Big Brother 11: Week 4 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll see what happened in the PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then that won’t be a surprise at all!

Emotions are flying high in the house right now as the pressure mounts towards Thursday’s Big Brother eviction. If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just $13/month.

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  1. What was going on last night? I thought JordanJeffRussellMichele were a team. Why did Russell throw Michele under the bus?

  2. JESSIE WENT UP TO Russell HOH and started talking some shit, he then got chima up there and asked her about what jessie told him about what michele was suppose to say chima called her up there and then all hell broke loose then

  3. @ pam: russ is super paranoid right now so he is trying to figure out what is going on while jess and his dog are using his paraniod as a way to get him to come back to his side.
    jesse went and told russ that michelle is lying about how she approached nat and him about saving ronnie. then russ went back and told jess how chima wanted him out. so he called put chima and michellle and then the whole big fight broke out.

  4. Jesse is a pussy. So scared of people. Has his little chahua????sp do his dirty work. Jeff has this won “Super Power”. Hope he is smart enough not to let it be known to Jordan. L

  5. Good afternoon BB fans!!!I am glad Jeff will win the power because even if Russell is up, he will use the power to save Russell…. Jeff will honor his word, and I think it will be awesome to see Jeff / Russell in the final 2…. Michelle is the female snake…. She kisses whoever’s ass is in power… I want to see Chima / Michelle go in the next 2-3 weeks….. Let’s go Jeff / Russell for final 2….. P.S. Chima gives black women accross the country a bad name with her ignorant ass and loud mouth….. I want her gone next… She is mad Russell put her on blast because she i always rubbig on him and trying to flirt with him….. What a bitch….. Michelle needs to go to…. I hope Jordan doesn’t mess up her game dealing with the female rat (Michelle)…. Anyone agree or disagree with this statement? Please indulge me with your opinions….

  6. Jeff will win the power because even if Russell is up, he will use the power to save Russell…. Jeff will honor his word, and I think it will be awesome to see Jeff / Russell in the final 2…. Michelle is the female snake…. She kisses whoever’s ass is in power… I want to see Chima / Michelle go in the next 2-3 weeks….. Let’s go Jeff / Russell for final 2…..

  7. agree with Leo. Russ and Jeff will make a good team. They win competitions, and Jeff is relatively clean so far in the game. Jeff, I think, doesn’t think Jordan can make it to the final 3 or 4 so he won’t actively try and get rid of her, but will allow Russ to do the dirty work. I just think he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings but may be starting to realize she is an albatross around his neck.

  8. leo:well i agree w/ you on some parts. i do believe that jeff will save russ if he is up and keep his word. i do want chima to go home but after jesse cuz hes the one who started the blow up. well jordan needs to stay out of it b4 someone brings her name into something.

    chima i want to go only cuz she was so childish last nite by throwing water and calling him a terrorist.

    michelle im not too sure what going w/ her. i beleive that the only reason why she lied to russ about supposely “speculating” about chima cuz how would she look if she said “yes it true” in front of chima. then the whole house would be attacking her. but she is lucky that it turned out the way it did.

  9. I think Michelle is doing the same thing Russell / Ronnie did….. She will side with whoever is in power….. Look at the last three weks…. She was on Jessie’s side last week and then flipped to Russell / Jeff / Jordan’s side this week…. I think she will be back on Jessie / Natalie / CHima’s side next week if they win HOH….. I hope they kick that loony toon CHima out of their group…. Chima needs to go home and so does Michelle….. I am curious to see who Jeff will put up to save Russell or who he will nominate if he wins HOH if Jordan believes Chima about Jessie / Natalie not coming after them?

  10. i dont think jeff will use the ‘coup’ this week if he wins it because he staed even before the endurance hoh that he was gunning for ronnie. if he lets this week go as it is, ronnie will be next to julie on thurdsay (yes!) an dhell be able to use it more wisely next week and backdoor jesse and fat nat.

  11. from watching the feeds, it seems like if…
    chima gets HOH: russel and natalie will be nominated and after the veto shell put up
    russel and jesse.
    natalie gets HOH: michele and jesse will be put up. (jesse as a pawn)

  12. if jeff were the HOH next week… (my hopes)

    natalie and jesse (pre veto nominations)
    jordan (veto winner)
    veto not used
    natalie and jesse (post veto nominations)
    natalie (evicted!!!)
    just saying :)

  13. heres how i want the rest of the season 2 go:
    braden: confirmed
    laura: confirmed
    casey: confirmed
    ronnie: this week
    natalie: jury 1
    michele: jury 2
    jesse: jury 3
    i havent thought out the rest yet!

  14. Chima is talking about hows she’s gonna write about her time on BB. Wow, Chima, what kind of inside info are you gonna give us? EVERYTHING is recored. She also says she’ll continue to call Russ a terrorist b/c America won’t get mad b/c he’s of Middle Eastern decent. And America hates middle easterners. LOL! And this is the girl that called out Braden? She needs to loosen that wig on her head. Its creating problems for her gray matter.

  15. what a lame veto competition michelle was practically handed the veto which she doesnt deserve

  16. michele out smarted them.they made their own choices to fold.i really was hoping russ would get it matter michele did the right thing.jesse certaintly isnt her daddy.gnat doesnt scare her tried to bully her.hah ronnie you are going home.america hates you.

  17. At least she played Ronnie’s strategy was to fold everytime and hope everyone but Jesse lost. So much for the smart rat. Stupid. And then try to threaten her. He is a total joke

  18. vickie, most people hate douchebags and want them to get out of the house. Is church so bad though? Hmm, haven’t been to church in decades; another reason I’m an atheist.

  19. yey see i am watch a game full of douchebags. Thats why we like the game just so sick of ppl say how much so so is not honest. JEFF sat on his BUTT doing nothing. YUM THE GAME is to playing it. HOPE J N J LOSE

  20. i hope to god that somehow ronnie wins the power. and puts up jeff and jordan..god they are boring to watch. at least ronnie is playin the game.

  21. i hope that somehow ronnie wins the power, and puts up both jeff and jordan. they are so borin to watch. they arent even really playin the game. at least ronnie is.

  22. i think vickie and scott are tied in with ronnie some how, to want him in the game, you have to be an idoit just like he is, i thought it was so funny seeing him go running to the DR to tell on kevin what a pussy….roflmao. cry baby needs tog o home to his mommy

  23. wopuldn’t it be great if Jeff won HOH and wins the coup he could put up two pawns then right before the voting. he can stand up and say wait i want to change the noms and put up jessie and the NAT…

  24. oh yeah thats it, you need to get a life. its just a game. and all im sayin is jeff and jordan are borin to watch. if ronnie goes home then oh well. im not gonna be like some of you guys and cry and bit*h sayin im gonna turn the tv off and stop watchin bb.

  25. My son is an IDIOT! Vickie & Scott are you two still coming over for dinner this weekend?

  26. ha ha. Just b/c they find Jordan and Jeff boring doesn’t mean they have ties with ronnie. Honestly I agree with them when it comes to othose two being boring and Jordan being lazy, but that doesn’t mean I like Ronnie. Actualy I hope he goes. Mostly b/c I’m pro Kevin and Lydia but still…

  27. Good evening BB fans…. Jeff will win the power because even if Russell is up, he will use the power to save Russell…. Jeff will honor his word, and I think it will be awesome to see Jeff / Russell in the final 2…. Michelle is the female snake…. She kisses whoever’s ass is in power… I want to see Chima / Michelle go in the next 2-3 weeks….. Let’s go Jeff / Russell for final 2….. I hope Jeff gets rid of Michelle / Chima / Lydia / Kevin before they try to get him with this crap about an all female final….. Let’s go Jeff / Russell….. I would like to see Jordan / Natalie / Jeff / Russell in the final 5 with anyone else….. What do the rest of you think about this? P.S. Russell / Michelle are both rats, but I think Rat boy #2 (Russell) and Jeff will make an awesme final 2…. Go home Rat girl aka Michelle…. L~O~L!!!

  28. WUZ UP BB Fans? Good evening bluezey60 …… I hope Jeff wins and the final four is Jeff / Russell / Jordan / Natalie….. The 4th can be debatable, but I do not want Michelle because she is already working side deals with Lydia to target Jordan… Chima is an ignorant racist and she had the nerves to call Braden that…. Lydia and Kevin are useless…. I would rather see a final 5 where it is Jeff / Jordan vs Natalie / Jessie with the King Cobra Russell in the middle flip flopping…. What do you think about that bluezey60 and other BB 11 fans? Just food for thought before Showtime After Dark comes on…

  29. i dont mine kevin at all.i think hes funny, just wish he would start playin the game alittle more.

  30. Same. I think he might be throwing them but I’m not sure. I just hope he starts playing the game before its to late

  31. Have a good night bluezey60 and all BB fans regardless of who you support….. Lets not lose sight that this is a game and there is no need to let hate fill your minds and heart over who you want to leave…. At the end of the day….. None of us will see the $500,000…. Have a good night & have fun watching BB after dark on Showtime…. I hope there is some action tonight like there was yesterday….. ***** O~N~E ***** Talk to all you BB fans tommorow (Blog with you at least L~O~L)

  32. does anyone know how long it will take till they say who won the power? i know the votin closes soon.but how long must we wait to find out?

  33. hi leo,my final pick would be jeff ,jorden,russ,michele,kevin mostly for the vote he has no spunk for challenges.i like jorden she really does seem like a very nice person but,she still has to prove her self w/winning a pov or hoh.i put her in final 5 cause jeff will take her as far as he i guess the fifth person could be anyone as long as its not jesse or cheater boy.i just couldnt stand to listen to gnat or chimas mouth any more.i do believe chima has proven that she could be a fierce competitor if she wanted to ideal final 5 would be what i stated in the beginning.did i miss some thing i havent seen kevin do anything funny at all.

  34. Jesse couldn’t have looked any more guilty than he did last night after talking all that crap and then hiding. I can’t even call this good game play because it was so obvious he was to blame after running, but how can these morons not realize that? It’s frustrating after this show being on for years now and other reality shows of the same nature that nobody just uses their damn brains. Why isn’t Jesse public enemy #1 just for the fact that he’s getting such a great opportunity to play again? They get so sidetracked that the obvious paranoid, lame douche bag that he is continues to skate by. Gnat sneaks around trying to get info and can’t shut her little trap and people will still talk game around her, knowing damn well it’s going right back to Jesse. Go Kevin though, nice to finally hear you talk.

  35. we basically want jeff to win because we know he’ll target natalie and jessie and almost everyone HATES them

  36. i see that point, but if they do win.they better use it and start playin the game and at least make things interesting.

  37. yes im voting for jeff and i will tell you why,jesses arrogant-ronnie-well no words to describe him other than he believes he is the best bb player of all time.and hes creepy.russ,i like but im not voting for him.lydia i have no respect for she is a walking virus,gnat is up jesses ass so far she cant see day light so i really dont know what kind of competitor she could be b/c she does not think for her self.,chima is a diva want to be w/a mouth as big as the grand canyon.i have not voted for jorden b/c i feel she will be in the final 4 due to jeff.after that she will have to fight to stay.kevin i think has the potential to go far if he would try to win a pov or hoh just b/c he is liked as a hg.

  38. @scott, i totally agree that they are being boring right now. I dont want jordon to get it because she will probably be dumb with it and be afraid to get her hands dirty but i think jeff will step up his game once a few key players are out of the way. i think its his strategy to lay low and let people like ronnie, russell,natalie, and chima who are way outspoken make enemies and then he’ll strike

  39. john, just because you may not agree with vickie does not make her a racist. She has said NOTHING even close to racism. Calling someone a racist is really serious

  40. @lets go jeff, i do agree with you that i feel jordan would probably pass it up with being afraid and not wantin to get her hands dirty. and i know geoff will use it if he wins. i personly would like to see it uses to put up chima or natalie.

  41. oh definitely. there is not way America wants him to stay in. I’ll kinda miss him though just for the fact that he keeps it interesting!

  42. that is the only reason why i want him to say. he plays the game. its all he does, and he makes things interesting..its true he did play his cards wayyyyy to early and if not may have not been in this mess yet.

  43. I personally would much rather have jessie or natalie on the block right now rather than ronnie. ronnie is so entertaining and i think he was just beginning to lie low for a bit after coming on too strong too early

  44. if the bb is really ridded. i believe they will keep ronnie around a bit longer.he will turn the house upside down again. and bb probably wants that for the ratings.

  45. Just for fun. Ronnie is not going to win the power but if he did who do you think he would put up? Again just for the fun of it.

    I like Michele she has won twice.

  46. i also think michelle is just like roonie is..she is playin both sides.goin with whoever is hoh.

  47. Oh, please evict Ronnie. He was such a crybaby on the AD last night. Boy! What a show. There were so many fights, it was difficult to keep up. Liked Jessie, he just went and hid. Ostrich always sticks his head in the sand after he stirs it up. Jessie and Natalie got all that started with their lies and deceits. Way to go Kevin. I thought he had no fire in him at all, but he backed down Ronnie. Then Ronnie bawling because he was chest butted. They all showed how immature they really are. Chima calling Russell immature was like the pot calling the kettle black. All her digs about his manhood and throwing water on him. Now that was real classy!
    Then Natalie kept fueling the fires going to both sides and telling them what the other side was saying.
    Ronnie take your hundred-year-old-man walk and walk out the door Thursday night. Then I hope Jeff fights like h*** to win HoH.
    Then let’s see some real shake-ups in the house. Chima and Jessie being put up would not make me cry.

  48. agreed scott.. i think were starting to see michelle’s true color. that was classless and childish michelle for the dumb comment at the veto ceremony.
    jus unfortunate that ronnie had to piss everyone including america off in the beginning and made a few bad moves but im still routing for him till the bitter end.. unfortunate that everyone constantly brings up the fact that hes a rat ffs we know hes a rat stop whinning and move on .. russel and a few others still somewhat bullies him and ronnie’s taking it all without any retaliation.

  49. I have a slow connection and between sleep and work and chores have still had some time to stand up for the underdog(rat).
    It is fun to not go along with the crowd, it is a game after all !!!
    I think I got in at least 1000 vote’s for Ronnie. If I could do that wonder
    what his gamer friends could do with their ultra fast connections and the fact that they don’t work or sleep or have chores to do.

    Do not think it will be enough to beat Jeff but he may get more votes than you think. The gamers may vote for him but I don’t think they
    visit these kind of blogs.

    I hope BB gives us the HG finishing order and the total of all the votes.

  50. Why do say bb is boring keeping Jeff & Jordan? He is the only one willing to challenge Jessie,Gnat & Chia. Think about it, if J /J GO NO ONE WILL have the guts to stand up to them. Now that is a REAL BORING show>

  51. Less than one and a half hours left to vote if you are going to stop me and Ronnie you better vote some more ! HA HA

  52. That should be an EVIL laugh HA HA HA – not that evil when I have to tell you what I tried to do. Oh well a tough guy I’m not.

  53. HEY I TELL YOU WHAT, I WILL VOTE FOR RONNIE, TO GET EVICTED!!! Ronnie sucks & needs to go.

  54. wow leemn good stuff keep voting for him ..
    jeff and jordan …theyve done nothing that warrant me to route for them other than looking pretty together and being passive and popular.

  55. Hey since you are not a HG, Ronnie’s Wife wants to know if you can join her & Ronnie for dinner after he loses & gets kicked out. R.S.V.P. please

  56. Because I stopped you, I’m bad a sport? Don’t forget to R.S.V.P. Ronnie & his wife about joining them for dinner after he gets the boot. Ha HA

  57. Hey maybe you can plan ahead & next week you can ask Jessie & Gnat to join you, Ronnie, & his wife for dinner. Let the games begin.

  58. Please someone slap the crap out of Lydia-the crying over Jesse is freaking stupid.
    Ronnie needs to go followed by Chima the racist ho then Jesse the eg and Lydia the freak.

  59. i dont know if ur youre trying to be funny or sarcastic ohosazulos . ur making no sense.

  60. marv, just trying to have a little fun, check out comment no. 78. Was not trying to be sarcastic. Check comment no.76, he claims he voted for Ronnie 1000 times. I hope you can understand why I responded this way. Ronnie sucks, all I wanted to do show why saving Ronnie, will not make the show.

  61. “Gamers,” in the sense that Ronnie is, don’t have time for voting so someone on a reality show can win a power. They’re too busy “grinding” for levels.

  62. nat shouldnt brag she didnt take a shower then when jess picked her up she said not to pull her pants down she was on her time of month , god disgusting

  63. marv, since you live feed updates there is still for you to join Ronnie & his for dinner after he gets the boot. No camera, this will be actual inter action. Remember to R.S.V.P. May be next week you can join them again along with Jessie & Gnat

  64. Nat is one nasty girl , i sure wouldn’t brag about not taking a shower for a week.then she doesn’t comb her hair on top of it all how nasty


  66. If Jeff gets the special power, he needs to throw this HOH comp. He has all the power next week anyway. Then he could go for the HOH the next week.

    He can even offer himself up as a pawn, knowing full well that he will shake things up. At the time of the eviction next week, he will swap out with his real target and it’s rock and roll time until the final 4.

  67. commet 68 i made a mistake in typing again jeff will stay til the end.i meant to say jeff will go after jesse and gnat .

  68. i agree w/that tbone let jesse have the hoh or nat. only if jeff gets the power.jese will probably cry. nat would she really not taking showers.

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