Big Brother 11: Week 5 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

The drama continues on Big Brother 11! Chima’s nominations are in and I was very close but not surprised either. Click “continue reading” to reveal the noms.

Big Brother 11 Week 5 nominations:

  • Russell
  • Lydia

Last night I expected Michele and Russell to be nominated, but considering Michele’s deal with Chima from earlier today on the live feeds to do whatever she asked of her I’m not surprised. I’d just like to know why Michele is making deals like that when she knows the Coup D’Etat power is somewhere out there to negate all of Chima’s powers. The chances of Chima having it? Not good. Perhaps later Michele can pay the blind man to escort her across the busy street. Sheesh.

To top that all off Russell ended up on the Have-Not’s list today, so Chima must love kicking this guy while he’s down. At least he seems to have won $10K in the process. Cha-ching! Either way, Russell is definitely Chima’s main target.

So what does this mean for Jeff’s Coup D’Etat plans? Hopefully all is still on target and he’ll negotiate for some sort of deal once again to save Russell even if he plans to do it anyway. Double dip that power, Jeff!

What do you think of Chima’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. is it possible that michele saw her only option as aggreeing with diana ross? i thought m was next but i may still be right. naw. by jesse!

  2. I’m not too surprised by Chima’s nominations. I knew Russ would go up and Lydia would be the pawn again. However I’m worried that Jeff might decide to not use the power and let Russ go home so that he won;t be a target but hopefully I’m wrong and Jessie will be leaving on Thursday.

  3. Russell could care less about Jeff. He’s said so on the feeds. So why should Jeff save Russell if Russ is not completely with him. Jessie right now is after Kevin for some unknown reason and Natalie is after Michele.

  4. @Andrew: Good point. Sounds tempting to leave things be and let Russ walk out the door. Oh but the price to pay for the moment of shock on their faces when he could nom both Jessie and Natalie. Nuts. We may never see that happen.

  5. I believe that Lydia and Russ will both be grateful that they are taken off the block even if it is the last minute. So maybe they will feel that they owe Jeff and not try to nominate him if they win HOH.
    I love how this is playing out so far.
    Maybe Chima will win POV so the nominations will stay the same until Thursday. And Jess/Nat will not be safe by having the POV. So all that is left is for Chima to win POV.

  6. @Matt: It may backfire on him. But Jeff could still save Russell without using the Coup D’etat. What if Russell wins the POV? Who would go up? Jordan more likely. Who would have the votes to stay? Jordan more likely. We won’t know until POV. What if Jessie wins? What’s the point of evicting Natalie if the bigger fish is still around?

  7. I’m not too surprised to see Russell up there. Or Lydia I guess either
    when I was thinking about it I guessed she would prolly
    put Lydia on the block. I hate seeing her there tho as she is
    my favorite gal in the bb house this summer! I really do hope
    Jesse and Natalie are put up on Thursday by Jeff! Yah Jeff!
    Don’t care too much who it is just that one of them gets their
    ass evicted!

  8. Chima is not a threat to Jeff. And she isn’t nasty. She’s only had two fights (with Michele and Russell) Both fights were deserving, because Michele should not have betrayed Chima as a teammate and Russell should not have antagonized Chima so much. Chima’s never really done anything to get so much hate but align with Jessie & Natalie. I mean they DID save her and they are watch her back, so what is she supposed to do? Backstab them? She’s been a loyal player throughout the entire game. Like Jeff, she’s the most honest person in the house, if not the most honest. Chima is always straight up with everyone.

  9. I hope Jeff puts up Jessie I want him gone I did not like him last time and I do not like him this time he thinks he is so handsome but he is not he makes me sick every time he looks at his self.. He has to go be gone Jessie you stink

  10. Jessie is playing such a good game and it’s great just to see him in the BB house. If he goes, I am done with BB. I hope he wins POV and negates all these nefarious plans you people WITH NO LIVES AT ALL have proposed. What is it about a beautiful man like Jessie that is so threatening to you all? Jessie, you got my votes whenever America votes! He is the best.

  11. What did Russell say about Jeff on the feeds? Last I knew, he said on Thursday night during the live show that he was loyal to both jessie and Jeff at this time.

  12. @Hank, are you Victor and you simply changed your name? Or do you have a crush on Jessie? Poor guy, Hank.

  13. During BBAD last night after everyone had finally left the HOH and Rusell & Chima were talking, she said that Jeff asked if she was going to the prom? Russell said “What an asshole!” Jeff was complimenting Chima and Russell couldn’t handle it even when Jeff wasn’t there. Poor sportman.

  14. Can’t wait to see Chima get her comeuppance, just like RatRonnie. Jessie or Natalie next…oh, the arrogance of childhood!

  15. oh well another Jess fan that is not going to watch BB if jessy gets the boot,I vote to evict Hank off along with jessy

  16. This is coming together so fine. Jessie & Natalie may not even get the chance to play for POV! Hopefully Chima will win it all & Jeff puts up Jessie & Natalie. Chima is playing to punish Russell & that will blow up in her face. Right at this moment Chima is playing stupidly. I kinda feel sorry for Lydia, she may have a nervous breakdown from being on the block so much. Kevin will hate Chima for putting her up once again. I’ve felt sorry for her since Jessie was so crude & rude to her with his feet jammed in her crotch. I guess the muscle headed jerk thought that was funny.

  17. No way jeff let it be and let russ go out the door. Im sorsy but russ is dangerous and uncontrolable. Make a deal with jess and take it to the final 4 and battle it out there. Its a smarter move think about it everyone

  18. Chima has limited options with nominees. She’s probably smart enough to realize Jeff/Jordan/Michele have the power and her only options are her failsafes (Russell and Lydia)

  19. I hope Russell wins POV. Then Chima will more than likely put up Jeff or Jordan. If that happen Jeff Can use his power and replace the nom with Jesse or Nat. Or better yet both

  20. I hoped for Jeff to go up with Russell so then Jeff could use his power and replace them two with Jessie and Natalie (unless one of them wins the POV)

  21. I saw that coming big time. And Agree with it big time. Chima is playing HER game!!! It could only get better if she put up that yapping Natalie. Lydia is a floater and Russell is neurotic liar. (he did have a deal with Ronnie)
    Unless one of nominees can take themselves off and Michele not compete in the POV and not use it and Jeff or Jordan end up on the block Jeff is not going to use Coup d’etat.

  22. Did I just hear Gnat right? She said Jeff made a deal with her not to use the CDE (if he had it) on her unless he himself is on the block.

  23. Jeff is also a losser who haven’t won nothing yet. It took stupid people of America to give him something, what a shame. When can he man up. I tought America was smarter than that.

  24. Looks like Chima actually figured out what the CDE really is. Now she’s talking about how she’ll throw a fit on live TV if it goes down like that. She says she’s going to camp out in the DR if the CDE is what she thinks it is. She just realized that she only will get lotion as a result of her being the HOH. If Jeff uses it Thursday, this is probably going to be a night to remember.

  25. Well dayday….your spelling and grammar show that you are included in that group (the not smart people of America). I hope Jeff puts Jessie and Nat up on Thursday. If he’s smart, he will pose a question to each of the people able to vote (Jordan, Michelle, Lydia, Kevin & Russell) about between Jessie & Nat, who they would like to see out first. Then he can let them know who he would like & then the voters would be able to have a slam dunk vote instead of possibly having a tie and letting Chima decide. He would be smart to wait until the last minute on Wed night or Thurs daytime to talk about it. Then he wouldn’t really be letting anyone know he has the power but he’d be letting them know who to vote for!!! What does everyone else think?

  26. Jeff can definitely discuss strategy with the group and recommend getting rid of Jessie now. The only thing that is of concern, is the “all girl alliance”. Natalie even being a part of it says a lot about her, as she hasn’t won jack, and has pretty much floated through the first four weeks, even though she has just about the biggest mouth in the house. I’ll be happy when she’s gone. If they play it right, Jeff, Russell and Jordan can pick off the rest, after Jessie is gone…

  27. Jeff and Jessie have each won 1 event (Jessie won HoH and Jeff won POV–Jessies first HoH was a gift from BB as he did NOTHING to win it).
    And how many ignoant people are there posting here? Jeff is playing the game-just in a different way than the fighting, lying and backstabbing way. He is laying low and letting the 2 “teams” pick each other off and picking his moves at the right time-he is not making enemies by making promises and backing out on them–RIGHT NOW. I hope that he does put Natalie and Jesse on the block on Thursday-let Chiapet throw her tantrum and maybe get 2 for the price of 1-her laugh is annoying as all get out. Natalie has no game without Jessie there to back her up-she has done nothing in the game except spread lies, rumors and innuendo. At the same time Jessie is screwed without Natarat there to do his dirty work and bring him information

  28. of course i would like to see nat gone she gets on my nerves and causes alot of turmoil in the house she is so jessies pupppy fetching and doing everything for him i hope jeff decides to over throw the nominations but he certainly wants to be careful on the decision he should take russell off and put nat then win hoh and get chima out of there too them bitches drive me nuts but still love watching bb id like to see jeff russ jordan and lydia in the last 4 sorry kevin i still like you but you wont win

  29. worse thing that could happen is jesse winning pov, anything else can be managed. i truly hope jeff doesnt punk out on us! next week it would be nice to have someone in the hoh room that we wouldnt mind listening to!
    i agree with jeff that jesse should go first but if they have ANY shot at final two they have to take out russ/natalie soon, like next week and then hope they can actually win something!

  30. once jesse is out russ will no longer feel he needs jeff so they need him out soon after. russ will try to take charge and become the next jesse, manipulating the remaining girls. the only pro is that he will have lost chima’s trust and natalie’s also, but they will align just to pull through. jeff and jordan will then need lydia and kev to make a move which is just crazy- kevin’s an ass for sticking with his loyalty to lydia. couples that are clearly aligned will be the next targets, ie jeff/jordan, lydia/kevin, and chima/natalie. this is actually where i begin to see michelle being able to make a move to the final 3 or 4. she has no game play, throws him under the bus whenever she can and is really unstable. she still cuddles with jesse! i dont know who could possibly explain that!

  31. lydia, that is, throwing kev under the bus, being unstable, embracing an abuser (even just with words, guess jesse never took a psych class in college, or college at all!).

  32. Yay. Finaly agree with some one on my wish for the final four. Well almost. I’d rather see kevin then jordan, but still I wouldn’t mind Jeff, Russ, Jordan and Lydia.

  33. Jesse/gnat and Chima always make veiled threats to J/J so I think he will use it and put up Jesse/Gnat. That is my prediction and then hopefully Russ will be grateful and go with Jeff till Jeff can get rid of him. They need to get rid of some of the floaters first

  34. i totally agree librachick & dan! he should nominate nat and jess! no other way to make it as powerful. only concern is crazy lydia! she just doesnt get it. she beds a man who clearly plays her and wants to kill her shot at the game. if she doesnt vote with them it will be a tie which is why is is necessary that nat and jess are not allowed to win pov so that they can go up together, chima will then save natalie knowing she has her loyalty. pov has never been so important. dont really want to, but gotta give jess two points (out of 100 of course!), look at his face, he knows! he will fight to death to win pov if he is chosen! if anyone else wins pov this will really be a fun thursday, gotta be great ratings for cbs if that happens. :) i am going to find pure joy in hearing jesse explain how he is such a stand up guy, a great player, etc, bullshit etc when he made it just one week longer this year. guess he needs ten chances at this game and then he may have a shot! seeing him in the seq house will be just as annoying but sooo much better than allowing him to win money!

  35. Chima told Jeff and Jordan they are safe, so how is it she’s making threats to them?

  36. I only wish Jeff could use the Coup power for the NEXT 2 weeks and not just this week. Didn’t jeff get the power Thursday? I know the polls were open till 11:59pm Wednesday. I hope Jeff uses it and puts up Jessie and Russell as I see them as Jeff’s biggest threats, or 1 of those he sees the most :JESSIE!!! Go Jeff!

  37. Russ’s strategy of trying to be loyal to both Jesse and Jeff can not work. You cant be for and against something at the same time. He has to pick a side…he can change sides but working both at once will only get him evicted. Jeff taking Russ down off the block should help him with his indecision. I would be more loyal to the person that actually saved me. Who knows, Russ just might save himself with POV. But Jesse will for sure be sweating this week….i love it!

  38. Ultimate game scenario would be Jeff changing the people on the block to Jesse and Natalie with Jeff, Jordan and Russell voting Natalie and Lydia , Kevin and Michelle voting Jesse and making Chima break the tie. Now that would be the ultimate finale to Chima’s H.O.H.

  39. Chima would not get tie breaker….Jeff would. Chima’s power is absolutely nothing this week and she doesn’t even know it.

  40. Natalie is a pig bitch. Russell and Jesse play with themselves and pick their noses. Chima and Michelle don’t deserve to breathe air. I don’t know how the rest of the players stand them. Jeff and Jordan deserve better.

  41. [Editor’s note: Marcus, your comments must stop being in all caps or they will continue to be filtered out. Thanks.]

  42. Jeff can only replace one nominee right? So if Russell/Jeff/Jordan win POV and take Russ of the block, then Jeff uses coup d’etat, Jeff should put Natalie on the block.

  43. Is chiapet so dum she can’t see michele is lying? Or maybe she’s so sexually frustrated with russell she knows michele is lying and using her lies to get to russell. Either logic, she has no power and her nominations are going to hang her. This would not be a good week to be hoh.

  44. I would like to see Russell gone but if Jeff does use the Coup D’Etat this week I hope he uses it and puts up Jessie and Russell, or maybe Jessie and Natalie.

  45. @CLICE- No, Jeff can take off both nominees and replace them with two of his own, except for HOH and POV winners.

  46. hmmmm I think jeff just might not use it at all I sure hope I am wrong. Yes Jeff can replace both nominees.

  47. Oh i hope jesse goes home! that would be such a great play jeff!
    I’m sick of jesse storing food inside his mouth, disgusting pig!!

  48. Chima is really playing the game personal. It is very apparent that she WAS crushing on him and he was not interested. The feeds tell it all. Chima went against her own team of brains/jocks from day one. She isnt thinking with her brains, she is thinking with her ego/pride. Russ has gone and publicly on national TV and has shown how much he was wrong in what he did with Chima and really Russ was not all to blame for the blow-up. Russ looked like the better person he calmed down and has forgiven while Chima is carrying the torch! Chima is always making herself look worse and worse to me. The blow-up I think made her look bad and her HOH attitude isnt going to make her look like an angel either.

    Lets watch and see what Chima is going to do on live TV when she realizes that she has no power this week at all. It is going to be nasty, she has said it herself on the feeds that it isnt going to be pretty. Just cant wait!

  49. Chima has also told Jeff and Jordan that if they have the wizard power and use it, she will get them in essence. She is begging to be put up next week.
    The latest thing is stinky Nat and chima deciding Jesse is not to be trusted and should maybe go home. Ha! Throw that turd Ronnie out of the house and the alliance self destructs. I’m glad chima decided to attempt to pick off one of her own teammates this early in the game. I agree her nomination of Russell is totally personal and a result of him turning down her advances. She is one greasy chick, I can just imagine what her pillow case looks like in the morning, probably see-through!

  50. Chima is self-righteous to say the least. I hope she goes off on eviction night and makes a complete ass of herself.

  51. It’s SO interesting that nobody seems to have a problem with Jordan floating through to the finals, yet somehow it’s not right that anyone else is doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Natalie, Michelle (the lying snake), and Lydia gone, but I don’t think it’s right to say that they are playing the game any better or worse than Jordan. None of these folks is more deserving than the other, and I hate to break the news, but Jordan is no angel.

    Chima comes across as a nice and honest person who happens to be playing the game all kinds of wrong and believing too much of what she hears. She didn’t get dissed by Russell, she basically ruined things when she was constantly getting jealous (now is a perfect example – this is all about her making Russell pay, and she’s completely oblivious to the fact that it’s all based on Michelle’s lies – jealousy can make us blind), and it’s too bad because I think he really likes her. Michelle’s goal all along was to split alliances, and she was the main cause of the rift between Russell and Chima. Others were clever enough to see she was full of it. I’d love to see her go home ASAP, but what a relief it would be to my bleeding ears if Natalie would pack her bags and GO!

    I think I would be quite happy with Jesse, Natalie, or Michelle heading out the door, though I reckon Jesse and Natalie should be more top priority definitely.

  52. would be nice if Jeff would use the power to take off both nominees and Jesse and Natalie have to go up.

  53. I hope Jeff uses his power to put up Nat and Jessie, either way if one of them wins the Veto at least we know one of them is out the door, THANK GOD!!!!

  54. Listening to Jessie and Gnat for one more day, is going to make my head explode. What was Jessie whining about while playing chess with Gnat? He acted like he was furious about something then says oh, no big deal. That’s his entire game play. Whine, then say, oh it wasn’t a big deal. Me tough body builder.
    Whatever, shuttttt your pie hole Jessie!

  55. Can’t believe that scankhole Natscum was threatening Jeff and Jordan. Saying that whoever has the power would be dumb to use it because then they would have a huge target on their back next week. Jeff just listened, he played it so cool. Nathole got nothing from her fishing.

  56. i am starting to think that jeff may think it is in his best interest to not use the power and let the nominations stand. he may feel like at this point he is not a priority target, so why make himself one at this point in the game. lydia, michelle, russell, jesse and natalie all seem to have bigger targest on their backs. that will give him at least 5 more weeks. in this game you have to look weeks ahead and how the other houseguests feel about you, for in the end, the jury has the true power in this game.

    and for those that think jeff has not won anything on his own, seem to forget that when he was on the block, he won the pov and saved himself. so he can win something, when he feels he needs to.

  57. Why do people keep lying on Chima? Because she’s black? Chima has said since the 8th day of the show, long before she had this blowup with Russell, that she wanted to backdoor him. She said that in week TWO.

    Don’t let her race blind you of the facts people.

    People don’t remember? She said there was 3 crazy MF’er who should leave the game, Russell, Lydia and Michelle. But then she said Michelle wasn’t crazy but just social awkward.

  58. also, i dont have the live feeds, so for those in the know, what is jesse and natalies arrogance level this week? obnoxious i am sure, hopefully so arrogant that it sickens jeff….to decide to get rid of them.

  59. I think Jeff should just stay quiet right now and not make any deals as his cover may be blown that he has the Coup. Right now he and Jordon are sitting pretty as the others are all fighting with each other and targetting each other. I don’t think he should use it unless he or Jordon goes on the block. Otherwise, I’d love Russell to win the POV and take himself off and watch him go after Chima! However, I do worry if Jessie stays and wins HOH again if he may put up Jeff or Jordon and then it will be too late to get him out but why target himself unnecessarily right now.

  60. Chima’s nominations dont matter at this point because of Jeff’s power…I would love for him so save Russell and Lydia to put up Jessie and Natalie…The look on their face will be priceless to say the least!!

  61. I wish Shima would have nominated Jessie & Natalie but, considering they are her alliance, that was not going to happen. Maybe Jeff can get it done.

  62. GET THIS!-through the feeds last night.

    Chima has stated repeatedly that if the special power is used to change her nominations, then she will throw a fit like no other, on live tv. i sure hope that happens, then maybe her and Jess/Nat leave next week.

  63. I believe that Jeff will definitely use the power to take down Chima’s noms and put up Jess and Gnat. The only kink in that plan would be if Jessie wins POV.. Just have to wait for that, then he will have to rethink who to put up with Gnat. He will quietly get the read on who all would vote Jess out. It is a very smart move because it will deplete that side, and then Russ will be obliged to him. Russ has kept his word to Jeff, so that way Jeff pays him back. The funny part to me is that while Jessie is so worried about going up, Gnat has NEVER entertained the thought that SHE might be going up. She is the biggest liar and trouble starter in this game, and has never been called on any thing! Chima saying that she will throw a fit (once she finds out her HOH has absolutely no power) on live tv and tell Julie to shut the F up is so classy…not…
    Jeff just needs to subtley find out what Michelle and Kevin would do in the what if…. JEss and Nat where any case one of them gone is going to be wonderful!!!

  64. by the way, has anybody noticed how Fugly Jessie is w/ his squashed face!!!! LMAO!!! He soooooooooooo FUGLY!!!!

  65. @Janet..Great Post! Agree, agree, agree. Just a thought, about Chima and her threat to disrupt Thurs show….havent penalty noms been given out in the past to hg that have not followed rules? Im pretty sure they have and seems to me that causing probs for Julie would be a no-no. Chima getting a penalty nom would be fantastic. She would go on the block the next wk and have no say so about it. Just a thought….(hoping, wishing, praying that Chima opens her big mouth).

  66. @Cat.. I don’t really know WHAT they will do if Chima goes off like that. I assume they would punish her in some way, but I am sure the DR will warn her very severely. Man, this will be exciting to watch, huh?? We thought LAST week was good! This season is really starting to be awesome!

  67. hopefully, chima wins POV so she can leave the nominations the same unknowing that jeff will change them anyway at eviction night, then he’ll nominate jessie and fat nat anfd one of their asses will be on julies couch next thursday night. jessie is more of a physical threat to the other housegests game, but id ratheree natalie go but she never wins crap…so whoever goes im fine with. id also like to see russel and michele go very soon 2.

  68. heres how id like the next few weeks to go:
    Braden: evicted week 1
    Laura: evicted week 2 :(
    Casey: evicted week 3
    Ronnie: evicted week 4
    Jesse: jury #1
    Natalie: Jury #2
    Russel: Jury #3
    Michele: Jury #4
    Lydia: Jury #5
    Kevin: Jury #6
    chima/jordan/jeff for the win!

  69. Michelle is someone they better watch out for also. She cant even remember events becuse she lies so much.Strange cookie there. Jeff has a hard decision here,the only reason Jessie and nat are being nice they think either Jordan or Jeff has the secret power. Get rid of Jessie and Nat…..then Michelle…….

  70. I hope they give Gnat a makeover since they asked Kevin that question, give her some BANGS and chop off her hair, at lease maybe she might look alright!

  71. chima pet likes Jeff & Jordan…she already said she wont put them up if some1 is taken off

  72. yea right jessica has a tiny head?…his head is as long as that guy with the moon head…remember him?…its so big its ridiculous…it just might look tiny compared to his roided out body but its huge and he got buttlips!

  73. I hope Jeff gets Lydia and Russel off the block and puts up Jesse and Natalie. At this point I don’t care which one of them goes-I would just be happy to see one of them leave. Natalie has no game is is just a bully and Jesse is a cocky @** jerk. Take your pick.

  74. UPDATE: JEssie NOT playing for POV. Chima,Lydia,Russ, JEff, Nat, and (I think) KEvin!

  75. Natalie said last night the ONLY admirable thing I have heard her say in the entire game. Chima was stating that Jeff will throw Jordan under the bus for Russell. Natalie said “No he won’t he is absolutley 100% faithful to Jordan!” Chima does not believe it, she is totally for “all girls” However, that “all girls” will never include Lydia and Jordan so how can that work??

  76. @Janet..LOL..That is sooo funny. Punching holes through Chima’s logic. A bus could be driven through the hole in her logic. The same bus thats gonna drive over her when Jeff uses the Coup détat. I can see her throwing a hissy fit Thurs and claiming she was robbed of an HOH, therfore she gets to play for HOH again. Chima logic at its best..makes no sense.

  77. I have always said street smarts will get you the farthest in this game. Look how much of a better player Jeff is than the BRAINS!!

  78. I also bet that Jeff will def NOT want to win POV. No reason to, plus then he won’t have to try to explain to russ why he won’t use it on him. I hope ANYONE but Nat wins. Also hope russ doesn’t because then he is more obligated to Jeff . What do ya’ll think? Also did anyone find out for sure who was the third pov player?

  79. I am totally shocked with Michelle. She went from not talking enough to opening her mouth and nothing coming out but lies!!!! I felt sorry for her at first because of Russel telling Chima what she had said (it was the truth) but couldn’t blame her for lieing out of it. but she has just gotten ridiculous!!!

  80. I think Chima’s nominations were expected BUT I hope to God Jeff uses his magic power to get Jessie and Natalie on the block…and I’m sure his crew will stand behind him to take Jessie OUT!!!

  81. I know, Karen, I am very confused by her although I think she does care for Jeff and Jordan I HOPE she is just really bad at trying to make little cuts and stuff and not totally playing them. Just confused as all get out on her?

  82. I hope he (jeff) uses the power and Puts Jesse/Nat up. If Jess is gone Nat won’t have as much power. Then Hopefully Jeff would or Russ will win the next hoh and Nat and Chima would go up, That would be perfect!!

  83. I LOVE the way this game is going today. I also cannot wait until Thurs.I heard what Chima said if the power is used on the two nominees than she would throw a hissy fit,so to speak.That should put her in a lot of trouble!!! Yes,I think that Jeff will take the two nominees of the block and replace them with Jessie and Natalie.Jessie will surely go home first and Natalie says bye,bye the following week.The H.G. should get rid of Chima A.S.A.P. I would HATE to see her in the final two !!!!I still want Jeff and Russell to go to the end,with Jeff taking the big prize!!!!!

  84. Jeff cannot reveal that he has the power until Thursday night, right before the H.G. votes.That is if he so chooses to use it. I am sure that he will.

  85. I missed what caued the fight with Russell and Chima. What happened. Do they know he was the lone vote for Ronnie. Please get rid of Jesse, Nat, and Chima ASAP.

  86. I wish it was Michelle on the block. She acts like Ronnie. Chima and Natalie are jealous of Lyda that is why they want her gone.

  87. Jeff all the way–I think Jessie should go he already had his chance, then Natalie or Chima. Thank goodness Ronnie is long gone and he doesn’t even have a say in who wins. The perfect final four would be Jeff, Russell, Jordan and Kevin.

  88. Chima has promised to throw a tantrum the entire show on Thursday if her power is usurped. She says she is going to scream swear words throughout the HOH comp, or sing so they can’t show anything. I would love to see them lock her in the Dr and hive her a penalty nomination next week, or just have security come in and drag her out of the house.
    I so hope this actually happens!

  89. chimpa needs to get booted out ,, does she think becusae she has “big lipps” shes special???put her in back of the bus

  90. i glad lydia is up on block but wish the plans was to get her out this coming week

  91. I really don’t understand the ridicule Chima has been getting. What exactly did she do so
    wrong? She picked the side that she wanted to
    be with in this game, and has been loyal to them all. I think that she may have let her jealousy take over her judgment when dealing with Russell. But come on you females, that mostly what we live by…. our emotions, it’s in our blood. I’m hoping that Jeff does use the Coup, and put Jessie and Natalie up, so then one of them will be gone. I like Jordan’s dispostion, but she’s got to step it up and start winning something to help keep her and Jeff in the game. The person I find very strange is Michelle. Sometimes I like and then there are those moments when she irritates me more than Natalie does. My final three hgs are Jeff/Chima/Jordan.


  93. Hi guys, I just wanted to put my two cents in on us getting nasty personally on each other and on the HG’s. I like this site because we are able to have mature discussions and debates on the GAMEPLAY. I think it is a good thing when we can debate, discuss, even argue about the HG’s that we support, but I don’t think it is too cool for any of us to take it to an ugly personal level. Sorry for the preaching.. enough of that… :)
    OK, while showering and doing my Saturday facial (I LOVE Saturdays) I came up with my favorite scenario..
    Kevin or Lydia wins POV, takes Lydia off. Chima replaces her with Michelle (as she has said), then Jeff comes in, saves Mich and Russ, puts the whammy on Jess and Nat, with Jess going. Now, that will cause Russ to be obligated to him and will draw Michelle back into his fold.
    For the record, I do not hate Chima at all, I just think that she is somewhat of a hypocrite in that SHE took that fight personal first, SHE never apologized, and SHE is the one calling for an all girl alliance. Of course Jeff is going to nix her picks, and take out his biggest opponent, the one person who has all the little people doing all his bidding.

  94. WUZ UP BB Fans? The floaters will win BB 11 if Jeff / Jordan / Russell are smart they would get Chima / Jordan / Michelle out of the game and bring Nat / Kevin to the final 5…… what are your thoughts BB Fans? Remember Michelle / Lydia have already mentioned getting rid of Jordan alreasy because the say Jeff / Russell will carry her to the end of the game….. L-O-L!!!This is why Survivor and RR/RW challenges are better than BB because the let the contestants play and win and decide who wins….. Not some gimmick to get the most popular people…. if that is the case people who deserved to win Survivor from better game play would always win and not the floaters and backstabbers…. that is why Survivor is airing it’s 19th season this fall and still doing better than BB…. Amazing Race is #2…..

  95. The way I see it chima tore the alliance apart when she nominated Russell. Look how fast stinky Natalie ditched and Jesse and suddenly became chimas best friend. Chima has no loyalty to anyone, why pretend she’s playing a better game than anyone else. Its great they suck ups glommed onto chima because after the noms are changed everything will be in chaos next week. What do you want to bet Natalie and Michelle throw chima under the bus next week?

  96. Survivor is taped and edited to appear the way it does, same for the race. At least BB is live and with the feed you can see what is really going on.

  97. That is true Anubis114….. But the players decide who win from winning and losing competitions…. Not the fans pickin who they like the most to win…. That messes up the whole purpose…. Are weoing to start having games where say a teacher likes a student more and decides hey let me give you the power to reformat the game because I don’t like who has played the better game and is in control of it? That is why Survivor is better… BB messed up the game in season 3 by showing the Diary room sessions which is why Danielle lost to Lisa even though she is a better player…. They pretty much gave Ryan the win (or it looks that way) which is why there was controversy over his HOH win during season 9…. Now they are over extending their power by allowing someone to completely make an HOH Chima earned powerless by pulling this crap… Taoed or not at least Survivor and Amazing Race winners are decided by the actual players and who is able to win challenges and develope betters alliances and make it to the end….

  98. The floaters will win BB 11 if Jeff / Jordan / Russell are smart they would get Chima / Jordan / Michelle out of the game and bring Nat / Kevin to the final 5…… what are your thoughts BB Fans? Remember Michelle / Lydia have already mentioned getting rid of Jordan alreasy because the say Jeff / Russell will carry her to the end of the game….. L-O-L!!!

  99. Leo: You’re just sore your personal favorites lost the vote. You would have been crowing had it been one of the you like best. Ain’t that a shame? your tears fell like rain…..LOL

  100. Hello JJ2….. And you are? In case you haven’t been around… Let me clarify… I was saying Natalie was right when she told Jessie they shold make a fiour person alliance with Jordan / Jeff weeks ago, but Jessie blew her off…. Secondly, I have been saying I want to see a final four with Jeff / Russell / Jordan / Natalie with Jeff / Russell making the final two, so we could see who would win…. I think Jeff would beat Russell 7 votes to 0 or at worst 6-1 only if he back stabbed Jordan…. Third, i stated before that I hated Jessie last seaon and was glad Dan / Ollie were able to get him out….. Last but not least, regardless of who I like or dislike…. Any game should be won or lost by the players like in Survivor and the Amazing Race and not by the producers or fans…. If that was the case people like Ozzie, Yao Man, Terry and other people who win the challenges in Survivor would always be the winner instead of bacstabbers…. Let the players decide the outcome… Can you imagine the New York Giants not being the Super Bowl Champions because a majority of the fans wanted to see the New Englan Patriots go undefeated, so the NFL gave the Patriots an unfair / unearned advantage? Well that is what BB is doing for Jeff….

  101. Leo:) Please! What do the blubs say ALL the time? “Expect the unexpected”. How dull this game would be if they hadn’t dropped the cliques. Since it was set up from the get go for Jessie & he has previous knowledge of how the game should go he should be ahead on all points. Sadly, he still has no snap. He is a brute to Lydia, plays Natalie against Lydia and so on & so on. Get a grip he’s not a very nice person & in the contest for Coup D’etat he came off probably dead last or tied with Ronnie. Nice guys don’t always finish last. As for the other shows you mentioned I don’t watch them. We shall just agree to disagree, OK?

  102. so do u guys think they are playing one of the
    “who can eat or drink gross stuff ‘ POV?? it is time for that..

  103. Think about it steelyross….. They (CBS & BB) knew Jessie was hated last year, so they chose him, Brian, Jessica and the other guy from seaon 5 I think to come back…. Anyone who was brought back was going to get the HOH without earning it…. Not just Jessie…. You just stated the rating were dragging, so they had to do something to spice it up and gian viewers… Is it coincedence? I don’t think so…. Like I said Survivor and the Amazing Race let the players decide who wins…. BB should have done a better job of casting so it could rely on its players to get viewers and not gimmicks like this… Survivor does a superb job at this and at the end of the day…. The players decide who win….. Therefor Survivor will always have better ratings. Do you remember the writers strike a couple years ago? Survivor held its spot on Thursday and they moved BB (a summer show) to Wednesday nights to accomodate Survivor… Right or wrong steelyross, the players should dettermine who the winner is by winning and losing competitions and developing alliances and not like this…. I want Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Nat or Chima in the final 4…. I do howerever belive Kevin / Lydia / Michelle will find a way to squeak by and get Jeff / Jordan out of the game to allow them to make it to the final 5 and beyond…. Do you agree or disagree with that final statement steelyross or other BB fans?

  104. CBS and BB wanted to bring back a player from the past so any clique that won would have had an unfair advantage… That isn’t Jessie’s fault… Think about it… Whom decided to set it up with four cliques? True or false… There was always going to be a player from a pst seaon playing this summer? Eve if Jessie didn’t get in…. (Which was decided fairly because his clique won the first challenge fair & square) another former BB players you might have liked would have been brought back right?

  105. Mark my words…. Jeff / Jordan will be in in the next 3 weeks because one of the floaters belive Kevin / Lydia / Michelle will find a way to squeak by and get Jeff / Jordan out of the game to allow them to make it to the final 5 and beyond…. Do you agree or disagree with that final statement JJ2 or other BB fans?

  106. Jeff needs to use the coup d’etat and nominate Natalie and Jessie. Because Cima as HOH won’t be able to vote and Nat and jess will be noninated and they will have the votes to get Jessie out.

  107. Thank you DaFerret for answering my question…. I do however think if Brian / Jessica or the other guy were brought in or even lets say Matt was the Athletes player he would have been liked more than Jessie then America wouldn’t be as mad…. People hate Jessie, which is why I don’t understand why BB & CBS chose him out of all people to come back as an Athlete…. There were plenty of other people but they chose to pick him…. Dumb….. Dumb ….. Dumb…….

  108. Yes, Chima, Nat & Jessie can’t vote, leaving Lydia (who may vote to keep J), Kevin, Michelle, Russell,Jordan & Jeff. If Jessie goes, Nat will be more of a pit bull because Russell went against THEM. I think with Jessie gone Natalie won’t have the fire she has now and will try to team up with Russell. Either way, it’s got to happen. Go Jeff!

  109. Does anyone really believe Michelle / Lydia / Kevin / Chima will all play honorably and not try to break up Jordan / Jeff and send one of the two home in the next 3 weeks? Yes or no question people……

  110. Hello Kathy….. I like your way of think…. Let meget your opinion on this ok? I think Russell will get Natalie to replace Michelle wo join Jeff / Jordan in the final 4…. Jordan said she trusts Natalie won’t target them… I think Jeff / Russell / Jordan / Natalie woul be an awesone final 4…. I want Michelle / Chima / Lydia / Kevin out in that order….. What do you think Kathy / BB fans? I love seeing people put their ideas and opinions out!!!


  112. You are right JinCA……. Jeff will get Jessie out and the girl alliance will come back and screw him and Russel for now sending one of those girls home this week….

  113. Hey Kimber…… Do you still think it will be a good show if Kevin / Lydia / Michelle and Chima were the final four…. Does anyone have a doubt that Jeff / Russell will be targeted in the next 3 weeks because they are hands on favorites to win the Phgysical challenges…. Michelle / Chima / Lydia / Kevin will want to take out all physical threats to ensure they will make it to the final 4 and even win the games…. I want to see Jeff / Jordan / Russell / Natalie make the final four…. This will make more sense because Russell doesn’t trust Michelle and Jeff and Jordan are seeing Michelle’s true colors… What is your opinion on this matter Kimber / other BB fans… P.S. I love to debate and want you to know Kimber and other BB fans that I am not trying to belittle your opinion because yu make very good points as well… if that is how I am making you feel Kimber and other BB fans, I apoligize!!!

  114. Ok, I’m still confused. Will somebody please explain to me how Jordan is not a floater or deserves to win over any other floater? Personally, I’d like to see ALL floaters gone so we can finally get to the meat of this game. Jordan and Jeff’s relationship is their business. I don’t watch BB to get a scoop into their boring romance, I’m watching for real game play. And while I think Jeff has played well, I really hope Jordan doesn’t squeak her way to the end after doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  115. FYI….. ***** Spoiler alert ***** Kevin / Lydia / Chima are talking in the HOH room… Kevin just told Chima in front of Lydia that he won’t use the POV to respect her wishes as HOH…. Lydia said she is ok with that since she knows Russell is going home….. Chima / Lydia / Kevin are now talking about how Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power and will replace Russel and put Jessie up and that Jessie will be going home….. Let the girl power rain because they will be going after Jeff / Russell in the next 2-3 weeks… Any thoughts on the current situation? Anyone else watching the live feeds? ***** W~O~W!!!*****

  116. I think I would like to see Russell, Jeff, and Chima in the final 3. I think I would be happy if any of those 3 won actually. Good game playing, although Chima needs to stop making the NUMBER ONE mistake women make; acting out of jealousy and spite!

  117. Russell must have picked Jeff for players choice. Jessie told him in SR. He was disappointed that he picked Jeff not giving him the POV protection from wizard power.

  118. Kevin tells Chima that he wants to honor her wishes as HOH and NOT use the POV. Lydia said she’s fine with that, because she knows Russell is the one going home.

    Chima thinks Jeff has the wizard power.

    Lydia said that she KNOWS & trusts Chima when she says that Russell is going home. So in return, Lydia said that if she wins HOH next week, that Chima is safe.

    **So basically…Chima is telling Lydia to stay on the block as a pawn, and Lydia says okay, and offeres Chima saftey. Wow. lol

    Chima: “I want a woman to win this game!” (She includes Kevin.)

  119. That last entry is from another blog site….. In case anyone is wondering…. For evidence you can see this all going on now by watching the live feeds…..

  120. **** W~O~W **** Did everyone see what just happened? Natalie just threww Jessie under the bus to his face and said she can’t tell him everything anymore because she doesn’t trust him anymore after last night…. Bye Byee Jessie boy…. Your only ally said screw you for still dealing with Lydia…. ***** L~O~L ***** Now Chima / Lydia / Kevin are talking about replacing Lydia with Jeff to flush out the wizard power because they all agree Jeff has it….

  121. Ok, I’m STILL confused. Will somebody please explain to me how Jordan is not a floater or deserves to win over any other floater? Personally, I’d like to see ALL floaters gone so we can finally get to the meat of this game. Jordan and Jeff’s relationship is their business. I don’t watch BB to get a scoop into their boring romance, I’m watching for real game play. And while I think Jeff has played well, I really hope Jordan doesn’t squeak her way to the end after doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  122. Leo, you keep on talking about survivor that is not even a comparison a whole different game. First of all BB lives in a house and has the luxury of food and water. It might not be the best but they can survive what they have. Comparing one show to another is ridiculous wake up but you can write in Buddy TV to talk about survivor.

    Well I hope Russell leave this week I like to the girls win If Jeff using his power to put Jessie up will be good idea. Natalie has been floating in this game for a long time. She has not won anything yet so I hope she will next.

  123. Ive been thinking about the hot debate weve been having here about the fairness of BB. Whether or not Jeff should have been voted to win the Coup détat, whether Jesse was handed the first HOH, even though he did not compete in the HOH competition. Whether BB producers should interfere in the outcome of certain events, even whether “looks” or “popularity” play into it. Ive come to the conclusion that ALL these things are fair. BB was originally designed to see how people of diff backgrounds relate to one another. This is NOT Survivor…they are not trapped in the jungle without food or shelter. This is NOT Amazing Race..they do not have to travel thousands of miles. Its Not even America’s Next Top Model…they dont have to vogue for any cameras(although id like to see that). This is a small “mini” society, living in relative comfort, without the everyday financial pressures. Their sole purpose is to, on a weekly basis, release from their society the one person who is least helpful to the group as a whole. Sounds simple. But add in all the things i mentioned before: the Coup, Jesse’s HOH, BB producers interfering, and you get what life is really like. We all face things like this everyday. A co-worker getting the promotion we deserved, someone undeserving winning the lottery, someone getting the job because of who they know. Things like those are typical everyday life. So while some of us grumble that this or that is not fair, i say, yes it is. Its about as fair as it gets in the “real” world. Maybe even more the “real” world theres more competition.

  124. Actually by Jeff / Russell are put up and Jeff saves them both, it will only solidify the Female alliance and give them a reason to get rid of Jeff / Russell……

  125. This will end up screwing Jeff / Russell and help Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Michele and their goal of having a female (or kevin) win BB #11!!!

  126. That female alliance is going nowhere. Those girls are far too catty and jealous, and the only reason the alliance was proposed is so that Chima could be assured no other female would save Russell, not realizing that the only reason she hates him is because of the lies she has been told by Michelle.

    That alliance will fall apart in a heartbeat, and they will be picked off like flies unless Chima gets her game on. Jesse needs to go, then the floaters; Jordan, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, and Michelle – the snake needs to get chucked out… not necessarily in that order.

  127. Chima is making a huge mistake putting russell on the blck insed she should have put keven or Natalie

  128. Remember everyone said that about Natalie in Season #9 after Matt left and she won the HOH and then was able to get people together to pick off James / Josh / Chelsea one by one…. I can see that happening now with Jeff / Russell being screwed and Jordan making it to the final 4 without them the same way Sharon made it to the final 4 in Season #9….. It will basically be Natalie / Lydia / Kevin / Michelle against Jeff / Russell / Jordan for the HOH next week…..

  129. Does anyone think Michelle will keep her word? She will do what isbest for herself and screw Jeff / Jordan if that will help her advance….. Wat are your opinions on this matter?

  130. That female alliance is going nowhere. Those girls are far too catty and jealous, and the only reason the alliance was proposed is so that Chima could be assured no other female would save Russell, not realizing that the only reason she hates him is because of the lies she has been told by Michelle.

    That alliance will fall apart in a heartbeat, and they will be picked off like flies unless Chima gets her game on. Jesse needs to go, then the floaters; Jordan, Natalie, Kevin, Lydia, and Michelle – the snake needs to get chucked out… not necessarily in that order.

  131. I agree there is no girl alliance in my book either. Chima knows this too, I think Chima is starting to loose a little trust in Nat because before the Veto comp, Chima repeated the Nat again .. if you win veto please dont use it on Russell. Why would she do that if Nat was her bestie and trustworthy.

  132. Leo raises some good points as does Cat. I hope Jeff wins HOH & starts Chima , Nat or Lydia out. That is, if indeed Jessie goes out Thursday. The constant turmoil from Chima is keeping everyone crazy. She tried to get Russell to team up with her (sexually) & quite frankly she could give most guys E D. She’s so fricking needy. Yes Leo, Michelle will do what’s best for her; everyone in the game of course will too.

  133. Does anyone believe Chima / Lydia / Kevin / Natalie will actually want to bring Jeff / Russell to the final 4? Absolutley not because they would’t be able to beat either in a physical challenge. They will pick Jeff / Russell of ASAP to ensure they can will the $500,000!!!

  134. Leo, I think that deep down Michelle wants to bewith Jeff and Jordan. She only turned to china last night. I belive she feels her real allegience belongs to j/j but of course she will go where the power is. That is her m.o.

  135. I agree, Tracy! Plus Jordan will never turn on Jeff and Lydia and mich both just go with whoever is in power. I have been for girl power in past seasons, but not this one. Chima??? Too militant feminist when spurned. Nat?? Total liar. Lydia and Michelle?? Flaky and wishy/ washy. And god bless Jordan, I love her but she has yet to really do much game wise. I think she is an excellent partner for Jeff because people tell her stuff, though! So, no, girl alliance will be short-lived.

  136. I agree with you Janet, I love Jordon too, she is excellent for a reliable vote. Jeff can count on her to vote like he wants her too and she does get some information for him but game moves … ya she hasnt done any. LOL

    I think the Jeff and Jordon team is going to be a target soon. Right now the house is thinking they are cute together but they are 2 votes for one person on the block, so Im thinking the 2some is going to be targetted soooooon.

  137. Jeff / Jordan will be targeted because Lydia / Michelle / Chima / Kevin are jealous of Jordan because both Jeff / Russell will carry her to the end…. until Russell figures out he will be # 3 in that alliance or Jeff realizes he has no chance to beat Jordan in the final #2…. what do the rest of you think about this theory… p.s. Thaanks JJ2 for seeing my point earlier ok? you are the bomb JJ2!!!

  138. @leo..i agree with you on one thing. Russ will figure out that he will be in the #3 position in an alliance with Jeff and Jordan. But Russ is much stronger than Jordan in comps and the final comp is usually physical. He could possibly beat her and Jeff. Either way i think the jury would give it to Jeff or Russ over Jordan. Jordan hasnt put herself out there as much as they have and juries usually dont like that. JMO

  139. Best case for Jeff, would be if they get Nat out of the house this week, he needs something to weaken the possible players that would work with Chima, i would almost want to see Nat vs Kevin with Kevin as a Pawn but not sure about the votes so may Nat vs Jessie and hope they take out Nat

  140. I am hoping that Jeff doesnt chicken out and not use the CDT, everything is in place. Jesse and Nat didnt win POV, Jesse didnt even play. I know and have heard Jeff say that if he doesnt make a power move now …. he will not win the main prize, Jesse and Nat will and Jeff confirms he came to win. On the other hand I have heard Jeff say that “if” he was the wizard he might not use it because he wouldnt want to shake the house up specially now where he has cleared the air with everyone. Jeff did say this to Kevin …. so maybe he would use his POV and tick off Chima. Maybe Im just worrying for no reason LOL paranoid like a HG.

  141. Jeff is going to have to make a move or it will be to late for him and I think he knows it. I predict he will remove noms and put up gnat and jesse

  142. I cant see Nattlie making it to the top four she has not played the game just hanging on Jessie. I think she will not last with her mouth telling both sides.

  143. i really wish that the women on bb played more like the guys do. they really tear eachother up! they are too catty. they should just play with their heads. the guys can hate one another and yet still fake it to play and make it to another round. chima/michelle winning in recent weeks at least lets the men know that they cannot simply be pawns in the entire game. it would be nice to have a female bb winner but who the hell wants to listen to any of them whine! bb has GOT to get better female contestants in the future. i REALLY REALLY want casey back!!!!! he was the perfect balance for me, ok still not a woman (except for when he dressed up for the comp which was really the best:), but he could save this season for me because he was so down to earth, respectful overall, really smart and FUNNY! id be so glad to see him back on tv and watch him win some money. what would the rest of the these lazy bums do with it? casey would do some good with it.

  144. I so want to see Nattlie and jesse on the block . I hope Jeff use his power.. and put people in there place….

  145. thank god Ronnie is out of the home he is a loser and geek .. and full of bull I can’t belive a women would married that thing.. He is ugly , rude. and YUCKIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. Can anyone here explain what the mystery power does? From what I understood, Jeff can right before the vote, take down 1 or both nominees and put up who he chooses. Can he put up the HOH and even the Veto holder?


  147. I want to see Nat and Jessie on the block too. I think Nat needs to go home. She’s too bossy with everyone. If I was her boyfriend, I’d be mad at the way she had taken on Jessie. My impression (and I could be wrong about this) was that Jessie really had feelings for Lydia, maybe not lover feelings but he did like her. I think that Lydia should not have withdrew from Jessie the way she did. She could have push out Natalie for Jessie’s attention.

  148. I would like to have seen Chima put up Jessie and Natalie but those are two people in her alliance but Natalie is not doing shit to help them out

  149. I think he should throw out those nominations and put up Jessie and Natalie since Jessie (and his big ass head) seems to be controling a lot of people. At least Ronnie’s 15 minutes of fame are up!

  150. my opinion is to kick Chima out of the house for all the racial comments & threats to the Big Brother Productions and have a competition between the evicted houseguests for one of them to come back!!!! I would like to see Casey come back. yes, I like drama, but come on enough is enough with the bad attitude from Chima.

  151. Think it would have been better to put Michele and Russel on the block, from the “Jeff Power” point of view. With Lydia going up you can tell “Scurry” (Nat) was in on the nomination suggestions. Geez, does no one in this house have an original thought. Jesse’s lemings!

  152. Chima racial comments & threats to the Big Brother Productions? Explain to us who are not in the loop with all the happenings please. I want to hear this!!!

  153. @texaslady and THAT is why Jessie has to go! Then that group will actually have to play individual games!

  154. I would love for Jeff to use the power and pit up natile and Jessie I think he is the one to really shake it up

  155. TxLady. I agree about Chima’s comments. It really makes me mad when people use the race card. Maybe people just don’t like her cause she a *itch. It wouldn’t matter what color she was. I can’t wait until they watch themselves at the end.

  156. I want America to vote to bring someone back. The school teacher would be great! Ronnie is a worm and deserves nothing.

  157. I agree Natalie and Jesse need to go. I also think Chima needs to go. Let a nice person win

  158. Jeff has to use the Coup, and he should use it on Natalie and Michelle,IMO they are the most dangerous. Russ and Lydia,should be loyal next week after the swap,Jeff/Jordan,Russ AND Jesse should power up and gradually backdoor the rest of these clowns.

  159. So he does get to take down both if he chooses and put up 2 new ones right? I’d say he needs to put up Jessie and Natalie, that way one of them goes. I think Nat ought maybe first? It makes be laugh that Chima’s HOH this week means nothing. LOL as far as power.

  160. Oh I hope jesse or natalie goes home this week! Don’t let us down Jeff..take out the rest of the garbage!!!!!

  161. If Chima suspects Jeff of having the power, then he should be up there with Jordan so he would show his hand and use the power to save himself and Jordan. Then she could have put up Russell and Michele as replacements.

  162. I really wish she had thought about herself and put up the to biggest cons in the house Jessie ot Natalie

  163. If jeff wants to, he can take down both of the nominees on the block now and put two new one’s up. He cannot put up the HOH or the Veto winner. He should put up Jessie and Natalie. After one of them is gone, the alliance will only be a few. then Jeff and Jordan can get Lydia and Kevin and Russel and storm the game

  164. When they asked Chima what was more important about getting HOH the perks or the power, she said the power. Little did she know that she would have no real power this week. LOL.

  165. Wow… I really liked Chima, but calling Russell a terrorist is not cool at all. She’d be shouting from the mountain tops if he called her the “N” word. What’s with this country and all this retarded racism based on absolutely nothing.

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