Big Brother 11: Week 5 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Big Brother 11 started out slowly on the Sunday live feeds, but Chima was sure to stir things up when she broke out her can of racism and spewed it around the house. Later she detailed her plans to try and get Russell to hit her by spitting on him. This classy girl is hard at work to secure the “worst BB11 HG” award. Take a look at the fights and who said what in the highlights below. You’ll definitely want to watch these for yourself.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 9, 2009:

1:00 PM BBT – Lydia reciting back to Chima how Russell was mocking her for the number of hours Chima spends in front of the mirror. Chima says it will be “all out war” if he doesn’t leave the house on Thursday. Sounds like fun!

1:20 PM BBT – Russell telling Jessie that he has 4 more days to make life hell for Chima. He’s also holding out a lot of hope for the mystery power to save him. Big smiles from Russell at the idea.

1:30 PM BBT – Big fight going on right now between Chima and Russell. Russell telling her she’s a diva and Chima yelling that he’s a terrorist (because he’s from Lebanon). Keep in mind this is the girl who called Braden a bigot for his ‘beaner’ comment to Kevin, but apparently it’s cool for her to stereotype someone as a terrorist because of his heritage… Russell telling Chima she’s a hypocrite for being a racist. Chima keeps yelling “terrorist” at him. Russell thanks her for exposing her racist views.

2:20 PM BBT – Lydia and Kevin talking game. Kevin is confident Lydia is safe this week. They think either Jeff or Russell has the power and will use it. They also want Jeff evicted soon and before Jordan.

4:40 PM BBT – Talk turns to Jessie as Chima, Kevin, and Lydia compare notes. Kevin notes how short Jessie is and it was the first thing he noticed about him. Neither Chima nor Lydia thought they would like Jessie, but Lydia is still going back and forth. Lydia throws out some nasty comments at Laura (second evicted HG).

6:40 PM BBT – Chima telling Michele that she feels it in her gut that Russell will be evicted on Thursday, just like how she felt it in her gut that she’d win HoH this week. Chima wants to go hide her things because she’s also convinced that he’d mess with her belongings and then starts talking about demanding a penalty against him from BB. She’s big on demands from BB.

6:50 PM BBT – Chima tells Jessie she doesn’t think BB will show her racist comments and she doesn’t care if the people watching the live feeds are offended.

7:30 PM BBT – Chima, Natalie, and Jessie all agree that Jeff/Jordan need to be split up. Chima starts explaining her plan to instigate a fight where she’ll spit on Russell in the hopes that he will punch her and thereby be immediately evicted from the house. Wow, this girl is messed up! She says she’ll drop and fake the hit as though it were much worse and then press charges against him so he’ll be sent to prison and then raped. This girl is plain out crazy and horrible!!

8:00 PM BBT – Natalie and Chima share laughs over calling Russell a terrorist. They think it’s just hilarious to be racist. She wants to do her HoH Twitter and tweet “Russell is a terrorist.” She says her day job is to call people terrorists and whatever else she wants. Hi, Chima. I’d like to introduce you to Libel and her friend, Litigation. Libel, Litigation, this is Chima.

10:30 PM BBT – Russell and Jeff out playing pool. Russell is working on a nice buzz and having lots of good laughs. Surprisingly to some he’s doing it with out being racist. Take notes, Chima and Natalie.

1:00 AM BBT – Chima talking game with Jessie and says they might want to take down Lydia and put up Jeff. They are considering threatening Jeff with this plan. Both are worried about the mystery power and think it’s BS.

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So we had another eventful day in the Big Brother 11 house. Chima flipped on her racist setting and drove around the house for awhile as visions of grandeur alluded her once again. Thursday is being set up to be one of the most exciting eviction nights we’ve had in years. You’ll definitely want to see this uncensored with the live feeds since you know Big Brother is going to edit it to pieces!

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  1. I am sick about the comments Chima is making. Especially about hoping Russell is raped. Saying that and saying that she wants to spit on him to try to get him to hit her is truly outrageous. That HAS to be against BB rules. If they aren’t going to escort her out for that they need to call Russell in the diary room and tell him she said that at minimum so he knows that she is TRYING to get him to hit her.

  2. SO a girl was actually was raped and knows what a horrible thing it is wishes it on someone else because they are competing on what is essentially a game show? This girl needs some serious therapy.

  3. I am appalled with CHimas comments, you can bet if anyone in the house would call her one of the words associated blacks they would be severly reprinmanded or kicked out. But leave it to someone like Chima to get away with it. I cant believe if she was raped, how could she say something like that about another person? The woman is not right.

  4. I thought Lydia needed some therapy. Well she might, but Chimpa needs to be put away like in “One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest”.

    CBS you better do something about her behavior. Her remarks about being a terorist, is an insult to watchers of BB who might happen to have had family from that country’s region.

    She is a disgrace to BB and to the human race if you ask me. If anyone needs to get kicked out it should be her!

  5. Chima calling Russell a Terrorist is wrong just as how you people on this blog calling her big lips, chimp(monkey) shemale and all other racist comments that is made by you average americans.

  6. Spitting on someone is assault! Plain and simple! If Chima spits on Russell she better be escorted out by the police!

    Chima is a hypocrite, racist who needs to be shown the door!

  7. She has gone way abyond the game. Threatening to distrup the game if her power is over thrown, telling people she wants to spit on pnther house guest and wants them raped! When she blows on thursday she should be shown the door, and no interview after or the next day along with thanks but no thanks dont come back for the ending. If not this show has shown its not willing to stand up to a racist and bigot!

  8. @dada: I agree that racist comments are unacceptable behavior no matter who is making them. But to be fair, calling Chima a “shemale” isn’t racist, just cruel.

  9. Chima should think before she speaks. She can not get people on her side saying all those nasty remarks about Russel. Chima is the next one who will be voted out due to her attitude.

  10. Russell is gonna win it all because he is playing the game. I respect him for not letting Chima draw him into her bad behavior. It would be so easy for him to call her the N word but he didn’t. Russell is a man who has balls unlike America’s player.

  11. Chima is ann angry, spurned,evil black woman and in my opinion a disgrace to her race. And the comments calling Russ a terrorist can cause alot of probs for him outside the game with the terrorism that is actually happening in our Country and I think she should be kicked out of the game.

  12. you know, i have been disgusted by some of the things i have seen on big brother over the years, scrubbing the toilet with a toothbrush, peeing on someones clean towels. but for natalie and chima to be laughing at how funny it is to be a racist, that just sickens me to the core. what nasty disgusting vile women they are.. they both need to go.

  13. Where I come from, spitting on someone could be considered assault and perhaps a certain crazy person should be removed from the show…disgusting. Take note BB

  14. I would like to commend Russell for not taking the bait thus far. Yes, they have had a couple of blow ups but he could have really gone off on her and said some nasty things. I agree with the comment that BB should warn Russ of her plan to try and get him to assault her and maybe they have as we do not know what is said in the DR. I believe Russ is playing the game and I hope Jeff uses the power to take him off the block. If he doesn’t use the power then we (americans) wasted our votes. Thursday should be very interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens!!


  16. after watching nat rat and chima, i have to say they are so hateful and cant stand being scorned by russell,, dont worry people on outside well rememeber chima racist comments long after bb-11 is over

  17. I just thought of something additional, once Jeff used the power, everyone will realize that American likes him and will probably think and treat him differently?? Could be a blessing or a curse? We will see

  18. Shame on Chima and Nat….bet their parnets are really proud of them…Big Brother needs to calm them both down…Show them the clip so they can see how stupid they are acting…

  19. does anyone remember if someone else spat on someone before ?? Seems like so but I could be wrong. My mother in law was spat on and she could have brought charges the police were called, but she decided not it is considered a form of assult in NY

  20. hopefully he put up Jessie and Nat….then Lydia and Kevin and Russel,Jordan can vote out Jessie …well maybe not Lydia,well maybe…but they won’t be able to talk before the vote…should be fun night….

  21. If Chima were to spit on Russell, or anyone else for that matter, now can they be assured that she doesn’t have a communicable disease such as HIV?? I would think she should be dismissed from the show IF she does spit. Her behavior is ridiculous and immature.

    Chima and Natalie should absolutely know that it’s not cool to make their racist remarks as they’ve probably had it happen to them in their lifetime. Dumb, dumb women. Shameful at that.

    Also, she hasn’t convinced me that she was indeed raped. Part of me was thinking that she was pulling that out of her butt in the hopes people would feel sorry for her and would be to her benefit.

  22. somehow jeff neesd to get with his people to line up votes before thursday to make sure they get pinhead out

  23. I believe in free speech and let the chips fall where they may. What I do not believe in is the double standard. This is what I can’t tolerate in Chima. Call people all of the names you want but don’t scream racist etc., when the finger/words are pointed at you when you are just as guilty.

  24. I definitly agree with all of you about Chima, but calling her names is making you as bad as she is. She is a B#@ch and any other nasty name you can come up with but don’t be like her and write those racist remarks about her. You are calling the kettle black

  25. Calling a black woman Chimpa is at least as bad as calling her a terrorist. You are essentially just as bad as she is and displaying your ignorance.

  26. Like I’ve said before this game is not about racism its about winning the half-million but if you have to go that far to make somebody crack then by all means if thats your gameplan go ahead but you lose a lot of respect that way.

  27. Chima is out of control and I agree with her on one thing – BB is responsible and should be held accountable. BB UK has a zero tolerance policy for behaviour as hers and I think it is high time that BB USA does the same. Chima, in my opinion, should be summarily removed from the house, forget eviction. She should at least be firmly spoken to (then ejected minus the interview and fanfare). We need to see a visible sense of justice and at least know that she is reprimanded for her behaviour. I guess as well we are to blame if we do not expect and demand more from BB USA.

  28. Does anyone know for sure about the rules of Coup D Etat? Can Jeff nominate anyone for eviction including HOH and POV? If there is a tie in voting for Jeff’s nominations, does his vote decide? I haven’t heard the exact details anywhere.

  29. @Susan..i know that Jeff cannot nom the HOH or the POV. They are safe. But as far as whether he can vote or break a tie, i dont know.

  30. all of you who are calling chima a racist guess what it takes one to know one! chimpa that stands for monkey. what what you say< you are just as bad a ronnie

  31. I went to and told them something should be done about Chima and her bad comments. I did a complaint. You can go there and go to feedback if you want to complain about her

  32. I have always been a huge big brother fan. But the behavior of one bbhg has really been a little too much to withstand. First her stating that she (Chima) will go off on Julie if the nominations of hers do not remain the same. It is a game isn’t it not the Chima Show. Second the fact that she uses the race card when ever it benefits her, but no one is to take offense when she says racist comments to others. I am most of offended by the terrorist comment as I have a family member who is from Iraq and with the world today such comments can be life threatening to them as a person. Also for those of us that are rape survivors I would never wish that on anyone. Third anytime you are going to purposely engage in provoking behavior you are bound to get burned. I believe that spitting on someone constitutes a criminal offense (assault/battery) and should be addressed. I am disappointed that BB would allow this to continue in a prime time program that my whole family enjoys watching.

  33. Why does BB not do something to control Shima. She is ruining the show. Gracious, do we have to listen or look at those big lips be so nasty to people. Is this what BB wants. Not sure that this will be a show I watch in the future if this is the reality you put out.

  34. Jeff does have the option of taking both nominees off the block and naming 2 new HG’s for eviction.
    The HOH and POV are the only 2 with immunity.
    Not sure on how the voting will work.

  35. Kudos to Russell for hanging in there and being the bigger person “A man”. Russell is playing it well, people shouldnt under estimate him. He is aggravating people on purpose to make them crack, part of his game play. He said it before he went into the house in an interview he wanted to play like Dan and Evel-D combined he is doing well at it -IMO. He is a good guy I dont think he would hit a women, even Chima. But when Jeff uses the CDT (crossing fingers) I hope Russ taunts Chima and makes it miserable for her in the house, oh and I think he will. I am thinking Russell will have the last laugh here, Chima will be crying next week. LOLOLOL! All deserved, please everyone take notes what she is doing this week so when Russell does it to her next week and worse … dont attack him for it because it is deserving!

  36. Regardless of what Chima calls who, she is going to the jury house, and needs to be ass kissed for that as well.
    But in my opinion, however bad a person she is, this is still providing entertainment for everyone.

  37. Evictions are live on TV, you might be able to watch it on flashback later at night.

  38. Okay. Am i the only one who flat out knows Chima lied about the assult thing? She just wanted pity s people wouldn’t kick her out. Has anyone actually found a new artical or anything that proves what she said is true? I just find it fishy that she only told that story when everyone hated her and she needed pity

    [Editor’s note: Chima did not make this story up. It is factual. Be sure to be careful when disclaiming what you believe to be untrue.]

  39. I am black also and I don’t think it is right for Chima to continue in the game. We all need to go to and complain. If she cut up on Thursday, they should throw her out, entertainment or nowt this is going too far. Ratings or not, this is truly unacceptable.

  40. Chima is making herself look bad and CBS will show it all…her true colors. Not to worry, just hold tight until Thursday when she looses it when Jeff knocks out Chima’s nominations and puts up Jessie and Natalie, Jesse evicted and Chima realizes she can’t win HOH but Russell and/or Jeff is the new HoH. Kodak moment!

  41. My family has never missed a season of BB. It is truly an entertaining family show, however…Chima’s behavior is completely unacceptable and she needs to be disqualified immediatly. Do you remember BB2, Justin was disqualified for just “playing around” with a knife at Krista’s throat and she didn’t even take offense to it? Chima’s goes way beyond that. From what I’ve read so far…I think I speak for about 97% of BB fans. Please take her out of the game. I WILL stop watching if no action is taken.

  42. I want to watch her break stuff. She’s going to go out of her mind, especially after her “I think me winning HoH was divine intervention because God comes after you if you do bad things” speech to Jessie.

    Maybe there is a God, and if so, I bet he don’t like ugly.

  43. Chimpa,Chiapet whatever dude! Nobody can say her name right anyway. That’s the least of what to be concerned with.

    Big damn deal she gets called a different name. My family came from the old country centuries ago and I’m not a terrorist. I love the USA.

    That girl needs to get out of that house and go to another kind of “house” where they have doctors to help people like her.

  44. I dont watch BBAD… So im wondering what racist remarks chima made and to who? Anyone…?? (thanks)

  45. @Tara-As you know, Chima and Russell had a falling out and they blew up at each other. They both have been saying derogatory things to each other, but Chima keeps refering to Russell as a Terrorist b/c of his Lebanese descent. Now, it might not have been as big a deal if she didn’t call Braden a bigot and misogynist on national television.

  46. Chima also said she wanted to spit on Russel so he would hit her. She said she will fall down and act more hurt so they will throw him out, then she would press charges said i hope he gets raped in there. CHIMA is 1 sick woman!!!!!!

  47. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take Russell down Jeff, and put up Natalie!!! I wouldn’t care if it were Lydia who went home, but I would be so much happier if it were Natalie. The first choice would be Chima, but obviously that can’t happen this week. Jeff better make his move this week with the power, or he will definitely be sorry later.

  48. What Chima said is offensive and she can be two faced when it comes to racial issues, but I think she is playing it up for popularity. She is a very loud spoken person, a strong, professional female. I have to believe that she knows what she is doing, and how it is perceived. The bigger problem is Natalie, and how she instigates everyone, I think she is the evil one and needs to go.

  49. ok, after those comments I understand why some hate chima, and I guess natalie..

    however, Jesse shouldnt be included in that hatred, hes really a smart player, a nice guy…I dont see why people dont like him. Sure hes got way too much muscle…but thats his perogative.

  50. well if chima is doing all this for popularity she isn’t going to get any being professional she doesn’t know how to present herself as one.she is racial and doesn’t even know it. if she is so smart then she should know not to listen to GNAT.but her and nat are right up each others butt. nat is riding by in this game on everyone back she hasen’t won any thing .

  51. @steelyross Oh, because on BB they never show them saying “mean” things to one another, i thought they got over there diffrences, but Chima is going to be Chima, me being a African American i think what she stand for on this show is down right DIRTY! Yeah your playing for five-thousand dollers, but that dosent mean you have to stoop down that low and start being rascist. And as far as the “spitting” thing goes, she is less a woman as well as a human to want to do that to someone. Chima, chima, chima where did BB find you?
    Thanks (steelyross)

  52. I totally agree with most of you – Chima needs to calm down and realize that it is BB and not the Chima show. I am so digusted with her. She reminds me of Evil Dick – I did not like his behavior in the house. He trew water on another house guest – he did not disqualified for it. CBS will stop at nothing in my opinion.

  53. It is amazing to me how people get upset about Chima and her biased comments regarding Russell however, some of the comments on this site is just as disgraceful. Seems to me that being prejudiced is selective.
    Folks it is wrong all the way around. Grow up and act like adults-reasonable adults.

  54. Ian I hope you forgot to take your meds hence the frightening comments. Otherwise, you are seriously scary.

  55. @Pauline, why because since she stated she was black it was funny to you? How bout you and Big cracker become friends Pauline. Not intrested in your dumb comments, if its not BB related do not adresse anything to TARA!! Thank you!

  56. @PAULINE!!!!
    “It is amazing to me how people get upset about Chima and her biased comments regarding Russell however, some of the comments on this site is just as disgraceful. Seems to me that being prejudiced is selective.
    Folks it is wrong all the way around. Grow up and act like adults-reasonable adults.”

  57. Just read some of the comments posted here…..I feel sorry for some of you (and you have to know who you are) Some of us are acting no better than Chima….Please lets get back to the game…I know Chima brought the race card into the house but we don’t have to give her or her rants a moments thought…she is stuck on repeat and is frankly getting very boring. We all need to email and go to the feedback section and let them know how we feel about all of this Chima crap….it does need to stop now what are we letting our young adults see on prime time… time TV bring on Happy Days or Good Times reruns – PLEASE

  58. see tara your descent black lady , chima needs some medicine the world does not move because of her , john in louisiana

  59. Well Jeff fan, if you get upset at some water throwing I guess you didn’t see Chima throw some right into Russell’s face. At least E D only poured it over Jen’s head & in return she tore up ALL of his cigarette’s and threw them away. BB did replace them but Jen was out soon after. I believe Chima asked the DR if water throwing was OK and they must have said yes.

  60. Anyone know if Lydia was approached and told that Kevin wasn’t going to use the POV on her? Makes you wonder how she feels and what she wants to do!

  61. He did not use it to save her! They had it a few hours ago. Lydia told Kevin that this will stain thier relationship.


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