Big Brother 11 Week 5: Why Chima Winning HoH Was The Best Option For Team Jeff

Full disclosure up front: I’m on Team Jeff & Jordan. I wasn’t sorry to see Ronnie go and if Natalie jumped on Jessie’s back as he walked out the door next week I couldn’t be happier. With that out of the way, let me break down for you why Chima winning HoH last night was the best case scenario for Team Jeff.

My initial reaction was “oh @#$!” when Chima won, but a few minutes later I realized I could not have cherry picked a better Head of Household for this week if the goal was to eliminate Jessie or Natalie. If Jeff had won the HoH comp then he’d have doubled up his power with no advantage and the big disadvantage that he couldn’t compete the following week. Whether he threw the question or not (I’m leaning towards not considering his facial reaction) this was a good move.

Chima will likely nominate Russell and Michele as she’s still pissed at Russell and she’ll pointlessly seek revenge for Ronnie. From what she’s said so far on the live feeds I think there’s a good chance of this. We’ll know by the end of the night.

After nominations will be the Power of Veto competition. If Chima nominates Russell and Michele then there remain only 3 spots left for her alliance to join in out of the 6 available HGs. Jessie and Natalie will have a 1 in 3 chance of having at least one of them selected to play. Why does this matter? Because only the HoH and PoV winners are immune from the Coup D’Etat. If Chima really wanted to play to protect her team she’d nominate Jessie, against his will, guaranteeing him a spot in the PoV competition. Big risks there as well, of course. Either way, there’s a good chance that Chima will be the only member of her alliance competing for the PoV and if she wins it, then all the better.

Assuming neither Jessie nor Natalie obtain the Power of Veto medallion of this weekend then the power move will be up to Jeff next Thursday night to use the Coup D’Etat. This is where Chima being HoH becomes important again. The HoH can’t vote and therefore won’t have any direct influence over who walks out the door next week. If Jeff uses the power and replaces Chima’s nominees with Jessie and Natalie then their little 3-person alliance will consist of the only 3 HGs not voting this week. Chima has won the honor of being the most debilitated Head of Household for all of Big Brother 11.

We know that this week the true power resides with Jeff and the Coup D’Etat. This is going to be especially painful to Chima since her response to Julie Chen’s “which do you value more: the HoH luxuries or the HoH power?” was for the HoH power. She’ll definitely take this as a personal slap in the face. Bonus!

Are you glad that Jeff won the Coup D’Etat? Who do you want to see him nominate this week and most importantly, who do you want evicted?

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  1. I was so doing the Happy Dance last night! Go Team Jeff! I am so excited that Jeff won, as I voted for him about 100x and got all of my freinds and family to vote as well. I really hope that your analogy plays out. I watch Showtime after Dark and read your web-site religiously! Keep up the good work!

  2. I think Jeff should nominate Lydia, Kevin, or Michele. Lydia and Kevin have been laying low and floating their way out of the house. They recently got rewarded for dropping out of the HOH competition. Michele was laying low until she lied to Russell’s face and then brought Chima up and she said she never told Russell any of that. So I think Michele will most definately be on the block this week on way or another. She has no alliance to really back her up. Good Michele because Chima should put her on the chopping block this week.

  3. I want to see Jesse gone. As I said before, he’s a wimp to stand behind girls. How could he vote for Lydia when he has been laying with her and bruised her. I think abuse should not be allowed. It’s surely not allowed outside the house. Natalie was trying to pick Jeff last night.

  4. Jesse hides behind girls? seriously? Him and Natalie are ALIGNED people, it’s called being “smart”. He voted for Lydia because she wasn’t his biggest allie..if you were watching the show at all, you would know this. His loyalty lies with Natalie and had since the beginning ..which is exactly why they are still in this game, not from ducking under the radar and laying low..BORING ! Lydia , Michelle or Kevin needs to GO! That’ll be when it starts getting interesting..I’m all for Jordan and Jeff as well..but we need to see a little more effort.. are you here for the game, or to start a family? Its getting kind of hard to tell?

  5. Jessie needs to go. He is just an idiot about so many things, but the thing that makes me laugh the most, is his role in Ronnie’s eviction. He is the one who arranged it. During the last HOH, he told Russell to make a pack with Jeff to nominate Ronnie so he could win HOH. Now he is blaming everyone else.

  6. I am worried about Jeff useing the Coup D’Etat. It will mean big trouble for him the following week if he or Jordan do not get HOH. He will have to work twice as hard because you know Chima and Nat will come out full force. Trust me I would not mind at all to see Jess or Nat walk out the door next week crying because this took them by surprise. I almost wonder if he didnt use it he may not have to fight as hard, but if he gets on the block then he has no other choice but to use it.

  7. I think Jeff should use his power and put up Jesse and bat i mean Nat and send Jesse HOME!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is absolutely true! i was thinking backdoor either natalie OR jessie, but if you only put up jessie or natalie alone, that leaves natalie to brown nose more votes for jessie or vice versa (i doubt jessie will vow for natalie the same way she would for him). but putting them up together will without-a-doubt break up an alliance AND weaken one of them to desperation. AND create more enemies for Chima, i doubt she will put up Jeff and or Jordan because she seems to hold grudges very well. Only one problem… LYDIA! after all is said and done, she was and still is desperate for jessies attention, which could swing her vote which could lead to natalie leaving the house. then again, their triad alliance will diminish greatly.

    i love this game!

  9. It is so time for Jessie AND Natalie to go. They are the biggest manipulators and schemers in the house.

  10. I am so excited how everything turned out last night! You’re absolutely right – it’s perfect. I want Jesse to go. I can’t stand that Rat Pack. Jesse & Nat are the ones always lying and manipulating and blaming poor Michele, and everyone else. And I can’t stand the way he plays Lydia. Jessie first, Nat second. She’s nothing without her Muscle boy! I’m sure Russel is quite angry that his alliances didn’t vote with him to get Rat boy out. It worked out anyway but at least he will see they are not with him. Maybe! He can so easily be lied to by Jesse that it makes me ill!

  11. Do you seriously hear what you are saying. Chima competed and won her power, Jeff was ginen a gift for doing nothing. There is seriously something wrong when people do happy dances for cheating in a game. Win the right to remain in the house or go home JEFF!

  12. Go team Jeff, he needs to put up Jesse and Natalia that should break down the MEAN spirited side of the house.

  13. I love it when gay men hate on black women because they wish they were black women. Jeff and Jordan are getting the biggest free ride in BB history and if not for the cliques Jeff would be home already.

  14. Jeff did win the right to get power and stay in the house, he won americas trust by being an honest non-douche

  15. I love Jeff and I am pulling for him however he has not won anything on his own. This is a game and if he wants to win the 500k he needs to start playing! I would rather see Nat go home instead of Jessie because I am sick of watching her float by on the backs of others.

  16. CA, Jeff won by being a loser. America loves the underdog\loser to rise up. Jeff is the biggest free ride in the history of the game. Especially for a male contestant.

  17. I was so tired Chima complaining to Russell last night I had to turn off the tv. My she gets on my nerves. And them talking about Jeff not winning anything whatever he won a pov.I cant stand Jessie and Natalie. Im so thankful Jeff won, get rid of JESSIE and his pitbull….GO JEFF AND JORDAN!!!!!!!!

  18. Jeff is not a loser. He won the POV and took himself off and therefore stayed in the game, he stayed on that rope for 3.5 or so hours and could have stayed longer but trusted Russell and made a deal to save himself before getting off. Only Russell and Jeff stayed that long, I dont call that floating.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, Jeff did not go to bat for Lydia in the begining of this game when Jessie first mentioned putting her up. Then lied about it and said he didn’t know for sure se would end up on the block. I’m sorry but if I heard my friends name even mentioned I would say please don’t put them up. Also, Jeff didn’t even negotiate for Jordan’s safety (the love of his life) with Russ, he only asked that he be safe. Russ threw in Jordan to sweeten the deal. Jeff is for Jeff. He remains in the house because of the very people you hate, the atheletes. Had they not won HOH to keep his but safe, Jeff would have been sent packing a long time ago.

  20. Linda girl…dont you see everyone is for jeff on here…weather you want to say your own opinion or not…make it something good.

  21. Exactly Linda, Jeff would have been sent packing in week ONE, if not for the clique twist. Dude is a straight up passive aggressive lovable loser. That why everyone likes him, because they think they could “fix” him. He’s a mama’s boy.

  22. Imagine this…..Jesse and Nat are put up next Thursday by Jeff…then lets assume for the heck of it that Jeff/Jordan/Michelle vote out Jesse and Kevin/Russ/Lydia vote out Nat….WOW a tie……then Chima HAS to pick from her 2 best buds on which to evict…..LMAO. Now how funny is that?

  23. go jeff go, america luvs u and so do i, please use your power and get out jesse or natalie!!!

  24. The atrocious spelling and grammar only make the already incoherent stream of consciousness even more difficult to read. Appalling! Way to reinforce the notion this show attracts buffoons and the weak-minded.

  25. want to see jesse or nat go – that will break up the mean gang – I hate Chima she is ugly and she lies a lot sending jesse or nat home this week will shut her up

  26. wanna see JESSE and NATALIE GO!!! all they are is trouble!! Maybe then Chima will shut up and quit lying!! Go JEFF and JORDAN!!!

  27. I want jessie and natalie to go. Tho, if Jessie goes, natalie will flounder. She’s an idiot. Next i want Chima to go. Then lydia.
    than russell, Michelle, Kevin. final 2 Jordan and Jeff.

  28. Linda’s an idiot! If I can recall Nat hasn’t won ANYTHING! She’s the one that has floated by! America loves Jeff!! He knows what type of backstabbing lying people he’s dealing with! He’s NOT phony! He needs to use his power and get Muscle Head Jessie outta there! Hopefully Nasty Nat goes next week! Go Jeff!

  29. Jessie and Natalie should be put up by Jeff. I want Jesse out! Because without Jesse, Natalie will be a lost puppy with her tail tucked between her legs. She does his dirty work hoping he will be true to her. Yeah right.

  30. i would love to see gnat go home she has done nothing but bark at everyone – pitbull…no… more like a chihuahua (hows that for speeling?). jesse has at lest shown his worth and loyalty, albeit the wrong kind of people, he has still shown his worth by winning. what has gnat done – nothing. everyone talks about kevin and lydia look at her she took a prize and quit too. ugh. honestly, wither one would be fine but at jesse has done something. dont get me wrong i am still pro jeffs team – GO JEFF!! He has won when he needed to… and one last thing chima winning was the best case scenario for me – it was exactly what i wanted to happen! ;0) exactly for the same reason.

  31. So glad, someone remembered that Jeff did win a POV comp and saved himself when he needed to. He chose to let Russell win HOH because of the letter he needed from his DAD, That to me is taking a big chance in playing this game. Look back on prev BB years, most everyone who lasted laid low in the beginning. Sometimes silence is true strength.

    In prev years it is always around week 4 that the true players come out….

    And to all that are whining about Jeff getting America’s vote, get a grip… America does not get to vote the winner of the game as some other reality shows do. BB and CBS allows us to participate along the way. Remember this year its the good boy and girl, in the past its been the bad or evil ones that America loved.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the good guy and girl finish last. The underdogs become the best and win.Isn’t that what America is truly about. Justice and honest prevails above all????

    Yes I know it is a game, but a life game in a sense. Diff cultures, races, beliefs…

    Remeber too, this week if there is a tie in votes Chima has the deciding vote as to who goes. So anything can happen and usually it does. Expect the Unexpected!!!!!!!!!

  32. Actually, I don’t like Russell because from the beginning he has said he was controlling everything. HE IS paranoid as Chima said, and he wants to control everyone. Jeff is as sneaky as the rest. I would love for Russell, Natalie, Jessie, Lydia, Michelle and Jordan to go. Jordan because she’s playing the ditzy dumb or is truly ditzy. The best player to guarantee Jeff the victory is to end up in the final with Chima. I think Chima would be okay if she would just stop going off on everyone even if they deserve it.

  33. I too was so glad to see Chima win, so that Jeff could use his power and hopefully put both Jessie and Natalie up. I’m so glad Ronnie left last night. I think he needs to go home and watch the tapes so he can see he wasn’t as honest as he thinks – example, he turned on Michelle and that group first.

  34. Let’s Not forget Dan from Season 10 laid low until America voted for him to get Jessie out!

  35. I would like to see jeff nominate jessie & nat,because one of them will have to go. nat is no threat. that is if chema nominates russell & michelle. she could back door russell thinking he won’t have a chance to be taken off the block. then when jeff uses the power watch & see mouths drop open. jessie is such a sore looser. did you see him when he was eliminated from the game for hoh so soon. good luck jeff & jordan fans.

  36. I was rooting hardcore for Ronnie to win the Coup. Not because I particularly like the guy (he’s a horrible player and a douche) but because this game is only interesting when drama is going on. This season has been one of the best imho because it’s been so drama intensive. After Teflon Ron’s eviction, which was inevitable, I rooted for Chima to win HOH because it make for the best TV. Whoever said she would nominate Russell and Michele was right on. She’s upset with Russell still and will go after Michele to avenge Ronnie, this sets up Jeff perfectly to use the Coup next week and stun Jesse and Natalie. I can’t wait. Remember this game isn’t about, and has never been about, being nice. It’s about lying, deceit and backstabbing your way to half a million dollars. Hate Ronnie because he was an atrocious player, not because he lied, everyone does that including the “golden boy” Jeff. Just saying.

  37. i wish i could have seen there faces last night!!! no after dark for me – no cable… :( but i know they must have all been talking… i bet lidia wasnt in jesses bed last night!!! lol

  38. OhHh sweet good thinking matt jessie and natalie FO SHO’ TEAM JEFF ALL AND JORDAN ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!! p.s. I really like michelle i hope she doesnt go this week

  39. erik,
    it doesnt have to be about all that. it can (i hope) have someone win it with a little integrity… some of us want the good guy to win. it so sickens me to see some lie cheat and backstab their way to the top. i am ready to see someone win in a good way for once… just my opinion…

  40. Jessie and Natalie need to go home!! Jeff deserves the powers since he was basically the underdog for what?? NOT hanging with Jessie, Nat and the rat pack? If he replaces Russell and Michele (if nominated) with Jessie/Nat, it will be the best move ever…. Too bad if Chima is upset. I’m pretty sure she will walk around with her diva hair and big lips to get Jeff out, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a crap. GO TEAM JEFF!

  41. Sure wish he could put up anyone, HOH, POV, that would be cool. Anyway, I wish he’d put up Lydia & Natalie.

  42. OK, let’s say Jeff uses the power to put up Jesse and Gnat this week and the vote ends up a draw (remeber only 6 votes this week). Then we really get to see how Chima thinks. Will she vote Jesse or Gnat out? What will the fall out be as a result of her vote? THAT will be some entertaining BB!

  43. Jeff and Jordon and Russell need to stay!! Jessie and Nat need to leave then Chima. She is the biggest mouth literally on the show. Also she is a liar!! She definately was hitting on Russell. Michelle pulled a fast one on Russell but he shouldn’t of exposed her to Chima. There really is alot of back stabbing in this crew.

  44. Why does everyone think that JEFF & JORDAN should win? I think that they have just been in the house. They are not playing the game. I guess that MOST of America thinks that this is not a game, JUST A POPULARITY CONTEST. Honestly, one of the house guest that are really playing the game should win. NOT JEFF OR JORDAN!!!!!!!!

  45. Bu bye Ronnie! Oh and PS: you didn’t win the powers like you thought you would… your speech was terrible. Why be mad at Michele when you basically threatened her if she didn’t use the veto on you… thank God you’re not in the jury house. I don’t think I could take another word out of your mouth.

  46. Jesse needs to go!He should have already been kicked off for being abusive to Lydia. I thought you were not allowed to put your hand on anyone. The same law that applied to Chris Brown should apply to Jesse

  47. I want Jeff to put up Jesse and Natalie and for Jesse to go I am so tired of hearing him brag about being a body builder!

  48. @ Liz,
    I don’t call you names for voicing your opinion. I guess “America” would appreciate your comment as well. As for Natalie, I agree she is as bad as Jeff, However Natalie was not given a handout from “America”. My opinion would remain the same if the Coup went to Natalie. Play the game fair! House guests should have to fight for any power in the house, that means having an equal chance to win against each other. Would you still be so happy to the see the Coup in the hands of a Jessie? I think not. Jeff is no better than anyone else in that house. He has had to lay back and not get as involved in the lies because of his underdog position that he chose to put himself into. He is a member of the strongest clique and did not want to stick with his team.

  49. I hope she nominated Jeff and jordan so Jeff can take both of them off the block and replace them with Jessie and Natalie. Bye bye Jesse you should have been removed from week one!

  50. am i doing this right…? lol

    can anyone read this?

    does anyone know what brenda is talking about jesse being abusive to lydia?

  51. I think Jessie and Natalie should be up on the block and then we can boot one of them out the door and do the happy dance all across america.

  52. Yeah lredd… maybe AMERICA should vote for douchebags like Jessie or Ronnie! Seriously, who do you think is playing the game? Part of playing the game is laying low when you have to and using power when you have it (especially when you are the underdogs). We will see how JEFF plays the game this week!

  53. Jeff has got to use the “Power” and put up Jessie and Nat because either way it goes one of them has got to go home!! i did’nt vote for jeff to just sit around and NOT have a target on his back. Get into it and PLAY PLAY PLAY jeff!!!! Hopefully if he takes russ down (thinking ahead of the game) then russ will see that jeff is an actual loyal person. Get Jessie & Nat out the DAM HOUSE ALREADY =)

  54. my mere 3 votes out of the 12 million votes at least were for the right person.. I am so TOTALLY happy that Jeff won. And yes either Jesse or the pit bull should be very very nervous this week, for i’d be very surprised if both of them were still standing after next weeks eviction…..

  55. yeah “a” Jesse and Lydia are always wrestling, nd I guess Jessie left some makes on her, and I think he dropped her on the floor once. She complained to Kevin and the DR called Jessie in and told him not to wrestling with her because she was telling Kevin that she feels like she’s in an abusive relationship and wants to cut herself.

  56. a….
    I read something about Lydia telling the DiaryRoom that Jesse put bruises on her by dropping her or hitting on her or something. She was really upset with Jesse. Not sure what it was really all about since I do not have live feeds and depend on the kind people to share with us.
    I do know that she talked about wanting to cut herself and that is when she was called in the DR.
    Hope someone else can clear this up for you.

  57. Yeah what Christy said… there was also the one time in the “have-nots” room where Jessie grabbed her by the wrists as they were wrestling and put his foot between her legs and basically put all of his might into her crotch until she beg him to stop. I think those were the first marks. It’s funny because she always starts the wrestling and then ends up getting hurt.

  58. @LINDA,

  59. thanks jojo,

    theres so much going on this season. wow – is it true jesse and lydia are sleeping together?
    again thanks for letting me know! i really need to get the live feed.

  60. Ecstatic that Jeff won Coup D’Etat!! Hoping that he will use that power to break up Natalie/Jesse. I hate both of them equally, so either one is fine with me. (Well, I think I hate Natalie more, truth be told.) Go Team Jeff!!!!

  61. @ Tara

    There was action in the house, just not action You wanted to see. Your team was being booted one by one and you needed a helping hand to try to stay in the game. Not my fault!

  62. if lylida wasnt in love with pinhead he couldnt hurt her al the time she really needs a shrink

  63. I can’t wait to see Chima’s “Power” decision get nixed when Jeff uses the Coup d’etat and put up Natalie and Jessie. The look on her face will be priceless. I was so hoping Jeff would win the Coup d’etat and this was the best scenario since Chima is going to talk major crap this week.

  64. im glad chima got HOH. now that jeff is the ‘coup holder, hell replace whoever she puts up (unless she suddenly goes against her alliance) and will be able to put up jesse/natalie. i want nat and him both gone but if they cast their votes on who they have a better chance of beating later on jeese, against the person who just lays around starting fights (i.e. the girl who hasnt won a single comp. yet…natalie) then theyll vote out jesse!

  65. @LINDA

  66. Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie….your speech last night made me puke. After all the lying and backstabbing YOU did, you have the right to talk to Michele like that? For a “smart” guy, you sure are stupid, and I am sooo glad you are gone. Hope to NEVER see you again.

  67. @ Kayla,

    Talk about simple minded. I won’t stoop to your level with the name calling. You simply don’t have an argument to stand on so you simply resort to cheating and try to justify it as a “win”

  68. uh linda,
    it was tara who called you simple minded not kayla… and you might want to watch that episode again. jeff was negotiating for both jordan and himself.

  69. Linda, you should just let them win, its what they understand. BTW Jeff turned on his “team” first. I truly don’t understand the Jeff love, alls he does is complain. Nothing is ever his fault, and everyone is doing something to him. He doesn’t even understand other people are doing things for themselves and it has nothing to do with him and his view of the game.

    the bitch and moan team has a ton of followers.

  70. I wanna see NATALIE evicted!!!!!!!!!! Can’t even stand looking at her face. Next one to go after that would be CHIMA!!!!!! Then Jessie

  71. I want to see Nat or Jesse walk out that door. I just hope that Jeff will do the right thing and put up Jesse with Nat. Now that will fire up the game in the BB house. I wounldn’t mind seen Chima gone and I think that will happen very soon.

  72. jojo,

    they have all complained… not just jeff… wouldnt you – if you were stuck in that nuthouse? look at chima and ronnie – talk about complaining…

  73. i wouldnt mind seeing jesse stay but he needs to nominated! i want to see gnat out and seee jesse fight for himself!

  74. this is what i was thinking but to push your idea further
    he should nominate jesse and lydia not jesse and natalie
    because by having lydia on the block that forces kevin to vote for jesse therefore ensuring jesses eviction because if he nominated natalie then lydia and kevin will be voting for natalie and so will russel probably
    leaving only michele, jeff and jordin voting for jesse
    which gives chima the power in the end
    see what i mean?

  75. I would like to see Jeff put up Natalie and Jessie for eviction.

    I would like to see Natalie evicted or even Jessie for that matter.

  76. No Jeff is an affirmative action case. He’s that kid who runs home and says, “mommy they won’t let me win”. Ronnie and Chima are not that way. They’re just in your face, rude, and manipulative. Jeff is a crybaby, ask anyone with the live feed, who is honest. Alls Jeff does is complain all day. he goes around talking about what he’s gonna do, then he can’t do any of it. The guy is the biggest loser of all the males IMO. jessie is a prick,( I want him out too) but he’s 24.

  77. yeah i see what you mean, but i think gnat needs to go now and if he puts up gnat and jesse then even if its a tie… i would love to see chimas reaction when she has to choose between the two of them…! :)
    talk about great tv

  78. jojo- i cant attest for the live action but i can say – he is one of the last with any integrity. i am just sick of the manipulating liars always winning…

  79. I want Jessie evicted. I don’t think that there will be much of an alliance between Natalie and Chima without Jessie there to orchestrate it.

  80. @ a

    Thanks. I meant Tara.
    I Watch the feeds. I witnessed the negotiating. Jeff only stated Jordan after Russell included her in his promise. I realize CBS edited it to look like Jeff was concerned about Jordan. It fits the storyline they are trying to feed you! Russell also stated that he threw Jordan in the deal in one of his HOH talks with the HGs

































  82. Jessie by a long shot. He was so cocky in the beginning thinking he had it in the bag. He is so obnoxious and the biggest liar in the house next to Ronnie. GOOOOOD Riddince…Hope he reads this when he get out.

  83. I really wish all the Jeff haters would stop drinking hatoraid!! Biggest baby in the house is Jessie POINT BLANK!

  84. linda –
    thanks for the input. you have given us a lot to think about… (those of us without live feed that is) ur right we only have what the network edits – no offense matt – i guess we can all dream about having a good guy win for once… and if the american votes mean anything apparently i am not the only one that feels that way.

    p.s. wow marcus – take a breath

  85. i have to agree with liz on that one – i mean he almost started crying when he was a have not (for one time)… did you see how red his face got nad how his voice cracked??? lol

    …of course (linda) that is only according to the network episodes…

  86. @Marcus I’m sorry but why do you think Jesse and Nat are such great competitors? Jesse was handed his first HOH and then by pue luck he won the second one. Jeff has been in final two in 2 comps. Nat hasn’t won anything either.

  87. I think Jeff is a pretty straight forward player and I love watching him and jordan together. for all you lydia fans, she is finally taking a shower!

  88. i want Jesse and Natalie and then Jesse to be voted out. so we can watch Lydia laugh at Natalie.

  89. Nat did win the first HOH along with Russell that gave them the extra team member. Of course they had to “work” for this advantage. Jeff was the first one on his team out.

  90. @Matt…you and I thought just alike LOL. Here is what I posted last night..

    “There couldn’t have been a better outcome tonight, IMO. With Chiarat winning and thinking she has the power. She said herself she loved the power. I hope she likes the luxuries too because she really has no power, lol. I can’t wait to see their ugly faces when Jeff stands up next week and puts up Jesse and Natrat. All Chiarat is doing is making more enemies this week. Awesome. It will be perfect if Jeff, Kevin or Michelle win HOH next week. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Jesse nor Natrat win the POV.

    Also, the way I understand the special power is this: the HOH nor the POV winner can be put up but Jeff does get to decide who goes up in replacement of who he removes from nomination.

    What are your thoughts on all this?”

    Matt, do you know if Jeff gets to vote after replacing nominations? If he does who would break a tie, Chima or Jeff?

    Thanks for the great website. Have been a fun since the beginning of the season and agree with all your blogs!

  91. yeah linda – like none of saw that happening on the first challenge – hmmmm lets have them all hold on for dear life – i wonder who is going to last longer …. maybe all the people with the most upper body stregth??? like that one wasnt rigged???!

  92. Natalie needs to leave. She has a terrible attitude, and doesn’t contribute much!!!

  93. I want Jeff to put up “Fat Head” Jessie and Bath-Less Nat. In Jessie’s blog, he calls
    himself “Mr. Pec-Tacular” What a concieted ass!

  94. does anyone know where you can find out updates from live feeds? have they had nominations yet? when do they really do those?

  95. I feel like I am a Big Brother junkie. Goodness! Anyway I am soooo happy that Jeff won the “wizard power” beause he has a lot of power now. Jesse seriously needs to go and Natalie is sooo annoying. Her voice & the way she looks when she eats is a mess. Goodness. Anyway, I pray that Jeff can hear us when we say get Jesse out of that house. As for Chima I cannot wait until she finds out that she really has no power at all. Karma is something. I love it. Go Jeff & Jordan. I like them because those two have never waivered from you they are and I respect that.

  96. I was very pleased to see someone deserving win. I only hope that Jeff will be wise and get Natalie and Jessie put up for eviction. Otherwise Jesse will come after him or Jordan.

  97. I,want to see Natilee,and Michelle going home. Too bad that Chima won because I, would’ve loved to see her gone.

  98. I would like to see Jessie or Natalie go home, if Jessie goes first, Natalie will be more worthless than she already is. Almost too late to make allies, she has been a b***h to almost everyone except Jessie and Chim.

  99. I would like Nathalie or Jesse gone this week they act like they run the house and no one can stop them and I want them gone. I want Jeff and Jordan to make it all the way!!!!

  100. I wantJessie evicted first because if Natalie were to go Jesse still has a strong friendship with Russell but if Jessie is gone, Natalie is all alone, boo-hoo. She and Chima may be in an alliance but they will drop like flies soon after Jessie is gone. I want Jordan and Jeff as the final two!

  101. Jessie and Natalie need to go up by Jeff! What sweet justice that will be! This will really tick off Chima because she is such a “Diva wanna be” that this will make her very angry!

  102. go team jeff and jordan so gad jeff won the wizard power!!!!! please jessie or nat to go home this week!


  104. I am glad Jeff won the power. I really hope Jeff uses his power to put up Jessie and Natalie cause they are so getting on my nerves.then Chima needs to follow right after them.

  105. I would like Jeff to put up Lydia and Kevin. I would like to see them both out of the house.

  106. i agree with erin to a point. he has done much better this season frfom looking like a egomaniac… but him sleeping with lydia and giving her false hope is just wrong

  107. OMG! I am so glad Ronnie is gone. I was sick to death of seeing him walking around barefoot. That is nasty! He can take his no lips(perhaps Chima can donate some of hers) and go back to whocaresville. I’m glad Jeff got the Coup d Etat. Chima isn’t my first choice as new HOH simply because of that freakishly annoying (and constant) laugh after every 3 words she speaks. I can only imagine any articles she writes are filled with a plethora of LOLs. I hope her giant ego gets inflated even more and the power goes straight to her lips and she has diarrhea of the mouth and tells everyone off — then Jeff uses the ‘wizzard’ power to throw a monkey wrench into Jessies’ … er I mean Chima’s plans.

  108. I’m glad that Jeff won the power! Now Jesse or scrappy can go out the door!! & I think Jesse is not liked bcuz he is who he is. Its not jealousy , its got more 2 do with the hole “i’m gods gift thing”, to me.

  109. Definitely put up Jessie & Natalie, that way we are assured atleast one of them goes home! I don’t care if Jesse stays as long as the lying little monkey on his back goes!
    ~~~~TEAM JEFF & JORDAN~~~~

  110. I would like to see Jessie and Natilie up on the block, as I don’t like either one of them.

  111. I hope to see Jessie walking out the door.Can’t wait to see the HG face when it goes down.

  112. Bad behavior in the house is usually not rewarded by “America”. You see what it got ronnie; it will get jesse the same. All the hg (including jess) are playing the game the minuite they enter the house. Remember, its a 24/7 game. If Jeff’s way of playing is to lay low; so what? Its still playing. As for America giving him an advantage, yes we did. He won the mystery power fair and square. We could have voted for Jesse, or Nat or even Russ. But like i said before; America does not reward bad behavior. Even outside the house, those who are stand up people get more rights and rewards than those who direct their bad behavior at others. Why should inside the BB house be any different.

  113. i never liked jessie from the first season he was on so dont know what you are talking about being jealous of him getting a second chance i never liked him from the start, sorry i was a renny keesha dan fan last time not a jessie fan at all, i dont like his attitude period and thats why and it has nothing to do with jealousy at all
    and personally for me i dont see how hovering hoh’s and hiding around the house makes for a smart game with all there team meetings and constant game talk and making thereselves very obvious about it is making them a huge target does not sound so smart to me but thats your opinion

  114. Jessie or Natilie can let the door hit them in the a@@ on the way out next eviction :)

  115. Natalie the little winer needs to go since that will make Jessie run for cover without his little side kick. She is negative, gripes continually about what other people get that she does not ect. Jeff winning the special powers was perfect, ram it up Chima’s nose!

  116. Erin you’re just as stupid as Linda! Jesse has played well alright! Back dooring Casey the way he did was wrong! He couldn’t look him in the eyes like a man! Then he lied on Showtime AD by saying he didn’t really hear what Casey said in the live eviction! Ok whatever! Nobody is jealous of Muscle Head! He got a 2nd chance alright and America is getting a 2nd chance to vote his azz out! GO JEFF!

  117. I would like Jeff to put up Jessie and Natalie too, but wouldn’t it be great if he put up both Jessie and Russell? Now that would be some drama!

  118. I would love Jeff to use the power and put up Jessie and Natalie and see Ratalie walk out that door. SHE NEEDS TO GO!

  119. I hope to God that Jesse an Natalie are the ones that Jeff throws up on the block for eviction because that ensures that Jesse is out the door. Cause Chima cant vote and the others will take down Jesse and maybe they can bring him back in a gorilla suit.

  120. Great start to the next week, Everything is going the way I was hoping so far:
    Ronnie : GONE
    Jeff : The Wizard
    Nat / Chima : HOH —–YESSSSSS
    Chima will likely put up Lydia and Kevin.
    The POV then needs to bewon by anyone but Jess/Chim/Nat and Jeff can put up Jesse and Natalie thereby eliminating any votes from Team Bulldog!

    Thats the perfect setup, hope it goes that way!

  121. I want Jessie and Nat and one to go home. I’m so tired of jessie and Nat, thinking that they run that house and that everyone has to do what they say.

    I didn’t like Jessie in 10 and I don’t like him any more in 11

  122. @Erin…all you have to do is watch him pose after every question he gets right during comps to see why people don’t like him. Disgusting.

    @Cat..agree with everything you said!

  123. Jeff TIED Russell for HoH and won POV. Jeff and Russell (mostly Russell) won the HoH in week 1 FOR Jessie. Jessie has only been safe because of his 4-3-3-3 advantage over all of the other teams. Whine all you want, but this game has never been fair and Jessie had all the advantages from the beginning. Jeff won CdE for being a strong competitor, picking the right teammates, and backstabbing no one. America’s Player is part of the game too.

  124. I would love to see Jessie evicted. It will be glorious to see how Natalie can survive on her own, once he leaves!!!!!!!! Casey was right, she is Jessie’s pit bull!!!

  125. I wish someone would punch Chima in the mouth! Way to go America, thank god Jeff is the one with the real power this week!

  126. I am not a Jessie fan by any means but you have to admit he is playing the game. I agree with Erin about not understanding why everyone is so down on him because he is so much better this seasson than last. As far as he and Lydia and the bruises…they were playing around and she was laughing the entire time.

  127. your right on matt i just hope nat jesse chima do not win pov.i think she might put russ up or especially jeff.oh all hell will break loose when jeff changes her nominations.i really hope jesse goes out that door no matter who she puts about thinking you are biotch of the house hehe wait till she really has no say.hehe.oh and liz i agree w/you as well.karma is going to come back and bite jesse ouch out the door he goes bd just like he did casey.

  128. Okay, I have had enough. Why can’t you see that Jeff is the biggest floater in this game. He showed this when he threw all comps except the one when he needed to save his self. How can you feel he deserves to win this game? This is not the bachelor this is big brother. He seems like a nice person and yes him and jordyn are soo cute together but don’t let that take away from the object of the game.

  129. I so agree with you Matt on everything!!! The one difference is that I thought she might put up Russell and Jeff. Either way it would be sweet to see the faces of Nat, Jes and Chima when Jeff takes them off! I want Jessie, Natalie and Chima GONE. Doesn’t matter the order – but I guess Chima can’t go this week.

  130. Jessie has to go. Then Natalie. I’m sure Jeff will use his power and put them both up. Hopefully neither of them wins POV since the POV winner can’t be evicted. Also, I read that if Jeff uses the power, he doesn’t get to vote. So it’ll be only 5 people voting on Thursday. If there were the ability for a tie, then Jeff would be the tie breaker, not the HOH. That’s just a FYI since there obviously can’t be a tie with 5. It will be interesting if Jeff puts up Jessie and Natalie, who Russell would vote to evict. It would probably be in his best interest to vote out Jessie.

  131. lauryn
    thats not the case and i think we all know this isnt the bachelor we just all like to see the good people win for a change and really it has nothing to do with there looks or being a couple that is just the icing on the cake thats all, and i think all the moves jeff has made when he has thrown comps was smart and he is still there and so is jordan so wasnt stupid after all huh. and its not that they are cute is why we want them to win its cause they are honest and not backstabbers we want the good guys to win for a change

  132. I think out of Jessie and Natalie…. Jessie needs to go first. Natalie hasn’t won anything yet where as Jessie has. Hopefully, he doesn’t win the POV

  133. I would like to see Jessie out, then Nat or Chima won’t know what to do. After all he is just using everyone. I think that it would be crazy to give him anymore chance at winning the whole game. Get him, then Nat & Chima out.

  134. jessie is the biggest cry baby ever he whines when things dont go his way spoiled rotten hiding behind girls. what he did to Lydia theres no excuse preying on the weakest…GO AWAY JESSIE AND NAT!! A

  135. I just read over a lot of everyones comments and I agree with the one’s that Love Jeff crew, any one that would make up lies and do what Jessie and Nat did is totaly wrong and I can not wait till they all get home and see the real truth about what happened.

    and what happened to the message that Russ got in his letter from his dad about Jeff?

    He should pick a side and stay with it.

    Jessie thinks he is king cause of his body and cause he has been in there before and thinks he knows everything and I’m so sick of it.

    and like you said Ronnie played everyone in the house he lied and backstabed everyone and I was so happy when he walked out of the house

    And I hope that it is Jeff that takes out Jessie so he can walk he big head out the door if it will fit.

    And I’m like those for Jeff and Jordan Let the good guys win!!

  136. I get excited just thinking of the demise of the Rat Pack. Wouldn’t it be sweet if week 5 turned out to be a double eviction??? I thought I had heard Julie mention the possibility(in the beginning)when she was explaining the the Coup D’ETAT to the public that the “power” also included a double eviction. Is this just wishful thinking on my part or did I really here that???

  137. @Marcus… congrats for all CAPS! We all got your point, or lack of one!
    Jessie was handed HOH the first week and got lucky the 2nd time around. Jeff won VETO and took himself off the block not to mention handed Russell the HOH because he’s not on TEAM DOUCHBEAG! How can anyone be for Nat/Jessie. I’m curious to see how Natalie reacts when she doesn’t have big lips Chima and muscle man Jessie to hide behind..

    GO TEAM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. I’d like to see Jessie evicted this week Natalie (she gets on my nerves) evicted next week and then watch as Chima (loud mouth with the most annoying laugh) melt down. All the while Russell and Michele hook up. Then we would have a three couple shoot out. That would be entertaining to watch.

  139. kat that would be awsome if there was a double and we got out jessie and nat! i wish wish wish

  140. jesse may go out but he only needs to win pov and will be fine. jeff can make a deal or two with the nom,s and still use the coup thada

  141. I want Jeff and Jordan nominated so Jeff can replace themselves with Gnatalie and Jessie.

    I think Jessie is a homophobe. I watched A/D last night and saw Kevin confront Jessie in front of Chima and Russell about the fact that Kevin can sense there’s something amiss with the way Jessie treats Kevin. When pressed on it, Jessie just up and left the room in a huff. Personally, I think with all that self-muscle rubbing Jessie does, he’s a bit in the closet himself, hence the animosity towards Kevin.

  142. Either Jessie or Natalie would be wonderful to see go out the door on Thursday. Go Jeff, turn the house upside down.

  143. one word to describe the players:
    Russell: paranoid
    Jeff: smart
    Jordan: huh?
    Lydia: slutbag
    Jessie: meathead
    Kevin: quiet
    Natalie: instigator
    Chima: dramaqueen
    Michele: follower

  144. dyane
    i have to disagree on kevin and michelle.
    michelle has had to survive on her own not like everyone else in the house – so for her i would say survivor.
    on kevin i would put follower

  145. @kimber
    Actualy his moves were not great because if America had not just handed him the power, him and Jordyn would probably be heading to the jury house soon. His gameplay has gotten his side of the house picked off one by one. So thumbs down on that one. I know America wants to see someone good win but we cant hand it to that person, at some point they have to earn the prize. Can someone please tell me what Jessie has done to be labeled a bad person. Also please stop calling Jeff and Jordyn a team, he may like her as a girlfriend but he is not too concerned with her in the game. He negotiates for him not “Team Jeff and Jordyn”

  146. i so agree with you on the homophobe thing jaydens daddys i was thinking the same thing when i was watching last night, the way jessie acted when he confronted him all together

  147. I think the best Scenario for Team J J would be to have Chima nominate them for eviction, for Chima to win POV and leave nom’s as is. This would allow Jeff to use the Coup D’etat with the least amount of backlash for using it to nominate Jesse and Nat. I’m not sure if he will use it if he and Jordan are safe.

    Jesse first, just to see Nat wander in a circle all week trying to find her master to follow! Nat next, so we can see Chima flip out.! Then finally Chima!

  148. The objectm of the game is to lie, cheat, steal, float, fly, hide, bargain, sell your soul, whatever it takes!!!! Who cares how you do it. Youn win when the Jury votes at thje end of the game. What we think is nothing but opinion!!! So quit bitching either way and just enjoy the bozo’s and wienies in the game and ccome here to voice your thoughts.
    More whinning in here than the the BB house!

  149. @a Agreed with Kevin and Michele.

    I actually like Kevin and Michele. I wish Russell hadn’t discussed with Chima what Michelle told him. Obviously, Chima was wanting to backdoor Russell and lied about it. To bring Michele in on it when she was confiding to him was wrong.

  150. Jesse has already been in that house way to long. He seriously needs to go. Natalie is a snake!! Wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if either of them leave!!! I think the only way Jeff should use his power is to save himself or Jordan. Otherwise, it will hurt him in the long run. GO JEFF & JORDAN!!!

  151. lauryn
    thats funny you say that cause the only reason he threw the hoh comp last night is cause he already knew he had the power and him not winning hoh gives him a huge chance to get out the biggest comp in the game for him so how is that stupid and america voted for him for a reason i am not the only one who voted for him he won fair and square and has the power fair and square expect the unexpected is the game and that goes for all of big brother, i bet you wouldnt be complaining about the power thing and it not being fair if jessie would have won now would you america voted and thats that

  152. Get rid of Jessie! Didn’t like him the first time around, like him even less now. He’s a meathead.

  153. @snakebit Sal

    who said it has to be that way… for once it would be nice for the good guy to win… and obviously america agrees.

    @Dyane – agreed totoally

    @lauryn –
    how about sleeping with lydia and then telling her he doesnt care if she cuts herself and completely giving her false hopes – that is just for starters…

  154. @lauryn… what has Jessie DONE to be labeled as a bad person? I’m not sure he is a bad person; just cocky, arrogant, liar, whiney-ass, and thinks his body rules. There is a reason no one could stand him before and why most of AMERICA can’t now.

  155. @a
    I forgot to add to my @ lauryn… Jessie’s inability to treat a woman with respect. I wish he would have been on Evil Dick’s season.

  156. dyane –
    again agree totally!
    ugh, i actually was starting to respect jesse for at least being loyal and winning – atleast he is contributing and earning his place, but then i read about the lydia thing – ouch – yuck

  157. First off, Jeff winning the power was awesome!I think he should put up Natalie(The lap dog)and (Jesse the Moron) to bad only one will go.If Jeff follows up this week up, with an HOH victory,that will be sweet!

  158. Jesse needs to GO! It was a shame that he was allowed back in to begin with. He the most arrogant, air headed, self absorbed drama posing queen to walk the planet. I mean who does the guy think he is just because he has muscles? In the reality of it all, he’d better not ever lose those muscles because that’s all he has! Jesse needs to go then his little minion Natalie.

  159. I agree snakebit, but you have to admit, it would be fun to watch nat and loud mouth melt down.I think they would stab each other to stay.

  160. its funny how the episodes are leaving all that out… its amazing what you find out on the forums from live feed! it is a whole different house sometimes! ;)

  161. kimber
    Not talking about last nights hoh comp. You just missed the whole point of what I said. I wouldn’t be happy if America gave power to Jessie either because in my opinoin all power should be won by the HG, not given by us.

  162. @ lauryn
    It is what it is. Big Brother always has something up their sleeve and this season it is the “wizard powers”. Jeff can’t help that American voted him the winner and it doesn’t hurt his game that he can make some big moves this week.

  163. Jessie and Lydia never slept together.She jacks him off, that’s her fault. Do you really think Jeff would have turned Jordyn down and do you really think he would have negotiated to save her if she would have gave him some. NO!

  164. hope to see jeff go to the end. jessie and his woman need to go! jeff trust no one!!

  165. @Queenie
    AGREED… Why isn’t he already out?

    Oh, wait a minute.. because he was juggling 2 girls and aligning with Russel for a backbone.
    His time is up. I feel it.

  166. still – i do think jeff and jordan has a chance – but do u really see lydia and jesse? come on..

  167. @lauryn,
    What are you needing to understand about Jeff?
    He was an underdog because he didn’t associate himself with TEAM D’BAG and now he has the powers to change the game.
    He won veto to take himself off the block. He gave Russell HOH b/c he actually is a nice guy.

  168. Do you think BB will bri bring someone back like they have in the past? wouldnt that be interesting! :0)

  169. I haven’t mentioned a word about Jordan, because I kinda of hoped Laura would have stayed longer. I’m hoping Jordan is playing dumb b/c I’m not sure that she can survive without Jeff.

  170. hey a!!!

    I am a Jeff fan, have been from day one. I was just making the point that different people play different ways and ultimately the Jury gets to decide the winner.
    I just feel if you can win this came without lying, you have played a better game than the ones that do. Minipulation is fine if you can do it honestly.
    I don’t root for teams, just individuals …….. GO JEFF!!!!!

  171. Kevin is not a follower, he just can’t make any plans, because everything he says gets back to Jesse because Lydia tells all while he is having sex with Jesse.

  172. Lydia is a pig i think she would sleep with any thing she is not picky what a pig.does she really think she looks cool with that makeup on like she does.that girl has mental problems.

  173. @ jojo
    according to laryn they never did sleep together.. idk – i dont have live feed… what do you say?

  174. @jojo –
    further more – i have yet to see kevin step out and make a move on his own… i wish he would cuz i like kev

  175. @a yes, exactly! I forgot Nat was permenately attached to Jessie.
    I hope BB brings someone back that didn’t have a chance to play that really deserves a chance.

  176. oooh like maybe laura – i think she could see what was really going on but got booted off before she got a chance to do something about it

  177. @ Snakebit Sal

    I totally agree with routing for individual play b/c at the end, that is what you have; play for yourself. That is why I’m hoping that Jordan will start being more independent of Jeff.
    Do you think if Jeff pulls Russell off the block this week, that Russell will realize aligning with Jeff is way to go?

  178. i was so glad everything turned out like how alot of people wanted it. for 3 weeks, its always been jesse’s show, got tired of watching it. hope jeff will use the power like how we want him to use it. i want to see more romance on jeff and jordan, so cute.

  179. either way Jesse and Russell have to go they are a secret alliance. Nat and Lydia are just pawns. everyone else is just playing the game.

  180. I would like to see Natalie and Jesse evicted. Next on my hit list would be Chima.
    Also, I hope, that somewhere down the line Russell will find out that Jesse and Natalie lied about Michelle coming into the Green Room to campaign against Russell. It was a bald lie that somehow went undiscovered, protected by the myth that Michelle is loco.

  181. dont you think the next BB should be one or two people from every BB there is? I think that would be cool!

  182. Russell is trying to play both sides (remember he made the comment when talking to Julie)
    If Jeff brings him off it will depend on if Jeff finds out what Russ is up to!

  183. I want natalie then jessee! I’m so glad that Jeff won and even happier that I voted for him! I’m also team Jeff and Jordon!!! I love this season its the best so far :)

  184. @a

    Lydia and Jessie definitely slept together at least once, and she’s done other stuff she tells Kevin about.

  185. i want laura to come back to
    i hope that jeff uses it to put up nat and jess i would want jesse to go but i dont think it will happen

  186. Bedbug Jessie or Stinky Natty, Can’t stand him last year, can’t stand him now.

  187. thats what i heard. thanks for clearing that up. it really disappointed me in how jesse was treating the women in the house…

  188. I would like to see Natalie or Jessie go up on the block. They BOTH pride themselves on being TRUE and LOYAL, but…..THEY ARE BOTH LIARS! I am ashamed that Natalie is from the same state that I am….she is a very bad rep for the state of AZ! She floats by on Jesse and Chima and then likes to stir up trouble then acts like she is so innocent. Ugh, she needs to leave the house and go to etiquette classes and learn how to chew with her mouth closed!! And Jesse already had his chance….and BLEW it! This is NOT BB Allstars..he SHOULD NOT have been allowed back in the house. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone but this is just my opinion and I’m entiltled to it!

  189. In a round-about way Jeff won the Wizard power, if some of the other HG would have played different it might have been a close vote.

  190. Jessie needs to go. without him in the house, Chima and Natalie will be like lost lambs without their momma!!! He already had his chance to play/win, and he didnt. besides…hes too vain…give him a mirror and hes amused for hours !!!!!

  191. @ Snakebit Sal

    you are right. its all about how they are playing this season. i hope it continues. i hate to be dissapointed in the end

  192. @Dyane

    I really hope they do, I would love to see Janelle and Evil Dick in the house.

  193. Jessie the woman hater and Natalie the pit bull needs to go. Jeff can worry about Russ and Michelle (who truly is a survivor) later.

  194. I would like to see Jessie and Natalie put up for eviction,I can’t stand either one of them. I hope Jeff put’s them up if Chima don’t.

  195. @sandy

    i sope jeff would use the coup d’etat on gnat and jesse

    also, i dont get why everyone keeps calling gnat a pitbull. i realize that casey said it, but her bark is way worse than her bite!!! no pitbull there – she is no threat at this point

  196. Would love to see Lydia and Jessie in the jury house so we could watch Nat fretting over what was going on between them…she may even nominate herself!

  197. yuck – i just read that jesse is telling chima to put up lydia because she was bipolar – ugh he didnt mind her modd swings when the mood swung his way!!!

  198. gnat does not care about jesse – the only reason she is acting like that is because she is worried about the influence liydia has not the fraternizing…

  199. which part is not true? i DO need to get the feed!!! soon i hope – what can i say im hooked! lol

  200. If Jessie and Nat are both put up in place of Chima’s nominations (because I don’t think she is smart enough to use one as a pawn)…Jessie will go home. I think everyone will realize it is time to vote him out and may be their only opportunity.

  201. Looks like as of 5 mins. Chima has decided that she will put Russ and Lydia. Nat and Jess
    want try and save Russ,so they pushed China to put up Lydia.

  202. In a perfect world, Chima nominates Russell and Lydia. Jeff uses his wizard powers to replace them with Nat and Jessie, Jessie leaves, Jeff wins HOH!

  203. Hey i want chima to nominate jeff and jordan so that jeff can switch to jesse and natalie and one will go on chima’s watch! yahoo!

  204. @LR
    right but it didnt seem like it was because she liked him – only because she was worried that lydia would gain influence over jesse – more of a control issue than anything – maybe?

    could be your right..

  205. @dyane –

    right on – that way russell sees chimas true colors and so does lydia – two more against team chima

  206. Not sure about food comp, when that takes place. But… I really hope Jessie is a have not again! All of his whining really made me drop a tear for him. Did he think he would come on Big Brother and not eat slop?

  207. I could be reading the whole situation wrong, but that’s what I get from it…jealousy and maybe a little control ;)

  208. man if jesse gets have nots again – i think he may actually shed tears this time… what a baby

  209. yeah but honestly i think she is just trying to manipulate him! i mean hes slept with lydai more than once from what i have heard… what else could they do in the jury house they havent already done in the BB house?

  210. Chima say’s can’t trust Russ. Nat pushed for Lydia to go up again.Calling he bi-polar.

  211. For someone having a boyfriend, Natalie really doesn’t mind Jessie rubbing on her but yet she had to sleep between Kevin and Jessie so her bf wouldn’t get mad. I’m confused?

  212. yeah – from what ive seen jesse jumped on that band wagon just as fast as he jumped on lydia

  213. @dyane –
    i have never seen (again on network) jesse and nat rubing is this on live feed or did i miss something?

    yuck – i would not touch him after lydia – talk about sloppy seconds

  214. i bet jesse makes girls walk 10steps behind him.he doesnt have a problem w/using them and throwing them away ( lydia ) and waiting on him getting his drinks and food.( gnat )jesse will throw both girls under the bus this week if he gets wind he might get bd.( karma )he already has lydia next it will be gnat.jesse is an idiot.he has the personality and charisma of a gnat lol.2yr.old( he saw the male models,oh thats not fair they are rubbed down in baby oil ).who cares.i do not like jesse b/c he is ignorant his game play is stupid.oh wait..he is his game play.

  215. I would LOVE to see Jessie evicted. He lost last time because of his attitude and doesn’t deserve a second chance to win the money.

  216. Jessie is basically trying to get all his hoes lined up…Natalie, Lydia, and Chima. He thinks they will not see him as a threat to them as Jeff and Russell will.

  217. I am so happy Jeff won! I would really hope Natalie go home because she is just scooting by on Jesse.

  218. @ Connie
    Right on.. he deserves squid and squash, a hard metal bed, a gorilla suit that he wore last season during a veto comp, and tissue for his whiney tears.

  219. @bluezey60 –
    you are so right about him and women – its so gross his blaten disrespect!

    food comp is starting i think..

  220. I will tell you what I loved! Casey telling Ratalie to go make Jessie a sandwich!
    I miss him!

  221. @lauryn,
    do they always block the live feed at competitions? why – isnt it supposed to be live and unrestricted???

  222. Jessie is really falling for Natalie. He is frustrated that he can’t pursue it because she has a boyfriend

  223. Chima wants a woman to win,so if its a tie she will vote for woman over the man so jessie would go if tie.

  224. a
    Yeah, idk why. I guess they want to save something so we will watch episodes on tv.

  225. I would love to see both Jessie and Nat out the door at the same time. That would be so funny just to see the look on both of their smirky little faces.

  226. @a
    Jessie was rubbing Natalie’s back and shoulders and brushing her hair away from her face in the green room right after they learned they were have-nots. It was on bb after dark.

  227. I am glad that Jeff Won Coupe De tate. I am hoping that he can put Natalie and jessie up side by side so atleast one of them goes home and I cna go one further I am hoping its jessie becasue it will leave Natalie a lone and Lydia can’t be manipulated by him when Natalie goes home.

  228. a
    I say that because he had a talk with Chima after him and Natalie had a fight. He was like a love sick puppy. He said sometimes he can’t even focus on the game because he is thinking about her. He as also happy when Nat tld him she was really 24. He was hoping she lied about he boyfriend too.

  229. @dyane
    ah – that kind of rubbing…
    sorry i was thinking of him and lydia – trust me i wish i wasnt…

  230. @lauryn

    great info! thanks. ;) if gnat the rat has a boyfriend (cuz u cant believe a word that comes out of her mouth!) she has already disrespected him so bad who would want her?? really!?

  231. One Problem by putting up Nattalie and Jessie then Jeff will put on the block. Unless he wins HOH or POV next week then it can work so will he Jeff take that chance? It could work if Russell keeps his word.

  232. They will really crap their pants when Jeff stands up and changes everything. It will be a kodak moment for sure!!!

  233. I love what Sherry said Kudo’s

    Lets get Jessie out 1st as Nat will be an easy target with Chima to following in there footsteps….

  234. u wrote exactly wut i was thinking Matt as soon as chima won!…i knew right away this is the best scenario ever for us fans of team Jeff & Jordan…i cant stand chima pet, jessica or nastalie…they drive me insane…its gonna be so sweet to see her face when Jeff overthrows everything she did…all 3 of them right then and there will know that America hates them and their days are numbered!…this is turning ouyt to be a hell of a good season…i told my wife it would get better soon…and now is our time…im gonna enjoy every precious moment of it…i hope ronnie ratfink finally gets to see just how much of a useless worthless human he is…he does have a good chance @ playin Sloth from the Goonies if they ever try to remake it though…so that is his only hope…i hope u rot in hell ronnie…ZING!

  235. Thank God I don’t have to watch or listen to Ronnie anymore! I hope either Jesse or Nat goes next. Jeff win that HoH.

  236. The way Chima freaks out on people I cant wait til she makes her nominations, and we know it wont be jessie or natalie. Cant wait to see her freak when Jeff uses the coup de tat and hopefully he will put jessie and natalie up. Its gonna be a priceless moment

  237. i want nat and jessie out of there so bad.please send them back home.then nat can go back to her boyfriend that is if he will have her back.ha ha

  238. I wish Jeff uses his power of Coup D’Etat on Jessie and Natalie. GO TEAM Jeff & Jodan

  239. Nat or Jessie Or Michelle ( I don’t get live feeds and I don’t trust Michelle based on what I’ve seen)

  240. I definitely think this is the best scenario for Jeff as well. That was the first thought that went through my head when Chima won HoH. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Natalie be the next HG evicted. I am tired of her, her sceaming, and talking about how committed she is to her boyfriend. If she was my girlfriend, I would dump her a** as soon as she walked out the door. From a strategic point of view evicting Natalie will also Weaken Jesse and Chima since she is close with both of them and will leave them scrambling. This is going to be a great week of Big Brother TV

  241. I love jordan and jeff together. just watch how michelle is giggly around jeff. if jeff and jordan are in the bed together, michelle is in the next bed looking sad. i heard michelle tell chima today that if one of the nominees win pov and take themselves off, chima should put up jordan. shes jeolous of jordans beauty because michelle is a plain jane. i want michelle gone…

  242. Michelle has gotten a bad rap. First, roid and Gnatrat made up a complete bold faced lie about her being in the green room with them. Then thinking her and Russell had an alliance she told him that Chiapet mentioned back dooring him (which she did say). Russell then throws Michelle under the bus by telling Chiapet. Of course at that point, Michelle is going to lie. I was starting to like Russell but he has gone to the dark side when he blogged that he really trusts roid and gnatrat. What an idiot. I don’t know why he didn’t listen to his dad and align with Jeff.

  243. I think it would be best to put up Jesse & Natalie. Hopefully Jesse would go home first. The only people I can see beating Jeff for HOH would be Russell, Michelle, and Chima (but Chima can’t play the next one). He should definitely take the chance and put those 2 up. Nobody else has a chance of beating him so the odds are good. :)

  244. @yeah I have a problem now that Michelle said to backdoor Jordan. After Jordan reassured her and comforted her during her breakdown. Pretty dirty of Michelle.

  245. I pulling for Natalie to go home. There is something about her that is just strange. She talks of her love for her boyfriend then turns around and becomes sarcastic with Jesse for speaking with Lydia. It doesn’t make sense. Either she doesn’t really have a boyfriend or she doesn’t really like boys. Anyway, she doesn’t really deserve to continue in the house. She hasn’t done anything. Go Jeff & Jordan.

  246. I want Jesse and Natalie on the block, with Jesse going home. That would be twice that the fans of the show have overwhelmingly voted to ultimately get rid of Jesse. Will he ever take a hint and realize what an ass he is?
    Once he is gone Russell might not be so easily influenced by the constant pressure from Jesse and Nat. I wish BB would show how Natalie never washes, or let’s Jesse out of her sight if at all possible. She caught lydiot and Jesse hugging last night and broke that up. She must go next, she is such a twit. What does she think lying about her age or the fact she is a tae kwon do champ is accomplishing anyways?
    I can’t wait to see chima melt down, it is inevitable.
    If anyone comes back I would vote for Casey.

  247. I want to see Jesse and Natalie get put up by Jeff and the coup d’etat. Chima thinks she has the power this week, Ha Ha, that is going to be funny to watch the look on her face when she realizes sh had NO power at all. I look forward to this week more than any other this season so far. Good Luck Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Michelle. At this point I am confused about Russell as well as you. He is too indecisive. He needs to pick an alliance and take care of business and stop messing around with the CHI-witch. She is playing him. Its her game.

  248. jeffs got the power …..aye oaaaayeoo jeffs got the power .go jeff bye jesse !aye-o jeffs got the power.hehe

  249. Thinking logically from Chima’s standpoint, she should nominate Jessie and Natalie for the safety of her group. First, it gives them a 3/6 chance of winning POV and second, assuming one of the two nominees win, Jeff’s power is almost completely negated. Best scenario for Jeff in this case:

    Chima wins POV and takes one of the two people down. Jeff uses coup de’tat to put the saved person back up and take the remaining nominee down. That’s best case scenario and even still he may choose not to use the power.

    Worst case:

    One of the two nominees wins the POV and saves themselves. Jeff doesn’t use the power seeing as if he does neither of his targets are on the block.

    And while I don’t care for Natalie, would rather not see Jessie go home yet so… yeah.

  250. I hope he sends Natalie packing i can’t stand her scrappy a** she does no brush her how lazy is that, she went a week with no shower because somehow that was better than a cold shower ewwww nasty and she is a moron, and is just riding through the game. ugggggg I can’t stand her !!!! go Jeff go !!!!

  251. I hope that Jessie and Natalie get booted out can’t stand them! Hope Jeff does the right thing and that one will be walking out the door on Thursday and wouldn’t mind seeing Natalie on Jessie’s back and get out of there too!!

  252. As much as I’d like to see gnat go, it’s gotta be Jesse who goes first. I’d like to see how well gnat could play this game without jesse there to protect her.

  253. Jessie needs to leave, just because it will be hillarious to watch and hear natalie squirm and cry about him leaving and who now will be her friend! Chima? That mouth? What a friend?

  254. @Dyane…The food comp. is about to get under way. I was reading on BB11Blog and BB Craze that Jeremy Piven stopped by the house.

  255. Hi, I would like to see jessie, nat go this week. Then the remaining nat or lydia next week and the week thereafter.

  256. Great read & I totally agree! I can’t wait to see what transpires over the next few days. Either way it’s a win win for Team Jeff & Jordan and I couldn’t be happier!!

  257. i want to see jessie or natelie go home which they will because jeff has the power to put up any one chimma thinks she does but she doesn’t

  258. Maybe it’s been said already, but I hope Chima also wins the POV. In that case, unbeknownst to her, she would probably be sealing the fate of one of her closest allies (either Jessie or Nat) because they would not be protected from the coup. I can just see Chima all proud of her accomplishments.. and then furious to watch one of her power-drunk buds walking out the door.

  259. Yep. Jessie leaves to go put on a smedium shirt and look at himself in the mirror for a week by himself in sequester.. then Nat and Lydia are forced to either kill each other or be BFF’s.. lmao There will be Fireworks!!



  262. Isn’t there any team Jessie fans out there? Why is everyone hating on them so much? They are the only ones playing the game. The other team, are just coasting along, making everyone think they are angels. They are a bunch of chicken shits!!! They are soo scared to step on anyones toes, and thumb their noses up at other people in house who are playing strategically. Like, what the hell man?! Would you really like the show if everyone got along graciously, and no one talked behind anyone’s back? Come on, get with it!!
    Thanks for listening, Lisa

  263. I think that maybe Natalie should go this week…cause you know it would drive her crazy being in the jury house all week and not knowing what Jessie is doing with Lydia back at the BB house. Then next Jessie should get his butt back out of the house….

  264. Sissie needs to go. All he does is whine. If he did not want the chance to be on slop, he should not have come back to Big Brother. The fact that Lydia loves him one minute and hates him next is retarded. I would love to see Sissie, Lydia and Ratolie all stuck in the jury house. Might be better than Big Brother feeds.

  265. can you imagine what ratpack smells like ,being on her period for six days ? wow . and sissie boy sleeps with her another nasty

  266. Jessie and Natalie on the block and then bye bye Jessie. Go team Jeff and Jordan!!!

  267. aaaaaaayeo..aaayeo jeffs got the power aaayeo jeffs got the power byebye jesse aaaaayeo.hehe.

  268. I am so glad STUPID Ronnie is gone. He is not only a hypocrite but a joke. I was so sick of hearing him wimper about his wife. Oh my gosh when he was crying in the HOH room about missing his wife because no one liked him what a baby. WAH WAH WAH. If I was his wife I would be embarrassed to even be assoicated with the likes of him. What he did to Michelle is terrible. Now Jeff has to get rid of Jessie. I will be so bummed if he doesn’t use his specail HOH ticket on Jessie. Surely Jeff is smart enough to see that Jessie is a a slimmy snake. I don’t know if anyone else notices but I don’t really hear Jeff talking about getting Jessie out of the house so hopefully he is doing that because he doesn’t want to show his hand. I can’t wait to see the shock on Jessie’s face if Jeff votes him out. What a rush that will be.

  269. I am not a RAT. I out played all those losers. My wife will be at my side at my Parade. I am still the Jedi master! I still have some surprises left in my bag. I will decide who wins. You losers have no say. No one will remember the winner but you will all remember me! I will win the next ALL-Star Big Brother. I will screw Evil Dick and win!!!!!!!

  270. i agree wen jesse has to go first and i would love to see nat show she can do something other than run her mouth after all she is an athlete right?chima ,i could see her going far if she would duck tape her still pro jeff,jorden,russ,michele.

  271. I agree with 375.Amber, that would drive Natalie to drink, unlike what she does in the house. HEEEEEE!!!

  272. Jeff and Jordan are very very cute together…I think they may fall in love and get married :)

  273. I would still be in the house if that crazy bitch Michelle did not lie to me. Jessie and Nat tried there best to keep me. We would have made it to the final 3. Stupid Russell!!!

  274. I watched the after dark show on the east coast last night – Russell really bared his soul after apologizing to Chima – I actually teared up when he told his story about being on deaths door/in a wheelchair and how his mom was by his side. Jordan had said earlier that she thinks Russell has a hard exterior but soft inside and after he told his story I think for once jordan is right.
    Anyway, Chima did not promise Russell that she wouldn’t put him up but told Kevin he is safe. I think it’s going to be Lydia for sure, and then either Michelle or Russell. Either way, lets hope that Jeff the white knight will come in and save the day and put Nasty and Jessie up.

  275. Wouldn’t it be great if they got Jessie and Natalie out of the house and brought back Casey.

  276. I want Natalie out this week or Jessie. Either won will be a good evictee. They both suck.

  277. Ronnie its obvious you don’t read the reviews on yourself. HELLOOOOOO GET A CLUE “NO ONE LIKES YOU” and you claim to be so smart and bright.

  278. I think of all the people just sliding by freely in the game Nat is the worst. All she does is kiss Jesse’s ass and follow him around. She talks all this crap about people floating by, and I don’t recall her ever trying or winning anything. She needs to go…..and Jesse too, then loud mouth Chima who is still lucky to be there somehow. GO JEFF and JORDAN!!!!!!

  279. this show isn’t about falling in love and getting married, or being the nicest it’s about playing the game and the only people in the house playing the game are russel, jessie, and michelle other then that everyone is free loading

  280. Hey Ronnie,
    Theres a report of a drunk naked retard,wearing a black cape and black helmet singing free bird riding a lawnmower down the highway.Where are you going?

  281. Want Jeff to put up both Natalie and Jessie this Thursday so that at least one of them will be going home. Then it will be down to the one left and Chima. By the way I am definitely on Team Jeff & Jordan.

  282. I love that remark of Chiapet!! That is so hillarious. I think we need to pour water on her head and grow green hair!! LOL PS. Thought that was funny.

  283. Go to you tube and type in Chip and Zack there is a video of this guy who looks just like Ronnie, I really think it is him… it is very disturbing.

  284. everyone that says they are on team jeff and jordan guess what your not because you aren’t actually in the game you are just some lame person that lives in your parents basement and cant get a real boyfriend or girlfriend so you are living vicariously through them LAME!!!!!

  285. Jenn, went to it and it is Ronnie and the one making out with the monkey is his wife, they are both sick

  286. Yes, I think Jeff was the perfect choice. I would love to see both Jessie and Natalie gone.
    What does she contribute except sucking up to Jessie who can’t get over himself anyway.

  287. Debbie- it made me so sick as a mom of 2. To sit there and make a video like that and be talking to children is just discusting.

  288. I went to you tube and type in Chip and Zack .and is ronnie,,he is so sick. what a perv.

  289. I wonder if cbs knows what a perv they have that was on their show? dont they screen these people? I wouldnt want him near me or my kids. hes sick ,even if it is a joke, its in poor taste.

  290. i hear you Jenn it turned my stomach to.but i guess it takes all kind of wierdos to make the world go around and Ronnie and his wife is at the top of the list

  291. @BBFan…yeah, ok good review, not. We all live in our parents basement, good one. We all have our opionions and just because we don’t agree with you does not give you reason to attack ppl. Maybe it is you who live in your parents basement.

  292. come on people, is scheming a way to play? maybe I don’t know the game that well. If it is, why is the majority angry with Jesse, Chima and Natalie? Jeff haters.

  293. To everyone who bothers to respond to Ronnie, don’t you understand that no one has ever really liked him (obviously) and that he actually likes the attention he gets from all of this because it is the ONLY attention he will get-in REAL LIFE he is INVISIBLE and that’s worse that being hated! Remember any attention is better than no attention.

  294. Linda, yes you are entitled to your opinion..But as far as Jeff NOT DOING anything to get the Coup D’etat I disagree with you. If you remember correctly, the decision was up to America to vote who should get it.Jeff had nothing to do with how it turned out.I do believe that they all are playing the game, just some PLAY IT BETTER than others.I have always been for Jeff and hopefully he will go all the way. You really don’t hear him bad mouthing the other players except to Jordan..I am for those two to go a long way in this game.I still would like to see Casey come back in.He sure would spice this old game up !!!I think that Chima will nominate Russell and Lydia to go on the block.

  295. I would like to see Natalie go home! She is riding on Jesse’s coat tails and thinks she is totally in charge!

  296. Gnat, hands down. I wish Jeff would put her and Jessie up and save Russell and Michele. Chimpa I hope would be leaving next week.

  297. So Lydia again, well then I would love to see Russell come down and Gnat go up in his place.

  298. To those who think Jeff got a handout with the CDT…Make sure you say the same for Jessie who got to play the WHOLE game…again. BB always has had an America’s Choice something. It’s part of the game…as is the catch phrase “expect the unexpected”. You sound dumb and just on here for trouble. Before you respond and try to sound witty…include who you want to win…and why?

  299. PLEASE get Gnat out of there before I lose my mind!!!! Jessie cant say one wpord to anybody or vice versa without her big mouth interjecting…..nobody cares what she has to say and Jessie needs to go after her! He is just sitting back and letting everyone else do his dirty work. Thats not playing smart….thats playing lazy!

  300. To those saying Jeff got a hand-out for getting the CDT…make sure you say the same for Jessie who got to play the WHOLE game…AGAIN. BB has always had America’s Choice for the most part. The catch phrase has always been “expect the unexcepted”. Don’t be so hasty. You sound plain dumb and don’t offer a thought provoking counter-arguement. Before you respond and try to sound witty…tell me who you want to win and why?

  301. I found out Chip and Zack was a college class project for Ronnie and someone found it and posted it on youtube. People were defending him saying it was “just a class project” what was it…childrens porn entertainment……… nasty people.

  302. Mama- I am with you all the way Nat is so annoying… plus she is totally only there because of Jesse…she is the one that is floating by and won nothing.

  303. does anyone know the reasoning behind Gnat lying about her age? playing the young and dumb card doesn’t seem to fit so much, she talks way too much know it all.not to mention she drank a beer in front of everyone. duh

  304. wish it was double eviction when jeff uses his power, so we dont have to hear anymore barking (pun intended) from natalie, and mr EGO himself jessie, i actually was for him on BB10 but now get lost, but probably have jessie leave first then i hope natalie will just crumble and get lost too…

  305. anyone who thinks ronnie is gay? i know he’s married but he act so GAY! i mean like a homo lol

  306. my boyfriend and i ate a steak dinner watching ronnie leave, guess it will call for the lobster too when Gnat and Jesse are sent packing.

  307. who cares? i just think his game form was poor. how can a travel agent/gamer really be considered(a brain?) jeff seems like a higher IQ than ronnie was.

  308. ooaaooo jeffs got the power ooaaoo jeffs got the power byebye jesse aayeo jeffs got the power.

  309. last note for the night, btw the gay ppl we know would really be insulted if you group ronnie in the same catagory as they are in.

  310. did i read right russ and lydia is up on the block? surprise for chima lol aayeo jeffs got the power aateoo.

  311. Jeff and Russell are in the have not room together all week – I think we are gonna see a strengthening of that alliance resulting in Russell coming down and Jesse going up

  312. i think chima will put up lydia and russel then jeff will take them off and put up jess and nat

  313. All Natalie does is crab, crab, crab, then run to tell everything that’s said to Jesse. All Jesse does is get her to do his dirty work, then take a nap or hide when the house explodes. They’ve both gotta go. The order doesn’t matter.

  314. Russell and Jeff are have boys this we’re, they’re gonna reform their bond resulting in Russell coming down and Jesse going up. Bye bye pinhead!

  315. @jenn. you say that the only reason Gnat is still in the game is because of jesse..well it can go the same for jordan to then. she is also floatin on by in the game. and what has jordon won? nothing either.

  316. Flpating is perfectly acceptable, it got Jun half a million dollars. Its when you yourself are a floater but accuse everyone else of floating that you bedome a whiney hypocrate like stinky. Most floaters are smart enough to keep quiet and blend in, fortunately stinky is as dumb as Ronnie and keeps shooting off her mouth. If it isn’t Jesse this week it has to be Natalie.

  317. @ doctormisterMD

    I am one that says Jeff got a handout. To answer your question I do not have a favorite yet. I am not pro Jessie or pro Jeff just yet. I am waiting to see who makes the best moves. My point doesn’t have anything to do with who I want to win. I have a problem with power being decided by America, or anyone else ouside the game. Expect the unexpected has never included power being handed to America’s favorite. The only other time the CDT was used the HG’s competed for it. Everyone had an equal chance of winning. America has been limited to a single vote when America’s player was used. We did not control noms. I voted to vote Jessie out the house last season. Noone could have been more disapointed than me to see him return to the House. But it did involve a competition between house guests. We had no control over who went in. Even so it did not prove to be advantagous to the team because Jeff chose to go against the team and did not help them with any of the competitions. The only advantage seemed to go to Jeff, who benefited from protection with his team winning HOH’s. Jeff also benefits from getting players out of the game with no blood on his hands. He comes out smelling like a rose.. wow. Back to my point, was Team Jeff so weak and unable to win anything that America needed to step in and hand him a weapon? I say play the game fair, anyone I don’t care who they are should have to earn the right to have the CDT through a competition and not a popularity vote. This only subtracts from the game IMO.

  318. NATALIE! Of course they will have to pry her nose loose from Jesse’s ass so she can walk out the door, but it would be so much fun to watch.

  319. Russell asked Jeff if he won the veto, would he take Russ off the block….Jeff said yes. The way I see it, Jeff should go back to Russ and say-“if I do take you off, would you have my back the following week cuz Chima, Natalie and little jessie will be gunning for me”.

  320. Get rid of Jesse! The man has to go. I’m so tired of watching him with his hands in his pants! GET RID OF JESSE.

  321. Jessie. Natalie needs to go too, but she hasn’t won anything except being the best pit bull in BB11. Team Jeff should be able to run the show with Jessie gone, team Jessie can’t muster the votes to be much of a threat unless team Jeff gets off track. Should Jessie be eliminated, only Natalie can play for HOH which should have team Jeff sitting pretty.

  322. Jeff has been letting everyone know he wants Jesse out. When he puts him up on the block next Thursday, they’ll know who he wants out.

  323. I agree that Jeff is getting a handout because he’s basically not making any power moves. If anything, Ronnie, Russell, and Jessie are the most deserving to win Big Brother 11, and I dislike them. Jeff is a close fourth to win BB along with Natalie, Chima, an Michele. The people I think aren’t worthy are Jordan, Lydia, and Kevin because they basically haven’t done anything in the game. Unlike most of the people on these boards, especially the blogger Matt, I’m impartial. I like Jeff and Jordan a lot. I think they are really cool people, but in terms of who deserves to win, I don’t think they deserve it because they aren’t playing the game right. It’s not fair that Jeff is given this blessing when he didn’t earn it. He earned it through America’s trust? I don’t care about America’s favorite, I care about who’s playing the game the best and that is Jessie & Russell.

  324. I cant stand Jeff, Jordan or Michele. I hope one of them walks out the door. Jordan’s irritating nasal voice is more than I can tolerate. Michele is just plain weird, and Jeff is Mr. Goody two shoes who turned his back on his clique to begin with, making friends with the populars because of Jordan.

  325. The Coup d’ta is the worst idea ever. It makes Week 5 a waste of time. I won’t watch one episode, b/c it doesn’t matter who Chima puts up or who wins the Power of Veto. I may not ever watch Big Brother again. I can’t keep up with all the good shows on tv anyway.

  326. I love Jeff and want him to win. Get that fat head Jesse and the mini me Natalie out of there!!!

  327. americas vote is not a hand out .it is a part of bbs ( expect the unexpected )every player had a chance equally to win fair and square.w/the excetion rats wife trying to get bots set up so he could win..jesse on the other hand did get a hand out.he did not compete for the first hoh.america had nothing to do w/that no vote at producers gave it to him.yes there was 3 other people could have gotten the hand out.but they didnt and russ got screwed.floaters= nat and as well as all the others you people are calling out.nat has done nothing but run her jaws.jeff is playing the game he just doesnt use woman to get where he wants to be.just b/c he is not cutting people down or calling people out on lieing and making up lies does not mean hes not a game player.russ knew jeff was a contender so they cut a deal and kept their word.that is part of playing bb.i will say this again” jesse and nat have no code of sportsmanship when they were have nots they did not play by the restrictions there for no former or existing bb player will respect matter if they have to sleep on a hard bed or eat slop or cold showers every bb player has followed thru.jesse and nat feel they are above all players.”they deserve to leave jesse week 5 nat week6 or by some chance a double eviction would make jeffs power even sweeter.

  328. @Chris: I agree. The Coup D’etat is a bad idea. It’s almost as bad as having America’s Player last year. America just basically gave Dan $20,000 to do something he was already going to do and that was to evict Jessie. The hug wasn’t even all that great.

  329. Simple here regarding the nominations. JESSIE & NAT , and if he needs a pawn , KEVIN , this would best serve Jeff , because no matter what he could easily be the target next week so why not go on the attack.

  330. BTW , at least this time it is not Americas Player , which I thought was very much unfair.

    But for Jeff, its pretty simple he needs to break up Jessie and Nat , shame that the HOH is safe because the person I want out the most is CHIMA

  331. no andrew i disagree america voted for jeff he did not know he was going to get was by vote and jeff won the votes jesse did not get the votes he had an equal chance to win.former bb players knew they would get hoh if their clique won from the producers that was an unfair advantage.america had nothing to do w/it no vote at all.

  332. Everyone had an equal fair shot at the endurance competition first week. Just because they are physically fit, doesn’t mean they are guaranteed the victory. Laura even admitted to throwing it. But ultimately, before going into the house, people should have expected that they would eventually go into an endurance competition because Big Brother always has one. Everyone had an equal shot. But I never said that Jessie entering was fair either. I’m saying that its a double standard to let Jeff slip by because he’s America’s favorite.

  333. All Jeff has to do is put up Jesse and stinky, it does not matter who goes, now that Russell is on the block they have no votes in the house.

  334. @ Linda. click on my name and read the blog. I see you not taking a position on a winner because you are offering a different perspective but really not saying anything of fact. You should watch past seasons before saying America doesn’t ALWAYS vote on something major in the game. They DO. Maybe you just started watching last year. It’s cool. Just trying to help the “devil’s avocate” role your throwin’ out there.

  335. bluezey60
    When Jessie entered the house it was because Natalie and Russel won the COMPETITION (hint hint). all players competed for the power. Jeff was literaly handed a power. all players do not have an equal shot when it is a popularity contest.

  336. Exactly Manny. I don’t like Jessie, Natalie, or Lydia. But if they were to win, I would be fine with it. I’d say “Too bad, there’s always next year.” But Jeff was given a handout unfairly more than Jessie because Jessie’s team EARNED it. Jeff did not.

  337. @ doctormisterMD

    I’ve watched every season. Name one time America had this kind of power?

  338. @manny
    sort of true that all players dont have an equal shot, because they dont control how their behavior is edited. But at least this a one time wildcard that is being used rather then Americas Player that continued every week of the game.

  339. doctormisterMD
    When has America given someone a power? Going back in my BB memory I can’t seem to find that one.

  340. Russ was backstabbed by a wig wearing fake b____. She thinks she is so cute, and that fake laugh is so irritating. She just proved to Russell that she indeed did say those things to Michelle. And I still say that Jesse is riding on their backs. alliance? no.

  341. I love you Jeff and Jordan oh man they make the best team ever!!!!! I know Jeff will do the right thing if he gets Jessie out then he has it made… Then next week they can put up his butt sniffer Oh Yeah I called her a BUTT SNIFFER!!!!!

  342. I’d say they should earn the Power like season 7. Jessie may not have earned his HOH first week, but his team definately earned him as an extra player for their endurance.

  343. I hope Jessie leaves this week.He needs to leave before he can bring in lydia and Kevin as part of his a$$ kissers.

  344. I agree withy u Jeff is the man this week. He is VERY smart so I think he knows he should nominate Jessie and Natalie so one of them can go home………. I hope Jessie and then scrappy with calm down … I want to see Russell & Jeff go to the end………

  345. Jessie has received the biggest handout so far. He was given a second chance to play the game and given HOH without playing in the competition.

    The conduct of the HG is what America based their votes on, everyone chode how they wanted to play this game. So getting the cdt was earned by Jeff. He doesn’t even have to use it he doesn’t ewant to.

  346. Since “Team Jeff” doesn’t seem to get how unfair this season’s CDT is let’s put it like this. Say Jeff competed and won HOH, then Chima did’t compete but was given a power that would totaly void his power that he actualy earned. Would you realy feel the same?

  347. yes i could agree the athletes earned jesse on their team.russ earned the right for hoh,i feel jesse should have joined as a team mate on the team not get all the power of hoh.i feel that was an unfair least all the hg had a chance to win the power.jeff just happened to be that hg.

  348. I’m gonna throw this in there…then I’m done entertaining for the night. I have X-rays to look at. The power “issue” so many of you have issues with. America…season 1…America voted out the noms…then went to current format. i really don’t care. The game isn’t meant to be fair. How can you really sit here and say it is? what I say. ALL comps cater to strengths of certain types of people. IT’S TV! It’s a Social Experiment. It goes up …and down. CBS did the homework and knows how to keep a reality show pumping. Write CBS with the perfect way to play BB. Deal with it or stop watching. It’s meant to be fun. Better yet, pick your fav and defend him/her. Easy to sit there and say “what if?”

  349. Jessie has to go then Nat, then Chema they are rude and talk so mean to the other hg. They think their better then the others. I think Jeff and Russel or Jordan go to the end. Jeff or Jordan would be great I think they make a cute couple.

  350. i agree w/sake bit sal and the doctor in the house aayeeooa jeffs got the power.byebye jesse aoa jeffs got the power.

  351. you can’t say the HG were judged on their conduct. you can only speak for yourself. Also Jessie was a humble HOH, he did what his team wanted and came in with a target on his back. So that can’t compare to the CDT.

  352. But think about it. Jessie never earned his FIRST HoH. He did earn his second, however lucky he was.

  353. OH doctor doctor
    please, season 1? That season was like a pilot BB. The game has come so far since then and even then we could only vote out who they nominated. tell me when we held such an ultimate power?

  354. I agree with you bluezey60 on your last blog.You think the same way I do.Andrew,Jessie’s team may have won the competition..but WHO was it that done the work??? Russell!!! Since Russell put his strength to it,he should be the one that received H.O.H.Jessie got it being unfair. That was a mistake of B.B. PEA HEAD Jessie and BIG MOUTH Natalie HAS TO GO !!! and soon!!! I just hope that Jeff will be able to keep his power a secret and not tell Jordan.

  355. @Manny…IMO it was fair and square and I would feel the same if Chima had won. They all competed for the CDT, it is not like they left Chima’s or Jesse’s name out of the contest. I just believe that America rewards good behavior instead of bad behavior.

  356. it makes no sense to me why all the jessie lovers and jeff haters keep saying its unfair that jeff got the wizard power, it is no diffrent then jessie getting chance number 2 at playing the whole game again so get over it its just as much part of the game as jessie comming in so get over it already maybe you should have voted for ur fav more sorry

  357. @manny “only” voted out the nom?
    America actually evicted the HG.
    A popularity contest to you, maybe. What is your point? The show now sucks? You’re not gonna watch? Semantics. Just prove a point. Fact is America has had the power to vote out HG’s and tell them what to eat and what to wear and give powers unfit in your eyes. Take a side, dude. Like I said, tell CBS. We are talking about how the game is “actually” happening. “pilot” or not. So who is playing the best game? Tell us? We’re dying to hear? Seacrest..out!

  358. and to clear something up from earlier thanks for all the support out there from people helping me defeat the jessie fans and also i am a jeff and jordan supporter does that mean as a team not really i just like them both as individuals and the way they are to others and how they have respect and how they dont have to play by lying and scheming being they are close just makes it better

  359. @ Melanie

    Don’t you get it. It was a popularity contest that decided who should have all this power. Power is the key to the game. All house guests sould fight for the power, otherwise why play the game. We could just vote for the player(s) we like best to win it all.

  360. @ linda
    it is for 1 single contest not for the whole season(which i know you know but what you said was stupid) cause the big brother game is expect the unexpected which means anything goes get over it it is the game

  361. melanie
    ? There was no competing for the CDT. America voted there was no competition. they are not in school, this is a game and because most of America forgets that, the HG get judged unfairly.

  362. Jeff is an idiot if he tells Jordan (lets it slip ) that he has CDE. She can be swayed so easily. She is really stupid. Pretty but a few marbles short in the head. Chima, I think can get to Jordan.

  363. my opinion is that everyone has there likes and dislikes in life in people and how they portray themselves as human beings i never liked jessie ever and that was cause of his attitude and the way he treats others again america just does not reward bad behavior which is scheming and lying i know that is part of the game sometimes but jeff and jordan have proven you dont always have to play nasty and alot of people can relate more to people that have a good attitude rather then someone who is self absorbed and is disrespectful to women

  364. doctor
    Why do you want someone to take a side so badly? I’m commenting on the fairness of A power, no matter who RECEIVED it, it was unfair.

    GO JEFF!

  366. Kimber
    Jeff has just started to lie and scheme as we post. Jessie, gamewise, has not shown bad behavior. If he has lied it was for the same reason Jordon did and that Jeff is now doing.

  367. Get Jessie outta there!! I’d be so happy to see Natalie leave too. Either one of them.

    I’m SOOOOOO glad Jeff has the Coup D’Etat. I was rooting for Jordan, but this is just as good. I think Jeff is smart and can handle keeping his power from Jordan this week, it sure will be a nice surprise for her when Jessie is sent packing this week!

    Chima is a dumb@$$! Her answer to the HOH luxuries or power question made me laugh, as predictable as it was. I can’t wait to see her face when Jeff’s Coup D’Etat overrules her nominations and any Veto use. LOL.

  368. manny
    ok and….
    didnt i just say that sometimes you have to jessie has since day 1 this is day what? and who are you to tell me who to like anyways and who to be as a person sorry but i have never even as we post seen jeff be arrogant self absorbed or a disrespectful jerk to anyone

  369. I cant believe what im reading. I dont know about everyone else but i watch big brothers because its a cool game that involves skill and deception and most of all strategy. This “cou de ta” ruins it for me. Jeff has done nothing in the game to deserve a strategic advantage. Just because Jeff is good looking and he seems nice we vote him the power to control the game, thats lame. Jessie has been strategically running this game from the beginning and he’s gonna be voted out because the audiance thinks hes a tool. If big brother is just a popularity contest then why dont we just vote who we like the most and give them the 500 thousand right now. “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”

  370. Kimber
    what has he lied about since day 1? everyone keeps saying that, give some examples or admit you just don’t like him because he is conceited.

  371. to be honest we will see what happens with the pov cause none of you can say it is unfair anyway till we see if jeff or jordan would have even been on the block at all even with no power so why does it matter if they dont get nom they dont get evicted and there is obviously a reason he is still here and never even really nominated for eviction

  372. @ manny. For one, this is a comment section about Chima’s HOH. And the current nominations. Not the “fairness of power” section. I just came across your rather strong feedback to others and wondered why? I think you should write CBS, seriously. You seem REALLY bothered by the CDT move on CBS’ part. All WE did is vote. I keep asking you to take a side or prove a point because I don’t see the relevence. Clearly, the person you wanted to get the CDT didn’t get it. I’m sorry. I just voted. I’ll give you a number to a CBS producer. I’m just curious who you like to win…you seem really, really smart. Read my blog guys,for my thoughts on the latest BB madness…not what already happened.

  373. Whats gonna be funny about this whole cou de ta thing is that even though america has given Jeff a huge advantage thers no way hell win. He has been scating by the whole time because hes been in the athlete aliance and after jessie is gone he and russel will be the biggest targets in the house.

  374. i shouldnt even need to name if you are a live feeder that watches all the time you would know and actually i dont like him cause he is conceited also and for other reasons like he is RUDE also he has no reason to be conceided at all cause he is nothing at all special where you finding your man a trash can cause i hope you could do better or you just have horrible taste in men

  375. you all are getting so mad about the power thing but the hoh chima is laughing about it right now even she has a better attitude about it

  376. I agree manny ronnie was a dork but at least he was playing the game and not just playing up to the cameras acting hollier than now.

  377. @ manny. For one, this is a comment section about Chima’s HOH. And the current nominations. Not the “fairness of power” section. I just came across your rather strong feedback to others and wondered why? I think you should write CBS, seriously. You seem REALLY bothered by the CDT move on CBS’ part. All WE did is vote. I keep asking you to take a side or prove a point because I don’t see the relevence. Clearly, the person you wanted to get the CDT didn’t get it. I’m sorry. I just voted. I’ll give you a number to a CBS producer. I’m just curious who you like to win…you seem really, really smart. Read my blog guys,for my thoughts and facts on the latest BB madness…not what already happened.

  378. Kimber
    I am a live feeder who watches, and i have seen him use strategy to advance. He knows when to act like he doesn’t know someone is crossing him (Russel) and use them to his advantage, and when to take a risk and go against the house for someone who hasn’t crossed him (Ronnie)

  379. manny
    and someone said you didnt see him use strategy? wasnt me so whats the point still dont see one

  380. Doctor
    The cdt has everything to do with Chima’s HOH since it obviously trumps it. I am voicing my opinion like everyone else and trying to understand why people feel the way they do. Is it a crime to be inquisitive and opinionated?

  381. well i am enitiled as a person and a fan to like whomever i please and i never said you couldnt like jessie like your acting like i cant like jeff or jordan my opinion is that you have a bad judgement in character if you looked meathead up in the dictionary his jessies face would be there and i personally dont care for people like that

  382. get over it even chima was laughing a little while ago about the power thing why do you care more then she does

  383. you are yourseld acting like people arnt entitled to there opinion only you thats the docs point

  384. you know what i would like to see at the end just for the heck of it and for funnys i would love to see jeff and jessie final two to battle it out for the jeff lovers and the jessie lovers to see who is really more deserving and more enduranced and to show who played a better game in the end

  385. like I said, trying to understand why people feel the way they do because we use to have fun on boards until America decided the way the HG play the game is the way they are in real life. True BB fans would not agree to this power because we understand the GAME.

  386. ya ok and i am not a true big brother fan but yet again i pay for live feeds i watch everyday for hours and hours everyday and i have watched almost every season and even have bb3 on dvd so like they say oooooootttttaaaayyyyyyyyyy durrr and big brother only got 6 mil viewers so most are origional fans i would say only a quarter of watchers are brand new and it has been prooven jessie is not liked by alot of people sorry people are allowed to like who they want to