to matter anymore – ENZO WANTS MATT OUT, period. So expect Meow-Meow to disregard the Brain’s valid points and to go after him regardless… UNLESS Matt hears that Enzo is going after him. If this is the case, expect Enzo to end up on the block with the help of the DPOV.

  34. I hated Brit at first, but she’s my pick to win now! How can any of you say she’s not smart? I can’t think of another player (maybe Ragen) that knows how to play this game any better than Brit. She knows when to hold em’, knows when to fold em’. She’s playing each houseguest like a fiddle, and I love it!
    I’m woman enough to admit that I (like MANY of you) can be quite “catty” at times. We’re women. But how many of us can be catty AND funny at the same time?
    Go Britney!

  35. Haha, the whole Rachel coming back thing just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to watch it.

  36. @43 MightyMad during the 2AM PT LF The remaining Brigade Bozo’s decided Matt was playing down the middle of the house. Lane was fueling that fire because of Britney. I just hope Matt has good instincts and see behavior changes in the Brigade. It would make for great LF if Enzo went on the block! :)

  37. The arch fiend Grendel, rachel, spat venom and wrecked havok and true love, like odyssues and Penelope were separated, Vegas Baby.
    More interesting is the Brigade decision to elinimate Matt and use Brendon. Very dumb move, producers, Allison do you think this stuff up in your dreams?
    Let it play out naturally, Get a more dynamic host, retool the chenbot. if necessary, like survivor.
    here how it will go,
    Art of the blindside, Enzo Hayden vote to get rid of Matt, so too do Birtney and Kathy leaving matt with ragan’s vote. Toasting Matt
    Ta da DPOV. Matt will put up Enzo, thank you producers brilliant, and vote him out.
    End of Brigade and leaves a house of
    Lane, Hayden, Brendon and Kathy 4
    Matt, Ragan and Britney 3
    In a crucial Hoh to decide it all
    Then assuming the 4 win it is
    matt Ragan rep Britney
    or the 3 win
    Hayden Brendon, replace Kathy. (lane can swing between alliances and makes him a strong choice to get to two.)
    A lot from here depends on winning pov and hoh.
    At 6 no one goofs off anymore, too risky.

  38. the sad, tragic part is that in the end game, Brendon has the qualities of Zach from bb 8, height, brain, etc. to dominate the challenges.
    The trouble was Zach was relatively well bred compared to brendon. Really Brendon has to show that he was under they hypnotic thrall of a call gir, ie hooker, grendelrachel to get any sympathy from America. Otherwise, he will he a tactless loser, important point if he goes to 2, he has to repair bridges. He has kathy vote, rachel vote. needs Enzo and Lane, But it will not really be until 5 that we can read jury votes, especially if the brigade is breaking at 8, they may not vote as a block on the jury

  39. i would love matt going up despite that i really like matt. but guess what? it doesnt matter. he has DPOV. hopefully brigade will break up so some ppl can have a chance to get to final 4

  40. @marcus If Brendon puts Matt up it will make for some interesting Matt reaction! When he pulls out the DPOV and slowing announces that “I am pulling myself of the block” and with my extra power I am now PLACING…Unknown variable will be…….Kathy, Britney OR one of the Brigade if he has caught that they don’t trust him anymore!!!! :)

  41. I do not think that Matt has any extra powers with the DPOV…that was discussed yesterday.

    The brigade needs to put Britt up. Then Matt’s DPOV will expire this week.

  42. Rachel could have done more to help “her man” but I don’t think she is smart enough. I would like to see Matt, Ragan & Brittany gone from the house. I agree that this year is boring & poor HG were chosen. Best season was Evil Dick and the 2nd best was the 1st time Chicken George was on. I was going to subscribe to live feed but think it would be boring and waste of my money. Please BB pick better HG next time.

  43. @ karrie, rake wasn’t helping “her man” she is nothing less than a terrible reality T.V. wanna be! She is up there with Hilton w/o the money backing up her sorry ars! Question, who do you kinda want to the end of the game? Your comment doesn’t say??

  44. Im not a Brenchel lover, but Im glad to see Brendon FINALLY playing the game. With Rachel gone he is focusing more. Also, I liked Britney at first, now her whining and complaining is getting on my nerves. And if I were her fiance I’d REALLY look at her relationship with Lane more closely!

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