Big Brother 11: Week 2 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

The Big Brother 11 house is filled with its ups and downs. Yesterday was a downer. On Saturday there were high hopes that Ronnie would be backdooring Russell with Jeff’s win in the PoV competition. But on Sunday those plans all came crashing down when, big surprise, Ronnie the Rat changed his mind, or rather Jessie helped him change it. Find out what happened on the live feeds.

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Live Feed Highlights – July 19, 2009:

1:30 PM BBT – Bods and bikinis in the backyard as the HGs hangout in the sun by the pool.

2:00PM BBT – Jessie spills the beans to Russell about the backdoor plan about to hit him.

4:30PM BBT – Jordan and Ronnie talking game about who he will make the replacement nominee. Ronnie starting to backpedal on the Russell nomination and talking about Casey instead.

4:35 PM BBT – Jordan asks Laura if she minds sleeping together if she’s just in her underwear. Laura promises her its okay. Oh la la, sounds like some must-see live feeds!

5:00 PM BBT – Ronnie telling Lydia he wants Jordan out now. He keeps telling everyone something different. Hard to tell what he really intends.

5:30 PM BBT – Ronnie confronts Casey about what Lydia’s rumor that Casey said Ronnie’s mind was a scary place. Casey denies it and Ronnie says he believes him. Ronnie sets up the foundation for Jordan’s PoV nomination.

6:40 PM BBT – Ronnie and Casey talk strategy. Casey talks about what he wants to do. Ronnie mostly makes up crap like usual. Ohhh how I dislike the Rat.

7:00 PM BBT – Russell playing the victim to Kevin. Says he has no one to trust. Hmm, maybe he shouldn’t have been a complete a-hole for the past 2 weeks.

8:40 PM BBT – Ronnie telling Jessie, Natalie, Kevin, and Lydia how to cheat at the upcoming HoH Competition by having everyone select “A” as their answer in the “Majority Rules” competition. Big Brother / AGP you need to ditch this easily manipulated competition!!

10:00 PM BBT – Casey, Jordan, and Laura talk about what life will be like when they get back home. Thankfully no visions of grandeur from this bunch. Save that for Rat.

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So the big plan to ditch Russell out the backdoor has been bumped into the trash pile. Instead either Jordan or Casey will be nominated as Jeff’s replacement. The PoV Ceremony will take place today (Monday) so we’ll know for sure soon.

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  1. Matt (or someone) please explain to me how picking A all the time will win the competition?? I have never watched a season, and felt sick to my stomach nearly the whole time. I will send a blog soon to express how I really feel about this season, but in a word….nauseous..

  2. Janet – I am glad it’s not just me. It is so hard to watch this season I too feel sick, then frustrated and keep telling myself it is a game and I don’t know ANY of these people. Do I feel this way every season but somehow forget as it all unfolds. It just doesn’t seem like power is going to shift this year and we all know it always does.

  3. @Janet: Sure, no problem.

    “Majority Rules” HoH competitions work as such: Question is posed with 2 possible answers. There is no right/wrong response. If 3 people are playing and 2 pick “Answer A” while 1 picks “Answer B”, then the “majority rules” outcome dictates that “Answer A” will be correct because 2 people picked it over the 1 who picked “Answer B”.

    As such, if you are part of a group with the most people in the house and all agree to pick “Answer A” each time, then you are guaranteed to always be in the majority. Odds are that you will slowly whittle away at your opposition as they can only try to guess what your group is doing.

    This is an easily manipulated game and has no place in Big Brother, especially with Ronnie openly admitting he’ll cheat the game to win.

  4. Do we know for sure this is the game they will play for HOH?? Hopefully BB will recognize this and pick another game. They have to be aware how the fans r feeling about the way the game is going so far.

  5. @Janet: It’s possible. BB is pretty regular in their cycles of HoH game styles. Ronnie has memorized these cycles and is expecting it to be this type.

  6. wtf!!! now jordan or casey?! neither of them are threats and they are good people, unlike russel who’s an ugly person. he should still be backdoored cuz he’s just gunna backstabb everyone when he gets hoh anyway. if casey is nominated with laura i would sadly want him to leave cuz im starting to really like laura,and jordan has done nothing wrong so why bother nominating her?!

  7. I quit watching the show. Just come around for updates. BB screwed up this time and I wonder how many people they lost on watching. I have free trial feeds afer trial I will quit them too.

  8. I agree cheri, I’m going to wait until the eviction in Week 3 and if neither Jessie, Russle, Nat, Lydia, KEvin, Ronnie or Chima go home, I’ll quit too.

  9. Jorden you tell that rat b*tch how it is and sorry will miss you but happy you had the balls to tell him the truth no one els did and jeff stope selling you soul i cant be lave she is the only one to tell him off

  10. Ok so I am totally disgusted with what is going on this season! I truly feel like it is “High School” with the drama buzzing in everyone’s ear. Natalie, Chima and Ronnie need to be removed ASAP…can we have a triple eviction????

  11. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my feelings about this season! Ronnie
    makes me absolutely nauseous and Chyma is so nasty how can anyone
    want her around? Lydia is self-righteous and a bore. Just not fun this
    time at all, it leaves me angry.

  12. I cannot believe that such a despicable person like Ronnie ever got in the B.B.H to start.BAD CHOICE !!!! I do believe that if he isn’t gone in the next few weeks B.B. may lose a lot of watchers, I will stick it out hoping that he will soon be gone.I feel that all the H.G.are in desperation at this time. Ronnie is taking all the fun out of the game………He thinks he KNOWS it all,come on B.B and DO SOMETHING !!! Telling his followers to vote A on all the questions!!!!!!! B.B it is time to step in!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am really upset with the show this year. Ronnie is total scum and whose bright idea was it to bring back Jesse. Who cares about Jesse. He’s an idiot. Let someone who has never been on the show before get a chance…someone likable. I think Big Brother was running out of ideas. Ronnie thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and he’s not even the least bit likable. You can play the game and be a decent person. If someone doesn’t back door him soon, I’ll stop watching myself.

  14. I sooooo agree w/ Ronnie being a total scum bag! He needs to know how ridiculous he looks wearing that DORK T-Shirt! If he weren’t married I’d swear he was gay! He makes me want to Puke! UGGGHHHH!

  15. wow! I sooooooo agree with linda!!! I’m very dissappointed with this season of big brother 11 and I’m a huge fan…I’m sad to say I’m done watching this season….this season is pathetic…ronnie took all the fun out of it! I use to enjoy watching big brother..but now it only pisses me off and puts me in a bad mood…cuz of RONNIE! the shows boring now..god! I can’t even begin to explain my frustration..ill watch one more week of the show…but if jordan laura or jeff go home then I’m done watching the show…cya

  16. I agree with everyone else, BB made a mistake this time. Ronnie is a jerk. I keep telling my husband, all the talk about his wife is fake or”she” is a cross dresser. He just has to be gay! I mean look at his walk. He walks like a 100 year old man. A tortoise could beat him in a race! I watch AD and DVR it so I can fast forward through the ‘meathead’ scenes. Only way I can watch it. I walk away from each show so angry that Ronnie is manipulating everyone. He sucks up to everyone and they all know this and still call him a ‘good guy’. A ‘Good Guy Doll’ maybe and will all know how bad Chuckie was. Then there is ‘Chima Pet’ and her ever growing mane. She plays with it constantly and then has the nerve to complain about Jordan playing with her hair all the time. Does Natalie take nasty pills each time she goes into that bag? And ’18’, does anyone really believe that? She constantly has an evil look on her face. Maybe she needs an exorcism. BB switch things up, or I will start watching something else. Maybe Bill from True Blood can come in and take out Jessie, Russell, Natalie, Ronnie, Chima, Lydia and Kevin and bring in some likable vampires.

  17. Raven,or maybe Lafayette can come in and sweep Ronnie off his feet! Bill’s to good for those LOSERS! I’d prefer whatever it is that got Sookie to come in and show them what is means to be eaten alive!

  18. My expectations would be that next week when Ronnie is not the HOH then he will be treated completely different by all. Basically everybody knows he is a lying sack and are only kissing his arse because he’s HOH. Take HOH away from him and he is just a lying sack who nobody should ever believe. He has basically outed himself over and over already so nothing he says is worth anything.

  19. Ronnie is an idiot! He just backdoored Jordan. Jessie continues to be a tool this season, yet Ronnie (the master of the game) should know better. Oh well….he will realize he was an idiot when his butt walks out the door.

  20. If Ronnie does that Irish Jig dance one more time! I can’t wait ’til he’s played!

  21. jordan is now nominated. ronnie is an as and hell go next week great both the girls deserve to stay and it just sucks.

  22. i gues if it comes down to it… (unfortunately) i would choose to vote out jordan. they are both cool girls and thanks to f’ing ronnie (who will be voted out next week) ione of them is gunna leave. i would have never suspected at the pilot episode the popular group would be targeted first. the muscleheads should of!

  23. I am so mad!!! I am watching B.B.A.D I cannot believe that the house is so one sided this early in the game.Just watching the two meat heads and the idiot doing their thing makes me want to throw up !!! I have never seen anything like this.The ones that need to go in order are Ronnie,Natalie,Jessie,Chima,Lydia,Russell,and Kevin.Everyone is forgetting about Michele!!! That is the one flying under the radar.She needs to go also.My players are Jeff,Casey,Laura,Jordan and of course Braden.You can see that they do not have the numbers.I sure hope that it takes a turn around before it’s to late !!!!

  24. chill out folks, this is just a game and exactly for the reason everyone is getting upset is the same reason that CBS is probably thinking they hit gold. They can’t get all of the “nice” people out at once and all that needs to happen is to have the HOH swing back their way to see the worms crawl. This makes interesting TV. Even if the “bad” people win, they too will turn on each other.

  25. @Judy : Thank you!!! Every season there are the “I’m not watching anymore” whiners, and they always continue watching. It’s a TV show, it’s entertainment. Get a grip. To those who would stop over such silly reasons, you aren’t TRUE fans of the show.
    And if y’all do stop watching, at least you won’t be whining here.. LOL

  26. Well look at how Ronnie does his a master at controling things but hes the one that gona be back doored watch and see. And what the Helll Chima doing ahh she is so outspoken and shilt i couldnt’t live in that house with some of them outspoken types Chima u look good but thats a turn off to me the way u act. Thats why blacks dont when big brother aney way and im black my self because the last black they had on there was a black man and i forgot his name he was funny type (gay) no offense but he was outspoken to. this gona be one long a$$ season

  27. Not so Judy. Im not watching just reading and Im not whining just stating a fact as I want to. So I guess you will have to deal with it

  28. You know what would be so cool? If all four of them walked out of the house on Thursday’s eviction and just told CBS that they blew it this year. I mean I wouldn’t want to stay in that house with that atmosphere knowing I had absolutley no chance of winning. How cool would that be if they all walked to the door as if they were saying goodbye to the evicted house guest and then walked out with them. CBS would be shocked. That would make for good ratings! Then let all the jerks pick themselves off one by one. I feel so bad for Jordan, Jeff, Laura and Casey. I could notd imagine living like that for 3 more weeks. It’s just not a fun show this year. All of the other shows were at least fun to watch.

  29. I look at it like this. I love the Arkansas Razorbacks. Even when they lose, I love them. I may bitch and complain and yes, whine. But at the end of the day, I will watch them next Saturday, because I am a true fan.

  30. Ronnie needs to get his finger out of his own ass and his head out of jesses!!!!!!!!!

  31. I can get over the fact that all these idiots are listening to Jessie!!!! He didn’t win nor win a competition, and they treating him like a God!!!! He is an idiot and just using all them, and they are letting him!! Can’t stand Chima or Natalie, she may have said she is 18, and she acts like it! I don’t like the fact that if your teammate wins you are safe, that sucks!!!

  32. The twist this year should hav been the dysfunctional hg they coudnt hav picked a better group…..

  33. Listen everyone, I truly don’t understand the lovefest with Jeff, Laura and Jordan. Jeff and Jordan are horrible players in this game. Jeff just whines and complains and Jordan is dumb as a rock. I don’t necessarily care for the “meatheads” but at least they have some heart and are trying to play the game. Ronnie, I do agree is a fool and should put up Jessie or Russell. But you have to admit he is at least trying to play the game even though he is making pathetic decision. Sayanora Jordan/Laura and on to week 3.

  34. Tthe roach is squashed!!!!! All the HG’s are together and finally figured out Ronnies game! Yay!!!!!

  35. I LOVE it!! They are all on to Ronnie niw and everyone has agreed not to talk to him and he goes next even if they have to throw HOH and POV!! That idiot played his hand too early and now he is done.

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