Big Brother 11 Winner – Live Finale Results

Ready to find out who is the Big Brother 11 winner? So am I!

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have the third and final round in the 3-part HoH competition which will decide who will make the final eviction of the season.

I’ll be updating this post here with the live competition, eviction, and Big Brother 11 winner results. Join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s finale!

Final HoH Competition – Part 3:

  • Round 1 – Kevin gets the point
  • Round 2 – Jordan gets the point
  • Round 3 – Jordan gets the point
  • Round 4 – Kevin gets the point
  • Round 5 – Tied
  • Tie Breaker Round – JORDAN WINS!!!

In the tie breaker round Jordan guessed 50 and Kevin guessed 80. The correct answer was 51. Jordan is the final HoH and will cast the last eviction vote.

If Jordan evicts Kevin and takes Natalie to the F2 then she’ll most likely win. If not, then Kevin may win tonight based on the Jury’s discussions.

Live Eviction voting:

From the comments as the keys went in the box I’m thinking Jordan has this one locked down and may only get Kevin’s vote. I’ll be amazed if Natalie can’t get Jessie’s vote.

Big Brother 11 Jury Votes:

  • America votes for Jordan
  • Jessie votes for Jordan
  • Lydia votes for Jordan
  • Russell votes for Natalie
  • Jeff votes for Jordan
  • Michele votes for Jordan
  • Kevin votes for Natalie

Jordan is the winner of Big Brother 11! Congratulations to Jordan.

America’s Choice for $25,000:

  • America has awarded the bonus money to Jeff!

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  1. hey guys,
    i missed K practicing his “amazing” speech. What was that all about and why was it “amazing”???

  2. 34 minutes to go & my nerves are shot !!! I will be sick if Natalie gets picked by either one, KEVIN or Jordan, but I,ll live with it just like in the past. Boy, though this year has been a TUMS kind-a year. You can get a bleeding ulcer from that Natalie. CHEERS TO EVERYONE,ENJOY THE SHOW !

  3. I wish it will start soon!!!!

    Thank You Matt for this site!!!! You are the best….hope to see you again for BB12…

  4. @Matt- I really enjoyed hanging out with you and the crowd. It’s time to finish it all up. Looking forward to Big Brother 12. Count me in!

  5. Hey Matt
    I too would like to thank you for making this such a great site. Keep it up!

    And my I add…


  6. @Ashley
    Thanks, I couldn’t resist… I need to brag to all my blogger friends when the floaters win.

    Ok, the truth is I think they are winners even if no one votes for them… I mean Jordan.

  7. so what’s going on..i’m working late in office and will prob miss the whole episode..i am hoping for live updates here. please post..thanks!!!!

  8. hey plz keep updating over here where i live i still need to wait two more hrs plz keep saying whats going on

  9. Go Jordo – yes Matt set it up just like this one so it should be entertaining us for a while. Please join us.

  10. ok I will update when something interesting happens. Jordan said in the DR that she would definately take Nat over Kevin if she won the final comp. I’m really hoping Kevin wins the third hoh comp.

  11. Thanks Matt!! I dont have CBS/feeds so you dont know how much ”pain” you saved me (By updating me with stuffs) Thanks so much for this AMAZING site and count me in for Season 12!!

  12. Jordo please don’t take Nat – the JH will vote Nat to win. At least with K you can get second and Nat gets ZERO!!

  13. Jordan would not do it to spite the fact that Kevin voted out Jeff? She is crazy to take Natalie with her… She should suck it up and take Kevin if she wins HOH.

  14. Is there any doubt that kev is scared of Nat? He would be a fool to think that nat would vote for anyone but him if it came down to him and Jordan. Nat has been playing with his mind pretty good here… has me scared for my floaters.

  15. Go Jordo – I don’t know which way the jury will vote. I think with any scenario it will be pretty close to 50/50.

  16. I’ve already posted this but if Kevin wins HOH and takes Jordan he will lose the $500,000. Jordan will get Jeff, Natalie and Michele’s votes. She will also get Americas.

    On the other hand, if he wins and takes Natalie to the final two, he will probably get all of the votes except maybe Michele.

    You may want Natalie out, but I think that is Kevin’s worst play. I do not believe he can win enough votes against Jordan.

  17. Im hoping on everything Natalie can find some way to pull this out. She deserves it, she is great player, and why not.

    So actually, GO JORDAN!!! WIN ROUND 3.

    DO IT FOR ME! haha.


    just do it!

    This is the time im rele hatin Chima. If she woulda stayed . . .


    im gonna be so sad when this season is over.

  18. Michelle just came in the jh and Jeff and Russ are bummed because they wanted it to be Kevin. She told them about Nat’s engagement and Jessie looked bummed out. They all told Mich that Nat was 24 and she said she knew the whole time that Nat was lying.

  19. Jessie told Mich that he would have voted for her over Nat. I don’t think anyone in the jh wants Nat to win.

  20. wow, even jess says he would have voted for michelle over nat… think he is a little upset about the engagement.

  21. Anyone doubt that Jordan has this figured out? She seems to have found some smarts and knows nat is the right one to take to the final 2. If she wants the $500k, its a sure bet, but I still don’t want kev to go home empty handed.. I am torn.

  22. The best scenario would be for Kev to win and take Jordan if you don’t want Nat to get any money.

    Belly, the hoh has not started.

  23. Go KEVIN…you gotta win the $500K. I don’t want Gnat to win anything, but if it means that you shud take her to final 2, so that you can win the big bucks, guess I gotta live with it. Yes, I dislike Gnat more than Jordan, but I really rooting for Kevin. Oh He–, I really don’t know what I want, Gnat or Jordan, but I do know I want Kevin to win, and Michelle America’s favorite. Let’s see if my wishes come true. Thanks to all especially Matt for ur updates. God bless you all.

  24. Why hasn’t Lydia told them about the LML?

    I cant stand Jeff. He is so rude and arrogant and runs his mouth way too much.

  25. i dont know if anyone mentioned this but…what if kevin and nastalie are playing all of us…..america/production/dr/etc…normally i am used to seeing kevin and nastalie scheming,we don’t see anything of them two anymore>>something just doesnt seem right in denmark. you would think kev and nastalie would be like same-o same-o…do you know what i mean????

  26. Looks like Nat is toast in the Jury House. But, Kev & Jordon & Nat don’t know that.
    Jordan or Kev taking Nat to the final 2 might get her a win. The only drag is that in either case, Nat walks with $50,000.

  27. Go Kevin! I want him to win and take Natalie with you for the ride. Time to send Gordo to the Jury.

  28. Jeff was so rude just now in the debate with the other jury members. I just can’t stand when people act that way when someone doesn’t agree with them.

    belly – the LML is the last minute lie that Nat and Kev came up with to tell Jeff to get Russ out.

    The HOH comp is starting.

  29. IMO I think Nastalie should have been kicked out just like ole’ Chima. She went against so many rules that it’s inexcusable, well it sh/hv been by the powers that be at bb, IMO. Then Kevin and Jordan could have just split the money and everyone would have been happy!

  30. I don’t think Nat is toast. After they talked I think they are realizing the good game play she did.
    Notice Natalie is away so she doesn’t cheat for Kevin like she did before.


  32. My CBS cut off all I have is a yellow screen. Can somebody please give me updates…oh I am so pissed right now.


  34. I can’t stand Jessie, he is so rude & arrogant & runs his mouth way too much. He believes he is Gods gift to women & to this Earth. He has some SERIOUS confidence issues, he’s abusive physically & mentally towards women.
    I have never liked him, he’s just too self involved, every time he passes a mirror he had to stop and stare at himself, and sometimes he’d strike a pose. Ugh

    Now Jeff, THAT right there is a REAL man. More men should take a clue from Jeff, he’s smart, funny, makes those around him and those watching him enjoy the moments. He was just a joy to watch, and stare at :)

    Russell has extreme moments of kindness towards everyone, but sometimes when he was “playing” the game he did get out of control and he tended to make himself a nuisance.

    Ronnie was just weird, something about him never clicked with me.

  35. What is wrong with the CBS broadcast? What is happening on the HOH comp? Is their a blackout or what?

  36. Reggie Jackson was called Mr October .Jordan should be called Miss September for coming thru in the clutch when it counted the most .Go JORDO

  37. That’s it for Kevin I am afraid. The 2 least deserving people in BB history are going home with the money. This sucks!

  38. UGH! Nooo!
    I didn’t want Jordan to win, frig, why the heck did she have to win! D: I soo wanted Kevin to win it.
    Poor Kevin ;o;


  40. Even though it hurts like heck to say, she has to take nat and evict kev. Jess and lydia were saying jordan hadn’t won anything on her own… well now she won two on her own… she is the best player now!!!

  41. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! SHE BETTER TAKE NATALIE COUSE THEN SHE WILL WIN! no one in the jury will vote for nat and then JORDON WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I don’t like Jordan, but she stepped up and won her last two challenges. I can’t call her a floater anymore. Unfortunately, she is probably going to take the idiot Natalie (who I still am very much able to call a floater).

  43. Well i cant see the Big brother yet here in ca cause its only 7pm but i can cheat so you go Jorden and take kevin please thanks all my peeps for letting me know ahead of time who won!

  44. How disappointing!!!! Jordon did DICK in the game! Kevin should have won that!! If she picks Nat it was a waste to watch this year because both did Dick. And she picks to evicts Kevin!!! Can you flippen believe it!! Regardless of what some of you say…Kevin played the game more than they did and to boot…..Nat will end up with money!!!! What a waste of a season!!!


  46. Nastalie just flubbed up about her engagement…did ya’ll hear her?? I’m “gett,,” I’m engaged…etc..hmmmm sounds like she did lie about that too

  47. I have watched ever season and ever show of ever season. I thinks this was the 3 best season. behind season 2 Dr Will and season 5 Kasar and the gang…just hope CBS does it right tonight and show so highlights of the show with the cast..

  48. Argh – what I hoped would not happen did. I think Jordan wins for sure now. Oh well, I like her more than Natalie.

  49. People! Taking Natalie is the best move if she wants to win the $500,000. Its not about who you like or dislike its about the votes in the jury house. Taking Natalie practically guarantees Jordan that she will win the half mil.

    Even though I think she would have won against Kevin too, this move really takes the doubt out of it.

  50. The only way it turns out to be the worst ever, is if the nat wins. kev has to realize that he was thrown under the bus by nat, and will come to his senses and vote JORDAN… he has nothing to lose now, so he will do the right thing…. won’t he???


  52. Agghhhh!!! If there is any justice CBS will come back and say that they’ve reviewed the tape and saw that Natalie took her hand off the key and they are having to make her forfeit the $50,000. Oh, for poetic justice.


  54. lional #105….I totally agree with you!!! Those two rode through the whole game and their in the final two. Just doesn’t seem what BB is all about. What a waste of time watching!

  55. Kevin was the only one in the final three who really deserved to win…

    Gnat being in the final two over him really pisses me off…

  56. YES!!!!



    EAT IT!

    fase 1 and 2 is complete.

    Kevin thought he had this ALL wrapped up.

    BYE BYE !!!!!

    Natalie, take ur rightful place in final 2.

    Eailer today i was so sad, because it was such a long shot she would get to final 2.

    And now she did.

    I always pick the final 2.

    wait what i ment to say was, my favorite is always in the final 2.

    GO NATALIE!! :) :) :) :)

  57. @belly be patient for the updates. I live in California too, they post them as soon as they can, no need to keep repeating and demanding the updates with almost every post.
    Chill, caps mean that you are yelling & a lot of people don’t like that, because they are doing the best they can.

  58. VOTES to me are anyone’s race.

    If u think about it, Natalie should win.

    Im saying that because most ppl in the house didnt like Jeff, and Jordan gets grouped in with him.

    Plus she has homies in the jury.

    lol did i just say homies?

    If Jordan wins she deserves it. I’d say she deserves it more than Nat.

    HOWEVER if u make it to final 2, u deserve to be there PERIOD.

  59. If Nat. wins I will not ever watch another BB again. I know the free vote will be for Jordon so, lets hope out of the 2 that Jordon wins. I just can’t believe that Nat is going home with any money! GRRRRRR!

  60. Marcus I sincerely think you may be disappointed. Have you been watching the show? THe jury is not very pro-Natalie!

  61. kevin should have asked natalie that since she said jordan was a dumb blonde keep her, i can totally beat her – why should i vote for you since you couldn’t even beat the dumb blonde!

  62. Yea i was watching, but that was a week ago, and didnt have a leg to stand on.

    They got mad at her game.

    they got mad because she lied saying she was 18. i mean rele?

    Ur not gonna vote for someone because u bought a lie that u should knoe better?

    thats rele good game, and u cant blame her for that.

  63. i am so sorry i just like caps i not yelling……….i just i like to say thanks for all the updates really no more caps i guess………

  64. i have tried to say 3 x’s jordo is a half million $’s richer and it’s getting blocked>> no swearing just my opinion!

  65. Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved.

    What’s wrong with saying IMO jordo is a half million $’s richer????????????????????????

  66. @Marcus

    Natalie should win? I thought you said earlier that it is all about how they played the game?

    Jordan won 3 HOHs and 1 POV. That is a BETTER PLAYER in my book.



  67. thanks matt for thid site and updates…..i never really find out stuff until the last second but i like this site for infroming me……..thank you to the poeople who have posted comments to update me…….go jordon

  68. LEO for the past few weeks you thought you knew who was going to win and made songs when people got kicked out. well when jordan wins tonight i hope you have a song ready on how wrong you were and i hope this shows that you dont know everything forsure.

  69. Nat and Kevin sat on the couch and talked about the LML like it was rehearsed – I bet CBS shows that tonight so the HGs will know about the LML.

  70. Michele’s question was great. She gave Nat the chance to say she wasn’t 18. Nat went on blah, blah about her engagement. BTW, Michele looks hot in that dress!

  71. can’t wait to see who wins…Jordan is my fave to win. what time does show end (where it is on now)? i won’t see it for 6 hours more

  72. Jeff just confirmed what I’ve said all along. Yes, Nat and Kev came up with the LML but why in teh world did Michelle go along with it????

  73. The LML was not a lie.. Michelle and Russell DID have a final two. It shouldn’t have mattered though, because in reality Jordan and Jeff had a final two. Jeff was big-headed, and let it get to him. His downfall.

  74. Russell, I will say it one more time, you should have won it all!! It should have been you and Michelle in final 2.

  75. Is it just me, or did Jessie actually vote for Jordan over Natalie? This is assuming he knows what Hakuna Matata means, though, so it’s 50/50.

  76. Natalie prolly wont win.

    Im hearing Jessie voted for Jordan.

    If he did, there is no chance anyone else would have voted for her.

    that sucks

  77. Natalie should win because of her friends in the jury

    i never said about game.

    and secondly, i said becaus emost ppl in the house dont like Jeff, and Jordan gets grouped in with Jeff.

  78. I think we have already flooded this site, don’t worry, your not being put in moderation, its just server overload.. but you won’t get this comment for another half hour lol

  79. tinaG u said yourself that u had big boobs the way girls say that men think with there penis is the way you think with your boobs see u defentliy did not have the live feeds this season but i don’t either but i have been reading the comments very hard and jeff is not all the man u think he is up to be he even brought in family with russel he said ill slit your family throat and that right there lost me. but aneyways Russel should of won this game

  80. I was going to say America’s vote was a slap in the face to Natalie, but I think Jessie’s vote was the biggest insult she could have received.

    Thank you, Jessie!

  81. WOOOOOW!! Jessie and Lydia?? i think Lydia was a lil jealous from the attention, when she was in the house, but i never thought she would turn on Nat. and Jessie u have no excuse.


    If it matters now, Nat is still ym fav. sucks she doesnt win ANYTHING.

    oh well.

  82. ha ha jordan won like i say see only floaters or manipulaters win this game i said that the first beging of the season ha and even jeff won but he counts in the floater/goody…and some what bad

  83. Whoo hoo…I wanted Jeff or Jordan from the beginning. I’m so happy and proud of her for proving all the people that talked crap about her wrong!! Great job Jordan!!!!

  84. Jordon wins Big Brother and Jeff wins America’s Favorite Houseguest. Ahhh… all is right with the world! LOL

  85. Go Jeff!! Well, I am really going to miss seeing Jeff – I sure hope he gets a show on TV – what a sweetheart.

  86. Everyone, I just want to say that I had so much fun with all of you! We had a great time debating all these crazy hgs all season. I hope we can continue on the survivor website so join me, cat, janet, fedup, and Matt as we tear apart all the survivor contestants.

  87. Again congrats Jordan.

    Ima get off of her before i have to hear all the b.s. from u guys.

    One more hour to show time.


    I thought Natalie had it.

    I would love to know why Jessie and Lydia didnt vote for their homie.

    Well i knoe why Lydia didnt. she wouldnt vote for Natalie if Jeff was against her.

    She was always jealous, and hated how Jessie gave her attention.

    Wella ctually i just answered my own question.

    Since Lydia was in the house second, she had a LONG TIME to convert Jessie.

    Well brain wash him.


  88. I guess I wouldn’t have a problem being a floater to win half a million dollars. And how do you consider her a floater…did you want Natilie to win??? Jordan did more than her…

  89. I only wish Michelle could have won the money, I think she deserved to win something, she is a class act all the way. Love you Michelle!!!!

  90. Just the way Jessie and Lydia were talking about Natalie when Jeff came in, it seemed that they were not Natalie fans. Tonight proved it. Way to go Jordan.

  91. Natalie we waited for the big moment when your smug smile would be wiped off your face…for all the horrible things you did and instigated….for the ugly you….VINDICATION BABY!!!!

  92. Jeff does need to go into acting with that face and such a sweet personality. I believe that he is really a good person, just like Jordo.

  93. sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for Jordan- finally :) I hope jeff wins americas vote because they are Americas cutest tv couple

  94. OMG! I am soooo happy for Jordan….people can call her a floater or whatever else. I call her the 500,000 dollar woman….

  95. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!! So happy for Jordan ! Did you see the look on Natalie’s face when Jessie voted for JORDAN ? America got it right, Good over Evil…!
    Thank you Matt for this blog – it has been great reading and keeping up with BB all season.

  96. Well, I am proud of Natalie. She WAS the best player, but not the most popular. But, I know that she is happy that she was in the Final 2.
    I was pulling for her and JOrdan, but I just got to say this “Only in America, could such a “loose screw” win 1/2 million dollars. Congratulations to Jordan.

  97. So happy, So happy!!!! Woooooohoooo!… But Im sad its over. Thank god I live down the street from the M resort where thw bb party will b on the 19th!! WTG Jordooooo!!!

  98. @Cat
    Kinda brings a tear to my eye… Guess it pays to be a shallow thinking male. :D Made it easier to pick a winner!!!

  99. Finally, it proves that someone good and decent can win at this game! Congrats to Jordan … and to snag Jessie’s vote … amazing!

  100. I think that Jordan kind of blew off Jeff. She hugged and kissed almost everyone in the cluster to the exclusion of Jeff. Hey, if she played him then she is a fool — in the long run he’d be her best bet. Hundred dollars says the bulk of her $ goes toward twinkies and ding dongs. I’m glad she one however, I don’t appreciate how she treated Jeff …DO NOT TAKE HER TO HAWAII, let her take/treat, YOU!

  101. I sure hope Jordon cuts Jeff a piece of that check because she wouldn’t be there without his help. She needs to split that EVEN!

  102. I think no matter who Jordo took she was gonna win. I mean Jessie wouldn’t have voted for kevin either. At that point Jordo still has the votes.

  103. @Marcus- Do you even understand the crap that comes out of your mouth.
    @Midwest-You got got!
    @ Redhead- Maybe they have some pretty girls on survivor you can talk trash about!
    @ Leo- Let me hear you say it! Go team JJ

  104. Well, I got the two I wanted in the final two. I am very proud of Natalie. She was the best player, just not the most popular. Only in America could such a “loose screw” win 1/2 million dollars, but I am not a sore loser – Congratulations Jordan.

  105. I’m so happy for Jordan…Natalie will see how very hated she was and now she has a good 60 years to live with that knowledge!!!

  106. jordan didn’t realize it at the time, but when jesse said, “jordan… coupe de tat” as he put his key in, he was telling her he voted for her :)

    i think grinning natalie took it to mean he was “getting even” BECAUSE of the de tat – and was voting for her..

    HAHA.. i LOVED IT!!

    CONGRATS JORDO —- you walked away with the money AND your true self still in tact!! :) :)

  107. Jeff was the obvious choice to win the 25k :D

    Jordan, Congrats on winning and I love you and Jeff together :)

    Go Jeff and Jordan!!

    Natalie, go cry yourself to sleep tonight and may you spill red punch all down the front of your wedding dress. I never did like you.

    Kevin, sorry that Jordan evicted you but I mean come on! Did you really think that she was going to take you?!

  108. That was the best finale I’ve seen in a long time. Although, Kevin did a great job as well, and deserves some recognition for his game. I’m just thankful that most of the house saw through Natalie’s “strategy” and allowed a more deserving player to win.

  109. CONGRATS to Jordon for winning BB11. Jordon please get rid of the Gucci purse and let him go to Hawaii with some one else.

  110. Jordan was the better player. She won 3 HOHs and 1 POV. And the last 2 HOHs were the ones she needed to win the most. She did great. Jordan is a very SMART woman.

    Natalie won 1 HOH. Natalie thought poultry was fish. LOL

  111. Sorry Natalie got the 50,000 instead of Kevin, but maybe God knew she needed it more. I am just so happy with the winner!

  112. All I have to input is….LOL
    Matt, thanks for the blog…see ya next year BB12 (hopefully on Survivor blog)
    … shock of the night? NOT when Jordan won BB, but when Jessie & Lydia voted for her!
    Goodbye all…its been fun

  113. HA HA jordan won beat nasty nat easy… sadly she got 50k.. even jessie and lydia didn’t vote for her nasty ash….. I’m sooo happy….

  114. WAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YAY JORDAN!!!!! The results couldn’t have been any better!!!!! YAY JEFF!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

  115. ugh worst season EVER! jordon and natalie didnt deserve anything. kevin was the only one LEFT that did. It honestly made me sick to see jeff AND jordon win the 2 prizes. SICK!

  116. Matt

    Thanks for the great season of blogging and a great addition to my BB obsession! TY for the great site and the time you and all the other bloggers but into out entertainment! Applause to you, Doc (my fav), KillerK, Janet and all the newbies that joined in the end of season. Thank you all!



  118. Carolina girls…best in the world!!!!!!!

    Nat’s face was priceless when Jesse voted for Jordan after she told Kevin she could control Jesse’s vote!!!!!!!

  119. am so happy jordan won.i kind of voted more than 20x for her and dont’ know why i cant’ stand than short ugly liar Natalie.bye nat u lost liar.pls learn to say the true and stop lying against other.
    u boyfriend proposed to u cos he thought u will bring home the lets see what happens haaaaaaaaaa.loser .jordan u are a sweetheart and i hope jeff marries u .all the best my baby.

  120. Congrats to Jordan! However, I know she’s supposed to be the nice one, but I never liked her much. Thought this season was lacking. I’ll be there for BB 12, though. Thanks for the blog, Matt!

  121. I’m so glad that Jordan won. She needed the money more than the others, and she won when it really counted. Natalie is a liar and I really think she goes both ways. I’m really disappointed in Russele, and as far as Kevin is concerned, what did you expect. He wouldn’t have taken Jordan either. thank God that she won HOH.

  122. @ Matt do you know if you have livefeeds if we r going to get to see the after show interviews on them?

  123. @Budman is that u again??

    lol we all knoe ur just gonna apoligize to me like u did last time. BOW DOWN.

    Nah i know what comes out my mouth. it makes sense.

    Natalie had so many firends in the house, it was in her favor to win.

    I saw the preview of the jury arguing.


    Lydia made a great point, and he clowned her!


    And i dont think the hg realized Natalie won an HOH.

    did she get lucky? maybe. it was the same way Jordan was able to win tonight from what i read, and Jordan’s man gave her one.

    Im not trying to say she didnt deserve it, she deserved it mmore than Natalie. Im just saying it didnt seem to me the HG knew she had won an HOH.

  124. Didn’t mean to make two identical comments, guys, but I keep getting put in moderation and I think it is because Matt knows what I am thinking in my heart. !@#%^()*&*%^#@!$%&

  125. everyone keeps saying that jeff made a mad move by evicting russull………..was i the only one that saw russell in the diary room saying that he was gonna come after jeff? and that if jeff was smart he would get rid of him.

    btw congrats jordan im sooo happy for you

  126. Russel in the end should have won the 25,000 because if he did not have that anger problem he would have went on in probley would of won this the second one should of been Ronnie who won it all because if he had played that chitown card later on in the game but he did not boomer the 3 one that should have won was michelle but she was trying to act like she cant remember things but she did and plus she did not tell good lies if she would of fix them flaws she would have won. and not least but last is kevin he would have won but he did not have a hole lote of game and that was his only flaw……O well people see ya next year ahh this year was a wild one indeed see ya next time at BigBrother 12

  127. Oh boy, white knights win again. Oh well. Fun season, sad that Kevin and Michelle got nil.

    I’ll be catching up on the series across the pond until the next season. And maybe I’ll watch some old seasons of BBUS. But mostly BBUK, with a dash of Survivor.

  128. Hmm my last comment istnt there.

    Somebody is playing favorites. YIP YISH.

    Ight, im out.



    ugh! i still cant belive she didnt win. oh well.

  129. Susan NC…Jesse said ‘Akuna Matta” to Jordan when he put his key in…telling her “No worries”. {You’ve seen The Lion King, right?}

  130. @Cat
    I cannot believe Dan has dissed u? But we know he is a couple hours short of a winner. Maybe he wants to be surprised and then pop the question to you!!

  131. Did anyone notice that the people who didn’t like Jordan are congratulating her on this site, but those who hated Natalie continue to bash her. I guess that is the difference between “Class” and “No Class.”

  132. Well it’s finally over until next year. Yes Jordan did ride Jeff’s coat tail, but she was able to pull it through at the last minute. I voted for her all the way. I guess everyone started with the same idea, to win the game. Jordan was able to stay in against two power players and end up the big winner. I also noticed how she snuffed Jeff. Hope that things work out for all of them. I think that Kevin gave Natalie his vote because Jordan evicted him. That’s the way the game is played.
    @ MATT.. it was so nice to be part of your site. I will surely look forward to next season with you..Take Care and see you season 12…

  133. Woo! The best part of the night was when Jeff asked Michelle if Natalie’s boyfriend was a tool. It made my night!

  134. I just read the application for BB.


    its rele something to see.

    Every question just about is in there.


  136. glad that jordan won,it was either her or kevin..oh well,now we have to wait till next summer.wish that they would do another all stars one,it would be fun.but not with big brothers ,with other reality shows ..peace out

  137. I think Natalie will use the money for her dad, remember he was sick, and it is better that she gets the 50k rather than Kevin.

    Congrats to Jeff and Jordan for their money prizes.

    Overall a great season though, started out kind of ho-hum, but defiantly turned around for the better!!

  138. Well Jordan was smart for taking Nat! She might have lost against Kevin! It just sucks she still won 50k!

  139. Matt, thank you for your blog! Your postings kept me going during some of the difficult shows (the childish behavior and the screaming and yelling) and your comments were always spot on. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m already looking forward to your postings and comments for next season.

  140. If Jeff doesn’t take Jordan Now He’s a fool but the season ended Perfect, Can’t Wait till next year, Withdraws will be here as soon as my grin goes away…LOL !

  141. It’s over…It’s really over…What do I do now?

    I know…I’m fast forwarding to Survivor!

    Join “old” and “new” friends on!!!!:)

  142. @bonbon, if you are in florida and on this, this is your big sis in hawaii….see you on the

  143. @Morgan
    Let me clarify Jeff’s bad move. First, he knew Russell was after him, however Jeff gave in too soon to K & N. He needed to leave them on the block to break the last nasty alliance just one more week. Instead he kept Kevin!
    Oh well, he won $$:)
    Showmance for J/J on the horizon.
    Congrats Jordon!!
    Kevin you so got served, however J/K was my hope for F2.

  144. Hey Midwest Fan and Diana. Please read my comment 316. I will see you guys on the other side. Yes, I am a very sore loser cause you know that I was really pulling for the HOH fish even though I knew it was a long shot. LOL

  145. @#249 I could’nt have said it better myself.
    @#253 You said it so true only in america.
    @#258 I thought the same thing,I did’nt like the she blew Jeff off either. He should have been the first one she hugged ,Her stupid a$$ would’nt even be there if not for him. I guess she’s going to say this was part of strategy to get Jeff to carry her to the end. ALL this talk she had about the strategy she had entering the house was bull sh@T. She would not be there without the help of BB and jeff.
    It,s really sad that, that kind of money to be giving to people with no gameplay. I guess bb12 will have even more floaters next season. The votes were giving to these people only for personal reasons not because they were the strongest players. The game should have judges to evict hgs that are not playing the game, stop these floaters from winning money they don’t deserve. Maybe this would get the strongest players to the end. The best players don’t always win. JH and america had to cast their votes and they voted the two weakest players in a realty show that is supose to be on gameplay. this season who was the best floater. Any way it’s bb’s money, not mine. don’t like neither one of them but I will congrat them for being the best floaters in the history of bb. I did feel alittle sad for Kelvin because it did deserve to be in the f2. well maybe our favorites were voted out before making it to the finale, but that’s the way the ball rolls. no one said life was fair. now jordan go by all the cookie dough she wants. Hopefully she will get some clothes to fit her butt. That suit she had on tonight made her look like a sausage busting out of it’s skin. That suit was not for her.

  146. well, i have an opinion about the finale and what i have to say may not be liked but i think it should be said. first, i am not surprised that jordan has won and natalie finished second. but, the thing that upsets me is the fact on how america turned a show that was supposed to be fun and turned it into a show where hatred and disrespect won out. i mean it really makes no sense to me how much people hated natalie. why? because she lied in the game. so what, that is what you are supposed to do in this game is lie to win. jeff, jordan, russell and everyone else lied. i think the favorite houseguest award at the end of the show was riduculous because everyone knew jeff was going to win. so america’s couple did win and that is another thing america went with the couple they felt were the cute couple i was wondered what if the couple was black, asian, latino or any other nationality were they be popular like jeff and jordan. i really do not think so. in the history of big brother 1 latino male amd 1 asian female has won this game. no gay man has won this game and kevin was the closest and he got evicted and to me i knew that was going to happen. but, in the end, i think this season’s big brother proved one thing we do not like people because of what we see on tv and not in real life and to me that is the biggest lost in this. and to those of you who hated natalie remember at the end of the day she is a human being and she was geniunely hurt by not only what america though but the fact that one of her allies did not vote for her is like a stab in the heart and to be honest i felt bad for her.

  147. #332 Summer
    Answering your question:
    I haven’t had the chance to read the comments.
    As far as I’m concerned BB11 is over and it truly was
    the BB Production of the J/J Show.
    Congrats to them, J/J and Production.

    Before the Finale concluded, I really thought Natalie was
    going to win, so I came online and Congratulated Redhead.
    Then of course, I had to come back and say, “Sorry.”

    Also, I had to offer “Kudos” to x-rev.
    He is probably still celebrating.
    If he is celebrating around a pool, he’d better be
    wearing his floaties.
    : )

  148. Busy site ………..

    Waiting for my comment to be posted reminds me of the

    Summer, I answered you but I have no idea when you
    will get to read it.

  149. Jordan won, congrats to her although she did not deserve it. She is a nice girl, cute girl, but had no clue what she was doing all game. She alligned with Jeff not strategicaly but by pure luck. Natalie played the better game, everyone deep down inside on this board knows it, so did the jury members. This year, they voted purely for personal reasons and I find that dispicable. They have taken away the true identity of big brother.

  150. @dede82 you’re right without jeff jordan wont be there tonight but well i dont think she could hear us.

    wish we’ve seen more interviews and there reunion.kinda sucks its over, BB11 made my days and weeks faster while waiting for my deployed husband.huhu…

    Matt, we’ll be waiting for jordans interview here. see you next year. thanks for this site anyway.

  151. And I hope you all understand that Jessie voted against Natalie because he was jealous of her getting engaged. Its disloyal, and a disgrace. The only classy people on the jury were Russell and Kevin. They didnt vote for personal reasons. Lydia is an unclassy person just like Jeff. Not because he voted for Jordan as it was expected but only because of his attitude towards Natalie. She is the one who thought of the plot to get him out, if he was a winner, he would have acknowledged that and respected Natalie for that. Jordan will be treated like shi t by Jeff..

  152. Does this mean Jordan and Jeff are getting married now that the both won money? They can now go on a really good honeymoon. lol

  153. #334 I’m playing the worlds smallest violin for you. Nat was bad for the game and certainly did not deserve 2nd she showed the worst side of humanity and should not have been rewarded for it,

  154. I was screaming I couldn’t believe that Jessie gave his vote to Jordon…After what he said when he put the key in the hole I know we all thought that he gave his vote to Nasty… Anybody but me see that Julie never spoke to Nasty at all. lolololololol SEE YA NEXT SEASON ON BB 12 THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON READING EVERYONE THOUGHTS I ENJOYED EVERY ONE…

  155. Good Night to the Happy Campers and the
    Not So Happy Campers, myself included.

    The site is in overload so it’s time to say, “Adios!”
    I hope to “Meet and Greet” you on the Survivor site
    but if not, just know I WILL BE WATCHING YOU

    It has been a pleasure being here.
    Agree/Disagree/ and Lots of Laughs!
    Perfect – Just like home.

    Stay well!

  156. susan in ct………LOL Jesse did not say “coup d’etat” when he cast his vote?! He said “hakuna matata” which was a famous line from the Lion King movie meaning “no worries”

    That just made me laugh how you built a whole philosophy and comment around something you imagined or heard wrong! haha

  157. i’m sooo stoked that jordan won, and that jeff won america’s favorite player!!! although i was kinda bummed jordan took nat to the f2, but it was a good move cuz i think kev would have won if jordan took him, so GO JORDAN!!!!

  158. congratulations to Jordan, the BB season champ! I am so happy for you and your family, I hope you get a nice home and have a lovely life (ps if Jeff wont take you to hawaii you can take yourself!)

  159. Congradulations Jordan and Jeff!!!! And thanks to everyone on this site, you guys really made watching this show that much funner!!!!! Can’t wait for BB 12!!!!!

  160. Sorry guys….can’t stay up to wait for the site to catch up…It’s been so much fun….much love to you all!!!!!! Goodnight..(If you ever get to see this).

  161. anyone know when they will show the backyard party coverage? Will it be on the feeds?
    I can just see Gnat questioning Jesse…lol

  162. I called it Sept.12 way to go Jorden and thanks for a great season of bb It was the best season of all time……THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT WAS GREAT….

  163. Way to go Jordo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now you can do stuff for your family and be proud of what you did. For a moment I thought you would have to pay for what Jeff did to Russell but I see you prevail. Do not second guess yourself you won by eliminating KEVIN and that is it. All haters you guys know that if she had keep KEVIN she would be runner up. Go JORDON CONGRATS MY DEAR AND MAKE GOOD USE OF YOU NEW FOUND WEALTH.

  164. I am so happy that jordan won! it makes me think of the first time she won hoh and was crying because she got the letter from home, so sweet! and now jeff has 25k and a trip to hawaii, not too shabby! if only michele would’ve walked away with something besides a nice tan

  165. ok 1st of all im sick of hearing kevin deserved it. when he did nothing. jordon kev and nat were all floaters so the winner should have been the person who won the final hoh bcuz that meant they beat the other 2 remaining hgs cuz that made them the strongest player left. jordon said it best at the end she won she didnt have to rely on anyone to bring her to the final 2. and for everyone who is mad that floaters made it to the end well u can blame that on all the good players bcuz they were all afraid to fight it out in the end so they took each other out early. like i said b4 i would like to see 1 year of 12 house guests that are very athletic, very smart, very knowledgable of big brother, can keep the emotions in check, and can keep a secret. no one could keep anything to themselves. if they had all 12 strong players then no one can cry about floaters winning. thats IMO. i would also like them to show more of the after party on showtime or E! or real channel. they should have it they way they do it on E! where after the acadamy awards they have interviews with all the winners and losers. i think that would make for good tv. and one last thing. i hate jesse. i thing he is so full of himself but he redeemd himself tonite by doing the right thing by voting for jordan.

  166. I am so happy for Jordon!!! Good triumphs over evil. I must say that I hated Natalie so much all season! My mantra was “anyone but Natalie” but I found myself thinking “she’s really not so bad.” Yes, she is an obnoxious liar but I don’t think she deserves all this hate. She is actually quite beautiful and her insides might catch up to her outsides one day… It could happen.

    What’s with Jeff saying Jordon is on the short list and then Jordon ignoring him? I think that summer fling is over.

    Jessie voting for Jordon was the biggest shock of the night.

    Also, I am so in love with Jeff but I wish Michelle won Americas vote. Russell and Kevin deserve something too.

    Do they get paid for each week they are in there? Does anyone know? Who can afford to go without an income all summer? Anyone? Anyone?

  167. Does anyone know how many of the 11 BB winners did not win the final HOH?
    I haven’t watched all of them, but it seems a majority of BB winners win the last
    Just curious.

  168. Congratulations Jordan!!! I loved the look on Nat’s face when her precious Jessie and Lydia voted for Jordan. Can we saw priceless?? LOL!!

  169. @ Comment 352, Are you sure? I thought that when Jessie voted that he looked @ Jordan & said coup de’tat’. Cause I thought that meant he voted for Gnataliar. I was happy Jessie voted for Jordan!

  170. @Matt

    Thank you very much for a wonderful site. See you on your Survivor site. I’m a much bigger fan of Survivor than I am BB.

    Huge smiles to you dear!

  171. Ughhh…Natalie played a better game…she should have won…I hope Jordan goes out and buys brain with that money.

  172. What a gyp!!! My worse nightmare. Jessie is a big time hater because he got played. Same venom displayed by Chima when she got played by Russ. PPL, don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

  173. YEAH!!!!!!! I knew jordon would win…I’m soooo happy natalie did not win still wished she did not even get the 50K…..CONGRATS. Jeff for the 25k you deserve it… WOO HOO still excited :0

  174. zonazoo, Julie is about to have a baby! she probably was cold and I doubt that was a snuggie, a very high priced maternity dress. I think she is due in october, best of luck to julie and hubby

  175. i do believe that the houseguests get a stipend or something like that. i remember when chima the she-devil threw her mic in the hot tub that someone said something about it possibly coming out of her allowance. and julie’s outfit reminded me of some type of cape one of the evil queens, and i don’t mean kevin, would wear in a disney animated movie.

  176. oh and i never got the live feeds. does anyone know if they actually showed the hg’s nekked cuz i love how all season long the advertisement that is up on the side (its up now) for the live feeds shows jordo bathing in the tub and it says “what they can’t show you on tv,” lol

  177. Julie comment #274: I agree with you. Wishing Kevin could have won 2nd place but it’s ok. Jordan played smartly by evicting him. Love that Jessie and Lydia voted for Jordan. All houseguests say things they may regret, but Jordan clearly could use the money and has her family’s best interests at heart. It’s hard to argue with that. This was a nice finale. Wishing BB12 would come back sooner than next summer. Goodnight.

  178. lori

    i wasn’t degrading julie in any way. i know she’s pregnant… it’s pretty obvious. i was just saying, that was a snuggie… maybe a designer edition snuggie, but a snuggie nonetheless. just because she’s on tv doesn’t mean everything she wears is high priced so i don’t know what the point of saying that was.

  179. LAST POST.

    I was so angry at the audience and some of the houesguests for showing so much hatred towards Natalie. I mean they acted so cold towards her. the audience, Lydia, Jessie. It was kinda sad.

    America fell in love with the couple which they always do. And i know for a fact race had to do with it, because Ollie and April NEVER got that kind of love.

    But who cares about that.

    Like i said, i was just so weirded out by how much hate was being thrown at Natalie. T

    Anytime Natalie said something their were ppl yelling things,, and on her speeches yelling things and it was just ridciolous. The audience should have been kept quiet. till the end.

    For example, Natalie said she didnt screw her alliance members, aka Jessie, Lydia, Ronnie, Chima, Kevin.

    She didnt. isnt that honesty. And lying to everyone else is a given. Its BB after all no?

    Lydia would not have voted for Natalie in anyway shape or form. I think she was jealous of her and Jessie, and she wanted to be a beech. Like she had fun screwing Nat. Who would of thought Lydia would have voted for Jordan?

    Jessie i think was just gonna not vote for her period as son as he found out she was engaged.

    Pretty much everyone else voted for reason other than childish.

    Jordan deserved to win more no question, but the hate that came Natalie’s way is a shame.

    I mean darn.




  180. @ Comment #378, That is why I was asking what was said. Pull your Snuggie off of your face so you can see. Congrats to Jordan $500k, & to Jeff, $25k. Team J/J , Winners of BB11.

  181. Kevin won 10,000+ caz he won another comp that give him money. I think he won 25K actually.

    nah maybe just 10.

    Natalie thank goodness won 50K. It would have been a travesty if she would have not won anything.

    Jeff win 250,000- thats really to much just for being americaz favorite. maybe 75k or lower. How do u win half the grand prize just for being good looking? or excuse me “americas favorite” haha ZING- whats the difference?

    Darn u Lydia!!

    Okay im rele gone. PEACE.

  182. I am glad Kevin didnt win 50 grand either, I despised him as a person, his lifestyle I could handle it not being thrown in my face CBS, it seems BB always has to have the gay dude, and he was a liar, Nastily, was just as big a disgrace to the human race as Kevin and I bet the engagement was planned long before entry into the house, like on survivor when slime ball had a cousin come tell everyone his grandma died, surprised she didnt sink than low (Johnny Fair Play)
    I too was rooting for Michelle but Jordo was truely needy and a good person, I hope she spends some of that money on a education, cause she is dumb.

  183. Congrats to Jordan! I still wish Gnat had not won second place – I wanted Kev to be in F2 with Jordo. But at least Kev had won money previously. I hope the money really helps Jordo and her family.

    Looking forward to BB12 – and hopefully an All-Stars within the next few seasons? There are a few HGs from this season I’d like to see in the house again.

    Anyways, thanks for this site – its awesome. See you all next summer! :)

  184. Neither of them deserved to be in the final two. America was given too much influence on the game with the coup d’etat, jury vote, and $25k choice.

    Let’s be honest here. We ALL knew that Jeff and Jordan were about 20% higher than anyone else in popularity polls. Especially against Natalie, who was near the bottom of the list. That guaranteed Jordan a vote and gave Jeff the $25,000. America’s coup d’etat choice already altered the game drastically. The houseguests could have voted for a past houseguest pre-jury to get the 7th vote or add some interesting twist such as letting Julie have a jury vote.

  185. HOW LONG DO YOU THINK NASTYS FAKE”BF’AND HER GET MARRIED??NEVER SAW ANY WOMAN NOT SHOW SOME EMOTION WHEN A GUY IS ON ‘BENDED’ KNEE. NASTY SHOWED MORE EMTION WHEN JESSIE GOT EVICTED..DIDNT SHE SAY HER BFS FAMILY DIDNT LIKE HER. MAYBE THE IDEA OF HER WINNING $500,000.00 HELPED THEM ‘SEE THE LITE’???so glad jessie saw the lite but whats up with kevin???bb gave a’evil’person a visit from the outside when others were more worthy.bb12 will be interesting to watch as bb11 had no rules, and some got away with ‘murder’ and rewarded.have funn bb reining in the bb12 group cause its all on tape.can anyone spell ‘lawsuit’? cnat wait for ‘survivor’ cause ive actually watched that from day 1.THANKS to MATT, JOEY LEE, LEO, DIANA ,CAT,AND TO ALL FOR LETTING MEIN THIS MY 1st yr. hope to blog you all soon.BBMOTHER,TOO

  186. Comment #394, Airee, You need to grow up. America is still, “the land of the free, & home of the brave” No place else will allow you to voice your views! Congat’s to Jordan, $500k. and to Jeff,25K!

  187. This is still America, you should be proud to live here! If not, YOu need to leave! “This is AMERICA, LOVE IT , OR LEAVE IT!

  188. Congrat’s to America’s Team, J/J ! America never gives up. And neither should you. Jordan deserves to win! Gnataliar, is the one who should be thankful that she won $50k! I’ll tell you what, Gnataliar does not appreciate all that she was given!

  189. yeah way to go jordo…… did absolutely nothing but get lucky!!!!BIG dissapointment BB. Not a Nat fan, but at least she played the game.

  190. o and maybe next time BB how bout make the last challenge about skill, not lucky guessing. I mean finishing someones sentence is ONLY luck- has nothing to do with skill or jordon NEVER would have won.

  191. Someone said Jessie said ”coup de tat” for his final comment to Jordan. I thought he said ” Hakuna Matada ” (sp) which means “don’t worry be happy” so he was telling Jordan he voted for her.
    Am I wrong?

    Yay Jordan & Jeff!

  192. Some thoughts on the finale:

    *Russell showed a lot of class by voting for the houseguest whom he felt had played the better game, even though that houseguest helped create the lie which got him booted from the house.

    *Kevin finally got a clue when he saw how the voting played out.

    *Natalie quite possibly lost $450,000 for being a c**kblocker. Even though she had no intention of getting sexually involved with Jessie, she was offended by his growing closeness with Lydia. If she had been more supportive of them, one or both probably would have voted for her. Calling out Lydia during the finale certainly didn’t help Natalie.

    *Natalie also missed out on an opportunity to come clean on the age issue and perhaps win an extra vote or two. When Russell asked her about her strategy upon entering the house, she could have mentioned not only the idea of attaching herself to stronger players, but also said that in order to seem like less of a threat, she lied about her age to appear younger and more helpless than she actually was. Her reticence to admit that and turn it into a positive hurt her in the vote. (It seemed like Russell was intentionally giving her an opening to come clean and position it as a positive, but she didn’t figure that out at the time).

    *As someone else pointed out in a post here not too long ago, in the 1950s, game show producers faced criminal charges for rigging game show results. If the same laws apply now, how can the producers get away with feeding people answers to competition questions and suggesting to houseguests that they nominate or vote in a particular way? If I had been a houseguest who didn’t win anything, I’d be on the phone to a lawyer today initiating litigation. If the producers are smart, every houseguest from Braden on forward (including Chima) walks away from this with nothing less than a five figure cash bonus in exchange for non-disclosure and agreeing to not sue the producers or network.


  194. Out of the final 3, Kevin probably deserved it the most.
    However, out of the final 2, Jordan hands down deserved it the most.
    Natalie an Jordan played with the exact same strategy…. attaching themselves to strong players, and coasting. HOWEVER, when it came down to it, Natalie was completely useless, and Jordan pulled out 2 HUGE victories in a row.
    She fought for herself, made her own destiny in the final 2, and she hands down deserved it from there.

    Jordan would have won WITHOUT America’s vote.. she still would have won 4-2… so everyone can suck it when discussing America’s hand in this.

    Natalie was all talk about being a dirty player… she didn’t do shit. She didn’t win enough to do shit. Mostlyyyy what I’m saying…. is she sucks lol

  195. at 308 bernard
    jordan and jeff got more time?? yea after jessie left, it was all about jessie, nat and rodney, everybody who stuck further than 4 weeks had their time, i thought it was split pretty good, i had to watch jessie for so long laying on the bed with nat, i had not even notice jeff the first 2 weeks even 3 weeks..i noticed jordan cuz she was up on the block a few times…so stop hating on j&j

  196. These are true facts people….

    1: JORDON WON BB11

    2: JEFF WON 25,000

    3: NAT was thrown aside by jessie

    4: PRICELESS!!!!!

  197. Thank Goodness, BB11 is OVER!

    Last night, I dreamed I was in the BBH. Whoa, talk about
    a nightmare!
    Jessie had my favorite leather purse and
    kept tossing it the air. Was he hoping money would fall from
    my purse like it fell from the sky for the BB11 HGs?
    My husband said, Jessie was playing “Survivor” since he knew if
    my purse landed on his head, the weight of it would kill him.

    WARNING: If you begin dreaming about BB, it has taken over
    too much of your life.

    Fingers are crossed for BB12 to be a BETTER show
    with much less and unfair BB Production interference.

  198. @405 Jessie did indeed say “Hakuna Matata” when casting his vote! Absolutely love how Nastalie raved on and on about sticking to Jessie and her “alliance” and then Jessie throws her under the bus at the end!

  199. “Hakuna Matata” to you Jordan. When he said that and when Lydia said she loves a true blond I knew that the voting was going Jordan’s way. That to me was the shock of the season. I thought for sure the two of them would vote Nat. But the priceless momemnt was Natalie’s face when Julie announced Jessies vote was for Jordan and then Natalie’s vote was for Jordan. Wow! Perfect ending!

  200. @ Marcus 386 Can’t you tell from the message boards Natalie had about 1% of the population going for her. That’s pretty sad and I’d say you did something pretty significant to get that sort of response don’t you think?

    She came off to everyone as a horriable person not just a liar…

  201. Guys, what about Kevin? He still did not get it about Natalie. He is either such a nice guy, cannot make up his own mind, or just not understanding. Am I being to harsh? I wanted him to go to the final 2 because he always seemed to know what was really going on in the house EXCEPT when it came to Natalie. Did he really vote for Natalie??????

  202. lostuni, your right! That was quite clever don’t you agree? Some of my friends thought he was trying to say coup d’etat because he is not the swiftest and could not pronounce it. To me it looks like he and Lydia were doing some chatting because her comment also was clever. They planned their last words.

  203. @Airee: Bigoted Americans? Why do you cast judgment on a person on the basis of their skin colour? Why do you discriminate and determine who is “worthy” and not based on their pigmentation? Projection isn’t a remote psychology concept which just appears in a textbook, hint, hint.

  204. I aggree with you, Elaine. Natalie should give kevin half of “his” 50k. The other half should be spent on hormone treatment to make Natalie back into a woman. As a person who has worked in sports medicine for many years, Natalie absolutely, without a doubt, shows symptoms of high testosterone. I suggest Estratest, Nat, if youre reading. Unless your man enjoys the effects of your virilization.

  205. Just wanted to thank Matt for this forum to feed my Big Brother addiction. And to all the bloggers for making me laugh. Although I was not a regular poster, I was religously keeping up with all the updates. I’m going to have so much more free time to….work I guess. Have a great fall/winter everyone. Counting down til BB12!

  206. Here’s thinking that Kevin didn’t want Natalie to not have any votes … so he voted for her. Really surprised about Russell’s vote though…

  207. WOOT WTG Jordo Good Decision on taking Nat and winning 500 k and Congrats to Jeff for winning 25 k WTG TEAM JEFF AND JORDON

  208. Jessie said coup de tat which I believ he was talking to Nat saying I got got and soryy but so did you.

  209. @426 OOOPS believe and Sorry bad spelling this morning, I guess I am just so excited Jordon won

  210. 408 Nikki…Jordan and Natalie did not play the same game. (I agree with everything else you said)

  211. Okay, can someone explain to me why Jesse was so angry at Natalie? I understand for the most part, but he seemed pissed…why?

  212. Yes I noticed that to, I really don’t remember Kevin ever doing anything to him, I think he has a phobia. I would of rather of hugged Kevin then have on the final night the bedroom scene with Lydia, now that is scary. I think his pride got slammed when that was shown he did not look very impressed. Braden said he bowed to Jessie because of the woman he had, HELLLOOO what woman??? oh I think he like dude like ah let’s go surfing dude I have water water on the brain if he meant Lydia, Nat and Chima.

  213. I love that Jordan won and Jeff got America’s vote. I think I missed something. Why did Jesse vote for Jordo and turn on Nat? Glad he did, but I was surprised.

  214. 386 – RACE??? No way – Ollie & his pasty girlfriend were just ugly..I mean FUGLY – J&J make a good-looking couple – that’s not race – that’s the truth!!!

    More minorities this season than ever before…count ’em! Good thing Jordan won though!!

  215. YAYYY!!!! The good guys win….the good guys win…..evil was defeated! That was probably the best finale in reality TV history..loved it..way to go Jordan….and Jeff too!!

  216. @433, Do you know how shallow and rude that comment is?
    So you only judge people on their looks?

    I can’t believe some of the things people are saying. Ugh.

    Congrats Jordon!

    (Although I was rooting for Kevin all the way.)

  217. wontrudly44


    True, Braden must have gotten no sleep at all since
    he left the BBH to have come up with his comment.

    It was like, “What, did you just say?”

  218. great job jordan message to leo hey bro the good did previle and the right show brotherin rock n roll

  219. hi everyone jordan did the right thing by taking nataLIE with her to final two, if she had taken kevin,kevin would have gotten 1.lydia 2.jessie 3.russell and 4. natalie vote. I am so happy jordan won, nataLIE did not deserve a penny but jordan could only win by taking her. i do hope someone in America is able to make some lie- sanitizer so that nataLIE can sanitize her mouth you can charge her $50,000. even at the finale this girl couldnot stop lying.By the way ILLICO i donot think jessie didnot give nataLIE his vote because of jealousy,did you see how much nataLIE was on to him, lydia couldnot even talk to the guy do you think if nataLIE was a honest person she would have let jessie know she has a boyfriend, if you were in his position and another house guest come and tell you she is engage you would not trust her either, her boyfriend jason is the one that cost her the $500,000 he is the jealous one, he thought jessie would take her away from him, base on their relationship in the big brother house, he should trust her, but she is so lie quess he probably just found out she is not 18.Any jordan i am happy you kicked her butt twice way to go. Happy spending and investing.

  220. Guys, Hakuna Matata is from the Lion King and it means “No worries”, so when Jessie said that to Jordan, he was telling her he voted FOR her. I knew that Russell would vote for Nat, as well as Kevin.

    IMO there’s lying then there’s “lying”. The reason Nat lost this big time is that her lies didn’t really benefit her at all. And her continued manipulations just kept piling on the distaste others had for her. When she got up to give her speech she twice said “I didn’t think I HAD to win because I had aligned myself with stronger players”. Translation to the JH “I floated through letting others take me along”. And for the record, Jessie did not vote against Natalie because he was jealous of her engagement – he voted against her because he knew that he, Russell, and Chima carried her in the game.

  221. Forgot to add, Michelle’s question to Nat was from all of them, and in essence was a trap to give Nat one last chance to come clean about her age. She didn’t take the bait, therefore sealed the opinion they already had for her.

  222. Maybe Jesse thought that Natalie wanted Lydia out because she was jealous of her being with Jesse and his ego was boosted that they were fighting over him. Then when the jurors were asking questions, she said Lydia was the biggest threat because Jesse was her ally and she didn’t want Lydia between them. And she also said about who she wanted out and clinging onto people in power. Maybe Jesse was mad because he thought this whole Lydia/Natalie fight was all over him. And Jesse seems like he likes a good competition and felt the one who won more should get it. Did you see him when Jeff was playing his CD and when they showed the Smores’ comp? He was so disgusted at Natalie, shaking his head, saying she’s not even trying, then Lydia says she’s letting Kevin do all the dirty work.
    When Jeff got evicted I was such a baby going on and on about never watching BB again. But I grew to love Jordan and began routing for her and it turned out exactly like I hoped.
    It was priceless to see Natalie’s face when Jesse’s vote was revealed.
    Looking forward to next year.
    Thank’s Matt for keeping me informed and thank all of you for having someone to talk to about BB. None of my family watches it and I go crazy because I had noone to talk to. Thanks.

  223. Did anyone notice that Jordan was avoiding Jeff after she won. This girl should have hugged and thanked him before she even thought about anyone else. Jeff is the reason Jordan won and with the help of bb. She should be halfing the money with Jeff. That goes to show you, you don’t have to smart or a good player to win bb. Jordan is just plain out stupid, Natatlie seemed to be a little more smarter with no personality. I knew if Jordan won it would’nt take but just a few minutes for her to start talking about all this strategy to had planned out. lol, 500,000 to the least deserving one out of the hgs. Jeff is probably ready to kick hisself in the butt. Jeff of all the people in the house why did you pick this dumb girl to the end. The girl does’nt have enough brains to know what to do with this kind of money. Jeff, please go find you a girl you can be proud of and not have to be ashamed of. You are way to goodlooking to be walking around with that. I could’nt believe that suit she had on last night on the finale all she needed was a street corner. Jordan does not have the body to wear these sort of clothes. Maybe she can hire a stylist and then she can eat all the cookie dough she wants.

  224. this is too sweeeeeet!! finally a BB winner we can all be a fan of. and @Matt i liked your insight hope to see you next summer for BB12

  225. Jordon was so right when she said that her best move in the game was taking Nat instead of Kev to F2. Of the 3 left in the house, she proved herself the best player…..couldn’t believe that she got Jeff’s quote wrong…..totally blond moment I guess…but she still pulled it off. Congrats to both Jeff & Jordon on their BB11 victory….Thanks Matt for this wonderful site.

  226. @m No, I don’t think Jordan was avoiding Jeff at all. What I saw was someone who had just spent 72 days cooped up in a house so happy to see her family and being hugged and congratulated by what seemed like a mass of bodies. It’s no secret that she’s extremely close to her family, and they were all trying to take it all in, squeeze some moments in before she was whisked away to board a flight for the Early Show with Julie. Jeff came up behind her, she turned around and you could see him shaking hands with her brother, etc right before the show went off.

  227. Everyone is still talking about Natalie as if she should have not played the game well. She played the game and well I might add. The strategy to tell everyone that she was just 18 years old was a very good. People tend to just dismiss the young people because they are not that experienced. I still do not get why everyone is so mad at her for that. Michelle did not tell everyone that she was a scientist. No one is mad at her for that. I wonder why??Everyone may not agree but, honestly ask yourself this question. “What would you do in her place?” Would you have a strategy for playing the game? Would you lie to get ahead in the game? I am glad she won the 50K. I do not think that she should have won the 500K because Jordan played the game better and she won the challenges that she need to win. To all those that despies Natalie, HA HA.

  228. @Matt do you know how to get executive producer of BB alison grodner’s email address because i want to email her about the possibility of having BB12 in HD next year thanks

  229. @Linda Wilmer Sorry, I missed reading that. So much to read. I wonder if that was his way of letting Lydia know how he was voting so she will vote the same way? I think Lydia would have voted for Jordan anyway. She was never a big fan of Natalie.

  230. @Iredd6, the purpose of lying is to advance you in the game. To keep that lie up you have to be vigilant and play it out. Nat did none of those things. She wanted people to believe she was too young and innocent, yet she consistently went against her own lie. Drinking, revealing tidbits that already gave people suspicion about her, AND even telling certain people her “secret”. Had she kept her mouth shut, then none of the Jury would have known, as it became a HUGE issue with them. In other words, when she came into the house with that story, then she needed to be prepared to “live” that story the entire time. Michelle, lied because she didn’t want anyone to know she was a Scientist, and at NO time did she reveal to anyone what her true position was. She also never gave too much information about herself – so no one questioned her. She carried it well.

  231. You don’t have to worry about neither one of these wenches sharing money with any of them that carried them to the end. They are both selfish. It does’nt take a genius to figure that out. Remember when Jordan thought Jeff was going to the end she wanted him to promise her a $5000.00 pair of ear rings and take her to hawaii. I f you need money so bad what can a pair of 5000.00 earrings to for the family. well I will have to say she fooled america or the most of them anyway. all that girl was thinking about was herselve and america did’nt want to see it. now she can drop the pity party. AMERICA GOT GOT.

  232. @ Mary, no worries – lol. No, I don’t think any of them were voting as a “team”. If so, then I believe Russell would have voted with them. No, I think Lydia’s question to Nat, and Nat vehemently telling Lydia that she was her threat all because of Lydia getting close to him sealed her fate. That was Lydia’s coup d’etat to Nat. Lydia got the last word so to speak. Checkmate

  233. NBK say what??? Yea right. No way was Natalie EVER going to win this show playing the way she did. She was a liar, but a weasely liar, she made no strong moves, won no competitions, she just floated along with that horrible annoying personality. I’m so glad that in the end the right person won. At first, I was thinking that maybe Kevin should win because he was playing best, but then Jordan pulls out the last 2 competitions and wins last HOH. If that play didn’t deserve to be in final 2, then no one did. Jordan definitely played a way better game than Natalie. And it was so SWEET to see Jesse & Natalie’s faces when Jeff won the money that we all knew he would win!! So J/J wins it all after all. Hmmmmm. Love to shut up all those thinking N/K were actually strong together. At least Jesse was straight up and voted the right way instead of personally. I was surprised Russell voted for Natalie. Kevin I wasn’t because he was there with her the whole time. GREAT job J/J – we knew you had it all the time!!

  234. Well the princess and the frog went to the finals and the princess won! The best season ever. Hope to see Jeff and Jorden together. And I hope big brother keeps us posted on their progress. Thank you Big Brother for the best season ever!

  235. Leo??? Leo??? You out there, bro? You must be out looking for your butt. No wait – we all know where it is. You’ve shown it constantly to us throughout this season.

  236. 446, you could be right. I was furious with Jordan for i thought she just outrightly ignored him and that peed me off. I mean all of a sudden she is saying that she talked Jeff into getting rid of Russell and stuff like that. It made me wonder if what she said in her interview to get on BB was true, that if she had to have a showmance to further her game she would!! I saw it at different times when JJ were in the house, she was always pulling away from him. I believe he liked her a lot more than she liked him. I do not like someone that plays another person like that, it sucks.
    However, i am pumped that Jordan won, wish it had been Jeff but at least he got the AFH!!

  237. m #459 totally agree with you. jordon was even stumped when russel asked her what her game play was coming into the game. she didn’t have one! what a waste of watching BB all year.
    i saw jordon give jeff the cold shoulder after she won the money too.

  238. @#446
    I went back and looked at the end of the show on my dvr 3 times. Jordan was ignoring Jeff no doubt in my mind. And I’m sure Jeff noticed it to. She could careless now. she got Jeff’s votes and won the money. now Jeff is no more than the other hgs. I do remember her saying as soon as she seen jeff she was going to go running howling his name and hugging him, she said this earlier in the game before she new she would make it this far. she wins and now it’s jeff, jeff who. she could have at least said thanks jeff for the $500.000. before she made it she was always saying how she knew she would not be there if it were’nt for jeff. and now all of a sudden she had this real game plan all planned out and she did it by herself. Sounded to much like natatlie to me. well jeff maybe they will let you and russell come back and play in bb12. Please lets have some real people to compete with.

  239. Did anyone notice how Natalie completely ignored her boyfriend at the finale.
    She’s newly engaged and hasn’t been with him in forever and she wouldn’t even look at him.

  240. Sad that there’s whiners out there now. You can’t say Jordan was a weak player anymore, she won the final 2 competitions when it really mattered and she made a very smart move getting rid of Kevin. If Nat would have won, it would have proved that someone with no game, no wins and no personality can take this game, and that never happens. Jordan deserved the money, and Jeff was the STRONGEST player in the game, not the weakest. He helped get Jordan to the end, and he should have won if it weren’t for him trusting a stupid lie that turned out to have no impact on the winner other than it was Jordan instead of Jeff. The jury proved that even they can admit that Jordan played a good game, and the outcome was exactly how it should have been. No question whatsoever that Jeff should have won the $25K, he was America’s favorite player and should have been in the finals. Way to go, at least BB ended the right way. The only way it could have been better is for Kevin to have won the $50K instead of Natalie! I hope Jeff and Jordan stay together.

  241. i do have to say my husband and i were hoping to see jeff and jordan kiss before it ended but that didn’t happened!!! they gave each other a kiss on the cheek!!! what!!! oh well././

  242. M….it was Jeff who first dissed Jordan…has her on the “short list”! We’ll have to wait and see what happens but they are really a cute couple.

  243. Beachboy, I love Jeff dont get me wrong, but I have been saying all along that Jeff and Hordan are friends and played the crush thing for tv. Jeff and Jordan no matter how cute they may be are not a good match!

    It was obvious all season, but if you look at it….they are not a good match.

    Jordan as sweet as she is….is not as wordly as Jeff is. Jeff can relate to ANYONE on almost any level it seems….but Jordan is young.

    Unless she is the greatest actress of all time!

    PS I’ll take Jeff..Jordan can go buy a new man! :)

  244. Disapointed about Kevin. He should have won, but Jordan played a surprisingly good game.
    Natalie even to the end I suspect was still lying. I still don’t believe that was her BF or that she is engaged. Natalie should have been thrown out of the game for breaking rules a la Chima, but BB had plans. Ah well, hope BB12 has less production interference.

  245. Hello E1 I am so happy Jordan won and so glad NBK died. As for Leo he is pouting in some corner because he was wrong. LOL Ha Ha Go Jordan Jeff and Michelle woohoo

  246. I called it Sept.12. I said Jorden would win. Jeff is Amercia’s favorite player. What a birthday present…….

  247. Love that Jordan won…Thank GOD…
    and i was told last week that Nat. having her hand off the key was a mute point…but is it. Would it not be poetic justice to have her lose 50K and give it to Kevin…me thinks so…
    loved Jesse’s comments on why he did not vote for her…and i don’t even like the guy…smiles.

  248. I hope Jesse falls off the face of the Earth his team lost. Love you Jordan. if Jesse makes it to the WWE I hope Triple H or Batista kick his wimpy azz

    i think i missed that part, i was shocked to see he vote jor jordan but im confused on why he didn’t go with nat…i do have an idea though

  250. @Matt…thanks for making this site available…I had never done this sort of thing before (still feeling a little guilty), and it was a great way of keeping up with the show.

    Take Care!

  251. With respect to Julie Chen’s attire, don’t forget that she’s about ready to have a baby any second and is probably very uncomfortable and therefore, dressed accordingly. Like many said, who cares if Nat’s a liar, she just has an annoying personality and mean streak. And J/J, I think we’re reading way too much into what was done/said in the final. They both had previously said that they would see where their friendship goes after “escaping” the BB house. This blog was great fun and Thank you Matt. Now I’m off to Survivorfandom.

  252. Yeah Jennifer A. you are probably right…i was just trying to take some heat off of Jordan for appearing distant to Jeff when in fact he was the one who first dissed her, however he did stand up and fight for her in the JH, and I did see some chenistry between then. She seems like a really sweet girl, and he a great guy….all American couple :)

  253. Congrats to Jordan so glad to see her win BB11 this season ..I hated the thoughts of natalie she was just plain evil and cruel ..So woohoo so happy for Jordan ..way to go girl !!!

  254. Every season I’ve watched (not all of them) the winner of the final HOH wins the money. Is this true for all 11 winners of BB?

  255. I was shocked to see that Jordan won against Kevin, but she did fair and square. I was mad that Kevin got Jeff out, but if Jeff fell for the LML, then he didn’t deserve to be there. It was a Lie, but it wasn’t. I knew that Jordan was going to take GNAT. I just didn’t know why Kevin & Jordan thought GNAT has so many votes in the jury house. Jessie I thought for sure and maybe Russell, but never Lydia, Jeff or Michelle. I was so happy that Jessie voted for Jordan. GNAT, can’t stand her. It wasn’t her lying that bothered me, it was HER. She is annoying and rude and I feel bad for her Fiance. I did feel that Jordan ignored Jeff, but maybe she was insulted that he didn’t say he was taking her to Hawaii. He did say she was on a short list. I love Jeff. I feel bad that Michele didn’t win anything.

  256. @Dizzle: No, that’s not true. In BB6 Ivette was the final HoH and decided to take Maggie over Janelle to the F2. Ivette then lost to Maggie while she had a much better chance at beating Janelle. That decision was consistent with Ivette’s gameplay so it was no big surprise and entertaining to watch her lose that season because she wanted to be loyal to her friend over taking the win. Her face when she lost was priceless.

    Ryan (final HoH) lost to Adam in BB9. Allison (BB4) lost to Jun and I think Allison was the final HoH that season as well.

    It goes back and forth and doesn’t seem to be a firm indicator of who will win the half-mil.

  257. Well, well, well…this is one BB that will go down in history. The psychological angle that the producers took to really set Natalie up to hang herself. Didn’t even need to provide the rope! That hermaphrodite Natalie used none of her instincts, which in the beginning of the show she had…she said Jeff or Jordan were going to win AFP, and yet she still played her delusional game sticking with Chima and all her antics, Ronnie and his queer, creepy personality and showed during the entire program that she is a nightmare of a human being who thinks she had permission to be her real self because she’s on a game show and lying is respected. Not the way she did it and not with the attitude she carried the whole way. Let’s hope for the world’s sake that she has the capacity to come out of her delusion, see how “her many fans” are nonexistent and try and revive any humanity she might have left in her, finally seeing herself like the world perceives her and works to become a decent person. Collectively, as an audience, we found her to be the ugliest, most conceited and annoying piece of work to ever play this game, every chance she got to look half way cool, she flipped into a person who was so transparent and shallow that she would not even get props for a good play if she did make one. All she kept proving was how truly evil and twisted she really is. If her “fiance” had even a hint of a brain he would see what everyone is talking about and dump her fast. She is a greedy little scumbag and will destroy anything in her path. Best move Jessie has ever made and him doing it along with Lydia was absolutely priceless….loved seeing her world crash down around her, she deserved that most of all.

  258. #335
    I agree and wondered if anyone saw it the same way you and I did.

    They( the producers) did everything to ensure a win by Jordan or Jeff…

  259. Thanks, Matt. So the odds are 8 to 11 in one’s favor if they
    win final HOH- provided they make the right final two choice.

    I think Jordan was the smarter floater, remembering the important details of the game. Round two of final HOH she would have gotten all ten but for an errant roll on the second hole. Nat wearing the king costume with Corey Hart shades during her nomination ceremony really ticked off the jury. She answered her questions from the jury poorly, like she had quit playing.
    By playing the dumb blonde, Jordan quietly studied the situation and watched the strong players knock each other out every week, and told the jury just that.

    My favorite winner was Dan. That guy could play the game.

  260. Did anyone else notice that Natalie was even recognized for coming in 2nd by CBS? Thought that was kind of strange. Even the interview on CBS this morning was J & J. Natalie was even snubbed by CBS. Maybe they didn’t want to hear her excuses as to why she didn’t win or maybe she got pissed off and let her true colors shine behind the scenes after the show.

  261. @annie
    I love that they did not give Natalie any chance to start running her mouth, trying to justify her strategic lies etc… I did notice that they gave her no air time and could care less how she felt. Usually they would have the 1 and 2 place players up to be interviewed. This works out beautifully that Jordan and Jeff got to upstage the ugly wench, and NO Natalie, you can’t bring Chima anywhere. I wonder how long it is going to take for her to understand just how negatively she was perceived in this game and digest all the bad energy she accumulated while playing. Somebody must have gotten some word from her….letus know, people, if there is anything on Natalie after show.

  262. #405
    Why do you think they sign a big ol’ contract written by people who protect their butts for a living? They get what they win and they agree to these terms. It is people like you and Chima that really don’t understand that you are not in control of the game, it’s like a ride they can twist and turn any way they please.If you don’t like it don’t sign up and don’t watch. But you need something to bi*ch and moan about, so you’ll find it where ever you look. It is the producers who produce this show and the networks who run this fine oiled machine and peons like you should know your place. Continuing to talk makes you look about as smart as barnacle and equally attractive.Duh!

  263. First of all, missed any actual comments from Jessie as to why he did not vote for Natalie. I mean, I have my theories, but would love to hear his actual comments if anyone heard them.

    Secondly, I would just like to say, “I told you so!” that the LML wasn’t a lie b/c Russell actually did it, and Michele confirmed it to Jeff; so can we please, please, please give that a rest. Also, I also stated time and again, “Who cares?” about Natalie’s real age, and that that lie would end up biting her in the patootie.

    Lastly, I have enjoyed debating, chatting, laughing with you all this season. I wish it was on more than once a year. Maybe if they have another writer’s strike. ;)

  264. …and, I love Julie Chen and all, but I was pregnant with BIG boy twins (7 lbs. 11 oz. & 6 lbs. 4 oz.), and I never wore The Snuggie to work. ;)

  265. Oh, and does anyone know who/where I can write/call to have CBS give Kevin a chance on the next Survivor?

    He said he’d L-O-V-E to do it on BBAD, and I think he should get a shot since he went out in a disappointing 3rd place last night.

  266. @Jennifer A: Believe me, I know the feeling. I had to go to my Class Reunion that pregnant, and I found a cute dress. Well, as cute as you’re going to get when you look like Kate Gosselin ;).

    Julie is on National T.V. and has professional stylists. I think it was a miss last night. I think she should’ve worn one of the designs created on the pregnancy episode of Project Runway. Some of those were cah-ute! ;)

  267. Did anyone else mention how Julie or someone messed up with the order the results should’ve been read? I understand America being revealed first as the only other spot for it would be last and that should only have been if the vote was 3-3. But why on Earth did Julie next go to Jessie and Lydia voting for Jordan? I actually thought it was going to be 7-0 at that point. I mean if it was 5-2 why completely suck any and all drama out of it after the first 3 keys. Those were the 2 most iffy votes Jordan got and once it was 3-0 with Jeff’s and Mich’s keys still to be pulled you knew it was over. The only thing I could think of was that Julie should have continued pulling the keys backward down the line after starting with America. This way it would’ve been 3-2 Jordan with Lydia and Jessie left to pull and everyone would be on the edge of their seat biting their fingernails.

  268. I found an interview of Nat after the finale on google. Just type in Natalie Martinez interview and you get a lot of different things but I found 2 of her post show.


    and thanks so much Matt! this blog of yours is incredible.
    sorry for all the negativity myself and the rest of NBK fans have given this year. but what would these blog posts be without us too? lol.
    i’ll definitely be here next year<3

    as for the winner;
    in the final weeks of this game i became a fan of hers. she was way more interesting without jeff! so i’m glad he didn’t even come close to the final two. thanks jeff, for screwing yourself over. (:

    and one last negative statement for this year:
    look who won 50 thousand and then who walked away with half that amount.
    haha, love you NAT! you still beat jeff in the end!

    ah, i still have so much to say about everyone and this year but i’ll leave it at that.
    see you all next year!!!!!


  270. Brian, I also thought it was odd to read America’s first. Julie came off as not liking Natalie at all and I think she wanted to show Jordan win. As to what she was wearing, I thought she looked very pretty. I’m sure most people don’t look near that good when they are pregnant. I know I didn’t.

  271. Whats with plywood walls,bubble rap covering walls,open walls showing studs,has your set designers run out of money or our they just being cute and cheap.

  272. To Martie #496 – Go to google and type in big brother 2009. The third blog down Spoilers, Updates and news network they show the finale backyard interviews and Jessie states as to why he did not vote for Natelie. All the HG gave an interview with the exception of Guess Who. Natalie. What a sore loser.

  273. I agree totally ,with everyone who wanted Jeff and Jordan,to be the big winners..”.there is justice in the world”..I’m ok with with Kevin getting the $10,00.00 during one of the challenges.I didn’t want Nat the liar ,getting rewarded with even one cent,but she got to pick up and stuff the dollars,that floated down from the sky,she can keep that,but seriously,she needs to be made to give back,the$50 grand””,CHEATERS SHOULD NEVER BE REWARDED””And if CBS reviews the tape,they will see It.

  274. @Ashley

    America being read first was actually the only thing I didn’t find odd about the order the votes were read. If they saved it till last Julie wouldn’t have even gotten to it because Jordan would’ve already won. After the millions of votes they received it was only fair to read it first unless it was going to be a tiebreaker then obviously save it for last.

  275. @ slim #469
    Looks like I hit a nerve, sorry you could’nt accept the truth. I don’t like floaters, if that kind of money is going to be given away then give it to someone who has played the game If that makes me a BIT@H then fine, I guess I’m a bit@H. I was also a Jeff and Jordan fan in the beginning but as the game continued it did,nt take me long to see Jordan was riding Jeffs’ coatail he was the one winning the comps and saving her a$$. Jeff even got pissed with her and told her she needed to start trying to win something to save her on butt. He should be the one with the 500,000 & machele the 50.000. I think Jordan is a selfish person. I also think she was wrong in putting on the pity party about her family being so poor. This was all a act to make people feel sorry for her, it also worked on me for a moment there, then I seen the real Jordan. You don’t tell people how hard a time your family is having, then turn around and talk about all the cosmetic things you’ve had done. That’s just my opinion, don’t really care if you like it or not. You have your opinion I have mine.

  276. The fact that Jordan is sitting there with a half million dollars proves that she did indeed play the game well. She completely dominated the end of the game in spite of being stuck alone with an alliance of two sneaky liars still in the house. How sweet is it that Jessie and Lydia agreed with me? She evicted Lydia, and Jessie was the king of NBK and THEY BOTH VOTED FOR HER. If that is not enough proof that Jordan played a good game I don’t know what else I can say.

  277. This season was rigged just like season 8. You knew something was wrong when she won the second half of the HOH, you knew than that they was giving her the answers. Anybody knew that if she could not even get the first anwser to the POV, how could she win the HOH. She sent to much time in the DR. They were giving her the answers. It was not a surpise either that Jeff won the viewer choice. I doubt that America voted for him to win that. Allison just gave him that money. Its all right though they will be broke before this year end.

  278. Sure wish they would have let each jury member leave a small message near the end of the show as to why they voted for who they did. Or maybe have a continuing blog about it somewhere on the net. I would love to know Jesse and Lydia’s reasoning on voting for Jordan. The rest I can pretty much figure out. I’m glad she won.

  279. @M The order of the HOH was the easiest and most basic thing to remember, especially since one third of the HOHs put her on the block. Natalie was just a dumb-a$$ messing that up. But for the one errant roll Jordan was perfect on the skill aspect of the comp., and they both had all night to practice. I’ll have to admit Jordan was real lucky on her tie breaker guess last night. Kharma prevailed!

  280. @ Matt- I sure enjoyed the site and being able to debate with everybody! This was my first time so I am not a blogger-virgin anymore. Looking forward to figuring out Survivor with everyone on Survivor Fandom. I’ll be “Jeff” on the other site.

  281. I’m so disappointed that Kevin didn’t win the 500k.

    I hope next summers BB will be a lot better than this season was (for me, anyway). I think it sucked.

  282. Just goe’s to show ya that AMERICA loves J & J…Yeah!!! Nat the RAT GOT HERS!!!!!! Congrats JORDAN AND JEFF!! WAHOO!!!!

  283. who cares what julie wears, she owns cbs. lol and she looked great….so glad jordan won and nat continues to lie—does she not know we have live feeds

  284. YES!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Jordan wins! SWEEEET!!!!! The only thing that sucks is that Nat-a-Lie finished second and not Kevin. then, for Poetic Justice, Jeff wins the $25K for being America’s fave player (DUH! LOL)

    OK…on to Survivor LOL

  285. And how about the “Jesse-Lydia” footage???

    Bow-chicka-wow-wow! LOL WHO knew? I thought Lydia was just a stalker…turns out Jesse was shtooping her! J & J was rated “G” compared to that! And Russells comment “When was THIS going on??? I must’ve been out yelling at someone!” LMFAOOOOOO Hillarious!

  286. Here is my final comment of the year for BB, till next season. CONGRATS Jordan!!! So glad it was you and not Natalie! I hope for an even better season next year though, and wish we didn’t have to wait for soooo long. Till next time!

  287. You guys are all a bunch of idiots. Nat won 2nd place and 50 thousand dollars. All of the other house guest are loosers. Congrats to Jordan. I wish you all will just face the fact that Nat did play a great game. All of the house guest lied at some point or the other. Nat was a better liar and it got her to 2nd place. Congrats to Natalie.

  288. There is an interview with J & J, if you google Jeff Schroeder, it is the 4th link down. Jeff talks about Jordan acting like she didn’t know him after she won last night. She better give him a big kiss, she could not have done it with out Jeff.

  289. My problem with Natalie was how cruel she was to Michelle and her loyalty to Chima even after Chima had been expelled from the game. Shouting “this is for you, Chima!”? Too dumb!

  290. #504
    Julie reading Jessie and Lydia’s keys first was the only way to REALLY surprise us because first that is the order in which they left the house, but more importantly if she had read it the other way leaving Jessie an Lydia for last it would’ve shown the win before reading those. Therefor, reading them first was much more surprising and really caught Natalie off guard…loved that especially after saying now loyal she was to “her Jessie”…puke! Best move Jessie has EVER made in 2 seasons. I’ll give him props for that! Yeah Jordo!!! Yeah Jeff! BRAVO, from your friends here in Napa, CA…CHEERS!

  291. Jordan is really making me mad. I have yet to see that girl give credit where it is due, and that is to Jeff. Jeff carried her all the way to the end for gosh sakes. All she did was win 2 rounds of the LAST HOH! I like the both of them but come on Jordan, give credit where credit is due!

  292. I have to agree with M. Jordan got the balls to quick. Why would they sit her in the DR, because they were going her the answers. If she could not get he POV comp how can she get the HOH. POV comp was combined on the past HOH and POV. When Jeff left they put in motion for Jordan to win. She was called in the DR to much. I truly believe they gave her the answers. I hardly doubt that America voted for Jeff to get the 25 grand. Big Brother cheated this season just like season 8. I believe she will be broke before the end of the year. So I strongly agree with M. Trish I agree with you as well. She need to thank Jeff, because without him she would have not made it that far.

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