Big Brother 11: Week 5 Nomination Episode Tonight

Big Brother 11 returns tonight for its nomination episode in Week 5.

If you can’t wait for Julie to deliver the noms news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. There are even more spoilers if you really want to know it all because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving even more HGs in danger.

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  1. With the exception of Ronnie, how have all the maladjusted players STAYED, while the normal ones have been evicted? We have Chima, living in LA-LA LAND with dellusions of grandeur, operating as if she were an “educated” Paris Hilton, and making idle threats to the production dept. Next, we have Lydia who is a ticking time bomb of psychosis. Then we have the roid filled “Alphas.” How truly sad. Casting should be more scrupulous and stop continuously lowering the bar to pander the the ever lessening lowest common denominator. While Jeff and Jordan are sub mean IQ, at least they are stable. While I abhored Ronnie and am celebrating his departure, to his credit, he could string together a coherent sentence.

  2. i agree with Sam completely,the twins , especially gnat rat , has other people carry her , she cant even be a clean human being and take a shower????

  3. gnat and chima both are nasty i have yet to see either one comb their mobs.chima’s hair isn’t real that’s why she doesn’t wash it.i just don’t understand how people can go with out taking a bath and wash their hair how nasty.then she think she is so beautiful with that hair and those big lips. she is all lip…lol i can’t wait to see her on thursday when she finds out she doesn’t have any power at all. well at least she got her lotion.

  4. @Sam..good post. You make some good points. As for the “normal” cast members leaving first..i guess they didnt bring themselves down to the maladjusted level. The “maladjusted” are used to using lies and minipulations. It comes first hand to them. Therefore they are more believable when in the throes of a really good lie. Our so called normal ones are used to dealing with people with a conscience. That may be their undoing. I keep saying it, Jeff is going to have to get his hands dirty a little to further himself in this game. I dont mean make things up, but learn how to minipulate the situation to his advantage. Laying low will not get him to the end. But winning comps(and not handing them to Russ) and reading peoples motives a little better will serve him better in the long run.

  5. @sam : Braden is normal????? Did you see his interview with Ross? What a jerk he turned out to be!

  6. I think Jeff has a “sub-IQ”, like a fox. He has been smart thusfar to stay out of the fray. Let the maniacs duke it out, and spin out of control. I have no doubt that Jeff will seize the power when the time is right. He may chose just to let Russell go home, and not put himself at risk by using the Coup De Etat power. Why should he go out on a limb for Russell? Hopefully, they will have a “skills-necessary” HOH contest, and he can work on Jessie/Chima/Natalie after that.

  7. my opinion is to remove Chima from the show due to her threats and racial comments she has been making. bring Casey back to the show!!! or have a competition between the evicted houseguests to replace Chima. I have had enough of her threats & racial comments. I enjoy watching Big Brother but am not enjoying this season with certain houseguest that are ticking time bombs. yes, I like drama but come on….enough is enough!!!

  8. @ diana I am with ya bring Casey back I am still peeved about last night and Chima comment about us Southern people… I am telling ya this Southern Girl could give her a run for her money on looks, class, and smarts…MISS CHIMA

  9. I have said this before, normal, stable people do not make good drama (tv ratings). We all knew that all of our favorites would not make it. I for one know that if were locked up with no computer, tv, radio, books etc but other people to talk to, I would most likely behave differently too. Some of these people are showing shades of their true color, but I would imagine that after weeks of this, they are paranoid, explosive and non-trusting.

  10. Let’s try this again shall we….. WUZ UP BB Fans? Russell will not go to the final 3 with Jeff who is just as strong as him and Jordan who could get lucky and win….. I guarantee he will have a role in splitting those two up in the next 2 weeks following Jessie’s departure…. He would probably want Jordan out because he wouldn’t have a prayer in beating her because he has screwed so many people and Jordan hasn’t done anything but float. This would say Russel would win, but we all see players in BB 11 are playing with emotion and not logic…. He migh want to get rid of Jeff…. hell I don’t need to explain that, listen to Jordan who is telling jeff during the live feeds and BBAD and actually is making perfect sence…(What a shock)… Russell would much rather take a Michelle / Lydia / Kevin whom he would be ale to beat in the final 4 comps and win more votes from… Therefor he will backstab Jeff / Jordan, but he will be nice and kiss there ass to their face the same way he is doing with Jessie this wee (even though Jessie is going home) and Natalie in the following weeks until she goes home….. Does this make sense to you or any other BB fans? Let me know your thoughts!!!

  11. I think Braden is just fine. He got screwed by people for no reason, he was a nice, even tempered person, and he gets evicted the first week. He didn’t do a single thing to anyone. And Chima made up lies about things he said. I would totally take him in the house over Chima and Natalie and those morons.

  12. I really want chima to go home… I’ve been a true BB watcher for many years and I cant recall anyone saying such racist things. I believe it was on BB after dark she stated that no one wants the dark ones to win. She wants to appear intelligent but she is really stupid. I really hope that jeff uses his power and F&@#$ off all of the plans so I can watch chima make herself look like a bigger idiot.

  13. chima will definately be hearde this week,next week she could be silenced and sent to the sequester house.poor jesse he might be in trouble there in more than 1 way but he will like it likes to use people.

  14. Bluezey60, you’ll have to wait until Thursday for evictions. Tonight is just nomination ceremony.

  15. why isn’t cbs do anything to stop chia pet from calling russ a terrorist? so far from other blogs ppl are pissed off at her for saying ignorant racial comments.

  16. i so agree chima needs to go home,,her laugh and comments are rude!!!….go jeff…

  17. Ronnie is the most normal person evicted so far

    Brayden is racist

    Laura has basketballs in her chest

    Casey is a just weird

    I don’t get y everybody says Brayden is fine he’s racist

  18. The guests haven’t done anything today except go to the movie and lay around sleeping. Boring!
    The highlight of the day was Kevin sticking his pinky finger in his belly button for an hour or so…. Natalie did take a shower though, guess she figured out who the messages regarding personal hygiene were directed towards.

  19. I am so over Ratalie. The way that she talks to Jesse and he is stupid enough to listen to everything she says. You would think that they are husband and wife. Ratalie’s boyfriend if you are reading any of this and if you think that for one minute she wouldn’t screw you over with Jesse you’re wrong. If you don’t see anything wrong with what she is doing, you’re crazy.
    Okay, sorry about that but this chica is ticking me off. She has too much control for such a little mouse. I still despisse Chima Pet and hope Jeff does use the power of veto and put Ratalie and Jessica up with Ratalie going home. I want to see Chima have a breakdown, lmao.

  20. Jordan’s not perfectly on the ball. She thinks all of the sudden attention she’s getting is because they have all of the votes and not because of the wizard power. Russell knows you can only win HoH every other week, which means he can easily be kicked out at any time by someone who doesn’t like him. He can’t turn on Jeff and Jordan.

  21. Bluezey60 I know you are openminded………. Do you or anyone else believe Jeff / Jordan will make past the next 3 weeks….. If Michelle / Natalie / Kevin / Lydia wins, they will go after Jeff / Russell / Jordan because after Jeff saves Russell that alliance will be obvious…. no one will Beat Jeff / Russell in a physical challenge.. it happens every season to the strongest players…. Jordan willl be a pawn against Jeff / Russell until Both Jeff / Russell are gone…. what are your opinions Bluezey60 & other BB Fans?

  22. Russell will want Jordan out and turn on Jeff and vote Jordan out because he knows damn welll Jeff will never keep him over Jordan and vice versa….. there will be 5 girls (including Kevin) with ad playing for HOH this Thursday against Jeff / Russell and useless Jordan’s airhead ass…. I can’t wait to see Jeff’s face when Jordan is evicted or vice versa……. It looks like it might endd up being an all girl final 5 after all folks……

  23. hi my friend leo,i think nat and chima will go after jeff and russel.i think lydia will go after nat and chima.i think they will leave jorden alone.kevin will also go after nat and chima.i do believe they will make it throught the next 3 weeks.

  24. I sincerely hope that Jeff does not use this power and put up Jessie or Natalie. I am sorry but I think it is pretty screwed up that Jeff even has this power. He is a below average game player and his sidekick Jordan shouldn’t be on this show. She has done absolutely nothing in this game but make ignorant statement and comments. I am in the minority but I would much rather see Jessie win this year. Last year I was not a fan of his and was ecstatic when he was voted off. This year, however, he has played the best game and deserves to win. I just don’t understand why everyone is enamored with Jeff and Jordan. They really aren’t contributing to the game and I could do without seeing them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that next week Jessie is still in the house and he or Natalie is the HOH.

  25. I love Chima. She is so REAL to the point that people dislike her. I wish I had those many HATERS!!!

  26. i hope jeff will take russ and lydia off and put jess and nat the last 3 should be jeff,russ and jessie to battle it out

  27. @leo

    Watching BB. Jeff is definitely saving Russell and he’s talking about how stupid NBK is for thinking he’s not going to use it or that anybody Chima put up is actually going to stay no the block.

    Want to know the difference between playing the game and hiding from it? Kevin is hiding from the game. Jeff is finally playing it.

  28. jeffs gonna send jesses arrogant butte home,that will be the best game play of the season,jeff won the american vote for the power.everybody had the same chance.jeff had more supporters maybe next time those who didnt vote for their fav will.and for anyone will ask me again yes if jesse won or anyone else i would still feel the same way.face it jesse is going home.

  29. How is Kevin hiding from it look at the hoh and pov comp victories


    Jordan isn’t playing the game Jeff is playing it for her which is stupid for Jeff

  30. Braden is racist ? I didnt feel it at all.

    Last year, I liked Dan but this year, I don’t feel like ROnnie at all. Maybe he’s fat :))

    After reading spoilers posts, I don’t feel exhilaration when watching episode 14

  31. bluezey60…. Do you really think Chima / Natalie / Kevin / Lydia and Michelle will not send Russell / Jeff home in the next 2 weeks following Jessie’s eviction? Be honest. I know love you love Jeff / Jordan, but I honestly they will targer the strongest players, so they will all have a better chance of winning the $500,000…. thay is how every season on BB and other reality shows go… Am I right or wrong bluezey60 / other BB fans? I am done for the night… Chat with you all tommorow with more great BB 11 scenarios!!! O~N~E!!!

  32. If Jeff puts Nat and Jes on the block, Jess will go home. But CHima and Nat will come after Jeff like a predator. But if Jess is evicted, Russ and JEff will be alliance and that’s all benefits to Jeff

  33. @leo

    Have you been watching the show? Natalie said they should go after Jeff and Jordan next. Jeff has said that Natalie, Jessie, and Chima are coming for him and Jordan next. Chima also said that without Jessie her alliance will fall apart. Jessie knows that he’s going to get taken out by the Coup d’Etat. Jeff said he would be stupid if he didn’t use the Coup d’Etat and called everyone else stupid for even thinking he wouldn’t use it. Of course Jeff is going to do it.

  34. @Eamon :

    Has Jeff said that recently cause I didnt hear any of it. Jeff and Jordan need allies so badly. To do that, he’s forced to break up the grand 3 (jessie-nat-chima). I loathe Nat’s smile

  35. Natarat has done nothing this game , but spread lies, rumors and innuendo-she has done NOTHING else-well ok she gets Jessie his food and drinks when he asks for it.
    Jesse goes this week-next week Chiapet and Natarat go on the block with one of them leaving, then the other goes up against a pawn and goes buh bye. This leaves Lydia, Kevin, Michelle, Russ, Jord and Jeff.

  36. If only I had Livefeeds :) Thanks for the update guys

    Hope Jeff is strong-minded. Did he say who he would use CD on ?

  37. It is time for Jeff to make a move and use his power. Pretty sure he will use it and put up Jessie and Natalie. Jessie will them probably go home. Yay! What will Nat do without him? She hasn’t won anything on her own. Chima will be lost also. It’ll just be the two of them in their alliance. Michele will not stick it out with them. She’ll go elsewhere, find another alliance. Also, with Jessie out of the house, maybe Lydia can get her mind/game straight. He messes her up so badly. Not to mention treats her badly – did you see the bruise he gave her on her butt? Its time for power to shift in the house. Jeff can make that happen on Thursday. He knows that the other side of the house will come after him & Jordon shortly – so why not use the CDT now? They could get Russell’s cooperation – at least for the next couple of weeks. He’ll owe Jeff one for taking him off the block. So I say to Jeff- use the CDT! Get Jessie out. Then if Jeff (or Jordon – it could happen! Or even Russell again) wins HOH on Thursday – that will be the best! Then Natalie or Chima can go home! One of them wins POV, put up Michele. This is how I’m hoping it all works out.

  38. seriously, when chima made the comment about middle america i was like youre nuts girl and THEN i read these comments. you guys support brayden when he is obviously racist and call chima chimpa then you find out she was raped and oh no lets not become better human beings, no you actually begin to critique her choice of clothing! are you serious?! perhaps she has you down. you disgust me and i am so over how idiotic your ignorant comments are. she may be just as inappropriate but you guys really wouldnt last a day in the ring with her! you are just too weak hiding behind your pathetic screen names! ha! minority rules now! cringe because karma is a bitch!

  39. I don’t have livefeeds, thus I didnt know Brayden was racist. Actually, I was not sad when he was evicted.

  40. i love this blog but i agree about the rude and racist comments towards the players that just so happen to be from disenfranchised groups (russ,lydia, kevin, chima, natalie). makes me not want to really post. i appreciate the respectful comments/analysis and the people who keep the info coming! thanks

  41. @Jacob – If you cannot carry on conversations on this board with maturity (as in NOT making comments about Jeff dreaming of Kevin), please find another message board.

    As far as Chima goes, I figure the only reason Big Brother hasn’t sanctioned her comments to the producers and about other people is because she creates drama and ratings. She initially crucified Braden for his “beaner” comments, but later she said it was all show to be saved. NOW, she calls Russell’s family terrorists – which is racist – and she makes comments that midwest people are all overweight and southerners don’t use proper English. On top of that trying to threaten Big Brother that she will create such a scene that she is willing to give up her stipend if they allow the Coup d’Etat power to be used to change her nominations. She seriously has some princess issues involving entitlement and revenge. I understand she was a victim of violent crime that deeply affected her, but I think this is just her personality…period.

    Now add Chima’s problems with Lydia threatening to cut herself over Jesse, and BB really needs a therapist to intervene. This is the angriest and most manipulative cast I have ever seen!

    I agree with Janet that, while Lydia hopes to be saved this week, if Jesse is evicted she will want to be next so she can spend a week in the Jury House with him – and Natalie out of the way for 7 days. THEN, I wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie gets the boot afterward, and then the drama will be at the JH.

  42. I agree BBHappy64! I think I can handle Ronnie better than I can handle Chima. On top of what you said Chima is trying to get Russell to hit, she has twittered that she wants to spit in his face, so that he will smack her. Now something is wrong with that, Russell is the bigger person with Chima. He is trying to aggravate her and get her going and it is working. I hope he tortures her next week when he is safed by Jeff’s CDT. I hope he rubs it in her face. Chima is infatuated with Russ he is now all she talks about. She stares at the HOH TV and comments about his body language. Something is wrong with her and if I were Russ I would want some security after the show is over. LOL

  43. Jeff should use his power one thing Chima thinks she has all the power and someone needs to put her in her place. Jeff will end up on the block by next week so go for the power.It time that Jeff,Jorden needs to win HOH this week because I like to see Chima,Nattlie on the block. Natllie is just a floater with a big mouth.

  44. I agree also BBHappy64. Let’s not forget the comment she made when talking to Natalie, when she said she only has ‘cute friends’. What a diva!
    I hope Jeff has enough smarts not to believe Jessie’s rantings about Russell. He needs to put up Jessie and Natalie. I hope they then have enough smarts to vote out Natalie. That will break up the Jessie-Natalie and Chima-Natalie connections. Without Natalie there, Jessie will not know how to act. She seems to dictate his every move. I would not allow anyone to tell me who to talk to.
    Does Jeff seem to be ticking Jordan off to avoid her? I think he is afraid he will slip and tell her.
    If all goes right the Jessie-Natalie-Chima triangle will be broken. Then if Jeff can finally win HoH, it would be perfect.

  45. With the way Russell is acting lately, I am afraid Jeff may just let the noms stand. He is really iratating Jordan, and it looks like Jeff is losing his patience with him as well. I really want him to use it to get Jesse out and to shut Chima up…I am sick of her Diva attitude, but I think Russell is digging his own grave.

  46. Chima is now telling Natalie that if Russell is saved and she has to put up with him next week she will stab him and walk out of the house.
    Why is this acceptable behaviour?

  47. It is really sad that people are talking about Chima in a personal way like yall KNOW her. Remember BB is editted and somethings they leave out. People making fun of the way she looks and don’t know the full story. This girl was attacked and raped by a serial killer. She had to get two surgerys on her face.

    Maybe that is why she comes off so strong, especially to men. People really do misunderstand people who had some type of trauma happen to them.

    Wanting your favorite to win is fine but why personally call her chiapet and ugly. I want Chima and her team to win but I never personally attacked Jeff/Jordon because I don’t know them. I do comment on his game or lack of game.

    But, people don’t care about others feelings if it’s not their own. Also I think Chima is to strong to let little people who say crazy things get to her because she been through worst, literally.

  48. Well my hatred of chima is based on watching her on the live feed. Sure she went through hell, lots of people go through traumatic events every day, but it is no excuse to act the way she does.
    She is a very ugly person, and I am not talking about her physical appearance.

  49. dayday,

    The live feeds are not editted, and Chima is not a nice person. She is the worst reality TV person I have seen. The tactics she is using is just outlandish and uncalled for, she is acting like a fool and attacking peoples character when she needs to look in a mirror. I feel very sorry for her tradegy but by no mean should a 31 year old women who claims to be so strong and intelligent should not be acting like she is. If you do not have the feeds ….please get them, then tell me if you want to stick up for her. I understand her sad story but for that reason alone she should act better and be a better people because you only have 1 life. Chima can NOT use her rape and near death experience as an excuse as to why she treats people like she does and says what she says about people.

    Please get the feeds and see Chima in action. I am embarrassed for her and her family. It is very sad because she is very smart.

  50. Those of you who keep saying Braden was racist, the only reason anyone even got that idea was because liar Chima made it up. Nice that people try to find fault with one of the nicest guys in the house to justify why those idiots would evict him the first week for NO reason. I have ZERO sympathy for Chima, she has done nothing but talk smack about everyone, make inappropriate comments, call people names and lie. She is the one who is racist, and she also has a very big mouth. I really hope someone gets smart and gets rid of her dramatic butt in the next week or two!

  51. I like Braden too and it is a shame that Chima did that to him … people in the house think that Braden might have lost his job because of what she said. Do you think so?

    Russ says that he will try to fix Braden’s character if he has to make an exit speech. But I dont think Russ is leaving this week.

  52. W-O-W!!! Russell told Jeff / Jordan that he would be willing to stab both of them in the back for $500,000……. Jeff said with statements like that leave a bigger target on Russell and asked why he would want to keep him around…. I can’t wait to see what Jordan says to him (Jeff) about that statement when they are alone…. Russell is also predicting a Jeff / Michelle final 2…… Does anyone think that statement could make Jeff change his mind? I hope Chima isn’t dumb nough to put Jeff on the block tommorow…. Kevin leave the nominees alone…. This will be an interesting week…. Thank you BB for stocking the alcohol when all of the drinkers are have nots except Russelll. Russell drank 5 bees and a bottle of wine…. I think that played a role with him telling Jeff / Jordan his real plans of stabbing them in the back for $500,000…… What do the rest of you BB fans think about that? I am going to sleep…… Have a good night & sweet dreams my fellow BB 11 Schemers…….. L-O-Ll!!!

  53. When the game gets to the end people who are friends and were team mates are going to go after each other at the end and I think that is what Russell meant. He was being honest, I heard the whole thing, I think Jeff was thinking the same thing. Russ I think likes Jeff and is loyal to him and when Jeff saves him (crossing my fingers) he is the type that will be even more grateful will start making moves to benefit them both which hasnt been happening until Ronnies eviction, that was a start.

  54. Everyone needs to settle down!
    Now, come over here and give me a hug so I can put this Miyabi 7000 into your rhomboid major.

  55. Russell isn’t fooling Jeff. He and Jordan just discussed it and Jeff said we’ll deal with it later or something to that effect. I wish Russell would go to bed because he keeps causing the live feed to go to the fish…

  56. It’s not Russell sending the live feed to fish. It’s the DURKADURKADURKAJIHAD Arab-bashing party upstairs.

  57. Thanks eamon, gonna switch cams, I was sick of listening to the bs.who started the arab bashing?

  58. Chima is the basher upstairs. Funny she cant stop talking about Russ. I wish I had a dollar for every time she said Russell, I would be rich.

  59. Thanks tracy,
    Now chima is talking about putting Jeff up with Russell, that would be sweet!
    And still threatening BB…

  60. I so hope Chima tells kevin to save Lydia so she can put Jeff up. Oh my, Thursday night is gonna be a firecracker.

  61. Chima won’t let stinky Natalie sleep in the hoh because she rips farts all night, ha! If stinky wants to be in there so bad she should win the hoh.

  62. Discussions going on right now…
    Jesse: “I think if you screw somebody over, God works it out to get you.”
    Chima: “I really believe that me winning HoH was, you know, Divine intervention.”

    Note–Chima actually has no power this week. Jeff has all of the power and odds are he’s going to save the one person she hates, take out one of her teammates, and leave her absolutely powerless the following week. Oh, and she and that person she hates got an equal shot at 10,000 dollars…and he won it.


    Russell curled up against the wall outside, head in his hands: “Sorry, Dad. I tried for you. I blew it. Sorry, Dad. I f***ed up.”

    If God has any interest in Big Brother, 1) that’s not fair and 2) he/she sure ain’t on Chima’s side in this contest.

  63. EAMON-are you serious?!?! Did Jess/Chima really say that? There is no way they are being serious. If they are, they need to seek help. DIVINE INTERVENTION?!?! Holy crap these people are crazy.

    Well, Chima…you are about to become Job! I hope you keep the faith when your world comes crashing down Thursday.

    This is laughable. They are divising plans to coerce Jeff by lying to him, and at the same time, praising God for blessing him. LOL

  64. Poor Chima, trying to play both the victim card and the aggressor card simultaneously is proving to be futile. The best part: The tantrums which follow because she can’t get her way. I find her threats of suing CBS/BB particularly funny given I’m a law student. Smacks of the undeserving, bratty 7 year old who threatens their teacher to give them “A”s by vowing to have the school principal meet their parents otherwise. And Chima is calling Russ a terrorist? Pot, meet kettle.

    Screw law school, I want to be a “journalist” like Chima and stalk celebrities for a living. For someone purporting to be a “brain,” US Weekly or the like is lacking in the journalistic credibility department. Art immitating life, immitating art; how apros pos.

  65. Jesse just beat Natalie at pool, the bet was if she lost she had to wear her underwear on her head for a day, like Lydia. Natalie lost, lol. Now she is trying to say it was best 2 out of 3. She is a cheater too. She’s trying to say all pool bets are 2 out of 3.
    She is an idiot!

  66. Despite all the things Russell said, if Jeff doesnt use CD, Americans vote for nothing. Jeff should make use of this situation to change the whole game

  67. Question for you guys who know the rules better that I do… Is there not some BB Rule about making physical threats? Chima talking about spitting on Russell and hoping he is raped in prison is going way over the line. I understand things like saying someone is liar or wanting them out, but those threats seem to be beyond what should be acceptable. Does BB not remove a player who makes those type of threats?

  68. good morning everyone,i do hope chima goes home next week i really hurt for what happened to her it was horiffic.chima should not be treating anyone the way she is.russ should not have to endure that.i would like to see chima leave right after jesse cbs and bb have her on tape let her try to sue it would be thrown right out of court….back to the game,jeff will use the power to send jesse home.this house is going to be unbearable for anyone in aliance w/jeff and especially not really sure when someone has crossed the line in this human game but i believe it would be if it became very physical.

  69. yes I agree for Kevin to win POV and use it on Lydia and let Chima put Jeff on the block – it will be the icing on the cake for jeff to use his power and take Russ and himself off and put jesse and Nat up. You all will see the horrific face of big lipped chima – go jeff – jeff should let russ know that if he Jeff wins the POV he will save him but he should let russ promised that he will not nominate him or jordan.

  70. Maybe it was divine intervention for her to get hoh this week so her besties Nat and Jesse go up and one goes home. What could be more divine than that

  71. You can go to the CBS website and go to feedback at the bottom. There you can complain about Chima and her mouth. Don’t know if it would do any good but at least CBS would know how viewers felt.

  72. Just because people like Jeff and chima is threating to get out Jeff doesn’t mean chima is a bad person

  73. The perfect alignment is now up to Jeff. Get the egomaniac and his pet on the block and no matter who is ousted, the power swings his (Jeff’s) way. Watch Russel and the “floaters” move his way.

  74. Am I the only one that thinks Chima may have made up her story about being raped by a serial killer? I feel bad thinking someone would do this, but her story just doesn’t make sense. She said it was by a serial killer, then why would he have just raped her? And she says he was on death row and he’s already been put to rest? It takes a long long long time to actually be put to death when you’ve been charged with the death penalty. Does anyone else feel this way?

  75. And also, I think if this really happened to someone, why would you just bring it up out of the blue to EVERYONE? It’s not like she just told 1 or 2 people in private.

  76. because chimpa is trying to make her self important, wait till thursday if jeff does what everyone wants ,,

  77. Let me start with I don’t hide behind my screen name Esa, every time I leave a comment I use my actual name.
    Jacob…Are you serious? You think the only reason that people dislike Chime is because she wants Jeff out. It has nothing to do with it. Chimapet is a very rude and mean person to begin with. Look at how she rants and raves on about Russell. The things she says about people. She lied and said Brayden was a racist. She is the racist; she calls Russell a terrorist and has made other racial comments. She has the loudest most obnoxious laugh I have ever heard. She thinks that she is so important and can’t be evicted and when she does go, I will have the biggest laugh of all. I think she is completely disrespectful. If you have seen Chima have respect for anyone in that house I will gladly listen. Do you watch BBAD or BB? If you do how can you think the only reason that people dislike the diva bitch is because she wants to evict Jeff.

  78. Jen..I agree with you. I am a victim of rape and I don’t freely share that story with anyone that I am not close to and by close I mean related to. There was hardly any emotion. My guess is she was trying to gain sympathy and by saying that on tv maybe America would feel sorry for her. It takes years and years of appeals, etc for someone to be put to death and most states haven’t excuted in years, with exception of Florida and I think Texas. I agree that I think the story was made up. A serial killer rapes her and she was the only victim that was able to fight back, and he had a gun. I got it, she started laughing and it hurt his ears and he ran away.

  79. Chima is a scorned, evil, angry,racist black woman and is a disgrace to her race. Now did I miss anything

  80. I haven’t read all the blogs but you guys saying Jeff hasn’t done anything is dead wrong. He was the smartest one right from the beginning. He belonged to the ahletes clique yet he aligned himself with others outside of the clique equating that most houseguests wouldn’t put him up for eviction. He should use the wizard power to put up Jesse and Ratalie. Split them up and let one of them have lesser power. Jesse and Ratalie can’t vote cause they are on the block, Chima doesn’t vote unless a tie breaker is needed, so things should go Jeffs way. Taking Russell off the block will pull Jeff and Russ closer in their alliance. Next week Chima will have to sit out HOH competition, Jesse will be gone and Ratalie can’t win a thing so the right side of the hoouse should win again, then they can send Chima or Natalie home. Go Jeff

  81. ok first here is my real( donna ),so thats out of the way.jeff is going to send jesse home the same way he did sure he will have more respect w/his words.chima is out of line the way she is acting towards other human beings.what happened to her is horrible,but that does not allow anyone to treat people the way she is.her conduct is a statement to who she is and i am so glad i do not know her and never will.i feel she should be penalized for the way she is behaving.i feel that if her story is true or false it is not relavent to the way she treating other people.someone should step in and cool her heels a little bit.send her packing and replace her w/braden or casey.i just hope this does not discourage bb and cbs from doing another show.i just hope w/a better class of people.i feel sorry for the majority of the house for having to put up w/this bull.

  82. And I am Lori From Texas!

    I encourage everyone on here that’s willing to submit a comment to CBS about Chima’s threats and racist comments to Russell. If President Obama can try and broker peace between a police officer and a Harvard professor over a perceived racist incident, then CBS can dang sure deal with one that is blatant! Again, I am worried that Chima will lose personal control soon, and that could result in real problems for CBS and BB.

    BTW, I wonder if some of the opposing and Chima supportive comments on this site come from personal friends or family of hers? Sometimes the pro-comments are irrational (IMO), and sometimes they are mature but rather blind. I cannot say that, if one of my friends or family members were a HG getting “bad press” on blogs and forums, I wouldn’t react and try to take up for them.

    Hmmm… Just wondering.

  83. and from now on I will use my real name on comments and on my Diary Room Blog. I’ve got nothing to hide, my fellow schemers!

  84. BB Happy 64…I agree with you 100%. The ppl that are taking up for Chima must personally know her to defend her the way that they do. I would gladly write to CBS, thanks for the idea, can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. If it were a real celebrity making the comments that she did, a public apology would be mandated. Why is she so different. Big Brother if you are reading any of these post. Make Chima apologize publicly to all those that she offended, you may have to block an entire hour for her to do that but it would be well worth watching

  85. I think it’s one thing to speak out against Chima’s comments (which I think were totally unacceptable), but quite another to turn around and make racist comments against her. That’s just as wrong.

    Firstly, I believe that could actually be her hair based on her child photos (not all black women have weaves – and I’ve seen more than my share of white women with weaves), but even if Chima did have extensions, they CAN and ARE washed. Just because you don’t see her prancing in the shower does not mean she’s not clean so these racist remarks are totally uncalled for. I also find making fun of curly (or let’s be honest – black) hair completely unnecessary and rude. Many would rather have a head full of curls anyday over stringy hair that cannot be styled into anything unique.

    On a different note, I definitely agree that Chima needs to apologise publicly for her remarks. They were totally unacceptable. But I do believe she has been a very strong player. When she said that nobody wants a black woman to win, she was right, and for that reason I hope she does well, but my first two choices are Russell and Jeff. Jordan deserves nothing and is a disgrace to women everywhere.

  86. Chima is a racist. I dont like her because she is a scorned, evil, angry black woman and I think she is a disgrace to her race. She really liked Russ and when she found out he wanted nothing to do with her she got mad. I think she should be kicked out of house for the terrorist remarks. As far as I am concerned that is worse than racism. She could really hurt Russ by saying he is a terrorist because of his race. Our Country is fighting against terrorism and that could hurt him with our Government. She should be kicked off of the show. Why is it if you arent black it is terrible but it is ok if you are black. Come on people it is wrong no matter who is being a racist

  87. I have already complained to cbs about Chima. Go to and click on feedback at bottom of page to voice a complaint

  88. I agree that Chima made racist remarks big time, but I do not think anyone is saying it’s ok just because of her race. That is a total fabrication. Also, Russell DID like Chima. It was Chima who started getting jealous everytime Russell spoke to another woman and went on a war path. Russell had her back until she chose Michelle’s word over his. To me, that was her dumbest move.

  89. Russ got sick of her hanging all over him He told Jesse and he told N/C then she got mad at Russ. He told Jesse that he didnt like her in a sexual way

  90. in what way is russel reacting when chima goes on these tyrades calling him a terrorist.? just curious b/c i would like to know just how serious he is taking it.matt could you please tell me.oh again my real name is donna for those who missed it.

  91. hi cheri,oh i thought he might know that she was saying this stuff.absolutely does not make it right.i just thought if he went to the producers about this,they would pull her aside.i agree she definately is out of oinion is calling him a terrorist is more serious than calling it racist.

  92. matt in what way does russ react? is he just angry or is he really taking an offense to this?i guess what i really want to know is ,has he made a complaint to anyone in charge.producers or cbs.maybe he is not taking it that serious and waiting for her to be evicted.i believe chima will be evicted by the hg next week.then we can get on w/a bb game.there will always be drama just not personally attacking people drama.i just hope nat does not pick up in chimas foot steps.

  93. Russell and Chima fight like a couple with a lot of pent up sexual tension – or has Russell put it – 2 alphas. Even Jordan told Russell that she thinks he and Chima would change their tune if they were both in the Jury House and the cameras weren’t rolling. Chima has not made herself look very good, but I don’t believe there wasn’t an attraction from Russell. He cuddled with her all the time until she started acting like, to use his words, “a jealous girlfriend”. That’s when he changed his tune and Chima went on the rampage.

    Chima has told Russell to his face that he is a terrorist, and to be honest, I think he was hurt by it, but he’s never taken it very seriously. That doesn’t make it right, but I do think white people have a tendency to want to jump on the war path when they see a person of colour make such remarks because it gives them the “aha’s”. The reason why the context is different when a person of colour says something like that is because a person of colour cannot be an oppressor, and therefore cannot mean it in the same context. It does NOT make it right, but it’s clear to me that Russell is not taking it the same way he would if a white person had said it.

    Rather than jumping on the band wagon either way, what I will say is she does owe Russell and everyone she offended a sincere apology, but I in no way believe she deserves to be “destroyed” over it. Even Russell didn’t take her seriously and said he knows things get said in the context of the game and getting into someone’s head. Again, it doesn’t make her right. But personally, I think there are more important things going on in the house.

  94. Another other thing that confirms this attraction for me is the way both Chima and Russell can’t seem to talk about anything but each other lol. He’s like the boy with the frog who pulled the girls hair, and she’s like the girl throwing a tantrum. I’d be willing to bet money that the two of them kiss and make up once they’re out of that house lol.

    Also, Chima is not a racist, she made a racist remark. There is a huge difference.

  95. nicola w/great respect to you i agree w/most everything you said.except when you said”i do think white people have a tendency to want to jump on the war path when they see a person of colour make such remarks b/c it gives them the ahas” i feel no matter what your race ,ethnic group,religion is ,you say something that is offensive it is offesive.i am white and i do not get the ahas when a person of colour says something to offend is just plain offensive period.

  96. Bluezey60 – I figured it went without saying that I was not referring to every single white person in this country, but I will state it for the record. I made a generalization, and accept that not everyone is like that, but based on the comments I’ve read, a lot of people posting are coming across that way. I am bi-racial and have seen this first hand, so I am in no way just pulling this from my hat. Apologies if you took it to heart. I was not referring to anyone in particular or the entire race as a whole.

    Having said that, I have already stated, I think Chima’s remarks were completely unacceptable. I never changed my tune on that. What I was trying to say was that there is a big difference between making a racist remark and actually BEING a racist. Again, apologies if my message didn’t come across that clearly. Cheers :-)

  97. Nicola, I respect your opinion with the exception of she is not a racist. She has made comments about people from the south, midwest America, etc. When I refer to the remarks she has made and makes I refer to all of them. I agree with bluezey60. I met someone who was “preserving the white race” or so to say, he and I got into such a disagree because he brought children into it. No matter what color, nationality or race you are you should respect others. You have to give respect in order to get respect. Chima thinks because she is HOH everyone should respect her. Don’t liker her. Never did

  98. Bluezey60 – I figured it went without saying that I was not referring to every single white person in this country, but I will state it for the record. I made a generalization, and accept that not everyone is like that, but based on the comments I’ve read, a lot of people posting are coming across that way. I am bi-racial and have seen this first hand, so I am in no way just pulling this from my hat. Apologies if you took it to heart. I was not referring to anyone in particular or the entire race as a whole.

    Having said that, I have already stated, I think Chima’s remarks were completely unacceptable. I never changed my tune on that. What I was trying to say was that there is a big difference between making a racist remark and actually BEING a racist. Again, apologies if my message didn’t come across that clearly.
    Cheers, Nicola :-)

  99. The timing of my comments now being moderated is quite interesting given other comments I’ve read. I’m hoping my first message doesn’t cause a stir, while my clarification lies waitin in the wind. That would be a shame and very much unnecessary.

    Bridget, Chima is not a racist. She made racist remarks. An oppressed race cannot be racist by sheer definition. Is it hate, yes. Is it racism, definitely not.

  100. Trying this again…

    Bluezey60 – I figured it went without saying that I was not referring to every single white person in this country, but I will state it for the record. I made a generalization, and accept that not everyone is like that, but based on the comments I’ve read, a lot of people posting are coming across that way. I am bi-racial and have seen this first hand, so I am in no way just pulling this from my hat. Apologies if you took it to heart. I was not referring to anyone in particular or the entire race as a whole.

    Having said that, I have already stated, I think Chima’s remarks were completely unacceptable. I never changed my tune on that. What I was trying to say was that there is a big difference between making a racist remark and actually BEING a racist. Again, apologies if my message didn’t come across that clearly. Cheers

  101. Bluezey – Please await my clarification. You misunderstood my post. For some reason my clarification is awaiting moderation, and the last thing I want is to create a war here. Cheers.

  102. Let me put this plain and simple. Chima just let the ghetto come out is really how I see it. I am sure a lot of people will disagree but that is m opinion.

  103. Bridget, your racial slurs are not welcome here as far as I’m concerned. Based on your name, I could think of a few of my own, but I am sure you wouldn’t appreciate that. So I think it’s best that we all show each other a bit of respect, and I mean that in the best possible way.

  104. Bluezey – The clarification I posted has still not come through, so I will sum it up in a nutshell and hope this one gets posted. I was basically saying that I by no means meant to refer to one race as a whole. The “aha” comment was based on posts that I read that seemed to want to jump all over Chima, but made racist comments themselves.

    I am bi-racial, so I’m also speaking from first-hand experience. I am sorry you took offense, and I was not referring to anyone in particular. I have also never changed my tune in regards to Chima’s comments being TOTALLY unacceptable. I simply said that making a racist comment and being a racist are two very different things.

  105. nicola,im not angry,i try to respect everyone on the sight,even those who did say “white people.” thats why i commeted.i do read all blogs,so i understand that some people have crossed the lets get back to this darn game .im rooting for jeff how about you ,who is your fav.

  106. Bluezey – You’re right, I did say “white”, and that was based on my personal experience and the assumption that the racist comments I read were made by “white” folks. But I should have worded that more carefully lol, so all apologies.

    You know something, I really like Russell. I know he’s abrasive and explosive, but I like him for some reason, and I liked that he was the only one to stand up to Ronnie. I’d be happy if he or Jeff won.

    I also think Russell made a great point when he told Jesse that he has no chance in winning if he eliminates him because Chima, Michelle, and Natalie will pick everyone off like flies if that happens. So I still think the best move would be for Jeff to tap into that alliance by putting up Jesse and Natalie. I don’t see any other way to turn things around.

  107. Bluezey I love how you difuse a situation and your opinion I have agreed with since I began reading

  108. Bluezey – You’re right. Indeed, I should have worded that more carefully. What I said was based on my personal experience and assumptions I made about certain folks writing the posts. All apologies.

    You know something, I really like Russell. I know he’s abrasive and explosive, but I like him for some reason, and I liked that he was the only one to stand up to Ronnie. I’d be happy if he or Jeff won.

    I also think Russell made a great point when he told Jesse that he has no chance in winning if he eliminates him because Chima, Michelle, and Natalie will pick everyone off like flies if that happens. So I still think the best move would be for Jeff to tap into that alliance by putting up Jesse and Natalie. I don’t see any other way to turn things around. It would be interesting to see what Chima does when her power in the house is depleted. I’d like to see who she will align herself with next.

  109. Ok, for some reason my posts keep needing moderation, so trying one more time lol.

    Anyway Bluezey – You’re right, I should have chosen words that could not have been taken out of context so easily.

    I like Russell and Jeff, and feel they need to break up the alliance. Jesse is making a mistake by not heeding Russells words when he said Jesse has no chance of winning with Russell out of the house.

    If this doesn’t get posted I guess I’m SOL, LOL!

  110. I think we could all benefit from being respectful of others despite our differences. There really are more similarities than there are differences anyhow.

  111. nicola,i like russ to i would like to see jeff and russ in the final 2.chima is a contender if she wanted to win she could but,unless she wins povs next week i think she might be leaving right after jesse.then nat.i believe jeff is going to bd jesse the same way he did ( jesse )to casey.but i think jeff will be much

  112. Let me begin by saying I love reading everyone’s different opinions on everything. We have a tendency to take these comments too personally. Sometimes, I myself forget that this is a game and that we are just observers’ in it. I respect everyone’s opinion here and ask that those that have respect for others’ respect mine also.
    Nicola-was I in know way attacking you or anyone or any race. If it came off that way I do apologize. I have a cousin that is married to a wonderful African-American man and they have nine beautiful children. I respect her more than anyone because there are so many racial stereotype’s in the world already and people are to quick to judge. Okay back to the game…
    I hope Jeff uses his “wizard power” and gets Jesse and Ratalie on the block with Jesse going home. I think that Russ would stay true to his alliance with Jeff if he did do this. I love Jeff/Jordan and know that Jordan will be going home soon. I think if they keep letting her slide because she is not a threat she will go to the end, if not the final 2 then the final 3. Michelle she irritates me. I didn’t care for her from the first minute she walked in the house. She seems to be Mrs. Ronnie. Lydia I do like her, but think she has some serious mental issues. I’m guessing she didn’t have a strong father figure in her life because of the way she attaches to men. Kevin, I did like him, but feel that he betrayed Lydia by not using the power of veto of Lydia.
    The person asking about spell check, I am usually just a quick typer and I don’t think spell check is necessary for something like this. I don’t think many of us are really concerned with being perfect spellers.

  113. lol bridget ,im glad to see we are all jeff fans.i agree i like jorden as well but she has to step up her game or she will be going home or she will ruin jeffs game.i see michele and chima battling it out in challenges for final 4 .i really havent seen nat do anything at all,she could surprise us.kevin,did surprise me by not saving lydia.i guess he didnt want to get his hands dirty and become a target or he knows lydia is safe.b/c he feels russ is the target.surprise surprise i cannot wait til thursday.

  114. Yeah I find Michelle disturbing also. I don’t like the way she blatantly lies and stirs things up in the house, much the same way Ronnie did. To me, there are better ways of playing dirty. The way they play is personal and mentally disturbing. Ronnie’s weird exit was a true example of that for me.

    I think Chima will go far if she can tone it down a bit and play smarter by not taking everything so personal and being nicer to Russell (assuming he gets saved). She doesn’t really have any enemies in the house, so I hope she learns to wise up before she gets booted.

    Either way, I’ll be tunning in like you both to see how this will play out. Jeff has GOT to know that he needs to save Russell. The two of them make a great team. I hope he doesn’t listen to Jordan, who seems to be trying to get him not to like Russell in the After Dark feeds. Her game is non-existent and she will lead to his downfall.

    I didn’t realise Kevin didn’t use the veto on Lydia, but then again, nobody expects her to go home so that’s probably why. Kevin is only interested in playing it safe anywhow and thinks he will make it far by just being a pawn.

    I really want to like Jordan, but I don’t generally feel good about women who behave like she does. Basically I find nothing cute about a woman acting like an moron. I wish her and Jeff all the best after the game, but I could do without having to watch her in the house. If it came down to Jordan and Michelle, I would choose Michelle. THAT’S how uncomfortable I am with Jordan.

  115. Nicola, Chima might not be racist but your remark about white people what is that all about?

  116. Jeannette, I think I already clarified what I was trying to say. So other than politely address your post, I won’t get into this anymore. Cheers.

  117. Nicola, I don’t think Jordan is acting. I think she really is that dumb, lol

  118. Bridget, I was trying to be nice, but you could be right lol.

    Virginia, who do you think should win?

  119. lol yes jorden definately is on a different page,some men do find that enlightening why? i do not

  120. Bluezey, I think some men just need to be with someone they feel is beneath them or won’t challenge them in any way. It’s almost like they want a 12 year old girl in a woman’s body. I steer clear of men with that complex. They’re nothing but trouble in the end lol.

  121. LOL – John, I don’t think you know enough to know what I look like nor how many friends I’ve got. It’s really sad that some of you have to resort to this nonsense instead of just focusing on the game.

  122. John, are you really that shallow that you have to judge people on their looks. I guess you must be. You also must have a brain the size of a pea or just wasn’t taught to respect the opinions of others

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