Big Brother 12: Week 6 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Nomination Day returned to the Big Brother 12 house and it was a bit of a shocker. Brendon made some smart moves (hey, look what happens when Rachel leaves!) and is looking to divide remaining alliances, at least the ones he knows about. In the end it looks like one of these noms is in more trouble than the other.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close today because the Big Brother PoV Competition is set to take place Saturday afternoon.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 13, 2010:

9:00 AM BBT – Matt wakes up in the Have-Nots room, walks around a bit, and then climbs back in to bed. Later he explained that he needed to go to the bathroom, but fearing he’d be mistaken for the Saboteur he decided to hold it. He tried to wake Ragan as a witness (oh the irony), but no dice.

10:00 AM BBT – Matt and Ragan preparing their stories for what they’ll say to Brendon during their one-on-one sessions in the HoH room. Ragan promises he won’t throw Matt under the bus and that they’re a package deal for safety. Matt reminds Ragan that everyone has to watch out for themselves in this game.

11:00 AM BBT – Ragan talks to Brendon and pushes him to nominate Enzo. Brendon says he thinks he knows who is the Saboteur. I bet you don’t if you just said that to Ragan…

1:00 PM BBT – The HGs have been on lockdown outside for a long time. When they’re finally let back in they discover a milestone marker: a smaller dining room table. Congrats to the season’s Final 8!

1:15 PM BBT – Britney holds her session with Brendon and the water works start up. Britney is crying, not Brendon for a change. She explains what a good friend she was to Rachel. Basically telling him why he shouldn’t nominate her, of course.

2:35 PM BBT – The Have-Nots are presented with their food selection for the week: eggplant and escargot. Eggplant, yuck. Escargot, yum, but I bet it’s not nice-restaurant prepared though so…

3:45 PM BBT – Hayden and Brendon discuss nominations. Brendon seems to be fully trusting of Hayden. Brendon is intent on nominating Britney and Lane with Lane being safe this week.

7:15 PM BBT – Live Feeds return from the Nomination Ceremony. Brendon has nominated Lane and Ragan. This is definitely a mix-up from what he was planning earlier and there is much speculation that the DR persuaded him away from nominating Britney.

7:20 PM BBT – Ragan telling Hayden that he knows he’s screwed and unless he wins the Veto he’s done.

8:45 PM BBT – Power of Veto players were selected (that was early!). Kathy, Enzo, and Hayden will join Brendon, Ragan, and Lane.

9:15 PM BBT – Ragan is convinced that Brendon is trying to pull a backdoor and Matt is the true target. He warns Matt of this idea. Matt won’t worry with his Diamond Power of Veto!

10:30 PM BBT – Britney is releasing a little stress with some, um, interesting stretches

11:15 PM BBT – Ragan is crying and explaining to Kathy and Britney that he thinks whoever gets evicted this week should get 25K. Just because? That’s a little delusional…

11:50 PM BBT – Britney tells Hayden that she wants to vote out Matt. If she gets the chance then she’ll backdoor him next week if she can’t evict Brendon.

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  1. The only person I don’t want winning the POV is Ragan…

    I think that whoever does win POV should take Lane off, and put up Britney in his place…

    Best case scenario, do not nominate Matt at all, so he doesn’t have the chance to use DPOV…

    Hate seeing Britney feeling like she is safe…want her to be right up there w/ Ragan, crying her eyes out :) sorry…

  2. In beginning when bb started i was kinda liking the brendan and rachell hook up. But it really changed rachell. But i think brenden may be one to watch out for now. he may not of won much in beginning but he may be just get going now that and thank god that Rachell has been evicted. But as we know bb started the season a person short so i expect that someone will get second chance to come back in.

  3. And his nominations kinda messes things up and making people scramble. But thats what makes the show good so i hope that its just the beginning.I do think the plan is to backdoor Matt but with the dv Brenden will be shocked. Lets go Boys and get this season rocking!!!!

  4. Matt should win it all. Not crazy about the wife illness thing but HE is the one playing the game. None of the rest are doing anything but “floating” BTW just exactly is slop????

  5. Sorry, what is slop exactly

    Slop is a high-protein oatmeal substance that Big Brother provides as a punishment. It’s rather unpleasant, but provides the basics to keep them going. You don’t want to be stuck on Slop. – Matt

  6. Ragan and Lane are on the block. If Lane or Ragan won POV..who will Brendon put up…Britney? Would Matt save Lane or Britney? Never really know for sure what Matt will do with his DPOV…I’m not sure who i like to leave the Big Brother house this week. If Ragan stay in the house for one more week he will have 20,000 dollars and we all know that he will not win the Big Brother game. Lane and Enzo just sit back and enjoy what is going on in the house.

  7. And Kathy is a waste of space. Brendon is Donkey Kong, Brittney is also TRYING to play, not the game, but the guys. Enzo is 2 faced and POOR POOR Reagan a Misfit here. Like Lane but also a “floater” same for Hayden.

  8. The arch fiend Brenchel MUST be 100% KILLED, Not half done.
    Can Matt use the DPOV to nominate Brendon and finally this long reality show nightmare will be finally over. The trouble is Matt cant talk it out with the Brigade. Don’t like Hayden and Enzo actually talking to Brendon, Brendon is peasant dirt under it all and has to go. just make sure he is nominated and goes next week,
    Nominate kathy with dpov, send her home then brendon if matt can’t dpov the arch fiend Brendon now

  9. Anyone who likes Brendon is a target. Eliminate the Beast. Send it to Santa Barbara to rut with its mate. Tequilla, baby. Go Vegas.
    The only real question iswho is going to be five with the brigade, Britney, you want someone at five with them who has ruffled a lot of feathers and someone who if they squeeze through to 2 has no shot at the 1/2 million. Kathy would have a shot and Ragan, would have a shot
    Guess is Enzo Matt and Lane at 3, enzo and lane take matt to 2,

  10. I hope that whoever wins POV leaves the noms the same. IF someone comes off I hope it’s Lane. Then Matt can go up and he’ll feel safe enough not to use DPOV. If he uses DPOV, he’ll put Kathy up and we all know what’ll happen then…

  11. Thank you Matt.I don’t think its keeping Reagan going so good :) POOR POOR Reagan….I think its the Slop that has him crying so much

  12. The reason the Brigade has gone un-detected until now, is because nobody thinks of them as a threat. There just the goofy idiots that can’t win a competition to save their lives.
    They aligned with each other right off the bat because of their fear of leaving the house, it’s the same reason their using Brendan now, because they can’t move forward without somebody else’s help. The brigade is a joke!
    They have been extremely lucky,but how long will it last?

  13. What happened to Brendon going after Hayden from the very first nomination. He clearly told him to his face he’s coming after him, yet neither he nor Rachel ever put him up???

  14. How many tears does Ragan have, should be the next quiz competition question. I’m tired of looking at this goon.

  15. Enzo said that the Brigade should be in the allstar BB. I guess he thinks that BB will have a BORING allstar game for FLOATERS. If it wasn’t for Matt, they could call themselves LOSERGADE.

  16. Arril, I havw a question, Ragan has been the Sab for a week now, he became it when matt was HOH, now that brendon is HOH this is ragan’s week #2, Even if he’s sent to the JH, wouldn’t he has made his two weeks?

  17. wouldn’t if be funny if they brought Rachel back after the POV game is played. Then at the POV ceremony Matt uses the diamond power to put Rachel back on the block and she gets voted out again.

  18. @ beth, I guess what I’s asking is when did he start, If he started the thursday that Matt was HOH, Then his 1st week would have ended the thursday that brendon became HOH, and he won’t get sent to the JH until this thursday and that would be two weeks

  19. @Chris…I see what you are saying about Sab Ragan. But I think he has to make it through the second week also without getting eliminated.

  20. I was a huge Brenchel hater, but after watching after dark last night I felt really bad for Brendan. He would have done so much better if he had played alone from the begining but its too late now cuz Hayden and Enzo already have their alliance.

  21. OK, so he has to wake up in the BBH, friday morning, good because he really hasn’t done anything as the sab, but send some msg, how hard is that?

  22. @Chris…I agree. I think he should do some of the in house sabs that America are suggesting. Not just messages. He is trying to play it to safe.

  23. @Chris…For $20K, he should have been required to do a minimum of 2 sab act in each week. One that was mental and the other actually doing something within the BBH.

  24. Brendan has taken enough bull from everyone including BBh, they never should have brought in his ex. good luck Brendan get them good.

  25. I never had any problem with Brendon, but I thought he was a huge moron for hooking up with Boobzilla.

    I thought it was cool when he won HoH – my first thought was that it’ll shake up the house but good!

  26. I agree. I think Rachel was a big distraction for Brendon. Hopefully he will play the game now for himself.

  27. I think Matt should figure out a way to use the DPOV even if he’s not on the block. The house thinks he won $$ when opening the pandora’s box. If he uses the DPOV, everyone would know that was what he won. It would take away those lingering thoughts that he made $10 or $20K.

  28. I wonder if Brendon wins POV and leaves his noms the same. Who will Matt use the DPOV on Ragan or Lane? Or will he be to scared to use it on either

  29. The plan is absolutely to backdoor Matt, except for the dpov, Matt should then get Britney the hell out of Dodge. Then Brendon, sitting so alone, watching the next hoh and watching the brigade, Ragan and Kathy all lay down to give hoh to Matt.
    Dr, Will, though I disliked him, was right, you don’t want hoh, that is until 5,4,and obviously 3 you want pov when you need it.
    If Brendon was not the “golden boy” of his modest upbringing, and had some musical talent, he would be Evil Dick part deux in an alternate universe. They both have that obnoxious side. Thus, Brendon has to be taken out. Vegas, baby.
    By the way Brendon probably knew of the brigade but let it lie, planning to align with it when his girl was gone, except for Matt he never really crossed them. His post Grendel, that is rachel, game is to be an adjunct Brigade. That is why it is stupid for him to backdoor Matt. But Brendon has high emotion, another reason to send him to Santa Barbara. Poor brendon, he will get too involved in Hollywood after this and wind up at pormises rehab with Rachel and then live beneath an underpass, chemistry degree used for cooking meth. He has an addict side. cie la vie

  30. I think they said that Ragan is required to do 3 acts of sabatage each week. I wish he’d do something physical too but emotional challenges can really tear the house apart pretty quickly!

  31. I agree, you can’t get found out if, all yu do is sit in the DR, and make msg’s, do something where you might get found out, and then you can talk $20G’s

  32. Ragan is looking good for next week because of dpov, matt might not let him go because Matt needs his brigade alliance to sty in tact and his Ragan Britney alliance to stay intact, Thus only two people will be leaving this week Brendon, if dpov is strong enough to get an hoh or kathy who matt tried to get rid of once. If i said britney that would only be because Matt has a reason to get rid of her now, which I do not see, Brendon clearly wants matt gone and to take matts place in the brigade. But POV is the game and the dpov is even better, matt has the bb decree that he be silent and that will take the target off his back.
    Basically next week mat is hoh. and brendon is bye bye. brendon has to be hoh veto king to get through and even if he does, for hates sake I take 500k from them, from hell’s heart I spit at thee.
    let him take his hellspawn daemonic bride in a jury house.

  33. @Suze: Sure there is. If either Ragan or Lane use the Veto then Matt could be renom’d. In that case Matt would definitely use the DPOV to save his own butt.

    @Beth: If Matt’s not on the block as a renom this week then I don’t expect him to use the DPOV. He may have wanted to target Brendon, but now that’s out of the question. As such, he’d do well to just pretend he never had that power, then no one can be mad at him for using it or not saving them with it.

  34. Bren seems so desperate to be liked & included that anyone who will talk to him (Enzo&Hay) he latches on to. He told them everything, his thoughts, his strategies, etc. (while they laugh behind his back and use his room to spy on the others. Lane needs to go because if he stays, he will have the most votes. I’ll say it one last time, but I would loovve to see Lane in the JH alone with Rach for 1 long week.

  35. If Matt that Britney wants to backdoor her, he’ll go after her LIKE CRAZY. I can definitely see him using the DPOV to put her in place of Ragan and ask the rest of us to evict her.

    Now will Hayden rat her out? That’s the question…

  36. If he is loyal to the Brigade…then Hayden should rat Brit out to Matt. Unless him and Enzo are planning to get Matt out. Who knows with those two.

  37. I love reading some of the theories a lot of you have, but quite frankly a lot of them doesn’t make a lick of sense…

    Take Brendon putting Matt as a replacement nominee. Yes, it doesn’t make sense in a way, given that Matt put him and Rachel on the block, but Matt’s low maintenance when he doesn’t have any power and won’t make himself being notice by the HoH. Britney, on the other hand… damn! And she’s just as good in the game as Matt. So she makes WAY MORE SENSE.

    Also, in the likeness that Brit and Kathy both end up on the block… WHY WOULDN’T KEEP KATHY? She’s completely useless… which is GREAT if you’re in this house! Yeah, she’s a floater, but she’s also a proven liability in challenge, unless you’ve overworked yourself, working ’til 4 in the morning to prepare to a comp, you can beat her! Britney… not so much! She’s actually good at the game, therefore a real threat. I can see Lane trying to protect her, but the rest of the Brigade? Why? What’s the advantage for them? Why would Matt try to keep her around? And why wouldn’t Brendon go after her?

    Just some thougts I had…

  38. @bb12cg, you aren’t looking at this right, Matt can only use his powers, after the reg. veto ceremony, now it all depends on who wins the power of veto, if it’s not ragan, then it’s going to be lane taken off, and I think that britney will go up as brendon has told kathy she is safe, I don’t see matt useing the “D” veto, because if he does and saves ragan, lane,hayden, and enzo already don’t like the fact that matt and ragan are maybe in a side alliance, so if matt puts kathy up with britney, them enzo,hayden and lane, want britney gone this week, and if it is kathy and ragan up, it’s the same they want to keep kathy around for awhile. No matts only going to use his powers to save himself.

  39. @bb12cg: a quick reminder – Brendon is HoH, and therefore safe from eviction this week. So Matt can’t touch in any way, shape or form…

    HoH > DPOV

  40. i want britt and regan out , they talk to much mess and they think there gonna get far, i wanna see america vote to give brendon some kind of power and take down the brigade…i would like to see the underdog win or enzo

  41. @thadeouscornhole: two weeks ago, Rachel put up Hayden… I mean, seriously, ARE YOU WATCHING THE SHOW OR WHAT?

  42. I am soooo glad that Ragan is on the block. Karma folks!!! Ragan and Britney acted like spoiled children last week to first Rachel then Breadan outside. Don’t get me wrong Rachel would have had a great game if she had thought before speaking and making enemies. Everyone was jealous of Rachel because she won and they did not. Rachel could be annoying but she played the game. Kathy just annoys me to no end. Kathy is a disgrace to every female law enforcement out there. Kathy does not try to win anything except being lazy. Drives me insane.

  43. If who ever uses pov/dpov what ever the case if its Matts choice he will most likely put up Kathy and Brendon will most likely put up Britney…

  44. @ 49, Chris, I like that, that’s what I was thinking too. And Enzo wants to out the brigade so those lil side alliances, like the one matt and regen & brit and lane have, will be outed also. Matt won’t use the dpov on anyone but himself

  45. Brendan u need to make ur own choises I know u are on the right path…. Reagan or Brittany needs to leave this week!!! They were so mean to Rachel when she believed they where friends…

  46. Oh and BTW I really doubt Matt will even use the dpov unless he is a target…So please no one go off on me for having a opinion!!!
    Thanks :)

  47. @Rob: I’ll give you that – Brit do look like a baby-faced version of Dolly Parton with less boobs! But, hey… she’s still a bitch. Nobody can deny that too.

  48. ENZO IS OVER ESTIMATING his egotistical self..He has given BRENDON reasons as to why he should be taken to the final 2…His reasoning..”I am the most socialable person in the house.”. It that a reason to be given a win of $500,00??? Each of the Brigade boys is playing their own game..backstabbing each other to the max..But right now is Enzo is not on my list of favorites to stay..He needs to be brought down a few notches..

  49. Rob fo sho i agree with ya 100% Britney needs to get back doored and sent packing.. She is a B***H lol she sucks ass…

  50. Man, there are SO MANY TARGETS this week. A strong player can be kick out, and I do think that’s Brendon’s plan, but, even if it doesn’t happen, he’ll still end up a win just for surviving another week.

  51. Matt is smart at keeping low and he watches as well as listens..He is mentally keeping up with where all the othere HG’s are in the house..especially the brigade guys..and he is keeping count and taking notice of which ones are spending the most time with Brendon..namely ENZO & HAYDEN..

  52. i think brendon just wants to get revenge and hes out, but i hope he can keep surviving and bring down the house…..but regan or britt whichever goes it dnt matter…im loving seein regan cry….karmas a b****

  53. By the time I put my 2 cents in it will be over. But this scenario would really shake things up. Brit wins POV. Takes Ragen off of block. Brendan then nonms Matt, who in turn will do the obvious,DPOV. Then whoever Brendan puts up after that I don’t care. Just sounds fun.

  54. @Diane McKinney : it’s not Brendon decision if Matt uses the DPOV. Matt will pick the replacement nominee.

  55. Diane 75 if Matt uses the DPOV. he then gets to select the replacement nominee and not HOH… it has two powers not jsut one

  56. Wanna see Brendon win…. he will think he is so hot, the when he backdoors someone, whammoooooo Matt uses dpov and slams it in his face LOL

  57. BRENDON is a seemingly nicer guy without Rachel..but then too he has the characteristics of a pushover..He may simply belive that there is good in all people and tries to bring that above someone’s bad actions..He may be a bigger help to MATT than a hurt

  58. @ravenmaniac: Brendon won’t care – whoever end up being evicted, that’s a win for Brendon as long as it’s not HIM.

  59. If Matt uses the DPOV he will then be the bigger target because they will all know he lied about getting $1.00 when he opened Pandora’s box…he is best to not use it and let it be…

  60. And who knows? Maybe outside the house Boobzilla isn’t Boobzilla.

    It’s possible.

  61. to all the Rachel fans that say Ragan is so much worse than Rachel, I just want to ask, did Rachel cry & get upset at the possibility of Brenden being evicted or did she say & I quote “This is my f—— house & I am not leaving.” My point being poor Ragan TRULY feels bad at the possibilty of Matt being put up against him. He is clearly a decent person, unlike narcissitic Rachel.

  62. Rave>> right now anybody but ENZO in the final 4 ..he is proving to be as bad or worse at the game than I said his mouth is gonna overload his ass…and it will be soon..

  63. enzo,hayden,lane,and brendon…then final 2 enzo and brendon…then to win it whoever there my 2 fav players

  64. BTW…Kathy is a sheriff so she probably has deputies to do any of her dirty work. She probably lives in a town with POP. of 500. lol But she’s a nice person. She stood up for herself to nasty Rachael. Owe her an apology??? OMG I thought I’d lose it that night.

  65. its not working for it, it is surviving….. Look at last year, JORDAN did nothing all year until the last few weeks and took over and I feel Enzo is follwing in the same game plan…. Don’t get me wrong, he is throwing comps, but he is off the Radar and that is the name of the game

  66. @ravenmaniac: … let’s see:

    – don’t want to see Kathy and Ragan, since they’re the ultimate floaters of this season;
    – anyone from the Brigade would be fine in my book, since people forming an alliance proved themselves to be great player;
    – Britney should be on my short list, since she’s a strong player… problem is: she’s a bonafide c***t… no doubt about it. And therefore, I cannot see myself rooting in any positive way for her;
    – Brendon’s a dumbass, but he’s also an underdog – when the whole house is gunning for you since Day 1, and you manage to still be kicking it, that’s deserve respect… huge doubts about him surviving next week, though!

    So I’m sure who’s going to end up as Final Four, but something tells me it’s going to be an all-male cast…

  67. If reagan doesn’t win Matt will take him off and put Britany up. They will vote out britany over lane. They will be happy with Matt. They will know he couldn’t say anything about the power or he would lose it. Any comments

  68. and i agree enzo hasnt won anything or lane but enzo aka the meow meow mann he makes me laugh everytime he speaks so i guess thats why i like him

  69. Big Brother Slop

    Here’s the complete list of ingredients: Natural oats, proprietary blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, milk protein isolate, natural and artificial flavors, vitamins and minerals (vitamin A palmitate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, vitamin D3, alpha tocopherol, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodide), cellulose gum, salt and acesulfame potassium.

    Anyone gonna try to make it? =)~

  70. Enzo Brendon Kathy Lane…I have a feeling kathy could win hoh and really turn the game around.It will be funny to see them all kissing her a** for a week…lmfao

  71. i dont think anyone here has thrown a comp accept for regen (to let matt win). Enzo is just lazy, riding on his alliances coat tails, and kathy can’t win anything but slop

  72. The one’s that really need to go are Enzo Lane and Hayden. They may think they are the ones playing the ” mental game” but cmon…neither one of them has done squat for this game. Don’t get me wrong, I do really love to watch Lane and Enzo but all three of them really do need to go.

  73. @ravenmaniac: … until the last few weeks? Love her, but Jordo didn’t do crap until the very last HoH. You give her WAY too much credit!

  74. Hey my question here is….can Matt take the current HOH off with his power of veto? I mean cmon, that would be too funny if he used it to take one of the nom’s off and put Brendan up in their place!

  75. I am with Erin on that one…I can not wait for her to come out of her shell and if she was playing this as the “I can not win anything” while actually throwing them off by not winning anything to let the stronger players get themselves kicked out…I am with her on that track!! I think she is a bomb waiting to explode!! I am team Kathy

  76. @ Torch

    Omg Torch you aren’t kidding! He’s beyond disgusting when he chews. CBS should make it a rule that you turn your microphone off and can’t talk while eating.

  77. Ravenmaniac, Absolutely..Same final 4. Actual winner…yet to be determined. Don’t have live feeds, but enjoy everyone’s comments.

  78. @kathleen: don’t know from where you come from, but, from where I come, decent people do not badmouth other folks behind their backs then fake-friended them…

  79. @ravenmaniac: C’mon! Are you kidding me? Are you seriously adding the HoH that Jeff GAVE TO HER?

    Hey, why don’t you do your research?!

  80. In the game of Big Brother you have to be ” two faced”. You’ll never make it through if you aren’t.

  81. I give Enzo props because he came up with the brigade and he has had a game plan that has worked out thus far.. So he hasn’t had to get his hands dirty yo isn’t that what being a boss is all about lol…When it comes down to it I’m sure he will start “trying” to win comps..I hope the final two r Enzo and Brendon and Brendon to take home the paper…He really deserve’s it!!!

  82. @ Torch

    Ty for the info. I was thinking that they weren’t and I think it would be hysterical if he used it and put Brendan up .

  83. No Tee the HOH is saved from the DVeto. All Matt cand do with it is either save himself and put someone in his place or use it to save who is ever up there (one person) and name the replacement. I think Brendon is doing a great job. He just doesn’t know how great a job he did a nominated the two. Woot Woot for Brendon.

  84. @MightyMad, you are funny and you are right too. Jeff did give that one HOH to Jordan. He asked her if she wanted it and she said yes.

  85. yeah true Raven but Jeff kept telling Jordon that she was gonna have to get up and start fending for herself in case he got booted. He kept telling her that she had to fight and also not to trust matter what..but ENZO is proving to be a complete waste of air and spce in the house..He demeans Kathy constantly but he is right up there on the DO NOTHING LIST WITH HER..He is being more of a pompus jerk everyday..If not for his demeaning Kathy I could maybe handle his “under the radar” game play..

  86. I wish I could afford the live feeds but i cant so thanks much to every one for keeping me updated…
    Much respect ppls Thanks :)

  87. Hey, what’s the big difference between Enzo, Hayden and Lane? They’ve all being useless, really, riding on Matt’s coattail… why do Enzo deserve to be booted out more than the rest of them? Is it a question of attitude?

  88. You guys must not be eastern time, because it’s 2:30 here, no way they’ve been doing trivia for over 4 hours…lol

  89. Sorry, i’m west coast time. it’s 11:40 am here.the comps being going on for a lil over hour and a half

  90. Even tho Last season Jordon didn’t win till the end don`t forget the other options..After she got bullied by what ever his name is that big juice monkey, she became a fan favorite I kno I was rooting for her!

  91. I WANT Bendon GONE ASAP. Since it can’t be this week is has to be next, thus, Will brendon backdoor Matty???
    What are brendon’s choices assuming Ragan or lane win?
    Kathy, no. Britney, perhaps they don’t like each other. Matt perhaps they don’t like each other.
    Threat, Brendon knows matt is an endurance threat.
    Good chance at the backdoor for matt, who is in two alliances, good move to pull him out, ragan-matt splits alliances.
    Thus DPOV
    Matt on block he will use it, you always use it, remember marcellus in bb 2 when he did not use the thing and got evicted, i think it was him.
    See there is no really good bs artist like dr will or Evil Dick who you know is freaker yet able to charm and change people minds, we just have the dr to do that now.
    Brendon wins POV god just typng that name is so awful.
    Good chance he backdoors Matt, Enzo and Hayden are not going to look out for matty at this stage it is definately middle gam and an alliance of four is too big. The brigade will split, lane, matt britney and ragan and enzo, hayden and brendon under the assumption there is no dpov.

  92. Well hopefully it ends before I leave so I can know the spoiler and not have to see Ragan make that “Im crying/taking a crap” face whenever he’s involved in a competition.

  93. Matt, BB network. Not sure what I just signed up for, but it keeps asking me for what room # I want?? Nobody wants me.

  94. @bb12cg: you’re DEFINITELY overthinking it here…

    When in doubt, always go with the KISS principe: Keep It Simple Stupid.

    If anyone come out of the block, Britney’s up. And, if Matt end up being put up, he’ll take himself out and put in Britney. Brit’s the obvious target with any scenario you can come up with, ‘cuz, except for Matt and Brendon, SHE’S THE ONLY PROVEN THREAT LEFT IN THE GAME.

  95. Ultimately the game is about alliance splitting and keeping sub alliances secret.
    Also lets assume two people in the house are lifelong friends instructed to stay silent, still think it could be kathy and britney or lane and matt or ragan and matt.
    Further, brendon if he noms britney, she is gone,
    Keeps the same, then ragan is gone. Enzo and Hayden keep them the same they are not going to save ragan for britney.
    If brendon renoms matt, how will the votes go?

  96. Sara, I hope not to much longer I got things to do and was wanting to kno before I gotta go other wise it will bug me all day lol…Yes Im a tru bb fan…Aka Brendon all the way fan!!

  97. let’s assume the pov is done and noms stay the same, then matt might use the dpov to pull off lane and replace him with kathy. And she goes home, Pisses off brendon, but who cares brendon is an idiot and toad, the brigade doen not really care about kathy and Ragan and britney dont care about kathy.
    What is the point of having a dpov if you don’t use it.
    For Matt, Brendon and Kathy are threats, he has no alliances of any sort with them.
    Plus the game is all about pov, not hoh and dpov>pov.
    Basically with Kathy gone, all Matt has to deal with is Brendon every one else is in some kind of mini alliance.
    Remember all stars, EVERYBODY was an honorary member of CHILLTOWN

  98. Unless he’s on the block himself, I doubt Matt will use the DPOV. He doesn’t want a target on his back for lying about Pandora’s Box and he’s thinking about jury votes. If Regan goes this week, Matt doesn’t get any blood on his hands and he knows he has Regan’s vote in the end. If Matt pulls Regan off and Brendon puts up Brit, then Matt will lose her jury vote for sure.

  99. lol me too Erin, I’m for Brendon. I liked Rachel in the beginning, but I’m kinda glad he’s making the decisions now. I think it’s a lil smarter this time. Rachel probably would’ve had kathy up for sure.

  100. It is – Annie made it up…

    Can someone brom BBNetwork get Annie back around here so she can FINALLY confirm?!

  101. lol I’m so over the llf thing. the Sab made it up!!!! Just realize it! Julie didn’t say it, she only confirmed what the Sab said

  102. @Sara: ‘Probably put on Kathy’?
    Man, I would have bet MY HOUSE that Rachel would have targeted her!

  103. If I was Brendan, I would have brought in Matt to the HoH and explained that I was thinking of nominating him. Matt would obviously act all smug and not come across as concerned because that is they way Leo’s are and that is how Matt acts. Like when he volunteered to go on the block knowing he had the votes from the brigade. Immediately at that point I would know that he held some type of power because of his behaviour and the fact that the good part of Pandora’s Box had not been revealed yet. Then I would tell everybody especially DR that Matt told me that he held some type of power that saves him for the next week. DR would get suspicious that matt let the cat out of the bag and remove his Diamond Veto power which would ruffle his feathers whether he planned on using it or not.

    The rest of the house would then immediately lose all trust in Matt, not just because he didn’t tell anybody, but that he supposedly told Brendan. People would think why? Maybe a secret alliance, maybe to cover his butt. He would then become the target next week and it would allow Brendan another week of safety in the house. Brendan should be scratching and clawing because he seems to be everybody’s logical choice to be nominated next week.

  104. Isn’t it the Sabs job to create drama and make sh** up to get the hgs going against each other I dunno that was my impression, and also I dont to take the sab seriously cuz its just kinda all in the job to say whatever to cause s**t, am I right?

  105. The sab is bull. It’s not like Ragan is sabotaging the house, more like just sabotage Brendan and Rachel.

  106. lins, the thing about the dpov is that MATT decides who goes up not brendon,
    Thus Matt uses DPOV is decide who he wants to go.
    He pulls Ragan off, then he NAMES kathy as the REPLACEMENT
    And Brendon, the moronic neanderthal troll, watches with a tear in his overlyemotional add ocd eyes as Kathy goes to santa Barbar with her BFF Grendel, I Mean Reachel, the arch fiend

  107. @Moogie: … Have you ever apply to be a HG? You would be good at this!

    Hey, if they could pick Kathy, anyone could make it in…

  108. @ Mighty – can Canadians apply? To be honest, I feel like I would be a great player, but my downfall would be my inability to keep my mouth shut. I would be the guy calling out the rats and trying to expose alliances and lies and such. Those players always seem to get the boot.

  109. @bb12cg: why would he put up Kathy? She a COMPLETE NONE-THREAT – that would be completely moronic for him to do that.

    The way you think, it’s as Matt would go out of his way to protect Britney for some reason, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL!

  110. Oh yeah fo sho Moogie that is what I was thinking if Matt ends up using dpov I think he will have lost his alliance Unless he uses it to save Lane then he will be seen as loyal to the brigade at least (not as a human I have 0 respect for a him as a man)…

  111. @Moogie: Dude… I’M CANADIAN TOO!

    CBS should definitely put some Canucks in their reality shows – it would make the whole thing SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING.

  112. someone will come back and it shall be rachel for the drama and i like these nominations as if lane goes off and katy goes on, matt will us dpov to take ragan off which will piss of the bridage meaning matts game will be over :)

  113. @bb12cg: another thing – why would Brendon care if Kathy get evicted? Yeah, he told her that he isn’t targeting her… ‘CUZ SHE’S A COMPLETE NONE-THREAT! It’s not as if they’re in an alliance or even friends!

  114. Am unsure bout that mighty mad..cause MATT has befriended Brittney in the last week..I am sure that is not a for real “I a ur BEST BUDDY” deal. He is gonna use her somehow but I have not figured that one out yet..

  115. God, the problem is that there is no more back door for house 1 hoh plus 6 veto, Brendon must be veto king to survive, You see, he has no alliance that will save him.

    This is important, with jury votes and time in the house, every week is like a new lease on life, you never know what will happen next what rule might be changed etc. Thus you are more in with the jury the longer you are there. If anyone else was sent home before brendon, that person would have a HUGE target on their back.
    BRENDON has NO ONE, he deserve no one and nothing, being a classless tacky moron who hooks up with VEGAS, what happens with Vegas stays on You and VEGAS until they find a CURE!!! yeah science.

  116. Kathy is absolutely a non-threat. I would keep her right to the end if I was any player. Not only is she a terrible player, but she has absolutely no chance of winning over any votes from the Jury or America. People realize she was nothing but a butt kissing floater who would not deserve to win at all. I think the HG’s would even vote Rachel or Brendan over Kathy just because they actually played the game.

    Oh god and could you imagine Kathy’s final speech? Yuk! She would do everything but get on her knees and beg! Or maybe she would even do that.

    “I played with integrity” “I had cancer” “I love everybody equally” “I love ya’ll” “Ya’ll are my best friends” “I’m honest ya’ll” “I love ya’ll” “I love everyone ya’ll love” “I even love the cast from next season that has yet to be named” “I love Julie” “Julie is my best friend” “I’ll hold my ankles behind me and walk around in 5 circles on my knees if ya’ll just please vote me to win” “Enzo I’ll pay for ya’ll hair transplant”

  117. @Fly on the wall..: Don’t forget about the wild card in this Britney/Matt relationship: Hayden. She told him last night that she would backdoor Matt the first chance she get. If Hayden tell him about it (don’t know if he would,. but you never know in this crazy house), Brit-Brit is SCREWED big time…

  118. That would be stupid to put up weak players at this stage of the game…Matt and Britt should be Brendons targets witch I think they r but we all know that Matt isn’t going any where this week and I think Regan is a good choice too cuz he could have won two hoh`s but he let Matt win both times,, so Regan has it in him to win comps..

  119. Yall forget that the JURY has been known to make their votes personal .not gameplay ..I don’t like it when that happens cause the undeserving get the bucks..

  120. @bb12 I don’t know if that is necessarily true. I think his best chance is if Hayden or Enzo win HoH. Brendan has never specifically targeted either of them, and so far he has been a good player on their side. It would be stupid to try and get rid of him when people like Ragan and Brit would target them over the other half of the brigade Lane and Matt.

    I think Lane and Matt will be the only one’s targeting Brendan, obviously along with Brit.

    I don’t mention Kathy because she is a puppet.

  121. Tourch I’m sure u are right about Matt like the guy made up awful things about his wife and he is a snake.Only in a perfect world would there be any kind of loyalty..

  122. @Moogie: Yo, comparing Kathy to a puppet, not called for… that’s insulting to puppets!

    Fozzie Bear got more backbone than this broad!

  123. Rachel is not coming back, Julie chen is the doyanne to moonves, a hollywood autocrat, who rose from being an actor on an episode of the Love Boat and through whatever trickery and sordid hollywoood back alleys these greasers use to advance, The show is dispensed as a bit of largesse to insure his own personal and domestic matrimonial bliss.

    Thus, Rachel is gone, chenbot is only programmed and initialized by moonves

  124. Yeah I know mighty but that could be game play cause Brittney has had very little interaction with Hayden in THE HOUSE..DO U NOT THINK IT STRANGE THAT SHE WOULD START CONFIDING THINGS TO HAYDEN?? Lane yes but HAYDEN?? Think about it..

  125. Matt wants people who are against him gone, the means brendon and kathy. Kathy is a lot stronger, like Zach, the hero who nearly toppled the EVIL DONATO empire,
    She will come on like gangbusters if she remains to 6..Don’t be FOOLED.
    If she survives you will see.

  126. haha! Yeah sorry to any puppets out there that I may have offended. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch etc… I apologize! lol

    Also, Matt and the brigade will no longer be allowed to talk about their alliance or Matt’s lie about his wife unless they want people in the jury house to find out. Remember how fast the lie of Natalie’s age got exposed last season? Matt has also basically removed himself from America’s vote due to the lie. I don’t think the brigade will piss off Rachel or Brendan, but it will definitely make a fool of Kathy, Ragan, and Brit when they realize they were basically the pawns for the brigade. All those times they were sitting their feeling cool in the in-crowd making fun of Brenchel, and the brigade was basically laughing at them with one arm around them and the other driving a knife through their backs. Thanks morons, keep stirring the pot for us.

  127. @Fly on the wall..: what you be the upside, though, of lying to Hayden if you don’t bother confirming your lie ASAP to Matt?

    But I guess you’re right… people are so phony in this house, it’s getting hard guessing what they would or wouldn’t do anymore.

  128. I dont know if anyone has commented on the power of veto that Matt holds. Trish ( nice name, mine too! ) I know I heard Julie say he could take one OR BOTH nominees off the block.

    Brendan road the coattails of Rachel up until now. What bugs me about him now, even though he has stepped up and grown some junk, is that hes all about telling people hes a tough player and how he wants to be in there with tough players etc. BULLSCNOOKIE Brendan! Hes not played half the game!

  129. Cant wait any longer so peace out..
    Go Brendon Go get em, show em whos the man WIN pov pump fear in all of them!!! After looking like a lost puppy following Rachel its time to show every one that Brendon wears da pants and has balls…
    Bye bye ppls.

  130. @bb12cg: too late – call me fooled.

    I once saw a bag of potatoes who showed A LOT MORE ENERGY than Kathy did in the last two months… ’nuff said.

  131. How many of you guys feel like you REALLY need lives, sitting here posting and watching BB feed? lol. I know I do! But I reason it all out to it being ok because its just one show that I put this much time in to ;)

  132. @ Tee, are you kidding me?

    Don’t underestimate the guy. The guy has one a few POV’s which basically ensured his and Rachel’s safety at one point. He totally went under the radar when Rachel became the bigger target than him. And even when he became the bully to save Rachel all it did was make the other HG’s intimidated and still keep him around. Now that he won the HoH, one more than Brit, Kathy, Ragan, Enzo, and Lane; he is demanding respect and ass kissing from the HG’s. He’s actually played the game pretty good.

  133. Did anyone hear kathy saying that she wanted to win the money because she had a sickness {I think it was some sort of cancer} and wanted the money for her kids

  134. Thus, Brendon, uses POV means he has a hard on to get rid of Matt and Matt dpovs kathy who goes home, unable to show her real strength.
    brendon is crazy enough to backdoor Britney. Because of britney’s insult and acid tongue, Ragan has pissed off Brendon in a big way.
    You see if you challenge brendon he gets in your face and fights an emotional fight.
    That is all straight forward stuff for a golden boy of a family of modest means, straight line determination.
    But Big Brother is curvy, sneaky, never really being a friend or enemy, but a little of both, a mix lesser of two evils.
    Brendon has to go, he rutted in the dirt with the trash. or is that trashy dirt like Grendel, I mean rachel Hope Kathy or britney or whoever goes to SB takes the diseased hair extensions with them in a hazardous waste bag.
    Also bring along a lot of dollar bills to stuff in the g-string of hair extensions

  135. @Brandy: yeah, we’ve all hear it… which make her look even more despicable after watching her smoking cigarettes after cigarettes.

  136. Moogie

    I agree and disagree with you. I guess I just expected more out of him at the start. That whole ” Knight, I love you” etc thing and his pansy a** attitude just killed it for me lol. He could have played harder than he has been playing. Compare his game to Matt’s game. I don’t think what Matt did with the lie about his wife was a good thing, but all in all Matt is playing the game like it should be played. He has ridden no coattails. He has gone on no rampage. Though I do like other players, he is the smartest player in there ( and I dont just say that because we only live a few miles apart either! ) =)~

  137. OK mighty..For instance…MATT DOES NOT TRUST ENZO OR HAYDEN at this time.. just suppose He gets Brittney (who is no fool) to act as a spy of sorts to see where E&H stand…IF HAYDEN REPORTS TO MATT WHAT BRITTNEY SAID THEN HE COULD BE CONSIDERED TRUSTWORTHY..BRITTNEY IS SMART AND SHE KNOWS WHICH SIDE OF THE BREAD HAS THE this case it is I am having a problem with her confiding in HAYDEN..

  138. Regarding Kathy, I agree with what someone here said earlier. Kathy is waiting til the right moment to show what she’s got. She just has to realize she’s running out of time and get to it!! haha

  139. BRIDAGE has already claimed the final 4.

    i dont mind production planting the thought of the 4 man alliance because it a sense they are dominating the house, and keeping their cover so good.

    britney is in more trouble then ragan, or anyone for that matter.

    if the Veto is used in any fashion, britney will go up and BRIGADE will vote her out.

    so i say britney will be evicted next week. then brendon, ragan, kathy

  140. @Brandy: girl, you need to be more precise – I wrote a SH**LOAD of nonsense around here! :D

    I predict Kathy winning trhe POV… just because that would mess the crap out of the rest of the house!

  141. Thanks Torch I have a date 2nite and I have to get ready so if u can email who wins that would be awesome I get emails to my blackberry…Ur the best Torch…

  142. or Brittney being a savy female could be playing her own game and if Hayden goes to MATT she knows not to trust him..Lane is her confidant or Regan when many many ways to play the game….

  143. It really does not matter, brendon is going to backdoor Matt, this is the ABSOLUTE last chance to backdoor and it would be a shame not to use it.
    That would guarantee brendon being gone, matt dpov’s kathy and then the entire house sys good bye to brendon. next week unless he wins pov, they might even sabotage next week’s pov to get him out.
    leaves ragan britney and the brigade
    That would be ragain britney matt lane vs enzo hayden.
    if no dpov then matt would be gone over lane and ragan/Britney woul go next week.
    Leaving ragan/britney and lane VS ENZO Hayden, Brendon This is Brendon’s thinking on this veto.
    Too bad brendon. play something tragic, for the small time boy who tried to do good but just fell in with the wrong stripper

  144. it is Trivia? I was watching BB After Dark last night and I was lost, they were talking about who they were picking to play against, there is no bag with names? does anyone know who chose who?

  145. I think Brittany is a lot smarter than most people give her credit for. I would like to see the end two be Matt and Brittany.

  146. Nobody on here knows what the POV comp is, we’re not sitting in the yard watching lol. oh oh oh..its over! Lets go watch!

  147. What if there is a double eviction this week, if so i think if matt plays dpov, he will be gone with next head of house hold.

  148. @Tee: nobody’s disputing how smart Britney… also, nobody’s disputing how much of A BITCH she is, and her backstabbing mouth and the fact that she isn’t part of the Brigade is the reason why she ain’t going to make it pass Top 5, at the most.

  149. MightyMad I dunno where u taking me?? Lol jk to dinner and drinks at a Martini bar…So cheers if Brendon wins pov!!!

  150. @Ben: man, I feel like a recorder on that question…

    Brendon is HoH, and therefore safe from eviction this week. So Matt can’t touch in any way, shape or form…

    HoH > DPOV

  151. @ Marcus, while that is likely it would be a terrible idea for the brigade to go to the final 4 together. Especially against a guy like Enzo who was nice to everybody or Hayden who didn’t really burn any bridges.

    The smarter plan would be for 2 of the brigade members to team up with a 3rd outside party from the brigade and ensure a final 3. When the brigade is brought to the final 4 it’ll either be 3 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1. That will be complicated.

    My idea was that Hayden and Enzo make a final 3 pack with Brendan, so that when it came down to the final 5, at least Enzo and Hayden would have the numbers over Matt and Lane.


  152. If Matt’s plans go to fruitation at least 2 of the BRIGADE BOYS will not be a factor in the final 4 or 3..

  153. dpov and matt–the only votes that count now are the Brigade, Enzo, lane Matt and hayden, you have to pissed them off to go, Matt saving Ragan and getting rid of kathy will bother the brigade because Lane is still on the block but NO ONE will seek revenge for Kathy being gone EXCEPT brendon, who is a meningless, stupid, moronic classless, tacky, poorly bred unrefined neanderthal who shamed his family by laying with a stripperho

  154. @Fly on the wall..: for Matt’s plan to happen, he’ll need Brendon, though… unless he truly have something going with Brit.

  155. Wait a minute..DR intervened on Brendon’s noms.
    I think they want some drama, they want Ragan up so Matt will use DPOV on him, if Ragan does not win POV. I wasn’t fully aware until this season by watching live feeds and BBAD just how much production is involved with this show, these HG’s do what they are told. A little disappointing. I wonder if they have told Hayden and Enzo to be two of the biggest floaters in the house, because that is what they are. Playing both sides, not winning anything, they have everyone else do their work for them. Enzo is in idiot..chomps on his food, says the “f” word at least 100 times per day, bullshits everyone, doesn’t really know any game stuff, has to have everyone tell him.
    Hayden just lays around with his shirt off and tries to figure out who to put up, even when he has no power. Kathy, you don’t even remember that she is in the house half the time. Britney is annoying as hell, but at least she has won three POV’s. Matt, little liar, hand down pants, has won two HOH’s, ragan, nothing, Brendon, who the hell cares. Lane, another floater. I really don’t give a shit who wins this season. Oh, wait, I guess production will have a hand in that decision!

  156. @246. Thanks for confirming that Ragan won POV. That was what I thought too since Ragan wasn’t crying when the LF came back!

  157. confirmed, regen won pov. regen wants brendon to put up kathy. (i dont think brendon will do that though, he told brit he wont put up kathy cus everyone expects that )

  158. Brit tells Ragan Brendon told her that Ragan lets Matt make all the dirty moves and he doesnt respect that.

  159. Ragan, cool. Raga takes himself off, then Brendon, the tacky dirty corrupt knight of the diseased mud,
    Has these choices, Kathy—he guaranteed not too.
    Britney—who he does not like and is in an alliance with Lane
    Matt–who he does not like, BRENDON is still fuming over needle di.k, what Matt used to call him until dr said stop.

    if Matt is smart he does not lobby and lets brendon show his true colors. Get nominated, watch as the campaiging goes and sees where everyone is at middle gam and then saves himself and kathy goes home.

    matt may not save britney, for kathy, but Matt gets out kathy and then Brendon, he has not more people out for him. Then they will target each other and he can hide.

  160. Regen says to brit, i think that was worse case scenario for brendon. I hope he doesn’t put up Kathy, i hope it’s another brigade member, and see it matt has balls to use dpov

  161. DUH!!!Mighty MAD Matt has Brendon.. he is HOH..If one of the brigade goes this week is no fault of Matt’s..THINK about it..

  162. Bargaining play will be sweet to watch for the next few days!!! Keep me posted as I have to run errands for an hour! Thanks…… later

  163. Bozo MUST not win. His mouth has already overloaded his capabilities! Lane and Barney Fife(Kathy), nice people, but no game play. My final 4 is; Hayden, Ragan, Brittany and Matt. Final 2, Hayden and Brittany, winner Hayden.

  164. No bargaining here, Brendon wont put up enzo or hayden or kathy. Ragan is off leaving britney and Matt. Britney is the bigger biatche but matt is the bigger threat, 2 members of the brigade, At this point, Enzo and Hayden might not really go to bat for Matt,
    Matt replacement then he dpov’s himself and names Kthy.
    Britney–tougher call–depends if the brigade likes her or hates her, lets say Lane likes her and they are a secret couple. then if matt saves her (and gets kathy out)it is enzo, Hayden Brendon vs. Ragan, Matt Lane and Britney. Now this depends on if brendon has a soft or firm bond with Enzo and hayden. I think the bond is relatively soft and makes brendon a good bet to go off after his hoh reign is over

  165. trouble is kathy will never get to show her law enforcement toughness. But the world of big Brother is full of stupid moves

  166. Now that ragan has won, one of two thing will happen

    1. ragan takes himself off, and Britney goes up, and matt does no-thing

    2. ragan takes himself off, and matt goes up, and saves himeself, and kathy goes up

    If #2 happens, britney goes home, because enzo, hayden, and lane?, plus brendon want kathy to say for awhile, So goodby britney.

    Matt can’t help britney, because enzo and the rest think he has a side alliance with britney and ragan, So the best thing for matt is to be happy ragan is save and let britney go, lets see just how smart matt really is.

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