Big Brother 12 Twist Revealed: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

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The first Big Brother 12 spoiler has been announced and there’s no uncertainty when the word comes directly from BB12 host, Julie Chen:

“For the first time in Big Brother history, one player is not playing to win. This summer a saboteur will reek [sic] havoc in the house.”

So this season one of the Houseguests will not be playing for money. Instead he/she will be playing to sabotage the game. Think of it as America’s Player but one step further removed with no chance to win the half-million dollar prize.

What do you think of the new twist for this season? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but will it damage the normal rhythm of the game too much?

Lots of questions: will he/she take direction from us, from production, or will he/she be on his/her own? Oh the drama! Are you ready for Big Brother 12?

Thinking back, this reminds me of the mischief Curtis did in Big Brother 1 when he was instructed to do things like shift the clock a little each night to mess with everyone’s head. His prize? The Sony tube television they wheeled in each week. Hopefully this season’s mole will be better rewarded!

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Update: Want to see the inside of the Big Brother 12 house? Sure you do. Check out the first BB12 house pic at the bottom of this post!

Update 2: TVGuide leak confirms 14 Houseguests this season!

Update 3: CBS will reveal the identity of the new HGs on Wednesday AM. I’ll be live posting all that info as it airs on The Early Show so check back here in the morning.


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  1. I’m liking this twist. Take The Mole (the ABC show, that is) and cross it with Big Brother, simply put.

    I get the feeling this will turn out something like The Insider from BBAUS 2006, though. Big Brother gives the Insider a mission to sabotage a task (i.e., make houseguests fail the food task) and if they’re successful, rewards them with an advantage (in Australia it was immunity, generally) and/or a bonus (i.e., bonus meals while everyone else is on staples).
    I could definitely see something similar happening, but then again it might take a turn for America’s Player territory.

    Can’t wait to see what happens.

  2. @Razer: I’m with you on this one. If it’s done right then it could be a blast.

    I wonder if they could find a way to provide a reward like immunity without that calling out which person is the mole.

  3. @Matt: Good point. It was fairly easy to give immunity in Australia- only the Insider knew whether they were immune or not, and should they be immune all nominations cast against them were null and void.

    Maybe they could simply earn a secret advantage in the next competition… hmm. This will be interesting.

  4. That’s a smart way to do it (making votes against them null). Think of all the drama when people start going, “But I swear I didn’t vote him/her out.” Oh the drama! Don’t screw it up AGP!

  5. I always look forward to BB. It gets me through the summmer with nothing else on to watch! I think this new twist will be fun. I hope we are in on who that person will be.

  6. But the house guests are not in the house yet. If they read this, won’t they know that there is a “mole” in the house?

  7. I think they need to quit messing with the game. Every year it is something else. Go back to old school play.

  8. I am very anxious to see how this twist is going to differ from “America’s Player.” To me it seems like the same thing.

  9. @Trevor – very good point – do they hide the hamsters away for a period of time before the show starts?

  10. Or maybe, there is no mole… and it’s just a ploy to increase the paranoia in the house, knowing that they’ll get wind of this “twist”. Just another reason not to trust the other house guests…

  11. I thought the HG’s were already in seclusion.
    arent they secluded like a week b4 the show starts?
    if so….then they dont know about this.

  12. I’m pretty sure they sequester all houseguests (in seperate hotels, I think) before revealing anything. If they didn’t I’d be quite surprised.

  13. People they cast r either really hypersensitive and aware of everything while others seem oblivious to everything. Think Janel verses say Jordan. Janel was keen and sly with barbie looks. Jordan not much. I don’t think it would take long to figure things out. You know the cast is already sequestered and have their handlers all the time. If voted were voided it would b even more simple. Put like a CIA operative and they may b able to stay under the radar but an average joe not so much. Especially if they can’t be voted out. If they can then do they appoint another person to fill the spot? I don’t know how this will play out. We’ll see.

  14. Yes, all HGs are now sequestered (more than the final count will be and some will be cut while others will make it).

    I’d agree that it’s very similar to the America’s Player twist except this HG enters knowing they are there to do nothing but sabotage the game play of others. Heh, that just made me think of it as if Evel Dick had been there just to raise hell and not try to win. I’m more excited about this than if it had been two (or say 4 like last year) opposing groups. One silent enemy in the house could be a lot of fun. Remember Eric doing silly stuff like having to do the 20 second hug? This could be hilarious if it’s done right.

  15. I am so excited for this years twist. I just hope we know who the mole is! Also, it would be nice to let us vote online on something they could do, much like America’s player. I also hope that the mole doesn’t get caught. People sabotaging others will cause a lot of drama in the house. I also like the idea of if the mole is on the block that all their votes don’t count. Everyone will be so confused!!! So excited!

  16. Hunter, I get what you r saying but that would b easy to flush out very quickly upon first suspicion. Gather everyone put the ‘mole’ on the block. Get the majority if not all the others to vote against them. So if the person is not evicted the whole thing would b exposed. I also don’t know if they could keep the person off the block I think would be difficult too. The way this person is to disrupt things could cause suspicion early too. Remember Eric this first AP I think? The very first time he was told to vote opposite of his aliance? He almost got the boot the next week. If he had to do things like that all the time he would have been booted. Goofy things like 20 second hugs, getting in someones bed etc. was different then out right sabatoge. It will be an interesting challenge for the ‘mole’.

  17. Why would the houseguests be told that someone is trying to sabotage the game? That makes no sense at all to me. Lol. Am I missing something? Wouldn’t it be easier to find out who the mole is when crazy things start happening? I can understand how know one would find who casts what votes on eviction nights but it would probably be easy to find out the mole’s identity; especially if the houseguests are paying close attention. Geez! I hope they didn’t cast a bunch of idiots this year.

  18. @Abby: The HGs won’t know that one of those amongst them is a saboteur. This season’s HGs have already been sequestered as part of the lead up to the season. The twist secret remains safe.

  19. I like the new twist only if the HGs are aware that there is a mole in the midst. Can you imagine how suspicious everyone would be of each other.There would be no trust at all in the house. The mole must be funny and very evil and should NOT be influenced by America.

  20. @bg: I think the mole will be very short lived if known, but heck, didn’t they pull it off for entire seasons with The Mole?

    From the TV Guide leak it sounds like viewers will be influencing the saboteur. I’m with you that he/she should be in the dark. Otherwise this gives them too much help on know what direction to go in (who to trust, who to hate, etc.).

  21. This twist has a wonderful potential! IF the person is A)Smart B)Doesn’t let their emotions get involved and C)Doesn’t tell ANYONE what they are doing. I can’t wait to find out how they will operate!

    Wanted to tell you, that I am also writing this season for another site, . Come on over and join us there, as well. You can never have too much Big Brother!!

  22. A CBS press release states: “Upon moving into the house on premiere night, Houseguests will discover that one of them is not really there to win the game, but rather to sabotage their fellow players.”

    I don’t think BB will give the saboteur info on alliances, etc., but just give them the tasks we assign him/her to do. I hope it’s a girl this time, everyone will suspect a guy.

  23. they could use a hidden immunity ruse that the mole always seems to find. it would not be need until the first time mole is put up.

  24. Lee mn, I don’t see how that would work either. If the mole always ‘found’ it that too would raise suspision as well. Somebody else would have to find it once in a while just to keep people off balance a little. While I agree telling the house guests the first night could be interesting and cause paranonia amungst them that too could get old fast. Eventually as aliances form and get stronger it would come up. Remember when the 2 major aliances came together a few seasons ago I think it was the one with Shelia or Renny. The 2 sides came together talked about all the strange things going on and put 1 they thought was causing the problems on the block and another as a pawn. That time the person won the pov and took themselves off and saved themself. Eventually they got booted. Wasn’t there another time someone was on the block that BB needed to stay in and spontaniously announced some twist that was developed to keep them safe?

  25. @Matt: “didn’t they pull it off for entire seasons with The Mole?”

    The reason the Mole never got eliminated was because the Mole never could be eliminated. Elimination was done with a quiz, and the Mole was given all the answers by production. So yeah, they pulled it off, but only because it was part of the game. =P

  26. Hey ChiBrad, I hope the mole is a charming hott guy(please not a dumb one) with an evil side. Someone like Jase from seasons past.I know most people disliked Jase he was so much fun to watch.

  27. @Razer: I meant pulling it off for an entire season in that they were able to keep the Mole’s identity hidden the whole time. Might be tricky to do if voting is involved instead of a quiz style elimination. I certainly hope they don’t offer up HoH comp answers to the saboteur!

  28. blackgirl, I’d like it to be a sweet girl like Jordan or Michelle from BB4. Someone no one would suspect. Even a Sheila, that would be funny…Sheilbot the Mole!

  29. Matt – yup. Blackgirl – I would hope they would choose someone that is smart and witty enough to combat thing as they come about. It would someone that also can appear non-threatening and hate to say it also appear kinda dumb or maybe seems less aware. Great acting skills will be needed for whoever they choose.

  30. Loving the Twist … having a Mole will be cool, I wonder who this person is, wonder if it’s someone who’s been in BB or in another Reality Show before? .. so hard to sit still :)

  31. Woohoo were back! Good am matt, jeanne, and my sister blackgirl! Hope to see all my peeps soon.

  32. Hey all! Its good to be back! I miss BB & our lively discussion! So far, I am LOVING this twist! Just like others have said…..if done right, this can be AMAZING! Hopefully it will & will erase the memory of pandoras box! LOL

  33. Hey all. I am new to this discussion but hope to become a “regular” this season. I don’t know if I could enter the house knowing I was just a “mole” without any chance of winning the big bucks! But you have to admit, it is going to be fun!!!!

  34. Notice that the young college kid has no place of where he is from behind his name? Could he be the mole?

  35. Hey y’all. In the latest (and final) UK series, for the first 3 or 4 days of the show a MOLE entered the house dressed as a MOLE, living in a MOLE-HOLE and did some tasks to win his official status as HOUSEMATE (HOUSEGUEST) anyways I hope the audience decides what he or she is going to do and that the audience decides who’s up for eviction, the HoH decides to save someone and replace it and they decided who goes, for me that would exicte people to watch.

  36. I kinda miss the way they did evictions in season 1….the HOH nominated…but the VIEWERS evicted.
    maybe a cross of the 2 would be best?
    comments on that?

  37. i wish they would have brought a villin and a hero from the past to anchor the two sides we know will develop fairly quick. this could have punched it up a bit.

  38. Hey all. I missed the morning show and can’t play video clips but I noticed something in the written bios that I found a little weird. NONE of them mention a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or partner of any kind. Did they do so in the video interviews? If not, could this be an all gay cast? Imagine the fun that could be if some were still in the closet. Anyway, just found that a little odd.

  39. So excited for bb12.I heard that the sabotage person backed out. I think they shouldn’t start with the twist yet. Let the people get in the house and start to play the game!Plenty of time for twist.

  40. How this twist is going to turn out all depends on how often America tells the mole to do things and how drastic the things are they tell him/her to do. I loved watching Eric do the small, funny tasks America told him to do, so if this works, it’ll keep things interesting. (= But I hope they pick someone who is good at hiding things so they won’t be eliminated right away.

  41. they are sequestered..they might even be in the house by now because they go in the house about a week or so before the show even starts

  42. What I heard was the 14th person backed out and then they came up with the twist so the person that we havent seen yet is gonna be the mole so we will know who it is.. Anyway I kinda like Kristen right now who knows how that will change. Alot of real nice looking women and age differances too. Like Andrew to.

  43. Who do people like so far I know just visual but that is the fun. I am so excited and my grandaughter too. Guess that is why we like age difference we are 19 and 56.

  44. C-girl they are sequestered but not at the house their first time seeing it is the first night as they send them i. In groups and they run for their beds.

  45. I am sure the young man from AZ is the mole, in his bio, there is no stratagy, everyone else has one.

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