Big Brother 12: Week 4 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and arguments are sure to follow with the eviction just days away. Crank up your live feeds (Free Trial still available if you’re new to the feeds) and watch the HGs scramble to save themselves and secure votes. Keep reading to reveal Big Brother Spoilers for what happened today at the Veto Ceremony.

Britney, the winner of this week’s PoV, decided not to use the Veto.

Get on the Big Brother live feeds right now to see what’s happening and catch any fights that are about to come up as the noms’ struggle to stay in the house mounts. Britney is busy explaining to Kristen that she didn’t use it because Rachel threatened to renom Lane if Kristen came down, but she wanted to use it.

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show: Kristen or Hayden? Now a different question: Which would you prefer to go?

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  1. YEAH!!! What a great week this has turned out to be :))
    I so wish I had feeds to see this…
    I can’t wait to see the reactions. Poor Kristen has to go home and face the music…I hope her BF gives her hell for humiliating him on National TV.
    Good Riddence!

  2. @Christina: You should try the live feeds. They’ve been awesome and just getting better. There’s a free trial if you’re not sure and want to test them.


  4. I can’t stand Rachel. She needs to go and she can take her boy toy Brendon has well. I hope this week Kathy or one of the Bridgade fellows get HOH cuz they need it and need to get Rachel out. The B^%&* has to go. She’s trying to get the house to be on her side. I love how Britney is being all nice and shyt to Rachel but, in the diary room she spills out everything. Its great!

  5. if im britney, i shoulda used it. HOWEVER, there was no point because rachel threaten britney (after rachel called the deal off) with putting up lane as a replacement instead of kathy.

    thats why britney didnt use it.

    that shows that rachel wants kristen gone. so for both of rachel HOH’s it has been NOTHING but personal gameplay.

    she isnt playing strategic at all. its only about being a betch, getting the girls out, and being the head betch in charge.

    monet wasnt as big of a threat as rachel made her seem, and she only got her out because she didnt like her on a personal level.

    she got rid of kristen because her and hayden are in a showmance, and she wants to be only showmance.

    it will come back to bite her, and her man next week. next week when brendon doesnt win HOH, one of them are gone.

    and nobody will be nice to them because they will both be up.

  6. @Snowallyear – The Brigade holds the votes, whoever the brigade vote for is who usually is evicted…I don’t think they will evict Hayden. Kristen is such a liar and she needs to leave, atleast Rachel is upfront.

  7. I think rachel is a joke, but I give the girl credit! As annoying as she is, she has played! Good bye Kristen! She is was too cocky, especially since she’s funny looking!

  8. Kristin will go I think.

    Hayden has votes from Lane, Matt, and Enzo.
    Kristen probably has Britney and Kathy.

    The votes I’m not sure of are Ragan and Brendon?

  9. I understand that Britney did not use the Power of Veto at all today, leaving Rachel’s nominations intact. My prediction is that Hayden may very well be the next houseguest to leave the compound this Thursday night.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  10. @ snowallyear…I agree with you that will never happen. I wish it would because the brigade needs to start falling apart soon. They have all 4 still with only 9 soon to be 8 players left. If Hayden were to get the boot, then things would be looking better for the rest of the HGs. As much as people complain that the brigade does nothing, there are still 4 people together with a strong alliance. This gets scarier as the game goes on. I just don’t see both Brendan and Rachel making it to the end and the jury would never pick either one to win so I don’t think either have a chance. Britney is my favorite and the pathway for her to win is if the brigade gets broken up soon.

  11. Both of Boobzilla’s HoH’s were by pure luck. She does not have any skills other than her work skills of separating men from their hard earned money.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  12. Oh please, Rachel is annoying, but she is rightfully so because everyone has been targeting her for no reason from the beginning. I don’t like her as much as Brendon, but honestly, all you Brendon and Rachel haters, what has Brendon done??? He seems nice and he’s smart, he’s never done anything mean against anyone. It’s just everyone jumping on the bandwagon. I hate Kristen, I think she’s full of herself and I can’t wait to see her go!! I don’t mind Hayden, but Karma’s a you know what. You give what you get. I do like Matt and Enzo, but I’m just tired of the Brendon bashing every week. See ya Kristen!!!

  13. The players should donate every single drop of “libations” they’re given to Rachel. They wouldn’t have to think twice about her game, her strategy, or how to get her out of the house. She’d be too drunk or hung-over within a couple days to know whether she was sleeping with Brendan or Hayden’s sock monkey.

  14. This play by Britney has put her in a good position in the game. She is playing both sides of the house and no one cares at this time because the target is on Showmance in the HOH room!

  15. @Steven

    Brendon will vote to evict Kristen because that’s what Boobzilla wants.

    The three voting Brigade members are not going to vote to evict Hayden.

    Kristen is going home. 100% guarantee.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  16. This would be an ideal week for the producers to bring someone back!!!! and next weekend make it a double eviction!!!! Strip that stripper of her power and make the viewers happy. It has been done before with crazy James!!!! Please oh please I honestly am praying that neither of them go or the one that does gets to come back.

  17. Miffed at how anyone thinks Rachel is great. As was said she’s a neurotic power-tripper. She wins 2 HoHs and instead of being strategic and possibly figuring out about the brigade by now she lets her emotions take over and gets mad at a girl she just doesn’t like for no real reason. Eventually she’ll find that her original strategic thoughts were right. She evicted the people she could have used for votes with the right deal and there is a bigger group voting together.

    That being said, I just want to see how this plays out. They’re at jury now. Will Brenchel be like Dick and Daniel and just win every HoH and PoV they need the rest of the way or will the Brigade finally get it right one week. Who will the saboteur be. Will cbs be bringing back a sequestered houseguest. This is well worth $40.

  18. the sequestered hg’s were let out a few days ago. i highly doubt anyone will come back.

  19. kristin, hayden, kathy, matt, lane all need to go! im fine with the others theyr cool.

  20. First comment on this website but I love it so keep up the good work!

    I’m on Team Britlane. I like the Brigade but Matt an Enzo really piss me off. Matt is a disgrace for anyone in the Chicagoland area. He is not smart and has no social skills. Also, what is up with that zip up thing he wears in the DR with no shirt under it? Ugh, even worse than his wife’s teeth. Enzo and all the grenade talk and the “Snooki” attitude is annoying.

    Hayden reminds me of my friends from UCSB just less intelligent. Lane is the man. He would be fun to party with. Brittney is playing her game well in my opinions and her DR sessions crack me up.

    Goodbye Kristen, but unfortunately do not count Brendon out of winning HOH. If he does not, I will be so pissed if the other HGs do not nominate Brendon and Rachel. I want drama! Rachel is the nastiest girl ever. She is going to say to Kristen on Thursday…”no one gets in between me and my man!”, so delusional. Also her homophobia on national television was pretty dumb on her part. America needs tolerance. She is nothing like Jordan was last year. Jordan did not have sex with Jeff in the house and was a sweet sexy girl. Jordan and Jeff are and always will be America’s couple!

    Peace. GO Brigade or Team Britlane!

  21. Why does everyone hate Rachel so much? Yea, she has a few annoying tendancies, but both she and Brendon have played a flawless game so far. Look how far Janelle went. They can take one of them out next week, and the other at that point may be left alone, but who knows who (if anyone) is coming back into the house. If america votes, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see them come right back in. Maybe everyone otta start kissin their aEEes and aligning with ’em since they’re doing so well instead of going after them.

  22. How could andrew come back if julie told him about matt’s lie.THIS sucks the prettist girl on tv won’t be on tv anymore after thursday.
    I’ll miss you kristen!

  23. Unless the Brigade turns on Hayden, (which would be a heckuva twist) Kristen is going home. The votes aren’t there for her.

    This might be the most spineless group of players I have ever witnessed playing this game. Nobody wants to get down and dirty, or even vote against the will of the HOH. I’m not even going to voice my opinion about these so-called “house meetings”… And if one more person talks about how they “deserve” the money or to be in the house, I will scream and have the desire to punch someone in the face. It’s a game, and if you want someone deserving just take a vote right now and stop the foolery.

  24. well after julie chen told andrew that matt’s wife is perfectly healthy, i don’t know how they would have been able to let one of the sequestered’s back in the house!

  25. well i hate to say this but Brittany is gonna win this…. she is so playing both sides and no one sees this, its that blonde look that she gives and she really hates everyone in the house…….. except for the bitch monet

  26. What is Team ABR? I keep seeing it and its bugging me. Sorry, I watch the show religiously but barely ever post on here.

  27. i love Rachel! shes hilarious and keeps the show interesting. the funniest/sorta annoying part about her is when she gives the same goodbye message to every evicted hg’s. even the male evictees? lolol. love ya rach!

  28. OMG! Go Britney! Although it would have been nice to keep the women…if she would have used the veto there would have been a target on her back! Because of Lane and Britneys friendship, the Brigade is pretty much baking her at this point shes got it made! Cant wait to see what happens (although it pretty much promised that Kristen is gone)

  29. kristen – – pretty????? OMG, really??????? brit is very pretty, but other than long legs, kristen has NOTHING to offer!!!

  30. I’m really starting to like Brit. I love how she’s playing Boobzilla like a fiddle.

    I don’t have any problems with Brendon, I just think he’s an idiot for hooking up with Boobzilla. His brain is coming down to her level.

    That’s pretty low.

    I Hate Rachel official states that I Hate Rachel does not hate Brendon, or even dislike him.

    (notice how I kept that gender neutral? am i male or female?)

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  31. @ I Hate Rachel

    What is Team ABR? I keep seeing it and its bugging me. Sorry, I watch the show religiously but barely ever post on here.

  32. Keira, I am with you, but unfortunately, these threads are geared to anti-brechel fans, so trying to prove your own point here is like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. :) The best thing to do is come onto this thread and watch them all have fits because their favorites are losing to Brechel and sit back and laugh! lol

  33. The show would be sooo boring without Brenchel. Seriously.

    Hoping for Brendon as HOH next week!

  34. I like Brenchel mainly because out of all the house guest they are proving that they want to be in the house the most by winning competitions that matter. The Brigade is the stupidest alliance ever they haven’t done squat.

    Enzo, Lane, and Kathy (helppp me), needs to go.They are just a waste of space.

  35. @Wartortle

    Team ABR is Team Anybody But Rachel.

    Sorry to bug you. Feel free to ask WTF if I say anything unintelligible.

  36. I hate Rachel and Brendan, but I hope they stick around for awhile, it is so entertaining watching the other HG’s suck up to them, knowing they hate them, it makes for GREAT TV

  37. Britt is way more attractive then kristen
    who the hell wears there pants so high…. you kidding me

  38. Lets rank the girls in order of looks:
    (1). Brittney (hands down!)
    (2). Monet
    (3). Rachel (even though she looks like a cross between Master Splinter/Will Farrel..but she has a good body)
    (4). Annie
    (5). Tits (that is the only word I will call her…guys dicks probably fall off after they sleep with her)
    (100). Kathy (you are such an ugly hick…maybe you are Brit’s mom because I do not know how you got on the show!)

  39. rachel, needs to leave.
    i feel like turning the tv off when she starts tospeak!
    oh how i hope brendon turns on her one day for being so stupid and annoying!

  40. HOW can anyone think kristen is not pretty.
    MAYBE i’m blind but I think is a 10.

  41. I think Rachel is the only one using her head, so far she has been right on about everyone. All you Rachel haters aren’t very smart either. Yes she can highly annoying, that does not make her stupid though.

  42. @50 Big Brother Rob….Kristen is a member of the Cleveland Browns. Good uniform, shitty helmet!

  43. sorry BIGBROTHERBOB, you must at least need glasses, if you’re not dancing on the lines of being legally blind!

  44. Kristen looked totally hot in her halter tops and stretch pants, I am going to miss her parading about. grrr. You see Rachel is not quite as hot and Rachel is quite mean and crazed, so much that it impacts how I see her and I am totally shallow.
    The brigade will be stronger, Hayden, our Beowulf will want revenge, and that with get the archfiend Grendel, I mean Branchel out, get out and STAY out.

  45. @52, I’m pretty sure most of us Rachel haters never said she was stupid. Calling us unintelligent shows your true colors. You know nothing about us, what degrees we have, professions we work in, etc. Finally, Rachel’s homophobia definitely shows true ignorance, which IMHO is evidence of stupidity.

  46. I don’t hate Rachel but I do think Brendan is a idiot. How can they be “in love”? The stuff they say to each other is ridiculous. Kristen needs to go, and Hayden right after her(he is not very smart). I like Brittany’s commentaries!

  47. lol Who does Kristen really think she is by taunting the HOH who wants her a s s gone? Did she really think that by signing up for a reality show like this that she wasn’t going to have to kiss a s s sometimes to get you far? Her ego is what’s gettin her booted Thursday !

  48. okay – will someone give the brigade some brains this week? And maybe some balls too?
    I think Kristen will be eliminated this week, but it would kinda be nice to see her stay because there has been drama all this week.
    I really would like to see Hayden voted out. It’s about time a brigade member left. I would like to see Raegan, Britney, or Lane get the next HOH.
    Sorry to say -bye bye Kristen!
    Next week maybe Rachel or Brendon? We can only hope!

  49. @61 Rob, you like her face though? She has a good body but that face?! It is so weird looking. A human rat mix with a little bit of Will Farrell too.

  50. All she said was in her goodbye speach, after Andrew got booted, how she says “No one’s going to come between me and my man, especially another dude. Ewww” And now that makes her a homophobic lol OK

  51. @63 Tilly. In Rachel’s goodbye message to Andrew she said that no one was coming in between her and her man especially a guy. Eeeewwww. Or Gross. Something along those lines. Just makes me think less of her even more.

  52. Realpolitik gameplay, brenchel out next week if double eviction. Then at 7 it gets interesting, I see Ragen in a secret alliance with Matt, the saboteur was probably right. ir Enzo/Kristen, 2nd choice but doubtful.
    I see enzo, lane hayden then matt ragen and Brittney Kathy. Now at 7 Matt? Ragen need to super genius to Brittney Kathy.
    More likely Enzo, Lane, hayden Britney–Then in elimination order Kathy Ragen Matt.
    At five Matt, Enzo, lane, Hayden Brittney.
    At four MattEnzo Lane Hayden
    At three
    Lane, Hayden, Enzo
    at 2
    Hayden Enzo
    Hayden wins

  53. OH MAAAAAN!!! why can you tell me that? but i guess it’s the right choice for britney just let the brogade stay that’s all i ask

  54. I guess i’m homophbic to. If enzo & lane get in the same bed i’m turning off the tv and thinking gross too. if kristen & brit got in the same bed that would be another story.

  55. @I Hate Rachel i like how you refer rachel as “Boobzilla” very clever, very clever and funny indeed

  56. What’s the difference between two guys and two girls in the same bed if there’s nothing going on?

    I suppose it’s gay if two guys hug?

  57. I am pretty sure this is just another confirmation that Brittany & Kathy are the life-long friends of some kind. They look alike, they’re both from Arkansas (only about 2 hrs. apart) and remember when the Sabateur put the X over both of their faces, then shortly after made the announcement that 2 friends were in the house together. The Sabateur said, “If you think about it, it’s really easy” or something along those lines. Which leads me to believe its those 2. And now with not using POV knowing that Kathy would’ve gone home if she did. She is doing everything she can to keep Kathy around. All signs point to Kathy & Brittany.

  58. @65 Sara. I did not want to get into this but here is the definition: Homophobia “is a RANGE of negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality and people identified or perceived as being homosexual.” I would say her comment fits the definition.

    @69 Big Brother Rob. I appreciate your honesty. Your comment shows that in our society girl/girl sexual interactions are not seen as deviant as guy/guy sexual interactions.

    Obviously, we all have our preferences. The only thing I’m saying is Rachel was in a position of power when she made that comment (on National TV with millions of people watching). Her rhetoric has the potential to impact a lot people. I just think as a society we need to be more tolerant of sexuality deemed “deviant” or “gross”. That is all.

    You seem like a good guy, I still think Britt is way better looking than Kristen though.

  59. so if hayden’s smart he will lay low and not campaign against kristen and she will be out the door via votes or tie break

  60. Matt/Ashli please advise… The sequestered houseguests were not released and it is only Annie and Monet. Correct??

  61. Thank you Josh! I try to infuse humor into my posts wherever I can!

    Of course, the fact that I can’t stand her voice, her game play, her fake hair, her fake boobs spilling out all over the place, her lack of underwear when she KNOWS she’s going to be jumping up on Brendon and that the cameras will catch a coochie shot, her fake laugh, her fake tears.

    Is there *anything* real about her? Not that I’ve seen.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  62. 2 men hugging and kissing is gross to me. 2 women is sexy. MOST people think that but can’t say it because it is politically incorrect.

  63. Hmmmm, I did not complete my sentence.

    Please insert “, make it easy for me to call her Boobzilla” between “tears” and the ending period.

    Thank you.

  64. As I have said you have every right to think it is “gross” to you personally but would you discriminate against those two men because they decide to engage in that conduct? Unfortunately, a lot of people and governments do. Furthermore, you say “MOST” people feel the same way as you do. How do you know that? “MOST” of those people could be repressing their own sexual deviant thoughts due to the blatant homophobic attitudes of our society. Just some things to think about. I feel bad for getting off topic, I Hate Rachel! has clearly showed several other reasons why Rachel needs to go. She just strikes me as a bad person even if she wins HOH competitions.

  65. So in Rachels speech to Kristen is it going to say I know you were trying to become in between me and my man? I sure wished Kristen would have hit her last thurs lol

  66. If someone other than Brendon wins HOH this week and does not put Brendon and Rachel up, this is the dumbest bunch ever on BB. Why is everyone so afraid of these two, someone step up, make a bold play, and get those two out of the house, Good Lord!

  67. @JB

    I’m glad you noticed that also when she said that about Andrew. I’m not sure if it was meant to be joke, or if she was serious, but either way, she presents herself as a not very classy person.

  68. personally dont care if its two men, two women…man and woman…public making out just bothers me

  69. I just want to know if everybody is going to get mad when kris/hay hook up. They ate saying they can be as close as they like now because one of them is leaving. I don’t care if they do or not, if they do, I’ll just change the station just like every other season.

  70. It’s going down to Lane and Brit in final 2….the others will self-destruct with stupidity! And if these fools do not get rid of Rachel the Pompous Slut next week, then they all should go in one mass eviction!

  71. The next three in order should be Rachel, Brendumb, and Matt. The first two for obvious reasons and the last for f**king everything up with his stupid play a week ago!

  72. @ I hate Rachel!

    Don’t forget about her fake eye lashes. She still leaves globs of glue showing, making it very obvious, lol.

  73. I am only going to make one comment re: Rachels homophobic comment. First of all she never said anything about anybody being gay and as far as we know both men she referred to are strait… dont get all your panties in a twist, the dumb broad was just trying to be funny!! AND ALSO just because somebody doesnt want to watch 2 men engage in sexual/intimate behavior doesnt mean they are homophobic!!

  74. @85…thank you. I do not mean to make things political but you hit on the dot. Class. Rachel has absolutely no class. I also find it ironic that all of her boobs popping out, vajayjay showing and mounting of Brendon seems okay to show children but the thought of two men being together is gross to her. Haha. For a Chemist, this chick is clueless. Who knows, it could all be just an act.

    @#86 I completely agree. PDA sucks! I’m all about Ludacris when he says he wants “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” I guess not having privacy on BB complicates things though.

    @#87 Another agreement here! They are so spineless. Matt really bothered me with his HOH gameplay. To be honest, I will not be surprised if Ragan wins it or Kathy and once again Rachel is safe (I do not mind Brendon, I’m just disappointed in him for his taste in women..but every human has needs).

  75. In all honestly, Kristen got little to no air time so no one really got to know her til now. Rachel is just outwardly mean and has triple the ego, as well as blatantly making it really hard to root for her. I feel that is y most as well as myself think she is so bad.

  76. I get on this site and read most of the postings here everyday.
    Rachel made the comment about Andrew and Brendon (Ewww comment) on Thursday. Today is Monday and it is the FIRST time I have heard anyone mention it…
    4 days later and it’s an issue???
    Please people, you are just trying to find more and more crap on Rachel, and more and more reasons to bash her.
    Of course there will be people saying “we dont need reasons to bash her or hate her”
    Stop with the politically incorrectedness crap about homosexuality…geez people…

  77. Rachel threatened by the other showmance in the house. I wished Britney used the veto to save Hayden. Kathy is useless to everyone in the house. Her performances in ALL of the challenges has been pathetic. What was she doing in “the other guys” challenge? There is a small chance that she is throwing them, but I doubt it.

  78. @ 92

    I actually hope that for her own sake, it is an act. I don’t understand how she doesn’t feel ashamed of herself if it’s not an act. It seems like she has jealously issues against women and men. She’s not all up there, lol.

  79. Sorry, but Rachel is awesome. She is the only one that has the guts to say who she’s coming after and hasn’t backstabbed anyone. She straight out says what she feels.

    Go Rachel!

  80. As I understand it Rachel’s plans were to put up Kathy if Brit used the POV. Did I miss something? Did she really tell Brit that if she uses the POV she would put up Lane?

  81. I agree BTS. Although I am not thrilled by Big Red she is playing the game. And she comes right out and says who she is putting up. NO backdooring or backstabbing. Sorry but that is why I like B & R ‘s game play. I wish they would stop being so naive and believing everyone. THANK GOD Rachel’s brain was unfroze and she didn’t go through with the final 4 deal with Hayden and Kristen. I am also happy that Kristen won’t be in the jury house! Now Kathy has lost her BFF, bet she cuddles up to Rachel now! Yeah ok!

  82. You know what, I hope Rachel does stay because she is actually pretty smart. Rachel has won 2 HoH’s, and that shows how smart she really is. She might dress like a “Super model” but over all, she’s very smart. Kristen is not smart and I think this is her last week here. Nobody will vote Hayden out, and for a very long time, Kristen has been laying low.

  83. I also am starting to wonder if the HGs are throwing the competitions?!?! We hear them mention all the time that they are thinking about throwing the comps… I dont get it!! Of course they dont want a huge target but come on!! You gotta get them out before they get you. Im just surprised they feel comfy enough to be throwing so many comps…. I really think Matt, Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Brit have purposely thrown most of the comps… Now that I have listed the names, i guess that strategy is working because they all seem to be pretty safe.

  84. I think Kristen is going home. Just as well she does not know how to play BB.
    Has anyone noticed when Rachel is talking in the Diary Room-she is always yelling? So annoying. I started recording BB After Dark just so I can fast forward Brendon and Rachel. I cannot stand to watch them!!

  85. The POV winner, Britney had the right to choose if she wanted to use it on Hayden or Kristen not Rachel. I thought that if Britney use the POV on Kristen that she would put up Kathy, not Lane. I do not accept Rachel right to strong arm Britney right to save Hayden or Kristen off the block. I’m thankful that she did’nt put Kathy up against Hayden or Kathy would leave the house for sure. So with that being said, Kristen will leave the house on Thursday night.

  86. @trish yea she said it, but just as a last resort. She wasn’t sure if Kathy went up Kristen would go home . She was just thinking about using him as a pawn but Brit is playing a good game so she hasn’t told anyone that he would just be a pawn. Just that he “was” goin up if she used the pov.

  87. @Trish

    She’s playing the aggressor and while it would be a risky move for someone like Kathy and Britney, it’s the only move she can make.

    Everyone in the house has been gunning for them, so what’s the point of apologizing? The Brigade would take it as a 1/2 baked apology. I think Rachel knows about the Brigade and isn’t sharing everything with Brendon.

    She seems smart and is just doing an awful job of playing dumb. Actress she isn’t, but I don’t think she is a bimbo either.

  88. @94 I guess there is a statute of limitations on what we can and can not talk about on the BB forum. I brought it up, this is the first time I’m posting. Everyone here has a right to express their opinions, I’m just trying to make us think a little bit. I’m not looking for “anything” to bash Rachel, there is plenty of ammo for me to do so. I was simply pointing something out.

    @97 Yeah something is not working in her head. I think she has “daddy” issues and her jealously and gigantic ego will eventually be her downfall even if she makes it to the Final 2. It is like Russell from Survivor, in both games you need to know how to manage the jury. Throw people under the bus but also play the social game well. I do not want her to stay but at least I know there is no chance she would take the cash. Unless she adjusts her attitude dramatically.

  89. @prettyinpink

    The HOH always does that to whoever wins the POV. I don’t see anything wrong with it. The POV winner will change the HOH’s nominations and if they don’t like it, they can override them and put up whoever they want. It’s all game play. Sorry, but I got mad respect for Rachel.

  90. if you dont have feeds you should try them (not as good as years past but still working on them)last nights power struggle was great

  91. Ok right now Matt and Lane are talking. What I still don’t get to this day, WHY would any of The Brigade get mad if they are 1. Put up by B & R when they are gunning for them, 1. Gt made if they are threatened as a pawn or actually a replacement nom? I mean they are lying their butts off to B & R and everyone else yet they get mad if they think any one is lying to them. I JUST DON’T GET IT! I mean Lane quit your bitching man. Rachel did the smartest thing for her and Brendan. Noway should she had even trusted for one minute anything Kristen or Hayden said to them. And it is proven right by what YOU all are saying behind their backs. Atleast Rachel has the guts to say TO YOUR FACE what she is doing. I have mad respect for that woman!

  92. @I Hate Rachel= Yes there are a couple of things about Rachael that are real. Her bitchiness, Her nasty smirks, and most of all her cluelessness. This includes her lapdog Brendon.

  93. Now Kristen wants to fight to stay in the house and will do “anything”. Her words not mine.

  94. Happy posting all. Can’t wait to read what I missed later. Hope everone has a great day!!

  95. @111. You don’t have to like Rachel. But you have no idea what is real about her or not. This is just a freaking game. Rachel is no worse than Kristen or anyone else in there. Everyone is that house is playing a “nasty” game one way or another. Noone is perfect in the BB house!

  96. Britney did not use the POV because Kathy is her Mother and she did not want to risk having her go home. She is lying to Kristen about Lane going up as the replacement. Hayden will stay because he has the brigrade behind him.

  97. @116: If Kathy is her mother then why did Brit make such fun of her with Monet when they were half-nots? On live TV no doubt. I would never disrespect my mother for no reason, even for a freaking game. But with just her and Monet in that room Brit had NO REASON to do that.

  98. i guess kristen sad story didn’t get her very far. there was no way brittany would of used it on her. brittany can’t stand kristen. good thing lane told brittany not to trust anything kristen might promise. Kristen even said her game play changes from day to day. thats someone u can’t count on.go brittany. don’t hate rachel cause she wins

  99. brittany kept kathy cause she never wins and hardy even trys at the games. she can beat kathy but kristen might of beat brittany at the games. and she not going to take that chance. kristen a dirty bitch trying to throw kathy under the bus. and kathy stupid enough to let her. can’t wait for thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. all you rachel haters – let’s say hayden wins POV and sends rache lhome – then BB allows us to vote for a player to come back with rachel out I would say she gets voted back in – look the brigade needs to move on Brit and Kathy first – this knocks out potential aliance material – for now they always have the house ready to vote R&B out – why move prematurely?

  101. This is just a game, don’t hate or be judging on bodys, looks, brains – it’s anyones game! Everyone has a different strategy. They all want to get to the end and win, but most importantly they want $$$ opportunities after the BB house… So they are playing it up!!! And American eats up all the drama, we love it.

  102. If Rachel is so smart, why did she just believe Britney when she told her they could be in an alliance together and got SO excited that they’re finally, REALLY playing the BB game. Rachel then told Brendon about it and that they can DEFINITELY trust Britney!! Are you kidding? Brit can’t WAIT to put them on the block next week!! Brendon also believes now that they can trust Britney. These are NOT smart people, when it comes to reading people.

  103. I could see Brit, Lane, Enzo, and Kathy forming a new alliance if the brigade is exposed? Wha tdo we think?

  104. To Trish: I cld be wrong but they are both from Arkansas and are trying awful hard to not show any connection in my opinion and they have similar manerisms. You may be right but I think Britney knew Monet wld be gone quick and is a stronger player with her gone. Expect the unexpected…and that wld be a good one!

  105. Oh, and Kristen said that she’d do ANYTHING to stay in the house: stay on slop for the entire summer, SHAVE HER HEAD; well, anything!!

  106. It’s pretty much a lock that Kristin will go. I’m just wondering who will have the cojones to put Rachel & Brendon up. Matt sure didn’t & he had the perfect reason for doing it. His lie about his wife & her backing him up seems a cheat on BB part. They carefully block out other things to not give hg’s an edge. Why not Matt? Just saying…..

  107. I can see this is the brigade is exposed and Rachel goes home – rachel thinks with too much emotion and Brendon is already tired of the drama with her – it is not just the game – he is pretty smart to know that if they hook up outside the house she will always be this way and no amount of sex is going to make him feel better about how she plays life.

  108. Matt is not the one that is whinning and not letting people say sorry and yelling at people and being rude

  109. I think Rachel wants Kirsten gone because she stop being her best friend after, Rachels 1st HOH. I think Rachel really likes Kirsten deep down but feels rejected by her… Just think how upset you be if someone wouldn’t accept your apology? I am sure it took alot for Rachel to say she was sorry and when she did she felt stupid…Rachel seems like she is an Aries and when Aries gets mad they get really mad. I have a friend and a sister that are aires and there personality are very similar. Does anyone know if Rachel is an Aries? it driving me crazy not knowing

  110. Unfortunately, Britney screwed herself by not using the POV. The best thing she could have done was use the POV on Hayden, then Kathy goes up and out. She’s weak.

    Britney is now forced to align with Rachel and Brendon. If she does it sincerely, I have to cheer for them.

  111. bts: Brit didnt really screw herself, she saved her own butt, from being Rachel’s and Brendon’s target. And we all know she is going to backstab them so why not make them think she is with them? i think she made a good move

  112. could it be Brit and rachel are friends outside the house – remember what we know about the HG is what they want us to know – i’ve never understood why Brit so dislikes Rachel so much

    WhatBrit would trach Rachel with the other girl already voted off – it seemed fake – like she was acting or something

  113. I don’t hate Rachel but I have lost more & more respect for her as she’s become so power hungry and obnoxious (and homophobic). I honestly believe that Brendon & Rachel are really in love but I agree that he’s seeing more and more of her flaws; particularly her insensitivity and vanity (when she spoke about everything she’s had done to her face..Botox, etc.).

    But Britney is totally not a nice person. She’s 100% superficial and judgmental of others; especially of their outward appearances. She and Monet really went at it, making fun of just everyone for the wrong reasons! I DON’T want her to get far in the game. Everybody NEEDS the money but some people do not deserve to be rewarded for such bad behavior, even if it does stem from insecurity. LOL..she had said (a while ago) that her biggest pet peeve in LIFE is “insecure girls”. Projection, party of one. Your table is ready!!

  114. remember guys when they choose the players they are looking for drama for ratings – they intentionally choose some people who will never make it – they are needed to make the sure fun –

    it is too easy that they would have two people from Ark as the friends – it is never that simple

  115. Brit has to be liked by everyone I dont think she cares if she likes them or not…Alot of Virgos are and I think that is why she picks people apart.

  116. Did you all forget all evicted HGs are going to sequester house? She has to wait it out there before her BF dumps her cheating ass

  117. I think that the Saboteur’s message about 2 life-long friends was just a lie, to create suspicion and drama. Although, check out Kathy’s and Britney’s noses. They’re almost identical (although I think it’s just a CBS planned coincidence that they look alike).

    Hey, who did everybody vote to become the next Saboteur? I voted for Hayden. I think that he’d be okay at it; not great but okay. I don’t like Matt b/c of his lie about his wife. That crossed a line. Who else do you think would be good at it and smart enough (& able to keep the secret)?

  118. double eviction means end of the other showmance and the brigade in one hit…

    keep the drama coming

  119. @ bonnie 145..think haydens a little slow… not sure he could handle it..and matt’s a douche…. i think regan would be great at it..he’s on everyones good side..

  120. Brit was correct in asking Rachel if she should use the POV. its the right protocol because she cares who goes up as the replacement…ie, brit didnt want lane going up… on the other hand, it would have been nice if Kristen came down and Lane went up so one of the brigade would have been accidentally eliminated by these otherwise clueless house guests…. who are only not being eaten alive by the brigade thanks to brenchal!!!!

  121. Someone in this thread said that the sequestered HGs were just let out. Makes sense since Julie outed Matt’s ‘wife lie’.

    In the POV, Kristin ‘won’ the unitard and wig for the week; Enzo won a flat-screen TV; Hayden ‘won’ 24 hours (I think) in isolation in the have-not room, on bread & water. He’s been out since mid-day yesterday.

  122. Kristen is going , there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it – hayden has the votes locked in. See ya later, skank! good riddance!

  123. Brit not using the veto is good for the Brigade cuz Haden will not be distracted. Lay low. Brigade and let the queen and her pencil d*ck man do all the dirty work.

  124. Didn’t think I’d ever say it, but I like Brit. She’s hilarious. Just love the way she trashes Rach in the dr.

  125. i dont know why regan is so ‘sad’ that kristen is leaving… like its the biggest travesty of the year! this is just a game, and why does regan think kristen is ‘so great’ she didn’t do ANYTHING!

  126. I don’t know why if you don’t like someone then don’t pretend to like them to their face. If Brachel knows that everyone is gunning for them then don’t hide your hate for them or your game play. Let it all hang out!!! :)

  127. #64 JB LMAO!!!!
    I have always thought there was something strange looking about Kristen and could never put my finger on it- she does look like an offspring of Will Ferrell!!! Although Rachel gets on my nerves at times Im rooting for her and Brendon and Ragan -The under dogs are doing pretty good so far

  128. I used to really like Regan… but he has been getting on my nerves lately…can’t put my finger on it. But I know I wouldn’t be sad if he left sometime soon. Although, I don’t think that is going to happen. I hope the next person out (after Kristen) is Kathy!

  129. @christine 147, I agree! Ragan would make a great saboteur. Wonder if I could vote more than once?

    I do not like the Brigade. Can’t wait until they show themselves or one of them goes. Selfishly, I’m not looking forward to watching pool game after pool game if most of the girls are voted out first.

  130. –what is the point of paying for the feeds when all 4 cameras are on the same people/same room! irritating!!

  131. Awe, poor Andrew. Matt, Hayden, and Regan are all sitting there bashing on Andrew like he is this horrible person for ‘what he did’ before his eviction… give me a break! he was just telling the truth!

  132. Andrew said he would play by his faith, but he lied about his job – he was either very weird

  133. I agree Bobby – I don’t think Andrew was innocent or anything like that…but these guys are sitting there ragging on him b/c he called out Kristen & Hayden. Hayden said that he would “punch him in the face” if he see’s him after the show. Regan said he wouldn’t talk to him etc… Andrew really did talk a LOT about his faith…to each their own I guess, but it did get irritating sometimes.. :-)

  134. Hayden is such a twit – my vote is the first person the brigade abandons if need me is hayden – Enzo and Lane will play for a while because they may have opinions they do not seem to get in the way of the game

  135. @Mary, Ragan does that for everyone and it is getting kinda old. He games talk to everyone like he is the queen Bee himself. I am so sick and tired of him playing everyone. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  136. @ 138 Great call Bonnie. I got crap for even mentioning her poor rhetoric! Thanks for the backup.

    @155. I can not take credit for it. I saw it on another website. But it is so true.

    Anyways, I’m glad Britt did not use it because if Lane was put up that would suck. Now the Brigade should be safe and a liability to their alliance (Kristen) is gone. But seriously Snooki, ooops I mean Enzo, no more meow meow and grenades…please. I wish Hayden and Lane traded Matt and Enzo out for Britt and well I do not like anyone else. Lol. I know that can not happen.

  137. Bobby: I agree, Hayden is really getting on my nerves. especially his DR sessions… he talks different and drives me nuts!

    Trish: I am SO glad someone agrees with me! Usually everyone is “I love Regan” etc… he is really driving me crazy! I don’t care for him anymore…at all.

  138. I have no problem with Andre’s faith or talking about it – he just did not play the game as someone with that kind of faith – I hate when people like Matt or Kathy play “the illness card” or when people play the faith card –

    Just play the game –

    yes kathy everyone is just going to say “time to go home because your hardship story is the best.”

    What a ditz

  139. lol, why do they call Rachel “BoJangs”… don’t they know Bojangle’s is a drive thru chicken place?!

  140. Ugh! Kathy irritates me! first she was playing for her son….now all of a sudden she has all these ‘ailments’… she keeps changing her story…stick with one chick!

  141. @ Mary. I was wondering that too! I’m pretty sure there are no Bojangles in Jersey and Enzo kept saying it.

  142. As a G-man my self I find ragen to be annoying and an emotional whimp – he makes all g-man look bad.

    Also I found nothing offensive in Rachel “especially not a man” statement – please she lives in Vegas where being bi is a way of life – she has seen it and is fighting it – and for the record Brendon is so bi – you wait and see

  143. @Mary….lol BoJangles is also someone….anyway I am glad I missed them talking crap about Andrew. Those 4 need NOT talk bad about anyone doing anything when they have backstabbed, lied to your face to everyone. Come on!

  144. @Bobby, I was wondering about Brendan in that regard. He is way too emotional and sensitive for a straight guy. Not that bi’s and G’s are too emotional. But women are and so……..

  145. I thought Brendon was Bi too! I wonder…either way though. Rachel tries to sound so valley girl…maybe that is what attracted Brendon to her… :-)

    Rachel’s personality irritates me…on many levels…but I’m glad she put up Hayden & Kristen and didn’t wimp out (a la Matt) and put up Kathy and a pawn.

  146. @ Bobby. To each their own in regards to the comment. I was just trying to make people think. The Vegas comment is well taken. I completely agree about Ragan. It is like Kevin from BB11, I do not get why the person who identifies him/herself as gay is always the stereotype. Go outside the box CBS, challenge peoples’ assumptions.

  147. Let’s be clear – I live on Hilton Head in SC and there are Bojangles just a little bit away in GA…I have been through the drive thru before … and the chicken is pretty damn good! i think the bojangles they are referring to in regards to rachel…are…gasp…her boobs.

    Either way – it makes me chuckle.

    Just a little bit ago they were really ragging on rachel… lol.

  148. Mary I think Kathy will lay any card she can right now, she now knows her days re numbered. If she dares trys to buddy up with Rachel now and Rachel lets her, well I hope Brendan throws Big Red to the curb and everyone laughs behind her back for being stupid stupid stupid! Rachel has some issues. She is so insecure that it makes her look pathetic……

  149. wow, now we are all coming out with what we suspected – look bi woman and bi men always hook up – I have dated several men like Brendon –

    Brendon is mechanical in his thinking – he is nearly done with Rachael – she is way too emotional – look how good he felt in the police game (with the men) look at the pic of he 3 of them – he had a woody – – he was just waiting to get handcuffed

  150. Mary I like your way of thinking. So far everything you have said is what I have been thinking!

  151. You are so right! kathy’s days are numbered! she so badly wanted to APPEAR friendly to everyone… that it backfired. I don’t like kathy and will be happy when she is out.

    I don’t know who will win HOH but you can bet for sure Brendon will be trying his hardest. If he doesn’t win you know he & rachel will try their hardest to win POV. they pretty much HAVE to to stay in the house.

  152. @Bobby you might have something there. As a G man you probably have more insight on what to look for. I didn’t notice that at all…..all I heard was Hayden saying in the DR was about Enzo being on top of him and how he never had that before and with a guy who is married and 32. :)

  153. Yep, when you write things I am always in agreement! I can’t believe how much time I spend on here…I realy feel as if I ‘HAVE’ to get my opinion out! you know, because it really makes a difference… lol.

  154. I kow men under 30 do not want to hear this, but today it is a lot easier to by bi and then go off and marry someone than even 5 years ago –

    It will come out before the end of the game – also I predict he will dump Rachael at the most opportune moment

  155. @JB

    Team Britlane all the way! They are the only two in the house that I find tolerable. And it doesn’t hurt that Britney is incredibly attractive, smart, and funny all rolled into one. Hahaha.

    Anyway, I’m glad she ended up not using the veto. Saving Kristen would have probably eventually come back to bite her in a couple of weeks because she would have been third or fifth wheel in every deal made in the house.

  156. what the hell is up with britney’s boobs?!?!?
    it seems like the are glued together with no space between her right boob is bigger then the left !!..its annoying the crap out of me !! anyone else notice???

  157. If anyone but Brendan wins HOH then Brachel will be put up. They sure will be surprised unless it is Hayden then not so much. If Brit wins HOH and she puts up Brachel then watch for some fireworks coming from Rachel for being lied too and Brendan at Rachel for believing in the twit!

  158. LOL Mary you know you have to get that opinion out there…… does matter…..YOU know it does! ;)

  159. I’m glad Brit didn’t use the POV – so it looks like Kristen is going home. Two thoughts. I viewed Kristen as a weak but unknowing supporter of the Brigade so her being eliminated pushes us one more step toward the Brigade being uncovered – about time – as their ranks get smaller they become more exposed. Second, I don’t think there is any way “production” is going to allow R&B to both go out on a double elimination. That just seems like a season killer – just look at the amount of space devoted to those who hate them and those who love them; and regardless of which side your on, it’s going to be a lot less interesting if they are both gone.

  160. dany: it must just be the suit she has on. at least hers are real though! statistics show that almost every woman who has natural breasts one is a little bigger or a little smaller than the other. I like Brit ;-)

  161. who the next noms go is 100% dependant on how Kristen exists – if she exposes teh Brigade all bets are off – Ragan will play right into Brendon’s arms when Brendon turns on the bi-charm-

    everyone is not going to be looking for that bi-charm – you watch

  162. I agree Sterling….and I hope it doesn’t happen. You know next week is Pandora’s box. And if it is opened the sab comes out. Wonder who it will be? I voted for Ragan…..

  163. Lol! I agree w/ Trish …I think no matter who wins HOH brandon/rachel will be put up. It is completely up to them to win the pov to save themselves.

    lol…enzo/lane/brit are saying that hayden & kristen are brother & sister… i sure hope not after what i have seen on the feeds! LOL!

  164. @Trish – Ragen would be perfect for the sab and if there is a box… it will get opened – you know it!

  165. i voted for regan to be the sab on

    it wouldn’t bother me if he were the sab and got ‘found out’ or when he was doing his ‘sab things’ it irritated people or made them suspicious, therefore putting a target on his back. he can stay or go, I just don’t want him to win ;-)

  166. Awe…Kristen specifically said she ‘wasn’t going to go cry in a corner’…and what is she doing right now? crying all by her lonesome in the pink/purple room. wah wah.

    I wish I could watch something else! all 4 cameras are on her!

  167. Bobby, did you by any chance hear Ragan last night, talking about which words (for ‘gay’) are offensive and which are not? Just wondered if you heard that and if you agree.

    Hayden actually was very human when asking Regan (is it Ragan or Regan?) about how to help a friend of his come out to his good friends. They had an actual adult conversation about it.

    Do you really think that Brenden is Bi? I can see that, I guess but you’d have better G*ydar than I. (Is that offensive? I don’t mean for it to be and truly sorry if it is.)

  168. Rachel yelling in the DR is so annoying. Now she’s doing it around the house. Aside from mean, it’s getting hard to look at her. The time in the house has definitely made her uglier.

    Ragan has good chuckle moments. Especially around 10:00 when Showtime is on.

    Britney is hilarious. When talking the houseguests, but especially in the DR. She makes us LOL!!

    But…@bb12cg has it right…Hayden is going to win. GO DEVILS!!!

  169. Lan: I share in your excitement. I can’t stand her and am beyond happy she is leaving! AND she wont be in the jury house!

  170. rachel yelling in the D.R. IS annoying as sin!! I agree. Hayden in the D.R. is really annoying too…I don’t know where that voice and the way he talks in there comes from – b/c he doesn’t sound like that when he’s just around the house…I can’t stand to watch him. Also…I can’t believe no one has said anything about his freaking hair flips! cut that freaking mane already Hayden! he keeps flipping his head like a girl…its too funny!

  171. Lan and Mary I so agree with you two! Kristen acts like she is better than anyone but she isn’t. Like Andrew did Kristen did this to herself. Instead of making nice with Rachel she just did herself in. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. Hayden should NOT be mat at Rachel for doing that. Kristen made herself a target with Rachel plus Hayden did put up Brachel week one. :)

  172. Mare are we twins? I think the exact same way about Hayden and Rachel in the DR room. And that is the only place I like Brit at. Otherwise I could careless about her.

  173. Yeah, if Hayden is mad at rachel for putting the two of them up against each other he is just stupid. if kristen really wanted to stay then she wouldn’t have flipped on rachel (trying to be a hard ass – especially in front of hayden)…she would have ‘taken the olive branch’. THEN for Kristen to prance around the house like she is untouchable and saying things like “i’m not going anywhere”…where exactly does she get off?!! guess what skank – you’re going! BYE! My anger toward Kristen is really coming out right now…probably b/c the feeds are just showing her laying there in freaking silence w/ hayden! boring!!

  174. I love Brit, but if she’s with the Brigade she’s got the same fate as Kristen. By final 5 she becomes expendable. I loved her D.R. session about kissing up to Rachel. “I’d really rather hang myself.” I love that girl. Too bad she has no real alliance. She won’t be taken to the final by the brigade and Rachel won’t let anybody come between her and her man. Not even a man. LMAO still at that dumbarse comment.

  175. I love brit in the DR Trish! she makes me laugh…she just speaks so eloquently, lol!!

    the D.R. makes me cringe..almost as much as when the evictions play and rachel is yelling about “MY MAN!” …I don’t know why Hayden gets so ‘animated’… it’s irritating.

  176. I don’t like Kristen for the one fact that she thinks she is better than anyone. She never tried to win any comps except that last one, she thought she could ride Hayden’s coattails. Then instead of taking Rachel’s apology she threw it back in her face. REALLY???? WTFE!

  177. Well I am going for now. Dinner….hope to see ya here tonight. Watching Hayden and Kristen is way too boring……..especially wiht all 4 cams on them………:(

  178. no matter what, no matter who you are aligned with, no matter who you stab in the back, no matter who makes you whatever promises…the only thing that will ensure you staying in the game is if you win hoh or pov…period. I hope Brit makes it a long way… but when the time comes she will be cast off by the brigade – unless she keeps winning.

  179. Ok…Rachel is a skank! At first I really liked the Brenchel couple, and still do like Brendon, but Rachel is a power ho and is completely playing this game on a personal level. She isnt worrying about the strongest players she is simply trying to rid the house of the other hot girls, “cause nobody comes between here and her man!!!” She is so sad. Next time, if it happens, she gets any power, she will target Brit, just watch. I’d say Kristen will leave this week, especially if Rachel has any input. Hopefully we’ll get a smart HOH this week, one that is playing the game the right way. And I dont care much for Matt either…he is to sure of himself, and I’m so sick of hearing him proclaim that he is the genius of BB and lying that his wife has an illness! AND – whats up with his wife anyway? She talks like she has a mouth full of corn in her mouth!!! Ok, my rant is over…thanks for reading.

  180. oh Trish I have been saying the exact same things!! Maybe I’ll see ya on here later!

  181. gag. hayden said “will you let me take you on a date after the wrap party?” kristen says “yeah…mmmhmm.” what a skank. I guess she is planning on breaking up with her boyfriend for sure then when she gets back!

  182. I think Matt and Rachel just need to go home!

    People keep saying that Rachel is a good player just because she’s won two HoH’s, but that just made the target on her back twice as big. If she were smart, she would be buddying up to some other HGs instead of “fighting everyday” to stay in the house. Her ego is way bigger than it needs to be, and even Brendon sees that.

    Matt needs to go because he makes everyone believe he’s some genius, but in reality he couldn’t even make any of his plans work. He’s annoying and not even a good strategist.

  183. The only thing now is that kristen is gone and its one less target on brendon/rachel’s back and kristen was a waste of space anyway

  184. and to be honest I don’t even think matt’s real plan was to get out Rachel and Brendon he just had to make it sound that way to be on everyone’s side

  185. I voted for Enzo to be the saboteur(sp?), he’ll make it fun and have a good time with it. Definitely Kristen will be going home unless BB pulls a surprise.

  186. @ Marie. I voted for enzo too because we know he can be saboteur and make it through two weeks two but I don’t think he would say yes if offered .

  187. Britney has no substance; none at ALL and she’s the definition of a Mean Girl. Did you HEAR her when she talked to Monet about every girl in the house? It was all about their appearances and NOTHING more. She may be funny in the DR but I hate her, as a person.

    I’m glad that Kristen is leaving. Even though she said that she wouldn’t campaign against Hayden, that’s all changed this afternoon. I can’t blame her for trying to save herself but don’t say one thing, about the guy you MORE than like and then campaign against him behind his back.

    I do like Brendon although I seriously question his taste in women; especially the woman he’s convinced that he loves! He’s acting like a love-sick puppy…a blind one, at that. (Blind to Rachel’s true character)

    What is it about all cameras on only one room or area? We’re paying to see many of the HGs in different rooms. Plus, they are showing more and more of the only boring ones.

    Wish that the Flashback feature or Live Feeds had a ‘pause’ and ‘rewind’ function. It’s such a pain when you have to leave for a while and can’t pause the so-called action (if there was any! lol).

  188. The other guys need to step up and evict brenchel if they want 1 of them to get out so badly.

  189. I would love to see Hayden go. Weakening The Brigade and much more drama between the ladies.

  190. Personally, I would love to see Kristen win the position of the saboteur. (already voted last night!) This way, Brenchel could boast their massive egos under the assumption she was leaving, Britney, keeps her hands clean for not using the POV, and Kristen ends up staying long enough to use the double eviction on Brenchel. Priceless.

  191. Rachel always have bad nominations. Why vote Monet she wasnt a big threat to her as the brigade. Now she nominated kristin and Hayden? Kristin would never win anything but Hayden is kind of a good nomination because he nominated them both at week 1. I like the way Rachel thinks Britany hers friend. The problem of Britany strategy is that she has no true ally just herself. Kristen blew her chance and now she will be evicted. Say bye bye to kristen.

  192. Notice how Rachel goes after the women, That fake red head needs to be evicted next week. Matt is a complete idiot.

  193. Brenchel is making the show, other than this it would be BORING!!!
    Kristen will go this week, the guys will see to this!!!

  194. It would be so funny if Britney did win HOH and put Branchel up it would make my day. And I hope that it would be Rachel she has so real issues about women. She should have latched onto more people in the house so that she would be okay but she latched onto a man that will not take her home to meet his parents. He has told her that but she is to dumb to see it. Sex is not everything but in her world I guess it is. She is sick she is there to win the money not to hook up with a man.

    And as far as Matt saying that Jordan and Jeff are not still together that is a lie I just saw him before he left for his new show and he spent 3 days with Jordan and her family. They had more respect than those two.

  195. I dont like rachel and brendon and I hate the way they are controlling the house and rachel thinks she is in charge of everything this year, production may lose their job she just might take it. If they win anything else i am thru because it is no fun to watch when all the show is just about 2 people.

  196. I’m really sick of these HGs saying that theirs’ is the very BEST season. Also sick of Rachel saying that America MUST love Brenchel AND Rachel’s awful cliches, like “obvi”, “Floaters, grab your life vests (actually, that’s a good one) and “Brenchel”, to name but a few.

    I’m mostly tired of all of them being so SURE that America thinks that they’re so great and the best BB cast EVER! They should only know that most of us think that they’re actually the MOST boring and cowardly cast in BB history!

    Kathy and Hayden are reassuring Kristin that she’ll be offered SO many opportunities, once she leaves the house (because she’s become so famous, afterall)!!

    And Enzo was talking (last night) about selling his flat-screen TV, which he won in the POV) on ebay and getting LOTS of $ for it, especially if he autographs it.

    Autographs his TV? REALLY?? Guess he’ll become a billionaire! These people are delusional.

    Why do you think that CBS chose Kathy for this cast? What has she brought to it, save for boredom, saying “you know what I mean?” after every other word and whining about needing to stay b/c she has leukemia, ever since she had chemo for her other cancer, at age 18?

    I know that she’s older and therefore the ‘house mother’ but Remi was MUCH more interesting on her season; she had some spice and humor!

    Well, the HGs are fixing dinner now and that ALWAYS makes me hungry so I’m off to the kitchen!! See you guys later!! Hope that you all had/have delicious dinners as well!!

    Very nice chatting with you. I’ll be back later!

  197. You are so right, Bonnie. This season’s been a real bummer. I’m not ready to turn it off just yet (I look forward to this show ALL YEAR), but I’m not sure right now if I can stick it out for the rest of the season. I wonder if the ratings have dropped compared to past seasons. So sad.

  198. Ok i dont post on here much, but enjoy reading others thoughts and predictions, but I keep seeing peeps saying Rachel tells it like it is, well yes but only when she is HOH, any other time she and Brendon are off alone.

    I think Kristen will go home.

    My favorite is Brit, just because she is playing a good game and like many others have said just too funny in the DR.

    I hope Brit gets HOH and Id like her to be the sab

  199. @JB:


  200. @Bonnie L.: actually, just the other day on the live feeds, Rachel told Britney she’s pretty sure that a good chunk of America hate her guts… so you can’t really said that she isn’t self-aware.

  201. Oh and if they did bring a HG back Id like to see Monet, just because it gives Brit an allie

    Oh and in my opinion Brit is the hottest girl there.

  202. Omg. all day long they have had all 4 cameras on only one room/person. Why are we paying $40 to see only one thing! there is no talking…nothing…i am watching kathy and kristen sit in complete silence….what a bummer.

    I am SO happy Kristen is going home! that girl can try to campaign all she wants, but she’s gone!

  203. ooh, I would like for them to bring Monet back too…even though I didn’t like her…it would def. change the game! brit would stop being fake nice to rachel and team up w/ monet.

    I know Brit says (behind rach’s back) that she would put up rachel/brendon if she won hoh…but I seriously don’t think she has the balls to just turn around like that and throw the two of them up if she wins it this sunday….

  204. Oooh, Enzo finally said what I have been thinking… Regan is “playing the whole house right now”… duh!! finally these people are waking up!

  205. I read somewhere earlier today that the evicted house guests are no longer being sequestered. Anyone know if this is true?!?!

  206. Kristen has had some plastic surgery, but is still beautiful, and evicted this week.

    Britney`s DR sessions are hilarious. She might be your 2nd straight blonde BB winner.

    Rachel is the 2nd coming of Janelle, winning HOH every other week, but not BB.

    Matt reminds me of Ronnie the Rat, annoying and self destructing very soon when his lies catch up to him.

    Lane reminds me of Ryan from a few seasons ago. His look, his attitude and his strategy.

    Ragan, Lane and Britney will be in that final HOH, where the winner sends one of the other 2 HG`s home immediately.

  207. I read that too about them not being sequestered anymore. I don’t see how they can bring a hg back if they are not being sequestered anymore…now they know everything that has been going on…that seems unfair. ?? who knows.

  208. omg. kristen is talking about how she is ‘a game player’… please! she hasn’t done anything!

  209. I have to say one thing BB is a game like chess and these houseguests are not playing to win. They are all too emotional and are taking this game to heart when they should not. There are 4 HG that are not aligned with anyone “ARE they ignorant? You cant win the game if your not aligned with someone in the house. All I can say Brenchel is a repeat of Dick and Danielle!!! They somehow manipulated the house and they won. These Hg need to get fire in this game and play to win…

  210. now kristen is saying how andrew was just jealous of hayden b/c hayden was getting ‘with’ kristen… she is so freaking conceited. I can’t wait to see her go!

  211. I got no dog in any of these fights and couldn’t care less about who’s going to win HoH next week… However, it would be a very delectable outcome if Brendan wins it – it would literally make most of you posters’ brains COLLECTIVELY EXPLODED which would be awesome!
    It’s also telling that most of you like Britney more than Rachel when there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two of them – they both shown their bitching and sweet side throughout the game, they’re both strong players even after taking so very illogical decisions, yet it’s also undeniable that Britney is way more hypocritical than Rach (not hating here, just stating fact, plus her fake friendship is the only way she can keep herself safe, so that’s a good move.) Essentially, the one defining difference between those two is Brendan… So if you said that you hate Rachel, admit that you really truly hate BRENCHEL, ‘cuz I really doubt the redhead would get such animosity against her is she was alone in this game.

    And for full disclose: I personally do not like ANYBODY in this cast! But my indifference to the outcome of BB makes me feel like I can be more objective toward its players than most of you, so that’s that…

  212. YEA!!!! Britney made the right decision. And I can’t wait to see that rat Kristen get the boot and go home! Hayden will get the Brigade’s votes, as well as Rachel and Brendon’s votes, and evil will leave the building on Thursday! Sad, because I liked Kristen up until she showed who she really was. Here’s to hoping Brendon gets the next HOH!!!

  213. If the brigade voted to evict Hayden it would wreck their secret alliance, and Hayden could potentially out them in spite so all 3 would have targets on their backs.

  214. @Keira
    actually I have heard many good looking young men I work with say Kristen is beautiful ( or HOT is the word they used) There is a phrase, ” beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” people have their own tastes, so dont be too surprised when others dont think the same as you re: attractiveness
    Personally as a female, I think she is very pretty, jmho

  215. If Brittney chose not to use the POV It was the right move (for now) AS SHE WILL PROBABLY BE SAFE FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS…big probably but she knows that this week Rachel n’ Brendon are the targets..and the week after that my guess is The one left of the R&B OR KATHY..SO for all intense and purposes Brittney is safe for a time..

  216. Yeah, Britney is safe for a couple of weeks unless Kathy wins HOH (as if that would ever happen). Kathy doesn’t like Britney and that “group” of people.

  217. @Nic

    I think it’s because the houseguests are assuming that the next HOH competition after that will be the week of double elimination, and they don’t won’t a brigade member sitting out for that one. But I’m not watching the feeds, so I’m just guessing.

  218. Well….I am not being mean or catty (a lie) BUT I WILL NOT HOLD MY BREATH waiting for Kathy to win HOH…She is gonna have to get up off her ass n’ outta one of the many places she choses to lay hour after hour after day..I am with Ragan who said…When Kathy is on ur team it is like lugging around a dead body..Referring to the movie.. Weekend at Bernies..but she may suprise us..or not..lmao

  219. Rachel is playing this way too personal!!! And she pretty much makes herself a target to everyone! I’d like Kristen to stay and yes, she’s really pretty even her personality… she sounds real sweet! Anyhow… I really hope Rachel ends up going, then I’d like to see Enzo leaving. He def thinks he’s the shit. He’s like the male version of Rachel! He and his meow meow shit… please…

  220. The brigade are a bunch of idiots. I cannot stand any of them. Not worth the time to talk about them.
    Now Britney, You should hear Britney talk on supperpass. She is unbelievable! I surely wouldn’t want to be the guy she’s engaged to. I do feel bad for him. Her and lane disgusting the size of his penis and what the brigade and her are going to do when the show is over. Sickening! she is not even close to being lady-like in any way! Crude, rude, disgusting, those are the words to describe Britney. Kathy = fake, sneaky, whinny, sickening! She should be called the boo hoo baby. Kristen, so very glad to see you go! Liar is your nick name. When you were caught you should of admitted it. No, instead you run around the house stating you don’t lie, yeah right!!That was a lie in itself. I watched her with Hayden snuggle up in bed together. talk about wanting to puke! Sneaky, whiner just like Kathy. I hope Rachel and Brendon make the final two. I know it isn’t going to happen, but I would love to see it. I so hope the brigade gets found out. Can’t wait to see them go. Come on Brendon, win the next HOH!

  221. It doesn’t matter what Kristen or even if Rachel falls for Kristen “poor me” campaign, Kristen will be voted out!

  222. Britney’s a pimp ;). I like how she’s playing Rachel. Rachel will be a tough cookie to crack, but I hope to GOD someone gets that woman out of the house soon. In fact, just to see her meltdown, I want Brendon to go first. I’m sick to death of the couple’s melodramatics. I’m disappointed in the outcome, however. Kristin staying in the house and potentially winning the HOH would have caused the world to spin in that BB house. All the firecrackers who could have taken on Rachel are gone: Annie, Monet, and now Kristin most likely. But I suppose that speaks to Rachel’s skill and savvy. But that savvy and her antics will come back to bite her if she makes it to the end. It could be a codfish and Rachel and I would probably vote for the codfish to win. She’ll probably use the money to buy a loveshack for Brendon and herself, and have mercy i couldn’t stomach having the money spent like that when people like Kathy could use it for a greater good or whatever. Come on housemates. Get those two crazies out!

  223. Why did Brendon ask ragan about helping a friend come out of teh closet? Answer Brendon is his own friend – R&B are both bi which is why they are together. Brendon thinks a hot girl will make his conflicting feelings go away.

    This is why he cries so much and hates rachel’s game play of endless emotion and making people mad.

    B$ BB ends this season – Brendon will announce on national TV he is bi – watch him around the men of the Brigade – he was all smiles when he played policeman – it was so funny

  224. rachel is getting rid of the women because as a Vegas girl she knows how competative women can be with one another – she can better play the men than the girls

  225. bobby – you seem pretty obsessed with the fact that brendon may or may not be gay or bi… who cares either way?

  226. Does anyone know what the veto ticket ragan won in the veto competition is and how it can be used? That could put a twist on things!

  227. I read somewhere that he can use the ticket to play in a veto comp. It might come in handy to save a friend or keep others out of the comp. I don’t know if it is transferable or not.

  228. rick – it is important because it will become and issue in teh break-up of R&B which in teh end could save him to the final 4 –

  229. Here’s the thing. Rachel is a good player, hands down. She is a competitor and is doing what it takes to win competitions. On the other hand, she is being really ignorant and bull-headed 1. by making up stories about things people told her when they really didn’t especially as she calls them out in front of the house. Some may say that’s good gameplay because the houseguests may believe her, but 2. by saying things like “bring it on” and “i dare you” to the other houseguests when the numbers are honestly against her and Brendon. She would have made it really far in the game like Janelle if she would have held the “bitch” card back for a few more weeks. Also, her and Brendon should have at least by now created some secret alliances or deals with people in the house just for security. They won’t make it to the end unless they keep winning HOH’s and POV’s every week. That’s the bottom line.

  230. bobby – i have to respectfully disagree. I don’t think that there is going to be some ‘big break’ in brendon’s sexuality that will cause a huge rift in the house…that is just weird. i don’t think he would come on national tv to ‘expose’ himself as a gay/bi man when he has done nothing but be intimate with rachel… it just doesn’t make any sense.

  231. Kaz NOONE wants to make a “secret” deal with Brachel. They should have made one earlier in the game. I think Brendan should have made one with Hayden. Too bad it is too late. BTW the coversation Brit had earlier with Kristen and how she was whinning about Rachel and how she had put up Monet against her and now Hayden against Kristen. WTF? Um isn’t that the name of the game? Um didn’t Hayden first start this by putting up Rachel against Brendan? And now you are complaining about what she has done? Brit I sure wish Rachel would wake up and find out about your betrayal, yours is worst than The Brigade, atleast they didn’t spend 3 hours in the HOH tub with Rachel like YOU did. Idiot!

  232. If you don’t believe that Kristin is(was) the best-looking female on this season’s cast, you are either a blind man or a jealous woman. :)

  233. Didnt Reagan win something in the competition. dont have live feeds so not sure, just thought i read something on a spoiler page about it. i thought it said something that it could end up being like the cout-de taout (no clue how to spell it). any one know anything about that??
    i think the brigade needs to be exposed. i think enzo is the only nice one in the group. matt lies about his wife. hayden is to worried about kristen and lane is just there

  234. lmao! Brit is better looking than Kristen. she has swollen cheeks and looks like a chipmunk. i’m not saying she is hideous, but she’s not the best looking this season.

  235. Rachel is a menace to the house. Brenden is a Doucher. They are both not there to play the game, they are there to be together like this is the love connection. Its Big Brother!!! The game is nothing but a JOKE with Rachel winning HOH’s and Brenden winning Veto’s.

    1.) Rachel is annoying, not cute, trashy.

    2.) The only reason she wants Kristen gone is because Kristen and Hayden got away with having a showmance; Rachel and Brenden could never do that. She is mad at Kristen for being better at having a boy toy in the house. How can you get mad at someone for doing the same thing that you are doing…only better?? Hmm??

    3.) To have sex on national tv, live, in living color….enough said. No, it doesn’t make her a whore, it doesn’t make Brenden a whore either; but it does make them seem….like they have no class. You have to draw the line somewhere when you are on tv. If they really liked each other, it could wait until after the show is over, or at least when you’re in the jury house with no cameras.

    4.) Brenden is…kind of gross, and not cute either. I get the feeling that if it were between him and Rachel…he would sacrifice her, so he could win the money.

    5.) Rachel might be winning things, but it is not to win the money. It is so that her and “Her Man” can stay in the house together and play “house” if you know what I mean.

  236. Nikki: I agree w/ your #5 for sure.

    I think Rachel just really wants the ‘air time’ …she’s looking to make it big. I think she thinks that BB is going to be her ‘big break’ into what, i couldn’t tell you. Her having this ‘relationship’ with brandon is giving her more exposure (no pun intended) … I really do think that this is all just an elaborate ploy for her to become ‘famous’ … poor girl, she is delusional…OBVI!!!!! ha ha ha ;-)

  237. Mary the way you said that you described Brittany perfectly. I like them both though. Kristen has a classic beauty that I prefer to Brittany’s cute little chipmunk look. They both have excellent bodies except Brit. needs to back off the candy because she is getting a beer belly.

  238. thank God….are you kidding me… not taking a chance when Rachel extended an olive branch was her downfall…see ya back in Philly …LOSER!!!

  239. rachel is getting skankier by the day… I will praise Jesus when she gets the boot in the ass out the door

  240. on the live feeds it is great to see the swollen crying blood shot eyes of Kristen, she is doomed and I LOVE it!!!!

  241. oooh Budman! I probably mixed up my words! sorry! I meant that KRISTEN looks like the chipmunk w/ swollen cheeks. she reminds me of the rescue rangers…it looks like she got cheek implants…I think that BRIT is better looking than Kristen. I think they both have nice bodies, for sure – that’s not even debatable ;-) The only think that irks me about Brit is her one ‘eye’…and i know EVERYONE knows what I am talking about! lol… everyone can have their own opinion about someone’s looks. Perhaps my dislike for Kristen is clouding my vision…but I think Brit looks better.

  242. Mary: I didn’t even think about it that way. But, now that you mention it…Rachel is all fake, no brains, and in desperate need of a better hair dye job.

    She is only on BB and in a showmance for a “big break”. lol

  243. Have the live feeds been on Kathy & Kristen the entire time. Kathy keeps saying she’s going to sell her soul to the devil aka: brechel, but seriously that won’t be anything new because she hasn’t done anything anyways.

  244. well, she CAN’T be there for the money…b/c you know she is a VIP cocktail waitress in Vegas and all…so she is probably making buco buco bucks! So, she is OBVI only there to have a showmance and get some air time b/c she probably wants to be a serious actress or something…who knows – maybe she thinks “Brenchel” will get a reality tv show out of this deal…that girl is just nuts ;-)

  245. I am positive that Rachel thinks that her and Brendon are going to be the next CBS stars. Don’t be surprised if you see them on the Amazing Race, Survivor…I really think she thinks most of America loves her. I can’t stand her. This power trip she has been on all week has been the turning point for me. Whoever wins this weeks HOH, and please God, don’t let it be Brendon, if it is, this show is rigged, better have the balls to put those two up!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Brendon put it plainly and simply: she’s on a power trip. Rachel wins her second HOH (a legitimate win, better than her first lucky win) and goes crazy. Watch out floaters! I’m comin’ to getcha! Are you kidding me? She has no sense of diplomacy. She can’t draw relations between her bull-headed actions of their terrible consequences. Why is there a target on your back, Rachel? Because you put it there, and you’re making it bigger every day.

  247. I think that even though Brit said she would put up rach/brendon if she wins hoh – I don’t think she has the actual balls to do it. I don’t know if they will both get nominated…

    Matt B you said it right on! she has no sense of diplomacy – it’s like she thinks her hoh status will last longer than a week! um, NO! it was literally as SOON as she won that hoh she was calling out the floaters…what is wrong w/ that girl! I’m glad that she said something though that pissed of Kristin b/c that just caused the fight that caused Kristin to go home… so – that worked well for me! :-)

  248. I despise the brigade, especially Matt. Lane works my nerves also because he thinks the brigade is all that but he hasn’t done anything to contribute. I thought I liked Rachel and Brendon, at first, but they are so stupid, it’s beyond ridiculous. So I really have no favorite. I guess if I had to choose, right now, I would say go Brittney.

  249. For all of you that are spending your time hating Rachel, I think you need to spend some time looking at it from her side. She and Brandon have been targets since week one. Everyone is consistently harassing them. In the last HOH I felt so sorry for her. Kristen was hell bent on picking her over and over in the hopes of eliminating her. She and Brandon spend every moment of their time being picked on… After 4 weeks of that you would be unable to keep from snapping too! No one caring about you, everyone out to get you… no family, no friends, no computer, or TV to lose yourself in. It is a lot easier to sit at your screen and judge the people you see when it isn’t you. She seems like a genuine girl with very low self esteem that is having to deal with a lot of pressure from a house of overly pretty and confident people! I am happy she has Brandon to keep her company… poor thing.

  250. People keep picking on Brachel because they are a showmance. I don’t want to look at anything from Rachel and Brendon’s perspective. They need to leave the house. If both of them make it to the final two, I know this game is fixed, and I will never watch BB again.

  251. this is so boring. i just don’t get this season at all. i know most of the people hate rachel and brendon well more her than him but honestly they are the only one creating the drama. when they go it’s going to be even more boring. like it or not. also, i never wanted to jump on the band wagon of hating people but honestly kathy is realy rubbing me the wrong way with all this they are the devil bs. brit has actually gained my respect because she is playing as hard as rachel and brendon. tired of the brigade throwing comps and from the sounds of it they all want to throw the next one because they want all of them to play the fallowing one because they think that is when the double eviction is going to happen. do they not realize that brendon has a better chance of winning this hoh then because his only compition will be kathy,reagon and brit and with the house guest numbers down that could mean not one but two of them will go on the block this week.

  252. Look – it doesn’t take the smartest person in the world to realize that rachel is OBVI trying to play a part. she wants to be the ‘ditzy’ ‘valley girl’ chick that is just ‘ha ha!’…the night she was pretending to be drunk?! i wanted to slit my wrists. It is even more painfully OBVI when she is in her DR sessions…her over exaggerated tone, her demeanor, even how she wears her hair (in a high pony to the side…holy 80’s). she is just trying to play a part and it is sickening.

    none of the hg have anything else to ‘lose themselves in’ that’s why they all just talk in circles. But rachel is most def. NOT innocent.

  253. It would be SOOOO Ironic if Brendon won HOH on Thursday! The big twist! GO Brenchel! I love watching them And they are fighting for their lives. I personally like Rachel’s personality above all else. she says how she feels flat out amd I would totally hang out with her because she would tell me whats up. We are a perfect friend match and I love knowing how ppl feel to my face. :P Think what you want. I want Kristen’s sorry @$$ out of the house! Laying back trying to stay under the radar is boring for Reality tv. BUH BYE KRISTEN!!!

  254. Lynn I never thought that way but … your so right ha ha ha. I thought she was dropped on her face as a baby. its kinda flat looking

  255. don’t get me started on kristen! lol… besides her cheeks…her nose irritates me…she walks weird…lynn, you said it right with her ‘frog legs’…and brit is totally right – she wears all her pants SO high waisted! isn’t she supposed to be a ’boutique manager’ or something… then she should know that that is NOT ‘ in fashion’ …. kristen with her beady little eyes…i’m SO GLAD she’ll be GONE!!!! AND she walks weird too.

  256. If this show is boring to any one…why watch. Its so boring looking at posts that say people are bored. Rachel and Brendon are boring, Brit is hilarious, the brigade is boring. The floaters are boring. The whole season is boring. But I am not going to post that on here. It is kind of a waist of space.

    @ Mary, I agree!!! Rachel is not liked because she is FAKE. So to everyone who doesn’t understand why she is hated, and feel that she is the only one making things interesting…I don’t get that. I’d rather watch a boring show for something to do, than watch someone that is fake talking loud on the tv, having sex live in living color, and laughing obnoxiously. Sorry.

  257. Everyone that “hates” Rachel and loves Kristen is crazy!!! Rachel has been attacked from the get go and keeps winning. Kristen targeted Rachel repeatedly in the HOH competition and then was a complete sore loser! She was outed with her “showmance” and then both Hayden and Kristin just flat out lied about it. Rachel may be skanky but she is honest, tried to give an olive branch to poor loser Kristen and laughs a lot. Britney is just a catty, ugly beotch. Her remarks make her look uglier every day. By the end of BB she will be just as ugly on the outside to me as she is on the inside.

  258. My Pop once told me that a woman with power is a wonderful thing, except if that woman has poo for brains, hmm, I wonder if he was talking about boobzilla?

  259. Kristen does look odd….Brit kinda looks pale. And now Rachel is walking around the house with a riDONKulous dress on at 9:39pm.

  260. I actually don’t have favorites this season. I just love to hate BB. Rachel is gross. Brendon is tired. The brigade is Whack! Kristen…Brit is catty and childlike. Monet was sorry. Annie…EPIC FAIL as the sabatour. Just a bapp season. I just want to watch to see if the show is really rigged like everyone suspects. Rachel and Brendon needed to go week one and two. The whole house is dumb because they can’t get rid of those two losers. Just a silly season overall.

    And! If you really think about it…why are there no minorities this season? Is it because of Chima?

  261. for all that did not catch it brendan and rachel are the longtime friends.if you go back to the competition to get to watch the movie brendan won to be able to watch it and as the hoh rachel got to watch it also.anyway brendan said that he was going to enjoy going to the movie because he never got the chance to take her not be surprised if they are married

  262. I just turned on BBAD – is Lane actually thinking of voting to save Kristen – or is he just killing time and BSing her along for something to do?

  263. I think everyone is BSing her. Lane wants to keep the brigade of course. He would never be able to persuade anyone to vote to keep Kristen over Hayden.

  264. @Sterling (#309)…. he is just BSing her. He will vote with the Brigade for sure. He’s just trying to make her feel like she has a chance, just to make her last days a little smoother.

  265. Rico/Nikki Thanks – whew for a minute I thought I had entered an alternate universe! He is good at it though – I was buying it.

  266. Rachel just proclaimed… “I can do pole dancing!”.

    Like we didn’t know that already!

  267. I could be wrong though. Weirder things have happened in the BB house. Like the brigade not being able to get rid of the lent on thier shoulders: BRACHEL!!!

  268. @Sterling (#312)… You’re not the only one who was buying it. Kristen bought it, too. Big time.

  269. LOL Rico – when she said that I was thinking “oh really???” I’m thinking the hate Rach folks are going to have a field day with her dance of the 7 veils routine.

  270. Rachel just keeps talking and the worse she sounds. Seriously people buying her $1000 bottle of tequila?? At “work”?

  271. I am sitting here watching BBAD watching the sleeze, Rachel, twirling around in her stupid dress, lifting it up, she has her bikini bottoms on, this woman craves attention. Talking about drinking while she is working, ass hanging out when she works, I know it is Vegas, I have never seen anyone so power hungry and such an attention diva in my life.

  272. Just curious, are there people out there that don’t believe that Lane is a pompous idiot?

  273. Somebody get Tom Leykis back on the air. There are guys that will buy some trap Platinum Patron? Brendon, red flags all over the place. You can’t afford this ho man!! Please!!

  274. @Frank: I don’t think Lane is an idiot, but in my own opinion(for what it is worth,Probably not much) I don’t think he contributes much game play to the show. Maybe it’s just me?

  275. I have to admit it is pretty bad. Rach has totally gone deeply into her own power trip. I suspect that when she emerges from the BB cocoon even she’ll be embarrassed at her self indulgence…. or maybe not.

  276. you guys realy need to know this. yes bb does do what bb does ie: sab, pandoras box, has us vote on things,ect…. bb has to protect themself becuase if they didn’t they would have a major lawsuit on there hands from the competitors and c b s or bb is not looking for lawsuits. i’m not a big brachel fan either (actually i realy don’t a favorite this season) so get off that bb is rigged just because rachel and brendon have been winning along with hayden and brit. come on guys use common sence. bb does not rig events so specific people win becuase if they did, no more bb period after the lawsuit and they are not going to put their show and baby at risk for a lawsuit that would be detrimental to not only bb, but survior,bbad and any other reality show they air.I also know this because a long long long time ago i worked for tv station (not c b s) and know the legal in and outs as far as tv goes, so your not just hearing this from a poster with personal feelings about the subject other than everyone thinking it is rigged for bren and rachel to win. again get over it come up with another reason rachel brendon keep winning comps because it is not rigged. period end of story!

  277. Don’t know if it’s been said before — sorry if it has — Several have said that Rachael is playing the game. I’ll grant that she’s playing “A” game, but if it’s the BBH game, she is playing it poorly. Did you notice that with the last nominations the keys were placed in the exact order of how she (at that time!) wants the other house guests to stay/go? She certainly didn’t play that hand close to her chest. I sure she’ll always remember her time and experiences as Big Brother’s HOH. Sadly, the world will remember her as Season 12’s HO.

  278. @frank…. I agree with you on Kristen. She hasn’t actually done anything, but in her own mind she has some kind of great game. I think she is confusing what she planned to do with what she has actually done.

    As far as Lane… I don’t think he’s an idiot. I certainly don’t think he is pompous. I think he maybe “plays” the “hasn’t-seen-the-world-country-boy” but I’m not entirely buying it. He has deceived several of the hg’s already (i.e., Brit, Kristen, and to some degree Rach & Brendon) and has flown under the radar to the degree that no one currently would vote to evict him. And he seem like he’d compete well once the jury house has been made. Pretty smart, actually.

  279. Actually, I don’t think Lane is a pompous idiot. In fact, I like him (so far!). Although we are probably fortunate that there is no cow (I mean a real one!) as a house guest, else we might be looking at a third “shomance.”

  280. kristen says she didn’t get a chance. Huh? She had weeks of chances to win HoH and pov. Like her or not, Rach played a better game than kristen.

  281. @Rex… Yep, Rachel is playing a good game if your goal is to dominate early and then go home. Her strategy almost guarantees she can not win. Even if she somehow makes it to the end, she will have no votes in the jury house. If somehow she and Brendon end up winning money in this game, it would be absolutely amazing.

  282. @Kristi – interesting perspective and I’m sure you are right that they wouldn’t totally rig things – but I’m sure the HG’s all sign their life away legally speaking when they go on the show. I have had some past experience with things legal – and no one in the house could sue CBS for the amount of production manipulation that they use. I posted earlier that I doubted production would “allow” B&R to both go home in a double elim. It would kill the show. I don’t think they would out and out cheat (i.e. provide answers etc) but I do think they might set up a competition that would favor certain players. Also – if they did both get eliminated CBS would probably have viewers vote to have someone come back into the house. So they have a ratings ax to grind – as well as provide a fair chance to all players.

  283. They are not allowed to “fix” shows by law. Has anyone seen Quiz Show ? It is against the law to fix a game on public airwaves.

    • It’s apparently not a game show it is entertainment television, like wrestling. But wrestling isn’t fixed, right?

  284. kristen says she’s made the most bold moves in the game. What bold moves has she made other than having to wear the leotard/whacked wig?give it up kristen you’re a floater + you’re out.

  285. @ sterling, if bb rigged a comp for any of the hg’s to win, no matter what contract they signed, that would be a breach of that contract and they could sue. as far as it being geared towards certain players to win, i think it just a matter of luck, brains and endurance. with that being said, i hope every one has a good night and i enjoy all of your post even the ones i don’t agree with. i personally find these chats more interesting than the show at the time, but still love the show. love hearing everyone’s views, good night again :)

  286. Is it me, or does Britney’s eyes change color? I like her game. Somebody better make a damn move!!

  287. O.K. This is 2010, they can rig anything their heart desires. The players pretty much sign their rights away. I may be wrong, I would love to be PROVEN wrong, but it can be done!!

  288. I know some don’t agree that Lane is a moron. Do you believe that Enzo is the IDIOT that I see?

  289. @ Tishe No, they are not allowed to do whatever they want. The FCC monitors all of it.

  290. @tishe – I agree. I’m pretty sure that whatever they sign legally/contractually is so figgin’ tight they couldn’t sue CBS if CBS was driving the bus everyone gets thrown under!

  291. Oh – and by the way – WTF is up with Kristen’s tongue! It’s very unusual – rounder than normal. Very alien – very strange.

  292. kristen is just weird looking anyw I like how she thinks Rachel is jealous of her…Why would she think Rachel or anyone would be jealous of her she wears her pants all the way up to her neck

  293. google the lawsuits that have been brought up against tv shows. also the fcc something i specialize in when i worked in the biz, doesn’t allow it. that latest lawsuit happend in feb of this year. again, good nitht all! tho proof is out there you just have to look for it.

  294. OMG… This “Vegas” argument Brenchel is having….

    Rachel is doing the silent pout thing… WTH?
    My 3 year old nephew does the same thing!

  295. OMG This is GREAT!!! Proof that Rachel and Brendon are just for TV. Relationship not going to work. Brendon is realizing alot about Rachel.

  296. Kristen, shut up. No one cares. What have you done to deserve to stay over anyone else? You’ve done nothing. You have no votes.

  297. ahhh! What is this Vegas argument?? it cracks me up solely because for once Rachel is at a loss for words.

  298. Hahaha, those two are precious… he just kept talking like an idiot while she pouted

  299. That girl is evil man. Did you see the face she made? Someone dares call her out on her crap, and she can’t take it!! How do you guys defend this girl? Really? Come to Vegas and spend 250k is better than having some beers and chillin? Is it next week yet?

  300. it wasn’t bb. one of the shows was one that was supposed to be on fox but the fcc investigated, found out that it was rigged and never air. hope that cleared up your question frank. logging off talk to you all tomorrow.

  301. @Rico and Nikki – agreed. He needs to see she is what she is – a Vegas VIP waitress. If he can’t handle it he better back off, way off. What did he think she was??

  302. This has to be the WORST season. I told myself if Kristen was voted out I would no longer watch. Well I am no longer watching this crap.

    I would rather watch Kristen unintentionally roll her one eye while talking ..while dressed in a unitard with that ridiculous wig that actually looks like her real hair. Than have to suffer and watch Rachel and Brendon.

    Not to be mean but they make my stomach churn. I loved the innocent “showmance” between Kristen and Hayden, not the cheap soft porn/ bad acting Show Girls routine from Rachel.

    I’m sorry but this is the last time I’m viewing Big Brother 12. I’m out.

    Take care guys.

  303. Attention Las Vegas Travel/Chamber of Commerce: You don’t want this girl representing you!!

  304. @Sterling, yep Brendon is realizing it as we watch. This relationship cannot make it past this show.

    And yes, the close ups need to stop on both Rachel and Brendon. Eww.

  305. Dude. Rachel needs some growing up to do. She doesnt understand where Brendon is coming from. She took what he was saying the wrong way && made it an arguement. & then blamed him for the arguement.!!

  306. Brendon grow a pair and walk out. She said it “I am Vegas”. What else do you need to know. It’ll be like this every day of your sorry life if you spend it with her.

  307. “Brendon, I moved to vegas when I was 22..because…it was part of me.” roflmbo!!!!

  308. I have had enough of that selfish, drunk ignorant
    b@#$th. She has finally pushed me over the edge. I hope he dumps her soon. Poor Rachel…

  309. “Brendon, you don’t understand what a big deal this move would be for me… I’d have to move my dog…”

    “Brendon, you have only lived in California and I have been through so much and you just aren’t smart enough or experienced enough to understand…”

    C’mon, girl..

  310. “Rachel, you’re NOT just Vegas…”

    Uh… Brendon, yes she is.

    Oh, no… I forgot… she’s a chemist.

  311. UGH!!! They both keep saying the same thing!!! Brendon, grow a pair and walk out of the Hoh room. JEEZ!!!

  312. @ Rioc, I am laughing soooo hard. I need oxygen. This argument is over the dumbest thing, which shows why they can’t make it AWWWW they just went to commercial!!! AAHHHH

  313. Hahahahahahaha that was great. I fail to see how the dog fit into the argument though…..

  314. @Nikki…. yeah, their whole relationship is going to play out in the course of 5 weeks. Meet, “fall in love”, “date”, have sex, argue, split up, restraining order.

  315. This is one of those great moments in reality TV when we see real people acting real stupid. Sometimes reality is too blindingly real. Oh by the way production…. there is still a few others in the house who may not be repeating themselves over and over and over. I actually long to to hear Kathy say “ya know”.

  316. @Davis… you don’t??? Then you are just like Brendon!! (and the rest of us!)

    Rachel would say “You don’t get it… no, you don’t! I’ve been through so much! You don’t understand… my dog is a part of me…”

  317. Can you imagine how much misery she would dish out if she did move to LA? She beat him to death with it every day of his sh*tty life.

  318. the crazy thing is.. it wasnt an arguement. Rachel MADE it into an arguement. Brendon simply said I was sick of hearing about you talking about Vegas. So I walked away… then you started it back up again. && it bothered me.

    That was it. Rachel needs to grow up

  319. This has got to be the most unintelligent argument from two “scientists” that I have ever seen. They have got to be lying about their passion for science.

    How is is possible for her not to make a coherent sentence and be a chemist???????

  320. Ok, it’s time for BBAD to switch views. The funny stuff is over, we can skip the nauseating schmoopie schmoopie stuff we’ve seen over and over this season already…

  321. Rico/Nikki – I enjoyed your posts a lot, good laughs and all is well in BB land just before the BBAD shuts down for the night – me too.

  322. The last five minutes will be this crap. I’m changing it now. Goodnite fellow Brachel haters.

  323. No Rachel didnt try to compare her gameplay to Janell!? Janell (in my opinion) was the best Female Player in BB History! She didnt get caught up in a showmance && she made it to the top 3 by herself! (especially after Kaysar left >>>the second time lol)

  324. Who the hell is producing BBAD this year, they are doing a terrible job. Just as an example tonight Rachael was telling a story about how much of a skank she is and they just cut to Kristin laying in bed alone for an eternity. They have been doing a horrible job, last year they covered the conversations so well, this year its two hours of people playing pool while stories are being told in the background.

  325. Before I go to sleep. @ Memphis….yes, she did just compare herself to Jenelle. HORRIBLE. Jenelle is way smarter, and was the best BB player in history.

    @ Rico and Sterling, you guys are great!!!

  326. @Rico #385
    Oh thank God I’m not alone then!

    So I actually feel really bad for Kristen now… she’s completely wasting her time talking to the brigade and she doesn’t even know it yet… Oh well. Still Team Britney. Haha.

  327. Rachael’s has a degree in mixology and she thinks it makes her a chemist. I can feel my IQ drop when I listen to the words spewing from her mouth

  328. Did anyone notice that Rachel said she hasn’t even told him about everything she’s done in Vegas?

    She’ll never make in LA. In Vegas she can lull some idoit into buying a $1000 bottle of tequila for her and take her on a date to Tahiti.

    In LA shes just another rat looking for a meal. Keep her Vegas. The poor schumck that would think a few Jagerbombs would impress her!! *vomits*

  329. OMG……..Rachel is sleeping on the floor of her own HOH room and Brendan is in tje bed. WTF? Another fight? Rachel is so stupid and drunk and let her sleep on the floor……Idiot!

  330. It looked like they made up. But Brendan did tell her she smelled like garlic. But sleeping on the floor is sooooo Vegas anyways. Suits her.

  331. I just don`t see anything wrong with Rachel game-wise-well i do hate the way she laughs.She is playing a good game with two HOH already.And I dont see the need for people to really hate her.Brendon has done nothing to make the other houseguest to hate him like they do….what is wrong with some romance and melodrama in the house.That is what makes it really fun……….don`t u think
    Ateto Japan

  332. those that think rachel and brendan are not very smart need to think again.i think they do know of another alliance in the house and the move to put up kristen and hayden was to find out who is in it.rachel played kristen like a fiddle and she fell for it when she didnt take the apology from rachel.if she had more than likely rachel would have put up someone else.there are two scenarios i see could happen.if kristen does go home hayden will be looking for blood.he wont go after rachel and brendan because rachel tried to give kristen a chance to stay in the house but kristen blew it.more likely is the possibility that he would go after matt because he screwed up the chance to get rid of either brendan or rachel and the two of them would not have been put up.he might align himself with rachel and brendan to get revenge on matt.
    the other scenario would be that hayden gets sent home at which time kristen would at the very least figure out that there is something fishy going on because she knows she doesnt have the votes to stay.i see this as being the way the voting goes because the brigade will try to use her to do their dirty work for them.if kristen stays and gets hoh their hope woould be that she nominates brendan and rachel and if it doesnt work the target would be on kritens back and not them.i think this is their best move but i think it backfires and the brigade gets screwed and tatooed.

  333. @Howard: Good point.
    I think Rachel is playing emotionally and I feel she put Hayden and Kristen on the block because Hayden put Rachel and Brendon on the block. I was hoping that she would wonder why none of these guys are winning anything and suspect that they have an alliance together. She needs to find out soon, or it will be over for them. They won’t have to votes to kick people out and the brigade will run the house. I don’t have a favorite. I usually have one by now. I do think Britney is playing a better game than all of them.

  334. the way everyone votes this week should tell all of the houseguests that there is another alliance and this will take the heat off of brendon and rachel while everyone else tries to figure out whats going on

  335. Everyone will vote Kristen out. It’s pretty obvious. How will the votes tell who is aligned with who? I’m new at this BB game and I don’t really understand.

  336. I admit Rachel is a bit much (& no, I don’t like her) but to see a REAL beoch you had to see Chima last year. I never could figure her out. If you think CBS doen’t control what is said by hg why haven’t we heard any of Chima’s rants? Or at least I haven’t.

  337. I happen to think it is time to strip the power couple of thier powers. Rachel is just annoying. I can handle Brendon. I think Matt needs to go home. And then Jersey boy-Enzo.

  338. Rachel is good at the comps but not on strategy. Getting everyone to target her isnt a good strategy in my book. I think either Ragean or Britney has the best strategy. I dont know if i spelled Ragean right. To be back on topic if Britney used her veto both Brenchel and the brigade might target her. I like the way Britney is playing buddy to buddy with Rachel. Her dr are so hilarious.

  339. Did Ragan win anything in the competition that Rachel won the $5000, Enzo the TV, Hayden alone time and Kristin the unitard??

  340. i’m all for Rachel and Brendon the biggest problem with Rachel is she wears her heart on her sleeve she needs to get tougher in the house ….the reason i feel bad for them is there the underdogs and i seem to always go with them thanks for the chat. glad Britney didn’t use the POV

  341. Rachel is so white trashish, the only nice looking thing on her is her boobs and those arent even real. seriously Brendon is hot what does he see in her ?( nothing probably ) What does he see on her? ( her boobs ) wow..whole relationship is based on fakeness

  342. wish i had the live feed but i do have showtime which basicly i can piece together the puzzles to see what happens.

    It would be so awesome if Brendon does win HOH this week ….(: just to upset the Brigade

  343. I want Kristen to stay!!! But I’m pretty sure she’s a goner. The women of this season are painfully bad players. I don’t think a single one of them realizes they are totally outnumbered 4 (3 soon) to 6. Despite Rachel winning HOH, twice, she is a poor strategist and is even worse at playing the social game. I honestly don’t think she’ll have ANY jury votes if she doesn’t change something. Brit is the strongest all around girl IMO. Come on ladies!!! Get it together!!!

  344. @425 As much as it kills me I agree. The only reason I say this, is so the brigade gets broken up. I can’t believe that alliance has survived so long! Rachel’s stupidity combined with pure dumb luck has kept them alive. I am BEGGING for someone to flip and send Hayden home.

  345. I think Rachel and Brendon will make it far into the game. :D If Rachel and Brendon keep winning HoH, They’ll make it far into the game. Kristen is only up on the block because she’s been laying low, and she’s in a showmance. They need to get her out Thursday night! Personally, I never liked Kristen, Rachel was always my favorite, and she always will be.

  346. Lane, Matt, Enzo and Hayden should stay. And the other guys should stay. But Rachel and Brendon needs to go home. They are so annoying. Mostley Rachel.

  347. Brit rocks/she reminds me of me and my girls when we are chattin it up about peeps. And I love that she is just so non-chalant about her comments…cracks me up! She says what everyone is thinking but won’t say. She’s quite brilliant in her ppl skills.

    Enzo cracks me up too…but is annoying at times.

    Kristen is an idiot and that face and attitude makes her so much uglier. Her blow up at Rach was so ignorant.

    Love Lane…his country boy humor is refreshing.

    and Brendon…what a dumba+_!!!! When he told Rach that he loved her and she ignored him he should have said to He!! with you betch!

  348. Davinci82 stranger things have happened but I don’t think it will happen. The guys are gunning for Kristen to get his head back in the game…and I am sure they will be able to get enough votes from everyone else. Brendon will vote how his chick tells him to. :)

  349. Davinici82, Kristen is going to leave. Kristen has 4 votes already. And Hayden has 1 vote already. I dont know about Brittney or Ragan. Lane, Matt, Enzo, and Brendon is voting for Kristen. And Kathy is voting for Hayden.

  350. I am sure that kristen is gone cause Hayden has the brigade, brendan, and matt will probably influence ragams vote. It is sad though, i wanted kristen to stay cause she annoys rachel the way rachel annoys everyone else.

  351. Seriously! you are on here posting stuff about “TV CHARACTERS” do you really think any of these people are their true character? you hate rachel? why? that is such a strong word……really what do you know about these people? i am sure she has the degrees she has for some reason…not because she is stupid or the “B” word that people are calling her!!!

  352. ihaterachel – if you really think those are fake boobs then you are deeply inexperienced.

  353. wow…not really surprised here…everyone seems so afraid of the witch Rachel that they dont make any moves at all in this game….I thought it was funny how Rachel kept making comments about how Kristen “did not want to get into a bubble bath” with her….yeah not me either honey Id be afraid something might crawl out of your vajayjay and attack me…so I wouldnt be caught dead sharing a bath with you either….your nasty….and I cant wait to see you and your useless boyfriend Brendon leave.

  354. Hi everyone…this is my 1st time so be kind O.K.. First let me tell you all I am 63 years old & I have watched BB since season one I am a true fan. What I want to address here is all the “hate” Rachel talk. I think you should remember there back-ground’s and how unlikely it would have been that Brendon would have ever found a woman like Rachel who shared a big part of some of his life interest. To me that is what made them such a unique couple. As far the rest having watched all BB season’s I can tell you all Rachel is truly playing the game, she knows what she is doing because she has studied BB also. I have a sister & a brother both members of MENSA and sometimes I wonder if Brendon has all the book smarts but no common sense ! But guys try to take a step back and re-think your position on Rachel she may be loud and in your face but she is not in BB for any reason except to play the game.

  355. Oh, for the love of gawd! Who doesn’t hate Rachel? She is loud, pushy and trashy; BUT there goes a winner! She has proven herself to be a winner twice over already. And all the stupid members of the brigrade can say is they just have “bad luck.” Ahhh, poor babies! Bad luck my foot. They are a bunch of rambeling idiots that have joined forces to become a bigger bunch of rambeling idiots. I am tired of all crybabies (Kathy) who says she “needs” the money so I guess therefore she should just be given it, right? Enzo thinks he is going “hollywood” after BB, but face it, how many BB folks do you ever hear about after the seasons end other than a very small handfull (Dr Will, Evel Dick, Jeff and Jordan). Lane is playing about the same level as Kathy. Matt is about to get his come uppance because Brendan and Rachel shared the deal they had with him to Haydan. That leaves Britney! Love her sarcastic sense of humor plus she’s a pretty good player. Go Brit! That’s it. I’m off my soap box and outta here. Good Day all.

  356. Rachel is Stupid. The only smart players in the bb game are the brigrade people. I really dont like Rachel or Brendon at all. And Rachel is a BIG MOUTH…………

  357. I’m so bored by this season. I actually don’t really like it when two “Factions” are vying for power. Then people start getting comfy and NOTHING happens. This season and last season has had too many “Team Players.” Where’s the conniving, backstabbing, ruthlessness of seasons past? BB6 had two groups, T. F. and S-6 but at least stuff happened! As much as I want Brendon to win HOH and put up two brigade members, I kind of want Brit to win and shake up Brenchel and stir the pot.

  358. Someone please tell me, Whats wrong with the brigrade people? I dont see anything wrong with them. All they want Rachel and Brendon out. So do I. Theirs nothing wrong with getting Rachel and Brendon out.

  359. My problem with The Brigade is the complacency that surrounds it. Nobody actually does anything. If everyone is playing for themselves, they’ll actually play the game! Plus, I like not knowing who’s going home each week. When a large alliance exists, it’s obvious who’s going to be evicted.

  360. Rachel is playing the game and yes, she may be loud – but the girl is honest to a fault. I like that her and B-boy are into each other. Britney is annoying. Kristen is leaving. Kathy is alone. The guys are just letting the girls take each other out. I would like to see the cameras from the jury house when all the women are there and the men are left in the BB house. That is going to be gooooooood. Enzo – take it to the bank baby. Britney needs to go for taking about your way of speaking. Enzo – clean sweep baby.

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