Big Brother 11: Week 1 Saturday Live Feed Updates

Big Brother 11 has fired out of the starting gate like few seasons of Big Brother before it. Saturday kept up the thunder with a lot of activity in the house and on the live feeds. Here’s a quick summary, spoilers and all, for what you might have missed throughout the day.

Following Jessie’s nominations of Lydia and Chima the Power of Veto competition resulted in Russell gaining the golden medallion on Friday night. Going into Saturday everything seemed a lock for the eviction of Lydia on Thursday’s first live eviction episode. That all changed with the help of Natalie in Jessie’s and Russell’s ears. The Athletes have a whole new target today.

The backyard was a hot spot with fights breaking out all over Jeff’s head. First Russell berates Jeff nearly out of the blue in a rather random fashion. Russell attacks Jeff for a spelling error during the PoV competition and continues on about his intelligence and physical abilities. The whole thing was pretty bizarre.

You can go back and watch it on the new live feeds Flashback feature around 11:15AM BBT (July 11th) or read JLynn’s recap here in the Diary Room.

Just a little later Natalie came out and broke open Jeff’s fresh wounds with a rant about who was to blame for which nominations. Again, not much point to this fight other than Natalie wanting to get her aggressive kicks on. She later voiced her enjoyment over the event saying she wanted another one because it was fun. And why not? Everyone loves a hot head in the house, right?

Ronnie isn’t making a lot of friends just yet either. Turns out his social butterfly approach is drawing comparisons to being a “floater” which is not a good label to earn in Big Brother. You can read more about Ronnie’s new nickname given to him by the other HGs. It’s not too good.

In the end, despite all the attacks from his own team, Jeff will be safe this week because the clique rules of the season state someone on the winning HoH clique team can not be nominated. Otherwise, I imagine we might see a different result at the PoV Ceremony. Instead, Russell is now planning to remove Lydia from the chopping block while Jessie will replace her with Braden. Braden is the new target with a front row seat for the first backdoor eviction of the season.

The Power of Veto Ceremony is still yet to happen (I’m expecting it on Sunday) and anything could occur, but as Saturday wraps the blond surfer dude should soon be on his way back to the beaches in no time. Bummer, dude.

From fights in the backyard, to Jordan boldly showing off her bikini bottom tan line, and Russell putting his “love muscle” on display it was one wild day on the uncensored Big Brother live feeds.

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  1. ummm thats not all true. jeff attacked natalie first. watch it back. jeff was the cause of the second fight.

  2. You don’t think Natalie was instigating the situation by jumping on Jeff right after she knew he was riled up from his fight with Russell? I think she got exactly what she wanted out of Jeff.

    Not that I’m saying she’s a bad person over this, because hey, it’s Big Brother and we want drama!

  3. I see it Carl’s way to, Natalie was just out there talking to other people if you go back and even at the beginning when Jeff attacked her she seemed confused like are you really doing this right now.

  4. Honestly i think Natalie’s decision was a poor one. I think her deciding to tell jessie, was a big mistake. Now Jessie has dirt on her and if anyone finds out, she will look like a deviant, deceitful person. People always wanna get the snake out first.

  5. Last night, Jessie was trying to tell Natalie something and he kept trying over and over. BB called BRaden to the DR and Jessie jumped up and ran out of there like his tail was on fire and jumped in the DR. I don’t think he “like” likes her the way she does him. (Seriously, she is all starry eyed when she looks at him). I am very interested in seeing a real “showmance” develop between Jeff and Jordan, but i think that one is our only chance this season, at least so far,so I sure hope they get the time to see that through.

  6. If I was Braden, I would be courting Michelle and Kevin like it was a Sunday social!! They are the KEY to winning this eviction! They are the only true floaters at this point, and have not committed.. I would make Michelle my BFF!! Besides, i think she is just awesome, anyway!

  7. Yeah, what was that with Jesse trying to beat Braden to the DR? After he went in (Braden hadn’t gotten there yet) BB anounces that the DR is closed till further notice. Not knowing that Jessie had jumped in ahead of Braden, the HGs outside wondered aloud what was going on. Any ideas?


  9. Matt- Who cares about all-caps with Patti Ann. I just came on to see who else thought Russell was an idiot and then I read your comment. Who cares? Do you think Patti Ann is trying to start a fight. Last time I ever check other peoples opinions about TV when comment like that appear.

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