Big Brother 12 Post-Premiere Reaction: What Did You Think?

The Big Brother 12 has just premiered here on the East coast. So what did you think? Is this going to be the best season ever or what?

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  1. did anyone else see brenden’s body language when julie announced the twist? he immediately looked down adn then was a bit shifty and never had the deer in the headlights look the rest had. hmmmm… makes me wonder…. sabo?

  2. I love big man am i upset, no latin, no black, no culture man.. whats up with that…its all good thou still gonna watch it

  3. @Miss_ke: Monet is black. Do you really believe that a season of BB can only be good based on the color of someone’s skin or ethnicity? I think there’s more to this game than that.

  4. What?? No diversity? Monet?? She is black. And what about religious diversity. That is where the drama will be stirred up!

  5. bahahahaha! so much for us analyzing that picture and what was around annie’s finger. congrats to hayden; maybe he is more than muscle…

  6. OMG! This is the best premiere in a LONG time. Wayyyy better than last season’s premiere. And OMG the sabateur has already STRUCK!!! I am so pumped!

  7. Hi all.. Just checking in.. Just watched the East Coast broadcast on another BB Website and thought the show was cool… Not so sure if I like the whole “Saboteur” thing — just seems more annoying than anything!

    I’m thinking Matt is the saboteur… So far I’m liking everyone and like Enzo waaaay more than I ever thought I would have!

  8. I think it’s still too early to make sabateur predictions but i do believe it’s a GIRL. Because BB has never had a girl do America’s bidding EVER. America’s player has always been a guy and last year the Coup d’Etat was a guy. i kind of think it’s Annie or that black girl (sorry don’t remember her name)

  9. i think its matt bc they didnt show his reaction on camera when they announced the saboteur thing

    • I have to agree. I think it is Matt, did you notice he came back to coach after lights came back on?

  10. After watching tonight, I definitely think Brendan is the saboteur. He is smart enough to pull it off.

  11. I love this new seasons twist. I think Matt or Ragan could possibly be the “rat”

    • I’m SURE it’s Lane! It’s too early to make an educated guess, but it may be too early to predict. Think about it though, Lane described himself as ‘not smart’ if he gets used by a smart guy, then he can blame any suspision on the smart one, and move on to another. Wait and repeat the process. That’s really it. It’d take two or three runs of that for the other guests to figure it out. It’s the perfect place for the saboteur to be.

  12. It could also be Matt. He didn’t react much when Julie announced the twist!

  13. Who reeled Brandon across when he was hopping on the hot dog to hook his shirt through to help give the girls something to hold onto? He did NOT want to be reeled across and was yelling to send him back. But he was reeled across anyway…

    • Why didn’t he just fall? By hanging on he sabotaged the team, all the while looking like he was trying to be a hero and help them with the shirt thing. Hmmmmm….

  14. Reeling him over eliminated a big guy on the ‘send’ side who could help get the girls to the top of the bag

  15. Matt’s the rat. Notice he really hasn’t said anything about it. When told about the twist, he was relaxed with his arms outstretched, like, “come and get me”

  16. Mad that the show told the houseguest about the saboteur. Now there will be extra, extra paronoid drama. Wish they would have waited like the twin season & America’s choice. Oh well!!!
    My choice for saboteur is Kathy.
    Then Annie & Lane

  17. i think the sabo could be monet becuase she was not in the living room until the lights were cut back on, i just rewatched the ending of the first episode when the lights went off she was not in the living room but when they came back on she was. just my guess for right now

    • I agree it is Kathy!! If you look at the couch she is not in the room at all durning the outage. But then she’s back when the lights come on!! Plus she screwed her team in the challenge!!

  18. The rat is that girl Kristen who “fell” during the challenge. She is young and sweet so people will not suspect her. I am digging Enzo.

  19. Lane seems like the shy silent type. I don’t think he is the Rat. Its a girl this time.

  20. andrew is the most annoying houseguest without doubt…and the saboteur. it’s obvious.

  21. Hey Will…i agree with you that Andrew is the most annoying…but probably a little too obvious to actually be the saboteur

    • Man BB is amazing!! Lalalalovenit!! I wonder whe the rat is! Well find out in a week!! Aha but Hayden is fineee;)

  22. it is the sheriff rewind watch the tape she was not in the room until the lights came back on

  23. Rewatched–Ragan reeled Brendan across while he was yelling to go back..Ragan said he will lie-cheat- backstab in his going to BB spot-Ragan told his dog he would be getting a BIG BONE when he got home $$$$$$$ – Ragan lied at introduce ourselves too

  24. I think a producer put the lock on the door not the actual saboteur. Julie said they were going to give them a little help the first time… So everyone was there except Andrew (doing pranks) and Brendan ? (brushing his teeth)…

  25. I have a few thoughts on the saboteur. I’m positive it isn’t Rachel, Enzo or Hayden. My top choices would be; Andrew, but not really because it’s too obvious. Brendon, but unless he’s actually a legit bad actor, I don’t think it would be him. Monet; she is a model, she’d have to know how to contort her features, plus she wasn’t there at the end until the lights came back on. And the Sherrif, whose name escapes me, because she was the reason for the yellow team losing, and she was part of the group who wheeled Brendon across after he clearly didn’t want to. That’s just my early on predictions. I really dislike Andrew, I expected to hate Matt the most, but I don’t find I’m hating him too much, because when compared to Ronnie from last season, he’s pretty okay. It’s still early on, but that’s my preliminary thoughts.

  26. im not sure who is the sabo, but im guessing that it could possible be one of the girls or the jewish guy(sorry i dont know his name yet)
    did anyone notice how lane’s face turned bright red when julie announce the twist? to me it seem odd b/c he didnt say anything

  27. i think it is britney. she fell during the challenge and was “injured” then she distracted everyone. Whcih made yellow choose another player for red. Later on that night britney seemed just fine. also she was pretty happy not to have to do that challenge anymore

  28. I think Britney’s fall was legit. If you watch the fall in slow motion, her leg was really bent. Hmmm…I don’t think the Sheriff is the sabo…too obvious.

    I think it is one of the boys…there’s a bunch of them. Not the country one. Or the Gay one.

    I bet it is one of the other fellas.

    Although when there was a twist last time it was that corny guy (Eric?). Maybe they would go for a girl this time.

    Who know…YIPPY! Love Big Brother!

  29. My gut tells me ragan is the sabo, my reasoning, (mostly guess), is when the twist was announced, he said “I didn’t see that coming” Duh, I doubt anyone did. I just think he for such an intelligent man, he was too obvious with his reply/ But I’m glad to see so many different opinions sounds like it will be an interesting season. LOL

  30. i saw she fell on her leg! but maybe she meant to fall but when she fell she just landed wrong

  31. I kind of thought that it might be ” Lane” his face was red & he looked shy. But we,ll see soon people. This is gonna be fun this year ! WOW,,,

  32. its not lane i dont think. britany from the minuite i saw here i had some weird feeling about her

  33. Oh My Gosh!!!! Loved It!!!! Totally the best!!! Loved the cast Every single one is adorable!!! Loved Julie Chen!!! She is so cute!!! Loved Rachel!!! Gotta go back to my par taaay!!!

  34. I just love the show and looking forward to this season I think the whole saboteur will be interesting and I think the Texas guy but we will see

  35. i thik Lane is just really shy – though he said in his pre-house interview that he is not too bright and wanted to hook up with a smart person, that was an odd thing to say right off the bat. You could tell from Brits body language that she absolutely DID NOT want to do this challenge – she was grossed out by the mustard/ketchup – she used the ‘injury’ as an excuse to NOT have to do it. Still think it is Ragan. wannarewatch the lights out tho and watch Monet…

  36. i mean, why did andrew get free immunity for the week? i mean that seems like a ridiculous rule designed to keep the saboteur in the house for at least one week.

    and why would anyone willfully want to sit out of the hoh competition? it looks VERY fishy to me.

  37. Looks like the season is off to a great start. Im so glad CBS went for class, instead of the usual trash. This group seems to be intelligent, and diverse. Should make for some conflict, backstabbing, and great feed entertainment.

  38. I think the saboteur is Andrew or Brendon. My favorite houseguest so far are Annie, Enzo, and Matt

  39. just becuz andrew sat out the first hoh compition dont mean he is the saboteur and why brendon?

  40. Perhaps it is the social worker in me, or whatever, but how in the world does a major network show have 12 white people and one black person in their cast. It was just something that jumped out at me, right after the total IQ of this group (with a couple of exceptions) being -0.

  41. just watched slo mo lights going out & the way they edited u cannot tell – people m oved all over the place before the lights came back on

  42. you know maybe it was the one person who quit before the show started who is the saboteur

  43. i dont think its lane cause i would think the sabo gonna try to play low key at first and sometimes being shy in a house full of outspoken people can draw enough attention so i would like to thinks it the shrieff but i could be wrong

  44. surprisingly I am totally digging Enzo. LOL
    I think the sab might be Matt just because, so far from what I know about him he seems like he would be able no not only play the game how a normal person would but also as the saboteur.

  45. I think it’s the sheriff, we have a pvr and we rewound to the part where the lights go off and then they use the infrared lights so we can see the houseguests a little bit and you can see that Andrew, Brendon and Kathy are missing. Well we already know that Andrew and Brendon were in the bedroom so where was Kathy…hmmmm I think it is her!!

  46. ugg kathy no she was not the only one outta the room when the lights went out right?

  47. Who is that who ended up in Brendans seat after the lights went out? it was annie on the floor rachel hayden Enzo on left then Lane and Brendan in the chairs then Andrew Brit on couch Kristin on floor ans Ragan on end of couch. Then lights go out. Then when u see them in the dark I thought it was Matt shows up in Brendans seat…wearing shorts and white socks…Kathy and Monet are missing too…Then that person is there when the lights com on..then next scene Brendan is back in his seat – Monet and Kathy are there now and Matt is seen…but he is wearing long PJ’s…so who was that in the shorts?? in the chair?? Also saw in slow mo where the editors used the same scene’s where u begin to see Andrew moving off the couch…the editors are not going to let u catch it :-)

  48. As I hoped for from day one Hayden wins HOH hopefully gonna nominate Rachel and Enzo both seem very annoying. Rachel with her laugh and Enzo with the “horns and the knuckle”. Looking foward to some spoilers though.

  49. Monet, Kathy and I think Matt were out of the room. Watched a few times on DVR and Matt was Not in one of the eviction chairs when the lights went out, but was there tapping his foot nervously but looking calm with a slight smile.

    I like Matt and Kathy, so I hope it’s not one of them… or do I. Ugh, this is why I love BB. Andrew; suspicious to go brush his teeth right then, but too obvious.

    Not making any decisions yet… but it’s looking like one of those 4.

  50. * Watched a few times on DVR and Matt was Not in one of the eviction chairs when the lights went out, but was there tapping his foot nervously but looking calm with a slight smile “when the lights came back on” I meant to say. :)

  51. I’m telling ya its Brooke Hogan. Better known as Rachel. Dyed red hair and boob job. If it isn’t then I’m the boob (job)

  52. Meh, I’m a therapist. I notice a lot of subtle clues. That’s why I love this show so much.

    Now watch, it wont be anyone I mentioned hahaha! ;P

  53. Totally the cop! She Andrew and brenden were all missing. It showed the guys but not her??? Plus she messed up the challenge for her team. No one would expect it to be a cop that would be to odvious. But it’s her!!!

  54. It is going to be very hard for the sabo to get half-way through w/o roommates figuring it out…..I think it is Monet….she went for the 10,000. ahe is trying to boost up her $50k sabo money should she succeed. def a girl this time…

  55. Great first show! Very happy with the casting.
    @Joie – Why do you believe the total IQ of the cast is -0? I have the distinct impression they actually chose intelligent, contemporary people. As to diversity, I think it all depends upon the applications they get and how many actually meet their list of qualifications. Perhaps Monet was their best choice for the group they were trying to form, which is definitely a huge improvement over the past few seasons.

    Hayden surprised me, but his game will probably be physical. I was definitely not surprised that he and Kristen were attracted to each other; I see showmance possibility! Didn’t think I would like Britney or Enzo, but I actually did – of course, I keep expecting Enzo to break out in a fist pump dance any minute. Rachel is going to drive me crazy with her airhead act. I hope she shows some sense soon! Also really liking Matt and Ragan. I may have a hard time choosing this year!

    As for the sabo, my first choice is Brenden. However, Kathy and Matt look good for it, too. Who were the six to choose from in the text voting? Were all three part of the six?

  56. exactly Sasc1232 Kathy was gone too!!! I totally think it’s her….I guess we’ll see next Thursday…it’s all just fun trying to guess who it is!

  57. yeah, i dont think its superboobs who is the sabateur… my money is on brendan; zero pokerface when twist was announced…but im probably wrong lol


  58. so about that brooke hogan thing if you get a pic of her and a pic of rachel they acctually look alike facial fetures. go check it out

    • Wheww. Thought I was losin’ it there for a while!!!! Thanks Jerrick!!! She (Rachel=Brooke Hogan) may not be sabo but strong suspicions that she is on show to throw us off. Ratsen Fratsen Producers!!!
      Hey.. it could happen!

      on show to at least throw us off !!
      Ratsen Fratsen Producers$&@:(#%*
      I just sayin’…..

  59. Britney. I think it was Britney that was gone and not Kathy. Somebody in a hoodie was sitting on the end on the left when nightvision came on and Kathy was wearing an Arkansas University hoodie. There was a blonde missing you’re right there but Britney faked that injury then CHEERED about it when she got to sit out. All signs point to Britney the hot attractive girl.

  60. I think its Lane.

    The reason I have is that he is shown the least in the edited show, not much diary (if any)and his build is the complete opposite of that silhouette.

  61. Lance im on your side there from the minuite i saw britany i though it was her and her act through the show helped my theory moer and more

  62. As I rewind it on DVR I notice that when the lights go off Matt is no where in sight. When the lights come back on he is sitting in the nominee chair on the right all of a sudden. Fishy!!!

  63. Now I did find the Sabo videos a little off key. They had a image of what seems to be Ragan, correct? Small and skinny. Well, when the voice mixer comes in there is a deep voice in the beginning, mixed obviously but as you listen towards the end one thing sounded strange to me. It started to get a little higher as if to go into the real persons voice.

  64. Rachel reminds me of that chick that Chelsia hated during her season. Was her name Natalie? I sure hope Rachel shows some of that chemist mentality soon, or I may mute it when she is on; Sorry, Rachel, but your laugh is too airheaded for the intelligence you proclaim.

  65. Jerrick: I have watched WAY to much VH1 not to catch that…
    If I’m wrong I’m $100. lighter if I’m right Im $500 richer. That’s how sure I am.
    Think about it just like the producers to do this. Her mannerisms are exactly the same, facial features exactly the same, doesn’t care about the money, particularlly, looking to self promote. You do the math.

  66. The saboteur is the cop or Monet. If you TiVo’d the show I advise you to go back to right before they turn the lights out and pause. Count the people and notice that 3 people are not in the room. These 3 are the cop, Monet, and the guy that was pulling the pranks. I’m almost positive its the cop or Monet. Notice how they’re both sitting down in the living room when the lights go back on. Also, it cannot be anyone in the middle of the sofas as they’d be sure to trip over someone when getting up to go to the door.

  67. Just had a thought…. OMG. What if producers are trying to throw us off with the more than obvious “Rachel ” = (Brooke Hogan) thing. And she is on the show but NOT the sabo??? Ok….. So this is why I love love love this show!

  68. Great first episode and great season so far.

    I’m only here to post once for the people since i have inside information, but most are right about the Sab. I won’t reveal who it is, but i will give 2 great tips. One is, people are right about the sheriff not being there during the blackout. And #2, notice whoever was sitting away from the group the furthest (IE, sitting down by themself at the end of the couch) Would be very easy to do since no one would feel them or notice they were gone for 3-5secs. Anyone with a PVR can rewind and notice who it is…. 1 of those 2 are the Sab my friends. Enjoy the season!!

  69. Lane made a comment in one interview that he would lay low in the beginning (which he did). He also did not hesitate to attack the challenge head on, so I don’t think he is the saboteur. My first thoughts were Britney and Kathy.

  70. I thought the first BB12 was ok, not sure what to think about saboteur idea, seems a little childish to me.

  71. Same crap as last season…Pay good money for live feeds and I cant get them..Any one else having trouble. Was on for about 10 minutes now won’t load at all…This happened quite often last year to. Any ideas fellow voyeur’s.

  72. can any1 help me? :P

    Please help!
    I don’t have a visa… but I am thinking of getting a Vanilla Mastercard tmrw..

    Does anyone know at all if this will work? I don’t want to spend money if it’s not gonna work.. I am canadian will it charge me USD? If so how much does it come up to total?

    Thanks so much really look forward to watching it… if anyone can answer would be awesome

  73. And so we begin again… Have been waiting for this season to start and I wasn’t disappointed. Looking forward to Sunday.

  74. I looked at the show again and there were 3 people missing, they showed Brenden and Andrew walking around, but Kathi was not in there when the lights went off but was there when the lights came back on. She was the only one that they didn’t show while the lights were off.

  75. @Jill: The live feeds work perfectly fine for me. I’ve been on them for an hour now.

    @Kevin: Yes, that should work. I can’t see why it wouldn’t.

  76. Thinking the whole black-out thing is a diversion to cast suspision …. People, people, they are messing with ya. Did you not hear Julie say “so we provided a little assistance to get things started”. !!

  77. I have been on them since 11:00 my time Oklahoma and other then a echo for about 10 min it has been working ok.

  78. Do not be surprised to possibly find out that the sabo prank was a red herring. It may be a prank that was actually done by the production staff just to crank up the tension in the house.

  79. I personally don’t think they have assigned a saboteur yet. I think that’s why they are asking America “who we think it is”. They will get the top vote getter and BAM: Saboteur.

    • @melissa H. interesting thought. But I don’t think they have the kuhanas for that. It leaves way to much up in the air. ( No pun intended)

  80. Jill and Matt: I have been trying for a while to get on the live feeds and all it says is “loading”. I can’t stand that I pay money for this and then it doesn’t even work. Do they not know this will probably be the busiest night on the feeds and plan for it?!

  81. @Melissa: It might be an issue on your end of things. Try a different browser.

    The feeds have been running smoothly for me since they turned on 90 mins ago. I even reset the browser to test that I could get back in without issue.

  82. Great site! No offence but I find the US Big Brother to be quite awful. Over the past number of years I have watched Big Brother UK and it is so much better and far more entertaining. I tried out the season opener but Julie put me to sleep (check out Davina McCall to see a real BB host). I was also surprised and disappointed with the lack of diversity – mostly young, mostly white, mostly fit, mostly straight and clearly boring. The saboteur idea just creates mindless paranoia and then all the houseguests will do is talk about the game. In BB UK participants are punished severely if they speak to anyone regarding voting. They can’t talk about the game which means they actually talk about everything else which is far more exciting. Thumbs down on the first show. I hope it gets better. Just calling it as I see it.

  83. I have watched every Big Brother. I love it. I think it is Britney, The sabatour. I love Hayden Thank you Phyllis Kehoe PS I am going to be 64, just waiting to be told I am clear of cancer. I had Breast Cancer.

  84. I’m sure these houseguests are just trying to get used to each other and the whole “24/7 cameras”, but they seem quite silly. Maybe I’m just an old phogey. @markus, I would love to see the UK version. Julie Chen gets on my nerves so bad.

  85. Love this sight…but there was also a web site that I checked last year along with this one, that had written everything that all the house guest would say, play by play of everything. Anyone happen to know what that website is?

  86. Wow! I am super surprised to see that 12/13 houseguest are average to good-looking white people. There is no sort of culture in this season…a bit upsetting. Maybe Chima ruined it for everyone else.

  87. I’ve been trying to get into the live feeds since they went live, just loading… loading… loading… or I get a message saying the site is unavailable. I’ve tried Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome many times throughout the night. I was able to get on easily until the show started in CBS. Between the new chat format, the small screen sizes for the feeds and now not even being able to get in to the live feeds and chat at all this is not a fun way to start the season. :(

  88. Tried to log on to live feed after show time and as usual year after year I can’t get on, after paying for the live feed service as usual, I will be cancelling and not stressing this situation. If you pay for the feeds, year after year you should be able to get them. LOSER!!!

  89. Feeds are working ok for me, with just some sporadic down time….

    I can’t believe Andrew’s impromptu gyno exam!!! Completely inappropriate.

  90. Wow!!!! I’m a little offended this year. I have been a Big Brother fan for years. However, this year I was shocked to see only one person of color, and i’m not even sure if she is African American. I thought that the show should represent America,(Melting Pot)obviously I was wrong. I wondered if Chima was the reason and what happened last year, but in NO WAY does she represent the African American culture. I was VERY dissapointed in her behavior and agreed with the decision to remove her from the show. I would like someone that represents Big Brother to give some explaination for this, because clearly I am not the only one to point this out!!

    p.s. You should represent your fan base, and
    I’m sure you realize that you do have an
    African American following.

  91. anyone watching BBAD?

    seems like the first two HG on the chopping block are brendan and rachel. they were in the cabana room eating popcorn and talking about it.

    thoughts??! and did you guys see the “have-nots” room? looks like a dumpster….even has a big ol shark hanging in the corner.

  92. Yeah, I’m watching BBAD… but it’s the same stuff I’ve already seen on the live feeds, so I’m not really paying much attention..

  93. The mole is Kathy. If you pause the show during each time it has the clips of the group sitting together in the dark, other than Brendon and Andrew, she is the only one missing.

  94. is there a big brother talk show this year? I know they didnt have the official one (with Gretchen) last year, but I remember they had something with that kid from Jay Leno show. Anyone aware of anything like that for BB12?

  95. ..explaining why she is sitting at the edge of the couch which was empty prior

  96. Could it be Enzo or Annie, thats my guess.
    Or maybe Ragan, this could be just for a case study, Mr. Professor & all (lol). I searched for him on Youtube & Goggle & seen some of his work. I cant wait for the temperature to literally change in the bed rooms, I still believe each room will have a different climate depending on the rooms theme.

  97. @Ron in Bltmr…The show is making Kosher slop to accommodate Andrew, I assume everyone else will eat regular slop.
    @Sarah…The mole didn’t put the lock on the door, the producers did, If you listen to Julie Chen the mole wasn’t assigned anything by America, being that the game just started so the show producers deceided to kick things off with placing a lock on the pantry room.

  98. So far I like BB…I agree with lots of you, I think that the “rat” (tee hee) is a girl this time….too early to tell which girl…I say bring on the drama! LOL

  99. @Gizmo You are right. The sabo didn’t do anything this time, it was the producers. But how did the sabo know this was going to happen? He or she after the lights came back on talked about the food being locked up. Maybe the producers told the sabo this was going to happen and just pre-recorded that message. Which means could be anyone. I have never seen a big brother with a sabo in it. Hope it’s fun. I heard from a spoiler that the sabo was a guy. Did anyone else hear that?

  100. This season is already ****ing hilarious. The hot dog HOH challenge had me rolling in tears. Especially that one girl on the yellow team (can’t remember her name) towards the end who just couldn’t grab on to the hot dog for the life of her.

    I just wish there was a bit more diversity in this group. There’s one dark-skinned chick. I don’t even think she’s fully black. Other than that, this season looks like it’s shaping up to be a great one.

  101. I think that the saboteur is either Monet or Kathy. Monet was being kinda shady the whole first episode, and KAthy made Yellow lose by not getting across. She was definatly sabatogng her team whether she meant to or not!!

  102. I think that the saboteur is either Monet or Kathy. Monet was being kinda shady the whole first episode, and Kathy made Yellow lose by not getting across. She was definitely sabotage her team whether she meant to or not!! Also…I don’t understand why everyone hates Andrew already!?!? someone please explain because being Jewish, he is the most relate able person on the show right now! he was only trying to have some fun when the lights went out!

  103. I have to agree with some of you NO people of color I being a whit man love BB but this year it looks like they took the girls that come from picket white fences they should of mix it up abit religon it not the color of you skin!!!!!!

  104. Phyllis, here’s wishing you the very best. Last night’s After Dark show was interesting. It was actually 5 days later (one of the HGs said it was Day 5) and lots had happened an lots of polarization had occurred. Going to be an interesting Big Brother! Bring it on. Britney, little doll face blonde with a cute little figure had lots of intelligent things to say. She just could be the Saboteur!

  105. My guess is Ragan because only a few people on this chat picked him. It makes sense to go with the least picked choice. Also, these people are far from reality!

  106. I think this new format with the web replacing real player was a big mistake ! last year was perfect no problems, a pic that could me enlaged to screen size. now it is like watching my i phone. this facebook crap with kisses, darts and etc is for kids. most of your fans are 35 and up and this has no appel to us. i am giving it till mon next and then canceling watching showtime and reading blogs. You have reuined my summer i so look forward to with bb. Why can’t you leave a good thing alone you did yourself no favors here. think about letting real player being available too us loyal fans..i would pay extra for last years format! Sorry you lost me till then..good videos and sound and a full screen is what i am interested in…not gathering friends on facebook. cbs you have turn ppl off to our summer with you…sorry

  107. I was really excited to watch Big Brother this year. I had given it up in recent years but then given the opportunity to look at it from a social justice perspective was far to interesting to pass up. I swear saying that someone wearing a “Yom Kippur” had to go down as the line of the night. And this woman claims to be smart. We shall see how long people are blinded by the boobs before the are overwhelmed with the sheer ignorance of her mind.

  108. First show was all that impressed with. Enjoyed After Dark on Show Time.

    Just a side note. First time getting the 24-7 feed….totally pissed about it not being ready and up and running! REALLY POOR PLANING!!!!
    Someones job performance needs reviewing.

  109. OMG WTF!!!! There all from the same age group. there all perfect bodies. I can’t watch this this year. this is by far the worst group of people you have ever selected to be on the show!!!!!

  110. Jim: Yes, I think the sabatour is Lane. As soon as Julie told us about it, I thought it was Lane.

    Who would ever think it was him, not too many. Or, my choice for a female is Kristen. She seems to march to the beat of a different drummer.

    Did I miss something? What were the bruises all over Kathy’s right arm?

  111. I think the bruises were from the Have/Have Not comp. It was played before the feeds and After Dark started. Poor gal looks like she got the crap beat out of her.

  112. Did anyone notice during the whole light off & on that Brendon & Andrew changed cloths. Brendon was in black shirt, long bottoms & shoes prior to lights out, but appeared to be in light shirt & bottoms during lights out. Andrew was in dark blue shirt, shorts & naked feet prior to lights out, but appeared later with grey shirt & long sweat pants. Don’t know what that means…just sayin!!!

  113. @ jaybird – Production editing to confuse the audience. I don’t think it was the saboteur but BB staff that locked the room. Just my opinion and I’m probably wrong, as usual lol. :o)

  114. Also for your information. Brendon’s Hispanic.

    So that’s two minorities. It would have been three, but the 14th houseguest got cold feet.

  115. Okay guys, Kathy has thrown two competitions, don’t you think it’s her? She’s sabotaging whatever team she’s on, therefore….

  116. It is Kristin and that’s my final answer because she was barely in last night’s show or the opener, the producers are letting her slide under the radar. Also, Kathy and Britney sure do look at lot alike. After the popcorn disaster the way Kathy talked to Britney was a little strange. Mother-Daughter?!?!

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