Big Brother 11: Week 3 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Wow, I did not see this coming from the new Big Brother 11 HoH, Jessie. In his second round as the Head of Household the Michelin Man has made his nominations and some of you may feel bad for his targets.

Overnight on the live feeds (which still has the 13% monthly discount rate running if you haven’t joined the rest of us yet), Jessie, the new HoH, announced his nominations. Click “continue reading” to find out who he nominated.

Big Brother 11 Week 3 nominations:

  • Jordan
  • Michele

Now Michele I expected as I said yesterday I thought it’d be Michele and Casey going up. While I’m glad to see Casey wasn’t nominated I’m a little irked to see Jordan back on the block. That’s gotta be a stressful event and making her go through that a second week in a row is just the kind of jerk move I’d expect from Jessie so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

What do you think of Jessie’s nominations? Would you have rather seen someone else get nominated? A Rat, perhaps? Voice your opinion below and get into the Big Brother discussion here.

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  1. hopefully jeff or casey will win hoh next week and make this a little more interesting… And i agree with another person on here. lydia sure has been a disapointment!!! Hope they will backdoor ronnie. lets all cross our fingers.

  2. alright…yes jessie is an @$$hole but from the way it stands…jessie could be thinking about how loyal ronnie would be to him, if he chose to keep ronnie safe. Of course this is idiotic…because ronnie is and always will be the rat..but i can see how jessie could convince himself of this. I do hope that ronnie gets sent home! I dont want jeff to win next week though. because if ronnie goes home this week..then jessie should follow him right out the bb door

  3. i also think jessie’s pretty cold hearted for putting jorden up. has she not been through enough??

  4. I wanted nothing more than to see someone other than “Jessie’s Girls” become the HoH. Ronnie needs to go and be tortured along the way. I’m growing very tired of Jessie and it will be hard to watch him during a second reign in three weeks. His nominations are as spineless as Ronnie’s last week.

  5. Im not surprised Jordan was nominated. Jesse’s goal is to break up the jordan/jeff connection. Thats one less person to vote him out if one of them goes home. If jordan wins pov then casey will probably go up and out. Either way Jesse wins this round. This game is not about making friends but manipulating people. Jesse’s strategy so far has worked in gettting the majority of the hgs to allign with him. But then we have to consider the character of the hgs this year. Most of them are young, hormone raging, eaisly manipulated people who think Jessie is the next best thing to white bread. Looks like the bad guys may finish first.

  6. I am also disappointed by the nominations of Jordan and Michelle. Michelle could go home at anytime in my opinion. She is a floater and has not tried to play the game at all. Jordan does not deserve another week of stress. Although, I may reach through the TV and strangle her if she does’t quit playing with her hair constantly! At least she isn’t on cabbage and cocktail weiners.
    I am just afraid that if they or someone else wins PoV and takes Jordan down, that they will backdoor Casey. I don’t think they see Michelle as a threat.
    I want to see Ronnie go home. Don’t think that will happen. So the good guys are screwed basically. The Natalie-Lydia-Jessie triangle is not even interesting.
    Production was giving them facts last night on AD. Don’t have live feed, so not sure when PoV comp was. Have a feeling that BB gave them facts all night long. They have done this game before. Make them all tired and try to remember the facts. If anyone knows what happened, let us know. Guess I will find out tonight on AD.

  7. The worse thing that has happened so far is BB starting out by bringing and old HG back in the first show. These people are nuts…did they not see Jessie last year? I still don’t get why the “in” group thinks Ronnie did not lie to them and I cannot figure out why they decided to keep him in the game. I’m almost at the point of not wanting to watch BB and might not cry if the cancel this show.

  8. why would he put jordan up? shes been through a lot lately and hes obviously intimidated by jeff/jordan cuz he knows jeff will send him out the door if he gets HOH. this weeks evictee needs to be ronnie and jesse or michelle or russel next week. next week id like to see jeff or jordan or kevin get HOH. jeff was close this week and if ronnies not out this week, hell sned him or jesse out next week guarenteed.

  9. He put up two people who would not upset his alliance. There is no negative for him putting these two people up. By putting Jordan up, he assures that if Jeff is playing for POV that he will try his best to win and take Jordon off. By putting up Michelle he assures that…that…it doesn’t matter. I don’t think Michelle has anyone with her in the house so nobody but Michelle is going to compete for her. In the end, his target is Casey. If anyone uses the POV he puts Casey up. If the nomitations stay the same, Michelle will probably go so that Jeff stays sedate and calm for another week. As long as Jordan is in the house Jeff is worried about protecting her and is less of a threat since people can go after Jordan to attack him (This is a post that I’ve put up in a couple of others forums as well)

  10. Why does everyone think poor Jordan has ‘been through enough”? How nauseating. They need to go after the little twit Chima, miss ‘I am a Diva, leave me alone.” Michele, Kevin Chima and I am sure I am forgetting someone, are just doing absolutely nothing in this game. They need to go. I hope Casey wins the whole thing, he is the only sensible one in the house.

  11. I am rooting for Casey also, but I am also afraid he will be back-doored this week. The alliance of Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Lydia, Russell, Kevin and Ronnie the Rat are too afraid of him. He is the only one with enough balls to put one of them out. Ronnie should be going. but doesn’t look like that is how it is going to go down.

  12. Here we go again with poor Jordan on the block!!! I cannot believe that moron Jessie!!! He needs to be taken down a peg or two.We all know why he was taken out last year when he was. His brain is as big as a PEA!!! Trust me he leaves a lot to be desired.His horrible arrogance is too much to take !!! PLEASE B.B put a twist in the game soon before all the good people are gone.We all trust you to come to their aid.I can see Michele going out the door but I think she was a pawn used to get Jordan out, to break up Jeff and her…What a shame !!!!

  13. If i was in the bb house, i would play like i was going to be nominated every week. Why should anyone..including jordan..expect not to be put on the block. Thats the name of the game. Work it Jordan!!! Get out there and get some votes! Act like you give a damn girl.Quit playing footsie with jeff and manipulate these people. It could be so easy for her. She is very charismatic and could charm them all. Too bad she didnt have brain implants instead.

  14. like you said, just like the jerk jessie. and people say he’s changed. he is the worst person that they could have put back in the house. and it will be the downfall of BB.

  15. I don’t get the whole idea of “oh let’s keep this person in the house because they’re no threat in competitions.” No offense to Michelle and Kevin but I think they need to evict the ones who aren’t doing anything. It’s not fair to let them slide by week to week. Ultimately they could be the last ones in the house if people keep thinking like that. Make it a real game.

  16. I am hopeful that Casey will some how be in the POV comp and win it and take Jordan off and then all three Jordan, Jeff and Casey will be safe. I could careless who goes home as long as all 3 of them are safe.

  17. I was liking Jessie this year until now. That’s the WORST move so far in the house. Michele YES, but Jordan NO. What in the world is he thinking. Well, Jessie has completely turned me off of BIG BROTHER this season.

  18. Well the plan is to backdoor Casey this week but if he wins pov, worse comes to worse michelle or jordan go home, both of which have contributed NOTHING to the game this season

  19. Jessie is called A$$LIPS in my house!…always has and always will!…he is a total piece of $hit!…i so want to go to the live show at the end when the winner is picked so i can jump up there and start beatin the hell out of all those a$$holes…some1 needs to make an example out of these dimwitted backstabbing pole smokers!…i would love to do it!…anybody with me or wut??

  20. I agree with snatcher2010 Cowboy or Jessica would have been better than Jessie!!!!!

  21. I agree with cat, anyone who can’t tell time by the time they are her age needs HELP!!!

  22. I wish they didn’t have these freakin’ teams! Jessie needs to go and his little partner in crime, Natalie!!!!!!!

  23. Jessie you are a true dumb@$$. Why did you have to put Jordon up again. I hope u go home in week 4. That would be so FUNNY!!!!!!!!

  24. i think he is going to back door Ronnie and maybe take Jordan off the block. this way Ronnie thinks he is safe

  25. I absolutely can NOT believe that Jesse did NOT nominate Ronnie …. Jessee missed another golden opportunity to be beloved by everyone in the house as well as the Fans of Big Brother….. It looks like we now have TWO RATS (JESSE AND RONNIE)

  26. I absolutely can NOT believe that Jesse did NOT nominate Ronnie this week. Jesse has missed another golden opportunity to make himself not only a favorite of everyone in the BB house, but also of the fans of BB…… What a jerk! It looks like we now have TWO RATS in the house – Jesse and Ronnie~!!!!!!!!

  27. Jessie was (last year) and continues to be a airhead jerk. Nobody will ever love Jessie as much and he does himself.

  28. Cat, you have great insight. It is a game of manipulation. That`s why manipulators like Evil Dick, Will and Mike Boogey have won. And is also why floaters like Dan and Adam have won. Rob, great call as well. Repeating what you said:if Casey wins POV, then he, Jeff and Jordan are all safe (for this week).

  29. I think Michele was a good idea, but poor Jordan, something is not right, is Natalie wanting Jordan and is telling Jesse it would be wise. As far as I can tell there is more than 1 rat in the house.I like to see Jordan stay. Ronnies a– needs to be backdoored!

  30. Can’t wait until the P.O.V. to see how it is played out. We all hope for the best players to stay in the game. It’s time to take out the losers. Most of them are traitors to one another. I know that it is playing the game, but an end has to come for the BAD ones. I did not like the groups divided like it was, it’s hard to put some one up on the block that is in your group no matter how much you dislike them.I hope that next year will be different B.B.!!!!!!

  31. Why in the heck is that slime rat Ronnie still not nominated? I can’t believe it!

  32. I cannot fathom why Jessie would put Jordon back on the block! UNLESS…. He is banking on someone else, besides Ronnie, to win POV and save Jordan. Yet, with Natalie being in the rat cage with Ronnie and she wins POV, I do not think she will use it. I still say Ronnie is going to win POV and not use it, though. It’s just too easy of a plan to backdoor Ronnie. If Jordan goes home, I do see Jeff becoming a better player, though. I see no reason why Michele is on the block…I personally think it should be Chyma up there. That one is too sneaky and hateful. Yet, that is part of the game. I think Jessie should have put Casey and Kevin on the block. Why? Everyone is saying how Kevin is a floater. So, why not use it to the fullest advantage. Putting Casey up there would have helped in flipping the house more. In the end…I cannot wait to see Natalie, Ronnie, and Russell going home.

  33. This is exactly what BB was hoping for. We all are talking and moaning the fact that Ronnie was not nominated. It makes for interesting (and frustrating) tv. What more could a network want. We’ll still the bitter end.

  34. I agree with the person who said that jesse had the brain size of a pea I agree i was just sick when he was the one allowed to play again. Personnally, if it can’t be Ronnie to go home, because he is the most hated player at this point I can see why they would want to keep him there and send someone home who the jury would definetly vote for in the long run, but chima sheema whatever needs to go I can’t stand her mouth nor her horny attitude.

  35. I also can’t stand to see a floater like Kevin who has done NOTHING go on thru the game, if you are not going to play go home…

  36. It will be interesting who wins the Power of Veto. Although if it’s a sport competition, unlkely either Jordan or Michele will win.

    Jessie is really too dumb to play this game right. I wouldn’t bet him on winning it. If he’s coming across as that unlikeable on TV, can you imagine what the other houseguests must REALLY think of him???

  37. It is only a ploy to BD Casey I think. Although that would make me sad…as I am sad to see Jordan up again.

  38. I hate that Jessie is HOH again. I hope the athletes lose next time and someone has the gut to put Jessie and Russell up, and keeping Natalie or Ronnie as a back up in case one of those two wins POV, or the athletes will end up running the game. This will make me take BB11 off of my DVR if an athlete does not go home soon.It is time for a twist to shake things up, in my opinion.
    Oh, and Jessie is a jerk (as we all know from before) for putting Jordan up for a second week.

  39. He should have put up Ronnie and Russel…..but IM sure Jesse has a plan….IM hoping that Jesse goes up on the block and be voted out of the house!

  40. Nice, Rob! hey, dude, can YOU play POV and save the good guys. Atleast Casey has a shot at it. If its between him and Jeff, then it would be in Jeffs best interset to throw the game, cause he`s safe anyway.
    If you think about it, Ronnie and Jessie are the two best PLAYERS in the house at this moment and one or the other has had the power and they have each others vote plus the power of persuasion. Forget Russell and Chima for now. If Jess and Ron go deep into this game, one WILL WIN!! sorry.

  41. As long as Russell or Ronnie gets backdoored I do not care. Do not want to see Jordan walking out.

  42. I agree…………I hope that it comes down to Jeff and Casey and that Jeff lets Casey win it.

  43. russell can`t be backdoored by jessie and if ronnie or russ win HOH next week, then jessie will be safe. It`s a vicious cycle.

  44. I’m really getting to the point that I don’t want to watch bb anymore at night. It is boring. the samething over and over. I started to watch last night and just turned off the tv and went to bed.
    all i can say is i hope that jeff gets Jordan off by winning the veto. otherwise it is all one sided. same old same old


  46. Jesse and Jordan are both brainless, but Jordan is sweet and likeable. Lydia is such a $lut! I am so not liking the way that things are going this season.

  47. This team crap sucks the big one. WHEN will they go back to playing for themselves??!!

  48. My personal opinion on these HG’s not that it matters but I feel like posting it.
    Jesse-seems like he played football and got hit a few to many times without his helmet. He can’t think for himself so that’s why he keeps Ronnie the rat around.
    Russell-is to much of a hot head. He can make things in the house kinda of dramatic which is good, since it’s the only excitement.
    Jeff-he is my favorite, I could live without the dumb blonde that he chose to latch onto, but he is the most real person there.
    Natalie-Natalie, Natalie she is playing the part of a teeny bopper too well. She is always saying she has a boyfriend, when the truth is if Jesse made a pass at her she would go for it.
    Jordan-She is a true airhead, she is a true blonde, ahh, “Do you really think animals can think?” She will probably stay around a little longer because she’s such a weak player.
    Lydia-I don’t care what other people say about her I like her. She is doing what she has to in order to advance.
    Kevin-I like Kevin also, I just wish he would grow some balls and make his own decisions.
    Casey-I think Casey is very real. He has the balls to deal with all the followers. He mght take the initiative and make decisions, but that’s because no one else does.
    Ronnie-if he stays in another week, he is rather smart. after all that he has done and can continue talking the other HG’s to keep him in, wll done.
    Michelle-too proper and very goody-goody. She can’t win a competition and is very quiet. Don’t care fo her.
    Chima-the Chia Pet that is addicted to the love muscle if her and Russ stay in the house for a few more weeks, I predict a showmance for these two. I also don’t like her she is too horny and someone needs to just give her some already.
    I know my opinion is one of many, but I had to voice it.

  49. Not sure they are playing veto yet………I know they selected players about 45 minutes ago.

    BTW, Lydia and Jessie had sex last night and his new nickname is “Two pump chump”!!!!

  50. Lydia is a freaking whore! Sleeping w/ a 1/2 inch man is not only tacky but gross! It would be soooooo funny if he put her up!

  51. can someone put a hood over jesse’s head the rest of the game? ronnie should be out. BORING:BORING:BORING

  52. Ronnie-rat was the object of everyone’s contempt, especially from Russel,so I assumed that he would be on the block. I don’t see the point of putting Brooke up,or does Jessie just not like girls. I wouln’t mind if he put up Natalie.

  53. Well Lydia should have a little more game play to stay in the house instead of whacking him off and boinking him! This is BB not a freaking brothel!!

  54. How will Casey winning POV keep him from being backdoored. If he wins he should choose not to use it. this will force them to evict Michelle. Otherwise if he removes Jordan, Jessie will just put up Casey. Everyone but Casey ,Jeff and Jordan are in on the plan. Jordan wins -she takes herself off- Caseys up
    Jeff wins- he takes Jordan off-Caseys up
    Caseys wins removes Jordan- he’s up
    So unless he doesn’t use it he’s gone unless he gets wind of the plan.

  55. What a jerk move to nominate Jordan again. Get rid of that slimy weasel Ronnie! Ugh, I can’t even look at him!

  56. As POV winner, Casey can’t be put up. If Casey wins, Jordan comes off and Ronnie goes up. If Jordan wins she’s off and someone (hopefully Ronnie) will go up. But Casey could go up & home if he doesn’t win POV.

  57. The plan is NOT to evict Michelle now. Jesse is still planning to backdoor Casey.Jeff and Jordan are the only 2 ppl he trust! It would be in his best interest to use the POV if he gets it!

  58. All this complaining, but its not gonna do any good….the first ones to go should be Russel and Jessie. If the people in the house don’t figure that out soon, its going to be all over.
    Why they are putting up all the girls is amazing to me because they really aren’t a threat to anyone….oh well, see what happens in the next week or two.

  59. So how do we know Lydia and Jessie did the deed? Was it on the overnight feed? So gross–hope they have free std testing. I am bummed they want Casey out–Ronnie is a total tool and I cant stand him. Poor Jordan–I hope she and Jeff and Casey get wind of what is going on.

  60. @Liz: you forgot a couple seasons ago where they had a huge bowl of condems in the bathroom? It seems there are no limits to what they do in there, as long as it isn’t physically hurting to anyone.

  61. Just tell Jessie and his followers, this includes the rat, that if America gets to vote they will have little chance of surviving!!!

  62. I wish they hadn’t brought Jessie back on. He has no personality and can’t think the game. Ronnie makes me sick with his spineless gameplay and talking about how brillant he is.

  63. this bb season totally sucks. I hate jessie coming back. Its really too bad jessie is suck a back stabbing biotch and is keeping the rat in the house. Hope it puts a HUGE target on his back and he goes out in flames week 4. Would love to see jeff win bb, but i think the muscle heads will run the house and the bb game into the ground. this will be the end of bb.

  64. I understand that Jordan and Michele both got nominated for eviction last night by Jessie, The second time HOH. Did the POV take place this afternoon? Who won the POV this afternoon? Will the veto save one of the two nominees from eviction? Find out when the veto meeting takes place the day after tomorrow?
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  65. cbs you are screwing up bb , look at the chat rooms we all hate jessie.the compititions have suited jessie to win stop. we need americas player, or a vote we need jessie out all chat rooms hate jessie,he has messed up bb this season, look at your ratings,its because jessie get him out. I will not watch another episode if jessie stays and everyone feels the same get jessie out now, even if you have to disqualify him get him out

  66. I agree with the majority, BB should not have brought past contestants, especially Jessie the pea brain. Ronnie should be tared and feathered, Hey BB that should be a “rigged” game for Ronnie.


  68. I can not stand Jessie! It would not suprise me to see that huge piece of ego be “America’s Player” and also see him and “THE RAT,Ronnie”, go all the way to the end.Lynda is keeping her self there by her “Performance” with Jessie. The Nicest one on big brother 11,is Jeff.. and they will surely go after him.. I hate to see Jordan on the block.. and Michelle also but expected it about Michelle because she is so smart. Jessie loves himself so much that I would not be suprised to see him kissing his ugly arms in his HOH room pictures.. I am surely disappointed in this years way of the game. Thel

  69. I am not going to watch BB11 until I know Chima is gone and Ronnie and Natalie and Jesse

  70. when is the veto competition going to show up??
    and i think natalie is too big for her bridges that girl should be put in her place i wnould never let an 18 year old talk to me like she talks to people. ronnies a stupid rat and if jessies stupid enough to save him hes just screwing himself worse than he already has. i hate jessie natalie ronnie chima lydia and kevin. these people need mental help.

  71. Boo hoo Jordan up on the block. Somebody had to be there. Has noone watched BB before. These kinda things happen.
    As for Ronnie I feal sorry for him. His whole alliance knew he was telling lies (just not how many) and they jump on him like a spider monkey. It’s like Ronnie said and his alliance agreed “it’s a game” you just shouldn’t get caught in your web of lies. Stop and think about what your going to say instead of blurting something out and make sure you can cover it up if someone calls you out. Ronnie just wasn’t viscious enough for the game.

  72. THANKS Rob for telling us who the players are for the P.O.V.!!!! At least our GOOD ones will have a fighting chance. PLEASE…PLEASE someone tell us who got the P.O.V.

  73. Like everyone I to hate jessie but i know there is no way in hell he will win big brother 11.. He is a idoit and needs others to make decisions for him.i hope he goes up next week witheither natalie or lidia.. he should have put up ronnie that bastard not jordan.. lets all hope ronnie gets back doored this week.does anyone know who won the pov?

  74. That rat russel just playing the game and that is part of the game just spoke to many people at one time. I think some of you are just making a big deal out of Jessie CBS decided what person will go back and he won the others had a chance.

  75. I would love to see Ronnie get nominated–After the stunt he pulled last week even Jesse would be a “Musclehead” to trust him!

  76. This season of BB is beginning to stink. The house guests I liked in the beginning are a big disappointment (Lydia), Chima is a SKANK! I love watchig Kevin, but he gets very little air time. The jocks are over inflated airheads. Doesn’t leave much to watch!

  77. Oh yah, I forgot. Ronnie is a little puke. He rteminds me of the creepy guy we all knew in High School!

  78. I agree with you lynn. There’s something odd about him. Childlike in a mans body if you want to call it a mans body

  79. Carol I agree i bet he is a wack job. he is such a rat im soo happy Russell was harassing him lol

  80. CBS;
    These people do NOT represnt the majority!

    I LOVE Jesse even though his game is whack.

    Just remember, these angry people only watch to see if Jesse will get evicted. Right?

    If you get rid of him…then they will be content and unmotivated to watch.

  81. Ok…Lets get a few things right here….CBS did NOT put Jesse back in the house…That was the outcome of the first HOH competition.

    The “Deal” for this week is two people are pawns and put on the block, 1 person wins POV (hopefully NOT Ronnie), and the Veto is used to remove on of the players and to backdoor Ronnie!

    I do not see this deal happening. Either Ronnie will win POV, the POV will NOT be used, or it will be used and Ronnie will not be backdoored! Leaving the two ‘pawns’ stuck and the house shook up even more!!

    Things like this makes for good reviews of BB. That is the history of the show! Things have to happen in order for the game to played! Almost everyone is playing the game, as they should (Cough Cough…not Ronnie!).

    So everyone wants to frown on Jesse for being in the house again. That’s part of the season! Face it…he does play a good game…he lays low and lets everyone else take the wrap for the crap being said! I do not agree with some of his antics, but he is playing the game.

    Russell, Natalie, Chima, and Lytia are hanging themselves. I forsee Russell and Chima making an alliance between them two. Natalie will be leaving soon (as we seen on After Dark- Jesse is getting pissed at her tell all antics). Lytia and natilie will clash and create havoc amongst themselves, creating the house to place them both out the BB doors.

    I do hope the season gets better, and it will, have patients and enjoy the show! That’s what we all waited for, isn’t it!?

  82. I am not impressed with Jesse’s nominations. He shouldn’t even be back in the house. He had his chance and now they have to bring someone back from the past. Anyway they just discovered the rat in the house and Jesse didn’t put him on the block. What is up with that? I don’t believe that Jordan or Michelle are a threat to him at all. Ronnie is just going to keep being a rat. Oh well, I’m sure Russell will keep it interesting.

  83. well, just as a reminder, Nat is NOT 18 as stated above, she is really 24 yo. Jessie in the house knows the truth and that is the only one.

    As for the noms, I hate that Jessie put up Jordan again, BUT what bothers me more is that they are not going to BD Ronnie and it looks like it will be Casey going up in who ever gets taken downs place.

    There is nothing but lies going back and forth in this house! the only ones I like are Jeff and Jordan and maybe Michelle and Casey if they could get there stuff together!

    Jordan needs to step it up thou, if they want to get anywhere in this game, jeff cannot put up any athletes so it is up to her or Michelle!

    oh and I want NAT OUT!!!!!

  84. Last night Jessie said he was going to be on The Bachelor next season. Don’t you have to have a personality for that? Last night’s Truth or Dare was really moronic & childish, and run by Natalie. Even though she’s 24 she is showing her immaturity, as well as Chima. Getting people to do things that they would never do is really stupid. But I am so glad that Chima is on slop!!!!!!!!!

  85. i think it should be ronnie not jordon ronnie is going to be a major player if they dont put him up

  86. Thanks Cyndi! I hope Casey wins and takes Jordan off. If he does, who would he put up? It’d have to be Lydia or Kevin. It would be too funny if he puts Lydia up.

  87. I would be much happier to see Ronnie and Kevin up there – Ronnie because I can’t stand him and Kevin because he is the biggest cry baby in all bb history.

  88. Casey or Jordan need to go home this week, or even Michelle there all clueless about this game.

  89. I think ronnie because he is a jerk & Chima because she is a big bitch….

  90. I am like most of you. I can’t stand what the house has become due to Ronnie’s lying game. But the more I think about it, the more I have to wonder who is more at fault: Ronnie, for creating/spreading the lies…or the houseguests, who all chose to believe him.
    Yes, they were all duped but bb isnt about walking on eggshells, hoping to be everyone’s best friend. Granted, Ronnie was out of line, but that’s the way he chose to play the game–for himself–much like everyone else.

  91. I don’t think Jesse want Jordan out I think
    he did just to get Jeff to try hard for the POV and then they will back door Casey.

  92. Ash, that is so true. You cant blame ronnie for doing exactly what the rest are doing..lying. Its just the way he went about it. It was so mean spirited and if you ask me..reckless. All he saw was the end game..his winning. He forgot about the consequences in between.

  93. the whole idea of jessie and nat keepin the “RAT” in the house is because he’s too scared to ever go against them not that everybody knows that he played everybody the rat will go home once the popular and half the off-beats are evicted, because they want him in the voting house, i predict Jessie and Natalie or Lydia in the FINAL 2 with Jessie winning, even though im gone hate to see that it seems as it grownin towards that nightmare

  94. I think they should bring back Braden. he wasnt a snake and deserves a fair shot… I would be so interesting to see what would happen if they brought him back.

  95. The thing is, no one knows what Jessie’s gonna do at POV, until he’s actually put in the situation.
    I’m kinda bummed because I do think his plan is to backdoor Casey, even though I wouldn’t put it past him to stir things up and actually nominate Ronnie.
    But pretty soon they have to break these cliques up because the athletes have been untouchable since the first HoH. And if they aren’t broken up, the athletes are going to maintain control of the votes.
    And yes, I realize any one of the groups could’ve been the one with 4 players, but like the guys in the house say: there’s no sense in always playing the “what if” game.

  96. i would have to agree with you betty… Braden didnt get a fair shot and deserves to come back into the house that way it will even out the playing field a bit,for casey, jeff and jordan even michelle. there the only normal ppl in that house lol.

  97. The Rat needs to go!! I can’t stand even watching the show when they show his face! Then he sits in the rat hole reading the Bible?! REALLY?! Its a wonder it didn’t burst into flames being held by such backstabbing liar!! Natalie also needs to go, she is a snobby big mouth..ugh..I would like to see Jeff, Russell or Casey win it all….

  98. Jesse is worthless and there were thousands of people that probably wanted or needed the money more than he did .I hate Big Brothers for bringing him back into the house.give someone else a chance Big Brother

  99. I have to admit that Ronnie certainly isn’t winning me over. Not just because of his actions. There was one moment on live feeds where he lost all hope with me.
    It was the day Russell came up to Ronnie’s HoH room and admitted he’s been playing everyone. After that little bit of insight, Ronnie looked at the camera with his hands up and said, “a deal with the devil,” then proceeded to continue reading his Bible. That thing should’ve turned to ashes when he touched it.

  100. IMO — If the jocks are going to keep Ronnie in the game that is to their advantage for a quick second then BOOOOM, Rat Ronnie will turn on them too and blow up their game. Ronnie is a smart player (he studied BB)and let his cards show a little too quick but we all know he is smarter than the jocks even with Jesse having 4 weeks experience hahaha.

    I am in agreement Ronnie can not be trusted and should be the one going this week but Ronnie is not hurting the jocks game ….. yet!

    I am not a fan of the cliques but would have made a good season if BB made (haha lol BB is doing a little to much persuation this season) Ronnie a good player. Maybe let the jocks bully a little but have the good squashing the bad and Nerds beating jocks showing that brains will prevail over braun. This season started out exciting so fast and then :::Poof::: I am losing interest for some reason fast and I have not missed a season … YET. The backdooring, backstabbing, lying and cheating has all been a part of the BB game but this .. this season is nothing like the others where 2 people are telling what they want to happen for the week. People go to talk to the HOH and you have Nat sitting there as like she said a “Co-HOH” when have we heard that in seasons past. My memory is bad maybe someone will help me LOL. I just havent seen anything like this season. Maybe it is the cast!

  101. next weeks HOH will hopefully go to the ‘real’ side of the house. jeff or jordan for sure. if ronnie doesnt go this week (nightmare), then definately next week with russel jesse and natalie soon after. hopefully jordan gets the veto used on her if jeff or casey gets it.

  102. the ‘real’ peoplethis season are:
    laura (out)
    braden (out)

    the other six are hopeless and dont deserve to make it past week 5. sadly 2 of the rela people are laready gone which sucks.

  103. omfg seriously!!!!!!!!!!! chima must be having a super period right now haha

  104. crap. jordan/jeff didnt win. ronnie shoudl still be backdoored lol. chima has to wear a unitard. super period haha.

  105. I could not satnd Jessie on BB 10 and he certainly hasn’t changed for the good. I can’t believe how he has many of the HG fooled and how they are like his little lap dog. I hope that Casey wins POV and he uses it Jordan. I am not a fan of this years Clique idea. It seems that the Athelete’s have a great chance to go all the way. They can always have 3 play for HOH and sometimes 4 and if they continue to win it’s going to be a hate fest for me. Jessie and his little lap dogs appear to be on a run that can’t be stopped. CDH

  106. Dean… Michele won POV. I feel that jessie will put up casey and send him packing

  107. Cannot wait to see Casey in a banana outfit!!! Poor Jordan, I love her and jeff

  108. I agree witn DH on the fact that the Athelete’s will be hard to beat. The system appears to be flawed and it seems to me the BB producers did not think out all the the possibilities if one grouop keeps on winning since one of them has 4 players. I believe if they would simply had the rules for HOH be that if youi win HOH, no one in that clique can play for the next one. Right now the Jessie clique can simply win each week and at the end the 4 Athelete’s will have to fight it out to be the winner of BB 11. ACH

  109. I guess I missed the day Casey became a big target for everyone. I don’t understand what he did. So he wants Ronnie out and he’s mentioned that he’s not a fan of Jessie’s. Who is a fan of Jessie’s?!
    It appears that they’re just looking for an easy target without giving Casey the chance to stick up for whatever he did. Jessie won’t even speak more than 5 words to him.

  110. It’s really to bad thot some of the people in the BBH represent some of the worst values found in some people. Casey may have his faults, but he certainly has more character then Jessie and some of his admirers. My hope is after Michele uses the POV on herself, Jessie puts someone up other than Casey, but I doubt that he will put up Ronnie. When will Jessie followers realize he is playing all of them?

  111. What about Russell? He’s playing the same kind of game Ronnie was, but clearly in a much smarter way. He’s telling all the right people all the right things, but sooner or later, his game’s gonna catch up with him.
    Don’t get me wrong, though. Russell is definitely one of the most interesting characters on the show right now.

  112. Ronnie needs to go he is a bull shitter and conniving person he really needed to be put up for eviction what was Jessie thinking or not thinking I thought Jessie had a mind of his own I guess not I am pised!!!!!!!

  113. BB rigged it to get Jesse back by having an endurance contest for the first HOH. There were 2 athletes left at the end. BB KNEW the chances were good that Jesse would get in. Jesse was a big dud last season but he is playing a little bit smarter this year. He messed up by not putting Ronnie up. I think he’s looking at getting popular. good luck with that!!

  114. Ok Ronnie needs to fo he is a convinving BSer and needs to to go what was Jessie thinking or not thinking I thought Jessie had a mind of his own I guess not I am POed!!!!!!

  115. Jeff and Jordan does know somthing is going on, they mentioned that last night. Jeff needs to “try” to fit in better even just to try to hear something!!! As for Russel, he is just mad hot!!

  116. MICHELE !!!! Is not suppose to be the winner of the P.O.V. comp.She is one of the least favorite people in the house !!! Now where the game goes is anyone’s guess.Just when are the good guys coming in ??? I can’t believe that they are ALWAYS the under dog!!! What is it with all the losers ??? They are on a winning streak. Other people are right…there has been no other B.B like THIS season. I don’t know what B.B has in mind, but I sure hope they turn things around.We all would like to see the GOOD ones take over.

  117. well, the pov is michel wins. that means she takes herself off and jessie puts up casey! then they will keep jordan and casey goes home.

    next week they will be after jordan and jeff again. they keep trying. jordan has to get some spunk and start winning.

  118. I can see it now. Jessie replaces Michele with Ronnie and they vote out Jordon out. Then Jessie blames it on Michele’s vote. Although I am not a real big fan of her, she is certainly nicer then many others in the house. I wonder if Jessie doesn’t put up Ronnie if Jeff and Casey will see the light that Jessie can’t be trusted?/

  119. I’m done. I just can’t take anymore of Jessie and his harem. It is beyond awfull. Everyone I like has already left or are on their way out. Just the trash is left. BB sure messed up when they brought Jessie back. I couldn’t stand him last time. My favorites are Jeff, Jordan and Casey and they don’t have a chance in hell. When this season started I really liked Lydia & Kevin. That lasted one day! LOL!

  120. They will see that Jessie can’t be trusted when he puts up Casey in place of Michele.

  121. If Casey does go home, that will probably be the last straw for me this season. I just can’t stand to watch Jessie, Lydiot, Chima, and Natalie in power any more. They make me sick.

  122. I forgot to say I sure am glad I didn’t get the live feed. I was ready to try it and then Jessie showed up. Decided I didn’t want it then. I couldn’t stomach watching some of what I have read that he and Lydia have been doing. Yuck to the max! He and Nat are both idiots!

  123. All I can say is…………JESSE IS GOT TO GOOOOOOO. Atleast Russell is okay for now. He stoped been an idiot for how long?….No one knows when the evil returns.

  124. Jeffro-You hit the nail right on the head…LYDIOT. I LOVE IT! It suits her well. What do you think of Slutia?

  125. The bottom line is: things won’t really change until a NON-athlete can pull off the HoH.

  126. I totally agree with Jeffro, Jessie and his harem make me sick. They talk and laugh about everyone behind their backs. the other night Nat was complaining about somehing Lydia was saying to her and either mechele or Jordan was consoling her and when nat went back to her Jessie group, she told everyone how they fell for her compalining and started to make a big joke about it. Tha was great example what some of these people are like. Jessie, Lidia, Nat really make me sick.

  127. Michele can turn the tables…if she wants to. BUT she already promised Jessie that he will be safe next week….she is also trying to play both sides, being she does not fit in anywhere. Jess already asked her who SHE wants up in her place ….who she wants to go. michele said she is not sure yet.’
    but there is no guarantee jess will do what she wants to. he has a habit of making it SOUND like he is letting people chose, but we all know that is not the case!
    Now wait till Nat finds out jess and lydia slept together!! lol
    I think she should put up Nat! or try to have Jess put her up!

  128. I have to agree with the majority. I think I am over this show. It is obvious that Jesse
    Put in there to win it all. I don’t think I want to contribute to CBS by watching it anymore. I am so glad I did not waste my money on the live feeds. Seems as if the bad is winning over the good big time this season.

  129. Ronnie is a dumb-ass and if he thinks he can play a game of BB he went out the gates way to fast. Chima has herself looking like an ass on TV she needs to go she is such a downer. Jessie is a dumb jock who is boring to watch. At least Jeff is playing the game indivually and not relying on his athlete team to keep him safe like Natalie, Russell, and Jessie are. B/C as long as they win HOH were stuck seeing them. CBS needs to break the teams up to be on their own and let’s see how each player does when they can’t ride coat tails or hide behind someone anymore. Ronnie for example.

  130. I can not believe that Jordan is back on the block as well as Michele.Are you kidding me?
    Ronnie needs to go up and so does Russ.Now ! I know there’s no way Jess will put up Russ,Put please sweet Jordan & Michele,she has done nothing to Jesse.

  131. OMG, Michelle is officially in the game. By the way, Jessie cannot put up Nat or anyone else in his clique. An off-beat or brain would have to win HOH next week toput up Jeff. If Casey does go home and that`s what it looks like will happen, then it`s Jeff/Jordan against the whole house.
    One thing about CBS cliques plan is that if everyone in your clique is safe from eviction one week, then they all should be ineligible for HOH the next week. By doin oe rule without the other, it allows one group to control the game from start to finish. Especially a group/clique which had an extra member to begin with. If you remember the couples BB, the couples were broken up at some point. Obviously that will have to happen here as well or you`ll have a clique sharing the 500g`s instead of 1 person winnig.
    Caesy`s inability to win a contest or allign himself with the obvious stronger side of the house will cost him dearly this week.

  132. This is the dumbest move BB has done. If they love Jessie so much they had to have him back, then why, did they automatically make him HOH the first week and put him on a team with 4 people rather than be fair. Why? Because the idiots at BB who thought up this whole scenario probably guaranteed Jessie he would win the whole thing.

    Did anyone else hear him when he said he met the producers in Vegas to talk about the show. He has something on them or is related to someone on the show, it’s a fix. The fix is in and no, I am not paranoid.

    Jessie is such a creep. He is as ugly as a snake, as stupid as a cow.

    There is no fun in watching this jerk as HOH again, and for Jordan to have to go through another week of this is ridiculous.

    The producers also made sure none of the athletes would go home by making it impossible to send someone from your own team home. This is the worse BB I have ever watched and the most unfair, and I am not the only person who feels this way.

  133. I think Jessie should have put p that snake Ronnie. Only because he is a liar and I realize that he is playing the game. But he is playing it on both sides and thats not right.

  134. Why did CBS pick these creepy people. Jesse, Lydia and especially Natalie, are all dirty, creepy people. They are disgusting. The only decent people left are Jordan, Jeff and Casey. Once they go, I refuse to watch any longer. I get so sick of all the backstabbing. The one nice thing after the Rat was found out, everyone seemed to get along for a little while anyway.

    Thank goodness I didn’t sign up for the live feed. Who wants to watch a repeat of the creeps especially Jessie, Ronnie, Natallie,Chima, Kevin and Lydia. Dirt bags all.

  135. jesse is the best he’s playing the game good. and for jordon she’s not even playing the game at all. all she’s good at is showing her naked body around and acting like a little 2 year old with jeff get a life jordon and go home now

  136. I wish he would have put up Casey. Casey is disgusting and he needs to pull out his birth certificate and look long and hard at his age and then proceed to deal with his inability to grow up. This guy is 40, dressing like a skater dude, constantly spitting, smoking, burping, picking his nose and being dreadfully “red.” A DJ at 40? Not the club for me! Get him out of the house…he’s trouble.

  137. Jesse is the HOH which to me means Head of Household you win this title because you won it in a challenge. Well Im really tired of Jesse (the big HOH) saying that this is “MY” game “MY” HOH and Im not going to play this game for anyone else but me and oh how about this one …I am not going to have everyone getting benefits and glory of HOH while I get all the blood on “MY” hands. What does this mean??? What is HOH Jesse talking about–lol?? Jesse is not playing his own game, everyone is telling him what to do! Russ, Lydia, Nat and Ronnie the first week and weaseled back. Jesse has shared with just about everyone in the house (minus the good ones) uses of his HOH room for showering and sleeping in his bed. Some people have a key when he take a nap and dont have to knock. And now Week 3 comes Michele wins POV and he brings the girl in the HOH rooom and asks her who does she want to put up since she wins? All of Jesses people are playing the game threw him. Lydia and her pal Kevin talk like “We need to put up Casey this week … blah blah” How are they talking this “we” stuff they are not HOH they did win. Nat and Jesse talk game it is so damn obvious that she wants what she wants and wants Jesse it her way because she says it is the best for him and her. Jesse needed to put 2 people up for nom. He confronted all of his little girl friends and Russ in private and they told Jesse what they wanted then for showboat reasons Jesse went threw the HGs and asked those great 2 questions and makes it look like they have a say in what goes on so when Jesse makes a his choices it looks like it was a concenses of the house but really it was Nat, Lydia and Russ’s choices and Ronnie putting in the OK and approval.

    I am a big BB fan for a long time and never have a seen a season like this. The HGuests want to go and plead thier case to the HOH — Jesse (the person who won the competition and earned the title) and there in the room sits Nat listening … listening to everyones plea and hearing where everyones mind set is in the game and gets to put in her 2 cents during everyones visit and coversation with Jesse. Co-HOH Nat! Nat did not win HOH challenge she does NOT deserve to hear everyone game stradegy this is just a crazy season. I never thought this was the concept of the head of house.

    Im wondering if Jesse thinks he is getting the house guests true thoughts about game with Nat sitting there. Anyway this is not Jesse’s game Jesse’s game got him out in week 4.

  138. Jessie again proved to be a big arse. And he loves rats too. Not surprised though. This BB has been the worst ever. Lots of mean, stupid guests. Not sure I’ll follow it to the end.

  139. I think it suck’s that poor Jordan is up again. However I wanted Ronnie and Chema up. I cant wait till someone gets the balls to take Natalie out as well.

  140. Looking at those two Steroids ,one with a loaded temper wait’in too explode and the other one who has to turn sideways everywhere he goes,Have to pack up and go ..Ronnie Too!that(Nerd/Sissy}–Casey is My pick to win, but who knows ,Maybe Somebody will raise the Iron curtain and shine a light on those who have been flying below Radar..

  141. I believe they are going to backdoor Casey this week… But you go Casey and wear that Banana like you own it…

  142. I’m with ya it is boring hope something happens soon or its going to be bye bye BIG BROTHER…

  143. I can’t believe he did that. I just do not like Jessie. Unless he plans on back dooring Ronnie I hope his plans fall apart. He’s such a jerk. Arrogrant too!

  144. I get tired of everyone being scared of Russell, and what’s the deal with the little fag slipping under the radar. They are going after all of the wrong people. Everyone wanted Ronnie out but somehow all of their feelings changed. A rat is a rat and anyone protecting him should be called out also.

  145. Hi everyone. I just want to put my 2 cents in. Personally, I can’t stand Jesse and Natalie. The way they are playing the game rubs me the wrong way. I try so hard to find something to like about them, but nothing. I just continue to get more annoyed and frustrated.

    Lydia…I honestly think she has never had a relationship of any kind with an “athlete” in real life and is totally star struck & over excited. Because she is so “different”, people like Jesse normally wouldn’t associate with her outside of the house. I kinda like Lydia (just a smidgen)…I just think she’s making some really dumb decisions. She’s doing what she has to do to break up the Jesse and Natalie alliance.

    Chima cracks me up. I hate her one minute…and then I’m laughing at her the next. Love her or not, she really is a true character. Kevin…never hated him, but never loved him either. I don’t think he will win unless he gets an opportunity to shake things up and prove he deserves to be there. Russell…well…he’s Russell. It will be interesting to see how he plays out. Ronnie…Yuck! There is so much I can say about Ronnie, but I think Yuck will suffice. Totally LOVE the Casey, Jeff and Jordan group. I want to be in the house just to hang out with them. I agree that Jordan NEEDS to stop looking in the mirrors and playing with her hair. I want to reach into the TV and smack her hand away from her head! Jeff is painfully HOT. Really…it just might be me, but I can’t look at him for long. Casey…LOVE him!

    I have a feeling Jesse will put Casey up in Michelle’s place and that will be it. I, too, will find it hard to watch BB after that…but I will.

  146. Hi everyone. I just want to put my 2 cents in. Personally, I can’t stand Jesse and Natalie. The way they are playing the game rubs me the wrong way. I try so hard to find something to like about them, but nothing. I just continue to get more annoyed and frustrated.

    Lydia…I honestly think she has never had a relationship of any kind with an “athlete” in real life and is totally star struck & over excited. Because she is so “different”, people of that “clique” normally wouldn’t associate with her outside of the house. I kinda like Lydia…I just think she’s making some really dumb decisions. She’s doing what she has to do to break up the Jesse and Natalie alliance.

    Chima cracks me up. I hate her one minute…and then I’m laughing at her the next. Love her or not, she really is a true character. Kevin…never hated him, but never loved him either. I don’t think he will win unless he gets an opportunity to shake things up and prove he deserves to be there. Russell…well…he’s Russell. It will be interesting to see how he plays out. Ronnie…Yuck! There is so much I can say about Ronnie, but I think Yuck will suffice. Totally LOVE the Casey, Jeff and Jordan group. I want to be in the house just to hang out with them. I agree that Jordan NEEDS to stop looking in the mirrors and playing with her hair. I want to reach into the TV and smack her hand away from her head! Jeff is painfully HOT. Really…it just might be me, but I can’t look at him for long. Casey…LOVE him!

    I have a feeling Jesse will put Casey up in Michelle’s place and that will be it. I, too, will find it hard to watch BB after that…but I will.

  147. I have been a BB fan since season one. I do not know what CBS was thinking with this cast. Because of this ridiculous “clique” “twist”, the game is not fair and its not that entertaining to watch. I agree with whoever blogged that if all is safe one week, then they should all be ineligible to be hoh the next week. I am so over the “athletes” (except Jeff because I do not even consider him as one of their clique-mates) Chima is so overly dramatic that it is ridulous. Lydia is a HUGE disappointment. I was really on her side in the beginning, but she has gotten so needy and whiny. Russell is a steroid addicted idiot who thinks he really is running things. I would love to see him come to Richmond where I live and try to run things that way. Jessie is a coward, he obviously is over-compensating with all those muscles for something he lacks elsewhere (maybe we should ask Natalie about that). While im on Natalie, she is the one who needs to grow up. I know its part of her “gameplay” to say she is 18, but she acts more 12 then anything else. Ronnie is spinning a web that he will never be able to keep up with. I feel like he has never been in a social setting like this and doesnt know how to hide his cards. Hes a liar and a snake and can’t imagine why EVERYONE seems to be so scared of him. Kevin… he seems to be cool. Michelle, is awesome, I love how she came out and fought and won when she needed to. I think she is a MAJOR player in this game and they should watch out. Jordan is great too, I just love her. She is the big brother “kelly pickler”. Jeff is my favorite, not only is he so GORGEOUS that it is mind blowing, he really seems like a real person since the get go. He calls it like it is and him and Casey seem to be the only ones who so that.

    I hope that they do away with the Cliques because its not fair (especially for Jordan who is now by herself). If my good people go home I probably wont be watching any of it. BB on CBS, Live feed, or BBAD.

  148. By the way, does CBS do any kind of drug testing. Because Im starting to think that Im watching MLB all stars instead of BB. Roger Clemens most be Jesse and Russel’s trainer… lol Did I mention how hot Jeff is and what is sincere real person he is.

  149. I know it’s not a show about a bunch of “good” people, but it is quite sad to see the “good” ones go. Not only do they seem to have a few more values than certain other players, they also seem to have clearer heads regarding the game.

  150. Jessie is a tool! I can’t believe he put up Jordan. What has she done to hime? Nothing! Tool tool tool……need I say more?

  151. i,m sorry but ronnie has to go jordan is just a pawn i feel sorry 4 her and what about kevin he,s pretty sly not saying much only to lydia he is laying low nat has to go to maybe jessie should put her up instead of ronnie the show is not all that good this year putting them in cliques was lame go jeff i hope you win!!!! if nat is put that would b some really good show!!!

  152. @elsie Jess can’t put up nat, she is in his clique. Although I can’t wait till she does get the boot. He will most likely BD Casey which I sure hate. An earlier poster said they hope Jordan goes to light a fire under Jeff. I sure don’t want her to go, but Jeff does need to step it up some game talk wise. He is just coasting right now which is smart for him but is not helping Jordan much and as his partner he needs her. She is 100% loyal..

  153. i cant beleive that caseys going to be backdoored hes the best one on there. i think chima should go, i cant stand that laugh.

  154. I haven’t watched the feeds for the last few days. Even as a diehard BB fan since season one, I just can’t stomach what is going on this year. After reading all these comments I guess I may as well go ahead and turn the feeds off. What a tremendous disappointment after anxiously waiting for the season to start.

  155. This is the worst season of BB. Jesse is horrible and shouldn’t have been allowed back on. What a group! We and our friends say that we won’t even finish this year’s series. Too bad.

  156. This is my first year with Big Brother Live Feeds & I am soooo disappointed. Before I had regular tv, & Big Brother after dark. I was able to see some of the games, & even more on After Dark if they ran over. Sometimes I had to watch & listen & try to figure out what happened; but I am really pissed with buying the whole season thinking I am going to see 24 hours of big brother only to see a bunch of fish or questions about previous shows everytime there is a game & that stupid arrow is pointing at the advertisement now advising me to sign up at the discounted rate to see BB 24 hours. I am so disappointed, I understand that BB does not want us to see the games until after it hours on the west coast; but I even went back through the old feeds & you aren’t shown the games, you see the same old fish & questions which does me absolutely no good. I am very disappointed, feel that I don’t know what is really going on & I will not pay for this again. I was so looking forward to this. Is there a way I can see the games that I do not know about? I am about to the point of not watching at all & I sure want pay for this again.


  157. ya i think if the cliques arent broke up and jeff and his players dont step up their game its over it will be jesses one is trying to help jeff get rid of their allies.he needs a nother clique to get the athletes out.michele won pov im shocked if she is w/jeff and his mates then maybe win some more challenges i can only hope.yes jorden is loyal but where is her game?she is not helping and that will drag him down maybe she should go so he will play harder.or she should show she is a force to be reckoned w/and win a hoh.

  158. Send Ronnie home….SOON !!!
    Jesse should have never been brought back
    what a JERK. He thinks he is all that….NOT !!!!!

  159. yeah its official jesse is inlove w/himself.std lydia doesnt get it jesse does not like or respect her.he wouldnt even give her a kiss cause he knows where her face has been eeewwww.i hope nat keeps driven a wedge up her ass ,lydias ass so we can see a fight wont be physical but it would be loud.

  160. I am very disappointed with this season. This is my first time buying the live feeds which is a waste of time because except for the Ronnie blowout nothing ever goes on. It would have been better if they had brought back all 4 prior players instead of just Jessie, and that would have made it more fair. This season seems set up and it’s not that entertaining. I’m on the good guy side but will stop watching once jeff, jordan, and casey are gone. nice job BB

  161. jessie is an ass and I would not be surprised
    to find out that he is gay
    ronnie and chima should go

  162. jordan is an airhead and that broad that says she is 18 give me a break she looks even older that 24 she is a bag too bad michelle is saying for another week

  163. Finally Kevin realized that Jessie is screwing the non-athletes by his actions. Kevin was able to get Lydia to understand this, too. He’s realized Jessie’s got the other side doing his dirty work. Now if only the non-Jessie followers could band together to shake up eviction night…not holding my breath though!

  164. Most of all you seem to forget, this is a game, and not a show that you go on to make friends. Every person on BB has at one time or another, or will soon backdoor any one of the players to win the $500,000. What would you do if you had that kind of money on the line. Let me guess you would be all nice and vote the way you want, and not the way others want you to, to stay in the game. This is what BB is all about, and has been since the beginning. Look for instance last year, why everybody and their brother just loved Dan, and he was America’s Player the whole time. Dan was the poisonous snake then, but he was a popular contestant. This show is no more different than say American Idol. It’s not a matter of who is the best player, or who;s the best singer, it;s all become a popularity contest. I myself am a fan of Jessie’s, but Im sure he will not win, cause he is not liked that much. Some of you just need to check yourselves in the mirror, and ask yourself, What would I do if I was in this situation, would I do whatever I had to do to stay in the game as long as I could, or would I just sit around, and do my own thing, and let them all gang up on me, and be the 1st one out the door cause I didnt play the game.

  165. That’s very true. It’s also amusing to see everyone get so worked up and shocked about having been “had”. Friends close, enemies closer is the only way to advance in the game.


  167. Sorry but if the show doesn’t get better this week i am thru Jessie is just not worth watching it sure is a let down with season 9 and 10 being such good shows…

  168. Linda L.: I felt the same way about the live feeds, when Jessie showed up I wanted a refund. I’d check myself in the mirror like you suggested Bryan but jessie has them all tied up.

  169. This is beyond a doubt the worst BB since I’ve been watching. Jesse is so stuck on his-self he reeks. None of these people are very appealing. At this point I don’t care who wins, they pretty much all suck.If they don’t split up the clique’s soon I’m gone. WTF is with Jesse talking about how good looking he is. Get real guy!! Ronnie makes me sick too. This show is just messed up.

  170. I think this is the worst season as well JJ. At first I thought it was the fact that there was cliques that made it look like the cast was so bad, but really it is the cast. I do understand this is a game but I get showtime just to watch after dark to see nothing happening. I get the live feeds to see not even good conversation. In fact it can be alot of complaining about production and how it appears that BB is always managing how they want the show to go which makes it all look fixed. Example 5 people are sitting around a chess game not saying one word on the feeds. The only thing going on is Lydia and Jesse getting in on in a homemade tent which has nothing to do with BB and if I wanted to see that I would watch soft porn. This whole season is just one BIG disappointment. When I first met the cast I was soo excited then people were nothing like what I thought.

  171. I think everyone needs to rethink a few things here….

    For one…CBS didn’t bring back Jesse…the first HOH comp brought him back.

    For two, Casey is a target now becuz of Nat lying and running her mouth, NOT becuz of something he said. Everybody talks about wanting certain people out of the house, not just Casey.

    Three…Lydia and Jesse made their huge mistake and are living in it now. Perhaps with her new found attitude with Nat, Lydia will be backdoor’d this week? Let’s hope so, because I don’t think it should be Casey!

    Casey and Jeff have the strongest heads in this game, right now. They aren’t kissen anyone’s a$$ and they aren’t playing one against the other. They do need to steo up their game and compete harder and speak more firmly when they are backing themselves up over someone else lying about them.

    I know I would be just like evil dick and raisin hell if I heard someone was lying about me! That’s me now and it wouldn’t be any diff if I was in that house.

    I do agree that something needs to be done about these cliques. There is too much domination being played in the house. The muscle bound freaks are using their power to their advantage to get the votes to go their way. This game should be renamed Athletic domination, because thats what it is. Hopefully after this weeks eviction something will be done about it.

    As for checkin myself in the mirror…I see myself every day. Doesn’t mean I am stuck on myself…Jessie is. He does play a good game (as I stated in a previous post), but he needs to get over his looks. Just like Chima and her being miss princess and Jordon with her fake looks (we all know its a dye job and those boobs are just the additional play ground).

    I personally think Jeff would play the game MUCH better without Jordon by his side. I do like Jordon (the airhead that she is and who can’t tell time LOL), but she does seem nice. Too nice for the BB game.

    Wish I had the opportunity to be on that show.
    I think it would be a life changing experience. You don’t know how it goes until you walk in those shoes. =)

  172. yeah thats how all wins big brother minupuliaters(BADONES) are floaters the good ones never win on this compotition only fols that lies

  173. Tracy-love your comments. Totally agree. This season has gone down hill fast. Too much like playing house and not enough manipulation, strategy and game play. This cast is not known as “thinkers”though. That is why jesse has gotten by with so much, so far. I wish they would quit playing diva, jealous girlfriend and bully and get on with the game. Im longing for the days of “Dr Will”. At least all was fair in love and war during his season. This season love is not fair (ask lydia) and the war has not begun.

  174. Cat it is just to sad that all we have to look forward to in this game this year is the fact that Lydia and Nat are going to have a cat of over Jesse no less, and with the predicablity in the house the way it is Nat will win. I just have always liked that every move in the game has to be thought out and one wrong move in the game can cost you weeks later down the road so every move has to be thought out well. There is no such thing as expect the unexpected! Not this year!

  175. I can’t watch anymore. The problem with this season is that you don’t have too many people to root for and they are leaving every week. So why would you want to watch the people that you hate? There were too many dickheads and followers this season and not enough good people. Plus the good people that they have are not the smartest at playing this game. I am disgusted!!

  176. In a world where it seems like the bad guy always wins..i need a hero BB. Please. At least one week let the good guys have a shot. Dont care if you have to “produce”it..throw me a crumb. It looks like casey is a goner..then who? jeff. jordan. Have mercy. ok enough begging. i want my show back. the one where you cant see the hammer falling until it hits you. the one where lying to someones face and then boldly admitting it was a lie gets you the HOH room that week. the one where the cast was “real” and the underdog had a shot. even if he didnt win we always believed it was possible. im tired of the sluts and whores show (not calling anyone by name ya know). give me romance (jeff and jordan). and the possibility of a hero.

  177. Within the last 45 min. on BBAD, Casey confronted Jessie about being backdoored and Jessie didn`t say yes or no, but Casey now feels 90% sure he`s gone this week. Casey showed class by not getting in Jessie`s face despite the fact that Jess did lie to him earlier in the day. Casey also shook Jessie`s hand and gave him a “brother hug”. What a class act. However, nice guys finish last.
    It will be very sad to see him go. He will leave by a 7-1 vote and the house wiil be 8-2 with the two being Jeff/Jordan. If one of them win HOH, they`ll put up Jessie/Ronnie. If anybody else wins, then Jeff/Jordan will go on block. Very predictable next week unless somebody shakes up the house or pisses someone else off.

  178. I agree something should be bone about “Peanut Head JESSIE”. He is not God or even close to being Him! It sucks that good people get evicted for no good reason. Yes, I know it’s a game but why bring back “Peanut Head JESSIE”? I have to agree that this is CBS biggest mistake bringing “Peanut Head JESSIE” back. He sucks & everyone knows it!!!

  179. O.K. one big that is this year is that their are way too many of them under 25, and at that age all you are thinking about is SEX, and who is your FRIEND, and COOL. not really the game. and Ronnie was playing the game at first but why did he tell each team what he was doing, if he just keep his mouth closed he would have been the best player, but he didn’t and now is a RAT.. and I do think that Casey and Jeff are the best player this year. but they are not going to stay in the house long because of the group thing, It needs to come to a end, Now that was big brother bad idea. hope someone good get’s HOH nest week and put a shock to the house. Casey or Jeff. and I would put Jesse and Russell and if one of them got the pov then i would put up Lydia. and see who go’s home.. and as for ugly girl Chima what is up with them LIPS are they real can’t be. does she really think that she is pretty. who ever lied to her needs their ass kick.. the B is UGLY for real.

  180. Everyone remembers this is a game right? Jordan has been through a lot already however it is a game and just because she is up for eviction again doesn’t mean they are being mean to her but that they are playing the GAME. I do believe that the power group (Nat/Jess/Russ etal.) need to be broken up a bit and then more people would watch the show–as it stands now–it is BORING to watch high school all over again!

  181. I think it ridiculous for Jordan to be put up and dont find it necessary for Michelle either. By all means think Jessie should have put Ronnie UP AND OUT!! He is a rat and needs to leave and VERY QUICKLY! I cant imagine how much rucous and fightsy the house could become if he stayed! GET RONNINE OUT, NOW! Before its to late.

  182. i love big brother 11
    i hope they come with big brother 12 next
    fr:laurie stoyles
    i am a big fan of big brother


  184. The writer who came up with the idea to bring Jessie (or whoever) back in the house for a second chance needs to be fired!!! This has got to be one of the stupidest ideas ever.

  185. I agree with Randy P. on how the game will go if anyone besides Jeff and Jordan wins H.O.H.If that is the case, I totally agree with some people that a lot of viewers will call it quites. That will be too bad.I know that B.B has something in mind. They surely would not let all the good players go and the bad ones stay.It’s time to do that TWIST !!! Hopefully B.B is getting the drift on how America feels.Trust me,there are more and more people feeling the same…we need a Big CHANGE !!!When is it going to happen B.B ??? Please make it soon !!!!

  186. laurie stoyles: I would guess dear heart you are either 14 or this is your first BB. This is high school without the musical. Get a grip & realize for the most part this is a houseful of unattactive & unlikable people. There are 2 or 3 who aren’t so cringingly stupid. This show is, I’ll say it again, just messed up!

  187. break up the groups/ let the players go it on their own…please..anyone else agree?

  188. Yes Annie54, everyone wants that! The decks are sure stacked for the bullies to take it all. Ronnie will pee his pants before it’s all said & done but Jesse will miss his (Ronnie’s) lip prints on his nether region.

  189. Jesse is a jerk; there was no reason to put Jordan up again, I’m getting sick of the jessnat team ; Jesse and Natalie are full of themselves . If something doesn’t change soon I’m not going to continue watching . Ronnie needs to go , he’s a mean rat!!!

  190. he put up jorden and michele because he is a coward doesnt want casey to try and save himself.figured jeff would save jorden if he he can backdoor casey or if michele didnt win someone else would have saved jorden or michele would have went home.but she is safe and casey is not.thats jesses reason.

  191. I have been watching the show every night and i
    think that natalie or lydia would of been the best choices to go up, they are always starting something and natalie is was the one who voted for jordan to leave that night instead of laura, i just think if either both
    or one natalie or lydia would be sent home the
    show would become alot more interesting.

  192. I hated Jessie and his two brain cells last season. Now I have to listen to his nonsense again. He looks like beetlejuice. He’s got this little tiny head on top of this steroids body. Little pee pee too I’m guessing. And who is that young hispanic boy he sleeps with? Oh, that’s Natalie.

  193. ronnie and the birthday girl should haveen put up for nominations Ronnie is a rat through and through

  194. Okay, as much as I am not to excited about this seasons BB, I am sure things will get more exciting towards the end. Everyone keeps saying how they are going to stop wacthing, etc, etc; knowing good and well they will not. Everyone will continue to watch BB just as I will.

  195. I have been a huge bb fan since the very first show. But I feel that the producers were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they brought Jessie back. I am very disappointed in this season and I hope the powers that be pay attention to these comments and try to make the next season better, if they have one. Ronnie needs to go, then Jessie, and all of the floaters, but I agree that Jessie is planning to back door poor Casey. As far as I am concerned the only player in this game that has a brain in his head.

  196. hey all you guys bb11 this season sucks nevertheless…..i hate jesse and natalie someone should back door them along with ronnie;s a$$….you hv real honest people who wanna play this game and then you hv all the athletes who shoulf be gone out of the house…no one wants them there and all they do is cause caose…

  197. Listen u all….i am a BIG fan of BB and everyone is playing the game….MY brother is JEFF and I am soooo proud of him for sticking out there and not letting them get to him…JEFF is one of the most amazing individuals that you will ever meet. I really hope him and Jordan can hook up and become a couple..I love Jordan she is no innocent and poor girl always has to take the heat for something. So I beg you guys to root for my Bro and get JESSE, out of this house

  198. I think Jessie s a jerk……..he has 4 people in love with him…Ronnie, Lydia, Natalie…and himself…….and I would love to see him kicked out of the house, as well as Natalie…..

  199. I think Jeff and Jordan are two of the most honest and sincere people, although I wish they would quit being the victims and play the ganme a little harder. I’d like to see those two in the end winning

  200. the only hope for bbfans this season is for JEFF to win hoh thurs nite an the we can then sit back an watch Jeff clean house an I hope he does no doubt he will be everybodys fav this year

  201. to mememe you hav one helluva bro an I HOPE HE TAKES IT ALL AND BRINGS JORDAN WITH HIM

  202. Hey! Another Janet !! I agree!! Vote for Jeff as many times as u can!! Does everyone else’s computer at CBS have the pics alls messed up? Jessie’s pic is up there 3 times. I want to make sure I am actually voting for Jeff FOR SURE!!
    BTW LOVED casey’s speech!! And “go make Jessie a sandwich” LMAO

  203. casey was awsome when he told jesse and ronnie off.jesse was pissed!!!!!!!!ronnie took it as a complimate due to he feels like hes the star of the show.jesse has to win.or he could be out the door thursday.good luck jesse.

  204. Hi guys, I was going to stop watching but my husband talked me into watching one more show. My daughter stopped watching 2 shows back. I’m glad I watched, Big Brother you did a good with this power play. I will try and get my daughter watching again. I voted for jeff, he seams to be a good player,though I wish he was a little more assertive. If he or Jordan get the power, I hope they, delicately but skillfully, make Jessie and his followers slowly sweat profusely as they are evicted one by one. Goodnight for now

  205. Yeaaa!!!!! my daughter is back to watching. She wants to see how the new twists will go. We’re hopeing this will give the other HG’s a chance the play their moves.
    Have the rest of a good day.

    Bye until next time


  207. Irene-glad your daughter is back to watching BB.
    Leo-My God!!! I am so tired of reading your freaking opinions. Who cares what percent of BB audience post on this blog! Why don’t you just create your own little site for Jesse and Nat. You can sit here and say that you predicted who would win the past BB’s, but any of us can say that. Get a life and stop telling people how we should think about the HG’s

  208. i will go vote for jeff some more.where is the poll cheri on there i must have missed it.i will look again tho.i hope 83% is the best. you should probably tell leo

  209. click on vote tab it will show all the hg’s top of page click on the polls tab page of all polls will come up the coup poll is the first one click and will show how all are doing

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