Big Brother 11: Week 4 Monday Live Feed Highlights

On top of the Power of Veto Ceremony yesterday on Big Brother 11 paranoia got the better of most the house as the gloves came off and massive, massive fights broke out from corner to corner. Has the voting plan changed? Is Ronnie safe after all? Who was screaming? Who was crying? Find out…

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Live Feed Highlights – August 3, 2009:

4:00 AM BBT – Lydia and Kevin set up a prank outside of Russell’s HoH room with cling-wrap all across his door and the railing. They run away giggling at the fun. Jessie isn’t initially amused because he’s worried of the fallout, but come on, that’s funny.

10:20 AM BBT – Jordan and Michele discussing how vulnerable Jessie is in this game. Jordan is confident that he’ll turn on all those around him at the chance of nomination.

11:10 AM BBT – Russell and Jordan talking game and who they can trust. Jordan thinks she can trust Michele, but admits she also trusted Ronnie once. Russell knows he is a big target now. He says he isn’t willing to accept Chima’s offers for sexual favors because he’s here to play the game, not hook-up.

12:00 PM BBT – Jordan telling Jessie about losing her virginity. Listen in if you want those details…

12:15 PM BBT – Lydia informing Michele and Natalie how Russell told her not to associate with Chima. Natalie immediately bolts to the HoH room and relays all this back to Russell. I hope she’s at least earning some Snausages for all this lapdog work!

1:00 PM BBTLive Feeds are back and the PoV Ceremony is over. Michele did not use the Veto power.

1:15 PM BBT – Natalie and Chima discussing the Nat-Jessie love tension. Chima tells her Jessie really likes her and how it’s similar to what’s going on with her and Russell. Um, yeah…

1:30 PM BBT – Chima is really worked up about Russell and how she doesn’t “give an F*”. Clearly she does. Natalie now reveals to Chima that she’s not really 18, but 24. Chima is surprised. Natalie goes on that she has a business degree and a great job. Chima asks in an assuming way that she must not work at Blockbuster then. Oh no, she does, says Natalie. Hilarious.

2:30 PM BBT – Kevin explaining to Jordan that Russell is instigating fights between Chima and Lydia saying one is talking about coming after the other and vice versa. Could he be trying to get these two ladies off his and Jessie’s back? Either way, he seems to be pulling a Ronnie.

2:45 PM BBT – Ronnie and Jessie talking about their chances this week. Ronnie thinks there is hope. Jessie just says, “I’m F’d.” At least he’s a realist! Ronnie says he’ll offer safety to Russell, but if he gets HoH next week he’s putting him up with Jeff.

3:30 PM BBT – Jessie and Chima are running scared. Both agree that Russell is doing far worse things this week than Ronnie ever did. Neither of them trust him anymore. Chima wants to nominate Jordan and Russell because it’d be a sure-fire way to get Russell evicted.

6:40 PM BBT – Jessie is focused on shaving his legs. Yes, you read that correctly.

8:30 PM BBT – Jessie and Natalie decide its time for their band of misfits to stop fight and join forces. Go Team Douche!

8:55 PM BBT – Russell confronts Jessie over his paranoia that there was a backdoor plan against him in previous weeks. He suspects it was Chima, then Ronnie, then Jessie, then the Easter Bunny. No wait, that was me. The Easter Bunny is after me, not Russell. This conversation goes on for quite awhile with Russ interrogating Jessie and Jessie doing his best to keep up. It ends with an agreement that Michele must be playing them and they’ll fight back.

10:20 PM BBT – Chima finally gives in to Russell’s request for a reconciliation talk in the HoH room and heads upstairs. Russell immediately throws Michele under the bus and Chima runs to bring her into this fight. Russell says that Michele told him Chima wanted to backdoor him. Michele denies it. This turns into a huge yelling “yes you did, no I didn’t” volley. The fight gets bigger bigger. Definitely flip back on the Live Feeds Flashback for this one. Chima is in Russell’s face screaming at him. Wow!!

10:30 PM BBT – Kevin is trying to block Chima inside by holding shut the sliding door. Russell screaming at him to let her out. This is nuts!! Chima calls in Jeff and Jordan to talk about Russell and his alleged lies.

10:45 PM BBT – Michele tells Natalie that this event won’t change her plans to vote out Ronnie. Natalie pleads for her to come to their side, but Michele isn’t interested.

11:00 PM BBT – Lots of discussion between Kevin, Michele, Lydia, Chima, and Natalie. Instigation all around here.

11:15 PM BBT – Ronnie comes back and there’s suddenly more screaming and fighting as Kevin and Ronnie go at it over a possible alliance between Ronnie and Russell. Ronnie is crying because Kevin got too close to him. Sheesh. This is another fight that is totally worth watching on the Live Feeds Flashback feature.

11:30 PM BBT – Chima and Russell are at it with Round 2 in their fight. Chima attacking the size of Russell’s manhood. Russell attacking her promiscuity. Kevin has to get in between the two of them. Jeff steps in and tries to hold Russell back from her.

11:45 PM BBT – Russell is now out back with Jeff. Russ says everything he said about Chima was true. He’s also upset that Jessie never showed up to try and help him.

11:45 PM BBTRonnie is sobbing to Chima about the big, mean Kevin. Kevin comes in and the screaming between him and Ronnie starts up again. Ronnie squealing that Kevin needs to leave, but he says he’ll do no such thing.

11:55 PM BBT – The Live Feeds come back and no one has been evicted for the fighting. Phew! Big Brother is taking everyone into the DR, one at a time, to calm the house.

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Wow, wow, wow! What a massive night in the Big Brother 11 house! Ronnie and Kevin must now stay 3 feet apart at all times. The same goes for Russell and Chima. I have no idea how long that rule will last, but probably a very good idea.

Get on those feeds now and watch all of this. You know they won’t show but a few minutes of it cleverly edited on the broadcast shows this week so you’ll only be able to see it on the Live Feeds Flashback!

You can catch all of these events using the Tivo-like feature of this year’s Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to take advantage of the discounted rate of 13% off the monthly rate.


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  1. i loved the fights
    but now im worried that the sunshine crew (jeff jordan russel and michele) are no more because of russel and micheles falling out
    but loved russel giving it to chima
    and P.S. chimas a f-ing racist for calling russel a terrorist cause hes lebanese (this is ironic cause she called brandon a racist a week ago)

  2. @T.T: Good reason to be concerned, but I’m hoping with the manic emotions in the house the “sunshine crew” could be all hugs by lunch today. We’ll see though.

  3. im still saying that jesse needs to leave cuz if he hadn’t stirred up that huge lie about michelle then the sunshine crew wouldn’t be breaking up now. also jesse and his puppy are using russ’ paranoid as a way to the targets off them next week. so really who sides are jeff and jordan are w/? cuz jeff wasn’t really around the fights only when to get russ out. but jordan was talking to chima about how she believe the russ/ronnie alliance.

    i reaaly wanna vote for jeff but this whole rumor w/ is really scaring me.

  4. It seemed as if Jesse and the Gnat were the actual instigators of all events that occured last night. It looked as if they spent the day planting seeds of doubt in everyone’s minds and leaving little land mines in their wake. If this is truly what happened, I must admit that they played the game well yesterday. Russell now seems to be in the crosshairs of everyone except Jeff and Jordan. It seemed that when the fireworks went off, Jesse immediately laid low and went off the radar. Then he left the Gnat out in public to do the rest of the dirty work – quite well I might add – just by doing what she does naturally. It looks as if the events of last night were truly game changing and we are going to remember this one for a while.

  5. I loved watching Ronnie cry that was the funniest thing ever. Dang I really wish chima, nat, jesse and lydia would be gone

  6. The voting for the coup d’etat is only ending tonight at midnight, so i think that we’ll only find out on thursday before the evction ceremony

  7. These events are just cementing a Russ/Jeff alliance. Russ will see that Jeff is the only person who has his back but in the back of his mind he knows Jordan is a problem. Expect Russell to orchestrate Jordan’s eviction in 2 weeks (when no powers can be used to save her). Then the long road to the final 3 (Russ, Jeff, Michelle being my prediction).

  8. How come everytime Ronnie “cries” there is not a single tear? And I am glad to see there are other people that see that Nessie started everything last night. I just wish the people in the house would.

  9. i wish CBS would let america vote for the final two then take america votes along with the jury house votes.

  10. Does anyone know why Jessie and Natalie were not talking to each other? With all the fights and lies going around it’s hard to keep track of who’s lying and who’s fake fighting. Was Chima lying on Russell?

  11. The evil Jesse and Nat(The Gnat)MUST go. He instigated the whole mess with lies about Michelle, then sent the Gnat out to do his dirty work while he removed himself for the rest of the night. He is working Russell, who up to now has been smart. He’ll get rid of Russell in a second if Russell doesn’t come to his senses.

  12. see.. who says that getting rid of ronnie would make the house boring.. lmao,,, these people are crazeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Here’s something to think about. With Russell in the crosshairs of most of the rest of the house, if Jeff does become HOH and doesn’t put up Russell, how will that go over with the rest of the house? OR, if Jeff uses the coup de’tat to take Russell off the block if he is not HOH, what will everyone else think?

  14. Shemale(Chima) is screwing herself into the ground. She is a walking hypocrite. She lambasts Braden for his Mysoginy and Bigotry, yet she calls Russel a terrorist and Lydia a dumb b*tch.

  15. I am glad Jeff will win the power because even if Russell is up, he will use the power to save Russell…. Jeff will honor his word, and I think it will be awesome to see Jeff / Russell in the final 2…. Michelle is the female snake…. She kisses whoever’s ass is in power… I want to see Chima / Michelle go in the next 2-3 weeks….. Let’s go Jeff / Russell for final 2….. P.S. Chima gives black women accross the country a bad name with her ignorant ass and loud mouth….. I want her gone next… She is mad Russell put her on blast because she i always rubbig on him and trying to flirt with him….. What a bitch….. Michelle needs to go to…. I hope Jordan doesn’t mess up her game dealing with the female rat (Michelle)

  16. jessie didnt stur up anything. michelle has lied to both sides. and it was clear she was.


    luckily i recorded BBAD so yea, that will stay on the recorder for a wong twime.

  17. Thx Matt I am really glad you keep everyone updated. I wouldnt have nothing else to read while I am @ work.

  18. Marcus you are right about Michelle getting caught in liea….. CHima is so childish and is letting her personal feelings about being rejected cloud her mind about catching Michelle lying…. I think Michelle is doing the same thing Russell / Ronnie did….. She will side with whoever is in power….. Look at the last three weks…. She was on Jessie’s side last week and then flipped to Russell / Jeff / Jordan’s side this week…. I think she will be back on Jessie / Natalie / CHima’s side next week if they win HOH….. I hope they kick that loony toon CHima out of their group…. Chima needs to go home and so does Michelle….. I am curious to see who Jeff will put up to save Russell or who he will nominate if he wins HOH if Jordan believes Chima about Jessie / Natalie not coming after them?

  19. @Joanna, Jeff & Jordan were smart staying out of the fight. Had nothing to do with them. Loved it when Jeff said at the end “Anyone see my keys, I’m going home”! And he did take Russell outside to calm him down.

  20. wow, I actually like Michelle. I think she’s just playing the game. Sometimes playing both sides and lying and manipulating others is the best way to ensure your safety in the BB house. It’s a game strategy. This isn’t a personality contest. The one who’s gonna win this competition is the one who can play the game the best. So I wouldn’t be too upset if Ronnie stays becasue he’s playing the game. And floating and laying low in the first few weeks is also a good game strategy.

  21. RyRy, good post. Agree with you about Michele. My only problem with Ronnie is not his lying or manipulations, its his crying. Theres no crying in Big Brother. Not by grown adult men anyway. His gleefully telling lies to others bothers me also. If you have to tell a lie..its big brother, go ahead. But you dont have to be so happy about it.

  22. After the blowout with Ronnie, he’s yelling that it will be on live feeds, so he feels he’s going down in BB history by virtue of this fight. Well, better than being a liar. No wait, now he’s a Nazi defender! BTW, Lydia, it’s MILLIONS killed by the Nazis, not thousands. Time to go back to the books.

  23. I am so sick of Chimas pompous whorish personna. She is ALWAYS rubbing up on Russell and talking to everyone about him and her -shes been up in Jesse’s bed too…..Boy that girl gets around….and shes not even pretty..she gives black women everywhere a bad name! Send her the hell home aready !

  24. um, is it just me or has this season of big brother turned into another show entirely. i mean racism, homophobia and now the holocaust. i thought this was a game everyone is turning it into something more and to be quite honest i am a little bit ashamed.

  25. I also don’t have anyhting agaist Ronnie, hes just playing the game the way he thinks it should be played. But saddly this week I hope he goes, becuase i’m all for Lydia and Kevin.
    And with Lydia gone Kevin can last only so long.

  26. Does anyone know if anything good has been going on today? The aftermath? Has Roniie shed anymore tears?

  27. All I have to say is that Jesse is a cry baby and a sore looser!!!! Oh and so is his pitbull “Natalie” send them home already. Send them packing and let Chima be the nxt one.

  28. As I just heard Ronnie just say to Michelle, “You need to think logically about this game.” The only thing that comes to my mind is, should I keep watching this set up game? I believe there has been a bad connection of people this year and it is showing up to viewers that this is set up. How could so many people be stupid in a house? Jesse and the Gnat just finally showing up in and around the house after three weeks. Maybe they were like the guy that had to sleep for weeks before they emerged. Its like Rapumunzel! Sorry spelling probably incorrect. They just woke up! If somebody confronts Jesse, he is scared, turns red faced and twists his mouth, not too mention his face turns red. The Gnat will go and reveal everything to him later. Victory as usual for them.

  29. Chima and Natalie need to go. Chima should have gone home week one but they were so stupid and listened to Jessie and Natalie and voted out Braden. Now that Bi&^% is causing so much drama she needs to get her ass kicked out. to be kicked out in this order….Ronnie,Chima,Jessie,Natalie, then it will be a pleasure to watch the rest of them compete for the prize

  30. @name enjoying the psychological plight between caged humans is very enlightening, look at all the issues being fought about on the show, and don’t tell people to get lives, when you’ve obviously spent time to display your poor spelling makes you the saddest lifeless person posting on this website

  31. I agree, hopefully Jeff does win. This week Ronnie, Next week Jessie, &then Gnat & so on. Vote for Jeff!






    OH AND


    GO JESSIE!!!

  33. Will somebody put a sock in Chimas mouth? She just cant stop badmouthing Russell and calling him a “Terrorist”…every chance she gets….Who said she dont have the hots for him? Shes a woman scorned – or at least she thinks she is!! Get her the hell out of the house…her mere voice irriates me at this point! Chima – not EVERYBODY is in love with you!!!!!









  35. agree with mama shes a racist and her voice will grate on you , dont blame for russell dropping her

  36. I hope that Jeff wins the special power, he is the only one that has the gonads put Jessie & Gnat up for eviction. If Jeff & Jordan get the boot who else will stand up to Jessie,Gnat, & Chia? If J/J & Russ go, that will be aboring show. What do you think?

  37. and nat bragging she didnt shower all week , and stupid jess lays up in bed with ehr god wow what a nasty smelling woman

  38. Hello, there! Matt what happened to “MODERATION?” That is your RESPONSE. Why not moderate other people? I tell you what, you will not answer this question. SO HERE IT IS TO MATT & RONNIE! You both suck!

  39. Come on, what are you thinking? You have people talking about being a Racist, not taking a shower. Thus this person calls her a ” Nasty Smelling Woman.” It gets worse, again, single me out? Comments are numbers 38, 39, 40, & 42.

  40. Matt, Do you understand “MODERATION?” I bet you don’t have a reply, because you are a dumbass!

  41. Everyone needs to remember this: “IT IS JUST A GAME”. EVERYONE OF THESE CHARACERS ARE GOING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES (LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL) TO WIN THE GAME. Ask yourselves this question. WITH $500,000 AT STAKE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? If you are truthful with yourselves, you will come to the conclusion that you would likely do just what these players are doing. Just sit back and enjoy the ENTERTAINMENT and give these people a break!!!!!

  42. @ohosazulos: I’m not sure what your problem is, but calling the site admin a ‘dumbass’ certainly isn’t going to help your cause, dumbass.

    I have reviewed comments 38, 39, 40, & 42 and see nothing wrong. Are you just upset that they have a different opinion from you?

    Please also provide an example of your alleged persecution by my hand. You continue to claim that I’m singling you out while I have done no such thing.

  43. Wow! i missed all of the fights =). Thanks to this website i knew what really happend. Kevin made Ronnie cry? UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE!I hope the “Sunshine crew” is still together i still would LOVE to see Ronnie out that door followed by Nat,Jessie,Lydia & Chime (Ugh!). I think Jeff will get the “Power” as of yesterday he recieved 83% of the votes followed by Jordan.. Goooo Sunshine crew!

  44. It’s not racist to call someone a terrorist. A terrorist is someone who uses unlawful intimidation to get a point across or have some kind of political justice. If the word terrorism applied to Big Brother, Russell would fit the bill because he does intimidate the other HouseGuests and he does bully them.

    If she did call him that because he’s Lebanese, then that is racist, but if he wasn’t and she still called him that then she would still be right.

    Besides, Russell was wrong in the arguement. Michele did not talk to Natalie & Jessie because they fabricated that story.

    Plus, there is speculation going around that Chima and Russell staged the fight because of a conversation they had on Sunday.

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