Big Brother 12: Week 6 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 is heating up as we enter a new week of backstabbing and fighting as stress levels run high amongst the HGs. After finding out who Brendon nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition which gave the nominees their last chance at safety to stay in the game.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 6 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Ragan won the Veto Competition.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch the house react to the Veto results. Ragan is really excited about having won. No one seems particularly stressed about it, but there should be a few considering someone will have to be renom’d. Ragan is in talking with Matt and Britney and doing lots of crying (happy tears). At least now Ragan can complete his Saboteur II missions and collect his $20K.

Jump on the live feeds with the free trial and watch it all live & uncensored.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Brendon as HoH, Ragan and Lane as the nominees, along with Kathy, Enzo, and Hayden. Britney hosted.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Who should go up after Ragan uses the power to save his butt? Ragan is hoping it’ll be Kathy, but based on Brendon’s original plan to split up the Lane/Britney and Ragan/Matt “alliances” it’ll likely be Matt to replace Ragan and the Diamond Power of Veto will come in to play.

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  1. well, that seals brintey’s fate.

    she is done. brigade is prolly talking right now, ALL UP IN brendon’s ear telling and prolly pressuring him to put up britney.

    enzo rele wants her gone. this saves lane for not having to throw her completely under the bus since he cant vote.

    as much as i love britney, she is done. she will go up. nothing she can say. u got 4 guys versus 1 brendon haha.

    AWWWWWWWW hug it out. i might cry.

    it must suck to be in that house, and not be in the brigade. i feel for em’.

    britney, brendon, ragan, even kathy somewhat.

    they havent even gotten the news yet. they all have no idea they have no chance in hell.


  2. Yep, typo corrected. It was just still stuck in my head that she’d be nom’d after last night’s surprising results.

  3. Hmm. Looks like Matt will go up and have to use the DPoV after all. Unless Brendon puts up Lane vs Britney.

  4. brendon is all honestly should put up two guys. when does he think he will get these guys out?

    i mean brendon surprised me with the noms, but i think now he will play the revenge. i mean he cant play HOH next week. u got 5 guys gunning for u.

    not saying britney is passable i mean she has won 3 vetos.

    it wouldnt have been smart for her to tell lane to pick her, instead of the opposite, which is what she did

  5. @Matt: well don’t worry about – it’s a good bet this not be a typo anymore after the next Veto ceremony!

  6. I am glad Ragan won….Now if Brendon puts up Matt he will use the DPOV…did I hear Julie say that he could replace both noms. If so, he would take himself and Lane off replacing noms with Brit and Kathy.

    • The dpov allows you to remove a nominee and gives you the power to nominate someone on their place…so if Matt goes up and uses the dpov…he gets to choose who goes up in the block in his place

  7. @Marcus: the Lane/Britney combo on the block makes the most sense, since they’re so tight, but I get where you’re coming from – a guy must leave this game already. It’s starting to really feel like a sausage factory in this house!

  8. you beat me to it matt. I still am not clear about Dpov. so If matt is up I know he can take himself off butcan he protect his replacement? will there even be a replacement? if there is say brit then can he take her off as well or give her protection to not be put up? Also can it be used on Hoh? Thanks to whomever can enlighten me.

  9. and the thing is, BRIGADE has so much darn power. 4 man alliance, where they control all the votes, ANDDDDD even if brendon puts up 2 BRIGADE members, matt can not only veto it, but NAME the replacement.

    they have SO much power. they dont have to try. they could all throw comps the next 2 weeks. and still would all be in final 4

    if u think about all the possible scenarios, only a non brigade member will go home this week.

    their is no way otherwise.

    this also screws up the votes for anyone else.
    im not saying its cheating. its luck, and excellent execution of gameplay.

  10. @Nunya: oh for the love of God… Matt can only replace one nomination.

    Let’s be clear about something: DPOV IS NOT THE COUP D’ÉTAT… Can I possibly be more clear than that?!

  11. I wouldn’t feel bad for Britney if she went up – she made a nasty goodbye message for Rachel and it would be fitting if she had to own up to all that talking behind her back. However, I suspect it will be Matt. He’s the one winning HOHs and the one who took Rachel out. However, Matt would just Dveto himself and nominate Brittney or Ragan. Really the Brigade is safe this week but I doubt they’re still a secret by the end of Thursday.

  12. Brendon is obviously gonna put matt up as the replacement but when he takes himself off i think cathy should just be put up against lane. cause if he did have the power to replace both why piss off more people when they have the numbers. and i dont think he would put britney up either cause they want votes from the jury and atleast if he puts kathy up its safer.

  13. If Brendon is truly trying to keep people in the game that deserve to be there, the only logical people to nominate would then be Kathy and Meow Meow, what exactly has he done except run his mouth non-stop?

  14. Matt tells Lane in Kitchen how like a year ago he was in bed and reached back to answer phone Less…
    and he heard a pop and he had popped out a rib on the other side and had to go to chiropractor to have it popped back in.

    Well this morning they called him to DR really early like 6:30am and he went back to his bed and stepped into the bed like over the sheets like he wasnt sure where they were and he heard a pop like in his hip/ass and now he has this sharp pain in the crack of his butt. He asks lane, like he doesnt care if its muscle, but is there somethign bone that could pop out down there?


  15. hell BRIGADE can come out right now, threaten EVERYONE in that house, tell them their throwing the next comps and STILL make final 4.

    that would actually be pretty thuggish.


    – If you got the DPOV, you can remove ONE person from the block and can should ONE replacement to take whoever you took out.
    – You cannot put up the winner of the HoH since, as everyone knows, the winner of the HoH is safe from eviction for the whole week. In simple math term: HoH > DPOV
    – As for the winner of the Veto… the jury’s still out on this one.

    … And that’s it. The End. Please tell your friends.

  17. well, i dont think their alliance of 4 is as strong as it used to be because of the lil side alliances going on.

  18. Still don’t understand why Kathy hasn’t been nominated or offered up as a replacement. It seems that she doesn’t even try to win any comps (HOH or POV) & is strictly floating through. Hopefully, her time will come soon because she is the only who can get along with Rachel in the jury house.

  19. Hey I got a question Let’s say Matt uses the power does he get to nominate the person or is Brenden doing the nomin’s I mean its just a DIAMOND VETO that is just like a regular veto so the HOH still gets to NOMINATE doesnt he?

  20. lol why do you bother MightyMad? There’s always going to be someone new who’s not going to read the above posts to see this has been answered a million times. You’re wasting you’re time gettin upset, just repost frequently, even if the question hasn’t been asked. lol

  21. Matt gets to save one nom and put up his own replacement. So after Ragan takes himself off and Brendon picks his replacement Matt can then use his D-POV – which I suspect he will – and save one of the two noms and put up his own replacement. If it ends up being Matt who goes up after the POV is used he’ll save himself and probably name Britney. It makes 100% logical sense to eliminate a strong player like Brit for the brigade. It’s a great opportunity for them. Especially since the only other player worth eliminating would have been Ragan since he’s been very good in the endurance comps. Britney goes home this week. Brigade attempts to send home Brendon next week but will send Ragan home as a back-up plan. Noms will probably be Brenden and Ragan if they win HOH. If Ragan wins HOH then all bets are off but he’ll probably target Brendon just to stay on the good side of the rest of the house. If Ragan wins HOH and Brendon wins POV then you’ve got a brigade member going home.

  22. @phay13

    u know exactly what it means. ur prolly trying to play as if u dont, then tell me how to spell over the internet.

    yea… prolly.

  23. @tina: READ THE MANUAL.

    You post a manual, and you genuinely think people will bother reading it… Oi.

  24. i dont think matt would put up britney, cause like they said lane has her pretty much doing whatever he wants. I think matt would put up kathy, that way he doesnt piss anyone off cause well no offence but she doesnt do anything and she has no alliances in the house. plus she wouldnt get mad cause like they had that convo last week at this point someone has to go up. but if britney goes up she;ll feel blindsided and thats less a jury vote. if he puts kathy shes not gonna be like that i dont think.

  25. @Sara:… seriously, I’m starting to lose my hair over this!

    LOL… just ridiculous.

  26. I thought only if you have a Coup d’etat can you name the replacement like Jeff did last year. The diamond veto is like a second POV.

  27. and after BRIGADE comes out, Lane should go into kathy’s face and be like “POW!!” HAHAHA

  28. To all the people that are saying the Brigade could out themselves, throw the next 2 weeks of comp. and still be the final four, you are not thinking. The rest of the house would go after them and nom 2 at nominations and then just use the other 2 for veto replacements if needed. That would leave 2 after 2 weeks.

  29. First post, but just HAD to beg the question…
    Regan uses the PoV, he is removed.
    Brendon puts Matt up in Regan’s place.
    Matt uses the DPoV.
    Couldn’t Regan go right back on the block if Matt so chooses? Or, could he (Matt) decide to not replace a nomination but just keep himself safe? I doubt Matt would throw Regan under the bus unless he knew he was the Sab.


    • Matt wouldn’t do that though. He’ll probably put up Britney. She’s really the only threat the Brigade has at this point. They’ve eliminated Rachel, Andrew, and Kristen, and Brendon is good as gone. Kathy is a floater and doesn’t win comps and Ragan will be easy to get rid of because they’ll have the votes to evict him. Brit is a strong competitor who has won PoV three out of six weeks. It’s only a matter of time until she wins HoH and puts up Enzo and Hayden, so it would be best for them to get her out now.

  30. If the opportunity arises and Matt gets to give Brendon his take on nominations..I won’t be suprised if Matt names Enzo as a possible replacement for Regan..ENZO is a loose cannon right now..He is sooo floating to any HG who will listen..Just put Enzo in the fish tank..He will be very much at home..

  31. another give-away about brigade aside form the obvious is that, Matt is never concerned about anything and is always laughing. he is never sweating anything.

    if i was in that house, i swear i would have figured it out. NO 4 guys who hang out all the time are just talking about Chad OchoCinco on DWTS. they are clearly talking game, and since they have proved to always have each others back DESPITE what they say, its OBVI that have an alliance.

    yes i said OBVI!!! lol

  32. I like how Lane started out as a pretty quiet guy, that is until Enzo laid out a personality for him to take after.

  33. so happy for Ragan. can not wait for Matt to get rid of Kathy this week & Brenden next week.Matt knows that they need Brittany on their side. Matt deserves the grand prize, not the other brigade members.

  34. there is not a single percentage chance that a BRIGADE member will go home.

    Brigade is essentially the HOH and POV winners this week

  35. i dont know if for one, he can put up the pov winner or for two he WOULD put up regen. he’s tight with regen, it’s his only alternative if/when the rest of the brigade turn on him. He’d had regen and brit. I’m curious where Lane would fall in all of this. i just think he’s a mule. Ultimately, he’s a guy, and might just stay with the guys. If he were smart, he’d stay with Brit, cuz he’d for sure win against matt, brit and regen cuz floaters do when they’re in the final two… *sigh*

  36. sorry @ sara…I am not new have been coming here for 3 years now. I just find it confusing and btw I am still not completely clear as I pretty much thought thats the way it played out was just asking for a little clarification. Didn’t know there were people that knew absolutely everything there is to know about the game Sara! also thanks Mighty I appreciate how frustrating it must be to keep explaining but I don’t think anyone is forcing you to reply to questions. and I do thank you for “trying” to clarify.

  37. DPOV INSTRUCTION MANUAL – 2nd edition:

    – If you got the DPOV, you can remove ONE person from the block and can put up ONE replacement to take the place of whoever you took out.
    – You cannot put up the winner of the HoH since, as everyone knows, the winner of the HoH is safe from eviction for the whole week. In simple math term: HoH > DPOV
    – As for the winner of the Veto… the jury’s still out on this one (but, since Ragan got the Veto, it’s quite unlikely that Matt will target him anyway.)

    Special thanks to tina for pointing out my mistakes. Please tell your friends.

  38. @ Marcus it’s so true, their alliance is nothing short of a secret.

    The only problem is, the remaining HG’s aside from Brendan are the biggest idiot in-crowd wannabes in BB history. I mean Ragan and Brit are still going to be targeting Brendan until the end knowing that once it’s down to the final 5 or 6 thew will get picked off one by one. Anybody outside of the brigade’s only chance right now is Brendan.

  39. I think that Brendon should nom Enzo, because I can’t stand him. He just sucks the current HOH ass and expects the Brigade to keep him safe.

  40. cbs and big brother should have posted the rules for this diamond veto somewhere. It seems like a lot of people are confused about what can be done with it.

  41. I hope that “production” convinces Brenda to put up Matt so the whole drama of the DPOV can be played. Last night on after dark Hayden was discussing why it was a good idea to keep Kathy. They played scenarios where Matt goes home, and Kathy was in the final 4. Oh, and he mentioned keeping Brenda too…Wish I could use my Sun Devil ESP to tell him why that’s such a bad idea. I’m hoping Matt puts up Kathy, because Regan and Britney are funny. After Dark can go back and forth between them and the Brigade…

  42. kathleen, really? I’m just curious why you think Matt deserves to win. He’s no better than Johnny Fairplay. Yes, outwit, outplay, outlast. But a nasty lie about his wife that actually made his wife receive Hate mail from people who actually HAD that disease?? I don’t think that’s deserving. I don’t care if he says he’ll donate all the money to that charity, I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He’s disgusting to me.. Again, just curious on your take.

  43. Matt has the DPOV, what is it so hard to understand he WILL put Kathy up & get rid of her, I’d bet on it if I was in Vegas.

    • I agree, it’s a long shot. But Regan could win against Matt in the final, if I were him I’d be playing my odds out just like Hayden was. Don’t protect who keeps you safe from eviction, keep who you can win against.

      Plus, the Regan/Britney pity party would be epic. :)

  44. on a side note, one small thing that i love about BB is when at the begining of the show, after that guy hypes up the show, and right before theme song, where he goes

    “it all happens tonight, LIVE on Big Brother!…” and u have that small clip of something.

    its always funny as hell.

  45. @Aria….but i don’t th ink he can…and i’m 99.9% Ragan will use the veto on HIMSELF…OBVIOUSLY!!!!

  46. @ Louisianna Chick, but then they wouldn’t be able to make up the rules as they go to secure ratings. If Brendan had the diamond veto you could sure as hell bet he would be able to evict any 3 HG’s right now, and choose to remain the HoH for an extra week…lol

  47. #56

    he wont put up kathy. BRIGADE has already planned to make sure britney will go home. kathy will go home at final 5.

  48. @MATT(ADMINISTRATION) Hey Matt, I read the Highlights of yesterday’s events in the BB house, and you mentioned that the DR possibly talked Brenden out of nominating Britney. I am very curious as to WHY? First, why would the producers persuade the HOH one way or the other, and what’s so “special” about Britney in the producers eyes? I know you can’t speak on their behalf, but I’d like you insight?

  49. thanks a ton Yuck that was the easiest explanation so far I think i prolly understand it better than I have so far. I really meant it though tyvm :)

  50. @spikesmom: no problem – if you don’t know something, then you ask. The thing is, if you take the time to read most of the posts, you`ll get an answer…
    Read the 2nd edition – it’s even more straightforward.

  51. Brendon talked with Britney and told her he was going to nom her & Lane…that was against BB rules so he nom’d Lane & Ragan. He also told her he would not backdoor her, she should have the option to fight to stay there. So when Ragan saves himself, Brendon will nominate Matt, who in turns removes himself and nominates……if I coulod tell him it would be Kathy.

  52. while I agree that his lie is terrible, that is the only lie that he has told, he has been honest with everyone about everything else. he entered the house with this story about his wife already planned out, to get sympathy votes.

  53. nah MOOGIE, i disagree somwhat.

    britney has said she would put up brendon and enzo multiple times. but not this week, but like in 2 weeks, if 2 brigade members are up, then there is a great chance that all 4 of them will be playing in veto.

    i dont think we realize how POWERFUL BRIGADE is.

  54. big brother probably wants to keep britney around cause shes the only interesting character in the damn house lol. anddd she is a competitor.

  55. I love Brenchel. I hope Big Brother brings them back together. From what I see on the show, they are the only HGs who are honest. They do and say what they feel, not two-faced like the other HGs. It maybe bad for their games and Rachel was annoying at times but at least she and Brendon are honest. The other HGs are so mean and backstabbers. I know it’s a game and that’s the way some would think it should be played. It’s just my opinion that HG don’t have to be mean to win the game.

  56. @kathleen:… that’s the only lie Matt told, right?
    Wow… you’re not really watching the show, are you?

  57. I am SO happy that Ragan won POV. Enzo needs to go. He doesn’t do a damn thing but run his mouth (in the safety of the Diary Room.)

  58. it’s getting down and dirty time, Matt might just turn on them now that he has some backing.

  59. The three bafoons…Hayden, Enzo and Lane, now they are trying to throw Matt under the bus. I hope Brendon puts him up as re-nom, he uses the DPOV, Britney goes up, she goes home, hopefully double eviction, Hayden and Enzo go up, Enzo goes home. Don’t like the floaters, ones who do nothing and still get the money at the end.

  60. WHY are people so hell bent on bringing Rachel back???? I do not get it. I don’t think any evicted hg’s should have the opportunity to come back.(like with the repeat of Jessy- HUGE mistake) They have had their chance, they didn’t win, so let’s move on

  61. I am so happy Ragan won!! I am confused about the Diamond Veto – can Ragan use his Veto and Matt also use the Diamond Veto, putting 2 completely new HGs on the block? If so, can one of them be the HOH?

  62. Another thing about the DPOV:

    EVEN IF HE/SHE ISN’T NOMINATED, the DPOV holder can use it to take out and pull up someone.


    I don’t understand why so many people think it makes any difference if he’s on the block or not… Basically, he cannot be kick out and can put up one of his choices on the block, if he choose to do so.

  63. Enzo’s mouth is catching up to his pea brain..He is running from HG to Hg telling lies and mouthing off..He should shut up cause his discussions are not being kept in confidence by anybody..Notes are being compared by the other HG’s and also his being the most frequent visitor to The HOH and Brendon..If Enzo goes up it will be Matt’s underhandness that gets him there.

  64. @Judy: READ THE MANUAL.

    Seriously, it’S barely above your own comment! Stop being so lazy!

  65. Something everyone forgets is that there are two people related in the house, mentioned at the very start of BB12. Looks closely, see any resemblance between Matt and Ragan?

  66. PS – I agree – enough with Enzo! and I was born in NJ and darn proud of it. He does nothing except eat like every meal it is his last and come up with the lamest theories possible. Has he won anything except on the day when everybody else won something, good or bad? I am sure BB is going to give him a 60″ TV – absolutely! “What a maroon”.

  67. Mighty Mad, no need to act like Rachel and be nasty. Seriously – you just took all the fun out of this site for me.

  68. I believe that the DPOV can only be used on one nominee with one replacement. And this coming week is the last time it can be used. I hope and pray Brendon does not put Matt up

  69. I really hope that the DPOV is NOT used…

    Matt doesn’t need to be fed anymore reasons to think he is running that house…

    I heard Brendon tell hayden that Matt deserves to be left in the game more then Britney…

    I hope production doesn’t push him to nominate Matt…

  70. @pepperton: NOBODY IS RELATED OR EVEN ‘LIFELONG FRIENDS’ IN THIS HOUSE – that was a complete lie made up by Annie in her ‘saboteur’ days.

    Please tell your friends.

  71. THE DPOV cannot put up the POV holder or the HOH, he can put up anyone else as a replacement, at the live EVICTION EPISODE. gosh some people are jacking off to Julie instead of listening to what she is saying!!

  72. Lol Torch..Matt has already turned on The BRIGADE..At this point if he has a friend or makes a choice of the 3 it will be Lane..

  73. @mighty mad- You don’t have to answer the comments. No one is really asking YOU personally! But you have to agree, that they haven’t made ALL the rules on the DPOV perfectly clear. Also in the bb rules, it also states that they can change the rules how they see fit. ( very bottom of the page- look it up)

  74. lol MightyMad, hold your breath… breathe in… breathe out…

    Matt’s told a string of lies since he got in that house hon, even down to the dpov and who he’s is truly loyal to.

    Hayden and Enzo have been throwing Matt under the bus. Enzo doesn’t like the side alliances of Lane/Brit Matt/Regen. He knows they’re losing their Brigade. That’s why he wanted to out the Brigade, to see if that would strengthen the Brigade and have the hg’s fear it.

  75. Ragan is so pathetic!!

    Now that he is staying he is starting with the bashing again…

    Just pathetic! he doesn’t deserve to be there..

  76. Oh, yeah! It’s time to vote out Bratney!! Then Sheriff Worthless!! Then the guys can pick each other off one by one – now that’s entertainment!

  77. LOL @ Judy I felt exactly the same way re Mighty but i think he is trying to be helpful and it must be frustrating that it comes up so often however as far as Sara jumping on me I was like the 10th poster and I had read the previous posts and I think its mean to call anyone lazy on the board none of us are here to be called names …so I hear what your saying

  78. @Judy: wow… sorry. I was joking, for real. Didn’t mean to make you feel bad – always forget how fragile girl’s feelings can be. I joke around with my 5-years old niece all the time, and she never take me seriously and laugh at my crap… then again, you’re not my niece, so…

    Doesn’t change the fact, though, that if YOU TOOK THE TIME TO ACTUALLY READ THE POSTS HERE, you would get most of the answers to your questions… ‘just saying.

  79. @chick from louisiana: but IT’S SO MUCH FUN being helpful! Don’t take that away from me – I JUST WANT TO HELP!!! :(

  80. You’re right, no one has to answer the questions here, but questions are repeated over and over and over and over again here. And surprisingly, if you read the above posters, the answer will be there. Just fyi the next time you’re on here and have a question.

  81. @spikesmom: no frustration here – I’m trying to watch a movie and reading the thread at the same time, and seriously the thread is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING.

    People are just fascinating…

  82. Mighty Mad

    Are you serious?

    “always forget how fragile girl’s feelings can be”

    Are you too lazy to watch Big Brother? See past episodes :)

  83. Is @Abbylicious ♥ right – it doesn’t have to be at the POV Ceremony that Matt uses his DPOV? He can use it even at the Live Eviction?

  84. @99 mighty mad- LOL- I Know, we still love ya. I have to agree, it does get kinda annoying after a while, the same ol questions. But I have read some of the rules, and it really doesn’t answer all of the questions.

  85. Anyone knows what’s going on in the house right now or do the LF only showing bubbles?

  86. is nothing personal against u or ur comments (re:mighty mad) IT SIMPLY THAT PEOPLE TEND TO ASK THE SAME QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER OR BRING UP THE SAME ISSUES THAT ARE DEAD ALREADY. It does get frustrating to keep repeating ur self over and over in here. Rachel is a dead issue..nobody really cares about the friends/relatives secnerio anymore..Its a new game every week go foward not back..BUT on the matter of the Diamond Veto that is simply used as BB decides when it is in play. The rules concerning it are subject to change in any given season it is used.

  87. MightyMad if i read the commenting rules correctly speaking in caps is not allowed, regardless of content so I would hope you have a strong in with admin as I think you believe you do but I for one won’t be returning to this site if you are allowed to keep being so rude and sexist “I forget girls are so fragile” is an example!!!! Admin hope you are reading this!!!

  88. Matt will put up Kathy or Enzo since he’s tired of doing all the dirty work for the Brigade.He took out Rachel for the Brigade and he’s the one who in the have not room while the other Brigade members are sucking up to Brenden in the HOH

  89. lol first of all, I never jumped all over anyone. I just think it’s funny that people jump on here and we read the same questions over and over because they didn’t read the post before, or the beginning of the thread. Really, is that a crime? lol It’s not even that important. It was an observation, deal with it.

  90. If Matt uses his Diamond POV I don’t see him using it on Britney. The way Matt should see things as- he has is Brigade boys AND as a bonus he has Regan and Britney is his pocket for people to vote his way. Kathy is the wild card and if she went up instead of Brit, Matt keeps the blood off his hands when it comes to Regan and Brit alliance. When it comes to crunch time he can ask himself who he has a better shot of winning and competing with- the brigade or the others.

  91. If Brendon puts up Matt, Kathy will go home after Matt uses the DPOV and puts up Kathy. If Brendon puts up Britney, she will go home. I’m crossing my fingers that he will put up Britney.

  92. Marigold, “what a maroon” is Bugs Bunny’s take on “what a moron” which seems to fit the comments directed at me. Have fun, kids – I won’t bother adding “play nice”.

  93. @chick from louisiana: you know what, what’s going to happen with the DPOV is really a crapshoot even for me, since CBS has been so freaking vague about it. But I know, simply by my BB experience, that the HoH has never been touch directly by any power let loose in the game, and that, if Matt replace two nominations, it would have just been called the Coup d’État. No, this thing is a whole other beast, but its basic principes are quite easy to understand.

  94. and btw I agree with Torch (hope you don’t mind)
    and Torch is actually the only name I see on here most everytime I log on. Although I guess Sara is common oops I meant a common name so might not have noticed you b4 or again for that matter

  95. @spikesmom: please re-read the rules – “Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.”

    As of right now, I never left any comments in ALL-CAPS… momma didn’t raise no fool! ;)

  96. Crap! I hate that ragan won the POV. The scank will get to stay another week. Maybe the other scank, Britney, will get put up. It’s up to matt. If he gets put up he will take himself off and put up Kathy, I think. He’s another one that deserves to leave but instead he gets the dpov! Sickening.

  97. When does the POV ceremony take place? Is it live or do we find out earlier? I am having a brain fart Saturday moment. Thanks

  98. @ fly on the wall- I Understand, that’s why I skip through those and read something more interesting. I was simply just pointing out that Mighty mad didn’t have to answer those questions and be rude. Also I agree with the Rachel thing is annoying- People let it go!!!! ( btw- cute name”fly on the wall”- I like it)

  99. @spikesmom: BTW, didn’t you read my comment about my niece? Where did you get any rudeness or sexism out of that?
    Why are you so serious? I’m being silly – you’ve got to stop being so PC about silly comments…

  100. The Brigade= The Floater Alliance
    It’s actually a brilliant idea but I still hope Brendon wins because despite being a pansy, he tries so hard to “play” the game

  101. Question??? WHY DO SOME OF U KEEP SAYING THAT IS UP TO MATT WHO THE NOM REPLACEMENT IS??? MATT IS NOT HOH.. BRENDON IS..All Matt can do is suggest to Brendon who he thinks should be put up..The 2 noms Lane/Regan were a suprise so Brendon is capable of the task..

  102. Why the brigade is Safe:
    Regan removes himself:
    Worst Case Scenario, Brendon puts up [MOB] Member Of Brigade:

    Brendon has no vote


    Matt: DPOV removes MOB [Himself or Hayden or Enzo]
    Puts up Britney or Kathy

    Kathy or Britney

    Hayden votes for Matt’s replacement, Kathy or Britney
    Enzo votes for Matt’s replacement, Kathy or Britney
    Matt votes for Matt’s replacement, Kathy or Britney

    Kathy or Britney [which ever is left] votes for Lane
    Ragan votes for Lane

    3 votes to 2, Kathy or Britney go home

    And this would be in the Worst Case Scenario
    If Brenden puts up Kathy or Britney it’s even better for the Brigade because Matt does not have to reveal the DPOV and piss off either Kathy or Britney

  103. How come BBnetwork didn’t update the photos of the nominatees and the POV winner? Are they waiting for the CBS show is done before posting them?

    Yes, this is how it’s done every week. When the results haven’t happened the box is blank. When the comp/ceremony is over the box is filled with the “Mystery Man” image. When the broadcast is over for the respective event the HG pics replace the “Mystery Man.” This is how it’s been going all season. The status board was updated with the new images this afternoon after the Veto comp and last night after the Nom ceremony. – Matt

  104. fly on the wall, if they’re talking about the dpov, matt can save someone and be the one who renoms, not hoh…

  105. Well what the guys did not want 2 happen happened you go ragan now you can stop crying if ragan takes himself off and brendon puts up matt then matt will use his power all hell will break loose if brittany goes up then she goes home if kathy goes up she goes home I don’t trust brendon he could go enzo who knows

  106. how do you know I was being totally serious. In fact I thought I had thanked you and tried to explain your rudeness. Maybe I don’t like to be compared to a five yr old or even worse your neice hahaheeheehoho ….is that better? so don’t want to offend…haahaaheehee hohohoho

  107. @ fly on the wall- that the deal with the dpov- he can take someone off AND pick the rplacement

  108. Matt is not ALLOWED to tell anyone he has the DPOV. I sympathize with you Mighty Mad. I would love to see Enzo as replacement nom. I am from central Jersey [Jersey shore] and am so embarassed to have people think of him as a representative of NJ.

  109. Abbylicious, no sane male would ever jack off to a chenbot, We just think she is so flat, monotonal and frigid in the sack, a blank slate for les Moonves to vent his diabolical, narcissistic dribble on the
    —We have a hard time taken ChenBot seriously——
    ChenBot has nothing to offer than my Droid phone,
    Next, Matt uses DPOV on himself or Britney, on himself obviouly
    But on Britney, this is where it gets interesting, Does the Brigade want Kathy or Britney more in the house, Lane and Matt want Britney, Enzo and Hayden might want kathy more.
    This could fracture the brigade.
    It is to Matt’s advantage to keep Britney, she will have his back, morethan Kathy who has shown she is out to get him, smelling a rat.
    But how much will Enzo and hayden care if Kathy goes, I suspect not much
    The only one who will get rocked is Brendon, the foul, dishonorable, tacky, poorly behaved moronic troll who nobody likes, he will be out for Matt if Matt dpov’s britney.
    But Brendon means nothing, is an Orc, one of the creatures from Lord of the Rings–you might as well torture Brendon on live tv.
    Nobody at that house will lift a single finger to help except kathy and grendel, the arch fiend I mean rachel the stipper ho. And all they can do is watch Brendon cry from santa Barbara.

  110. Does anyone know if Matt has to use the DPOV at the actual POV Ceremony – if he uses it? Someone suggested that he can use it at the Live Eviction Episode.

  111. @Jourdan: even if Brendon goes with Enzo, MATT CAN STILL TAKE HIM OUT AND PUT SOMEONE ELSE IN HIS PLACE. EVen if he’s not on the block, Matt can use the DPOV…

  112. Just got back from running errands and started reading the comments. WOW this is a tough group, sooo I will be very selective with my wording.
    I believe Kathy should start packing.

  113. i think i read Lins, please correct me if im wrong anyone, that’s it’s used at the live eviction. Not altogether sure myself.

  114. im talkin bout when regan decides to take himself off the block, does that happen sometime today or tomorrow, cause when they show it on wed its already happened

  115. @sandys: so if you’re from Jersey, who do you prefer…

    – Enzo
    – Any of the Jersey Shore kids, who, BTW, ain’t from Jersey to begin with?

  116. TIM!!!! “I did not say what the rules were”. “I did not give my opinion as to what I believe them to be”…go back and read the post. From what I read on the internet the rules are decided by BB when the DV is put in play. The rules for this season might differ from a previous season..Please read a post carefully before commenting on it..

  117. @rob: I think the general assumption is that it will happen just before the vote before the eviction ceremony start… then again, we’re just assuming here.

  118. ok in a perfect world Brittany would go home. Thats what i’m hoping will happen. And i definately DO NOT want Matt to win! He’s such a liar and just plain annoying. Kathy will hopefully be the next to go home because she really has done NOTHING!!!!! I’m still not sure who i want to win the overall competition…maybe Hayden???

  119. Did Regan finally stop crying? What a baby. I am so mad he won. I hope Britney goes. I hope she is scared.

      • What does awaiting moderation mean

        Your comments have been flagged for inappropriateness. As such, all your comments first go to moderation and then I have to either approve or delete them. – Matt

  120. @145 MightyMad
    Matt is a fox type thinker and don’t believe he will use the DPOV UNLESS he is put up. As he stated “he is playing for himself”. So what if Enzo or Lane goes home better that than having the house know he had the POWER. That knowledge give to the HG during the POV cermony would put a very large X on Matt’s back. Just saying.

  121. I am so glad that Ragan is staying this week. Barney Fife should be going. I would like to see Hayden and Ragan as the final two.

    • Didn’t Julie say he has only one more week to exercise the DPoV?

      Something tells me that by opening Pandora’s box it unleashed (their words not mine, he hasn’t done anything to merit $20,000) the new Sab. If he uses it, it unleashes a former evicted house guest in to the house.

      I’m not hating on Ragen, but his reign as Sab is yawn worthy. Not nearly enough risk for the reward he was gift wrapped.

  122. Really, what is the exact dpov power, my take was the chen bot froze on and the show was silent on whether the DPOV holder can put up the hoh at the eviction ceremony. R there rules on a site??
    i suspected that the dpov could not nominate a sitting hoh, but I have every hope that Matt could and send brendon to hell with his spawn creature mate, rachel the boobiac arch fiend, the diseased stripper whore sex worker topless dancer, go Vegas.

  123. oh no not the bubbles…makes it harder to leave this stimulating convo and face real life. No hard feelings MightyMad I was just playing with you too like to be devil’s advocate when I post, usually just a lurker

  124. Do you think that the producers will let Matt put up Brenden up because he has the D-Veto, if Matt get pick by Brenden then Matt can used the D-Veto and put Brenden up or is it just the other house guest that can be chosen for eviction.

  125. @LEB: completely agree. I don’t see him using it unless he’s on the block – there’s no benefit for him otherwise.

  126. by winning this veto and surviving his 2nd week as the saboteur, ragan also JUST WON $20,0000!!

    congrats to him :)

  127. I am not talking about MATT AND THE DIAMOND VETO!!! I am talking about BRENDONS replacement nominee when Regan uses the POV to remove himself from the block…MATT WON’T KNOW HIS PLANS TILL Brendon makes his decision..ONE thing at a time is the best way..

  128. @ torch – Agree. Btw wonder where Kristi is, haven’t seen her in a while

  129. if the dpov is used and Matt has a choice to nominate the hoh, it will be moot because brendon will be Gone!!!!!
    Without a power Brendon cannot survive a single eviction.
    Unprotected by a power from this point forward until the end Brendon will go. He has nothing, just as someone as foul as he deserves nothing,

  130. @bb12cg: Wanna know why I don’t think Matt can put up Brendon?

    Before the last HoH, Julie stated the same thing she always said before the comp – that the HoH is the only HG save for eviction for this week. Now, if Matt had the power to target the HoH, SHE WOULD HAVE SAID SO, AT THE VERY LEAST TO THE VIEWERS.

    But she didn’t… therefore, no dice.

  131. It just seems that production is interferring this year, from comments that the HGs have made.

  132. Brendon will replace ragan with Matt or Britney.
    Will Matt DPOV Britney and send kathy home,
    If he does Only Brendon will care and as far as brendon is concerned, “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.”

  133. Kristi is at the river playing with hubby, and bb12cg please lay off the chenbot statements her name is Julie USE IT

  134. I have a question…If Ragan uses the POV on himself, and then Brendon puts up Matt, then Matt uses the DPOV, can he put Ragan right back up?

  135. FLY ON THE WALL…!!!! @152
    “…go back and read the post. From what I read on the internet the rules are decided by BB when the DV is put in play. The rules for this season might differ from a previous season..”

    Yes, they are different this season because there has never been a DPOV before, so why would you think old rules would apply to new things?

    “Please read a post carefully before commenting on it..”

    I did read it, very carefully, and …, well, … Your were in error.

    Sorry if you’re sensitive about it.

  136. Was Julie’s comment about Rachel possible returning to the house a message from the Saboteur? I kind of think that it is. Since Annie left no more talk of who the “life long friends” are either. I think that was Annie’s doing as well.

  137. I did not want Ragan to win the veto!! I wanted him, brittany, and kathy GONE! Ragan and brittany are two of the meanest people in the house. Brittany is gorgeous but hideous on the inside. the more i think about it the more i’m leaning to Hayden winning.

  138. Mighty mad,
    That is true, chen bot said that, but chenbot reads everything so flat it is hard to take her seriously, Someone like chen bot needs to repeat herself, becasue no one even considers her to be ahuman being, only a sex toy for a hollywood ex-d minus actor now mogul.
    Thus, we wonder at the ambiguity,

  139. @bb12cg: BTW, you’ve got to stop on the whole ‘I HATE BRENCHEL MORE THAN I HATE SATAN OR HITLER’ rhetoric – we get it, you’ve said it so many times. Hey, I understand – I hate ALL THE PLAYERS ON BB12 too, but I’m not posting it on everyone of my messages! Also, your overall hatred of Brendan seems to be completely clouding you from the rest of the game.

    Basically… please take a chill pill.

  140. Kathy may have screwed herself by jumping off first again. Matt might not have to use the DPOV.

    Thought Brendan might at first throw Brit up, but he made promises. Leave it Lane vs. Kathy

  141. Let us pray Matt can take Brendon out now, otherwise we will have to wait another week,
    7 is a critical number in the division of alliances. The evicted guest at 7 really signals how the show will go. Brendon has to go here

  142. You see alliances can shift on odd evictions, especially as the midddle game moves to the end game at 5

  143. Yeea! I am so happy Ragan won, even if he did cry his eyes out all night. lol I hope whomever Brendon puts up Matt uses the power of veto. I want to see them shove brendon out of tha thouse since he is so two faced.

  144. Enzo-First Brigade member out the door …even these neanderthals will realize he too popular

  145. That was the worst thing that could happen. I didnt want Ragan to win. Now I have to see Mr. Whinny pants win the 20,000 and prance around another week. Hopefully Brit will go up and get the boot.

  146. @Annie:… Brendon is two-faced…

    Man, the things people wish to see and ignore… insane.

  147. Not everybody reads the entire thread, thus I believe repetition is sometimes necessary.
    We learn by rythem, rhyme and repetition.
    Prediction This week Kathy,
    Next week Brendon, vegas baby.
    then Ragan
    then britney Matt Lane against Enzo Hayden.
    Pov’s and hohs will decide from there.

  148. Brendon is HOH – he cannot go up as a replacement. If Matt is as smart as he thinks he is he will only use the DPOV to save himself in the event he is put up to replace Ragan.
    BB Chat was a lot more fun last night when people werent bashing each other – its a show people…calm down

  149. Yeah Tim I do believe that The Diamond Power of Veto has been put on the table in a previous season..I think season 4..but not positive on that..I WAS NOT MAKING A CALL ON THE USE OF THE DAM THING..I SAID from what I could “gather” ..I made sure that the comment came across as not being sure about the use of it because I am not sure about it..and people post in error everyday..thank u for the apology..

  150. @tonya: now why would he win the $20,000 again?

    See, he’s suppose to be the saboteur, which means that he sould SABOTAGE something, right?
    If he doesn’t sabotage ANYTHING, then why should he win $20,000?!

    With Eric as America’s Player, it was dead clear – you do THIS job; if you don’t do it, YOU DON’T GET THE MONEY. Period.

    Man, simpler days…

  151. isn’t it fair to say that none of us know FOR SURE what powers the diamond veto holds?

    it has NEVER been made clear, which makes our assumptions nothing more than pure speculation.

    as Tim has pointed out, the decision is BB’s – a decision that is made depending on how the game is going at the time.

    CURRENTLY – with brendon being HOH – i don’t see BB giving matt the power to nominate brendon because (for ratings purposes) CBS DOES NOT want brendon gone.

    we won’t know anything for sure until thursday’s live eviction… exciting huh! :)

  152. if matt goes up which i think he will can the replace nom. be Ragan since he won the pov

  153. I agree … Ragan isnt working for his prize money. He should have to do something besides his tv spots

  154. CT Tim was reading my views..those were not his..lmao..go back and read the post…LMAO!!!!

  155. I Vote to Evict –Chenbot–please someone say that before they cancel the show..she is the worst charachter on this show make her host wipeout or something no one watches

  156. Yeah, I was hoping for a better sabotage of things… Not just a mental sabotage. I’d like to see the slop on the floor, stinky cheese under beds, dye in peoples shampoos, holes in peoples clothing, etc… Something funny and some sort of danger of the sabeteur being caught..

  157. Prior to bubbles Ragan told Lane that he would like to see himself, Lane, Brittney & Matt in final 4

  158. Oh my is this addicting..Im ready so I have a few mins before I go out..
    @MightyMad Thanks for all the info about the dpov ah but just one question can the dpov put up the hoh??
    jj I know the answer lol

  159. @191 MightyMad
    I said this was a tough crowd!!! BTW I took 2 Chill Pill and 1 be nice to other pill. I only take the Nice to other pill once a week because that attitude gets old real fast! :)

  160. i don’t get why some of you are upset with ragan winning $20 grand. his “tasks” as sab came from us (bb viewers)…

    maybe we should have made it more difficult for him?

  161. @Mighty Mad: I’m with you on the whole Saboteur vs. America’s player thing- You do it or you don’t get anythng! What has he done?? Does Ragan actually get to collect on the 20,000? Didn’t he pick as one of his acts as “Saboteur” to “turn Rachael and Brendon against eachother”? Ummm- that didn’t happen and now it can’t at all- so as I see it- NO MONEY- he even got to choose what he wanted to do. Lame!

  162. the more i think about it the more it seems true this show is so fake because Ragan was to go home this week but now he won pov putting matt up on the block making him use the dpov and replacing him with somebody else that’s what i think will happen its all for ratings

  163. Matt (the one who writes this column)

    Why don’t you do an article on the diamond POV – what it entails and how it can be used, etc. That way people may stop asking about it and there will be less insults and hurt feelings. People may read it if you post it as the less attractive option involves sifting though a multitude of comments in search of answers.

  164. CT @206

    Fly on the correct, I was only addressing her misunderstanding about why folks were talking about Matt’s abilities in the case of the use of “a” veto [the DPOV is what they were talking about, not the regular one]

    I never said anything about what BB/Production may or may not do at a moments notice, which I think would suck, the should not be making the rules as they go alone.

    BTW @ Fly on the wall.., nope, this is the first season for the DPOV

  165. Well I am happy that Regan won POV…So my guess is that Britney is outty haha, I don’t like her and I never wanted to see her win anything!!

  166. Someone mentioned production is influencing decisions how is this possible & what all have they done?

  167. i don’t know who he will bd. brit or matt is my assumption. He told Brit he’s not going to put up Kathy if someone comes off

  168. RE: SABATOUR…I do not think that any of his task had to be “completed” ..just his trying was the requirement..I did not hear the word completed used..but then I might have missed something.. Like saying Brendon was throwing comps so that RACHEL would get upset and start to doubt him..but not sure on that..

  169. Heaven help us but I agree with sara about LF not being on probably has to do with Sab…only guessing …passing time…


    There may have been a DPOV in the past but I believe it was differnt in how it worked and what it did.

  171. @209 sorry FLY! my bad :)

    for the record – imo, you have the best response here pertaining to the dpov… no assumptions – just the facts.

  172. @graves: if this is the case, this is, hands down, THE EASIEST $20,000 BB EVER GAVE AWAY TO ONE OF ITS CONTESTANTS. ‘Makes you wonder why Ragan had so much problem accepting the role!

  173. The Diamond Power of Veto
    Introduced in the final veto contest of season 4, The Diamond Power of Veto was essentially the same as the Golden Power of Veto. With only four houseguests left, the winner of the Veto could choose (with the exception of the Head of Household) who to evict — if a nominee used it on themselves, they would become the only houseguest able to vote for eviction, and if the one houseguest who was not nominated used it on a nominated houseguest, only one houseguest would remain eligible for eviction. The Diamond Power of Veto did not appear in subsequent seasons
    The only Diamond Power of Veto was won by Alison Irwin

  174. Dose any one kno if Britt is stressing yet or is she so stuck up that she is oblivious to the fact she is the main target??

  175. @graves: Thanks. You may be right- in which case I guess he did “try”. I just liked it better when there was a specific task to be “completed” those were funny. I like @Sarah #211 ideas for some sabotage!!

  176. OMG I am a dimwit and slow on the uptake.I just scrolled up and was rereading some of the posts and FINALLY got the “sausage factory” comment, man do I feel dumb!

  177. @CT on 237: … wait a s’cond… is that a dig at me? HOW DARE YOU, SIR?!

    Whatever; I’ll be proven right on Thursday, when Brendon cannot be touch, you’ll see…

  178. Well before the bubbles, she was sure she had brendon in her back pocket. She thinks she’s safe from possibly being backdoored from Bren. Brens gunning to break up the alliances he knows about brit/lane and reg/matt. IMO since lane is the safe one, he will put up Brit. to make sure one of them, at least, is gone

  179. Last year, Jeff had the coup d’etat in which he was able to put up two people of his choice up for eviction. Because of this the “HOH” of that week was able to compete in the HOH competition since the HOH power was over ruled. So my question is do you think if Matt uses the DPOV, Brenden will be able to compete in the HOH competition?

  180. @graves: YES MAN! THANK YOU!!!

    Finally, definitive answer… nothing else to say. Someone need to do a 3rd edition of the Manual ASAP!

  181. OK for everyone out there, I have been looking into the “D” veto rules, and here is how I see it.

    1. matt can use it, if he’s on the block or setting in a chair.

    2. He can take himself if he needs too, or someone else.

    3. He gets to name the replacement

    4. The HOH is safe.

    5. I don’t think the winner of the reg. veto comp is safe. (The winner is only safe from the HOH, once they use it it’s gone)

    Matt has a big problem and that’s enzo and hayden, maybe lane, they think that he ahs a side alliance with britney and ragan and maybe lane, thier not sure about lane,

    Now it’s ok for matt to save himself, but to put kathy up and not britney won’t look too good to the ber-egg,

    Also enzo and hayden want kathy to stay and for britney to go, matt can’t fight too hard for britney, it would look bad.

    So matt has a BIG problem, the ber-egg or britney

  182. MightyMad for real its good having u on here cuz u really kno ur stuff u kinda remind me of a lawyer with all ur arguing…lol its fun and interesting to read!!:)

  183. I am thrilled!!!!! I only wish Kathy would go up as she is useless in playing the game OR is she playing all of us???? I really want Matt to save his veto in case Brandon is stuck with us with his sloppy eating habits, picking his nose & wiping it on anything he is disgusting as his Rachael.

  184. Poor Ragan, he will lose his friend Brit..then he will be sad cause he will realize Matt is NOT his friend! Wait till they find out Matt lied about his wife being very ill!

  185. That is what I said TIM…The way I understand it BB decides the rules when putting it in play..I was not being a know -it -all or smart ass I just gave an “honest ” opinion.that was all

  186. @suz: that’s a great question. In all seriousness, I don’t know… but, since one of his nominations will not be touch, I personally doubt it.

  187. @Annie: yep, it’s his last chance… although he doesn’t need to use it, not at this time anyway.

  188. @246 Mighty Mad

    a little on the defensive, aren’t u???
    no – it wasn’t not a dig at you – or anyone else. chill.

  189. @MightyMad… the sab request only stated if he makes it two weeks he gets the 20,000. I dont think he deserves it bc he hasn’t sabotaged anything in my opinion. This whole sab thing is a piece of crap to me.

  190. I think Rachel is back temporarily … she said something about “so you will join me in the jury house”?

  191. Rachel is in the house! She said, “And you call that kind of person your friend.” HGs asking her questions.

  192. Rachel asked who’s on the block. Ragan said he is. Rachel says oh what a shock, so you’ll be joining me on the jury. Ragan says he won veto

  193. WHAT THE HECLL!!!!




    OKAY, she is only in the house for 24 hours.

    okay im cool

  194. Ragan said that Rachel is thier for 24 hours NT
    3:05 PM BBT Where’s Brendon??? NT
    3:05 PM BBT Rachel is in the house…I have not see Brendon yet.

    Rachel asked who was going to be joining here in Jury next week so it doesn’t sound like she is back in the game for good.

    Rachel personally attacking people, specifically calling out Ragan asking if he is such a Bitch just because he is Gay.

    She said she is back for 24 hours…

  195. @CT at #267: as I stated before, sarcasm doesn’t translate well in a forum…

    No defense needed, BTW – I rope-a-dope better than Ali!

  196. Is Rachel really back or is that just bulls***???
    Please don’t mess with my head ppl I don’t have live feeds…So I am depending on those who do for the truth!

  197. Wow… you would have thought that Rachel would be more thoughful upon her return, yet here she is, doing dumb things again… pathetic.

  198. WOW if you have LF turn it on… It is getting rather down and dirty between Ragan & Rachel.

  199. isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black….and once and for all does anyone have any doubts about BB manipulating the game for ratings!

  200. spikesmom: well, it’s THEIR GAME, so they can pretty do whatever they want, really…

  201. Ok CBS u better have a good reason for bringing her back..cause she is not wanted..She is gonna treat the other HG’s like dogs..THIS IS NOT GONNA GO OVER WELL..I AM ALL FOR DRAMA BUT NOT IF IT MEANS SHE CAN COME BACK IN THE HOUSE AND DEMEAN THE OTHER HG’S AND ATTACK THEIR CHARACTER BECAUSE SHE GOT VOTED OFF THAT IS WRONG..

  202. Rach: You guys got what you wanted. Why are you still being evil. Less…
    Ragan says it’s because of how she came in.

    Rach: because I said “I’m back bitches!” Come on! Grow some balls.

    Ragan lecturing her on how she could make this opportunity to have fun.

    Rach: I will make every moment of this 24 hours miserable for you, Ragan.

    Ragan leaves.

    Rach: I’m rally not that big of a bitch. But there are going to be 6 of you joining me in jury and we need to try to get along.

    Now the others are asking her questions about the JH…she’s saying it’s so nice…laughing and chatting with them.

  203. But why? What is the purpose? She is gonna screw up Brendan’s game. Why?

    Even for 24 hours. Rachel is back. Then there is nothing to live for!!! Where’s my kayak?!

  204. @Fly on the wall: anyone freaking out about it is really enough for CBS!

    Man, this season was so dull and stupid… thank you for that twist!

  205. not nor never have been a rachel fan but Rags expression on live feeds in the have not room was priceless or at least worth the price of LF for this old lady

  206. She attacked Brittney and Brittney did not say anything to her..this is not gonna go well..

  207. Rachel telling about jury house.From what people are saying, when Rachel came in, she said, “I’m back, bitches.” Kathy hugged her. She thinks Ragan/Britney gave mean looks. Britney denies.

  208. The hg’s are thinking Rachel’s 24-hr return has something to do with Pandora’s Box.

  209. How about Brendon puts up Hayden or Enzo what happens then? Do you think Matt will use the veto?

  210. hahaha!!! Im so glad she is back even if its only for 24hrs. Please make Ragan and Brit so miserable. I guess there will be more pouting with Ragan.

  211. I guess she has had mirror and BB house withdrawel so needs to be as drama has she can for 24 hours. Calmness will return at around 3PM on Sun. MightyMad I hope you have SHO…BB after dark!!!!!

  212. @Nic: I think it will help up Brendon, for some reasons. Those idiots gave her nasty goodbyes… she can just go to HER MAN and tell him… cuz SHE’S VEGAS!

    Man, no lying, I miss writing this! :D

  213. THE RATINGS willl be very high these next couple of weeks. i smell BIG BROTHER 13!!

    way too early to talk about that.

    im glad she in the for 24 hours actually. i hate her. I HATE RACHEL.

    MARCUS HATES RACHEL, but i wanna see some more fights.


  214. i like her having something to do with pandoras box. because we didn’t really get anything bad out of matt opening it and getting dpov! maybe she’s there to rat everyone out because she got to watch cameras??? any thoughts? that would be sweet to see her put the brigade on blast

  215. HGs think Brendon is locked in HoH, and opened Pandora’s Box to let Rachel in. Telling Rachel about HoH comp

  216. I am guessing Brendon is not in the house..It would not be fair for her to feed him info..Something more to this..lets watch..

  217. OMG!! I just turned on the live feeds, guess who is sitting at the kitchen table, that big loud mouth bitch, Rachel! I could not believe it, now we know what Julie was talking about when she said the BB house may not have seen the last of Rachel. She has been let in for 24 hours to ask the HG’s questions..What? Brendon is locked up in the HOH room, not allowed to come and defend his woman when her and ragan get into, Thank God for Ragan, he is the only one in that house who has the balls to stand up to her, the rest of them are just standing there like the wussies that they are. Rachel kept telling Ragan that he is not a man, making fun that he is gay, she came in the house with instant attitude, starting in on Ragan. thank God he won POV this week. I hate this girl! Why in the hell does she need to come in and ask questions, that is what the DVD’s are for. I am beginning to hate this show. The only reason she is back in is for TV drama.

  218. Looks like Bren was swapped with Bren for 24 hrs? Kat said the HoH room was locked, so, so far, Bren doesn’t know Rach is there. HG have beentrying to figure out where Bren was. Brit believes Bren was offered a Pandoras box & it cause Bren to be taken out of the house & Rach put in in his place, but this is just her best guess.

  219. if i was ragan, i would have poured juice ALL OVER RACHEL.

    i would NEVR let her talk to me like that. NUNCA!! (spanish for never)

    i woulda have let her have it!!! like NO HOLDS BARRED.

    plus i would still be in their. C’MON RAGAN!!!!

  220. What did Brendan do, go into the DR and ask to get laid and poof they bring back Rachel? Once you are gone you should be gone. Too bad Brendan was finally playing his own game.

  221. I agree Torch but IF they really care about eachother they will be happy for eachother. Especially Brendon being HoH

  222. sucks ragen won…I really dont like him and was happy to see him go this week

    now it looks like matt either gets his hands dirty, or…brenden just puts up brit.

  223. Britt outright lying to Rach’s face, saying her goodbye message was “totally nice”, she’s claiming BB edited a nasty one together to use..

  224. Wow, endless lies. Claims she talked about how they’ll be friends after, watch movies together..

  225. i think britney is lying.

    she seems so damn believable, but i saw her goodbye messages (loved it) but i heard what she said, how would take it out of context

  226. Rach: Why did you guys evict me with a 6-0 vote even though Kathy said she was voting for Bren.

    Lane says they thought she was better than Bren.

    Brit says they thought she was more of a threat because they thought the next hoh comp would be a quiz.

    Now they are telling her about the HOH comp. They tell her that Bren said “this is for you Rachel” when he won…also that he put Ragan/Brit/Matt.

    Rach now asking about the hair extension comment in her goodbye message. Brit denies saying it…says BB must have put something together…claiming that she left a good message.

  227. Bren “stuck up there”, Rach going to bang on the door. Door opens, they go into HOH room. Look at pictures. No Bren. NT
    3:22 PM BBT Matt came out of DR and mendioned to Hayden that BB did not mention Brigade in goodbye messages. NT

  228. @Sara: Wow… you got to give it to that Southern girl – BSing sure comes naturally to her!

    If I were her fiancee, I would take notice how easily she can lie… That will be trouble down the line!

  229. I don’t get the point though. Its too soon even for 24 hours. The JH staff must have went bonkers.

  230. Enzo standing at Pan’s Door in HOH room, going “Meow meow”, because Bren will respond to that better than his name? All HG in HOH room

  231. weaving tangled webs lies……. Britney!!

    i dont know why she wanted to lie. but like i said, BB production has been known to twist the context of things.

    BUT i dont know how they did. she clearly said “who wants to see me go to the jury house”

    hmmmmmm idk. i’ll have to see her dr’s. she generally seemed shocked, but i mean, we all heard her awesome goodbye message.


  232. Apparently there was a sabateur message that said the 2 friends still remain in the house and that one is a female and one is a male

  233. Ahahaha bb just got way more interesting lol this is so great!!!
    K peace out evey one I cant wait to get home from my date and come to my computer and see whats going on with bb. Every one have a awesome evening!!!

  234. Rachel saying she has to ask each hg something individually, then feeds go off again!

  235. Rach says she has to ask each HG questions before she leaves. Matt asking for details. BUBBLES NT
    3:26 PM BBT They go up to HOH. They see the Pandora’s box door. Less…
    Bren did open it.

    Rach is knocking on the door and calling Bren. She isn’t getting an answer.

    They say he might be gone. Matt says maybe he’ll come back after 12 hours.

    They are listening at the door…not hearing anything.

    Rach saying she didn’t know Bren won HOH until she came back in.

    Kathy tells Rach about the latest sab message.

    Matt asking questioning about what she’s learned…wants to know things about the game…she says she didn’t get any gameplay info or who the sab was or anything like that.

    Enzo says he hopes Rach gets to see Bren before she goes.

  236. U know what… I believe Brittney on that cause (again) she’s not dumb she knew Rachel would be going to jury house..If I recall that message was from a previous DR session but I can’t be sure..I know Brittney is a bitch but she’s not a stupid bitch..I have to think on this one..But if BB did replace Brittney’s actual message if I was Brittney somebody would be coming up with some mighty good answers and reasons why..

  237. The Diamond Power of Veto “allows the holder” to remove any nominee from the block and replace him/her with a new nominee.

  238. Rach has to ask each HG questions alone, she “has to” do it, “Have to do it before you can see Brendon?” Rach, “No.” Bubbles off and on. Everyone is questioning Rachel about why shes here, what her purpose is

  239. just before the Bubbles cut her off Rach said she is supposed to ask each HG a question before she talks to Brendon

  240. WOW! I think somebody needs to take a Xanax and log off this site for a while and chill out! your not in the game…your not playing the game…you are just a fan like the rest of us…quit taking things so personal and quit trying to making others feel stupid for expressing their opinions!!! Geesh it’s just a game people…CHill OuT!!!

  241. feels sorry for Brits fiance too….but maybe and i mean just maybe they are cut from the same cloth is Lane as somany have speculated and he sees how she is every damn day in the house

  242. ragan and lane and ragan won pov brenden opened pandoras box got locked in the room and rachel comes back for 24 hr’s

  243. The feeds just flashed on for about 10 seconds, and Rachel said the word “like” approximately 7 times….

    That’s pretty tough to do, even if you’re, like, trying!

  244. What if Brendon got what he originally wanted and gave up his spot for Rachel to come back permanently?

  245. for real spikes, better twist than just givins us another sab that doesn’t do anything. Here’s the repercutions of opening pandora’s box???

  246. @ Sara #360 — I heard that, too, but Brendon does not appear to be in the house at all … at least for now.

  247. SARA…

    i think you and i are surfing the same update site – your posts here are EXACTLY the same as what i’m first reading over there!!

  248. Wait a second… KATHY GAVE RACHEL A HUG?!

    Britney, please gave your “Queen of the Two-Faces” crow to the chain-smoking cop…

  249. Fly on the wall, are yu watching the same big brother that i am, you act like rachel was the only person in the house to say something bad about a HG’s, did you see britney goodby speech, or ragans, did you see when the HG’s except B/R were up in the HOH or the dinning room doing thier so call game show, did you see when ragan and britney were in the cr and making fun of B/R, I could go on allday about the other HG’s talking trash about B/R, Yes B/R talked trash but never on the same level as the other house guess, I’m not a fan of B/R but please don’t make it sound like rachel is this big bad person and the othr HG’s are saint’s

  250. @BBFAN…you think we don’t know that this is just a game, we are not stupid. I get tired of posting comments on here and then have some dumbass tell us to calm down, oh, wait, it’s time for my Xanax!!!!!

  251. Just before the Bubbles cut her off Rach has to ask said she is supposed to ask each one individually questions that she has to ask before she can see to Brendon.
    Matt: “Oh you have set things questions that you’re supposed to..”
    Rach: “No. Not like, they didn’t say, like, you have set things-”
    Matt: “Did you have permission? like, did they you have to talk to us did they say-”
    Rach: “No. They said this is the first time this has ever-“

  252. Feeds back, hg in HOH Room speculating about where Brendon is and for how long. It appears Rachel made a video and the hg’s are thinking it caused him to open Pandora’s Box.

  253. Kat suggests they go outside to look for clues. NT
    3:45 PM BBT The Hgs in HOH think Bren is probably able to see them.Everyone except Ragan is in HOH.

    Ragan just came out of the HN room, got the POV and took it back into the HN room with him. He gets back in bed with it.

    BB announces the inside LD is over.

  254. I said that I knew Brittney was a bitch but that she is not a dumb bitch..If I had been in the house and RACHEL came in the door with “HEY BITCHES I’M BACK” I am not sure what my reaction might have been…AND are u watching the same BB that I am???? RACHEL WAS OBNOXIOUS in her treatment of all the HG’s while she was in the house..Rachel actions were no better than any other HG..She was a total uppity bitch who got voted out..I never in any of my post upheld any HG’s defaming or tearing down the character of another..

  255. No britney isn’t that smart, I made sure I watched what britney had to because I knew it was going to be catty, As she was talking you have to watch her face, you can’t make those faces, by putting thing together, there was hate in every word, Britney just couldn’t help herself, because of her hate for rachel, She said it alright.

  256. @Amanda: no, you’re wrong.
    Matt can only take one nominee out.
    It’s not the Coup d’Etat, honey… get your facts straight.

  257. Don’t trip over ur tongue ENZO..ur time is Enzo is nobody’s friend..oh here we goooo RACHEL THE GREAT..OH CRAP MOVING ON TO THE NEXT FRAME..

  258. it’s sad that she comes back with no knowledge of what the hell’s going on. Enzo’s just lying to her for a vote.

  259. Why did I just turn on the live feed and see Rachel? Do I need my eyes checked what is going on?

  260. @Fly on the wall: Rachel mean to everyone of the HGs? Nonsense. She wasn’t mean to Enzo and Lance, and all her issue with Brit/Ragan/Kristen/Hayden/Kathy were direct reasons of things they did to her first.

    So your argument’s bogus… she’s a bitch alright, but she’s definitely not the worst one in there.

  261. Rachel: “I AM a good player…”

    Uh… Rach, sorry to tell you, but you are NOT a good player. You are a good COMPETITOR…. there’s a big difference.

  262. Rico, I agree with you. There’s more to the game than competitions. Her people skills are definitely in need of improvement.

  263. theres talk that if regen comes off, rach might be the one to pick who the replacement is. not sure tho

  264. listen to that snitch ass enzo.

    throwing practically everyone under the bus

    diarrhea of the mouth.

  265. Yeah, Florida…. she completely overlooked the social aspect of the game, as well as the “deception” aspect of the game.

  266. Rach thinks Rach was voted out bc the HG wanted to hurt Brenchel.She advises Enzo to study for quizzes.
    3:55 PM BBT Matt/Hay/Lane in the CR. Less…
    Mostly silent…saying the JH sounds pimp…

    Lane says he thought Rach was there to make them miserable when she 1st came in.

    Matt doesn’t think Bren is in Pandora’s Box…thinks BB took him somewhere.

    Hay suggests Bren got some sort of 24 hours away luxury. Matt says this means they can’t get in Bren’s head before POV noms.

    They agree to push for Brit to go up to Rach in case Rach gets to talk to Bren before she leaves.

  267. Enzo/Rachel are in the HOH room. Rachel feels blindsided by the 6 to 0 vote. Enzo said that he and Haydan wanted to vote for Her to stay. Matt/Hayden/Lane are discussing the return of Rachel. Tonight should be great viewing!!! Hope Brendon cannot communicate with Rachel. :(

  268. @mightymad

    rachel was in fact the worst person in the house.


    there was nobody who treating ppl worse, lied when not needed, and generally liked being a bitch to ppl.

    u can not construct the argument that anyone was worse than rachel. u know that. dont even bother trying.

    she got out on a 6-0 vote, when her bf was being an arse to ppl.

  269. Hay/Matt saying how crazy Rach coming back is.Matt says he doesn’t remember being mean in his goodbye message, but she says he was.

    Hay says he wonders what he looks like on TV since Rach said he seemed different on TV.

  270. I missed alot. So where is Brendon? Did he have to leave for 24 hours and Rachel is there for 24 hours?

  271. Wow, totally do NOT see Rachel being worse than Brit or Matt in the lying department. Rachel may be an annoying, emotional person, but EVERYONE lies on that game and imo brit and matt were worse than her

  272. trish all we know is brenden opened pandoras box he is missing then rachel comes into the house

  273. @ bb12cg

    You must be one miserable human being. If Brendan and Rachel, or just two reality stars for that matter make you that mad and are that much of a problem for you, than you have a malfunctioning personality. Get a life and live with the fact that Brendan would drop you with one hand tied behind his back. I could care less, but that makes me happy knowing that…lol

    Cheer up man, i’m sure you have many many many many more important problems in life than Brendan and Rachel…lol

  274. all the hgs were in the hoh room knocking on pandoras door and couldn’t get an answer. so he might have been removed from the house for 24hrs

  275. “Live feeds” keep putting up bubbles
    So we miss half the houseguests troubles
    Since they charge us to view
    The least they can do
    Is entertain us as our frustration doubles

  276. omfg I dont believe it what did I say Rachel will come back!!!!! ♥ I know it is for 24 hours but still she returned IN UR FACE I HATE RACHEL U STUPID!!!

  277. @Marcus: let me be clear here: I think EVERYONE on BB12 SUCKS… period.

    But to say that Rachel is worse than Britney… dude, that reek of dishonesty.

  278. Rachel said they gave her back her cell phone! That surprised me. That could be a open link to the outside rather confused why it was returned.

  279. well lying is part of the game. matt naturally has to lie his arse off because of the BOVI reasons.

    did britney make up a gigantic lie about votes week 2? no. did matt lie about britney wanted to form an alliance when it was rachel wanted to make an alliance with britney? no.

    rachel lied when she didnt have to, started lies to get ppl to fight in the house, then when it comes back to her, she gets mad, yells, and tries to deflect ti with bitter emotions.

    britney hasnt lied anymore than kristin, andrew or anyone in the BRIGADE for that matter.

    speaking of matter, matt (hahaha) hasnt lied anymore than he needs to. he hasnt started things through ppl, and remember that house meeting, he was honest and just about put all his shet out there.

  280. @Marcus: since there seems to be so many of them, name me 5 moments where Rachel lied… go!

  281. Feeds are such a tease…they keep coming on for like 5 mins then bubbles then back to live etc.

  282. I hope Brit and Rachel get in a drag out knock out fight. Rachel now knows for sure Brit was NEVER her friend. Really Big Red? lol I agree with Mightymad. Brit is far worse than Rachel ever was. Even the guys of The Brigade are tired of her mouth. All she does is bad mouth this person or that person. I thought it was funny when they got caught (Ragan, sissy boy and Brit the bitch) talking about Kathy and she heard them. Yeah if she takes their apology then she is as clueless as she appears. I think Kathy only goes along with all the Just The Tip crap because she has noone in the house. Too bad, to go along with Brit’s crap is one lonely road.

  283. Abby, Boobzilla called. She said since you’re so in love with her, she wants to take you out on a date.

    But since she gets paid for it, you have to pay.

    If you spend enough, you might get laid.

  284. @Torch:… don’t think that ‘snotty bratty bitch’ is a whole lot better than ‘bimbo’.

  285. @mightymad

    well i would say explain to me how britney is worse than britney, but i can tell from ur comments now, and past comments u hate britney on like a personal level. like if i say for example

    “britney had to play both sides of the house with rachel, but then trying to get her out because she had the target on her back after monet left and kristin was also targeting her”

    u’ll say “britney didnt have to lie, and she doesnt it with that catty voice”

    like something completely irrelevant.

    we agree to disagree

  286. bimbo or not, rachel wasn’t half as bad as britney with the two faced-ness. Sucks major ass when she’s in trouble to only talk major sh!t as soon as she turns around. At least rachel told it to kristens face, matt’s face, kathy’s face.

  287. Oh yeah!!! WHAT WAS IT SHE SAID ABOUT HER AND BRENDON being a better class of people and that all the other HG’s were beneath them..ALL THE HG’S were included.. The names and jokes made about (she along with Brendon) all the HG’s behind their backs and WHO could forget her obivious displeasuer with Brendon in her diary room sessions and those remarks..Rachel was and still is a self absorbed bitch but she created her bad image..and she learned nothing from her time in the house or out for that matter..

  288. how things change in a few short hours…and I total agree with Sara and MightyMad re: brit and the rest

  289. It is hard defending Rachel against Brit because I don’t care for either one. Poor Rach, she doesn’t have Brendon to see. She doesn’t know anymore than she did when she left EXCEPT she should now know Brit never liked her. I don’t like Brit but even I don’t see any reason for Brit to go talk to her. I wouldn’t.

  290. Has anyone thought of this….Ragan takes himself off the block with his POV, and Brendan replaces him with Brittney, then….Matt uses the DPOV, takes off Lane, and puts up Kathy. There go the girls.

  291. what a neat twist. I was gone for 24 hours and look what happens. Now if Rachal used this time that she has to really do something nice (even though ragan and brit do not deserve it) brit is a lair and is the instatgator in this house from day 1. ragan went along with her so I sure hope that it works out that they both go home. then I say let the others just fight it out. that would be just peachy. lol

  292. @Marcus: dude, I’m not like you and folks who think like you. If you’ve actually bother reading any of my comments properly, I’VE NEVER ATTACKED ANY OF THE HGs SOLELY ON THEIR PERSONAL APPARENCE OR HOW THEY SOUND LIKE.
    Unlike you, I actually based my feeling about the HGs on FACTS – I don’t say stuffs like “Rachel is the biggest liar in the house” just ‘cuz it sounds good, I CAN BACK IT UP.
    Wanna see?

    – Fact: except for maybe Lane, Britney has badmouthed EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE…
    – Fact: everytime she was kicking Rachel’s ass then badmouthing her in her back, Britney has been A WEASEL… Maybe you cannot win this game without lying, but Brit’s ass-kicking and her badmouthing later on is definitely ON ANOTHER LEVEL.
    – Britney is hands-down GUTLESS and it shows by not standing up to Rachel unless she was completely safe… all fact!

    Now I’m still waiting for you to tell us 5 lies that Rachel made…

  293. c lee only one of the girls can go home. so there is still one left. I hope brit goes home and leaves kathy for another time.

  294. and how do we seriously think rachel is worse when she said
    “ur a bitch because caz ur gay”
    how can anyone defend that?

  295. OMG, so Brit the Bitch says to the BB feeds, take off the feeds BB I have to say something…..and they do??? OH crap! lol

  296. I don’t geton these sites much, it’s a waste of my time,but NEVER EVER compare me to that succubusRachel!!! And I am right!

  297. interesting brit is talking to rags and she says take off the live feeds BB I am about to say something and they did

  298. And this is how much I dislike Britney:

    I REALLY, REALLY DON’T LIKE RACHEL. Don’t care for her whatsoever.

    So, if I say that Britney’s worse, it’s because SHE IS WORSE. Period.

  299. @mightymad

    i didnt say u attacked anyone. take some of ur own advice and take a second to read.

    i was just disagreeing with u on the fact that rachel is not the worst.

    and ive had a conversation with u before, and ive seen ur comments. ur not logical.

  300. Nikki…. sorry, but Hayden has a younger sister named Terryn and a half-brother that is 4 years old. That’s it. Lane is not his brother.

  301. mighty mad I do agree with everything you said. brit is evil. she went to such extremes about rachael that it burns your ears listening. she and monet really made fun of everyone in the house. but brit started everything.

  302. Oh please Nikki give it a rest. That was a joke but you know I don’t care what you say. It is a waste of your time but yet here you are? Oh man another diva on our hands folks! So funny……and I am right! LOL

  303. @Marcus: that doesn’t make Brit a saint.

    Now, about those 5 lies – hey, you brought it up…

  304. #457…yes they can only get rid of them one at at time, but considering the mentality of the guys….they are all such “bros”, getting rid of all the women would be a real score for them.

  305. Marcus she didn’t say ‘ur a bitch cuz ur gay’ She said ‘I came in here and said ‘hey bitches i’m back, and you (regen) just went off on me for nothing. are you acting like that because it’s a gay thing?’

  306. @mightymad

    like i said. we agree to disagree. i STRONGLY disagree with u and at times i dont even believe that u believe what u say sometimes. but w/e

  307. Maybe lane and brit are sister and brother. he sure takes alot off of her he is not supposed to be a nice guy to women.

  308. i really hope britney goes up as the replacement nominee and gets kicked off!! she is soooo toxic!

  309. What an ego on our girl Rachel. She never stops. Enzo saying Rachel and Enzo made the show.

  310. Wow u people love to argue! Whatever i’m not a slave to the show, and to each their own. PEACE tfo!

  311. im not saying it makes her a saint.

    but dont act like that means nothing.

    she isnt as bad as u say, and if u rele wanna discuss it, i would love to hear ur actual legit, i repeat LEGIT arguments stating such.

    ima start it off with this.

    U CAN NOT say brit is worse, when rachel says

    “ragan, ur a bitch because ur gay” thats taking it to a whole new level, and her to a whole new low.

  312. @Marcus: Me illogical? Perhaps. But, as long as you keep saying that Rachel is worse than Britney, I’m freakin’ Sherlock Holmes compare to you!

  313. sara, she in fact said that. it may nto be on the l.f.’s but she said it. 3 ppl didnt just make that up.

  314. lol Marcus if you’re going to quote the feeds, do it correctly please. She didn’t say that.

  315. @Marcus: Euh… Sara just destroyed your argument about the gay thing… so please try again.

  316. @mightymad

    well if ur sherlock holmes, im Albert Einstein.

    im not a fictional character.

    but like i said, explain to me with LEGIT points on why u think rachel is worse.

    im waiting. (thats what she said)

  317. @Marcus: man, that’s funny – I was thinking bringing up Einstein for such a petty argument would have look so weak…

    Guess I was wrong… OR WAS I?

  318. @mightymad

    haha yea she destroyed my argument by saying it didnt happen. ur so right. damn how do i have a face after that?

    so i guess 3 houseguest just made that up. i guess they all came to the same conclusion of what she said just by being connecting mentally.

    this is not inception haha

  319. Pat the word evil is a bit strong and uncalled for. sure she is playing both sides and making nasty comments about the others. and if you can say you have never in your life been rude to someone than you are lying.

  320. Marcus I am NOT getting into this thing you and MightyMad have going on and I didn’t hear it but I can’t see Rachel saying it like that. Did anyone else hear her say it? Just asking….

  321. the more I think of brit the more I get confused. here is a young lady of 22 years old very pretty nice built, and she has to bad mouth everyone. even her mom and her boyfriend. so what does this mean??? it means that she is not satisfied with her self and is always looking for attention. (just watch her closely) she does not want even the guys to get attention. you can see the look on her face. then she comes up with something crazy or starts talking about one of the woman.
    that is sad.

  322. @Marcus: BTW, I’ve already answered your questions – I guess you didn’t read my whole entire post. But here’s the thing: why should I bother answering your questions WHEN YOU HAVEN’T YET ANSWERED MINE?

    5 lies… you couldn’t come up with any, couldn’t you? And yet, Rachel lied ALL THE TIME…

  323. @mightymad

    how weak was it to bring up a fictional character? u compare urself to a fictional character?

    excuse me for living in the real world.

    andddddddd again, when u can explain ur point (u cant ur just bored with nothing to do) i will take anything u have to say for granted. till now ur a troll. again. if u hate all the houseguest, dont watch the show.

    im done with u now actually



  324. I hope that the Brigade takes it as far as they can together, and does not break up!! For one i love that it has gone this far without the whole house knowing they are or were together in a large alience. So cool! But I also would love to see an alience this large stay together to the end without backstabbing eachother. once two of them are up at the same time yes you have no choice but to vote one of your people out. But untill that day comes I’d hope they’d have eachothers back and try to get to the final 4!!!!

  325. What 3 HG’s said that? If you say Ragan, Brit and Matt then you lost all crediability for that because those 3 would say ANYTHING against Red.

  326. lol dude, I watch the feeeds and read 2 different update sites. Please feel free to purchase the feeeds in order to use the right quotes. Thank you! Because she did not say that. And that’s the last of the tit for tat on that i’m doing with you. Just giving you some suggestions to remember the facts better.

  327. wait a minute torch, If i made a remark about some one it was the truth and I would say it to her face but to talk about some one’s privates and in a vulgar way that is evil and wrong.

  328. I love everyone’s comments. This is the GAME that is played on BB. The rule is to do whatever you have to, to win $500k.
    I think this is human nature at it’s best. How can you be friends with anyone for any length of time and think you are going to win thed $.
    It is so great how everyone gets so involved. I am addicted to the after dark feeds…Last Summer I said, I would not stay up all nite again. And here I am up every nite until 3am. Have to get up at 7 am to walk my dog and I am back in bed sleeping until noon…What this game does to my life each Summer. This is so great…

  329. @Marcus: that wouldn’t be the first time that HGs made up stuffs to make themselves feel good…

  330. I know Kathy will win BB she is the best player she is floating through trying not to make enemies and watch everyone will take her to final 4 to beat her and she will win final HOH and probably will BB cuz she is pretty smart and strong I heard she almost beat brendon in the HOH because she was ready to step up her game and I heard she nearly won the veto again this time.

  331. lol Marcus, i guess in your own lil world that’s what she said. However, I saw the f e e ds and read it on 2 other sites :) fyi …

  332. @trish

    actually 4.

    matt, britney, ragan, and kathy.

    ur moded.

    and here is the thing.

    do u rele think 4 ppl u didnt converse before hand just came to the same conclusion on what rachel said?

    she said “ur a bitch because ur gay”

    if u dont believe that, then u lose all creditability because it was said. rachel said it, and ur living in denial about that fact.

  333. I’m glad rachel said that to Ragan. Seriously. Ragan is adding to the stereotype that gay’s are cry babies and emos and such. Seriously, the guy looks like he’s going to cry when he answers a question. At least Kevin wasn’t such a melodramatic wuss.

    Even people on this board are adhering to the stereotype. I mean how many people have criticized Brendan for being a wuss or a baby, yet nobody says it about Ragan, why? Because he’s gay. That’s why you guys dont call him out for being a wuss. Which is a politically incorrect stereotype.

    Boohoo Rachel asked him if he’s a bitch because he’s gay. Don’t be so sensitive. Ragan has been a monster with his bashing. Can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen sailor.

  334. Stop now with the attacks at each other or everyone involved will be banned. – Matt

  335. This is my first time writing but I was just thinking about what Rachel said when she came back
    1. I don’t think they would give her phone back they never done that before
    2. jh usually not close to bbh so I don’t think she was really there
    Just some ??????
    Why she really there? Just to start crap!!!

  336. @Matt: Sorry, but he called me a troll, so I thought it was on then… won’t do it again.

  337. To solve the name calling that was conveyed when Rachel returned go to flashback at 3:00PM and I quote…”Rachel to Ragan If you wouldn’t such a bitch”.

  338. @Matt: BTW, you seems to be letting that Marcus fellow attack me… care to explain why?

  339. i would love to trish.

    here is 9 lies. and what are u mightymad’s dog? hahaha. (a female dog is a what?)

    1-rachel said britney was pressing for an alliance when their are diary room sessions proving otherwise

    2-rachel said to matt she would not put him up, and was chanting every where she would. (matt knows this)

    3-rachel was telling housguest that brtiney said she wouldnt use the Veto on her because she is scare dof her game

    4-rachel denied yelling at ragan and belittling him. i bet she still would

    5-rachel said she didnt cheer and rub it in anyone’s face when she won HOH.

    6-rachel made up the like that said brtiney told her she had votes to keep her (britney) in the game

    7-rachel lied about kathy giving her dirty looks, that was proved false with the camera angles. on the l.f.’s during that fight at around 3:15

    9-she lied about saying ragan and matt where in a alliance. again if ur willing, go to flashback and u will she otherwise

  340. Enzo: Yo. I don’t trust Matt no more. Less…
    He and Hay talk about something Matt didn’t tell them (whispering…hard to hear)

    Enzo says they have to win HOH next week.

    Enzo saying something about Bren putting him up…seems Matt may have told him this (missing some because of the whispering)…But he thinks Bren is messing with their heads (Ragan/Brit/Matt) by saying he might put Enzo up because they messed with his last week.

    Hay: I hate to say this, because I’m so loyal, but we have to do what we need to do in the game. Getting Matty out might be better for us.

    Enzo agreeing.

  341. I wonder where Brendon got to go? I hope to a beach getaway to think. He really needs to think. I wonder if that quiz thing was meant for Ragan? If Red were there she would have given Ragan a run for his money.

  342. @Lynn #377 sensitive subject there hun? that comment was not towards you and i find it real funny that your so paranoid about your comments that you felt it was to you! So maybe your the DumbAss and are the one that needs to take a xanax…everyone has the right to form their own opinion about the BB HG’s but to get angry at someone on here cuz they don’t feel the same way about someone that you do is just ignorant! and if your that wrapped up in it then maybe you need to get a Life…after you take a xanax!!!

  343. their are 9 lies. to u trish and u mightymad.

    i just now saw that message to stop the attacks. whoops.

    so i guess now u and trish will say “she didnt lie about that” or “u cant prove that”

    or “that didnt happen”

    go ahead

  344. you all know whats funny, we are all human allowed a difference of opinion, and here we are causing more drama than the show we all love, the truth of the matter is this game is luck and how you treat people brit talked behind their backs and got farther than Rachel who openly verbaly attacked the ones she did not like, my favorite HG this year went out in weak one so who cares who wins it’s just a game and in six weeks we will all just go onto the next reality show we all like and i’m sorry for any personnel attacks i might have made so lets all play nice,

  345. rachel is still delusional.

    matt is hanging in their. but she knows darn well she would have backstabbed the junk out of him.

    and matt (on the show) i guess everyone and their mother fogot natalie (season 11) won 2 HOH’s.

    same as matt, and same as rachel. hmmmmm

  346. Hey Matt of this site, I see you said no more attacking yet this Marcus fellow just attacked again. I believe he called me a bitch in no uncertain terms? >>here is 9 lies. and what are u mightymad’s dog? hahaha. (a female dog is a what?)

    >this is a personal attack if there ever was one ”

    I will not attack back, this is your site and when you say no more attacking I will agree to that but man some people just don’t get it. It didn’t bother me really, just you said no more attacking yet it keeps going on with this fellow.

  347. when rachel cusses, like when she says the “f” word, its vicious

    she exclaims that shet. i have to wipe my face from the blood that comes from it.


  348. @ Marcus – that was pathetic and you really reached for those., Grow up

    2 – isn’t exactly a lie if it never happened

    3 – I don’t exactly know how that is a lie and not just a matter of personal opinion? lol

    4 – I don’t remember Rachel yelling and belittling him? I remember they got in a two sided discussion/argument. Takes two to tango, definite reach Marky mark.

    5 – actually she never denied cheering or rubbing it in, she actually admitted to it but said that she actually apologized after doing it. Get your facts straight.

    6 – doesn’t even make sense, and I don’t feel like solving that jigsaw. Seems like you just threw some HG names and a bunch of words together and hoped nobody would notice the gibberish.

    7 – again you are confusing a lie for personal opinion. How do you know what Rachel saw? have you ever had the wrong impression about something? Terrible reach again Mr. marcus

    8 – Where’s #8? You went from 7 to 9? lol That doesn’t mean 9? I think this tactic alone takes away all credibility from you.

    9 – Or should i say 8? Again LIE and PERSONAL OPINION! If she truly believes they are in an alliance that is her opinion, albeit wrong, it’s still her belief. If she says Matt told me they’re in an alliance than yes that is a lie. And furthermore it doesn’t seem like a lie, it seems like a very intelligent observation as Matt and ragan are getting pretty close.

    All this still means that you lack comprehension.

  349. @trish

    yep. i said that. not proud of it, but dont regret it.

    i was typing that very long comment, and by the time i posted it, came back to look at the comments, i saw mightymad mention he got in trouble for attacks.

    scrolled up, and saw matt had gave him a warning.

    so from now on, no attacks from me. im good. i dont wanna be banned. i like this site. OBVI!

  350. Marcus you really need to stop. I will say what you wrote didn’t make much sense and I will leave it at that. Matt of this site said no more attacking so there you go. I won’t waste my breath with someone who just doesn’t get it. So, Torch what you said is so true. I might agree with you some my friend, but what you said I do agree with, because YOU are right!!! WTG Torch my Mich Man. LOL :)

  351. @Marcus: I won’t even bother, man.

    Most of your picks are weak, at best, if not completely untruth – you know which one, so I won’t bother pointing them up to you.

    All I’m going to say is this: if you think those sorry excuses for lies actually makes Rachel worse than Britney, if you genuinely think that… well God bless you.

    Seriously, you’ll need all the help you can get…

  352. thank you moogie! and MATT, is it ok to be calling people b!tches on here? If not, you might want to do something with Marcus…His debate has gone off the game play, and is personally attacking people

  353. MOOGIE, now what you wrote made sense and I could understand that better than that other gibberish. Thank you for that. You are my new hero!!!

    Hey Marcus don’t care man if you don’t regret what you said, I really don’t care, time to move on.

  354. Rags “uses” his gayness whenever he thinks its to his benefit and attacks anyone else that says anything he doesn’t like. straight or gay he and Brit are both toxic. He’s a teacher albeit a college professor it is scary that he is an example of how people should treat eachother

  355. Matt! Please don’t ban Marcus! This guy is pure entertainment.

    And Matt has his own distaste for Rachel as you guys should be able to tell. He may not agree with Marcus, because that would be strange as all his facts were wrong, but I assume Matt enjoys the Rachel hate.

  356. @mightymad

    okay have it ur way. u did exactly what i said u would do.

    i gave u 5 lies. u cant twist them. but wait a minute, u did.

    oh boy. speaking of oh boy, im eating his/their beef jerky right now.

    and mitghymad, ur in the minority. so idc if u like rachel. if it was a vote, ur vote wouldnt matter because if was a vote to bring her back, or to evict her, she wouldnt.

    i dont like rachel.

    i think she is the worse hg in the house for the last few seasons.

    its called


    im entitled to mine. its not less or more than ur’s.

    ive said 5 times. agree to disagree. ur not changing my mind. i love britney. i hate rachel.

    if u hate rachel, but hate britney more, cool.

    i dont. and 30% as of last week like britney. 7 percent likes rachel sooooo lol

  357. Nobody should be ban over this nonsense – it’s just too silly.

    The thing is, I actually think Marcus genuinely like Britney… which is INSANE to me!

    Dude needs to date a girl like her to actually learb how it is really like…

  358. To Matt administrtor s.i.c I had misconstrued statements from MightyMad earlier but we staighted things out. Really doesn’tt seem fair to warn Mighty and not say anything to Marcus who appears to be much worse to this humble member.

  359. But Trish I do have to admit your boy Brenden has stepped up his game with his love gone so more power to him I guess if annie can’t win he might as well take it to the end.

  360. @ Marcus


    It seems you yourself confused what you thought were lies with what happened to be a different of opinion on behalf of Rachel.

    Practice what you preach Old Sport.

  361. @#251 Chris & #256 Annie
    I think Matt will only use the DPOV on himself & if he doesn’t need to use it I don’t think Matt will tell ANYBODY he had a DPOV until the game is over.
    Also “expect the unexpected” I think if the DPOV is used at all the evicted HG (Rachel) will return as punishment for using it. (Obvi just a guess, lol)

  362. Can’t believe that Rachel is allowed to pass along info to Matt about what America thinks of them. What can’t she say?

  363. @mightymad

    u literally dont even know, …. that u dont even know. u know?

    rachel has nevr told 5 lies. nunca. okay cool. again if u believe that, then cool.

    i dont. not for a second. ive seen enough to know thats not the case.

  364. @Marcus: dude… seriously… learn to write properly.

    Reading you hurt. Like, physically. I’m in pain right now. :(

  365. LF is boring right now so thanks for all your written remarks it has been a great drama filler until the drama moves back to BB house.

  366. Wow, I love this when it is a logical debate. Ok I will sit and watch the debate now with Moogie and Marcus. Moogie has 2 points so far audience, Marcus has yet to come back with an answer. He keeps getting side track with Mighty. The ball is now in your court Marcus…..

  367. @Marcus: ‘u literally dont even know, …. that u dont even know. u know?’

    Well, I literally don’t know WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

  368. What’s going on in house? Can we stop with the lies comments who cares they have all lied about something or another it’s the game

  369. @mightymad

    its the internet.

    if reading what i said “hurt” u, then dont read it.

    u got what i meant.

    its always funny when over the internet, in this world of abbreviations, ppl try to tell u to right properly. yet they understand what u say good enough to argue with u about it.

    u put the slang term of prolly, instead of probably and all of a sudden, u cant write.

    if u wanna see almost-perfect grammar, read a newspaper.

  370. @Felicia: YES! I’ve said it before – EVERYBODY LIED! But the dude doesn’t want to listen to anything but his own voice!

  371. So is the Meow Meow turning in to the Mouse Mouse? It’s potentially a great move if Enzo and Hayden jump the Brigade ship and throw Matt under the bus. I wonder the Brigade’s reactions if Matt has to use the DPoV.

    Anyone else see Brit putting her arms around Lane’s torso on Eviction night? Someone’s playing with fire…

  372. @550 Felicia. Rachel is now in the HOH room with Matt. She has so far done a 1 on 1 with Enzo now Matt. The discussion between Britney and Rachel should be “in your face”. Can’t wait.

  373. mooige

    are u going to sit at ur keyboard and tell me that rachel hasnt lied more than 5 times? if not, then u should stop.

    all those lies i said, werent opinion because rachel new what she was doing.

    and trish, u should sit bit, and proceed to unplug the keyboard. its been a bad reflection of u since the get go.

    ur comments are all CACA haha

  374. @mightymad

    if u didnt get what ive meant, then have u been arguing with urself the last half-hour? explains alot.

  375. @ Annie How can you want Brendon out because he is two face. If that is the case you need to want out Ragen and Brit they are more two face and alot more mean with the way they talk about Bren and Rach.

  376. @LEB Thanks for the update I don’t have the LF but I check in here all the time but tonight is crazy I can’t wait for bbad

  377. @LEB: let me guess on how the discussion will go…

    Rachel: you’re freaking liar, Britney!
    Britney: no, you’re a bigger liar, you bitch!
    Rachel: no way, you’re the biggest liar ever, you slut!
    Britney: ah yeah?! Well you’re the biggest liar in BB history CUZ MARCUS SAID SO!!!!

    ‘Can’t wait indeed…

  378. YEP!! time to get back to the matters at hand…LIKE ..WTF is she doing back and talking to each HG??? SOMETHING IS SCREWY HERE..To keep it fair Brendon will not be back till she is gone…BUT what is her purpose in questioning the HG’s if she can’t share the info with Brendon?? This is a double sided coin toss..?????

  379. Here is the Rachel Ragan argument….

    Feed comes back a shot of a very pissed off Rachel, looking up at the sky and twisting he face about. She is standing in the Kitchen with all Hg’s besides Bren.

    Rach: And you call him your friend.You guys alllll think that he’s that person, that type of person is your friend (voice cracks a bit here, but nothing big).

    Rach sits down in a chair, crosses her legs and gives angry “bounce” in the chair. She purses her lips and very angry. The house is silent and then the hg’s start to quietly talk between each other, very nervous and tense. Enzo is also sitting at the table and appears to be stifling a laugh. The other hg’s begin to ask her questions about the jury house and what not and then the argument continues after the houseguests tell RAchel who is on the block.

    Rach: Who is on the block?

    Rag: I am

    Matt: Well, just Lane I guess

    Rach (in response to Ragan): Oh, what a shock! So you will be joining me this week in jury? (obvious dig)

    Rag (short and hard) NOPE

    Brit and Matt in unison: He won POV

    Lane: It might be me, I am up there

    House is quite for a few moments, then Rach breaks silence

    Rach (cocky): You won one thing, good job Ragan.

    Ragan scoffs: Thanks Rachel. I appreciate it. (very short in tone, but no raising of voice)

    Rach: (very loud and with attitude): Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you are gay? Is that what makes you happy?

    Ragan: No Rachel I am not a big bitch because I am gay, I am a big bitch because you are an absolute monster.

    Rachel: I’m a monster…

    Ragan: You have attacked almost every single person in this house. You are more invested in making good television than you are in being a good person.

    Rach (louder) Ragan I am a good person! I know who I am (starting to become more animated now) I have fans, friends, and family who know who I am.

    Ragan: That is why, that’s why you are such a good person you were out of here on a unamious vote? Despite trying to be nice to everybody, despite having your boyfriend go around and bully everyone in this house? That is a testament to what a good person you are.

    Rachel narrows her eyes and is silent for a moment. After realizing she does not have anything of substance to argue back with him with, she resorts to school yard arguing.

    Rach: You can’t ever KEEP a boyfriend.

    Ragan: Ok…..You can’t even stay in the game of BB.

    Rach: Oh (eye roll) you stayed in one week extra than I did Ragan.

    Ragan: Well, I guess now two.

    Rachel again shuts up and actually looks like she is taken aback with his correct argument. She is quite for almost a minute. In the background, you can hear lane and kathy talking to each other.

    Ragan: Ultimately Rachel, this game is more about how you treat people….

    Rachel cuts him off, now yelling because she is infuriated at this comment, possibly because she knows he is right in a way


    Ragan continues: in some respects

    Rachel: ITS A GAME

    Ragan: To you Rachel, and that is why your picture is black and white

    Rachel is dumbfounded yet again and finally comes out with: Well that is why I am back here, huh Ragan?

    Ragan: For 24 hours! Please!

    Rachel not saying anything, sitting silent pouting. Ragan made a good observation and you can tell that Rachel knows much of Ragan is saying has validity to it.

    Ragan: The ppl standing around this kitchen have treated each other with dignity and respect and that is why they are standing here now and why you’re here, you’re visit here, is limited.

    Rachel: Ragan, I was a good strong competitior, that is why I am gone

    Ragan: I don’t see why you don’t use this opportunity, the 24 hours you will be here, to just be yourself. Be the kind girl you were week one.

    Rachel (yells even though ragan is right in front of her): Maybe I would be if you weren’t such a bitch! If you…

    Ragan interrupts: How did you enter when you came through the door?

    Rach (flips her hair, really yelling): I said, I said I am back bitches, who cares? Is that not funny?

    Ragan: Ha ha I am back bitches? No, in your mind you are doing what you can to make good tv! Why not come back…. (only time ragan has raised his voice btw)

    Rach (still yelling, head bobbing like a bobble head): I don’t care about making good tv! Guess what I care about? (she is smiling now)

    Ragan: Rachel, the first thing you said to Kris and Hayden after you put them up and give this big, dramatic speech, was to go in there and say I am sorry, I thought it would be good television.

    Rach : I said good game play Ragan, Actually! (side note, she did say to kris and hayden after bren asked her to apologize to them that she only gave that speech because she thought it would be good television. I am not sure why Hayden didn’t chime in to say Ragan is correct on that fact, but probably because he is afraid to get involved, like the rest of them)

    Ragan: Rachel, my point is…

    Rachel interrupts, really yelling over him: Ragan, my point is is that I have 24 hours to ask everybody in here questions and get answers (head still bobble heading)

    Ragan: That is fine, but you can also have a good time and be the good person that you were the first week of them game

    Rachel starting talking over him in the middle of that sentence: Um, maybe I want to have a good time but somebody is being so meannnn…..that……

    Ragan: Because RAchel the way that you came in, the way that you entered the house. If you had come in and been the girl that you were when you first entered the door, I would have been…

    Rachel (interrupts): How was I suppose to come in and say Ragan (full of attitude now) What would have made Ragan happy? Cuz you are such a pig headed, stubborn (brief pause with a hair toss) man, what would have made you happy?

    Ragan: Hi, how’s it going. Not hi hi hi I am back bitches!!! Walking right past and giving everybody dirty looks, staring them up and down.

    Rachel: I didn’t give anyone dirty looks!Not a single person came up to me….

    Ragan (interrupts): Kathy came up….

    RAchel (interrupts) Kathy came up and gave me a hug

    Ragan: Kathy came up to hug you and you took two steps back

    Rachel:I did not!!! I gave her a hug right away I took two steps back because I am in 6 inch heels.

    Ragan: Right, there is always an excuse.

    Rach: yeah, there is always an excuse with you ragan! Exactly! long pause. At least I get to see my boyfriend for 24 hours.

    Ragan: Great! I am glad of that! I am genuinely happy about that. I just wish you would look at this experience for what it is and…

    Rachel interrupts: I am!!!!

    Ragan: Look at it as an opportunity…

    Rachel interrupts: I am!!! Are you kidding me? Britney gave me the meanest look, you gave me the meanest look because you are both so pissed!!!

    Ragan: Rachel

    Rachel (still just yelling over Ragan): What am I suppose to do????

    Britney: I honestly did not give you a mean look (calm voice)

    Rachel (still yelling) You totally gave me a mean look!!!!

    Britney: Rachel I had just woke up and walked in and it was like (can’t see what she did since camera not on her) I did not give you a mean loo. (still calm) It was not mean at all, I meant nothing by it

    Rachel (still only one yelling): You guys got rid of me! You guys (pause here, seems lost for words or valid argument) like, you got what you wanted! So why do you guys have to be this like, evil person?

    Ragan: Because Rachel

    Rachel still talking over Ragan, can’t make out what is being said. During this, Brit also starts talking

    Brit: Rachel, what did I do to you???

    Ragan:….I am sitting down and

    Rach: Because I said I am back bitches???? Oh that is so threatening and intimidating.

    Ragan: (still remarkably calm): Rachel, all I am saying…

    Rachel interrupts, yelling: Grow some f’n balls Ragan! Be a f’n man (next line very condesending) Oh that is right, you are not I forgot! What was I thinking?

    Ragan (still calm, but slightly hard edge to voice): Why am I not a man?

    Rachel (big eye roll, very childish gesturing and mugging right now) Um, cuz you don’t act like one

    Ragan: Why, why don’t I act like one?

    Rach: I don’t know, why don’t you? (after previous comments made by rachel during this argument, it is obvious what rachel is implying when she calls ragan not a man)

    Ragan: I don’t know, you tell me

    Rach: Plenty of reasons Ragan

    Ragan: tell me

    Rachel pauses, knowing that she can’t name any reasons why ragan is not a man other than what she has already implied.

    Rachel: And (long pause, shoulder shrug, eye roll) you’re not even worth it actually. You are not worth my emotional stress or anything (huge bobble head, eye roll, shoulder shrug combo. She then purses her lips and raises her eyebrows up and down, like “take that”)

    Ragan (still calm) Okay

    whispering can be heard in the background and can’t hear what they are saying

    RAchel: why don’t you make another comment and try and belittle me about serving cocktails and serving, serving drinks to ppl even though I have a degree in chemistry even though I am smart even though I am a strong woman and you…you think it’s bad to be a fiesty strong woman.

    Ragan: Rachel, you are absolutely right my problem with you is that you are a strong woman. That is my problem with you. It has nothing to do with your behavior, it has nothing to do with ther way you have treated me and other ppl in this house, my only problem with you

    Rachel (yelling over ragan again) and what if I wouldnot have said I was here for only 24 hours, how would you have treated me?

    Ragan: If you came in the way you came in, the same exact way, me sitting down right now and telling you that this is an opportunity to cherish, and these next 24 hours doesn’t have to be a miserable experience for ….

    Rachel (interrupts, head a bobbling) I will make the whole 24 hours, every minute of the 24 hours miserable for you Ragan (cocky smirk at end)

    Ragan: Back at you

    Rachel: good. please do. please try.

    Ragan began to walk away during the end and has just gone to the HN room. About a full minute of silence goes by and Brit says “I really didn’t give you a dirty look rachel” rachel just plays with her hair and talks about the jury house.

  380. @554 Aria that has already begun! Enzo/Hayden want Matt to be put up this week. If only they knew what POWER matt has. :)

  381. @ Marcus

    Hey no man wht i means? I rights the werdz for the pplz to go wit sayz I dnt nos wht us says ? u no wht i no write? and no i no wht no one rights whn a right could write could right! Right?

    You know what im sayin? playa playa playa

  382. i didnt say she was the biggest liar.

    thanks for putting words in my …. typing? … wait what?

    michelle season 11 was the biggest liar i have ever seen in my 5 seasons of BB.

    i said rachel treats ppl the worse for no reason other than loving the power she had, and because she liked having the burden.

    i have had to correct ur statements like 4 times now.

  383. did I miss something here. why is rachel in the bb house right now talking to the house guest

  384. @ Marcus

    Now I know you’re delusional since you just said Michelle was a bigger liar than Natalie!

  385. Aria that is true. Brit is playing with fire. If I were her fiancee I would not be liking how 1. She is acting 2. How well her and Lane are getting along.

  386. You got to be kidding me, that weasel Ragan won the veto. Man I’m tired of looking at that crying little Drama QUEEN!

  387. @moggie

    u should stop writing until someone understands u. well u should stop writing in general because ur comments seem to have a distinct patter of lacking any ground. thats putting it nicely

  388. michelle was a bigger liar than natalie. she has a breakdown because she couldnt keep up with the lies, and russel called her out on it.

    i remember watching BBAD that night. she literally lied to chima, and then turned right around when russel called her up, and said 3 separate lies to chima within the same 30 minutes.

  389. @561 MightyMad LOL I will be REAL CAREFUL and write what was said exact. With all i dotted and T crossed. :) Matt and Rachel are starting to ending there conversation. I think Hayan wants to talk to her next. Britney does not want to talk to her. Gee I wonder why? Vision is starting to appear of a catfight!!!!!

  390. and i stand, or for the moment sit corrected.

    rachel DID NOT say she “ur a bitch because ur gay” she said “are u a bitch because ur gay”

    not a real difference but i was wrong.

  391. @ Aria. I seen the same thing with Brit the other night. I don’t remember if this was said on this site or another but someone said what if Lane and her were the ones who know each bother and that’s he bf.I don’t think that is true but it’s funny how much she all over him lately.

  392. @CT: thanks for that – no idea if there was a bias against Rachel on your description, but it still pretty much what I expected from this girl.

    … And yet, STILL BETTER THAN BRITNEY! But slowly, and surely, losing grounds…

  393. im so anxious for britney to go up their and talk to rachel.

    she is literally gunna get chopped up but it should be fun to watch.

    if i was britney, i would love to go to battle with rachel, i mean their is much to say.

    but are the BB ratings low for this season? i mean i have loved this season, but hey i guess they wanna push the ratings as much as possible

  394. Atleast Brendon gets time away from that nonsense in the house yet still is involved in the game. I hope all Rachel and he get are 15 minutes….wonder if they can get it done in that time? Sure…….

  395. I don’t thnk that if they don’t want to talk to her that they should’nt have too especially Regan..She has already demeaned him enough so why should he be made to endure more torture..??

  396. rachel should go after kathy too. if im rachel, im lighting EVERYONE up.

    like “enzo, u wear shades in the house, haha eff u!” haha

  397. Rachel says what she perceives to be the truth (not lying), like Lane being the sab & Matt & ragan having an alliance. She is so sure she is right that she states it as fact, and then others say she is a liar. On-purpose liar like Matt – no. Maybe BB brought her back because they saw what a train wreck Bren was going to turn into and thought he needed help. Please somebody (Matt) nom Hayden vs Lane, so all alliances would have to be re-thought, and we could all speculate. Rachel will not be back to play, like some thought, so why aren’t you celebrating. Put Lane in the JH with Rachel – it is so obvious he despises her, and we could talk about that next week. One can dream!

  398. where is BRENDON?!?! lol.

    did he go jury? did he go to the set of survivor?

    where’s waldo?

    i cant wait till we get some explanations

    julie said to rachel the night she was evicted that she could comeback which means they already had that in place if she was going to be evicted.

  399. Hey Marcus I totally agree with you but let it go man cuz I wouldn’t want to see you get banned over skanky ass roachel.

  400. @581 Flyonthewall
    I agree even if Rachel want’s to talk to HG up in the HOH as if she stll reigns that role. So what.

    I wish the HG would take a stand and respond .. sure how does Monday/Tues work for you, Ms Thing???!!!!!

  401. @mightymad

    according to u, everyone should type on the internet like ur typing a 10 page UC college paper

    and again ur putting words into my mouth to have a a argument since u have no leg to stand on.

    didnt say that everyone types like i do. i said u cant expect me to type perfectly because of the fact that….. this is the internet.

    move on.

  402. @578 Mighty Mad

    ur welcome.

    i didn’t personally transcribe the conversation, but from what i’ve seen of rachel on bbad, this person’s description of her actions during this argument seem pretty accurate to me.

  403. @blackgirl: nobody should be ban over that argument…

    But Britney’s worse than Rachel. Period.

  404. Marcus: everyone else has moved on but you so please take a chill pill and move on please.

  405. I wouldn’t tell rach anything
    I don’t like her!! I never have!! If she doesn’t talk to everyone maybe brendon will not get to see her…. That would be great!!

  406. @589 Marcus I am so glad that you are moving on… action speaks louder than bitting words. Thanks again for MOVING ON! :)

  407. @blackgirl. i hear ya im trying.

    i feel like im typing on eggshells

    next season, l.f.’s are going to be through the roof. like EVERYONE is gunna be buying them because ppl u didnt buy them this year, are missing out right now.

    and she has only been back for like 3 hours. 21 to go.

    im listening to britney explain herself about the dr’s.

    i dont know. i can see her being mean and lying about it for jury votes, but i see how production can use earlier footage.

    i guess the key to tell if she lying, is to look at what she was wearing after POV ceremony, then she what she was wearing in the diary room vid.

    im leaning toward brintey lying. but idk.

  408. Both Mighty and Marcus so move on. Come on guys this is getting old. Rachel needs NOT to come back………ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

  409. im pretty amazed that rachel is not attacking kathy. maybe because kathy moded her the last time she tried haha.

    c’mon ragan, get back up there hahaha. he cant avoid her all night. she will come find him like a tax collector haha.

  410. @Marcus: from where I stand, I won the argument A LONG TIME AGO – I’m just making fun at your weak attempts to salvage your point… haven’t happen yet, BTW.

    And you know, one man implying himself to write comprehensive comments shouldn’t be a bad thing – you obviously don’t care, but, believe me, it would make people take the stuffs you post here a hell of a lot more seriously.

    Nobody expect you to be a grammar wizard or a wordsmith, but, at the very least, MAKE SENSE… ‘just saying.

  411. Torch, you’ve got to be kidding me.

    I guess they’re going to blame Pandora’s Box for Rachel coming back into the house… by the way, the room is open.

  412. Maybe the video Brendon saw was Rachel pleading with him to say she could help his game by opening Pandora’s box. Instead of Brendon asking questions, it’s Rachel gathering information to report back. If Brendon is gone, assuming some sort of retreat or isolation, he’ll get all Rachel’s feedback at the Veto Ceremony/New Noms.

    That would throw an absolute cluster%#*k in to the game! Rachel spewing information everywhere, just like Andrew’s explosive speech. She ultimately has nothing to lose, and if she has seen clips, has the use of her cellphone AND her interviews…this could completely throw the house in to chaos.

    All I can say is YES YES, MORE!

  413. Question? Will Chen out Ragan as the Sab when his 2 weeks are up? & that he got paid for it? Wouldn’t that put another target on his back? Just wondering.

  414. Why doesn’t rachel get into Lane or Matt’s face? What’s up with that she can only pick on brit/reg!
    That should tell you something about rachel!!

  415. @Trish: I’m moving on. Done. What-his-name doesn’t exist. I’m all about the house now.

  416. Sooo happy that ragan is not going home cuz he is Matt’s side alliance and I want Matt to win it all.

  417. its also funny to see how everyone is kissing rachel’s arse.

    why? what is she going to do?haha

    everyone is pointing the finger for voting the 6-0 reverse vote. someone should just own up ti. like we all agreed on it.

    rachel keeps saying everyone is terrified of their game.

    ur jury house game?


  418. @cynmatty: Julie’s not suppose to. As you pointed out, it would affect Ragan’s game if it comes out. Futhermore, when Eric was America’s Player, it wasn’t revealed until the last episode. I expect the same thing to happen here.

  419. hey guys… this exchange between britney/lane is TOO FUNNY :)

    Brit tells Lane she will cry if he leaves.She says it will be worse than Monet.

    Lane says she’ll forget about him after a week or two.

    Brit; No!

    Brit says if she comes to jury after him, they will have fun.

    L: What does that mean?

    Br:We’ll have a party.

    L: A make-out party.

    Br: No! We’ll make friendship bracelets or something

    L: I don’t want that.

  420. LEB ..FOR ME IT WOULD BE A MATTER OF ASKING WHY I “had” to talk to her.. I am trying to figure BB’s reason as to this happening…What is she trying to get out of conversations with each houseguest???..Ok she just said she has 24 hrs to screw around with them and screw up their game…SOOO what is the deal???

  421. i agree felicia.

    listen to kathy. scarred to death of rac

    OOOOOO. SO RACHEL JUST SAID, she is their to eff up ppl’s game.

    wonder how she can do that when she doesnt know anything and has no power to do anything?

    yea yea yea kathy, get out of their, WHO NEXT? i hope its britney. if monet was still in the house i would love to see her and rachel go at it. it almost happened once.

    kathy is so fake. huge floater. said to she will get to final 5. she seriously acts like she is a dangerous competitor and that everyone is after her

  422. @Fly on the wall: well, she didn’t really said that she would screw up with their games… did she?

  423. @597 Trish Thank God she is only here until tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if she will ask Ragan to chat in the HOH? Britney’s conversation should be a catfight IF they dare talk alone. I wonder if the pllows are filled with feathers… just in case pillows start flying? :) I will ping all when either Ragan or Britney go to the HOH room. Kathy is up there now so it’s rather boring.

  424. MMad & Fel – thanks. Just started watching BB last year, so I’m not up on all the twists. If the HGs want to win, they better start thinking how to get the strong guys out now, because they won’t be able to in another week.
    Like, just go for it, and let the cards fall where they may.

  425. The more I think about it, the more I think that Rachel must award some type of price to one of the houseguests, and it cannot be the HoH – that’s the only valid reason why she would bother asking questions to anyone. Then again, it could also be one of Rachel’s pointless mindgames, and, if it’s the case, I really don’t know why any of the HGs bother playing allow with her.

  426. my heart is racing.

    britney HAS to be next. rachel is a betch times 2, and just rotten and will say anything. will call out her brother if it means she gets the last word.

    and britney doesnt seem like she can hang. and if it comes out that production flawed the goodbye messages then damn. if production wants to interfere with something, how bout the BRIGADE? and like giving that power to Brendon?

  427. @cynmatty: I think it’s too late to stop the Brigade now.

    The only thing that can screw up the Brigade is themselves… ‘thing is, those dumbasses are quite capable of doing just that!

  428. @617 Mighty Mad

    here’s the conversation:

    Kathy talks about the HOH competition (the ropes).
    Kathy tells Rachel the three have nots were talking about her for 20 mins. About how stupid she is. Way out of her age level. They were all talking and laughing about me. I confronted them. I told them I was just trying to cheer them up. Britney told her they were just kidding around.
    Rachel: guess what? I have 24 hours to F**K up their game

  429. why cant anyone but matt have the webos to say

    “rachel, i voted u out because ur a strong competitor. u and brendon had a final 2 deal. i wouldnt last. i wanna win”

    i mean aside from the OBVI “ur a horrible, rotten, gutless, lying sack of shet” lol i mean someone needs to step up

  430. MMad – my thought exactly. Matt could do it with DPOV by putting up Hay vs Lane. I an’t stop picturing in my head Lane with Rachel in the JH for one longggg weeekkk!

  431. kathy is kissing so much arse my god kathy have some respect for ureself.

    i mean enzo had his lips on rachel’s arsehole, but kathy has her lips like INSIDE! hahahahahaha.

    and she is trying to say “helppppp meeeeeee!!” hahahahaha

  432. yes ..MIGHTYMAD..She told Kathy..”I have 24 hours to F–k with them and I have 24 hours to F–K up their game.” rewind the feed cause she said it..

  433. some “classic” rachel:

    Rachel: BB please bring me back for an endurance
    Rachel: I just want to bead him (matt). He’s so cocky. BB would have to drag me off of the competition.
    Kathy: you would be proud of me for confronting/fighting them. Me and Brenden are next.
    Rachel: Whoever wins HOH next week will put Brenden up saying “at least you get to spend time with Rach in the Jury House”. Brit and Ragan hate us.
    Kathy: did Brit really say those things in her goodbye message
    Rachel: YES I wanted to reach through the tv screen. I can’t wait to have my one-on-one time with Princess Britney. She is ridiculus and needs to grow up. This gets me fired up. I’m supposed to be nice… F that. BB puts me in the game for 24 hours.. F nice!

  434. sad thing is, kathy would not get a single vote if she lasted to final 2.

    nobody would vote for her.but like i said, no chance in hell she makes it that far.


  435. @cynmatty: Lane and Rachel in the JH alone… Yeah, someone would end up getting killed.

    The thing is, my money’s on Lane as the dead man!

  436. I find it funny how Rachel and Ragan were the best of friends and now………

    While I hate Rachel I think Ragan doesn’t let things go. He let Brit drag him down to her level and I think that is why he has been crying….or maybe not. lol

  437. Rachel is there to F!!! things up how nice!! What’s she really getting out of coming back??
    Kathy needs to go she is useless

  438. It has crossed my mind that Rachel’s purpose is to either disband /create chaos/or expose the Brigade…There are 4 guys where as each has a verison of what has happened or what might happen…Possibly BB sent Rachel in to see who of the 4 screws up and gets caught in the trap..But I do not believe Rachel knows about the Brigade or her actual reason for being there if that is it..Will keep thinking on

  439. @615 Fly on the wall. You hit it on the head. Rachel thinks very highly of herself. By being the first BB player to be able to return to the house for even 24 has her going on a power trip. She believes she can mess with peoples head/game but did you notice, if you have LF, the 1st question she wants to know is why the votes went 6 to 0. That is really bothering her. The HG are done with her and bet by tomorrow Rachel will want to back to the JH. So enjoy the drama whil SHE is here. :)

  440. rachel is showing how low, how dirty, how rotten, how disgusting she truly is.

    she is so mad at ragan “he doesnt let things go” yet she came in the house holding onto the grudge

    i mean her dislike for ragan is too me way to strong. like its something deeper than game.

    i mean for her to HATE him the way that she does. i think its for standing up to them and he hadnt won anything (at the time)

    she is so mad how he stood up to her, when he was HOH or anything.

    she needs to meow meow. (according to enzo meow meow can also mean to hush up)

  441. Why are they letting her treat Regan that way… This is not right..say what yall want but it ain’t right..

  442. GO RAGAN!!!!!


    RAGAN!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAY!!!!!!!!

    HE IS OWNING HER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMFG !!!!!!!!!1



  443. If were lucky she will get kicked out of both houses for crossing the line!!! This is just crazy. It makes no sense!!!!!!!!!

  444. @Fly on the wall: some people would argue that it wasn’t really right how Ragan treated her last week…

    Whatever. They might as well fight it off – fun for us!

  445. I love it. Brendon is not here to protect her. So delightful!!!!! :) :) I think they both turned back 10 years old.

  446. “the only thing real about u is the pimples on ur chin”


    dude he cleaning house all over her face.

  447. if any of the brigade members win, I hope it’s Matt. Like hin or not, he’s the only member besides hayden (1st wk) who’s been playing. Enzo/lane are more of floaterfs than kathy.

  448. There’s no way Rachel can beat Ragan in a verbal argument.

    It’s like me losing an argument against Marcus… just inconceivable!

  449. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD REGAN..WALK AWAY..The other HG’s should just go inside also get away from her..BB CBS THIS IS NOT RIGHT…I AM NOT GOING FOR THIS..

  450. go ragan!!!!

    is it the fourth of july?

    he is lighting her up like a firework.

    ragan for president!! well maybe thats a lil too far.

    after this is over, ima stand up and clap for him.


    its only hour 4!!!!!

  451. Ragan just closed the door in her pimpled face. She is just standing there with Britney play pool alone.

  452. @mightymad

    yea i knew u wouldnt let it go. ur 5 years old

    she got MODED!!!!. stood there in silence for like 3 minutes.

    how am i seeing this one sided? he clowned her!

    she couldnt even say anything. she got clowned!!!

    if that happened in my neighborhood, that person would be shunned from the block haha

  453. I bet ragan is glad he won the pov!!! I wouldn’t want to be in a house alone with her.

  454. Of course Enzo/Ragan saying to her you are fine we will all hang together after the show. Matt has not said a word.

  455. good for ragan!! she needed that. and i like rachel the first 2 weeks. i realy did.

    she needs to wash her face after that WEW!!

  456. Brendon will find out about what happened and he will let Ragan know how it is to fight ……lol


  457. these next 3 episodes are gunna be so high in ratings. i feel bad for any show in BB’s time-slot.

    and like i said. its only hour 4.

    i love enzo right now he was like

    “he i know, ragan did his thing yoooo” hahaha

  458. MightyMad…..So right! Like I stated earlier Rachel is goining to want to leave and maybe before the 24 hours are up! :)

  459. @mightymad

    thanks for correcting me. ura sad 5 year old.
    i knew u couldnt let it go. u did all that talking lol “i will let it go” then took backhanded shots hahahahaha.

    haha and the funny thing about rachel is, she isnt even a houseguest haha.

    i mean she is, but she isnt

  460. Shouldn’t Britney be in the middle of ‘the conversation’ with Rachel right now?

  461. if rachel left then darn. she is betchhh.

    omg thsi is gunna be the best 20 hours. BB UK cant compete with this.

    i would actually like rachel a little bit if she would have just gone after everyone and pulled a evel dick, but she didnt. so i stay were i stand…. or sit. haha

    one thing for sure, rachel will be at All Stars.

  462. I can’t believe people are arguing over who is worse. Everyone in that house has said something pretty horrible. Everyone has lied through their teeth. Ragan has no moral high ground either, though it was nice to see him being more proactive instead of crying his eyes out in seclusion.

  463. So you’re basically saying that your writing skills and your logical thinking are inferior than a 5 years, hey Marcus?

    Glad we’re finally in agreement here. Moving on…

  464. @trish i heard that!!! britney and matt should be in their with him.

    the fact that their not….. THATS CACA

  465. @Felicia: best bet: in California. And even that, I’m not sure of. We’ll know next week, so…

  466. REGAN just won and is very deserving of the $20,000.00 g’s also ..I will vote for him to get the $25,000.00 at the end of the show. HE STOOD HIS GROUND AND DID NOT BACK DOWN..AND HE DID NOT LIE IN WHAT HE SAID TO HER..The rest of the gutless wonders (big brave men) ALL went inside..Brittney however stayed…I was expecting her to jump Brittney but she didn’t ..then too Brittney did not run in the house…

  467. @663 I believe Britney doesn’t want to be in the center of any drama….Brendon will have to replace with someone when Ragan takes himself off the block. She doesn’t want Enzo/Hagan saying how mean Brit to Ms Thing while Rachel was in the house!

  468. add another lie to rachel’s list.

    she said she didnt attack ragan and didnt do it personally.

    well actually i cant believe she believes that. unless she is crazy, i cant picture her actually thinking that.

    after that, im in the mood for cookies. shoooooooot

  469. @fly on the wall


    lady gaga and elton john would be proud.

    HAHAHAHAHA ENZO. “u ripped her a new arse hole yoo i gotta tell u that” hahaha

  470. @Fly on the wall: you meant ‘jump Rachel’, right?

    As for Ragan getting the $20,000 now because of the fight: it would be fair is the saboteur was suppose to start arguing with an evicted HG… but, since it’s not the case, he still doesn’t deserve the money!

  471. Everyone is in the “have not” room talking with Ragan. I so wish Rachel would come down and not find any HG to say fake nice things to her. :)

  472. the clips that CBS chooses to air of rachel’s return to the house will be very telling….

    will they portray her as the TOTAL CONNIVING BITCH that she is??


    ragan’s VICTIM?

  473. Thanks Marcus for the cookie remark. Now I want cookies and I have none in the house.

  474. U stand up to an overbearing blow mouth self serving egotistical bitch like Rachel and I would say u were entitled to get $20,000 g’s..And please don’t try to start with me and ur displeasure
    @ my comments..I could give a hairy rats ass what u think…

  475. @CT: doesn’t matter – nobody’s buying what CBS’s selling.

    Ragan and Rachel deserve each other, which is really disappointing in the case of Ragan – dude should be too smart to debase himself to that level…

  476. @CT yea man thats a great point. they will have to show her come out and be like “ragan, do u want cookies?”

    haha she was standing their in silence, looking at the ground. hella paranormal activity.

    i hope she comes back. ragan proved he could go toe-to-toe. britney….. its ur turn.

    make ya mamma kathy proud. wait what? hahaha

  477. I wish Rachel would ask to leave…..wouldn’t that be great? But you have to admit she is “great” Tv…….

  478. SOME THINGS are simply cruel…

    Ragan in Have Not – NOT crying
    Brit: Ragan was not backing down. Even if Rachel started the fight… I think it was the comments about him being gay (that upset him). Did you hear Rachel yelling about his dad not talking to him? He said, “my dad doesn’t talk to me because my dad is dead.”

  479. @Trish: that’s the problem – she’s definitely great TV
    If CBS knew how great this would have turn out, they would have put her back in the house ’til Thursday! And don’t think that they wouldn’t…

  480. CT, I think she forgot…….she is an airhead. If she did that on purpose than that was cruel.

  481. yea its hella great tv. this fight alone ensures we will have a season 13.

    production in the control room had to have been drooling.

    as much as i hate rachel I WANT HER ON ALL-STARS!! she has to be back. her and evel dick. OHHH MY GOD. CAN U IMAGINE?!?!

    put jeff and jordan (hate them too) in their. she will chop jordan up like a piece of celery.

  482. Kathy shut up already. You faker. Damn you would do anything to fit in. Wow Rachel been in that DR a long time.

  483. #682 Mighty Mad

    we’re not buying it MM – but sadly, some people will.

    as for ragan – we all have a breaking point – ya know?

  484. It only makes sense that without Rach n Bren the show would be kina dead. They make it lively while the others just sit back and beat everyone down.

  485. rachel is apologizing. i give her slight credit. production told her to though because of legal reasons. their in california, gay rights groups dont have far to travel.

    haha this is going to have tons of hits on youtube.

  486. #683 Marcus

    my money is on CBS portraying her as the victim…

    imo, they are interferring in the game WAYYYYY too much this season. i hope they back off and let the game play itself out.

  487. Rachel just said sorry to Ragan. They hug. Ragan stated he accepts the apology but is now explaing why he does not care for her behavior. I am waiting for Rachel to get pissed again. Back soon.

  488. how is rachel so humbled?
    did production give her a shot of heroin?
    omg. this is week 1 rachel.

    see kids, this is what happens when u CLOWN a bully. haha when u stand up to somebody like that, u humble them.

  489. @CT at #692: you know what, when she brought out the gay stuff in it, Rachel lost all the respect I had for her – right now, she’s in the same level than Britney in my “Man, I hate this bitch!” meter!
    Go after Ragan because he was a fake friend who never really had your back, that’s fine. But bring out his homosexuality as a negative thing… uncalled for.

    Seriously don’t see how CBS could make her look good, especially if people are talking, which obviously they are – HI THERE!

  490. nice gesture on the part of hgs:

    hayden checks on ragan Less…

    Hay: i just wanted to check and see if you are okay. we can’t jump in this.
    Lane and Brit join to check on Ragan
    Lane: she made herself look really bad
    Ragan: I have had a gun to my face. Rachel Riley does not intimidate me.
    Brit: Everyone in this house supports you Ragan
    Ragan: I know I’m not getting her vote so I have nothing to lose. i’m done.
    lane: are you gonna talk to her upstairs? maybe she’s asking to leave early.
    (they all laugh)
    Ragan: what was the point in bringing out cookies? that last dig on her was like I was on auto-pilot. She is straight up messing with the wrong person in this house. I have been very reserved. I know how to handle people like that. Hopefully she will just say “get me out of here”. I think rachel desperately wants people to like her. She is not getting the attention she truely wants. Maybe the riff between me and rach is because i am friends with kristen … and now britney. It’s a huge insecurity. What decent people do… she does the opposit.
    Enzo: you ripped her a new one!! Pimples on her face?!? lol
    Ragan: once you go to the gay place with me… the gloves are off!
    You can’t go up to someone talking about their sexuality.. race… you cross the line.
    kathy joins (everyone in Have not with Ragan).
    Ragan; she can’t go toe-to-toe with me.

  491. @CT yea i here u. i completely agree with u

    on another note; man. u (rachel) have to be on the lowest level. like even evel dick is like “c’mon rachel”

    she went after his sexual orientation. nobody has done that in the house. like attacked anyone on that level. she is so far on the shet sheet. i mean i have not seen every season of BB but in my 5 1/2 season, i will glady put her on the worse person ive ever watched.

    however, its great tv and i know for me atleast will rewind it on flashback atleast 2 times.

    wouldnt surprise me if BB was in the top 10 on yahoo and top trending on twitter.

  492. Marcus… guess what? I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU! Bringing out the gay attacks was pathetic.

    How about that?

  493. #698 MM

    i agree.

    i hope rachel’s gay bashing of ragan comes back to bite CBS on the a**.

    maybe then they will STAY THE F**K OUT OF THIS GAME and let the hgs play it out.

  494. @mightymad


    as i listen to rachel, she is sorry, but she is still trying to justify it. i think she is sorry, but when u explode like that, u dont give a reason for why.

    she keeps saying she was sorry, but she keeps saying that “we were fighting” lines.

  495. OK OK I get it now… CBS blowed it again..THIS YEAR THEY BROUGHT RACHEL back in hopes that after getting voted out her attitude and character would be different but no dice..She won’t see “her” mistakes or admit to any..
    Last year it was Natalie’s marriage proposal so that the viewers would hate her less..wasted effort CBS..
    Regan is waasting his breath talking to her..she sees herself as never doin wrong..

  496. i also honestly dont think they will air her gay bashing comments.

    they cant. they will get sued, and so much heat.
    i dont blame them. they need to make a statement, but not air it.

    i dont want to show to be canceled over rachel.
    this show gets better and better.

  497. If anything for the argument with Regan she is NOW MORE DESPISED, DISKLIKED, AND HATED than when she was in the game…WAY TO GO BB & CBS

  498. Rachel is hearing words but not listening to the objective logical thoughts that Ragan is expressing from his heart. But give credit for Ragan for trying. Sadly Rachel is in “Rachel Land filled with mirror reflecting saintly Rachel lovely vision”. Ugh I just wrote saintly next to the name called Rachel. Another hug between the united friends R & R! Tissue please… And they live happily ever after with Rachel still in Rachel Land. The end for now. :)

  499. hm. ragan accepts rachel’s apology – they hug – and all is well in bb land.

    he’s a better man than me – i would have told that pimple faced slut to go f**k herself.

  500. What do I think about the POV results?

    I think it sucks! That little creep Ragan is getting 20 grand, plus we got to watch him in the house another week? Brendan, and Rachel, should win the “New Power Of Bitch Slap Award” and use it on Ragan and Bratney!