Big Brother 12: Week 1 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Last night on the premiere of Big Brother 12 it was revealed that Hayden had won the first competition and would be the very first Head of Household of BB12.

Once the premiere episode was over the live feeds turned on and we learned more about what’s going on within the house. Britney is pissed at Kathy, Monet is pissed at everyone, and, to be fair, most people are pissed at most people already. The beer came out and the hot tub opened up so there were lots of moments for bikinis and buff dudes. We even learned who Hayden had nominated!

The Week 1 nominations for Big Brother 12:

  • Brendon
  • Rachel

What do you think of Hayden’s nominations? It’s hard to figure out what was Hayden’s motivation just yet, but I’m sure we’ll know soon. The Power of Veto competition will be held very soon, probably before too long today, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. Brendon, Rachel, Monet, Enzo, Andrew, and Hayden are supposed to be those playing for the Power of Veto.

Did you get a chance to watch the live feeds last night? I’m digging the new Flash-based delivery of the feeds so I can watch them in my regular ol’ web browser. Well done, RealNetworks, now work on fixing the rest of it!


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  1. No!!!!!! Rachel better win the POV! Shes my fav! Put up lane or kristin. theyre weirdd!

  2. Interesting group. My early favorites are Hayden and the Lady Sheriff. Bet the big boob lady has back problems, and I hope that Brittney doesn’t turn out to be a blond bimbo. Catch ya’ll later,

  3. Oh great, Rachel gets nominated, what’s with these guys nominating the girl with the biggest “assets” right off the bat every game.

  4. Hey Summer. Oh no not Brendon he seems cool. Realy can’t stand creepy Andrew already. What a weirdo

  5. Yeah, Andrew is not high on the popularity lists for most the HGs. He climbed up under Annie’s blanket when she didn’t have pants on last night and she was NOT happy about it.

  6. Rachel might be the Sabo with that annoying laugh of hers and I got one out of my two predictions right for nominations.

  7. Rachel has an annoying laugh but too curvy a body to get booted this early. Come on big brother, give us heteros a reason to actually watch the show, if she goes then all we have left is Kristen

  8. I think the sheriff may be the rat! Shes cool, and I wish to God I could look that good at 40! BUuuut, you cant tell me that woman didnt go thru basic training and couldnt get on that hotdog yesterday!!! Rachel is annoying, yes, but were gona need something to keep the focus on later. (AND I DONT MEAN HER BREAST!) Im talkin someone to keep the rest of em entertained.

  9. I am so tired had work at 7am and stayed up untill 2 watching bb after dark I need dvr

  10. i was thinking…enzo would use the POV on rachel if he won and rachel would obviously use it on herself. so thats two already towards rachel. so hopefully she is safe this week. and monet hates rachel though but thats cuz shes a btich…go rachel!

  11. It was a good show last night, but def not like the last crew. BB is def going to have to come up with something to keep the ratings up. Even if Rachel is taken off early, they will find a way to get her back on. The fake boobs always seems to stay.

  12. I am not sure who the rat is. My husband thinks Reagan. I am leaning towards Andrew. He is just weird. And with what has been said, he was so hot on the fact he was a devout Jew, and then climbs in bed with someone, HUMMMM. Sounds fishy to me.

  13. Rachel has to staY!!!! Win POV take youself off. put up someone annyoingly lame like lane or kristin and get them out first! andrew would have been first out i bet if he wasnt exepmt. lame twist. go rachel! win the game!

  14. Hey, leave Rachel….yes, the “girls” are eye-candy. The “old as the hills” stereotype is “big boobs-dumb” – and her laugh is annoying but I can guarantee you – she is probably a sharp cookie. Don’t underestimate!

  15. I think its matt personally. If someone was asked to be a sabatour they would have had to agree to it or not get on the show. I’m looking at people who I think would agree to do it. Also, I think if you had to last for half the game, you aren’t going to blow your cober in the first HOH challenge. I think Kathy was legit not being able to hold on. The methods that the yellow team had was horrible. The red team deserved the win.

  16. ryan, enzo said if he won veto he would not change the nominations because he wants brendon to be evicted. right now it looks like brendon will go this week and then everyone wants andrew gone next week. andrew has made weird comments to everyone and they all believe hes the saboteur. it looks like hayden matt and enzo have an alliance and they really want to get rid of annie by week 3

  17. Any reason why so few black people are on the show this season ? Monet is hardly black too.

    You need some brothers to truly make it Big Brother.

    Or maybe not.

  18. I think that the rat is Matt. He was on season 4 of Average Joe, and he was not on the sofa last night when the lights went out, and he was just walking up when the lights come back on. He was not around anyone for anyone to notice he was missing.

  19. It should have been Britney and Kathy put up for eviction. Neither showed one ounce of ability in the weenie-challenge. Of course, Rachel’s laugh would strip paint off the walls.

  20. i dont think monet will be as bad as chima. she does seem to be a drama queen though. apparently rachel picked her name for the pov competition and when she said monets name she made a face and that made monet cry.

  21. I could totally see Money getting all upset and throwing all the furniture and what not into the hot tub. She is already mad at everyone in the house. I could see her staying around just to create drama.

  22. i positive that andrew is the saboteur. the only reason he was the mascot and is safe this week is so he can do what america wants next week

    • I agree that he is the sabour. Did u see him shut that door last night idk if its the same door that got locked but he did shut a door.

  23. After watching BBAD and live feeds, some of my early impressions have changed for sure. I

    Annie – I cannot stand Annie! She goes from one person to another, telling them what they want to hear. Obviously she cannot stand Andrew, and from what I listened to last night, each of her stories and complaints about him got bigger and bigger… She’s a bitch.

    Andrew – Even though he is a bit different, I kinda feel sorry for Andrew. The majority of the group did a lot of Andrew-bashing last night, especially Annie and Enzo. Anyone else think they sounded like a high school group ripping on a nerd?

    Kathy – She seems nice, but she did some waffling last night, too. What was with all the bruises on her arm? Sounds like she was sick when first in the house, plus got bruised up playing the haves/have nots game.

    Monet – I think Monet is genuine but a little sensitive, though. There are apparently bad vibes between her and Rachel, which no one seems to understand, and Monet has already cried at least once.

    Brenden – Apparently, Brenden talks a lot about sex and masturbation; Kathy and Annie were talking about it on the outside couch, and he made some definite comments last night. He seems like a nice guy, but a bit off somehow. If he was my child’s teacher, he would give me the creeps.

    Lane – Texas has definitely loosened up since they entered the house. If you watched BBAD or the feeds, you saw a totally different person than the shy one that first entered the house. He is a nice guy and the only one besides Kristen who was trying to understand and have sympathy for Andrew.

    Matt – I like Matt, a lot. As for the sabo, I think it is Matt. He def has the intelligence for it. Plus, if he was really on Average Joe as stated above, and he said last night he didn’t intend to make a career of BB, then he has other motives.

    Enzo – This guy is a bully when he drinks, talks a lot of doo doo, is funny, and I swear is about to break out in a fist pump dance any minute. But I don’t think I really like him very much, based on how he acted last night with his “gang” (as Andrew called it).

    Rachel – Got too hooked up with Brenden too early. The other houseguests were rather disgusted at their pairing in the hammock the night before (which we didn’t see because the feeds didnt start until last night). She is smart, but she is superficial, which will work against her.

    Britney – This girl is smart, not a dumb blonde, and used to being a mover and shaker in her personal circle. Def has the boys wrapped around her finger. But I like her.

    Kristen – Not giving away too much yet. Hayden, who likes her, said last night she “is on her own planet…is her own person”, so I think she is the independent among the group. I like what I have seen so far, but she keeps herself a bit separate.

    Hayden – I like Hayden, and I think he is playing a game straight up without any personal biases toward the other houseguests. Seems not to really have any grudges against anyone, but just thinking how to play best for himself.

    Ragan – This guy is my fav right now. I really like him and hope he does well in this comp. It was interesting to hear him talk about his teen years and being sexually ambiguous, from a physical appearance standpoint. He seems to get along with everyone.

    Well, that’s my take and opinion on the houseguests. Despite intelligence, based on the Andrew-bashing session that took place in the HoH room last night, there is a lot of immaturity in that place. Funny, but besides Momma Kathy and Professor Ragan, the most mature ones seem to be (IMO) Hayden, Lane and Kristen.

    Interested to hear other opinions on the individual HGs!

  24. I think Rachel is on the show to try and be the next Jordan, but I def don’t think that Rachel will have the following or the personality that Jordan had.
    That is if she even survives this week, and everyone can survive her laugh.

  25. I think Enzo or kathy are the saboteur..and get Rachell out first can’t stand her laugh ..i like Hayden,and kathy …

  26. I know for sure it has too be Brendon,he was moveing around to much last night in the dark-and know one would think he was the Big Rat

  27. The Sabo is most likely Andrew or Reegan! Monet has got to go, she’s so high maitnance and just gives crappy looks to everyone. Everyone’s going to get sick of her and fast! I like Kristen and Hayden and Kathy! I hope one of them wins!

  28. Have live feed~is it possible to get it on the blackberry? Show was excellant! Good bunch for the most part. Well worth the wait!

  29. Ooooh….been watching the BB After Dark from last night. That Enzo dude is like totally useless! Hes thinking he is so in charge…and every other word if f***…just really a bad seed. Hope he goes real soon!

  30. A nice topic for debate came up last night during the network show. When Britney fell and “hurt her knee”, Andrew took no action to assist, even though he is technically a doctor. CBS made a point of this during a diary outake. The question is, does the Hippocratic oath require that Andrew provide immediate medical assistance or does the fact that medical help is just on the other side of the wall excuse him? What do you all think?

  31. @Tommy– What’s hardly Black? Your special! I’m the same as her and look a lot lighter. Color doesn’t make a good season, personality does.

  32. @Daferret– I was wondering that myself. I wonder what kind of contract they sign when going in?

  33. The Texan is deffinatly the sabateaur. He was sitting on the end of the couch when the lights went out, wasn’t touching anyone, wasn’t saying anything when they were talking about the sabateaur, and just smiled when they were playing the sabateaur’s message. He wasn’t making connections just yet, being sabateaur stradigy. Very very suspicious.

  34. @DaFerret andrew didnt help britney because he lied to everyone and didnt tell them he was a doctor

  35. Rachel is so fake!!! She needs to go and here fake ass boobies. I Can’t believe the house is already in up rour

  36. That is extremely racist that people would say that Monet will be like Chima. It pisses me off to no end that people would judge her based on her skin color because even if they don’t admit it, that’s the reason why they’re saying that.

    That is really racist of you guys for saying that. If you actually watched the live feeds, she seems pretty chill and not very confrontational. Also her personality from pre-season interviews makes her out to be like Laura or Jen. A little self-absorbed.

  37. I don’t know about you guys, but I was floored last night with how many alliances were being made. I think this is going to be an interesting season. As far as the “rat” goes, I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be Brittany. I have know idea why, other than she just seems sneaky.

  38. The gay guy is too cute but OMG please get Rachel off this week. I couldn’t handle that laugh 24/7, there isn’t enough alcohol in the house to numb that nasty sound!!!

  39. I’m leaning towards Kathy as the sab. I went back and watched when the lights went out, her actions are off.

  40. @Andrew People aren’t saying Monet is gone to be like Chima because of her skin color its because shes spoiled like Chima was

  41. unless Brendon (or his allies) win the POV today, it looks like he’s gonna be the first one eliminated. gotta admit it’d be a smart and gutsy move–otherwise he’s bound to become this year’s Jeff. Only thing that sucks is how much I enjoy looking at his hottie body on the feeds, and I’d hate to lose that so early on.

    Kathy is the saboteur. Hello, she’s a cop–she bragged on her interview that she knows how to sniff out a liar with her detective skills– and she’s not making the least bit of effort to identify the rat. She’s just enjoying watching everyone else point fingers at Andrew, who they’ve all been duped into thinking is the rat. Andrew seems like a douche with no tact, but that’s no reason to think he’s the rat. It’s who everyone least expects it to be–the mama hen of the house who is acting like she’s too old to be up to no good and just there to watch over her babies…she’s super charming, and they’re all falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Plus, did no one notice how she completely sabotaged the HOH competition? She kept sliding off the weiner, and she wasn’t trying at all. Pretty weak for an officer…but only cause she did it on purpose.

    @DaFerrit- as a physician myself, i can tell you that andrew could not have gone to help britney even if he wanted to and had told everyone he was a podiatrist. they have a designated medic on the set, who’s licensed in the state of CA, and aside from not having a license to practice in CA, andrew would not be allowed to touch her with a ten foot pole because it then becomes a HUGE liability issue. any medical care has to be provided by whoever cbs has designated and provides the insurance coverage. the hippocratic oath essentially says that “first, do no harm….” which to me would have been the case if a podiatrist tried to meddle with a possible knee injury–that needs to be treated by an orthopedist or ER physician, not a foot doctor. to help someone out who gets injured in front of you, that would make you a good Samaritan, but to not help would not be violating the hippocratic oath.

  42. Sucks that Brendan is on the block but I really think he messed up by trying to play both sides to soon. He was def trying to get in good with both the girls and the guys. No one likes a floater!

  43. @eric – I realize that Andrew lied to everyone about being a doctor, that was obvious. The point of the question that I posed is whether it is ethical for him to maintain the lie when someone right in front of him is need of medical assistance. As a doctor, he took the Hippocratic oath which may require him to provide medical assistance to people in immediate need.

  44. @Daferret– LOL, I guess if someone gets a corn or bunion then he could run to their rescue. lol

  45. @mike – Thanks for the answer. Good points. Just trying to generate a discussion.

  46. I totally agree that Ragan is the Sabotuer. I hope Rachel goes home.. I dont know that I could deal with her annoying laugh all summer long :) I just hope that Jesse is on the show this season… at least once :)

  47. If you look where everybody’s sitting you’ll see that monet is not there when they turn off the lights.When they turned on the lights monet wasn’t there so I think that the sabo is monet.

  48. @Eric

    Ummmm, Chima and Monet are nothing alike, so far as I’ve seen. People are labeling her Chima because she is black, whether they want to admit it or not. Contrary to popular belief, Chima was not self-absorbed and acted like she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Monet, you can tell is a little high on herself.

    As I’ve said numerous times, Monet = Jen. Whether that’s a good thing or not, cause I actually liked Jen in BB8, that’s the people’s opinion. But she’s not acting like Chima in the least.

    So, yeah, it is racist.

  49. I think the “rat” is BB. None of the contestants are…BB is just trying to make them all paranoid.

  50. Y’all stop with the race issue. Lol. Come on! Why does it still have to be like that. We should all love each other. Whites/blacks, etc.

  51. Its too early to really form an official opinion, but I do really like Rachel’s hair color so i’m rootin for her to stay…as for the sabetour…. I believe it’s one of the 3:

    1. Enzo- he’s too stuck on this issue
    2. Kristen- she seems a little sneaky
    3. Hayden- idk why

    But yea- I’m hoping Britney goes soon- she seems too much like Jordan- ditzy blonde from a lil town- been there done that.

  52. @Andrew Monet is like Chima because they are both spoiled and dramatic it has nothing to do with race

  53. @Eric

    Jen was spoiled. Laura was self-asborbed. Why not say them? Why does it have to be Chima? Why? Because she’s black. Admit it.

    And for your information, Monet has yet to act dramatic. So I don’t see where you got that from.

  54. I clicked on the link “bikinis and buff dudes” and it took me to a page with a virus. Just thought I would let everyone know it may not be a good idea to click that.

  55. @Andrew I think Monet could be compared to Jen but i dont think she is like Laura. I choose Chima because she was the most recent HG to act like and because she was worse then Jen. Also, Monet cried over a face Rachel made that seems pretty dramatic to me.

  56. Laura was self-absorbed. And Chima was nothing like Jen and Laura. Chima was not self-absorbed, contrary to popular belief. She was stubborn and wanted things her way.

    And what Rachel did was really rude, because the entire house dislikes her for that face. Monet did nothing to Rachel to warrant that, so maybe she was a little too emotional, but you’re comparison to Chima is irrelevant to Monet’s personality. Monet and Chima are too different personalities.

  57. Hi Big Brother, I have a question, I have watched big brother from day one and love it got all my freinds and family hooked too.This season as we no times are hard can’t do it all.Cable,showtime and live feeds so i had to pick one. Live feedS won.I no on facebook when you put the little pointer on a picture it shows the persons name anyway you guys could do it on the feeds so i no whos who.Thanks for keeping my summers great love you guys. carol stella

  58. I believe britiny is sab,she acted in pain on first comp,then quickly was clapping about not having to play and smiling.Matt and ragan are very bright.I dont care for Annie,sneaky,decieptive,trying to hard.Rach,could be sab,her bio states she is a charity head.Hayden put himself in the hot seat to soon,with the help of matt,pay attention.Kathy is a little reserved,she is holding back,which could be a smart thing,let everyone else have a opinion.Braden tuff comp,of course he would be the first to be put on the block,of course he wins pov.Andrew,not very popular,wont make it far.Lame a very nervious person,in most conversations,trying to stay in good with the house.Monet,seems a little into herself doesnt know which way to go,or what to say in most conversations,keeping low profile.Enso,nervious energy,already looked at as the hot head,cant be good.

  59. Re:Tommy

    I love the previous black people and other ethnics on BB, they always bring the spice.But maybe it’s for the best, because they receive extremely nasty criticism for their every flaw as their counterparts can do worse or the same and not receive such. I noticed a pattern early on of not including straight black men,whenever possible. And now black women have to be so light complected that they don’t appear to be black, lol. I have some hilarious memories, remember the guy who moved all the furniture around, then woke the other houseguests and told them that big brother had a comp for them, rofl. He had them running around like crazy, his own private joke, that got him voted out, but funny as hell. And Marvin was hilarious every time he opened his mouth, and sort of cute.

  60. I think Hayden nominated Rachel as a pawn. I doubt she is his target, so all you Rachel fans can relax. I’m betting that if Hayden gets the P.O.V, he’ll take Rachel off the block and nominate Andrew. Brandon and Andrew have the biggest targets on their backs because they are the biggest suspects and everyone thinks one of them is the sabotuer.

  61. Mandi I’m on your side I think it’s Britney too. When she hurt her knee “No one could near her she was so much in pain, Then she was walking around like no-think was wrong” Also last night on after dark “She told everyone that andrew(I bleave) had said he was sorry and that she wasn’t the “rat” and then when it was just her and Monet OMG how they talked about people, Last Andrew Chima was disliked becaused of how she acted not because she was black.

  62. i think the SABO is either BRIT or ANNIE . I find ANNIE to be a master minipulator,she slithers around drop strong opinions on everyone to everybody. SHE IS DEFINITELY GAMIN’, and as for MS. BRIT SHE HAS A DIFFERENT APPROACH SNEAKY AND NON- CONFRONTATIONAL AGREES WITH EVERYONE!!! SHE GAMIN’ TOO.

  63. Ya,all gotta wait now, too soon to judge yet. Wait one more week. It’s just the begainning & it’s gonna get ” HOT “. Take it from a little old lady !!! Butt—tt I do like Lane, big time !!!

  64. I think Kathy is Brittany’s mom. Think about it, they are both from Arkansas and when kathy introduced herself, she said she was 40 and had a 22 yr old kid. Brittany is 22.


  66. Hay all-well after last night i got news for you all-the 2 people who are best friends from grade school are Hayton and Kristen-by the way they talked to each other- they are like one .Annie has to go, but i really think she is the real Rat and shes nutts on top of it.Please keep Rachel yes she is acting dumb now but that girl is real smart.

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