Big Brother 12: Week 6 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Last night on Big Brother 12 we saw power flip back to Brenchel, well really Brendon this time, after another challenging competition. All day Brendon has been calling people in to his HoH room yet these results were surprising.

Read on to find out just who are Brendon’s targets for next Thursday night.

Big Brother 12 Week 6 Nominations:

  • Lane
  • Ragan

Ragan was no surprise after their fight last week, but Lane? Earlier Brendon confirmed with Britney that she’d save Lane if she won the Veto. Could Brendon be hoping for a backdoor opportunity? Of course if Matt uses his Diamond Power of Veto then there will be yet another nom this week. Craziness!

Brendon is now telling Lane that his real target is the person next to him on the block and he wants the nominations to remain the same after Veto Ceremony.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch their reactions to being nominated. The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. This is going to be a great Big Brother week!

What do you think of Brendon’s nominations? Are they strategic noms or simply vengeful for Rachel’s eviction on Thursday? No room for error at this stage.

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  1. Birttney and Lane are my favorites. But one question are hayden and enzo really trying to break up the Brigade or are they just kissing ass os they don’t get nommed.

  2. Yeah Lane??? Ok he must really want Regan gone and if the pov or dpov is used on Lane he will put up Brit I hope!!!

  3. Dang I wanted Brit to be in the block she has been such a bitch and once again she escapes the block unless Brendon try to back door her. Maybe he figured she would win pic and I’d she thinks she’s safe she won’t work as hard and won’t win it! I really don’t think she will win it again and if he does then something is wrong cuz she’s already one 3 in a row and that would make 4!!!!

  4. Smart move by Brendon – put two people that never went on the block, two people who actually SUCKED at competitions too! As if one of them come out of the block, there’s so many targets left, Bren can just pick and should.

    A win/win/win… until next week, of course.

  5. @ mark Lane is my fav too..Well at least we will hear a lot more from Lane this week..In a way its good some one from the bragged is up, just y did if have to be Lane?!!!

  6. smart move by Brendon – put two people that never went on the block, two people who actually SUCKED at competitions too?????

    Regan almost won 2 HOH. 2nd both times

  7. @Erin25: you don’t deserve to win this game if you’re not on the block at least once… so it’s his time.

    If he truly deserves your support, he will find a way to survive this week… unless he once again need Matt to save his sorry butt!

  8. I just thought wouldn’t that be crazy if Matt used the diamond pov on Regan and not Lane!! If Matt is smart witch he seems to think he is he wont use the dpov…

  9. I hope Regan goes home. I hope Matt never gets the opportunity to use the DPOV. I don’t think he will use it unless he goes up. Kathy, Regan, Lane, Enzo(although I like him) and Hayden have done nothing. I don’t like Brittney or Matt, but atleast they win. Brendan keeps the house interesting.

  10. I hope Lane is not the target. Lane is my favorite and I would hate to see him go. Hopefully, if he doesn’t win POV, Matt will use the DPOV on Lane and they can see Brendon scram, and he’ll go home next week.

  11. Lane and Enzo have been floating through. I’m glad someone had the guts to put one of them up. I just wish Enzo was up there with him. It will have to be Matt to save him. None of the rest of the pathetic Brigade can even win a competition.

  12. I’m sorry but the brigaid needs a wake up call, talk about floaters!!! The only one that wins anything in it is Matt and I don’t count him as a brigaid member for he will turn on them in an instant.I hate to see Lane up but its time those floaters get a wake up call and stop letting matt do there dirty work.

  13. Yeah I agree MightyMad Lane should earn it fo sho… I also think Enzo has to put in more work cuz Bren is so right Matt is taking all the heat for them boys.

  14. thank god Rachel is gone, she will return to the house… during the finale to announce she is married.

  15. I just have to say I am happy Brendon won hoh and its good he is going after ppl on merit not on impulse like how Rachel was..I do miss Rachel oh yeah but she might be back :)

  16. Someone need to clear this out for me:

    what would be the advantage for Matt for using the DPOV if he’s not of the block? Wouldn’t that make him a HUGE target in the house and lose a lot of votes in the JH? Not that he would have a whole lot of support over there to begin with, but that would be shot down if he makes such a power move…

  17. where did the term floaters come from, the game is won by being deceitful , by having everyone think you are on their side, by letting people put targets on their backs by winning everyother time, Rachal was a poor sport and needs to stay gone, Kathy beat her and she could not take it so she should not be brought back, if you bring anyone back bring back annie for being sabatore she had no chance to play.

  18. I am happy that Ragan and Lane are up there. Lets see if Matt will use the DPOV. He will put up Kathy for sure, but what about the other one?

  19. Ragan and Lane, hmmmm, interesting. Brendon may be setting up a backdoor strategy to break up pairs(Matt would replace Lane, Brit would replace Regan).

    Maybe he struct a deal with Enzo and Hayden to do the dirty work of getting rid of Matt or Lane.


  20. Wow… people just LOVE making craps up about Rachel, don’t they?
    Man, that remind me of the good ol’ days (like, three weeks ago) when the Bitching Twins were making stuffs up about Vegas in the backyard too… good times.

  21. @Trish: there’s no other one – he can only take out and put up one nomination. DPOV isn’t the Coup d’État.

  22. WTF!!! Ok this really changes my opinion That makes me sick!! Dose Brendon?? Wow she is low in my books fo sho..

  23. Matt is a joke – too cocky – would be cool if Ragan won pov and Brendon put up Matt – then the lie Matt told will come out cause he will have to use it on himself. Then the house will turn on him next week instead of Brendon. Im rootin for the underdog Go Brendon!!!

  24. Noone should get mad at Brendon for his choices. Those two do need to step up their game. Of course people are going to get mad no matter who he put up. Enzo and Hayden are secretly pleased. Brendon is doing their dirty work. Funny…….

  25. the appeal of Britt , come on she is a masterful player, and just wins the POV so she has had more control in this game then anyone, and she has the Brigade in her pocket. how can you not like her game play.

  26. @Terry: for real, who came up with the word ‘floater’ again? Which season was that? IS THERE A BB PHd AROUND?!

    BTW, do you guys ever realize the number of terms that came up from that show? “Floater”, “Showmance”, “Bromance”, “Backdoor”… the list is huge!

    I wonder if CBS ever tried to take credit when those words make it into Webster…

  27. I agree with with Terry that Brit has good game play but its just pure luck on her part – she hasnt done anything to manipulate any situation in the house except by not using the pov

  28. The house seems to be shifting…I believe although Matt is aligned with the Brigade, he is also in an alliance the includes Regan, Brit, and Lane. I think Lane and Matt are playing both sides. I believe Kathy would always side with Brit. That leaves Enzo, Hayden and Brendon to possibly form an alliance.

    I think the Brigade will be exposed this week.

  29. Ragan and lane on the block hey neither one has been there before so why not now, but lane has the brigade to give his votes, and Matt could not tell anyone of the DPOV part of the stipulations so he cant tell anyone till he uses it so he can use it to save a brigade member, they have to stick together or they will be done all of them they start after each other now just give the money to Brittany .

  30. @Terry: oh no, my dear, Britney THINKS that she got the Brigade in her pockets – there’s a big difference there.
    In my book, she pretty much played the same game than Rachel played, except that she was WAY MORE phony about it and she wasn’t dumb enough to disply her alliance as Rachel was… other than that, she’s a truly rotten person.

  31. Funny how everyone thought the game would be booooring without RacHell………apparently Brendan’s got EVERYONE’S attention inside and outside of the house…..

  32. @Annie T: nominations always perk up people. Let’s way and see if it can stay the same for the whole week…

  33. @mightymad u know this is actually a really good move by bren he just dosnt know it yet. The sabatuer is on the block so he actually did do good with these nominations.Dont know bout putting up lane i thought he should of put up brittany but if he manages to get rid of raegan he gets rid of a huge underated threat.

  34. I have to agree with Terry. Please don’t bring Rachel back. If I have to listen to her whine and cry again I might have to give up BB. To bring Annie back would be much better. Just wondering if Matt could use the DPOV on the HOH?

  35. If Matt was truly part of the Brigade he would have told them about his dpov…if he was smart he wouldnt use it and would just keep his mouth shut…however Im not sure if he can resist using it

  36. @ mightymad you cant put rachal and brittany in same category, brittant is deceitful and rachal was trying to bully everyone, that put the target on rtachal her coming out and telling everyone she is better then them and demanding that they do as she wants, Brittany is just telling everyone what they want to hear and not shoving it into their faces,

  37. I’m so glad that Rachel is gone and I hope she stays gone! She is one of the most annoying houseguests ever! Hopefully Brendan will finally be a man with Rachel out of the house! So sick of that “showmance”! They were not cute at all! lol! I actually like Britney. She may be a bitch sometimes but she’s won 3 POV’s so at least she’s playing a good game… more than I can say for some people!

  38. @LoveBB: forget about it – if the Coup d’État couldn’t the HoH, the DPOV definitely will not…

  39. ): poor lane. he’s my favorite, plus he’s one sexy dude. i really hope he’s not leaving BB this week. that would suuuuck.

  40. @Lynn: you forgot already, didn’t you?
    If Matt tells ANYONE about the DPOV, he’ll lose it, period. So him telling anyone from the Brigade would have prove thay HE’S NO GENIUS.

  41. @leslie u know rachel was a bitch but she was playing a good game….won 2 HOH..more than a lot of a people.

  42. get Enzo out!!!… He does nothing but run his freakin mouth!!!… He is almost ALWAYS 2ND to go down… but ALWAYS 1st in the HOH’s FACE… after the competitions…

  43. @Terry: the main difference was that Rachel was a survival mode from day 1 – she had no choice but to try to forcefully get people to do what she wanted them to do. And, let’s face it, none of them had any problem doing it anyway.
    Smilling at someone and acknowledging her as your friend, than talking trash in her back… let’s be real: that’s definitely a ‘C-WORD’ move.

    So I may not like Rachel, but I definitely despise Britney.

  44. i can see why ragan is up on the block.

    i’m surprised that lane’s up, but he needs a wake up call… he hasn’t done anything.

    and i can’t believe britney’s not up there. ughhh!! i hope she gets back-doored and is kicked out the house for all the nasty trash talking she’s done!

  45. @Leslie: Britney could be a bitch…sometimes.

    Did you watch only A WEEK WORTH OF EPISODES? You need to catch up, honey – a day, hell, A HOUR, didn’t pass by in that house without Brit being a bitch about something!

  46. Great move by Brendon, now he can backdoor Britney. As long as she dosent win the pov and Regan comes off the block

  47. GOOD JOB BRENDON!!! If the noms stay the same Matt will be torn between going with the brigade and saving Lane or saving his best friend in the house..decisions decisions..then again if he does use it on them he will become a big target I hope he is that stupid to use it. If he is put up on the block if lane or ragan should win then he will use it and still be a target cause then he would be known as a liar. Then Brittney would be put up and hopefully she would be the one going home. She is obnoxious and annoying…

  48. Ahahaha SuperDave them two in the jury house will be so funny who knows maybe they would become bff.

  49. @john just cuz you win 2 HOH competitions dont mean you play a good game , game is more then HOH HOH is like putting a target on your back POV has more power then HOH wether you use it or not look at all the people who have ever won HOH early and often they dont win they are targets,

  50. At least with two new faces on the block maybe we will get to see more of the “unknown” HG’s…so far this season the cameras have been a little distracted on the showmance…not giving enough time to the rest of the HG’s….actually if it wasn’t for these sites I wouldn’t know a thing about the rest of them ,,,

  51. I also like Lane and think he is being considered a “do-nothing” because he hasn’t won a comp. However, if you look back, he has held his own in most comps (ie. hot dog, caramel, etc) BUT he has rarely been given the opportunity to play a POV. I decided they left his name out of the drawings. I am for Lane to win, but I am glad he is up so that he can (and will) prove himself. Go Lane!

  52. Its one thing to be 2 faced in that house – but Brit is down right vile and nasty – she has nothing to be jealous about but she sure is acting like she is

  53. #27~ Are you the one in here starting all these rediculous rumors? I was wondering why some of the posters were talking crazy smack about the houseguests…

  54. I wonder what Britney’s fiancee thinks about her relationship with Lane…

    Heck, here’s a stupid-as-all-hell suggestion about that ‘lifelong friendshiP’ nonsense sab-Annie told everyone: WHAT IF LANCE IS BRITNEY’S FIANCEE?

    Now, that is so ridiculous, that would be AWESOME!!!

  55. I like lane up too, but think he is safe with the numbers any brigade that votes him out will not get his vote in the end so i think the brigade is safe they have 3 votes if one is up in a 3-2 vote and it gives him a chance to play.

  56. @27 would make sense – remember how she reacted when she thought Rachel would put up Lane if she used the veto? and then how she wrapped her arms around him last night

  57. By the time nomination/POV/DPOV musical chairs are over, Britney and Kathy will be left up. Kathy goes to jury.

    Brendan panics, but gets a “Seriously?…F***ing..” T-shirt out of it all.

  58. @mieghtymad Lane’s middle name i think i heard was nick ansd he is from texas so its possible but i still think Kathy and Brittany are related,, they are both from arkansas so aunt/niece maybe. and they never put them selves next to each other, and are always working someone else

  59. @CT: now explain why this is an emotional move.
    Emotional would dictate Brendon putting up Matt and Britney. If any, Lance and Ragan as nominee would be highly strategic. But hey, enlighten us by explaining your reasoning…

  60. when matt explains to the brigade that he HAD to keep the dpov a secret or he would lose it, they will totally understand – ESPECIALLY if he uses it to save lane.

  61. @76 Terry, I hope so. I am looking forward to him playing this week. As for Brendon, after watching the interview with his ex-fiance, I could see him on the live feeds today much as he was depicted by her and her family. He was telling each person what THEY needed to do. For instance, Enzo needs to be an athlete and start working to win comps, Hayden needs to win the POV, etc. etc. He was on quite a power trip. He also told Hayden and Enzo separately that he was putting up Britney and Lane because he had respect for Britney’s game and wanted her to be able to play POV rather than to backdoor her. He was all over the place. Of course, Ragan was blowing smoke as usual trying to rectify his situation. It is interesting (and without Rachel in the house), but Brendon obviously has two completely different personalities.

  62. If Britney and Ragan were both nominated, it would become Monet eviction Deja vu all over again. The crying bitch fest ensues. Too bad. That would have been very fun to watch those two suffer.

  63. @Nic: I keep asking the same question: if Kathy somehow manage to ge the Veto, can Matt override it and put her up anyway with the DPOV?

    Someone must know the answer to that…

  64. Rachel was emotional when it came to nominations but Brendon was always trying to get her to see past that to the logical side. I think it was a very smart move…both players very popular – will take the heat off of him and stir up some mixed voting

  65. @CT… absolutely correct. Even if he used it to save Ragan, he could easily justify it to them that using it on Lane would have exposed the Brigade and by putting up Kathy, he knew Lane would have the votes…

  66. @88 Tilly, Brendon told Hayden today on the lf that he was sure Lane was the sab. He said, “In fact, I KNOW it is Lane.”

  67. @CT: Enzo wouldn’t – he already doesn’t trust him. He would definitely used that to pull a putsch to get Matt out.

    BTW, I’m still waiting for your explanations about Brendon’s ’emotional’ nominations…

  68. @88 Good question. I watched the recap of CBS and it appears that the only exception is the HOH eveyone else is fair game.

  69. update in the BB12 house….Fri the 13th bring’s strange event to the BB12 house. Another game is being played now. LF down… could the POV game be going on???? Hmmmmmmm.

  70. @MightyMad (#88)… I don’t think he could do that. The power stated that he could name the replacement, but it did not state that he could override the rules of replacement (or any other rules). Therefore, I think HOH would be safe as well as whoever wins/uses the regular POV.

  71. I believe the DPOV is the be used at the live eviction, so I would think everyone except the HOH is fair game.

  72. If i sign up for the feeds and cancel before the 3 day trial ends I will not have to pay right?

  73. OR is Rachel ring the doorbell to the BB house? Just kidding but you never know with production. As it is know in this game “expect the un-expected”. :)

  74. I think regular POV takes place. Matt pulls the DPOV which should cancel out anything rPOV established.

    So vague. But still good for Brit for charming herself off the block.

  75. I believe whoever wins the veto would be safe from the dpov b/c although they can save someone – it also insures their safetly as well

  76. #84 mighty mad

    brendon to rachel (on bbaf) if she were evicted:
    “i will avenge your honor and get rid of everyone in the house who had been mean to you. i love you.”

    and now ragan is his first target.

    at this point in the game, the strongest players should be targets. do you honestly think ragan is the strongest player in the house right now?

    no, he’s not. this is an EMOTIONAL move, based on a promise to rachel.

  77. This is why I don’t like DPOV. At least, with Coup d’État, everything was clear. Now, we’re in this grey zone where a bunch of things could or couldn’t happen… we need some clear rules on that power already!

  78. The pick of POV players…Kathy got picked. They are also are talking about early game time and maybe prizes.

  79. Wow I thought for sure Brendon would nominate Ragan and Britney. But this Lane nomination sounds smart… maybe Brendon remembers that Britney freaked out when Rachel threatened to put Lane up when she was HoH? A smart player would think Britney’s reaction to Lane was suspicious since they didn’t have an alliance of any sort. I am thinking that Britney and Lane are the lifelong friends in the house, but that Lane is really the “Nicholas” Britney keeps saying is her fiancee.


    damn!!!!!!! i was saying all effin day he would put up britney and ragan and or matt.

    im back in on brendon.

    he learned from that dummy rachel on playing the game personally.

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!


    ragan is screwed if he is on the block come thursday.

    brigade is running the house. they will all be final four.

  81. I was reading on wiki that there was original a 14 contestant Paola Aviles who left just before the show began.

    I wonder if that will mean no double eviction this season?

  82. @CT: actually, HE IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST PLAYERS. I didn’t realize it myself before Patirck here mentioned that Rag came very close to win two HoH, both against Matt.

    And let’s be real: if it was really all about Rachel, KATHY WOULD BE UP RIGHT NOW… OR BRITNEY.

    So no, your argument doesn’t fly. You wanna give it another go?

  83. @112 only thing MightyMad is that Kathy is an easy nomination – everyone knows she is a casualty of BB really…lol Everyone is always throwing her name out there for the block… so she will have her day soon.

  84. That jackass thinks Lane is the “Sabbatore”, so he might be gunning for him. I hope he wins POV, and if not , that Matt saves him. I like Lane. He is nice to everyone. Brendon should have picked Britney (even though I think she is funny) she is good at this game. And yes, he may backdoor Matt, then the FUN will begin. I just wish he was gone. He is a big ASS & after throwing the ball and almost hitting Jeff, it showed poor sportsmanship. Just like Rachel. Just my opinion……

  85. @#92 Mighty Mad

    the dpov? i disagree. enzo is not stupid. he will totally understand why matt kept it a secret.

    about matt? i have said for weeks that matt would be the first one booted out of the brigade if they make it to final 4.
    but it will have NOTHING to do with the dpov.

  86. @Lynn: you’re right… but wouldn’t it be AWESOME if Kathy won the Veto?

    I mean, seriously, WHAT WOULD SHE DO?!

  87. @mightymadd not sure remember when ragan was in hammock and rachal left crying and brendan went after ragan , thats why ragan is up and brendon thinks lane is sab so thats why he up.

  88. @JohnB thanks for the info on the HG that dropped out. Looked like she would have been good for the show. Brendan would have went after her from the get-go! The game would have been completly different.

  89. Have you noticed how Matt talks to Ragan… just now he said to a upset Ragan… “calm down, I know how you get when you get upset”. Could they be a couple?

  90. @Irish girl 48: BTW, what the hell do you like about Britney again? When was she funny? Vile, despicable, yeah, but FUNNY? When that happened?!

  91. @ MightyMad – I think Kathy is an embarrassment for law enforcement…lol There is no telling what she would do with the veto – good point

  92. #112 Mighty Mad

    no thanks. i explained myself quite clearly… take it or leave it.

    btw – do you watch bbaf?

  93. Irish girl… don’t worry. Lane will not go home this week. Matt will decide who goes home, and he won’t send Lane. The ONLY thing that could mess that up is if Kathy wins POV and doesn’t use it, and Matt is not allowed to put her up. Even then, Lane is still probably safe over Ragan, but any other scenario virtually GUARANTEES Lane’s safety.

  94. @Lynn: actually, from what I know from some cops, Kathy is pretty much THE STANDARD for law enforcement!

  95. and if its game play that is holding her back … she deserves an extra bonus for the great job acting job

  96. If they picked names out of a bag….maybe Brittney’s name was missing….how did they pick the players for the veto?? Anyone know? thanks.

  97. The most likely victim for eviction this week is Kathy ONLY IF Matt put her up with the DPOV, something I’m still not sure he will do.

    After that, I’m smelling a backdoor, ‘cuz I don’t see Brandon just keeping the nominations the same. If that happen, expect Britney to be put up and then kick out, ‘cuz nobody will protect her sorry ass!

    There’s a lot of possibilities here, but what will be interesting is seeing if Brendon can muster some kind of alliances out of his HoH reign. If he cannot do this, than he might as well should have gone directly to his Rachel this week…

  98. @Annie T: girl, it’s not a conspiracy… IT’S JUST LUCK!

    Her name was in the bag, they just didn’t pick it… that’s all! Such things happened all the times, honey; that’s how life goes.

  99. No Britney for the POV? Haha about time! I think Brendon put Lane up to piss Britney off… he may realize that there is something between them that they are trying to hide from everyone else. I mean am I the only one seeing them start to slip up? Like last night after the eviction, Lane and Brit were in the bathroom and she put her arms around him from behind in a hug kind of way. The only reason she should be doing that is if Lane is really her fiancee!

  100. If Matt were smart he would let Lane go..only because as time goes on Lane would be harder to beat in a physical comp vs. Kathy….not that I don;t like Lane…but really they both have done nothing much so far so why not get rid of the biggest threat? Just my opinion.

  101. Does lane think the birgade is still on track. And are Hayden and Enzo serious about an allience with Brendon. Brendon should form an allience with Brit and matt if he was smart but he shot himself in the foot when he tstarted fights with them last week

  102. #13 Mighty Mad

    i understand the work thing… :) same here. but i record it every night and watch it the next day.

    anyway – for those who don’t have live feeds, ‘after dark’ supplies A LOT of info that is simply not there on the hourly shows.

    for instance:
    the hammock scene with ragan, britney & rachel that you saw a clip of on thursday night’s show was a HUGE BLOWOUT between ragan & rachel – with brendon then going after ragan. rachel felt TOTALLY BETRAYED by ragan;
    hence – now ragan is on the block.

  103. i want kathy to win the pov… because i don’t want there to be any chance that kathy goes on the block as the replacement nom if the veto is used. we know for sure if she’s on the block against anyone else, kathy’s going home.

    i want either britney, ragan or one of the brigade to go home!!

    would actually LOVE to see britney go!

  104. @Audri: right now, Brendon should form an alliance with ANYONE WILLING TO DO IT WITH HIM. I really cannot do this alone.

  105. 136…it was just a thought…btw thanks for the compliment…haven’t been a “girl” for a long time…made my night!!

  106. Great noms. This completely backs Matt into a corn w/ using the DPOV. Bye-bye Regan and bring back Rachel they got 2 mean and cocky…what happen to the Just a Tip talk show??? Kamra…LOL

  107. Re: Kathy… reminder about last years quiet player called Jordan. Kathy is well liked as was Jordan.

    As for being a cop I think there is more to her than she is showing. We saw alittle of her true colors come out when Rachel wanted an apology. Kathy stood firm. Just saying…

  108. @Annie T…. The way the houseguests were talking, it sounded like Lane picked a “Houseguest’s Choice” out of the bag and picked Hayden to play…

  109. @Rico: ARE YOU SERIOUSLY? Hayden over Britney?

    Wow… it’s official: Lane’s an idiot!

  110. Wow, I’m so shock over this one, I wrote ‘seriously’ instead of ‘serious’!

    Just insane…

  111. Lane was a career failure on his football team and is proving to be a worse BB Player

  112. MightyMad…. yeah, it sounded like that… Brit was talking to Matt discussing why Lane would tell her he’d pick her and then he didn’t. I assume it had to be about POV.

  113. @LEB: Kathy stood firm ‘cuz she had nothing to lose!

    And I think comparing her to Jordan is quite mean to Jordo… seriously!

  114. @149 thanks for the info.

    @150 you should try out for the “knight” position on next years show…I’d vote for you lol…maybe I’ll try out for Kathy’s spot since we are about the same age.

  115. yeah, it’s gonna be interesting to see matt put in a position between saving his friend ragan or his brigade boy lane.

    if he doesn’t save either and they find out later that he didn’t use it to help them, he could lose their vote.

  116. #131 Mighty Mad

    i understand the work thing… same here. but i record it every night and watch it the next day.

    anyway – for those who don’t watch live, ‘after dark’ supplies A LOT of info that is simply not there on the hourly shows.

    for instance:
    the hammock scene with ragan, britney & rachel that you saw a clip of on thursday night’s show was actually a HUGE BLOWOUT between ragan & rachel – with brendon then going after ragan. rachel felt TOTALLY BETRAYED by ragan;
    hence – now ragan is on the block.

    truthfully i don’t care if ragan leaves. i would like to see some hard core strategy in this game instead all the emotional decisions. this is not a day time soap opera!

  117. LOL, MightyMad!!!>…. “I’m so shock”…. ha!

    I don’t know if you did that on purpose, but it was funny!

  118. very strategic of Brendon. Put up one of each in two different pairs (Lane & Brit) and (Matt & Ragan). Whoever comes off is replaced against their partner. Of course Brendon doesn’t know about dpov. And Matt & Brit, two strongest competitors weren’t picked to play in veto either!!!!

    Matt won’t use DPOV unless he is up because he would piss off other players fornot picking them and lose a jury vote. Only way he uses it is if Lane comes off the block and he is put up against Ragan.

  119. @Rico: Hayden haven’t won crap… Britney is a proven winner… I mean, c’mon! You go with the logical choice on this one!

    Unless, of course, the Brigade doesn’t want to win the POV…

  120. @ LEB I dont think Kathy is disliked but is thought of as expendable… and I sure hope she is holding back – if not that is sad … and Im glad she stood up for herself cause she def didnt owe her an apology – that was crazy!

  121. @156 My point was more to the point about play style of both J/K is that of a friendly “QUITE PLAYER” better known at going below the radar..
    AGAIN… Just saying.. :) Thanks for being Stacy’s Knight it might be a change for her.

  122. @Ang138 – I also have noticed that connection between Lane and Brit early on. When they would talk alone, they always mumbled their words or talked away from their mic’s. I’m really not sure why Brendon chose Lane, i’m sure he has his reasons, but I really don’t think Brendon’s smart enough to see something there. His only focus in the house was “the bimbo” and he was oblivious to anything else.

  123. @Chancycole (#147)….

    I think Matt will use his DPOV power, regardless of how things play out.

    He doesn’t want either Lane or Ragan to be at risk. So… if the regular POV is used and Kathy or Brit is put as a replacement, he will use it on the remaining Ragan/Lane and put up the remaining Kathy/Brit. If he is put up as the replacement, obviously he uses it on himself and probably puts up Kathy.

    The most interesting scenario, I think, is if it stays the same. He will still use it (and probably put up Kathy, if he can), but who will he take off the block? His buddy, or his Brigade?

    Probably he buddy, Ragan. He could have a meeting with the Brigade afterwards explaining his actions, and tell them that removing Lane would have exposed the alliance and he knew Lane had the votes.

  124. @Annie T: thanks, and please do not DEBASE yourself by comparing you to Kathy. I mean, I barely know you and yet I already know that you’re WAY BETTER than her!

    @Rico at #160: guilty… ;)

    @CT at #159: got it. Things is, people have been so mean-spirited in this house, it’s going to be hard not to make decision personal.

  125. What if Matt wins POV and uses it to save Lane and then at the live eviction he saves Regan with the DPOV…hmmmm Noms change to both Kathy and Brit. Kathy goes home.

  126. @Butch, I agree the Brigade is a joke! They should be embarrassed for their lack of play (except for Matt) and their stupid name. Dumb, dumb.

  127. @MightyMad…. I agree 100%. How does he pick Hayden over Brit?? She has won skill comps before and she definitely knows the game and history of BB WAAAAAAY better than Hayden. I don’t get it either. (Unless I misinterpreted the conversation)

  128. @lynn Like Jordan Kathy is liked by the house and is under rated by the HG just like Jordan. Reminder to all, Kathy survived the BIG C!

  129. @Rico: if it really turns out that Lane pick Hayden over Britney to save his ass out of the block, this will come down as one of the dumbest moves ever made inside BB… until Matt save Lane’s ass anyway by putting Kathy instead with the DPOV.

  130. @169…thank you my kind sir….although I must tell you that I did want to be a police officer when I was younger… my family thought it would be too dangerous…they should watch this show and see that Kathy is in no danger of doing anything, except killing herself by smoking….no offense to those that do…I hope she pulls something out of her bag of tricks and wows us all.

  131. anyone who likes brenda is an idiot. if it comes to it and lane doesnt win pov matt will take him off n put up kathy..might as well get rid of her floatn butt. claims she had cancer yet smokes a pack a day what an add for cigs. thn nxt week brenden will leave knowing he did nothing to avenge the witch…

  132. @LEB: except if you were born a Trump, a Hilton or a Kardashian, everybody got a hard life, so Kathy’s hard knock story doesn’t make me want to root for her, especially since she display such a pathetic game. As for her personal principes… they really are meaningless if she doesn’t follow them, aren’t they?

  133. @LEB – I dont dislike Kathy as a person … and we all know Jordan (love her) was carried by Jeff. Just sayin as far as the houseguests go … she is not on their radar as a threat.
    @ Rico maybe Lane picked Hayden so there were no questioins as to why he picked Brit over a brigade memeber…??? maybe

  134. @topflight: hey, I got you one better: anyone who likes ANYONE left in this game is an idiot!

    I wouldn’t mind taking a beer with some of them, but actually being friends with any of them… no thanks.

  135. @ Lynn totally agree and that is why I hope she shows up the BOZO better known as the Brigade!!! :)

  136. @topflight: yeah, she’s hot… but then, two weeks later, you realize that she has the SAME EXACT PERSONALITY than Rachel… What are you gonna do now?!

  137. @179 MightyMad
    Well stated. The game is 42 days in and timing is everything maybe Kathy doesn’t feel the time is right!!!! :) Let’s discuss this again at the end around Sept 8th. :)

  138. Why are all those sloths handing in Brendon HOH room wo Brendon, I would kick Brittany’s ass to the curb!

  139. @LEB at #188: if this is Kathy’s real gameplay, well it is HANDS DOWN the best STEALTH GAME I’ve ever seen in any reality show!

  140. Will someone please explain to me why Matt always has his hand in his pants. Does he have some kind of fixation with himself

  141. OMG Britney is flipping hilarious. Why such haters? Lane is cute but has not played any game-only under the cover of his alliance– his name should be Lame. And at least she has won something on her own instead of bailing out when a win was within reach–like Ragan who is great but unless you back up your dish with wins you are going to be targeted- uh- dumb dumb. Now you cry cuz you’re nominated?

  142. @Barb: hey, someone needs to kiss Brendon’s ass while he is POV! Might as well be THE WHOLE HOUSE!

  143. hey Topflight,, Ah yeah she is pretty but the girl has no class talkin sh*t about her ex on tv I think that takes away from her looks…Ppl should keep some things personal that was none of our bizz!!!

  144. Hey ya all, just joined in, @ topflight, Yeah, I was floored when I saw brenda’s ex!! That man has a loose screw! @ Lynn nope nope, Kathy is not threat, she will float to the end, they might have to give her CPR, but she will there! Her game is pretty sad! My Grandma could do way better!!!

  145. I hope that someone wins POV & removes Lane from the block, Brendon puts Matt up & Matt uses his diamond POV & everyone is sitting there saying WTF??? If Matt lied about this, what else is he lying about & Matt goes to the jury house the next week.

  146. Topflight, Ah yeah she is pretty but the girl has no class!! Talking mad sh*t about her ex on TV.. I think that takes away from her looks who would like a big mouth…People should keep some things personal that was none of our bizz!!!

  147. Watching BGAD. Seems Lane is not real happy with Brit for some reason and Lane wants Brit to be put up and sent to jury house. What happened between them

  148. @193 MighyMad….. it might just be her plan to play by the Surreptitiousness game script!!!! :) We shall see or the way this day has gone she might be out the door on Thursday. :(

  149. Funny that everyone watches the show, some of you watch the feeds (I do) and you all read this site but you read too much into things and fail to see what’s really going on here. Brenden is being used this week since Matt has the diamond veto and really dictates the noms. This week is all about getting one more person out so the brigade automatically has the votes. You let Brenden win this week so next week you have 4 vs 3 for HoH and odds on the POV. Then after this you pick off Ragan, Kathy and Britney (as much as I’d hate for her sexy arse to go). Of course at some point they’ll prob have to turn on each other and let one of the three floaters into the final 3 but this game is all about the brigade. And all because Rachel was too worried about protecting her man and personal grudges with women to form her own power alliance.

  150. Loved the way Julie Chen played along with the whole “you might be back in the house” theme at eviction to keep Rachel from knowing about the saboteur’s actions before the finale. Nice touch.

  151. @Hayden and Brit – maybe they realize people are onto their ‘closeness’..(?) and this is a way to put those thoughts to rest.
    @Ragan crying like a baby – 1) his $20,000 is at risk 2) prolly game play for sympathy

  152. ha ha nick1 I thought for a second when you said “pretty lame” you meant Lane cuz I think he should be called “Pretty Lame”! But I also agree Ragan needs to cowboy-up & fight because he is one of my faves overall.

  153. People, THERE’S NO LIFELONG FRIENDS IN THIS GAME! You’re buying into Annie and Ragan’s sad lies! Even the HGs don’t buy it!

  154. Duh, there are no life long friends. That was just Annie’s lie as Saboteur just like Ragan telling Brenchel that one of them may not leave. If there were any friends, cbs would have told us about it by now. When has CBS ever had a secret twist in BB and not revealed it to America to boost ratings?

  155. Everyone keeps saying they want Matt to use the dpov so people see that he is a liar. He couldn’t tell what he really won or he would lose the power. I don’t think the brigade will be mad if he uses it to save one of them, and they know that he couldn’t tell them or he would have lost it

  156. Can someone please tell me what days (live) they do the nominations, veto play, and veto ceremony? thanks!

  157. @203 connaddy Just before the nom, Britney talked to Brendon and swayed him not to put her up. With production upset with Brendon for telling Brit that she and Lane was going up I believe he had to change his nom and directed it to two who have not been up on the block.

  158. I love Enzo, but he will have to win an actual competition to make it to the finale. No more letting the brigade handle his dirty work.

  159. Ragan is more upset that Matt go next to him on the block….Maybe Ragan & Matt are RL Friends or brothers. Just a thought

    I wish Brotknee (Britney) would have been put up. She is just to confident hanging out with the guys in HoH. She needs a Reality Check

  160. OK< OK< OK here is how it works, who ever wins the veto comp, can use it to save themself "If they are on the block" or who ever is on the block if they want to, Then brendon would have to name someone else, The Matt if he wanted to could use the "D" veto and not only take someone off, but name who goes up, I'm not sure if the winner of the veto comp is safe at this time, I believe not, because they are only safe from the HOH putting them up, but the HOH is safe for sure

  161. Ragan wins POV pulls himself off.

    Brendan puts uo Brit.

    Matt pulls off Lane and puts up Kathy.

    Kathy vs Britney – looks like Brigade votes out Britney.

  162. I hope Matt uses the Diamond POV to replace Lane with Kathy…or Brenda…er Brenden, if he can.

  163. OK, final thought before MightyMad go dodo:

    if Kathy win the veto, do something (or, more likely, nothing with it…), sit pretty afterward, thinking she’s safe for another week… than Matt blinsided her by using the DPOV to remove whoever and put her up instead, if he can atually use it against a Veto winner…

    That would be something to see… g’night folks!

  164. @221 halo…. I believe it is noms on Friday, Veto comp on Sat, and Veto ceremony on Monday.

  165. @ 208 Hilton the way you write and reflect your thought process I believe you are also reading too much into things. That OK because this is a once a year event that all can play either in the BB house for the lucky few or on the blogs!!!! :)

  166. @Heather: sorry girl, the HoH is immune from the DPOV. HoH beats every else in BB house.

  167. @halo76 OK on TV it’s Sunday they show the end of the HOH comp and who goes on the block, wednesday they show the veto comp and if they use it, and thursday, is the live out the door and the new HOH comp, Now on the live feeds, friday you know who is up on the block, saterday is the veto comp, and monday you know if the veto winner uses it or not.

  168. Okay, soo.. Brendon has made the best move so far. He chose Ragan which is wise because ragan needs to stfu and stop floating through this by trashtalking. And, I mean come one! If ragan is safe this week then helloooo! hes gonna get 20,000 dollars! He doesnt deserve that! And lane is also a wise choice because he needs to split the brigade or next week they might get into power again. And i mean lane also needs a wake up call. He cant float through this. Hes a big guy, he needs to use his physical strength and he has not done that. So, Good Job Brendon!

  169. lmao at mightymatt come on man u dont think lane n enzo are funny?…yeah brit is sooooo sexy. im tellin u ppl brigade will be final four might be boring but u have to admit episode one they made the right move. auto matic power alli. they dnt hav to win anything they have numbers

  170. @LoveBB (#49) Here’s what is said about the DPOV: “Matt, the increasingly powerful contestant went for the power of veto and gave life to the new saboteur. Not only will Matt be safe in the house for the next two weeks, he gets the chance to decide who goes up, it he uses the power of veto.”

  171. Enzo is actually playing a good game so far – friends w/ppl he doesn’t have an alliance with, plus not doing any dirty work.

  172. Thinking about the two that are friends there are 2 from Texas lane and ragan there are 2 from Arkansas Brit and Kathy and 2 from Chicago Matt and Annie and u can say 2 from cali ragan and brendon so after all that I’m taking Matt who is in a band and Annie who is a bartender the 2 who know each other plus Matt was supposed to be on bb11 but dropped out to get married and that’s why they put Ronnie on that season unless Annie was a total liar about the whole thing cause bb has not said nothing about it since Annie left

  173. where are all of the there’s going to be more drama after rachel is gone, yep the drama in the house is so thick that you could cut it with a ” ” I’m sorry you don’t need anything because there is no drama.

  174. i thought for sure hed put up ragan and matt… i dont know what hes thinkin putting my lane on the block… team britlane have to win this!!!!

  175. Please, BB, don’t bring Rachel back. If we have to have any reminders of her, just send her hair extensions to Brendon in his HOH room. I’d really like to see the brigade members be the final four – then we can watch them turn on each other.

  176. Do not think I can keep watching BBAD with Ragan crying. Just play the game. He sure was not crying last week..

  177. I would definitely love to see Rachel return. It would serve everyone a bitter dish to think they had been successful in eliminating her only to have her return. A big HA-HA in your face! Noms, a little surprising but thoughtfully played Brendon! I think Ragan’s “premadonna” attitude is getting a little old. I would actually relish the idea of Brittany and Matt going in a double eviction! Brit is a 2 faced biotch and Matt is scum. Both of them need to be revealed to the entire house for the frauds they truly are! Grant it, if the noms stay the same and Matt does not reveal that he holds the diamond veto power, he will probably not use it. If he uses it in either one of the noms, it will definitely put a huge target on his back! Plus, he needs to watch his back for his lie to come back and bite a big chunk out of his back side!

    I will give America credit for making Ragan the new sab. I would have rather seen Matt get it-just cause he is a good one to greatly dislike. But I do not think anyone else could be as creative as Ragan.

    The Brigade better watch their backs too. They cannot remain a secret for much longer.

    GO Brendon! Make them all squirm!

  178. @ Nic, read Matt’s last HOH blog – he’s not going to use the DPOV unless he absolutely has to. If it’s a Lane vs. Ragan/Britney scenario, Matt will leave the nominations the way they are, because the Brigade has the votes anyway. The only scenario this week that he uses the DPOV is if himself or a second brigade member is backdoored.

  179. @ Chris, of course there is drama!! What we had when rake was in the game was “pure Nothing!” Do you like the fake woman drama scenario? THAT was boring!! “I am a V.I.P. waitress who is an unemployed chemist!!” Oh yea! Go join the bandwagon with the rest of the peeps who want boobzilla back!

  180. didn’t Brendon get the first HOH and was the one that sent Annie home, the SAB.. So he would be also getting the 2nd sab out? (i can’t remember if it was Brendon or not)

  181. I really thought that Brendon and Andrew were the life long friends, but maybe it is Brit and Lane

  182. @232 LEB Yeah, I think I overthought it a bit. If you simplify it, the noms stay the same and Ragan goes. Brit won’t eliminate Lane. Funny thing is, you still have the brigade working together. Brenden is on live feeds telling Hayden that the is trying to break up Matt/ragan or Lane/Britney, but not knowing that the person he’s talking to is in a alliance with half the people he wants off. This is gonna be nasty. One thing’s for sure. Brenden is a dumbarse and that is gonna get him evicted next week.

  183. @ Andy, yes except Matt is a bi-polar gamer!! @ Sterling, hello Darling! Matt will play the game the way he “thinks” That part is a little hazy for me. I do not get this guy!

  184. I agree again – I think Andrew and Brendan are the friends – Andrew’s eviction speech was designed to help B&R survive.

  185. Dont forget this is Matt’s veto ceremony not Brendons. Matt should use the dpov and take down ragan and leave lane up… Remember Matt also choose who to put up… Which should be kathy…

    If matt did this Lane would be safe with the brigade on his side… The brigade would fly under the radar yet again.. and ragan and brittany would be forever greatful (kathy no one cares about and how great to have her and rachel in the jury house together lol) and matt would sit pretty yet again!

  186. Dont forget this is Matt’s veto ceremony not Brendons. Matt should use the dpov and take down ragan and leave lane up… Remember Matt also choose who to put up… Which should be kathy…

    If matt did this Lane would be safe with the brigade on his side… The brigade would fly under the radar yet again.. and ragan and brittany would be forever greatful (kathy no one cares about and how great to have her and rachel in the jury house together lol) and matt would sit pretty yet again!

  187. @ Zyro If, If, If! This is Matt we are talking about, the boy is, again, a bi-polar gamer, but having kathy in the JH with rake would be priceless!!! AWESOME!!

  188. tishe Hi ya, are you watching the same BBAD, ot what, when rachelwas in the house you and fights, trash talk behind thier backs, now no-thing, sorry but I just don’t see any drama

  189. Yeah, this stuff is all stick to the script. Brigade still playing to evict everyone else. Watching after dark right now and apparently they chose the POV players and Lane chose Hayden instead of Britney. So Enzo tells Brenden it must be to protect their alliance. lol. Brenden is nothing but a puppet this week. The brigade is running this house.

  190. I agree Brittany is two=faced….Rachel and annoying whiny b**ch…however, this is a whatever it takes to win a half a mill….you might be amazed at what you would truly do in their shoes…with that said “AT LEAST THEY ARE PLAYING!!!” All the rest are sitting back watching those two play big brother….Matt gets lucky once in a while and calls it intelligence…LOL Ragen plays but just when he feels a little threatened. As for Brenden…took getting whiny out of the house to get him off his duff!! The “brigade” LMAO only has one player, “Matt” and his game has been all luck so far. Kathy—kathy who???

  191. I was glad that Brendon won Brenchel is so annoying but the Brigade is lame. These HG are so lame they have worried so much about Brenchel that they can’t see the Brigad. An the only way matt will use the DPOV is if regan comes down and he goes up against Lane he has the votes aginst regan and wont risk looking bad even to save a “friend”

  192. @ Chris, I do not get BBAD. I watch the game on T.V. I do not understand why everyone thrived on rake’s drama! I rely on this sight for updates,etc..!! I do not need a fake woman to give me drama!! She was on the show for for one reason! I do not know that reason! She is gone and I think that is fricken peachy! There is a lot of game left! @@ Hi Sterling!

  193. OMG! Ragan control your self, it is a GAME and u r a terrible judge of character, really, Matt has integrity? Did he really say that! Great game play Brendon, you
    have everbody stirred up, Rachael would be proud. So please out Ragan, Brit and Matt. Then we will have a great show down with the boys soon as Kathy is out.

  194. What happens if Matt uses the DPoV at the Live Eviction Ceremony and someone is evicted that is not prepared or packed to leave?

  195. @ Misty, he’s just lonely,”wonderin” “what am I goin’ to do with all that money $$?” I know, I will spend it on my wife! I will buy her some pretty socks, to hide her foot in mouth disease. Big Brother 12

  196. I think the lifelong friends in the house is the Fish . annie said that if you thought about it, it was really easy to figure out. Thats what I think. also is rachel really married?

  197. Lol @ all the women sleeping on the brigade and thinking emotionally and with petty about getting people they don’t like out (Matt, Britney, etc). If you watch the feeds of BBAD you can tell the Brigade is really doing what it has to. Example, Brenden just spend half an hour with Enzo and Hayden discussing the dates of competitions getting ready for a quiz for POV. BB calls brenden to diary. As soon as he leaves the room Enzo starts joking and they both bust out laughing. Then they really discuss the order of events in the house.

  198. I agree with Erin25, wouldn’t it be fun if Matt saved Ragan over Lane. Either way I hope BB tells him to use it either on Ragan or Lane. To be honest, between the two I want Lane to go. He doesn’t even win any competitions. The only Brigade member I actually like is Matt. I think he SHOULD win BB12. He’s the only one who’s been actually playing the game and not just competitions.

  199. honestly idk why people (as in viewers) buy into the saboteur messages, its called sabotaging for a reason, its not supposed to be real but only meant to cause paranoia and skepticism in the house

    if lane/ragan are taken off the block and britney is the replacement nominee, do you think matt will decide not to use his DPOV and jsut get rid of britney? OR take the remaining lane/ragan off and put kathy up and get rid of her?

  200. @tishe – I’m still here but I’m signing off. I’m impressed with Enzo – he seems to not have slept through every event – he was paying attention. I do have to say that I think I preferred Rach’s drama to Regan’s tears. Plazzee!

  201. @280 I am rather surprise as well…Enzo has been aware of what has ocurred in the BB house!!!

  202. i thought Ragan was a nice guy until he started showing his true colours. he really has to go. I can’t believe how much he thinks he is a better person than Brandon. He is the biggest backstabber alive. So glad he got nominated. At this point, i think the only people who have a good chance to win the game are Hayden and Matt. I cant wait to see how things will shape up after Britney realizes that Lane don’t give a **** about her. OMG….too funny. Brandon made a good move today but he is being played by Hayden and Enzo like a fiddle. OMG, those two are cracking me up. lol

  203. @ topflight, aww, do we really have to give Matt credit? I’ll give him credit, as soon as he pulls his hand out of his shorts!!

  204. #140 – Agreed, Ragan’s crying is annoying already. BBAD, please don’t give whining Ragan face time anymore………..Please bring Rachel BACK!

  205. What does Enzo have against Britney?

    I hope Ragan pulls it tomorrow. I don’t like that Hayden and Enzo are playing this with Brendan. They are too close to both sides.

    I don’t know. Matt will twist this up good.

  206. Is the Brigade now down to just Enzo/Hayden? The 4 some do not appear that close anymore. The house seems to be going towards pairs:
    Kathy looking for her vest.
    Brendon just waiting to go to the jury house.

  207. @ topflight, ok, if you put it in that scenario, I agree!! Matt is kinda of a loose rubber band tho! He may be a gamer?! Brittles needs to stay tho, she would put a big wrench in the works, or should I say a big wench??

  208. “Please bring Rachel BACK!”

    Enough with the incantations to the undead. She’s not coming back.

  209. @ LEB, funny stuff! It is simply fricken amazing what a social experiment game show does to people!! Kathy will float to the end w/o a life vest!! Lane is my boy!! I hope he pulls it off!!

  210. Didn’t care for her in the beginning, but I really want Britney to win now. She’s fun to watch, easy to look at and not hard on the eyes, either.

    Did I mention she’s good looking?

    That and she’s won the most important competitions and lost the right ones to lose. You win early HOH’s and you put a target on your back. You win POVs by the fist full, sit on them and you make zero enemies.

    Very strategic, and you eliminate being back doored. And Brit just looks like the kind of girl who wouldn’t want to be back doored.

  211. oppossums have a life strategy.

    So does Kathy.

    “Floater” is pejorative. Her “Can we agree I’m going to be on slop” flop was a classic play dead oppossum move.

    She may be part marsupial.

  212. @ A3K Hi, have you been to some of the other sights? The after interview with rake was really interesting! NOT!! ppls are convinced that the game is over w/o this umm, girl. Read all the other sights ppl, she is gone!! I will not judge her, I will go by common sense, and ask the ?. What is a chemist?

  213. Nope, just popped in a little. I only watch the CBS televised shows and check out these here comment fests once in a while. Just wasting insomnia time now.

  214. I can’t imagine an interview with Rachel could possibly be interesting. Her little chats with JC on the show were as vapid as her idiotic conversations with Braindead and the other HGs.

  215. @A3K I’m smiling, I almost forgot we are talking about Kathy, we are right? OK, the little lady is a sloth, that’s it, pure and simple!

  216. @291 tishe
    Interesting discussion between Hayden/Britney. This pov comb will make or bust up some pairs. The house at this time is a bunch of HG playing the musical chairs and hope they have a place to sit! :)

  217. I wonder if production is going to do the POV in the middle of the night. Gut tells me yes! Thank goodness I am in WA and it is just 12:27 AM!

  218. @Tishe Yep but love it. I am a contractor at Micro…. and try to take time off during the BB show just to watch it during LF until I tug them in bed each night. Lock people up and watch the mind games at work. Since Rachel exit the mice are running through the maze looking for the “right move” to make. :)

  219. Anyone seen Rachel’s Hawaiian Tropic bikini video from when she was a B Cup?

    Clearly the implants improved her acting skills.

  220. “Is there anything else you want the fans to know about yourself?”

    Rachel: “I have so many facets to my personality. I’m a model, a cocktail server, a chemist, a student, a charity head… I have life experiences to share.”

    And all of our lives are richer because she did.

  221. @ A3K, my last comment is awaiting moderation, so nite ya all! Your funny!! What is moderation? I am officially pulling for the sloth!! Wouldn’t that be a hoot??? {Kathy}

  222. @313 Goodnight. I too am hoping that the quite player shows up the others. As they say… Walk softley and carry a BIG STICK!!! :)

  223. @ LEB, I work at a gas station, and I’m a girl! Well, an old hippie girl but, I know there is a lot of game left here. @A3K, you did check out it out! That was on target!!

  224. Also, the hair extensions have improved her posing ability by at least 12%. She’s a Go “Away” Girl!

    The Go Girls had several college degrees among them and spoke 6 languages, only five of which were English!

  225. OK the house has lost it. Matt/Enzo/Hayden are doing crunches as Brit/Lane watch on the couch and Brendon up in the HOH room. So funny!!!! Production start the POV comb because these guys have too much time on their hands. :)

  226. @ A3K
    We must be the only ones on this site. I am on PT. I am watching LF because I think the POV will start in the middle of tonight.

  227. @lynn yes i agree 2 HOH is not good game play but she was a good competitor.Look at the Brigade they have only won 1 more comp than her but they have the numbers on there side so they really dont have to win competitons.

  228. Don’t want Lane to go but interesting nominations. Only proves how some men don’t think when an easy trashy female is available. Now that slut is gone
    Brendon can use his brain to think & play. Don’t like Brendon but its a smart move on his part.

  229. I was surprised that Brendon put Lane up for evection. I did not think he would put up any of the brigade. Can’t imagine him wanting a real man to be with his woman alone in the jury house. That’s why I think there is a plan to back door Britney and that’s why she wasn’t chosen to play on the veto competition. Of course I could be wrong, have been a time or two in my life.

  230. I am not sure but I think the Dpov cannot be used until eviction night and then the change is made right at the vote and mattdecides who goes up. The POV holder and HOH are safe

  231. have anyone else notice that the person left on the block after eviction is the one that wins the next HOH competition????

  232. The only thing that is causing entertainment since Rachel left is watching Brit and ragan crying…
    Brandon made a smart move with his noms:)

  233. this is my hope- ok lane and ragan are on the block. one of them wins POV (lets say ragan). Ragan uses it and then BrenDUMB noms Mtt. Matt uses his DPOV and backdoors Enzo. Lane or Enzo goes Bye bye- that would be DRAMAAAA. I would love it. Jus sayin

  234. @sara – That does seem to happen frequently. Three times out of five so far this season.

    I just looked at previous seasons, and it didn’t happen as often as I thought. Once or twice in BB2-BB11 except for BB3 when it didn’t happen and BB6 when it happened 4 times.


  235. Brendon is pretty smart. I think he wants to know where Matts head is at. Matt has to choose between the brigade or Regan. If he is smart he won’t try to win POV and won’t use the diamond POV either. Maybe Brendon wants to backdoor Matt or maybe he wants Regan gone so Matt might come over to his side. He has to know that next week he can’t play for HOH and he is pretty much on his own. Don’t trust Enzo. He can flip either way.

  236. I think Ragan and Matt are brothers
    (life long friends)

    they BOTH have the SAME tattoo.
    Ragan has a blue star on shoulder
    Matt has blue star on forearm

  237. Go grab any 10 people off the street. Odds are that at least one of them will have that same tattoo.

    It’s VERY common.

  238. @ann:… there’s no such thing as ‘lifelong friends’ in the house – that was a lie made up by sab-Annie.

    I’m getting tired of repeating myself constantly…

  239. Anyone notice how nobody is talking about that early comment, about 2 players being childhood friends, or lifelong friends?

    I still think Kathy is Brittany’s mom. They are both from Arkansas, both are ditsy, and if you watch their gestures, you will see both of them only play with their hair with their left hand. No matter where Kathy or Brittany are, they are constantly taking their left hand and stroking their hair.

    I just find it interresting there is no comversation about this anymore.

    Also has Matt admitted his wife’s story was a fake? I just find it interresting he tells everyone this lie, and then after about 48 hours there is no more conversation about it. But I have not heard anyone saying he is a lier or making negative comments about it.

  240. @ Mighty Mad
    Looks like you get to repeat yourself again. I never knew it was a made up lie. This is the first I’ve seen.

  241. I really think matt should use the dpov on Reagan. The brigade is already turning on him,and he already has a target on his back because people think he’s won money out of pandora’s box. The only thing the brigade is good for is votes, and that’s been getting a little iffy too. At least Reagan could compete in endurance comp. and possibly win. ( he and Matt are usually the last ones standing in the endurance comp) Just my opinion

  242. Brendon is an absolute idiot. He needs to get some balls. Maybe with had Rachel gone he will now get a backbone ! Hate them both…they deserve each other. Rachel and her annoying laughing and whining…..she has been the most annoying player yet on BB and there have been several !!! Good Riddance. Your time is coming Brendon so enjoy your moment of fame ! Your ex’s comments were priceless !!!!!

  243. I wish all these Rachel lovers would go away. She’s gone and good ridance.
    There will be a double elimination this week, so the jury house fills faster.

  244. By the way, why hasn’t Regan gone after one of the guys. That’s what big brother needs, a gay showmance!

  245. I don’t get the nomination of Lane? I can only assume that he is a pawn. What do you guys think?

  246. @350- Rachel wanted lane gone- she called him a floater. Also they seem to think he and brit are aligned.

  247. You people who want Brendon to backdoor are forgetting his DPOV like it or not…he won’t go home this week!

  248. @351- the prob with that idea is that Brendan vowed to avenge those who wronged Rachel and Lane didn’t do a thing to her…he may be a so-called “floater” but it really doesn’t make sense to send him to the JH. The best TV would be to send Ragan to the JH (drama with Rachel) and if he was went off the block, and Brit went up in his place…that too would be great drama in the JH. Lane needs to stay…he is my fav. Guess it’s because I have to root for my fellow Texan. :-)

  249. need some help here folks… cbs announced the show lineup for the rest of the season….but it doesnt match up with the guests left? double eviction is usually within 2/3 weeks into jury house…but their schedule doesnt match up with it. also means its extremely unlikely anyone is coming back (rachel)

  250. Brendon sat down with Lane yesterday not long after the veto and apologized for not talking to him before the veto and told him he’s a pawn. He has the votes to stay no matter who’s up against him. Brendon really wants Ragan gone. But if he needs a replacement it will be Britney. He didn’t put up Britney because she’s won a couple comps and ditto on Matt. He wants to give them a chance because they deserve it more than Ragan.

  251. BYE BYE RAGAN (or Matt if POV is used)!

    Ragan is all in tears and being a BAD SPORT, exactly what he accused Rachel of when she cried. I want him to GO just for being an ass to Rachel for the exact same thing hes doing now.

    I am soo sick of him I have to fast forward past all his scenes last night on BBAD last night.

    • Reagan is acting like the little bitch he is. The very accusations toward Rachel make him look worse than any of the poor sport crap he called Rachel. I hear ya, I tunr the tv down when hes on – kick the whiny little bish out.

  252. See i think that Brendon knows there is something else matt has. So maybe he is waiting with him. Or, he didn’t want to put Britney up because with her off the block she would have less of a chance to play veto. and if someone else (Lane) would be able to take them off then he can replace them with Britney. Go Brendon!

  253. There’s no way Matt is going home this week. He’ll use his DPOV to save himself. Matt is safe.

    • Both poor sports and can’t let crap go that others say. After seeing (i turned the tv down) Ragan tonight outside mouth off to Rachel I hope he’s gone cause i can’t watch the show with him on it. The guy is a drama queen. Rachel is a class act for not clocking him for the crap he said.

  254. The only way that the winner of the VOP can use it is if Matt decides not to use the DVOP. If he uses it he can’t put up the person who won the VOP.

  255. BB you want ratings? I would most certainly bring Rachael back. I’d even miss my AA meeting to watch. :~)

  256. How many tears does Ragan have, should be the next quiz competition question. I’m tired of looking at this goon.

  257. Except for Lane, Brendan’s nominations are lame. He is angry with Ragan for no good reason. His little romance with Rachel has totally derailed him as an intelligent player.

    At first I was rooting for him when he had the audacity to tell Hayden that if he did not make a deal with him and remove him from the block, that he would be coming for him, then he didn’t. I wanted him out of the house as soon as he was stupid enough to let his game be affected for a shomance.

    It is so pathetic that these people come into the house to compete for half-million dollars, only to throw it away because why . . . because they can’t get get a girlfriend in the real world? Pathetic! I have wanted him and Rachel out of the house ever since he was stupid enough to start thinking with his smaller head.

    I thought I was going to barf if I had to listen to Rachel tell people that no one comes between her and her man. God . . . I hope she does not come back into the house.

  258. Hayden and Enzo are the two biggest bullshitters in the house, they are the definition of your classic floater on BB. They just sit back and let everyone else do their dirty work for them. They are playing both sides. Enzo has to have everything told to him, about competitions, dates, etc… Britney may be annoying as hell, but she has won three POV’s. I felt so sorry for Ragan on BBAD last night, he is such an emotional person, I really hope that he wins POV. Hayden and Enzo, you need to step it up!!! I am starting not to like you anymore. You forget Kathy is even in the house, she just lays around staring into space with those spider eyelashes of hers. Go Ragan, win that POV!!

  259. No No No, there can’t be a double evit, this week you have to start with 14 HG’s and BB only started with 13 HG’s, that’s why BB is trying to send someone back in the BBH, Also I just found out that britney isn’t play the veto, yep she wasn’t picked, great time to backdoor and send her to the JH.

  260. you think nominating ragen is a bad move? are you serious? he has a lot of jury votes waiting on him if it were he and…lane…or he and..matt…

    Matt would be smart to NOT use the DPOV…if he uses it, he loses a jury vote, and exposes himself…

    POV=for all the marbles this week

    brenden wins it he may backdoor someone…but honestly I doubt it

    getting ragen out is a GOOD move…he wasnt going to give brenden a jury vote(if he made it, he wont though)…so take him out…he put up two people hes not friends with…good

  261. @ kay Kelly, I’m not sure, I see it this way, Matt can’t due anything until AFTER the veto cermony is over and Brendon has replaced someone “IF” the veto was used, Now a this time the veto winner is safe, brendon can’t put them up, Now if matt uses the “D” veto the only one that is safe is the HOH, I’m not sure if the veto can save the winner twice, that’s the twist, I think BB is saving for us.

  262. Amanda #354 – Ragan is from Texas, too! Also, Ragan & Rach would make up & become BFFs again and have a good, & if you want to watch fire works, Lane is the better choice to go to JH. He has floated too long & is using Brit to watch his back.
    Rico #364 – If you had seen Brenden last night, you would see he has no clue. He’s looking to the guys for validation – “I think it worked out perfectly. Right? Right? Myslef, I think Rachel tried to teach him strategy, but now he’s too busy making “friends” to pay attention to what is really going on and is easily led.
    Just my observations. I like this site because you discuss “the game” and not treat it like junior high school.

  263. cynmatty,, You might be right, but look at it this way, brendon knows he has to have someone on his side next week, also hayden, and enzo know that they want to be in the final 2, they now know that they have to have someone on thier side and it’s not matt, or britney, or ragan, they know that kathy can’t help them and they don’t really trust lane because of britney, so that only leaves brendon, also brendon could be playing the game now and just saying yep yep, and useing them to save him next week.

  264. If the Diamond POV is used by Matt doesn’t he also have the priveledge on naming the replacement?

  265. I have a question? Has ANYONE made it to the final two without being on the block? I am thinking Jordan(maybe)??? PLEASE let me know!

  266. Jordan was nominated weeks 2 and 3 of season 11. Danielle(Big Brother 3) was the only house guest to get to the finale without being nominated I think, she finished 2nd. Hope Matt doesn’t use his Diamond Pov unless its to save himself obv. Also looks like a previously evicted house guest is going back in after Julie said to Rachel it might not be the last she’s seen of Big Brother. Also it is rumoured that the winner of Big Brother UK 2009 will go into the USA house:

    more twists could be on the way!

  267. Hey 198: I have been asking the same question I am sure its a guy thing with the hands down the pants thing so me being a girl I didnt really pay much attention to it but it really bothers me.. I thought maybe he has a crush on Ragan and is trying to hold is lil guy down so he doesnt get busted.. Or perhaps he wants to make sure he still has a pair of balls down there.

  268. Well now that we know that regan won the pov he will remove himself. I think Brendon will replace him with Matt or Brit. If he puts matt up matt will use the DPOV then he chooses who goes up. He’ll choose between brit and Kathy. either way the brigade has the votes to vote out who they choose. I’m hoping Bren puts Brit up then matt can use DPOV on Lane put up Kathy and then they can choose from there. This POV cerm. will be very interesting. Cant wait

  269. Larry #363 I am with you . . . this cast of BB House guests the worst ever. It is a whole fricking house full of floaters: Enzo – Floater
    Hayden – Floater
    Kathy – Floater
    Ragan – Floater
    And of course there are the floaters that have already been put out.

    And the showmances are pathetic. It’s as bad in the BB house, with these nauseating people who can’t seem to get a girl/boy friend outside the house in the real world, as the pathetic losers who go on the bachelor/rette shows.

    Brendan: “I love you.”
    Rachel: “No one comes between me and my man.”

    Jesus! At least be interesting and act like it is what it is, or what it should be until you get out of the house and get to know each other in the real world – A summer fling.

    And at least be as interesting as past showmances . . . If your going to be a bimbo/himbo . . . then at least have the guts to frak on the air . . . or have a fantastic, flamboyant personality like Jason . . . the guy who thought he looked like Brad Pitt.

    Or act like you have some class like Jeff and Jordan. I know it is sexist but you expect men to act like fricking idiots, making total fools of themselves, trying to get the girl to kiss them and make out with them . . . and you kind of expect women to be sensible, and make of fum of them for being idiots, and make them make utter fools of themselves trying to get that first kiss.

    That’s is what was so hilarious about Jeff and Jordan. Jeff was always trying to get her to kiss him, and she kept pushing him away. She made him build a relationship by getting to know her.

    It won’t take Rachel and Brendan to discover that they cannot stand each other, once they are out of the house and see what we see. I am neither team Brendan or team Rachel: I find them both pathetic, and kind of skanky, both of them.

    They were great to look at, particularly Brendan, and then they started talking. It’s just like those gay porn where the men look hot and masculine . . . then they talk.

    Big mistake!

    But if I had to choose the two in this house that I thought were somewhat interesting and whom I would most like to win, it would be Brittany or Ragan.

  270. I hope Ragan wins the POV because it would be great to see who Brendan would put up in his place. It is amazing to me that people do not seem to make the connection between the guys in The Brigade.

    I would love to see Ragan come off the block, and Brendan put Matt up in his place. It would be great to see Matt forced to use his diamond veto, so he will be exposed to the whole house. And it would be even greater if Brendan could grow a brain, connect some dots, and put either Enzo or Hayden up next to Lane.

    But judging from his past decisions, my guess is he would put up weak link, Kathy, just because Rachel got mad at her for enjoying her win.

    But as much as Rachel’s personality is irritating, and as much as her voice is like a knife going through my brain, it would liven things up for her to get back in the house.

    Yes it would.

  271. Whatever Brendon does this week, hopefully is to make something happen. Because after next week when he is put on the block, he will be gone, and without Rachel or Brendon in the house, what will the rest of them do, who is strong enough in that house to target anyone else besides those two…

  272. I think Lane should go home this week because he is in the Brigade. It would make things interesting to break them up! He doesn’t deserve to stay in. He hasn’t won an HOH or POV. He is definately a floater! I suppose that floating is a strategy in itself. However, I love the action and excitement of the game! Way to go Rach, Britt, and Brendon!

  273. Um…Lane is my second fave so if he goes home I’ll be pissed off.. I can’t wait for brendan to get the hell outta there… -_-

  274. Yeah!
    I’ll be pissed too!!
    He and Hayden are my favorite!
    End of story.
    Lane deserves to be here!!!
    Who is your first favorite, Katie?

  275. Y did they ever put rachel(bitch) back in the house. I thought we were finally rid of her and her annoying voice!!!!!

  276. Bring Rachel back. Brittany and the others should not call Rachel bad names like they do. Her and Brendon are playing a good game.

  277. bring back rach she is the one who has made the show worth watching all the others whine and cry but no dramatics

    it is supposed to be entertaining not just lying and crying

    • How can you say that, Rachel cried all the time after she was nominated!!! I am glad the little bitch is gone now maybe brendon can concentrate

  278. Rachael played a great game 2 HOH – fought and had constant drama – she was smart and loyal – bring her back

    was upfront with her alliance not like the pretend brigade – they don`t even trust each other

  279. Would love to see Matt and Raegan gone, Matt’s a little punk and his showmance buddy Raegan is a hippocrit – the guy whines more than that Debbie Downer chick from SNL.

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