Big Brother 11: Week 5 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

The Big Brother 11 HGs faced the Power of Veto competition yesterday in the house. Once the struggle for safety was over the battle of paranoia broke out again with the HGs scrambling to flush out the Coup D’Etat holder. Find out what’s the latest plan for eviction and who holds what power now…

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 8, 2009:

8:30 AM BBT – Michele and Jordan are up early. Michele is worried about how Jeff is behaving around her, but Jordan says she’s just being paranoid. Michele is upset about Russell and wants him to go to sleep and never wake up…

10:00 AM BBT – HGs being selected for the Power of Veto competition. Chima, Russell, and Lydia were automatically included while Jeff, Kevin, and Natalie were picked to join them. Chima says if the competition is physical then the whole show is rigged to support Russell.

10:15 AM BBT – Lydia tells Kevin that she still wouldn’t nominate Jessie and she would want Natalie to stay because she hasn’t nominated her yet.

2:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back from the PoV competition. Kevin has won the power.

2:30 PM BBT – Kevin goes to Chima and says he doesn’t want to use the Veto to save Lydia as long as they have the votes to evict Russell with votes from Jessie, Natalie, and Chima as the tie-breaker. Lydia tells Chima and Kevin that she’s okay with not being saved from the block.

2:50 PM BBT – Russell is working Jessie over for his support. Says that without him Jessie will be screwed and that he needs to convince them to keep him around since everyone hates him and will target him later anyway. Jessie gives him lip service and Russell leaves.

3:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Chima are convinced that Jeff has the Coup D’Etat power because he gets called to the Diary Room all the time. They think it’d be a terrible choice for him to use the power. Chima has repeatedly said she’d make trouble for anyone that messed with her power this week.

5:15 PM BBT – Chima talks more about how she will flip out on live television if Jeff has the power and uses it to undo her power. She says she thinks Jeff has tipped off Russell about his power and that she’ll sue Big Brother if she can prove it. Chima really likes to play quite the victim…

5:40 PM BBT – Kevin quizzing Jeff on hypothetical situations of if he had the power would he use it and is he out to get Kevin. Kevin would be safe anyway because he has the Veto this week. Kevin expresses his support for Jeff and says he’s been on Team Jeff.

6:00 PM BBT – Lydia and Chima saying how most people from the mid-west are fat. Lovely girls…

6:15 PM BBT – Michele goes to Jeff and says she only has an alliance with him and Jordan. I don’t believe that at all.

7:00 PM BBT – Jessie discloses to Chima that Russell is working him for votes and to get Jeff nominated if the Veto is used.

7:30 PM BBT – Russell confronts Jeff and asks him how he’d use the Coup D’Etat if he had it. Jeff denies having it and Russell laughs off his interrogation saying he was just messing with him.

8:45 PM BBT – Jessie tells Kevin how pleased he is to know that he won’t use the Veto this week. Kevin says he wanted to show his faith in the group. Uhh, it’s not his butt on the line with that faith!

9:15 PM BBT – Russell promises an epic speech if he is evicted. He promises Jeff and Jordan he won’t come after them if he stays because he likes them, unlike the rest of the HGs. Lydia is now telling Jeff and Russell how Kevin doesn’t plan to save her with the Veto. Russell and Jeff are surprised and Lydia definitely sounds hurt by Kevin’s decision. She says he must think Chima is a better friend.

9:45 PM BBT – Jessie goes to Jeff and tries to drum up support. He tells Jeff that he has Jeff/Jordan’s best interests in mind. Jessie must really think Jeff has the power. Jessie reveals that Russell wanted Jeff up on the block and this puts Jeff’s mind in a tailspin.

10:30 PM BBT – Kevin and Lydia having a fight about his plans to not use the Power of Veto. Lots of anger here between the two while they blame each other for everything. Kevin says he’ll use the Veto if it makes her happy. I’m not sure how serious he is about that statement.

11:40 PM BBT – Lydia goes back to Chima and starts reciting her conversation with Russell. She shares lots of details, some true but a lot are false. Chima is getting worked up over what Lydia is telling her. It ends up turning into a Russell-hate-fest and the girls are loving it.

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